Revealed! The media conspiracy against the Government

If you think there’s been a media campaign to discredit the Gillard Government, then you’re on the mark. It has not been your imagination. A source, a senior media executive I cannot name but for the sake of this article I will refer to as ‘Peter’, has revealed the strategies used and the motivation behind them.

“The Murdoch media has been leaning to the right since the Whitlam days but the anti-Labor meme was really ramped up just before the 2010 election. The catalyst was Murdoch’s luncheon with Tony Abbott, where the NBN (National Broadband Network) must have been the main talking point as the very next day Abbott publicly announced that he’d rip up the NBN”.

“He pissed a few of us off by jumping too soon, thinking that people might tie the announcement to the meeting with Murdoch, which luckily they didn’t. The NBN will effect Murdoch’s profits, and let’s be very clear on that, so the reason to back Abbott was clearly motivated by money for the media empire”.

“Tony Abbott is hard to sell as a politician, so we sell him as a person. He looks the goods as a loving family man or a fire fighter, but hopeless as a politician. He can’t control his mouth. For example, yesterday he announced that he wouldn’t rule out an alliance with the Greens. It’s going to be hard for us in the media to sell this after a couple of years of trying as hard as possible to discredit the Greens”.

“Our main focus though is to try and unsettle the Government. Leadership spills are always a winner. You’d have noticed that the Rudd factor has been our agenda (again) since the Prime Minister announced the election date. Anybody with half a brain would know that a PM wouldn’t announce an election date while there are leadership rumbles in their party. There weren’t, so we had to create them, and it is working”.

“We are under instructions to hammer the leadership woes at every opportunity. When the results of a poll hit the press we take any opportunity to throw in a paragraph of how the results will add to speculation of a spill”.

“It’s all because the emperor wants more money”.

I asked Peter what he knows about the ABC’s sudden right turn. “Not a lot, but I’ve noticed that Tony Abbott is the first person they run to whenever they want to hear something about the Government, but that’s about all. Oh yes, they seem to treat him as off-limits when it comes to any scrutiny, just as we do. Has Mark Scott whispered in his ear about funding should Abbott win? I don’t know. Murdoch certainly has. Don’t underestimate the power of money”.

“And Fairfax?” I asked. “Probably the same motivation; money. We’re not privy to what Tony Abbott has negotiated with the power brokers”.

“It’s just our job to bring about a change of Government. It helps the boss so it helps us”.

Peter and I chatted a bit longer, about such things as the Ashbygate outcome failing to incite the media, but from what he’d already told me, the answer to that is quite simple.

Shocking, isn’t it, that the election outcome is for the benefit of a few wealthy individuals?

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  1. Maybe it is more likely the fact that this PM only made one quick visit to the great man, the first time she went to the USA.

    Has not been back since, as far as I know.

  2. It is all about the empire.

    Foxtel (murdoch) MSM (most of) etc. When NBN is in they will die a slow death. it is already happening now, without the NBN.

    Football codes are already looking at utilizing multicast to broadcast their own codes and that is just one example. movies, TV content etc will all be available via NBN and very likely much cheaper than now.

    We will just have to wait a few years!!

  3. This is the sort of article that carries little weight with me. I see it all the time in the MSM: “unnamed source’. I despise it when they do it, and I despise it when independents do it. How can I assess the veracity of any assertions if I do not know the person who is making them.

    I would love to believe it, but it ticks too many anti-Abbott boxes in such a tinny way.

  4. “I would love to believe it, but it ticks too many anti-Abbott boxes in such a tinny way.”

    Ah so MSM can be anti Labor and PM (with unnamed sources) but independent media cant??? That equality at it’s finest.

  5. Andrew… Broadcast rights are negotiated at the moment based no live coverage, I draw your attention to the NRL’s new deal which has almost sent 9 to the wall. Fox distribution provides content to every network in the wold, it is one of Murdoch’s most profitable business’s. Rupert will want to buy the NBN, if it gets sold. At this rate after Quigleys gaff last week, it may not even survive.

  6. Thanks, Miglo, for confirming what I’ve long suspected about Murdoch and Abbott leading the Coalition – there’s an alliance there. For years I’ve been astonished by the complacency of Australians about the blatant bias of Rupert Murdoch’s News Ltd towards Coalition and the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott. The damage achieved in opposing the Government’s minerals tax and carbon pricing scheme along with promoting the chicanery of scepticism about climate change has continued relentlessly against the NBN and every other Labor initiative. The NBN, particularly, he is determined to destroy or if that’s not possible, to own it. No doubt at that meeting Abbott will have agreed to a reasonable asking price once he is PM.

    That image of Murdoch, “the Emperor,” ruling an international media empire isn’t at all far fetched. He’s a despot too, who seems to think he can rule our country and others like a 17th century monarch. That thought has often taken me back to history classes many decades ago when I was really impressed by Milton’s eloquent plea for freedom of the press during the English Civil War period. Obviously the English too were reminded of that, particularly when little Milly Dowler’s death on her way home school in Walton-on-Thames gave rise to the British enquiring into his worldwide media empire. The report on The Leveson Enquiry at the end of the last year has given rise to all sorts of proposals for closer media regulation. But that’s in the U.K.
    What about here? Isn’t it time for change here too?

    You’ve long been writing about Murdoch’s abuse of his power of media ownership here Downunder in your Media Watch column, and first published my pome about it there! It’s easy to say by the way with every vowel pronounced with equal weight.

    Milton’s Areopagitica!

    John Milton’s Areopagitica,
    Crying freedom for the press
    Back in 17th century England,
    Resisted monarchy’s excess.

    His tract was a mighty weapon
    In democracy’s progress.
    We are the beneficiaries
    Of his most eloquent address.

    But we ‘free-born’ were complicit,
    As we watched and acquiesced
    While that freedom was abused
    With a brazen shamelessness.

    We encouraged one man’s ambition
    To buy up, control, possess
    As property our thoughts in print,
    And we applauded his success.

    We shared profits with this behemoth
    Who now destroys our happiness
    And publishes news of our world,
    Writ as he commands it be expressed.

    His threat of global tyranny,
    Warns that it’s time to re-possess
    What for him’s become a licence
    To break all rules and decency transgress.

    This precious freedom so perverted
    Will cause democracy’s regress.
    Let’s change Oz laws while we still can,
    Redeem ourselves, and truly free our press.

  7. Julie, I suspect that the way to judge rumours from unnamed sources is whether there is any logic in it. The source “Peter” to me appears to be providing knowledge of events whereas many MSM sources are nothing more than opinion based on no facts whatsoever.

  8. This is a great article, but how does this message get to the people in Western Sydney and other places that used to be strong Labor seats.I am sure that Voters who have been turned against Labor probably would not know the power of the Murdoch media, but because people like Alan Jones’s Labor bashing daily they think it is gospel.How do Labor get the message across?. Would “Peter” come clean and publish what he has said. I think not.

  9. I’m not sure “ticking the boxes” is the right term. This piece accords with the known facts. Unless, of course, you think that Labor gets fair treatment from the media?

  10. Juliestorry, I don’t know whether the source is credible or not. I still believe what has been written. In my opinion it has stated the bleeding obvious.

  11. Want to know how to get the message out its simple hit facebook pass it your friends chain reaction use twitter word of mouth the message has to get out past it on message boards at work and the gym schools people must know

  12. I’d like the author to prove “Peter” actually exists. He sounds too good to be true to me, dovetailing as he does ALP’s current media conspiracy playbook. I’m wondering if “Peter” is actually a straw man for the author’s own opinions….

  13. Well geez… How noble. Here we have someone spilling the beans and telling us how the whole country can be screwed over because of Rupert Murdoch but he wants to keep his job working for the prick? It’s like saying drugs are bad but you work for a Columbian Cartel leader… Name the source. Sorry but as much as I’d hate to see Abbott as PM, articles with unnamed sources including those from “senior Labor MPs” are nothing more than gossip…

  14. yep – stating the bleeding obvious. Even the incessant polls. I have never known these stupid polls to be conducted so frequently under previous governments

  15. This ‘rings’ so true for me – We all knew/know the NBN is going to be huge for Australia, and the media don’t want it, at least not run by a Labor government – Of course, yes, I’d like the source named, but when have other sources been named – Laurie Oakes and his ‘un-named’ sources yeah? Usually, supposedly, some snitch from the Labor party – yeah right!

  16. Brilliant my friend…absolutely spot on…have been saying this for ages…all about NBN…Murdochs Foxtel/Austar will be gone/download a movie in minute with NBN? Need Foxtel? Nope! Read newspapers from around the world at the drop of a hat? No need to read Murdochs BS ….Murdochs shares down the tube….Abbott doing Murdochs bidding to protect Murdochs interests….

  17. Funny is it not. Every word voiced by the media, no matter the source is the gospel truth. No matter how extreme.

    A story presented against the media, in the same manner is seen a not truth.

    Sources demanded. So the MSM has the right to protect sources but not the social media.

    Does some feel this might just not be fair.

    Today we have the announcement that the PM is spending a week, in the western suburbs of Sydney. A good idea, as it seems if the PM can meet people face to face, most go away with a different opinion about her.

    What do we have. The commercial radio stations, gone into overdrive to stir up as much angst that they can against the PM. They have people warning her not to come,and what she can expect. I noticed this over the top tactics has also turned up on commercial TV.

    Yes, one suggest the MSM may be a little amiss, setting out to interfere with democracy in this country, and the site is invaded by those demanding proof.

    Yes, I believe the battle has well and truly begun.

    I also believe at the end of the day, the PM and these sites will still be standing.

    I also believe the PM will find herself at home in the suburb of Rooty Hill.

    I hope her next outing is to the Central Coast of NSW. If so, I might go out of my way to say hullo.

    Migs, if the MSM have the right to not name sources, the same applies to these sites.

  18. While I don’t doubt the veracity of the above, tonight I received an EMail from a Riley Boughton who asked for my support for the re-election of Labor and in what areas i might be able to help. I filled in all the details (three times) and attempted to respond but for some ‘technical’ reason I couldn’t. Why I had to provide three ‘addresses’ is beyond me and when I gave the same three times, the whole thing collapsed.

    Effing hopeless. i just kkep shaking my head and become even more angry as to the ALP’s inability to run a grass roots campaign.

    I am also angry that addressing the gross inequality re educational funding was left to the last minute while at the same time they floated proposals such as ‘merit pay’ which piss teachers off big time. Overall, the ‘education’ result is a big political loss for Labor when it should have been an enormous vote winner. BTW, Gonski/Boston now is an impossibility.

    We had Howard who prostitued the SES funding concept (given legitimacy by Peter Karmel and others decades ago), and now that completely unfair model will be continued for at least the next two terms.

    I fear another landslide, just like QLD. So sad!

  19. Let us just accept what Peter is intimating is true…you can’t intervene because you have no power. Might be able to inform your fellow travelers but in the scheme of things it won’t mean diddly squat.

    But what would I know, Col?

  20. As Mungo argued elsewhere, the time has come to ‘take off the gloves’ because the ruling ‘class’ certainly has. Yes I know the notion of ‘class warfare’ is only in my head and the notion that concepts such as ‘class’ and ‘warfare’ aren’t in yours, generally speaking. But maybe not?

    Yet both are useful concepts if one wants to give meaning to what’s going on, and on ongoing basis.

  21. Col, rather use the term, those who control the means of production.

    Yes, we can do something. Take off the blinkers and stand together. Has worked down the ages.

  22. Some of you are correct. The media write stories quoting nameless sources yet they are seen to be credible. Seems though, that we’re not allowed to.

    For those that believe my source lacks credibility, fine. I don’t have a problem with that. The real worry is whether you believe the story or not.

  23. Dear oh dear, Mack, the economic refugee, the CEO of a politicial party, a premium member of the IPA (cost $210) and confidant of Gina, and failed political lobbyist, and whatever (the failures are too numerous to mention), has arrived. As always, full of ‘insights and ‘insider info’. LOL.

    Mack you migh read this:

    Click to access moving-water.pdf

    I believe it confronts most of your delusions, and debunks them. But maybe not?

  24. Miglo(deep throat)
    I entered the following comment on your ” Fairfax gets academia to out-Murdoch Murdoch” post,

    “February 22, 2013 @ 5:47 pm

    Food for thought what would bring all the media together when in the past they all battled each other?.
    Why a common enemy and Voila what do we have the “NBN”.
    Which would at a stroke reduce everyone’s telephone costs – no line rental, no long distance call charges.
    International TV streaming faster and cheaper internet costs, demise/diminished foxtel, video conference on a massive scale, reducing travel needs etc etc, almost a golden age. All those media staff layoffs would make the current situation look very mild by comparison. The Hip pocket nerve at its most vunerable.”

    Now that you have blown my cover I shall have to find another alias. Who can a person trust anymore? That is six years down the drain ever since I commented on the possum’s site after Kevin beat the rodent, that labor will face a hostile media and Bushfire Bill agreed, I have been watching them.

    All jokes aside, we need to nail the SOB’s (been watching too many american movies).
    Julia to win, with at least a 6 seat majority my forecast. Fellow whisperers keep up the good fight.

  25. So there is no doubt that

    1:Abbott has met Rupert, he admits it.

    2:There is no doubt of what is printed in Murdoch press is bias to Liberal

    3 There is no doubt that the biggest distribution hub of entertainment to TV stations and cable in Australia is fox distribution.

    4: Bolt works for Gina and Rupert

    5: Irrefutable proof that Rupert has editorial say “News of the World”

    6: Abbott is not under the same scrutiny as the PM (some say a free ride)

    7: Thats what Rupurt does, that’s why they call him the king maker?

    FFS do any of you doubters know how he operates?


    David McKnight?


  26. Well this is very alarming news indeed, but how much oxygen will this story get? I really hope this isn’t the last we hear of this revelation. I see David Donovan has retweeted it; do you have a chance of getting this published on IA? Perhaps your source can have a chat with him also. If only an independent journalist or three could hunt down whatever is needed to nail them completely.

  27. I note Mack that you didn’t read the link. Why am I not surprised?

    If and when you do, (not that I’m optimistic), you will find that your crazy scheme to run a pipeline under the sea from the Kimberely to Perth is analysed, as are most, if not all your other nonsense, are confronted by ‘science.

    Complete fail. But you know all about failure don’t you? LOL.

  28. Oh, we’ll done! Fantastic fantasy novel. Lol, anyone who still supports this corrupt circus that is our current government is obviously a moron. Wake up, they can’t afford to go ahead with any of the Promises they have announced over the last 2 years, you will not see one single thing come to fruition. Gillard has feathered her nest and checked a few things off her bucket list, she’s about to bail and retire in luxury, that is if she makes out of Western Sydney alive!

  29. Fed up

    those who control the means of production.

    Indeed, but what this thread is about, is the control of ‘mental production’, broadly defined to include how ‘facts’ are selectively ‘picked out’ and the meanings that are subsequently applied and the processes involved.

  30. fedup @6.56 said:
    “Maybe it is more likely the fact that this PM only made one quick visit to the great man, the first time she went to the USA.”

    Oh, how I’d love to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting.

    Murdoch “Right, now here’s what I want you to do for me…”
    Julia: “Piss off”

    We all know what happened next.

    I even mentioned the threat to Murdoch’s empire posed by the NBN in part 5 of The Murdoch Virus series:
    The Murdoch Virus Part 5 – Murdoch And The Internet

    For those that haven’t read the whole series:
    The Murdoch Virus Part 1 – The Virus
    The Murdoch Virus Part 2 – Hillsborough
    The Murdoch Virus Part 3 – Outfoxed
    The Murdoch Virus Part 4 – Hackgate

  31. My crazy scheme? You are still dwelling on a brain fart that I never followed through five years ago?

    Mack, I don’t know any scheme you have ever followed through on. Perhaps you could inform. Maybe if you read my link, and respond you might have some credibility.

    But there’s no doubt you have had some influence, your ‘brain farts’ have now infected LNP policy. You know, canals, pipelines, ships towing bags full of water, water running downhill, (after all the water is in the North and it will naturally run to the South). Holding a grudge? No! Mack you only produce ‘farts’. Never ‘turds’ All piss and wind..

  32. Bingo 🙄

    Technology Speculator
    Business Speculator
    Climate Speculator
    are published by Australian Independent Business Media (AIBM) Pty Ltd, also the publisher of Eureka Report, a subscription-based online newsletter for thoughtful investors. AIBM is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Ltd.

  33. Hi Jonesy. There’s no way I’ll reveal my source. I may have compromised him already. The poor bloke works for a living and wants to keep his job. Like most people who work; you do as the boss says.

  34. not at all surprising. does anyone remember when the IPA was being investigated by mediawatch in 2010 to see who was influencing their publication? well a certain source told me that at the time there was an internal memo to keep one’s mouth shut, and that they get their funding by soliciting money from oil companies to write climate change denial bullshit.

    might want to look into that one again mediawatch. this time, NO heads up. hopefully you won’t end up like the intern boy who worked for the IPA in 2010 and dared post a blog about workplace conversation about privatising beaches. he got internally blacklisted by the IPA and their corporate friends so he wouldn’t dare find an upend job for speaking nasty about the IPA!

  35. If you want to live in an elite autocracy where Rupert Murdoch has his hand up the bum of the idiot who wants to rip up the NBN, Vote Liberal. If you want to live in an elite autocracy where Langley’s sour-faced overweight princess and the revoltingly obese eccentric knucklehead whose political leanings don’t stop him doing deals with Communist China, have their hands up the same idiot’s bum, vote Liberal. If you want to live in an elite autocracy where Georgie Pell can ensure that his disgusting religion can bring all the influence to bear on the Government, Vote Liberal. If you want to live in an elite autocracy, where gutter toilet-hoverer Jones has a direct line to the PM, Vote Liberal. If you want to read garbage by a corporation that wants this idiot in the Lodge, read News Limited. Yes, News Limited to glowing reports about the intellectual nobody from Warringah and muck-raking lies about Julia Gillard, that’s what your news is limited to. For Christ’s sake, cut the brain farts and Vote LABOR.

  36. juliestorry,
    lf you read the Finkelstein lnquiry transcripts and submissions, you will be able to deduce this yourself as l had during Finkelstein.
    denniallen February 26, 2013 @ 9:43 pm comment is bang on too. l would add the-oz is a welfare case to the tune of about 25-million$ pa. The herald-sun in vic, is making money today, largely to `sports` readership. That won`t last, afl-media will be sending the `hun` to the welfare-cue in not so many years. lf the nrl has any brains, they will do their own media, or partner with the afl, and rid themselves of the telegraph.

  37. There’s no doubt that if the Coalition win the election the country will be run by the media and mining empires. Exactly how much has Abbott promised them?

  38. C@tmomma, commented, So Tony Abbott sold his arse to Rupert Murdoch then?
    I’ve just responded over at The Pub.

    Tony Abbott Would Never Sell his Arse! Would he?

    The Bard himself might say that Abbott’s arse
    Was a worthy subject for a sonnet.
    Why then is it the butt of ribald farce
    With so much media commentary on it?
    It’s muscular and trim and very taut
    From long exercise on surfboard and bike.
    But his tongue has been looser than it ought
    And been recorded by a hidden mike.
    When challenged in the Chamber to his face,
    With carbon tax promise he can’t deny,
    He blusters, is called ‘a national disgrace!’
    And his other words, why say they’re a lie?
    We know he wouldn’t sell his arse, okay?
    But, offered the chance to be PM, he’d give it any day.

    Who’d have thought it would come to pass
    That Labor’s fortunes turned on Abbott’s arse?
    Seems he said he’d be prepared to sell it!
    Desperate words from a religious zealot.
    I thought he’d already sold his soul
    Desperately grasping for his life’s goal.
    So this latest for him was no worse than a lie
    He could later confess to, or even deny.
    Or he could shrug it off as leftie spin.
    Anyway is it really a mortal sin?
    It’s leniently dealt with by Cardinal Pell,
    So there’s not much chance he’ll go to hell.
    That really is a pity, you know, because
    We’d rather that fate for him, than Oz.
    What else has he done, what infernal fires
    He risks? Or strike him dumb! Anything! So long as he retires!

    We had quite a rich offering from others like Truth Seeker and Talk Turkey on Abbott’s Arse last August when Tony Windsor challenged him in the House over his lie about the Carbon Tax. I keep hoping he’ll let us all hear that recording on his mobile!

  39. So will the NBN bring about (effect) Murdoch’s profit, or impact upon (affect) Murdoch’s profit? I know it’s just one letter, but it makes a tremendous difference!

  40. Good work. Fight fire with fire I say. Let’s have more of the ‘Peter’s’ of this world and the ‘unnamed sources’ and ‘leading member’s of the opposition’ who see the media conspiracy and the LNP for what they are. Total manipulative shonks!

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  42. So, the role of journalists and the media is to undermine government and good governance at the behest of a plutocrat.
    Well, that’s been obvious for too long.
    Murdoch must be insane; he’s in his eighties, mega rich, too powerful and still it’s not enough. His obsession with power, control and wealth is ludicrous. And he’s just a pathetic, evil old man.

  43. Tankowner/Voyager, Labor has won the last two elections but I don’t see them being run by the NSW Right and the unions.

    Btw, I thought the Liberals were the Right. 😯

  44. Can this PM ever win when it comes to MSM. Today she has been accused of electioneering, not governing, when she said she intends to go to the western suburbs of Sydney and meet them face to face.

    The PM is also being accused of not getting her message out.

    Why has not Abbott been accused of electioneering, not focussing on being an Opposition leader since the last election.

    Does it follow that polls that are not in the PM favour, means that she should now fall on her sword. Polls by the way, instruments of the MSM.

    Does it mean, that the MSM have taken on the role of deciding who governs this country, not the people.

    When did this change.

    I have not heard one word supporting the PM’s proposed actions.

    If the media refuses to play their role in reporting the day to day politics in reporting what our government does, how in the hell ius the PM going to communicate with the public.

    Getting out among them, seem to be the only option left. If she is jeered, so be it.

    Which I am sure is going to happen, listening to many in the media yesterday.

    At least the PM has the guts to try.

  45. What I find interesting is that the oppositions latest incarnation of their version of the NBN has specifically protected areas already covered with Foxtel from having a fiber rollout. That alone speaks volumes about whose interests the coalition are supporting. And it’s not the average Australians.

  46. Would “Peter” come clean and publish what he has said. I think not.

    And do you know why, a leading judge in one of the countries most famous court cases found that the case itself was nothing more than a conspiracy fomented in the bowels of the LNP which aimed to abuse the Australian Legal system through the media in order to bring down a duly elected Government; and we heard nothing. I’m pretty sure this guy going public would gain nothing except a change of career. (I’m going on the assumption that this person is real because, as we all know, when you say you have a ‘source’, well, that proves it. Just playing by the medias own rules.)

  47. There is no doubt if Labor wins the election we will be run by
    the NSW Right and the Unions

    Actually, I’m quite happy for a party to be run by Unions. They have done so much for this country, and we can largely thank them for the living standards we now enjoy. Not so much with the NSW right though.

  48. TomR – a government run by unions.
    Well we have had that. True democracy a country run by a minority.
    Unions represent less than 20% of those on the Electoral Roll from
    memory. Now thats what I call a Dictatorship. . . .

  49. Unions represent less than 20% of those on the Electoral Roll

    That’s a lot more than those who control the libs.

    And, let’s not forget, while there is a small percentage of workers actually in a Union, their work benefits ALL workers

    As a lot of business owners cry about when they have to pay penalty rates

  50. Tankowner/Voyager, and a Liberal “democracy” entails following the orders of an extremely wealthy minority..or perhaps as per John Howard kowtowing to extremist Christian religions. Not to be underestimated is the influence which the far right of the Catholic Church will have in effecting policy in any future Abbott led government.

  51. I think the election is lost even this far out. The MSM-Lib Coalition has been successful in their propaganda drive. I’m dumbfounded that ordinary middle and working class voters buy this crap, but I guess they are feeling insecure over employment and the economy in general and return to the (wrong-headed) default position that a business run government will be better for the economy. I just can’t believe the level of political ignorance in this country.

    I’m also deeply disturbed by the criminal methods used by the Libs to gain office. Seeking to drive out a Speaker of the House by an orchestrated program of lies and public defamation is exceedingly dangerous to the very fabric of our democratic process. It parallels the US experience where conservative forces now refuse to acknowledge the political legitimacy of any government other than the hard Right.

    I think the political forces ranged against any centrist or left wing government are now overwhelming and I fully expect that we will see a continuing global economic slide, austerity measures directed at the working classes, and increased police state methods. We have abandoned key principles of the European Enlightenment, of the nation state as the preserver of individual rights, and have now entered a return to Feudalism. The Philippines and Indonesia have their corrupt ruling oligarchies with their peasant underclasses. Now it seems it’s our turn.

  52. The greatest gain in productivity occurred under the Hawke/Keating years, when unions, governments and employers pulled together under the accord.

    It was Keating as treasurer and later PM. whose changes gave us the economy we have today.

    It was the unions, working with employers, that saved many jobs thorough the GFC.

    Unions are an important part of any democracy.

  53. Kenj, yet Abbott promises to sack 20,000 public servants..imagine the flow on effect to other industries, small business in particular.

  54. rhyllmcmaster
    FEBRUARY 27, 2013 @ 1:02 AM
    How will the NBN affect Murdoch? Please explain.

    Jeff Cook
    FEBRUARY 27, 2013 @ 6:56 AM
    So will the NBN bring about (effect) Murdoch’s profit, or impact upon (affect) Murdoch’s profit? I know it’s just one letter, but it makes a tremendous difference!

    I suggest you both read my article (sorry Migs shameless on topic plug again, but it’s relevant. If he affects the outcome of the NBN, the effect to his to his business is very profitable. The NBN in his current form will deliver his content but empower others to do so and compete. He will deliver content via the Fox deal with Telstra, who need him to deliver content (thru Fox distribution) most of which comes from satellite dishes.

    Convergence services will be delivered over the NBN which will cut into his profits through competition. If he owns or a subsidiary owns the NBN, he owns the content and the delivery platform.

    Murdoch is one of the largest content providers in the world as he is has one of the largest media networks on the planet. The NBN is a perfect platform for his bundled services. He gets a fast proliferation platform for convergence services at a bargain basement price if the NBN is sold or broken up. Cheap infrastructure is a huge bonus for TV, Film, News, Data, Telephony, Advertising and Propaganda.

    Abbott will give him the platform and the laws that will protect his organisation from costly litigation of controversial propaganda from the likes of Bolt disguised as “Free Speech”

  55. Ricky, your comment is worth repeating..

    Abbott will give him the platform and the laws that will protect his organisation from costly litigation of controversial propaganda from the likes of Bolt disguised as “Free Speech”.

  56. And if LNP get in and scrap the NBN, imagine how many jobs that will go. There are thousands upon thousands of people employed and that is just the guys rolling it out. don’t forget manufacturing as well.

    Service stream have started replacing pits (Telstra’s remediation part of the rollout) in my street this morning (Yay, getting closer 🙂 ). I stopped and had a quick chat (had to drop no 2 child to school). They are very concerned about their jobs if LNP get in and they mentioned that a heap of their mates have just started in western Sydney, doing the same, so they are concerned about the crap being said about that area and their jobs.

  57. Hey Migs, interesting piece – I find it very easy to believe…which is perhaps part of the problem here. May feed into existing views etc. I agree with the scepticism expressed by some about unnamed sources. This is exactly the kind of thing we despise when the MSM talks about the Ruddstoration. That being said, it seems from your subsequent comments Migs that your piece is genuine & not a satire or hypothetical. I think we needed that confirmation. Perhaps if this tale from ‘Peter’ could be corroborated by some high-profile ex journos or execs now in the Indy media that would help – eg Grattan, Attard,

  58. Well we have had that. True democracy a country run by a minority.
    Unions represent less than 20% of those on the Electoral Roll from
    memory. Now thats what I call a Dictatorship. . . .

    So then Tankman what do you call the Liberal party controlled by less than 0.1% of those on the electoral role but calling 100% of the Liberal’s policies?

    There is no greater misrepresentation and quasi dictatorship than that.

    I’m almost certain we won’t get a sensible answer to that and it will prove where he left off under his old moniker, he’s still an ideological mindless hypocrite no matter what the name.

  59. @ ???- Sydney

    Now thats what I call a Dictatorship. . . .

    then you don’t really understand reality do you?

    Perhaps you also don’t understand the narrative of the conservatives which is, (and has been since their inception), to destroy any representation of the people by seeking to destroy the ALP.

    Their current and past attempts to unseat this government through FUD, and assorted chicanery, including attempts to abuse our legal system, all in order to avoid having to fight an election on based on superior policies or ideas of benefit to our society in general, which the current opposition apparently completely lack.

  60. Nothing illustrates the media’s bias more than the round across the early morning shows and news that all called Gillard’s trip to the West is a stunt, yet not a single one of these same services ever pulled up Abbott on his constant stream of tax payer funded stunts, self and party political promotions.

  61. How many msm participants referred to abbotts ‘min campaign’ as a ‘stunt’

    Sure, they both are, in the same way that they are both simply what Politicians do, promote themselves.

    However, when Gillard promotes herself, it is a stunt. Yea, no bias whatsoever. 😯

  62. Mobius Ecko. Thank god someone has illustrated the Medias bias regarding stunts.Abbott has been doing WORK EXPERIENCE STUNTS for the last three years. On the subject of Murdoch, does anyone think – as I do – that he Emails every Media outlet in Australia and has headings “TODAYS SUBJECT IS” and then goes on to say what the subject will be e.g. Julia Gillards visits to Western Sydney will be a STUNT. You only had to listen to Q and A on Monday night to tell that Jones had his orders from Murdoch.

  63. Wow, a lefty conspiracy theory – what a turn up. Gotta lol this attempt. The leftist ABC has turned of labor because they stink. Tony abbott is succeeding for the same reason.

  64. Mark, I just checked your ISP address, which I do for all new commenters in order to weed out the trolls who try to gain access through ‘new’ identities.

    Funny, but your ISP address is exactly the same as mine. Are you a hacker or a spammer?

  65. What is sad, is that the PM and Labor have to go to this effort just to get out the message of what they have achieved since 2007.

    It is a disgrace that the MSM in this country is not doing their jobs. That is reporting what the government is doing. It would be lovely to see this occur, and less of their opinions on what they think it means.

    As Mr, Bowen pointed out this morning, the PM has been a regular visitor to the suburbs in the west of Sydney.

    Listening to the talk back, one hears, poor character, liar and poor transport and roads.

    Yes, I believe many have made up their minds. In fact, many made their minds up a couple of years ago. Most have based their opinions on the false perceptions of this PM, created by the media.

    Most seem to be saying, all that matters is we do not like the lady. It does not appear to be based on the PM performance or leglisation passed. It is not based on the economy. It is not based on all that they have given by this government.

    They do not seem to realize by voting, much will be taken from them.

    If they can convince to look past their dislike of the PM, and at what has been achieved, maybe the vote will quickly changed.

    Many seem to believe they have nothing to lose. I suspect they are under the belief, that they are indeed worse off.

    Maybe those on upper incomes might be, but ot the rest.

  66. @Miglo “Mark, I just checked your ISP address, which I do for all new commenters in order to weed out the trolls who try to gain access through ‘new’ identities.
    Funny, but your ISP address is exactly the same as mine.”

    All things considered, the right wing is waging a war on all fronts against the rest of us.

  67. “The leftist ABC has turned of labor because they stink. Tony abbott is succeeding for the same reason.”

    Tony abbott (sic) succeeds because he stinks?

    We all know he’s a turd, but a successful one is up for debate.

  68. Migs your either pinging or spamming yourself….dynamic ip 🙂

    Mark do you have anything constructive to add other like a fact maybe?,Anything? Your post is a rather sad scribe, especially if they are comparing you to treetoll who epidermises a pathetic political pygmy 🙄

    Min thank you, 🙂 its rather obvious to me as a media strategy.

  69. Ricky just copy and past the URL after you click on the time on the right top of the tweet. That will open up the Tweeters page. Copy that URL and paste it here.

    One other thing is if it’s https then remove the “s” so it’s http before posting the comment.

  70. Just yesterday while subjecting myself to talk back radio I pondered the fact that i don’t ever recall the media turning to the opposition FIRST, every time the govt. announces policy decisions. Before the govt. has even given the details of what it may or may not entail, there’s someone from the OPPOSITION being given unfettered airtime/column space to tell us what to think. UGH.

  71. Ricky,

    Each individual tweet has a link at the bottom marked “Details”. if you copy this link (it’s a URL) and paste it into the reply box here on the blog, the tweet itself should display on the page after you post the comment.

  72. I just wonder how many people have actually met and spoken with the PM. My guess only those who have taken the trouble to attend somewhere she is visiting to promote another of the great policies she and her team are introducing to the people of Australia.
    So, where does that leave the rest of us. Having to put up with the day to day rubbish and propaganda that the MSM/LNP pump out. I’m getting to the stage where I won’t watch any news either on TV or listen to radio. Haven’t read any papers since heavens knows when.
    To the trolls who lurk around all of the many, many sites, who make the same stupid inane comments – The PM is a very smart politician. Giving the LOTO 8 months to ramp up his diatribe of ‘Look at me, see I am as pure as the driven snow’ and the MSM to keep saying the same old stuff can and will work in her favour. More and more people will get to the stage of sticking their fingers in their ears and ignore them completely. She has given him LOTO a long enough piece of rope as the saying goes. The same goes for the MSM because the TRUTH does have a way of coming out.
    To the people who say they don’t like the PM I would ask them to look at the alternative. Most folks are too busy to take the time to really get to know the facts and they need to be asked the best question starting with “are you aware”. Try it, it works well in getting information out. There are so many things that people are not aware of.

  73. Only 1 thing to do , hit the radio talk back shows, forget writing to newspapers they won’t print any pro Labor comments

  74. How can Chris Uhlmann sleep at night. He is married to a Labor Parliamentarian, gets into bed with the likes of Steve Lewis and does nothing but put the Labor Party down at every opportunity. Methinks Gail should kick him out and let him get on with his Tory sentiments. I bet he welcomes the pay cheque Gail gets from the Government.

  75. Sandra, I believe that you are spot on with your comment about the PM’s strategy of giving Tony enough time/rope to hang himself. There is no small reason that Abbott has bleated continuously since day 1 to have another election..the more scrutiny he comes under, the less likelihood the MSM are able to hide his brain f*rts. Doubly so now that the alternative media is onto these..and with gusto. This makes the MSM appear “duh brains” who keep mysteriously missing most of the major stories..reason, it’s because these stories are not in Abbott’s favour.

  76. Patricia Bensted gives Toolman way to much credit for influence or ability. Yes, Toolman does put the Labor Party down at every opportunity, and Joolya`s lot keep kicking themselves in the head non-stop providing him with the opportunity.

  77. I read the Barrier Daily Truth,our local rag…. the BDT is owned and was started by unions in Broken Hill over 100 yrs ago….. that said, apart from local news the rest is cut n’ paste from the MSM… 😯 and this, a union owned paper 🙄 so much for calling it a socialist righties here do… past editors are probably rolling over in thier graves and chomping at the bit to have ago at the blatant bais that is todays media. So if the oldest socialist owned newspaper in the world has lost ‘the way’, is it any wonder that the rot has set in for the forth estate.
    Keep up the good work Migs, CW provides whats sadly lacking ‘out there’.. NEWS.

  78. Dear Cuppa,
    Further to my correspondence of the 3rd, I have one request, and some further comments to make regarding the current state of affairs here in Australia.
    My request is for permission to use the contents of your note headed “The worst pm in History”. I have some questions to ask of main stream media opinionista’s and commentariat, and I would like to use the list in my correspondence.
    Reading through comments, posted with all good conscience and purpose, I despair at the time and emotion wasted on responding to playground contrarians such as El Gordo. Nothing will change their mind, and nothing will change their methods. If you gain pleasure from the exchange then fair enough, but to gain any lasting benefit is a lost cause.
    Further to this however, I must ask what is to be done about the dire state of the media here, and more importantly, the dire state of the labor party. This is a problem for the medium to long term. Perhaps the MSM will die a natural death, becoming increasingly extreme in its opinionated ranting’s, as its final death rattle approaches. The demise of the labour party is a far more serious matter. Perhaps it will rise, phoenix like, from the ashes of an outmoded ideology. I certainly hope that it does. The right will always be there, as long as capital exists to invest. The left has more challenging times ahead of it. I had hoped that it would offer a counter to the unquestioned primacy of the corporations, and the oligarchs’ of this country. There is a great need for a strong and viable counter to their incessant propaganda, something that can escape from the confines of the blog-sites, and is presentable to the population en-masse.
    (I am not sure of my modern history, but did I read somewhere that the fascist state in Italy was brought about by the unholy alliance between big business, a group of politicians and a newspaperman? Whilst in Italy it was light-weight and card-board uniforms, it did not appear so to the population of Abyssinia. Fascism’s effect further north was of an altogether different weight.).
    However, I do sense that there is another generational change afoot. After the Prime Ministers speech denouncing Mr Abbott as the shallow man he is, the MSM seemed to lose the plot, as they had the temerity to say that it was the general population who had it wrong. Seldom has a group of people in this country placed themselves in such a position, proving themselves to be both an arrogant and ignorant bunch of opinionistas. This surely shows there is a generation out there who do not listen to our self-appointed commentariate, but gather their information from sources other than that presented by the MSM, forming their own, educated opinions. Combined this with a huge group of wealthy, educated, and experienced people, reaching retirement with plenty of time on their hands and enough savvy to put more than a sentence together and we have a rather interesting mix.
    On a lighter note, I wrote the following, but my sending it to your posting was delayed by the weather, (cyclone no. 2).
    “The thought of Mr Abbott striding the world stage as Australia’s representative fills me with horror. I must console myself with the thought that oiks cannot be limited to the USA and UK alone, or Italy, (although I do suspect that Mr Bush was /is a reasonable actor), and the duration of Mr Abbott’s tenure surely cannot match that of Howard’s. It is the stuff of nightmares to imagine Mr Abbott walking to the rostrum of the United Nations with his faux “hard-man” gait, (and suit one size too small to accentuate his stature). I just hope that he remembers to remove the packet of cigarettes from the sleeve of his singlet.
    I note that, after the announcement of the election, he has changed his tailor and gait. Perhaps his trousers are loser now. I must console myself with the knowledge that if Italy can do it then surely Australia can.

  79. Dear Deena Bennett,

    Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I’m tipping the MSM’s continued slide into irrelevance because it has:

    1) Failed to report politics in good faith.

    2) Gone out of its way to alienate the approximately 50 per cent of the public who do not support the media’s favoured side of politics.

    No industry that wishes to flourish sets about annoying half of its prospective customer base. Yet that’s what the media are doing with their besmirchment of the non-right wing side politics. If that’s what they want to do, fine, they’ve lost me and who-know how many like me. We see the media losing audience; is this part of the reason?

    The “Worst PM in history” note is actually an edited version of a speech given by then-Senator John Faulkner in 2006. As it was a speech he made in Parliament I’m sure it is in the public domain. So, please, feel free to post it wherever you can! It is (I hope) an effective counter to the ridiculous spin and slogans put about by wingnut online activists.

    Here’s the link to the speech in its entirety on Senator Faulkner’s website:

  80. It is perfectly obvious from their comments that most of the Media appear to be Liberal voters which is a totally unfair to another Party so why don’t they pass a law making it compulsory for all those Media people who comment on Government activity to declare their Political leanings?

  81. I wonder why the Obeid case has gone so quiet over at ltdnews lately. Surely it is coincidental?

    Australian Water Holdings’ links to the Labor powerbroker Eddie Obeid were revealed by a Herald investigation last year. Mr Obeid has been accused by the Independent Commission Against Corruption of conspiring to make tens of millions of dollars from the awarding of coal exploration licences.

  82. Have to agree with Hanson-Young for once. I believe there was an interview between Hadley and Morrison yesterday that went beyond the realms od decency.

    There is no evidence that indicates that those on temporary visas are more likely to offend than anyone else in the community.

    I agree that the vilification coming out at the right is uncalled for. At least we have Mr. Broadbent with the guts to stand up and disagree.

    Just an aside, the PM has visited the western suburbs of Sydney at least 17 times in recent times.

  83. We have Pell overseas, saying the Pope has made many mistakes. We have the cardinal from NZ saying what a wonderful announcement the Pope has made.

    Pell also said he did not see the sexual abuse of children by clergy as the church’s greatest problem.

    Maybe after Lateline revelations last night, he might consider it prudent to stay overseas.

    It is sad, but not even the Pope is free of not having allegations made against him, for actions he took in a former life.

    Both here and in the USA, there are serious investigations under way.

    Another reason not to vote for Abbott, as these investigations are likely to be thwarted by him.

  84. @Fed Up , just tell the producer you want to talk about topic that he the announcer wants you to talk about, get me ? then when you get through , say what you really want to say

  85. I thought Abbott earlier this year had banned his ministers from overseas trips. So what is his shadow Defence Minister doing in the US?

    Abbott can’t even be honest about a simple thing like controlling his opposition.

  86. This from a government, that they say has done nothing. A government they say offers nothing.

    It appears we are moving on from the concepts of charity and welfare, to where those in needs have rights.

    How does this not fit in with Labor philosophy.

    “…………….The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in July 2013 will mark the beginning of vast and far-reaching reform to social services throughout Australia, the likes of which only occur once every twenty years at most.

    Technology will play a major role in delivering more efficient and accurate social services, but the durability of their underlying business processes will ultimately determine whether reforms succeed or fail. A strong, consistent approach to social support – based on the fundamental goal of helping those who are truly in need – must inform how current and future governments use technology to improve the country’s overall welfare.

    Nation-wide social reform

    When the NDIS comes into effect later this year, disability services will become an acquired right under national law. That’s a significant change from the current system, in which services are largely contingent on state-level budget cycles and means testing: under the NDIS, any Australian who suffers a serious disability will be eligible for social support regardless of their location, income bracket, or the political party currently in power. Moving to a national standard will, of course, require radically different procedures for assessing how social support is allocated throughout the system – the success of which will undoubtedly impact how much funding and public approval is received by reforms to other areas of the social services.

    Technology will play a crucial role in the NDIS and other nation-wide changes to social services, but its use needs to be justified by sound business processes that clearly account for the basic socio-economic outcomes at stake. Broadly speaking, government leaders need to meet three goals: deliver a higher quality of social services, in a faster and more cost-effective way, to more of the people who truly require it (and less of those who don’t). While investment in technology will make achieving these goals much easier, it needs to be done according to a rigorous model that can manage inevitable, ongoing changes to services and service providers in the long-term…”

  87. There’s no doubt that if the Coalition win the election the country will be run by the media and mining empires. Exactly how much has Abbott promised them?

    I’d say his arse, but I think the miners have already claimed that booby prize. Maybe he’s promised Rupert that he can have Sloppy’s arse.

    Radnoft Pladzitcki, loved the limericks. Keep ’em coming.

    Fed up @5.18pm, bugger! A program the size and complexity of the NDIS will need a communications network able to handle and transmit huge chunks of information at light speed.

    Gosh, I wonder what sort of Network will Be able to Negotiate such complex and vast amounts of information at such speeds?

    Does anyone know if such a network exists?

    Just as a matter of interest for the uneducated and completely ignorant, isn’t public transport a State government issue, so shouldn’t they be storming O’Barrell’s barricades? Just sayin’.

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  89. The Australian government has lied and deceived the people of this land so many times I can not understand why it is tolerated . I for one would love to be an Australian but after 37 years I have not found the will to abandon my German heritage for the sake of becoming a citizen of a pseudo nation .

  90. Herbert, sadly you like many have been sucked in by the MSM, as it is them and the opposition that have told the lies!

    But then maybe you believe in the right wing philosophies anyway, and the austerity measures that have worked so well across Europe? Although you are still here and not there…. Mmmmmmm?

  91. Herbert you are saying that Australian governments have lied and deceived for 37 years. For most of that time there have been Coalition conservative governments and if quantified I think you will find they have been the greatest liars and deceivers.

  92. Well being a elderly person, I’ve tried 12 times to get a message into the HERALD SUN newspaper, just to ask a question about how they so much bag labor and the unions, but to no avail, I only purchase the newspaper for the crosswords, because everything political is all one way, === 7 down ” who tells lies” 6-3 let me think, got it HERALD SUN.

  93. The Oz doesn’t report the policy issues. It just reports that big business is shitting on the government, and Abbott is shitting on the government, it reports politics in any way that shits on the government, day after day.” Whether it’s climate change, asylum seekers, industrial relations, the schools building program or the National Broadband Network: “It’s just ‘let’s shit on the government’, every single fucking day.”

    Chris Mitchell once told a colleague, “You have to understand – this is a dictatorship and I am the dictator.”
    don`t expect it to get any better Lefty`s, the crap will keep flowing like a broken sewer pipe

  94. Full article worth a read.

    ……………………………………………….If there is one thing his detractors and admirers largely agree on, though, it is that Mitchell has styled himself as the most powerful media executive in the land and transformed Rupert Murdoch’s flagship into a journal whose political impact far outweighs its modest circulation of 130,000 on a weekday.

    “The biggest story in politics at the moment is the relationship between News Limited and the government,” a veteran Canberra-watcher says. According to a News Limited insider, “Mitchell has inculcated a view [at the newspaper] that they are there not only to critique and oversee the government, [but also that] it is their role to dictate policy shifts, that they are the true Opposition.” An angry cabinet minister fumed recently, “The Oz doesn’t report the policy issues. It just reports that big business is shitting on the government, and Abbott is shitting on the government, it reports politics in any way that shits on the government, day after day.” Whether it’s climate change, asylum seekers, industrial relations, the schools building program or the National Broadband Network: “It’s just ‘let’s shit on the government’, every single fucking day.”

    Chris Mitchell once told a colleague, “You have to understand – this is a dictatorship and I am the dictator.”……………..

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  100. You all give me hope, Please don’t be labelled by Friends and family as crazy when you bring these things up at a gathering. They need to hear it, Stay strong and believe that each of us that speak out can maybe make a change. A lot of people are in denial about this and don’t like the idea they are being played for a fool. Please tell them we need to stop these lunatics. They are turning us into Texas.

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