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  1. Tony Abbott visited company sites in Bailleau’s Victoria plenty of times didn’t he.And look what happens

    “People buy fear,” says leading business figure David Smorgon. ”You can fall into a trap that everything is negative, everything is pessimistic and there is a loss of hope in the community. We are in that cycle of fear.”

    But something shifted over the past 12 months. Over the year to February 2012, the state lost 38,500 jobs in retail and 6300 in the hospitality sector

    This week, prominent company director Elizabeth Proust said the government should be investing more in the state’s crowded transport infrastructure and queried the wisdom of cutting thousands of public servants when the state is already losing 1000 jobs a week.

    .. Victoria staged a faster recovery in employment after the global financial crisis – possibly because Victoria derived more benefit from some of the [federal government’s stimulus spending], especially the stimulus applied to housing.

    ”Now that the stimulus is wearing off and governments are tightening fiscal policy, and because Victoria, almost by definition, is more exposed to the exchange rate, Victoria is now doing worse than the rest of the country.”

    Read more:

  2. And then there is Barrel O’Lies state, yep Tony gets plenty of stunt time there.

    “The first pledge in the O’Farrell government’s ”contract with NSW” was to create 100,000 jobs through a $4000 payroll tax rebate for employers putting on staff.
    According to Australian Bureau of Statistics data, NSW lost 31,200 jobs in the year to February on a seasonally adjusted basis

    Housing and construction are traditionally key drivers of the state economy. On this measure the government gets a fail.
    In January 2011, the value of non-housing construction projects approved was $614 million. In January this year, that had slumped to $392 million.

    Read more:

  3. Love that SoulForge LOVO

    My kind of music. Not often you find a new metal band with old time ‘melody’

    Everything these days is death/thrash metal, with cookie monster singers.

    Have to look into them further. Any idea if the album is available in a hard copy yet?

    Reckon they need to update this wiki too 😉

  4. ‘All the evidence indicates that most long-term climate change occurs in sudden jumps rather than incremental changes.’

    Jonathan Adams et al.

    Keep your eyes open to tipping points.

  5. From Insiders this morning

    When Minchin/Costello set up the Future Fund. the rules were taht the Government would chose the Chair and Board Members.
    Over the past year there has beena campaign, via selected leaks and stories to Newspapers, that Costello was the preferred choice of Chair. (hmmmm)
    Apparently, according to Farr and Taylor, on who would be the best person as chair, 3 of the 6 guardians chose themself.

    Farr now believes that Costello has put himself in an untenable position and should resign.
    As for his accepting a place on the board originally, he should of declined as according to Costello/Minchin own rules the Fund and its decisions was to be above the politicans.

    The Government was following the rules as set by Costello/Minchin, it chose the chair and new board member.

    It is apparent that Costello does not like or follows the rules that he wrote.

    Time to resign Peter.

  6. From the other day, The Future Fund invests in tobacco companies, including British american tobacco.

    The IPA, Institute of Public Affairs, receives funding from tobacco companies.

  7. Oh and on Insiders

    Nikki had a seat and also couldn’t resist the political jibe, when talking on the death of Margaret Whitlam.

    A comment was made that Gough had always said that Margaret was his best appointment.

    Nikki’s contribution. “I couldn’t agree more” chuckle chuckle

  8. Sue, what’s the bet they’ll try to make their mismanagement the Federal government’s fault.

    Someone should point out to the troops that what the Victorian and NSW governments are doing is what the Liars Party would have done on a Federal level if they were in power.

    And no doubt if the LNP gets hold of Qld, they’ll start laying off public servants and then act surprised when things go pear shaped.

    Shedding jobs is their only solution to any problem. They have NO answers to the tough times, because they’ve only ever coasted along when things have been good. All the hard stuff is always left to Labor, because the Liars only solution is to punish the workers.

  9. Tom R

    no wonder the chair didn’t want the report released, and speaks volumes of the “majority” something like the majority of votes he commanded in the liberal party

  10. Sue @10.14am, obviously Liealot and the rest of the Liars have “overlooked” that inconvenient fact. Hopefully, the government won’t fail to point this out long, loud and often.

    They should have done so at the outset and have been rubbing in the fact that although they have adhered to the rules laid down by the Liars Party, the Liars have deliberately and knowingly tried to flout their own rules.

    It’s a particularly potent weapon because Pouty Pete was one of the rule makers. Seems they only apply if they don’t interfere with Pouty Pete’s ambitions.

  11. Sorry reposting in correct page

    Lets look at Petes “majority’

    starting with the information that 3 voted for themself, so from the 6 guardians these results are possible

    4 pete, 1 self, 1 self
    3 pete, 2 other, 1 self
    2 pete, 1 self, 1 self, 2 undecided

    Now the govt has appointed a new guardian, so in which camp did the retiring guardian lie? oh the possibilities

  12. Jane

    So true lets hear it loud and clear RULES DO NOT APPLY TO THE LIBERALS, especially when THEY WRITE THE RULES

  13. Sue, as I said, the report should have been released. I said all along that the reports of complete support would be wrong.

    The Opposition demand a release in these cases, believing the government cannot do so, as it would be seen as a cabinet paper.

    Mr. Albanese proved this not to be the case back in the Qantas dispute. The government should continue in this vein, giving the Opposition what they want.

    Keep the super changes but not lower the company tax.

    Very consistent, I must say.

    Mr. Robb not present when decision made. Of course there is unity in the Oppositions. It is not a sign of disunity if one ensures they who disagree are not around when decisions are made, Of course then the decision in unanimous.

    The Opposition do not accept the experts in treasury. It appears now they do not accept that of doctors. I wonder if the will accept the hospital’s opinion It appears that this week is going to be Mr. Thompson. Nothing more important.

    That hole, Mr. Abbott is getting bigger. Senator Wong is correct, if her figures are wrong, tell us why.

  14. Just watched ABC Insiders and Lenore Taylor say the selection process was a complete schmozzle. The process produced and filled the job with an outstanding candidate so in what way was it a schmozzle?

    Oh, that’s right, the Liberal Party spin team is constantly trying to portray the Gillard government as hopeless at process. Why do lournalists like Taylor go along with this bullshit? It is either and act of omission (they are dumb) or commission they are promoting Liberal Party propaganda (may be so they can keep their job).

  15. Senator Wong was asked if it was a good The senator should have said that the correct information was put out. We have been consistent with our response.

    How can it be our fault or responsibly that the media and Mr.Abbott choose to ignore the facts and continue on with the rant.

    “embarrassed that this has become a public sprat” “is continuing on”.

    Who is to blame for this. The government cannot dictate what the media choose to believe.

    Those who ignore the consistent facts that the government put before the people.

    The government was consistent in what was said, and appears to be proven correct.

    The media choose to listen to Mr. Abbott’s and take on his fight. That cannot be sheeted home to the government.

    Mr. Cassidy would be better to cease his nit picking and ask questions that are relevant to today.

  16. An interesting statement from Nikki, Nikki who worked for Pete.

    “The Future Fund was set up to keep the money from the Nationals”

    Now the impression that Pete always gave and is in a doostop interview of his was that the FF was to keep “labor’s grubby hands off it”

    So is Nikki implying that Pete and Nick and John did’t want the National Party using the funds? she should know!

    Hey Barnaby did you hear that?

    Pete’s words

  17. Tom R @ 9.17am, Yes they released their 1st CD end of 2011, I’ll get back to you as soon as I find where there available. Their music reminds me of early Sabbath style….. the metal music scene is alive and well here in the “Hill”, we are the new Seattle,lol …….or may be its just the Lead that makes us heavy metal heads.

  18. A relevant point made by Cassidy today, for the past 7 weeks the Coalition has decided that none of their politicians were to appear on Insiders

  19. Sue @10.47am, and they should lay a heavy emphasis on the fact that Pouty WROTE the rules,but treats them with disdain if they don’t suit him.

    I have a slogan the government should use everytime the Liars open their lying gobs-STOP THE BULLSHIT!!!!!!!

    lunalava @10.56am, I go with the latter.

    And I’d like Taylor and co to explain how the selection process was such a shemozzle, given that the government was just abiding by the rules as written by Pouty Pete.

    Hint, Ms Taylor: it would seem that the rules laid down by Pouty and the Liars Party are the problem. If they can’t even get a couple of rules right, what sort of shemozzle would they make of running this country, especially in view of the delicate state of the world economy?

    But it’s no good us saying this, the government’s got to get out there and sell the fact that if the selection process has been a shemozzle, it’s down to the Liars’ incompetence and inability to make a few simple rules.

    And btw, Ms Taylor and the rest of you drones in the msm, If Pouty wrote the rule book, how come he is either too stupid to remember them, or is only prepared to follow them if it suits him and his agenda.

    Furthermore, how come Liealot and the rest of the Liars Party apparently haven’t got a clue that these rules exist? If they can’t even get that straight, how can anyone trust them and their catering company to run the country?

    But the government has to grab this opportunity by the scruff of the neck and run hard with it. It has to be spruiking the obvious incompetence and opportunism of the Liars and translating that into asking how the Liars can be trusted to a) keep any promise they make and b) how they can expect us to believe they can run the country when they can’t, or worse, choose not to, remember their own rules.

  20. Sue
    Been interested in the stuff you’ve done this morning, & at 10.47 you nailed it & I’m surprised so few people cotton on. Whether you meant it sarcastically or not the fact is that the conservatives simply do NOT regard rules as applying to themselves. Anyone dealing with them should remember this.
    If you recall a brief exchange last night, it seems I wasn’t too far out about Nikki Savva being her usual self.

  21. Unfortunately all the subsequent analysis of the FF appointment isn’t going to count for much in the electorate as it’s probably just gone down as another government stuffup. Interesting that Costello is to an extent collateral damage & that his one time confederates probably won’t care much. They’ll feel the same about you one day Tony!

  22. …….the conservatives simply do NOT regard rules as applying to themselves.

    Even when they’ve written the rules themselves, Bob.

  23. How true is that jane. It is their hypocrisy and double standards that eventually turned me against the Liberal party, and even then I still voted for a Liberal local member because she was the opposite to the party.

    Alas she is now quitting politics after being first totally ignored by Howard even though she did sterling service to the party and then being royally shafted by Abbott during the last election. Methinks Abbott is one radical step to far for her to be loyal to.

  24. Interesting on Insiders about an Abbott government repealing the mining tax, yet keeping the tax cuts promised to small businesses by some magical means they have yet to elucidate on.

    It turns out they will also keep the Superannuation Levy increase that SMEs were to be compensated from the proceeds of the MRT, but unlike Labor an Abbott government will not commit to any compensation, thus hitting SMEs with a double whammy in their haste to appease the big end of town.

    Nothing illustrates more just how much Abbott is in the pocket of just a handful, 0.01%, of very wealthy Australians to the detriment of the rest of Australia.

    Talking about sock puppets. A good cartoon would be of Abbott as a sock puppet with the hands of Rinehart, Forrest, Palmer, Murdoch etc. up his open end.

    Another interesting stat is that our richest are in the 0.00000000001% of the world’s wealthiest with around 20 to 30 ahead of them. But almost to a person those ahead of our richest give away far more money in charity, entrepreneurialism and being business angels. Our wealthiest are are absolutely stingy when it comes to giving away their wealth for causes, except the Abbott and their very narrow hard right causes of course.

  25. ME

    If you have been following the Murdoch mess in the UK, this week came the Thatcher relevations. Thatcher ignored the rules and this assisted Murdoch. His opponent’s thought that their had been meetings between Thatcher and Murdoch, which for 30 years have been denied.
    So the Murdoch sock puppetry has been going on for over 30 years

  26. “A comment was made that Gough had always said that Margaret was his best appointment.”

    whether is was or not maybe under dispute.

    What cannot be denied it was time when the label bastard lost it;s sting.

    it was the time than the numerous orphanages closed down.

    It was the time that mother’s made the choice to keep their babies.

    What bought this change about. Was it a change id public attitude. I think not.

    It was the introduction od a pension that allowed single mothers to survive.

    This did not only apply to young, mainly teenage mothers, but to women trapped in violent marriages and relationships.

    It was bought about by a survival pension and changes to the Family Law Act.

    Challenges to equal pay was the icing on the cake.

    I have just said to my 18 year old grandson, there was a worse label in those days. than being Aboriginal., it was being born a bastard.

    He looked at me with disbelief. It was a shock to him that he was born with two handicaps, not one.

    It seems to amazing to him, the fact that his parents were not married, was not a problem.

    Thankfully he sees neither as a handicap. He is correct in this day and age.

    Believe me, it was back then.

  27. Why don’t those who say all were not in the room when the MRRT was formulated.

    My recollections are that they refuse to join the party.

    Now the same three are calling foul.

  28. “And btw, Ms Taylor and the rest of you drones in the msm, If Pouty wrote the rule book, how come he is either too stupid to remember them, or is only prepared to follow them if it suits him and his agenda.”

    The rule were written at that time , because no one in the present Opposition believe that the voters would ever oust them from power.

    They were so sure of their own ability and right to rule.

  29. ME, I remember you talking about Joanna Gash (?) some time ago. I think she comes under the same heading as Petro Georgio, Judy Moyland(?) and several others who have left or are leaving.

    Wets, I suppose would be their label, honest, sincere and good value is my assessment.

    It’s so sad that good people are being driven out of politics by mediocre, mendacious win at all costs jerks. I hope the Liberal party wakes up to itself and starts to recruit more people in the stamp of those currently leaving, because they don’t recognise their party any more.

    I love the idea of the Liealot sock puppet.cartoon.

    Sue @12.59pm, you do surprise me! Fancy the creature Thatcher being crooked!

  30. “As Malcolm Farr pointed out, Whitlam had her own career as a social worker. From 1964 to 1967 was the only person of that profession working at Parramatta Hospital, then one of Sydney’s major hospitals. While raising her own children, she would have been there when the babies of unmarried teenaged mothers were taken and adopted out. She would have been there when Aborigines would have been treated officially as non-people, even though their need for medical attention is part of their humanity. She would have seen workers from the James Hardie plant at nearby Granville dealing with the early stages of mesothelioma. I wonder what she thought of all that”

    I am sure she was the driver behind the changes that the Whitlam, government bought,

    There would have been few women that would have even seen it as a problem. There would have been fewer men.

    What cannot be disputed that great change occurred, rapidly after that time.

  31. Tom, that’s the standard one can expect from Abbott.

    Jane, Petro is the best small L Liberal to have never been given a serious portfolio..and that was Howard’s standard, but I’m certain that he expected nothing better given his open disagreement with Howard on the issue of mandatory detention.

  32. Did anyone noticed that Mr. Abbott described Mrs. Whitlam as an opinionated woman.

    I do strongly disagreed and do not believe that Mr. Howard was careless in his use of words.

    After all, Mrs. Whitlam did not have much time for Howard’s wife. A opinion that many of us would agree with.

    The lady held strong opinions, definitely not opinionated.

    The is more amazing, considering that she herself came from a privileged background. They both did for that matter.

    The education in those days bears no resemblance to what is taught today.

    ERROR Should be Mr. Howard, not Abbott. Sorry.

  33. “It’s so sad that good people are being driven out of politics by mediocre, mendacious win at all costs jerks. I hope the Liberal party wakes up to itself and starts to recruit more people in the stamp of those currently leaving, because they don’t recognise their party any more.”

    jane it is the public that needs to wake up. Is Mr. Abbott’s so cal consort going to give up her life if he achieves his greatest desire. For one, I hope not. Her choice of a role in life is no less important that his.

    As previous PM have stated. their wives were not elected and have a right to lead their own lives.

    Consort is a insulting and degrading word.

  34. Look at the video of Tony Abbott paying tribute to Margaret Whitlam (following Gillard doing so). It’s clear he doesn’t want to do it but he can’t get over himself enough to throw himself into the task. He manifestly doesn’t care that people are mourning her loss, and cares even less about her patronage of the arts. There is none of the for-whom-the-bell-tolls humility that comes from a recognition death and mourning as universal all-conquering human experiences. Taking a swipe at Gough Whitlam and his government on the way through may have been minor, but it reveals a character fundamentally too weak to become Prime Minister.

    This is the impression one gets when Mr. Abbott has to voice a condolence motion, that he really does not care.

  35. On the day before he dismissed the Whitlam Government, Sir John Kerr attended St Ignatius’ College Riverview to give out prizes. He gave Tony Abbott some sort of consolation award for coming second in his class (beaten by someone who is unmarried and never had kids, but let’s not go there). By the time Abbott enrolled at Sydney University the following year, Whitlam occupied the office that he holds today. Abbott might have developed his political position in reaction to Whitlam, but in his prime – and even afterwards – Gough Whitlam would have had Tony Abbott on toast had the latter been so stupid as to tackle him directly. Whitlam achieved what he did by leaving smarter and more principled people than Tony Abbott in the dust. The idea that Abbott should take a swipe at Whitlam on a day surely more devastating to him than all of 1975 put together is sickening.

  36. Class. what is it?

    No, “class” in Australia is something else entirely. Margaret Whitlam had it in spades and showed how it could be applied to help people and society/nation more broadly. That’s why people who never met her are sad at her passing. Tony Abbott does not have nearly enough of it to maintain his current position, let alone ascend further. That is why people, whether they’ve met him or not, are sad that Abbott is occupying a job for which he’s unfit and won’t give over to someone who does have the class necessary for high office in this country.

  37. Cu, agreed..Abbott the supreme egotist who would use even a former PM’s wife’s funeral to try to gain political points.

  38. Min
    Cu, agreed..Abbott the supreme egotist who would use even a former PM’s wife’s funeral to try to gain political points.

    That leaves Mr. Abbott with nowhere to go; for all his shrill, hysterical use of
    old fashioned language to demean the Prime Minister, and now, using the excuse of a hypocritical expression of condolences to play his usual nasty political game, is the supreme example of his own character….

  39. Cu, thanks for the link to Andrew Elder.

    Catching up
    Did anyone notice that Mr. Abbott described Mrs. Whitlam as an opinionated woman.

    It was a bit hard to miss Cu. We’ve all come to expect the lowest from Abbott
    but that has to be the worst he’s done so far!

    Other words he’s used, referring to the Prime Minister….all of which sit nicely with his name!

    “inadequate…. unworthy…. embarrassing……incompetent….. on the nose…
    never tells the truth….shifty….. evasive…. angry….. shrill… never tells the truth….”

  40. This what we had last week. What terror fears has Mr.Abbott have in store for us this coming week.

    Cannot be any more ridiculous than last week, I presume. Maybe it will be. Who knows.

    What it will not be is what this country is facing and how to deal with it.
    I assume that Mr. Thompson is not going to be given a pair.

    It is time for Mr. Albanese to inform Mr. Pyne that he no longer wants to play the game and from this time forth, all pairing is off.

    At least the workers around Canberra will have their morning smoko in peace. Mr. Abbott would be confined to the parliament.

    The present arrangements suits Abbott more than the government. Mr. Abbott has little to lose by not being present.

    Are we to get more of this.

    What was Bullie Boy Abbott on about when he accused Julia Gillard of contributing to a reign of terror and gun crime in western Sydney.

    The arrest of a Sydney postal worker on charges of illegally importing Glock pistols was used as a platform to allege that Gillard could not manage our borders?.

    One such pistol, it seems, has been used in a drive-by shooting and Abbott linked this to the pink batts disaster, the school halls disaster, the live cattle disaster …………the reason for a cloudy sky and anything else that entered the space between his ears.

    Now we have gun crime in Sydney aided and abetted by the incompetence of this government in maintaining a proper border protection regime,” he said Abbott.

    The Prime Minister of Australia, has “aided and abetted” a gun crime………. Really?

  41. Mr. Fraser said last night, in spite of the anger that Mrs. Whitlam felt towards him at the time, she went out off her way to make it easier for his wife and himself to move into the Lodge.

    One cannot imagine Mr. Abbott having the grace and class to do likewise.

  42. Did anyone notice that Mr. Abbott described Mrs. Whitlam as an opinionated woman”

    Pip, I meant to say Mr. Howard, not Abbott. Too big of hurry to go out.


  43. Min @3.58pm, are you getting the feeling that Liealot is getting more shrill and desperate as the clock ticks down to the House rising for Budget fine tuning?

    ……..anything else that entered the space between his ears.

    14 billion light years+. That is a lot of space, pretty much all of it completely empty. Not even a tiny chink of light from a distant star enters that dread space.

    It seems Adelaide’s lawlessness, bikie warfare and other crinumal stuff has been waved on to Sydney. What? No stopover in Melbourne?

    So who imported the gun? Was it the PM?

    And has he now abandoned Poor old Pouty to his fate, on account of he has to attack the PM, whose part time job is apparently a Glock importing postal worker. Hmmmm!

    CU, Whitlam would have cut Liealot off at the knees and Keating would have had his intestines for a belt and his teeth for cuff links. I think Gillard could also be equal to the task; I hope she has now lost all patience with the fellow and gives him both barrels in the next few months.

    She has a grand three worder for the msm-STOP WRITING CRAP and by changing one word she could nail Liealot – STOP TALKING CRAP!

  44. On the pairs for this week.

    Monday the doctors certificate is apparently ok but if thomson needs more time according to Pyne Thompson, has to go back to Canberra hospital. Thankyou very much say the citizens of Canberra and surrounding NSW residents. yes Canberra looks after the patients NSW forgot.

    But I wonder if Pyne has realised that Katter is away all week. Katter often doesn’t vote but he does tend to vote with the Libs.

    But as you say Jane about time Abbott was declined pairs.

  45. In recent times Tony Abbott has politicised official occasions.
    These are the ones that come quickly to mind

    President Obama
    PM John Keys
    Prince Frederick

    Thank goodness among other reasons Windsor can read the character flaws of Tony Abbott

    just for memories

  46. Well tomorrow there will be more on guns, boats, gillard.
    Scott Morrison is calling for an inquriy to be led by former police commissioner Kelty,
    Talk about more jobs for the ……..
    Morrisson is looking to lay blame at the govt/gillard for cuts at customs.
    So a heads up to Hockey & Robb the 12000 PS cuts can not include Customs, Defence, Federal Police, ASIO

    ( the reason i said ASIO you should see the bloody big office they are building, google it) (ohh and the FED police under Kelty also had to get bigger space, after a redevelopment was completed Kelty said he needed more.)

  47. Min
    Plenty of people talk about having the “right stuff”. Tony Abbott is definitely the wrong stuff.

  48. I don’t accept that Tony’s remarks are in any way associated with him being a “bit of a lovable larrikin” that is pure spin by the Liberal propaganda team.

    There is something deeply flawed in Abbott’s personality he is not the sort to lead this country.

  49. Min
    hard to believe isn’t it

    The manager of Opposition business Christopher Pyne told The Sunday Telegraph there was no problem in granting Mr Thomson “a pair” for Monday on the basis of a medical certificate provided by his general practitioner.

    But the Opposition wanted further evidence of illness if Mr Thomson’s leave period was to be any longer.

    “Our view is he needs to get a letter from the hospital,” Mr Pyne said.

    “We deal with pairs on a day-by-day basis. We assume if he can’t attend Parliament on Tuesday that he will have a letter from the hospital that treated him in Canberra saying he has not yet recovered.”

  50. Tom re “despicable low life”. To me, that is the depths..could Abbott get any lower? Unfortunately I think that the answer is yes he can. And Lunalava, I agree..there is something seriously unhinged about the way that Abbott reacts in situations where even a modest amount of compassion is expected.

  51. OK

    warning signal. I have been reading about “leading private health firms hoping to benefit from the (UK)government’s controversial NHS reforms have set up corporate structures that allow the avoidance of tax on millions of pounds’ worth of profit, it can be revealed. widespread use of tax havens.

    The complicated tax structures set up by the firms, or by their parent companies, make use of corporate entities in the British Virgin Islands, Luxembourg, Jersey, Guernsey and the Cayman Islands

    “■ Ramsay Health Care, the company with the greatest number of contracts in the NHS to provide services, has used a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands to finance the purchase of a French health company for its Australian parent;”

  52. …… the opposition are demanding what sort of medical treatment Thompson should be having.

    What? Now they’re all doctors?

    Thomson needs a letter form the hospital, according to Prefect Prissy. What next; he has to write 100 lines? Detention?

    Lunalava @8.11pm, there’s nothing loveable at all about Liealot. IMO, he’s just a grubby conman and he always will be.

    Tom R, not just the lack of compassion toward people in mourning, but toward people who are ill; his infamous treatment of Bernie Banton is the example we readily recall. And now he’s sinking the slipper into Craig Thomson.

    There’s something sooo School Bully about Liealot, isn’t there? I bet he pulled the wings off butterflies when he was a kid.

    However, the thing I have noticed more and more is that his cruel, uncaring attitude has infected everyone in the ranks of the Liars Party.

    The Rodent is no different. He presents a faux sympathy and concern in public, but afaic, he is as cold and unfeeling as any psycopath.

    I suspect that he saw a kindred soul in Liealot and tended it, watered it, fed it and nurtured it until the fully developed cold, unfeeling liar and bigot we all know and detest emerged from its chrysalis.

  53. ” I think Gillard could also be equal to the task;”

    Jane, she sure can, and he does not like it. He believe he had her measure of those breakfast programmes, back when she was deputy.

    The idiot did not see that she was humouring him.

    Funny back in them times the media also treated him in the same manner, none taking him seriously.

    It is said that Mr. Abbott is under estimated. I believe the truth to be that is the PM that many, most, under estimate.

  54. Will one inform the Opposition and some employers that a medical certificate is given by the doctor to state the person is not fit for work. The diagnosis of the reason is not necessary.

    The diagnosis is is a private matter between the doctor and his patient.

    The certificate is not meant to give the boss or the that overrule that given by the doctor.

    The doctor in this case, should see his lawyer. The Opposition have stated they do not believe Mr. Thompson, therefore they are accusing the doctor of issuing a false certificate.

    Mr. Pyne, please note, being sent home from emergency, does not mean that one is well.

    People who have suffered from similar complaints will be very aware that a diagnosis can take some time. They are also aware that the pain can come and go. Most would have had more than one diagnosis before the true cause was found, even in this day and age of advance technology.

    Stress could be a goer. Is this what the Opposition wanting to see, with the intention of writing it off as nothing.

    It is not the Opposition’s business why the doctor has declared him unfit for work. All that matter is the doctor deems him unfit.

  55. Didn’t I read somewhere that polls were predicting a LNP landslide in the last Q’land State Election as well.

  56. This believe it or not from an ex Liberal polly.

    Abbott calls regularly for this whole mess to be brought to an end. He is relentless in promoting the idea that we need an election. Giving Australians the chance to say whether they want to continue with this shemozzle seems a good idea. But “be careful what you wish for” is a timely adage.
    Being in opposition is child’s play compared with being in government. Government runs 24/7; it is enormous. Mistakes when they inevitably happen can be hard to chase down. You wanted the job of dealing with the issues as they arose and there they are on your doorstep every morning, in your head every night.
    Does Abbott feel ready for this? He knows what it is like and has shown a work ethic that will easily handle government a second time around. But what about his team? Are they all up at the crack of dawn and on the job? If they are not, he should change them around.
    He should ask himself two questions.
    First, have I got the best people in my team and in the right jobs? Surely we could not consider a Liberal government without new senator Arthur Sinodinos in the ministry? Is Malcolm Turnbull being used to his fullest capacity? If not, does that reflect a weakness on Abbott’s part? And sadly, there are a few “shadows” who, to steal a phrase, don’t cast one.
    Second, his team has had some difficulty avoiding slip-ups and singing the same tune. If this isn’t the time for a reshuffle, when will Abbott tighten up his team? If you can’t control it now, it won’t be any easier in government.
    Amanda Vanstone was a minister in the Howard government

    Read more:

  57. Cu, I think that this clearly indicates that Tony Abbott shows no leadership whatsoever. I can’t recall when he has ever played a team leader role, in fact whenever he interacts with others from his front bench it’s to contradict and confuse.

  58. You’re testing my memory on that one Eddie, but what’s left of it seems to recall that a Labor loss was predicted.

  59. Let us spread the news Abbott was hiding away from the press today, by being in the HOUSE.

    Chicken noise: buuuck, buuuuck

  60. Eddie, unfortunately they’re still predicting a LNP landslide..the Bligh government could be reduced to 12 seats based on the current 60TPP.

  61. Yes, Sue and Min, it is a place one generally does not expect to see him. I did see him and also heard him whine. Not that he had much to say.

    He was doing his bit for the Queensland election.

    Come to think of it, he as not been seen much in that state as well.

    I wonder if Mr. Morrison is going to have his third attempt today for the MSSO on guns.

    I noticed Mr. Abbott did not join in getting his shaved. It would be an improvement.

    Maybe it will be on Mr. Thompson. What more they could say is beyond me.

    All I know, that they have done everything in their power to disrupt and waste time in the lower house.

    Bills are still going through in spite of this. Labor seems to have a policy that where time is wasted, they just bring the guillotine into operation.

    What is going on in the upper houses, I do not know.

    Three and half days to go. The circus for them is over. The hypnotist will be out of a job.

  62. Jason Clare is performing well for a newbie.

    I can now see why Mr. Morrison was so eager to get his MSSO through before QT.

    Morrison kicked out.

    He announce actions taken on “guns” etc.

    After five weeks, the opposition has caught up and asking for their own inquiry.

    Surely that MSSO will now be dumped.

    Mr. Clare was on with Mr. Smith this morning. He was impressive there too.

    This useless, shambolic and inefficient government has once again turned the table on them.

    The PM has just pointed that it is distraction day for the PM.

    MSSO Pyne. It is on Thompson. The PM to explain.

  63. Pyne pulled up for casting aspersions against the member for Dobell.

    Relies on a tainted vote.

    Putting allegation into hansard.

  64. Oh the desperation. Pyne sat down. Bishop now speaking. Mr. Pyne made to withdraw.

    Bishop sounds close to tears.

    The bills are still going through. New endeavours announced.

  65. Albanese: 13 out of 15 days all that the opposition have done is to move suspension orders – this is called Question Time.

  66. I like Albanese attack on the quality of questions asked. Cannot agree more.

    The Opposition cannot ask such questions, as they would bring to the public attention what the government is achieving. Bronwyn Bishop also sounds stressed.

    We all know in our guts that he is nuts. Big discussion taking place. Speaker is trying to make the Opposition repeat it.

    No apology..

  67. Emerson now talking.

    The Opposition looks confused and bewildered. Things are not going as they hoped.

    Speaker said thankfully time for the debate has expired.

    Another useless division. Has anyone a count of how many there has been today. It must be approaching a record.

  68. Min @11.07am, there is no leadership in the opposition. All they have is sneerdership, snidership and slogandership. Apart from they they are completely empty vessels.

    The Opposition looks confused and bewildered.

    So they’re still at their default position, CU?

  69. Catching up,

    Time is running out for the opposition, there isn’t much else controversial for the government to have to tackle. Julia Gillard will then start introducing the sweeteners in the lead up to the next election.

  70. Serves somebody right for driving an anti-gay truck into Lismore..not that I condone defacing somebody’s property. 😉

    PETER Madden will think twice before driving his anti-gay marriage truck to Lismore again.

    On Saturday night the minister from Sydney parked his truck, which had billboard-sized anti-gay marriage messages on it, in Cathcart St before heading to a nearby motel to sleep.

    He returned the next morning to find the truck defaced and blockaded.

    Cars were parked at both ends of the truck and Lismore resident, Fairy Princess Amber, had locked her neck to the back of the truck.

    Glitter, streamers and spray paint covered the truck and some of its tyres were deflated.

  71. CU

    Did you note the comment from Albanese in his reply to the MSSO, the coalition had complained that because of the condolence speeches time for QT would be reduced?
    I am glad that Albanese got that into Hansard. How contemptible are theCoalition under Abbott, first Abbott hides from the press, then complaints about condolences, then stop QT for the 49th time.

    I bet the Press Gallery do not make mention of THAT

  72. One for the books.

    On message: Tony Abbott could campaign against the carbon tax in his sleep. But while in Victoria last week to open the Wimmera Machinery Field Days, Mr Abbott forgot to, well, open the event. The Weekly Times reports the Opposition Leader turned up and “gave a long speech about the carbon tax” and then “after a cursory, ‘thanks very much and all the best for the next three days’, (he) sat down, forgetting to declare the field days officially open.”

  73. This is what is on the agenda for that shambolic, dysfunctional government.

    Diary: The House will sit from 10am. It will consider road safety remuneration and financial advice bills, equal opportunity for women in the workplace amendments, illegal logging bans, superannuation amendments and R18+ games classifications. The Senate sits from 10am and will consider the minerals resource rent tax bills and telecommunications bills. The MRRT vote is expected at about 9am, at this stage. Ageing Minister Mark Butler and Canberra MP Gai Brodtmann will today announce $7 million worth of counselling services for carers.

  74. As I have said earlier, it has been quite a day in the lower house. The acting has been beyond belief, but personally a little bit too much ham.

    As might be imagined, that bill has run into its fair share of obstacles, not least being its blatant intent to abrogate state’s rights. It has gone to committee after committee, all of which have recommended further investigation and amendment – including those on which sit Opposition MPs. Undeterred, Abbott attempted today to bring the bill on for debate (and presumably a vote) before Parliament rises at the end of this week.

    it was an extraordinary performance. With metaphorical hand clasped firmly on heart, his voice choked with emotion and perhaps even a teary gleam in his eyes, Abbott launched into a passionate appeal to ‘decency’ and ‘honour’. Someone must stand up for the indigenous people of Cape York, he cried! They are being strangled with ‘Green Tape’ (yes, you read that right, green tape, how terribly witty) when all they want to do is live their lives as they have always done!

    How could the government allow this to happen to such good people, these ‘caretakers of the land since time immemorial’? And yes, that’s a quote. Does the government believe that the indigenous people are incapable of taking care of their land? How could they think such a thing? Surely these people had the right to use their lands for more than just ‘spiritual ownership’?

    To say there was more than a whiff of the ‘noble savage’ argument about Abbott’s speech is wildly understate the case. This is the man who not two months ago argued that the Tent Embassy was probably ‘no longer relevant’ to today’s issues. The same man who argued the night before the Apology to the Stolen Generations against saying ‘sorry’ under any circumstances. And yet there he was this morning, extolling the virtues of the ‘wise’ and ‘respected’ indigenous peoples.

    Of course, it’s possible Abbott had a change of heart. But sadly, no. This is no more than a continuation of a bun-fight that’s been going on for around a year now. The Cape York indigenous communities are split on the question of the Wild Rivers laws. Some, like the Carpentaria Land Council, have no problem with them. Others – notably, lawyer and economic and social development advocate Noel Pearson – see the laws as restricting the right of indigenous peoples to utilise their lands without government interference.

    And who does Abbott count among one of his close friends? Mr Pearson.

    It’s not the first time Abbott has attempted to make Pearson’s views stand as somehow representative of a united, homogeneous community. They’re not, and Independent MP Rob Oakeshott has called him on it before. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to stop Abbott trying, no matter how ineffectual his efforts are – or much it shows up his hypocrisy where indigenous peoples are concerned.

  75. After the above, we had this. During this time there were numerous division. The result, the government guillotine the road safety bill and it was passed.

    The day was finished off by what can only be describe as a farce during QT.

    Whatever diversion or stunt the Opposition pull, the business of the house continues with no interruptions.

    After that, we were treated to the spectacle of Shadow Immigration Spokesperson Scott Morrison trying to get standing orders suspended to bring on an immediate enquiry. It seemed to have something to do with Customs, and Glock handguns, and possibly Australia Post – although it was difficult to tell, given the speed at which he rattled out the wording of his motion. Unfortunately for him, he forgot to read the House’s procedures closely, and his motion was disallowed.

    Undaunted, he tried it on again a little later, and we were treated to one of the nastier strategies available to the government. Within 30 seconds of Morrison rising, Leader of Government Business Anthony Albanese popped up to move a gag motion. Unsurprisingly, that one succeeded – the Independents have shown themselves to be notoriously impatient with attempts to hijack the House’s business. Having gagged Morrison, Albanese went on to gag Justice, Customs and Border Protection Shadow Michael Keenan – and with that, the motion was dead in the water and could not go on to a vote.

    A disgruntled Coalition exited the Chamber, but not without a parting shot courtesy Bronwyn Bishop, Shadow Spokesperson for Ageing. She stopped by the Speaker’s chair and pointing an accusing finger at him, saying clearly, ‘Something will have to be done about this. It will not be tolerated’.

    Frankly, if I’d been in Slipper’s chair at that point, I’d have named Bishop there and then. It’s bad enough to see the disrespect shown the position of Speaker during Question Time – to have a member effectively threaten the Speaker should be absolutely unacceptable.

    It’s been a full morning – and we’re only just now getting to Question Time. I dread to think what’s coming up.

    Any bets on how long until Abbott tries to suspend standing orders for a censure – the 49th since this Parliament was convened – today?


    It wasn’t Abbott who called for the suspension – it was Doctor Pyne, MD. Who, in concert with Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop, took advantage of Thomson’s absence to engage in the kind of backstabbing we tell our children is utterly unacceptable. Bishop – as ridiculous as it sounds – even went so far as to suggest that Thomson, and the Health Services Union, was somehow connected to the Mafia.

  76. Cu, and Unsurprisingly, that one succeeded – the Independents have shown themselves to be notoriously impatient with attempts to hijack the House’s business.

    Because the Independents want to get on with the job instead of having Question Time continuously turned into a farce. Every time the opposition tries these sort of stunts, it simply confirms to the Independents that they made the right choice in backing Gillard.

  77. Min, I know I am making a joke of today. It is not really one, it was disgraceful, infantile behaviour from the Opposition.

    They show no interest in what is happening, except to make trouble.

    Mr. Abbott went to open something the other day. made a long ranting speech and forgot to do the opening.

    I wonder if he will last the week.

  78. CU
    i mean the goodies associated with the carbon tax. If the msm were interested there have been constant goodies for the electorate, it is just not reported on.

    Today we had, the PM with trades training for jobs
    Defence Minister with , boats. planes and armoured vehicles
    Transport with the trucking initatives and the new arrangements for Australian flag shipping

    And that was only today.
    But as Bill Shorten said to one journalist, why would I bother answering the question you asked because the main reason for this press interview will not be shown in any of you news grabs.

  79. They have three and half days and anything seems to be on. There seems to be no limited on the bad behaviour.

  80. From GetUp on Facebook, here is one time that I’m pleased that one of the Independents has been defeated.

    Congratulations! Just now in Parliament, Rob Oakeshott’s proposal to allow native forests to be burned as “renewable energy” was defeated with Speakers casting vote.

    Great work over the past week GetUp members petitioned, called, and emailed MPs and ran TV and print ads in key electorates – with success that protects our ancient forests.

    Well done!

  81. Opposition’s allegations once again proven wrong.

    A Senate inquiry has found no evidence to support allegations that Greens senators Bob Brown and Christine Milne acted inappropriately in relation to a political donor.

    The Opposition accused the two senators of advocating for businessman Graham Wood after accepting a $1.6 million donation from the founder of travel website Wotif.

    It referred the matter to the powerful Senate Privileges Committee although both senators rejected the allegations.

    Senator Brown says the issue should never have been referred to the committee.

  82. A big thank you to everybody.

    The week just passed was our second best ever as far as visits to the Cafe goes, whilst the comments were totaling about 400 a day.

    Again, thank you.

  83. Migs, the beauty is that we are also going through topics, not saying the same thing over and over.

    When was the best week?

  84. It’s down to the authors here Migs – there’s actually something to talk about in a variety of topics besides other blogs 😉

  85. I agree the contributors help Min, but without thoughtful topics, posts just dry up or contributors resort to “talking about someone else.”

  86. Cannot remember what happened in November, was it the reshuffle. Maybe it was when we had all those overseas visitors.

  87. A lot of people are going to have egg on their faces if Mr. Thompson is seriously ill.

    I would love Mr. Pyne to have an attack of colic during the week. I think he would sing a different tune then.

  88. Miglo, I think it is because the site is allowed to go with the flow. A post can end up anywhere.

    Mr. Browns amendment is not on. Brown is trying to extend to gold etc.. Not constitutional. Brown is rejecting the ruling.

    Cormann in full flight. If he is not careful, he will have a brain seizure.

    Voting is in progress.

    There appears to be much genuine anger.

  89. …Fairy Princess Amber, had locked her neck to the back of the truck.

    Way to go, Amber! I’d love to have seen the look on Madden’s face when he sauntered out to his truck! Hilarious!!

    ……’s possible Abbott had a change of heart.

    I thought a heart was a requirement for that.

    …if I’d been in Slipper’s chair at that point, I’d have named Bishop there and then. It’s bad enough to see the disrespect shown the position of Speaker during Question Time – to have a member effectively threaten the Speaker should be absolutely unacceptable.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Speaker Slipper. Bronnie’s name will be at the top of the payback list. She’ll soon wish she’d zipped her lip.

    Min @6.25pm, I guess Oakeshott and Windsor also want to take advantage of this once-in-a-career chance to have input into government decision making.

    CU @6.30pm, disgraceful infantile behaviour is the Liars Party’s stock in trade.

    Congratulations Migs & Min. I’d like to echo what Bacchus said @9.48pm.

  90. Jane, I believe I know who Fairy Princess Amber The Channon and Byron Bay markets, and yes she always dresses as a fairy, wings and sparkle dust.

  91. Tom R @ 9.17am 18/3/12, Soulforge album available here in the Hill only at the moment,( I got mine at the video shop, hey), but GB Records here has copies, link:-

    CU,”I think it is because the site is allowed to go with the flow. A post can end up anywhere.” and thats the joy of it CU, its definitly the authors that keep the contributors, contributing….which keeps the authors authoring, and (hopefully) around we go….
    Migs my only complaint is that I have to make my own coffee… mm !!! ( though Im having a triple aged Jimmy Beam at the moment)
    Miglo@8.53pm, Wai palya, congrats on your 2nd best from this walypala,Sorry all, if Im off topic, continue on…..

  92. LOVO, sorry that you have to make your own coffee. We’ve only recently introduced self service. It helps keep the costs down.

  93. So according to Entsch a politician is a only really and truly ill if you see the Liberal backbench doctor. What a bloody hide and shows the utter pettiness of Abbott and his team.

    “But Mr Entsch defended the opposition, saying Mr Fitzgibbon had given him mixed messages about Mr Thomson’s health. Mr Entsch said that usually MPs who were ill saw Liberal backbencher Mal Washer, who is a doctor ”and he confirms it” – ”that didn’t happen in this case”

    Read more:

  94. M Grattan on RN just said that Thompson had actually telephoned Dr mal Washer last week, he was not in his office and the message “got lost” on the desk. By the time Dr Washer “found” the message thompson had been admitted to hospital.

    In Grattan’s words “if only that message had been found, this whole sorry mess may not have occurred”.

    What utter BULLSHIT Michelle. Pyne, Abbott, Entsch have been caught out in a dirty smear campaign but according to your words Michelle, it is the fault of the “liberal” Dr Washer.

    And Michelle if Pyne knew of this “lost” message why the MSSO yesterday? Grattan you supposedly sat in Parliament and watched and reported on QT and yet you come up with this dirty little excuse on radio today.

    What weasels!!!!!!

  95. Michelle Grattan used to be one of the better journos. I can understand how she might need to go to the darker side of the force in order to stay a part of the media pack, but her writing in recent times has been woeful. Yesterday’s opinion piece was nothing more than a description of events with a line or 2 of “opinion” thrown in. Interesting reading? It seems not any more.

  96. Perhaps the good Dr Washer can issue a medical certificate declaring Michelle Gratton should be excused her stupidity because she is suffering from early onset senility.

    I heard a radio broadcast with Michelle rambling on and on and on there is nothing entertaining about senility.

  97. On the other hand, Karl Stefanovic being “tired and emotional” on TV is a hoot. Not since the drunken episode with the toxic dwarf (Glen Milne) have I had such a good laugh.

  98. I think the same as you el gordo. People will appreciate seeing more in their super and thank her in the opinion polls.

  99. Jim Stynes has just passed away.

    That is terrible news.

    I heard on the radio this morning that friends and family were rushing to see him. I thought he had just taken a bit of a turn for the worst. 😦

    He will be sorely missed, players with that sort of character are few and far between

  100. Not a football follower of any description, but the shots of him this morning, he looked like a decent bloke.

  101. Mr. Sinodinos, said this morning, it was messy for the Opposition in trying to undo what Labor has achieved.

    It is sure messy for them, and impossible to undo.

    Mr. Abbott is a liar and he knows it. He is a liar because he knows he will undo nothing. Labor has dotted their “Is” and crossed their “Ts”.

    This was apparent when that Constitutional expert was talking about the bill passed last night. She said that there was two grounds that she thought possible. Labor had built in the bills, words that cover both cases.

    Mr. Cormann was yelling it was unconstitutional and begging the Greens to go with them just before the vote. His anger was so great and showed he did not appreciate losing.

    Losing is what it happening for Mr. Abbott. This is another win that the PM can attach to her belt. Another lost for Mr. Abbott.

    I cannot recall any win for the man.

  102. Mr. Cormann was yelling it was unconstitutional

    Don’t ya just love the way they run with their Billionaire mates ideas.

  103. Roswell, some will appreciate that $18.000 tax free zone. Many more now will not have to bother with tax returns.

    Yes, taking from those earning massive profits, from the ore we all own, to help those affected by the high dollar is good policy.

    The high dollar, caused by their windfall profit.

    Yes, they are windfall profits, not money earned from their labour.

    If they do not earn these excessive profits, they will not be paying higher tax.

    This money will be used to build the infrastructure this country needs when the boom comes to an end, as it always does.

    The threat of going overseas is laughable. Yes they can go if they like. They cannot take the ore in the ground with them.

    The worse scenario is that it will still be in the ground for future generations, is that a bad thing.

  104. ‘…the man’…isn’t running the government and has time to reconsider his position, which at the moment is a little untidy.

  105. Tom R, I will go further.

    Mr. Abbott has put this idea in his mates ear.

    Going on past behaviour of Mr. Abbott and his part in putting Ms. Hanson in jail, I suspect he is the main driver.

  106. Tom and Don’t ya just love the way they run with their Billionaire mates ideas. Precisely. It was Palmer who threatened a High Court challenge last week, but then so did Andrew Bolt when he lost the racial discrimination case. Let’s see if Palmer takes it any further than Bolt did.

    If anyone heard the grounds for a High Court challenge as stated by Cormann, I would love to know what these might be.

  107. It appear to be a pattern (there is a lot of that lately (WOOF WOOF))

    loud munktoon is constantly threatening court action, mitchell does it any-time a journo says something not entirely praiseworthy of him.

    Meanwhile, we have the opposition leaning on the police to charge Thompson.

    Threats and intimidation.

  108. Watching Abbott. Nothing to celebrate. Well he is telling the truth there, there is nothing for him to celebrate. Another lost. ABC24 Has nothing new to say.

    Permanent increase in the economy is needed. Mr. Abbott s correct. It does not follow that a decrease in government is the best way to bring this about. We see what cuts are doing to Europe. Definitely does not appear to be working.

    The PM has just said she has put up with months and months telling me I won’t get things through. All it has proven that you are wrong. ABC24.

    I wonder when the media are going to realise saying the PM will not succeed is not prudent.

    All the PM has to do is make the cuts part of the budget. That makes it nearly impossible for it to be defeated.

  109. His outrage came about when the amendment proposed by Senator Brown was declared unconstitutional. The senator want to extend the tax to other ores.

    Senator Brown challenge this rule of the chair but had no option but to accept it.

    It was then that Mr. Cormann jumped up with his ravings about the thole bill being unconstitutional I have no idea how much was not more than pure anger.

    It will be interesting if Mr. Cormann has more to say on this. One thing for sure, no one will stopping him, as I believe he could talk under cement.

  110. “Meanwhile, we have the opposition leaning on the police to charge Thompson.

    Threats and intimidation.”

    I call it bullying. They are not stopping at the police. They are bringing in taxation and every other department they can think of. I believe they would send it to ASIO, if they thought it would help.

    Mr. Shorten said the report has gone the Solicitor General. That is the only role the government should play. It is not the government’s place to go after a union.

    Fishing expeditions, is not justice. Law enforcement agencies should not be in the job of searching for criminal offences.

    They are in the business in dealing with the evidence put before them.

    It is not justice to probe into a person life, in the hope that one may find something wrong.

    It is not up to these agencies to find a crime that allows the Opposition the chance of taking over the government.

    All are entitled to the presumption of innocence, even those who prevent the Opposition from their perceived rightful place to rule.

    Respect should be given to the 58% of voters who did not vote for Abbott’s party at the last election.

  111. Abbott just can not let things go. The churlish behaviour should even get through to the msm

    MPs can’t just chuck sickies, says Abbott

    “It’s very important that members of parliament, like the rest of the community, don’t just chuck sickies when it suits them,” Mr Abbott said.

    “It’s very important that if people want time off from the parliament they produce the evidence.

    “The evidence has been produced and he’s got a week off.”

    Read more:

    Well that is it Abbott has set the standard, if a pollie is ill they need 2 medical certificates, a GP + specialist. And by reading this bit of the news report the certificate should include the previous occupation of the pollie

    “But the concession was only made after the former trade union official submitted a letter from his gastroenterologist – on top of an existing medical certificate – confirming he was unfit to attend parliament.”

    Read more:

  112. Did Andrew Robb submit a certifiacte from a psychologist, or even poor Mary Jo when she was awaiting trial? Lat’s hope they didn’t rely on a GP or worse still the backbench doctor.

    Come on how about a list of sick certificates, we need to know who is really sick and who is chucking a sickie?

    Abbott’s coalition should be the first to submit a complete list as he has set the standard.

  113. Common sense at last.

    Asylum seekers arriving by boat will be assessed for refugee status in the same system as air arrivals from Saturday, as the federal government removes one of the last vestiges of the Howard government’s Pacific Solution.
    About 1300 asylum seekers who arrived by boat before March 24, but are still waiting for their first refugee assessment interview, will also be processed under the new system, the immigration department said.
    Parallel processing for boat arrivals was introduced in 2001 by the Howard government as it excised territories including Christmas Island to block asylum seekers from the Australian legal system. However, in December 2010 the High Court ruled that boat arrivals, regardless of whether they were detained offshore, could seek judicial review.
    Advertisement: Story continues below
    Last year the Federal Magistrates Court found at least 24 per cent of decisions made in the separate process for boat arrivals were legally invalid, because of apparent bias by reviewers contracted by the immigration department, while the immigration department conceded error in a large number of other cases. Last week the Federal Court ruled there was no time limit on boat arrivals seeking judicial review.
    ”Australia ended up with the world’s most convoluted asylum process,” the chief executive of the Refugee Council of Australia, Paul Power, said. The return to a single process would bring higher-quality decision making.
    The Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, said the parliamentary impasse that prevented offshore processing meant there was no benefit in having a separate system for boat arrivals.
    The Refugee Review Tribunal, which had just 1 per cent of decisions overturned last year, will examine appeals by boat arrivals.
    The criteria upon which an assessor can grant a visa will also be broadened from March 24.
    Meanwhile, an alleged people smuggler accused of organising the SIEV X, which sank in international waters off Indonesia in 2001 killing more than 350 people, will be extradited to Australia.

    Read more:

  114. Lucky for Abbott he did not need a doctor’s certificate when he was tired and emotional and missed the vote on the legislation to address the Global Financial Crisis.

  115. So Labor spend more on consultants that Mr. Howard. I suspect not. Consultants should go before workers.

    THE federal government has spent half a billion dollars a year on consultants since Labor won office 4½ years ago, an analysis of its contracts shows.

    Read more:


    The department’s own data on consultancy spending, collated by financial year, shows the government has spent an average of $486 million a year since 2007-08.
    A spokeswoman noted this was considerably less than the $535 million the Howard government spent on consultants in 2006-07.

    Read more:

  116. And precisely why Tony Abbott’s Nauru solution is a complete and utter waste of time and resources because in December 2010 the High Court ruled that boat arrivals, regardless of whether they were detained offshore, could seek judicial review.

    The entire idea of Howard’s Pacific Solution was to deny asylum seekers access to the Australian court system. As per above, the High Court ruled this to be unlawful.

  117. It is a shame when decent man misses out. I believe this man has more to orffer as a politician than a businessman.

    Ron Delezio, who became a household name after his daughter Sophie, was injured when a car drove into her childcare centre, has lost the chance to try to win the Labor seat of Banks – a seat he nearly seized at the last federal election.
    At a Liberal Party preselection on Friday night, Mr Delezio was soundly beaten by David Coleman, a business executive.
    Mr Coleman won the ballot with 60 votes, followed by Mr Delezio with 33 votes.

    Read more:

  118. I wonder why articles such as these don’t often appear prior to the fact, but only after..

    Despite all the hullabaloo, all the hand-wringing and the wailing from various sections of the mining industry, the passage of the Mineral Resources Rent Tax overnight confirms Australia as one of the world’s most benign destinations for miners.

    That’s right. When it comes to taxing resource companies, Australia is a soft touch, a virtual tax haven.–may-not-know–20120319-1vfvg.html#ixzz1pbxwKwnF

  119. The difference between the major parties.

    The Senate passed the mining tax last night, bringing to an end a saga of almost two years for the government. The embattled Prime Minister said it was now ”a question of who you stand for and what you are prepared to get done on their behalf”.
    ”We stand for benefiting the many. On that side of the Parliament, they stand for the privileged few.”

    Read more:

    Lyndal Curtis is challenging everything Mr. McFarland is saying. ABC24.

    Unusual see someone who makes sense talking for the Opposition. Not that I agree with much of what he is saying.

  120. Speaker Peter Slipper has taken the unusual step of using his casting vote to save the government from an embarrassing defeat

    According to my link last night, that is not an ‘unusual step’ CU

    Of course, it’s convention for the speaker to vote against changes to the status quo, but its still a sharp reminder of the post defection numbers.

    The quote is from ‘Leroy’, who I would place more trust in than a mere ‘journalist’ 😉


    (1.22 is the best part)

  121. Catching up,

    An odd comment from The Age, the government has just got the mining tax through yet remains embattled. I wonder what they have to do to not wear the title of embattled.

  122. Min, thanks for reminding people why Mr. Howard set up such an expensive system.

    It was so the refugees would be denied access to justice. Mr. Howard did not want the people to come, and he was willing to deny them their natural and legal rights.

    The system under Mr. Howard was set up to deny as many their rights as possible.

    I do not believe that people should be denied justice and a safe haven. We are a bigger and better Nation than that.

    I do not like to see billions of tax payers money spent to do this.

  123. Sue, what is more important, did the certificates detail the illness, so the Opposition could measure the merit of it.

    Will the Opposition now list what illnesses does one have to suffer from, to merit time off.

    I am sure period pains would not count, as everyone knows this is normal and not an illness.

    We know that they believe a man only needs an hour or so to attend his child’s birth.

    It is my understanding, up to now, certificates were not necessary. The MP’s word was taken as enough.

  124. I wonder what they have to do to not wear the title of embattled.

    Take their rightful place in the scheme of things as the opposition 😉

  125. Well Tom, that was what the media said.

    Yes. I was amiss believing what they printed. I should have know better and said, “this is what was reported”.

    Mr. Bowen was held up in the ABC’s studio and could not get to the chamber in time.

  126. Further to Min’s link @ 11.14am:-

    Resources tax: what you may not know …–may-not-know–20120319-1vfvg.html

    Not that you will read that anywhere else. More than likely you will continue to be beaten about the head with dire predictions of impending doom and threats of mass defections from our big mining houses.

    And you can expect to see the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, leaping about in a hard hat in the outback banging on that he will repeal this awful tax when he becomes ANPM (Australia’s Next Prime Minister).

    Cast your information net beyond these shores, however, and you will soon discover that Abbott is swimming against a mighty strong international tide.

  127. Cu, it was all part of Howard’s agenda that being demonisation of swarthy types. We had to become fortress Australia to ward of the hoards of Muslim terrorists who were trying to undermine the valiant efforts of The Coalition of the Willing.

    The fact that the vast number of asylum seekers were indeed our allies and had been persecuted in their home countries seemed to escape the media at the time.

  128. “For an embattled government, they achieve much.

    What is this embattlement. It is simply continuous negativity and criticism bases on no reality from the media and the Opposition.

    Regardless of how much is aimed at the PM, she continues on her way, doing government business each day.

    Today is the time that we get rid of that court that was set up to attack workers in the building trade. One that did not convict one union leader, I believe.

    Senator Abetz is now telling us the world is coming to an end for all those wonderful and honest people in the building trade.

    One could be a nark and point out that the building trade has not prospered under Mr. Howard’s scheme.

  129. Min @10.41pm 19/3, well I say good on Fairy Princess Amber. Making a point using humour is very effective. Amber sounds like a champion.

    Mr Entsch said that usually MPs who were ill saw Liberal backbencher Mal Washer, who is a doctor ”and he confirms it” – ”that didn’t happen in this case”

    I call bullshit and raise to lying bullshit!!!!!

    Perhaps the good Dr Washer can issue a medical certificate declaring Michelle Gratton should be excused her stupidity because she is suffering from early onset senility.

    And while he’s at it he could issue similar certificates for the Shadow Ministry.

    Very sad news about Jim Styne, a true gentleman of the game.

    This was apparent when that Constitutional expert was talking about the bill passed last night. She said that there was two grounds that she thought possible. Labor had built in the bills, words that cover both cases.

    Which will cost poor old Clive a few bob so the courts can tell him the same thing. :mrgreen:

    Respect should be given to the 58% of voters who did not vote for Abbott’s party at the last election.

    Respect is a quality completely lacking in Sneerleader, CU.

    I think now is the time that the government say what’s good for the goose is good for the gander and demand the same medical evidence of all Liars members on sick leave.

    In Fisher’s case, psychiatric reports from at least 2 treating psychiatrists. Can you imagine the squealing?

  130. On the Mining Tax, at the time of all the Miners Campaigning, didn’t Ken Henry say , well you can have an upfront tax or we can adjust through the back door.

    Well as everyone agrees, everyone being MSM, Turnbull etc, the tax will not be as fruitful as the Mining Tax version1. So I look forward to the measures in the Budget in May.
    I once heard a trucking company say, they, the miners and truckers should have the same diesel rebates. Funny thing though, the truckers were aiming to increase the truckers rebate to match the mining industry. Oh the possibilities.

  131. Sue, what I am saying, that only business men count with the Opposition.

    I note he was pushed by the right, but I have never heard him say anything one could disagree with.

    He does not come across as a religious freak. I could be wrong.

    Maybe sometimes the right get it tight, even if by mistake.

    I would say he got the nomination last time because no one wanted it. Now it is winnable, it is time for the big boys to move in.

  132. In Fisher’s case, psychiatric reports from at least 2 treating psychiatrists. Can you imagine the squealing?

    Can she used the certificates she took to court. I wonder if those specialist were all friends of the Liberals. She can say she is certified.

    One I believe better ask who their doctors votes for before asking for a certificate. It is clear, only Liberal voting doctors can be trusted.

    I wonder how long Senator Cash will remain in the Senate. Very capable but very nasty.

  133. Min, as they say, we can be fooled all the time for some of the time.

    It is also said that we all cannot be fooled all the time for all the time.

    The saying is obviously true.

  134. CU

    And the NSW Libs do have the right and the very far right, one of them is alex hawke i forget the name of the other, but i do remember reading about police, stacking numbers and general fighting in the northshore .

  135. Has anyone seen a Murdoch rag poll on the mining tax?

    No, but I’ve seen a Murdoch rag doll on the carbon tax 🙂

  136. Abbott talking down the MRRT,
    “today Canada, Chile and parts of Africa will be celebrating…”

    He’s wrong about Chile, and couldn’t say the same about:-

    South Africa,

    Add to that list new mining taxes in India, Peru, China, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chile, Kazakhstan and Zambia, all of which either are on the drawing board or have been introduced in the past three years.

    China, which is driving the resources boom, has gone one step further. It recently hit the headlines for its attempt to curb supply and inflate the price of its rare earths – minerals used in a variety of applications from aeronautical to industrial uses, and crucial to Japanese manufacturing – by implementing export quotas.

  137. Minerals Resource Rent Tax

    The Gillard Government’s Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) is a critical economic reform that will help our nation lock in the benefits of the mining boom.

    The MRRT will help the Gillard Government deliver:

    •A major new tax break for Australia’s 2.7 million small businesses as well as a cut to the company tax rate for all businesses, with small businesses getting a one year head-start;
    •A boost to the superannuation for 8.4 million workers, which will increase the nation’s savings pool by $500 billion by 2035;
    •A much needed extra superannuation contribution for 3.6 million low-income-earners – for people earning less than $37,000, the Gillard Government will put in an extra $500 in their superannuation savings each and every year.
    •Critical investment in roads, bridges and other infrastructure, particularly in our great mining regions.

  138. What is being addressed in an serious imbalance in out economy that is in the progress of massive structural change.

    We could leave it to market forces, but believe me that would be a long messy affair that would cause much harm to the population.

    Government is doing what it is there for.

    “And the NSW Libs do have the right and the very far right, “

    Yes, a right that is renown for nastiness and one that has members, one would not have among their own acquaintances.

    The problem is today, they appear to represent the majority of the party.

    Moderates seem to be like dinosaurs in that party.

  139. So although Abbott was going on about chucking a sicki maybe Mr Abbott is suffering from

    ”presenteeism”, where people struggle into work with their malaise. The total cost of presenteeism to the economy has been put at $34 billion a year, according to a Medibank study. Among the most common conditions people labour under at work is depression, which accounts for one in five cases. Other common presenteeism conditions include diabetes, hypertension and allergy.

    Read more:

    There certainly is a malaise in the House of Reps about 2.45pm each sitting day.

  140. Sue, from your link. Thank you Dr. Washer, who “believes” the Thomson case is genuine. Well, it’s either genuine or you have a GP PLUS a specialist who are lying..

    Mr Abbott was threatening to withdraw the pair yesterday. Last night Mr Thomson produced a medical specialist’s certificate to supplement the existing certificate from his GP to back his case.

    Doctors are not required to specify on the medical certificate the nature of the patient’s illness.

    Contrary to the advice of several MPs who are doctors, Mr Abbott insisted that it was very important that if people wanted time off Parliament ”they produce the evidence”.

    Liberal MP and doctor, Mal Washer, who is the emergency go-to GP for MPs of all parties needing immediate medical advice, believes Mr Thomson’s case is likely to be genuine.

    Mr Thomson had tried to see Dr Washer late last week but the latter did not get his message until the following morning, by which time Mr Thomson was already in hospital.

  141. Well Mr. Washer is like many doctors, not around when you need them

    Once again, another mentally ill man killed by the police.

    Soon after, CCTV footage from the Coffee Pitt cafe on Pitt St, a 10-minute walk away, showed him being approached by at least five officers.
    Footage from Sydney Council CCTV cameras is being studied to see what route he took and if he had a weapon and disposed of it. Toxicology tests will be carried out to see if drugs were in the man’s system.
    Workers at the convenience store who saw the CCTV footage said the man was rambling. “He came in once and then was told to get out. He came back about 10 minutes later and climbed over the security door and was inside the area where the attendant is suppose to be safe,” one worker said.
    “You can see him in the footage talking a lot. He said the world was going to end and to help him. He doesn’t have a shirt on. He grabs a packet of biscuits before opening the door and going out.”

    Read more:

    Once again Mr. Abbott again turning a speech about a death of a former sportsman.

    First question. The effect that the carbon tax will have on a sport clubs bah bah

  142. PM is being asked whether she would advise bodies whether to raise cost or lower services.

    Her advice to the bodies is to get the facts.

    The questioner wanted the choice between one or the other.

    One would have to assume the question had basis.

    Will the PM apologise for saying there will be no carbon tax. Abbott’s supplementary ruled out of order.

    It appears to days issue is going to be the PM’s alleged lies.

    Why don’t they move on.

    It is not as if nothing else is going on within the walls.

    Very important matters that affect the economy of this nation.

    Speaker very testy today.

  143. Anyone else think it’s a bit rich that when Mal Washer’s mentioned the noalition & its allies get all hypocratical & feelgoody, it apparently has to be run by him & his word’s acceped unquestioningly. A certificate from anyone else is fair game & can be criticised at will & at length.
    Apparently a request was lost on Washer’s desk? Not a good enough excuse if it had been on a Labor desk that’s for sure.
    Uhlmann last night appearing comfortable with the notion that the whole thing’s just a way of keeping Thompson’s name in lights, nothing else matters. From what I’ve seen the MSM’s largely played it with a he said – she said straight bat, a sure sign that Labor’s done well & therefore has to be contained.

  144. It is ridiculous. Every question on what harm the carbon tax is going to do.

    Stupid because we within weeks, be fully aware of the outcomes.

    Why keep pushing something that is not going to happen.

    I can only come to the belief, they have not given up over turning this government before July.

  145. Good one from Crean, that this is the first time that a question about regional Australia has come from the opposition benches.

  146. Question ruled out of order because of argument.

    Hockey thrown out.

    Any similar behaviour will lead to member be named.

    Pyne told by speaker he does not have to explain his reasons.

    This speaker is good at turning comments back on the commenter.

    Pyne still not getting it. Must be close to be getting thrown out.

    The speaker said early in the piece, that we may end up with an empty chamber.

    They obviously do not listen.

    Pyne is coming close to be named.

  147. Anthony, it is my belief that Mr. Crean is the first one to show interest in the regions since Whitlam’s days.

    Not before time.

    With the advent of fast broadband, living in these reason is once more feasible.

    No MSSO.

  148. Maybe some on the other side would benefited from one of those invasive tests, that I am sure Mr. Thompson has undergone the last few days.

    We are seeing the benefits of a truly independent speaker that owes alliance to no one.

    My husband is sick. Actually, quite sick. He’s been in hospital twice in the past week, plus a GP’s surgery and a specialist’s office. He’s taking some time off work to (hopefully) aid him in his recovery. Not a big deal, or is it?
    You see my husband is Craig Thomson MP.


    Some of the lines between Labor and Liberal are blurred these days. There are a few fundamental differences though, and workers rights are one of them. No Labor Government would order an employee back to work when ill. The Coalition needs to focus on their policy differences with the ALP – not engage in silly games with my husband’s health.
    If my husband was off on holiday while he was supposed to be sick, I’d understand. If he was sitting in our local café, I’d get why the opposition was angry. ‘Chucking a sickie’ is not a great idea, particularly when you’re a federal MP who is under a huge amount of scrutiny. But, I hate to break it to you: he’s sick. So give the guy a break, let him get better, and then let the political games continue.
    Zoe Arnold is Craig Thomson’s wife, and a freelance journalist.

    Read more:

    Read more:

  149. BSA BOb

    Uhlmann and 7.30 show how narrow minded and irrelevant they have made that once good program. so many “real’ programs happened yesterday but uhlmann went with gunnas and gotchas

  150. Catching up,

    The Federal Nats lost interest in the regions a long time ago, there just there to prop up the Liberals.

  151. CU

    thanks for the link, a good read

    BUT THAT PATHETIC PAPER IS RUNNING A POLL apparently the reader has 4 days to lodge how you rate the illness and abscence


  152. Did one notice the promotions on the ABC a week or so ago, pushing how the man gets the answers.


    They seems to have disappeared this week.

    He just has no skills. He has his infantile questions, which I am sure he forms before the interview, He continues with theses questions regardless of the answers are getting.

    It is time to replace the man. There has to be better around. He is the bottom of the barrel.

  153. Cu, that was very good to see..Zoe standing up for her husband. I am certain that there might be eye rolling from some, but from my point of view good to see.

  154. Mr Palmer said while he would not take out an injunction, West Australian mining magnate Andrew Forrest was planning to challenge the tax in court.

    “Certainly Andrew Forrest’s indicated he’ll do that,” he said.

    What should be noted, the tax does not affect them.

    Is not that is what the PM says every day in Parliament.

    The people used as examples will not be affected.

  155. All hot air. Should have known they are to tight to put money on the line.

    Mr Forrest’s company Fortescue Metals confirmed on Tuesday it had engaged senior counsel for a High Court challenge to the Minerals Resource Rent Tax.

    Mr Palmer last week announced plans to mount a court challenge against the federal government’s carbon emissions tax.

    Listening to last nights Lateline. Mr. Harvey is in full whining mode.

  156. Julia Gillard might not be popular but she’s a very effective legislator. The mining tax might have been watered down, but passing it last night was a big score, writes Ben Eltham

    It’s a funny thing, the Gillard Government. According to most of the opinion polls, and much of the commentary, this government can’t take a trick. You’ve all heard the criticisms before. Gillard is unliked by ordinary Australians. She has a credibility problem. Her speeches are dull. Labor itself is increasingly on the nose. Voters oppose key policies. The Opposition would win an election held this weekend in a canter.

    But when it comes to passing legislation, which is the thing that governments are supposed to do, you’d have to say this administration is pretty effective. Julia Gillard may not be the most popular prime minister in modern times — actually, she toppled the most popular prime minister of modern times — but she is certainly one of the most effective legislators.

    Last night, Gillard and Labor, with the help of the Greens, passed another key measure in the government’s agenda: the Minerals Resource Rent Tax. The MRRT (or the mining tax, as it is universally known) is the second version of Labor’s attempt to tax the windfall profits of big mining companies. The first, known as the Resource Super-Profits Tax, or RSPT, was first announced by Wayne Swan in 2010 when Kevin Rudd was still prime minister. It triggered a savage public campaign from big resource companies. Many still believe that led directly to the downfall of Rudd himself.

    On reaching the highest office in the land, Gillard made the mining tax controversy one of her top priorities. Ignoring smaller and mid-tier resource companies, she concentrated all her firepower on the big three multinationals of BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Xtrata, in an effort to cut a deal.

    The eventual result of those negotiations was the MRRT that passed last night. It’s a kinder, gentler and altogether smaller version of the first mining tax.

  157. Does one recall, all the legalisation the PM is bringing into law is what she was criticise for, as showing lack of judgement and political savvy.

    I think it was described as shooting herself in the foot and bringing trouble upon herself.

  158. Ah yes, Twiggy Forrest who boasted last year that he hadn’t paid any corporate tax for 7’s all been written off under the heading of exploration and development, however he did manage to buy himself a $50M private jet.

  159. Tom, perhaps I’m saying something that you know already but have you tried logging on directly from:!/fresh/

    Then push Refresh on the Café and you shouldn’t have to log in again. Occasionally it bombs out did for me today and so it was back to WordPress again.

  160. Min
    Stupid polls such as that one should be shoved up the journalist’s derrier!

    With a twist to the right!

  161. Bacchus,

    So that’s why I have to log in every time I want to comment, I’ve got a WordPress account that I’ve forgotten about. You could have fooled me.


    If a reader is reporting that they can’t post a comment, and don’t have a account, please ask them to try entering their email address here:

    It’s possible that they opened a account in the past, but forgot about it.

    Otherwise, please feel free to ask them to contact us directly, and we’ll sort it out. :-)”

  162. Bob @2.34pm, how long do reckon it is since Washer practised?

    Thanks for the link to Zoe Arnold’s letter, CU. I read a few comments.

    One that really stood out was some clown who thought that because you have to provide more than one certificate to Work Cover after having a car or work accident, you should have to provide the same if you have an illness.

    FFS an illness isn’t covered by Work Cover! I hope to God this clown can’t breed or be near children!

    Comments were closed, so I couldn’t give the idiot a bollocking.

    Stupid polls such as that one should be shoved up the journalist’s derrier!

    With a twist to the right!

    And the rough end of a pineapple, Sue.

    So Mr Palmer won’t be mounting his challenge. Good grief, I wonder why. Oh, I see, he’s passed the baton to Twiggy. Well at least he won’t have to run too fast to catch up to Gina!

    Swanny must have been revved up, Pip. I wonder if he was shooting lightning bolts out of his eyes? Go, Swanny!!

  163. “Bob @2.34pm, how long do reckon it is since Washer practised?”

    I say a long time. I believe the man is approaching retirement.

  164. He seem to have enjoyed being thrown out. I would also say, that table must be so wide for a reason. The treasurer was leaning over it as far as he could reach.

    Slipper has tightened the notch another turn or two. The Opposition is starting to push back. Do not think they will get far.

  165. And I’m still waiting for someone, somewhere, somehow in the media to bother asking for the grounds upon which this High Court challenge is going to be mounted. I believe some details were mumbled somewhere a couple of days ago, but have seen nothing since.

  166. AntonyG,

    A gravatar account counts to, even if you’ve never had a WordPress account. I’m just using a madeupemailaddress Antony – no gravatar, but I’m not forced to login…

    I’m not having any problems with WordPress anymore. I just click ‘remember me’ and it works OK.

    You’ve still got to login Migs – I don’t wish to, and shouldn’t have to 😡

  167. Given Twiggy’s record so far in digging up millions of tons of rock & getting paid billions for it without paying tax, I suppose it’s my tax dollars that’ll end up funding his high court appeal. Not sure I’m keen on that.

  168. Min/Roswell,

    If we were to say something like that we’d be dismissed as looney left conspiracy theorists.

    Oh, I forgot. Roswell already is.

  169. The fair rates for truck drivers, the commission to be set up by next year has passed the senate. ( i think)

    If so yet another achievment for the govt.

    Sitting in the gallery in the senate were the team that were present in the House last week.

  170. Especially when the CIA is funding them. It appears he has confused the Greens with Greenpeace.

    Yes he is mad. The other two are not far behind him.

  171. Sue, lets hope the roads are safer. I believe they will be. Drivers will now be getting paid for all the work they do.

    They do not now. They to make up time for delays which they are not paid for the time and are not their fault.

    I imagine the trucking companies will ensure these delays will disappear, as now they will be met with the cost.

    It is now a level playing field for all drivers. The safe drivers will not be disadvantage, as they are now.

  172. CU
    There were a few hot under the collar calls in the Senate tonight, with calls to extend the debate outside of the chamber.

  173. I just turned the Senate on. I thought that one passed earlier.

    There might have been other legalisation to go with it.

    Coles and Woolworths might be the nigger in the woodwork, I believe.

    It appears from memory they transport more than 60% of goods. (Figure might be too low).

    I cannot see any driver be against the legalisation, whether on wages or sub contract.

  174. Constitutional law experts are warning the states run the risk of losing their ownership of mineral rights to the Commonwealth in any legal challenge to the mining tax.


    But Professor Anne Twomey from Sydney University says the Commonwealth could argue that it actually owns the minerals, not the states.

    “You certainly don’t own the minerals beneath your land, that belongs to the Crown,” she said.

    “Now the difficulty in Australia is, well, how do you divide that up when you’ve got different crowns?

    Interesting, Did not the Franklin Dam court challenge change the relationship between the Commonwealth and the States. This could be similar.

  175. High Court case recently that the rights of the states in relation to minerals and royalties may have been wrongly distributed, and that indeed the Commonwealth may well have some rights to royalties which it didn’t ever suspect that it did.”

    Dr Margaret Kelly from Macquarie University says the states have always said they have their own individual crowns.

    “Australia, of course, is a constitutional monarchy under the headship of Elizabeth II, and there is only one crown,” she said.

    “So there is an argument to be made that any crown rights in minerals anywhere in Australia belongs to the Crown of Australia, which of course is the Commonwealth of Australia.

    “And in fact, one could argue that there is no such thing as a crown of a state because the state, as defined in the covering clause to the Constitution, the only definition given to a state is that it is a part of the Commonwealth.

  176. Hockey, Robb and Sneerleader. Three deserving recipients. Swanny reckoned it was worth being the first Treasurer and Deputy PM to be slung out of the House in 111 years!

  177. What will this do for confidence in the mining industry.

    This added to Gina’s woes must make many put their worry caps on.

    If the mining industry was worried the newly-passed Minerals Resources Rental Tax would deterring investors, what sort of disincentive would come from an influential magnate claiming undercover agents in the open-cut mines?

    And Australian banks might have trouble raising funds overseas when one of their biggest customers is claiming US black ops among the Greens.

  178. This useless and incompetent government has sure been busy. Three major bills at least this week.

    Three more losses for Mr. Abbott.

    The Senate has passed new laws aimed at improving road safety for truck drivers.

    The laws follow the so-called “safe rates” campaign by the Transport Workers Union which lobbied for more regulation to protect drivers from pressure to work long hours, speed or take drugs.

  179. This government is making a better world for people with disabilities. They may even take advantage of the movies, that high speed broadband will give one access to.

    I want to spread the word about how people with disability can capitalise on the accessibility benefits the National Broadband Network (NBN) has to offer.

    High-speed broadband, delivered by the NBN, will take many Australians currently locked out of our community, and connect them – sometimes for the first time in their lives.


    The continuing growth of the digital economy is a positive development for Australia.

    It means our grandparents will live at home longer, monitored by nurses and families, remotely. This will be a positive – people can age in place – and will reduce pressure on health budgets.

    It means better services for people with disability, and better opportunities to lead fulfilling lives. Take, for example, people who are hearing impaired. Because the NBN conveys the visual medium well, it will facilitate online communication throughout Australia by improving access to video conferencing.

  180. Pilgrim, I do believe he is the type of religious zealot who might just support those radical bills. He may even introduce them himself. 😉

  181. CU @ 11.37

    Now what has Twiggy done.
    Imagine the High Court challenge occurs and the result the States lose the rights to minerals.
    Twiggy decides not to challenge, the C/weath says oh, oh, oh what have we here.
    Gee COAG just got a whole lot more interesting.

    PM v Bar net, Bail up, Barrel O’Lies and possibly Can’t DO/Spring Board

  182. Sue, it is the states that have much to lose. The government would only have to change legalisation.

    It appears one ground is that the Commonwealth government cannot tax what the states own.

    The first hurdle they have to get over is whether it is a tax or not.

    Second is that the claim that the States own the minerals.

    The claim is based on the fact minerals belong to the Crown. The question is which Crown.

    It is open to the courts to declare there is only one Crown, that of the Commonwealth.

    Where does this leave the States. I would say for one thing, mining royalties would be at risk.

    It appears that the rights the States claim are only presumed. They apparently have not been tested in court.

    Could this be why Palmer backed off. The States seem reluctant to take action.

    The third possibility that the tax is unfair and taxes the mineral states unfairly does not hold much water.

    Who is under pressure, the PM or the States.

    The States, if my memory is correct, do badly in Constitutional challenges.

    Interesting times.

    It comes down to whether back in 1900 we became one Nation or remain six separate states.

  183. CU

    So true, it could all come down to ownership

    go Twiggy

    CU the irony of the result of the “billionaires and the back of the ute challenge” could be the cancellation of royalties. In a way that would be an even bigger win for the “small” miners that Twiggy cares about.
    And as a side issue, if the ownership of minerals leaves the states, the biliionaires would have less influence in state politics.

    So on what issue will Twiggy challenge, for the state and royalties or against the state and have only a profit tax.

  184. CU

    I wonder where the Minerals Council of Australia are on the issue?

    I bet they would side with doing away with royalties.

  185. Min
    (Have a read of this one)

    Oh Peter Reith, you and the Navy go way back, all the way to the children overboard.

    “TWO retired senior Royal Australian Navy officers are embroiled in the federal police investigation of military contractor Tenix Defence for alleged foreign bribery.

    The retired officers, a commodore and a captain

    “Formed out of the 1996 split of the company Transfield, Tenix was owned by Sydney billionaire brothers Paul and Robert Salteri.

    It built the ANZAC class frigates for the navy and employed the former defence minister Peter Reith as a consultant.

    Mr Reith told the Herald this month that his work for Tenix did not involve its export deals in Asia and he was surprised to learn it was under investigation.

    BAE – which got approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board to buy Tenix despite being investigated and fined $500 million by US and British authorities for foreign bribery – alerted the federal police in 2009 to suspect transactions associated with Tenix’s Asian export deals.

    Read more:

  186. 1. How many retired commodores are there in the navy?
    2. How many retired commodores worked forTenix?

  187. Cu from your link @7.35am

    The debacle last week surrounding the appointment of the new chairman to the Future Fund is in keeping with the growing list of policy stuff-ups, implementation disasters and astonishing failures to follow sound process by the federal government.

    The only “debacle” was the unedifying spectacle of Costello doing a dummy spit because he didn’t get the job.

  188. Sue, thank you for that one. Of interest is that Transfield does a substantial amount of the service providing on mine sites with Tenix also heavily involved in that industry.

  189. I have just read the story that was on 7-30 last night. It bears little resemblance to the story on the ABC.

    Mr Thompson appear to have played little or no part in the council knocking back. The vote was 6 2 against.

    One councillor said he had nothing against a centre, but it should go to public tender. My thoughts as well.

    Council is concerned for building cost overruns.

    It is a concern to me, that those doing the complaining, have been on the board or managing the training centre for up to 20 years.

    The two on last night’s 7.30 do not appear to have support of the council. This is amazing as both have been long term councillors. I believe that Eaton was mayor at one time.

  190. The laughing idiot is on ABC 24. Palmer is a character.

    Greens might take legal action.

    Mr. Brown attempted to get the Senate to condemn Mr. Palmer’s actions. He lost the vote.

  191. It seems that being confused about which mining magnate is doing what is a reasonable assessment of the situation..

    Amid confusion about which mining magnate is challenging what tax, Ms Gillard said Clive Palmer might want to fight the government’s plan to share proceeds from the mining boom with all Australians but it was her job to make sure ”we are fairly sharing the mineral wealth”. But Mr Palmer – who has raised the prospect of challenging the carbon tax – said yesterday the mining tax would have little effect on him and he would not be mounting a challenge.

    And as suspected, there has been a lot of grandstanding about this they’re not actually mounting a challenge they’re still looking into it. 🙄

    But later Fortescue director of development Peter Meurs said the company would wait on its legal advice before deciding what it did. ”We’re looking at what’s legal and what’s not.”

  192. Sue, I am not so sure. They supported the treasury when this action was mooted.

    I think, but I am nor sure, but don;t royalties have to be paid regardless of the profits made.

    I wonder if the laughing, gloating clown I saw on ABC 24 have the same a opinion, that Palmer is a character, if the comments were aimed at him and the Liberal Party.

    I assume it is OK for characters to accuse anyone they choose of treason. It is OK to say a few days out from election what amount to defamation.

    When did our politics reach this low standard, that anything goes.

    mooted sounds better than moored

    This site might help.

    The government’s mining tax makes Australia the least-taxed resource country in the world and will secure the nation’s future, says business journalist Ian Verrender.

    Read more:

  193. Surprise, surprise. He got it wrong. Investors do not like it.

    Maybe the laughing clown should also revise his stance. Mr.Abbott once again backs the wrong person.

    Clive’s conspiracy will anger US investors: Carr
    Foreign Minister Bob Carr suggests Tony Abbott “widen his sphere of influence” after top Liberal Party donor Clive Palmer’s comments, Tuesday


    Mining billionaire Clive Palmer has stepped back from some of the colourful remarks he made yesterday about the Greens and conservationists, insisting party leader Bob Brown is a patriot and most environmentalists are well-meaning.
    Clarifying yesterday’s broad spray in which he claimed the Greens and the environmental group Greenpeace were tools of the CIA in a plot to undermine Australia’s coal exports, Mr Palmer narrowed his accusations late last night to elements of the Green movement in Queensland.

    Read more:

  194. Palmers gotta be kidding, bet budgies impressed…. what spin is he going to put on these comments from his patron…

  195. Michelle Grattan has finally said something sensible..

    With the mining tax passed, the playing field has tilted towards the government. But soon the mining tax debate will be again overtaken by the argument over that really big tax – the carbon price – which also comes in on July 1. Abbott’s nightmare would be if that playing field shifted when people find the carbon tax isn’t as scary as they thought. That’s what Gillard is banking on.

  196. From that link CU

    “I personally think Bob (Brown) is pretty sincere. I don’t agree with him, but the point is I think he’s Australian. I don’t question his loyalty to Australia. I personally don’t think Bob Brown would be associated with foreign groups.”

    Read more:

    “I think he’s Australian” and “I personally don’t think (he’d)….. be associated with foreign …….”

    That to me does not say Clive is backing down, he is leaving the conspiracy there.

    “I think he’s Australian”…….Clive sounds a lot like he is supporting an australian version of the US the right wing nutters ” the birthers”

    I personally don’t think (he’d)….. be associated with foreign .”…..Clive is also suggesting others should prove Bob is Not supported by organisations like CIA.

  197. I see that Bob Carr isn’t going to let it rest. In my opinion, this is what Labor has been lacking by way of tactics..a person who can keep hammering away when mistakes are made. The opposition and their supporters are continuously let off far too lightly.

    Bob Carr’s strength is his command of the English language, statements which appeal to the msm.

    Senator Carr says he expects to be called by American contacts today asking for an explanation.

    “I expect to have at the very least a few curious but bemused phone calls from Americans… expressing bewilderment that someone so close to Tony Abbott, the alternative prime minister, is raving about a CIA plot to wreck the Australian economy,” he said.

    “Clearly it’s not in America’s interest to see the economy of an ally and a great trading partner go down in a heap.

    “I think it’s a recklessly irresponsible comment that is going to have investors and the American government wondering if some part of the Australian political system has lost its collective marbles.”

  198. There were two Super bills passed this week. Raising to 15%. Also there was a healthy rebate to low income earners.

    If the MSM bothered to report what goes on in parliament, I might be able to tell you more.

  199. Abbott pushing the boundaries. Going close to getting thrown out I believe.

    The arrogance of this man knows no bounds.

  200. QT once again wasted by the Opposition with repeated questions that imply that industry will be badly affected.

    Ridiculous is all I can say.

    One and half more days of this, sadly.

    Nothing about the many bills going through the house.

  201. 300 Hundred pieces of legalisation passed.

    Clive Palmer is addressing the anti hoax rally outside Mr. Albanese office.

  202. Albanese must want to get thrown out today.

    Why do the Opposition give the impression with the whine in their voices, that they are being treated unfairly.

    They are like the five year old in the playground crying, hee did it too.

  203. BTW,
    I will be voting 1 ALP next federal election I’ve decided.

    Can’t take the risk of Tony Abbott gettin’ the PMship…

    Once again he’s proven himself to be useless…fancy supporting the axing of the mining tax…and refusing to condemn Palmer’s accusatory words. And he’s gonna vote against tax cuts for small business.
    Always the donors puppet eh?

    He’s a morally bankrupt opportunist catering to extremists. Too unpredictable in some ways…predictable in others. Either way, not appealing.

    I’ll be Go Gillard all the way.


  204. I get the feeling that Abbott is getting himself completely twisted around via his negativity. He seems to be stuck in some crazy mindset where it is compulsory for him to say No to everything. However, in saying No to everything Abbott is beginning to contradict not only himself but the policies and tenets of the Liberal Party.

  205. For the second time in a week we’ve just came off our best day ever at the Cafe. It shows that focusing on issues and not egos is what the serious blogging community wants.

  206. Nasking at 3:03. I’m glad you’re siding with Juliia. We’re going to have our work cut out for us I’m afraid. I’m hoping that the mining tax will give her a boost in the polls. I’ll be gobsmacked if it doesn’t.

  207. No MSSO today. I feel that they got burnt yesterday and were not game to risk another

    Rodd wants to be careful. He needs to slow down or he might keel over.

  208. The mining tax should give Julia a minor boost, but once the tax on CO2 comes into force its the end game.

  209. Nas’..yes just for a change. 😉 At least here and also via the good folk at TPS as examples, one can read alternative opinions and not just regurgitations straight from the msm.

  210. I am not exactly the biggest fan of the CIA, however it is with some amusement that I read..

    The CIA has denied mining magnate Clive Palmer’s claims that it is funding a campaign to attack the Australian coal industry.

    The billionaire yesterday alleged that a Greenpeace plan to launch legal action against future coal mining projects was funded by the CIA with the aim of harming Australian industry and helping American interests.

    He also targeted the Greens, claiming they were “tools” of the United States government.

    “I think the Greens in this coming state election, all their candidates should resign if they are being funded by an offshore political power,” said Mr Palmer, who is a major backer of Queensland’s Liberal National Party.

    But a CIA spokesman has told the ABC via email that the claims are wrong.

    “Simply put, these allegations are false,” he said.

  211. CU

    Did you hear the point in QT today that a small business owner in Queanbeyan, one of the small businesses that Abbott has visited in the fluro vest, has claimed that Abbott has missed the bus on tax cuts to small business.

    And so it begins


    These people have had to have modifications done, we have shortened
    there vocabulary to one syllable
    It seems to work pretty well because they keep saying it with confidence.



    Palmer’s flagship companies, Mineralogy and Resourcehouse, have failed to lodge their accounts in compliance with the Corporations Act.

    This is not about Palmer as such. Or indeed Gina Rinehart, whose Hancock Prospecting has also failed to lodge accounts for the past two years.

    If the government and its agencies can’t get their act together to make high-profile types such as Palmer and Rinehart comply with their laws, why should anybody else bother?

    No one is above the law. Everyone, every company, every organisation, is expected to meet their responsibilities.

    I would like to thanks stroke of luck …

  213. It shows that focusing on issues and not egos is what the serious blogging community wants.

    I thought it was just to get great links to new bands

    Cheers LOVO 🙂

  214. Migs and Bacchus, how is this done? I thought that it wasn’t possible to insert a pic into Comments via WordPress.

    Testing, testing..

  215. crabb is off in lala land again. Seriously, is she publicly appealing for a spot with murdochs hacks?

    Why would Mr Swan rail against the three tycoons to whose protestations he has not succumbed, and not mention the behemoths to whom he has?

    Then she goes off on a tangent, completely ignoring Swans piece. Just so it suits the rest of her ‘article’

    ffs. Since the ‘University of East Bumcrack’, it’s been all downhill for her.

  216. CU

    any idea what the PM was talking about when she directed the word “corruption”
    to josh frydenberg

    for others who did not hear Qt josh frydenberg asked the PM on a report from the anao. the report spoke on ministerial responsibilites in the grants program.
    in her reply the PM said the anao was pleased with the changes the govt had made in the program since howrd. during howards time the grants program was called by the anao, “rorts for regions”
    however the pm was very direct to JF and corruption

  217. Tom, one does have to wonder whether there was a bonus in it for Crabb.

    For one, you don’t want to hang a lantern on your problems if you’re the Treasurer.

    And for two, why on earth would you tangle with the transatlantic guile of Messrs Kloppers, Albanese and Davis when you could pick a fight with Mr Creosote, Mr Mouth and the lady who is brawling with her kids over the family jewels?

    For one, who decided it was a problem? Or should Australia’s Treasurer just put up and shut up.

    And for two, because that trio are the ones with the VERY BIG MOUTHS.

  218. Min, I found out how to do it in the last day or so. I could not get that one up. It matches my one above.

    All I got was a lot of gobbley gob and a picture marker.

    Sue, I was only half listening. I thought it might have been that pork barrelling fund that the Nationals administered. I believe that one showed up much waste if not criminality. Money went to bankrupt schemes among other things.

    Yes, I did hear what the small business had to say. I can see Mr. Abbott giving these photo ops a miss from now on.

    Not one decent question asked. One would think this government was doing nil.

    Does anyone else hear the whine in the voices from all on the other side of the house.

    One more day to go before the budget sitting.

  219. My body tells me it’s Friday. My head tells me it’s Sunday morning after a heavy night.

    But I understand it’s only Wednesday.

    Aging is a wearying disease.

    But I’m happy to be doing it. One of my ambitions is to grow old. Just at a slower rate. 😦

  220. I wonder whether Mr. Swan has a crystal ball or was it pure luck that the big three have gone out of their way to back up what he said.

  221. Sue, maybe this is what they were after.

    Transport Minister Anthony Albanese has failed to declare about $3 million worth of grants for roads in his own electorate.

    Federal Parliament’s Joint Audit Committee has released a list of 33 cases where ministers did not reveal grants in their electorates.

    Mr Albanese says the grants were for funding that is received by every local council and set by the grants commission.

  222. Tom R, I noticed in the comments section of Crabbe’s fairy floss, some idiot tried to claim that 21.75% of a given sum will always be a higher figure than 25% of the same sum. Huh? I wonder if a loan shark would subscribe to that idea?

    Does anyone get the idea that Palmer is becoming unhinged? He thinks Bob Brown is Australian. I dunno, Clive. What about those antennae that keep popping out of his head?

    Sue, Regional Partnerships Rortnerships. Another Rodent government brain fart.

    Click to access 20071220prassercockfieldporkbarrell.pdf

  223. Today, Wilkie has to decide if he is to vote for the Govts Pokie legislation, if he doesn’t they will not introduce it. Some reforms or None, no doubt he will be before the cameras handwringing.
    I see it as a day where he decides about either being a one issue politician like senator xenophone or being a participant in multiple issues like the independents.

  224. Sue at 7.35 shame about Clive no show. I was hoping he could chuck an Alan Jones and claim the Federal Police (with assistance of CIA) had kept the thousands of protesters out of Canberra.

  225. Sue at 7.34 the history of Pacific Hwy funding was a great read.
    Can’t wait for Chris Uhlmann (ABC 7.30) to run a story on Liberal Party lies and deception over decades.
    Then again, finding a pot hole and complaining about Labor Government lack of funding is more their style.

  226. This is one bit of legalisation I would love to see much change in. To start with, I have big problem with the previous name. It suggested the victims are to blame for the situation they are in. It suggested that the governments is the only one that knows the answer, It v cut the people themselves out of the process.

    It is one of Mr. Howard’s last ditch attempt at saving his skin, It was never about what was or is the best solution.

    It is all about politics and about be seen to be doing something.

    I am not too sure that the new name is only window dressing, as I have concerns that very little has changed.

    I suggest that it be extended for twelve months and a genuine open enquiry take place.

    Not one by the Department or government but by an independent body. The enquiry just completed has left too many unanswered questions.

    It should be about bringing government services and infrastructure in these regions to the standard every other community enjoys.

    it is not about giving extra money to the Aboriginals.

    The federal government’s plan to extend the Northern Territory intervention for another decade could be thwarted in the Senate today.

  227. Go Barry, look what’s ahead Qld

    Per-kilometre tolling considered for Sydney

    “One year since the election and finally we’re getting a glimpse of Barry O’Farrell’s plan to beat the traffic problems in Sydney, and that is to make tolls so expensive that no-one can afford to drive any more,” Mr Robertson said.

    “Barry O’Farrell was elected on a promise to reduce the cost of living, but one year on he’s hatching a plan that’s going to cost motorists more.

    “If this plan goes ahead drivers on already congested roads like the M4 are going to be forced to pay up to $20 extra each way to travel to the city.”

  228. “”I want to ensure that this project isn’t just a one-off,” he said.’

    Yes, Sue, we have to be ever watchful to ensure that the new scheme catches the many that are now falling through the net.

    Disabilities is a very complicated area with many competing needs.

    We need to be aware that some disabilities are able to attract more assistance than others.

  229. Victoria have given $10milllion as part of the GMH package BUT they are not on the stage with Gillard, Wetherill and GM

  230. Many happy returns, luna.

    Maybe Mr. Palmer is learning what the real world is about.

    Maybe he had it right when he kept a low profile. We are now becoming aware that he made his money from real estate and was a part of the white shoe brigade.

    I am eagerly awaiting more revelations on how he has reached the heights he has.

  231. Sue. I believe Mr. Wilkie knows which side his bread is buttered on and will have no choice but to go with the strength.

    It will a decision that he needs to make carefully.

    Being a martyr maybe be OK, but few are that died for no outcome, are remembered.

    Carr is being crucified for using the word parents instead of family. Mistake yes, but is it worth all the words being uttered about it.
    The comment that Mr. Carr is having problems with the new media tells us how far they have fallen.

    Fairness is no longer a part of the game.

    Ms. Bishop has found a new interested in foreign affairs.

    Cannot help but it is more about destroying the new FM.

    I assume as a part of this operation, we will see many more photo ops of her been seen talking to the previous FM.

  232. Thanks Miglo, nowadays when I have a drink I make sure I have a “quality” hangover. So I got suck into Carlsberg Elephant (bottled in Copenhagen).

    It seemed like a good idea at the time but next day I felt like “an unweeded garden” of “things rank and gross in nature” (Hamlet Act 1, scene 2).

  233. ABC24, news, we oldies are becoming more comfortable buying on line.

    Does that mean they have just discovered, that despite public opinion, we oldies are quite capable of using our computers.

    Fast broadband is as important for us, as anyone else in the community.

    It gives us an interactive outlet to the rest of the community.

    We are not so far gone, that we cannot used it to our full advantages.

  234. Purely anecdotal, but a friend cannot obtain goods from Australian suppliers for fear of retail giants such as KMart. That is, the suppliers are threatened with cancellation of business if they provide goods to other than themselves. My friend therefore is forced to import goods rather than dealing with Australian companies.

    The chair of a federal parliamentary inquiry says a climate of fear is stopping suppliers from publicly detailing alleged abuses of power by supermarket giants Coles and Woolworths.

  235. This is the most important thing to remember when one reads about the Commonwealth not meeting it’s responsibilities.

    The Pacific Highway was never part of the Federally funded system of National Highways. This appears to be because when the Commonwealth funding of the ‘national highway’ system began in 1974, the longer New England Highway was chosen rather than the Pacific Highway as the Sydney–Brisbane link due to its easier topography and consequent lower upgrade costs.

  236. The circus continues

    ony Abbott is in Canberra for the final sitting day of the parliamentary fortnight. Look for the Opposition Leader to make an appearance off campus this morning and visit a local business. The Coalition will hone in on Labor’s management of the federal budget today and look to highlight waste and mismanagement. Mr Abbott’s office says he will not appear at an anti-carbon tax rally later today. But that’s news to rally organisers the Consumers and Taxpayers Association, who say they expect the Opposition Leader will attend (more below).

    But do not worry

    ally: Coalition MPs Andrew Robb and Sophie Mirabella are also expected to attend the No Carbon Tax rally, while Barnaby Joyce is rated a “maybe”. Clive Palmer has cancelled his appearance, but Professor Ian Plimer will be there. The Consumers and Taxpayers Association’s rally of climate change sceptics will begin on the lawns of parliament house at noon. It promises to feature an eight-metre snow man and “Canberra’s penguins”. Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese, who faced off with the No Carbon Tax group last year, gave a blunt summary of the group on the ABC this morning: “These (people) are fringe dwellers, but they are at the heart of the opposition”.

  237. Mean while the real work continues regardless.

    Diary: The House will sit from 9am to debate Fair Work amendments for textile, clothing and footwear industry workers. The Senate sits from 9.30am and will consider a coalition private senator’s bill to reinstate the solar hot water rebate scheme. The upper house will also debate social security and Northern Territory intervention extension legislation. The Joint Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade will continue its inquiry into Australia’s trade relationship with Japan and Korea. Science Minister Chris Evans will announce the successful projects for this year’s National Science Week at Questacon this morning.

  238. Given that Abbott’s fre this afternoon it’s best I stay clear of any business type that he claims will be ruined because of the carbon tax. He might just be there.

    So I’ll be self-banning myself from butchers, bakers, chemists, supermarkets, factories, restaurants, delis, coffee shops, clubs, news agents, computer stores and electrical stores.

  239. Miglo, maybe the boss might ask him a couple of questions.

    Why not the rally. Does he feel the signs will not be able to shown if he is not there. Maybe he cannot get a pair.

    The PM is still on the ball. doing not talking.

    JULIA Gillard will take control of rolling out uniform national anti-bikie laws, ordering the drafting of laws to be an “urgent priority” at a meeting of justice ministers.

    The rush to force the states into an agreement on organised crime laws to break cross-border gun-running and outlaw bikie crime, follows an influx of gangs into Victoria.

    Among recent bikie violence were the shooting of the Bandidos’ sergeant-at-arms, Toby Mitchell, and a “run through” at Comanchero haunt Spearmint Rhino by Hells Angels.

  240. Looks like the field to be in is law. No shortage of future employment looks likely.

    It amazes me how thin skinned are those from the right.

    LIBERAL Party pollsters Lynton Crosby and Mark Textor are suing federal Labor MP Mike Kelly for defamation over a tweet in which he accused their campaign consulting firm of push polling.

    The tweet, posted on October 1 last year, said: “always grate (sic) to hear moralizing from Crosby, Textor, Steal & Gnash. The mob who introduced push polling to Aus”.

  241. The real winners are some on low income.

    The package also would pay for superannuation tax breaks previously denied to those earning less than around $40,000 a year. They would be entitled to the 15 per cent super tax rebate enjoyed by higher income earners. The rebate would be lodged directly into their superannuation accounts.

    “Currently, people earning up to $37,000 a year do not receive any tax benefit from their superannuation contributions because their income tax rate is already at or below 15 per cent,” said Pauline Vamos, chief executive of the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia.

  242. Another rarity, benefits that affect woman.

    The first batch of rebates would go to about 1.1 million workers in NSW; 910,000 in Victoria; 800,000 in Queensland; 260,000 on South Australia; 360,000 in Western Australia; 90,000 in Tasmania; 30,000 in the NT and 50,000 in the ACT.

    The 3.6 million workers affected are roughly a third of the workforce and 2.1 million of the beneficiaries will be women.

  243. Migs…let’s not forget hairdressers. That was one interview last year where the hairdresser had a sign up outside the shop claiming price increases were due to the carbon tax.

  244. Wilkie

    Yes he is relying o the PM who siad pokie machines will be ready at the flick of a switch for mandartory pre- committmnet. I will give my support if the bill includes the pre-commitment technology.
    My preferred postion is the $1 bets, govt wants trial. Will support trial, worth doing doesn’t matter if it starts a month later.

    Looks as though he would rather be in the tent than on the outside.

    At the holden press conference PM asked about FM “gaffe”.
    Answer typical of “Ms Bishop to be political on the death of a young person.”

  245. “MPs Andrew Robb and Sophie Mirabella are also expected to attend the No Carbon Tax rally”

    Didn’t Mirabella “invite” some rowdy types into the gallery last year. Also didn’t Mirabella assist in the rally outside Albanese’ office last year.

    I wonder who approved the “special” signs, the ones Abbott and Mirabella were pleased to stand in front of?

    if the rally was at noon, how come it has not appeared on tele, or have the “police” stopped them at the borders?

  246. On the subject of Wilkie and gambling, the advert which gives me the irrits is the one from Tom Waterhouse spruiking his online gambling business. T. Waterhouse proudly announces: “I was born to gamble”. I believe that you can go to therapy to help with that one. 🙄

  247. Yes Sue, nit picking once again. Mr. Carr said that he had asked his department to contact parents, when family should have been used. He did not say he spoke to the parents. Maybe he has not been told that the parents were dead at that time.

    What annoyed me was the fact the interviewer bought that information to the public directly after the interview. Why did not ask Mr. Carr during the interview. That would have given Mr. Carr an opportunity to explain. We cannot have that, can we.

    Why has the ABC24 once again got Reith on re Holden grant. He is following Mirabella.

    Mr. Reith is also strongly disagree with Mirabella. Reith becoming angry at being questioned. Does not like being challenged.

  248. The man who had his hand in the public purse above and beyond his entitlements (son and phone card $50000) and then decided not to contest further elections after the “children overboard”. Why is this man an “expert” on hand to ABC news, his track record is not above being called questionable?

  249. Yes Sue, I believe she attempted to incite a riot. What worse she move this riled up crowd into the chamber.

    The police cleared those involved on the Australia Day incidence.

    I wonder what an police enquiry onto that day would have resulted in.

  250. Mr. Carr said he spoke to the Embassy on Sunday.

    I would be surprised that anyone knew then that his parents had died of cancer recently.

    Last night was at least three days later.

    Is it unreasonable that Mr. Carr was not aware of the facts.

    The question I would like to know when Ms. Bishop became aware. I suspect after listening to the interview with Mr. Carr.

    I follow news closely and that was the first time I became aware of the fact.

    The foreign minister on Wednesday night revealed he had spoken to the Brazilian ambassador about the death of Roberto Laudisio Curti, 21, in Sydney on Sunday.

    ‘I expressed my heart-felt condolences, and asked him to pass them onto the parents,’ he told ABC TV.

    Why are facts so dull, especially when they are taken in context.

  251. The member for Gippsland has been named.

    Thrown out and turned up in the gallery.

    Pyne claimed ignorance, saying he was sure the member would not do it again.

    The speakers said he agreed he would not go ahead and went ahead the naming.

    Speaker said he was told the member was having his photo taken.

    I feel the speaker is not amused.

    Mr. Chester is the member named

  252. This is a mistake by Bob Carr, however offering condolences even if he got facts wrong is better than offering no condolences at all.

  253. Another MSSO. Guess why, Calling on the PM to apologise for introducing a carbon tax. Election in Queensland will be a referendum on carbon tax etc..

    Upset at the PM leaving the chamber.

    Concerned about high power costs. We all know why, but that seems to escape Mr. Abbott.

    He sounds desperate.

  254. Pity we live in one of the largest, sparsely population country in the world. A country that does not have access to water to produce power.

    A country that over decades has not spent a cent on power infrastructure and we are now paying the price.

    One reason that there has been no money spent, is because of the delay in sorting out what was going be done with CC.

    Speaker tried to sit down. Abbott.

    According to him, the PM is suffering from new disorder. Mr. Slipper has come back to replace the Deputy Speaker.

    His rave is on belief. His desperation is coming through with every word spoken.

    The Queensland election is all about him.

    She is the main word one’s hears today.

    Saving ones skin is what this MSSO is about.

    Pyne is in his top nasty form as usual.

  255. Mr. Albanese now speaking, in a calm quiet manner, in contrast tho the Oppositions ranting and yelling.

    This is the 50th MSSO or like,

  256. Coincidence???? Who pulls Abbott’s strings.

    Thursday, March 22, 2012 » 02:48pm

    LIVE: Breaking News

    Clive Palmer has called on Julia Gillard to step down as PM for misleading the public over the carbon tax.
    Mountaineer Lincoln Hall dies
    Govt warned of stoush over tax cuts
    Hutton considers action against Palmer
    Malcolm Naden arrested in NSW
    Australia paying more for power than US
    French police in siege ‘with gunman’
    » more Most Popular News

    Queensland mining magnate Clive Palmer has called on Julia Gillard to step down as prime minister for misleading the public over the carbon tax.

    Pyne now challenging the chair again with the school yard antics of hee did it too. You are picking on me. You should pick him up,like you did me, etc.

  257. The same CATA group “behind last year’s controversial meeting when a protest sign labelled Julia Gillard as “Bob Brown’s bitch” who called for the overthrow of an elected government. This tax must be hitting Palmer hard around the hip pocket nerve area.

  258. The Opposition is becoming to be a little testy with the speaker.

    I get the impression that the speaker is fully prepared for the confrontation.

    Why do they continue to do this. Mainly to stop Dorothy dixers appears to be the answer.

    Mainly I believe so Abbott can have his rant.

  259. Mr.Abbott apologise for something he said with out being directed to. It much have been woozy of a comment. More evidence to back up the impression that he is losing it.

  260. What is the truth. How do we compare internationally with our power costs.

    So first, does Bruce cover off the relevant limitations of his analysis? In general, yes. For example, exchange rates are a factor in any international comparison of a non-traded good like electricity. Bruce looks both at current and PPP exchange rates. And as expected, the comparison is a lot less stark at PPP rates. As Bruce states in his report:
    [A]djusting for Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) based on the OECD’s measures, electricity prices in Australia are currently around 11% lower than in Japan, 14% below EU prices, but 34% higher than U.S. and 117% higher than Canadian prices. Assuming no changes in PPP and that prices in Japan, the EU, the U.S. and Canada continue their trend from 2002, prices in Australia (at PPP) will be higher than these comparators by 2013/14.

    This analysis didn’t prevent an Aurora Energy spokesman from stating that the report was flawed:
    “The EUAA report findings skew international comparisons due to the exchange rate difference, whereby the Australian dollar is now at historic highs,” he said. ”Australian electricity prices are actually cheap by international standards.”

    I do wonder if the spokesman actually read the report before making that comment!


    The problem with the report is that it doesn’t look at the components of electricity pricing to work out why there are price differences. As a result, self-interested groups (like the EUAA) have been able to use the report to highlight supposed failings in the system without actually having any basis to back up their claims.

    Well it seems to be yes and no.

  261. CU

    That comment by Abbott was that the PM and Albanese had targets on their foreheads. What a scumbag!!!!!!!!

    Yes today outside parliamenthouse was a rally of climate sceptics. Fancy saying across the table to the PM and Albo they had a target on their forehead.

    As Albo said in his reply to the MSSO hadn’t Abbott learnt anything from what happened in America. Why stir up the right wing?

    What a scumbag, he couldn’t crawl any lower into the gutter could he?

    Abbott you scum!

  262. Sue, reminds one of Paling.

    Well they do visit there often to get the latest in dirty fighting.

    I am disappointed, this is one activity that I believed, Abbott did not need assistance.

  263. Sue, I wonder if anyone in the media will bother reporting on this – or if they do bother, still manage to twist it around to a criticism of Gillard.

  264. Well Min, Ms. Bligh must feel better. The weekends elections are not about her.

    They are about Mr. Abbott and the PM.

    I wonder if the voters know this.

    In Mr. Abbott’s world, everything is about him.

    I do not need a new disorder to label him.

    it is a toss up between a couple, neither nice. Both are seen by the profession as untreatable.

  265. Will Abbott last to budget time? he looks desperate.
    And if Newman wins, Newman does not seem the type to say the reason he won was becuase of Tony Abbott against carbon Tax.

    Abbott is scum and saying to the speaker “I used a metaphor and I should not have done so” IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH

    As Albo said Abbott of the party that brought in gun control after Port Arthur.
    The Liberals will definitely start determining when to cut him out.

  266. Just in case you haven’t heard


  267. A thought: I wonder if Pyne is deliberately positioning himself so as to provide a contrast to Abbott.

    I am not sure why Tony seems as wild-eyed and desperate as he does, perhaps all those trips to Mass and time spent in confession, and the pleas for divine intervention are beginning to seem naught but wishful thinking.

  268. Sarah is still making trouble. I thought she would run, but maybe she will sttle for the role she played last time.

    A truly nasty piece of goods.

  269. We have Hockey once again raving on the actions of the last governments. From pink bats to top-boxes and everything in between.

    I wonder do they take any interest in what is occurring now, I think not.

    Once again we are allowing the Opposition to waste another hour or so of parliament.

  270. Whisperers
    I was so incensed by Katherine Aurphy’s self edit that i telephoned the Age to lodge a complaint.
    I was informed that Albanese had been to see Katherine Murphy.
    I passed on my complaint about the “self edit” and hoped the Pulse would print what was actually said, otherwise there was no point in running a supposed live blog.

  271. Just rerun Albanese speech. Mr. Turnbull kneeling beside Mr. Abbott.

    I am sure he was counselling Mr. Abbott to apologise.

    I do not believe that Mr. Abbott would have come to this conclusion without others telling how wrong he was.

  272. Mr Palmer attacked the government over taxes, including the mineral resources rent tax.

    “All the Labor Party can do is tax and more tax … how can you tax the air that we breathe?”

    “Our future and the future of our children is at stake.”

    Mr Palmer urged the 200-strong crowd to “dig deeper” in their efforts to topple the carbon tax.

    What arrogance. He expects other to pay for his fight.

    As for taxing the air we breathe. That is not occurring.

    What is occurring, is that the government is putting a cost on the carbon emission that is fouling the air we breathe.

  273. It is a cheap political trick when the PM announces a policy. What do you call that occurred in the Lower House over the last week. That was not purely politically motivated.

    NSW Premier Barry O’Farrell has accused the prime minister of seeking to score “cheap political points” with her plans to roll out uniform national bikie laws.

    Julia Gillard has ordered the drafting of anti-bikie laws as an “urgent priority” ahead of a meeting of state and federal justice ministers next week, News Ltd reported on Thursday.

  274. And if the matter of the dead parents has been so widely reported, why did the story of Carr’s remarks not make it into the news until this afternoon? Carr made the comments on national television last night. But Wright didn’t seem to make anything of them until later today, when Bishop fronted the press.

    As for Julie Bishop weighing in on the matter, well I would have thought that she of all people would be a bit more understanding of someone in this situation. As I recall, she was fairly ardent in asserting that her failure to recall the official cash rate during her stint as Shadow Treasurer was blown out of all proportion and was merely a slip of the tongue. Make of that what you will. But in Carr’s case, his mistake was hardly related to his portfolio.

  275. Min, it is not that complicated. The truth is slowly dawning on him that his time has run out. He has played his role, and I believe he does not have the ability to take the fight on from here.

    Seeing Mr. Turnbull kneeling at his feet said it all. Mr. Turnbull was there in seconds after the comment was made.

    There is rarely eye contact between the two while in the house.

  276. on March 22, 2012 at 3:34 pm Sue

    That comment by Abbott was that the PM and Albanese had targets on their foreheads. What a scumbag!!!!!!!!

    Bad stuff…sign of real frustration and desperation…that dope Sarah Palin put up a map with targets.

    Later, a congresswoman and others were shot.

    You’d think that idiot Abbott would know better…but he’ll say and do anything to get attention.

    The man is not fit to be the leader of a party…let alone Prime Minister.

    Anyone who likes to stir up that kind of hate during fanatical demonstrations against the carbon price needs their head checked.

    The fool obviously hasn’t changed since his bellowing uni student days.


  277. Cu, my thoughts too. Tony Abbott’s role has only ever been the attack dog and I do believe that this has been Julia’s strategy from the beginning – to get all things controversial behind her, leaving very little for Tony Abbott to attack.

    With these things in the past, also to disappear will be Abbott’s photo ops which leaves only one option: that is, he will have to start saying something. If Abbott’s shrill and desperate performance today in parliament is anything to go by, we are in for some interesting times ahead.

  278. Min, the PM does not bother replying with words. The PM is more into action and delivering.

    Clever tactic. Does not give their ramblings legitimacy.

    It is hard to respond to delivery. By the way, which the Opposition accuses the PM of not been able to do it.

  279. How this man treats women. I do not need a new disorder to describe him.

    2.56pm: Mr Abbott says the Prime Minister is suffering from a “new clinical disorder.”
    Truth deficit disorder. TDD.
    Labor’s Anna Burke, sitting in for Speaker Slipper, goes nuts.
    “Sit down,” she says.
    “I’m in the chair. Sit down.”
    Mr Abbott hesitates, then sits.
    He is asked to withdraw,
    “I’m happy to withdraw,” Mr Abbott says, but rounds back on the disorder.
    Ms Burke says return to the suspension or I will sit you down.
    Mr Abbott doesn’t push his luck.
    Speaker Slipper has materialised, and he throws out Labor backbencher Michael Danby.

    Read more:

  280. Cu, I picked up on that one as well..Abbott was on the point of spontaneous combustion having to obey orders from Anna Burke. I don’t think that it’s to do with the fact that she’s Labor, but the fact that she is a she.

  281. I thought of that too, Bacchus. Just didn’t know how to spell it and my spell-checker didn’t recognise my efforts. 😦

  282. do you thnk the Qld press will pick up on Abbott’s comment

    I watched the beginning of Channel Ten news but didn’t notice it…nor did the negabore Speers on arvo Agenda…he was too eager to try and trip up Bob Carr and build up more lies and distortions about the government (I would remind him that plenty of auto workers benefitting from the government assistance package probably have Foxtel and may well have dumped it without a job…he should thank his lucky stars)…

    Was disappointed that Lyndal Curtis didn’t mention it on Capital Hill..nor the ALP whip when being interviewed?…he should’ve.

    It was on the ABC ONLINE:

    Abbott sorry for ‘target on forehead’ comment


  283. Who apologised? Who is telling porkies? Who lost it?

    It was not “she”. That is the PM.

    Wonder how Many flies can he catch. He sure is not having much luck catching the PM.

    Pretty sight

    Mr. Abbott’s actions that calling 50 MSSO was discussed on The Project, ch10. Not Mr. Abbott’s saying that the PM and Mr.Albanese are marked.

    The Opposition Leader interrupted the normal business of Parliament for the 50th time since the election to move a motion aimed at forcing Ms Gillard to apologise for saying there would not be a carbon tax.

    While the Government was keen to highlight its co-investment deal with Holden to keep the carmaker operating in Australia, the Opposition’s focus was on the carbon tax.

    In moving a motion to suspend standing orders, Mr Abbott tried to tie federal policies to Saturday’s poll in Queensland, declaring it a referendum on the carbon tax and Ms Gillard’s integrity.

    “It’ll be a referendum on political leaders who don’t tell the truth. It’ll be a referendum on political leaders without honour and principle,” he said.

  284. So ABC online have the target on forehead story but Drum, News and 7.30 have opted not to run it.

    Where is the Balance?

  285. Why is Mr. Abbott distancing himself from the CC sceptics and those against a cost on carbon emission.

    Maybe his polling is showing that there are still many that support the PM’s actions.

    Miglo, did el gordo call in and see you today. I as sure she would not have missed that rally.

  286. Sue, that is when they generally send the gutter comments across the chamber.

    I would like to see the procedure changed.

    I would like to see the apologiser repeat what they have said.

    Also the apology should not be accepted if they attempt to justify what they said.

    The apology should not be made with the disclaimer that they do not believe what the said was wrong or offensive.

    My Pyne is the biggest offender in this habit.

    Mr. Pyne along with Ms. Mirabella have the dirtiest mouths.

  287. ‘But Senator Sterle denies he threatened the MP.

    “I just told Dennis Jensen in a roundabout sort of way I thought he was an idiot,” he said.’

    Jensen is a CC sceptic.


    ‘Why is Mr. Abbott distancing himself from the CC sceptics and those against a cost on carbon emission.’

    Could you supply a link, please?

  288. Its okay, I’m behind the nooze cycle.

    ‘Tony Abbott and his senior shadow ministers avoided the rally, after attending previous events.’

  289. Oh dear..a sample of the attendees..

    A Kevin Rudd impersonator, a giant inflatable snowman, penguin suits and a teleconference with Clive Palmer have all featured at an anti-carbon tax rally on the lawns of parliament house.

    Around 200 people attended the rally this afternoon – many having bussed down from Sydney – bearing signs such as ”Dump the Frump” and ”JuLIAR”.

    Dick Pearson, 59, wore a koala-like hat with the phrase: ”Extreme wingnut and proud of it”.

  290. Min

    Not that i don’t trust the msm but with a photo showing 4 participants, I will go looking for a broader picture of the sceptics rally and the recycled banners.

  291. Sue, a very attractive group aren’t the bright red lippy. The last rally I think it was, think of a number and divide it by 4. This time the estimate was 200 according to Sky, so the number was probably around 60..counting passersby and crowd control.

  292. el gordo no linked needed. Mr. Abbott ignored today’s rally, along with senior ministers.

    I take it, who ever made that statement does not consider Mirabella senior.

    Mr. Abbott did not go near the rally.

  293. Min, I am glad you put that one up. I was tempted to, but thought I was putting too many up.

    There are some wonderful photos today.

    Cartoons are not needed.

  294. El gordo

    Did you read that, from the link

    “No members of parliament fronted the rally, organised by the Consumers and Tax Payer’s Association, unlike previous similar events.”

  295. Good post Min.

    on March 22, 2012 at 8:30 pmMin
    Oh dear..a sample of the attendees..

    A Kevin Rudd impersonator, a giant inflatable snowman, penguin suits and a teleconference with Clive Palmer have all featured at an anti-carbon tax rally on the lawns of parliament house.

    Dick Pearson, 59, wore a koala-like hat with the phrase: ”Extreme wingnut and proud of it”.

    We’re they making a new Batman film?


  296. El gordo, and “Judging by the numbers… this will probably be the last rally.”

    Which could be a reason why the numerous no-shows including Clive embarrassing to turn up to be confronted by a crowd consisting of people in penguin suits and a giant inflatable snowman. 😀

  297. el gordo, you are also behind the political cycle. This is not the first time that one party has been in all states

    Mr Howard had to deal with Labor state majority.

    It will swing to the Coalition and back again to Labor.

    That is the way of things in this Country.

    It does not mean much in the scheme of things. It is my belief, if all states are lost to Labor, they will have a better chance of winning the next Federal election. Who knows, time will tell.

    I am not too sure that it will be harder for the PM to deal with the Coalition.

    I believe that unions have it easier when a Coalition government is in power.

    el gordo, since you are so devoted to the cause, I was expecting a first hand report.

    I did make the effort to get on the train to the Central Railway rallies supporting the legalisation. Maybe I really believe in the cause.

    Around 200 people attended the rally this afternoon – many having bussed down from Sydney – bearing signs such as ”Dump the Frump” and ”JuLIAR”.


    Mining magnate Clive Palmer was supposed to address the rally in person, but had to phone in his address from Queensland because he is unwell.
    ”The truth will set us free,” Mr Palmer said, adding that carbon dioxide was beneficial to plant growth.
    Mr Palmer – who earlier this week alleged links between the Greens and the CIA – asked the crowd when Ms Gillard was going to resign.

    Read more:

  298. If you care to focus you’ll notice they are senior citizens bussed in from some club or other.

    A free day trip in the country is not to be sniffed at… but they are probably not too familiar with the science debate.

  299. Barrel O ‘Lies guidelines on wind farm

    “Under the proposed guidelines, there would be a ban on wind turbines within two kilometres of residences unless there is a written agreement from the landowners or permission given via a gateway process.

    Wind farms would also be subject to noise restriction of 35 decibels, lower than those in Victoria, South Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America and less than the noise made by the average household refrigerator.”

    The proposed community wind farm
    “The completed $30 million wind farm is expected to produce enough energy to power half the houses in the New England region.”

  300. The anti carbon taxes have lost the battle and should stop embarrassing themselves unnecessarily.

  301. el gordo, that is all they have been, at all the rallies.

    There were also many of the same age that turned up at the pro rallies. They, like me got there by themselves.

    el gordo, we did learn science back in my day.

  302. el gordo, they have lost the battle. They are just too dense to see it.

    I believe most accept the Clean Energy Bill and are sick of hearing Mr. Abbott raving on about it each day.

    That is ancient history. Most want to know what is happening now and in the future.

  303. Spot on.

    We see Abbott and Co, come into the parliament, jumping up and down about a topic as if the world is coming to an end. Then we hear nothing more for weeks.

    Mining maggots, Rich, Rich maggots.
    If Clive Palmer had been wandering the streets of Sydney late at night muttering about how the CIA was funding the Greens, and calling them traitors, anything could have happened to him. Who knows, he might have been tasered.

    But that doesn’t happen to mega rich nutters – only Brazilian students and indigenous people.

    Last week Tony Abbott and the rest of his brain dead crew were making a song and dance about Craig Thomson’s medical certificate and diagnosing him.

    Let me offer a little bit of advice to our medical experts in the Opposition. Don’t worry about Thomson’s certificate. At least he has one.

    Ask Clive where his is. After all, he is the Coalition’s biggest donor.

  304. ‘Most want to know what is happening now and in the future.’

    When the Coalition captures the Treasury Benches they will dismantle the CO2 tax, windmills, solar systems and all the other renewables which require subsidy.

  305. ‘EFFORTS to stem global warming have nurtured a strong urge worldwide to deploy renewable energy. As a result, the use of wind turbines has increased tenfold during the past decade, with wind power often touted as the most cost-effective green opportunity. According to Connie Hedegaard, the European Union’s Commissioner for Climate Action, “People should believe that (wind power) is very, very cheap.”

    ‘In fact, this is a highly problematic claim. While wind energy is cheaper than other, more ineffective renewables, such as solar, tidal, and ethanol, it is nowhere near competitive. If it were, we wouldn’t have to keep spending significant sums to subsidise it.’

    BJORN LOMBORG The Australian March 22, 2012

  306. Interesting el gordo.

    How do you suppose they will do that.

    It will be many years and a couple of elections before there is any chance of that happening.

    He needs the control of the Senate which he will not have.

    Mr. Abbott’s lies when he says this. Her is lying when he says he will stop the boats by turning them back

    he is lying when he says he can make savings to fill up his black hole.

    He will not dump the NBN for two reasons. It is too popular and would cost too much.

    el gordo, I am afraid it is wishful thinking on your part and that of Mr. Abbott.

    He is full of hot air.

  307. Another piece of legalisation passed by this inefficient and useless government.

    New legislation that cracks down on unscrupulous financial advisers has passed the Lower House of Federal Parliament.

    The Future of Financial Advice bills would ban some commissions, ensure advisors put the client’s interest above their own, and strengthen the power of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

  308. When the Coalition captures the Treasury Benches they will dismantle the CO2 tax, windmills, solar systems and all the other renewables which require subsidy.


    The carbon market is dead, eventually Julia will understand this simple business principle.

    el gordo, are you confused or is it me.

    I have come to the conclusion that you make statements that just sound good. There is no consistency in what you say,

    Is the Coalition going to take over, or is it the present PM that is going to do the 180 degree turn.

    Tonight, you have been all over the place.

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