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I really enjoyed the discussion in the first of our Café Talk pages, which filled up very quickly.  Here’s number 2 for open discussion.

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  1. Of course it is different.

    You have to wonder why are they collecting this information? What is the purpose of this information other than in effect, spying on political opponents of the Government.

    “Now that is a complete inappropriate use of public resources.”

    Mr Briggs worked for the Howard government, and concedes that government also collected information on ministers and backbenchers.

    But he says that type of information-gathering was different.

  2. Cu, Did I think that was funny???
    … Yes. 😀
    Will Tony think it’s spot on ??? ……um…… 😉

  3. For those with children and grandchildren, the future looks bright 🙂

    A new report commissioned by IBM has projected that up to 35 per cent of Australia’s $4 trillion revenue in 2050 will be in industry areas that will either be radically transformed by, or birthed within a super-fast, NBN-powered future.

    The projected $1 trillion worth of broadband-powered national revenue will represent a near eightfold increase over the current amount of $131 million, says the report prepared by market researcher IBISWorld.

  4. Listening to Lateline. I feel that the PM might have wedged Abbott today on dirt files. This would have been one time to be prudent and shut up.

  5. the NSW Government are the first to be caught out pilfering the Carbon Price rebates

    THE federal government has accused the Premier, Barry O’Farrell, of a ”cash grab” after the announcement his government will take a cut of carbon tax rebates paid to pensioners by increasing public housing rents.

    The Community Services Minister, Pru Goward, said that from March the government would include the rebates when setting social housing rents, which are calculated at 25 per cent to 30 per cent of tenants’ income.

    Read more:

    grubs is the word.

  6. I just posted that link to Clarke and Dawe on the Civil War thread CU, didn’t note you had beat me to it 😉

    Classic C&D

  7. Slipper.

    Government is alleging collusion and target political campaign between Bought, Ashby and another government employee. Government claims to have records of phone calls.

    Bough and the reporter subpoenaed.

    Slipper is accusing Ashby’s legal eagles of what amounts to misusing the courts.

    I still believe this matter is not going to go far, at least as Mr. Ashby and the Liberals planned.

    Directions hearing appears to be put aside.

  8. We have a stony face Costello on, talking about his predictions. Remember Mr. Costello is wonderful at building straw houses, that have little to do with reality, then proceeding to knock them down.

    Sorry, I do not believe one word he says. Things are not good, I know that. The state has faced two disasters in the last couple of years.

    The GFC and it’s after math has destroyed the tourist industry, which the state depends on.

    Secondly it has had to cope with two years of massive flood disasters.

    Of course there would be debt.

  9. Former Howard government minister Mal Brough has been subpoenaed by the Federal Court in connection with the Peter Slipper case.

    Lawyers for the Commonwealth today told the court that former staffer James Ashby, who is suing Mr Slipper for sexual harassment, colluded with another staffer, Karen Doane, to undermine Mr Slipper’s reputation and advance his political opponents, including Mr Brough.

    The lawyers have told the court they have phone records to support their argument of a calculated political campaign against Mr Slipper.

    They allege Mr Ashby gave information to Mr Brough and to News Limited journalist Steve Lewis.

    The court has issued subpoenas to both Mr Brough and Mr Lewis for information they have allegedly been given by Mr Ashby.

    Lawyers for Mr Slipper and the Commonwealth have tried to have Mr Ashby’s sexual harassment claim struck out, describing it as an abuse of the legal process.

    But Mr Ashby’s lawyer Michael Lee argues that they have been too vague about what they mean by that.

    He described their case as a “moving feast” and likened it to “wrestling with a rice pudding”.

    Mr Brough has been outside politics since losing his seat in the 2007 election.

    There has been speculation that he could run for Mr Slipper’s Queensland seat at the next federal election.

    Mr Slipper defected from the Liberal National Party late last year in a deal which made him Speaker.

    He currently holds the Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher as an independen

  10. Ladies, it is what we have been all waiting for. A place of our own, to protect us from those big bad men.

    Fairfax’s regional titles have launched a new program to try to engage with their female readers called “Connect Pink“. I’ll let it speak for itself.

    Ladies, the wait is over.

    Fairfax Regional Media today launches ConnectPink – a new social media network for women in regional and remote Australia.

    Featuring the best from traditional social media sites, allows women to do more than simply post updates.

    “ConnectPink is a more personal alternative,” said ConnectPink content director Angela Carey.

    “It’s a place where women can connect, chat, shop, swap and share in an environment that is safe and gives them a real sense of belonging.”

  11. By the way, Mr. Costello is using different accounting procedures to reach his conclusions. I believe he is including capital works.

    Will have to wait for some one to compare apples and oranges for us.

  12. lol

    This is the tool who was on tele the other night complaining about how piss weak our schools are these days

    On his 2GB breakfast show last year, Jones said “human beings produce 0.001 per cent of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere”.

    The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) says the station failed to make an effort to ensure the statement was accurate.

    ACMA chairman Chris Chapman says the watchdog is not penalising the licensee of 2GB, but is working with it to improve procedures.

    Bring on Finkelstein, and give us an ACMA with balls up their dresses.

  13. Cu, @11.50am and “It’s a place where women can connect, chat, shop, swap and share in an environment that is safe and gives them a real sense of belonging.” And do we need one.

    That’s a good question. Women are under extreme pressure, I think that the feminist movement has achieved zilch. Women were once expected to be good home makers, dress up when the occasion was needed and that was about it. So called freedom via the feminist movement has created nothing except unrealistic expectations.

    Today a woman has all the career pressures of a man, but is also carrying the ’50’s burden of always having to be perfect. The media emphasises this using Size 6 models who are about 6′ 2″ in wonder the clothes looks so good on them.

    I myself am never ever going to be perfect..and that’s a certainty.

  14. Min, “..Size 6 models who are about 6′ 2″ in wonder the clothes looks so good on them”…. walking skeletons are not my idea of looking good…. I appreciate ogling all shapes and sizes ;D

  15. Jones tried to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes. It worked on his rabid bogun fan club. Smart folks, as would be expected, knew he was full of shit.

    I don’t even think Abbott quoted Jones on this one. I’m sure he would have liked to, but one of his advisers must have tapped him on the shoulder.

  16. Roswell, “but one of his advisers must have tapped him on the shoulder.”… and then they did a fox-trot …:D

  17. Another day, another court.

    The Federal Court of Australia is now in session.”
    David Rofe QC who represented Kathy Jackson last Friday stands up (in robes).
    Justice Flick: You are now appearing for whom?
    David Rofe: I am appearing on an application for Kathy Jackson. We have today received a tax today from a consultant psychiatrist.
    Justice Flick: …
    David Rofe: Appearing for Kathy Jackson, instructed by her.
    Punch: solicitor appearing for the Honorable Michael Moore. This is an issue that he does wish for me to bring to the attention … concerned with the delineation of his role as administrator. We believe it is significant. My role is to act as advisor in counsel in relation to matters where he needs his own specific advice.
    Justice Flick: What’s the delineation of his role which you seek?
    Punch: In terms of the order … orders 11-13 – he’s appointed as administrator … at liberty to exercise officers of the HSU East branch … to what extent is there a policy making role … participate in policy making forums … in person or by proxy … He would like to have clarified …
    Justice Flick: Is it going to be the subject of any debate do you know?
    Punch: I would hope it’s very short.
    David Rofe: Our application in the first instance is that this matter be adjourned. I think that she will wish to take advantage of the matters she will be able to educe … make an application for reasons which we won’t be retained … because there are financial considerations. She has, I’m not sure what her status was, but she was certainly indicating last Thursday, I’ve forgotten …
    Justice Flick: Last Friday … she foreshadowed an application which, I didn’t fully understand possibly to withdraw from the agreed statement of facts and … I think she wanted to cross examine because she wanted to put it in issue.
    David Rofe: She wanted the court to hear …
    Justice Flick: …
    David Rofe: I can’t answer the question because we’ve had difficulty by way of access to her since last week to her at all. Your honour gave her … she had to do.
    Justice Flick: The less specific the nature of the application the harder it may be for her to proceed.
    David Rofe: We haven’t had a chance to fully confirm with her, she’s had quite a large number of things to do … the last few days
    (Yes, she was too busy speaking at the HR Nicholls Society and to Paul Murray on 2UE to speak to her QC.)
    Justice Flick: I’m sure the ministers have too.
    Mr Course (sp?): In matter no 621 2012 Mr Browns’ application, I no longer act for the individuals and my instructing solicitor will be filing a notice of seeking to act. HSU East and acting general secretary Mr Mylan in NSW Industrial Relations … I still appear for HSU East and on relation to Mr Mylan … him will be removed. I don’t know if … wants to deal with that application now.
    Mr Course: A couple of other matters of a similar ilk to the issue raised by Mr Punch that concern HSU East … the orders provide for suspension, the legislation provides for suspension … that does not carry with it any …
    Justice Flick: Any suspension of payment?
    Course: It does mean suspension of payment and suspension of duties… the orders that affect HSU East branch … The other matter that’s arisen in relation to the orders is your honour you’ll see that order 4 all officers all property and credit cards of HSU East Ms Jackson has raised an objection to the return of her car, computer and mobile phone … she needs those to conduct her duties as national secretary. The administrator has agreed that she can retain the mobile telephone if she pays for the cost. She should not be treated any differently in relation to any other property. There’s been no objection.
    Justice Flick: So they’re the three matters you want to raise?
    Course: Yes.

  18. David Rofe: As I … unforgivable I’m assisted by Mr Anthony Tudehope. Can I hand you a consultant psychiatrist’s report Dr Paul Foulkes… I’m instructed it came this morning.
    Justice Flick: Does any party have any objection? To Dr Foulkes’ report being admitted?
    Barrister: …firm directions Ms Jackson was to … Maybe. Can we reserve our rights and secondly… what weight on an undated and unsighted document… without a date.
    Another barrister: Our position is the same, your honour.
    Justice Flick: In case the matter proceeds further, 4 volumes will be marked Exhibit 1. The undated and unsigned report from Dr Foulkes will be admitted as Exhibit 2.

  19. Also from Frances Jones. What we appear to have here is Frances Jones recording and transcribing court events.

    Apologies for the lengthy copy and paste, but it’s worth reading..the entire transcript is quite long.

    In the break I met some of the other people in the room. There was an IR lawyer from Workforce, for Thomson Reuters.
    I met two women, “both political junkies, interested in stuff coming in every day.” One is a retired lawyer and unionist. “All the stuff that Wixxy’s unconvering every day, it’s just unravelling and unravelling and unravelling. Craig Thomson’s been lost and that’s a good thing. Count how many silks there are. She’s crying poor and she’s willing to seek an adjournment because she hasn’t had time in the past week to brief David Rofe QC, who’s now out of it. She’s willing to waste the costs of today because she was too busy at HR Nicholls. So now she’s representing herself again.”
    “The way she spoke to Justice Flick last Friday in open court, was so disrespectful and bewildering given that she’s cohabiting with a judge and she should know better. She doesn’t know how to address a judge in court while she’s living with one.”
    “The whole thing is very fishy, her role in it is very fishy. She’s so desperate to get her message across as the whistle blower.”
    We discussed how Paul Murray on 2UE broadcasts that he’s on her side. She said “Don’t rush to judgment, look at the Azaria Chamberlain case.”
    “Google David Rofe, he’s at least 80, his gown was at the dry cleaners, he is one of the lawyer’s lawyer, head of the pack like Brett Walker is today, but very conservative. Kathy Jackson’s a union woman. That’s why I’m here, this whole thing doesn’t make any sense at all.”
    “I’m still open to hearing Thomson’s side of things because so far we haven’t.
    “The impression I got of her last week is she thought she was going to rush in and knock over legal obstacles and have a judge disqualify himself, she has no concept of boundaries. No union member is supposed to address the HR Nicholls society, it’s a rule.”
    “This woman’s the most manipulative person, she appears to love politics. She doesn’t know what she believes in. She claims to be cleaning up the union. I want to see her finances investigated.”
    Counsel for Michael Lawler last week and today for Kathy Jackson was David Rofe QC with barrister Anthony Tudehope. Google David Rofe QC

  20. Albanese in press conference. Openly stating that the Liberals and the media are thick in a vexatious attack on Slipper to bring him down.

    The allegations are bombs. His telling of the timeline of events and how senior Liberals came out in concert within hours of Ashby making his allegations public, before Slipper or the law were contacted about them, is damning.

    This makes Crech look like small bickies.

    And how convenient. The ABC has technical difficulties and cuts the press conference, but whenever the opposition have one the video is perfect.

  21. ‘One of the country’s biggest media buyers, Harold Mitchell, says the world of newspapers is rapidly changing.

    HAROLD MITCHELL: ‘By 2020, 80 per cent of all media will be digital and right now the printing of a newspaper in its hard physical form isn’t as important as the information that’s getting out there. And so it’s the digital assets which are vital and it’s the one other incredible thing in Australia, which is regional Australia and the market that’s there. Warren Buffet has just moved into newspapers, people would say well it seems it’s time to move out – not really. It’s the local regional newspapers and those that really don’t have any competition that are so important.

    ‘Fairfax is made up of many parts but one is important that is digital and the other of course is the regional assets and I’d imagine that Gina Rinehart is looking very carefully at what all that means. I would hope it doesn’t mean that someone would hope to break it up. That would be a great mistake in many ways.’

    Buy Rural Press!

  22. Just tried to go to rebs site, and got this

    Fraudulent Web Page Blocked

    You attempted to access:

    This web page is a known fraudulent web page. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this page.

    For your protection, this web page has been blocked. Visit Symantec to learn more about phishing and internet security.

    don’t know if it my anti-virus being pedantic, or if you have an issue


  23. Kaspersky, which is very good at picking up malevolent stuff, has no problems with TFR.

    The utter hypocrisy of the conservatives is breathtaking.

    They are now crying that it is unfair that Roxon and Albanese are commenting on a case that’s in progress. Justice should be allowed to run its course without political commentary attempting to influence the outcome.

    There is no other way of putting this.

    Fucking gross hypocrisy to the max, but you expect nothing else from the now sub-bottom dwelling conservatives and their supporters.

  24. Mobius and..

    Justice should be allowed to run its course without political commentary attempting to influence the outcome.

    Shucks and gosh oh golly. Next moment the Libs will be proclaiming “innocent until proven guilty”.

  25. Next moment the Libs will be proclaiming “innocent until proven guilty”.

    If a Liberal ever sincerely did that in a case that wasn’t being conducted against one of their own or friends then I’d be gobsmacked.

  26. It’s not really hypocrisy ME, so much as stupidity

    All Roxon is doing is outlining what stance the Commonwealth has already taken in court in relation to these matters. Interesting also that yomm raised exactly the same point yesterday at the site I cannot access.

    Lawyers for the Commonwealth yesterday told a Federal Court that former staffer James Ashby, who is suing Mr Slipper for sexual harassment, colluded with another staffer, Karen Doane, to undermine Mr Slipper’s reputation and advance his political opponents.

    She is not commenting, she is stating what the CW is doing.

  27. Not hypocrisy Tom?

    Sinodinos said they wouldn’t do what the government is doing as that would be muck raking, and they don’t engage in muck raking.

    FFS do they really think the people are that stupid?

  28. Not only colluded with another staffer but it’s alleged with senior Liberals who it seems framed the charges for Ashby to take to court.

    If that is confirmed, with correspondence and the Liberals involved changing their stories several times now pointing towards it, then as I’ve stated Crech will be small fry in comparison to the fall out that will befall the Liberals this time.

  29. Tom, Roxon is also very careful to say that is all she is doing, and she will not comment in anything that is not in the public domain.

    All she is doing is noting the governments defense. After all they are named in the matter.

    We do have two people that are on leave, and on full pay. Not bad work if one can get it.

  30. ME, it could be that smoking gun that allows the public to see this Opposition for what it really is.

  31. Oh lookie here…isn’t it nice to be vindicated for once in a blue what was that again about we at the Café being delusionary and apologists???

    THE opposition powerbroker Christopher Pyne made direct email contact with the Peter Slipper aide James Ashby within minutes of leaving late-night drinks in the Speaker’s office earlier this year.

    PDF: the email

  32. Is this the same story changing Pyne who swore black and blue he had no contact of any form with Ashby?

  33. This is why ulman is such a glass-jawed light-weight. And why he needs to go.

    After all the revelations yesterday, this is what he has an issue with


  34. Mobius, when the story came out the legal-eagle in me clicked in. What Pyne said, and I’m fairly certain that this is right…was that he had no PHONE contact with Ashby. I recall asking, But what about emails?

    I know it’s pedantic, but that’s how these people’s minds operate. It’s not lying, but its not exactly telling the truth either.


    The Gillard Government is on the defence this morning over its decision to have fewer than 300 polluters on its carbon tax hit list.

    Initially the Prime Minister claimed the tax would be paid by the top thousand polluters, before the number was then cut to 500.

    Labor says despite fewer than 300 polluters now having to pay the carbon tax, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be a significant shortfall in revenu

  36. The Gillard Government is on the defence this morning over its decision to have fewer than 300 polluters on its carbon tax hit list.

    😯 ❓

  37. The Gillard Government is on the defence this morning over its decision to have fewer than 300 polluters on its carbon tax hit list.
    😯 ❓
    😯 ❓

  38. Tom, ya don’t mean..nahhh..cannot happen, that companies have actually taken action in order to reduce their carbon footprint.

  39. Yes Min. An inconvenience for Abbott and his supporters is that many major companies have already moved to or are implementing measures to reduce their pollution in anticipation of not just the carbon price, but the world wide requirement to do business in a low polluting manner.

    They aren’t stupid and can see that clean and efficient practices are not just good for the environment but also for their bottom line and company reputations, that is their good will. Clean practices are just good business.

    Do you think they will take too kindly to an Abbott that comes in and tells them all they have done is a waste and he will give companies money to pollute, so the non clean businesses will get a comparative advantage over those who have done the right thing?

    Do you think they will be happy when countries they trade with slap on penalties and tariffs as they are not attempting to produce products or provide services cleanly whilst the countries they are selling to are?

  40. Mobius, this is where this debate has been well and truly overrun by the denialists who have done everything in their power to travel the debate back a decade or so.

    Australia has become a backwater in this debate, that instead of debating the merit or otherwise of solutions we are still clunking around debating why 97% of climate scientists are wrong.

  41. Abbott was complaining on Wednesday, that the company he was pulling his daily stunt, had already had to make adaptions to deal with the so called carbon tax.

    it did not seem to occur to him, that this is what is suppose to happen. Cut the emissions, cut the tax.

  42. The fact that it has caused cuts in emissions even before it is introduced, kinda cuts across the Oppositions cry that it will not even cut emissions.

  43. Hartcher then goes to another of his themes – the fairness and tolerance of our society: “Australia’s accomplishment is far greater than generating wealth and services for an elite…The wider picture is that Australia is one of the world’s fairest countries, one of the most tolerant, and one of the safest.” He concludes his first chapter: “So Australia has managed to become one of the richest countries in its financial wealth, perhaps the richest of all in its living conditions, and also rich in its spirit of fairness and cohesion.” and ”This book points out what the serious observers in the rest of the world have noticed but that most Australians have not: Australia has become one of the most successful countries on earth.”

  44. He has never stopped deriding the Government, never ceased from demeaning PM Gillard, never supported anything the Government has tried to do, never stopped talking down the economy and the way the Government is managing it despite all the glowing economic news of late, never prepared to acknowledge in the smallest degree the Government’s success in economic management and during the GFC, hell bent on destroying the carbon tax and the mining tax, labeling them as ‘toxic’ harbingers of an Armageddon, intent on ’demolishing’ the NBN ‘white elephant’, and repealing many other pieces of reforming legislation. Can anyone advance a convincing case that this man has not had a profound influence on the thinking of the voters and the psyche of the nation?

  45. Min
    On Pyne having no phone calls with Ashby, well why not ask the other person from the office in the frame, Karen Doane……. or even the other forms of contact from either party texts, emails .

  46. Cu, I listened to Peter Hartcher speak to Philip Adams about this book on Late Night Live a couple of months ago and I was left with a feeling of numbness about the rabid negativity that Abbott espouses and the lies this negativity is based on. I had hoped that books like this would have more influence on the mug Australians than Abbott and his media mates have penetrated into our psyche.

  47. On Francie Jones great reporting from the court room, did you see that Francie said the Kate McClyarmont was present for a very short time. Funny I didn’t see an article in the SMH on the court proceedings. After all her “investigative” mud slinging against Craig Thomson you would think Kate would be interested in keeping her readers informed of proceedings.

  48. TPS generally hits the spot. Migs, it is surreal that we have the political climate we have today.

    I do not know how a bully that relies in lies not being challenged. Maybe that is not true, as there have been some good books and essays lately.

    I do hope these court cases blow up, bringing people back to their senses.

  49. Hi LOVO. Swamp gas is one of the pathetic excuses that the government uses to explain away sightings thought to be a UFO. Either that or it is the planet Venus. Or a leaf blowing in the wind.

    But yes, el gordo is full of gas.

  50. It was actually a good video, el gordo.

    I expect a statement from NASA along the lines that it was caused by heat reflection or condensation on the lens.

    Or even swamp gas. You must admit it really does look like swamp gas. 😉

  51. pathetic

  52. Tom, I would second that. Will some person’s quest for revenge have no boundaries. Next it will be refusal for leave to attend a funeral..oh wait, the Libs have done that one already.

  53. Watching Insiders today, Miglo, I think it’s time someone put out some info on Christian Porter, one of the first entrants in the Great Coalition Talent Quest. Thanks, Min, that word ‘quest’ gives me just the word I’m looking for. I say Coalition because it looks like Richard Torbay is a serious contender in that and has come out for the Nationals as a rival to Tony Windsor. No doubt more will be encouraged to have a go in the future. It could make for some colourful reportage!

    I’ll focus on our entrant from the West today, If no one else is planning anything my new post will be up before teatime over there.

  54. ‘No doubt more will be encouraged to have a go in the future.’

    Torbay gave the impression that the independents will be wiped from the political landscape at the next election, so he’s voting with his feet.

  55. el gordo, I have news for you. i am disappointed in my local member,

    Unless she changes her ways, and begins supporting the PM, I will be looking for a good independent to vote for, at least first preference.

    She needs to start pulling her weigh and start working with the Labor ministers that surround this electorate, otherwise she will go.

    She needs to find a branch for me to join, one where I can get too without transport. Not a hard thing to ask.

    It is obviously too hard. Maybe the little I let on about my beliefs was picked up. Whether I might not be welcome or it is just too hard, I do not know,

    This same lady acted quickly when I had dental problems a year ago.

    The ball is in her court.

    If her staff read the blogs, she will know who I mean.

    By the way, intend to join a local branch, even if I have to go through the PM to find one.

  56. Would one be surprise, if this matter was withdrawn.

    My emphasis.

    Late last week Attorney-General Nicola Roxon said there would be many Queensland LNP identities, including Mr Brough, mentioned during the course of the federal court hearings.

    On Saturday, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Anthony Albanese joined the attack, comparing the case to the Watergate scandal in the US because information was passed on to a journalist about Mr Slipper to undermine him.

    A break-in to the Democratic Party National Committee headquarters in the Watergate Complex in Washington DC in 1972 ultimately led to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon in 1974.

    Mr Brough said he was contacted by Mr Ashby on the eve of the Queensland election in late March and learnt of the allegations of sexual harassment over the course of the following week.

    He says he has nothing to hide and has told his lawyers to contact the government’s lawyers and hand over the text messages and emails immediately to expedite the case.

    Labor frontbencher Craig Emerson said it was ‘rubbish, absolutely rubbish,’ that Mr Brough had nothing to hide.

    ‘He had plenty to hide,’ Dr Emerson told the Ten Network on Sunday.

    ‘Why did he seek to hide it, why did he tell the media it was nonsense the suggestion he’d ever met with Mr Ashby? He met with him three times.

    ‘He organised and worked on the preparations of the allegations against Mr Slipper.’

    Mr Brough said Labor ministers were contributing to a trial by media.

    ‘(They are) all out there trying to run the case but not wanting the case to be heard.’

    Mr Brough, who lost his seat of Longman at the 2007 election, said the comments from Ms Roxon and Mr Albanese were ‘just extraordinary and outrageous’.


    The Coalition Nationwide Talent Quest? First Entrant Appears in the West!

    Miglo, I can’t find it anywhere. Family coming in shortly for birthday tea and celebration so I can’t re-write. Unless you can find it I will have to come back after tea!

    Cheers! Everyone. I can see you have plenty talk about, anyway!

  58. Patricia, I’ve re-blogged it plus copied in from Polliepomes. So now it appears twice. 😦

    I might have gone overboard. 😦

  59. Patricia, if a post disappears after you try and publish it you can always click on a previous edited version and try again. I found that out the hard way one before. 😦

  60. Awesome..David Kal* has just offered me a tour of the red center. How could I say no, an indigenous person offering to introduce me to the culture. I’m about to pack my bags. 😀

  61. Cu, now that could indeed be a tour. I think that Dianne in Geraldton would come along too. And Alisi and a couple of others have also expressed interest.

  62. Mr. Bough has been subpoenaed to be a witness. He has not been asked to produce anything. Releasing emails is a red herring on his part.

    Ms. Roxon has said that there will be many witness called from Queensland. No idea of whom she means.

    All the Attorney General has done is outline the defence the government is mounting. She has been very clear to state, that what she has outlined has not been tested in court.

    Is the Opposition really saying the government does not have the right to launch a defense, and we the people to be informed of that defence.

  63. I’ve been following that story for a couple of months, el gordo. I understand that a statement is soon to be issued.

    They’ve been talking about it a lot on the Mysterious Universe podcast.

    If you have an iPod or an iPhone it’s worthwhile subscribing to.

  64. This is the overseas trip, that Mr. Abbott claims he is being generous in giving pairs. This is the meeting, that the Mr. Abbott said he did not think important enough for MP Burke to attend. We have him, I believe leaving at a later date. Mr. Abbott alleged that he would spend the extra time sitting on the beach.

    Has anyone gave us the extra cost that will be incurred by not allowing him to fly out with the PM.

    This is the reason that the PM called last weeks conference and released the new national parks policies.

    That is the importance the PM put on the meetings, and our roles in them.

    Obviously, Mr. Abbott does not see any importance in that.

    It will be interesting to see how many questions are asked of Mr. Burke, before Mr. Abbott puts on his daily stunt of MSSO.

    Not many, I believe.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard is flying into tight security at the Group of 20 meeting in Mexico, amid fears the continuing financial crisis in Europe could lead to another round of global economic turmoil.

    The gathering of world leaders in the Mexican resort city of Los Cabos on Monday and Tuesday follows heightened concerns the single-currency eurozone could be further destabilised by the election outcome in Greece.

    Greek citizens are on Sunday choosing between a conservative government committed to economic and fiscal reform and a popular radical left party, which is against austerity measures attached to an international bailout plan and could lead Greece out of the euro.

    While a clear result may not be known before the G20 summit ends, the leaders are still expected to canvass ways to secure the global economy and endorse more funding for the International Monetary Fund.

    The money would be used to bail out debt-challenged European countries unable to borrow funds in global credit markets because of investor fears they might not pay it back.

    Ms Gillard and South Korean President Lee Myung-bak on the weekend issued a joint statement urging ‘resolute action’ to address the fiscal uncertainty.

    ‘We need a clear message from Europe that it is taking decisive steps to stabilise and strengthen its banks,’ they said.

    Treasurer Wayne Swan said whatever the outcome in Greece, the challenges were profound.

    ‘The situation in Europe continues to cast a shadow over the global outlook,’ he said in a weekly economic note.

    But Mr Swan continued to talk up Australia’s economic fundamentals.

    ‘We should never lose sight of the fact that we face the challenges in the global economy from a position of strength,’ he added.

    Outgoing World Bank president Robert Zoellick warned Europe was facing a ‘Lehmans moment’ and risked setting off another global financial crisis.

    The 2008 collapse of the US-based financial services firm Lehman Brothers sparked the last global financial crisis.

    ‘There could be a Lehmans moment if things are not properly handled,’ he told British newspaper The Observer.

    Ms Gillard left Australia around 11am on Sunday and was expected to arrive in Los Cabos in the afternoon local time to address a B20 business forum being held on the sidelines of the G20.

    There was a big police presence in Los Cobos on Saturday, with officers conducting exercises with riot shields on the main streets as soldiers carrying automatic weapons travelled around the resort area in jeeps.

    Before the G20 starts on Monday, the first results from the Greek election will start filtering through.

    G20 host President Felipe Calderon of Mexico played down expectations the annual summit will be able to respond, saying the focus is on long-term solutions.

    ‘In any case, I think our efforts in the G20, and the efforts of other European countries, are to construct scenarios in which the economic future of Europe isn’t dependent on the Greek case,’ he said on Saturday.

    But financial markets are expected to react negatively if Greek voters give power to the anti-austerity Syriza party.

  65. So according to Hunt, the only thing that is considered as work, is when one attends the house on sitting days. Everything else is a rort. What one does overseas is not work.

    Opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt said the coalition had been very generous in providing a parliamentary pair for Ms Gillard for the week and a pair for Mr Burke to join her in Rio on Wednesday.
    To be blunt – Burke is paid to represent his constituents in the parliament. This whole business of ‘pairing’ is a bit of a rort. Can you imagine in the private sector approaching a competitor and offering a deal whereby they don’t work if you won’t?
    Now I’m happy to accept that extreme circumstances arise whereby individuals can’t be at work and some accommodation needs to be made – but that should be an exception and not a rule. A couple of years ago Wayne Swan was put out because he couldn’t get a paid to cover him while giving a speech at the National Press Council – he had to be back at work at 2pm. Just like millions of working Australians who nick out during lunch but have to be back at work after lunch.
    So Burke wants to go the Rio+20 conference – yet he has duties to perform here in Australia and hasn’t managed to finish the work he has here.
    FEDERAL Environment Minister Tony Burke has “stopped the clock” on approving Gina Rinehart’s proposed giant $6.4 billion Alpha coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin because of the “shambolic” actions of the Newman government.
    Mr Burke said he would suspend the federal government’s bilateral agreement with Queensland on streamlining environmental approvals, unless the Premier Campbell Newman’s government convinced him not to.
    I imagine many ALP MPs aren’t used to working, so here is a hint. Most jobs require people to work set hours, that means you got to be there – you know, show up on time – and you got to clear your desk before going on junkets. So don’t think of the Liberals as being mean, but rather providing skills that will enhance employability after the next election.

  66. PS. What does one call Mr. Abbott’s daily flying around the country, to pull a stunt on some poor business. he does not even have anything new to say.

  67. Cu, from your link to blogatariat, ,…. looks like partisan crap to me, as “pairing” is a long standing convention.

  68. Pip, I think all it is, look I do have some power, look at what I can do.

    I am not too sure, if Labor wanted to challenge in parliament, the Opposition would be howled down.

    it is stupid that Mr.Burke, for the shake of two QTs, has to get on what I assume is an commercial plane instead of accompany the PM.

    It is not as both have been on our TVs daily, I assume at work. That is weekends as well a weekdays.

    There are other ministers that can answer any question the Opposition may have. In fact it will be an unusual day, if they ask any.

    It just shows how petty the Opposition leader is, and how ineffectual he is.

    I clever Opposition leader could and should be a bigger thorn in the side of the PM, in a minority government..

    The Greens, Democrats and independents made their presence known in Howard’s day.

  69. HOORAY!

    ‘ARCHAEOLOGISTS at a remote site in southwest Arnhem Land have made a discovery establishing early Australian Aborigines as among the most advanced people in human evolution.

    ‘A team led by Bruno David from Monash University has found and firmly dated a fragment of charcoal rock art to 28,000 years ago.’

    From the Oz

  70. Is the glass half full of hope or despair. What happens to the glass if Mr. Abbott’s achieve what he believes is his birthright.

    After July 1 the Gillard Government’s policy of trebling of the tax-free threshold comes into effect. This is a big change to the income tax system since the higher tax-free threshold will help those on low incomes and those who choose to return to work part time in lower-paid jobs.It may help increase t workforce participation for women and older Australians.

    So there is some movement on tax reform by the minority government that is in line with the Henry Review, which had proposed creating a large tax-free threshold of $25,000.

    High effective tax rates are caused for low and middle income earners by phasing out welfare benefits as income is earned, combined with tax rates on low and middle earnings. This affects women caring for young children, the long-term unemployed, and older Australians who want to keep working. Women caring for young children especially face a tax-benefit squeeze when they go back to work, usually part-time and at low to middle wages.

    We don’t hear about this kind of tax reform—tax reform is usually about cutting the tax rates of corporations and high income earners and widening the GST to include education, health and fresh food.This is the tax reform supported by a massive public relations industry.

  71. Environment Minister Tony Burke has cancelled a trip to Brazil for a “once in a decade” meeting on sustainable development, amid a political stand-off with the Coalition over parliamentary tactics.

    The Coalition has refused to grant Mr Burke leave from Parliament until after Question Time on Tuesday, demanding instead that he remain in Australia to explain his plan for a massive expansion of marine parks around the country.

    But Mr Burke says leaving on Tuesday would make him too late for many of the bilateral meetings on the sidelines of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, where he planned to lobby other countries to follow Australia’s lead on the issue of marine park protections.

    “[My] presence there simply would have been an opportunity to maximise that – completely in the national interest – and an argument I’ve never heard anyone come against,” Mr Burke has told ABC Radio.

    “I don’t think it’s smart for Australia to miss the opportunity that they’ve (the Opposition) decided we’re going to miss.”

    He has accused the Coalition of putting the national interest at stake by denying him the opportunity to attend the forum.

    “These meetings only happen once a decade,” he said.

    “It is important that I front the Parliament … but there’s just no other way of putting it – Australia misses an opportunity that we should have been able to take.”

    Mapped: Australia’s marine reserve plans

    See detailed maps of the Federal Government’s plan to create the world’s largest network of marine parks.
    But the Opposition is refusing to back down, declaring Mr Burke should fly to Queensland and explain his marine park plan, instead of flying to Rio.

    “What Mr Burke wants to do is create absolute pandemonium on sections of the coast, go into people’s lives and make them poorer, and then fly off to Rio and brag about it,” Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce said.

    “Unfortunately for Mr Burke, he’s going to have to stay in Australia and explain it.

    “It’s absurd to think that this mad idea that we’re going to somehow lead the world in national parks is anything but a mechanism to try and attract votes in the inner suburbs.”

    The Government says it applied for a ‘pair’ from the Opposition six weeks ago so Mr Burke could attend the UN meeting, but did not receive a response until Friday last week.

    A ‘pair’ would have allowed Mr Burke to be away from the Parliament, without it affecting the outcome of any major votes.

    Greens leader Christine Milne has slammed the Opposition’s tactics, saying they are further proof the Coalition does not prioritise the environment.

  72. Burke, not ask a question until 3.58.

    I assume there will be MSSO on the marine parks. On a paper that is on the table for six weeks for discussion.

  73. Cu, if it had been me and Environment Minister Tony Burke has cancelled a trip to Brazil for a “once in a decade” meeting on sustainable development, amid a political stand-off with the Coalition over parliamentary tactics.

    Yes indeed, missing out on a once in decade opportunity due to Abbott and his supidity and pairing..then extremely p’d off would be a natural response….

  74. My emphasis.

    2.55pm: Environment Minister Tony Burke obviously gave up on waiting for the Coalition to ask him a question about his marine park reforms last week.
    He’s taken a Dorothy Dixer on the question, giving Mr Burke an opening to attack the Opposition for not granting him a pair in parliament so he could attend a summit in Rio this week.

    Mr Burke is furious about what he terms political game playing. If you need background, read this news story.
    But here’s Liberal whip Warren Entsch on the case now.
    This is bad, what you are doing, Mr Entsch argues.
    We are using the Howard Government’s template, Mr Burke says.

    2.50pm: Mr Swan, spreading out in the big chair today, with Ms Gillard in Mexico.

    Read more:

  75. Mr. Burke pointed out, if one could not attend the preliminary meetings, it was waste of money going.

  76. This Opposition is now directing how ministers carry out their roles.. Mr. Burke has introduced a study that is on the table for six weeks to allow discussion to occur.

    They then add insult to injury by not asking any questions.

    The arrogance knows no bounds.

    But the Opposition is refusing to back down, declaring Mr Burke should fly to Queensland and explain his marine park plan, instead of flying to Rio.

    “What Mr Burke wants to do is create absolute pandemonium on sections of the coast, go into people’s lives and make them poorer, and then fly off to Rio and brag about it,” Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce said.

    Mapped: Australia’s marine reserve plans

    “It’s absurd to think that this mad idea that we’re going to somehow lead the world in national parks is anything but a mechanism to try and attract votes in the inner suburbs.”

  77. In our article, King Coal dethroned, we suggested that renewable energy investment was now outstripping fossil fuel power investment.
    Many welcomed the news that the future was arriving sooner than they had expected. A few responses suggested the data was not right. Others argued it couldn’t possibly be right as it conflicted with their whole understanding of how the energy system worked. It undermined their belief in the ‘unchallengeable’ dominance of fossil fuel power and the ‘inadequacies’ of renewables.

  78. ‘The majority of voters believe Ms Gillard failed on climate change through a broken promise not to introduce a carbon tax, with 59 per cent believing it would not reduce greenhouse emissions, according to the latest Galaxy poll.’

    Simon Benson in the Daily Terror

  79. Not bad, 17 out of 27.

    “By the time trade slows because of infrastructure bottlenecks, or band crowding,
    it is too late. Productivity suffers,” Senator Wong said.

    “That is why rigorous planning in anticipation of these needs is fundamental to continued and uninterrupted growth.”

    A better regulatory agenda also needs to be pursued, work that Senator Wong concedes is “grinding” as part of her portfolio.

    But she said 17 of the 27 reforms under the Council of Australian Governments’ seamless national economy agenda had become operational. These would reduce business costs by $4 billion per year and increase economic growth by over $6 billion a year annual.

    She also said politicians needed to put interests of the future generations above their own political ambition.

    “Future generations will not thank us for dodging the tough decisions today,” she said.

  80. Twenty five percent of journalist to go at Fairfax.

    No, it is not the carbon tax. It is the new digital, technology and cyber space age.

    As for the shares going up, could not be Gina’s big buy up. She now wants three seats. She is also in the position to make a take over offer.

    Gina wants editorial control. That is why she is being knocked back.

  81. Gina deserves three seats, she is after all the richest woman in the world.

    ‘Gina wants editorial control.’

    Editorial balance on CC science, CO2 and mining taxes.

  82. el gordo, it shows that 40% of businesses do not know how the carbon pricing will affect them.

    So they are saying no to something they have not bothered to take the time to learn how it will involve them

    At the same time, many are sure it is going to roooon them.

    el gordo, it just does not compute.

  83. I have been doing some thinking. Yes, it is a strain.

    We hear so much about Gillard knifing Rudd, as if the action took place because of her ambitions.

    Is that true, I believe not.

    it was not about putting Gillard in power. it was about getting rid of Rudd.

    His caucus friends had come to the decision that Rudd had to go.

    It is likely that if Gillard had not accepted the job when asked by caucus, Rudd still would have went.

    Someone else would have been asked or stepped up.

    it was an unanimous decision.

  84. “So the 59% who think the CO2 tax will have no effect on climate are just silly?”

    Let’s rephrase that el gordo.

    “59% of those surveyed by a right wing media with a history of dissing the credible climate science think etc.”

  85. Yep but have you got the figures, like sample size and demographics.

    There is also the case that those who were surveyed didn’t have the full story or information, just the media and Abbott beatup. What was the exact question asked?

    How about they are asked what they think of in paying for Abbott’s scheme but with no compensation and polluting industries getting their hard given tax money for nothing. Methinks the results will be a far greater 59%.

  86. It’s not just that the RWDB media is doing the survey ME, but rather the constant dissing the credible climate science that has been aimed at the non-thinking masses for so long. The numbers indicate no more than that the big end of town is winning the propaganda “war” because of the never-ending crap spewing forth from all of its orifices (Abbott, OO, Ltd. News, some of Fairfax, the deliberately dishonest like EG etc.)

  87. ‘…the deliberately dishonest like EG etc.’

    Baccy you’re the one who has been brainwashed, by the Klimatariat.

  88. How about please providing some context to the stuff you post el gordo? Just posting images of graphs where the source can’t be researched means absolutely nothing.

    That you do this so often also means you are proving yourself wrong as you are so uncertain of your position you haven’t the honesty to provide the full information. You like just about all denialists must resort to subterfuge, deceit, misdirection and dishonesty to work around the very flawed position being espoused.

  89. ME – your last post so completely defines EG’s contribution on this subject!

    That you do this so often also means you are proving yourself wrong as you are so uncertain of your position you haven’t the honesty to provide the full information. You like just about all denialists must resort to subterfuge, deceit, misdirection and dishonesty to work around the very flawed position being espoused.

    But she still continues on regardless – the very definition of a TROLL 🙄

  90. I often muse over whether el gordo’s just trying to have a lend of us, or whether she really does have no idea how to construct a logical argument.

  91. Interesting question Migs… I’ll happily proffer an opinion 😉 She knows exactly what’s she’s doing – the pertinent question though is WHY? She purports to be a ‘lefty”, but every utterance would indicate otherwise – reminds me of another “prominent” poster on related forums 😉

  92. El Gordo is a construct … sowing the seeds of doubt…. and knowingly so(w).. 😀
    a talker with no walk, … useless …, a someone of no moment,…. but, then again while she/it/him is here you gotta know that this blog is heading in the right direction, otherwise it wouldn’t be here trying to cause dis function or dat function….. which of cause is her function …… 🙄

  93. I’m going crazy.

    Yesterday after making a coffee I opened the door to the dishwasher to put the milk away. I could have swore I got it from the fridge.

    Just then I traced my steps around the house to look for my glasses. I found them on my head – sitting on my nose of all places.

    What can I blame?

  94. um, Migs …. welcome to my world …. a couple of months ago I got up, got ready, drove to work and found the gates shut ???????WTF…… it was SATURDAY, no worky on Saturday….. 😳

  95. Mr. Brandis, would one rely on him in court?

    I’ve seen some long bows drawn and cynical exploitation of others’ misfortune in my time watching federal politics. But today’s effort by Australia’s finest jurist George Brandis in Senate Question Time to link the Fairfax announcement to the carbon price takes some sort of prize for crass opportunism and straight stupidity by an allegedly intelligent politician. Indeed, Brandis goes further than merely linking it, he outright says in his third question that the 1900 Fairfax jobs will be destroyed by the carbon price.
    “Have you ever heard of the internet?” interjects Stephen Conroy. Possibly not. Apparently a carbon price that hasn’t even begun yet is responsible for the woes of the newspaper industry. Here’s the full text of the exchange. Penny Wong gets stuck into Brandis, and rightly so. These people are going to be running the country next year?

  96. These are good signs that you’re pondering important matters and “failing” on mundane “crap” Older can= wiser sometimes 😉

  97. C.U. at 11.37
    Just saw this on Lateline. What a pity it is that one has to share the same corner of the galaxy with George Brandis SC. What a slithering creep.

  98. Wong’s answer.

    Senator WONG (South Australia—Minister for Finance and Deregulation) (14:28): I would say to them: do not trust Senator Brandis and the opposition in this disgraceful fear campaign. If you really cared about the loss of jobs, Senator, you would not come in here trying to link it to a political scare campaign. If you really cared about the families, you would not come into this chamber and disgracefully use people’s commercial decisions which will impact upon those families for your political purposes. So do not come in here and tell us that we do not care, because I think people who are worried about what is happening in their employment at Fairfax are not going to take too kindly to you rocking up into the Senate chamber and asking ridiculous questions in an attempt to link it to your carbon scare campaign. The reality is that we on this side do care about employment, we care about workers. That is why we put jobs first. That is why 800,000 jobs have been created since we came to government. That is why we got rid of Work Choices, something you still want to bring back. Do not come in here and talk to us about job security, Senator Brandis. (Time expired)

  99. Miglo, I have lost a pair of glasses, walking to the mail box. I have a small house and a small yard with few hiding places.

    That was over twelve months ago. and they have not turned up. They could have been sitting on my head last time I remember seeing them.

  100. My emphasis

    But the belief among economic doomsayers that we are the only country doing anything about this is just nonsense. Even in the US, where nothing can be done through legislation thanks to Republican delusionists, a combination of regulation and low gas prices is leading coal-fired power plants to shut down at a rapid rate.

    At this point, the global choice is not between doing nothing and doing something. It’s between sensible market-based policies and costly second-best options, of which the worst is the “direct action” in which Tony Abbott claims to believe.

  101. My primary interest is in the science and on May 17, 2010 at 5:58 pm I commented at Deltoid…

    ‘On the surface all looks normal, but just below the surface the temperatures in the equatorial Pacific have gone seriously cold. We can expect La Nina to dominate over the coming decade and large floods in the land of Oz.’

    Getting it right ahead of anyone else in the world gives me confidence that your worldview is flawed.

    Now that reb is creating Daily Trash I don’t expect I’ll be allowed to make comments about the weather, so I will be spending more time at the cafe.

  102. Can’t believe it… on second thoughts with the low state of the media in this country I can.

    They are attacking Gillard for being arrogant overseas.

    And why is she being called arrogant by our rabid right wing media?

    She dared to talk up Australia’s economy on an international stage.

    So talking up Australia’s economy overseas is arrogance, but there’s a proviso on this, it’s only arrogance when Labor does it. Abbott recently talked up our economy overseas not long after he had trashed it back home. And of course Howard according to the media was always fantastic in talking up our economy overseas, even if what he was saying was bull, and that was never arrogance.

    Gillard dares state it as it is and the sheer arrogance of this woman must be splashed across the local media.

    On another note if you get to see the footage of Gillard sitting down next to Cameron at the G20, have a look at Cameron’s body language. He cannot get far enough away from her. Interesting.

  103. “Now that reb is creating Daily Trash I don’t expect I’ll be allowed to make comments about the weather, so I will be spending more time at the cafe.”

    el gordo, it is nice to see you are talking about the weather, not the climate.

    The PM arrogant. They are also misquoting what she is saying. Yesterday, I seen a comment that alleged the PM was telling the world how to improve their economy by introducing a carbon tax. The PM did not use the words carbon tax, as this was not what she was talking about. She was talking about the stimulus, and moving on to bring down debt.

    I am amaze at the Opposition ability to get the words, “great big carbon tax” into every answer.

    I suspect that the introduction on the first of July might act as a stimulus for the economy. Money taken from a handful of emitters ins being redirected to low income earners in the community. This will more than compensate them for the extra power costs.

  104. Yep, the O’Farrell government is on the nose and diving, regardless of what opinion polls are saying. His government is failing, so in a terrible budget that broke a new set of set in concrete election promises, the one thing it was getting accolades for, the bribing of the people to not look at his failures, looks like also being a failure and causing long term damage to NSW.

    NSW budget’s complex consequences for residential property

    Yep another long term State Labor government coming up down the track.

  105. Abbott ABC 24. (CEDA) A PM lecturing others. Once again trying to depict a strong government as weak. Talking about the spending spree that does not exist.

    Talking the economy down again. Trying to present negativity in a positive manner. Talk about getting one self in a tangle/

    Notice he now wears his glasses on his nose. Is that to make him look more intelligent.

  106. A key member of the Henry Tax Review has rounded on business lobbyists calling for a cut in the company tax rate saying the government was right not to cut it and it’s wrong to say the review wanted it to.
    “I advocated a cut in the company tax rate when I signed the Henry report,” former Treasury deputy secretary Greg Smith told a Committee for the Economic Development of Australia function in Canberra.
    “But that was – from our point of view – a ten or a twenty year reform. We certainly didn’t see it as an immediate thing. And I certainly also imagined it would only occur in the context of a significant increase in rent taxes.”
    “We’re not going to get that. With tax reform you’ve got to look at the whole, and once you fail on one front what’s desirable and the timing of what you do on another front has to change. I think the government is right to go slow on company tax.”
    Mr Smith was particularly scathing of calls by the Business Council and others for even more investment in Australia.
    “We already have the highest investment rate in the developed world. The idea that we can increase it in the next five years is ridiculous, completely absurd”…
    “We can try to restructure it and we should. We do infrastructure in the wrong places, we do the wrong things. But we are not going to get a higher share of GDP higher than 29 to 30 per cent without enormous trouble.”
    “Already it’s an enormous stress on our economy. It is leadign to a massive switch in the utilisation of rents from profit earners to workers in those industries.”
    “If you tried to go to 35 to 40 per cent of GDP all that would happen is that you would see interest rates and other adjustments creating further problems in order to offset the inflationary and other and marcoreconomic problems that such an investment level would bring.”
    Australia’s biggest problem was changing demography, not lack of investment. Life expectancy was advancing a year every decade and yet the super system encouraged retirement at 60.
    “Now I’ve been personally associated with creating the superannuation industry in this country,” Mr Smith told the conference, referring to his role as an advisor to Treasurer Paul Keating in the 1980s. “I don’t feel very proud about that. I think it’s an achievement yes, but it’s not the answer.”
    “We cannot have retirement going for 25, 30 years. That’s why the Henry Review wanted to get the preservation age of super up from 60.”
    “Super is basically an early retirement system. It is not dealing with the very high costs of aged care and health in late retirement.”
    The planned increase in compulsory super contributions was set to cost more in tax concessions than it would save by taking retirees off the pension.
    In today’s Sydney Morning Herald and Age
    Related Posts–smith-20120618-20kd7.html

  107. The debate we should be having, not the rubbish that Abbott goes on with.

    Yes, he is correct to say

    If one listened to both the PM and the Treasurer, they are also saying we need prepare ourselves for a uncertain future. This is why the PM is begging Europe to get it’s act together.

    Australia needed a ”sensible discussion on what we expect governments to provide, and the tax system needed to support these expectations”.

    Read more:–treasury-boss-20120618-20kbl.html#ixzz1yBjSnXUj

  108. EG lying again

    “Getting it right ahead of anyone else in the world gives me confidence that your worldview is flawed.”

    except that, as usual, you’re wrong.

  109. Professor Jotzo points out:
    ‘… that most lower-income households will be overcompensated for the increase in living costs, whereas households and higher-income brackets will bear most of the net costs.’
    He also points out that the package involves tax reform. He says this is rare in practice, much less at this scale. He says:
    ‘Most cap-and-trade schemes have handed back the bulk of the revenue to emitters, missing out on the efficiency benefits from tax reform.’
    Australia is not missing out on those benefits.
    The impact of the carbon price will be around 0.1 percentage points per year on Australia’s average income growth and, according to Treasury modelling, that will still see average incomes grow strongly under carbon pricing, increasing by about 16 per cent from current levels by 2020. Delaying global action by three years adds another 20 per cent to the first year global mitigation cost.
    Meanwhile, the Leader of the Opposition has been going around the country running a scare campaign. After Norsk Hydro’s announcement that it would shut down its aluminium smelter at Kurri Kurri, Mr Abbott said that this was the fault of the carbon price. After assistance, the impact of a carbon price will be about a dollar on a tonne of aluminium. Meanwhile, the world aluminium price is down $1,000.
    The Leader of the Nationals told parliament in May that the cost of servicing a domestic refrigerator would go up by $300 a year. As the Minister for Climate Change has pointed out, that would involve calling technicians to the house about every five days to replace the entire refrigerant gas.
    Senator Joyce has said that the carbon price will cause the price of a leg of lamb to go up to $100, to which I can only say: Pull the other one, Barnaby.
    The Leader of the Opposition has said the tax is forever; the compensation is just for today. He misses the fact that there will be regular increases in payments and that pensions, allowances and family benefits are automatically increased for the impact of any future increases in the carbon price because they are indexed in line with the consumer price index.


    plan. As the member for Wentworth pointed out on Q&A on 25 July 2010:
    ‘You won’t find an economist anywhere that will tell you anything other than that the most efficient and effective way to cut emissions is by putting a price on carbon.’

    Yesterday, the Opposition accused the government of lying. They alleged that hundred involved in refrigeration have to pay a levy on emissions. Yes they do. They are still and will be paying the levy introduced by Mr. Howard, a decade or so ago, in relation to the harmful gases that used to be emitted in refrigeration. Nice try.

  110. Does anyone really believe that the CEF and MRRT will bring this country ti ruin, as they are but at the most moderate policies.

    Does anyone really believe that the world will be rosy, if Mr. Abbott dismantles both of these policies.

    Does anyone really believe that Mr. Abbott has any idea at where the economy is at.

    How does the dismantling of the policies deal with the new world order and the global economy we now find ourselves.

    How does Mr. Abbott intend to deal with the patch work economy and the high Australian dollar.

    Why is looking after the interests of big business and higher income earners at the expense of those at the bottom. good for Australia.

    How does bringing in a more expensive and less efficient Direct Action Scheme benefited us all.

    Please there must be someone that can tell us how and why. Telling us it will work is not good enough.

  111. Mobius @7.56am and On another note if you get to see the footage of Gillard sitting down next to Cameron at the G20, have a look at Cameron’s body language. He cannot get far enough away from her. Interesting.

    Perhaps Cameron was a bit wary knowing how the Australian media had treated President Obama..who can forget that journalistic masterpiece titled: The Audacity of the Grope.

  112. ‘You won’t find an economist anywhere that will tell you anything other than that the most efficient and effective way to cut emissions is by putting a price on carbon.’

    Not just economists, but Abbott has said the most efficient and effective way to cut emissions is to put a price on carbon.

    So for no other reason than he isn’t in government he’s going around deliberately demonising by distortions and lies something he believes is the best way to reduce carbon emissions, and because of that is offering a scheme if in government that’s the worst way to do it as it won’t achieve anything, cost the taxpayers billions in handouts to big polluters and also cost each household an estimated $790pa in today’s dollars without compensation.

    Where is all the media reporting on that?

  113. Na Min. I’m pretty good at reading body language and have read Pease, many times, and Morris on the subject.

    Cameron was displaying the classic language of dislike for the person he was sitting next to. For a seasoned pollie, who are body language masters (execpt for Abbott whose a dill at it), to openly display this rejection of another leader of a country is very telling and does not reflect well on Cameron.

    Like Abbott, and assertive, headstrong and very intelligent woman leading a country scares Cameron it seems. It’s why the right wing media go out of their way in misrepresentations and falsifications to denigrate Gillard. One on one on equal terms these men would be crushed by Gillard.

  114. “One on one on equal terms these men would be crushed by Gillard.”

    That should be: One on one on equal terms these supposedly tough men would be crushed by Gillard.

  115. “That’s debatable”

    From where I sit, it does seem to be settled.

    Is that other site really stopping you from voicing your passionate concerns? What did you do or say to bring that on.

  116. Miglo, sounds like you need to get yourself into a warmer climate.

    it must be all that cooling that el gordo is talking about.

  117. Min, well to be told how to do your job, by a woman who had the runs on the board might be a little hard to take.

    After all he has to stand up for his great friend, Abbott.

  118. Does not want much. Wants it so bad, she is willing to buy the paper.

    Ms Rinehart has reportedly asked for three Fairfax board seats and the right to hire and fire editors and have her say on general editorial matters.

    The Australian Financial Review reports that Fairfax chairman Roger Corbett will only offer two seats, on the condition she did not interfere with editorial matters.

  119. Cu, we’ve spoken several times about how Abbott does have a problem with his attitude towards women. I think hence his impersonalisation of the PM to a more generic “she”. Perhaps a warm touch on the shoulder with someone with a kind heart such as the PM might melt the frostiest of hearts..and this is what they are afraid of.

  120. Another Abbott promise that is expensive, cuts across people’s rights and does not work. It is OK, it sounds good, and fits in with ones prejudices.

    I give the Queensland Premier credit for abandoning the connection between truancy and welfare. Another bright idea that is rubbish.

    Australia’s Coalition will press ahead with plans to expand work for the dole schemes despite a British finding they are ineffective.

    A peer-reviewed investigation by the UK Department for Work and Pensions of its own mandatory work activity scheme has found it has done nothing for the employment chances of the unemployed Britons referred to it.

    The study found that while being forced to work 30 hours a week got people off the dole for a few months, over the longer term referrals to the scheme had “no impact on the likelihood of being employed compared to non-referrals”.

  121. There’re a couple of errors Min…

    Annabel Crabb must be the only journalist who actually put her brain in gear instead of doing a copy and paste of the groupthink story

    from Twitter

    Annabel Crabb ‏@annabelcrabb

    Just listened to the entire Barroso press conference. His rant about criticism of Europe was in response to Canada. Not Julia Gillard

    Ms Crabb even provided a link!!

    Annabel Crabb ‏@annabelcrabb

    Watch it here if you want. (Goes for 45mins though!) Barroso remarks are at the 33-minute mark.

  122. We must have missed something Min…after all if it’s in the paper it must be the truth… right?

    Mr. Barroso was not referring to our Prime Minister, but readers of the ABC, Ltd News, and Fairfax will be none the wiser.

    It’s true then, our President was ticked off by Mr. Barroso…who was offended because our President had wagged her finger at him and boasted blah blah..

  123. ‘Is that other site really stopping you from voicing your passionate concerns?’

    The editor of Daily Trash has strong convictions on the issue of weather and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

  124. Retailer Harvey Norman Ltd plans to be a market leader in the domestic solar industry after placing a substantial order for user-friendly solar panels.
    United States-based Westinghouse – which is to merge with ASX-listed CBD Energy in the third quarter – said on Tuesday it had received an order for five megawatts of its Solar Instant Connect solar panel systems from Harvey Norman.
    The order represents a significant investment in the green technology, which will result in Westinghouse’s shipments in 2012 more than doubling from 2011.
    Harvey Norman said the uptake of solar energy in Australia was stronger than in most other parts of the world, with over 830 megawatts sold in the local market in 2011.

    Someone has faith in the industry.

  125. It sure makes sense to keep the present system. Nothing to be gained by going down the track of renewals.

    Every year four million Australian households spend over a billion dollars per year unnecessarily to burn coal to heat up water to spin a turbine of which 70 per cent of the energy is vented as heat rather than creating electricity. This is then transmitted around 100 kilometres or more, where a further 10 per cent of the electricity is lost to then – yes, you guessed it – heat up water.
    Once at the home further energy is lost as the heated water sits for several hours in a tank before being used. Once the tap is turned on the hot water is then mixed with cold water to cool it from the 60 degrees to 50 degrees before it then exits a tap.
    Heating hot water via electric storage water heaters is the largest single driver of greenhouse gas emissions from households and responsible for the same emissions as a 1000 megawatt coal-fired power station. For those households unfortunate enough to have one, they account for around a third to a half of their electricity consumption. Yet the greenhouse emissions could be more than halved through use of technologies already in widespread use: gas, solar and heat pumps.

  126. Roswell, I believe you are easy going and can be a soft touch at times.

    Listening to what el gordo has to say, we all are.

  127. Cu, fools abound across the blogoshere. Unless they have something interesting to say I generally ignore them. I don’t have to delve too far into their comments before I identify their intentions.

  128. The NSW government’s WorkCover overhaul will cap weekly benefits and exclude injuries sustained on the way to work.

    An internal briefing note sent to MPs by Finance Minister Greg Pearce also states the amount paid to injured workers will be reduced at a faster rate.

    It appears the government will adopt many of a recommendations of a parliamentary committee that called for an overhaul of WorkCover to rein in a more than four billion dollar deficit.

    Always the worker that pays.

    Pyne looks older and thinner.

  129. From Twitter – two opposing tweets –

    Shayne Neumann ‏@ShayneNeumannMP

    Hotline for carbon price rip offs Federal Member for Blair, Shayne Neumann today welcomed the Australian…

    [ACCC website]

    Then there is this from Liberal Cruella Mirabella, spreading untruths on her Liberal website, about the hotline for reporting carbon tax rip-offs –

    “Government bullies industry into silence “

  130. I think Burke might have scored one. No questions once again today. It appears that Burke has found a article with pictures Abbott supporting similar schemes.

    They have taken down the link, but the article is still available.

    Should have let him have his trip.

    Pyne getting a little upset.

    Remember Burke has the paper on the table for six weeks for debate.

  131. Thank god somebody is around to wake up the sloths at the abc news web department who are doing copy/pastes from ltdnews and pretending it is their own.

    The story on Barroso having a go at ‘critics’ has morphed slightly

    What was

    Europe fires back over Gillard’s G20 criticism
    By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen

    Updated June 19, 2012 12:14:48

    European leaders have fired back at criticism from Australia and other G20 countries about their handling of the economic crisis.

    Is now

    Europe fires back over G20 criticism
    By chief political correspondent Simon Cullen

    Updated June 19, 2012 14:32:32

    European leaders have fired back at criticism from G20 countries about their handling of the economic crisis.

    Yes, if they had seen the actual comments (which other ‘reporters’ would have, they would have possibly caught onto the fact that Gillard’s (or Swans) comments, were not the target of their criticism.

    This supposedly ‘balanced’ organisation always lead with a derogatory attack on the Government, yet are repeatedly caught out having to remove derogatory statement having to do with the Government. Something really needs to change over there.

  132. This from the Canadian Journalist who asked the questions:

    Why should North Americans risk their assets to help the largest and one of the wealthiest economic areas in the world? Shouldn’t IMF resources be used to help out developing countries and not the richest economic area in the world? What do you make of Prime Minister Harper’s contention that Europe has enough financial firepower on its own to deal with this crisis?

  133. And the relevant bits of Jose Manuel Barroso’s reply:

    By the way, this crisis was not originated in Europe. Since you mentioned North America, this crisis was originated in North America. And many of our financial sector were contaminated by – how can I put it? – unorthodox practice by some sectors of the financial market…

    But, frankly, we are not coming here to receive lessons in terms of democracy and in terms of how to run an economy because the European Union has a model that we may be very proud of. We are not complacent about the difficulties. We are extremely open. I wish that all our partners were so open about their own difficulties. We are extremely open and we are engaging our partners but we are certainly not coming here to receive lessons from nobody!

  134. Is there anything wrong with a high sense of entitlement, especially when it goes with a low sense of responsibility.

    She had earlier complained about the means testing of the private health insurance rebate — a means test which applies to families with incomes above $168,000 a year. That would put her household into the highest six percent of household incomes. In fact, if she really meant her family was getting no subsidies, her family income would be above $260,000 a year — in the top three percent of household incomes.

    The Twitter responses were hardly complimentary to the questioner. Yet she was doing no more than articulating two commonly-held views.

    The first is about “constantly paying out” — with the implication that her family is getting nothing in return. Of course her household would be paying a reasonable amount of tax, but they would still be getting the benefit of defence, policing, heavily subsidised education and health care (even with top level private insurance), roads and a range of other public assets and services.

  135. I note that ltdnews and their show pony haven’t let a few awkward facts get in the way of a another day of Gillard bashing

    Abbott slammed Gillard for ‘hypocrisy’ over Europe advice

    no link, screw ’em

  136. Sometimes there are things called Classic Catches:

    EG: The editor of Daily Trash has strong convictions on the issue of weather and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

    Cu: and we should

  137. Tom, amazing isn’t it..when Howard or indeed Kevin Rudd for that matter went overseas then especially with the former, the press were tripping over themselves at the opportunity to present the political leader of Australia as making a huge positive impression.

    However when Julia attends a summit..well, we’ve all seen the result. Abbott says.. Joe Hockey says…

  138. Tom, from your link. So it wasn’t just Australia’s PM urging other countries to act but it was..

    The US and Canada are also pressuring Europe to act,

  139. Tom, he spoke at CEDA this morning. Some was on ABC 24 It was so interesting that they cut the line early. . Shorten also spoke. Trouble with the connection in his case.

  140. Exactly Min The press gallery have gone off half cocked again. I await with baited breathe the ltdnews retraction. The ABC appear to be doing their bit (although no retraction, just updates so far)

  141. Lower house. MPI on the Pacific Highway.

    Every single street once you cross the bridge to the border in now held by the Opposition.

  142. Tom, to follow on from you..

  143. Trouble with the connection in his case.

    The Labor pollies seem to get that a lot

    Not that I am implying anything by that 😉

  144. Wonder if shanana will be lining up for a ‘sorry’?

  145. The Cultural Cringe temporarily disinterred for as long as it’s useful to those who seek to destroy this governmnet.

  146. According to a source close to the Fairfax board, editorial independence is not up for negotiation.

    “The board will not be bullied. They are absolutely resolute. This is unacceptable. It’s outrageous,” the source said.

    The Fairfax Media House Committees wrote to Ms Rinehart 12 days ago asking for assurances that she uphold the principles in the company’s charter of independence.

    Senior journalist David Marr says he has been assured Ms Rinehart cannot take a seat on the board without agreeing to the charter, but if she did there would be grave consequences.

    “If it were to happen, then it would be known publicly that she could speak directly through the Fairfax papers,” he said.

  147. What Mr. Abbott sees.

    Why is Mr. Abbott promoting Mr. Howard. Is he making a come back?

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has told his coalition colleagues the Gillard government is worried and confused.

    ‘Nothing was going right for them,’ he told a meeting of the joint coalition parties in Canberra on Tuesday.

    The government’s asylum seeker policy had descended into farce with the case of alleged people smuggler Captain Emad, ‘the most wanted man who got away’.

    Whereas the Howard government had found a solution to a problem, Labor’s solution had created a problem.

  148. It was a European summer day in July 2002: John Howard strode into a meeting with German business leaders in Frankfurt, at the start of a two-week European trip and proceeded to … lecture them. After reciting how successful the Australian economy was and the benefits of reforms that Howard had either undertaken himself or supported in opposition, he told them “we don’t find very acceptable a situation where the level of subsidy to agriculture from the

  149. Joe Hockey joined in the attack yesterday, accusing Gillard of “lecturing the world” and issued another media release this morning declaring it “embarrassing”. Simon Benson in the Daily Telegraph, unsurprisingly, went further and claimed that Gillard had been “slapped down” by Barroso.

    But if you read Shanahan’s article carefully, you’ll see the headline was plainly wrong. Barroso had not mentioned Gillard or anyone else in his comments about being lectured. In fact, a Canadian media outlet reported Barroso’s comments were directed at Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose tough talk has allegedly “irritated” the Europeans.

  150. On asylum seekers, Abbott is as usual talking through a hole in his head. I wonder if Tony has read, or even heard about the 2 High Court rulings..probably not.

  151. “The editor of Daily Trash has strong convictions on the issue of weather and doesn’t suffer fools gladly.”

    That’s news to me…

    Unles; “couldn’t care less about climate change” = “strong convictions about climate change”……

  152. dear someone is in a spot of bother aren’t they.

    Yes I am. But that’s because I am sick and tired of our media LYING to us.

    That’s what you were referring to, wasn’t it ❓

  153. But your attitude is pretty clearly spelt out in the CO2 thread:

    Climate change. Is it real? Is it happening, or is it just a load of crap?

    Frankly I don’t care, but plenty of people do.

    So here is a dedicated space for “you people” to “discuss” the so-called “climate change” debate…


  154. The wonderful Newman government..

    THE Queensland Government has axed funding for a service offering support to some of the state’s most disadvantaged women.

    Sisters Inside had relied on $120,000-a-year in state funding to provide counselling and support services to women prisoners at the Townsville Correctional Centre, many of them indigenous.

    The outreach service was set up 18 months ago after a woman committed suicide within the prison.

    But the contract will not be renewed when it expires next month, as the Newman Government continues attempts to cut costs and bring the state’s Budget back into the black.

  155. Oh for fuck sake is there no depths Liberals will go to to trumpet themselves and put down Labor.

    On The Drum admitting the Gillard put down by Barroso was bullshit they went on to say Gillard still had no reason to crow about Australia as it was all due to pure luck of a mining boom and good work by the previous Liberal government, Labor had nothing to do with it. That is actually what they said, Labor were lucky and had nothing to do with it and Rinehart would have made a better ambassador overseas.

    Even when they’re shown to be wrong they still turn it round as a failure of Labor and the media, including the ABC don’t just go along with the guff but openly promote it and put their boots into Labor as well.

  156. On Monday, the opposition didn’t ask a single question about the marine parks until Burke got a Dorothy Dixer from one of his own backbenchers on the subject, allowing him to extol the virtues of his plan.

    Today, the opposition, clearly intent on driving the Environment Minister to distraction, didn’t ask Burke one question about either the marine parks or the carbon tax.

    Left to his seething devices, far from the delights of Rio, Burke hatched his revenge. He got the Labor MP for Fremantle, Melissa Parke, to ask him about his splendid plan to protect large areas of the West Australian coastline.

    Burke rhapsodied about an underwater gorge as big as the Grand Canyon, wondrous dive sites and the need to keep such areas in a pristine state.

    And then, roguishly, he said he was thrilled to discover his enthusiasm for protecting such places was shared by a prominent member of the opposition.

    That, of course, would be the opposition that has been publicly warning that the fishing industries were in danger of ruination by the new marine reserves.

    Turns out, he said, the passion for protecting the West Australian marine world was shared by none other than Julie Bishop.

    She had, Burke crowed, made her views clear as the ocean blue on her own website some time ago, though alas, the material had since been taken down by persons unknown.

    Ah, you might hide but not delete on the internet. All you needed to do was Google a bit and there, in all its splendour, was Ms Bishop’s plea for her constituents to get involved in shaping the government’s plan for coastal waters. There was even a nice picture of Ms Bishop holding a poster which read ”Save Our Marine Life”.

    And indeed, a little Googling revealed, if you scrolled to page 4, precisely that in Ms Bishop’s Christmas newsletter to constituents in her electorate of Curtin in 2009.

    ”Many Curtin residents,” she wrote, ”are concerned about Australia’s marine life and have contacted the Curtin electorate office expressing that concern.

    ”In Western Australia over 7,000 people have written to Environment Minister Peter Garrett calling on the federal government to take action by creating larger marine sanctuaries which would protect Australia’s marine life and its habitat.

    “Australia’s coastal waters are filled with unique marine flora and fauna, particularly in the south west coastal waters of Western Australia, and it is important that we encourage the protection and preservation of our marine ecological environment.

    “I support the Save Our Marine Life campaign and urge the community to become engaged as much as possible in the formulation of the proposed marine protected area for the south west region that balances the interests of all stakeholders.”

    Clearly pleased with his use of the time he would otherwise have spent in Rio, Burke sat down.

    The opposition didn’t ask him another question. Ms Bishop’s famed death stare could have rendered an entire ocean bereft of marine life for a decade.

  157. From this morning’s SMH:

    Court curbs ambitions of Sydney brothel by imposing a limit of 1.5 patrons to every sex worker.

    I wonder what you get for the .5? 😯

  158. This plan is looking up all the time Min. Would I get to watch?
    (her cooking the dinner of course is what I meant)

  159. This is the best big picture we have (sorry if it offends) they are debating the Younger Dryas at Watts.

  160. Min and Tom R

    That story had me intrigued, how do they do the measuring? Or what is the official standard patron?
    In cooking there are many differing standards, imperial, metric and the americans have there very own.

    Obviously the Court knows, did the reporter explain?

  161. Sue, that is the thing which intrigued me one could have .5 of a patron. I can actually think of quite a number of answers. 😆

  162. For el gordo’s sake

    Are there Carbon consequences? Will the tax mean the rate will drop to 1.44, allowing the standard carbon cost .06?

  163. Well we better leave the carbon consequences to Tony on his national tour, starting July 1. He can address that when he finally gets to Sydney.

  164. Listening to press conferences in Rio, you hear the marked differences between how our PM and the President and the journalists and the questions asked.
    Our journos attack the PM for supposedly “nagging” the Europeans, the other journos ask the President “why don’t the Europeans listen to what you are saying and act to address their problems”

    What @rseholes we have as excuse for journalists. If they were fair minded they could actually compare the economies of the USA and Australia and see whcih leader has done the better job of leading their nation.

  165. Carbon pricing (CO2 emissions) and sex workers?
    Are we talking about heavy breathing or Brazilian fart sex (See South Park episode)

    I watched Bill Shorten admit on national TV that Carbon Pricing may have poisoned Phar Lap..

  166. Had a good dig at work yesterday where one of our managers is attempting to justify a considerable price hike to a service we provide and he asked us into a meeting to canvass our ideas.

    I told him to blame the carbon price, everyone else does.

    He’s an arch conservative and has been going on about the toxic carbon tax for a while now. He wasn’t amused.

  167. Ruling on the School Chaplains this morning, in the High Court..

    Constitutional for employing the chaplains.

    Against Constitution on the way the programme was funded.

    Programme is in trouble.

    Government still supports programme. Wonder how many chaplains are now being employed since the rules were changed to allow for welfare workers.

    Have taken information from news ABC 24. Will have to wait for details.

  168. A Queensland man has won his High Court challenge to the Commonwealth’s funding for school chaplaincy programs.

    Toowoomba father Ron Williams had challenged the program on the basis Commonwealth officers are not allowed to be subject to a religious test under the Constitution.

    The court dismissed that claim, but did find the Commonwealth had no power to enter the agreement which funded the program.

    The national chaplaincy program was set up in 2007 by the Howard government to provide for the spiritual wellbeing of students.

  169. Cu, that is excellent news. BIG Congratulations to Ronnie Williams!!! Ronnie has been fighting this one for years now. Ronnie had to tackle it under the Constitution, however his real concern is that school chaplains are not necessarily qualified psychologists nor qualified counsellors and so could do more harm than good. There have also been examples of some school chaplains trying to convert students to their particular religion, mostly Christian extremism.

  170. The clock is ticking away. Mr. Abbott has set aside two weeks in July for his last futile lap around the nation on a lost cause.

    Tick, tock
    In late 2013, Australians will go to the polls and most expect Abbott to be handed victory. At this point, he says he will scrap the carbon price. This would see legislation put to Parliament that would push its removal. Given the Greens and Labor will likely retain enough power to block the legislation in the Senate (Greg Combet has said the ALP will fight a repeal), Abbott would fail to destroy it at the first attempt. For a ‘blood oath’ follow through a second attempt would be required by Abbott, leading to a double dissolution election and, around 12-18 months after the 2013 election, another visit to the polls.
    This means that by the time Abbott would be able to get the legislation repealed, likely early-2015 according to lawyer Fergus Green, the carbon pricing mechanism would have been in place for over two and a half years. To scrap it after such a time would cause no end of headaches for many businesses and spotlight the issue of compensation for carbon units, something the government probably won’t be required to give but will certainly cause angst in the business community.

  171. Facts, that Mr. Abbott is happy to ignore.

    Double dissolution risk
    There have been six double dissolutions in Australian history. Three have seen the elected government returned, three have not. Every double dissolution election (1914, 1951, 9174, 1975, 1983 and 1987) has seen a swing against the incumbents*. In all cases, save for Bob Hawke’s ’87 victory, this has meant a loss of seats in the House.
    It’s not a record that will inspire much confidence amongst Coalition strategists plotting the long-term reign of what would be a first-term PM.

  172. Cu, apparently and according to Tony Windsor the carbon price legislation is a fairly complex work..Windsor stated that it would be etched in concrete, being almost impossible to repeal.

  173. And against the idea of a DD election is that people do happen to remember the last time that the Liberals had control of both houses of parliament = WorkChoices.

  174. Anybody know if Abbott’s carbon trip includes a visit to Whyalla?

    Jeez, they’d wished they’d been wiped off the map if that happens

  175. Clean energy support schemes such as the Renewable Energy Target and Energy Efficiency Targets are pushing down the wholesale price of electricity, substantially offsetting their impact on consumer bills. Yet news coverage around regulated electricity price rises has failed to take this into account.
    Last week the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESCOSA) brought down a special variation on regulated electricity tariffs to account for changes that had taken place since its original price determination made in December, 2010. As usual we saw the headlines in The Australian and Adelaide Advertiser about the carbon tax causing huge price rises.

    What is ignored in the present rising cost of electricity is not in how it is introduced but in how it is distributed.

    Carrying electricity of enormous grids that are thousands of kilometers long is very expensive.

    These grids have not been maintained over the decades. It is hinted that much that is being spent today, is not necessary.

    Maintaining and improving the network was put on hold, while awaiting decisions on what the carbon emission scheme.

    Using renewals and other modern day methods of producing electricity, will lessen the need for extensive grids. Much will be produced on out roofs, or small plants near big towns.

    It does not make sense to satay with coal and extensive power grids. That belongs to the last century.

    It is the mismanagement of the states, of all political coloursm that electrity is so expensive.

    The GEF is away of turning this around.

    Nice to listen to Minister quiet explanations at the NPC. No ranting and raving.

  176. Back onto the School chaplaincy program..interesting indeed.. at least for me it is. 😉

    My bet is that this High Court ruling is the reason why Peter Garrett’s report on the funding of private schools has been delayed..

    The High Court has ruled that the national school chaplaincy program is constitutionally invalid because it exceeds the Commonwealth’s funding powers.

    In a landmark decision that could cast doubt on other areas of Commonwealth funding, the court this morning upheld a challenge to the scheme by Queensland father Ron Williams.

    The Howard government introduced the scheme in 2007, offering schools up to $20,000 a year to introduce or extend chaplaincy services.

    One of Australia’s leading constitutional lawyers George Williams said the implications of the case were massive and could potentially affect any program directly funded by the federal government.

    This would include the local government Roads Recovery program and even direct funding of private schools.

  177. oh oh, it’s on again 😯

    (so sayeth the scribes)

  178. It was a clever move of Mr. Howard’s to undermine what was mainly Labor states by direct funding. It appears that it is another of his sneaky actions, along with those dealing with the refugees, that has not survived High Court challenges.

    I do hope they can find a way of keeping the welfare workers. They are needed.

    ‘This may lead the Commonwealth to engage in a major rethink of its budgetary processes – what it spends money on and how it does that,” he said.
    “This is very likely to be the biggest High Court case of the year.”
    About 2700 schools have received funding under the program to date. The Gillard government has promised to extend the scheme to up to 1000 further schools

    Read more:

  179. Cu, my understanding is that welfare workers are funded by the States, the problem with the school chaplains is that they were/are directly funded by the Commonwealth.

  180. News Ltd. is likely cutting divisions from 19 to 5.

    Packer after Consolidated Media Holdings.

  181. The finding was 6 to 1. Not a bad result. Maybe it is time to email Mr. Garrett that we would be happy to see the church mob go, but would like to see the welfare workers kept.

    Range of different opinions from the judges.

    ABS 24 Roxon and Garrett.

  182. My own problem with the schools chaplaincy program is that there is (at least to my know) no requirement that these chaplains have any qualifications re psychology or counselling. I’ve been following Ronnie Williams’ effort via his facebook group and many instances have been brought to light where the chaplains were doing more harm than good – examples include going and telling a parent when a child complained about being abused and using their status at the school to convert children to their particular religion, mostly of the fundamentalist Christian variety.

  183. Geezzzz why doesn’t someone, anyone, tell Latika to DO YOUR JOB rather than just tweet rubbish. Here’s a hint Latika,
    read the 12 Wixxy articles
    check out who in the LNP /Coalition is involved with Ashby
    challenge Abbott on his Carbon Price predictions
    ask why Minister Burke wasn’t allowed to travel to a once in 10 years conference
    ask News ltd journos why they use sexist comments such as “nagging” when the PM is at an international conference
    etc, etc

  184. Sue, and she is the same on Facebook as well. Just my opinion, but it seems to be all about self-promotion rather than engaging anyone in any meaningful debate.

  185. Tom, is the aim of the trip to show the world the destruction caused by the introduction of the non existing tax.

    Will he show us all those snakes slithering out of the way.

  186. Sue @ 2pm,

    check out who in the LNP /Coalition is involved with Ashby

    James Ashby worked for state MP out to get Peter Slipper

    by: Lauren Wilson
    From: The Australian
    June 20, 2012 12:00AM

    ONE of the Queensland government ministers named in court documents by Peter Slipper's accuser James Ashby has admitted the staffer offered to help with his election campaign while working for the stood-aside Speaker.

    Environment Minister Andrew Powell last night told The Australian he considered Mr Ashby a friend with whom he had maintained occasional contact after the 33-year-old political staffer joined Mr Slipper's office.

  187. This can’t be right .. clearly the IMF haven’t been following Tony Abbott’s media releases from the House of Slitherin’

    IMF backs carbon price
    Adam Morton
    June 19, 2012

    A CLIMATE change policy guide by the International Monetary Fund has broadly backed the federal government’s starting point, recommending a minimum initial carbon price of about $20 a tonne.

    In a report released to guide policymakers, the IMF said there were two basic ways to assess where carbon pricing should start. One aimed to set a path to stabilise the climate at a given level of warming, the other to impose a price that directly reflected the damage caused by a tonne of carbon dioxide. Both suggested a starting price of about $US20 – slightly less than Australia’s July 1 starting rate of $23 a tonne.

    ”A reasonable minimum price to aim for seems to be around $US20 per tonne, under either least-cost climate stabilisation or damage valuation approaches,” the report said.

    Read more:

  188. Min, Garrett changed the rules to employ welfare workers, as well as clerics. Today, he described them as welfare students.

    I believe this might have been because the state schools were not taking the offer up.

    These I believe need only to have certificates. They are needed beside school counselors, as liaison officers between the student and families.

  189. New in from wixxy..

    In breaking news, Peter Wicks says Kathy Jackson may have already breached orders from the Federal Court — and details more decidedly suspect HSU payments.

    It has just come to my attention that last Tuesday 12th June, in Melbourne – and despite an administrator being appointed – Kathy Jackson held a meeting with Marco Bolano.

    This meeting was held in what could be viewed as open defiance of The Federal Court, after all Justice Flick ordered the suspension of union officers at HSU East. In addition, he also ordered that officers of the HSU East Branch be prevented from exercising any powers. Given this meeting took place on the premises of HSU East, it could be viewed as open defiance of the Court’s orders.

  190. Today is World Refugee Day

    “We must work together to mobilize the political will and leadership to prevent and end the conflicts that trigger refugee flows. […] Despite budget constraints everywhere, we must not turn away from those in need. Refugees leave because they have no choice. We must choose to help.”

    Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

    Oxfam on Twitter says…

    Oxfam Australia ‏@OxfamAustralia

    #WorldRefugeeDay. Did you know: in 2011, the 48 least developed countries provided asylum to 2.3 million refugees

    Yet, sooky Scott Morrison, Shadow for Immigration, is obsessing today about captain Emad!!

  191. Well how unsurprising. After making such a huge uproar over how bad the budget was and it would ruin us all, then totally rubbishing it in their budget reply whilst not offering anything in return, we get this.

    Another Abbott fail and further proof he’s all mouth and false bravado but when it comes to delivering on his bluster he’s a coward and backs down or runs away.

  192. Mobius, it’s such a joke isn’t it. Have we ever seen a more ineffectual Opposition. They jump up and down squeal that the sky is about to fall..but guess what, the Budget passes without one single solitary amendment.

  193. Yoo hoo Migs. When you have a spare moment could you please send me the How To for putting Twitter info onto topic. Ta.

  194. Isn’t it telling Min that oppositions against governments with large majorities, even with both houses, get more amendments and their own policies through than Abbott has against a minority government. I don’t think he’s got a single amendment in and not one of his policies tabled plus he’s only managed to block less than one handful of legislation.

    What a loser.

  195. Mobius, it’s most definitely about being able to walk the walk compared with talking and trying to make himself look pretty, and making somewhat delusionary promises. Abbott just doesn’t have the balls for the job..if you’ll pardon the expression.

  196. A little truth.

    A line item in last week’s NSW budget showed an increase of $250 million in dividends from the state’s electricity transmission and distribution businesses.
    This hefty 41 per cent increase in payments to Macquarie Street – up from $639 million to $901 million in only a year – comes at a time when electricity prices for consumers are spiralling, and ironically, when consumer demand is actually falling.
    This is a massive impost on households and on business, and will even act as a drag on the whole economy.

  197. “… While this approach has successfully increased network investment, it restricts the regulator from making holistic assessments of how much of that investment is efficient or necessary. This restriction has led to consumers paying more than necessary for a safe and reliable energy supply.”
    Further evidence of gold-plating came from John Pierce, chairman of the Australian Energy Markets Commission (AEMC), who told the SMH earlier this month that the industry’s explanations for price hikes were unconvincing:
    “We don’t find particularly convincing the explanations for the price increases that have been provided by either the regulator or by the industry,” said Pierce
    Then there is the independent pricing regulator, IPART.
    In a letter to the AEMC’s John Pierce last December, IPART chief executive James Cox said the current regulatory arrangements were putting upward pressure on network prices.
    “(These arrangements) constrain the AER’s ability to apply what it considers to be the best estimate of the efficient operating and capital costs,
    “(They) provide strong incentives for network business to invest capital in the network because the prescriptive requirements of the Rules may lead to excessive returns,”
    Gold-plating that is. Cox went on to say that the rules allowed the network businesses to earn a return on all capital invested “regardless of efficiency and prudency, by requiring the AER to roll all capital expenditure into the asset base”.

    Read more:

  198. Tomorrow I’m having a tooth surgically removed. It’s too infected to simply pull out and the root system is all over the place. A simple extraction just won’t do the trick. Because of the infection I’ve been warned to expect some intense pain as the needles don’t kill off the pain from infection. The after-pain is expected to be savage too.

    It should be fun. I’m looking forward to it.

  199. I have proof that God doesn’t exist.

    I prayed to him for me to win Lotto over the weekend. I didn’t win. Therefore God doesn’t exist.

  200. Or perhaps proof that Guidance does exist, same result but that it’s going to take a littlie bit longer.

    Ps if the dentist forgets to mention it, gargle every hour or so with warm salt water.

  201. I feel for you Migs

    Apparently, having teeth pulled is akin to listening to chrissie ‘the gazelle’ pyne raising points of order

    A swig or two of George Dickels at the appropriate time (continuously) should help alleviate the after-pain 😉

    (also helps with man-flu)

    Hope it all goes as well as can be hoped

  202. By the way, this event is important enough for 87 Presidents or world leaders to attend.

    The Maldives initiative comes just days after federal Environment Minister Tony Burke announced Australia’s plan to set up the world’s largest network of marine parks.

    The network will cover 3.1 million square kilometres, or a third of Australian waters, including the Coral Sea and the southwest coast of Western Australia.

    It will limit fishing and some oil and gas exploration.

    ‘This is the biggest step forward the globe has ever seen,’ Environment Minister Tony Burke told reporters in Sydney last week, adding Australia would be a world leader in ocean protection.

    Mr Burke was prevented from attending the Rio+20 conference after the opposition refused to grant him a pair in parliament, saying they wanted the opportunity to quiz him about the marine parks.

    The environment minister said he was forced to cancel bilateral meetings because he would not have arrived at the conference in time.

  203. Cu, I think that the moot point from the action of Abbott refusing pairs for Tony Burke, is that they failed to bother even asking him a question. Wasn’t it that the government ended up having to pull a few Dorothy Dixers. Why refuse pairs and deny our Environment Minister the opportunity..then do zilch.

    It’s illogical and irrational behavior.

  204. Abbott uses the Institute of Sport for his daily spiel and lies.

    Ten seconds of praise for the gymnastics.

    Why cannot the man stick to the truth. Why cannot they pull him up on the lies.


  205. Abbott during his daily spiel mentioned that the government was treating his bill to give people injured overseas by terrorist acst for compensation.

    Minister Roxon has pointed out why they are in disagreement. It appeared that Mr. Howard on more than one occasion rejected similar policies.

    Being dealt with at the moment.

    Min, Abbott’s spiel is that these are only overseas jaunts and that Mr. Howard would never have behaved as she does. Funny, we have had many examples, where he behaved worse.

    He criticized the PM for the letter, in spite that this is usual custom.

    He repeated that the PM was slapped down by a president. Which has been proven to be false.

    When one has to rely on lies, one does not have much to offer.

  206. Administrator formally appointed. Outside the court, out Kathy complained of being denied justice. Is angry her affidavit was not addressed. Is working with a new legal team.


  207. Ms Jackson’s lawyers made a last-ditch bid to have the case reopened, telling Justice Flick Ms Jackson had new affidavits she wanted to file.

    After lawyers for the other parties objected, Justice Flick denied the request.

    Outside the court Ms Jackson, the former HSU national secretary, said she had been denied justice.

    She said she would consult with another legal team to try and take the matter to the High Court.

  208. Abbott in parliament, still trying to insist that the majority of electricity rise are due to the alleged carbon tax.

    We know from what has been posted on this and other sites, this is not true.

    There is a real story that needs investigating in how we are being ripped off with the present and recent rises.

    Abbott very arrogant today.

  209. Even after Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard have reluctantly begun to wind back the worst excesses, seven out of 10 of us are on some kind of government handout, and we regard any attempt to reduce or remove it as an attack on our basic human rights.
    And of course at the same time, we continue to bay for lower taxes. It isn’t sustainable, and deep down we know it, which is one of the reasons we have grown to resent our politicians – especially the ones in government – so violently and irrationally. The alternative would be to accept the blame ourselves, a final step we are not ready to take.

  210. But doubts (for which there is no basis at all) are now spreading among the general public, to the extent that Julia Gillard (and Tony Burke, when a petty-minded opposition will let him go) will appear at the Rio Summit with their own well-thought-out measures to deal with the problem (the carbon tax and their marine parks network, for starters) both deeply unpopular within their own country.
    And Rio, of course, has already been marked down for failure: the West, in particular, is more concerned with saving itself from decline and fall than with the preservation of the planet. And yet it is precisely this selfishness, this short-sightedness, and yes, this overindulgence and irrationality, that has got us into the mess in the first place. Over to you, Asia.

  211. …..not one of his policies tabled….

    It’s hard to table bugger all, ME..

    Aaagghhhh! on the tooth extraction, Migs. Hope it all goes well with the barest minimum of pain. Is there any way of sending any and all pain to the Liars party by psychic transfer?

    I thought Whyalla was disappearing.

    CU, rumours of the disappearance of Whyalla have been greatly exaggerated by the Liars party, the shock jocks and Ltd News.

    It’s illogical and irrational behavior

    Au contraire, Min. It’s a very deliberate policy to stop the government from taking part in international fora like those being held in Rio and the Maldives

  212. Thank you wixxy for pointing this one out..

    Employment and Industrial Relations Minister Bill Shorten was involved in a physical confrontation with union leader Kathy Jackson and threatened to cut her off politically and personally when she refused to back his ally in an internal Labor election, the national secretary of the Health Services Union has claimed.

    The alleged incident took place in 2007 when Mr Shorten was national secretary of the Australian Workers Union and descended into an abus­ive shouting match between the union leaders, who had been close political allies, according to an affidavit signed by Ms Jackson.

    “The veins were standing out on his forehead,” the affidavit reads.

    According to wixxy, 200 people and nobody saw it. And how the hell anyone can recall veins standing out on a person’s forehead 5 years after the event is beyond me. must have been horrific for Ms Jackson who somehow failed to make any sort of public complaint until now…

  213. ‘Quitting for her health is clearly a wise choice.’

    I agree and Craig should also seek professional advice…for the good of his electorate.

  214. What an arsehole you are el gordo.. That’s the lowest you’ve ever gone and if you were attempting to be funny, it wasn’t.

  215. Oh lookie here..all about Mal Brough..well goodness gracious I didn’t know that. Two investigations out on Brough..and police investigations at that. I wonder that that’s about.. (wry smile).

    If his name is put to a vote of that membership he is considered odds-on favourite to replace Peter Slipper as the party’s candidate at the next federal election.

    However, his candidacy is clouded by his involvement in two investigations, one by the Australian Federal Police and the other a joint investigation by the CMC and Queensland police.

  216. I wonder if his very shaky deal to do with the Tiwi Islands is one of the investigations. I hope so.

    I don’t know if he is guilty of trying to rort the Tiwis but something crook went on with the deals made and he was front and centre at the time.

  217. Census data is interesting at this early stage of its release. The one stat that has caught my attention is a whopping 29% growth in those who say they are not religiously affiliated and they now make up the second biggest block behind the Catholics, who are dwindling.

    It might explain why the Christian Churches are fighting so hard to have chaplaincies in schools so they can try to convertbrainwash young minds.

  218. Mobius
    re Mal Brough

    the federal investigation may have to do with Ashby, but Tiwi Islands I hope so.
    the CMC is from the complaint about interference in the local govt elections, where one of the candidates said Mal offered money (?) for him not to run

  219. Mobius, I have a sneaking suspicion that it all relates not only to Hyacinth pushing JWH..the power behind the throne, but that chaplains work a lot cheaper than qualified psychlogists and counsellors. Garrett is a bit too churchie for my liking..the govt would do well to phase the whole thing out.

  220. Useless 7.30 mentioned the HSU case today, but the idiot/biased 7.30 just had to try and interview Thomson, even though the HSU East was a creation of Jackson and Williamson. Meanwhile NO mention of any of the investigation by Wixxy, who is up to 13 articles on Kathy Jackson. And the ABC claims balance.

  221. Min, I could believe that Shorten had a stand up brawl with out Kathy, I believe she would push anyone to lose it.

    Wonder what the judge had to say today in his findings.

    Sorry, i doubled up on the senator on Cafe 111

  222. For stuff’s sake el gordo, just go. If you don’t know what you attempted then it’s you who needs help, and then you do your usual of throwing in a sidetrack.

    Mark Latham and the ABC is of more interest than mental illness and the deliberate campaign being run to destroy a life for crass political gain of a power hungry bully?

    Just get your pettiness out of here please.

  223. With pleasure Min, its a torrid business, but what do you think of Latham’s idea of aunty’s privatisation?

  224. First for Australia – a law to stop governments stacking the ABC Board
    A ground-breaking bill was passed in the Senate last night and is expected to be carried by the House of Representatives.
    In a first for all public appointments in Australia, governments will be required to adhere to a new merit-based process for appointing ABC and SBS board members when the National Broadcasting Legislation Amendment Bill is carried.

    There is also a new law that allows the electoral office to put names on the rolls from other sources, other than the person themselves enrolling.

    Well over a million are at present not on the rolls.

    The senior Ms. Bishop is up in arms over this. She has alleged that Labor is doing this because they believe the missing people will vote Labor.

    So Labor is now being criticized for ensuring the tolls are up to date.

    It is law that one is on the rolls when they turn 18.

  225. I found out before court started this morning that Aaron Patrick, deputy news editor at the Australian Financial Review, had written about “an ­80-page affidavit prepared by Ms Jackson” “obtained independently by The Australian Financial Review.”
    “Judge Geoffrey Flick did not allow Ms Jackson to submit the affidavit as evidence following objections from lawyers for the federal government and other union leaders that the allegations in it were scandalous and not relevant. The judge indicated he would not release documents to the media that contained explosive allegations.”
    “They’ll start turning on each other soon, that’s what happens,” said the retired lawyer as she read the article out loud. “If that is all they can pick out of an 80 page affidavit, she’s got no idea, it’s all waffle, she’s got no witnesses, what’s the point? It’s heresay on heresay. Of course there’s no witnesses. That’s her side of it, Wixxy’s got some very different information. How did the private investigator get hold of American Express records? Someone’s breaching confidentiality.”

  226. The document does not discuss in detail allegations that the union’s former national secretary, Craig Thomson, who is now a federal MP, was using money from the national branch for personal purposes, including prostitutes. Mr Thomson left the union in 2007 and was succeeded by Ms Jackson.
    Ms Jackson portrays herself as becoming isolated within the union and the labour movement as she tried to get an official investigation started into the new division, HSU East. She claims her opponents mounted a smear campaign after she went public.
    Other claims and revelations in the document include:
    Ms Jackson hired a private detective to investigate corruption in the HSU on the advice of her partner, Michael Lawler, a vice-president of Fair Work Australia.
    She secretly tape-recorded executive meetings of the HSU; and
    HSU East secretary Michael ­Williamson offered Ms Jackson commissions to sell the services of his IT company, United Edge, to unions in the United States.
    The document provides an insight into how the HSU scandal has strained relationships within the Labor movement.
    Ms Jackson and Mr Shorten have a direct personal connection. Ms Jackson’s closest friend in Labor politics, the Parliamentary Secretary for Defence, David Feeney, was best man at Mr Shorten’s first wedding, to Debbie Beale, the daughter of a wealthy Liberal politician, Julian Beale.
    Senator Feeney was a key player in the removal of Kevin Rudd as prime minister in 2010. With Mr Shorten, he is a leader of the Right faction in Victoria.
    As Employment Relations Minister, Mr Shorten decided to seek court permission to appoint an administrator to HSU East, a move opposed by Ms Jackson.

  227. grodo, I hope you’ve got an apology ready for Craig Thomson when all this is over.

    The idea of Latham on the ABC board is somewhat intriguing. There’s a billy goat gruff who could dispatch the odd troll. 😆

  228. Don’t the police know, Liberals are above the law. Why would the meeting with the company, stop staff from giving evidence, then put pressure on to get the charges withdrawn.

    The police let one know that they were unhappy at the time.

    In a statement, Senator Fisher said her faltering recovery from a depressive illness was hampered by repeated pressures from the police prosecution service, in its calculated and deliberate attempt to increase the length, complexity, cost and emotional turmoil of her trial.

    Some of Senator Fisher’s Liberal colleagues are also agreeing with her claims that she was targeted by police.

    Liberal MP Andrew Robb says the Senator’s battle with depression has been exacerbated by the “effective persecution” by police over the past 12 months.

    Senator Fisher’s illness is not the problem. The interference by the party is.

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