Leadership LNP vs ALP

Truth Seeker has kindly allowed me to reproduce a poem his posted on his own site Truth Seeker’s Musings where lots of other great and witty poems can be found. Like the other poems of his that have been posted here, this one also hits the mark.

Over to Truth Seeker:

As we approach the election, there are many great blogs covering the pros and cons of Abbott verses Gillard, but to me it’s all about leadership and suitability for the job.

Leadership LNP vs ALP

The qualities to be PM

Of this, our wide brown land

Are as many as they are varied

Like grains of coloured sand

We need someone who’s smart and strong

Who’s fair and decent too

We need someone with vision

And with the guts to see it through

We need someone to meet world leaders

And represent us well

To walk the world stage with honour

And to ring Australia’s bell.


So who is there to take the job

The pugilist T Abbott?

Who cannot answer questions

Just takes off, like a startled rabbit

They say he’s a Rhodes Scholar

So you’d think he have some smarts

He’s short on policy costing and detail

But delivers great brain farts

Physically he is very strong

Of that, there’s no denying

But his character is badly flawed

And he’s very good at lying.


His misogynistic traits are there

For everyone to see

With a vision looking backwards

To the days of drudgery

With the LNPs unspoken creed of

Everyone for themself

Unless you’re one of the mega rich

Then they’ll help you build your wealth

And his record on the world stage

Shows the man is lacking class

While his conduct shows conclusively

He’s not a PM’s . . . arse


And who else from the rabid right

Could step up to plate

There’s M Turnbull mentioned round the traps

But he’s left his run too late

He was touted as a moderate

With an attitude benign

But his credibility is badly shot

As he tows the party line

There’s J Hockey nicknamed sloppy Joe

For reasons clear to all

And running down our great economy shows

He’s really . . . dropped the ball.


The rest are just a mindless rabble

With naught to recommend them

Regurgitating spin and lies

Not one could be our PM

They rubbish our economy

To push their own agendas

Ignoring facts and reason

As they’re professional truth benders

So now we come to J Gillard

Opposite in every way

She’s done the job for two years now

And getting better every day.


In difficult circumstances

She has done a stellar job

Facing lies and obfuscation

From that opposition mob

Showing guts and real commitment

To our great Australia fair

Despite the media’s persecution

And a ‘right’ that just don’t care

She has talked the talk with courage . . . and

Walked the walk with dignity

Whilst focused on the future

And our children’s legacy.


She’s inclusive, inspiring loyalty

And a great negotiator

And despite minority government

A proved Administrator

With a vision for the future

Based on social conscience

While the misogynistic sociopath

Spouts ideological nonsense

So the choices are quite different

With both taking opposing parts

A woman truly focused

Or a man who just . . . brain farts.


But it’s not about race, or colour

Or which is the stronger sex

It’s about effective leadership

Not about impressive pecks

It’s about a strong economy

Not personal ambitions

Disguised with lies and slogans

Repeated in worn out renditions

From a team of negativity

That really doesn’t care

It’s about Australia’s future

So Advance . . . our Julia . . . fair.