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  1. FORMER prime minister Paul Keating says our $1.3 trillion pool of retirement savings should be used to bolster the economy and reduce the need for banks to borrow offshore.

    Citing the national book-to-deposit ratio of 58 per cent, Mr Keating said that Australia’s growing pool of superannuation should be made available to the banks in case funding markets got even tighter in the event of more bad news from Europe.

    The man once-regarded as the world’s greatest treasurer also rejected widespread claims that Australia’s workforce was inflexible, citing modest wage inflation data that has been trending lower as evidence.

  2. This twittery thing is fun. I’ve just spent the last 15mins to and fro-ing one on one with Glenn Milne. I never expected that ever to happen in my lifetime. But life, they say is full of surprises. 😀

  3. Yep, welcome to the Liberals in power.

    Shooters MP Robert Brown makes threat against Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham in the NSW Parliament during debate over a bill to allow hunting in national parks. 20 June 2012.

  4. Glenn Milne’s opinion as expressed to me (in part) is:

  5. CU

    But she also blamed “dogged, calculated and deliberate attempts by the police prosecution service” to extend her “emotional turmoil”.

    I haven’t heard her come out to complain about the treatment meted out to Thom(p)son by her colleagues though?

  6. Just read grodos comment on the previous thread.

    Well said ME. grodo does nothing more but reveal the true nature of a garden variety troll.

  7. Yes, I believe the police was very angry at how the last mattered was handled.

    That, I believe is the scandal. The fact that the Liberal party acted to cover up and divert justice.

  8. Is it not wonderful that one will not have to make a tax return of one earns less than $18.000 after the first of July.

    PS Our minister for sport, well and truly held her own with Mr. Abbott. He had to work hard to beat her in those dives.

    As Emerson said, the belly flops will be much harder after July the first.

  9. Just heard about the tragedy unfolding with the capsized boats of asylum seekers. And , already, the politics is being played out. This was nice reply to the crocodile tears

  10. CU @9.15pm, no photos with Liealot standing by his Senator, this time?

    Tom R @9.44pm, but Thomson isn’t a Liar, so he doesn’t qualify for the presumption of innocence and all that legal stuff.

    And @10.08pm, I understand grodo and ToM share some tasty real estate under a rather nice bridge. And it’s rumoured that Iain Hall is looking for a des res in the same location.

    And @10.23pm, like that mongrel Kenny gives a toss! The tweet by Concera Vota was an excellent counter to Kenny’s crocodile tears. No doubt, Liealot will have some glycerine dropped into his p!ss holes for some fake emotion.

  11. Tom, not sure but I checked out who he links with and it’s a couple of other journos. Otherwise, the real one should be going for misrepresentation.

  12. Another one about turning the boats around is turn them around to where? An increasing number are coming from the direction of Malaysia. Excuse me Mr People Smuggler, but where did you come from? What! You don’t speak English.

    This not to trivialise the situation, but I think people should be aware just how ludicrous are Tony Abbott’s statements.

  13. Speaking of crocodile tears. After a week of deliberately lying to his readers over what is happening overseas. shanana then has the balls to write drivel like this

    The problem for Gillard remains that wistful sighs of envy from foreign leaders who recognise our relative strength are still not converting into any signs of confidence from Australian voters.

    Until the domestic audience gets the message that has been sent to the foreign leaders, the Gillard government will continue to show signs of frustration and overreach in trying to promote that same message.

    Well duh, I wonder why the message doesn’t get out? It wouldn’t have anything to do with a campaign by ltd news to help spread tabots fear campaign, and undermine all the positive economic news with lies and misrepresentations?

  14. Judge Geoffrey Flick did not allow Ms Jackson to submit the affidavit as evidence following objections from lawyers for the federal government and other union leaders that the allegations in it were scandalous and not relevant. The judge indicated he would not release documents to the media that contained explosive allegations.

    And yet here we are, reading all about it as more slurs are cast by a player with more clouds over her than winters day could attract. It appears the afr has delved into the TT, ACA brand of reporting, joining the rest of our media.

    Yet apparently it is all the internets fault they are dying ❓

  15. Min, I know milne isn’t to be trusted at the best of times, so not sure if we take this at face value or not, but I’ve come to assume no one in the innertubes is who they say they are until I’ve had a fair amount of third party corroboration for them.

  16. There is one current theme that runs through everything that is written about Ms. Jackson since 2007.

    If one disagrees with her, she sets out to destroy them.

    Mr. Thomson could be the first of a long long of victims.

    When one breaks it down, there are two distinct scenarios.

    Ms. Jackson is a hero, and all others in the HSU from say 2005 in, are all crooks. I mean all. The only honest person is Ms. Jackson.

    The other is that Ms. Jackson herself is the culprit.

    Mr. Thomson’s defense does appear to test the limitations of commonsense and reality. That is until one looks at the actions of Ms. Jackson.

    She has spent three or more weeks trying to get her allegations before the courts, I assume so the media can have a party with them.

    The judge in this case, appears to be the first to be first to identify what she is saying as little more than vicious allegations and innuendo.

    There has to be some type if in depth investigations in to everything connected with this matter. This is needed, to clear the innocence.

    There was a previous administrator a few short years ago that appeared to be manipulated by Ms. Jackson, and the same mob re-elected.

    What amazes me, with all the so called evidence and multiple police investigations re Mr. Thomson, no charges have been load.

    It was just a few weeks ago after the police raid of HSU headquarters, the the police said there would be imminent arrests, within the week.

    The FWA, said in the Senate Hearings, that charges were in the process of being laid.

    I have a seeking feeling, that when lawyers become involved, they find the evidence wanting, both in the police and FWA. Could be wrong.

    What is worrying, all allegations come from and has been through the hands of Ms. Jackson.

    Ms Jackson portrays herself as becoming isolated within the union and the labour movement as she tried to get an official investigation started into the new division, HSU East. She claims her opponents mounted a smear campaign after she went public.
    Other claims and revelations in the document include:
    Ms Jackson hired a private detective to investigate corruption in the HSU on the advice of her partner, Michael Lawler, a vice-president of Fair Work Australia.
    She secretly tape-recorded executive meetings of the HSU; and
    HSU East secretary Michael ­Williamson offered Ms Jackson commissions to sell the services of his IT company, United Edge, to unions in the United States.
    The document provides an insight into how the HSU scandal has strained relationships within the Labor movement.

  17. Thank you Michael Gordon..sort of.. Any shrillness seems to be coming from one source only..

    IT’S time to end the blame game – and it’s time Tony Abbott made it possible for Julia Gillard to implement the policy she insists will make tragedies like the one that unfolded last night less likely.

    It’s also time both sides recognised that the shrill, tit-for-tat debate about who bears responsibility for the spike in boat arrivals is not just undermining public support for asylum seekers and Australia’s humanitarian program. It has become its own pull factor.

  18. Hey Min

    I see vex also reporting that Tony’s latest stunt day has just given the govt free advertising pictures, backflips galore

  19. An update on s-i-l, especially as Jane was asking last night. She had her first lot of chemo on Tuesday. This from b-i-l:

    Hi Guys – J* got through first session ok but had allergic reaction to first drip – 5 mins in – so all stopped and she was given antihistamine and something else to calm her out of it – not a good start but after a time allowed for the drugs to work it was restarted at a slower rate and this was successful. They will know next time so will pre drug her first. so it’s been long day and J* is ok but resting.

    There are so many women going through this all the time – Min mentioned a FB friend the other day, there’s KAK… One in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 85. Keep on top of those self-checks and mammograms ladies – we don’t want you joining these statistics.

  20. Bacchus, love and lots of positive energy for your s-i-l.

    Also let’s not forget you blokes and your men’s wellness checks.

  21. ‘Fortescue challenges MRRT in High Court’

    Is this the time for states to start worrying, as some Constitutional experts said that states were not entitled to charge mining royalties, as under the Constitution that right to charge taxes belonged to the Federal govt.
    Now wouldn’t that be fun at least Twiggy could tell his shareholders and his mate Barnett he had reduced taxes for Fortescue.

  22. Sue, you are correct. If some of the experts are correct, this is opening a Pandora’s Box.

    It is said that the Crown owns the minerals in the ground.

    What has never been tested, is what Crown. Is it the Federal crown or the states.

    Did the Crowns that the states claim survive after Federation.

    It does not make sense to me for the states to federate, and keep their individual relations with the mother country at the same time.

    The other problem that Fortescue, is that the Federal government is not imposing a royalty. It is taxing the profits that come from the sale of the minerals.

    Do not believe that the government has much to lose on this one. Ot could have much to gain.

    When one approaches the courts on the Constitution, one often gets results they do not want.

    Just seen Abetz defending the senator from SA. Funny that one only has panic attacks in super markets, then they can be frightening places. Mr. Abbott has said it is a gutsy thing to resign. Others have said that the police should have better thinks to do, like catching fly by shooters, that worrying about shoplifting.

    Mr. Abbott seems to have moderated his response to the latest baost sinking in Indonesia waters. According to him, today is not the time for politics.

    Wonder what their private polling has been telling him.

    Could be, the public is sick of hearing about the arrivals, that he should let the government govern in this regard. Support the Malaysian solution and lets us move on.

  23. Sue, that one will hinge on a High Court decision as to whether minerals belong to the individual States or to the nation. Naturally WA Premier Barnett is supporting Twiggy.

    I would love to know under which section/s of the Constitution Twiggy Forrest is launching this action. Probably this one, but if you’re going to the High Court you need more than one attack point.

    s99 The Commonwealth shall not, by any law or regulation of trade, commerce, or revenue, give preference to one State or any part thereof over another State or any part thereof.

    However, and it’s just my opinion the wording of the Constitution states “gives preference to”, and the MRRT it could be claimed to be just the opposite, that it is of detriment to the mining states (yes I’s legal-ese). Or is the claim that by taxing the mining states, that this by implication gives “preference to” the non-mining states.

    I think that above will be about “it”.

  24. OGF chief Anita Milroy says more than 50 skeletons of diprotodons, a giant prehistoric mammal, had been found and are believed to be about 200,000 years old.

    Other “megafauna” unearthed include a big lizard related to the modern day komodo dragon, an extinct freshwater fish, giant kangaroos and a giant forest wallaby.

    Ms Milroy says smaller marsupials, fish and frogs were also found among the fossil “treasure trove”, indicating the animals may have gathered together for a reason.

    “It looks like it was one of the last remaining sources of water when the extinction happened of all this fauna,” she said.

    The largest diprotodon fossil uncovered, nicknamed Kenny, has a 70cm lower jaw and is expected to be about three metres tall when fully reconstructed.

    Ms Milroy said the area, which had not been studied before, was home to the largest collection of “megafauna” fossils anywhere in Australia.

    Read more:

  25. The government produces while the Abbott circus goes on.

    This is one is several new important legislation delivered this week.

    PATIENTS will no longer have to repeatedly re-tell their medical histories to doctors after legislation passed Parliament to set up a electronic health record system.
    The Federal Government says the system will bring the management of health records into the 21st century and provide life saving information in emergencies.
    The legislation passed the Senate with the support of the Coalition despite the concerns about privacy from some Opposition senators.
    The system aims to reduce the number of hospital admissions because of medication errors which equate to 190,000 a year as well as cutting down on medical errors because of inadequate patient information.
    Australians’ health records will be available online and protected by encrypted passwords.

    Read more:

  26. Mr. Abbott statement is interesting. Could not be a little back down in the offering.

    Mr Abbott says the people smuggling issue needs to be addressed, but political “argy bargy” should not happen while the tragedy was ongoing.
    “It shows what a horrible business this whole people smuggling racket is,” Mr Abbott told the Nine Network on Friday.
    “Obviously it’s important we stop it one way or another, but I don’t think today is a day for politics.
    “It’s a day for human sympathy for everyone caught up in this terrible disaster and support and encouragement for the rescue effort.”

    Read more:

  27. Fortescue’s case will challenge the MRRT on a number of grounds including it discriminates between the states according to a section of the constitution, curtails state sovereignty and that it gives preference to one state over another.
    The miner has been threatening a constitutional challenge against the controversial mining tax since it was first unveiled around two years ago, with chairman Andrew Forrest leading the charge.
    Premier Colin Barnett, who has been a vocal opponent of the MRRT, has previously said the WA Government would support any High Court challenge by providing advice.

    Read more:

  28. Cu and

    PATIENTS will no longer have to repeatedly re-tell their medical histories to doctors after legislation passed Parliament to set up a electronic health record system.

    And hallelujah for that one!

  29. Cu, if Abbott is backing down on the asylum seeker won’t take up more than 10 minutes of his precious time.

    The people smuggling issue IS being addressed as Abbott knows full well. The AFP since about a year ago are now working with Indonesian authorities to address the issue at it’s source.

    If you throw a few peasant fishermen into a prison in Darwin, this is not addressing the people smuggling issue. And nor is turning the boats around.

  30. Min, and I bet the doctor will be very careful in what they write down.

    Once , doctors believed that one’s personal record belong to them.

  31. Abbott was asked during the week, what did he have to lose by letting the PM’s scheme go through.

    The questioner pointed out to Abbott, is he was correct, the scheme would fail.

    His answer is, as to all questions, that he does not support bad policy.

    Bad policy, I believe, according to Mr. Abbott, is what does not benefit him.

    We need to remember, the government is willing to reopen Nauru, to get Abbott’s support. Nauru will not change anything, but the PM is willing to do this, if this is what it takes.

  32. So far, all the concessions have been on the part of the elected government and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, who has agreed to beef up protections for those who would be sent to Malaysia as part of the people-swap agreement that the High Court found to be illegal.
    To entice the opposition to pass legislation to make it legal, he has also agreed to establish an independent inquiry on the efficacy of the Coalition’s plan to reintroduce temporary protection visas, or TPVs; and to reopen a processing centre on Nauru (the Coalition’s policy).
    But there have been

    Read more:

  33. Don’t Come Here By Sea!

    We’ve heard your stories one and all.
    Widow, orphan, soldier amputee,
    And how you strive to reach landfall
    Here beyond the Arafura Sea.

    You know that if you come by boat
    People smugglers charge a hefty fee;
    No guarantee you’ll stay afloat
    To journey’s end across the Timor Sea.

    If Tony Abbott now held sway
    He’d stop your boat. That’s his policy.
    He’d turn you round, have you towed away,
    Deaf to your cries, back to the cruel sea.

    A plan to lessen your suffering
    Has now come from the ALP,
    Anxious to find a buffering
    Between Oz and the surrounding sea.

    It’s been proposed by PM Gillard,
    Wherever your starting point may be,
    Boarding leaky boats will be barred.
    You may not risk your life at sea!

    There now will be an orderly queue
    For you to join, perhaps certainty
    That at last we might welcome you.
    Though for that, you’ll have to wait and see.

    Be patient. Understand you’re seeking refuge
    In a land already sanctuary
    To people whose anxiety is huge,
    Girt as Australia is by sea.

    Things here aren’t what they used to be
    When we had endless plains to share
    With those who came across the sea.
    So forget all that, and – ‘Come By Air!’

  34. Julian Burnside’s question was one that he would probably give to 1st year law students. 🙂 Firstly it’s unlawful to use punitive measures to try to “deter” people from seeking asylum..not that this ever stopped JWH. Secondly, there is the more recent High Court ruling which states that people detained offshore shall have access to the Australian court system. Therefore Nauru is nothing more than PR for Tony Abbott..and he knows it.

  35. Looks like everything goes this week with the attacks on the PM.

    Bolt has been trying for weeks. The FRW, Reb’s and now this.

    It amazes me how a senator being once again charged with shoplifting leads to this.

    By the way, the accusations have been well and truly dealt with in the past. Nothing in the story is new.

    There have been no negative findings against the PM. There have against the other woman in the picture.

  36. “Looks like everything goes this week with the attacks on the PM.”

    To be fair CU, I do at least make an effort to have a bit of balance… 😉

    Although it is interesting the way in which the crazy Senator’s new shoplifting charge hardly rates a mention in the MSM.

    The way in which she blamed the SA Police for their “relentless persecution” was a nice touch and provided a brief glimpse into her delusional little world.

  37. Cu, I looked it up and it was in 1995. So it’s a 17 year old story. It’s done the rounds on and off since Julia became PM. At the time Julia had “criminal allegations”, but no charges were ever laid. It was the act of her bf at the time. Heaven help us if 17yrs down the track we were all to be held responsible for the acts of former bfs.

  38. Reb, that one about Fisher is a mental health issue. Clearly an unwell lady. As such I would prefer to leave Fisher to retreat quietly.

  39. One woman assaulted a security guard, just doing her job, but gets praised by Tony Abbott as courageous.
    The other woman just doing her job gets abused by Tony Abbott daily and is referred to as “she” because she won’t lay down and die.

  40. This is true Min…

    You would’ve thought her colleagues would’ve heard the alarm bells after that hokey-pokey speech in Parliament.

  41. I just heard on the news break about the ‘courageous’ decision for the hokey pokey to leave parliament


  42. That the very old story on Gillard has been raised on the back of the Fisher resignation for repeat criminality does not surprise me. The opposition and their mouthpieces are adept at always putting the spotlight back on Gillard and away from their side’s many malfeasances and failings. They excel in projectionism.

    That reb, who I’ve always given a lot of credibility for his intelligence and ability to not fall in behind this crass RWDBism tactic, has done exactly that has me perplexed.

  43. Reb, I have been hearing the alarm bells for the last month, long before yesterday’s speech in parliament.

    That still does not mean it is true, or there is any value in rehashing the matter.

    I did not connect the two woman this was done on another site. I was pointing out that it was a ridiculous comparison.

    Yes the SA senator has problems. I have no problem with that. I do have problems with how the Liberal’s attempted to cover it up and divert the course of justice, as the SA police seem to agree with.

  44. Reb, I can absolutely guarantee that during my years as an elected representative, that I never ever did the hokey pokey..drank numerous bottles of Bailey’s tho’…

  45. “reb…has done exactly that”

    Well I haven’t really done “exactly that..”

    All I did was reproduce the Pickering post about Gillard’s attempts to silence the media about her past history…

    Do I think Gillard is guilty of stealing a million dollars? No.

    Do I think that she deliberately used her clout to have the allegations silenced in the media? Maybe, but I don’t know for sure one way or the other..

    Do I think it is a public interest story? Yes, I do.

    And I’m not, as CU is inclined to do, simply dismiss the whole story as a “fabrication”.

    Just sayin… 😉

  46. Reb, BTW are you still in Hobart or did the move to Melbourne happen? Just wondering as we had a bit of a bloggers meet up in Sydney. I was thinking of a similar event for the future.

    You had better watch Cu tho’..she’s a beer drinker.

  47. “I never ever did the hokey pokey”

    I note that you neglected to mention “the time warp” though…. 😉

  48. Reb, a problem is that we all know the’s an old ‘un. Plus I can’t see how it’s anyway relevant to current events given that it happened 17 years ago. But it’s your blog, and you are indeed the master of your own domain.

  49. Heavens reb, is that in Elwood or in Hawthorn. I’ll bet that it was sad to leave your special place in Hobart, I remember the pics that V* sent to me. Beautiful view.

  50. “And I’m not, as CU is inclined to do, simply dismiss the whole story as a “fabrication”.

    Just sayin… “

    Reb, look at what I said. I said that the matter was dealt with, as Min said 17 years ago. No wrong doing was found.

    Now, unless there are new facts, I will stick by what was found 17 years ago.

  51. “I do have problems with how the Liberal’s attempted to cover it up and divert the course of justice…”

    Well how adventive of the Liberals. Surely that’s not their norm and they’re honest and straight forward, it’s only the damn Gillard who is the evil one around here, to be hounded and pilloried until the day she dies and then even more so after that when she’s not alive to defend herself.

    Let me see, I’m certain the Liberals outed Slipper when he was their boy. Oops sorry they protected him. Damn everywhere I look I find a glaring double standard going on and gross hypocrisy of the first order, tell me this isn’t so.

    Next someone will tell me Abbott has openly confessed to being liar.

  52. Hear hear Time for Abbott to do what Mr Beasley did in his position.

    Beasley never agreed with Howard but had the belief, as PM, he had the right to govern.

    The UN’s refugee agency has called on Australia to redouble its efforts to find safer ways for asylum seekers to pursue protection in the wake of the latest boat disaster.

    Up to 90 people are feared dead after an overpacked boat capsized between Indonesia and Christmas Island on Thursday.

    A total of 109 people have been rescued so far.

    The UNHCR says the tragedy underscores the dangerous nature of these hazardous journeys.

    ‘It also reinforces the need for renewed international solidarity and cooperation to find protection options for people that would help to reduce the need for these perilous journeys by boat,’ the agency said in a statement.

    ‘UNHCR calls on Australia and countries in the region to redouble their efforts to provide safer and more secure options for people to find protection other than through these dangerous and exploitative boat journeys.’

  53. Is there change coming?

    All options, including the Malaysian solution, need to be reconsidered as part of a renewed effort at shutting down the people smuggling trade, according to Federal Liberal backbencher Mal Washer.

    Dr Washer’s comments come amid the unfolding tragedy north of Christmas Island, where dozens of asylum seekers are feared to have drowned after their boat capsized.

  54. “My party, the Coalition, and the Labor Party, after this tragedy, have really got to sit down again and think seriously through these issues as to how we could reduce this people smuggling business,” Mr Washer told ABC News Online.

    “There is no politics involved when it comes to this type of loss of life.

    “I think the Coalition’s got to reconsider all its options, and the Labor Party has to too.”

  55. Re the 17yo story, that’s the one the poisoned dwarf tried to resurrect last year, I think. Then we had Dolt jumped on the bandwagon gibbering on about the shock jock, whose name escapes me, and the dodgy stat dec, which never surfaced.

    The shock jock was suspended, Dolt had to shut his yap as did Milne.

    A certain troll over at TPS, has started spruiking it, which led to me googgling it.

    The story was that Gillard had set up bank accounts for Bruce Wilson, an AWA heavy weight and had helped him to defraud the union of funds (completely untrue).

    It was also claimed that she was living with him (completely untrue), that he had bought her a house (also completely untrue), and that he had given her $70K to pay for renovations to her house (also completely untrue).

    It was claimed that he had defrauded the union of a very large sum. He has NEVER been charged, or investigated as far as I know, for doing so.

    So I think it’s safe to say the whole thing has been a giant beat up which the Liars and their barrackers dredge up when they’ve had a trouncing in QT.

  56. Jane, thank you for you and your memory. I thought that it might have been the Blot who ran the story fairly recently, but it was indeed Milne. So Milne 2007 was writing about events a decade prior…

    Here we go..found it.

    The article, written by journalist Glenn Milne – but later repudiated by the newspaper – claimed Ms Gillard had been unknowingly implicated in a “major union fraud” while she was working as a lawyer in Melbourne before she entered parliament.

    Milne reported on allegations that concerned “the embezzlement of union funds – not disputed – and later the subject of a court conviction by a former boyfriend of Gillard, Bruce Wilson”.

    At the time Mr Wilson was an official with the Australian Workers Union.

    The only question here really is how is it that a false allegation about the Prime Minister is published in The Australian newspaper without anyone from The Australian contacting me or my office for a comment?

    Milne alleged that “as a solicitor acting on instructions, she set up an association later used by her lover to defraud the AWU”.

    “But she has strenuously denied ever knowing what the association’s bank accounts were used for,” Milne added.

    Milne wrote that he had originally written the story in 2007 but was prevented on legal advice publishing another allegation.

  57. 3:15pm: Independent MPs Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have joined Dr Washer in calling for a bipartisan solution:

    In a statement, Mr Windsor said both the Opposition and the Greens must take a fresh look at legislation put forward by Mr Oakeshott aimed at restoring offshore processing:

    “Surely the real issue is about saving people’s lives and the best way of doing this is to discourage people from getting on a boat in the first place.”
    “The boats are not safe – they are not cruise liners with life rafts and they are overcrowded.
    “The Malaysia option would mean that people seeking asylum in Australia would not get onto a leaky boat in the first place.”
    Mr Oakeshott has singled out the Opposition, telling The Australian there was “a desire by some for toxic politics to win the day”:

    “It’s really for, in my view [Opposition immigration spokesman] Scott Morrison, to start to think about what on earth he is doing on behalf of national policy by blocking this for political gain.”
    “[He is] absolutely sitting on his hands and saying it is not the Coalition’s role to try and fix this; that this is somehow it is an impasse that is of the Government’s making.
    “If that is the position he is taking, get out of the way.”

  58. Oakeshott and “If that is the position he is taking, get out of the way.” As my youngest’s tag end to her emails used to state: If you can’t be a part of the solution, then you’re a part of the precipitate.

  59. Yes Min, when one says no, they are taking on responsibilities for the results.

    I do think we should be attacking the Greens on the same grounds.

  60. Yarra’s Edge Min.

    Yes it was sad to leave the country place, but it was a lot of work maintaining the land.

    We’re enjoying city life, and besides just outside the new pad we have a mooring for our little weekend runabout.

  61. Reb, knowing you I was thinking either Eastern burbs or bayside..but anywhere close to the Yarra is worth mega and the ambience of course..the discrete little cafes, jazz bands etc.

    But can I ask a TF are you going to get that one to float on the Yarra.

  62. I’m disturbed to hear that Maxine McKew is to publish a “tell all” book about the toppling of Rudd. The language of the piece I read re this is redolent with florid references to “skewering, knifing,” etc, that would do Laurie Oakes proud. So there’s the basis of months worth of “Try as she might, Gillard can’t escape…” lines & fertile ground for Abbott & his numerous boosters. Couple it with the media’s complete disinterest in scrutinising Abbott & this could be very serious. Oh, & of course the media’s complete disinterest in scrutinising their own part in it all. Evidently some “Faceless Men” woke up one morning & for something to do on a slow day conspired with the evil Gillard to get rid of Rudd. That’s how it went, wasn’t it?

    Like Jackson & Latham, Maxine will be lauded & derided by her one time opponents as the occasion demands. I suppose one should wait & see but it’s concerning.

  63. I felt the same sense of unease, BSA Bob, when I read her comments about what the book might contain. I wondered if Bob Hogg, her other half, supposedly a good Labor man, might talk her into a different timing. After all, surely they don’t want an Abbott victory? I think that’s the thing I can’t forgive Rudd for – it’s all about him, and not the party. And his faithful followers are similarly blind to the damage they are doing.

  64. ‘After all, surely they don’t want an Abbott victory?’

    No, they want to replace Julia over the ‘winter break’ and put in a charismatic leader who will save Labor from massive electoral defeat.

    There is still time to save the party and make it relevant in the 21st century.

  65. Bob and Patricia, I believe the decision to depose Rudd was not engineered by anyone.

    I believe the caucus had come to the decision that he had to go, as it was obvious that mistakes, serious mistakes were being made. Also, Rudd was making no inroad on Rudd.

    The polls might still be bad, but in reality, Abbott has not laid a glove on the PM.

    I believe that the decision that Rudd had to go, was separate from supporting Gillard.

    One was not reliant on the other.

    Rudd would have went, no matter what Gillard did.

    If Gillard said no, there would have been another that stepped up to the plate.

    I also believe that Gillard had no dying ambitions to take over at that time. She is bright and clever enough to know she was taking hold of a poison chalice.

    She would have known, if she refused, she would have another chance down the track.

    Why Maxine McKew cannot see this, I do not know.

    The PM and the caucus biggest mistake was not putting the boot into Rudd at the time.

    I believe this happened, because there was respect for the guts he had shown during GFC.

    The problem was that he reached a stage where he became dysfunctional. No one can put it in a kinder manner.

    I do not believe that Maxine has anything new to say. What she says may even clear the air.

    Anyone in Labor that believes they can destroy this PM without setting the Labor Party and our democracy back decades, have rocks in the head.

    This PM is capable of dealing with a bullying Opposition leader and media.

    For the sake of democracy in this country, she has to win.

  66. ‘No one can put it in a kinder manner.’

    Not dysfunctional, just the school bully, but he claims to have reformed since meeting some real statesmen.

    A refreshed leader, our golden haired hero, can topple the Opposition. History will record that this knifing of Rudd was purely an internal power struggle and the people, not all that interested, thought it must be okay.

    Julia only won the last election through the formation of a minority government and then changed the narrative to watching sea level rise.

  67. The PM formed a legit minority government according to the Constitution. The PM had 58% support of the votes casted to do this,

    Mr., Abbott had similar chance to do so, He failed at the first hurdle. He does not have the ability to negotiate, which is what politics is about.

    It is the PM skills that has held this duly elected, minority government together.

    Maybe the PM will be beaten at the next election. So what. The PM has carried out and produced what she was elected to do.

    It was only the lost vote of one sick MP that we did not have a GEF legislation during Rudd’s time.

    What we have now, is superior legislation on that of Rudd’s.

    el gordo, no matter what happens, there will be schemes to deal with carbon emissions. Abbott also promises one. One that is more expensive and will not deliver.

    There is no golden hair hero that is going to ride into rescue us.

    it will either be Labor, as we have today or Abbott.

  68. The founding chairman of Fortescue Metals, Andrew Forrest, has campaigned strongly against the tax, arguing it unfairly discriminates against smaller miners at the expense of the more established companies.

    West Australian Premier Colin Barnett confirmed the state would not join the challenge but would appear as an interested party.

    Mr Barnett says he does not believe a legal challenge will be successful, although he does think there are constitutional grounds for such a case.

  69. We know its a legitimate government and they will be democratically thrown out in due course.

    ‘there will be schemes to deal with carbon emissions. Abbott also promises one.’

    I repeat, Abbott is a dill of the first order and if Rudd becomes PM and scuttles the atrocious taxes … The Monk will be history.

  70. El G what a gas, gas, gas you are…. are you sure your not Tony Abbott cause this sounds like a ‘brain fart’ … “I repeat, Abbott is a dill of the first order and if Rudd becomes PM and scuttles the atrocious taxes … The Monk will be history” … what a wonderful throw away line… *Toss* ….. as Max would say ” the old ‘this’ disfunctional govt and its ‘in’ fighting” trick disguised as meaningful comment, … and as usual thanks again El G for showing us/me how not to be ( or to be.. what was the Question ❓ 😀 )
    Could we maybe have an El Gordo tax on the money she/it/etc gets from it/shim/her’s bridge troll toll 😀

  71. Mal Washers outburst on Lateline says it all. He has said the present situation has to stop. It is time for bi-partisan action. He said the present Parliament is the worse he has served in. He said every minor difference get blown out and the important things in life forgotten. Lets forget about the politics and do something called humanity. He will be taking his concerns to the party room.

    After his outburst, we can see why Mr. Abbott appears to be taking a backward step. Could it be that the decent people in the party are saying, enough is enough

    Washer said he is a shame to be a part of today’s politics, and that includes his own party.

  72. MAL WASHER, LIBERAL MP: And the simplicity of it is that Malaysia and Nauru. Mate I throw up every time I hear this. The Australian public are now getting sick of this.

    GREG JENNETT: Mal Washer is parliament’s doctor and he’s heartily sick of the whole place.

    MAL WASHER: This is an emotionally dismal parliament, the worst I’ve been in for 13-odd years. Minor political differences become blown out and the important things in life get forgotten because of that. Well this is an important things in life, let’s forget about the politics, let’s do something it’s called humanity.

    GREG JENNETT: The Liberal MP wants bipartisanship on Malaysia on Nauru or any other policy that works to stop the boats.

    MAL WASHER: I feel ashamed to be part of this organisation at the moment, not my party, part of the whole concept is going to the lesson … you know it’s the lesser common denominator here, it’s the dumb and dumber competition right. Let’s get better.

    GREG JENNETT: That’s a test Mal Washer is setting his own party and a point he expects will be made at the next Liberal party meeting room on Tuesday. The question for everyone else is whether the respectful ceasefire will hold in parliaments last sitting week before the long winter break.

    Tony Windsor thinks it should, he’s keen to set up a cross party meeting to try to find common ground. Rob Oakeshott’s also on board and the man who famously described Labor’s Malaysia solution as a walk on the policy wildside is thinking internationally.

    KEVIN RUDD, LABOR MP: That’s why this has to be tackled globally, we’ve got our responsibilities but because we don’t see it on TV every night there is a tragedy everyday around the world, as people seek to escape where they are to find somewhere safer.

    GREG JENNETT: There are at least murmurs of a fresh policy debate.

    Greg Jennett, Lateline.

    [video src="" /]

  73. There is an article in the weekend Australian on the Ashby claim, by M Franklin, as it is by the Australian I feel it is in a small way, an attempt by the publication to settle the disquiet after it was shown Shanahan was guilty of verballing PM Julia Gillard. But the damage Shanahan was expected to do, was accomplished and I hope the government realises it. This article is far too little and far too late because the whole Ashby story has also achieved its purpose and timing of at least destroying the good news of the budget if it could not bring down the government.

  74. ‘the old ‘this’ disfunctional govt and its ‘in’ fighting” trick disguised as meaningful comment’

    The government has some serious policy failures and labor’s position in the polls is an illustration of that. You must be living in a fool’s paradise if you think the princess can pull us out of this nose dive.

    Try looking at the world as it exists, not as you imagine it should be, then plan an exit strategy.

  75. ‘the old ‘this’ disfunctional govt and its ‘in’ fighting” trick disguised as meaningful comment’

    What does this mean. Where does it come from. Who is it talking about.

    The Gillard government is not dysfunctional.

    Yes, the polls are bad. So what.

    el gordo number two on show.

    Why does one need a exit strategy.

    We have election. The voters speak. The elected government governs for two years.

    Sometimes it is Labor, sometimes the Coalition.

    At least this side of the fence is capable of respecting the will of the voters, unlike the other side.

    What are the serious failures. Failures are are than what you disagreed with.

    I do not mind the world I see, especially in Australia.

    Low unemployment. Low inflation. Good growth. Low interest rates.

    Record private investments.

    We have leaders of companies such as Shell saying this week, they recognize there has to be some type of cost on carbon emission. Only complaint he had, he wished it was market based from the beginning.

    While the Federal government has been building and giving, the States have been demolishing and taking.

    You puzzle me as to the world that you want.

    There is one thing that this PM has failed in, that is the Malaysian Solution, which has been put on hold. Would not be surprised that in the near future, she brings that one off. The terrible thing is that it has taken another tragedy to make the politicians, especially the back benchers to sit up and say, enough, is enough.

    It this real world, the GEF and MRRT will come into operation on the first of July.

    The sky will not fall in. The mining industry will not collapse.

    Along with these measures will come taxation reform. More help for families

    This is the real world. I suspect one you do not like, but real indeed.


  76. El gordo, in which way dysfunctional? Not being able to get any legislation passed? And PLEASE do not answer with CO2 is just a harmless gas…sigh..

  77. do not answer with CO2 is just a harmless gas

    Perhaps it’s becaus it is also weightless (according the the brains department in lib hq)

  78. Tom, that reminds me of a comment that you made a few months back..something about Try living on Venus..or was it Uranus???

  79. ‘…in which way dysfunctional? Not being able to get any legislation passed?’

    In a nutshell…its a minority government. They can pass legislation, no doubt about that, but as a consequence of this newly formed coalition many long time Labor supporters are leaving the party… because the watermelon brigade is not to their taste.

    If they lose their base, it will be hard to recover.

  80. El gordo, what are you talking about for heavens sake..a government is by definition “dysfunctional” because it’s a minority government. You had better tell that one to all the other minority governments which exist and/or have existed.

    A government is “dysfunctional” because it cannot get any of it’s legislation passed. Thankfully Tony has rarely got his skinny little arse off his seat to call the government to account. Tony in effect has made a “dysfunctional government”, functional.

    Actually this is NOT minority government, it was even-stevens..

    the ALP won 72 seats, Coalition 72, Independent Nationals 1, Greens 1, Independent 4.

  81. I believe it was Mars Min, and, as has become accutely apparent, that, while perhaps not residing on grodos Uranus, the posts often appear to eminate from that location 😉

  82. grodo, according to posts from uranus, losing members == “dysfunctional”

    Aren’t the libs losing membership too? ergo……

  83. Tom, I have a feeling that EG believes that the Ascended Masters are about to land with the end of the Mayan calendar and that he/she/they will be wisked away to another dimension.

    But on the other hand, I am a clairaudient and a channel for Gabriel, so one must keep an open mind on these matters.

  84. Tom, I actually listened to this one of yours. 😉

    I would like to do a poll. How many people here think in pictures or in words. It usually takes a minute or 2 to think about how you think.

  85. Not sure if we will see this article repeated in their msm?

    This is probably about as close as you’ll ever see Tom:

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard does at least give news conferences in Canberra when she takes questions until the reporters run dry, and she will appear on shows such as Lateline, Four Corners (to her regret) and the hour-long Q&A.

    Usually you learn something about Gillard when she subjects herself to this form of questioning – for better or for worse, as far as she’s concerned.

    It should be a serious concern that the man who wants to be prime minister and, the polls say, is short odds to achieve that goal, doesn’t give longer, searching interviews.

    The fact Abbott and his advisers have a deliberate policy to avoid scrutiny should be a major concern for all who take an interest in our national public life.

  86. I actually listened to this one of yours

    I’m not sure what you are implying there Min, honestly

    I’m not ‘gifted’ like others 😉

  87. Bacchus, interesting that it comes from the Courier Mail. We’ve on a very semi-regular basis held out hope that the daily rags and their online equivalents might start actually looking at this person..not his opinions which are mostly repeats with zilch fresh and new..but looking at his actions.

    Tony can talk the talk, but his walk the walk is looking decidedly insincere.

  88. Hmmm, should I out myself. What the heck, everyone thinks that I’m crazy already. I think in pictures. The picture comes from the front of the brain, the forehead area and manifests itself as a vague visual image coming from what some religions call The 3rd Eye.

    I did a straw poll, my crew all think in pictures..same place, a visual image from the 3rd eye. Others say, I think in words. Then there is the rest of the population who think that we have a screw lose, and who don’t even think about how they think.

  89. Bacchus @ 11:33

    Some of the comments in that piece are a hoot. The RWDBs believe it’s because the majority of the media are left wing and out to get Abbott so he is wise and wily to avoid them.

    Of course the ABC is the biggest cesspit of communists on the planet, so Abbott must avoid it like the plague.

    It’s like reading Bolt Comments on twitter. When shown in isolation like that they are revealed for the twisted nonsense they truly are. That the posters fervently believe in this, even though it blatantly goes against all the plain evidence of reality that’s there before them, is the scariest thing of them all.

  90. Combination of words and pictures for me, mostly words, and sometimes even words as pictures or as a word image in a picture.

  91. I’d say words for me Min, but words can certainly evoke pictures (and sounds and feeling)… A warm summers day, in the rainforest, beside a waterfall, lying on a large flat warm rock in filtered sunlight, a gentle breeze wafting over you… 😉

  92. Yes ME – those sorts of comments are exactly what I’d expect from the Courier Mail or any on the ltd news sites.

  93. I note that el gordo made yet another trolling nonsense statement and some asked questions of it, taking the bait, and apart from one throw away paragraph that didn’t answer the questions asked, el gordo then went onto another tact entirely, the old favourite side step of ancient weather events, and avoids responding or debating the troll point first muted.

  94. A majority of Asperger’s think in pictures. A majority of normals think in words. Adrian, you are undoubtedly somewhere in between.

    Bacchus, having to visualise means that you are most definitely a word thinker.

    I remember going to a meditation class where people sat there “visualising” took them 1/2 an hour. I sat there thinking after about 30 seconds, yep got what am I supposed to do for the other 29 minutes and 30 seconds.

  95. What about numbers Min? A fellow at work can tell me to the day how long he’s worked for the company, how long the half-life of various radioactive isotopes is, what the odds of winning 1st division in any of the lotto games… He hasn’t been diagnosed as Aspergers, but I said to someone else not long after meeting him that he probably was, and he told me himself one day that he thought he probably was.

  96. Abbott press conference on asylum seekers right now.

    Nothing new, the same old crap. There is no need for bi-partisan policies just policies that are effective, and of course that means only their policies are effective. Bingo that’s exactly what he says.

    And if the government were to bring in Abbott’s policies without change, if the courts allowed them of course, which they won’t, and they fail, as they definitely will, then it will still be the government’s fault for not implementing them properly or a myriad of other excuses.

    That’s one thing the Liberals are very good at, making excuses for their considerable failings.

    No mention that the government is willing to bring in Abbott’s policies on a trial basis, including the visas, as long as the opposition also allowed the Malaysia solution.

    No way they are going to allow that. If the Malaysia solution is in any way successful it will show them up for the liars and crass opportunists they are, willing to use peoples’ perils for political gain.

  97. Bacchus, my maths is equivalent to that of an 8 year old child. I cannot visualise numbers. I received distinctions at law, but cannot do basic mathematics.

    Other Aspies can visualise numbers, I know that Migs can visualise an entire spreadsheet at just a glance, plus see all the variables.

    If you look at the IQ test of an Aspie, it’s like a rollercoaster, very brilliant at some things and p*ss poor at other things. Mostly Aspies cannot read people, and so end up in huge heaps of bother when we “get it wrong”. It’s not intentional, it’s just that we’re not very good at it. We do not read the subtext that others intuitively know.

    I am certain for example, that people here see me jump from logical brain to emotional brain. I dare not let emotional brain escape..because that does not compute. If I was to describe myself as an Asperger’s, would say Spock. It takes a lot of effort for me to write an emotive piece.

    We often cope by repeating tried and true phrases, knowing that these are acceptable to “the others”. Therefore we often repeat ourselves.

    I would say Interesting, but that would me being Spock.

  98. Adrian, that hasn’t happened very often, because far and few between has been the Opposition’s willingness for bipartisanship/willingness to compromise..but that was one. The Opposition did say that they were willing to conduct a trial of the Malaysia Solution. Of course, when the government agreed with this..TA ran a mile. Not sighted since…

    How pathetic..we’re not going to consider the Malaysia Solution cos of not being a signatory, but we will turn the boats back to Indonesia..likewise not a signatory. But HEY look here, Nauru after numerous bribes has decided to become a Nauru is all tickety-boo.

    In Tony’s world..

  99. el gordo, minority governments are the norm in many countries. In this country, at a state level they occur often.

    What is more frightening, is the alternative where we have governments based on one of two parties.

    Minorities governments are better Representative of the voters.

    This government represents 58% of the vote made.

  100. Watching right now Cu. It is worth it and I just wish the nonsense of Abbott and the real facts on the carbon price were widely disseminated, but of course they won’t be. Abbott’s bull will hold sway I’m sad to say.

  101. ME, not too sure after Mal Washers out burst last night. He was not only talking about the boats. I put the link up to the pod somewhere.

    I am sure Mal will not be alone. I believe he is retiring before the next election.

    Interested to see where Mr. Oakeshott bill goes on Monday.

  102. Quite frankly, the Abbott has no shame. He brazenly stands on his pulpit, day after day, telling twisted, scheming, lies – like a modern Rasputin (or maybe an “obstructionist Capuchin”, in the words of an immortal) – as if he alone has always been the most righteous, honest, moralistic, ethical person that ever was — who can do and say no wrong. In actual fact, The Priestly Man is a blatant liar — and most certainly a fraud.

    He slithers around the countryside like the black plague, infecting the minds of the people – willingly, in some unaccountable cases – with his toxic bag of lies and drivel — obviously rendering them all but incapable of thinking for themselves because with monotonous regularity they all robotically parrot his lying rhetoric. It would never occur to them to check the facts for themselves. The Abbott is the great pretender, claiming to be the almighty saviour of the world…

    “Vote for me…I’ll save you!”

    ….From what?

    From the gospel truth, maybe?

    All from his own mouth

  103. Cu, logically minority government “should” be far more representative than majority goverments. Tony Abbott’s minority opposition will go down as the worst, least effectual opposition in the history of this nation.

  104. Yes Min, one could easily mount a reasonable argument that a two party system is unhealthy.

    It is no accident, that the founding fathers moved away from this when they created the Constitution.

    They also moved away from electing a PM. PM not even mentioned in the Constitution.

    Our system is based on, but not wholly on the Westminster system. Some elements come from the USA system.

    I believe the founding fathers got it right.

  105. “The editor’s compliments, my Lord, and please, he wants to know what you would like the country to think about on Tuesday.”


    Private Polling by both Parties shows the split is 50/50!”
    Is this why the Media is so determined and hysterical in its denigration of the Left? Because it knows the truth? Its message is failing?
    The Electorate doesn’t overwhelmingly want the Right in power!
    Is this why Julia Gillard survives in her Prime Ministership? Her party knows she is on the right track.
    Is this why Tony Abbott is looking increasingly careworn? His hair suddenly looks darker, his speeches less certain. He is looking like he is awaiting the knife in the back.
    There is only one poll which counts.

  106. And if the government were to bring in Abbott’s policies without change, if the courts allowed them of course, which they won’t, and they fail, as they definitely will, then it will still be the government’s fault for not implementing them properly or a myriad of other excuses.

    I am almost at the point where the Government should just give in to everything the opposition (or the Greens) want re immigration. Run it. When it doesn’t work, then say, now our turn.

    The Government have nothing to lose. They cannot pursue their agenda in the current climate. And the Greens need to take their share of the responsibility here too. Nothing the Greens have offered up would have prevented this ship leaving. Nothing the opposition has will either.

  107. Tom, same here The Government have nothing to lose and am almost at the point where the Government should just give in to everything the opposition (or the Greens) want

    But what is it that the opposition do want? Is there a policy which can be enacted?

    Answer, no there is not.

    The Greens? With due respect, what policies? They are just as negative as Tony Abbott.

    If you want something changed, if you want something done better, then tell us..give us some specifics.

  108. ‘…avoids responding or debating the troll point first muted.’

    Dysfunctional government?

    Bills are being passed, there is nothing untoward happening to indicate the government is in crisis. Internally, they are counting numbers…

  109. El gordo, so it’s not actually a disfunctional’s that the opposition are continually doing a number’s count.

  110. ” they are counting numbers…”

    After Mr. Washer’s outburst last night and Mr. Abbott’s muted responses to the latest boat tragedy, I suspect they are also counting numbers.

    Now the first numbers anyone in Labor caucus needs to count, is how many ministers will be left on the front bench, if they made a move. Not many, I suspect.

    el gordo, why would anyone move now. It does not make sense,

    If there is going to be a move, it will be a Hawke type move, very close to an election.

    It will NOT be Rudd, as he has nothing new to offer.

    It will be someone of substance, which there are many in the Labor caucus.

  111. As Mr. Albanese just said, the problem is in the senate.

    This leaves the government open to laying a bill for a DD if they left it go to the Senate.

    If there was a handover to Mr. Abbott, this could be used as a early DD trigger.

  112. Answer, no there is not

    Most honest and reasoning people are aware of this Min. Labor need to call the opposition on it, the media certainly won’t.

    Enable Naru, let the opposition and theirmedia gloat, then await the inevitable high court decision. Then say, support our legislation.

    Mind you, by the time this comes in, the election will be so close, the danger is, the legislation comes in, and Labor don’t have time to implement their Malaysian option, and Naru stays, with all of the libs associated nasties.

    On second thoughts, maybe not the best option 😦

  113. The Ruddster Push is actively canvassing

    It has been since he was deposed. Certain elements like to troll this point on regular occasions. Once they were right, they probably will be again sometime. It will forever be an issue with Gillard, until either one goes.

    It is a handy tool for diversion 😉

  114. Tom R, I believe if they reopened Nauru, under the conditions that Mr. Howard did, the matter would be in the High Court within hours.

    They would need to replicate Mr. Howard’s legislation. They should ensure that they do nothing to make it fairer

    They need a undertaking from Abbott, if there is no change within six months, they agree to the Malaysian Solution.

    Re-introduce Howard’s legislation in full.

    Got a feeling, it would be deemed unconstitutional within weeks.

  115. Internally, they are counting numbers…

    Evidence please or you absolutely are trolling? Just throwing in one paragraph posts with no references, no sources, usually off the discussion thread and bearing little relation to reality. You do it just to get a response or the attention, in other words trolling. Or you are a very sad,miserably little lonely person with a weak grasp on reality and have difficulty in socialising to haunt blogs to seek a little attention, even negative attacks, as that makes your day. In other words you are very dysfunctional and need to seek professional advice.

    So please show us the reference or source for that assertion or just shut the fuck up for once.

  116. …his speeches less certain.

    I’ve never seen him worse than I did on the press conference on asylum seekers today. His head was almost continually shaking from side to side in contradiction to what he was saying, nearly every word was stilted and he seemed to be struggling to remember the words to the obviously hastily rehearsed lines he was coached to deliver.

    Painful to watch, and all for nothing new nor any lucid solution except to bring back the Howard years.

  117. Wonder how this miracle will occur. One of the reasons the price is so high, is the uncertainty over the last few years in bringing in a price on carbon emissions.

    Most businesses,, especially power produces know, that no matter the politics, there will be a cost on carbon emissions.

    It is the uncertainty over the last decade that has led to the mess the industry is in. It has put off investment in new infrastructure until it was clear what was going to happen.

    The coalition says electricity prices will come down if it wins the next federal election and repeals the carbon tax.

    The tax, which takes effect from July 1, has been linked to an 18 per cent rise in electricity bills for NSW residents.

    According to the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART), which approved the increase, the carbon tax is to blame for half of that increase.

    Opposition climate spokesman Greg Hunt said increases in other states would be even more dramatic.

    ‘In Western Australia, 72 per cent of the electricity price rises will, from day one, be because of the carbon tax,’ he told Sky News on Saturday.

    In the ACT, the carbon tax would lead to price rises of 79 per cent, he said.

    The Opposition has repeatedly pledged to get rid of the tax if it wins the next election.

    Mr Hunt did not believe it would be difficult to convince power companies to reduce their prices if that were to happen.

    ‘Companies will of course have to reduce prices by the amount of the carbon tax,’ he said.

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission would ensure such action, he said.

    Labor’s carbon tax starts with a fixed pollution price of $23 a tonne, before moving to an emissions trading scheme from mid-2015.

    The tax will be paid by big polluters, but households will be affected due to utilities and other corporations passing on their higher costs.

  118. From the Bolt site. It will be interesting to see if the Court agrees with Mr. Bolt. I believe not.

    I worked most my later years for the PS. Much less that what Mr. Ashby is alleged to have done, would have got me instant dismissal. It would have occurred quicker in the private sector.

    THE former staffer accusing stood-aside Speaker Peter Slipper of sexual harassment faces Gillard government allegations that he should be sacked for conniving with a journalist and conservative politicians in an attempt to undermine his old boss’s reputation and political prospects.

    In material understood to have been lodged with the Federal Court, the commonwealth is alleging James Ashby worked with The Daily Telegraph to construct a case for his sexual harassment claim and provided the Sydney newspaper with improperly obtained copies of parts of Mr Slipper’s diary.

    The material is understood to suggest that Mr Ashby provided copies of parts of Mr Slipper’s diary to Howard government minister Mal Brough, who is seeking Liberal National Party preselection to contest Mr Slipper’s Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher.

    The commonwealth is also alleging Mr Ashby misled Mr Slipper early in April by claiming he was ill and could not attend work, when he was in Sydney being interviewed by Daily Telegraph reporter Steve Lewis about his claims against Mr Slipper. It says his accommodation was paid for by the newspaper.

  119. More from our wonderful new State government 🙄

    IT’S just as well the LNP Government’s new lying to parliament legislation was one of the few Bills they have introduced not rammed through without notice, debate or committee scrutiny.

    Because if it was in force this week a whole lot of them would be in big trouble.

    Within minutes of introducing the Bill and moving on to other business, the LNP ministers and MPs were telling porkies in Parliament.

    The biggest fib they told was about the size of the debt Queensland faces and the continued fallacy the Commission of Audit report authored by pal Peter Costello was independent.

    It is not independent.

    It is full of partisan politics, misleading manipulations of figures and wrong assumptions.

    There is no argument the previous Labor Government screwed up royally and the state’s finances are in bad shape.

    But there is no $100 billion debt. I repeat. There is no $100 billion debt.

    That is a figure Mr Costello came up with as a possible outcome by 2018 if the spending of the past few years continued spending that included vast investments in major infrastructure including the Gold Coast’s new hospital and the massive cost of catastrophic natural disasters and the global financial crisis.

  120. Took me a bit to work out what this tweet was about and then I had a good laugh at Hunt’s expense. Touché Emerson.

  121. Catching up, I thought the comments in response to Bolt’s “Er, so?” were interesting. Quite a few of them were critical of him, and very much of your point of view.

  122. Patricia, did you ever show your bosses diary to anyone outside the Depart. What happened if you took a false sickie and was found out.

    He could have asked for leave for a private matter. Of course that would have been without pay.

  123. Agreed, Cu. The strangest thing about this is that none of them, Ashby, Brough, Lewis, even their legal team and ‘media advisor’ seem to know how normal people behave. Surely one of them would have said, “hang on, who is going to believe this story?” They must live in cloud cuckooland.

    Mind you, that’s true of Abbott, isn’t it? The lengths he goes to so that he can say “No!” to everything proposed by Labor make him look irrational. Never more so than over border protection today.

  124. Patricia, today when he said he is interested not in bi-partisan but in effective. he has back down

    I would love to be in the Coalition party room next week. I get the feeling he is been told to pull his head in a little.

    Like his latest stunt at the pre-school. They are talking top the pre school mob about what should be in the productivity study they are going to have. He is ignoring what came out of the meeting the PM had a week or so again.

    He is backing the older Bishop’s favorite of giving subsidiaries for so called nannies. Where are these nannies coming from. What qualifications will they have. How can they be certain they are not child abusers.

    The system is far from perfect, but a great deal better than when Howard was ousted. Remember the ABC fiasco, which the Labor government was left to unravel.

    The truth is that the time has passed that Abbott can keep on not cooperating


  125. Patricia, I expect they did not care that they would be unlikely to succeed in court.

    I believe in their minds, the PM would have folded by now and the matters would be dropped.

    That has not occurred, and the court is proceeding with the matter.

    I believe it will be unlikely to go to trial.

    I would be disappointed if that happened. i want to see them all sitting in the witness box, forced to answer questions.

    The same goes for Abbott’s scare tactics. He would be in as PM before the evidence came in.

    That also has not happened. Time is now well and truly on the side of the PM. It is now Abbott’s enemy. Always has been.

  126. Gina Rinehart’s attempts to control the ‘news’ apparently didn’t begin on the day that she jumped up on the back of a truck to campaign against the mining tax.

    Rinehart treated us as inferiors, says son
    Lauren Quaintance
    June 24, 2012

    In his first interview, Chris Rinehart, who is a pilot in Sandpoint, Idaho, and is sympathetic to the anti-capitalist movement, said he had met Ms Boyce but did not realise his father was in a relationship with her.

    ”I was the one who dug that up. Gina didn’t know anything about it. I had met this woman a couple of times when I was a teenager, and while I was digging through my father’s records back in New England I came across this address, so I took a train to New York City and I knocked on the door and that’s how I found out about it.”

    When Chris told Gina Rinehart about Ms Boyce, she launched legal action to secure ownership of the New York apartment where Ms Boyce had lived for more than 26 years.

  127. If Gina fails to get three seats on the board, then she may pull her money from Fairfax…which would bring on the imminent collapse of the organisation.

  128. which would bring on the imminent collapse of the organisation.

    From my understanding, gina hasn’t put any new money into Fairfax. She simply boiught shares that were already held. If she pulls out, others will take up these options. In fact, Fairfax standing firm on editorial rights against someone like gina might just see those stocks increase in value, instead of decrease in the way I assume she wants them to.

    Kill the share price, buy it all. Instant media org

  129. This is an interesting article, which lays out pretty clearly the impact of the Carbon Price. Don’t think we will see similar in ltdnews

    I was wondering if any breakdown had been done as to the ‘effective’ price/tonne when all of these free permits are taken into account. I would assume that, giving away so many free ‘credits’, effectively reduces the actual cost of the remaining credits ‘per/tonne’, so to speak. I have never heard a Labor minister remark on this either. So, would I be correct in my assumtion that, giving away a large percentage of ‘free’ credits effectively changes the starting price of $23 a tonne to a figure somewhat lower than that?

    Depending on their emissions intensity, exporters will initially receive either 94.5 or 66 per cent of their carbon permits free. Questions have been asked about how these compensation levels were decided – some in business suggest they are entirely arbitrary. The proportion of free permits for exporters will decrease by 1.3 per cent a year to encourage them to become more efficient.

    Read more:

  130. Tom R. Greg Combet stated the true price in his last National Press Club address in a direct retort to a loaded question from a Ltd News journalist. I can’t remember the figure he gave but it was way less than $23 per tonne.

    He also gave a brief explanation of the process and government review that is in place.

    None of which are ever mentioned by the media, especially Ltd News and their ABC arm, though this info is available and their questions on it have been answered by the government ministers.

    The last thing the Abbott media cohorts want is facts and truth to come out and be general knowledge.

  131. None of which are ever mentioned by the media

    Cheers ME. I’d caught the tail end of that press club talk, (had’nt seen the question part either)

    I’d wondered if it was a case of Labor ministers not addressing this issue, or the media not reporting it.

    The latter appears to be the case.

    I wonder why Labor cannot build a ‘narrative’? 😯

  132. Sydney Mining Herald

    Takes up her three seats and applies editorial pressure, demands the organisation gives equal weight to the science of climate change. The Denialati are overjoyed.

    Assuming the carbon tax is in play, along with the new mining tax, she will orchestrate their removal. The CO2 tax on the basis that the science is flawed and on the latter because we become uncompetitive in a world market.

    In these difficult economic times, it has become a buyers market.

    Gina’s big dream is to open up ‘the top end of Australia to new development, introducing cheap Asian labour in the form of ”guest workers” to help build mines, ports and railways’…

    They will be cheap in the sense that the team of Chinese engineers and workers come as highly productive units and will build fast rail and ports at a price we can afford. The unions will pick up a fuss, but unlikely to get noticed.

  133. Combet also said during that address that he and the government would never give up from July 1st until the next election giving the facts and information about the carbon price despite what they expect will be a ramped up fear campaign by Abbott.

    He also said that Abbott has left himself with nowhere to go in his uncompromising stance and scaremongering. When all his lies and fears don’t come to reality then he will be left standing there as the emperor with no clothes, fully exposed for the liar he is.

  134. Denialati can buy whatever papers they like. It will come down to if the usual buyer of the fairfax papers will buy propoganda. Gina can always do what News does to booster numbers give away free copies, whether they are read or not is another matter. I originally read of this practise of give-aways in circulation figures happening in Europe, as one of the ways Murdoch peddled, his self importance. But here is an extract of the new rules in the USA

    “the bureau adopted a bunch of new rules that give papers more flexibility than they previously had in reporting circulation, including a redefinition of paid circulation to “paid/verified,” which now includes a lot of junk subscriptions like those given away to schools or distributed free in hotels. Basically, publishers now have more flexibility to report low-dollar circulation on their audit statements.”

  135. but very high for Chinese standards.

    I assume you support this ‘race to the bottom’ approach then.

  136. El gordo, take it from me..guest workers are a nightmare. They have not been trained to Australian standards. My ex has been fly in/fly out for about 15years and he has had numerous stories to tell. Here is an example: a guest worker/electrician thought that the way to go about a job was to strip off all the insulation from electrical wires “to make it fit”.

  137. To set an example and prove to us that there is real substance behind the mouthing off, el gordo will be the first to give up all entitlements and take a pay cut to be on parity with the average Chinese worker.

    Good on you el gordo, it seems I have misjudged you.

    On another note I wonder if Abbott is going to go on an on about a Great Big New Tax bought in by the NSW government, where they are going to charge hefty royalties to the Coal Seam Gas industry from day one of their production.

    GBT, GBT, GBT NSW. You are all doomed. Jobs are going to be lost in their hundreds of thousands, industries are going to close hand over foot and NSW is going to turn into a wasteland after the wrecking ball of the CSG tax mows through it.

    Instead I expect Abbott will go on about carbon tax and continue to ignore the extra taxes being heaped on by the current State Coalition governments.

    Good cartoon on Baillieu. The words went:

    Reporter: “How can you justify the massive funding cuts to TAFE?
    Baillieu: “We had to justify our massive spending on jails.”

  138. Not guest workers in the traditional sense, lowly paid cleaners and the like, the Chinese have a highly productive workforce and the teams which win the tenders will be the best mega structure builders in the world.

    The Australians will get the highly paid jobs of cleaning toilets in this arid, fly blown environment. Fly in and fly out types.

  139. The NSW Sydney electors are not worried about the GBT on the CSG cause O’Farrell is due to announce a lot more tolls for his raods. even re-introducing tolls on roads that have aready been paid for.
    lucky them

  140. But Sue they are getting an increased first home buyer’s payment so their house prices can go up to stop more young people being able to afford a house to get the increased first home buyer’s payment.

    And not only are they lucky in paying increased tolls, having increased speed cameras (a direct broken promise), higher house prices but they can see more unemployed as O’Farrell not only sacks public servants in their thousands but cuts back on spending for goods and services whilst increasing taxes, so productivity plummets meaning O’Farrell will have to cut more spending meaning less productivity, increased crime and a further retraction of the NSW economy the people will have to pay increased outlays for.

    What a winner Barry.

  141. EG

    I suppose the American private construction companies have been forced into going for cheap labour to compete with contracts being let to the private companies that run the US jails. What is it they pay their inmates $1.70 a day, for everything from school lunches to fire fighting services. Watch out Coalition states, the new way may soon be with you.

  142. ‘forced into going for cheap labour to compete’

    More likely the big construction will be done by the Chinese and the smaller ones by local companies. We lack the capacity to do both.

    If there is cheap labour it’ll only be the Chinese guest workers in a bubble and shouldn’t contaminate our wages and conditions.

  143. “If there is cheap labour it’ll only be the Chinese guest workers in a bubble and shouldn’t contaminate our wages and conditions.”

    Double bullshit.

  144. El gordo, you have small problem. Remember the changes to 457 Visas, and that the government has set up a board to oversee “skills shortages”.

    You cannot bring “cheap labour” into Australia on a 457 Visa, people have to be paid the going rate. Over in WA, Downers I believe it is, is being hit for lost earnings because they underpaid overseas tradies.

  145. I can appreciate your concerns, but they are unfounded. Economic growth through infrastructure development will give everyone a fair crack of the whip.

    The Chinese are not free radicals and have no intention of undermining our system.

  146. EG, I don’t think that you know what you’re talking about. Australia does not lack capacity in the construction industry. We have plenty of qualified tradies who cannot get a start on major construction jobs. Now if you’re talking imported workers, how about tackling the issue of the Kiwi’s.

  147. Just saw a scary stat on ABC Planet America.

    The tax plan that Romney is endorsing and said will bring in if he wins the Presidency and the Republicans win the Senate shows that those earning 1 million or more will get tax cuts of over $300,000 whilst those earning under 100,000 will get tax increases of $300.

    Remember that Abbott wants to also cut taxes that will immensely favour the wealthy, which is why Gina is fighting so hard to get him into power. The cost of course is to ordinary Australians.

  148. EG, I don’t think that you know what you’re talking about.

    That’s a given, but remove the think so it’s, “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    There is also the little problem of who is going to pay to have the foreign workers trained to Australian work and safety standards along with the not so inconsiderable cost of ensuring their work is to the QA standards required. The countries where the workers come from are not known for the quality of their work.

  149. Last year a bullet train crashed in China and a corruption scandal was exposed, so every step of the way there would need to be independent oversight by Australian authorities on the quality of work.

    Tradies can work up there now, but not enough of them take up the option.

  150. Who is going to pay for all this very expensive oversight el gordo? That’s my point.

  151. ME @10.24am, I think I read somewhere that the true price will actually be around $7, but as i said i can’t remember where i saw it.

  152. Yep it looks like the O’Farrell government is going to put on a whole slew of new road tolls. The excuse, “The money for roads has to come from somewhere.”

    OK we might be able to accept that except for one point. When Labor said the same thing when in government, there was O’Farrell and his ministers front and centre nearly everyday espousing how terrible and bad it was to put tolls on roads and making already overburdened NSW people pay more. It seems that’s only the case when Labor is in power, now it’s a Liberal government in power road tolls, and many more than Labor intended, is OK and great for NSW overburdened people.

  153. ‘Who is going to pay for all this very expensive oversight?’

    It’s in our interest to pay…comes with the package.

  154. Jane @ 6:04 PM – It depends on the level of “free permits” various companies receive. At the top level (94.5%), the price works out to be about $1.30 per tonne. The next level is at 66% which will yield an effective price of about $7.80 and LNG projects start at 50% ($11.50).

    There are also various assitance programs available to assist businesses to adopt lower emission practices which will actually save them operating costs.

    One example I read was of a small business buying new more efficient refrigeration which will save them operating costs (less electricity). The business can also write off the total cost of the new asset immediately for investments of <$6500.

    Chapter 5 of "Securing a clean energy future" covers most of this… (3.5MB PDF)

  155. Oh I see how it works in your flawed world el gordo. Everything for the wealthy miners and industries but nothing for ordinary Australians, and on top of that you want ordinary Australians not only to give up jobs to cheaper overseas labour, you want them to pay for it, all so the already obscenely wealthy can get far wealthier to the country’s detriment.

  156. Mobius…are you a communist or just a confused watermelon? You certainly not speaking the language of democratic socialism.

  157. El gordo, I swear..if you use that term watermelon again..then I’m going to start calling you a radish, pink and white, and sour to the taste.

  158. you’re all communist sympathisers.

    Personally, I’d find that more appealing than a rinoheart lapdog

  159. It doesn’t matter Min. That el gordo has resorted to that name calling whilst avoiding the question asked is just another in a long line of consistently losing a debate or being caught out in, so then sidetracking.

  160. Also el gordo completely missed the point. My beef was not that the wealthy got wealthier, thus the very lame watermelon jibe, but the fact the mining industry is heavily subsidised. What el gordo stated is that the Australian people should subsidise them even further by the government providing very expensive services that should be the companies expense, all so the company can employ underpaid workers on minimal to no conditions also at the expense of Australians, and to top it off the massive personal wealth garnered by the owners because of that is not put back into Australia.

    Somehow in a piece of unbelievable twisted logic el gordo equates my objection to that proposition made in the post as being communist.

  161. was just that the constant use of the term “watermelon” was beginning to give me the irrits. 😉

  162. A big improvement would be that towns such as Karratha be provided with mining camps. Somehow Downers etc escaped having to build one. Result: 3br house is now $3,000pw. It also makes a lie out of the miners’ plea to Go West Young Man, because families cannot afford to move there permanently.

  163. el gordo, proud to be a called a communist sympathiser, by you..

    I would hate the alternative, being a Nazi supporter.

    After a long life, I am still proud of my working class roots and being a Labor supporter.

    The one thing, in spite of my father owning a worthwhile property and living on that land, I could never support the Nationals, which I suspect you do.

    That pre war Welsh PM we had, who tried out most parties, did say the Country Party was one step to far.

    Yes, el gordo, I do believe in a fair go for all. Yes, el gordo, I do not believe all the gains go to the rich and powerful.

    Yes, el gordo, I do believe that low paid workers have as much involvement in creating the wealth as the owners of industry.

    Wealth is created by something being made at one point. Without this, the system eventually collapses.

    No, el gordo, I am not and never been a communist.

    el gordo, I do believe that governments are there to govern for the good of all. Not just the rich and powerful.

    No el gordo, I do not agree there is an invisible hand that looks after the lower incomes. I believe in much that Adam Smith says, I do not agree with him on this.

    I do not believe that communism ever reflected what Karl Marx wrote.

    I am comfortable with a lot of what both Marx and Smith wrote. Different ends of the spectrum, that said a lot in different words, that were similar.

    People with a lot to say, and no real thought out beliefs make me sick.

    People who denigrate all they do not agree with, and offer no alternative or argument are light weighs, and should be treated with contempt.

    They are generally left with nothing else but to cast personal insults and name calling.

  164. “It’s in our interest to pay…comes with the package.”

    What is in our interest, is to support the PM’s CEF.

    We even have the International head of Caltex saying he does, and it should have come sooner. His only complaint is that it is starting with a fixed price.

    Most business support what the PM has done. They wanted and want the uncertainty to end.

    el gordo, if you take time to listen, you will hear other businesses big heads saying the same.

  165. I would probably class myself as a socialist. However, if you wanted to listen to a Commie, you could not do better than my late dad. He was full on unionist, loathed the Queen, wanted a republic and believed that the wealthy were only out to feather their own nests on the backs of the workers.

    Hang on..I think that I might be my father’s daughter.

  166. His only complaint is that it is starting with a fixed price.

    That isn’t precisely what he said either. He said he is not supportive of a fixed price Carbon Tax, not that he is against a fixed price starting point of a trading scheme.

    Not exactly the same. I did note that that is how the media chose to present it however.

  167. Interesting piece.. I must disagree with the author though about First Dog, as to me the analogy of First Dog portraying JG as a fox relates more to her physical appearance, red hair and long nose.

    The scarlet letter is the letter A, worn for life by an adulteress in seventeenth century Boston. Her story is fictional. Julia Gillard’s story is real. Her scarlet letter, the media informs us, is T — T for trust. Her more rabid media critics, like Alan Jones, say the scarlet letter is L – L for liar – and even ironic observers like Mr First Dog perpetuate the foxy Juliar.

  168. In September last year, Essential Research carried out a poll asking voters whether they supported the government’s plan to introduce a carbon pricing scheme on 1 July this year. Given the government’s deep unpopularity, the answer is as you would expect, they were against it (48% against, 35% for).
    They were then asked, “Would you support or oppose this carbon pricing scheme if the money paid by big polluting industries was used to compensate low and middle income earners for increased prices and to invest in renewable energy?” Given the electorate generally supports doing something about climate change, the answer was again as would be expected – a strong level of support (50% for, 37% against).

    It is all in how the question is asked. Look at Newspoll graphs. Does not appear to be tellong the same story that the headlines say.

  169. ‘And bring ya’ bloody swag with ya’!’

    Funny you should mention it, this is the romance the grey nomads have been hankering for.

  170. Ah, sweatin’ it out under the overlords yoke is now ‘romance’

    You’ve left the friggin’ plantation way behind ya grozo

  171. Tom R, you are right. Those are my words. What I was trying to portray and I believe I am right.

    Big business does want the uncertainty to be put to bed. The Caltex head was not against some pricing mechanism being put on carbon emission.

    They might not all support the present scheme in total, but are not against one.

    On the other hand, I have seen no support for Mr. Abbott’s Direct Action.

  172. Cu, I doubt if Mr Abbott even knows what his Direct Action plan even seems to be a good 12 months since he’s even mentioned it.

  173. Colourful language Tom

    From the tool who supports paying people less as some kind of ‘romance’


  174. Abbott was back on the Directs Action last week. I am sure you are correct, he has no idea what he is about.

  175. Listening to do for the selection of the Disability Team for the Olympus team.

    Abbott begins with I rode in the Poly whatever it was. Abbott always puts himself first in the picture. Always has to tell us how great he is.

    Then goes on to compare the athletes with him. That is how it appeared to me.

  176. “Cu, I doubt if Mr Abbott even knows what his Direct Action plan even seems to be a good 12 months since he’s even mentioned it.”

    He didn’t know what it was 12 months ago either. They recently played the video of him attempting to explain it 12 months ago and what a laugh. After all his mumbling and fumbling around a non-explanation it boiled down to trees on non-productive land. If you can dig the link out it really is worth watching just for the comedy value.

    The man really is a fool and wrongly believes the Australian people are fools he can dupe.

  177. ME, I do hope you are right.

    What is the big story today. The polls of course. Not the boat tragedy. Not the media upheavals. Not what the PM did overseas.

    Not Mr. Abbott’s stubbornness, for stubbornness sake.

    No it was the polls. No, I am wrong, it is what they claim the polls are saying.

    When one goes to the figures and graphs, what does one find. Yes, the PM has come down 1%. Means nothing, less than error margin.

    All figures are very much as they were in the last poll.

    Yes, they are no better for Labor, but it is pulling a long bow to say they are worse.

    They definitely are not the most newsworthy story today. It is a non story.

    The underlining trend still appear to be in Labor’s favour.

    The other beat up of Lewis in the Tele is just plain wrong. Anything new in that, I woke up to how mean it was to deny the kids a bottle of water and piece of fruit. That was on the.

    The second was that this is the second anniversary of Gillard kniifng Rudd.

    That set the perceptions of Labor for the day.

    Bad polls, knifing allegation and mean cutbacks. Not bad going for non news stories.

    ME. I am afraid that the Abbott’s cons, with the help of the media is working.

    I forgot another one, the spuiking of the PM giving away millions has not helped. That could have been Ten.

    One would think there were no major issues going on.

  178. They wonder privately and publically if the opposition’s relentless and disciplined response to the “world’s biggest carbon tax” will be proved to be just a great big scare, nothing more.

    Well, they should stop wondering. It won’t change – and part of the reason was encapsulated in that telling question about polls.

    It was also writ-large in Mexico with The Australian’s shonky claims – repeated with gusto by the ABC and SBS – about Gillard being lectured by the head of the EU Commission. She’s a target and a by-product of a broader game.

    Journalists in Canberra-land are fixated with politics – not public policy. They report on leadership speculation, weekly and fortnightly opinion polls, scandals, ministerial sackings (think the Howard era), operational blunders (think pink batts), staff shenanigans and so on.

    The big stuff – taxation policy, nation building infrastructure priorities, the Asian opportunity, the role of modern federalism – can occasionally be found in the middle of the paper, the purview of specialist commentators, lobbyists, economists, academics and ex-politicians.

  179. Mobius, it was planting lots of trees using a Green Army. Then the Nats cracked the sads, *shock* farmers might suffer some sort of detriment. So it ended up being trees on unviable farmland with urban infill, presumably extra trees in parks and gardens and naturestrips.

    There is actually a reason why farmland is’s because stuff doesn’t grow there very well.

  180. Tony has his grieving face on again. We all have to examine our consciences.

    The face has disappeared quickly.

    The scare campaign is more important. Albanese has challenged him on his first question. Acting Speaker agrees.

  181. ‘From the tool who supports paying people less as some kind of ‘romance’

    The only people to be payed less are the Chinese engineers building the mega structures. Which is fine until they realise the Australians doing the cleaning are getting the same wage as them.

  182. handy, I have to ask, why are you in shit?

    Min, the number of trees he will need to plant. covers the whole land mass of Tasmania and more.

    Maybe he found a way to grow trees in the desert. If not, he will have to use most of our arable land.

  183. ell gordo, do you think anyone heeds what you say. I only bother to reply, is when I feel like a little sport.

    The look then on Truss’s face was also one that show their despising and hate of the PM.

    Why is that so. The PM biggest crime is one of surviving.

  184. CU, I went to the teller machine to check if I had enough money for a pending direct debit. There was $1900 more than I expected. I thought it might be some of the governments largess. Can’t think of any other reason. S’pose I’ll have to check with the bank.

  185. ‘The PM biggest crime is one of surviving.’

    There are crimes and there are crimes, but surviving is not one of them, thinking of Wilson et al.

  186. Heated debate on asylum seeker policy looks set to dominate the week in federal parliament.

    There were fiery exchanges but no signs of a bipartisan breakthrough on Monday as MPs returned to Canberra for the last week of parliament before the long winter break.

    They are wrong. Mr, Abbott is interested in one topic, that of the price on carbon emission.

    He is not interested in marine parks, he is not interested in what occurred overseas. Just carbon tax.

    Bishop has now entered the fray.

    PM told her she is mistaken. Told her she got her international processes confused.

  187. I feel a stunt coming on. MSSO on how the carbon tax is destroying the Aluminium industry.

  188. rab, I believe it might just be OK, especially if you have kids, and do not have a high income. I think you might fond your self paying less tax next payday.

    el gordo, I know how hard Mr. Bolt is working to get that off the ground

    I believe the MSM remember it went nowhere last time they attempted to slur the PM with it. It went nowhere, mainly because it has been found to have no basis.

    Come back when you have something new,.

  189. No. el gordo, surviving is the one that gets up the Opposition collective noses the most.

  190. Cu, I agree absolutely. You’ve mentioned before about Abbott the egotist..Julia (and I think that there is a good dose of mysogony there), refused to bow to his wishes. Where is the election Abbott vowed had to happen.

  191. MSSO by Abbott is a beauty. I demand the PM explain why she removed Rudd………………….

  192. Wish he had something new to say. He wants to be careful that he does not have a heart attack.

    Last desperate week, I believe.

  193. The younger Bishop got upset at the Labor reaction of laughing at her.

    Now Albanese is returning it in serves to Abbott.

    Bishop is losing it. (make him sit down, make him sit down, nearly in tears)

  194. Hockey is accusing the Chair. He accuse the Acting Speaker of misleading the house.

    He sounds like he could have had a liquor lunch.

  195. Min,, the Acting Speaker made announcement at the beginning of QT, denying the story about stoppling the school kids from having a bottle of water and some fruit.

    Hockey was defending the misleading story by Lewis.

    The speaker allowed him to continue with his complaints, until he accused her of misleading the house.

    In reality, Albanese was right, when he asked that Hockey be sat down.

    The chair makes a statement. The Opposition challenges what is said.

    I cannot remember this happening before. Probably because they know most speakers would not have allowed it to occur.

  196. El gordo..that must be a horrible experience. If it’s the site that I’m thinking of I think that you’ll find that the engineers are French.

  197. Garrett and Roxon ABC24. legislation for Chaplain programme tomorrow.

    Another area that the Opposition did not ask any questions today.

  198. CU, perhaps Hockey is a bot worried about what is going on record. He earlier defended the story, and basically called Swan a liar, when, as we can now see, the story was bullshit from the start.

    I hope they go after him, and lewis. The media are becomeing even more unhinged, and the libs are cheering them on.

  199. Tom, I did read your links on the Media Watch thread. This story apparently is about bottled water and fruit. It seems that Hockey ran with a rumour and now looks decidedly should always go to the source before doing a bolt to the newspapers.

  200. Tom R, that effort today by the Opposition is beyond belief. I had stop listening and it took a while to work it out.

    Sorry, they are mad.

    Not one question on the boats. Not one on the media. Not one on anything but the carbon tax and the second anniversary of the Rudd being outed.

    We have had the PM on with Lyndal Curtis of the Asylum seekers.

    We have I believe a MPi on Craig Thomson. Nothing new.

  201. Bacchus, thanks for the carbon price info. The joys of having a memory as sharp as a bowling ball!

    And bring ya’ bloody swag with ya’!

    And your own water and power and fuel…….

    eg, like everyone else here, I don’t have a problem with miners making a profit. You can’t run a successful business if you don’t. But you have to remember that they’d be collecting the dole without the employees who dig the stuff out of the ground.

    AFAIC, it’s utter bullshit when the likes of Clive Gimme The Money Palmer and his lap dogs in the Liars Party shed crocodile tears about having to pay tax commensurate with their income and their companies’ profits when by any measure, they still rake in enormous sums of money.

    AFAIC, if they don’t want to pay, then the government should remove the public teat from their gobs and let them pay their own way all the way like the rest of us.

    If that makes me a commo, then I’m proud to put my hand up.

  202. Min I think it would be a terrible experience for Rinehart to have a channel connection with el gordo. Poor woman, what a jumbled up mess of cross confabulated nonsense the feedback would cause.

  203. jane it’s a good laugh when the right like el gordo say it’s communism to ask the wealthy and big industry to pay a fair share in tax on massive profits, but always call out for mostly supposedly communist Labor governments to bail out the wealthy and industries when they screw up their businesses and go under.

    Privatise the profits, socialise the loses.


  204. If you feel like a little comedy, look in at the lower house. Hockey is amusing us. Bugger it, he has finished.

    “Privatise the profits, socialise the loses”

    Now that sounds familiar. Something to do with the old Country Party.

  205. CU
    during the MSSO Albo decided to throw in the possible link about Ashby and the Liberals, I think it was at that point that Pyne truly lost it.

  206. Sue, it is simple, they are becoming frustrated. I have a feeling, they are also being wedged, but have not worked out how.

    Hockey raving on about sovereign risk and not knowing what the government is going to do next.

    One, if he listened, he would know. What he is saying, we do not know what they are going to do next. They do not act, as we believe they will.

    According to him, they are failures at everything. Economy, social and everything one can think of.

    That is the government that I am talking about.

    I am of the opinion. the PM has taken off the gloves re the boats. Mr. Abbott better start ducking.

    As her mother said, what Julia wants, Julia gets. Seems to be the case in most things since she became PM.

    The boats is the only thing she has not put to bed.

    That caucus of Mr. Abbott’s appears to becoming restless.

    Those back benchers know that Abbott is past his use by date. They have nothing to lose by moving him on.

  207. In a sane democracy the media would be the bullshit detector. In Oz, the media is the bullshit amplifier.

  208. A Senate committee has recommended legalising gay marriage.

    Labor senator Trish Crossin on Monday tabled the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee’s inquiry report on Australian Greens Senator Sara

    h Hanson-Young’s private members bill on the issue.

    The committee chair told the upper house the committee had received an unprecedented 79,200 submissions, 46,000 of which were in support of same-sex marriage.

    ‘This will be a defining day in the social fabric and the history of the nation when it comes to equality for same sex couples,’ she said.

    Senator Crossin said the committee strongly recommended changing the Marriage Act to accommodate same-sex marriages.

    ‘We were convinced by the submissions and evidence put before us now is the time for this country to amend the Marriage Act, that now is the time for this country to move on and to accept that same sex couples .. decide to live with each other for the rest of their lives because they are deeply in love,’ she said.

    Senator Crossin said the committee believed ‘this is the last barrier to end this discrimination’.

    Committee member Liberal senator Gary Humphries wrote a dissenting report.

    He told the chamber the inquiry was not the ‘finest moment’ of the Senate committee system.

    ‘The tone of the majority report was dismissive of evidence,’ Senator Humphries said.

    But Senator Hanson-Young said Australians want leadership from parliamentarians.

  209. The Young Nationals are calling for a conscience vote on gay marriage. Of course the Liberal controllers of the Nationals aren’t going to allow that so the Nationals have said no.

    The Young Nationals have said that in a democracy the members talk for their constituents and should be allowed to proceed on their conscience not as a party block.

    The Young Nationals are finding that conservative politics is not democratic and openess and honesty is an anathema to them.

  210. Just heard on 7,30 that Clive Palmer and Tony Abbott had a shouting argument last week.
    Was Albo tormenting Abbott today during the MSSO with the mention of Ashby? What does Palmer know on the Ashby matter? Exactly what was said at the meeting betwixt and between Hockey, Brough and Palmer at Easter?

  211. Cu
    that could explain why Hockey may have had a liquid lunch today and why Pyne was rampant with rage

  212. From a comment at vexnews

    “Steve Lewis’s Tele article today about school visits to Parliament House. His wife does or, until recently, worked in the Parliamentary Education Office. I hope he hasn’t compromised her or her colleagues as a source in his enthusiasm to serve the Liberal Party”

  213. Sue, methinks Abbott shouting at Clive (and saying naughty words) might mean that Abbott has just understood that the Ashby matter is about to implode and turn into a Godwin Grech Mark II.
    The Grech fiasco of course meant the end of Turnbull’s leadership.
    It’s deja vu again.
    Clive meant well, just like with his soccer team.

  214. Sue, am I wrong, or does Palmer wants a seat for his money. Cannot help but think he has his eyes on Slippers.

  215. I support the Nats (agrarian socialists) in their effort to have a conscience vote on gay marriage…fkn Libs are backward.

  216. CU
    Palmer was all for going up against Swan but Abbott was not too pleased. Methinks that Abbott is not too happy about Ashby’s next court appearance. I bet that will be the time Abbott will take his sabatical to Cape York.

  217. el gordo, I am right, you are one of those agrarian socialist. Is it by birth or adoption.

  218. We have Abbott’s not bipartisan but effective.

    We have the PM, I am open or am after effective solutions or words to that effect.

  219. ‘Is it by birth or adoption.’

    Adoption. In my mind the agrarian socialists and greens have a lot in common.

  220. This is a pro-active government that does not let the grass grow under it’s feet.

    Unlike it’s opposite number, it is too busy looking ahead to waste time looking back for answers.

    The Federal Government will introduce legislation tomorrow to secure the future of hundreds of government programs possibly affected by a High Court ruling on its school chaplaincy program.

  221. el gordo, they must have changed dramatically then They are ruled by, what is good for me and why should I pay.

    At least the Greens are for what they believe is good for the country.

    “I hope they can get a “Clive for Canberra” campaign going, it worked so well for Jo Belkie Peterson”

    Too well as far as Mr. Howard was concerned.

    Queenslanders use to have no time for their southern neighbors. I would be surprised if this did not apply today. At least when one moves away from Brisbane.

  222. What a shame 😆

    Taxpayer funding of James Ashby’s case at risk

    Attorney-General Nicola Roxon warned of penalties for Mr Ashby, including the loss of taxpayer funding for his lawsuit, if it became clear he had broken the terms of his employment by releasing parts of the Speaker’s diary. “The commonwealth shouldn’t just continue to pay taxpayers’ money for people if they don’t comply with their employment contracts,” Ms Roxon told the Ten Network.

  223. Well one never knows. The dispute is serious.

    The undisputed facts are that Mr Palmer – who is a delegate to this weekend’s Federal Liberal Council meeting – told Mr Abbott he was going to move a motion proposing registered lobbyists should be barred from being senior office bearers in the party.

    That would effectively remove two sitting vice-presidents, former Howard government ministers Alexander Downer and Santo Santoro.

    Mr Palmer has told his supporters Mr Abbott’s response was visceral. He claims the Opposition Leader swore at him, that he felt physically intimidated, and that Mr Abbott threatened to kick him out of the party.

  224. That view of Mr. Abbott on ABC news stony faced walking through the reporters, refusing to answer questions of the weekend tragedy was very telling.

    Especially when the interview with Lyndal Curtis and the PM is shown directly after.

    Tomorrow morning there is a party meeting. I sense that Abbott has past his usefulness date, could tomorrow be too early to see him go.

    I do not see him surviving Christmas.

    Personally, I would rather see him remain.

    I believe the PM has well and truly got his measure.

    The Opposition is well and truly been wedged. This has slowly been going on since Christmas.

    I can only admire the patience and the ability the PM has to mark time, until she goes in for the kill.

    She has one task to finish. I believe that will occur before the end of the week.

    Mr. Abbott will have to talk. His back benchers know this. No talkies will not work. It makes good television though.

    Any takers on a date.

    Today would be one the PM would have enjoyed, though I have a feeling, the PM does not relish running it into those she beats. With the looks of hate she endured today, during QT, she might make an exception. If one watched the PM ‘s reaction, I am sure she noticed.

    This week is the PM’s anniversary of coming to power.


  225. 7.30 ABC

    Watching Mr. Morrison caught in that trap is wonderful to watch.

    Would not answer any of the questions.

    Was asked if the PM gave them what they want, would they take responsibility for the results. No answer. I have a gut feeling something along these lines is going to happen.

    I wonder what the PM has up her sleeve.

    As Mr. Hockey complained to today, one never knows what this PM is going to do.

    Good negotiators do not waste their time, bashing at brick walls. They change tack, as there is more that one way to skin a rabbit.

    It is the end result that counts, not how one gets there.

    The end result that would count for the PM, is to stop the boats. How is not important.

  226. The dispute is serious.

    Remeber CU, this is from a guy who has re-deifined the term ‘cluster-fuck’

    I reckon it’s got more to do with tabot not having a clue about where to turn with the aslymun seeker issue. He needs a diversion, any diversion. Gillard has offered the olive branch, and he really doesn’t know what to do with it.

  227. nor does Morrison.

    His back benchers do.

    A meeting with the cross bench today, and another Wednesday, when they reckon the numbers will double. That is serious action.

    Uhlmann did his best to turn it back on the PM and present her as under pressure. If she is, it does not show,

    The hatred that come out of the faces today of the Shadow front bench is unbelievable. The younger Bishop, in hysterics, saying (make him sit down. Make him sit down) It put Albanese of centre for a few seconds, It was farcical.

    Tomorrow morning there is a shadow party meeting. Would love to be a fly on the wall of that one.

    Maybe I am doing what many of our visitors do, seeing what I want to be there.

  228. The small number of votes to be had from intolerance and deterrence of asylum-seekers is easily quantifiable by mouth-breathers like Mark Textor, whereas the wider credit accrued to people like Malcolm Fraser for resolving actually exising problems in a humane way is just too hard for poll jockeys like Morrison and Abbott. Appeals to humanity and the national interests are wasted on those guys for that reason.

    Morrison has no real idea about his portfolio. The only suggestions he offers are like the worst discussions of defence policy, a focus on hardware specs with “redeployment of naval assets … and potentially expand our aerial surveillance capacity” etc. Lumping asylum-seekers in with piracy and drug-running is stupid (when a small fortune in China White goes to the bottom of the Arafura Sea, it does not need or get rescuing by the armed forces). He stumbles upon the idea of a regional solution but again focuses on military assets rather than the much-needed comprehensive involvement of governments, NGOs (including the United Nations) and private firms which have something to offer.

  229. Morrison thinks he’s whacking a piňata of popular support but he’s really flaying a beehive, and is unprepared for what seems inevitable. Being incorrigible doesn’t negate this silliness, it compounds it. There is a need for a regional agreement, but any joint command arrangements follow, not lead, such an agreement. Morrison and Julie Bishop have shown that they lack the flexibility to develop such an arrangement.

  230. Gillard has offered the olive branch, and he really doesn’t know what to do with it.

    I know what I’d like to do with it, Tom R.

  231. And the O’Farrell failures just keep mounting up.

    A shakeup of the 000 system is a disaster and according to its operators is causing them a lot of stress.

  232. Blackmail is such an immature description for how corporate business is done.

    The present move is related to poker…bluff or upping the ante? Watch that space.

  233. Looking forward to an hour of Bolt on Sundays?

    That really is a most depressing outlook. It’s almost like saying I’m looking forward to root canal work.

  234. Tom..or maybe I could go to church..there is a band of happy clappers who meet just down the road at The New School Hall every Sunday.

  235. Gina might put up a satellite for all those country folk who luv Bolt, but can’t pick him up as yet.

  236. Cheaper to buy a chunk of the ABC when it is privatised. Bolt is neck and neck with Insiders and the country viewers in the afternoon lifts the ratings to double. The couch format is so last century!

  237. I suppose everything coming together at once does look like haste but the seeds were sewn eighteen months ago. I blame the person who got Gina and Bolt together at Alan Jones’ birthday bash.

  238. Nothing like backing a complete loser:
    The series debuted with 163,000 while the encore received 123,000 viewers. The debut was narrowly beaten by Insiders, which received 172,000 viewers. Bolt stated on his blog he would like to beat Insiders. He reached this goal in his second episode, reaching 174,000 viewers, beating Insiders with 166,000.

    Ratings for the show declined to 136,000 viewers for the third episode and 131,000 for the encore. This compared to 207,000 for Insiders. Insiders has defeated The Bolt Report in every subsequent week. The Bolt Report remains at the bottom of the free-to-air ratings for its timeslot.

    Third rate kids cartoons beat the Bolt Report in free to air ratings. It’s a total failure only watched by rusted on RWDBs and we’ve seen the intelligence of them at #lolbolt.

    The Bolt Report serves but one purpose, and that is to get sound bites and talking points for the right wing papers, blogs and evening news. It’s ratings, which are abysmal, don’t matter.

  239. For stuff’s sake let’s be realistic here. Bob the Builder whops the Bolt Report in ratings, makes a lot more political and journalistic sense, is followed by more intelligent people and is far more honest in its presentation.

    Replace Bolt with Bob I say.

  240. On todays ABC 24 our local ACT RSPCA did and anti-carbon pricing stunt with Tony Abbott. I have contacted the RSPCA and advised them that I will no longer be supporting them due to their blatant political bias.

    I wonder if they ever read their own charter?

  241. Which just goes to prove that one should never take a person’s word on face value..that there could indeed be a hidden agenda..

    The News Limited journalist who worked with James Ashby and Malcolm Brough to expose allegations of sexual harrassment against the Speaker, Peter Slipper, allegedly told Mr Ashby by text, “We will get him!”

    Steve Lewis also told Mr Ashby, “I will sort out payment” and “Just tell hotel to book u in again and News will sort”.

    The text messages are contained in documents filed with the Federal Court and released to the Herald today.

  242. Shit. Meet Fan

    The News Limited journalist who worked with James Ashby and Malcolm Brough to expose allegations of sexual harassment against the Speaker, Peter Slipper, allegedly told Mr Ashby by text, “We will get him!”

    Steve Lewis also told Mr Ashby, “I will sort out payment” and “Just tell hotel to book u in again and News will sort”.

    The text messages are contained in documents filed with the Federal Court and released to Fairfax today.

  243. ‘Shit. Meet Fan’

    This whole business has the stench of a right wing conspiracy, or sumthin.

  244. Jane @ 11.25pm… it wouldn’t fit!

    I’d be prepared to do the surgery required, Pip. 😯

    ME, third rate cartoons are much better written than anything Dolt turns out and the content is true!!! lol

    Steve Lewis cries “Merdé Who turned that f*cken fan on?!” just before copping a face full.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person outside the Liars shadow front bench.

    Is there any footage of Prissy, Brandis, Brough and Tony “I have no specific knowledge” Abbott being informed that their favourite journo has been sprung again? roflmao

  245. The picture tells it all.

    Yesterday, the national accounts released by the ABS showed that we had the fastest productivity growth in over a decade, in the year to the March quarter. You would think that this would give pause to the alarmists who claim that our current industrial relations laws are ruining the economy. You would be wrong.

  246. Keep an eye out for any small business silly enough to believe Abbott:

    A flyer sent out by Tony Abbott has potentially exposed small businesses to fines of up to $1 million each.

    The Opposition Leader wrote to thousands of small business owners warning them of the impact of the carbon tax. The letter, from Mr Abbott and opposition small business spokesman Bruce Billson, is accompanied by a flyer that shop keepers – specifically butchers – have been encouraged to place in store windows.

    The flyer states: “The federal government estimates that the carbon tax will increase the cost of energy by 10 per cent in its first year of operation. It will also increase the cost of our suppliers. Higher electricity prices mean it will cost us more to keep our meat refrigerated.

    Read more:

    If you see one of these flyers posted in a small business, take a photo and dob them into the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

  247. take a photo and dob them into the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

    take a photo and advise them that they could be in a bit of trouble. Maybe even provide an alternative one for them.

    I don’t see why small business should pay fines just because they are gullible enough to believe the lies told by a prospective leader. 😉

  248. Mr Combet is pointing out that most the the places that Abbott has visited, predicting doom, have flourish after he has left.

    Record investments follow Abbott visiting.

    Combet has predicted that the puppies at the RSPCA will flourish, thanks to Abbott’s visit.

    They are now back on the gas that Howard put a tax on.

  249. Via Race Mathews:

    Via Chris Monnox – QUOTE: ‘The News Limited journalist who worked with James Ashby and Malcolm Brough to expose allegations of sexual harassment against the Speaker, Peter Slipper, allegedly told Mr Ashby by text, “We will get him!”. Steve Lewis also told Mr Ashby, “I will sort out payment” and “Just tell hotel to book u in again and News will sort”. The text messages are contained in documents filed with the Federal Court and released to Fairfax today’.

  250. Well the text from Lewis to Ashby should lead to Uhlmann handing in his resignation. Didn’t Uhlmann go for the tweet in defending his mate Lewis, just a couple of weeks ago?
    I wonder if this will get a mention on 7.30 or does “mates rates” mean that as an unbiased report could not be achieved, 7.30 will NOT report on the matter at all.

  251. What Pyne did not want tabled. I cannot see why. Brandis, himself said only criminal matters are sub judice.

    It is now been released by the court as a public document.

    How long does one believe before Ashby is sacked

    In view of the high number of media requests for file access in this matter, the Court has established an online file on to which publicly accessible material has been placed and will be placed in the future. Consistent with Rule 2.32 of the Federal Court Rules 2011 restricted documents, such as affidavits and exhibits, only become public once admitted into evidence and approved by the Judge.
    Material will be added here as it becomes available

    Three excerpts from one court document now publicly available:

    Ashby: Hmmm interesting. I had no idea of that rule… I bet the likes of Jacki and Bruce McIver have some influence. Jacki is definitely a key player in the party these days. To arrange a lawyer for $1 of that caliber is a big thing in my mind.
    Doane: Agreed. It is also due to the barrister’s ties to the LNP and the way this will tip the govt to Mal’s and the LNP’s advantage. Definitely a good move for us to meet with him so he gets to know us other than w the black mark from being w Peter!!

    Doane: The email for Mal doesn’t seem to work. I have: . Do you have something different?
    Ashby: Whoops it’s sorry bout that. My fault.

    Doane: I want to balance your harassment charge with one of my own. He is demeaning, aggressive and w his bcc’s unprofessional at the very least. However I don’t want to diminish your claim in any way. As you said last night, both claims may strengthen the case. I might look for a lawyer myself if we don’t have contact soon.
    Ashby: Yeah I will contact Mal again today. Failing that I will make contact with someone myself as well.


  252. Religious leaders attack Pell on climate
    June 26, 2012

    “It’s really unfortunate that Cardinal Pell has a such a great command of the press and it’s very difficult for other people to get their voice out, especially because of his very strong alliance with Tony Abbott.”

    Rabbi Kamins said the archbishop and the federal opposition leader had a “cohesive message” but it didn’t represent the view of most religious leaders.

    The rabbi and Bishop Power are part of the multi-faith Australian Religious Response to Climate Change which includes Buddhists, Catholics, other Christians, Hindus, Muslims and Jews.

    Bishop Power said it was important the current generation didn’t squander the planet’s limited resources and put future generations at risk.

  253. Min

    the article on that flyer sent out by Abbott to small businesses is quite interesting and one to bookmark for future reference, particularly this bit
    “The analysis found to pass on this cost increase, the butcher would have to increase the price of a $11 packet of mince meat by approximately one cent.”

    Read more:

    What a great reference if you want to ask the ACCC to investigate a small business , say a butcher for excessive price hikes.

  254. The NBN opportunity knocked and no one was at home

    ‘NBN Co is staying true to a promise that councils will not be given faster, fixed broadband instead of wireless. Instead, they will receive slower satellite broadband.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    “It is very important that we do not set a precedent where if people object in local councils to a fixed wireless service that they think … it will be fibre, because it won’t,” chief executive Mike Quigley told The Age in January.

    NBN Co said it would be too expensive to install fibre broadband in Golden Plains Shire and it would not appeal the council’s decision.

    “After months of planning and consultation with the Council and the community, our application to build the facility was rejected by the Council on 21 May, 2012 on the grounds of visual impact,” NBN Co wrote to residents.

    The 4G fixed wireless broadband service carries data at 12 megabits per second while the satellite service carries data at 6 megabits per second. The satellite service will match the speeds of the wireless service once NBN Co’s custom-built
    satellites are launched in 2015.”

    Read more:

    tough luck they probably voted No to the nbn anyway.

  255. Oh I forgot to post the most impotant reason why the council and community voted No

    “Council voted unanimously to refuse a permit on the grounds it presented an unacceptable visual and amenity impact on neighbours and the surrounding area”

    Read more:

    I just bet that council area doesn’t have any electricity poles either……cause they are pretty ugly too.

  256. Min

    don’t forget 1cent rounded down is no increase at all, the butcher is going to hope you buy $33 worth of mince for the rounding of 3c to make it $33.05

    i better resurrect my cook book 101 ways with mince

  257. Yes Sue it was good to hear on ABC Radio this afternoon the mention of the Jackson’s allegedly rorting the HSU by awarding contracts to.

    Both setups by the Abbott coming undone and he looks like having to go full term to an election campaign. Can his bullshit and leadership last that long?

  258. Sue, you have one of those too. 😀 Actually I do a very nice meatloaf with home made bbq sauce..with mashed spud..yummo.

  259. Sue, just from when I was a Shire Councillor, that one will get passed eventually. The grounds of visual impact and amenity are fairly weak ones and usually mean that Council is holding out for some additional landscaping and perhaps additional funding. I would have to see the whole thing first tho’. This is just from past life experience.

  260. Min

    The council may have held out just abit too much, Quigley has said the NBN won’t challenge the decision, so the community can settle with the default option which is satelite.

  261. wixxy, at last some competition.

    The acting national president of the Health Services Union (HSU), Chris Brown, believes police should investigate masses of internal documents which raise “disturbing” allegations of financial mismanagement at the union.

    Pages of credit card statements have been uploaded to the Independent Australia website and detail a series of questionable payments in two union branches separately led by HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson and her then husband Jeff Jackson.

    It shows a HSU Victoria Number 1 branch credit card was used at a Sydney-based brothel, on international travel, pay-TV, clothes and alcohol.

    Mr Jackson was the president of the branch at the time of the transactions. The ABC has tried to contact Mr Jackson for comment.

    Speaking on the ABC’s 7:30 program in May, Ms Jackson said she was not aware of any union official consorting with prostitutes, apart from the allegations against former HSU national secretary Craig Thomson, which he denies.

    A Fair Work Australia report into the union’s Victoria Number 1 branch last year noted Mr Jackson had agreed to pay back $15,000 he had received through an “unauthorised” salary increase.

    The documents also show large amounts of spending from the HSU’s Victoria Health Professionals branch – which was led by Ms Jackson – including payments to Neranto Consulting. Company records show she and Mr Jackson were listed as directors at the time.

    Mr Brown says he is aware of all the allegations and that they should be independently investigated by Victoria Police.

    “On face value, they’re quite disturbing,” he said.

    “Further information is required, so therefore it would require an investigatory body that’s got the power to actually get to the bottom of it and get the other documents that are required.”

    In a statement to the ABC, Ms Jackson said all the allegations against her were “false and malicious” and accused “dark forces” of being behind them.

    “They have got all the records from my old branch together and then gone through them with a fine-tooth comb to find any transaction or record that can be misconstrued or presented selectively so as to create an appearance of wrongdoing by me, and then embarked on a full-blown malicious smear campaign,” Ms Jackson said.

    “There are proper explanations in relation to every matter alleged against me.

    Cannot help bit think, we should be calling for a judicial inquiry into FWA. I cannot help but think Ms. Jackson has left her mark there as well.

  262. I know all is fair in love and war. The same nust apply to politics, in our modern world.

    NBN Co is playing hardball with a rural Victorian council by telling some customers they will have to live with slower satellite services because their application for new broadband infrastructure was rejected.
    The government-owned company sent a letter to residents in the Golden Plains Shire, west of Melbourne, explaining that they would not get the benefit of faster wireless broadband after the local council rejected its application to install new broadband towers.
    NBN Co is staying true to a promise that councils will not be given faster, fixed broadband instead of wireless. Instead, they will receive slower satellite broadband.

    Read more:

  263. I believe the stance that NBNco is taking the only action they can. Otherwise, they are going to get caught up with councils playing political games all over the Nation.

    Take it or leave it is a prudent stance. If the locals do not like it, they can take it up with their council.

    I believe in NSW there are elections soon.

  264. Who can forget ulmans OUTRAGE at his pal li’l stevie lewis not being given ‘honorifics’

    I wonder if he is laying into Hayden Cooper as we speak?

    HAYDEN COOPER: It seems this is one court case the Government is happy to discuss. It’s going after the journalist who wrote the story in the first place: News Limited’s Steve Lewis.

    I guess that that must mean that ulmans show has the opinion that Lewis = criminal. 😯

    What a toolman 😆

  265. TomR from your link

    “HAYDEN COOPER: Harassment or conspiracy, it will be up to the Federal Court to restore order in the case that has the whole Parliament on edge.”

    How about a quote from Slipper’s lawyers, Hayden
    “vilification, opprobium,sensation and scandal,and to cause maximum damage to his reputation……”

    Hmmmmm now that is a bit more than conspiracy.

    (PS thanks for the Uhlmann tweet)

    In a side issue, as a matter of public interest if Lewis is proved as involved in trying to bring down the govt, aka the Grech affair, can he lose his journalists credentials and passes into parliament House.

  266. Ructions in QT when Albo tried to table the Fairfax revelations on Uhlmann’s sleaze bag friend Lewis. When are his second rate mates going to understand what a clown he is?

  267. Sue @ 9.16pm, thanks for the fed court link, I haven’t had much time for the Cafe for a few weeks but that link is a doozy and worth every minute. 🙂

    63. Slipper may rely on further matters to establish the abuse of process alleged following the return of subpoenas and the exchange of evidence by the parties.

    Should be well worth the wait!
    What a bunch of wankers !

  268. Yes Pip
    on point 63. not only the return of subpoenas but the government may possibly have access to emails, especially as it seems to be established that from within Slipper’s office staff were illegally accessing and distributing government/ the speakers business.

    But what disappointed me in the court documents was that the spreadsheet was not attached.

  269. Of course the real breaking news on last nights ABC 7.30 program was that they discovered the word “alleged” when discussing the political conspiracy against Slipper and the government. They used “alleged” about five times, I don’t recall the original story maligning Slipper using this word once.

    At least Chris Uhlmann was put aside for the story nailing his good mate Steve Lewis.

    How about a mea culpa statement from Chris explaining his part in the Slipper conspiracy.

  270. Lunalava..I would certainly agree there. The complete difference in the way that the media are tippytoe-ing around this compared with the full on public hang drawing and quartering of Slipper.

  271. “At least Chris Uhlmann was put aside for the story nailing his good mate Mr. Steve Lewis. ”

    Fixed it 😉

    Perhaps ulman has discovered the wonderful healing properties if Gin (the journo’s reality-blocking tonic of choice)

  272. Talk about puff the magic dragon. Pull another leg Coorey who would belive this of Greg Hunt, maybe Chris Pyne but that is all

    “THE argument over asylum seekers came close to a physical clash in the House of Representatives last night when an Opposition frontbencher, Greg Hunt, had to be restrained by a colleague from confronting the cabinet secretary, Mark Dreyfus”.

    “a witness said Mr Dreyfus suggested Mr Hunt may have been drinking.

    Mr Hunt, teetotaller, snapped and bounded around the table to confront Mr Dreyfus. He had to be restrained by the Western Australia Liberal MP, Don Randall.

    ”Greg was absolutely incensed,” said a witness.

    ”It looked like he wanted to smack him.”

    Read more:

    Smack him? really !
    Greg Hunt go read Peter van Onselen and cry or smack at him!!!

  273. My my the Liberals are tetchy at the moment. Abbott at Palmer and now Hunt losing his temper.

    This is the mob that wants to be in government! You have to be joking.

    Compare their behavior when things don’t go their contrived way to the way Labor handles the constant barrage against them and the setbacks. Government is all about setbacks and if the Liberals can’t handle them in opposition then they have no hope in government.

  274. I see this verbal punch-up between conservatives is good publicity for tabit…and doesn’t he look young and handsome in the news clip, lean and hungry like Franky.

  275. ME@ 10:07

    exactly! i’ve thought for a long time, that the LNP “leadership” is doing everything it can to avoid having to fight an election on policy – they perhaps thought they would “get” in with their contrived “scandals” (which are looking more and more like “blowback” – thanks wixxy.)

    Their desperation and rage is at the realisation of this, combined with the absence of any coherent policy to fight the imminent election

  276. ‘combined with the absence of any coherent policy to fight the imminent election’

    They will not tax a harmless trace gas.

  277. I’m going to enjoy watching the left going rabid when Abbott becomes PM.

    He might even get elected twice in a year…a guaranteed DD if the repealing of the taxes are blocked. A Royal Commission into the unions is on the cards and there will be taxation treatment changes.

  278. I’m going to enjoy watching the left going rabid when Abbott becomes PM.

    Maybe as much as I’m enjoying watching the opposition and their media mates getting exposed for the slimy gutter trash they are. 🙂

  279. That’s pretty funny coming from a Labor supporter. At least the opposition’s media mates will have jobs when the restructure occurs, snigger.

  280. Yes, Mo, that’s the stand out feature of this government – stoicism combined with resilience, the resolute determination to hang in there and get the job done. But they’re smart too……people like Nicola Roxon don’t make public pronouncements, or launch legal actions without being very sure of their facts. The disintegration of the Opposition is a joy to behold as their dirty tricks and legal shenangigans come undone. And we haven’t got to July lst yet. Nor has the HSU can of worms been fully exposed.

    So much to look forward to………when some sort of Commission of Enquiry into the media is launched by Stephen Conroy. Chris Berg may well decry the Leveson Enquiry as a farce, but then as a researcher for the IPA he would say that, wouldn’t he?

    Now we have the smoking gun that links Steve Lewis with an LNP plot to destroy a senior member of the Federasl Government when will we have the enquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the Australian press? Who will chair it? What will be its terms of reference? Will there be legislative reforms arising from it during the life of this government?

  281. I wonder what the defamation amount will be. Lewis and the daily telegraph setup and then there has been the long campaign of smear. the judge will no doubt consider the imagery of Slipper as a Rat, and the “sexual harrassment” setup story that was perfectly timed to occur when Slipper had no chance to stop it going to print. A tactic well known by News Ltd as it has been well debated at the Leveson inquiry.

  282. ‘…stoicism combined with resilience, the resolute determination to hang in there and get the job done.’

    They may win some battles, but lose the war. This is regrettable, yet predictable.

  283. …….and doesn’t he look young and handsome in the news clip, lean and hungry like Franky.

    No need for anyone to stick their fingers down their throat to induce vomitting, any more. They just have to read that shite and they won’t be able to stop!

    Pterosaur, even the most rusted on barracker would have to concede that a three word slogan isn’t a policy!

    Now we have the smoking gun that links Steve Lewis with an LNP plot to destroy a senior member of the Federasl Government when will we have the enquiry into the culture, practices and ethics of the Australian press? Who will chair it? What will be its terms of reference?

    How about we all take it in turn to be Chair, Min? And I reckon all of us would make a pretty good fist of drawing up the TOR.

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