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Café talk, Kangaroo Island edition.

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  1. Another milestone has been reached. We have now passed the 100,000 mark for spam comments caught in the spam filter. Most want to sell Viagra or ugg boots. 😯

  2. Migs..but which is your favourite

    Probably both Min, but I won’t elaborate on why 😆 :mrgreen:

  3. Migs @ 7.32pm, what will they replace him with? Any suggestions, anybody? I wonder if Newman will be next? Nah hide like a rhino.

  4. jane posts I have read are saying Newman will probably go to an early election to cement in his public education and health privatisations.

  5. NT leader also nearly went today as well. Survive a spill in the party room.

    Beauty is that Rieth was not in the loop. On TV this man reckoned the premier was safe.

  6. Did anyone watch this yesterday. The show I watched was much more tha

    By the way, she said she is the one trying to raised standards. Now making meow noises across the chamber, accompanied by a fist shaped into clawing motion, is indeed the way to do that.

    “…DEPUTY Opposition Leader Julie Bishop has slammed the Prime Minister for ”trivialising” violence against women, comparing her complaints about sexism in Parliament to the Taliban shooting of Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai.
    Speaking about Julia Gillard’s now famous ”misogyny” speech at a National Press Club lunch in Canberra today, Ms Bishop said the PM had ”demeaned the debate” about domestic violence by ”casting herself as a victim of sexist taunts”.
    ”When she claims to be a victim, what does that say to the vulnerable women in Australia, what does that say to women who really are victims of attacks of misogyny?” she said.
    ”To claim to be a victim when you’re the most powerful person in the country does demean the debate about the serious issues we face in this country.”
    Ms Bishop compared Ms Gillard’s claims of sexism in Parliament to the case of 15-year-old Yousafzai, who on the same day as the PM’s speech was shot in the head at point blank range by a Taliban gunman for promoting girls’ rights to education in Pakistan.
    ”I thought that’s what misogyny is about, when women are denied access to education and my concern was that it trivialised that kind of serious, deep-seated violence against women to use the word ‘misogyny’,” she said.
    ”I know the Macquarie Dictionary has redefined it … but that was my feeling at the time.”
    Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek, who also fronted the panel along with UN Women Australia head and ACT Young Australian of the Year Julie McKay, denied Ms Gillard had played the victim and said it had sparked an important worldwide debate.
    ”She named sexist behaviour for what it is, and that’s a great example to young women, you should call it as it is,” she said.
    Titled ”The Gender Agenda”, the wide-ranging discussion also touched on foreign aid in the Pacific, the media’s treatment of female politicians and the debate about whether women can ”have it all”.

    Read more:

  7. Fed up, I am convinced that Bishop, J is a complete moron. She obviously has no idea at all where the roots of misogyny lie.

    They lie in disrespect for women, a deep corrosive disrespect that allowed Liealot and the rest of those cretins in the Liars Party and their slack jawed barrackers like the execrable piece of excrement, Anal Jones to abuse the PM in the manner that they have and think it’s OK.

    Disrespect that lets piles of shite like Pickering think it’s fine to depict the Prime Minister of this country in pornographic drawings, simply because she’s a woman.

    A woman who has transgressed the boundaries they have imposed by daring to toss aside the handmaiden’s mantle and assume the crown. And not only has she crossed those boundaries, she’s taken the challenge up to them and stared them down.

    Her strength of character, fearlessness, tenacity and sheer guts makes them very afraid.

    She also makes them afraid because she chooses not to live in their definition of a relationship with a male in charge and her ironing his shirts which explains Hockey and Prissy’s appalling behaviour catcalling the PM in the corridors of Parliament House.

    They catcalled the Prime Minister of Australia, ffs!!! How old are these morons? And what allowed them to think that was OK?

    Deep seated corrosive disrespect for females, the same deep seated corrosive disrespect that allowed the unworthy maggot Anal Jones to publicly threaten to to kill her and dare to say that she made her father so ashamed that it killed him!

    Would the gutless creep say the same thing about Kevin Rudd’s deceased father?

    These are the attitudes that make it possible for a Taliban fanatic to murder a young girl because she is fighting for girls to be educated.

    These are the attitudes that allow so-called “honour killings’, that allow some men to think that using violence to control the women in their lives is acceptable.

    And it starts with oafs like Liealot and the rest of the Liars Party and their knuckle dragging fans thinking that it’s OK to bully, belittle, threaten and demean women.

  8. Min @11.18pm 6/3, roflmao!

    ME @11.18pm 6/3, Do you think Queenslanders would go for that, considering his track record so far?

  9. My pet hate is that Seniors card that has replaced the pension card as a way of getting price deductions.

    A card that is available to self funded retirees with ample income to be able to afford the full price.

    The pension card is no longer recognized by those giving reductions in price.

    I have been told that “Don’t you know, single mother’s get that card. Well, no they do not. Mine has aged written on it. Also many of those women have found themselves deserted by the men folk, and could be said, to deserve some help. Money to spare they do not have. That is another story.

    I have also pointed out to those working behind the counter, that those behind the counter, senior card holders could be earning more that they do.

    What I do know, to get the full pension card, one has very little or no other income.

    Yes, I did nearly apply for the card. I did not go ahead. So much my distaste for it. For years, I was happy to use my pension card.

    What I do is to refuse to shop where only the senior card is accepted. Makes it hard to find a hairdresser, but so be it.

    Where does the money come from to serviced the Senior Card. Who meets the cost of issuing it?

    Is this another incident of only helping the deserving poor. That is those who are able to save for their retirement. Not the undeserving poor, those who find themselves on a full pension.

    Forget the money and rebates from the government, over the years that has allowed them to save.

    Many times more I believe than is spent on pensions, for those undeserving full pensioners.

    Which brings me to question: in these straitened times should state governments extend Seniors Cards to the growing numbers of people in their early 60s who don’t remotely see themselves as seniors? Should seniors who don’t think of themselves as seniors, even though the government regards them as such, take a moral stance and pay full price when they don’t have to?

    Will I leave my Seniors Card in the drawer? Probably not. I’ll hate the name. I’ll love the discounts………

  10. HER Majesty is set to sign an historic charter that declares widespread opposition to discrimination and endorses gay rights and gender equality.

    Queen Elizabeth II will mark Commonwealth Day by putting pen to paper on the first document to formalise among Commonwealth nations, “core values of the organisation and the aspiration of its members”.

    In doing so, the Queen will officially rally opposition to “all forms of discrimination, whether rooted in gender, race, colour, creed, political belief or other grounds”.

    While she won’t specifically mention gay rights, those “other grounds” are reportedly an unofficial reference to discrimination against homosexual people, the Mail on Sunday reports.

    Some Commonwealth nations are still fiercely, and in some cases legally, opposed to gay and lesbian rights.

    The Mail, quoting a Palace source, reports: “The impact of this statement on gay and women’s rights should not be underestimated.”

    “Nothing this progressive has ever been approved by the United Nations.”

    The Queen will sign the charter at Marlborough House in London later today (UK time).

    The document rep……………….

  11. Has one noticed, we see little of Abbott in the run up to the polls each fortnight. Nothing for the ; last few days.

  12. Why did Morrison say that 457 visas is the most important migration matter facing this country?

    I do not understand why this is seen as a migration issue. I thought migrants were those who come to stay. Come to be Australians’.

    We do have the Skill migration programme. Surely that is the one that is important.

    What do they mean, when they say the PM is being racist, when she says the programme needs tightening up?

    These people come from all races, including the UK, I believe. Where is racism?

    Does a not foreign worker mean what it says? Is the word foreigner now a racist, not meaning worker from overseas?

    To me, the 457 visas are about guest workers that are bought in to fill holes in the job market that local workers cannot fill.

    They are not migrants. They are guest workers.

    Surely any PM should put the needs of Australian workers first, while addressing the reasons these skills are in short supply.

    …Mr Abbott has accused the Prime Minister of demonising foreigners with a crackdown on the 457 temporary visa program.
    He said trying to turn people against them was the last thing Ms Gillard should be doing, especially in western Sydney.
    People on 457 visas who have come to Australia “the right way” were the best possible migrants, the Opposition Leader said.
    Ms Gillard says Mr Abbott’s constant comments about asylum seekers, describing them as a “peaceful invasion”, are inflammatory…………….

    Read more:

  13. Mr Abbott as an economic forecaster

    In his Budget reply speech in May last year, Mr Abbott made the following claim:

    “Madam Deputy Speaker, from an economic perspective, the worst aspect of this year’s budget is that there is no plan for economic growth; nothing whatsoever to promote investment or employment.”
    Since that speech was delivered, this has what has happened to growth, investment and jobs:

    The economy (real GDP) has grown by 1.9% in the three quarters to December 2012. This is an annualised increase of 2.5%.
    Private sector business investment has risen by 2.5% in the three quarters to December 2012 to be a thumping 70.0% higher than the level of investment when the Coalition was last in office. The capital expenditure expectations data were, according to Westpac, “robust” with investment likely to rise a stunning 11% in 2013-14 to fresh record highs.
    Since June 2012, 53,400 jobs have been created, 30,000 of these full-time positions.
    Just sayin’.

  14. Yes folks, here it is yet again yet more leadership speculation. At least this one is a little different, the MSM has decided to pick on Bill Shorten just for a change.

    ”The Prime Minister, Bill Shorten, said yesterday.” This is a phrase that we should at least be prepared for. It could become common.

    The media’s obsession with Kevin Rudd may be missing the point. Shorten may be the better bet. Tony Abbott and his staff are already war-gaming the possibility of facing Shorten, not Gillard or Rudd, as prime minister at this year’s election.

    Yes indeed, I am certain that Abbott and his staff are “already war-gaming”..doubtless digging as much dirt as feasible against Shorten.

  15. Min, it would be a bit of fun if we lefties could mount a campaign of diversionary tactics, chucking everyone we can think of as a possible replacement. The msm would explode trying to invent evil goings on.

  16. Jane, that would be an excellent topic. How about you writing another one for us. 😀

    That certainly would be fun..Tony Abbott’s elastic fails during triathlon – Tony seen entering Ashley and Martin – secret sources reveal Abbott preparing to handover to Barnaby Joyce within 6 months…

  17. Has Barnaby given up seeking a seat in the lower house?

    Who could replace Abbott. None on the shadow front bench I hope.

    Maybe we could start with the one that is bridesmaid to three leaders. I am sure she is making a run.

    Not sure that Sophie Mirabella does not see herself in the role.

    Well Bishop the elder is too long in the tooth. Then maybe not, as that shadow front bench is very elderly.

    Maybe they are relying on the wisdom of the old, as there does not appear to be much among the young.

    Maybe Mr.Abbott is about looking back to the past for his policies, is because he does not understand the future, or maybe it frightens him.

    Do the young really want to see things such as the NBNco hit the dust.

    Do they really want to do nothing about the damage carbon emissions are causing the planet.

    That they are not in favour of a better funded disability serviced and education system.

    That they are happy to see the TAFE and skill training abandoned.

    Are young workers really happy about seeing their jobs taken by guest workers.

    Do they really want to see employers given more IR powers.

    Do full pensioners really want to go back to the time of Howard.

    Do those parents that get the Kids allowance for education, want to go back to where they recovered some money in their tax rebates, as long as they kept receipts months after they spent the money. A system that does not favour the low income earner.

    Does one really believe that funding for schools is fair. Do they want to move from one that addresses the needs of the individual child, to one that props up the private sector.

    Does one really want local community groups to be responsible for running hospitals and schools.

    Do they really believe that the present maternity scheme, that gives more to lower income earners, be replaced with one, that gives those whose earn up to $150 thousand their full income for 6 months. One that will need a new tax on industry to implement.

    Are they going to trust Abbott, who is only promising to have enquiries of one kind or another into every policy he releases. He will make his mind up AFTER the election.

    The man is promising nothing, therefore will have no promises to break.

    Yes, the wealthy will have their nannies and their bloated maternity scheme.

    What will the poor have?

    Mr. Abbott is promising to demolish. The PM is promising to continue building. The choice is yours.


  18. Maybe Mr.Abbott is about looking back to the past for his policies, is because he does not understand the future, or maybe it frightens him.

    He is a puppet. He will do exactly as Rupert, Gina, John and George tell him.

    He is not a leader, he is a follower and suckhole of money and privilege.

  19. The lady over the back called me up to the fence earlier, asking if my landline phone was working. Apparently hers has been out for a couple of weeks already and she has been informed by Telstra that it will be at least April before she’ll have a working phone again.

    The reason – as most would know, we’ve had an awful lot of rain in SEQ over the last couple of months. The copper cables from the local exchange have deteriorated to such an extent that repair of the damage due to water ingress is no longer possible – they have to replace the cables.

    We’re due to have the NBN install started within the next 12 months in the area – I wonder will they bite the bullet and start a little earlier? Probably not – that would make sense & save money 🙄

    To give Telstra their due, they have diverted the landlines to mobiles free of charge, so people still have some phone access…

  20. …………………………………………………………These concessions were ostensibly introduced, along with compulsory superannuation, to tackle the problem of the ageing of the Australian population and encourage – or force – people to take up superannuation, thus saving the government money it would otherwise have to spend on the age pension.
    The problem is that the amount of revenue forgone from the superannuation tax concessions is now $32 billion and will rise, based on Treasury predictions, to nearly $45 billion in 2015-16, more than will be spent on the age pension. Spending on the age pension is about $34 billion. If the idea of the superannuation concessions is to save the government from spending on the age pension, then it may be working but all it has done is shift the focus of spending to often well-off retirees.
    That is the other problem with many tax expenditures – they deliver greater benefits the more income you earn. Back to the example of the $100 I earn as a freelance journalist. If my tax rate is 30 per cent, then not taxing that income gives me an effective grant through the tax system of $30. If, however, my tax rate is 60 per cent because I am a high-income earner, then not taxing that income gives me an effective grant through the tax system of $60. The more income I earn, the higher my tax rate and the greater benefit to me of tax expenditures.
    That is the case too with superannuation. Treasury has estimated that the top 5 per cent of income earners (roughly those earning more than $150,000 a year) receive 37 per cent of the super tax concessions (more than $10 billion). Nice work if you can get it.
    Treasury analysis shows that very high-income earners receive $520,000 in superannuation tax concessions while the average male retiree receives about $270,000 in the form of age pension payments and tax concessions.
    Those shouti…ng that…. touching the superannuation tax rorts is class war have got the wrong end of the stick. The concessions going disproportionately to the rich are the result of the one-sided class war the rich have waged successfully against the rest of us since the 1980s. The shift in wealth from us to them has been very large, and the superannuation tax concessions are but one example of this…………………………………….

    Read more:

  21. Min @ 10:02 am

    No Min they are back to Rudd. News bulletins this arvo all saying a bad poll tomorrow with the return to parliament would have Rudd pounce, and apparently that’s straight from Labor sources, and all the leadership speculation is Labor’s fault.

    Abbott in the meantime is fantastic.

  22. Why is a 2.3 swing a big loss.

    Now, they are saying, polls can feed off themselves. What amazing news. I am sure the MSM knows this. I say this, if there was not a benefitted for the Opposition, we would not be seeing so many polls as we do today.

    As for the swing in the west. The biggest worry is the swing away from the Green except for in one region.

  23. Why is Pell so angry, t6hat the Pope retired.

    Could it be, he is afraid we will get a more humane Pope, that maybe one of the people?

  24. …………………………………………..What the Gillard government did was do nothing to lower the high dollar – not that there was anything sensible or effective it could have done – and limit the budgetary handouts to only part of manufacturing industry.
    The result was a lot of pressure on export-and import-competing industries to raise their efficiency (or, at the very least, cut costs) or go under. As well, a lot of other industries, including retailers and much of the media, have been subject to pressure on sales and profits coming from the digital revolution and structural change.
    These are just the tough times you’d expect would oblige firms to lift their game. As Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens said recently: ”In several sectors of the economy a combination of factors is putting pressure on business models, and firms have been responding with an emphasis on lifting productivity and paring back costs. This process, while unavoidable, feeds into measures of sentiment …”
    As we go through a period of transition from mining-led growth to stronger growth in the rest of the economy, he said, ”the pressures to adapt business models, contain costs, increase productivity and innovate will remain. But such adjustments are actually positive for longer-run economic performance.”
    Moral: Don’t get your economics from overpaid chief executives – or crusading newspapers.

    Read more:

    Moral: Don’t get your economics from overpaid chief executives – or crusading newspapers.

  25. Now, they are saying, polls can feed off themselves. What amazing news. I am sure the MSM knows this.

    I just saw Laurie Oakes on the news explaining to us plebes the state of affairs

    Apparently, the ALP are refusing to participate in the msm leadershit game. Rudd is refusing to challenge, Shorten is refusing to play, and Gillard is refusing to leave. This is explained for us as a party that is PARALYZED! 😯

    What a load of sanctimonious bullshit. He went on to explain that it is almost impossible to find a Labor MP who thinks that they’ll win. This, of course, less than 30 seconds after they played the comments of a ‘paralyzed’ MP trying to push through the media pack at an airport claiming they are staying with Gillard and they will win with Gillard 😯

    How friggin’ ridiculous. No wonder voters are sick of politics. The question is, are voters sick of politics because of politicians, or because of journalists?

  26. Do we really want two for the price of one.

    By Monica AttardMarch 10, 2013
    Julia Gillard’s reign as Prime Minister – if you believe the prevailing zeitgeist and the polls – will end around 6 p.m. on September 14th.
    Quentin Bryce’s term as Governor General, recently extended by the PM, is officially due to end in March 2014.
    But will the always immaculately turned out, well-coiffed GG last even that long?
    There’s a bit of chatter around – published by and large by The Australian newspaper – that her time might expire around the same time as the Prime Minister’s………………..


    Education Pyne and Garrett.

  28. What is forty percent over ten years,. Is that not four percent per year. Is that more or less than inflation. That is what Pyne claimed to have paid.

    Pyne went onto say, that standards fell, therefore by his reasoning, money is not the answer. . Does that not indicate his model is wrong and does not work.

    Afraid that QandA is stacked tonight.

  29. Bacchus, I’ve just spoken to Malcolm and he says there’s absolutely no truth in your dastardly sciency gobbledegook about copper and water. There’s not a shred of truth in…..oh look over there! Kevin Rudd isn’t challenging for the leadershit.

    Now that’s where you should be directing your chatter, How Rudd & Shorten not challenging for the leadershit means that Gillard is in league with the devil and they’re paralysed and all need wheelchairs?

    No that would be silly. They don’t ALL need wheelchairs, some just need crutches and moon boots. 😯

  30. jane, fibre is glass, and as far as I know, water does not effect it. Biggest problems will be in the connections, that I believe are far fewer than needed with copper.

    It is a fact, that fibre is much easy and cheaper than copper to maintain, because it does not deteriorate. The bulldozer or similar machinery is it biggest enemy.

  31. Fed up @1.14am, try getting Trunchbull to admit it. He’s on the deck of a sinking ship trying to convince the passengers that there are enough life boats, but they don’t need them ‘cos everything’s fine.

    “Trust me, I’m a merchant banker! Would I be flogging bundles of ninja mortgages to you?”

    By the sound of things, he’s getting more desperate trying to flog the Liars’ pigs breakfast of an internet and communications policy.

    They’re trying to swim against the tide, because time and again the vast majority of voters have clearly said they are in favour of the NBN.

    There are a few barrackers unconvincingly trying to rubbish it as a costly white elephant to please a handful of people who want to download movies in record time.

    And we’ll all be rooned and won’t someone think of the kiddies who’ll be saddled with a million, billion, trillion, squillion bucks’ worth of debt they’ll have to pay off for the next billion years…….wah, wah, wah.

    Sadly for Trunchbull and the tech unsavvy Liars, the kiddies are a lot more savvy than they give them credit for and know very well that’s not how it works. And frankly, they want to down load content at the speed of light.

    Incidentally, Trunchbull is well aware of the above, but he’s playing with morons, so has to speak their language.

    Meanwhile, 86% of us, not fooled by the incredibly stupid rhetoric being dribbled from Noalition gobs, are more than happy to have a brilliant communications and internet network which will keep us abreast, or maybe even ahead of the field, well into the future.

    And once again, the Noalition can’t envision that even oldies like us might also want fast, efficient, reliable, brilliant internet and communications so we can download content at the speed of light.

  32. Some thoughts

    “My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger… My fellow citizens, the dangers to our country and the world will be overcome. We will pass through this time of peril and carry on the work of peace. We will defend our freedom. We will bring freedom to others and we will prevail.” -George W. Bush – March 19, 2003

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” : Adolf Hitler

    “People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to” : Malcolm Muggeridge”My fellow citizens, at this hour, American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger… My fellow citizens, the dangers to our country and the world will be overcome. We will pass through this time of peril and carry on the work of peace. We will defend our freedom. We will bring freedom to others and we will prevail.” -George W. Bush – March 19, 2003

    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” : Adolf Hitler

    “People do not believe lies because they have to, but because they want to” : Malcolm Muggeridge

  33. One wonders if private polling is saying, abusing the PM is back firing. Someone should gave told the audience at question time.

    AN OPPOSITION MP is calling for an end to the nasty name-calling and personal attacks on Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
    The Nationals’ back bencher Darren Chester said he was shocked by the “increasingly personal and vicious nature” of some comments from members of the public and urged an improvement in standards of political debate.
    “They are comments they would not like said about their own mother or daughter or wife and I think it’s inappropriate to treat the Prime Minister like that,” the MP for the Victorian seat of Gippsland told reporters in Canberra.
    “Not because she’s a woman but because her office demands respect and I think we should make sure that these comments are not of a personal nature, that they are focused on the policy.”

    Read more:

  34. Steve Gibbons @SteveGibbonsMP
    Looks like @tonyabbottmhr has contracted out his nasty side to interjector’s in the public gallery. A new low even for the Libs!

  35. Anti-ALP protestors gather on the front lawn of Parliament House Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

    Read more:

    12:44pm: The anti carbon tax people are back. Not quite with the same lack of manners as last year but possibly not speaking in terms your grandmother would be happy with. Here’s an example.

    Read more:

    Do not blink, one might just miss them.

  36. As much as I like the current layout of the site, it has to be changed.

    The current template we use keeps crashing on mobile devices and with changes WordPress has made over the last 24 hours it is difficult to access comments caught in the spam filter, especially when the site keeps crashing.

    So if we take on a new appearance don’t adjust your screen. It’s only me playing around with new templates.

  37. What we should not ignore, is the high number of undecided that are showing up on all questions, in all polls.

    The other, is the high number of Coalitions voters that are pushing for Rudd.

    Within Labor voters, there is no great push for Rudd.

    Do they Coalition believe Rudd would be easier to beat.

  38. Just read another piece on leadership difficulties in Federal Labor, and you guessed it Rudd is at the centre.

    But this is a new twist. Having failed to get any traction for an ALP leadership spill, except in short term polling gains for Abbott, this commentator said the spill is now on for after September 14 if Labor win. Apparently an election won’t put the ALP leadership problem to bed.

    There you have it, they are now going to drum up the notion that the Rudd leadership takeover is a matter of time, one month, one year, ten years, it doesn’t matter, they are going to keep it alive because the arseholes refuse to admit they got it very wrong.

    This is similar to a journalist I sourced a while back who blamed a cowardly Rudd for him not undertaking a leadership takeover and the journalist having egg on his face numerous times. Apparently Rudd was supposed to have read all his articles on the matter and do exactly as they stated.

    So if Gillard wins we can all look forward to many more years of Rudd leadership speculation from the media.

  39. Google Reader is closing down its service as of July 1 and it’s the most used RSS aggregator out there. It’s where I track and source most of my feeds and info.

    I don’t know what I’m going to replace it with as the alternative apps don’t do the same thing as well.

  40. Notice how quiet the right wingers are on the failing Liberal State governments, only crowing when they win an election but saying nothing of their litany of broken promises and failed policies.

    Here’s another major broken promise and failed policy for them.

    O’Farrell made a lot out of speed cameras being revenue raises when he was in opposition and said he would crack down on their use if he won office, which is something he did in the first six months, holding an enquiry and removing less than a handful of them, but putting in more elsewhere.

    He then went on to introduce plain non-police run mobile camera cars, which was a broken promise.

    It turns out that since O’Farrell has gotten into power speed camera revenue has jumped a whopping 30% and he is now flagging on increasing the fines and number of cameras seven fold.

    His traffic minister’s response on being questioned about this broken promise. If they don’t speed they won’t get fined.

    Hang on that was the exact same response given by the previous government that O’Farrell stated was a nonsense and cop out. So O’Farrell is admitting he’s speaking nonsense on this and copping out so as to raise revenue.

    This surplus at all cost by the Liberals just to have a bragging point has to stop it’s destroying this country.

  41. Great figures if you an Australian worker but more of these pesky facts the right wingers don’t like and avoid in their falsehood attacks against the government.

    Unions forget they’re suppose to be on the warpath

    Now here’s an interesting one:

    Most of the working days lost in 2012 have been because of disputes with Liberal State governments, but I bet you won’t hear Abbott mentioning that anywhere.

  42. On the back of the Queensland unemployment going from 5.5% to 5.8% Newman announced more job cuts.

    Newman is the model for Abbott.

  43. Newman cutting bus services that mostly effect the elderly and poor.

    Newman has put a gag order on charity

    New Chief Minister of the NT Adam Giles has got rid of the Indigenous Affairs minister saying one is not needed in the NT.

  44. Newman cutting bus services that mostly effect the elderly and poor.

    I AM surprised.

    I guess he’s hoping the elderly will pop their clogs before the next election and the poor will be too malnourished to have the energy to get to the bus stop..

  45. Two weeks ago, anti-asylum seeker pamphlets surfaced in Bendigo. These pamphlets were authorized by the Liberal Party, though that fact was not made clear on those pamphlets.

    Now, just this afternoon, I received a large card along with my weekly advertising junk mail. The card is entitled “Labor’s illegal boat arrivals. The cost.” (Boat arrivals are not illegal.) Again, the Liberal Party is responsible, though that is not made clear on the pamphlet. Mark Neeham’s name appears in very small print on one side. I had to look him up on the Internet to find out he is the NSW State Director of the Liberal party.

    My local member is Daryl Melham, a Labor MP. Tomorrow I will go over to his office to let them know about this false advertising. I don’t know if our electorate has been singled out or whether the Libs are covering the whole of Sydney. The Libs have the money and they could do this.

  46. Well done, Migs and co!

    Heading off tomorrow on the 4,500 km drive to Brisbane. Plan to camp on the Nullarbor Plain tomorrow night. A fire, a very good red and a guitar will see me through.

    The next night will be camping near Ceduna. A seafood feast over the fire will be the fare.

    Then on to Broken Hill. I love that place…an example of ever enduring pioneer spirit. Then the last leg to Brisbane.

    Has been an interesting adventure.

  47. Scaper, if I ever learn that you stayed near Ceduna and didn’t feast on some King George Whiting . . . I will be putting a contract out on you. 😉

  48. My Triton four wheel drive work truck. Will be sleeping in my swag on the tray.

    When I did the Nullarbor last time cruised at 180 km per hour. No hurry this time.

    Looking forward to the whiting cooked in foil over the fire.

    A contract on me? Join the back of the queue.

  49. For many of the opinionistas, PM Gillard is Humpty Dumpty. They insist that she has had a great fall, indeed one fall after another, and no amount of effort by the king’s men can ever put her together again, no amount of effort can give her an election winning edge. This is certainly the view of the vitriolic Niki Savva and her ilk; the News Limited coterie: Paul Kelly, Dennis Shanahan, David Spears – you know them all; the Fairfax opinionistas: Peter Hartcher, and the ‘new’ Michelle Grattan, now at The Conversation, but writing exactly the same anti-Gillard spiel as before, now under a cloak of academic respectability; turncoat and Eddie Obeid friend Graham Richardson, valued by the anti-Gillard camp because of his prior Labor connections; and a vast array of Coalition has-beens: Peter Reith, Michael Kroger and Graeme Morris are just a few of these particularly venomous critics that pop up over and again. If I may borrow a Coalition phrase, ‘these people’ are the ones who paint our PM as Humpty Dumpty, who can never be put together again.

    Distressing as that is to Labor supporters, it comes as no surprise because Labor people know that for at least two years News Limited has been hell-bent on destroying PM Gillard and her Government, and now it seems Fairfax has joined it. ……..

    What are the media going to do, when they realise the emperor is wearing no clothes. All noise and bluster but little more.

  50. FORMER prime minister John Howard has admitted that “mistakes” were made by the US-led coalition in Iraq, but he stands by his decision a decade ago to join friend George W Bush in invading the oil-rich nation.
    And his foreign affairs minister at the time, Alexander Downer, has revealed the United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, virtually blamed former Australian diplomat and chief weapons inspector Richard Butler for the war.
    A decade on from the invasion of Iraq by the US-led coalition of the willing and Australian special-forces troops and RAAF fighter jets in March 2003, Mr Howard said he had not changed his mind because Iraq was better off without Saddam Hussein.
    “Post invasion, mistakes were made, most particularly the dismantling of the Iraqi Army,” Mr Howard said……………

    Read more:

  51. …………………Mr Downer this week said the UN had been writing reports about Iraq’s weapons stockpile for years.
    He said Mr Annan had said to him that he could not believe that former head of the UN weapons inspection team, Mr Butler, had been made Governor of Tasmania.
    “Annan said to me, `If not for Richard Butler there would not have been an Iraq War’,” Mr Downer said.
    Mr Butler denied the claim.
    “The substance of what Annan is alleged to have said is incorrect,” he said.

    Read more:

  52. Yep they are rewriting history over Iraq and not for the first time. They know they lied and deceived to invoke an illegal invasion and war so now are trying to rewrite the history of it so down the track when the statute of limitations runs out they will have justified themselves.

    Downer can’t speak because he told one of the greatest lies ever told in parliament when hand on heart he said it was irrefutable that Saddam has WMD and soon after lied that Saddam had a nuclear weapons program, both things that he knew weren’t true at the time.

    Downer also told a whopper over East Timor.

    As usual the greatest liars and deceivers are on the right side of politics.

  53. Sorry, the list is so long. He is indeed going to be a busy boy. Remember, this is most of this ineffectual and illegitimate government has achieved.

    1 Repeal the carbon tax, and don’t replace it. It will be one thing to remove the burden of the carbon tax from the Australian economy. But if it is just replaced by another costly scheme, most of the benefits will be undone.

    2 Abolish the Department of Climate Change

    3 Abolish the Clean Energy Fund

    4 Repeal Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act

    5 Abandon Australia’s bid for a seat on the United Nations Security Council

    6 Repeal the renewable energy target

    7 Return income taxing powers to the states

    8 Abolish the Commonwealth Grants Commission

    9 Abolish the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

    10 Withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol

    11 Introduce fee competition to Australian universities

    12 Repeal the National Curriculum

    13 Introduce competing private secondary school curriculums

    14 Abolish the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA)

    15 Eliminate laws that require radio and television broadcasters to be ‘balanced’

    16 Abolish television spectrum licensing and devolve spectrum management to the common law

    17 End local content requirements for Australian television stations

    18 Eliminate family tax benefits

    19 Abandon the paid parental leave scheme

    20 Means-test Medicare

    21 End all corporate welfare and subsidies by closing the Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education

    22 Introduce voluntary voting

    23 End mandatory disclosures on political donations

    24 End media blackout in final days of election campaigns

    25 End public funding to political parties

    26 Remove anti-dumping laws

    27 Eliminate media ownership restrictions

    28 Abolish the Foreign Investment Review Board

    29 Eliminate the National Preventative Health Agency

    30 Cease subsidising the car industry

    31 Formalise a one-in, one-out approach to regulatory reduction

    32 Rule out federal funding for 2018 Commonwealth Games

    33 Deregulate the parallel importation of books

    34 End preferences for Industry Super Funds in workplace relations laws

    35 Legislate a cap on government spending and tax as a percentage of GDP

    36 Legislate a balanced budget amendment which strictly limits the size of budget deficits and the period the federal government can be in deficit

    37 Force government agencies to put all of their spending online in a searchable database

    38 Repeal plain packaging for cigarettes and rule it out for all other products, including alcohol and fast food

    39 Reintroduce voluntary student unionism at universities

    40 Introduce a voucher scheme for secondary schools

    41 Repeal the alcopops tax

    42 Introduce a special economic zone in the north of Australia including:
    a) Lower personal income tax for residents
    b) Significantly expanded 457 Visa programs for workers
    c) Encourage the construction of dams

    43 Repeal the mining tax

    44 Devolve environmental approvals for major projects to the states

    45 Introduce a single rate of income tax with a generous tax-free threshold

    46 Cut company tax to an internationally competitive rate of 25 per cent

    47 Cease funding the Australia Network

    48 Privatise Australia Post

    49 Privatise Medibank

    50 Break up the ABC and put out to tender each individual function

    51 Privatise SBS

    52 Reduce the size of the public service from current levels of more than 260,000 to at least the 2001 low of 212,784

    53 Repeal the Fair Work Act

    54 Allow individuals and employers to negotiate directly terms of employment that suit them

    55 Encourage independent contracting by overturning new regulations designed to punish contractors

    56 Abolish the Baby Bonus

    57 Abolish the First Home Owners’ Grant

    58 Allow the Northern Territory to become a state

    59 Halve the size of the Coalition front bench from 32 to 16

    60 Remove all remaining tariff and non-tariff barriers to international trade

    61 Slash top public servant salaries to much lower international standards, like in the United States

    62 End all public subsidies to sport and the arts

    63 Privatise the Australian Institute of Sport

    64 End all hidden protectionist measures, such as preferences for local manufacturers in government tendering

    65 Abolish the Office for Film and Literature Classification

    66 Rule out any government-supported or mandated internet censorship

    67 Means test tertiary student loans

    68 Allow people to opt out of superannuation in exchange for promising to forgo any government income support in retirement

    69 Immediately halt construction of the National Broadband Network and privatise any sections that have already been built

    70 End all government funded Nanny State advertising

    71 Reject proposals for compulsory food and alcohol labelling

    72 Privatise the CSIRO

    73 Defund Harmony Day

    74 Close the Office for Youth

    75 Privatise the Snowy-Hydro Scheme

    One builds, the other demolishes.


  54. Sorry, another long list.

    15/05/2011 – Gillard is dead, politically dead – Peter Costello

    06/06/2011 – Gillard gone by December – Andrew Bolt

    01/09/2011 – Labor stalwart says Gillard ‘finished’ – Jeremy Thompson

    06/09/2011 – JULIA, resign. Let Rudd resume rightful role – Philip Adams

    17/07/2011 – Gillard down for count – Phillip Coorey

    20/02/2012 – Gillard delusional and in retreat – Dennnis Shanahan

    21/02/2012 – Too late for Gillard to save herself – Niki Savva

    23/02/2012 – Assassins reap what they sowed – Simon Benson

    21/04/2012 – Gillard will be GORN by end of May, Hewson & Richo jointly on #Slynews

    30/04/2012 – Credibility gone, PM should fall on her sword , Michelle Grattan

    02/05/2012 – Julia’s going: it’s a matter of time – Dennis Shanahan

    18/05/2012 – Despite the poll and budget uptick, Gillard and Labor are doomed – Richo

    19/05/2012 – String of disasters mean the party’s over for Labor – Piers Akerman

    26/05/2012 – A leadership change to Kevin Rudd is the last real option – PvO

    28/05/2012 – Lame duck Labor likely to waddle on to term – Gerard Henderson

    25/07/2012 – Labor’s choice is Rudd or oblivion – Paul Kelly

    12/06/2012 – Determined Gillard may be, but her leadership is looking terminal – Shanahan

    14/08/2012 – Pride comes before a fall for Gillard Government – Derryn Hinch

    23/08/2012 – Gillard in big trouble no matter what happens – Leo Shanahan

    12/09/2012 – Just like Howard, Abbott has the numbers that really count – Janet Albrechsten

    13/10/2012 – Misogyny tactic will backfire – Paul Kelly

    13/10/2012 – Gillard’s hypocrisy stripped bare – Chris Kenny

    05/11/2012 – Hanging by a thread by Peter Hartcher

    24/11/2012 – Knives are out for Gillard – Peter Hartcher

    29/11/2012 – Ducking and diving, but PM’s goose is cooked – Piers Akerman

    05/01/2013 – Rudd’s support for a challenge edging closer – Mark Kenny

    15/02/2013 – An adrenaline charged Rudd increases pressure on Gillard – Michelle Grattan

    18/02/2013 – Poor poll for Labor plays to Rudd’s ambition – Michelle Grattan

    19/02/2013 – Beware knives of March – Mark Kenny

    19/02/2013 – Gillard’s departure is a matter of timing – Peter Reith

    19/02/2013 – Final nail in PM’s coffin – David Day

    19/02/2013 – Something has to give – sooner or later – Lenore Taylor

    19/02/2013 – Desperate caucus eyes leadership switch – Ben Packham

    19/02/2013 – PM Julia Gillard ‘gone’ if she struggles in next week’s Newspoll – Tory Shepherd

    19/02/2013 – Labor’s critical question: time for a new leader? – The Age Editorial

    19/02/2013 – Julia Gillard’s support base is softly slipping away – Simon Benson

    19/02/2013 – Kevin Rudd’s odds on leading ALP in September election shorten to $2 –

    19/02/2013 – Labor in despair over dire poll – Phil Coorey

    19/02/2013 – Dead woman walking – SMH

    19/02/2013 – Final nail in PM’s coffin – David Day

    19/02/2013 – Rudd’s just in storage, waiting for sun to shine – Tony Wright

    20/02/2013 – Dear Julia, it’s time for a dignified exit speech – Alan Stokes

    22/02/2013 – PM should go for party’s sake – Graham Richardson

    23/02/2013 – Gillard may not recover this time – Katharine Murphy

    23/02/2013 – Drumroll, then exit on a final cymbal crash – Tony Wright

    23/02/2013 – Julia Gillard risks her legacy by not ceding to Kevin Rudd- Peter van Onselen

    23/02/2013 – Labor feels guilty over Rudd: Turnbull – Malcolm Turnbull

    23/02/2013 – Teams lining up early for a Coalition victory – Lenora Taylor

    02/03/2013 – Hating Kevin, loving the saviour – Peter Hartcher

    10/03/2013 – Deadline looms for Prime Minister Julia Gillard – Sam Maiden

    11/03/2013 – Julia Gillard must resign as leader or Labor is doomed at the election –

    11/03/2013 – Clear message from the west is that Rudd is the only hope – Peter Hartcher

    12/03/2013 – PM’s backers must move for the greater good, says Rudd camp – Mark Kenny, The Age

    12/03/2013 – Fran Kelly & Peter Collins #newspoll will give PM Gillard one more week to survive

    13/03/2013 – Demoralised Labor hangs on every poll – Peter Hartcher

    15/03/2013 – Media bill threatens leadership – Mark Kenny SMH

    15/03/2013 – Julia Gillard – gone by next Wednesday – BOB GOSFORD

    16/03/2013 – Labor poised to restore Kevin Rudd, insiders say Peter van Onselen The OZ

    TheFinnigans from the famous Beautiful Inspiring Set Of Numbers – BISONS blog started to collect the PM GORN headlines after the appearance of this “JULIAR BITCH” picture in March 2011

  55. Fed up, those lists are excellent. Might you have a link so that we can acknowledge the person who did all this research.

  56. It appears that if the PM cannot get one bill through, after getting 400, means she has lost her authority. Pray telll me why.

  57. Link there Min.

    I seen you asking this morning. Is in comment on the site.
    It appears that if the PM fails to get one piece of leglistation through, after being successful with 400, she has lost her authority.

    More from the site.

    By @Thefinnigans
    Source: The Bisons
    The ides of March

    AFHP: The Finnigans has collated this incredibly long list of failed commentariat predictions since 2011. Le’t not forget that this is the product the media is selling to us as quality insider information with context. In the 24 hour news cycle you can say and publish whatever you want and you get rarely held to account for your work, shoddy as it may be. Just last Thursday, the twitterverse went into overdrive over this quality false rumour:

    How come they never explain how or why they were wrong? If it finally happens they will say they were right, but won’t admit they helped make it so. If it doesn’t happen they’ll try again. Accountability doesn’t happen for political journos, commentators or their bosses. And if they have their way it never will…

  58. Fed up, they likewise predicted Julia Gillard’s demise when it was the price on carbon and poker machine reform, and asylum seekers. I am certain tat there are many other excuses for Julia’s demise, but she’s still getting on with the job while the hollow remarks wash around her. Quite a remarkable skill, to remain above it all.

  59. Yes. indeed. The fact that the PM is approaching her 1000 days is all the proof one wants.

    It must high light all the failures that Annott has incurred.

    It says a lot, that he cannot bring down one weak, ineffectual and useless PM, one, who happens to be a woman.

    What’s more, it matter not, that he has not laid one glove on her. Yes, there have been many home goals along the way.

    Even with this record, the media are stll blind to his inability to act in any way, but that that of a headkicker and bully.

  60. Tony out this morning. Carbon……. Nothing new. At Harbour, NSW. On the northern beaches.

    ABC 24.

    Day one of the new parliament, the leglisation will be drawn up. Wil take 10 percent off power bills. Not true.

    Mike Baird, NSW treasuer with him.

  61. ME, great link to Rudd’s St Patrick’s Day dinner. Very funny and sticking it to the Liars. Well done Kevin Michael Patrick O’Rudd!

    Fed up & ME, Downer is one of the nastiest and most spiteful of the Liars. Born with a silver spoon in his bloated gob, an unwarranted superiority complex and contempt for those whose daddy wasn’t wealthy.

    He probably thinks we’ve forgotten that “things that batter” line, but we haven’t because it points to the lack of empathy exhibited by the Liars in general.

  62. We have now another MSSO for the first time in ages. Bad judgement by the PM. On freedom of speech. Abbott looks very happy at being let off the leash. Same speech, as reported before. Added are freedom of spp0ech and lack of judgement.

  63. Agreed. Of course the media qill report what occurred otherwise. I am starting to believe that Albanese is filling the boots of that leader of the house from long ago. The one and only Fred Daly.

  64. Interesting was the threat on 457 Visas..that if you go to your local hospital you won’t have your Indian doctor. Perhaps an idea might be to train some Australian ones. Imagine a country such as Australia with our wealth, with our high standards of education not being able to train enough doctors…

  65. Min, remember, Mr. Howard restricted the number of traing place for doctors. Limited the number that could access Medicare.

    Employer bid to cut penalty rates fails

    A push by employers to slash the penalty rates of workers in retail and fast food has failed with the Fair Work Commission saying some of the key claims lacked evidence.
    In a strongly worded ruling, the full bench of the commission said while there was some evidence in elements of the case brought by employer groups to reduce penalty rates ”it was far from compelling” and there was ”a significant evidentiary gap in the cases put”.
    In the cases before the Fair Work Commission, employers had sought to reduce Sunday penalties in retail from 100 per cent to 50 per cent and to remove the 25 per cent evening penalty for all non-casual hours.
    Employers also pushed to remove weekend penalties for the fast food industry, where workers are currently paid 25 per cent penalties on Saturdays and 50 per cent penalties on Sunday.

    The Fair Work Commission noted that a high proportion of workers in retail, food and accommodation were low paid. Photo: Craig Abraham

    Read more:

  66. It appears that in 2006, the public interest clause was in their guidelines. It appears, that public interest has been superseded.

  67. Q&A: Alannah McTiernan is evidence that the ABC wants to keep sticking the boot into Gillard.

    What is Barnaby doing on Q&A again?

  68. Excellent tweet on Q&A: “The incompetence is the framing by a biased media, not reality.”

    Question from audience speculating on leadersit. Barnaby interrupting again.

  69. What a voice on that woman. Wish they would shut her up. Love the attention she is getting. Hope the PM has an doll image of her, sticking pins in it.

  70. I hope someone asks David Feeney about his relationship with Kathy Jackson and how her disendorsement from the Labor Parrty has taken undermined his position on the Labor Senate ticket.

  71. barnaby deceptively calling the carbon price a “broad-based consumption tax.” Wrong. It is a levy on production.

    Feeney defending Gillard on fulfilling promise to introduce carbon pricing!

    Right-wing dude (name?) now accusing Gillard of lying. Very stupid. Feeney says it’s not a tax!

  72. Right-wing dude is Jeremy Cordeaux, Adelaide Broadcaster & Commentator. More right-wing than Barnaby!

  73. Yes, on that one he is spot on. Raise the standard of living and the birth rate comes down. Giving woman control over their own lives also helps.

  74. How did the public interest test work in the Press Council guidelines in 2006. It was there but has been superseded in later rewrites. The press head could not explain today when Cameron asked. They did not even know it was there.

  75. The media head wants to know what they have done to warrant such treatment. Anyone willing to tell him.

  76. 800 more found who had there phones hacked in the UK. Arrests are still occurring.

    Not just News of the Worls but the telegraph Trimity. Admission fro Sun, accessing information from the phone of a MP.

    They were to vote on legalization today.

  77. CU @10.48pm, do you think that Cameron caved in on media regulation now that an extra 800 hackings have been exposed right across Ltd News?

    And do you reckon this could push Conroy’s legislation over the line, particularly in light of the revelation of the Australian connection in the Charles and Camilla scandal?

    IMO, this fresh scandal makes Ltd News’ hysterical blather wrt freedom of the press sound more hollow and contrived by the second.

    I’m still puzzled as to why Windsor, Oakeshott and Thomson have signaled that they will vote against Conroy’s bill. Anyone got any ideas? I have, but prefer to keep them to myself atm.

  78. Jane, I’m puzzled too. Oakeshott has said “weak policy and poor process” but surely a weak policy is better than failure to address the problem at all. This reminds me of Wilkie and the poker machine legislation where he refused to support any reform at all unless he got 100% of what he’s not like that.

  79. he refused to support any reform at all unless he got 100% of what he wanted

    The Greens have a propensity for that too Min. The amount of times Labor have not been able to get something through because they have had votes against them from opposing ends of the spectrum, the libs just saying NO to everything cos they are spoilt brats, and the Greens/indies just want it their way or no way (although, not all the indies have behaved like that).

    Malaysian deal, ETS, Pokies, now this (I’m sure there are more that I’ve forgotten)

    It just appears petty to me. Surely the middle ground is better than no ground?

    Mind you, I can understand these peoples desire to crucify the msm, after all, it is what the msm attempted to do to them, but, even starting slowly is better than not starting.

  80. Tom, there was also Fielding with the Alcopops legislation. Fielding demanded that all advertising of alcohol be immediately banned from all sporting events. The government explained that an immediate ban was impossible due to contract obligations, but that this needed to be phased in over time..much like the ban on tobacco sponsorship. Also, this would hurt small country clubs who needed time to find other sponsors other than the local pub. For Fielding this wasn’t good enough and so he ended up achieving nothing.

    I’m of the same mind as you Tom, something is always better than nothing. If you don’t make a start on dinner..then you’ll end up going hungry. 😉

  81. Stop your Indies bashing, please. Your Labor prejudice is showing.

    Oakeshott has also said he wants more time to consider the legislation.

  82. TONY Abbott’s budgie smugglers have been replaced with ”stopping the boats” and ”people smugglers” in an analysis of the most used political words in mainstream media.
    Compared to the 2010 election year the Opposition Leader’s physique and swimwear choice has taken a back seat to the asylum-seeker issue, but Julia Gillard’s new ”hipster” look is still making headlines.
    An analysis by News Limited of political stories from January 27 to March 16 this year has shown an interesting tale of what is making it into the press and what the nation’s political leaders are talking about……………….

    Read more:

  83. The treatment of Tanya, health minister, today, across the chamber, is getting to her. The PM had to withdraw saying the misogynist Tone is back. PM seems a little angry herself.

    The anger of Pyne when demanding the PM was unbelievable. Was told to walk. Not a very nice Opposition today.

    Combet, reorting on another meat processor who have cut emissions by half, and now more competive. All due to carbon tax,

  84. That company was A J Bush, for those in Queensland. This seems to be the norm across this industry.

  85. Worth a read, and not from a leftwing site. Maybe Sophia Mirabella who is ranting on in the house at this time, should take time out to read.

    .The government’s strong economic record also receives little emphasis – recovering business and consumer confidence, some small gains in house prices, strong gains in equities, contained inflation, decent jobs growth and low unemployment should be front and centre news.
    The historic NDIS legislation, which will ease the suffering of hundreds of thousands of Australians – and deliver substantial economic benefits – was largely ignored on the day it was passed, due to the virtual civil war between media proprietors and the government over the Conroy media regulation package.
    Now, much as that sounds like a one-eyed apologia for Labor, let me continue – the point is that we’re familiar with the other side of all those stories, but less so the ‘success’ that Labor claims for the 400-plus pieces of legislation it has passed through parliament.
    And while Business Spectator readers are across many of the other sides to those many coins, the opinion polls, plus qualitative polling responses, show that many voters think the economy is struggling – which it isn’t – and that their lives are being ruined by Gillard’s landmark reform, carbon pricing – which they’re not…

    Read more:

  86. Silkworm, fair enough. It certainly wouldn’t be unusual for the MSM to put their own interpretation on what others said.

  87. PRIME Minister Julia Gillard has appeared business-like and confident as she left the Labor caucus meeting today, but Kevin Rudd left the meeting 17 minutes earlier, looking stiff and focused.

    It comes as the PM notches up 1000 days in the top job today and speculation mounts as to how long she will stay – with warnings she may be facing an election ”sooner than September 14”.

    Independent MP Tony Windsor warned if the Labor Party could agree on who is stable enough to run the place then it does not deserve the support of the crossbench…………………….

  88. Terrific, the ABC is showing Pyne in full flight. Wonder how often his wife sees that face. Also we are getting the put down of bothe Abbott and Bishop. About time.

    Shows all in their true colours. It is a pity, we cannot also see and hear the abuse that Tanya P, the health minister had to endure today. Fri the first time, I have seen the woman upset.

    Sorry,cannot remember how to spell her name.

  89. Why does Reith looks like he is about to burst into tears. Made a fool of himself, running down a female minister. Got her mixed up with another minister. Do we really need to see him on the Drum all the time.

  90. Reith is taking objections to what Cosgrove had to say today. He criticized the Iraq war. Heard him today, sometime on ABC radio.

  91. Terrific, the ABC is showing Pyne in full flight.

    They probably think they’re doing that bit for ‘the team’ by showing it. Hopefully it leaves viewers with the impression of what a silver-tailed goose he is.

  92. Cuppa, Pyne is doing a better performance in the house at this time. Never seen so much anger. This afternoon was nothing in comparison. I would say that Murdoch has been beaten. I believe all is going through.

  93. It is hotting up as the night goes on. Saying that, they will have to be good, to outdo the efforts of Turnbull and Pyne.

  94. Cuppa, I see they have also replayed the PM putting both Bishop and Abbott in their place. The smirks of both were quickly removed.

    One has to go back to the days of Whitlam to see so much emotion. All exerted in defending Murdoch.

  95. Min @8.57am, I agree with you on this policy. It may seem weak atm, but no doubt it has been structured for amendments later.

    Having said that, I am quite surprised that they haven’t got a more polished bill. after all, the msm hasn’t just turned nasty.

    They’ve had the better part of 3 years to frame something stronger, so it looks a bit sloppy, leaving them open to accusations of policy on the run.

    Maybe that’s what’s getting up the Indies noses.

  96. From your link ME

    I have a theory.
    I must make it clear that I have no evidence for my theory or for any assertions I make. However, given some context and a series of related events – it‘s a theory that makes a lot of sense.

    Somewhere in the past few years, some well financed and committed members of right wing groups and conservative Think Tanks have got together, planned and orchestrated a coordinated campaign of conspiracy, social engineering and manipulation of the public perspective.

    Someone should post a link to that tape of moncton talking about using the media to a group in Australia. I don’t recall who it was now, but I think rinehart was represented there, and I also think it was just before she made her moves on media.

  97. Wow, some theory but there is a bit of truth in it. The social engineering bit is suggesting that Australians are sheep, the plastic elitists are the sheep.

    Gina made her media investments long before the meeting in Ron’s supposed board room. Ron is an ANDEV executive.

    Saw part of Monckton’s talk in Brisbane last week but was there to talk with Malcolm Roberts (MC) and Michael Darby. Oh, to be a fly on the wall.

    Anyway, if the wacky theory was all true how the hell are you lot going to stop it? Pool your $2 a day? Lambs to the slaughter!

  98. They say the PM is showing bad judgement. This could not possibly be that she does not cower to the media moguls, but takes them on.

    Maybe she will lose, but she and the Labor party will not be beholden to them.

    It is time for all in caucus to fall in behind her. They have nothing to lose, ans much to gain.

    Bullies can only be beaten, by not giving into them.

    If any are really working to get Rudd back, they are fools, as they are being used as tools by the media and Abbott,.

    The proposed bills are moderate in the extreme. When one watches the hearings, this point is clearly seen. The media moguls have been disgraceful in their behavior.

    The bills protect freedom of speech, and our rights, not the other way around.

    The wealthy have the right to privacy. They can demand it with their wealth. Most cannot.

    If you get behind the PM and pushed what has been achieved, and what is being aimed at in the future, yes you might lose the election. If you keep on playing the games some are, you will lose the election and set the party up for losses far into the future. Remember the split post war, that led to the DLP and the party in wildness for decades.

    It is time for the press to lose its power to say who the government will be.

  99. Pyne on ABC24 having a good whine. Seems the PM might be playing with their minds, Demanding the parliament sit next week.

    Suspsect that might just suit the government.

    Pyne is still riled up.

  100. What Pyne is poionting out, that the PM with a minority government has full control of the house.

  101. Minister knew he had only one crack at it
    Y:TROY BRAMSTON From: The Australian March 20, 2013 12:00AM

    WHEN Stephen Conroy convinced Julia Gillard to list his media reforms for cabinet discussion last week, they both knew it was his one and only chance to transform how the media is regulated in Australia.

    If passed, just two weeks would be set aside to convince a gaggle of independent MPs and the Greens to support the long-awaited reforms in parliament.

    They anticipated there would be a backlash from sections of the media and the opposition. By quarantining public debate to two weeks, they calculated that any pain would be sharp but short.

    Conroy, strongly backed by Wayne Swan, agreed with the Prime Minister that if the reforms did not pass this week, they would be withdrawn.

    It was a cavalier, high-risk, all-or-nothing approach. If Conroy succeeded, it would be a significant victory and constitute a “hit” on the media, he argued.

    If he failed, it would embroil the government in a fight with the media months before an election. It could also provide a spark to ignite a leadership showdown…………………..

    I am sure the PM knew the risk she was taking. I also believe she should be given credit for having a go.

  102. TONY Abbott’s Liberal Party is attempting to lie its way into government, nothing more nothing less.

    They are lying to you about the state of the economy when they talk about restoring growth (we haven’t lost it thank you very much), restoring jobs (unemployment is at a historically low 5.4 per cent, against an average of about 6 per cent during the Howard years), and a “debt burden” that is the envy of the rest of the world and low enough to mean we are one of only seven nations to have a AAA credit rating.

    They are lying about the impact of putting a price on carbon (Whyalla is still standing, lamb roasts are not $100, investment is still booming and Abbott, as it was with a certain set of accounts from BHP, can’t read an electricity bill apparently). And on this front, they and other climate change deniers are lying to you about Australia “going it alone” in terms of the global push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    The party that is led by a man who has confessed on national television to having problems with the “gospel truth” is also lying through its back teeth about immigration and asylum seekers. Not that this should come as anything of a surprise from the mob that brought you TV ads with great red “invasion” arrows during the last campaign.

    One of the latest grubby ploys has been a series of (unbranded) leaflets in strategic seats in NSW and Victoria spreading fear and division about the alleged cost of “Labor’s illegal boat arrivals”………

  103. scaper, there are a handfull even there, that have the guts to stand up for truth.

    Did not see many journalists turn up for the senate committee hearings.

    In fact I believe the number was 0

  104. No, you and your lot have constantly critiqued the evil Murdoch empire and now you are saying that some there stroke your ideological deformity?

    Can’t have it both ways in the real world.

  105. No scaper, she probably won’t but at least here on the blogs we are scrutinising the possible/probable impacts of an Abbott Prime Ministership. I doubt that in the future there will be much cause for celebration.

  106. I’m not scared of that nasty Mr Wabbit. He is hutched.

    Yes, it is the hutch owners that worry me.

  107. The hypocrite right wing commentators and MSM go on about a Gillard lie that wasn’t but overlook the greatest set of lies told by any leader in this country’s history, and that includes the lies over the Vietnam War, and that’s Howard’s and Downer’s blatant lies piled on lies over a sustained period to take us to war in Iraq.

    Here is the timeline of lies told that Howard was implicit in by unreservedly supporting George W Bush every step of the way, including for the first time in our history, handing over parliament to a foreign leader.

    Lie by Lie: A Timeline of How We Got Into Iraq

    So if the right wing commentators are so upset by a supposed lie told by one of our leaders how come they are not outraged at Howard’s massive lies and Abbott’s continuous stream of them?

    Of course they aren’t really concerned that Gillard may have told a lie at all, it’s purely that it’s a Labor leader and that gives them the excuse to make up any story and tell any lie they like about them.

  108. Seems like Katter has saved the day Complicated, but I believe the strength of panel to be set up. One, by it’s very structure is going to carry weight.

  109. So then this means there is no confidence in the opposition and they should be disbanded immediately?

  110. First questiion from Abbott on the surplus. As the PM said we get this one all the time.

    Think one would learn.

  111. GFC ended four years ago. Wonder what is going on in Europe and Cyprus. Oh, she is having fun with this one.

  112. Increased the utility allowance. Tax relief with new tax offset.

    Hockey debt. At least he has the brains to direct the question to the treasurer.

  113. Does this mean that Gina is writing Coalition policy.

    .The federal government says a leaked draft coalition plan on splitting Australia into different tax zones and moving public service jobs north shows the opposition is economically irresponsible and at war with itself over policy.

    Hockey accuses Swan of ‘tax hike’ plan

    Mining giants avoid resources tax

    READ: The best and worst demolitions
    Treasurer Swan rejects independent audit
    Abbott warns of ‘unlosable election’
    Abbott dismisses Greens decision
    Fight on for Bob Katter’s seat: Abbott
    Not just platitudes, Bowen dares Abbott
    A draft discussion paper, Vision 2030, includes tax incentives to lure private sector workers to cities such as Darwin, Cairns and Karratha, while forcibly relocating tens of thousands of public sector jobs from areas like western Sydney.
    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott on Thursday told reporters it was not a policy but only a draft being circulated to key people for their feedback before being released for public comment.
    Details were published in The Daily Telegraph on Thursday…

  114. Craig Thomson will not back bills. They will be withdrawn. I cannot seen why that should be the end of the world. There is always another day..

    Will be listed again tomorro Fritzgibbons, is correct, of course they are talking about how bad they are travelling. Why does that means thart Rudd is challenging.

    The only hope is to stick with Gillard, getting behind her all the way.

    As for how the bills were handled, there is no other way to handle them The media moguls could not be given time to get there act together, as happened with the miners and the MRRT.

    It could be said to be a brave move, that they nearly bought off.

  115. scaper @12.14pm, chuckle.

    Min I’m not so sure that the government will lose on 14 September.

    I have a feeling that the Obeid scandal will garner a few Liars scalps. Sinodinas won’t be the only one, I think, Obviously the Liars didn’t do the research. No surprise there, they’re only good at lies and smear.

    Does anybody have a take on why Thomson, of all people, will not support the bills?

  116. The ‘Bill’ certainly brought out the ‘protesteth to much-erers’…… nothing like a show of hands……… p*wned by Julia…….. again 😀

  117. I must say, I am now watching the speech of the Honorable Tony Abbott. I can only say he is one of the worse hypocrite this country has seen.

    He is being atacked. Good.

  118. I am a little bias in this one. I ask you all to keep in mind, there are many out here who have suffered in silence. Not a single sould knowing what occurred. I feel for thopse woman.

    I would like to thank Mr. Whitlam, who with the introduction of the single mother’s pension, righted this terrible wrong. Giving the mother’s a choice, in providing an income.

    Yes, I am bias. I was lucky enough , in spite of the system, to keep my beautiful daughter. My wonderful mother was not so lucky in keeping my older brother. He was removed with the collusion of her mother and doctor.

    As for my brother, of him I know nothing.

    What Mr. Abbott is ignoring, that the women ended up in this position, because men did not take up their responsilities. The choice was stark. One married or gave the baby up.

    If one kept the child, it would have been obstracised by society. The word “bastard” carried real meaning.

  119. The four bills are dead it seems. I take it, that does not mean they can be worked on in the next six weeks and brought back. Probably in a stronger form.

    It is not the end of the world. Governments often do not get bills through. What needs to be considered, there are at least 16 other bills, some important going through at this team.

    It was known, that when one takes on the media, it is never easy. In my opinion, even to try, takes guts. Then nothing ventured, nothing achieved.

    The problem is, those opposing from the cross benches want, what the media and Opposition accuse these bills of, oversight of the media. Craig Thomson, wants privacy rights included. That is never going to happen.

    At the end of the day, nothing that has occurred this week, does not reflect well on the media moguls.

    The reality is that it could not have been handled any other way. Maybe the PM has shown bad judgnebt for trying. For being stupid to believe one can take on the media.

  120. PS

    I would also like to say, there were fathers who also had no choice, mainly because they, like the mothers, were too young to marry. Many of these fathers were willing to support the child regardless, but where not given that choice.

    Today, many mother’s keep the child without marriage, but the father are expected to support the child.

    Sadly there were too many more fathers that refuse to accept their responsilities, either because they were already married, refuse to marry or refuse to support the child.

    I do not believe too many of the latter fathers grieve for the child today.

  121. MOst of those women that jeered the Opposition leader for his use of birth parents, know that if the father’s stood by them, the child would not have been removed. They were removed mostly because they did not have the support of the father.

    I hope that Abbott changes that speech before he repeats it.

  122. An agreement signed today with NSW means that many who have four and five year olds in childcare will be paying less or in some cases, nothing.

  123. Crean on ABC 24. Asking her to call spill of all leadership position. Putting himself forwarded in leadership team. Wonder who he is running second too. He expects the PM to refuse.

  124. This jeering of Abbott got a passsing mention on ABC midday news, but no mention on Ch 7 or 9.

  125. Crean. Rudd has no option but to stand. Leadership Group?

    Has not said who the new leader is to be.

    Not a personal position to take.

    So now, I think we have at least three going for the position.

  126. Silkworm. I was surprised at the anger that Abbott stirred in me. Seems I am not alone.

    Crean supporting Kevin Rudd.

  127. What we have is one man calling for a spill. He thinks if deputy, he can keep Rudd in line. Rudd does not want from him as a deputy. We have the PM unlikely to call for a spill.

    35 names are needed for a petition to call for the spill.
    Crean said labor has not lost it’ s way. Seems to support all the PM has achieved.

    Will resign his position. Suggest he should do it today, not wait.

    I noticed that Crean surrounded himself with young women. Was given a grilling by the media.

    Personally, no matter what happens, this week shows that the PM can only cian by calling that spill. Not one member of the government standing with Crean.

    Interesting days.


  128. What if, the PM calls a spill, putting her name behind another candidate, I believe the lady is capable of putting the country and Labor first.

    What needs to happen is the media to win.

  129. Scaper, I would say that is trying to put words into somebody’s mouth. My opinion is that *who ever* would be a better PM than Tony Abbott..hell scaper I’d even vote for you. 😉

  130. I heard Crean’s press conference, but couldn’t understand why a leadership spill needs to happen. He has criticized the Rudd camp for leaking to the media, and says Rudd must challenge, but this is a criticism of Rudd, not Gillard. He says there is a stalemater, but doesn’t say what this means. What Crean is arguing doesn’t make sense.

  131. silworm, none makes sense. What I bleive, it wil not be Rudd that walks out of that room the victor.

    It will be the PM, or someone she backs.

    No vote of no confidence allowed.

  132. Spill only for leadership. Not for other positions. Crean did not take his seat today. PM gave Abbott a chance to take his best shot, then closed down QT.

    What is Rudd doing.

  133. Min, I don’t much for Abbott, but I hate Gillard’s guts with a passion and hope that Rudd gets his revenge.

    If Rudd wins the leadership I shall again refer to him as the PM…never used that term for Gillard.

  134. Antony Green says if leader changes, he/she need not be committed to a Sept 14 election. He is effectively pandering to the ELECTION NOW! crowd.

  135. There can only be an election called before the 1st of July for the lower house. Cannot be called for the senate.

    What could happen if Rudd wins, there would be another move for a vote of no confidence. Maybe Abbott would win that one.

    May not be in the opposition interest, as there can only be an election for the lower house, Not sure if it would have to be a vote of no confidence in the government.

  136. It is said that an early election, at this time could be in Labor’s interest. No word from Rudd yet.

    Could it be another incident of the PM calling Rudd and his supporters bluff once again.

    Much of what Crean said does not make sense. Much of what he said, did not compute. There was conflicts in what he said.

  137. All today proves, is that the media will now NEVER stop with the leadershit theme. Well done Crean, you absolute bozzo. You played right into their hands

  138. There might not even be a vote. Those who are gloating, wait until the chickens are hatched before you count the chickens.

  139. Abbott’s mob still putting the boot in. Mirabella is raving on. Sometimes it is prudent to shut up.

    Not sure what the motion is about.

  140. I think it must be about the structure of the Labor Party. What has that to do with the Coaltion.

  141. It is about someone called “she” Scaper, you would be proud of the hatred and bile pouring out of their pores.

  142. Cassidy said Crean was full of contradictions. I believe it is the PM directing what is happening. Could be two votes overseas. At least one, would be for her.

    Cassidy and Uhlmann seems to ge competing for airtr tiome. Neither are generally on at this time.

    Mirabella having a wonder time.

  143. Min, I would be surprised if Rudd walks out the victor. Does not make sense. Why would Rudd want the job now.

  144. Julia wins which stops all the never-ending leadership speculation.

    It’s irrelevant who wins or loses to the media. They got what they wanted, and have proved, again, that if they push hard enough, someone will break.

    Although, the line about Gillard getting Crean to do this is interesting. Either way, I’m disappointed about it all. The media won, Labor lost. Big time.

  145. Crean was disappointed in Gillard’s leadership style. Maybe she was too democratic, too consultative for him. Maybe Crean prefers Rudd’s dictatorial style. LOL.

    I think Crean’s ploy was to become Deputy PM to Rudd, and then when Rudd failed, Crean would step in as PM. Tada!

    Too bad Crean has been sacked. Now we’ll never know. LOL.

    Yep, a real bozo for playing into the media’s (and the Liberals’) hands.

  146. Tom, that’s about it..same as Rudd being replaced, the media won. I should add, those who are spitting venom about Rudd and Crean should look at the alternative..Tony Abbott. Who ever wins, it will not be my decision, it will be a decision of Caucus and part of the democratic process.

  147. I just spotted this one..

    Derryn Hinch @HumanHeadline 3m
    In the middle of Canberra chaos strong rumour that Gough Whitlam has died. Trying to confirm.

  148. If Rudd wins, we will have an election, only for the lower house only. Those who like elections, are going to have their fill in the next few years.

    It will still be along time before Abbott gets control of the Upper House.

  149. Unfortunately, Creans actions have made that unpalatable prospect more likely 😦

    I’m still undecided if he really he thought he was just trying to ‘clear the air’, or has he been playing the game all along. He never struck me as that sort, always seemed very straight laced (from the little I know about him) Which could be why the media started to work on him like they did.

  150. silkworm, when questioned, Crean did not seem to be able to say what the PM has done wrong. In fact all he did, was say what she has done correctly,

  151. Min, I bet Gough is enjoying today. Albanese looked happy. I think they are wrong in saying he supports Rudd. Can still remember last time. He felt he had to support Rudd because he did not like the way he was deposed. He also gave the impression, his support was ongoing. Bowen was in the same camp.

    Albanese reinforce his view. He will never support a spill motion. That is what he said 12 months ago.

  152. Rudd refuses to run for leadership

    More leadershit from here to eternity. 😦

    Who will blink first next time?

  153. The media is still not happy. Could be that the media does not like losing, that they have been taken for a ride.

    Just as they were last week,

  154. Waiting for the media to turn up in Abbott’s office.

    I do believe the media has been played like a fiddle.

  155. scaper, Rudd was, and still would be, a terrible PM. Arrogant and impossible to work with, completely unsupportive of his ministers and paralysed by Liealot. And since being deposed an disloyal whiteanter and backgrounder. Behaving much like a card carrying Liars MP.

    I doubt that he is any more popular with the people he would have to work with than before. Chaos and indecision would reign again and no Gillard to hold things together.

    So I guess if it’s your wish to have Labor sidelined for another 11+ years while Liealot and the Meredochracy drive this country into the ground, you may get your wish.

    And can you honestly say you would have ANY confidence in the Rodentochracy revisited?

  156. The media are now accusing the Labor Party of destroying the apology for force adoptions.
    Maybe that should be aimed at Abbott.

  157. Ulhmann is asking what happened.

    It could not be that the PM has outsmarted and shut the media up.

    She cut Rudd off at the knees twelve months ago. I believe she has finished the job by doing the same to the media.

    It has not sunk into some of the media yet. Maybe they need to look into the mirror,

  158. The PM has deliberately drawn the media moguls out, their over reacting shows us all where they are at.

    Today, she finished the job. The media sees today as messy. Depends where one is coming from. One thing for sure, what happened today was no accident.

  159. ERIN, Crean said in his statement of this morning that it was so as to clean the air. Miglo has told me that the word on the streets in Canberra is the same thing, so that the PM can have a clean run in the lead up to the election minus all the speculation.

  160. While this has been going on, bills are still going through the parliament Government business going on, and the PM still gets the blame.

    When one thinks about it, the PM spent very little of her time on putting the media in it’s place. That is what has happened today.

    Two wonderful speeches from the PM. Two, I suspect the public has listened to.

    Yes, and the media bills will be back in six weeks, much stronger that what has been proposed at this time.


  161. Cu, there is still a lot of time between now and the election.

    For the third time, do you stand by your prediction that Gillard will run against Abbott at the next election and win???

    What a farce! But no worries, the swing voters must be amused as they are the people that count. The dumb people that vote for either side no matter what are of no consequence and in the scheme of things…powerless.

  162. But if Crean did it to “take one for the team” and give the PM a clear run up to the election, then why did she sack him ?

    And that may be the word on the street in Canberra . . . word on the street here is that Rudd didn’t want to take the helm of a sinking ship.

  163. Abbott press conference 5.30. Important bills also passed today. Important apology given, and media put in their place.

    Yes, this woman is multi dextrous. Can chew gum and walk at thesame time..

  164. Phew! Well Rudd would still be a terrible PM, but by doing what they have done has pretty much put the lid on more leadershit shit by both the Liars and the msm.

    Rudd has been shown as unequivocally honouring his promise not to keep trying for the leadership, so no joy for future leadershit crap from the msm wrt to him.

    I wonder how involved he has been in the scam? Pretty much so, I’d think.

    Crean played his part well, as did Rudd, it seems; matters were brought to a head with the msm and Liars thinking they’d pulled off a coup, only to have egg thrown all over their collective faces and have the leadershit beat-up fizzle out.

    They may now hesitate before trying the leadershit business again and get off Rudd’s back.

    And better still the Liars have also been caught flat footed.

    Now the government can get on with the job of governing & winning on 14 September without leadershit distraction from the complacent, incompetent, lazy msm.

    Erin @4.42pm, it seems the government has pulled off a major scam on the msm and the Liars, starting with Conroy’s rushed media bills; the aim being to quash leadershit speculation involving Kevin Rudd once and for all.

    Probably only a few were involved, Gillard, Rudd, Crean, Carr & Butler for sure imo. Maybe Swan and Albanese???

    The rest is history.

    I am now going to give myself a metaphorical boot up the bum for losing faith.

  165. Yes scaper, there is. That is what most here have been telling you. As it is a democracy, it will be up to the vote, r who wins.

    Just remember, one only wins for three years. Then it is time for another vote. At the next election. Labor will have served two terms. Voters often think that is enough for either side.

    scaper, whyt the hate for the PM. Tha I do not understand. One does not even hate Abbott. Not is hard not too sometimes.
    Abbott is now on.

  166. Abbott still havs not learnt. There is a time to keep one’s mouth shut. Calling for an election. We can olny have one for the lower house. Talk about stony faces.

  167. Fed up @5.12pm, brilliant, and with much more evidence to back up tighter regulations.

    This PM is positively Florentine! I wonder if she keeps a copy of The Prince in her purse?

    I’d say Crean agreed beforehand to take one for the team. I wonder if Rudd was in on it too? It’s all been just too slick, for them not to have been involved in the planning.

  168. Back to minority government that has failed. How many important bills went through today alone.

    How many issues did the PM deal with today. Abbott is lying when he is saying the no confidence motion was lost on in a technitality. No, it was not. There was no “no confidence ” motion. There was only MSSO to call one. Abbott lost the vote.

    Truss asked about debacle in New England. Bishop just stony faces.

  169. Come on, this place is known as an Abbott hate site. Some of the bullshit I’ve read here concerning Abbott is bordering on deranged if not worse!

    Just pushing the Abbott, Abbott, Abbott party line as a collective diversion. This excuse for a government should be the main focus and when the other side get in they should be the focus.

    How did that media legislation turn out? Oh, that’s right they dropped it because of lack of support. Another policy farce.

  170. Just watched Abbott. Does one noticed, he is still at the same place he was two and half years ago. Still demanding the PM goes, The PM still there.

  171. That’s an interesting take Jane but I don’t think most people will see it that way. This looks ‘anything’ but good for the government. It looks like Crean didn’t have faith in the gov’s ability to win under Gillard come Sept and called for a spill, and Rudd wasn’t willing or able to pull it off. And even if it were an elaborate plan cooked up by Gillard and Co. to put the leadership debate to rest, it sure doesn’t look that way.

  172. It looks as if Crean, like the rest of us was fed up to the back teeth with endless and somewhat tedious leadership speculation.

  173. scaper, I do not see many that say they hate Abbott. THey criticise what he does, is about and days. I must say he does not garner respect here.

    scaper, saying something is wrong and not agreeing with them is a long way from hate.

    I wonder what the news would be, if Abbott was challenged in his party room. Better that the one he got last tiem I hope. That one would not have existed if one member was not sick, amnd another absent. Sadly for Australia, he would not have won. We would not have to endure him now.

  174. Cu, I’ve seen plenty of hate written here concerning Abbott. Trying to pretend otherwise just confirms what they are saying about you at the other place.

    Gillard is poison out there and is nothing but a union puppet. Rudd had at least a chance of closing the vote gap as he is popular with the people. You people never did have a grasp on the long game…in fact hardly a grasp on the game at all.

  175. Scraper, the media are telling us that Liberal strategists are overjoyed that Gillard will lead Labor to the election. Get with the programme.

  176. scaper, it depends on what one calls hate. What you have not seen, any that matches the hate we see aimed at the PM on this site and elsewhere.

    Yes, much criticism, many saying they do not like the man. Most have no respect. That is far from hate. Personally I do not think he is worth hating.

  177. Ah, so you also get your leads from the media?

    I thought the media was not to be believed, conspiring to bring such a fine government down. Can’t have it both ways.

  178. Nevertheless, it is absolutely vital that Gillard wins the spill this afternoon. Honest politicians must hold firm against despotic media bullies and do what they know is right — despite the threats.

    If Gillard loses the vote this afternoon, the Independents will jump ship and force an early election. In the ensuing chaos, in six or so weeks’ time, Labor will be decimated at the polls. It will be like 1975 all over again.

    If Gillard wins, the rats will have been exposed, never to rise again; media reform laws may eventually pass, allowing a chink of sunlight to shine in through the shadowy Murdoch-Rinehart press cartel; and decent Australians will be able to live in hope that a regressive Tony Abbott-led Government may not, ultimately, be elected to put us back to the about 1950.

    The stakes could not be higher.

    Today is the day for honest politicians to come to the fore.

    However, it is never wise to put your trust in the honesty of politicians……

  179. I was impressed with Lyndal Curtis and her handling of the news today. Kept a level head.

    Richard Marles, Parliamentary Secretary now gone.

  180. scaper, it doesn’t matter how popular you think he is with people now. If he was reinstalled the msm would do the same job on him as they’ve been doing on Gillard.

    How would you overcome the fact that 75% of the caucus would refuse to work with him? You don’t seem able to grasp that he failed to keep the confidence of his colleagues.

    And you also forget that the union movement gave birth to the ALP.

    If you don’t read or listen to what the media is saying you don’t know what lies are being disseminated.

  181. Jane, one only has to look at what ABC 24 served up this afternoon and tonight. It was a show aimed at the PM being deposed. The attack was already began on Rudd.

    Did not make much sense, as the PM once again proved them wrong.

    They are still trying to spin that somehow they were right.

    The question that Crean asked, makes sense. Why were Rudd’s supporters stirring up so much noise, if they were not ready to go.

    I love Leigh’s answer, that it was not of Rudd;s timing. Indeed it was not.

    Twice now, the PM has pulled the mat from under Rudd’s feet before he was ready.

    I was also i pressed when Emerson pointed out to Leigh, that she was saying one should govern by polls. Because that was accusing the PM of, doing things that made her unpopular. Started on the usual list of mistakes, until Emerson pulled her up saying, they were proud of the carbon tax etc. The last bad judgement by the PM, was taking on the media. No credit for the guts to do so.

    The PM does not like failure. Those media bills will be back. Back after quiet negoation has gone on in the next six weeks. They will go through.

    The PM’s record is achieving all she sets out to do. She is also will to take her time, doing so,

  182. The Project tonight did a good job showing Crean contradicting himself, first showing him saying he supported Gillard, and juxtaposing it with him saying he supported Rudd. The Project will be repeated in about 25 minutes, if anyone is interested.

  183. I’ve read through pretty much every bit of info that has been trickled out. I’ve also asked numerous questions of the various stakeholders (including the ministers in question).

    Seeing as you seem to know a bit about this sector, I can only assume you’re having your rant for purely ideological reasons, rather than asking sensible questions and rationally considering what’s really happening?

    This funding has likely been established because of the NQF and it’s impact on the sector…

    Yay – Correct. I’m well aware of the impacts of the National Quality Framework – specifically as it applies to staff to child ratios and the National Quality Standard…

    I’m not sure what you’re reference to “private businesses, not employees” is…

    Sorry – that was a little unclear – I was referring to Family Day Care – they are independent businesses who can charge whatever fees they deem appropriate, rather than being constrained by paying employees according to the award. ie. they can pay themselves whatever they think their market can bear, taking into consideration their facilities and qualifications.

    The vast majority of long day care Centre’s are privately operated and they represent a large number of employees.

    Correct, but also includes the not-for-profit community sector.

    1. If there are approximately 70,000 Cert III working in LDC’s in Australia, and each of them could be eligible for this gov. funded payrise, just how far do you think $300 million will go. And that’s not factoring in the other qualified staff, or the additional costs that follow wage increases such payroll tax, super, and workers comp. If you need help to get started, that’s a min. of 70,000 employees, getting $3.00 per hour over a std 38 hour week.

    The key word there is If. If your figures are correct for Cert III qualified staff, but I doubt the veracity of your figures. Most LDC centres are finding it almost impossible to attract qualified staff. That’s what this funding is meant to address!

    Who can apply?

    All Long Day Care centres approved for Child Care Benefit can apply for the funding.

    Eligible services must demonstrate a commitment to improve quality outcomes for children, including workforce plans to attract and retain qualified staff.

    The number of services that will be assisted under the Fund will be dependent on the size of the services that apply and the number of qualified educators that they have employed.

    2. What happens at the end of the 2 year funding period ? Surely you don’t expect the employees to give up their wage increase, so who’s funding it after that ??

    Obviously, no-one has answered that one for you yet. Many possibilities exist – new funding in the forward estimates, going beyond the 2 years. An increase in the CCB paid to centres, as all will be expected to meet the standards by then?

    3. Why only the long day care sector . . . there are many other employees who work hard to advocate for children’s needs and education in the early childhood sector. Explain to me why they don’t qualify and LDC employees do ?

    That’s where the most urgent needs are. As I explained earlier, FDC can charge what they like, and realistically, out of school hours is more about constructive “play” – keeping the kids out of mischief. “These services focus on stimulating developmental, social and recreational activities for children, while meeting the care requirements of families.

  184. Well Bacchus, to be fair you do sound like you have an understanding of the issues. My figures (re the Cert III are probably not 100% spot on, but nor are they way off). And that’s just the Cert III’s. There are also alot of Diploma and Degree qualified staff as well. Either way, $300 million is not going to go far at all. As for who is eligible, LDC’s have always been expected to demonstrate a committment to quality improvement under the NQF (etc, etc) so that’s not much of a qualification and to the best of my knowledge there aren’t too many Centre’s whose parents are not eligible for CCB / CCR so that really means pretty much all of them. As for the other criteria then (the size of the Centre and the number of qualified staff, that is horribly vague and ambiguous). So does that mean a smaller Centre with fewer staff is less entitled to the wage increase than a larger Centre with more staff (or vice versa). They are all doing the same job right. And as far as the two year time frame, that’s a pretty massive issue to leave unanswered for operators, employees and parents. And I understand what you’re saying about FDC and after school, but I really don’t think alot of the employees working in those areas will care about the distinction all that much. They will most likely just see a payrise from the gov. being offered to LDC workers only.

  185. As an obvious conservative ERIN, surely you believe the market will sort it out 😉 Some of those working in out of school hours school care will be tempted to move to LDC, meaning that sector will need to increase wages to attract staff.

    My daughter is being paid over award by her centre now (and has been since soon after she started there), because they wish to retain good qualified staff. The centre has a very good reputation and is always oversubscribed, with parents hanging out for any vacant spots that come up due to kids being off sick or on holidays…

    I’m not sure her centre would be eligible for the funding now though, because of the difficulty with getting sufficient qualified staff. They can get temps (usually uni students studying early childhood) and staff who are “working towards” qualification, but struggle to find good qualified staff. Hopefully, the $3 per hour might go some small way to tempting more people to stay in what is a very demanding job…

  186. An interesting story with snippets on the history of media in Australia.

    “The ABC production Paper Giants, about Ita Buttrose, Frank and Kerry Packer and the founding of Cleo magazine in November 1972, was an entertaining mini-series even though it glossed over crucial issues and romanticised Cleo as being at the centre of the feminist avant-garde. It did, however, bring back memories of my accidental role in disrupting Sir Frank Packer’s plans to open the first private cable television stations in Australia. This is not a story of being humiliated by the Packers, like others have recounted, because our paths never physically crossed. Yet in an era of print media crisis and political divisions over the National Broadband Network, understanding why Frank Packer wanted a cable network as early as in 1969 is a tale with many contemporary resonances”.

  187. Federal MP Sophie Mirabella has been threatened with legal action after claiming former local councillors in Wangaratta were ”evil”, and running a ”protection racket”.
    The threatened action comes in the context of a bitter dispute involving councillors and staff employed by the Wangaratta council……………

    Read more:

  188. Claims government net debt has blown out by 80 per cent during the Labor government’s term of office are “misleading”, federal Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury says.

    Bank of America Merrill Lynch research forecasting net debt will have risen by $21 billion in the May budget, was cited by media outlets this morning.

    That would take total net debt to $164.3 billion, from the $143.3 billion forecast in the mid-year budget review released in October.

    If so, net debt would have risen by about 83 per cent from $89.5 billion since Labor regained office in 2010.

    A spokesman for Mr Bradbury said debt figures will be updated in the May 14 budget, as usual.

    He challenged the reports, saying it was “misleading” because it didn’t take into account the $160 billion hit to revenues during 2008-2009 global financial crisis, when the government accrued debt to stop the economy from going into recession.

    “To rip this amount out of the economy in the face of severe global turmoil would have driven our economy into recession and resulted in even higher debt levels,” Mr Bradbury said in a statement.

    Australia’s current net debt is 10 per cent of gross domestic product and dramatically lower than every major advanced economy, such as Canada at 35 per cent and the US and UK at 80 per cent.

    “The government is reducing net debt in a sustainable way that ensures our economy remains one the strongest in the world and protects Australian jobs and economic growth,” Mr Bradbury said.

    But Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said debt had gone up under Labor.

    “My fear, and the growing fear of the Australian public, is that the government will try to solve its problems by increasing your problems,” he told reporters in Melbourne.

    “We have a prime minister that is mortgaging your future to secure her future.”

    Treasurer Wayne Swan has shelved plans to bring the budget back to surplus this financial year.


    “rom $89.5 billion since Labor regained office in 2010.

    Does this also mean that Howard did also leave debt

  189. Well I should have guessed. Looks as though the Gillard government’s 300 million pay rise program for childcare workers is primarily to help the union movement build it’s membership. I believe the United Voice union is distributing information to childcare workers suggesting the majority of workers in a Centre should join the union to help them qualify for the payrise. I haven’t seen copy’s of the pamphlet’s myself but the information on the Big Steps / United Voice websites confirms as much. The president of the United Voice was also reported to have said:

    “In 2015 our members will face a 15 per cent wage cut, which is what will happen if the funding is cut. We’ll do what we’ve done in the last few years, run a campaign to make sure the government continues the funding”.

    Unbelievable. So join the union now to fight against a pay cut that hasn’t happened yet, for a pay rise that has happened yet and that you may not actually be eligible to recieve anyway. And this was all sold as a policy to improve the quality of childcare and to assist parents and families. More proof IMO, that the Gillard is governing for the benefit of the unions rather than the benefit of all Australians

  190. We shouod give thanks for Cando, putting Noel Pearson in the position of coming out strongly on the side of Jenny Machlin and what she has done on behalf of the Aboriginal communities.

    What Noel is saying appears to be confliciting what his mate Tony is saying.

    Yes, I believe that Noel does know on what side his bread is buttered.

    ABC 24


    Did not the voters throw that government out for good reasons.

    When is Abbott going to mention something that is related to today and more important, to tomorrow.

  192. Erin, it could not be that these workers are waking up to the fact, it is to their benefit to join a union?

    Is the money spent useful to those underpaid workers.

    Is the money being wasted.

    Does spending this money benefitted those who use the centres.

    I believe yes is the correct answer to all of the above..

    Do yo believe they would be better treated under Abbott. Is it right for the workers to be low paid. I believe the answers are no.

    Is it good politics. Probably yes. What is wrong with that?

  193. Has our politics sunk to the low level of who we dislike the most.

    Do people really not care about what the government has done, or not done..

    Do the peple really put their dislike of both leaders, above what is good for the country and themselves.

    If one believes in polls, that appears to be truth.

    “…….This week’s numbers show us the main reason people are voting Labor is they don’t like Tony Abbott. This is naturally driving Labor into attacking the Opposition Leader at every opportunity.
    Q. Which of the following is the main reason you would vote for the Labor Party if there was an election today?
    I always vote for the Labor Party 28%
    The Labor Party has been a good Government 11%
    The Liberal Party would not be a good Government 4%
    I don’t want Tony Abbott to be Prime Minister 35%
    The Labor Party have better policies than the Liberal Party 10%
    I would be personally better off under a Labor Government 8%
    Other reason 2%
    Don’t know 2%
    But look at what is driving the Liberal vote and it’s a different story.
    Rather than personality, despite the widely-held perception that Gillard’s personal unpopularity is Labor’s biggest problem, the main driver is that Labor is perceived to be a bad Government.
    Q. Which of the following is the main reason you would vote for the Liberal or National Party if there was an election today?
    I always vote for the Liberal or National Party 21%
    The Labor Party has been a poor Government 34%
    The Liberal and National parties would be a good Government 12%
    I don’t want Julia Gillard as Prime Minister 17%
    The Liberal/National Parties have better policies than the Labor Party 9%
    I would be personally better off under a Liberal/National Government 6%
    Other reason 1%
    Don’t know *
    This finding offers Labor a different approach – the negative perceptions of the government jars with the broad support for their policy agenda as shown in last week’s Essential Report. It also jars with the recognition that Australia’s economy is going well compared with other nations.
    The problem is that the personality politics – Rudd versus Gillard, but maybe also Gillard versus Abbott – constantly shifts focus away from the work the government is doing.
    In the week of the non-coup, Labor passed legislation creating a National Disability Insurance Scheme, moved to limit unpopular Coal Seam Gas mining, and made a heartfelt and bipartisan apology to the victims of forced adoption.
    While the Government drew loud and sometimes hysterical fire for its attempt to reform media laws, another question this week shows this issue is barely on the public radar, with two-thirds saying they had heard little or nothing about it – despite a week of front pages……….

  194. ………………..Q. Which of the following is the main reason you would vote for the Labor Party if there was an election today?
    I always vote for the Labor Party 28%
    The Labor Party has been a good Government 11%
    The Liberal Party would not be a good Government 4%
    I don’t want Tony Abbott to be Prime Minister 35%
    The Labor Party have better policies than the Liberal Party 10%
    I would be personally better off under a Labor Government 8%
    Other reason 2%
    Don’t know 2%
    But look at what is driving the Liberal vote and it’s a different story.
    Rather than personality, despite the widely-held perception that Gillard’s personal unpopularity is Labor’s biggest problem, the main driver is that Labor is perceived to be a bad Government.
    Q. Which of the following is the main reason you would vote for the Liberal or National Party if there was an election today?
    I always vote for the Liberal or National Party 21%
    The Labor Party has been a poor Government 34%
    The Liberal and National parties would be a good Government 12%
    I don’t want Julia Gillard as Prime Minister 17%
    The Liberal/National Parties have better policies than the Labor Party 9%
    I would be personally better off under a Liberal/National Government 6%
    Other reason 1%
    Don’t know *
    This finding offers Labor a different approach – the negative perceptions of the government jars with the broad support for their policy agenda as shown in last week’s Essential Report. It also jars with the recognition that Australia’s economy is going well compared with other nations…………………………..

  195. Could this be a new way of looking at what is occurring today,
    militant capitalism. Yes, the comment does make sense. Yes, ther4 could be something in the concept. It is a long time since we have had militant unionism in this country.

    Heretic :
    27 Mar 2013 8:41:53am
    Part 2

    I think what Australians need to be wary of, other than allowing Mr Abbott to take control, is what Paddy Crumlin, recently writing in The Australian, called “militant capitalism.” (The days of militant unionism are long gone).

    Crumlin writes: Militant capitalism powered the global financial crisis, snuffing out millions of jobs worldwide and obliterating trillions of dollars in wealth. Much of that wealth sat in workers’ pension funds: hard-earned, deferred wages…. Out of the ashes of the old militant capitalism arises the new version, led by mining companies and their industry groups. They lay their claim to our nation’s natural wealth while nay-saying any responsibility to assist economic reconstruction…. Militant capitalism espouses the casual work that erodes workers’ lives…. Militant capitalism views every tax with contempt, even if such a tax might fund a national disability scheme or a broadband network.

    Redistribution of wealth is upwards, never downwards, regardless of managerial performance.

  196. ERIN,

    While you may have an excellent “insiders” view of the child care industry, all that your post “proves” is that you have no understanding of what unions do and how they go about it. To infer that the government “is governing for the benefit of the unions” is putting the cart before the horse…

    Did the government come up with the concept of an NBN so that the unions could walk in and recruit the workers involved, OR, did the unions see a possibility of recruiting new members once the scheme hit the ground?

    You really do need to open the other eye and start to think critically, rather than just swallowing the guff that the opposition is spewing out – that will only make you sick in the long run 😉

  197. ……………………Former Nationals candidate Richard Torbay has reportedly had his Armidale home and electorate office raided by investigators from the corruption watchdog.

    Mr Torbay quit NSW parliament last week, a day after the Nationals asked him to step down as their candidate for the federal seat of New England.

    The information that led to that decision was referred by the Nationals to the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

    A spokeswoman refused to confirm to AAP whether the ICAC was pursuing the matter but local paper, The Armidale Express, on Wednesday reported that three men and a woman from the commission, one with a video camera, had been let into Mr Torbay’s house by his wife shortly before 10am.

    Mr Torbay’s Northern Tablelands office was also raided by the ICAC, News Ltd reports.

    No one answered the phone when AAP called the office line.

    The father of three has not been seen since his shock announcement last week that he was resigning as a state independent MP.

    He also quit as chancellor of the University of New England..

  198. Deaths at sea will continue without a regional approach to processing asylum seekers, Paris Aristotle says.

    Leading refugee advocate and member of former defence chief Angus Houston’s asylum review panel, Paris Aristotle, is calling for the group’s entire suite of 22 recommendations to be implemented in the wake of a fatal boat capsize near Christmas Island on Monday.

    ‘It is absolutely certain that there will be more deaths to come if we don’t get on with building a proper regional arrangement for dealing with this issue,’ he told ABC radio on Wednesday.

    ‘There is no doubt there will be more tragedies.’

    Mr Aristotle cited an incident a week-and-a-half ago when a capsized boat in the middle of the ocean was fortuitously spotted by plane.

    There was a rescue boat nearby and the 60 people clinging to the hull were rescued.

    ‘We could have lost another 60 in that incident as well,’ Mr Aristotle said, adding there were reports ‘all the time’ of boats going missing..

    Time for Abbot to stop playing games with the lives of people.

  199. Decision to cut Cape York welfare trial ‘absurd’
    By Sharnie Kim and Kirsty Nancarrow
    Updated 2 hours 1 minute ago

    Indigenous leaders are at odds over the Queensland Government’s decision to stop funding the Cape York welfare reform trial.

    Indigenous Affairs Minister Glen Elmes says the program has not delivered significant gains despite the investment of more than $100 million of state and federal funding since it began in July 2008.

    The trial included withholding welfare payments to improve school attendance and reduce violence in the communities of Aurukun, Hope Vale, Coen and Mossman Gorge.

    Indigenous leader Noel Pearson spearheaded the program and has criticised the Government’s decision to pull its funding.

    Mr Pearson says hard-fought gains could be lost.

    “If (the Minister) thought that one outcome would be to close the NAPLAN achievement gap in three years, that’s obviously absurd to expect that,” Mr Pearson said..

  200. FU – The unions have always been there and if people want to join them, then that’s their decision. But I also believe people should be free to make their own decision without being pressured, cajoled, or manipulated in anyway. And one of the things this ‘pay rise fund’ from Gillard appears to be doing is manipulating people into joining the union.

    You asked, is the money spent useful to those unpaid workers ? Well of course it would be in teh short term. Anyone receiving a pay increase is going to find the money useful (that’s like asking if water is wet). But how useful will it be when they stop getting it. The more important question should be – is it equitable and affordable. I have (now) seen some of the information being distributed (by the unions) and it blatantly states that the most important part of this fund is to enter an EBA, and that one or more employees should join the union now to help secure the funding. Wow . . . I thought the most important part of the fund was to improve the quality of care in early childhood. Apparently not.

    So let’s not kid ourselves FU. It’s about Gillard throwing some money out there to get services / employees to join the union (in order to get the pay rise) and then when the funding runs out, the newly renewed union membership can bring pressure to maintain the pay rise. But then who actually pays for the ongoing increase. The gov. can’t continue to fund it, so it falls to employers. What choice do they have. Close their doors or pass the increase onto parents ? And this at a time, when there is already an affordability crisis in childcare. And the irony is that this fund is supposed to be helping address that affordability crisis.

    You also asked, is the money being wasted ? . . . considering that it’s a thinly veiled union membership drive then I would say YES . . . . the money is being wasted.

    And you asked, does it benefit those that use the Centre’s ? . . . for a select few in the short term maybe, but for the whole sector in the long term. No it doesnt.

    And you asked, is it good politics . . . well I suppose if you are the leader of a gov. beholden to the unions then yes it is good politics.

    Do I think Tony Abbott would treat workers / centre’s / families / children better than this . . . yes I do. IMO this policy is unaffordable, divisive, deceptive and ultimately it will damage the industry.

  201. Erin, if you believe that, you will be better off under Abbott, you must be among the small number of the wealthy, that Abbott gets out and fights for.

    He is promiisnig nothing to the childcare industry. He sees lowering on the qualifications of the childcare workers as the solution. He sees nannies as the way to go.

    His promise, is to send the industry off to the productivity commision , for another unnecessary study.

    Erin, no matter how you twist it, the money is going to the industry. It willl allow highly qualified staff to be employed, without rising the cost to the parents. It will greatly improve the standards OF CHILDCARE ION THIS NATION.

    How you see this as a sop to the unions is beyond me.

    I suspect that these workers are rushing to join the union,in the fear that Abbott will be elected, and are seeking to protect the small gains that have been made.

  202. “Time for Abbot to stop playing games with the lives of people.”

    What a load of bullshit! It is well documented that Labor changing policy has been responsible for the increase in boats and the associated fatalities. Even a people smuggler has come out and fingered Labor.

    Your comments are becoming more unhinged to a point that I would have to agree with the other place on their opinion of you.

  203. Senator Cash, why do the wealthy need to be encourage to save for super. Doubt that many would need it.

    Senator Cash, as usual, much ado about nothing.


  204. FU – How stupid do you think people are ??? The money will service a small percentage of the sector over a very short period of time. So unless all children turn school age and the birth rate stops in it’s tracks, I think we might have a bit of a funding problem. Where’s the money coming from FU ?? Parents will have to pay eventually, or is it the gov’s intention to just continue to fund pay increases off into the never never ?? And BTW, funding pay increases for Cert III’s is not “allowing highly qualified staff to be employed”. It’s a base line qualification that really doesn’t add a great deal of value other than the first aid component. Seriously . . . how you can see this as anything but a play to the unions is beyond me ???

  205. Cuppa. yes at the request of the majority of the people. Yes, Cuppa, you could be right, but I doubt it. Cuppa, what happen then is history and could be of interest for some. What it does not do, change what haooens today.

    Even Howard knew he had only bought about a pause. If this is not true, why did he commit millions to build the setup on Christmas Island, when he was booted out.

    One of the reasons the voter turned on him, was his aslylum schemes.

    There has been a plan put forward, that has some chance of working. This PM has put back in placce, the Howard solution, in a har4sher form. It is not working.

    Yes, it is time for Abbott to cease playing games and go back to the negioating table.

    What Morrison is proposing is pure rubbish.

    History of asylum seekers, show that no matter the barriers place in their way, they eventually find a way around the barriers. They have to, as they have little choice in the matter.

    The scene changes all the time. There is no permanent solution.

    Abbott will not stop the boats from coming.Mainly because he is incapable of identifying the problem, as he seem to be in most cases. Abbott has a vested interest in the boats still coming.


  206. Cuppa, it is only the trolls that find trouble with my opinions. Therefore I take what you say as a compliment. Thank you.

  207. Whose version does one believe?

    ……………………Senior Liberal Christopher Pyne says he has talked with crossbench MPs over a no-confidence motion in the Federal Government. Picture: Ray Strange Source: News Limited
    NEGOTIATIONS with key independents are ”making progress” to secure support for a no-confidence motion in the Federal Government, Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne says.

    Mr Pyne says he has talked with crossbench MPs since the Opposition announced a motion of no-confidence had been placed on Parliament’s notice paper.

    ”I am confident that we are making progress, but that remains to be seen when the debate is held and the motion is put,” he told reporters in Adelaide today.

    Mr Pyne said at least one crossbench MP had indicated that budget week would not be an appropriate time for such a debate, effectively pushing it into the following week.

    ”We want to maximise our chances of bringing the government to an election and that means we’ll listen very closely to the crossbenchers and what they want,” he said.

    Independent MP Tony Windsor said Mr Pyne had not spoken with him about the no-confidence motion.

    ”He hasn’t raised it with me,” Mr Windsor told AAP.

    ”They will be trying to milk it for the next five to six weeks to try to create some pressure in the electorate, but that sort of stuff doesn’t have an impact on me.”

    Mr Windsor said he was happy to listen to ”legitimate argument” on the matter.

    Another crossbencher, Craig Thomson, said he would be meeting with other independents in coming weeks.

    ”But at this point I am not inclined to support the motion because I believe Tony Abbott would be bad for the central coast and for Australia,” Mr Thomson told AAP.



    And a change of undies might be in order as well – you seem to have well and truly soiled your present pair 🙄

    Educators will receive $3.00 to $5.23 an hour ($114 to $198.74 a week) depending on their classification

  209. You really do need to open the other eye and start to think critically, rather than just swallowing the guff that the opposition is spewing out – that will only make you sick in the long run

    Dunno, Baccy. ERIN blinded herself in one eye as a stunt.

    I don’t know about making her sick, she sure has that effect on me!

    The unions have always been there and if people want to join them, then that’s their decision. But I also believe people should be free to make their own decision without being pressured, cajoled, or manipulated in anyway.

    Quite right. and if you choose not to join a union which does all the fighting for improved pay and conditions, you shouldn’t shove your greedy, sticky paw out for any of the benefits they negotiate.

    i just love you f*cken hypocrites! Union bashers to a man, but when better wages and conditions are in the offing, the anti-union bludgers swarm out of the woodwork, shoving the rest out of the way to get to the head of the queue!

    Have a crack at living on the pay and conditions for workers in the 19thC, before unions arose.

    It is well documented that Labor changing policy has been responsible for the increase in boats and the associated fatalities..

    Documented by whom, scaper? Liealot? What utter bullshit!

    The UNHCR reported that the number of refugees and displaced persons at the end of 2010 is the highest recorded.

    The report notes Pakistan, Iran, and Syria have the largest refugee populations. Pakistan hosts nearly two-million refugees, while Iran and Syria host around one-million each.

    The UNHCR study finds anti-refugee sentiment is rising in many industrialized nations due largely to the economic crisis and religious and cultural differences. As a consequence, worrying misperceptions abound. It says many wealthy countries fear they are being flooded by refugees and are shutting their doors to them.

    Refugee officials say these fears are vastly overblown and the reverse is true. They note the data shows the number of asylum claims in 2010 actually has gone down slightly or remained stable in most countries across Europe.

    So the bullshit you’re spouting is completely unsupported by any of the facts.

    And contrary to all the crap that the maggot Morrison is vomiting into the public domain, poor countries like Pakistan, Syria and Iran have the largest refugee populations to cope with.

    The pissy little number who try to enter this country by boat is infinitesimally small when you look at the ACTUAL figures.

    Until people are able to live safely in their countries of origin, the boats will keep coming.

    FU – How stupid do you think people are ???

    Judging by the other trolls and your comments, they’re complete cretins.

  210. Do we really want Abbott and his fiscal austerity?

    “………….Fiscal austerity undermines welfare now and then things get ugly in the future
    Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 by bill
    The latest – EU Employment and Social Situation: Quarterly Review was released yesterday (March 26, 2013). The Press Release – summarises the main results. I will look into the full document in more detail another day. Today (March 27, 2013), the Australian Productivity Commission released a major study – Trends in the Distribution of Income in Australia – which provides a fairly detailed analysis of the “composition of the income distribution”. The connection is that fiscal austerity not only causes unnecessary damage now to the prosperity of the nations afflicted with these incompetent leaders, but it also undermines the future growth path of the nation. One of the many ways in which growth potential is being undermined is through the impact of unemployment and falling participation rates has on income inequality. The latter impact also negates key propositions that mainstream economists teach their students every day that there is a negative trade-off between efficiency and equity. So policies that promote more equitable income distributions are alleged to undermine economic growth. The evidence is exactly the opposite.

    I for one, do not. Especially when he will not tell us where the cuts will be made.

    Especially when he states he is going to restore the cuts that this government has made to upper rmiddle income welfare.

    The middle upper income earners welfare, which has led to structural inbalances in the budgets.

    If Joel Fritzgibbons believes that one on $250.000 per annum, he is in the wrong party. That puts one in the top 6% of income earners.

  211. Nice one Jane. You completely ignored my arguement that this fund is not about the quality of childcare but all about appeasing the unions. So I’m going to assume at least that you accept it to be the truth. It is.

    As for the unions as they are today, I do see you’re point. It’s important for all the workers out there to join and pay their dues, because those extensive rorts aren’t going to pay for themselves now are they.

    And BTW, I’m self employed so all your ‘scab’ rhetoric is completely wasted on me 🙂

  212. Eons ago,when we did have some union militancy, there were always those who with the rule book, standing at the back, questioning and complaining about every action taken.This occurred every time one went out on strike.

    One then heard the whine for weeks.

    Once a rise was achieved, one then had to listen to further whines, as they were impatient for it to be paid.

  213. self employed

    Ah, so now the truth starts to emerge – a CCC owner – quite a profitable enterprise to those with some business nous… Perhaps one or two less overseas trips each year may be in order ERIN 😉

  214. Haha Bacchus. It’s IT actually and overseas trip are an unfortunate part of what I do. But this particular issue is something I’m more than a little passionate about. And contrary to what Jane might suspect, I’m not a union basher. I’m a cynic 🙂

  215. ERIN (of Melbourne?) certainly seems to be quite ‘vociferous’ in her attacks on unions, when I thought the argument was about childcare. Interesting how the ‘argument’ diverted in that direction.

    I wonder if ERIN acknowledges the absolute mess the early childhood section was in after howards time, and the great steps already taken by Labor to turn this around.

    I would also be interested in reading the claim about United Voices “suggesting the majority of workers in a Centre should join the union to help them qualify for the payrise” I have looked through the site, but, apart from the standard sort of ‘join us for better outcomes’, I don’t see that particular claim put forward.

    Any possibility of pointing us further to that, you know, a link perhaps? I went here and read their latest newsletter. No mention there of that that I saw?

  216. I have alot of friends Bacchus 🙂

    It’s funny Tom. I thought the arguement (and this fund) was supposed to be about quality childcare as well. Until I read a copy of letter from the IEU about the fund which states in bold upper case letters (and I quote): “The most important part of this note at this time is that access to the funding will be conditional on wage increases being included in an enterprise bargaining agreement” . . . And all this time I thought the most important thing was quality of care and a committment to the quality standards. It then goes on to advise how to join the IEU in order to help get EBA’s in place “we are prepared to offer this service but you must have at least one teacher who is an IEU member. This is the best way to get the EBA in place”.

    As for the Big Steps campaign, here’s a quote from their site:

    I’m an educator, how do I know if I’m eligible for funding? Any centre or provider who applies for and meets the eligibility requirements can access this funding until the funding runs out. If you are already a United Voice member, your next step should be encouraging your colleagues to join with you. You can also call the member contact lines of your state branch of United Voice to discuss the eligibility of your centre or provider further. Click here for contact details.

    It’s not even all that subtle.

  217. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember Howard demanding that those who wanted contracts with the Federal government had to include the proposition, that workers would only be hired, using AWA’s under workchoices.

  218. I thought the arguement (and this fund) was supposed to be about quality childcare as well

    And it is, you have not explained how it isn’t, except that it isn’t ongoing. Stopping quality carers from leaving the industry must be good for the childcare, even if it is temporary. Your main issue (before you went of on a union BOO rant) appears to be that it isn’t ongoing (as yet). Your argument in that respect appears at odds with your argument that this does nothing about quality childcare . Confused much?

    It’s not even all that subtle.

    No, it is quite straight forward. If you want to keep this funding going (which appears to be your aim also), join a union, and lobby the Government. It’s what unions do. It doesn’t say anything about having to join a union to receive the funding in the first place. You appear to be reading (placing?) things into where they do not exist.

    You can also call the member contact lines of your state branch of United Voice to discuss the eligibility of your centre or provider further.

    How you get that to read “suggesting the majority of workers in a Centre should join the union to help them qualify for the payrise”. They are, again, doing what unions do, providing information. I knew someone else who was a “vociferous” opponent to unions who displayed the same unique comprehension deficits. It is remarkable how anti-union proponents appear to ‘share’ these traits.

  219. Sorry Fed up, was in a meeting, and missed it. hockeynomics on debt, should have been a laugh-a-lympics though. 😉

  220. Sure was. 15 minutes worth. All over the shop.

    It appears that the government borrowing overseas, is crowding out others that want to

    Nothing about super.Reactions from ABC 24 says it all.

    We should tell Europe and the USA to stop printing money, devaluing their currency.

    Will try and find a copy..

  221. It appears that the government borrowing overseas, is crowding out others that want to

    FFS, not this load of cobblers again from Sloppy. Who feeds him this stuff? And how many halfwit barrackers will be spruiking this f*cken bullshit far and wide? Is there a functioning braincell in all of Liarsworld?

    ME, the deniers will still be denying as they fight for clean air to breathe!

  222. And I guarantee you that when in government Hockey will be borrowing from overseas surplus or not, just as the Liberal State governments are borrowing from overseas at the moment, but no criticism of them from Hockey.

    ME, the deniers will still be denying as they fight for clean air to breathe!

    No jane. The deniers are like the rich greedy disaster denier in disaster movies. They deny there can be a disaster because to acknowledge it means they have to do something and give up time and money, which their base greed won’t allow them to.

    When the disaster occurs guess whose pushes their way to the front to be rescued, is the most burdensome and holds others back? Not only that they are the most vocal in criticising authorities and agencies for not doing enough earlier to prevent or help.

    That’s the same with the AGW deniers. They will deny out of greed and flawed ideology until the hard reality of it hits them, and it becomes impossible to deny it anymore. Then they will be the first demanding government assistance and caning the government for not doing enough earlier.

  223. Wonder how hockey will explain this away?

    Or will he not need to, as our media won’t bother reporting it?

  224. Wonder how hockey will explain this away?

    I knew it was a mistake to pay a visit. But I have to comment. Peter Costello is the reason for our low Federal govt debt.

    But Australia is a Federation. Total govt debt should include all three levels of govt (Federal, State, local). I believe total govt debt (Federal, State, local) is about 30% of GDP. And as we all know when Costello was paying off debt most major powers were increasing debt. Also when Costello was paying off debt Labor was in power at the State level. And anybody with a brain knows what happens when Labor is in power.

    Queensland under Beattie/Bligh lost its credit rating during the biggest mining boom in Australian history. By the way are there any examples of Labor govts getting our credit rating back?? We lost AAA under Keating and Costello got it back.

  225. Peter Costello is the reason for our low Federal govt debt.

    Ahh, the guy who left us in stuctural debt. Right 😉

    If you want to go back in history to explain our current position, you need to go further, and get back to Keating, the one who made the real structural changes that lead our country onto the current path it takes now.

  226. hh, the guy who left us in stuctural debt. Right

    Maybe or maybe not. You need to keep up. Malcolm Turnbull says the structural deficit crap was raised by Swan to trash Costello’s reputation. Recent analysis by Treasury of the very difficult quantity to measure ie the structural defiict ,shows a small structural deficit in Costello’s last budget (possibly).

    But we have a whopper now thankyou Mr Swan.

    By the way it was Costello that got us our Triple A credit rating back and here is the reason why

    It is easy to see when Labor was in power. And do not tell me Labor would have done the same thing if in power from 1996-2007. Labor people do not believe debt is dangerous so will take no effort to pay it off. We are sovereign in our own currency so we will just print our way out of debt.

  227. Neil,it is six years since Costello and his mob were tossed out I seem to remember was it 8 or more interest rates rises in a row. Then I do have problems with selling off the countries assets to pay debt. All this, why we had no marvelous years of budget surpluses..

    Then there was all the benefits given to middle upper income earners, for no good reason. Then there was the added disaster of tax deductions to those same people

    Now, when one lowers tax, it is the upper income earners that gain the most. When one give rebate, the same applies.

    All those efforts were on little value to 60% of voters.

    That is why we cannot afford to give money, tho those who do not need it to take out super. This rebate they get grows dramatically each year. The rebate is more that is paid on pensions for one year.

    These are the structural imbalance in the budget, that one is talking about. They can all be sheeted home to Howard and Costello.

    This government has already clawed back many. They have been greatly criticized by Abbott for doing so, and accused of class war.

    Abbott has promised to restore all that this PM has taken away.

  228. Late night Saturday offering, for my fellow Beatles lovers. Actually it’s The Beatnix from Sydney.

  229. Malcolm Turnbull says..

    Turnbull had plenty to talk about in 2009, right before he lost the Liberal leadership:

    “This has now become a question not simply of the environmental responsibility of the Liberal Party but of its integrity.

    “We agreed with the government on this deal. We must retain our credibility on taking action on climate change. We cannot be seen as a party of climate sceptics and do-nothings on climate change.

    “That is absolutely fatal.”


    “… the scheme that Kevin Rudd proposed in 2009 … was really the same policy that John Howard had had when he was PM. You have to remember that there had been bipartisanship for quite a while that Australia should cut its emissions … certainly what was seen as the most efficient way … which was a market-based mechanism.”

    Turnbull also used to be pro gay marriage and a Republic..goodness Malcolm has said lots and lots of things.

  230. “how you can see this as anything but a play to the unions is beyond me ???”

    Maybe because I do not see unions as you do. I see them as a necessary part of any strong democracy.

    Maybe because I like you, do not expect them to be perfect. They are run by human beings, and like any other section fo the society have some bad eggs.

    That is why we need law and other bodies to oversee.

    There are crooks and criminals across the society, not only unions.

  231. goodness Malcolm has said lots and lots of things.

    He has said a lot about the NBN also Min.

    Not much has been correct mind you 😉

  232. Min @ 9:07 am I’ve posted this in another topic but worth repeating here.

    Exxon is probably the biggest anti-AGW campaigner out there pouring considerable amounts of money and resources in discrediting it.

    Announced on ABC RN this morning is the fact that Exxon has now joined BP and Shell in announcing that man made carbon is damaging the environment and economy and some method must be used to reduce it, with a Carbon Tax being the best way to achieve that.

    Where is that going to leave Abbott if he’s in power come September and immediately scraps the Carbon Tax as he’s said that’s his highest priority?

  233. goodness Malcolm has said lots and lots of things.

    You know true to form you people start with the character assignations. It is to be expected as night follows day.

    W have a structural deficit now and it is a whopper. Labor has locked in spending for all sorts of things we cannot afford.

    And you people do not care.

  234. Why should they care? It is the barracker disease in motion.

    I see that the LNP is well ahead of the Labor Paltry in Qld. Wouldn’t be surprised if there are no Labor Qld MP’s after the federal election.

    I like the idea that the Libs will be targeting the next generation of Labor leaders too.

  235. ” Labor has locked in spending for all sorts of things we cannot afford.”

    Maybe we can be enlightened to what this spending is, that which we cannot afford.

    I know we cannot afford NOT to spend on education and training. Our futures depends on the smartest workforce we can create, to thrive in the new global world order.

    I know we cannot afford to spend on health, and allow all, including the disable to reach their full potential. The Productivity Commission has told us so.

    We cannot afford to continue down the path, of those who can afford to, not to pay their way.

    I know the last thing this country can afford, is high unemployment. That is pure waste.

    Now, we know from the eastern Coalition States, they do not believe with this philosophy. The first things they cut is education and training, followed by health.

    The belief the austerity fiscal budgeting will lead to prosperity is badly flaw. Overseas experience is, the only place it leads to, is economic collapse.

    When I was young, one used to hear, that one had to spend money to make money.

    I suspect the same is true for the nation’s economy. What is important, is what the money is spent on. middle upper income rebates and tax concessions is not the way to go. Middle upper income welfare is truly wasteful, with know advantage to the overall economy. It is just pure greed. Nothing to do with class envy.

    It is also true, I believe, countries that have more equitable income spend, are the most prosperous. People living in poverty, bring the whole country down.

    So, please tell us what is the spending that Labor has locked in. From where I am sitting, I do hope that is the case, that Abbott cannot undo all the good work done.

  236. You know CU, voting Labor is a religion. And this religion is full of false teachers and false prophets.

    And you are the biggest false prophet of all.

    You know it was people like you in Europe who said when govt debt reached 10% of GDP that it was not a problem. Then it doubled to 20% and then people said it was not a problem. Then it doubled to 40% of GDP and then you changed a little bit and said it is getting dangerous. And then it doubled to 80% and then you said we are in trouble.

    You are incapable of telling truth from falsehood.

    The belief the austerity fiscal budgeting will lead to prosperity is badly flaw. Overseas experience is, the only place it leads to, is economic collapse.”

    You cannot be serious!!! Economic collapse happens when people like you get into power. The Conservatives are then elected to clean up the mess.

    How the hell can you say that fiscal austerity leads to trouble when trouble occurs before fiscal austerity is even tried??

  237. Oh, I also see that a third of Qld ALP members have not paid up. Makes a mockery of the idiot here that says ALP membership is growing. He wouldn’t have a clue!

  238. No, Neil, all that I have written is facts. Nothing to do with beliefs or religions.

    Now what is this structural imbalances that Labor has built into the budget. What is this wasted that worries you so.

    What are you willing to hand back?

    Our debt is not a problem. Nowhere that in Europe. What has occurred, is following fiscal austerity has added to the debt. Yes, made the debt problem worse.

    One thing, that under a democracy, we get to have our say again in three or less years. Just rather not have to suffer the unnecessary pain that will be coming.

    Then, I suspect that business leaders will not allow Abbott to stay around long enough to inflict too much damage.

    I am sure most of the business leaders are well aware, that what is good for Murdoch, is not good for them. Definitely not good for us.

    Why would they want years of political and economy uncertainties that Abbott is promising.

    Things like that high dollar is. Australia over the last few years, has gone through massive restructuring both in it’s economy,l and manufacturing base. We now exist in a global economy, one that is changing rapidly.

    These are the things I would love to hear ABBOTT ACKNOWLEDGING.

    The same applies to asylum seekers. I could not care less what worked or did not work in the past. Today’s is a new ball game, that needs new responses.

    Abbott’s ignores all this, and is promising us a rerun of the Howard years.

    Abbott talks about the past, the PM about the future.
    Abbott demolishes, the PM builds.

  239. “Our debt is not a problem.

    It was people like you in Europe who said the same thing and look at what happened.

    But i am all sure we have seen the graph that Labor has just published. As usual total deceit from labor.

    We are a Federation. Britain and France do not have State govts. Labor should be comparing our Federal and State govt debt with British and French debt.

    And our Federal debt is low because Costello did something a Labor govt has never done in my lifetime.

  240. Some of the structural imbalances in the budget, that are of concern., Yes, all come from the days Of Howard. Labor at great cost and criticism have turned some about. Much more need to be done. We have
    Abbott fighting against cuts in super to the rich, at the same timer, promising to tax the lowest income earners.

    “In 1996, when Howard was elected, the top tax rate kicked in at $50,000 and by the time he left office it had risen to $150,000. Obviously you couldn’t be a high-income earner if you weren’t in the top tax bracket.

    He used the same approach to welfare support, introducing a range of benefits that flowed to middle- and high-income earners. Again, how could families feel they were doing very well by community standards when the community saw them as being in need of financial support?

    By giving wealthy people middle class welfare, such as super tax breaks, the baby bonus and the first-home-owner grant, all Howard achieved was to imbed a sense of entitlement in the very rich. This sense of entitlement remains today. In my view it’s time to turn the tap off. It’s time to remind people who earn a crap load of money that they have absolutely no right to receive welfare of any kind. They should also be reminded that they are not entitled to resent the high rates of tax they pay since the only reason they are rich in the first place is because of the opportunities afforded them by living in a well run society, which was built on the back of a fair government taxation system. Elizabeth Warren explains this best.

    Let’s look closer


  241. Got a link to where Abbott said he will fight cuts to super of the rich?

    I mean real media not the fake site that is nothing to do with news.

    Just think…you’re most probably seeing the last federal Labor government of your life.

  242. Hey, I would not take your understanding of economics, politics or your suspicions on anything to the bank.

    If one asks a question one should use a question mark…?????????

  243. “A $267B debt with not much to show for it.”

    Do not agree. As I said, what would you hand back. Where was the waste in your eyes.

    One of the best economies in the world is not to be sneezed at.

    Do not mind the way my pension has grown. Quite like what I see in the schools when I visited.

    I think those travelling north will appreciate the new roads opened up, fifteen months ahead of schedule. Many are now switching onto the NBNCo.

    The maternity allowance. when one has that baby is also nice.

    The list just goes on and on.

  244. Many would be happy, that at last, this government has made attempts to deal with carbon emissions, that puts future generation at risk, with the ongoing damage that is being done to the environment. Yes, the GEF, which puts in with what a great part of the globe is undertaking. Yes, the cheapest way to go. Is already showing results.

    What spending does those, who say nothing has been achieved, wind back.

    That is the question that Mr. Abbott will not answer. Where will he make his cutbacks.

    He has clearly stated that he intends to restore the cuts that Labor has made to the wealthy.,


  245. In some perverse way, I do hope that Abbott does become PM in September. It will be a real education, especially in economics, for those who think they know it all now 🙄 Recession, rising interest rates, inflation, unemployment – here we come…

  246. Well Abbott and co have been out every day, warning the government not to touch the super of the rich, while not denying he will go ahead with taxing the lowest 15% of income earners on their super. That is pretty clear to me , where his priorities lay.

    Just Google. Will not be hard to find.

    Mr. Abbott’s expensive maternity scheme is another. Which takes from the low pay and give to those on high income. Also bring in a new tax, to fiance it.

    The rebates on Medicare, he intends to restore. The list is endless. All one way, from low income earners to high.

    One does not need to understand economics to work these ones out.

  247. But you peasants will be on $2 a day so how are you going to support the rich…apart from cheap slave labour?

    Recession? Most industries have been in recession for over two years.

  248. Recession, rising interest rates, inflation, unemployment – here we come…

    Please do not remind me of Paul Keating. Who can forget 18% home loan interest rates. And this

    “Sept-Dec 1991- 10.1, 10.0, 10.2, 10.4
    Jan-Dec 1992- 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 11.0, 11.0, 11.2
    Jan-Dec1993- 10.9, 11.0, 10.8, 10.7, 10.8, 11.0, 10.8, 11.0, 10.7, 10.9, 10.8, 10.6
    Jan-April 1994- 10.4, 10.3, 10.3, 10.1”

    Thirty months of double digit unemployment. There was an election in the middle of this which keating one.

    Like you give a fuck about high unemployment Bacchus. Did you vote for keating in 1993 Bacchus??

    Hey Bacchus who did you vote for in 1993???

  249. Why not answer what some ask, before moving on and changing the topic.

    What is the waste you accuse Labor of. What do you want to see clawed back. Many examples have been given to help.

  250. As usual, getting abusive. Never fails, no matter how nice we treat some.”

    Why shouldn’t I get abusive?? bacchus said this

    In some perverse way, I do hope that Abbott does become PM in September. It will be a real education, especially in economics, for those who think they know it all now 🙄 Recession, rising interest rates, inflation, unemployment – here we come…

    Things like this did happen under Paul Keating, i do not recall recession under Howard/Costello.

    Bacchus is just telling lies to help his religion win the next election.

  251. Neil still spruiking the same old bullshit he always has, and round and round he goes in every diminishing circles, but worse for us never disappears up his own arse.

    People don’t get into circular arguments with Neil. He will never and has never said anything different, just a small handful of the same old points, nearly always with debt on top, and all the facts, figures and truths just wash over him. Must be close to the smallest amount of information held in a human brain possible.

  252. To illustrate what an utter hypocrite Neil always has been, when we go back and look at Howard’s long run of considerable failures, especially as Treasurer under Fraser, he says that’s in the past and we need to look to now.

    But time and again he brings up Keating until it became nauseous and meaningless. Apparently the past is OK to bring up as long as it’s only Labor past.

    Take his oft repeated 18% interest rate criticism. No matter that Neil has been shown the fact multiple times that 18% under Keating was far more affordable than 7% under Howard because of the amount of income that is needed to pay of the mortgage, Neil ignores the multitude of facts and comparisons and still brings it up as he has here. It’s disingenuous in the extreme and an example of why he should be ignored for the ideologically blinded economic ignoramus he is.

    Then there is his blatant projection. He goes on about Labor supporters being religious, but I dare anyone to find someone as blindly one sided and as faithful to the Liberals no matter how bad they are as Neil. If that is not ideologically blind faith to an organised group then nothing is. And then there’s his feverish unwavering worship of Howard, there’s no greater example of faithful deity worship than Neil’s disciple like following of Howard.

  253. Neil, where is what Bacchus said was abusive. All he did was disagree with you. I thought agree with him. Some people have to learn the hard way to open their eyes.

    Nothing abusive in that. Just an opinion, one you obviously do not like. Maybe because it hits too near the truth.

  254. What was the unemployment like, under Treasurer Howard.

    I seemed to remember a thimg called stagflation.

  255. “22% interest rates under treasurer Howard

    What is your point bacchus?? Oh i get it. When there is a worldwide recession when the Libs are in power any bad things is all the Liberals fault. When there is a worldwide recession when Labor is in power, any bad economic data is due to outside factors.

    What a false religion you believe in.

    All he did was disagree with you.

    Bacchus was telling lies to support his religion. All the things he mentioned happened under Keating not Howard/Costello

  256. How many interest rate rises in a row under treasurer Costello. While we had all those surpluses. How many attempts at getting fast broadband off the ground. Surely it was not 17.

  257. Point is that the Coalition is no better with the economy than Labor is. The fact is, it is Labor that has the reputation for reform.

  258. especially as Treasurer under Fraser, he says that’s in the past and we need to look to now.

    You have actually got that around the wrong way. it is people like Bacchus who keep going back to 1983 continually bringing up Howard but conveniently ignoring Paul Keating who was more recent. And conveniently ignoring Paul keatings 30 months of double digit unemployment. Nothing like it since the great depression.

    Bacchus- the IMF can go and get stuffed. These are the facts. You can smoke on this graph for a while

  259. Neil, I’ll take the IMF over Liars propaganda any old day. Quite obviously you can’t provide ANY independent, credible, impartial evidence to support your Liars bullshit.

    The IMF doesn’t have a barrow to push, the Liars and their barrackers like you, do. I can only advise you to stop writing crap.

    Unemployment should have been low under the Rodent; no GFC to contend with and a record boom. Yet all he could manage to show after raking in $330bn+ was some manky flagpoles & a pathetic $20bn.

    Where did the balance go? Not on building public infrastructure or a state of the art communications system. Pissed up against the wall of bribes and welfare for people who had absolutely no need whatever for them.

    And what are conservative governments doing in response to the lingering effects of the GFC? Exacerbating the economies of their countries as fast as they can by throwing low income workers out of work and as always handing out welfare to people who have absolutely no need for it.

    A billionaire could lose 90% of his/her income and still be a very, very wealthy person. The rich NEVER suffer when there is a downturn in the economy. The poor and low income earners suffer all of the pain.

    And the Liars have never cared about the poor and low income earners.

  260. “Too easy. Why does Pavlov come to mind?” ….. mayhap because Tony is like
    ” Schrödinger’s cat ” ……. an experiment twice dead……but keeps on laying down and liar……..the dog that he are….. 😀

  261. Could this be the reason that the right and upper middle income earners hate Labor, and this PM in particular.

    Could it be because she has the guts to take the goodies, that Howard gave, off them.

    ………Physics and economics are bedevilled by the phenomenon known as ”hysteresis”. It’s where, once made, a change can’t be easily undone. In the physical world it applies to breaking an egg. In the world of social policy it applies to extending to the well-off benefits that were previously reserved for the poor.
    The Baby Bonus is a case in point. By the end of the Hawke-Keating government in 1996 Australia had one of the tightest social security systems in the world. On one estimate, 92 per cent of government payments went to the half of the population that earned the least. By the end of the Howard government a decade later, many more of the payments were spilling over to the top half. A lesser 87 per cent went to the bottom half.
    The Australian National University’s Professor Peter Whiteford, who did the calculations, is keen to point out that even after the Howard era, Australian payouts were still the most tightly aimed of the nations that make up the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

    The Baby Bonus was one of Howard’s most brazen spillovers. Instead of directing it to parents who had earned the least, it was funnelled to those who had earned the most. Mothers who had high incomes in the year before their child was born were able to claim $2500 per year. Mothers who had been on low incomes got $500.
    Two years later it became a fairer flat $3000, which later climbed to $5000. But that was as fair as it got. No means test, no cut-off. Once extended to the well-off it couldn’t easily be pried from their hands.
    Kevin Rudd developed courage in 2008 and denied it to families earning more than $150,000 a year. For his trouble he was accused of being anti-children………….

    Read more:

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