Media Watch XV

We all know just how manipulative, dishonest, sensationalist, gutless, unfair and unbalanced is the media in this country? If, like me, you believe they need to be held accountable for the gross display of injustice they push down the throats of the Australian public then this is the thread in which to voice your opinion.

I intend to keep the Media Watch threads open indefinitely. If anyone sees an example of their lies in action then we’d like to learn about it. We will document everything we can and spread the message as far as we can.

The truth will win in the end.

The Media Watch pages are archived after 400 comments (or thereabouts), as beyond that they can be slow to open if accessed by some mobile phones.

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376 comments on “Media Watch XV

  1. Shock to shock jocks, the station of hard knocks

    ‘Failed radio station in debt to celebrities ”

    “In addition to the millions owed to the joint venture partners, MTR also owed far smaller amounts to celebrities, journalists and on-air talent.”

    Is the real worth of Shanhans contribution to radio journalism

    “Senior political journalist for The Australian, Dennis Shanahan, was owed $82.50.

    Read more:

    i note that the Blot wasn’t listed as being owed money, he must have got paid upfront for his daily dose.

  2. Lyndal Curtis on Capital Hill let Jamie Briggs get away with a lie.

    They were discussing the UNHCR report on the decline in refugees to Australia when compared to Europe

    Jamie said the reason was Europe didn’t have a problem with refugees coming by sea. Travelling across land was easier for refugees and hence the rise in numbers.

    Surely even Lyndal Curtis has watched the news on refugees travelling to Greece, Italy and England. And Lyndal Curtis if you are going to ask the questions than at least have the evidence before you and challenge the lies.

  3. Sue, and the huge number of boats that have sunk off Greece and Italy come to mind.

    It is definitely the time of anything goes.

  4. “The Australian” runs a headline about US drones and Cocos Keeling Island base – the ABC drones on and on about the same story but steers well clear of the Murdoch meltdown.

    Just who did the News Ltd /ABC mutual admiration deal?

    Nasking not much shocks me about how the news agenda is run in the US. The commercial MSM is in a race to the gutter. However commercial media can still go bust like 3AW, and at the risk of sounding like an IPA muffin, the market can be said to work in those instances (ie broadcast crap – no one watches/listens)

    The ABC is different, they are not subject to market forces. Australian Tax payers have a right to expect they comply with their charter.

    They are now so far off the reservation they have gone feral and its time to cull for the sake of the rest of the population.

  5. Just watching the ABC Drum program (Wed 28/3/2012) many hours after the story on News ltd Murdoch hacking scandal broke. The best the Drum could come up with for a panel was two News Ltd employees (One Telegraph one Australia) and David Miles a former adviser to Nick Minchin.

    Have not heard so many weasel words in a row for some time now. After the weasel words came the put down of the Financial Review for spending so much time researching the story without a “gotcha”.

    ABC you are a disgrace putting this crap on TV. No doubt we will get a follow up written piece in the Drum Webpage.

  6. lunalava
    If you go to the Willard consulting web site there is nothing there.
    Lots of supposed pages but nothing. What is being hidden?

    Funny though there is plenty to find on the internet just by having a look around, especially since he has plenty of pictures of himself.

    So who and what is Willard consulting? What makes him entitled to be on the ABC? Was his name put forward or known from his days with Minchin or Steve Pratt, a Liberal colleague of Senator Humphries of the ACT.

    Well ABC is Miles a go to person, the alternate to the IPA?

  7. Sue, that david miles article barracking for tabot misses the point on so many levles. Forgot about his red-herring about class warfare (why do they always raise this?)

    Tanya explains it far better when you actually see her words

    No, well I actually think it’s really concerning that Tony Abbott came out yesterday suggesting that the existing funding pool should also be looked at to fund nannies. Now of course what that means is that if you’re going to fund nannies out of the existing resources that that means you either have to cut the childcare benefit or the childcare rebate in order to do that.

    Now I think it’s really important that we continue to provide these record levels of assistance for families to help them with their childcare bills. I also think that we need to maintain that long day care, childcare centres, family day care that we fund are a professional service. They are regulated. They have quality standards in place, whereas the nannies that Tony Abbott is talking about funding I have no doubt could be incredibly helpful for some families but they’re not just looking at early education.

    They’re looking at – often they’ll cook the family meal. Often they’ll clean the house, they’ll do a whole range of things which taxpayers have never previously subsidised those families that can afford that to have that service and I think that we’ve got other priorities.

  8. lunalava wrote:
    Just watching the ABC Drum program (Wed 28/3/2012) many hours after the story on News ltd Murdoch hacking scandal broke. The best the Drum could come up with for a panel was two News Ltd employees (One Telegraph one Australia) and David Miles a former adviser to Nick Minchin.

    Have not heard so many weasel words in a row for some time now. After the weasel words came the put down of the Financial Review for spending so much time researching the story without a “gotcha”.

    What a bloody disgrace on the part of the ABC…and The Drum staff.

    Steve Cannard has been the biggest disappointment…my wife said he was more radical on radio…I usually turn it off if he is host.

    Choosing two people who are paid by the Murdoch empire to discuss the issue…and dump on the Financial Review…comes across like some in the ABC are aiding and abetting.

    We have many pathetic people in the msm who do not do the job the public deserve and do not deserve the pay.

    It’s a big old conjob.


  9. Promoting Bob Katter’s book too.

    Bankrupt Drum.

    We should put together a petition.

    Sack Mark Scott. Liberal.


  10. The story has just made it to page two of “the Australian” so maybe it is OK for the ABC to run it now.

    The Australian is claiming the facts are wrong (what a surprise). Funny thing about facts – they often come back to fax you up.

    This is a problem for all habitual liars they need to be consistent with their “facts”.

    PSYes I know the Liberal Party spin team has claimed the word “liar” just like that successful marketing campaign by Woolworths when they captured the word “fresh” and the homosexual community claiming “gay”

  11. I was totally disgusted by the ABC this morning and their story on a missing child at the surf carnival.

    Well the ABC has gone even lower, the teen’s body has been found. So what have they done, yes run the story
    “Surf life saving in crisis after teenager’s death
    By Maree Hawthorne and Kylie Simmonds”

    And not to waste a good opportunity they leave in the crap

    “It is a scandal of monumental proportions, and I can tell you that Tony Abbott, if he’s elected, will give serious consideration to having a royal commission, and Saxon Bird is a member of the same surf club as Tony, namely Queenscliff in Sydney. It’s totally out of hand.”

    Another complaint to media watch. My complaints to the ABC itself are obviously useless.

  12. Well after witnessing 3 from 3, I am now going for 4 from 4.
    Capital hill, the Drum and ABC news @7pm have all had a go at the “big”issue.

    The most important thing that these journalists feel is amust to discuss:

    Germaine Greer said 10 days ago that the PM has a big bum, today Tony Abbott agreed with Germaine Greer,
    Lyndal Curtis then wanted an opinion from her 2 guests, only 1 played along
    Steve Kinnane needed to get a view from his 3 guests, at least Stephen Long said it as it was
    The News political correspondent did a segue from the budget to the PM’s bum.

    now for the 4th program….

  13. A very sad reflection on the ABC when our PMs bum is reported and discussed more than deception, underhanded tactics, manipulation and destruction of competitors by the biggest media empire on the planet.

  14. Tom R @8.04

    And forwarded and replayed on the ABC.

    let the electorate see abbott talking about the pm, they will just say “oh tony”
    as a guest on the drum said. (the female)

    very good diversion actually, it took the opposition supporting a chinese company rather than the govt, off the front pages. also shown once but now disappeared Bishop and Robb, guests and receivers of gifts from Hauwei.
    now a labor minister, who was accused of taking gifts from an australian/ chinese not only was on the front pages for months but he lost his job.

    In fact even today the msm was accusing the govt of some wrong doing by listening and acting on the advice of national security. who and why is that being pushed? the chinese govt won’t let their country’s broadband be built by any other country. will downer lose his job ? will the former naval commander lose his? why is it ok with the opposition for the chinese to build the nbn but not buy farms?

    yes lets show our tones being a bit of a naughty boy. (good work credlin)

  15. Tacky tacky ABC, oh they love a good story

    you too can see what germain greer said because with the tony abbott story the abc has put a link to Q&A from 10 days ago

    is Q&A trying to boost ratings by linking their program to a news site?
    typical of the standard of journalism of our ABC of late.
    i wonder if the ABC news ltd infiltators are trying to attack the PM by attacking her person

    and now they have this important story on the radio tonight.

  16. lunalava
    So why does the ABC need to boost its “ratings”?

    That’s been the problem ever since the Howard Intervention of The ABC.

    The ABC Charter is little more than a relic from the past, and the new charter is to copy and paste from ltd news, plus strategically place all the right-wing activist talking heads from the IPA/Liberals spruikers on The Drum where they can interrupt the other guests without any fear of being told to STFU.

    ABC boss braces for funding bad news
    March 31, 2012.

    The ABC has acknowledged that it must do fewer things better in an era where its funding might flatline or go backwards.

    In a talk to senior staff, ABC managing director Mark Scott said the corporation must prepare itself for a media landscape that is more competitive and is operating in straitened economic times, according to those who were present.

    The gathering of senior executives earlier this week in Sydney for a strategy meeting comes as new chairman of the ABC Jim Spigelman starts his new role next week.

    Could Mr. Scott be preparing his CV for more dizzying heights?

    Friday, 27 January 2012. By Travis Kirk.

    UK: ABC’s Mark Scott “contender” for BBC director general

    ABC’s Mark Scott denies interest in BBC top job
    by: Christian Kerr
    From: The Australian March 22, 2012

  17. Sue @ 8.23pm, 29th March, wrote:-

    “very good diversion actually, it took the opposition supporting a chinese company rather than the govt, off the front pages. also shown once but now disappeared Bishop and Robb, guests and receivers of gifts from Hauwei.
    now a labor minister, who was accused of taking gifts from an australian/ chinese not only was on the front pages for months but he lost his job.”

    Huawei under scrutiny in 2008, cables show

    CYBER security officials in the department of the federal attorney-general were investigating ”issues” with Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications company, as long ago as 2008, and a Telstra official allegedly told US officials in the same year that the company was a ”security risk”.


    No Huawei – we must not let roadblocks bar our path–we-must-not-let-roadblocks-bar-our-path-20120401-1w6dm.html

    China’s telco giant looms large in Australia’s regional conundrum.

    IF YOU want to consider Australia’s ”Asian Century” conundrum in one case-study, look no further than the story of Huawei, the communications giant and China’s largest privately owned company.

    Since its arrival in Australia in 2004, Huawei has played the Canberra game with panache. It drafted two respected and connected former politicians for its board – former premier John Brumby and Howard government foreign minister Alexander Downer.


    There’s been travel and hospitality for parliamentarians to enable familiarisation. Liberals Bronwyn Bishop, Julie Bishop and Andrew Robb inspected Huawei’s Chinese operations variously between August last year and January this year. Even Canberra’s rugby league team, the Raiders, is now the fortunate beneficiary of Huawei sponsorship.

  18. Chairman to shake things up at the ABC
    by: Chris Merritt
    From: The Australian April 02, 2012

    IF those who know him are right, Jim Spigelman’s tenure as chairman of the ABC looks set to usher in cultural changes that will leave some people decidedly uncomfortable.
    “Groupthink” and cliques are not the way this man operates.

    LOG IN

    It would be hugely satisfying to friends of the ABC if Mr. Spigelman does shake up the ABC news and current affairs departments.

  19. Oh Pip

    The sun may shine in on the ABC. Is the Australian worried the ABC won’t continue to use its journos on their programs and online?
    Is the oo worried that the influence Albrechtsen period board may be diluted, that the friend of Howard chairmen may be turned on it’s head?

    The remainder of us can just hope.

  20. Spot the liar.

    Australian manufacturing sector shrinks in March under strong dollar
    by: James Glynn
    From: Dow Jones Newswires
    April 02, 2012

    High dollar sees manufacturing hit reverse
    Updated April 02, 2012

    Manufacturing slows after summer spurt with carbon tax cited as prime factor
    by: Neil Wilson
    From: Herald Sun
    April 02, 2012

    That’s right…..

    The impending carbon tax was cited among prime factors causing concern among employers in manufacturing, with the high Australian dollar and resultant import competition colouring the cautious outlook of most businesses.

    Cited by ??? Never mind, we’ll just have to take the ‘fair and balanced’
    word of The herald Sun.

  21. “Isn’t it funny that you’ve got some peak business people running around like Chicken Little screaming fear and all the rest of it,” Mr Combet told ABC Radio on Monday.

    “And then on the other hand you’ve got the Australian Industry Group indicating that people are being overcompensated with the assistance.

    “There’s just a lot of rubbish that goes on in the debate that we’re hearing.”

    I wonder if my bolded section has any relation to this ‘concern among employers in manufacturing’ Pip 😯

  22. It is extremely difficult for a government with a hostile press, a deeply negative opposition, and an ignorant public to sell complex scientific and social policy issues. This is especially so in a society that reads newspapers with political commentary amounting to what the Prime Minister wore or her hair cut.

  23. Are we expecting too much. I wonder how someone can go seven days a week, non stop. even holidays are now cut short. The media is like a hungry animal that one cannot fill. It is ever demanding.

    How long can the circus continue.

    The 24/7 news cycle is putting unrealistic standards on politicians and discouraging people from participating in public life, a former Queensland premier has warned.

    Peter Beattie, who served as Queensland’s premier from 1998 to 2007, believes the constancy of the 24/7 news cycle and digital revolution has changed the way politics is covered by the media.

    “One of the things it has actually done is exhaust politicians,” Mr Beattie told the Sky News program, A Special Report on the State of Leadership in Australia, on Monday.

    “They are constantly on beck and call, and frankly I don’t care how smart anyone is, one day you will make a mistake.”

    When that happened, the mistake was publicly repeated again and again for the next three days, Mr Beattie said.

    “That is putting standards on human beings … it doesn’t matter whether they are politicians or church leaders or cricket leaders … which frankly is unrealistic.”

    To deal with living in a goldfish bowl, politicians did protect themselves by resorting to spin, Mr Beattie conceded.

    “What are politicians going to do? You are in a bunker, you are being shot at every day. Of course you are going to find a way to deal with it. That is what politicians do. It’s human instinct.”

  24. Did he……
    We have not has Catholic Church leader involved in politics since the days of the Great Split in the ALP. In the days if the DLP.

    Well I suppose Tony needs all the work he can get.

    Of course Tony has good judgement.

    He was joined by a panel of other current and former leaders, including the influential media planner and buyer Harold Mitchell, Catholic Archbishop of Sydney Cardinal George Pell, Father Chris Riley from Youth Off the Streets, Greens Senator Christine Milne and former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell.

    Cardinal Pell said good leaders needed to have good judgment. He was not convinced Australia’s current political leaders had that quality.

  25. A message that Jimmy Little left. Maybe we could all adopt to our benefit.

    Little talked about his youth with writer Benjamin Law in this insightful interview last year. He said:
    You have to know yourself, trust yourself, and even love yourself to a point. Be yourself and keep trudging on down that path, because we’re all here in life for a reason.

  26. “Children overboard” man Peter Reith must have his own office at the ABC by now.

    I wouldn’t bother linking to his latest propaganda if it weren’t for this:-

    PS: It was interesting to see Nikki Savva go over to the Bolt Report last Sunday. She also appears on the ABC’s Insiders. I thought the ABC suffered a loss when Bolt left. Andrew was great for Insiders because single-handedly, in his own inimitable style, he gave the program a sense of political balance. Despite the good efforts of Piers Akerman and Gerard Henderson and others, the Bolt gap at the ABC has never been filled. Bolt rates very well, so it will be interesting to see if Insiders can enliven its offering.

  27. The balance provided by Andrew Bolt would be the same as a drunk man trying to run backwards up a travelator.

  28. All one can do is to keep pointing out the lies, as boring as that is. Good idea to say why they are lies.

    When it comes down to the PM, she is accused of ONE dubious lie.

    Mr. Wilkie is now accusing her of dishonourable conduct.

    Mr. Wilkie also said last night, the PM gets shit aimed at her because of her gender. I put what he said in my own words.

  29. I must have missed something along the way..where is this stuff about Wilkie from.

    Wilkie became seriously weird somewhere along the way..not quite as bad as Steve Fielding, but he was getting close..

  30. Min, Wilkie missed Cu’s comment that “politics is the art of the possible”, and
    he made no allowance for the Clubs Australia campaign which was fatal to legislating any thing at all.

    Just like the anti carbon ‘tax’ brigade, and the Mining Council mega dollars

    It’s all very Tea Party!

  31. Found .. Bongiorno’s tweet re Abbott’s and carbon ‘goodies’

    Paul Bongiorno ‏ @PaulBongiorno

    Open Details Key factoid. Tony Abbott told Laws the “goodies” side of the carbon package will stay. Didn’t say how he would pay for it.
    Fudged on oldies.

  32. Pip, and Wilkie also missed the fact that independents Windsor and Oakeshott both stated that they would not support the legislation in the form which Wilkie proposed, due to the possible impact on small country clubs.

    That is probably the only time where I have disagreed with the indies, because when push comes to shove…should small country clubs be encouraged to make profits based on an addiction.

    I was just wondering if something had been “said” recently and I had missed it.

  33. Min, Wilkie was on QandA last night… I didn’t see it, but that could be why Wilkie is in the news.

  34. Min, a couple of comments last night on Q&A.

    Sorry I thought I mentioned that.

    Wilkie was acting as if he had been personally wounded by the PM. Sadly he was getting much support for his remarks. I believe the show was broadcast from Tassie.

    Wilkie is becoming a little precious. Should sit down and do some reflections. Should move his focus from the one thing he did not get 100% to the majority of promises that were delivered.

    O’Farrell might be in trouble.

  35. Has anyone else noticed that every time Mr. Abbott is asked a question, he ends up in trouble.

  36. Cu, every time Abbott answers a question he has to open his mouth and change feet, but it’s all good, the ‘news’ media take care of it for him!

  37. The PM os too busy getting things done to care about detractors.

    Ms Gillard told reporters in western Sydney she understood there was anger in the community about carbon pricing, but she would not be changing her position.
    “I made the right decision in the nation’s interest and in the interests of seizing a clean energy future,” she said.
    “It will enable us to better support families with tax cuts, family payment increases and pension increases and we will see … clean and renewable energy for the future.”
    Ms Gillard said her government was getting things done, such as the national broadband network, hospital reform, a national disability insurance scheme and taxing the profits of big mining companies to share with the rest of the nation.
    “It’s not about words, it’s about action,” she said.
    “It’s not about spin, it’s about substance.
    “That’s the way in which I work and that’s the way in which the government works.”
    Cabinet minister Chris Evans told reporters in Canberra, where he launched the MyUniversity website, the government was rolling out “solid policy”.
    “There’s no spinning involved in the sort of things the government’s focused on,” he said.
    Attorney-General Nicola Roxon also rejected Mr McClelland’s assessment.
    “He is entitled to his view, (but) I think it is our job as members of the government to constantly engage with the community … to talk to people about what it is we are doing to make their lives easier or better,” she told ABC TV.
    “That’s what we are elected to do.”

  38. Media Release

    Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
    Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate
    Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity


    Australia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to Cooperate on Broadband Development

    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Minister of Information Society and Administration, H.E. Mr Ivo Ivanovski, have agreed to cooperate on issues relating to broadband development.

    Senator Conroy and Mr Ivanovski held a bilateral meeting in Ohrid where they discussed how broadband is transforming societies and economies across the globe.

    “Our two countries maintain a productive bilateral relationship underpinned by strong people-to-people links. The community in Australia is the largest overseas and high-level visits have reaffirmed our long-standing ties and resulted in lasting outcomes for the benefit of our citizens,” Senator Conroy said.

  39. Cu re Ms Gillard told reporters in western Sydney she understood there was anger in the community about carbon pricing..

    If I was Julia, I would be asking: What anger? That is, do not accept the msm’s arguments..throw it back in their face.

  40. Min, agree. I do not believe there is much anger.

    I believe most do not even know much about it. They are just not interested.

    What has struck, is “she lied” When the same people are asked “when”. One gets a blank stare.

    From reports back from the polling booths at the Queensland election, there did not appear to be much anger. I only heard of polling staff getting on happily together.

    Where is the anger.

  41. The NBN is announcing ahead of time that they must advertise to inform the public about the NBN, unlike the real trolls Jones and Laws who didn’t state that their praise of products was cash for comments

    Latika Bourke’s latest offering on Twitter

    Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke

    NBN Co buying live reads on 2GB forcing the announcers to advertise in favour of the NBN is one of the best I’ve trolls I’ve seen in a while

    NBN Co to educate public on network

    The company concedes there is a significant information gap
    Chloe Herrick (Computerworld) 03 April, 2012

    With 40 retail service providers (RSP) now signed on to offer National Broadband Network (NBN) services, NBN Co has flagged plans to significantly raise public awareness of the network.

    NBN Co chief communications officer, Kieren Cooney, said there has been a lot of pressure and commentary from the Australian public around the presence of an information gap when it comes to the NBN.

    [ In pictures: NBN 3-year roll-out plan announced ]

    [ Receive up-to-the-minute news on telcos in Computerworld’s Telecoms newsletter ]

    “This is a huge project which will impact people in terms of the way we live and work but also directly in that their copper line is going to disappear at some point, and we know there’s a high level of people who don’t know that or those that do know, don’t know what that means,” Cooney said.

    “Because it’s such a key piece of infrastructure we need to go through quite a journey over the next couple of years to make sure people have the information they need and understand what the migration will look like.

    “You will see more advertising, whether it’s on TV or whether it’s online, we haven’t decided yet, whichever is the most cost efficient to reach the most of the 12 million homes and businesses.

  42. This one is worth looking at:

    BROADCASTER Derryn Hinch has defended naming a man convicted of sexual misconduct with his stepdaughter, despite effectively breaking a court suppression order.

    Yesterday afternoon on his 3AW radio program, Mr Hinch read a statement and named the prominent 63-year-old Sydney property developer who was sentenced last week in the Sydney District Court to 18 months jail.

    And especially..

    The victim herself, now in her mid-30s, criticised the non-publication order over her abuser’s name. ”It’s disgusting that his identity can be protected but the intimate details of what happened to me are not protected and free for anyone to read about, and there’s no consideration of how that affects me,” she said.

    However we now have..

    A sex victim identified by Derryn Hinch in a ‘name-and-shame’ broadcast about her abuser claims the radio host acted against her wishes.

    How unusual..Hinch just makes it up as he goes along and doesn’t GIVE A STUFF about who he uses, the prime importance being his own notoriety.

  43. Mine @ 2.32pm, I’m assuming that Latika is amused that the NBN haters will be paid to say nice things about it.

    Now that’s a genuine ‘gotcha’.

  44. Warning, Beware the jumping thingy at the top of the page – do not touch or something ‘orrible will happen to your computer…

    with thanks for link from Latika Bourke on Twitter


    3 April 2012
    1/2 HSU National Office investigation


    AGS advice to FWA
    Disclosure to the police of certain information obtained during an inquiry andinvestigation

  45. Timeline of Tweets re HSU + FWA

    most recent at top

    Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke
    Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details

    But FWA could refuse that request – atm, the issue of publishing the report is unresolved.

    10m Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke
    Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details

    But that doesn’t mean it will stay like that – the Senate committee could ask for it like the HSU East investigation.

    10m Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke
    Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details

    At this stage Fair Work Australia’s report into the Health Services Union won’t be made public.

    16m Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke
    Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details

    And here is the legal advice from the Australian Government Solicitor to Fair Work Australia:

    18m Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke
    Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details

    Fair Work says it’s legal advice recommended referring HSU report to the Commonwealth DPP rather than the State cops.

    19m Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke
    Reply RetweetedRetweet Delete FavoritedFavorite · Close Open Details

    Here’s Fair Work Australia’s statement on the conclusion of it’s investigation into the Health Services Union:

  46. I have copied this from open tread.

    How News ltd hides good carbon story. Post in another city paper

    City of Sydney to get trigeneration electricity, Sydney to reduce Carbon Emissions. What will Barry do about Clover?

    But note the positive story is in a Melbourne based paper not the Sydney Telegraph.

    Just another News ltd way of not reporting positive news on low carbon initatives.

  47. Expect to see this repeated verbatim on theirabc, but not the fact that he admitted that his parental scheme is a tax

  48. When I saw Craig this morning he looked relieved and was kind to the hounds camped outside his place on the Central Coast.

  49. Tom, from your link..

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott is demanding to know whether Fair Work Australia’s final report into the Health Services Union has recommended possible criminal charges against Labor MP Craig Thomson.

    First of all it went to the NSW police, then it went to the Victorian police. The NSW police could not find any evidence with which they believed that they could press charges. We then had some grandstanding from Brandis and the case was duly handed over to the Victorians. Anyone know of any result from the Victorian police?

    A possibility, and this only guessing – the Victorian police found no grounds for criminal charges and so this is the 3rd bite at the cherry, the Opposition want the Feds bought in. **Big disclaimer: this is pure speculation on my part.

  50. **Big disclaimer: this is pure speculation on my part.

    You don’t really need a disclaimer Min

    Our media don’t do that, why should we (sarcasm)

  51. Tom R, the whole reason for the tommo affair is getting hazier and hazier. It started out being Abbott hysterically running around for his election to be held any moment. The whole thing is beginning to look vindictive.

  52. there will be a community cabinet in sydney tonight, televised on abc 24.
    the last couple i have watched were interesting, with real community issues from the local community addressed.

  53. Presumption of sanity in this opinion piece

    “There is a pointed lesson here for the government. The ACTU’s decisive action contributes to the heat on Prime Minister Julia Gillard over the issue of whether the report should be made public.

    The government has maintained throughout that whether the report is released is a matter for the independent Fair Work Australia.”

    Then this

    “That argument is spurious. The independence of Fair Work Australia does not stop the government from having a view, and the only conclusion from its stand has suggested it does not want the findings released.”

    Read more:

    Michelle Grattan has chosen not to consider the Legal Advice to FWA

  54. the community cabinet on abc24 was an opportunity to watch the PM and Ministers interacting with the voters. good to see a positive picture of the PM. This community cabinet was similar to other community cabinets. which also gave the PM positive applause.

  55. The whole thing is beginning to look vindictive.

    Beginning, Roswell? The Liars no doubt think victory is within their grasp and they’ll get the election they’ve been screeching for. I sincerely hope that their wishes will never be granted.

  56. Sue, the Community Cabinet is the Citizens Assembly that the msm and others said was a ridiculous idea!

  57. Sue, it certainly is. Can you picture the Prime Minister parked on a stool,
    very distant from the audience with Liberal plants in the audience ?

    Not this time 🙂

  58. Eddie, that one’s a must read. These myths of journalism in Australia have some frightening consequences for those of us who want free and open debate.

  59. Tom, thanks for the link… this comment adds to what we have been saying for a very long time.

    Posted April 4, 2012 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

    The hypocrisy of News Ltd and their journalists is again something to behold,they rolled out McCrann yesterday in the Hun who tried to tell us that innuendo and hearsay is not evidence of a crime,on that point i agree ,but i wish they would use that policy on all their reporting/opinions,especially on politics,but we know who pays the wages……

  60. Thanks for the link Eddie

    I haven’t read it all, but this comment got my attention

    This is a red herring that emphasises the personal and obscures the institutional problems and broader social and technological developments that are contributing to the industry’s problems.

    I had put this comment up recently on the Drum, in response to what I thought was a pretty good article by Marius Benson

    Could it be a media unhinged from reality, not only enabling, but fostering, a political climate functioning on nothing but adversary. A political narrative, pushed by the media that does not discuss policy or issues, but rather the personal enmity that these topics create.

    I don’t recall what the papers were like back in Whitlam’s time, but I do recall the Hawke/Keating period, and have not seen anything resembling today’s unhinging from that time on.

  61. Tom R, back in Whitlam’s day, I believe we had more papers. We had a morning and afternoon paper.

    We had an evolving TV which has some quality journalist. Talk back radio was in it’s infancy.

    There was not news on the minute, as is now.

    Even so, the press could be vicious and definitely not balanced.

    I believe the media might have been more diverse in those days.

  62. “innuendo and hearsay is not evidence of a crime”

    It is still not evidence, as much as Mr. Abbott would like it to be.

  63. Tom R,

    I am getting that the media are becoming increasingly desperate to hold onto their power. The newspapers used to be ethical or at least imagined themselves to be so. The news was reported and if there was opinion, then it was clear that this was from Bob Santamaria.

    Terms such as unnamed sources didn’t exist because a journalist was expected to know who his sources were. Unnamed sources. That one was a rare term and used only with a notification that there was a reason why the person’s identity had to be protected.

    Unnamed sources in todays’ media have been downgraded to not much more than snitching down behind the shelter shed.

  64. Antony, it’s been a long time since the newspapers were ethical…

    Unnamed sources in todays’ media have been downgraded to not much more than snitching down behind the shelter shed.

    What would they do without their sauces?

  65. Antony, it’s been a long time since the newspapers were ethical…

    Unnamed sources in todays’ media have been downgraded to not much more than snitching down behind the shelter shed.

    What would they do without their sauces?

    Never fear, Clive might fix things…

    IT MIGHT seem ungracious that, in the week Clive Palmer floats the very civic idea of a billionaires’ blind trust to invest in traditional media companies, we point this out. But somebody has to do it.

  66. More Compare and Contrast. Who do you think would take the time and effort to examine an issues, and balance the probabilities of statements with real world evidence

    Our publicly funded ‘news’ outlet, or a computer magazine that is generally interested in the latest processor than any political posturing

    from their ABC we get

    Key Labor seats given NBN first: Turnbull

    from Gizmodo

    Why The ‘NBN Rollout Determined By Electorates’ Argument Doesn’t Hold Water

    No wonder their abc have picked up the tag ‘the opposition says’

  67. On Derryn Hinch, this is an important article..

    You know what? The court records exist, but without publication of the defendant’s name, it’s more difficult to find them, unless you have a couple of hours available to pour over them. Publishing his name makes it a snap. This quote conveys anger and hurt over an injustice, but without further context, it is impossible to say whether the woman wanted what you eventually dished out. In your telephone conversations, as related through today’s article, you state unequivocally that you had the woman’s permission to name both her and her stepfather. What we don’t know is what you said to gain her consent. You say you recall her words perfectly, essentially calling her a liar. Even if she did give her consent, it is clear that she changed her mind and it took several hours for her name to be taken out of the story. Worse still, you make it about yourself – not her:

  68. Tom “NBN = bad” has been doing the rounds again for the last day or so; a case of ‘look, over here’?.
    Malcolm, running his own little bit of interference perhaps?

  69. #TheirABC – and now, a message from their Sponsor

    Otherwise known as the Art of Sponsorship and Censorship on the ABC

    Tiresome ABC, yet another example of advertising on the ad-free ABC.

    ABC Radio Melbourne
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    Following Unfollow
    Talking #finance with @WakelinProperty – is a holiday house a good investment? Call 1300 222 774 to ask a question.

    Retweet 8:02 AM – 7 Apr 12 via web · Embed this Tweet
    Reply RetweetedRetweet

  70. The difference between pigs and Australian journalists is that pigs have a sense of honour. Some sort of decorum, if you like.

    A pig will drop its body wastes in a spot removed from it’s immediate life. An Australian journalist will sh&t in your loungeroom, pi^s in your fishtank, wa%k in your kitchen and, while cleaning themselves up, vomit in your shower……and in the morning; tell you that the search for truth is the only reason that they do what they do.

    I’m still recovering from that swill crabb dished up the other day (where she reckoned the FWA not finding criminal charges was a ‘conspiracy’), and this just seemed to fit the bill so perfectly

  71. Tom, A. Crabb has proved to be part of the swilll despite her best efforts to try an stand out in the crowd.

    I heard Joel Fitzgibbon on radio this morning

    Calls to stop attacks on Craig Thomson

    ELIZABETH JACKSON: The Federal Government’s Chief Whip has called on the Opposition to stop disregarding the separation of powers in its attacks against the Labor MP Craig Thomson.

    Fair Work Australia will release its report into the Health Services Union, which Craig Thomson used to head, in four to six weeks time.

    But in the meantime, the Opposition says it will continue its pursuit against the MP.

    But Labor’s Chief Whip, Joel Fitzgibbon told our reporter, Samantha Hawley, he feels sympathy for Craig Thomson.

    JOEL FITZGIBBON: We’ve heard much more about it than we have in somewhat similar cases in the past. And I think the fact that Tony Abbott is using the rhetoric of the Government relying on Craig Thomson’s vote underscores the political nature of this campaign.

    Not an unreasonable attitude, considering that Labor showed grace and remained silent on the matter of Mary Jo Fisher’s little ‘meltdown’.

  72. Then I found this by clever political scientist Peter Van Onselen at The Australian.

    Not usually bothering with his writings the headline caught my eye and prompted me to think he would come up with the idea that ‘Inncent until proven guilty”, and “seperation of powers” would be the theme,

    I should have known better!

    Plain and simple political interference
    by: Peter van Onselen
    From: The Australian April 07, 2012

    He is using this as an excuse to rant about the Australia Network decision, which was made in the national interest not to mention national security, which isn’t in the same league as the FWA matter.

  73. Tom, that piece from Crabb was evidence that ignorance is not bliss and that the media believe that they can dish up any amount of tripe and get away with it.

    Pip, remember how Abbott ably assisted by the media turned up the heat on the Independents, especially Oakeshott and to a lesser extent Windsor to try to coerce them into backing Tony Abbott. Windsor gave it back to them, but the less experienced (and I suspect more sensitive) Oakeshott ended up being portrayed as the village idiot. Same deal done on Thomson – let justice take its course. Thomson may be guilty, but a witch hunt does Australian democracy a huge disservice.

  74. Pip at 2.59
    The Australian engages in plain and simple political interference all the time, can’t see what Peter’s got his knickers in a twist over. It’s not as if his paper has any axe to grind on behalf of Sky?
    btw that dipshit cartoon isn’t exactly fair & balanced is it? That’s what Rupert’s crew think of you Auntie, why don’t you take note?

  75. Annabel Crabb should be asked to leave the ABC…she obviously has no sense of loyalty to the public broadcaster:

    The ABC under Mark Scott does little but attack this government…give the Coalition and Abbott a free ride…and spruik parts of News Ltd.

    Scott worked for the Greiner government.

    The latest 7:30 episodes have been disgracefully biased.

    Both Uhlmann and Crabb have demonstrated their biases of late…their utter distaste for this government.

    Crabb’s focus on Tanya Plibersek’s husband and his past during her food show was underhanded and crossed the line.

    She would be better off joining News Ltd…or SKY NEWS. Or some gossip site.

    Frankly, I have little time for any news and current affairs these days…why bother when you know the system is rigged…no balance…just predictable government bashers.

    It’s time the people stood up to the corporate bastards and those who have infiltrated the public broadcasters and public services at very level…and took back their power.

    Before pensioners start killing themselves in an Australian future in which governments use austerity measures instead of fixing the flood up to the rich to pay down debt and keep rich bankers and their rich savers happy:

  76. Another reminder of the wonderful Howard years that Abbott was happily a part of:

    The Wilkie affair is far from over, but already it has provided a revealing portrait of the techniques upon which this government increasingly depends for its political survival: selective leaking of secret intelligence documents to handpicked journalists, use of government agencies to orchestrate mud-raking attacks on political critics, reliance on parliamentary privilege to launch defamatory attacks.

    More related memories:

    More on the insidious Gerard Henderson:

    Schooling Henderson on Green politics. Bob Brown believes in interplanetary colonisation! Yet the left-liberal media won’t call him on it! Gerard Henderson has a scoop! Or thinks he does. In this week’s column, Gerard focused on Brown’s recent speech arguing — as he has for years — that the challenges to humanity will only be solved by a single world government, a speech he began with the wry greeting “fellow Earthians”. But there was more! According to Gerard:

    “According to the Greens leader, ‘to accommodate 10 billion people at American, European or Australasian rates of consumption we will need two more planets to exploit within a few decades’.

    “Earlier this year, in the US, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was ridiculed by the left when he proposed the creation of a permanent base on the moon by 2020. However, in Australia there was almost a mute reaction to Brown’s speech.”

    If the opposition had called for the settlement of Mars, Gerard went on to say, “[he] he would be dismissed as having lost it … But Brown tends to avoid criticism.”

    Yeah, um, Earthians to Gerard. Amazingly, Brown wasn’t calling for the establishment of Star Fleet One. He was arguing that the planet simply can’t accommodate Western levels of consumption for everyone — so to have a just distribution of resources, and avoid global war, we’re going to have to consume less. The media didn’t go to town on Brown’s secret galactic plans because they read the sodding speech, and understood it in context. Equally amazingly, no one has come out to condemn Jonathan Swift’s shocking cannibalism proposals either.

    It’s hard to know which is more bizarre about Gerard’s self-gotcha — his total lack of understanding of Green politics, or the fact that he’s never heard the “two more earths”, which has been around for years…

    Now, who would I rather trust?
    A guy who puts his money and efforts where his mouth is to save forests and endangered animals…and wants to bring in rapid trains, DentiCare and treat asylum seekers like people instead of enemies to be mentally tortured…?

    Or an oddball who attacks whistleblowers, farts on constantly about the war on terrorism…and spruiked the Iraq War like a rabid neo-con…

    Geez, that’s a hard one.

    But I reckon I’ll give the thumbs up to the guy who realises we’ve treated our eco-system including other species like some treat their toilets…

    and I’ve never been big on softly spoken manipulators like Henderson who justify hostile actions that help create more and more militant recruits for corporate profiteering forever wars…providing the loopiest of religious folk with an environment they feel free to vomit their mythological and bigoted claptrap in…spreading the stench far and wide.



    I reckon the ABC is almost as bad…

    The frustration, finance-driven fear and scathing criticism directed at the incoming carbon price has now reached epidemic proportions, as we noted during our trip to Beaudesert yesterday…

    We drove past a private religious-based primary school that one critic of the government acknowledged had been improved out of sight by the stimulus money…this individual did not seem to equate this positive with the present government…who they accused of “wasting our money”.

    Anyone who thinks the shock jocks combined with News Ltd and parts of the ABC and Fairfax haven’t done a job on the Australian public is a damned fool.

    We live in a Murdochracy.

    That giant sick & twisted tree needs chopping down.

    No bsing propaganda machine should EVER be permitted to have that much power again in this country.

    They make our democracies a sham.

    Sharpen yer axes.


  78. If you get the chance have a listen to Background Briefing from RN , sunday 8/4/12. It was part 2 on Energy Efficiency.

    The reason electricity bills have risen so fast is due to the infrasrtucture build. $45billion over 5 years. Bigger spend than the NBN and over a shorter time frame.
    The infrastructure build is due to peak demand laws.

  79. Sue, and here I was thinking that because electricity has been privatised and that they’re a monopoly that they can charge what they like…

    Bad move for Australia, no competition and none ever likely. Howard mooted privatising Australia Post..I can imagine that..huge discounts for big business and some poor bugger in Upper Whoop Whoop North having to pay $10.00 to send his granny a birthday card.

  80. Sue, I suspect that this is a part of the problem with journalism in Australia – that there are very few “staff” and all the rest are on a piece by piece basis. Therefore if you don’t write what the current “theme” is, you don’t get published and you don’t get paid.



    tonight Media watch was an INFOMERCIAL for the Murdoch, Herald Sun.

    Yes Jonathan Holmes went to the HS offices where he could see the hard working “quality ‘ journalists. Did you know the HS will be behind a paywall in 2 months, where you will get the quality stories on footy and crime? We the viewer got to sit in on the editors discussing the online content and which stories wil go behind the wall.

    And shock horror viewers the AFL is startingup its own media group. Jonathan got to see where the journalists will work, 40 journalists, studios, cameras etc. The chap hired by the AFL is none other than the ex Herald Sun chap who created for the HS, Super Coach. The AFL wants to win back their Dream Team footy fans.

    Bloody Jonathan Holmes finished the propoganda by saying “fancy an organisation hiring journalists to write stories about themselves, AFL for AFL, govt for Govt. so rather than this happen I hope the Herald Sun paywall works.”

    Anybody would think there is nothing happening that should be reported on. No the ABC had a free advertisement for Murdoch and the Herald Sun.

  82. Eddie

    thanks for the link form the jstepney blogspot. what a contradiction to the headlines in News ltd. A quote from each

    “It was interesting that the Newspoll figures were not linked to his article – perhaps people would have realised that Labor are actually, for the three months in question, up in 4 out of 5 states and that Gillard, who comes in for quite a bit of flak in the article, is now preferred PM in 4 out of 5 states, including, significantly, WA.”

    News ltd:

    Labor on the nose in every state

  83. What a difference a different government makes to the unbalanced right wing media of this country.

    After bashing the previous State Labor government for years over the increasing traffic snarls and failures, out they come and state that despite record road and public transport spending over the last five years, yep folks that means four years of Labor record spending, traffic has not improved but only gotten worse, which proves that no matter how much money a government throws at the problem there is no correlation to improved traffic and public transport for NSW.

    So I have to ask myself what this was all about as the same media had mercilessly beaten the previous government over never spending enough or doing enough for Sydney’s deteriorating traffic conditions and failures, and the O’Farrell government has done precious little to address the issue after also mercilessly bashing the previous government over the matter.

    Then it hit me. O’Farrell has done little to nothing and plans to do little to nothing except farm out billions of dollars of major roads to the private sector for a total network of toll roads. Just as it turns out he wanted to farm out the next Sydney airport to Canberra and have not only Canberra pay for it but also the Federal government totally pay for the high speed rail between Canberra and Sydney.

    The media are again making excuses for O’Farrell’s inaction and failures on the very things they had been unforgiving on with another government in power.

    On the flip side if they do come about, O’Farrell will take all the kudos as he grandstands around the place.

    I doubt I have come across a greater do nothing show pony leader than O’Farrell.

  84. Adrian, just wait until Abbott (heaven help us!) becomes Prime Minister. Then you will see the greatest show pony on the face of this planet, minus some dictators in far away places.

  85. Right on cue out comes a story on WIN News saying the FEDERAL government isn’t spending enough on major highways in NSW.

    So you see it’s always Labor’s fault and especially this Federal government’s fault, even when it’s a Liberal State government that is failing.

  86. ltdnews continue to be, well, limited with their ‘news’

    Dumping on charities – Salvation Army says the carbon tax will be a costly load of rubbish

    Read more:

    true, dumping costs WILL rise (this is the point of the scheme). Smarter operators will try to reduce wastage costs

    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has offered incentives for landfill operators to offset emissions or generate credits they can sell to other polluters by voluntarily cutting emissions from existing waste.

    One way to cut costs is to use methane to generate electricity, a system already in use at Brisbane’s Rochedale dump.

    Mr Combet’s spokesman said higher rubbish costs have been factored into tax cuts and welfare increases.

    “The Government’s household assistance package has been designed to assist households with cost impacts from the carbon price including any cost impacts on the landfill sector,” Mr Combet’s spokesman said

    More specifically to this story in ltdnews though, is how they forgot to mention that, while costs will initially rise for dumoing, charities will be compensated for that rise

    Senator Wong says charities will not be left out in the cold when the carbon tax operates from July 1.

    “We have put in place a fund for charities to help them with the transition to the carbon price,” she told ABC Radio on Wednesday.

    With ltdnews, it is not so much what they say (which is bad enough) it is what they do not say, that truly stinks

  87. Tom, landfill problems goes back quite a while..I know because I was local government rep on the EPA. Electricity was produced by the Knox (Vic) Regional refuse disposal site in the early ’80’s and powered enough electricity for that facility. It went nowhere of course because of lack of any incentives. The price on carbon will help provide those incentives.

  88. I have just been advised by TB that the article on the news site does mentions Senator Wongs statement.

    I read it this morning, and am sure it wasn’t there, which is why it stuck in my memory.

    Updating on the fly?

  89. Tom R, I wonder about the truth of the statement from the Salvation Army given that they’re always crying out for donations of furniture.

  90. Roswell, I was thinking similar. The Salvos etc are already a dumping ground for unsaleable rubbish, I can’t see why the carbon tax would would change anything. You already pay for your garbage collection and what fits in the bin, goes in the bin. This compares with having to load items up in the car and drive to a charity bin. People dump stuff in their garbage which could easily be recycled, but are often too lazy to do the drive to the charity bin.

  91. Dumping has always been an issue with them Roswell, and, as they say, if fees go up, the dumping at their stores will probably increase.

    Of course, this is the Governemnts fault, notthe fault of people who are simply acting illegaly

    Let alone the fact that the salvos will be compensated.

  92. Tom R, sounds to be the same as the insulation so-called fiasco. Who were the culprits, those who acted illegally or was it all Peter Garrett’s fault.

  93. From ltdnews

    Salvation Army says the carbon tax will be a costly load of rubbish

    From the salvos

    “We cautiously welcome the assurances of the Government that the members of our community in the most need will be adequately supported as a consequence of the costs of living increases that will result from the flow on of the carbon tax,” said Major Cassidy.

    “The Salvation Army appreciates the Government’s intention to ensure that those providers of social services, like aged care, receive compensation for the increased operational costs,” he said.

    “We seek to work with Government and other social service providers to ensure that the ability of such organisations will not be negatively impacted by the introduction of the carbon tax,” said Major Cassidy.

    I won’t hold my breath on this being reported in the news

  94. A must read Sue

    But the obvious fear for committed journalists is that such privacy laws will be manipulated to build walls of secrecy behind which skulduggery and malfeasance can flourish. Our campaigns for journalism and the public benefit have been set back years.

    Rupert Murdoch is a disgrace to journalism.

    The first part is a very valid point (I just wanted to highlight the second part 😉 ) I think the Government is being pretty careful in this respect, and, getting it wrong could be as bad as not doing anything. The predictable outrage from ltdnews doesn’t help things along, in fact, it makes the process more difficult, and actually raises the chances of the Government overstepping.

    The ABC and SBS are great national media institutions and content creators and deserve to be supported.

    I AGREE!!

    Unfortunately, the trashing of it’s brands, like what has happened to the 7.30 null, is not going to help its case. Get back to journalism, not ‘undertainment’

  95. The worlds dopiest ‘expert’

    Expert says tablets and smart phones will make NBN out of date

    Read more:

    right at the end of the story, we get an NBN Co spokeswoman

    She said it was also important to recognise that when people use iPads or smartphones in WiFi mode, they are using a wireless connection to a fixed network.

    So, a more accurate lead in would have been

    “a prominent social analyst doesn’t understand how the interwebs work”

    But, that would have been more accurate, and, not make the NBN look bad.

  96. Tom R
    from the article, about time the board members (eg, sbs board members) who have contributed to the trashing of brands be held responsible.

    Last night. i saw 5 minutes of the drum, the guests fran kelly from RN and 2 journos from the australian. why bother watching.

    it would be good to see a list of number of guest appearances under headings
    news ltd
    ex liberal polies
    ex labor pollies
    right think tanks
    left think tanks

    another list could be “balance” of panel, in other words how many times do the ipa/news ltd/ former liberal polies dominate the panel
    eg last night 2 journos the australian

  97. last night 2 journos the australian

    and fran kelly, who, like so many from theirabc, appear to be audtitioning daily for rupert.

  98. “Ten Network said its first-half profit fell 70 per cent from a year earlier, as a weak advertising market took its toll

    Ten’s share register includes some of Australia’s richest magnates, with Gina Rinehart, Lachlan Murdoch and James Packer all owning substantial stakes in
    the network.”

    Read more:

    Reminds me of the joke How do you make a small fortune? Start with a large fortune.

    As to advertising, may be Ten should promote more of Andrew Bolt,and see where the advertising dollars go.

  99. I didn’t notice the hillbilly on that tweet Min. Pehaps I should get into the tweets too and start slapping back at these dopes too 🙂

  100. I know I am a little late, but back the the Salvo’s story. How much of their waste would end up in landfill. Would not most be recycled, restore or reused.

    We now know that used and past use mattresses are now completely reused and made into new mattresses. None go near the rubbish dumps.

    IMO, this would mean the tax is working as it should.

  101. Tom, from you @ 2.09pm. Victoria aka Hillbilly Skeleton formerly of TPS.

    Try our FB groups, they’ve been up and running since Migs started up Cafe Whispers as a FB group over 2 years now, then his Australians for an Honest Media FB group.

    The blogs are a far better format as FB and Twitter are just a running commentary, quickly there and almost as quickly gone. That’s just my opinion. However, for publicity to reach several hundred thousand readers, then it’s FB groups.

  102. Cu, I agree completely. The argument is nonsensical, that the Salvos or Vinnies will end up with more rubbish dumped on their doorstep because of a carbon tax.

    Honestly, when you think about it..the whole thing is a complete and utter wank from the opposition.

  103. They have just opened a new one in western Sydney. Very little of the rubbish will end up in landfill. I cannot recall the figures, but I think over 80% or more will be reclaimed. This is a massive industrial and building waste site.

    The technology is amazing.

    There is a nearby house waste one that is also high tech.

    I think if Mr. Hunt got out ans around, he might see that trash is now big business. Maybe Mr. Abbott should take himself out along the Western Highway and stop off a couple of rubbish dumps.

    I feel he will have trouble convincing them that they are in for high carbon emission costs.

  104. Tom, it’s a local council and state issue and I don’t know what the individual arrangements are in individual councils, but mostly Councils have arrangements with charities to pick up their garbage free of charge.

    That’s how it was when I was a Shire Councillor for the Shire of Lilydale (the largest urban/semi rural shire in Australia with the same funding base as half of Tasmania). At that time I was also Council Rep on the EPA.

  105. Tom R @8.32am 12/4, the “expert” has also conveniently “overlooked” the fact that tablets and smart phone connections via wireless are only any good where there is mobile coverage, so anyone relying on their phone and/or tablet would be stuffed if there was no coverage.

    And frankly, how many people rely solely on their phone or tablet for internet? My daughter had to rely on her iphone for internet use whileshe waited to have te cords for her Dell replaced. She found it very unsatisfactory and expensive.

    think if Mr. Hunt got out ans around, he might see that trash is now big business. Maybe Mr. Abbott should take himself out along the Western Highway and stop off a couple of rubbish dumps.

    I think they’d be terrified to do that, CU. They’d be nabbed by the dump opertaters in a flash as a valuable source of methane. They’d power every dump in the country for years with the shit emanating from their gobs.

  106. Stephanie Pealing has written an article based on a research paper.

    Club charity a ‘smokescreen’

    The article confirms how disappointing the Reporter and Reporters are. At the time the msm were beating up on the govt about Clubs and pokie machines, we at the Cafe were doing a bit more research then reporters. A simple look at any of the Clubs annual reports would show how little money went to Charities or even Community sports.

    But not one Journalist bothered to do any research and write an honest article.

  107. But not one Journalist bothered to do any research and write an honest article.

    But Sue, that wouldn’t put the governemnt in a bad light.

  108. jane

    Back in your box: NBN Co shuts down wireless “expert”

    It is believed that Chalke’s statement is highly inaccurate, with the global telecommunications industry universally in agreement that future telecommunications services will see a combination of fixed and wireless services used to provide access, as it is today. In addition, local commentators on the NBN have repeatedly emphasised that even leading mobile networks such as Telstra’s Next G network will increasingly depend on fibre-optic backbone links to mobile phone base stations in future, as they largely do today.

    ltdnews ‘experts’ don’t even understand how the interwebs work, in the same way their AGW ‘experts’ don’t understand science


  109. Tom R, thanks for the link. The Liars and their barrackers are dragging out more and more Desperate Dans to try and set people against the NBN, but they seem to be fighting a losing battle on this one.

    They’ll always have some clown to spruik their crap about wireless’s superiority and trying to convince us that NBN is outdated, but I don’t think they’re making much headway as their “experts” are constantly debunked by real experts.

    And what also trips them up is the level of knowledge in punter land.

  110. Walkley Award winning media darling Latika Bourke tweeted:-

    Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke

    I’m hosting Capital Hill for the first time this afternoon. I nearly just wrote my intro as ‘Hello…I’m Latika ‘M’ Bourke….’

    A couple of days ago she asked on Twitter if anyone had a link to this:-

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan
    From: The Australian August 20, 2010

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.
    It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    I’m very keen to see whether Latika has followed up on her “new discovery” that the Prime minister did not lie about the carbon “tax’, or whether she will follow the lead of her ltd news colleague and pretend that his previous article above never existed.

    Either Dennis the menace has a memory deficit or he is nothing more than a Liberal propagandist posing as a POLITICAL EDITOR.

    Gillard support wanes as Abbott closes in
    From: The Australian April 17, 2012 12:00AM

    JULIA Gillard’s reversal on the carbon tax has broken her bonds with Australian voters.
    The Prime Minister’s trustworthiness is now regarded as equally low to the “mean, tricky” John Howard at his worst when facing a backlash from the GST, and only better than Paul Keating after he reneged on promised tax cuts.

    LOG IN … or not.

    No Mr. Shanahan, it’s the “mean”, “tricky” untrustworthy ltd news that is the problem.

  111. Just staying at a holiday accommodation in sunny Merimbula, I mentioned that I had optic fibre to the home at the maximum speed (100 mbps) 50 gb peak 50 gb peak for $23.95 per month, have had this deal for some years now.

    The receptionists (owners?) jaw dropped. When I got to my room I understood why, it had a blurb about how great their wireless internet was (implication NBN bad).Some mob called “Splash Internet” was spruiking its great deal for $70 per month you get 6gb at up to 128 kbps.

    Wake up people, you are getting a great deal with the NBN.

    Rebutal from liberal dorks like Geoff are welcome – use facts and actual costs please.

  112. All seem to apply on this miserable day with my water logged hall and yard. Seems the roofers are having great problems finding the leaks.

    Enough of that talk. As Mr. Swan is saying, even if outlook is uncertain, we have much to be happy about.

    “One cannot wage war under present conditions without the support of public opinion, which is tremendously molded by the press and other forms of propaganda.” – Douglas MacArthur (1880 – 1964)

    “Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle… Perhaps an editor might begin a reformation in some such way as this. Divide his paper into four chapters, heading the 1st, Truths. 2d, Probabilities. 3d, Possibilities. 4th, Lies. The first chapter would be very short.” – Thomas Jefferson, 1807

    “Mighty little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man, a man whose mind is free. No, not the rack, not fission bombs, not anything-you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” – Robert A. Heinlein, If This Goes On, 1940

    “All propaganda must be popular and its intellectual level must be adjusted to the most limited intelligence among those it is addressed to. Consequently, the greater the mass it is intended to reach, the lower its purely intellectual level will have to be.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, p. 180

    “Today the world is the victim of propaganda because people are not intellectually competent. More than anything the United States needs effective citizens competent to do their own thinking.” – William Mather Lewis

  113. Rebutal from liberal dorks like Geoff are welcome – use facts and actual costs please.

    Don’t hold your breath, lunalava. I believe they are unable to pluck their “facts” from the usual place as it’s their turn to stand in for Liealot’s @rse for the big string pullers, after they blow up the rubber ring for his cushion.

    I’ve noticed he’s quite bandy legged, lately. Giddy up, Dobbin!

    That wireless deal doesn’t sound too flash. I’m with Telstra and get 15gigs @ up to 100kbs for $79.95. However, if I had the chance, I wouldn’t hesitate to jump to NBN.

    Unfortunately, I’ll probably be stuck with wireless for good-there is a new exchange, but there aren’t enough people living here for ADSL, let alone for NBN to swan into the place. Sigh!

    CU, Douglas McArthur had it pegged way back when; so did Hitler.

  114. Time for a good laugh

    Don’t shoot the messenger, ban the reader instead

    “Until ‘the public’ can elevate their standards to the level of ethereal discourse provided by distinguished and highly paid mainstream media commentators like Andrew Bolt, Miranda Devine, Alan Jones, Piers Akerman, Kyle Sandilands and others, they should just close their laptops, sheathe their iPads, and only use their smartphones to natter with other non-professionals like themselves”

  115. Sue, from your link…

    It is hard not to admire this defiant stamping of tiny mogul feet (yes, Rupert’s feet are tiny, though perfectly formed), 😯

  116. Gosh two attacks at The Drum site, what’s going on…

    Media provoke hordes, act surprised

    There is an old newsroom gag (I know this as an almost equally old person who’s spent most of his working life in newsrooms): A reader phones the newsdesk with a complaint. After the initial angry statement of claim, the newsdesk staffer asks the caller, “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

    The caller replies, “No.”

    “Well f**k off then.”

  117. Interesting articles. I wonder if the worm is turning. Why, even this morning, I heard a journo call out a pollie for lying

    arthur sinodinos claimed that spending as a proportion of GDP was lower when they left office than when they gained it. The journo at least called him on this, a rarity today.

    [audio src="" /]

  118. Media Release

    Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
    Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate
    Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity


    Call for expressions of interest to join the boards of the ABC and SBS
    The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, is calling for expressions of interest from individuals who have the necessary skills, qualifications and experience to contribute as non-executive directors on the boards of the ABC and SBS.

    “An appointment round has commenced to address vacancies on the ABC and SBS boards,” Senator Conroy said.

    The appointment round will be conducted under the government’s merit-based appointments system, which has been used for all new appointments to the boards of the ABC and SBS since 2008.

  119. More than 10,000 schools in India to adopt cloud

    By Rahul Joshi | 12 April 2012

    Dr S. S. Mantha, chairman of AICTE says that cloud implementation will ‘make for a truly progressive ecosystem and contribute to the country’s technical education by providing a better communication and collaboration platform for institutes and students.”

    Deployment is underway and is expected to complete over the next three months.

  120. Maybe an explanation for “cloud” computing would be a good idea.

    How Cloud Storage Works

    For some computer owners, finding enough storage space to hold all the data they’ve acquired is a real challenge. Some people invest in larger hard drives. Others prefer external storage devices like thumb drives or compact discs. Desperate computer owners might delete entire folders worth of old files in order to make space for new information. But some are choosing to rely on a growing trend: cloud storage.

  121. Why does Julia Gillard have so much trouble getting her message across?

    { Cafe Whisperers already know the answer }

    How many times have you heard this question asked, or its more pointed version: ‘Julia Gillard just can’t seem to get her message across’?

    Or as Barrie Cassidy said recently: ‘Even when she has a good message to get out, she can’t seem do so’. What a mystery it is that even the good stories don’t get out. How can that be?

    I’d like a dollar for every time that Barrie Cassidy has thrown in “broken carbon tax promise” to his commentary, in spite of his being informed, with links to appropriate articles, via the comments page on his blogs that the truth is quite different.

    Too many gems in this piece to pick one 🙂

  122. That’s a good start for “cloud” storage Pip, but “cloud” computing goes much further. Storage is actually relatively cheap these days – you can pick up a 2TB (that’s 2000 GB) external hard drive for less than $130. For comparison, most new laptops come with a hard drive capacity of about 500GB.

    The advantage of “the cloud”, initially for businesses, but soon enough for home use, will be in the cost of the computer and software you need. This article can explain it far better than I can:

    I liken it to the old mainframe systems from the 60s & 70s (and still very much used today) – the power of the computing system was in a centralised large computer to which you connected with a relatively dumb terminal (remember those old green screen terminals in the movies?)

    “The cloud” is similar in that the computing power is remote from your local “terminal” (which is still a very powerful computer compared to those old green screens), but is no longer just a single very powerful computer…

  123. Thanks for that Bacchus, I went searching for information and didn’t really, no, skip really, I didn’t understand half of it, so opted for the simplest explanation. 🙂

    Does it mean that if you lose your ipad, or iphone, or pc crashes, that data isn’t lost?

  124. Pip,

    It depends on where you’ve stored it. You can still store it locally, but I imagine most will store their data on the cloud as well. At this stage, I’m tending towards storing (and backing up) my data on my own hardware (It’s a trust issue with where the data is stored and how secure it is).

    The main advantage of the cloud will be that you don’t need to have the applications (word processor, spreadsheet, database etc.) on your local machine. You will be able to “subscribe” to use various applications and storage, similar to (and perhaps even provided by) your ISP.

  125. Pip, I’ve heard him say that too. I remember thinking at the time, surely Barry Cassidy knows the answer to that!

    There is nothing odd or mysterious,
    That we hear no news, nothing serious
    About the achievements of this woman
    In a man they’d say were superhuman.
    Abroad, she is acknowledged everywhere
    As statesman-like. Here, no one seems to care.
    Journos meanwhile with camera and mike
    Trail a fitness freak on a racing bike.
    Reports headline his stunts as smart.
    No suggestion that he’s a media tart.
    It seems our press is so beguiled
    That news limited to him is all that’s filed.

  126. Well done patricia. 🙂

    I’m sure that Cassidy knows the truth too, but he and his colleagues must say
    “broken promise” in their sleep !

  127. Hello again, Pip. I was telling Ad Astra about your comment here promoting his post. You’ve inspired me to write a more optimistic final verse!

    But out there on the street in recent days
    People chatting have begun to praise
    Our Prime Minister’s staying power, her drive.
    She get things done. They know she will survive.

  128. Hello again to you too patricia, i was heading for bed hours ago but kept finding more interesting things to do.

    People on the street will wake up now that Hockeynomics are out in the open.

    I found the TPS link on Twitter and had a look although it was on my to do list for the morning, and it was too good to wait till later. 🙂

  129. The Cabcharge yarn has done the rounds several times and now the Daily Smelagraph has come up with another alleged scandal to try and do away with Peter Slipper. Revenge can be very nasty and it would help readers if they knew which area the ‘staffer’ works in and his links to other MPs.

    Note, no journalist has put their name to this.

    Slipper accused of sexual harassment, funds misuse
    by: Staff reporters
    From: The Australian April 21, 2012 12:00AM

    FEDERAL parliamentary Speaker Peter Slipper faces allegations he sexually harassed a young male adviser and misused taxpayer-funded Cabcharge dockets.
    The allegations, published in Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph today, present a new crisis for the minority Gillard government, which had shored up its parliamentary majority by an extra vote when it lured the then Liberal National Party MP to take up the Speaker’s role in the House of Representatives last November.


  130. IMO if Peter Slipper was that way inclined the Coalition and the Daily Telegraph would have informed us long ago. I could be wrong but with the
    repeat story of the “mis-used taxpayer funded CAbcharge dockets” included in this there’s a distinct odour of rodent here and it’s not Mr. Slipper!

    From Twitter

    Brendan Brooks ‏ @HyperBrendan

    from the newspaper that digitally altered the bloke to look like a rat when he took the chair comes this –

    Conservationist Geek ‏ @geeksrulz

    @GenGusface they needed something urgently to counter good news on NDIS, COAG, troop withdrawal, aged care. PM kicking goals 🙂

  131. Slipper denies sexual harassment allegations

    News Limited says the Independent MP also allegedly misused taxpayer funded Cabcharge dockets.

    Mr Slipper has this morning taken to Twitter to say he denies the allegations.

    “The allegations in News Ltd papers are denied!” he tweeted at 5.00am (AEST).

    A former Coalition MP, Mr Slipper was appointed as Speaker in November last year after defecting from the Liberal National Party.

    Interesting that the ABC is not making the Cabcharge accusation, they’re simply quoting News Ltd.

  132. It appears they are going further now. They lodged papers in the Commonwealth Court,

    Surely this matter would have been better lodged at FWA or the police.

    One thing for sure, it puts Slipper in a bad place. How does one defend themselves. It surprises me that the emails re not across the front pages of the papers.

    It is also common knowledge that this campaign was coming. The only surprise is that it took so long.

    It Appears that Mr. Howard did not take any action when similar matters were raised back in I think 2002. Mr. Sinodinos does not recall the incident, in which he was involved.

  133. Just found Jame Briggs on Twitter saying “Gillard should direct her Party not to support him”, and “these allegations, now before the courts, relating to the last three months check the facts”

    and that ties in neatly with the fury over Slipper leaving the Libs in the lurch
    which is totally understandable because Mal Brough is going to get preselction for Slipper’s electorate for the next election.

    another excitable Lib tweeted “Slipper goes @WilkieMP votes with Libs – Libs in power b4 @SwannyDPM delivers budget call election ALP wipeout”

    That’s the plan of course but the author of this latest smear campiagn is the very same fellow who gave us the Godwin Grech story which went so well for them!

    My favourite tweet so far is this

    “don’t think the PM is going to take direction from a Policy Free Zone desperate Opposition.”

  134. Some of the accusations. Do not make must sense to me.

    Bolt is in full flight.

    More on this site.

    It could be a setup, mostly likely is. What was he doing spending so much time in Mr. Slipper’s flat.

  135. I should have posted this tweet at the top

    “@PeterSlipperMP: The allegations in News Ltd papers are denied”

  136. It’s certainly a set up Cu, this tweeter agrees

    “News Ltd brought down Whitlam and Keating governments and is trying for trifecta. Difference is this time it has ABC as willing partner.”

    I’ll take your word on the Bolt article – no need to give him a click!

    The fact that they’re using text messages from Slipper’s phone means diddly; it might not hve been Slipper that sent all those messages, and proving or disproving that would be difficult.

    The bottom line is that the Coalition are desperate and will use any trick they can find to bring down the government.

    Silly Briggs suggesting that the PM not back Mr. Slipper defies the innocent until proven guilty factor.

    Gee where have we heard that recently?

    Another question that sticks out is that Mp’s staffers are very often parachuted into those jobs a a beginning step towards entering Parliament…there are many current MPs who began that way. Who knows what the accuser’s ambitions might be.

    Having said all that, he could be genuine but this time I doubt that very much.

  137. It looks as if there are other doubters out there…

    on twitter

    TheFinnigans天地有道人无道 ‏ @Thefinnigans

    So for #MSM and its hacks, Australian politics have come down to whether you shower with the door open or not. How patheticment

  138. This site confuses one more.

    Mr. Slipper put space between himself and the accuser after one encounter. Mr.Slipper according to another comment, questioned the man’s loyalty.

    How does Mr. Slipper defend himself in situations like this.

    At the end of the day, the presumption of innocence must remain.

    Democracy and parliament will become unworkable if one has to resign every time someone takes it upon themselves to make allegations.

    Yes, it is a distraction for Mr. Slipper and probably the PM.

    The question to ask, why should not the legal process be able to proceed.

    A person charged under our system does not have to prove their innocence. That is what the Opposition is demanding.

    The accuser has to prove their guilt.

    If they want that, change the laws, so that we become like countries in Europe where one is guilty until proven innocence.

    Do not forget, all we are seeing is comments, that are in no context. We know how clever this mob is at taking sentences out of context.

    Remember she said “no carbon tax under a government I lead” We know that is only half of what was said. We know it does not mean what is sounds like it does.

    Is the simple fact, is that he has homosexual relationships that as far as I know legal. Is rape being alleged.

    The man is far as I know, homosexual himself.

    It is all we are getting today on ABC24.

    The man is also suing the government. it appears he has suffered great harm.

    I am a little confused how one can be harmed, if another make sexual advances, whether unwelcome or not.

    I can, if they peruse their actions, when one says they are unwelcome.

    They are both adults.

    it is unwelcome advances that are wrong. They are only considered unwelcome. after you tell the person so.

  139. Remember Bill the homophobe?

    TheFinnigans天地有道人无道 ‏ @Thefinnigans

    Just a reminder everyone of the Herffernan & Justice Kirby affair. They have form

  140. Pip, I cannot see much in the emails from Slipper’s phone, they could mean anything. How many sign off, especially from the old school with XXX.

    I send my prudish son up, when he gets upset if I accidentally open the toilet of bathroom door. There is sure nothing sexual in my comments.

    It sounds more like boarding school talk to me.

    Do we know even if the man is homosexual. He does have a lovely looking wife.

    Whether he is or not, is none off our business.

    One thing for sure, he was a fool to hire someone from the LNP.

  141. Putting the boot into a Slipper
    April 21, 2012 – 9:28 am, by Richard Farmer
    The vicious Murdoch tabloid attack on House of Representatives Speaker Peter Slipper has taken an even uglier turn this morning. Now he’s not just a Liberal rat but a sleazy sexual harasser – and a homosexual one at that.

    Does one notice that every time the PM manages some good press, we get these stories.

  142. In my reading there is a clear attempt to enlist some old fashioned homophobia as a weapon to get rid of the Speaker and thus weaken Labor’s hold on power. Others may see it differently but a fair minded person would consider this story from this morning’s Weekend Australian before rushing to judgment.

  143. The point of the matter is that there is no reason for anyone to step down due to an allegation. The logical consequence of this reasoning would be that anyone could say anything about anyone which would then have the requirement for the person to stand down.

    For example, I could say that I have proof that Tony Abbott has done XY&Z. Would this then require him stand down? Of course not, allegations have to be duly tested.

  144. Spot on. This is what is important. Whether the man is guilty or not, will be decided in the fullness of time.

    UPDATE: In fact, if ANY MP from ANY PARTY is accused of a crime, if I understand the Coalition’s logic, Julia must immediately dissolve parliament and call an election. And from then on, any party that loses an election just needs to have one of its members accused of a crime, and they can immediately have another election until they win and/or Australia degenerates into complete chaos.

  145. Cu, no, it isn’t anyone’s business,

    This is so typical of the Liberals and it goes all the way back to the awful smear campaign in Don Dunstan’s days, and Bill Heffernan using faked documents to slander Justice Kirby.

    This must have taken some time to prepare the ground work.

    Steve Lewis is the author of this latest campaign and he also broke the Grech story which makes him a liberal plant doing their dirty work for them .

    Anyone could have put those messages on Slipper’s phone and deleted them so that he wouldn’t know they’d been sent.

    ltd news using a phone to trap someone ,,,,,,, who’d a think?

  146. Cu, clearly the Coalition’s logic is laughable..not to mention unworkable. That would mean that any accusation could be made against anyone and that parliament would have to be dissolved. This would mean nothing more than Comedy Capers, with neverending dissolutions of parliament.

  147. There’s also the episode in SA when major Marty, Martin Hamilton Smith, used dodgy documents to try and oust Premer Mike Rann which proved to be as fake as John Howard;s comb over.

  148. Mr. Howard did nothing back in 2003.

    He also threatened to stop Mr Ashby accompanying him to Sydney for two harbour cruises with delegations from Samoa and Cyprus.

    According to the court documents, the Howard government was aware of Mr Slipper’s sexual relationship with another young male adviser – and other allegations of sexual harassment – as early as 2003.

    Megan Hobson, a former adviser to Mr Slipper, approached John Howard’s then senior adviser Tony Nutt after she – and two other women – had viewed a video featuring the Speaker and the young male adviser.
    Mr. Howard s\
    According to the court documents, the video included footage of Mr Slipper lying on a bed with the male adviser and hugging him in “an intimate fashion”.

  149. This is the real story today. Another Howard fuck up, as they say.

    The federal government is set to crack down on employment services contracts, after a review found that employment services providers falsely claimed fees for finding people jobs.

    Employment Participation Minister Kate Ellis says the government will act on all nine of the review’s recommendations.

    The review, conducted by Robert Butterworth, found that up to 40 per cent of the claims for fees for provider brokered outcomes did not meet the program requirements or were unsubstantiated.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reports this morning the situation is even worse, saying the inquiry suggests the job-assistance industry improperly lodged as much as A$106,000,000 worth of false claims in the past two years.

    But coalition employment participation spokeswoman Sussan Ley is critical of the government’s response to the Butterworth report, saying the majority of job services providers are doing the right thing.

  150. One has to feel sorry for homosexuals who seek public office, that they leave themselves open for allegations of so-called sleaze. The whole thing is homophobic in tone, as clearly if the texts were private between an opposite gender couple then it would be nothing more than an invasion of privacy.

  151. The glaring fact today is that the main steam media are determined to
    write about text messages and a a bathroom door instead of a major aged care reform.

  152. Slipper ‘horrified’ by threat to show office video

    PETER SLIPPER is said to have ”turned white” when he walked into a 2007 preselection battle for his Queensland seat and saw a television screen set up to watch a video.

    Mr Slipper, Liberal Party sources say, was allegedly shocked to discover that a secretly recorded videotape had been made of himself and a member of his staff and it was about to be screened.

    But senior party figures refused to allow the video to be shown and the incident has passed into Liberal party folklore.</blockquote.

    A second case of entrapment by a 'staffer'.

  153. Quite so Min.

    anothe tweeter well known at the Cafe just made the point

    Mr Denmore ‏ @MrDenmore

    The race is on. Will News Corp be able to take down the Australian government before the law takes down News Corp?

  154. and this

    Séan ‏ @esseeeayeenn

    @abcmarkscott Ashby is 33 yo to describe him as a “young male staffer” is dog whistling to the “gays are paedophiles” brand of homophobia.

  155. Pip, from your link to Mr Denmore, that would surprise me not a bit..that the whole thing is a revenge scenario…

  156. A small part of the history

    Slipper threatens to quit
    Bill Hoffman | 3rd September 2011

    He made it clear that if former Howard minister Mal Brough was elected as chairman over his preferred choice of Dr Greg Robinson he would leave the party.

    “If the coup is successful, my position as a parliamentary member of the LNP becomes untenable,” Mr Slipper wrote.

    “This would not be helpful to the Coalition in a hung parliament where every vote counts.”

  157. Peter Slipper is still overseas, and said this on Twitter

    Peter Slipper MP ‏ @PeterSlipperMP

    Sources say Steve Lewis/News Ltd plan 2 run story based on untruths from certain LNP members&volunteers who worked on my last LNP campaign

    No surp\rises there.

  158. Pip, now we know what the Liars are prepared to do to get any good news for the government out of the news cycle.

    This attack on Peter Slipper has to be one of the lowest they have yet stooped to, imo, particularly if this sort of thing is supposed to have been going on since the Rodentochracy.

    The question is why wasn’t it dealt with then, if it’s all been so egregious and Mr Slipper is such a villain? Why has the Liars Party sheltered Mr Slipper for all these years if he’s been such a serial pervert?

    In fact, if they knew all of this when he jumped ship, how come they’re only just having a crack now? It must mean Craig Thomson has no case to answer and they’re all out of smears.

    There is a big fat pong here, all emanating from Menzies House, Liars HQ and the Empire, and it ain’t someone’s footy boots.

    Antony G @12.06pm, just so. The Liars Party have once again proved that they are nothing more than a mob of lying sleaze merchants, who don’t care who they smear to get what they want.

    I still think that this desperate action could backfire, because if there have been allegations of sexual misconduct dating back to the early days of the Rodentochracy, then all of the shadow front bench has known about it and deliberately ignored it until they ran out of options.

    Hopefully, the government will make sure that the public is aware of that piece of information and that Mr Slipper knows where enough bodies are buried.

    Maggots, the lot of them.

  159. Min it’s as plain as Abbott’s sticky out ears.

    The msm aren’t having it all their own way on Twitter today 😆

    GreensboroughGrowler ‏ @GBoroughGrowler

    @PaulBongiorno @gboroughgrowler @cuhlmann So, false utegate email that appeared on the front of the DT under his byline was just a typo

  160. Min, I’ve disconnected Twitter so that I don’t run late for the football 😀

    It’ll still be there when i get home!

  161. Pip @1.06pm, their stretching it a bit with the “gays are pedophiles” meme, aren’t they? The alleged accuser is 33, ffs! Talk about a prolonged childhood!

    It would be funny if it weren’t so disgusting!

  162. That tape. If true, what about the rights of the staffer. Does anyone really believe this tape, that so many have seen, could have been kept under wraps for nearly a decade.

    Others have revealed that they have been told what is on the tape and that is is embarrassing to Mr Slipper. Others say the whole story is so bizarre it must be true.
    Now it has been reported that a former female staff member from Mr Slipper’s office has given a statutory declaration to a News Ltd paper stating that she and other women had seen the video. The woman, who has kept her identity a secret, told the paper that Mr Slipper had not done anything illegal in the video, but she said she considered that his behaviour was ”inappropriate for a member of Parliament and his staff member”.
    The woman who saw the tape is reported as saying that it appeared that Mr Slipper was being set up.

    Read more:

  163. At this stage is the good job Mr. Slipper is doing as Speaker.

    Maybe too good a job for the Opposition.

    Of the governments own making. Stupid statement. It is not the government that is making unfounded allegations.

  164. True

    Speaker denies sexual misconduct claims
    April 21, 2012 – 1:03PM
    Read later

    Peter Slipper. Photo: Gary Ramage
    The federal opposition wants Peter Slipper to step aside as Speaker of the House of Representatives while allegations of sexual harassment are before the court.

    Mr Slipper has denied claims published in News Limited papers that he sexually harassed a male staffer and misused Cabcharges.

    The claims against Mr Slipper, made in court documents obtained by News Limited, allege he recruited 33-year-old James Ashby for the sole purpose of pursuing a sexual relationship with him.

    The application filed to the Federal Court says Mr Slipper allegedly made unwelcome advances toward Mr Ashby and sent him explicit text messages making his sexual intentions clear.

    Mr Slipper took to Twitter early this morning to deny the claims. He is overseas on a parliamentary delegation.

    “The allegations in News Ltd papers are denied!” he tweeted, later adding they were “a surprise to me”.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the Speaker’s role was to uphold the integrity of parliament and Mr Slipper should step aside while the allegations were heard in court.

    “Yes, the Speaker is entitled to the presumption of innocence but he does have quite a lot of explaining to do,” Mr Abbott said today.

    “These are matters that are now to be the subject of proceedings in court, so these are of a vastly more serious and substantial nature than anything that has been alleged against Mr Slipper in the past.”

    The Australian Federal Police said today they were of the new allegations that Mr Slipper misused taxpayer-funded Cabcharges.

    A spokeswoman told AAP police were assessing the information they had about the allegations but it would not be appropriate to comment further.

    Mr Slipper became Speaker on the last day of parliament in 2011 after the Labor speaker, Harry Jenkins, resigned.

    Mr Slipper, an MP from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, resigned from the Liberal-National coalition to take the job.

    His defection effectively gave the minority Labor government two extra votes, a wider buffer than previously.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been contacted for comment on the claims against Mr Slipper.

    Government Leader of the House Anthony Albanese said he had not known about the allegations before reading about them today.

    “It isn’t appropriate to comment on the detail of legal proceedings of which, obviously, I would have no knowledge,” he said.

    “It’s important that we recognise the separation between the judicial arm and the political arm of the state.”

    Mr Albanese said Mr Slipper had done a “very good job” as Speaker since taking the chair.

    “That’s been something that’s been acknowledged across the spectrum including by his former coalition colleagues,” he said.

    Mr Albanese said police should be able to determine without any political interference any action they might take over the allegations relating to travel claims.

    Read more:

  165. Sorry, this is so long. I have heard similar stories from those who attended uni with him.

    My emphasis.

    Investigation by The Sun-Herald into Mr Abbott’s controversial student days reveals that he spawned many more enemies than friends during those heady days.

    “He was a very offensive, a particularly obnoxious sort of guy,” said Barbie Schaffer, a Sydney teacher who was at Sydney University with Mr Abbott.

    “He was very aggressive, particularly towards women and homosexuals”.

    Published university reports show that after a narrow defeat in the university senate elections in 1976 – Mr Abbott’s first year of an economics-law degree – he kicked in a glass panel door.

    In the ensuing two years, he was repeatedly accused in the university paper of being a right-wing thug and bully who used sexist and racist tactics to intimidate his opponents.

    Lawyer David Patch, who is a Labor candidate in the federal seat of Wentworth, recalls an AUS conference in the mid-1970s, which had initiated a special “women’s room” for females to discuss political issues.

    “Tony used to stand outside the women’s room with his right-wing mates and loudly tell sexist and homophobic jokes,” he said.

    Another ex-student, Peter Murphy, who described Mr Abbott as a “warrior on the Right” believes he was the one most responsible for creating the atmosphere of terror that reigned on campus in 1977.

    In August 1977 students on every NSW campus were preparing to vote in a referendum on the future of the AUS. That’s when Ms Wilson’s and Mr Abbott’s paths crossed. Both were addressing a rally of students, held in the Ku-ring-gai campus dining room.

    The incident that prompted Ms Wilson’s accusation occurred while she spoke.

    When it came to court the following January, Mr Abbott was flanked by his parents, a legal team including a QC, and seven witnesses.

    Advocates for Ms Wilson are to this day flabbergasted at the firepower Mr Abbott wheeled in, which left their under-represented side wilting.

    The incident didn’t seem to break Mr Abbott’s stride, although his second tilt at election to the Student Representative Council (SRC) – which was happening at the same heady time – ended in tears

  166. More

    These are only allegations I know.

    They carry as much weight, as those that Mr. Abbott is keen to make against others.

    Barbara Ramjan, now a social worker, who defeated Mr Abbott for the SRC presidency that year, remembers the night of September 7, 1977 when officer elections were held.

    Two letters she wrote then to Honi Soit, a student newspaper, outlined her version of the evening. One letter described how throughout the evening Mr Abbott and his mates, including a dentistry student, harassed and insulted the women standing for election.

    Outside the meeting, one woman “was confronted by J [the dentistry student], who decided to ‘have a bit of fun’ and exposed his genitalia to her as well as urinating against a tree,” Ms Ramjan wrote.

    “He dropped his pants [perhaps for Abbott’s entertainment, he seemed highly amused] and bowed in Abbott’s direction, flashing his bum towards the woman,” the letter said.

    In letters of reply, Mr Abbott compared the accusations to Nazi propaganda and said that the “facts” presented were “bare-faced lies or gross distortions”.

    Another letter by students Michelle Martin, Anne Woods, Garry Bennett and Ross Vines complained the meeting had been “characterised by an unending stream of sexist incidents and attacks by right-wing representatives and their cohorts” as well as a “racist attack against the newly-elected ethnic relations officer Takis Constantopedos”.

    Top of Page

  167. Mr. Slipper being interviewed. ABC24.

    All he is saying, all allegations are denied.

    He seems upset. and tired.

    Sorry, definitely not a interview.

  168. IF there was a secret tape made of Slipper engaged in homosexual activity, I believe that it would be inadmissible evidence. Not even the police can take tapes without first obtaining a warrant which must go before a judge or magistrate and the police must have a reasonable suspicion of illegal activity.

    Secret tapes = Murdoch.

  169. Min, especially one taken through a window. Why would a grown man enter a room that way.

    Next we will have him scarpering up a ladder.

    A staff member was suppose to take it. It was back in 2003.

    I do not remember that mobile phones being used to take videos was that popular then.

    I believe all we are seeing is very dirty politics, that will continue, until Mr. Abbott is stopped in his stride.

    Yes, maybe Labor will lose the next election. I also believe an Abbott government will be disastrous and Labor will return quickly.

    I believe this because in spite of the negativity against this government, they have not done much wrong.

    I see nothing at all positive about Mr. Abbott. I see no depth in the party that is capable of taking over from him. I believe that the Liberal Party would be better placed to takeover, if Mr. Abbott was not in charge,

  170. Pip, Min, CU

    Remember the Tom Watson revelation this week in Dial M for Murdoch. News hired investigators to search out , homosexual and extra marital affairs in order to intimidate the UK politicians.

    I wonder who has set this up? There would be a lot of money out there in order to bring the govt down before the Mining and Carbon taxes. If the harrassment case goes to court then a lot could be revealed.

    If Slipper decides not to sit in the Speakers chair before the case, he may just decide to sit in the cross benches. There is also nothing stopping Slipper from making a statement under priviledge. He after all must have had a lot of information if the Party had tried to humiliate him out of office in 2003.

    And Steve Lewis just happened to write this article while Slipper is out of the country. Was that in itself a crime?

    No chance to take legal action before the headlines appear.

  171. Sue, in thing for sure, Mr. Slipper does not look very happy. Not sure I would if I had the same allegations made against me.

    He does have a wife, who I would imagine would be upset.

    This is being imaged as him tempting a young man. Sorry, thirty three is not young. Thirteen is.

  172. CU

    It is all just too comvenient. Slipper gest new job which helps govt.
    Staffer gets job in December and apparently the “sexual harrassment” starts early January. Staffer continues in job and by April is so “harrassed” goes straight to the Federal Court to lodge complaint.

    What a shame the case won’t come to court until 21 May, someone miscalculated there.

  173. The alleged victim was supposed to be that upset, that he has become ill.

    Yes one would have left months ago.

    I still do not know what he is upset about. A couple of boys boarding school
    comments. Asked to do a neck massage and a touch on the fore arm.

    I forgot, using X to say goodbye on your messages.

    As he was in the LNP, he would have known of Slippers alleged reputation when he joined his staff.

    We only have to recall Hanson, to know how far this mob will go,

    Yes, he might decide it is time to take vengeance. I am sure he would have the knowledge to do so.

  174. Could this be possible, Have the Federal Police become an arm of the Opposition.

    One would thing so. Surely these matters can be raised in parliament. What about the separation of powers.

    Ch 10 playing it to the hilt. One would think the man has killed his partner.

    “These are matters that are now to be the subject of proceedings in court, so these are of a vastly more serious and substantial nature than anything that has been alleged against Mr Slipper in the past.”
    The Australian Federal Police said today they were of the new allegations that Mr Slipper misused taxpayer-funded Cabcharges.
    A spokeswoman told AAP police were assessing the information they had about the allegations but it would not be appropriate to comment further

  175. I noted that Tony Abbott has magnanimously agreed that Slipper is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but has demanded that he step aside. The possible charge, not that Slipper has been charged as yet is one of sexual harassment. Actually one cannot be “charged with” sexual harassment because sexual harassment is not a criminal offence.

  176. 10 news in the background on a rainy afternoon. Making a big deal of this, lots of space for Abbott to demand Slipper steps aside. A brief mention of the liberals being aware of stuff in 2003, however we saw Artie Sinodinos saying he couldn’t remember anything about it so that’s that then. He’s probably forgotten about Mary Jo too, he wasn’t asked.
    Gets them out of talking about the aged care package so it must be good.
    How bloody obvious is all this?

  177. Min, on the evidence we have been allowed to see, I would say one hard to get a conviction on.

    Interesting where the Federal Police will go on the CabCharge,

    There has to be collusion on this one, with the Telegraph, Coalition and the alleged victim.

    The case lodged on Friday night. Leading solicitor involved. Telegraph ready to role all over the country. Referral made to Federal Police. Opposition members ready to front the media.

    Man out if the country,

    Are we to believe we have a LNP member acting on his own in this one.

    Has the man left his job yet.

  178. Cu, Slipper has denied the allegations. One has to wonder why Abbott wants Slipper to step aside from the Speaker’s has to suspect that Slipper is doing too good a job.

  179. BSA, considering the job he was doing and the serious of the matter, which according to many, they had evidence, he cannot remember.

    That I cannot buy.

    What I can buy, even if they had a dozen tapes, no crime has been committed, unless the partner was a minor.

    Now the good wife might see things different, but that is another matter.

    The biggest thing they seem to have on him, is he likes a drink. Watching the performance of some in the Senate, there are many guilty of the same thing.

    This is another beat up, of which I believe people are getting fed up with.

    I believe it is time the Opposition cease using the state and federal police for political gain.

  180. Min, he is doing too good of a job.

    It is still about numbers.

    Mr. Abbott has no interest in the guilt or legality of the matter.

    The damage he is going to out democracy is no concern of his.

  181. Can this occur. Be heard without political interference, since the Opposition is up to it’s neck in orchesting the matter. Who is paying the leading solicitor. Who went to the police. Who leaked the evidence. To whom was the evidence leaked.

    The government says allegations of sexual harassment by Speaker Peter Slipper should be tested in court without political interference.

    Read more:

  182. Interesting that the same court documents apparently contain both the current allegations & the statement that the Liebrals had stuff in 2003. But like the Marx brothers ripping out bits of a contract that doesn’t suit, we find that only PART of the documents are worth investigating. The Perpetual Present.
    Sinodinos was a Howard staffer or advisor around 2003 wasn’t he? Accomplished at not knowing anything.

  183. Sorry, haven’t read many comments this weekend. My bad 😦

    Saw this, and didn’t know if I should laugh or cry

    Canadian news broadcast replaced with gay pornography in programming glitch

    Read more:

    Considering that this morning I was faced with blazing headlines of a ‘Gay Sex Scandal’ in our own ratgs, I thought, what’s the difference?

    Incredible, Labor put forward a great package for the aged, hockey shoots his mouth, and straight away, rehashed Thomson and now ‘gay allegations’.

    The timing is too ridiculous to be taken seriously, isn’t it?

  184. Am I missing something here..

    Mr Ashby also alleges his employer sent him texts signed with an “x” or an “xxx”.

    He said in his legal statement that Mr Slipper asked him to shower with the door open, which he refused to do, but he says Mr Slipper never closed the door for his showers.

    But what was Mr Ashby doing showering in close proximity to Mr Slipper. The allegation is harassment, but somehow Mr Ashby showering….

  185. BSA, for documents prepared by the leading solicitor in the country, in the field, , they seem very amateurism.

    I do not believe they expect this matter to go ahead.

    It is a game of bluff.

    They expect Mr. Slipper to role over and give up the game.

    If he does not, then the PM.

    If that fails, the independents will come on side.

    Wilkie is already on side. I am not so sure others will be.

    It is another stunt.

    Ir will be interesting to see Mr. Slipper’s reaction.

    There is a hint among what has been said, that Mr. Slipper was told by other staff to be wary of Mr. Ashby. It appears that then Mr. Slipper attempted to put distance between him and Mr. Ashby.

    This is Mr. Ashby’s allegation proof that he was only hired for sex. Mr. Ashby claimed that Mr. Slipper turned nasty and threatened not to take him on a trip.

    Maybe like all the allegations raised by this Opposition, they are not as black and white as they would want one to believe.

    The evidence put forwarded in the court papers is very confusing. Much, you can read into it what you want.

    It will depend on how much support Mr. Slipper has in his office, I believe.

    As I said, I will be very surprise if the matter continues to a hearing.

  186. Yes, Min, the alleged offences took place in Mr. Slippers home.

    Not too sure how that fits in with workplace sexual harassment.

  187. Min, they better be right about the allegations. Mr. Slipper has a wife and two children.

    The alleged victim is homosexual.

  188. Cu, therefore what was Mr Ashby doing showering at Mr Slipper’s home. One might be lured to a person’s home, but then one does not turn around and shower and then label it harassment.

  189. Min, somewhere on these sites, is a copy of what was lodged in court. See if you can read harassment into what they have produced.

    My understanding of sexual harassment, is that yon do not back off after being told by the victim that it is not on.

    In the workplace, I also thought that one had to report the behavior to someone higher.

    It was only if the higher person did nothing or the person insisted on carry on with the unwanted behavior that it became harassment.

    They are suing the government as well.

    I did not know it was talking in a sexual manner between adults.

    If you do not like what is being said, one says so. If the conversations continue, that maybe harassment.

    There is no evidence that places what is said in context. It is unclear how the comments began. It is unclear what the victim contributed to the comments.

    As I said earlier, very amateurish.

    I would have been ashamed to put such a affidavit of facts before the court.

  190. Min, he did not actually ask him to leave the shower and toilet door open. he asked him why he shut the door. Mr. Slipper thought it was prudish behavior.

    It appears that according to the alleged victim, many of the staff stayed in the home with Mr. Slipper.

    He did put his hand on the victims arm once. Ask for a neck massage.

    Used XX to sign off his messages. Does that with an older person indicates love. I am not so sure, I used to finish all my letter that same way, unless they were business.

    To me, it was more being friendly.

    One could say some of the questions asked, could be seeking information or taking an interest in how a homosexual felt and behaved. As I said, one can read what one wants into much of what is in the statement.

    There is not one incidence of “come to bed with me” or anything in that vicinity.

    There are funny statements about being near or close to me. You are closer than someone else.


  191. I know the standard of proof is not above reasonable doubt, but even at this level, ambiguous statements do not carry much weight.

  192. CU @2.06pm, that and the fact that it looks as though the Thomson gambit has failed.

    So now they’ve had to find someone else’s life to ruin so they can ruin the country.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the Speaker’s role was to uphold the integrity of parliament……

    This from the person who has made a mockery of parliament since becoming LOTO.

    Mon @6.12pm, precisely. Slipper has ripped the Liars into gear. I just hope he has a few very juicy skeletons up his sleeve.

    CU @6.20pm, Liealot couldn’t care less about the damage he is doing to this country as long as he brings down the government.

    The government is being sued? WTF for?

  193. Just noticed a timeline style sidebar in my local Murdoch rag. The first entry;
    “Peter Slipper elected Speaker but faces immediate controversy about his extraordinary spending on taxpayer-funded travel”
    ONLY after his election did this become a matter of interest.
    ONLY after his election has any consistent scrutiny been applied to him.

    Get that “taxpayer-funded” line in.

  194. Look another aspect of this I find quite confusing, from the above article, and its got all to do with the timing.

    “The next morning, Thursday January 5, and still just two weeks into his new job, Mr Ashby claims his new boss told him: “You’re a strange one. You’re weird because you shower with the door shut.”

    Miglo are you there? don’t you find that STRANGE !!!!!!

    Who the F**K is in Canberra on Jan 4 or Jan 5, no-one unless you are a SummerNats species.

    Summernats- show us your boobs, burnouts and buses to Mitchell and Fyshwick..

    If you want sexual harrassment, just swing by Epic.

  195. And I also shower with the door shut. An open door is taken by my little dog as an invitation to run in to lick my wet feet. My dog is strange.

  196. Yes Miglo but you and your dog would not be working in Canberra on Jan 4 or 5. Can you imagine anyone working in Parliament House at that time? Is the date the big unraveller?

    Good night Miglo, obviously Slipper does not have a dog or he would know about shutting the bathroom door.

  197. And now some information about Ashby

    “r Ashby, who had been working as a DJ, was convicted of using a carriage service in an offensive manner, fined $2000 and given a three-year bond.

    DJ Paul Fidler said yesterday the calls “freaked me out”.

    “He knew stuff about me; my real name, where I lived, that I was riding a bike to work,” Mr Fidler said.

    When Mr Morrison told the caller he was being taped, court documents reveal Mr Ashby said: “Yeah, go for it you f … . . g psychopath. Next time I see you riding on your f … . . g bike I’ll hit you, you idiot, all over the sloppy road, you dumb p … k. F. . k it, if I was your mother, I would have drowned you at birth.”

    Last year as PR manager of a Queensland strawberry farm, Mr Ashby spoke to media about a police investigation into poison found in a farm water-tank.”

  198. Now I wonder if scoop Steve Lewis was aware of the above, same paper, afterall, but then again it is Lewis of Grech fame.

  199. Ashby sounds like a school girl that hassles footy players managers….mm!!! Wonder if his next employer will be a Clive or a Gina……sounds like someones putting the slipper in ( not quite sure but that may be a pun) ?-) …. ah, the perks and perve’s of politics…. 😦

  200. What have we now just after midnight and it took two ltd news jounos to put this together.

    Peter Slipper to face parliamentary vote after sexual harassment allegations from staffer
    by: Samantha Maiden and Steve Lewis
    From: The Sunday Mail (Qld) April 22, 2012 12:00AM

    Fairfax tells a different story although it was published earlier.

    Slipper keeps job during sexual harassment inquiry Stephanie Peatling, Natalie O’Brien, Amy Remeikis
    April 22, 2012.

  201. Sue dare anyone suggest that Ashby might be a slice short of a sandwich?

    I’ve been wondering if he is one of the wunderkinds who are parachuted into advisers jobs with a view to higher political ambitions, but after reading your link that doesn’t seem to fit.

    I’d like to think that Peter Slipper has at least one honest acquaintance in the msm, but that’s unlikely.

  202. News Ltd,

    Yesterday the allegations and assumed guilt

    Last night the “victim”, could be a bit of doubt there

    Today the fragility of the wife


    Still News Ltd is backed with plenty of cash, what’s another court case to them.

  203. It seems to me from that little lot that slipper just has to prove he was nowhere near Canberra in January, to cast doubt on Ashby.

    I really don’t understsnd why he took the job with Slipper if what he claims was going on did actually occur.

    I’d say Mrs Slipper is a lot tougher than she looks. She’d have to be to marry a pollie.

    It still smacks of NOpposition desperation and opportunism to me and hopefully will be another Grech affair.

    Pity the government can’t question why the Liars Party did nothing when similar allegations were made in 2003?

    I guess they could couch it in terms of similar allegations were made against Mr Slipper in 2003, but as the then government did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about it, the allegations must have been untrue.

    Because surely Honest John and the rest of the current shadow front bench would have taken action if it were true, wouldn’t they?

  204. Cu, in the comments of your link to Crikey, about the article below the picture.

    [Interpreting the Herald Sun]

    It’s worth taking the points in order ….

    This newspaper has repeatedly called on judges to release the names of some of the state’s worst abusers and where they live.

    Who decides the scale of ‘bad-to-worse’? You guessed it: the same organisation that hacked Millie Dowler’s voicemail.

    Now, the right to know of families who may be living next door to sex offenders is to be upheld.

    Apart from the shocking illiteracy, there is the obvious question: do we scour the records for any and every sex offence, and routinely inform the neighbours of this person? Even if they have served their sentence and have not re-offended?

    Judges will still have the right to decide whether a gag order is granted..

    ..and presumably the HS will abide sedulously by that?

    This is not to condone vigilantes..

    Oh yes it is. That’s how you hope to sell more papers.

    They deserve no greater protection than other members of the community.

    Of course not: they deserve the same protection as anyone else…or should we leave justice to the likes of News Ltd?

  205. Also in the Crikey comments a classic example of the malice and mischief that is Bolt’s trademark.

    This the same news organisation that run this headline.

    ANTI-whaling activist Paul Watson has admitted spiking trees in Canada—with Peter Garrett standing beside him.

    Two completely separate statements from two different paragraphs which had nothing to do with one another.

    Which didn’t stop Andrew Bolt from re-running the headline on his blog.

    ANTI-whaling activist Paul Watson has admitted spiking trees in Canada—with Peter Garrett standing beside him… The spikes blunted chainsaws and machinery, costing loggers so much time and money they canned the projects.

    Can Garrett tell us whether he tried to stop Watson from doing something that was not just illegal, but potentially lethal?

  206. On the naming and shaming of sex offenders – the vast majority of offences are committed by a family member, therefore to name and shame also reveals the identity of the victim. Hasn’t Hinch yet to work that one out..or just maybe he’s in it for self-glorification.

  207. Meta, do you know after watching that I feel so much closer to Lang and Gina….. I feel changed somehow …. Iv got this huge urge to go put some speedo’s on ……………na, only pull(ing)/pushing y(our) chain….. plus did you notice the Grech on both Australian newspaper sketches….subliminal oops.

  208. I feel changed somehow …. Iv got this huge urge to go put some speedo’s on

    Great. Just what we need around here – a Tony wannabe. :mrgreen:

  209. Hi Meta, your last comment got caught up in the spam folder. This can happen sometimes when there are a number of links in the comments. 😳

    Our humble apologies.

  210. Meta, I went through every link you put up….. thanks for that…. I feel better (re)informed…..funny how people will sell(out) anything to make a buck……. souls, grandmama’s, science, the planet and its people….. back in the wild, wild west they called them Medicine Shows…. today we have mockton, plimer and now delingpole, tonics all!!!!

  211. Now in the US it is being questioned, how considering the size of News corp the scandal is only limited to the UK. Plus we can add to that in Australia, at least, Camillagate the exposing of Charles/Camilla phone conversations by Murdoch’s New Idea, in order to run the story in the UK

    “Colin Myler’s editorship of the New York Daily News, one of the most prominent newspapers in America, has come under renewed scrutiny following allegations that he attempted to intimidate members of the UK parliament investigating phone hacking at the News of the World at the time he led the now-defunct tabloid.

    In his position as editor of the News of the World, Myler is alleged to have instructed a team of six reporters to dig for dirt on every member of the Commons culture select committee that at the time was investigating phone hacking at the British tabloid. Reporters were asked to find out if any of the members had had illicit affairs or were gay.

    Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Pew Research Center’s project for excellence in journalism, said it was not clear how the new allegations surrounding Myler would affect his New York position. Rosenstiel said he was struck by how the phone-hacking scandal had “remained a British scandal despite the size of News Corp operations over here.”

  212. The ABC doesn’t want a positive story on Carbon.

    Look at this article , it is so short, why bother with a correspondent in China.

    Combet foreshadows Asia-Pacific carbon trading pact
    By China correspondent Stephen McDonell

    Also although I havn’t read it apparently the AFR is running a story which is the exact opposite of this positive development, claiming China is delaying/dumping the Carbon scheme in the provinces. I suppose that is what happens when an Ex- News ltd editor takes over the running of AFR.

  213. Sue, we cannot possibly have the carbon tax receiving positive headlines especially when it doesn’t fit in with the theme that somehow Australia is going it alone on the carbon tax.

  214. In contrast, the ABC’s Alberici conducted a misinformed interview that alternated between legal perplexity and ignorant hostility. In answer to Roxon’s defence of the presumption of innocence, for instance, she interrupted the Attorney-General to argue that “virtually every commentator in the land is echoing the thoughts of the Opposition on this one.”

    Showing that she simply doesn’t understand what the presumption of innocence means, Alberici added that “Tony Abbott is certainly not alone in suggesting this is more than just your run-of-the-mill accusation against a member of the Parliament.” Later in the interview, she asked Roxon whether it was “appropriate” for the complainant, James Ashby, to remain employed in the Speaker’s Office — thereby effectively questioning the credibility of the complainant. Imagine a reporter asking whether it was appropriate for a female complainant to remain employed in the firm in which she had just lodged sexual harassment complaints, and you can begin to understand how little Alberici understood about the matter at hand.

  215. Sue, the Australian Financial Review changed it’s tune considerably after ex ltd news hack Michael Stutchbury joined them.

  216. From Pure Poison..

    The funniest thing about The Australian publishing the first-hand musings of a young journalism student’s experience at University isn’t the fact that the headline “University students have an almost universal disdain for the mainstream media” decimates their theory of LEFTIST INDOCTRINATION AT UNIVERSITIES because it turns out to describe students’ attitudes before their lecturers open their mouths – it’s this line, here:

    When Murdoch papers are mentioned in class its always with an undertone of sarcasm. I don’t understand why. After all, my mum works for The Australian and she likes her job.

    That’s both the sweetest (if mum likes her job they must be nice) and most depressing (he’s actually a future journalist and he didn’t see any problem with that sentence) sentence I think I’ve ever seen published in that publication. (And that’s including The Australian‘s call to “destroy” a political party on which they purport to report.)

    Seriously, if young Max really doesn’t understand “why” people might be skeptical of the Murdoch press – somebody please point him to Pure Poison. If he starts at the top and keeps reading, I suspect he’ll have his answer rather quickly.

  217. Just watched Chris Uhlmann’s disgraceful interview with Albo on the Peter Slipper bullshit story.

    I was wondering what would happen if someone came forward with an allegation that Uhlmann liked to play flick the wet towel at bare bums in the showers back in his days at the Catholic seminary.

    Would he resign his position at the ABC?

    How would he feel about a photo of himself with wife Gai Brockman splashed across the front page of the Australian newspaper with reference to homosexual behaviour?

    Would the ABC pay for his legal expenses to defend him?

    ’bout time someone threw a few stones back at guys like Uhlmann

  218. lunalava @11.47am, well all that’s needed are a few allegations. Proof positive of malfeasance and other dirty deeds accordiing to everybody except the law.

    Maybe we should give it a try. 😕

  219. lunalava, Emma Alberici made a comment last week which took my breath away.
    She said, “The commentariat are all echoing the Opposition”

    We’ve noticed !

  220. Once we used to protect the processes of the law to the point that it was better for a hundred men go free, than one innocence man be found guilty.

    Sub-judice is no longer carries any weight.

    Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!

    Sir Walter Scott

    Will we ever be able to make sense of the tangles that we are enmeshed in.

    I believe that our political and legal system are not here to cater tho the needs of Mr. Abbott.

    Mr. Abbott needs to wait. Patience can be a virtue. it may even prevent one from making mistakes.

    I do not believe it should come down to the law of the jungle.

    We have spent centuries civilizing ourselves. In this century, we seem in a rush to dump all we have achieved, returning to the law of the jungle, or worse..

    Why, because some do not respect the rights of others, and cannot wait.

    Freedom and democracy are fragile institutions. We should always fight to protect them. Alternative systems are just to dangerous.

  221. With thanks to Jo on Migs’ Australians for an Honest Media FB group..directive from the Australian Press Council on misrepresentations pertaining to asylum seekers.

    Most entrants by boat without a visa do not seek to evade the authorities upon arrival. Instead, they seek to establish a legal right to stay as a refugee. Their position is very different from those people, including many who arrive with a short-term visa, who seek to remain permanently in the country on a clandestine basis (that is, “over-stayers”).

    In these circumstances, great care must be taken to avoid describing people who arrived by boat without a visa in terms that are likely to be inaccurate or unfair in relation to at least some of them. This can arise, for example, if the terms can reasonably be interpreted as implying criminality or other serious misbehaviour on the part of all or many people who arrive in this manner.

    Depending on the specific context, therefore, terms such as “illegal immigrants” or “illegals” may constitute a breach of the Council’s Standards of Practice on these grounds. The risk of breach can usually be avoided by using a term such as “asylum seekers” although in some cases, of course, the context may require reference to their unlawful or unauthorised entry or their status as unlawful non-citizens pending determination of their claims (if they do not have bridging visas).

  222. On the subject of misleading headlines, we have..

    Children reoffend as system goes soft

    However the conclusion is:

    The Attorney-General, Greg Smith, said the government was determined to address the underlying causes of juvenile crime, such as substance abuse, through rehabilitation. The shadow attorney-general, Paul Lynch, said overseas experience supported diversionary strategies.

  223. my submission for most misleading headline of the day

    New details emerge of dubious cabcharge connection

    this is linked to from the front page with this

    The devil is in the docket detail, Mr Slipper

    Unfortunately for the msm, the story is nothing but a rehash of events from 2003 that relate only to the driver

    Anyway to keep slipper and the cabmud flinging at him

    The pertinent piece is halfway down the article, and, pretty much renders the article, and the entire campaign. irrelevant.

    Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese also dismissed the odd circumstances: “The charge isn’t whether Peter Slipper is unusual. The charge here is that Peter Slipper engaged in fraudulent conduct and handed over blank Cabcharges. What has shown in the documentation … is that allegation is not correct.”

    Now, in non-Bizarro world, that last bit WOULD be a headline.

  224. Min @ 12.53pm, 28th, “asylum seekers’ are two words that won’t ever escape from Abbott’s mouth.

    He prefers slogans that may well have been dreamt up by his supporters at the IPA.

    “I would, of course, politely explain to the Indonesian government that we take as dim a view of Indonesian boats disgorging illegal arrivals in Australia as they take of Australians importing drugs into Bali,” Mr Abbott said in a speech to the conservative Institute of Public Affairs thinktank in Melbourne.

  225. Media Release

    Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
    Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate
    Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity


    Government releases Convergence Review final report

    The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, has today released the final report of the independent Convergence Review Committee.

    “The Convergence Review’s final report sets out the Committee’s recommendations for the future of the media and communications industry,” Senator Conroy said.

    “In preparing their recommendations the Convergence Review engaged in a comprehensive nationwide consultation program with stakeholders and the Australian public, including three separate written submission processes.”

    “The Gillard Government decided to undertake the Convergence Review in recognition that our media and communications regulatory framework needs refreshing at a time of significant change,” Senator Conroy said.

    The Convergence Review Final Report can be found at:

  226. Tom R

    just in has a story on NDIS
    But for the ABC more important are

    “she just doesn’t get it”
    “clash of the titans”

    gosh i guess the govt just cannot get its message across!!!!!!

  227. It’s ok Tom R the ABC now has a story and photo, equal now to the other 2 stories. now that balance

  228. Sue, “echoing the Opposition” is the rule at the ABC.

    Who would know that there were rallies in the capital cities this morning for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    As I write, Hockey on ABC24, is saying that the PM wouldn’t say how she would find the $8 billion.

    That’s wrong because in her speech which has so far rated one appearance on the ABC, she said it is in the Budget which means that Hoickey is still blowing rubbish statements out of his ear!

  229. Pip
    hockey along the lines of

    dying govt,
    poor banks
    need real surplus to fund ndis, not fudge surplus

    Now that is strong commentary. Or geeeezzzzz how are we gunna match labor

  230. Hockey still on
    “Labor is addicted to spending”.
    “NDIS funding will come out of our taxes”

    He’s done a Tony and cut short his press conference.

    Hockey made no mention of the fact that the NDIS will help hundreds of thousands of Australians.

    Funding will be set aside in the budget to launch The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Prime Minister Julia Gillard says.

    “Australia is ready for a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS),” Ms Gillard told a Sydney NDIS rally.

    “Today I can announce that in the May budget my government, your Labor government, will fund our share for the national disability insurance scheme.

    The Prime Minisiter said that she has deliberately called it a launch and not a trial, but no matter SBS called it a trial!

    Abbott urges caution on NDIS trials
    13 Apr 2012, 3:25 pm

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says a National Disability Insurance Scheme has bipartisan support but he’s concerned Labor might rush and bungle it.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has urged the federal government not to rush trials before going ahead with a national disability insurance scheme (NDIS).

    But he stands by his offer of bipartisan support for the policy.

    The government has flagged trials of the scheme from mid-2013, instead of mid-2014 as recommended by the Productivity Commission.

    Having the trials in place would be popular for Labor ahead of an election due in late 2013.

  231. PM speaking with journalists after NDIS rally. The contempt the press has for NDIS could be no better emphasised by the fact the ABC chose not to show the person signing the question and answers for the cameras.

    And the reason I knew there was a signer, well every now and again a hand flashed down the side of the screen.

    So readers of sign language will be left ignorant of the fact the journalists were more interested in Slipper/Thompson/PM than in NDIS launch and rally.

  232. Sue, don’t forget “borrowing $100 million a day”.

    I’d have to do a search but if my memory serves, Wayne Swan said when he was dealing with the GFC, that the debt would rise for a certain time then fall, and this is what has happened.

    I’ll have a look for that later, but for the moment I’ve had just about enough of the hot air swirling around the Coalition …. it has a nasty stench
    it’s toxic really. 😯

    For a government that has had to deal with a huge drop in revenue they’ve managed to do many good things for all Australians with not a skerrick of recognition from Abbott whose only care is for the “vested interests” such as Titanic man.

  233. Pip

    Shows up how Costello was such a mean spirited person. Wallowing in money but bugger all for the electorate. And still whingers about HIS future fund, i much prefer people with disability and their family/carers have a future to look forward too.

    Go Julia

  234. Hear, hear! Go Julia!

    So readers of sign language will be left ignorant of the fact the journalists were more interested in Slipper/Thompson/PM than in NDIS launch and rally.

    That is disgraceful.

    The ignorant minions haven’t considered that they or a member of their family
    might benefit from the NDIS in the future. should they be struck down by a disability, and the benefit won’t be there if they put Abbott in because he’ll only go ahead ‘sometime’.
    Yes, he’s keen to ride a wave of poularity now for backing it but he
    tells lies. Often.

  235. Stupid, stupid, stupid Lyndal Curtis

    “The govt has plenty to talk about THEY just have to find the room.”

    NO you , you*********** its the media that has to find the “room” to report.

    Exasperation ++++++++++

  236. No NDIS coverage in the AGE, SMH,News

    So according to the Lyndal Curtis logicI suppose the govt hasn’t got any room for it

  237. Pip, he was also asked to explain.

    The same thing happens on these sites when we ask, please explain.

    People just disappear.

  238. Today, we have Conroy’s announcement. Mr Burke, protection of the koalas.

    The PM and NDIS which begins next year, not some distance date in the far off future.

    I nearly forgot, the FM on his way to the Pacific, Fiji, I believe.

    A busy day for any non functioning and incapable government.

  239. From Pollbludger

    Australia has struck it rich, and lucky, as it has used its natural resources to benefit from the China
    spending boom. But the careful stewardship of its treasurer, Wayne Swan, has played a key role in making it
    the bestperforming
    economy among the world’s richer, developed nations. Not that he is likely to get much
    credit at home
    , as Eric Ellis reports.

  240. Checking the headliners on Google news, there are five stories on the man with the tin foil hat, Clive Palmer, and one mention of the NDIS by Channel
    NIne, on a little side bar.

    The Oz has this:-
    Defiant Gillard determined to lead Labor to next election

    as well as a number of ant-iLabor opinion pieces… I know… very unusual

    The Heralds Sunhas this, in fact it across al news.con sites :-
    You said it: Hey, Julia, call an early electionby:
    By Staff Writers

    YOU’VE had enough.
    Blunder prone Gillard battles to keep authority

    JULIA Gillard is battling to maintain her authority as Prime Minister after the Thomson and Slipper controversies…End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar.
    ..How do we know that? You told us.

    We asked you the question: Do you support an early election? And your message was clear: You want Julia Gillard to lead us back to the polls.

    In an overwhelming result across the entire News Limited Network, 92 per cent of Australian readers say they want an early election.

    Isn’t it strange. Old Rupe says he doesn’t tell his editors which way the wind must blow. No really, he doesn’t.

  241. (No, it’s not really all that strange; perhaps better to keep select Ocker peoples preoccupied with refreshing things than have them begin to meditate on transnational media conglomerate operations, or on slimy revelations like those oozing from out the Leveson Inquiry, or even on still-unexplained leaky Australia Network tender processes and how NewsCrop outlets were able to keep reporting which way the wind was blowing before it even blew.)

  242. Lyndal Curtis Capital hill what a disgrace and a hypocrite. Bloody talk about the govt making room for policy, she Lyndal allowed 3 minutes for NDIS, 5 minutes on Slipper/thompson and 4 minutes on Clive. Freaking, look over here, CP got more time than Disability.

    and with the 3 minutes for NDIS Lyndal gave the liberal more time than labor to speak on the issue.

  243. I do so love it when the Oz trash media get stuck into each other. A Current Affair in the background with some beatup on Dancing With The Stars, which I gather is on another channel. Don’t know or care what it is, but I hope the fight lasts a while with lots of eye gouging & hair pulling.

    I assure my public here that I don’t make a habit of having ACA on, the TV’s in another room & I was too engrossed with this thing to turn it off.

  244. Sue at 7.04
    Your post goes to their arrogance doesn’t it? There’s to be no questioning of their themes at all, even in the face of self contradictions like that.

  245. Sorry Bob, I couldn’t help myself. 😉

    But I must admit that you come across as someone who wouldn’t give them shows the time of day.

  246. Sue at 7.32
    ABC here finally reporting on it, mostly from the angle of “but can they be trusted?”, showing fairly ambiguous placards as some sort of evidence. Lots of time for Abbott to take credit too. But the Tenby report led the show, with a statement that Thomson wasn’t mentioned followed by lots of photos of Thomson.

  247. BSA Bob

    What with stupid Heather Ewitt, the obnoxious Uhlmann, then the HSU problem all Gillards fault story, i was ready to throw something at the tele. for goodness sake are the Labor party rumblings that Ewitt has heard actually coming from Brodtman who is repeating what Uhlman is told by his mate Abbott.

  248. Sue and Bob, Lateline was the same, with a photo of Craig Thomson filling half the screen.

    Give me strength; lstening to Nightlife on ABC, a caller says he bases his opinions on what Mark Latham says!

    Another saying what a weak government it is, with no talent.

    I suppose that accounts for the improvements to the Health, Education, Transport, Telecommunications etc.,

    No government can withstand the methods of particularly the Murdoch
    empire, and it’s subsidiary, the ABC.

    A simple but effective method of promoting gossip which they call “opinion”, and “calling the government to account”.

    The term is sometimes used to specifically refer to the spreading of dirt and misinformation, as (for example) through excited discussion of scandals.

  249. Good on Tony Windsor on RN, poor Fran didn’t get the message she wanted

    TW: “I am proud of what this minority govt has achieved and I am proud of my roll in it”

    Now lets see if that message goes around the wires today, especially with the braying going on.

  250. Fran would have done better with an interview if she had read the transcript from Lateline or even one of her favorite sources for topics NewsLtd. At least then she would have known his response to calls from Abbott for “i want an election”

    Stupid waste of interviewing a very good independent. Although I must admit that Tony Windsor being a good independent got across some of the things that matter to his country electorate. NBN, aged care, alternative energy. the murrray/darling water being decided with country people not left up to city folk.

    Dopey Fran tried to talk over the top saying but what about the newspoll, big deal was TW response “polls are about the next parliament I am more interested in this parliament”

    He also repeated that Tony Abbott was prepared to sign a document with a fixed term election date if the Indies had given him the nod 18 months ago.
    The rest is history, he didn’t get the nod and hasn’t stopped spitting the dummy ever since. Nor has the msm who only survive on the drama of the whinger.

  251. Sue, “poor Fran” is having more luck with her sidekick who is right now saying there won’t be much in the Budget for the people, and Budgets don’t budge the polls like they used to.

    Coke Bottles would know all about that; she mentioned that Labor could talk about their policies but I’m wondering why she would bother to suggest that, when she flat out refuses to write a word about them.

    Tony Windsor squeezed the most out of his time on air and his main point, that they’re all talking about the next election was gold.

    He repeated what he said last night, that people in the street must think there’ve been numerous no confidence motions with Abbott’s talk, and again challenged him to actually call for one, then announced that he won’t because he has no guarantee that it would pass. 😆

  252. From Twitter,

    Ashghebranious gives the numbers on the election of Peter Slipper to the speakership.

    AshGhebranious ‏ @AshGhebranious
    Slipper facts: Elected to speaker 71-78. ALL indies. In debate leading to vote, not once did coalition say he was not fit & proper #auspol

    71 – 78.

    Not. One. Coalition. MP. Voted. No…….

  253. From the Australian Conservative, reporting on an article by Mark Latham

    Mark Latham offers to unleash a reign of privatisation terror at the ABC

    From Mark Latham’s column in the current issue The Spectator Australia:

    The front cover of this week’s The Spectator Australia.The best way of injecting new blood into the ABC is privatisation. … Unlike the commercial world, the ABC operates as a club, allowing old favourites to linger well past their use-by date.

    and the same to you Mark!

  254. Convergence Review: the call for regulation will be unpopular with established media

    I’m looking forward to the next few days.

    The Convergence Review’s key recommendation to introduce a new body to “regulate” the activities of our major 15 media operators – including newspapers – is significant.

    I expect the major media ownership groups, particularly those primarily invested in newspapers, will vehemently oppose this move given newspapers have been the one part of the media landscape that has, to date, operated with only the self-regulatory “toothless tiger” of the Australian Press Council to monitor their quality.

  255. Prominent Liberal says Gillard should be kicked to death, David Donovan, Independent Australia

    For News to not report someone in a prominent position in Australian politics urging, on one of their very own media outlets, for Australians to kill our nation’s democratically elected leader is an outright outrage — pure and simple. And for none of the Australian news media to pick up on this, even when the social media networks were in a frenzy? Well, we must conclude that these are very dark days indeed for journalism in this country.


    I recommend everyone read this site…it seems Sky’s David Speers has become an apologist for Grahame Morris:

    So we get Abbott talking about “targets” on the PM’s forehead…and Allan Jones saying she should be put in a “chaff bag” and thrown out to sea.

    Now Morris reckons she should be “kicked to death”.

    We all recall the Tea Party/Salem witchhunt-like banners used by the anti-carbon price protestors that Abbott and other Coalition members stood in front of.

    Are these the kind of people we want running this country?…influencing leaders?

    Misogyny is alive and KICKING it seems at the highest levels of this country.


  256. Nas’ we shouldn’t be surprised that this story didn’t get a run in the papers.

    Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, and Abbott was the subject.

  257. Sue,
    Well spotted.

    ABC 24 have brought the issue up. Good stuff.

    This is a pattern of behaviour that needs to be exposed more.


  258. Pip wrote: Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot, and Abbott was the subject.

    Indeed Pip…indeed.


  259. Pip and Sue,

    If it was just Morris perhaps it could be seen as a quip…but it’s possible this is part of an orchestrated campaign.

    Morris is far too experienced on TV to make a mistake. Or just lose it.

    I’d like to know how Speers responded to the grotesque comment at the moment it was said by Morris.


  260. Nasking from the tweets I read on the matter. Speers only responded after tweets he received damning Morris and Speers lack of action. Speers apparently spoke to Morris who then said it was inappropriate. So we only have Speers word or tweet that that is what happened.

    I do not have paytv so don’t know what was said on air. My summation is from the internet.

  261. I can’t quite believe this got past the editor.

    The Australian Vaccination Network which is an anti vaccination group

    is increasingly struggling for air in the Australian media

    We need a change in climate in the Australian media

    The media has been exemplary on this topic, refusing to indulge a group that is full of rhetoric but light on evidence. Most famously, Tracey Spicer demolished the AVN’s president, Meryl Dorey, on 2UE. The well-researched Spicer gave Dorey short shrift, eventually hanging up on her.

    But the media treatment of this topic raises a serious question about another group: why do climate change deniers continue to hold such sway in the public realm, and why are they treated differently to groups like the AVN?

  262. the call for regulation will be unpopular with established media

    Hmm, one wonders if there might be a bit of a backlash towards the Government who implemented the enquiry, you know, perhpas some unsavoury headlines, or some mildly violent language directed at their leader?

    The polls today are atrocious

    Another murdoch victory

  263. Nas’, quite so. Morris is a purposeful fellow, and he would have been using the same tactic as Alan Jones with the chaff bag comment and no doubt thought he’d get away with it on Sky.

    He’s a Liberal !

  264. Sue wrote: only responded after tweets he received damning Morris and Speers lack of action.

    Sue it would be interesting to watch the interview.

    Speers has become far too Fox News like for my liking.

    I dropped into SKY for a few seconds a couple of times…the news promo has Richo and others going after Gillard and the ALP…it’s so HYPED and desperate…

    the sports fella introduced his section with a big smile on his mug saying: “Plenty to kick around this morning…”

    A coincidence?

    Bad stuff.


  265. Tom R wrote: Hmm, one wonders if there might be a bit of a backlash towards the Government who implemented the enquiry, you know, perhpas some unsavoury headlines, or some mildly violent language directed at their leader?

    I reckon the threat of a media watchdog with teeth has provided even more incentive for the corporate media to act like slavering beasts…


  266. Re why are they treated differently to groups like the AVN? Because for example, if a person could prove that they were influenced to not have their child vaccinated due to the AVN advertisments, and the child as a consequence became ill, then that media outlet could be sued.

  267. Pip wrote: Morris is a purposeful fellow, and he would have been using the same tactic as Alan Jones with the chaff bag comment and no doubt thought he’d get away with it on Sky.

    what does that tell us about SKY NEWS?

    I noticed its also catering to shock jocks too.

    It’s becoming a Fox News cum shock jock mutant…with some tabloid behaviour.

    Obviously the other owners of Foxtel don’t care.

    But going by the investigations in the UK it could come back to BITE them.

    And to think the government permits David Speer to host debates…and News Ltd in general.



  268. Nas wrote
    I reckon the threat of a media watchdog with teeth has provided even more incentive for the corporate media to act like slavering beasts…

    They don’t know any other way !

  269. Pip,
    sometimes it feels like we’re in Lord of the Rings…a small fellowship working against the odds.


    The Murdochracy = Mordor


  270. From the ever-reliable Lyn @ TPS:

    David Donovan new information:-

    This newsletter has just been sent out to 100 of journos. The media silence is deafening.

    Independent Australia
    ‘The journal of democracy and independent thought’
    Apart from a small story in Fairfax, which downplayed the comment as a “quip”, this brutal call to violence on  Australia’s female Prime Minister has not been reported in the Australian press — apart from in Independent Australia.

  271. Nas’ thanks for the link. Newsletter sent to 100 journalists = deathly silence.

    Yet they all have the gall to insist when challenged that they play fair.

    I’ll bet that if we made the same remark about Abbott we’d have the Feds on our doorstep before dark.

  272. Nas’, the swift transition happened with the arrival of Howard’s mate, Maurice Newman, the ABC Chairman until recently.

    Pride and regrets as ABC Chairman Maurice Newman heads for the exit
    December 12, 2011

    “Certainly there’s been a lot of effort applied to editorial policies, to being faithful to the charter. In some areas we’ve definitely improved; it’s a work in progress. Balance is very much in the eye of the beholder. The question of balance is providing all points of view. The ABC is not entitled to take a point of view. What we are is a conduit for views.”

    Mr Newman said the board was aware the ABC Charter no longer covered everything the ABC did in the modern age and might need a “refresh” in future.

    “To the extent it doesn’t cover off everything, there will be a time when it needs to be addressed,” he said.

    “My concern has been for some time, with the media in general, very often stories are missed, and it’s not clear to me even now why that is”.


    “I like to think the work practices and the efficiency of the ABC have improved quite significantly in the past five years, and taxpayers are getting more value for their dollar,” Mr Newman told The Australian ahead of his retirement from the ABC board at the end of the month


  273. Pip,
    geez, Howard sure picked an unbiased fella:

    Newman helped establish the Centre for Independent Studies, a conservative Australian political think-tank. He was a member of the first CIS Board which consisted of Neville Kennard, Maurice Newman and Ross Graham-Taylor.

    Newman was associated with, and spoke at a CIS event in December 2007 given in honour of conservative economist Milton Friedman.

    Wind farms
    In an article published in The Spectator, Newman expresses views in opposition to wind energy. He wrote “I am not a conspiracy theorist, but we have witnessed the birth of an extraordinary, universal and self-reinforcing movement among the political and executive arms of government, their academic consultants, the mainstream media and vested private sector interests (such as investment banks and the renewables industry), held together by the promise of unlimited government money. It may not be a conspiracy, but long-term, government-underwritten annuities have certainly created one gigantic and powerful oligopoly which must coerce taxpayers and penalise energy consumers to survive.” His article concluded “But don’t expect help from academia, mainstream media or the public service. They are members of the same establishment and worship together at the altar of global warming. By ruthlessly perpetuating the illusion that wind farms can somehow save the planet, they keep the money flowing. All the while the poor become poorer, ever more dependent on welfare and colder in winter.” (“Against the wind”, 21st January 2012,

    See Wikipedia:


  274. Nas, thanks for the link; it certainly gives the lie to the Rodent’s late conversion to action on climate change in 2007 when he was facing defeat.

    There is a grandiose paranoia among the far Right on the subject of anything they regard as remotely left wing, and anything that gets in the way of big business..
    In any case climate change is not a political theory.

  275. Craig Thomson was on ABC24 a few minutes ago, but I can’t remember exactly what he said, besides the speech was cut off before he had finished speaking.
    It should be replayed in the next half hour…. should be….

  276. the main political story on the news tonight on 7 was another alleged leadership spill, this time apparently led by Joel Fitzgibbon. Of course, asking him for his opinion of these ‘rumours’ was beyond them

  277. Now that it has been splashed across national television, clarifications begin. Tomorrow is a new day, with new rumours, let’s all just move on hey?

  278. Thanks Eddie. The sweetest words. 🙂

    “If at all relevant times, Rupert Murdoch did not take steps to become fully informed about phone-hacking, he turned a blind eye and exhibited wilful blindess to what was going on in his companies and publications.

    “This culture, we consider, permeated from the top throughout the organisation and speaks volumes about the lack of effective corporate governance at News Corporation and News International.

    We conclude therefore that Rupert Murdoch is not a fit person to exercise the stewardship of a major international company”.

    That description of Mr Murdoch by the British parliament as “not a fit person” is likely to have significant consequences.

  279. Pip at 10.54
    That looks interesting, very interesting. He might yet return to the land of his birth, but fortunately Australia has extradition arrangements with Britain & the U.S.

  280. Bob, maybe he thinks the Australian Government will consider him a trusted person. I guess that would depend on who is in government upon his return.

    An Abbott Government would welcome him with open arms.

  281. Bob, it must be a massive blow to his ego.
    Wouldn’t that be top entertainment, after watching his foot soldiers
    destroying a democratically elected government.

    Today Craig Thomson made a statement to camera on ABC 24 and I can’t see it anywhere in the online news; clearly he didn’t say anything useful to the msm.
    Cu, gave a good account of it on Pedlars page I think.

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