Dear Sydney Morning Herald

This was an unpublished letter to the Sydney Morning Herald, sent by a friend, and reproduced here with the kind permission of the group Tony Abbott will never be Prime Minister.

Dear Sydney Morning Herald,

It is with great sadness that I wish to terminate our very long relationship. I have been clinging on for a long time, as the prospect of job losses at Fairfax Media is a terrible one.

However, this week has finished us off.

– On Wednesday your editor told us that “The Herald will readily support a Prime Minister who offers practical, affordable and credible policies for what Australia can be.”

How extraordinary . . . to say so blatantly what we all know: that the MSM these days feels that it is its job to tell us what to think. Yet again, you seem to fail to hear the message: that many are calling for the delivery of substantive news, and a little more of both sides of the debate on a myriad of issues.

– On Thursday you posted a huge piece on page 3 which discussed Julia Gillard’s new glasses. Need a lobotomy to think that is ok.

– Today, you have devoted an extraordinary amount of space to the Craig Thomson arrest. No problem with covering this subject, but, there is a huge problem with the fact that you have all but ignored the Ashby matter . . . and yet cover the Thomson issue with such a huge allocation of space and resources.

The Thomson case is now a matter for the courts.

On the other hand, there has been a judgement on Ashby and a very damning one for the Liberal Party. There is every reason that the LNP should be asked about the findings of Justice Rares. You have almost totally ignored this topic, and many, like me, now just give up on you.

Yours Sincerely,

Disgruntled reader.

PS: I am sincerely sorry for the staff who will lose their jobs from mine, and others, abandonment of your newspaper.

Oh, how convenient

On this morning – top story:

PM’s poll gamble rocked by scandal

Julia Gillard’s election campaign experiment has run off the rails on day one with the dramatic arrest of the former Labor MP Craig Thomson yesterday

Oh, how convenient. It rocks the PM.

I followed the link to the article here. Up pops a video promoting the Liberal Party’s Our Plan: Real Solutions for all Australians paper that was released a week ago.

Oh, how convenient.

I get to the article:

Julia Gillard’s high-stakes election strategy has been rocked by ex-Labor MP Craig Thomson’s arrest on 149 fraud charges, including allegedly using union funds to pay for prostitutes.

Oh, how convenient. The PM’s election call was a failure.

And in the article we read:

. . . Tony Abbott claimed the Thomson scandal reflected badly on Ms Gillard’s political judgement. “It’s always been about the judgement of the Prime Minister,” Mr Abbott said, during a major speech to the National Press Club.

Next to the article was a section called Related Coverage and linked to the “You can trust me, says Abbott” article.

Oh, how convenient. Julia Gillard can’t be trusted but Tony Abbott can.

But it’s beyond me how trusting Abbott is related coverage to the Thomson saga.

I guess it’s just convenient for to say so.

Pathetic, isn’t it? Biased, isn’t it?