Café Talk VI

I think it’s time to put Café Talk V behind us and start afresh.

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  1. pyne really does appear to have forgotten baout his complaints about Labor commenting on cases in front of the court. He isn’t just commenting, he is giving advice to the judge, not simply regurgitating what has already been filed in court publicly, as Roxon was doing.

    Nervous much I wonder?

  2. Begs the obvious questions, “Who is the source and what is Christopher’s involvement in these matters?” 😉

  3. Apparently, it looks like Slipper is appealing the release of the documents.

    And, at the same time, pyne is screeching across the nation that he shouldn’t have to.

    Something just sits awkwardly for me there 😉

  4. Tom, Min channelling Tim Dunlop..but might you have a link for that. Nothing on Fairfax or I wouldn’t mind having a look at any wording. Often the meaning (especially coming from lawyers), is often in the wording…

  5. hehehehe

  6. Sorry Min, I meant Lewis was appealing the release, not Slipper.

    I guess that changes the meaning a bit

  7. Tom, just a smidgey bit..but I love you anyway. 😀

    And on your Tweet from Louise Hall. That’s Ashby’s lawyers last chance. As Jane would say Bwaaahaaahaaaa!!!

  8. It will be interesting to see the Lewis text and the context of the message “we will get him”
    And it starts Monday

  9. News Limited reporter wins Peter Slipper source silence

    by: Leo Shanahan
    From: The Australian
    July 20, 2012 1:23PM

    THE journalist who broke the story about sexual harassment allegations against the speaker of the house, Peter Slipper, will not have to hand over a document that could reveal a confidential source.

    Lawyers for News Limited journalist Steve Lewis argued in Sydney’s federal court this morning that he should not have to comply with a subpoena that would mean revealing information provided by a confidential source.

  10. Hi Pip

    what a view by Shanahan, I hope he is in court when the text messages are produced in evidence.

  11. LOL – I can well imagine just how challenging your “challenge” would have been too James 😆

  12. Roswell, that is indeed defamation especially as Peter Wicks is not on this blog to defend his own good name. My opinion and one which I have been consistent on ever since Migs, Nasking and I set it up is that the Café should not be used as a venue to attack people from other blogs.

    There is a difference between satire and viciously calling another person “a fraud”. Some can be excused as being ignorant of the law pertaining to defamation, however given James’ espousing to be trained at law, there is no excuse in his defaming Peter Wicks.

  13. James would be fully aware of the difference between a public identity and a private individual as pertaining to defamation.

  14. ” Hawkesbury was in excess of 100km from the federal seat of Dobell,”

    Well James it is . Dobell is on the Central Coast near Newcastle. Last time I looked Hawkesbury is west of Sydney, There is a mountain range in between, with very little population.

    James, can you tell me why we should believe you over wixxy.

    Where have you proven what he has written is not true.

    I am a little confused. Is wixxy denying the allegations that you made. which I believe have naught to do with what was written by wixxy.

    One still does have the right to defend themselves The site is his, He does not have to leave any comment on it, if he chooses not to.

    When a man says he does not know anyone, surely the should be the end of the matter, unless one has solid evidence.

    James, you seem to be repeating some of Ms. Jackson’s allegations and accustions, which I believe wixxy addressed in a earlier article of his. If not, where does your information come from. The rumour mill, I assume.

    James, you are going down a dangerous path.

    As for the Peter Lewis matter. I think the judge remarked earlier, that the source was already in the public domain. I am sure the police will soon sort the matter out.

  15. Scaper, then I suggest that you contact Pete via his blog as Bacchus suggested. Pete is a very nice person, dedicated to what he believes in, is not into sensationalism. He just happened to be a person in the right time, and in the right place.

  16. I notice James has declared himself and ToM the winners of the match against wixxy. 😆 those two couldn’t challenge a junior high school student 🙄

  17. James, I have deleted your comment where you made those allegations against Wixxy. I do not want to be party to accusations like that, nor do I want this blog to be.

    You should be well aware that allegations like that can have serious ramifications.

    I don’t know what you are trying to gain by coming here and behaving like that. I can only assume that the sole purpose is to stir up a bit of trouble.

  18. Scaper, Wixxy is not obliged to challenge James here and nor do I expect him to.

    This matter does not need to be encouraged.

  19. Not a good look to squib the challenge.

    That’s rich, considering the source.

    You grown any guts yet?

  20. You could always ask James about it at his usual abode scaper, but be prepared for a less than enthusiastic welcome over there 😉

  21. I didn’t say he had engaged in fraud. I wouldn’t say that unless I was 100% certain. As my certainty is somewhat less than that, I specifically state that I have not accused him of fraud.

    What I did say, and I am happy to repeat, is that he is a fraud. He is a man of questionable character and integrity. In running his “Jacksonville” campaign, he has associated with others of questionable character and integrity.

    It is my considered view that the Jackson campaign is less about Jackson’s own conduct as a union official and more about exacting revenge for her outing of Craig Thomson. Designed to be as much a warning to other would be whistle blowers as a character assassination of the woman herself. We have seen this before in the NSW ALP, only very recently. It is contemptible conduct.

    But he’s a very nice man.

    He can sue me if he wishes. As I said earlier, I look forward to the discovery part.

  22. As Min & Tom R said scaper – I’m sure wixxy has better things to do than to play with those two lightweights!

  23. Migs, “Just to clarify, no one is currently banned from The Daily Trash…
    reb July 19, 2012 6:32 pm

  24. Scaper and James has challenged him here. Is Wixxy up to James’ challenge?

    Not a good look to squib the challenge.

    As stated, wixxy is currently at the pub (or similar)..which is a far more inviting proposition that debating a person called James who has zilch credibility.

    No James, you did not say that Pete is engaged in fraud, you stated that he was one. As you would know both are equal as far as defamation. And you go on and on..quote: he’s a man of questionable character and integrity.

    Leave James’ statements please as they are useful as evidence of defamation.

  25. “Just to clarify, no one is currently banned from The Daily Trash… ”

    Hard to keep up. Maybe it was GutterTrash, or perhaps the farnham report.

    What next I wonder?

  26. Probably the fault of those caterers he got to do the audit for him Tom. (Tip has never done any of the heavy lifting himself 😉 )

  27. Tom R @ 5.56pm, Costello included the cost of capital works in his masterpiece… not the conventional thing to do, but, he figured it was fair enough to belt the former labor government with…pity he’s been caught out…

  28. This should be the rocket that the handful of Rudd agitators need to encourage them to get out and sell the government policies and get over themselves.
    Kevin Rudd was apparently impossible to work with, and even though he did do some good thngs, imo he messed up the Mining tax dealings and caused the $23 million campaign by the Mining Council members. Does anyone believe the media will give him an even break. The aim is to bring down this government not instal Kevin as PM.

    Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor say any new bid to dump Julia Gillard will mean an early election

    KEY independents Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor have warned they will force an early election if a fresh challenge is mounted against Julia Gillard.

    Mr Windsor this afternoon followed Mr Oakeshott in placing Kevin Rudd supporters on notice, threatening an early poll unless manoeuvring against Ms Gillard ceased.

  29. Hey Bacchus, been hanging around blogs for over seven years. That toilet person takes the cake hole…no amount of anal bleaching would make him more attractive.

    The last time I looked over there it was scaper, scaper, F!@#$en c**t this and that. Then it was Migsy, Migsy, Migsy…Pip, Pip and more Pip.

    One day…if I try real hard, I might just attain the sophistication of the Trashers. All talk, no walk! Where’s the bucket?

  30. “Tom R @ 5.56pm, Costello included the cost of capital works in his masterpiece”

    This was pointed out the day the report was released. Why would anyone expect honesty from Costello.

  31. “I noticed TA is having an each way bet again”

    Tony made sure he pointed out the previous government, not this was responsible. Now he could just be right.

    I do believe that the credit cannot be taken from the previous PM. That is Mr. Rudd of course.

    Shame the present treasurer was also in the last government.

    I have a feeling that is not what Tony meant.

  32. Miglo, yes they do. They do it with great gusto.

    It makes one feel important.

    Personally I find it a little repetitive.

  33. Scaper, it says that the extreme right don’t take to you.

    Migs, I don’t post here because of, scaper …

    … it was what he did to me and my family, that he was, and still is, I hope, banned on ALL, sreb’s sites …

    … and later after a “reprieve” from, sreb, he did the same to HD (Toilet), … I do not want to get involved in shitfights these days … but I won’t be scapegoated (pun intended)… scaper’s, ban has nothing to do with politics …

    And for the record neither sreb, HD, nor I, am “extreme right” or extreme left …

  34. TB, I know. Similar was done to me as you know.

    I have accepted scaper’s appearance on this blog because that was Migs’ decision. He has behaved himself, and so I take it one day at a time. Far worse has been done to me in recent times than what scaper ever did.

    That’s exactly it..very little to do with politics. Take care, and hugs for the Minister.

  35. Hey TB, did to you and your family?

    Special agent, TB of the ancient order of the mothership, the luniverse and all that has been located at that suburb that shall not be named…the security of the planet, Murgatroid must be upheld.

    Quick, man the plumps!

  36. Scaper is expected to play by the same rules here that apply to everybody. Sometimes he ‘lives’ close to the edge but many of us are that are guilty of that at times.

    I don’t think it’s worth opening up old wounds.

  37. Migs, it was your comment I objected to … “the extreme right don’t take to you” …

    …its HD and I* that don’t take to him (the other Trashers just despise him) … you politicised my (and HD’s) concerns … (and I just wanted to point that out … don’t get sucked in … I did)

    … just as Nasking referred to me as a “right wing troll” when I disagreed with him here … silly stuff …

    I just read the last post … a reminder to all here that the Federal Police still have his details on record … if you want to play legal eagles …

  38. Migs, it was your comment I objected to … “the extreme right don’t take to you” …

    Well that’s it, I guess I won’t make jokes anymore.

  39. …its HD and I* that don’t take to him (the other Trashers just despise him) … you politicised my (and HD’s) concerns …

    I’m sorry, TB, but I think you’re putting words in my mouth.

    Any issue you and scaper have with each other is not my business.

  40. Race Mathews quoting John Hewson..

    QUOTE: ‘John Hewson: Well, as I say, there’s a simplistic expectation in the electorate that it’s about lowering tax, and that their votes can be bought by delivering that. The fact is today we’re not going to get a sensible debate on tax in most countries dominated by a 24-hour media cycle and governments trying to score short-term points. There’s not a detailed medium-term policy discussion at all. It’s very difficult to raise an issue like tax, which usually has winners and losers. It becomes very difficult for it to be debated. In fact, [in Australia] our tax policies consist of “we will lower taxes”, “we will stop the boats”. We have now very slogan-like policies, not serious debate at all’.

    **Race was the Federal Member for Casey in the mid 70’s which is when I first met him.

  41. Yeah Migs, even got a thread up on the hipopotamousey of this place…you must be blushing.

    Let’s package up the last five years and make a movie.

  42. Scaps, we already have that the role of Migs is going to be played by George Clooney, when Migs was Acting Director (TB you’ll remember this one), I opted for Vanessa Redgrave only she is is tall and elegant and I’m not. 😦 For yourself, what about Christian Bale?

  43. From Tom et al this morning and on the Ashby issue..

    The Commonwealth and Peter Slipper will be able to use text messages sent between James Ashby and his alleged co-conspirators as evidence in support of their abuse of application set down for Monday.

    And..oh dear, it seems that some people are now in a spot of bother.

    Let’s say is again hundreds of email messages. Not one or 2, not an occasional one, but hundreds…

    Meanwhile, Mr Ashby’s barrister, Michael Lee, SC, argued that hundreds of text messages downloaded from Mr Ashby’s mobile phone were hearsay, or indirect, evidence.

    Under the Evidence Act, hearsay evidence can be used in pretrial hearings, known as interlocutory proceedings.

    Mr Lee told Justice Steve Rares the hearing of the abuse of process application might not be characterised as an interlocutory application.

    If so, the senders of the text messages would have to take the stand and give evidence that they did in fact send or receive the messages.

    This could have required Mr Ashby, Ms Doane, Mr Brough and Lewis to be called.

    However, Justice Rares disagreed, finding the hearing of the abuse of process application was an interlocutory proceeding, and hearsay evidence would be allowed.

  44. I am going to do something I rarely do. I am turning my computer off for the night, and hope things are better in the ,morning. Listening to old feuds is not that entertaining.

    I will leave it to the stirrers for the night. I do hope you all have a good time.

    I know one thing for sure, the rest of us are NOT.

  45. Pip @ 6.32

    So Windsor and Oakshott have threatened the MSM, that if they install Rudd as PM all bets are off.

  46. Sue, it makes you wonder who runs this country, or should I say owns it. Or should I say controls it? It seems to be under Murdoch’s control.

  47. Roswell
    Sure does, but one thing is for sure, the unions denied the crap, labor denied the crap, but the msm and coalition KNOW, so there is a week of bs.
    And all started by an ex- Murdoch employee now editor at AFR.

  48. Min an article you and your daughter may find interesting

    “The US Navy has gone into battle to save its “great green fleet” from Republicans in Congress who are trying to sink the ambitious biofuel project in what should have been its finest hour.

    The aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and a strike force of 71 jet fighters, helicopters and transport planes, set off on a demonstration voyage off the Hawaiian island of Oahu this week, powered by a 50-50 mix of conventional fuels and algae or cooking oil.

    An Australian Navy commander also joined the Nimitz in a biofuel-burning helicopter.

    But the voyage that should have been the pinnacle of the navy’s green aspirations instead found the Pentagon and Obama administration fending off Republican attacks on the biofuels project.

    In a telephone call with reporters on Thursday, the navy secretary, Ray Mabus, and Obama administration officials made their most public effort to date to head off moves in Congress to block the navy’s biofuels project.

    Congress is considering a 2013 spending bill that would effectively shut down the navy’s green fleet, four years into the project.

  49. Sue, when one thinks about it, one would hope they would be talking about these things. One would not want to see the unions and the party, hiding their head in the sand and being in denial that there are bad polls. One would hope they would be looking at what they mean and what can be done to make things better.

    All Joel Fitzgibbons did was agree with the remark that if one continues to get low polls, they do not last. Funny thing, that is true. He also said that he expected the numbers to improve.

    I do not believe there was a call made for improvement to 38% before Parliament resits. That is impossible and a winning number.

    There is still over a year to go to the next election.

    Talking about a problem does not mean the PM has to go.

    The PM was correct back at Christmas. It is not just up to the PM, it is up to the whole movement to pull their weight.

    There has always, and will always be people who have their own agenda or dissent from the majority. It would be unhealthy if this was not the case.

    Does one believe that everyone in the Opposition agree with Abbott. If they do, their is no hope for the future of this nation.

    The GEF has melted into the ether. Nary a mention.

    This last onslaught of the media, does not appear to be getting much attention from the public.

    Why don’t those accuse of talking about the PM, come out and say, yes, how can we do our job if we don’t. Are we talking about ditching the PM, no.

    If Rudd was ever bought back, I will not be voting Labor. In fact it would be likely I would never again. This is no idle threat. I could not bring myself to vote for a party that showed such poor judgement. Do not worry, it will not be Abbott either.

    Political journalism is none existent.

  50. Sue, back at the beginning of last century, there were electric and gasoline cars in equal numbers.

    Ir was the pressure of the oil merchants that one the day. I wonder how much better our cities and pollution would be, if it went the other way.

    The same occurred in the battle between cotton and hemp. Hemp to grow does not caused the damage that cotton does.

  51. CU
    I wonder if all this PM talk, and there is a lot in the papers tomorrow, is more a look over here attempt by the msm. As discussed earlier today on the cafe, the Ashby case starts Monday, a case that is possibly yet another attempt to bring down a legitimate government.

  52. CU
    when i was reading the guardian story on biofuels and the us navy, the article then goes on saying the “fuel” is made up of a mix that contains chicken fat. a vision of kentucky fried fuelling the american fleet rather than the american population is something to look forward to.

    and then this week in real news in australia, the australian navy will be using wave energy for a base in wa. oh, to think their a glimpses of real news, it is such an effort to find.

    Just remembered, tomorrow at 11.30 PM Gillard has that google chat session, I wonder how much of this wek is about trying to disrupt these sessions, which have been quite successful thus far.

  53. The beauty of biofuels is that they can be made from waste. Do not have to come from the middle east. Just watched The Project. They has a couple of goes at Abbott. They presented him as a real goose. Not that is hard to do.

    The PM looked like she was enjoying that fishing she was doing today. A thought went through my head, I was wondering if she was thinking, it is Tony I have on the end of that line. This is how I am playing him.

    As for those trying to disrupt everything, one must agree small things amuse small minds. They are wonderful at giving offence but scream like struck pigs when it is returned.

    They are becoming tiresome indeed.

  54. Min @12.12pm 20/7, not only would, but am currently as I rof. I replied to Latika Bourke’s tweet, suggesting Lewis is just a muckraker and that Hissy Prissy is the source. I love dissing the Liars.

    Scaps, we already have that the role of Migs is going to be played by George Clooney,…

    Shouldn’t that be George Cole, Min? 😉

    Sue @11.01pm 20/7, do you think the Leadershit revisit has anything to do with a certain decision wrt certain text messages?

    and @11.02pm, that report confirms that the Republicans are in the thrall of the oil industry for sure.

    They presented him as a real goose.

    As if they need to, CU.

  55. Did not listen to PM on Google but according to the ABC radio News station, the eight questions were not what Bolt tried to manipulate. He was pushing for his silly ones on climate change like “How much will the temperate drop” As that is not the aim, the answer is none. The aim is to stop it rising. Damage that has occurred cannot be undone. He mounted a campaign, with address and everything to get people from his site to swamp Google with his questions. Seems he does not have the power he believes he has.

    The main questions were about same gender marriage, followed by education etc. One on the carbon tax. I do not know what the question is about.

  56. Here’s Latika Bourke’s take on the Carbon tax question:

  57. And the PM’s replies:

  58. Bacchus, that is such a stoopid question from Latika, because many places on the globe may indeed cool due to evaporation due to heat, which equals additional cloud cover. This will be especially noted in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

  59. Cu @ 12:45. I like it when other sites talk about us or link to us, which has been going on a lot the last few days. All this publicity helps us with our Search Engine Optimisation. Please keep it up.

  60. Just to clarify there Min – the question wasn’t from Ms Bourke – she was merely tweeting the Qs & As from the PM’s Google plus forum…

  61. Reinhardtii is actually green sludge. But the good thing about this green sludge is that it produces hydrogen. The idea is that algae farms can be established on non-viable farmland. Pollutants from our little jars of green sludge are zilch. As part of Erin’s PhD thesis a business plan has to indicate economic feasibility, results are almost there..very close.

    Otherwise jars of green sludge and Gina do indeed bare a close resemblance, on the surface of it..Gina contains many pollutants. 😉

  62. Thank you for the clarification Bacchus..Latika has been known to go one, two skip a few and is difficult to understand where she is coming from at times. 😉

  63. While the media raves on, the PM gets on with governing.

    THE Australian hosted an In The Zone roundtable that was attended by the Prime Minister and business leaders at the University of Western Australia this week.

    The attendees were Julia Gillard, Prime Minister; Gary Gray, Special Minister of State; Chris Evans, Minister for Tertiary Education, Skills, Science and Research; Michael Chaney, chancellor of UWA; Bill Louden, senior deputy vice-chancellor at UWA; Tim Shanahan, director of the Energy and Minerals Institute; Sue Boyd, In the Zone editorial committee member; Sam Walsh, chief executive of Rio Tinto Iron Ore; Richard Goyder, managing director of Wesfarmers; Dongyi Hua, executive chairman of

    Citic Pacific Mining; John Atkins, ANZ state chairman; and Colin Beckett, Chevron’s general manager of Gorgon.

    The forum was moderated by The Australian’s deputy editor (business) Geoff Elliott and contributing editor Peter van Onselen. This is an edited transcript of the discussion.

    The PM puts herself up front to answer the hard questions. One does not see her running away.

    By the way, Abbott is once again lying when he says the PM has not got the guts to talk to business. Could you imagine him opening himself up to this type of questioning.

  64. Gillard: Well, for all of the critiques that government gets in the media and beyond, we always plan for beyond the current electoral cycle. You wouldn’t do the NBN if you were only planning for the current electoral cycle. You wouldn’t have done the transformations that we’ve brought to education, which aren’t going to show dividends in the three-year turnaround. You wouldn’t do carbon pricing and clean energy for a three-year cycle. You wouldn’t do a health deal that takes us out to 50-50 partnering in growth.

  65. An experiment in online democracy is coming to a screen near you.
    From 11am this morning, Prime Minister Julia Gillard will take part in a Google+ hangout, answering questions from gay marriage champions, military veterans and atheists opposed to chaplains in public schools.
    You can watch the live, one-hour all-digital interview at Deakin University’s YouTube page.

    Read more:

    When does Abbott turn up, to the same rules

  66. Listen to what the PM has to say, Make ones own mind up. Warning the video is a little slow starting. It does after many funny noises gets to the QandA.

  67. This is what Labor is concerned about.

    Infrastructure and Transport minister Anthony Albanese says the economy will suffer if Sydney doesn’t get a second airport.

    Mr Albanese said the main purpose of the study is to identify as early as possible the challenges and the opportunities of airport development.

    ‘With passenger numbers expected to double by 2035, we know that Sydney’s current aviation infrastructure will not cope with demand,’ Mr Albanese said in a statement on Saturday.

    ‘If a second airport is not built, our national economy will suffer as congestion grows and flights and economic investment are turned away.’

    Just to let one know, that meeting of union leaders at the lodge was planned weeks ago. It was not an emergency meeting to deal with the recent media’s outburst.

  68. After a week of intensified leadership speculation, Prime Minister Julia Gillard last night called a number of union bosses to the Lodge for talks.

    Both the Prime Minister’s office and union leaders say the meetings were not called to deal with leadership speculation.


    Mr Sheldon also launched an attack on those within the Labor movement who want to reinstate Mr Rudd as leader.

    “It is such a small group of people who have counter views, it’s like the Malcolm Turnbull fan club. It’s the Malcolm Turnbull fan club within the ALP,” he said.

    After the meeting a number of union heads publically supported Ms Gillard’s leadership.

  69. It gets a bit hard writing news stories about leadership challenges when the politicians involved don’t want to talk ab out it. But never fear, there is another way of filling the front page – quote your own columnists.

    The Sydney Morning Herald has introduced this innovative technique with its story this morning telling us that:

    trade union rent-a-mouths were available to make a comment on the record. Paul Howes, the national secretary of the Australian Workers Union, and Bill Ludwig, its national president, insisted, said theHerald story, that the union will play an active role to shore up Julia Gillard’s leadership if necessary. But in the absence of someone prepared to take the attacking role it was over to Fairfax columnists.

    The Ludwig-Howe “support is countered today by the Fairfax columnists Robert Manne and Mike Carlton who say Ms Gillard is leading Labor towards annihilation and must be replaced.”

  70. New maturity?

    I write this with a heavy heart. Like millions of Australians, I had great hopes for her. When she replaced Kevin Rudd in June 2010, it seemed national politics had shifted up a gear to a new maturity.


    As Rudd’s deputy, Gillard had been a standout in the super-ministry of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, ridding us of John Howard’s hated WorkChoices regime. The Building the Education Revolution program was hers, too, a nationwide success despite the howls of the Tories and their media claque. She drove policy and got results. Our first woman prime minister came to the job with the intellectual and political heft to do it well.
    Those qualities remain undimmed. She has negotiated the minefield of minority government with consummate skill. For all the media blather about a dysfunctional body politic, her government has steered no fewer than 374 bills into law in this Parliament, an astonishing result in the face of the wrecking ball negativity of the opposition. The national broadband network, the carbon tax and the Mineral Resource Rent Tax are sound and progressive Labor initiatives. After the neglect and sloth of the Howard years, we are now seeing record investment in the vital infrastructure of highways, railways and ports.
    Labor’s supreme achievement has been its management of the economy, unbeaten in the Western world. The budget is in the black. Our public debt is running at a trifling 22.6 per cent of gross domestic product, compared with 76 per cent in the US, 78 per cent for Germany, 85 per cent in Britain, and a whopping 205 per cent in Japan. The inflation rate is bang on target, at 2.5 per cent and unemployment is at 5.2 per cent , about half the figure for Europe and the US. A family earning $80,000 a year is now paying about $1550 less in tax than it did four years ago. By any measure, these are stunning numbers, the envy of finance ministers the world over. The government should be riding high.
    But it is in diabolical trouble. Every opinion poll suggests it is heading for a defeat as calamitous as the savaging handed out in NSW and Queensland. It is not impossible the next election could leave Labor without one Queensland seat in the House of Representatives. Not one.
    Paul Keating puts his finger on it when he says the government has failed to create a compelling narrative. For all its achievements, it has never told the Australian people where it wants to take us. When it tries to make a case, it bogs down in platitudes about fairness and equality, yet it could not even explain why a handful of billionaire mining moguls should tip a bit more into the tax bucket.
    The Prime Minister must take the responsibility for this failure. All the political smarts she displays behind the closed doors of Canberra are not worth a hill of beans when she cannot sell herself and her government to the voters. It’s not just her television manner, wooden though that is. It is her inability to do what Keating used to call the big picture stuff, the articulation of a vision to inspire the nation.

    Read more:

    The PM must go, in spite that she has achieved much. This is maturity.

    Not go because of what she has done. Must go because the polls are bad, saying she is unpopular.

    She must go because the media says so.

  71. No Sue, last night was just what the PM does every day. Communicating with all relevant parties.

    Does not seem much interest in pulling stunts and playing games.

    Goes for substance.

  72. Paul, from the article comes something we’ve been saying all along:

    But he’s not acting like the alternative PM. Perhaps he’s content to let Labor damage itself, but that’s no strategy.

    This is the second link you’ve given us to a negative article about Abbott in the Murdoch media. Two in less than one week!

    By memory, that’s the only two negative article in two years. 😦

  73. Paul, have you noticed that this criticism has come since Abbott placed himself on the international stage?

    Let’s face it, he has performed poorly. Surely America sees a comparison with the stupid GW Bush when they hear this bubble-headed booby talk.

  74. Pauwello, Fairfax is headed in the other direction with a doozy by Peter Hartcher.

    Toothless among Asian tigers

    Date July 21, 2012

    Opinion my bold, just making the point!

    What a time for Canberra to cut defence spending, just as the neighbourhood is arming itself to the hilt.

    {Well. Pete old son, you could have mentioned that the Coalition voted for the Defence Budget! }

    On the Australian side, it is stunningly clear what’s happened. The Gillard government has chosen to reduce Australia’s defence effort to its feeblest in 74 years.

    The May budget cut the national defence outlay from the equivalent of 1.8 per cent of gross domestic product to 1.56 per cent. This is its smallest since 1938, the year before the outbreak of World War II, according to the Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

    The government announced cuts of $5.5 billion over four years. It was a reduction of 10.5 per cent and the sharpest cutback since the Korean War ended in 1953.

    Why? The government was driven by its commitment to return the budget to surplus this fiscal year, which ends on June 30, 2013.

    But in reaching that goal, it cut defence harder than any other portfolio. The government weighed its priorities, and defence came in at the bottom.

    then this

    But despite the mounting tension, Gillard and Smith calculated that they could get away with running down the Australian defence effort, no doubt, because the Australian public was uninterested and the Abbott opposition was inert.

    Inert, Einsten,… no… the Coalition voted FOR the Defence Budget

    Yellow peril and an incompetent government seems to be the theme here.

  75. Roswell, the excuse used to be the Cold War and that it was either that the craft came from Russia OR that knowing that the craft came from elsewhere that the public had to be protected, that it was best to keep the whole thing a secret for fear of panic aka War of the Worlds and Orson Welles.

    It would be an interesting topic..why after all this time is it necessary to keep it a secret. I get imaginings of multinationals who do not want it suspected that there are forces more powerful than themselves…but that’s just an imagining.

  76. Mobius, it is indeed a big read. Among so many points is the one where our grain foods took 11,000yrs to adapt. The biggest problem with climate change to my way of thinking is that it’s not change, but the rapidity of it. Almost all species can adapt, but it is via cataclysmic events which prevent this thing, that being time to adapt.
    A few hundred years is not enough time. Species will be wiped out and this includes our major food sources such as rice, corn, barley.

  77. ME,an informative and ominous read, notably wrt the consideration that identified fossil fuel reserves are already being factored into the global economy, despite the requirement that at least 80% of those fuels have to remain in the ground if we are to avoid increasing average temperature much over 2 degrees with accompanying societal and even physical annihilation from an increasingly energetic atmosphere.

    Those who place their hopes in “adaptation” need to consider the machanisms and time involved, and recognise that the entire history of humanity has occurred within an average temperature “envelope” of +/- 2 deg. C known as the post holocene, to which we are perfectly adapted – there is no way that anything more complex than bacteria will be able to adapt quicly enough to the consequences of system changes which are currently being observed, let alone the most likely (as opposed to the most”optimistic” projections)., which all read much more grimly for all of us

  78. From an internet tracking site I found that the visitors to Café Whispers are over-represented by the male gender. 😯

  79. You’ll be pleased to know that the Café isn’t self-destructing, as has been reported elsewhere. As of yesterday, this has been our busiest week since opening – and we still have a full day to run. 🙂

    We can thank our good exposure on Facebook for the great spike in readers.

  80. Migs, I was thinking..for ages you were looking at the stats, and you are most definitely the stats person and waiting for a certain sequence. I do believe that you have done it. You know how thrilled I am for you…

  81. Possibly because most of the comments are intelligent. :mrgreen: I was expecting it to be something a little more conclusive such as the color of one’s undies….

  82. I love counting things. 🙂

    In June we had 37 new contributors at the Café. Some blogs don’t have that many in a year.

  83. Let the games begin,,,or should that be – continue

    Slipper accuser ‘picked media-savvy lawyers’

    The Federal Court has been told a staffer accusing Peter Slipper of sexual harassment deliberately picked a legal team notorious for using the media to apply pressure in cases.

    Lawyers for the Federal Government and Peter Slipper are arguing their case for staffer James Ashby’s sexual harassment claims against his boss to be thrown out of court.

    They argue the allegations are vexatious and a deliberate attempt to damage Slipper’s reputation and career.

    Today the court heard allegations that Mr Ashby deliberately picked a legal firm, Harmers Workplace Lawyers, which is “notorious” for the uninhibited way it uses the media to help apply pressure in cases it takes on.

    However Justice Steven Rares noted that choosing a particular legal team does not necessarily amount to a conspiracy.

  84. found it Min 🙂

  85. Thank you Tom. I cannot for the life of me think how a cab-charge might have anything to do with the Constitution..but life, as they say is full of surprises…

  86. Yes Min, will be interesting to see what they came up with.

    But, I guess it means that Slipper is out of the chair for a lot longer yet?

  87. Tom, any further details would be much appreciated. Constitutional? I can’t see it..

    Given that the case is adjourned until 2nd October, yes Slipper is out of the chair until at least that time.

  88. Umm, they’re worrying about whether 75 cents for a business card was paid instead of 25 cents..or am I missing something..

  89. The DPP later said it decided on Monday to drop the case against Mr Hicks because some of the evidence it was relying on may not have been admissible in court.

    In a statement, the DPP said the proceedings were launched last July on the basis of evidence that Mr Hicks could benefit financially from his crime.

    No reason given for dropping of case. Commonwealth up for costs. Looks like they do not have the evidence that he committed a crime.

  90. Cu, the whole Hicks saga wouldn’t have happened if David Hicks had travelled on an English passport, for which he was eligible because his mother was born in England.
    Had he done that, Tony Blair would have included him amongst the others who were released from Guantanomo.

    Howard and cronies could have done the same if they weren’t so hell bent on pleasing Dubya..

  91. History of asylum sdeekers.

    The federal parliamentary proposal to send asylum seekers arriving by boat to Malaysia and Nauru was framed by its proponents as the only rational option for those who cared about saving lives. To help break through this self-willed act of amnesia and bring the Pacific Solution and detention on Nauru back into focus, Wendy Bacon prepared this timeline for New Matilda.

    Part One: 2001-2003

  92. I would like to add, Labor does not come out of their dealings with asylum seekers smelling like roses. In fact the opposite is true.

    What is important is now, and what the are putting forwarded. Yes, the PM did support turning back the boats but after receiving expert advice, realise this was not an option.

    What is being put forwarded now, just may have a chance of success.

  93. Tweet from AWW

    Women’s Weekly ‏@WomensWeeklyMag

    Craig Thomson’s wife Zoe Arnold mounts a passionate defence of her husband in the Aug issue of AWW out tomorrow.

  94. No Sue, it was on ABC24. Was surprised to see Judi Moylan as one of the spokesperson.

    Bolt was raving on about the WW. It appears there is also an article about granddad Rudd.

  95. Pip, such a lovely photo. I wonder if the WW knows something we do not.

    Into another week. No charges laid.

  96. Cu and Migs, yes it is a lovely photo.

    I might have to break my own rule and but the AWW. 🙂

    EricA had only one line to clutch onto today, and that was that the Temby Report noted that Williamson was Craig Thomson’s mentor.

    Well golly gosh… How shocking. Is that all?

  97. Pip
    don’t do it, if the AWW also runs a story on Rudd, next thing you will hear is them saying sales are up because the mob want a rudd pm.
    and hopefully zoe got paid up front

  98. CU, “Into another week. No charges laid.”…… I do so hope that Thom(p)son hasnt done anything or maybe just something trivial and non-consequential, it would be a treat to see how the ‘accussers’ squirm after what they have put him and his family through……… and Im going to buy the WW too !!!!! ( just for the articles, not the pictures 😉 ) 😀 … just say’n

  99. Interesting times. Are they saying that all PS have the right to undermine their bosses by releasing whatever information they like to the media.

    What is wrong with the idea if something is wrong, one seeks out the relevant authority to deal with the matter.

    Yes, if matters are not addressed, maybe one then has to go public.

    To me, this article indicates that the Coalition assisted Mr. Ashby on acting in such a way, that caused the most damage to the speaker, and following the Labor party as possible.

    “An application by the Commonwealth and the Speaker, Peter Slipper, to have a sexual harassment suit thrown out on the grounds of abuse of process took a dramatic twist this afternoon.
    Michael Lee, SC, barrister for Mr Slipper’s former media adviser, James Ashby, told the Federal Court he intended to argue Mr Ashby was justified in leaking Mr Slipper’s diary extracts under the freedom implied in the constitution to publish material discussing government and political matters.
    The Commonwealth and Mr Slipper, who has stood aside as speaker of the Federal Parliament, claim Mr Ashby’s lawsuit was bought for an improper purpose – that is, to vilify Mr Slipper and destroy his career to the advantage of his political rivals.
    In support of this claim, the respondents allege Mr Ashby sent extracts of Mr Slipper’s diary to a journalist, Steve Lewis, and former Howard government minister, Mal Brough.
    These diary extracts were used in support of an allegation that Mr Slipper misused his taxpayer funded travel entitlements, particularly Cabcharge vouchers.
    Although the travel misconduct claims were in Mr Ashby’s original court documents, his lawyers subsequently removed them after the Australian Federal Police indicated they would investigate the allegations.
    The Commonwealth and Mr Slipper say Mr Ashby breached his employment contract in leaking internal government documents. But this afternoon, Mr Lee said there was a freedom implied in the constitution to publish material concerning members of Parliament.
    Whether such a freedom exists and whether it applies in Mr Ashby’s case will now be debated between the three parties. As it is a constitutional matter, the state and federal attorneys-general will be invited to intervene in the case.
    Justice Steven Rares set aside two days in October to hear the constitutional matter. The court also heard Mr Ashby met prominent silk David Russell, QC, before he filed the sexual harassment case.
    Mr Russell, a Queensland Liberal National Party state councillor, would give evidence that he advised Mr Ashby to consult independent lawyers as the party would not be able to help him, Mr Lee said.
    Mr Ashby subsequently engaged Harmers Workplace Lawyers. Mr Lee said the firm’s principal solicitor and chairman, Michael Harmer, was funding Mr Ashby’s case.
    Earlier, Mr Slipper’s lawyers claimed Harmers were renowned for orchestrating widespread publicity.
    Ian Neil, SC, for Mr Slipper, said the firm was “noted for the uninhibited way in which they use the media”.
    Mr Neil said “if you want the commencement of your proceeding to be attended by publicity” then Harmers was a firm known for using such a strategy.
    Justice Rares rejected evidence Mr Neil sought to tender in support of the claim regarding Harmers, including an article that quoted Mr Harmer as saying his firm would “use the media to level up the playing field”.
    Mr Lee denied his client or his lawyers were “seeking publicity” when they launched legal action against Mr Slipper.
    He said the firm representing Mr Slipper, Maurice Blackburn, also courted the media when launching some of its cases. He said Maurice Blackburn often put out media releases, as did many law firms.
    “We say we didn’t do this seeking to maximise publicity, but it’s commonplace in 2012,” Mr Lee said.

    Read more:

  100. I would like to see our gutless msm take on Can do Campbell Newman about his offensive remarks that Queenslanders have had to put their hands in their pockets and they were sick of it.

    Well Newman until 30 june all Australians were putting THEIR HANDS in their pockets for Queensland for the rebuilding of Queensland after the floods.

    And Queensland your Coalition mate, Abbott opposed the SUPPORT.

    So Campbell is NO CAN DO for Disability Support for his Disabled Queenslanders.

    But once again he expects all Australians to support the disabled or move to anywhere but live in Queensland.

  101. What leftist rubbish! The Bligh Labor government didn’t bother taking out insurance.

    Another thing…if another dam was not canned and Wivenhoe was turned into a water storage dam instead of a flood mitigation dam we would not have got flooded as badly.

    Guess who was responsible for the change? RUDD!

  102. Wow scaper, you should be on the Olympic longbow team there.

    Somehow, it is now Rudds fault that Brisbane was flooded as badly as it was.

    Perhaps you can explain how using it as water storage instead of mitigation might have helped. From my understanding, the fact that it was used too much as storage was one of the main problems with the capacity issue?

  103. The Wivenhoe was purpose built to mitigate the flooding of Brisbane, not as a water storage. The Goss government canned the Wolffdene dam. Rudd was the driver of the policy and was promoted to Chief of Staff after the 1989 election.

    Many up here were concerned that the Wivenhoe was holding too much water and we were due for a major event…Campbell was one and posponed his Xmas holiday. Even if the Wivenhoe was emptied there would still have been flooding but nowhere near the height we experienced.

    Here’s a chilling image.

  104. Sue
    July 24, 2012 @ 9:15 pm

    don’t do it, if the AWW also runs a story on Rudd, next thing you will hear is them saying sales are up because the mob want a rudd pm.
    and hopefully zoe got paid up front.

    No, I won’t, and I agree with you, I hope Zoe got paid up front. 😆

  105. Catching up @ 3.50am,

    Interesting times. Are they saying that all PS have the right to undermine their bosses by releasing whatever information they like to the media.

    What is wrong with the idea if something is wrong, one seeks out the relevant authority to deal with the matter.

    That would have ruined their grand plan to bring down the government.

  106. Sue @ .21am, the gutless msm have no interest in seeing the NDIS or any other Labor policy succeed.
    Newman might discover that he’s out of step with the rest of Australia on this one.

    Just listening to Tony Wright on ABC Local, re Abbott on Foreign Affairs and his speech in China.
    “he’s a bit like George Bush”. 😯

  107. Still rewriting history I see scapes

    Wivenhoe dam was planned in the early 1970s as a flood mitigation and water storage dam.

    No mention there of it being one or other ever. Perhaps you can provide us a link? (ROFL)

    Many up here were concerned that the Wivenhoe was holding too much water and we were due for a major event…Campbell was one

    you said. But records don’t back that up. In fact, he was surprisingly silent when his colleagues were arguing for the opposite.

    Ms Bligh said Mr Newman also did not disassociate himself last year from comments by senior LNP figures Jeff Seeney and Lawrence Springborg, who suggested extra drinking water should be stored at Wivenhoe Dam.

  108. CU @ .350am

    I wonder how many states Attorney Generals will want to join with Ashby on the constitutional right of a public servant or employee of a minister having the right to send diary extracts to the media?

    Yeah the silence will be deafening!

  109. The last I heard about Newmann he decided to campaign rather than rebuild his city of Brisbane, that of course occurred after he begged the Federal government to rebuild his river walkway that got flushed away.

    Yeah my heart bleeds for Queenslanders that are sick of putting their hands in our pockets. On the other hand I really do care about the disabled being put on hold until a Costello balance sheet says Queensland is in a position to help. On Costello’s own great record of social reform Queensland disabled people will have the knowledge they have joined those other aspirational targets.

    Meanwhile, Newmann has the money to fight to improve Clive and Gina’s super profits.

  110. Tom @ 10.36am, thanks for the links, it’s always useful to be able to provide evidence rather than unqualified statements. . 😯

  111. No, don’t need to read anyone to know what has gone down in my city and state.

    As long as what you perceive to happen is ok in your head, ignore the facts surrounding it, that indicate that that is not what really happened 😉

    Talk about fairies at the bottom of the garden. You’ve moved in with them haven’t you?

  112. Sue @ 10.45am,
    Just how many public servants did Howard try to imprison on whistleblowing?
    I can’t remember, but one man was sacked by John Howard for his trouble.

    Support grows for corruption informants

    At the federal level, there is no legislated protection for whistleblowers in government agencies, despite the reform’s inclusion in the agreement of the three independent MPs with the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, to form a minority government in 2010.

    The legislation was supposed to be introduced in July last year. A second deadline of December 31 was also missed.

    The Herald understands the proposed bill has already been redrafted more than 100 times, such is the sensitivity of the topic, particularly among bureaucrats.

    The Special Minister of State, Gary Gray, has told Mr Wilkie and others that the government hasn’t dropped the reform entirely. His spokesman told the Herald it would be delivered before the next election.

    Read more:

  113. Tom, As long as what you perceive to happen is ok in your head, ignore the facts surrounding it, that indicate that that is not what really happened.

    There’s a fair bit of that going around!

  114. Tom @ 10.56am, As long as what you perceive to happen is ok in your head, ignore the facts surrounding it, that indicate that that is not what really happened.
    That sounds like the LOTO’s problem….

  115. People actually resigned from the Public Service because they didn’t want to be party at Howard’s attempt to whistleblow.

  116. The CONservative brainfart about building dams all over the place seems to have been quietly “shelved” after the locals’ emphatic rejection of Labor’s Traveston Dam proposal. I doubt the cons will be talking about dams again in a hurry.

  117. Many up here were concerned that the Wivenhoe was holding too much water and we were due for a major event…Campbell was one and posponed his Xmas holiday

    Scapes, your link forgot to include the bit where he mentioned “Wivenhoe was holding too much water”, or anything related, unlike mine, which showed he completely ignored his mates arguing specifically for the opposite.

  118. Swan attacks Newman over disability scheme comments

    Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan has accused Premier Campbell Newman of being irresponsible by saying Queensland cannot afford to contribute to the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    State and territory leaders will meet in Canberra today for the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) talks to discuss how to fund the scheme.

    The NDIS has support across the political spectrum, but its funding model is a major sticking point.

    On Tuesday Mr Newman warned that Queensland did not have the money to fund the scheme.

    “We’re prepared to support the program, we’re prepared to support a trial site in Gympie, but (the Commonwealth) must fund it and that’s what the Productivity Commission said,” Mr Newman said.</blockquote.

    Mr. Newman should catch up; the correct word i launch, not trial.

  119. Cuppa

    the labor govt in the ACT is buildng a dam, well not quite, just putting a bigger wall in front of the dam that is already there. The Conservatives in Canberra were agin it, they wanted a brand new dam built in a valley with low rain fall.

    The bigger Cotter dam will help drought proof communities along the Murrimbidgee and Murray. A big thank you to Canberra rate payers

  120. Miglo, does not the proposition that the PS have the right to out their bosses in what they perceive to be a wrong to the media, mean that you can now tell us those stories you promised us.

    it appears the Constitution allows you to say what you like.

    Miglo, I would not like your chances of not being in trouble if you did though.

    Miglo, I do believe that you might have has a duty to take matters to the proper authorities if you did come across wrong doing. That is different. This is what Ashby should have done. He did not.

    He chose to go to the Opposition and their lawyers. These lawyers advise him to take a course that would cause the most damage to Slipper and the Labor Party.

    Their agenda was to put their white hair boy into power.

    Surely the first advice one would give, is to take the matter to the appropriate authorities. I am sure Miglo, that would have been the advice you would have expected.

    I am also sure, that would have been the path you would have gone down.

    If the Constitution does indeed implies this, it will open up one of the biggest Pandora’s Box this country has seen. It will lead to chaos, and I suspect making government unworkable.

  121. Hi Sue, thanks very much.

    The msm and the Coalition couldn’t care less about whom they damage in their relentless campaigns.

    I have no idea where I will work next and am concerned that being Craig Thomson’s wife will leave a red mark next to my name.

    But she’s told Australian Women’s Weekly the Craig Thomson she knows brings her a cup of tea every morning in bed, dotes on his daughters and tells her every day how much he loves her and his family.

    “I love my husband. This will all end one day and then we will still have each other,” she said.

    Hang in their Zoe.

    Read more:

  122. Sue, the only comment from Abbott that I have seen, [and it seems not to be in the news now], is that he said the Coalition agreed with the NDIS but only when it could be afforded….

  123. Cu,
    If the Constitution does indeed implies this, it will open up one of the biggest Pandora’s Box this country has seen. It will lead to chaos, and I suspect making government unworkable.

    Abbott has done a pretty good job of that. The Ashby team might be stalling to stretch the case is over in the hope that the much vaunted election will happen before it’s over.
    Who knows what makes their brains tick!

  124. Tom R, playing semantics I see. I produced a link that Newman did indeed predict a flood event but you jumped on the dam was holding too much water to cover your arse!

    Being around the blogs for some years, I thought you would know that linking to Wiki is laughable…talk about fairies and no screws.

  125. So point out where the wiki article is in error scaper…

    You may like to refer to which is the source of the info in the wiki article 🙄

    You may like to reconsider your other statement that it was all Kevin Rudd’s fault that the Wolfdene dam was cancelled. In fact, in 1989, the Labor party AND the Liberal party went to the election promising to scrap the Wolfdene dam – nothing to do with Kevin Rudd. Labor won the election and kept their election promise…

  126. Engineering Conference 1984: Russo, P

    Abstract: Wivenhoe Dam is a multi-purpose project being constructed on the Brisbane River in South-East Queensland for water supply and flood mitigation. The reservoir also forms the lower pool for the 500 MW Wivenhoe Pumped Storage Project. The dam is one of the largest in Queensland and consists of an earth and rock fill embankment containing approximately 4 million cubic metres of fill with a gated concrete spillway section on the left bank. The paper describes the design of the dam with emphasis on the conceptual design. The construction programme is briefly described. Special attention was given in the design to problems of construction diversion and to a layout which saved concrete and spillway excavation. The adoption of an intake located in a slot in the left hand spillway abutment helped achieve this end at some sacrifice in hydraulic efficiency. Construction of the dam commenced in 1977 and is expected to be complete by June 1984.

  127. Or from The Bureau of Meteorolgy flood report from 1974:

    As mentioned earlier the proposed Wivenhoe Dam is a multi-purpose water supply-flood mitigation project, and the Bureau has provided extreme precipitation estimates and other data to assist in its design.

    Click to access brisbane_jan1974.pdf

  128. Tom R, playing semantics I see.

    Should I paste it again to get it semantically correct

    Many up here were concerned that the Wivenhoe was holding too much water and we were due for a major event…Campbell was one and posponed his Xmas holiday

    newman only got the last half of that statement. The relevant bit, the part about Wivenhoe, which is what we were discussing, not peoples ability to read BOM forecasts correctly, you did not provide evidence for.

    Semantics or not

  129. Well, the dam did not mitigate the flood in 2011, did it? It was too full and the Somerset was full to cater for the water sports. It’s too full now and if we get flooded it will be the state government’s fault.

    The last government spent billions on creating the water grid so there is no logical reason why there needs to be five years, plus of water storage in Wivenhoe.

    Oh, that’s right…Flannery said it was never going to rain enough to fill our dams ever again. FIDIOT!

  130. Flannery said it was never going to rain enough to fill our dams ever again.

    You’re going to need to supply a link for that, cos to be honest, I just don’t believe you 😉

  131. where did flannery say that scaper ?

    seems like , having abandoned reality for denial. you’re once again making stuff up, trying to shore up your fantasy ? :evil:.

  132. making stuff up

    kind of like, when exposed that newman never did argue to release water from Wivenhoe, his big comeback is Well, the dam did not mitigate the flood in 2011,

    It’s like debating with a friggin 2 year old

    MSU is all ‘they’ have. It is a pattern.

  133. Well, the dam did not mitigate the flood in 2011, did it?

    😯 Of course it did scaper! What do you think Brisbane would have looked like without Wivenhoe? You do know that “mitigate” doesn’t mean “prevent” don’t you? 🙄

  134. Well Tom, on Flannery’s statement…you will have to take it on faith, lol.

    There’s still houses in my street that haven’t been rebuilt.

  135. Good point Bacchus.

    Guess scaper will have to take the meaning of the word on faith though. 😉

  136. I don’t call losing control and opening all the gates, mitigation. If the fuse plug blew it would of been a much bigger disaster.

    I live less than 200M from where the Oxley Creek meets the Brisbane River, if the fuse plug blew there would not be a house left in my street!

  137. if the fuse plug blew

    And if the Queen had balls she’d be the King 😆

    Wivenhoe only got to 191% scaper (maximum capacity is 225%) – there was still some storage available…

  138. What a true statement

    “There’s still houses in my street that haven’t been rebuilt.”

    But lets add this

    There should not be houses built back on a flood prone area, unless of course you are a property developer and or choose not to ask for handouts to fix the flood water damage.

  139. NDIS good to see the Labor states and territory put people before politics, but then that is the usual isn’t it.
    Good on SA, Tassie and ACT

  140. ACT government looking at putting free wi-fi on public transport and hot spots around Canberra.

    Liberal government will get in and scrap it of course. Can’t have the plebs getting information and being able to go to communist sites like CW now can we?

  141. “Flannery’s statement”

    Taken out of context by those who use it. Not is that surprising.

    The prediction had no timeline. He was not talking about it happening now.

    He was saying what would happen if the we allowed the carbon emission occur at the current rate.

    He was talking about down the track. He was not talking about current time. He was talking about the future.

    Now the man could have chosen his words better, but maybe he thought most would have the brains to know what he meant.

    That aside, the climate we have endured over the last decade or so has been extreme. We have had record dry followed by record rains.

  142. Leigh Sales give up now, an interview with the PM and rather than the biggest reform this year. the NDIS, stuuuupid Sales wants to talk leadership.

  143. Can we expect the msm to show up the miserly Liberal premiers that put politics before their people.

    Bailleau asked to stump up $40 mill over forward estimates, that’s $40 million over 3 years would not.
    O’ Farrell was asked to put up $70mill over 3 years, but would not. And what is more disgusting if he was asked to commit per capita what SA put up it would have amounted to $90 mill.
    then there is
    Campbell- no money for the NDIS, but money for a high court challenge for miners. what a social conscience .

    then Barnett at his patronising best said well the ‘others are so small they cannot be considered a worthy trial. Tell that to the disabled, their families and carers of SA, Tasmania and the ACT.
    People before politics well that is the Labor way.

  144. He chose to go to the Opposition and their lawyers.

    As arranged when they planted him in Slipper’s office, CU.

    Sue, I didn’t see the interview, but the PM could have shamed her by refusing to discuss the leadership because the PM considers that legislation supporting the disabled and their carers and families is far more important than a media beatup on the leadership.

    It would have had a twofold effect-made Sales and the msm look heartless and uncaring about the plight of the disabled and made the PM look the opposite. Tell me something like that happened.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that the msm will bother to show up the niggardly Liars Party states for what they are; political opportunists who are prepared to abuse the disabled for political purposes.

    I have no doubt the msm will race around to find a so-called carer to proclaim that kicking the disabled in the guts is a “fiscally responsible” act. Maggots!

  145. Jane
    Sales started the interview abou the NDIS but the PM looked so good the word must have been sent to Sales to get onto the ‘real ‘ issues. And yes Sales did ask about the ‘Real Julia’.

  146. The interview with Lyndal Curtis and Cando was better. ABC 24. No one seems to believe him.

    It is real money they have been offered by the Federal Government.

  147. CU
    did you see the presser with all the premiers? The last question by Phil Coorey was brilliant, he was really annoyed with the Premiers for the partisan politics. Cando went all out trying to justify himself.

  148. It will be an interesting exercise to see how the msm write on todays COAG and the NDIS. Particularly as the NDIS is so widely supported in the community.

    A pivotal issue for the msm, on credibility and trust in their profession.

  149. Sue, missed most of it. Did noticed that NSW Premier could not bring himself to look at the PM. Did notice she was relaxed and all charm.

    They do not seem to understand, but I suspect O’Farrell senses, they have been by passed.

    They are like Mr. Abbott finds himself after every encounter, on the outside looking in.

    The NDIS has been launched.

    The PM has saved a lot of money. Queensland and Victoria have missed out.

    Not a bad days work.

    Obviously this PM does not bother negotiating with fools.

  150. paulwello
    looking through the court documents
    even karen doane had a contract with the media advisor 1 week before the Lewis story hit the papers. in fact doane confirms with her media advisor that a look through the internet showed that nothing had broken in news ltd and so far slipper who was o/s was unaware of what was to happen. (see page 121/164)
    at the same time doane is supposedly on sick leave.

    Click to access 20-Jul-2012-Book-of-Respondents-evidence-V2-Pt2.pdf

  151. Also reading the document it seems Ashby is Steve Lewis confidential informant, which seems to blow Lewis defense out of the water. These four Ashby, Doanne Lewis and Brough all have stated no comment on the release of the documents, I think something is going to hit the wall.

  152. Paul why would one think that. We are still been told by the right wingers that hell is about to break out for Labor.

  153. After all the bluster Kathy Jackson drops the Federal Court HSU appeal
    “The move came only a day after Ms Jackson was granted an expedited hearing in the Federal Court
    At that hearing on Tuesday, Mr Brown’s lawyers informed the court that the national union would be seeking costs from Ms Jackson, who was paying her own legal fees after lawyers acting for her pro bono moved to other matters.”


    We need something like this here. As good as CW is in attempting to get the facts out about this government and the truth about the Howard government shortcomings it barely scratches the surface compared to that site exposing the truths on W Bush and the Obama government.

    I’ve only just started going through the plethora of facts the site offers but it already shows how the conservatives work in propagating lies and deceits to simultaneously falsely laud themselves and denigrate the liberals.

    The similarity to the way the Liberals work here is self evident.

  155. More documents lodged by Slipper today

    Right upto end of january all texts to Slipper from Ashby are all supportive, even Ashby suggesting Slipper do a deal with Abbott, to bring down govt and carbon tax for support as LNP candidate. Then as early as 2 Feb there are texts from Ashby with McArdle and others about the deal done to get Slipper. And this is where my reading is at, oh the intrigue

    Click to access 20-Jul-2012-Book-of-Respondents-evidence-V2-Pt4.pdf

  156. ME, this would be a hoot if this moron weren’t aiming to be he next PM. IF.

    It was how little nuance Abbott offered in his diplomatic mission statements. His speech to the AustCham body in Beijing on Tuesday is worth a read. Take this gem on the development of ties with the Middle Kingdom:

    “The Chinese restaurant, long ubiquitous in Australia’s suburbs and towns, was an early sign of our readiness to absorb foreign ways and make them part of our own.”

  157. I’m buying the book 😆

    Tony Speaks!

    The Wisdom of the Abbott…

    Pub date: August 2012
    RRP: $9.99
    ISBN: 9781863955836
    Imprint: Black Inc.
    Format: PB
    Size: 180 x 110mm
    Extent: 96pp

  158. All the bluster by Steve Lewis about his “other” confidential source, so cannot break the journalists special code. Pretty easy to work out sources, Brough and Doane.
    Doane copied and sent diary entries. Lewis and Brough both received them and Brough also sent them to Lewis.

    Now when are the media mates of Lewis going to start copying and pasting into stories these interesting text messages from the lodged court documents.
    Or is that another special code that journalists won’t break? The Truth

  159. We’ll miss you Harry.

    Jenkins retires from federal politics

    The former speaker of the House of Representatives, Harry Jenkins, has announced his retirement from Parliament.

    In a statement to his colleagues and the media today, Mr Jenkins said after 26 years as the local member for the federal seat of Scullin, he will retire at the next federal election.

    Mr Jenkins said he was pleased ”that I have been able to make this decision at a time of my choosing”.

    Late last year Mr Jenkins was dramatically replaced as Speaker by Peter Slipper, who spent a short time in the chair before standing aside to fight sexual harassment and travel rorting allegations.

    Mr Jenkins told the National Times this afternoon that he had no regrets about his decision to leave parliament.

    “It gets to the stage where you’ve done your bit,” he said, noting he was the longest serving MP in the Labor caucus. “It’s time to pass on.”

    Read more:

  160. In the Ashby texts, he talks about his meetings with lawyers and media agent, where he states “they tell me i could be assassinated”. Ashby supposedly then is put into hiding and told not to contact anyone, lewis keeps texting “where ru” the media agent texts Ashby that he will contact Lewis

    so much information, Uhlmann and Lewis can write a new book, forget Marmalde, the new book could all be about Home made Political Pickle.

  161. pip
    yeah Minchin was really annoyed the media guy was not backing his candidate!

    the Seven’s boss candidate is a Pyne faction backer.

  162. Hi everyone, Just a quick question, I am actually looking for a post of Carol/Min’s from a while back. Have all her post been removed? Am I looking at the wrong username? Ta! 🙂

  163. Hi Inga, how long ago was it? And do you remember the name.

    At her request, some posts were returned to her but she has since said that she’s happy for the rest to stay here.

    If it was one of the stories she posted on your behalf it’ll still be here. 🙂

  164. Sue, that would also be Bernardi’s candidate…

    Re Lewis and Uhlman and their masterpiece, there’s a strong possibility that it’s
    release might be delayed if the publisher’s get cold feet!

  165. Hi Migs! No, I was looking for the one, and I can’t recall the name, it was non-political about a dog, a fourth child perhaps… Anyway, I thought there was something wrong with the name I was using. And yes, I thought I saw one of mine in the scroll through, which was what sort of made me think I got it wrong about the username. But no worries, Miglo! Thanks. 🙂

  166. Could this be the root of the States problems. They do not have the power to raise the necessary money to pay for what they are responsible for.

    The results these ongoing battles between states and the federal government..

    The states handed over their taxing powers during the WWW11. Maybe it is time they were handed back.

    It would end the imbalance between the two layers of government. It would end the never ending blame game.

    The states then would be responsible for raising the monies, and for the spending of it.

    Today, their is to much dependence on regressive taxes. Taxes that do not take inbto consideration of the ability of the person to pay.

    ………….Ultimately, though, this is yet another example of the difficulties caused by our fiscal arrangements, where state governments are currently responsible for delivering most of the services we rely on, but the federal government raises the taxes to pay for them. Until, one fine day, our governments bite the bullet and do something about this, we’ll continue to have these ridiculous federal-state conflicts.

  167. They must hunt in packs together. We’ve had a large number of visits today from Andrew Bolt’s blog and also from Piers Ackerman’s. This on Bolt’s:

    Hey, I found myself a lefty fantasy site. Talk about collective delusion.

    Apparently, Thomson is innocent, Ashby and the LNP set up Slipper, Gillard is the best PM ever and Labor will win the next election. Oh, Abbott is evil and will eat our babies.

    Cafe Delusional!
    TM (Reply)
    Thu 26 Jul 12 (06:55am)
    Ace replied to TM
    Thu 26 Jul 12 (11:47am)

    Haha, wonderful stuff TM. There’s so much overwhelming hatred of Abbott in there, and pro-Gillard articles (I’ll stand up for her!) with no justification for why Gillard should be lauded as such a hero ….

    Complains about: ‘Sustained vicious, malicious, abusive, denigrating and threatening public attacks from the nastiest dregs in our society. They attack and threaten personally on blogs, Twitter or Facebook.’

    But simultaneously launches its own barrage of abuse (bogans, rednecks, racist right-wing wankers and so on). I guess it’s a place to vent for them.

    And from Ackerman’s:

    Whom, in their right mind would sign up to any Gillard innitiative? Everything she touches turns into pixy dust!

    On an aside-found a site full of delusional lefties. When someone turns up that does not share their warped delusion they gang up with the abuse then ban the poster before he/she can respond. Worth a look to see how unhinged the left becomes due to delusional group think.
    Grasslands (Reply)
    Thu 26 Jul 12 (08:16am)

    Is it just me, or do these commenters sound familiar? 😉

  168. I have it! Thank you! And am amused at our collective delusion! Bahahahaha! Oh dear… what is going on over there on there side of the fence? What do they talk about? Sometimes I find myself wondering…

  169. Congratulation Miglo, you have made it.

    If we wondered where the trolls came from, we now know.

    As I said, as Abbott’s attraction declined, we could expect an onslaught of trolls.

    I was wrong from the direction they would come from.

    I was thinking more of Bernardi and Menzies House.

    Obviously, Bolt and Ackerman have not heard, that any publicity is good publicity.

    Saying that, I do believe we have a long way to go to be up to their standard in the hate game.

    Very few derogatory, unbased statements are made about Abbott here.

    We mainly talk about what he says and does.

    Yes, we are guilty in concentrating on the positives this PM has achieved.

    Yes, we say why we do not like or trust Abbott,

    Yes, we say why we believe the PM is achieving and leading a duly elected, functional government.

    I do not believe that anyone could point out where he have lied or misrepresented either Abbott or Gillard.

  170. Miglo, we all know our chances of getting dissenting comments on to their sites.

    The answer would be zero.

    Did you try defending the Cafe. I am sure they will post your comment.

    Not that I would waste my time any more. I have given up trying. It was a red letter day, when one got through.

  171. “with no justification for why Gillard should be lauded as such a hero …”

    As usual, they cannot help lying.

  172. What will Pious and Bolta make of this?

    Ashby to Slipper: take me to Budapest

    WHILE he was allegedly being sexually harassed by Peter Slipper, James Ashby asked the Speaker if he could accompany him on an official trip to Hungary, court documents reveal.

    And when the request was knocked backed on March 16, with Mr Slipper telling him it would be against parliamentary rules, Mr Ashby responded jovially that it had been a ”wild idea, but sometimes wild ideas become reality”.

    Read more:

  173. Hi Cu, I never go to those sewer pits run by Bolt and Ackerman, but on this occasion I just followed the links from our site stats.

    I think it’s fairly obvious who wrote those comments.


    It says the most common response has been an educative letter to the business owner and a request that staff be educated about the legal responsibility not to make misleading claims.

    However, the ACCC also notes that some retail and hospitality firms have blamed price increases on the carbon tax in a way that may be deliberately misleading and says it will be less tolerant and take stronger action in these cases.

    The ACCC says further actions are likely to be launched against other companies over the next few weeks.

    Interest in the great big toxic tax seems to be petering out, more quickly than one would have believed.

    I noticed that the spokesman from Caltex today, could not have stated it clearly that the carbon tax has nothing to do with the closing of the refinery. It still did not stop the media ignoring what was said, ranting on how Abbott would still continue on blaming the tax for every job lost. What puzzles me, that this is seen as a new announcement. I seem to recall similliar announcements a couple of months ago, that the refinery was going.

  175. Could the reason the PM is so hated, because the PM has been so successful.

    ……..On top of that, all the parameters of Australia’s economy are excellent. The economy is booming, the best by far in the developed world. The Rudd and the Gillard governments have managed it brilliantly.

    There must be much more to explain why this personable, intelligent, well-informed, hardworking, efficient and accomplished PM is so unpopular.

    Let’s get down to what I believe is the nub of Julia Gillard’s unpopularity problem – the image that has been indelibly stamped on her persona by Tony Abbott, Coalition members, shock jocks and the media. She has been portrayed as a back-stabber, disloyal, treacherous, untrustworthy, deceitful, and, most of all, a liar. ………….

  176. Miglo
    Fancy people who like Bolt and Ackermann feeling threatened by the Cafe.

    They must be doing a major look over there as Abbott has stuffed up while o/s, the Liberal Premiers have done the wrong thing with the NDIS, Pyne has jumped the gun and said NO to gonski even before the govt has put out a response and then came bumbling Hockey who stuffed up as shadow treaurer.

    the carbon tax has fizzled, slipper looks like backfiring on the coalition and still no charges on thomson.
    Yes how miserable for the nutters.

  177. Sue, I think their biggest problem is that we rip the heads of newborn babies.

    It’s funny that they both said they ‘found’ our site. Well golly gosh – they must have been looking for us in the first place.

    Or already knew where we are. 😉

  178. CU
    that poll was attached to a Grattan opinion piece and Grattan disapproved of the Liberal Premiers, astonishing

  179. An elderly man who sent explosives and threatening letters to high-profile Australians has been jailed by a Brisbane judge.

    John Gilbert Gordon, 81, pleaded guilty to charges including using the postal service to make a threat to kill.

    The District Court in Brisbane heard Gordon sent a series of threatening letters between 2007 and 2010.

    They were addressed to people including Prime Minister Julia Gillard, her predecessor Kevin Rudd, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, former premier Anna Bligh and Brisbane Archbishop John Bathersby.

    Some letters contained bullets connected to a detonator.

    One cannot say they who promote hate do not get results.

  180. Yes, Paul, I believe he summed it up wonderfully. He needs to be careful, he will also have Bolt and co after him.

  181. Sue
    July 26, 2012 @ 11:47 pm

    that poll was attached to a Grattan opinion piece and Grattan disapproved of the Liberal Premiers, astonishing

    Are you sure you didn’t misread that??

  182. Catching up @ 12:18 am

    Yes, Paul, I believe he summed it up wonderfully. He needs to be careful, he will also have Bolt and co after him.

    Maybe that should be considered a badge of honour.

  183. Things are really bad for them, when they are reduced to having 80 odd year olds sending threats and explosives through the post.


    The Liberal National Party says there is nothing in the latest court documents in the Peter Slipper case that would prevent Mal Brough running for pre-selection this weekend.

    Mr Brough, a former Howard government minister, is seeking endorsement in the Sunshine Coast seat of Fisher, which is held by Mr Slipper.

    But he is also alleged to have conspired against Mr Slipper.

    The court documents released on Wednesday night show extensive contact between Mr Brough and James Ashby before Mr Ashby lodged sexual harassment allegations against Mr Slipper.

    Mr Brough has previously denied wrongdoing and is not accepting interviews, but LNP director Brad Henderson says there is nothing in the documents to prevent Mr Brough running for pre-selection.

    Court previously heard about contact between Mr Brough and Mr Ashby and another former staffer Karen Doane, with lawyers alleging they colluded to damage Mr Slipper and empower Mr Brough and the LNP, while seeking jobs for themselves through the party.

    The additional 400 pages of documents include more details of communication between them, such as this email from Ms Doane to Mr Brough on April 2 – three weeks before the allegations were filed in court:

    KAREN DOANE: It was a pleasure to finally meet you on Friday, albeit under unfortunate circumstances. As discussed, I have attached an updated resume for the Queensland LNP Government’s consideration.
    MAL BROUGH: Karen, I have forwarded your resume and received a confirmation so let’s hope you get a call soon. If not let me know and I will explore other options. Cheers, Mal.

    AUDIO: Listen to the story (PM)
    Ms Doane later also asks that her resume be considered by LNP member Clive Palmer for a position at his Coolum tourist resort.

    In a text message to Mr Brough she says:

    KAREN DOANE: Thank You for your time and guidance the past few weeks. I look forward to your assistance with Clive and the possibility of working for him.
    As well as Ms Doane’s media and public relations experience and interest in sport, her resume mentions she was “personally selected” to escort Michael Jackson at the Grammy Awards when he won for Thriller and that she designed a “crisis communications strategy” for MGM Studios.

    But Mr Palmer says he does not recall receiving the resume.

    There have been suggestions Mr Palmer is funding the case, but today he tweeted he has not supported Mr Ashby, and Mr Slipper is a man of integrity who he has known for 40 years.

    Ms Doane emailed the following court documents to Mr Brough on April 10:

    KAREN DOANE: Hi Mal, today went reasonably well and I believe James understood he needs to follow the legal advice to have all of his facts sighted and deposition taken.
    Several times over 10 days leading up to Mr Ashby lodging court documents, Mr Brough contacted him saying they needed to talk.

    MAL BROUGH: Hi James, there are potential problems I need to discuss with you as soon as possible. I believe they can be resolved with one conversation between the two of us. I am aware you are on the Coast so happy to meet privately if that is best. Cheers, Mal.
    The new Federal Court documents also include evidence of light hearted banter between Mr Ashby and Mr Slipper, with the staffer suggesting he pay to join the Speaker on an overseas trip.

    Mr Slipper’s email reply:

    PETER SLIPPER: James, sadly the excellent suggestion you made seems too hard. Gather it would be perceived as odd/risky. Cheers, Peter.
    JAMES ASHBY: That’s no worries. It was only a wild idea, but sometimes wild ideas become reality.
    Mr Slipper’s lawyers argue there was other contact between Mr Ashby and Ms Doane and Mr Slipper while the staffers were allegedly working to undermine him.

    Another intriguing aspect to the case is the engagement of a public relations consultant Anthony McClellan by the former staffers.

    About a week before the allegations were made, Mr McClellan emailed Ms Doane:………

  185. [audio src="" /]

    One has to listen for a while before the PM comes on. Failed in putting words into the PM’s mouth.

    Interviewer showed his ignorance and rudeness as usual.

    Note the difference in how the two interviews were conducted.

    If one seen this interview on TV. One could not escape by the stony look on her face, that she was fed up with the treatment this interviewer was dishing out.

  186. Gillard wasn’t prepared to risk being attacked for instituting another tax with a new levy, despite all four conservative premiers backing the idea.

    Tony Abbott’s attacks have clearly rattled the PM’s confidence. And it seems she did not want to share credit for the NDIS, believing that she could score points over conservative state premiers by painting them as heartless for not stumping up funds for trials. But what’s the point of trials, especially in limited jurisdictions well below the numbers suggested by the Productivity Commission, if there is no agreement on funding the full operation of the scheme?

    Funny that. Get it out in the public domain. Get it accepted, does not appear a bad policy to me. Only a fool would set them up to let Abbott knock you down. This is the reality of the political environment today. If the PM did it the way they say, all we would have is “another big tax”

  187. Cu @ 12.37am,
    I was kidding about Grattan writing that she disapproved of the Liberal Premiers… that’s a marked change of attitude from her.

    Exposed: James Ashby’s double-dealing

    JAMES Ashby actively encouraged Peter Slipper to resign from the Liberal National Party before the MP accepted the Speaker’s role last year, but the media adviser continued to moonlight for the LNP despite Mr Slipper’s fear that the party “was out to destroy him”.

    The apparent professional double-dealing led to a spectacular falling out in February between Mr Ashby and Mr Slipper, who had exchanged intensely personal emails and explicit text messages in the previous months.

    Affidavits filed in the Federal Court yesterday revealed the critical role Mr Ashby played in the MP’s decision to quit the LNP to become Labor’s chosen Speaker of the lower house, and the extent to which both men wanted to block the possible return to parliament of Howard government minister Mal Brough, who will this weekend seek LNP preselection in Mr Slipper’s seat of Fisher.

  188. Pip
    Don’t be bothered reading the interpretation of the texts by the australian or any of the msm. I had a look at how Wright in fairfax dealt with the latest court documents and realised she was only interested in a very small timeframe and only those texts of ashby to slipper. during that time frame ashby also texts inge, slippers wife, and if you include those texts there can be a big difference in how things are interpreted.

    the texts get more interesting once you get to early february when all the intrigue / setup begins, however that could reshape the whole narrative the msm had accepted as the “real ” story, the sexual harrassment allegations. if the msm were honest with their readers they would start cautioning their readers that they may be wrong.

    the link to the court documents, or just, leaving the msm middleman out

  189. Well we now know what the Opposition is about. We have been told that they do indeed support the disabled. We know they also support the NDIS.

    But at the same time they abandon schemes that assist these people in the name of reducing the bottom line of the budget.

    Yes if we want it, we can have a better, more efficient and equitable scheme for the disable, but we can only have it, if we agree to another big new tax.

    The PM is being accused of missing the chance of bringing in the scheme, or so they say.

    The PM finds herself in this shocking position because she chose to find the money within the budget itself.

    The PM has re-arranged priorities to do this.

    It is not about not having the money. It is about what one chooses to spend the money on.

  190. So there is no reason that the LNP knows of that prevents Mr. Brough from nominating for Mr. Slippers seat. None at all?

  191. Pip, I would have been surprised if you meant anything else. That is war amazes me about those who criticize us.

    We nearly always use identifiable facts to back up what we say.

  192. A simple request. I have a new phone and forgot to transfer all my email addresses across from the old one. I’d appreciate it if people could email me again so I could capture their addresses.

  193. Today was a good news day on the NDIS, so the following will be more good news stories for the government;
    A good news story on alternative energy in NSW
    “The approval of a commercial wind farm near Glen Innes will give locals a greater understanding of the realities of wind energy, according to the project director of New England Wind.

    Developers were recently given the green light by the Department of Planning to develop the $350 million White Rock Wind Farm, which will be situated about 20km west of Glen Innes.

    The farm will include 119 turbines that will produce enough energy for 130,000 homes. Construction is expected to begin in early 2014.”

  194. A good news story on the NBN for local government:
    “ARMIDALE Dumaresq Council has become the first council in Australia to receive federal funding for NBN-enabled local government services.

    Council received $375,000 from the Federal Government through the Digital Local Government Program to improve customer services through videoconferencing and enable better public access to council officers.”

  195. A good news story on carbon credits purchased by an australian company in australia:
    “Qantas has entered into an agreement to buy more than a million tonnes of carbon credits from Henbury Station in central Australia.

    The 527,000 hectare station was bought by RM Williams Agricultural Holdings for $13 million last year.
    Qantas environment issues head John Valastro says it is the first time the airline has sourced carbon credits in Australia.

    He says the agreement will go a long way to fulfilling the airline’s liabilities under Australia’s carbon pricing scheme.

    “What makes this one quite unique is … the size and the scale and … (what) they are doing in terms of the methodology they’re using to actually generate the credits,” he said.

    “(It) is about revegetating and repurposing the land.

    “We see that as being a powerful use of the sourcing of carbon credits.”

    Mr Valastro says the agreement will support both the company and customer carbon-offset programs.”

  196. Here’s to the supporters of the Cafe, who have been under attack by the right wingers, we deserve a good laugh and here is a beauty. The following was written by Peter Van Onselen less than 24 hours ago.

    “SNATCHING defeat from the jaws of victory is hard to do, but Julia Gillard is better at it than most. Her decision to reject a levy to fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme – put forward by the premiers on Tuesday – is yet another poor decision.

    Gillard needs a policy outcome that Labor can be proud of. Unfortunately, political timidity converged with policy selfishness, and the disabled are the ones left with a limited trial instead of a funding mechanism that could have allowed the NDIS to be rolled out nationally.”

    just how wrong can a guy get, but then he is one of the many like minded opinion writers of the australian.

  197. Sue, it appears the new boys are in charge.

    Sue, I believe the story got the names wrong. It should read the Premiers……

  198. Sue, thanks for all the links.

    The clever Prof. PVO got a little ahead of himself.. what a shame 😆

    Just goes to show, being a political scientist hasn’t saved PVO from being reduced to one of Murdoch’s opinion minions…

  199. Poor old PvO, he stays up all night trying to put a negative spin on Gillard staring down the Liars and it’s all wasted. They caved!

    And what bullshit that rejecting the idea of imposing a tax is a bad decision, when morons like PvO would be screaming about Gillard’s GREAT BIG NEW TAX! And Pvo would be in there sinking the slipper as hard as he could

  200. Jane and Pip

    And yesterday Bailleau and O’Farrell were trying to say their cave in wasn’t because the Liberal Premiers had tried to win a political battle. Well in today’s quotes here is Campbell Newman putting the lie to that.

    “I care just as much about people and their needs as anybody who’s in the Labor Party,” Newman.”

    Meanwhile the people of Gympie know he tokenly said he was prepared for the Gillard government to use that area as a launch as long the Gillard government paid for it, not him. And Gympie was only ever a token or throw away area as the Newman government sent a submission that was apparently 1.5 pages long where as governments who wanted to be part of it put in detailed submissions.
    Gympie residents should look at any government letter the heading and signature take up more than 75% of any page, tht’s an indication of how serious Newman was.

  201. Out on the fringe, solar comes of age

    Good news and something that will only get better.

    It’s about time the media had a closer look at Abbott’s carbon abatement policy as one of its key tenets is spending $1b on solar panels for homes, yet that scheme as it stands has an estimated cost of $133 per tonne of carbon and is open to rorting on a grand scale.

  202. Mobius thanks for the link

    The picture that accompanies the photo is a great example why developers should have little to do energy reduction promotion. solar panels on black rooftops. Black rooftops in outer, bloody hot in summer, melbourne. the air conditioners they will need just to get rid of all that extra hot air in the roof cavities. i just hope they got some of those pink batts.

  203. If you want a guage for how big the cave in on the NDIS was for O’Farrell than look no further than Telegraph on line. Not 1 article on the NDIS

    And as for Bailleau, he hasn’t got any articles in the Herald Sun, either, even though he is supposedly tipping in an extra $2 million on the Gillard , far too high $40 million.
    The HS still has up this now stupid opinion piece by Hudson now unfortunately titled

    “Show us the money’
    TED Baillieu has unwittingly done Julia Gillard a favour by not signing up to the first stage of the desperately needed National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    The Victorian Premier’s decision to squabble when asked to stump up an extra $40 million allows a Prime Minister under enormous pressure to be the champion of the real battlers in our society.”

    An extra $2million Phillip, what a squabble, and who ended up under enormous pressure . Talk about “show us the money”, Bailleau threw it so fast he must have thought it would buy a lifeline.

  204. Unbelievable isn’t it Sue how the right wing media spin a cave-in by Liberal Premiers as a loss for Gillard, when from the get-go all she had been attempting is to get a better outcome for the disabled in this country.

    That has to be spun into her playing political games because apparently she’s under enormous stress and so should be pressured even more by not allowing her policies that help fellow Australians, especially disadvantaged ones, to get up.

    Has Australia, once known for its generosity and kindness, now under right wing dominated media, a rapacious opposition plus 10+ years of a socially terrible conservative government come to this, where anything a non-conservative government does, no matter how much benefit it will bring or how much it will further Australia must be crushed or hobbled so as to be counted as a failure with the sole aim of putting a conservative government in power at all costs, even at the cost of the nation and its people.

    How terrible the Liberals have become and how terrible the media that supports them.

  205. Mobius. I think you’ll appreciate this story of ‘endless’ negativity and madness of the “journalists”.

    The Mobius Strip of Leadership Tensions

    We’ll look back at this period not with a distaste for our Prime Minister, or a longing to have been represented by someone other than her. We’ll look back with the memory of inept journalists and their obsession with opinion poll sideshows, gossip and innuendo in the place of facts, positivity and truthful reporting about the best Prime Minister this country has ever had.

  206. For another look at the media and leadership tensions I recommend you watch

    Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell ,27 July 2012

    a great spoof

    Mobius what has been uplifting the last few days is that Australian’s have vented their anger against the right wing meanness of spirit, the fair go is valued. it appears ordinary folk haven’t bought the BS. And to be fair , there was some in the media who had had enough as well and said so.

  207. It looks as though Swan has decided to turn the screws on Newman and show him up for what he is

    “FEDERAL Treasurer Wayne Swan has renewed his attack on Queensland premier Campbell Newman, calling him “cold-hearted and callous” for refusing to fund a trial of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    I don’t believe he’s fair dinkum about doing something to assist Queenslanders with disabilities and Australians with disabilities,” he told reporters in Brisbane.

    “I call on him to put away the politics and to get stuck into working constructively with the federal government.”

    Mr Swan estimated an NDIS launch site in Queensland would set the state back an extra $20 million.”

  208. There is an election in Canberra in October a look in the Canberra Times today has these articles from Labor and the Liberals

    Labor—–CANBERRA would become Australia’s first digital city under a plan announced by Chief Minister Katy Gallagher yesterday.
    Ms Gallagher said, if re-elected at the October ACT election, the government would spend $2.9 million over four years to connect Canberrans with free Wi-Fi.
    Ms Gallagher told the ACT Labor Conference in Canberra of her vision to turn the capital into the nation’s first digital city and unveiled the first initiatives of a Connected Capital policy.

    Liberals —THE A.C.T. opposition has called for prisoners on work release to be searched when returning to the Alexander Maconochie Centre after a drunk inmate broke his leg when falling from a fence during a botched prison escape

    Read more:

  209. Climate change study forces sceptical scientists to change minds

    Earth’s land shown to have warmed by 1.5C over past 250 years, with humans being almost entirely responsible

    The funding for the project included $150,000 from the Charles G Koch Charitable Foundation, set up by the billionaire US coal magnate and key backer of the climate-sceptic Heartland Institute thinktank.

    Any bets on the likelihood of withdrawal of funding?

  210. Pip
    I hope the funding was cash upfront and not a cheque.

    It would be good if some other “new” sceptics could be found to do some research, than low and behold the research could find their analysis is wrong. But not before being published in newspapers world wide.

  211. Abbott on ABC 24. Take a look at the impressions of the red head standing behind him. Such a unhappy face.

  212. Wasting money NBN Digging up a street near you. Every answer. Government wasting money.

    No sense answers galore.

    Good economic management is the foundation of good government services down. Then maybe we should keep the one we got.

    Howard years that got production up. That is a new one on me.

    It goes on and on, the lies.

  213. FAR fewer voters believe the carbon tax will hurt them now they have experienced it but the policy is still unpopular and so is the government that introduced it.
    The latest Herald/Nielsen poll, taken about a month after the introduction of a carbon price, shows the proportion of voters who thought they would be worse off has slumped dramatically while those who feel it will make no difference has soared.
    In the poll taken a month ago, just before the carbon price began, 51 per cent felt they would be worse off, 37 per cent thought it would make no difference, and only 5 per cent felt they would be better off.

    The latest poll of 1400 people, taken from Thursday to Saturday nights, finds 38 per cent feel they are worse off, a drop of 13 percentage points, while 52 per cent feel it has made no difference, a rise of 15 points. Again, only 5 per cent believe they are better off.

    Read more:

  214. ………..Yet 61 per cent of Labor voters believe the party must stick with Ms Gillard while only 36 per cent support a change. Overall, 52 per cent of voters back a change while 42 per cent oppose it.
    Mr Abbott leads Ms Gillard as preferred prime minister by 48 per cent to 43 per cent but both are deeply unpopular with voters.
    Ms Gillard showed a slight improvement with her approval rating up 2 points to 37 per cent and her disapproval rate down 2 points to 56 per cent…………

    Read more:

  215. Cu @ 11:04 am

    Another Abbott lie to come as I guarantee he won’t make the Toxic Carbon Tax, the wrecking ball of the Australian economy and the python strangling the life out of the country, the number one election issue as he promised he would many times leading up to the introduction of the tax.

    Will we see the media and his rusted on zombie trolls hold him to account over that set in stone promise? Don’t be silly, of course not.

  216. This is a concern.

    Big companies like Coles have been severing the connection with their workforce, contracting it out to a third party – often a labour hire company – and wiping their hands of any responsibility for wages, conditions or job security.

    The simple reason for this is money.

    Under this model, the contractors are forced to bid against each other to see who can supply labour the cheapest. And workers then find their own pay and conditions being bid down as well.

    I think most Australians would be worried by that. No one wins from a race to the bottom on wages and conditions.

  217. Mining magnate Gina Rinehart has been ordered to pay the legal bills of three of her four children incurred in their long-running battle to remove her as trustee of the family’s multibillion-dollar trust.
    Mrs Rinehart, who is Australia’s richest person and the wealthiest woman in the world, has also been ordered to pay costs to media organisations Fairfax Media (publisher of and The Australian Financial Review), Nationwide News (publisher of The Daily Telegraph and The Australian) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

  218. The Murdochratic State

    Anyone beguiled by pompous appeals by the Murdoch press in Australia for the defence of “freedom” against the Leviathan of the state needs to read Tom Watson’s ‘Dial M for Murdoch’ – a forensic examination of the gradual corruption of the British state by News Corporation.

    Reading the book should cure any delusion you have that these events are in any way controversial. It shows in great detail that Murdoch leads a criminal organisation which buys police, puts politicians on the payroll, intimidates regulators, invades privacy and routinely smears critics to get its way.

    Here in Australia, the standard defence is that News Ltd, the local operating company, is a far different beast to News International, the UK arm of the corporation and an organisation that makes Tony Soprano’s fictional gang look like pink jump-suited Eurovision song entrants.

    But read the book. What’s striking is that everything you see in the UK – the high-minded editorialising about ‘freedom’, the Sicilian-style vendettas, the wagon-circling tribalism, the vicious smearing of critics, the self-interested attacks on public broadcasting, the backroom deals, the courting and anointing of favoured politicians – is evident in Australia.

  219. Catching up
    July 30, 2012 @ 12:16 pm

    This is a concern.

    What should concern you more if you care about the people who work in our supermarkets is the introduction of “self serve” checkouts where you have just one employee watching six checkouts, Think for a moment about how that affects employment prospects and you will realise that the matter that you raise in your citation is very small beer by comparison.

  220. Should we be looking at the way our country works. I remember that Mr. Whitlam believed in review of the Constitution. Should we be doing that now. Maybe a Productivity Commission report at least.

    I have the feeling that too much change has come about by stealth, undermining the strength of the Federation.

    …F AUSTRALIAN federalism isn’t dead, it’s certainly on life support.

    For almost a century we’ve seen Canberra and the states slug it out like some dysfunctional family. If our federation were a real clan, it would be on the Jerry Springer show.

    Anyone doubting the fitness of our federal family should look at the recalcitrance last week of four of its members at a Council of Australian Governments meeting. They were there to discuss with Prime Minister Julia Gillard the prospect of a long-awaited National Disability Insurance Scheme, but discussion quickly descended into partisan debate as support for the NDIS split across party lines.

    Any lingering doubt that Australian co-operative federalism is just a facade was irrevocably removed as the final fraud was stripped bare….

  221. I am concerned, I do not use the checkouts. My daughter does, and behold they are slower. It is harder to keep the toddlers in line.

    Then standing behind that checkout counter is not the nicest way to spend ones day.

    Then that is progress. Would you go back to the old family store, where one lined up at the counter. I think not.

    New jobs appear to replace those lost by technology. Once again, nothing is black and white..

  222. Another plus for the useless PM

    National Australia Bank chief executive Cameron Clyne has come out in support of a higher superannuation rate, saying lifting it to 15 per cent would have great benefits for the economy.

    The federal government’s superannuation guarantee levy, currently at nine per cent of an employee’s basic earnings, is set to rise in increments to 12 per cent, starting with an increase to 9.25 per cent next year.

  223. Policy from another site. Blog master please not. Not suggesting any action. Just similar respect.


    New commenters will have their comments moderated until I am satisfied with their bona fides. I expect that any email address that is provided with a comment should be a valid one. Failure to provide a real email address will mean that your comment will not appear on my blog.

    Civility and good manners

    These virtues are important in the real world and I believe that in the bloggosphere that remains the case. I love an argument and robust debate but please play nice and we can all remain good friends.

    The English language is a wonderful creature that all of us who write try very hard to master. Now I am the first to admit that my spelling is not always perfect. However I have grown rather tired of certain people who comment at my blogs making a great deal of the errors that slip through my best efforts to present clear and cogent prose.

    If I make any errors in my posts and I notice them I have no reservations against correcting those errors, I will even be thankful to readers who, in a spirit of good will, let me know that I have erred, however I have lost all patience for agents of the “Spelling Police”; comments that I deem to be of that nature will be deleted and the commenter will be banned from making further comment here.
    Have you made a mistake in your comment?

    If someone makes an error in their comment I am happy to correct those errors after a polite request to do so. We are all human and when it comes to spelling errors made by others I know that it is a case of “there but for the Grace of God go I” but smart arses or trolls will be shown no mercy.

  224. CU

    Then that is progress. Would you go back to the old family store, where one lined up at the counter. I think not.

    New jobs appear to replace those lost by technology. Once again, nothing is black and white..

    The problem with such optimism is that is that the real world experience does not support it.

    As a lefty I would have expected that you might be bit more circumspect about the social effects of so called “progress”

  225. Iain, could you please explain to us all. Why is it that TA wants to dismantle the Carbon Price on companies, which on affects just over 300 companies but wants to bring in a PPL to be funded by a 1.5 percent levy on companies with taxable incomes in excess of $5 million. The levy will apply only to taxable income in excess of $5 million. Now this would be more than 300 companies would it not.

  226. Well I knew Howard was a manipulator of events for political gain rather than a creator of events for national gain but this is low.

    Heard an interview on Radio National this afternoon with Steve Bracks.

    Interesting story came up as to Bracks’s visit to East Timor as Victorian Premier and immediately wanted to help out. He came across the house where the Balibo Five Reporters were killed. The house was run down and there was nothing indicating what it was and the historic event that took place there.

    Bracks went about finding out information on the house and discovered it had no title and dubious ownership. So he went back to Australia to organise to get ownership of it and turn it into a community centre for Balibo and a monument to the Five. The first person he contacted was Howard who refused to respond to any correspondence from Bracks on the matter.

    Bracks went on to get Channel 7 and 9 along with a big business onboard along with some Victorian government money. He turned the house into a community centre for the Balibo region and put in a memorial to the Five.

    In Bracks’s last days in East Timor when it was all finished there was a letter shoved under his room door by the Australian Embassy. It was from Howard telling Bracks that whatever he needed to get the job done Howard was willing to do it. This after everything was finished and done underhanded by a letter shoved secretly under a door.

    It was Howard covering his back so if there was a backlash over him refusing to help out from the start he could tell the media he had offered to give whatever it took, and if it was bought up that it was after the fact and done sneakily he would say it was just a Labor Premier stirring up trouble against him.

    This is Howard conducted his decade plus of stewardship. Either creating crises by neglect or sidestepping the issue and then coming in after it was all done offering the world to help, whilst engaging in as much media promotion on how good he and his government are.

  227. The old throw back without answering the question.

    The tax that will have the biggest effect on the economy is Abbott’s carbon abatement scheme by a country mile.

    If WA and Queensland get their way in convincing a gormless Abbott then the next biggest influence will be Abbott’s changes to the GST.

    The next after that will probably be the scrapping of the MRRT that will be one step towards what’s happened in the US. A report on wages over the last decade there are shocking.

    But probably the greatest killer for ordinary working Australians will be WorkChoices.

  228. Mobius and,

    This after everything was finished and done underhanded by a letter shoved secretly under a door.

    I am surprised that little Johnny didn’t immediately call a press conference to boast about his accomplishment. 👿

  229. Iain you have not answered the Question, why do you keep running away, ANSWER THE QUESTION????

  230. Iain, I do not understand your comments. I am not a Luddite. I welcome new technology with open arms. Why would one not.

    I find nothing I like on your site.

    I was beginning to think we are being to hard on you here, but seeing how nasty you treat those who disagree with you, that is not true.

    Living costs, year to June
    Working families: 0.7%
    Age Pensioners: 0.7%
    Self-funded retirees: 0.7%
    Newstart and other benefits: 1.3%
    Consumer Price Index: 1.2%
    ABS 6463.0
    The government statistician has a sobering message for Australians who think their own personal rates of inflation are way in excess of the official rate of 1.2 per cent. It’s that they are probably much lower.

    Living cost indexes released yesterday by the Bureau of Statistics show that among so-called working families average costs climbed just 0.7 per cent in the year to June. A year earlier they had been soaring at an annual rate of 4.5 per cent.

    Driving down the rates of inflation actually experienced by working households have been dramatic slides in mortgage interest rates, more than enough to offset higher electricity and gas charges. Mortgage payments are around 50 per cent more important to household budgets than energy charges. The ABS includes them in its calculation of household living costs but not in its measure of inflation……

  232. Paul
    I rise early and go to bed early and after 4 pm I cede the one computer in the the house that connects to the internet to my children so that they can pursue their interest in Minecraft so please don’t badger me to answer your question right away when they are posted at the times when I can’t answer them.

    Iain, could you please explain to us all.

    I’ll try but I expect that you will be immune to my good sense

    Why is it that TA wants to dismantle the Carbon Price on companies, which on affects just over 300 companies

    The part that I have emboldened is where you enunciate a false assumption, the carbon TAX will affect every aspect of our economy as there is no way under heaven that those “300” (its more than that) companies won’t increase the cost of their commodities or services to the rest of us The knock on effect is going to be truly massive, something that Gillard acknowledges by creating a massive money churn to “compensate” those people receiving government payments.

    but wants to bring in a PPL to be funded by a 1.5 percent levy on companies with taxable incomes in excess of $5 million. The levy will apply only to taxable income in excess of $5 million. Now this would be more than 300 companies would it not.

    While the number of companies who will have to pay this levy may well exceed 300 the affect on the greater economy will be orders of magnitude smaller than the Carbon TAX and its the effect on the economy as a whole that matters is it not?

  233. Catching up @ 7:55 pm

    Iain, I do not understand your comments. I am not a Luddite. I welcome new technology with open arms. Why would one not.

    I’m not a Luddite either but we should all question the introduction of technology that reduces the opportunities for people to be employed, especially when the positions lost are usually filled by what we might describe as the ordinary working class. You admitted that it takes your daughter longer to use the self serve checkouts and that its harder for her to supervise her child while doing so. Further you live alone so I imagine that you might, like me, enjoy the contact with a real human being when you shop. Well just imagine doing all of your shopping and not once speaking to a person while you do so…

    I find nothing I like on your site.

    Oh I am cut to the bone! did you not like my nature photos? or the picture in my header?

    I was beginning to think we are being to hard on you here, but seeing how nasty you treat those who disagree with you, that is not true.

    I treat those I disagree with rather well actually, far better than most long term bloggers do in fact. What I have no patience for is people who drop in and attack me personally, then I take no prisoners.

  234. I like Iain’s page title Iain Hall’s SANDPIT… Bringing light into the darkness….

    Sounds like Iain just invented the fire.

  235. Sorry Iain, pretty pictures are nice. It is context that interest me, There is none there.

    By the way, I might live alone, but you have come to the wrong assumption/presumption, that this means I do not have human contact. I have spent a enjoyable few hours with another human that appear to enjoy my company.

    That is the problem with your assumptions. presumptions, you get it wrong on most occasions.

    Welcome to the real world.

    PS it will not break the bank to pick up a second Computer. I manage to provide my grandson and his father with there own, at Littleton or no cost. I even manage one for the grandson who lived with is on access visits. It was not necessary but in made him feel one of the family.

    Iain, sorry you have a answer for everything and are bullshit.

    I have been too busy, enjoying the company of other humans to reply before this. Yes, my company appears to be appreciated. That surprised me, but must mean something.

  236. Iain, by the way, having respect for the offices of out democracy is not the same same as deference to a King or Queen. It is about good manners that oil the wheels of a civil society. It is simply about good manners. about treating others, as we like them to treat us. it is a little like treat others like you want them us. By the comments you make, this you do not believe.

  237. Catching up @ 4:32 pm

    Sorry Iain, pretty pictures are nice. It is context that interest me, There is none there.


    By the way, I might live alone, but you have come to the wrong assumption/presumption, that this means I do not have human contact. I have spent a enjoyable few hours with another human that appear to enjoy my company.

    Good for you 😉

    That is the problem with your assumptions. presumptions, you get it wrong on most occasions.

    No definitely not most occasions

    PS it will not break the bank to pick up a second Computer. I manage to provide my grandson and his father with there own, at Littleton or no cost. I even manage one for the grandson who lived with is on access visits. It was not necessary but in made him feel one of the family.

    We have three PCs in our household and I could easily get more if I wanted to. Its just that like most prudent parents I don’t have all of those PCs internet enabled

    Iain, sorry you have a answer for everything and are bullshit.

    Of course I have an answer for everything, as for bullshit well it makes the garden grow 😉

    I have been too busy, enjoying the company of other humans to reply before this. Yes, my company appears to be appreciated. That surprised me, but must mean something.

    Well I have a young family to care fore my self and they appreciate me as well

    Catching up @ 4:53 pm

    Iain, by the way, having respect for the offices of out democracy is not the same same as deference to a King or Queen. It is about good manners that oil the wheels of a civil society. It is simply about good manners. about treating others, as we like them to treat us. it is a little like treat others like you want them us. By the comments you make, this you do not believe.

    I think it is essentially the same thing the only difference being one of scale.

    jane @ 9:31 pm

    I like Iain’s page title Iain Hall’s SANDPIT…

    Or should it be CESSPIT, paulwello?

    I am entirely unsurprised that you should get all scatological after all you are only capable of making Ad hominem arguments to everything that you dislike or disagree with politically.

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