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  1. The ‘Under Destruction’ page is now open as well. This will also be an ongoing thread where we can expose the broken promises of the new Liberal Governments in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.

  2. No fracking way in NSW, the agrarian socialists and greens are as one against the O’Farrell government.

    I’m still undecided, but at this stage the multinationals should lay off the agricultural land.

  3. “…but at this stage the multinationals should lay off the agricultural land.”


    Multinationals already own most of the agricultural land.

  4. Not sure about that Mo, we should stop frakking until we are certain of the outcomes.

    These multinationals are raping the land.

  5. ‘A Herald/Nielsen poll has found two-thirds of Australians oppose decriminalisation.

    ‘The finding shows little change in attitudes from a similar poll taken 13 years ago.

    ‘The latest poll finds 27 per cent of voters support decriminalisation, although that figure rises to 50 per cent of Greens and 34 per cent of Labor voters. Support among Liberal and National party voters is much lower, at 18 per cent.’

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/twothirds-opposed-to-easing-of-drug-laws-20120520-1yz36.html#ixzz1vTQsPE7T

  6. El gordo, I would suggest that two-thirds of Australians believe that “coming down hard on…” is the way to deter “criminals”.

    This is Criminal Law 101, punishments are not the way to stop crime..the thing which reduces crime is the likelihood of being caught.

    Take for example the once rampant crime of shop lifting. This is rare today because of security measures..that is, the likelihood of being caught.

    If you think about it, it makes sense. Severe punishments with little likelihood of being caught do not act as a deterent.

    Unfortunately the drugs issue is not treated as it should be, and this is as a medical issue. Imagine if people who were drug users from those with a problem with over-use of marijuana to those with addictions to hard drugs, the uppers and downers could be treated as a medical problem and not as a criminal problem.

  7. As a long time Labor voter I’m for drug law reform, alcohol is by far the most dangerous drug in society.

  8. El gordo, alcohol and gambling addiction are by far the most dangerous drugs.

    A reason why so many have turned to other drugs, for example dope and party drugs is due to the booze buses. As per my earlier statement, a direct correlation to the likelihood of being caught.

    Therefore people could no longer drink and drive, and so they smoked dope and took party drugs instead.

  9. ‘..alcohol and gambling addiction are by far the most dangerous drugs.’

    Yes and if Julia had only concentrated her efforts on fixing these pernicious addictions, instead of stopping the seas rising, it would be a different world.

    The Greens and Labor stalwarts would be cheering and her poll numbers high, it’s the difference between good policy and bad policy.

  10. I’m with you Pip, absolutely full of it.

    Again showing an ignorance of what the Gillard government has done or attempted to do and attempting to tie that to a very narrow point of view on just one topic. And they say the Greens are a one trick party.

    But the constant errornous and based on falderal guff on the one single item of the carbon tax got tiring a long time ago.

  11. Clive has history of ‘Branch stacking’. It’s why he was kicked out of the Liberal Party in the 1970s.

    If he really wants pre-selection he will get it (after all he is the owner of the LNP) but I suspect it’s all a stunt.

  12. It could be possible that he is telling the truth.

    Federal MP Craig Thomson was nervous and appeared uncomfortable during his parliamentary address – but he believed what he was saying, body language experts say.
    “He obviously was nervous about the fact that he was making a speech because he had at least six glasses of water. But apart from the nervousness about what he was doing, there was nothing contradictory,” body language expert Allan Pease said about the one-hour speech today.
    “He believed what he was saying. It’s doesn’t necessarily mean anybody else does, but he did.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/thomson-believed-what-he-was-saying-body-language-expert-20120521-1z0pj.html#ixzz1vV959mkC

  13. More important.

    The Coalition declared that the government was ‘cookign the books’ because it was shifting figures around. I hate to inform the Coalition but that is what happens in any budget, whether it’s a huge multi-national or the household budget. Perhaps the Coalition’s problem with its own Budget figures is that it hasn’t worked out what a budget is; or that it takes shifting figures around to make it work.
    It is pretty serious that the alternative government would suggest the federal government is cooking the books based on regular budgeting practices. And it’s even more serious that the mainstream media have taken up the ‘cook the books’ like a clarion call.
    Then the poor citizens of Australia suffered the rantings of the shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, who declared they’d never ‘cook the books’ and shift money around. The problem for the coalition with such attacks is that the coalition is hopeless compromised by them. Here’s a quick list of things they’re compromised on when speaking about the budget:
    You only need to look at the alternative budget with its $70 billion black hole – they counted asset sales as savings for starters.
    You only need to consider the fact that the Coalition seeks out catering companies to give costings for opening detention centres in foreign countries.
    So far nothing costed by the Coalition has proven to hold true.
    The baby bonus and school kids bonus are different because ‘they are’.
    But worst of all for the Coalition is that by claiming the government was ‘cooking the books’, the Coalition is attacking ordinary Australians. Perhaps the Coalition hasn’t heard of what goes into creating a budget. Maybe for all their talk about being the friends of big business, the reality is that they’re clueless about business.
    Unfortunately for the Coalition shifting amounts around to cover expenses and free up funds for other things is called budgeting.
    It’s not cooking the books; it’s budgeting.

  14. Cu, thanks for the links.

    Alex wrote

    You only need to consider the fact that the Coalition seeks out catering companies to give costings for opening detention centres in foreign countries.

    … and they’ve accused the government of “cooking the books”.

  15. Pip, there is so much going on.

    I was waiting for the bus. Had a fair wait, so bought the Tele for the crosswords and fill in the time.

    A lady my age was sitting beside me. As we know Thomson photo was the main attraction. Started reading.

    I live in the next electorate to Thomson.

    I thought I would be a little cheeky, saying I do not know why I buy the paper. The reply I got from her, was there is enough on the TV and radio without the paper.

    We knew both looking at the same photo and Thomson was who she meant.

    I added, he should be making his speech now. Moved quickly in case I continue with politics.

    It was clear that it was the stories she was sick of.

    The interviews in the higher income areas, on the edge of the electorate at Erina Bowling club gave the same impression.

    It is my impression it could back fire on Abbott. He could become the underdog.

    Thomson does not have to defend every allegations, as Pyne seems to believe. he only needs to prove a small number incorrect, to bring suspicion on the rest.

  16. I don’t think that one’s intentional Nas – in this case more likely an unhappy coincidence 🙂

  17. I personally am totally pissed off with politics and given that this is Open Thread, thought that I might play something from the Beatles. It’s from the Revolver album..a lesser known Beatles song and in my opinion one of their best… but some people just don’t want to listen.

  18. Also originally from the Revolver album, George Harrison.. The original was better, but this one is ok with Eric Clapton.

  19. I couldn’t work for a better person than Rupert Murdoch said Greg Sheridan on Q&A…… I was channel surfing …. teev is now off!

    Same here Min, I’m sick to death of Christopher bloody Pyne for a start; he’d have to be THE most annoying man in the country.

    Min, what about a Bee Gees number in memory of Robin Gibb.

  20. Cu, I have the feeling that the Coalition need to think their strategy through again; they haven’t just over-egged the pudding, they’ve p’d in the soup.

    “people in glass houses” comes to mind…

  21. On the calls to brothels investigated by FWA, this is yet another issue

    “Mr Thomson questioned another alleged call to an escort service at Bateau Bay, on the NSW Central Coast, saying he said he had not moved to the area until four years later in 2009.”

  22. LOVO, we Asperger’s may not be able to sing..but by God we got the moves.. 😉

    My current feeling is..Ain’t no use in tryin’ and by God..I gotta get outta this place.

  23. Sue, the thought of these leeches reviewing Thomson’s tracks makes me feel sick.

    Napoleon syndrome perhaps?.

  24. ABC must have discovered the same sites, we have. They are using photos from them. Wonder if they are reading the stories. Put Nassios in Google and one gets more.

    Thomson pit out a letter, that everything he said is in the public domain.

    We know that is true, as wixxy has pulled much of it together.

    I do not see how the media can ignore it now, even if it makes Thomspn look good.

  25. Sue, the whole review, or should I say those who did the investigation, needs to be reviewed.

    Jackson was quick to declare that Craig Thomson is “delusional’ as was Mr. Bolano. and she welcomes the chance to have her say in the parliament.

    That should be a riveting national telecast.

    “Delusional” will probably be the buzzword this week.

  26. Thomson also said today that he had asked FWA to remove Delegate Nassios. Does anyone know more on this?

  27. TERRY Nassios, the Fair Work Australia officer who castigated Craig Thomson for excessive travel and hospitality spending on his union credit card, enjoyed business-class airfares, valet parking and up to $500 in overnight travel allowances during his investigation.

    Mr Nassios would regularly fly from his base in Melbourne to Sydney to interview people in connection with his three-year investigation into the Health Services Union.


  28. Statements to parliament – interesting… What’s the threat to a non-parliamentarian of misleading or lying to parliament?

  29. Bacchus, what about Mr. Abbott’s reply to the budget, that was full of very obvious lies. One that comes to mind, that he is going to restore growth in the economy.

    Now we all know, since Labor came to power, there has only been quarter of no growth.

  30. I believe they could be jailed for contempt of parliament, or something along that line.

  31. Yep CU – I just wondered what the “stick” was for the likes of Cathy Jackson telling pokies in parliament. She could hardly be “thrown out” of her seat in parliament or suspended for a period – she doesn’t have a seat!

  32. full of very obvious lies

    Sure, but prove in a court that what he said is lies, rather than “robust parliamentary debate’… 😉

  33. Bacchus, there was growth or there was no growth. No argument with that.

    If there was growth, his promise to restart growths is based on a lie. No ifs, no buts.

    There are others that are just as brazen.

    He choose the words, not to enhance the economy but to give the impression that Labor is useless.

    They could move suspension of standing orders to allow Mr. Abbott to explain why he made the claims. In other words, justify what he said.

  34. Just a note. I am quitting. Bye. With Michael’s permission I will be writing a farewell topic in the next week or so. However, I will be awaiting his advise on this. I had hoped to make it until the 6th June when it will be the blog’s 2nd birthday, but I will have to wait and see on that one.

    I am completely blogged out and due to many personal issues feel that I can no longer contribute to the extent which I once did. I am sure that everyone will forgive me.

    Who knows, with a bit of kick start (no handyrab, not where you would like to kick me), I might be hopefully back writing again asap..hopefully.

  35. ABC Radio 702 Interesting discussion.

    This is a desperate government holding onto power.

    This is a desperate Opposition that did not accept the vote of the last election.

    Oakeshott electorate is conservative not Labor. Sorry, they rejected both. Non of the Independents agree to do anything, that was not in their election promises.

    Mr. Oakeshott has suggested that maybe the Opposition should be refrerred to the Privilege Commission for intimidating a duly elected MP from exercising his vote.

    Do we need a new body to oversight the behavior of MP’s What would they do. Referred the matter to the appropriated authorities.

    Griener is an example why this did not work.

    There was a caller that suggest that we change to the senate system of replacing a member with one of the same party, not a by-election.

    We have a speaker once again claiming the minority government is not legit.

    We have many callers demanding that the courts is where this should be solves.

    This government is duly elected.

    One speaker has just said the people did not get it right. He said that the government is not faltering. It is functioning extremely well.

    This matter is just a aside.

    Government doing everything in their power to whole onto power.
    I suspect it is a Opposition is desperate for power. Is willing to do anything to gain it.

    Overnight there were many that were disgusted at the behavior of the Opposition.

    Mr. John Dowd was the other speaker with Cheryl Kerner. I generally like the man, but not this morning. Kerner accuse him of staying on message with the Liberal propaganda.

    Many where impressed with what Mr. Thomson had to say. Some were not aware that the police are already involved.

    I do like Oakeshott idea that the Opposition be sent to the privilege committee.

    Callers are not to impressed with Drowd.

    We are back to whether this is an democratic elected government

    One thing for sure, people appear to be listening once again.

    Caller. We are not tied to a two party system. Sums it all up.

    Many indignant at the voicing that their voice does not count.

    Are we last getting down to what it is all about.

    The Liberals cannot accept the decision of the voters.

    What was also clear, none were impressed with Mr. Thomson’s accusers.

    This without many I suspect, not knowing the history of the union.

    I suspect the Liberals are over reaching. It is time to pull back. If they do, it will split the community, not necessary in the Liberals favour.

    Brandis. Thomson by giving the speech, has committed himself to the judgement of the parliament. I love his reasoning. Your bully and intimidate a man into giving a statement. He then loses all his rights, and it is up to the parliament to judge, and I assume convict him.

    No No No

  36. Ch 10 We have that idiot from across the waters nearly gloating, giving the impression that it is nearly all over.

    Answer to a question. Julia said it needs to be dealt with in the courts. His answer, well it cannot be handle in the courts because no charges have been made.

    That is the point, no charges have been made.

    I feel the longer it goes on, the less likely it is that charges will be laid.

    I was under the impression FWA were ready to roll. I have a suspicion, the lawyers within FWA are having problems with the evidence. After all, the findings were the results of three years investigation. One problem could be, is Mr. Thomson’s revelation yesterday, that they have only spoken on one occasion, years ago.

    How many times have they spoken to other HSU members.,

    I believe that Mr. Thomson, will now thanks to political intervention will have trouble getting justice anywhere.

    The actions of the Opposition, using the matter as political football has tainted all the evidence.

  37. I just had a bright brainwave.

    Could it be that we have a dysfunctional Opposition and a very well functioning government.

    Can someone point out to me, where the government is dysfunctional.

    I can give many examples of where the Opposition is not doing it’s job.

  38. el gordo, what is the problem, or do you agree with what has occurred.

    I believe it could be a good decision.

  39. Cu,
    Brandis. Thomson by giving the speech, has committed himself to the judgement of the parliament. I love his reasoning. Your bully and intimidate a man into giving a statement. He then loses all his rights, and it is up to the parliament to judge, and I assume convict him.

    It’s a worrying thought that Senator Brandis could be the Attorney-General in the future.

    His ideas remind me of Germany in the 30s.

  40. Heffernan ‘whitewash’ to be challenged

    NSW Liberals are accusing the party’s hierarchy of a whitewash after Senator Bill Heffernan was cleared of any wrongdoing in an alleged confrontation with a staffer.

    Liberals have told the National Times that the NSW Liberal Party director, Mark Neeham, and the NSW Liberal state president, Arthur Sinodinos, did not speak to Ray Carter, the staffer who claims he was abused by Senator Heffernan, nor any of the three people who signed statutory declarations attesting to Mr Carter’s claims.

    The Liberal heirarchy have allowed their attack dog, Senator Heffernan a great deal of leniency over many years, and there’s not much doubt that they will continue to do so.
    If they cared or were embarassed by Heffernan’s bad behaviour he would have lost preselection several elections ago.

  41. Former Howard goverrnment Minister, Peter Reith has a permanent spot at the ABC’s the Drum, online and on the tv program.
    His main ambition in life is to bring back WorkChoices and Howard;s Murdoch Lite/ABC accommodates him on a weekly basis.

    Unions are dying because they’re irrelevant

  42. CU
    thanks for your persective on radio 702. If people are engeaged to phone in and say there is doubt and that are displeased with the opposition, then that goes against all the media is trying to push.
    I heard that the herald sun was leading with the headline of “we don’t believe you” and a caricature of thomson as pinocchio. well as we have seen the msm will not countenance anything but thomson is guilty, thus stopping any chance of journalists looking at jackson/lawler/abbott.

    also the irony of a murdoch press claiming that “phones” cannot be manipulated.

  43. ‘I believe it could be a good decision.’

    Me too, but we should bend the rules and allow recreational sailing. They seem concerned about the insurance responsibility.

    “We are happy for people to come and enjoy this land and the lake, swim in it and see its beauty, but we do not want boats on the lake,” Mr Stuart said. “We want the site protected and we want the whole of the lake protected … we also worry about safety with boats.”

  44. His bizarre performance at the gathering of industrial relations reporters at the Hotel Spencer last year can be seen in the context of his shifting zealous allegiances from Opus Dei to a troubled, outrageously hypocritical union maddie.

    Some believe Lawler has personally written or edited Jackson’s “CleanupHSUeast” website, as it is riddled with legal jargon and concepts that are rather out of place in a website about a union representing all levels within hospitals and the health industry.

    Some of the union’s most senior officials, including those previously aligned with Jackson, have complained of Lawler’s improper intervention in the union, activity believed to have scandalised his fellow judicial officers at Fair Work Australia, who are told, in no uncertain terms, to cease any legacy involvement they might have with employer organisations or unions etc. in order to avoid bringing FWA into disgrace.

    Carol Glen, formerly Carol Carmichael, was elected as the President of the HSU #1 branch in their notoriously ugly 2009 elections where the Jackson group were found to have established fake ballot boxes at several hospitals, including the Frankston Hospital, for the purpose of intercepting votes and corrupting the ballot.

    After the amalgamation, Glen emerged as the Victorian divisional secretary of the combined Victorian and NSW HSUeast.

    Glen, at the time, was a passionate Jackson supporter but later realised, as did Jamie Matorana, who was elected as Assistant Secretary on the same ticket that there was something rotten going on under Jackson’s leadership. Both left. It leaves only Marco Bolano from that grouping behind with Bolano telling people in the union office he’s sick of Jackson too, although has been too cowardly to confront her over his concerns about corruption issues.


    Back in the dark ages, it was considered not correct to question PM’s on domestic matters while overseas.

    It was a little like one keeps the dirty linen within the family.

    Another convention that has hit the dust. It is now OK to undermine a PM while they are overseas, working on behalf of Australia.

  45. Pip,

    “Unions are dying because they’re irrelevant”. Until people stop taking their benefits for granted, wait until the public sees these rapidly eroded with an incoming Abbott government.

  46. Min, Hope you have a well earned rest on long service leave, hope Migs pays you the correct award amount ( you know what some of these Cafe owners can be like :; ) ….. for what its worth Min you have been heard, not just by me but by all who actively partake and the silent readers of this blog. You have taught us to view people with ‘different abilities’ in ways that we may not have without your input….. and lets not forget the music…. so fare thee well for now…. see you some sunny day 🙂

  47. “Brandis. Thomson by giving the speech, has committed himself to the judgement of the parliament. I love his reasoning”

    Ms. Bishop, the younger was on ten this morning spewing the same rubbish.

    John Dowd on ABC local pushing that this is not a legit government and is dysfunctional.

    The reasoning is beyond belief.

    What is scarce from them all. is truth or facts.

  48. “Unions are dying because they’re irrelevant”

    If this is true, why is he wasting his time and effort, getting rid o them.

    Maybe he would be better spending his time with his grand kids, instead of, according to him useless task. Why put so much effort in getting rid of something that has already gone.

  49. Min, sorry you have decided to call it a day. I hope it’s a very short day and we’ll see you back bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to stick it to the Liars Party and their droogs in the msm.

  50. Just a note. I am quitting. Bye. With Michael’s permission I will be writing a farewell topic in the next week or so. However, I will be awaiting his advise on this. I had hoped to make it until the 6th June when it will be the blog’s 2nd birthday, but I will have to wait and see on that one.

    I hope not.
    We have a big election coming up and yer work is valuable.

    Perhaps a long service leave eh? Well deserved. I’m sure you’ll miss the blogs after awhile…they are addictive…particularly when you see frustrating things happening, injustices and you feel compelled to say something.

    Give it some time…relax that mind…and see how you feel after a couple of months. I’m sure you’ll be back. Hope so.


  51. Thank you rabbit, you are a true friend..your care and concern is very much appreciated and likewise Nas’.

  52. Thank you Nas’..your encouragement is..well, encouraging. I will still be around, lurking and once I have the boss’s permission will hopefully have a post up in the near future.

  53. Will wait until the farewell topic before commenting on you going Min and hope you announce a short hiatus then.

    If not you are going to have one very sad gecko here. Rolls up into ball for a little sob.

  54. Thank you too Bacchus, hopefully in the near future when you’re down my way we might catch up. Speaking of which, might I say that it was an absolute pleasure to meet up with everyone in Sydney on Saturday..Cu, you are a darling, a font of much knowledge, wixxy I love your cheeky grin, take care of that lovely lady of yours, and rabbit of course. Rabbit, I hope that you don’t mind me saying that you remind me of a (much) younger version of Mungo MacCallum. 😉

  55. I’ll take that as a compliment Min, but he is, after all, ten years older than me, so I should look younger!!

    When I was a lot younger people said I looked like Don Dunstan.

    They’re both in good company 😀 .

  56. Has anyone shared the good news here? OECD and UN economists have declared Australia top nation for wellbeing etc. Not behind Norway and USA as in previous years. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303610504577419320948930402.html?mod=wsj_share_twee Pulled this out of the archives for a re-write and imagined how the news might be received today.

    Here’s good news that should be aired.
    Of anywhere to live Oz is now the best.
    An OECD Report’s declared
    Australia beats Norway and U.S.
    Would you believe our personal wealth
    Of all the world’s amongst the highest,
    Plus education and general health?
    “No,” says Andrew Robb, “That report is biassed.”

    Joe Hockey too comes out to claim.
    That someone in United Nations
    Gave wrong info with the obvious aim
    Of making Oz the ideal destination
    For people smugglers everywhere.
    “They’ll bring their hordes across the seas
    Who all believe that we must share
    With them, just because they’re refugees.”

    Tony Abbott kicks in a door,
    Runs out half naked to the beach,
    There lets out an angry roar.
    And makes a loud impassioned speech.
    “These statistics are Julia Gillard’s lies!
    No one should believe in them!
    True happiness for Oz cannot arise
    Until she is gone and I’m PM!

  57. So now, after all they & their media allies have done to destroy him, Peter Slipper is supposed to gratefully accept his temporary promotion to Useful Person & therefore Good Guy? They’ve found a use for him & he can oblige by referring Thomson to the Privileges Commission. Once he’s served his purpose he can fuck off again & cop a bit more abuse.
    The fourth estate tolerates this sort of thing.

  58. Bob, Abbott has not even achieved much with his attack on Slipper. he is still Speaker, just not presiding in the chair.

    Even the acting speaker made a point of pointing this out to the Opposition

  59. Remember at the time. ot was the PM that was to blame.

    An investigation into animal cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs has recommended action be taken against two Australian exporters.

    The Department of Agriculture launched an investigation in February after ABC1’s Lateline aired footage of animal cruelty in Indonesian abattoirs, including images of workers slitting the throat of a fully conscious steer.


  60. Now it is time for the msm to spend some time on Senator Gary Humphries of the ACT, as it is his “consideration” that is holding up the Senate Committee on a Code of Conduct for MPs. Now as a hint for the msm, Humphries being from the ACT is up for re-election at every election unlike his state conterparts, so would be an easy target for harrassing to stop dithering and make a decision.

    “That code will now be moved for adoption by the independent MP Rob Oakeshott and appears set to win support in the House of Representatives, after negotiations with the Leader of the House, Anthony Albanese.

    But the Senate interests committee, chaired by Tony Abbott’s parliamentary secretary, Senator Cory Bernardi, has deferred its report on the issue until the end of this year. A spokesperson for Senator Bernardi said this was to ”consult with stakeholders”. It was later clarified that the ”stakeholder” being consulted for the remainder of the year was in fact the chairman of the Senate privileges committee, fellow Liberal senator Gary Humphries.

    The Coalition wants attention to stay focused on Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper and says it will think about a code for either the House of Representatives or the Senate when the Senate committee finally reports back in November.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/political-news/mps-prefer-to-sling-mud-than-clean-it-up-20120522-1z3av.html#ixzz1vdRVmiOl

  61. ‘MALE climate-change deniers are like terrorists, pedophiles and slave owners, claimed a contributor on BBC Radio 4’s religious affairs slot Thought for the Day last week. By the BBC’s lamentable standards, I’m afraid, this is what constitutes reasonable, fair and balanced commentary on the climate-change debate.

    ‘But as I’ve only now begun to appreciate after a month’s tour of Australia, the greenie-lefty bias of your own ABC is, if anything, even worse.’


  62. And back by popular demand..well, not quite. The truth of the matter is that Migs is unwell at present, hopefully back very shortly, but I thought that it would be unfair of me to leave his blog especially given that he is my dearest friend.

  63. El gordo, and..

    Mr Kennett, who now heads beyondblue, a not-for-profit organisation dealing with depression, said he was more opposed than ever.

    Yet overseas marijuana is often used as treatment for depression, it not having the side effects of many prescription medicines.

  64. Another thing is that if marijuana was available in Australia on prescription, then that person would be under medical supervision viz correct dosage/any side effects, rather than at present where it must be taken minus this and with the person having to break the law to do so.

  65. ‘if marijuana was available in Australia on prescription’

    As the right don’t believe in drug law reform, it won’t happen for at least a decade. Julia missed her big chance to be popular.

  66. Heartland Institute eh?

    Interesting that The Australian refers to itself as HEART OF THE NATION:

    The Heartland Institute reflects on its beating

    The pressure point occurred last February when the scientist on the conference mugs, Peter Gleick, used deception to obtain confidential documents from Heartland, including a donors list and plans to indoctrinate school children against belief in climate change.

    Bast told the conference Heartland had met with the US attorney’s office to discuss criminal charges against Gleick. He said Heartland was waiting for a formal decision before deciding whether to sue Gleick.

    The exposure led some corporate donors to cut their funds to Heartland – until Bast committed a huge PR blunder, approving a provocative billboard ad likening scientists to psychopaths.

    Donor flight accelerated, and Heartland has now lost some $825,000 (£523,000) in funding, according to the campaign group Forecast the Facts. Advocacy groups are meeting with some of Heartland’s biggest remaining funders to persuade them to cut their ties.

    The crisis forced Heartland to seek funds from the oil and coal industry – despite earlier claims to be independent of fossil fuel interests.

    Between them, the nearly 60 organisations listed by Heartland as conference sponsors have received nearly $22m from Exxon Mobil and the Koch oil billionaire family since 1998, according to an analysis by the campaign website Desmogblog.

    Listed as a “gold level” sponsor of this week’s conference was the Illinois Coal Association, although Heartland told reporters the contribution was only in the hundreds of dollars.

    Other allies were scarce. Only three groups set up tables at the conference. The largest was staffed by Americans for Prosperity, the ultra-conservative organisation founded by the Koch oil billionaires.



    I guess we know what helps keep these HEARTS beating as one.


  67. Australian companies get first shot at green energy cash
    David Wroe
    May 23, 2012

    Mr Combet, meanwhile, will introduce today legislation to set up the $10 billion corporation, to be chaired by respected businesswoman Jillian Broadbent. It will require candidates for funding to have Australian Industry Participation Plans, which are a key part of the government’s broader manufacturing strategy.

    Under these plans, which are already used by the resources sector in return for tax breaks, projects have to demonstrate they have given Australian firms ”full, fair and reasonable opportunity”.

    A wind farm, for example, might have to show it has offered Australian firms the chance to supply the turbine towers.

    ”The CEFC will drive investment in innovative renewable energy, low pollution and energy efficiency technologies to ensure our economy continues to grow while we reduce carbon pollution,” Mr Combet said.


    Gettin’ on with the job of creating Aussie jobs.


  68. Thomson has bought the house in dispute for exercising his legal and human rights. That one take4s some explaining away.
    It is simple to work out why the PM has brought the house into dispute for supporting the rights of a MP.
    Her crime is that she has not stood down and handed the reins over to Abbott.
    It is Mr. Abbott’s obsessive quest for power and the belief he was robbed that is bringing this government into dispute.
    It is the Opposition and their supporters inability to accepted that this is an duly elected government, assembled according to the Constitution.
    Mr. Abbott cannot accept that when one votes, it is not for a party, but for a local member.
    These members sit and the government is formed by the number of votes on the house floor.
    No parties. No PM according to the Constitution.
    Those who have the numbers, select a leader, who becomes the PM.
    I believe that all these MPs take an oath to uphold the laws of the land.
    I assume that means all laws, not only those one agrees with.

    Listen into the lower house. Surprisingly the budget bills are being addressed. Matters are being addressed.

  69. “IT seems to have gone virtually unnoticed, but the world leaders at the weekend’s G8 summit look as if they have taken the biggest step in years in tackling climate change. And it’s quite apart from anything to do with carbon dioxide.

    “The summit’s final communiqué, the Camp David Declaration, supports; comprehensive actions’ to reduce “short-lived climate pollutants”. These substances – including black carbon (soot), methane, ground-level ozone, and hydrofluorocarbons – are responsible for about half of global warming…

  70. ‘Those who have the numbers, select a leader, who becomes the PM.’

    Howes seeks the support of Latham in finding a new leader, but it may take a few weeks to organise the numbers.

  71. The body language of the Opposition leader is interesting. He appears worried.

    The PM was well and truly prepared for the first question..

    Once again, her body language is one of confidence.

    That bald spot is rapidly growing.

    It will be interesting to see of the Opposition ask any questions about her trip.

  72. How many have experienced similar encounters with Telstra. Having ones phone cut off. This occurring when one was not a customer on more that one occasion. One were they were wrong. I am surprise in this case, they admitted they were wrong.

    Their mistakes can leave one up to a week without services. I then had to spend considerable time getting my ISP to suspend the cost of reconnecting.

    My highlighting.

    was told that it would take up to 10 days to move the ADSL after the Telstra landline was moved. I explained how important it was for the phone and ADSL to move at the same time, and was told that it could be done within four hours if a technician was available at the exchange.

    Several days later, after initially accepting this explanation and putting in the service request, I had second thoughts and arranged for a new landline service to be connected at my new home so that the old landline could remain connected until the ADSL was moved to the new home. Sure enough, on the night before the move my landline at the old place was disconnected thus also disconnecting the Telstra Business ADSL.

    I called Telstra immediately (at midnight) to see if the landline had been connected at my new home and that the ADSL would be moved that morning and was prompty told it would take up to ten days for the ADSL to be connected, even though it was a business service and that no guarantees should have been given. I explained that the old landline should not have been disconnected until the ADSL had been moved and that an earlier service request to move the landline and ADSL from the old home to the new home had been processed.

    When I mentioned this service request had been cancelled and I had placed a new service request for a new landline at the new home and for the ADSL to be moved whilst both landlines were to remain operational the Telstra representative looked at the records and said: “it appears a mistake has occurred at our end”. Panic set in and I then spent about eight hours on my mobile to Telstra, talking to about 20 different people while they worked out what went wrong.


  73. Not one question on anything else but the carbon tax. One would think that the Coalition would be interested,

  74. We have what that line is. I do not believe that Mr. Abbott is going to like it. The PM does not consider that the parliament is responsible for being judge and jury.

  75. Well this blows one of el gordo’s biggest sources for climate change denial crap.

    * Most recently, the Heartland Institute has seen sponsors bail and its entire Washington team (mostly focused on insurance issues) decamp, promising that their new operation will have nothing to do with climate “scepticism”

  76. Cu, you say it so well…

    Abbott is once again moving his motion. Pity he would not pass one and sit down.

    Or should that be..sit down, pass one and put the seat down when you’re finished…

  77. Min, could not resist it. It is the thought that goes through my mind every time he stands up.

    It appears that he only comes alive when the PM is in the house. He started on her, on his stunt for the day.

    By the way, he had Pyne make a short statement on education. Warning private schools they would lose under the Gonskie report. The jibe must have hurt yesterday by Albanese, that he could not recall what shadow ministry that Pyne held.

    What makes QT boring is the one continual question that Mr. Abbott and co keep asking.

    Mr. Abbott showed that he has no interest in what the PM is doing. He has no interest in what has occurred overseas. No interest in the budget. The only interest he has is in bringing down the government and his apparent hate for the PM. No interest in Greece. No interest in the forces serving overseas. No interest in the PM’s trip at all. No recognition that she was representing Australia overseas.

    He has sat there this week like a zombie, until today.

  78. Cu and

    Min, could not resist it. It is the thought that goes through my mind every time he stands up.

    Ah the irresistible humour of Catching up. Love it, the way that a person has to read closely. But I can see the sparkle in your eyes while you are writing.

  79. Och OH,
    Abbott now wants Ch7 (peeping toms, my words) before the committee to give evidence. Abbott then went on about all the people who should appear BUT then some of the journalists started asking a few hard questions, such as what level of “honesty” would he accept.

    But basically Abbott didn’t get his way in parlt then wasn’t given free way at the press conference . So typical Abbott he turned and walked off.
    Abbott, Champion of the Dummy Spit.

  80. Maybe this Liberal should give Mr.Ashby the same advice.

    Leader Isobel Redmond says women facing sexual discrimination in the workplace should just ignore it and get on with their jobs.

    Ms Redmond told a women’s leadership forum in Adelaide on Monday that those facing bias on gender grounds were better off avoiding confrontation.


    PS Mr. Ruddock has been appointed to the PC.

  81. Australia’s wealthiest person wants to shift federal bureaucrats out of Canberra and base them in the bush and the country’s north.

    Multibillionaire Gina Rinehart also warned that a “hatred” of entrepreneurs risked condemning Australians to “crippling taxes, debts and lower standards of living”.(what would you know about debt)

    In an article for Australian Resources and Investment magazine, to be published on March 1, iron-ore magnate Ms Rinehart laments politicians and the media’s failures to offer more support to mining businesses.

    Advertisement: Story continues below
    “Let’s convince our political parties and media that we need to encourage investment, cut government spending, approvals and permits, and lower taxes (except, I’d argue, for alcohol and cigarettes) … “(you probably don’t invest in them)

    China’s voracious demand for minerals, especially iron, has greatly enriched Mrs Rinehart, whose estimated wealth is now about $20 billion, by the time I finish writing this it may have doubled..

    This poor woman, she really understands the wage earners, she’s struggling to earn $100,000,000 a minute, she’s doing it tough, I feel sorry for her, truly!


    A site I have a lot of time for. Has a way of sizing things in a simple way.

    Migs, I an sure you would be in agreement with his comments.

  82. ‘….biggest sources for climate change denial crap.’

    Come off it Mo, rarely went there. Watts is my preferred source, but I also go to Bishop Hill for the odd scoop.

  83. Albanese on news 24 replyingb to Abbott dummy spit.

    ABC24 after 1 question CUT OFF the press conference and returned to studio.

    Abbott got full coverage on news24, he was the one who chose when it ended by walking off

    F***ing News 24 declined that of same coverage for Albanese

  84. Sue, it matters not. They do not have the power to judge and convict. The Constitution says so..

  85. Or should that be..sit down, pass one and put the seat down when you’re finished…

    No Min, I think CU had the order correct, and it would not make one iota of difference to the stench that’s already emanating from that side of the house 😉

  86. The only court Abbott believes in is the ‘court of public opinion’ otherwise known as the newpaper polling.

  87. “And always remember to wash your hands…”

    One never knows where they have been. I suspect, one would not want to know.

  88. Sue, Abbott is learning what all bullies eventually do. The meek and the weaker always find ways of beating them.

    In Abbott case the penny is just starting to drop, the bullying is not working.

    He is just waking up to the fact, that the carnival has moved on. He is no longer a part of the show. Just a squeaking wheel on one of the wagons.

  89. Now, I want you to read this carefully. If this is what Australia has become then I want out. An attitude that is so sick….it beggars belief.

    Guess he’s never used a public hospital, driven on roads, used a public toilet, played on a public oval, visited a national park, and so on….

    “If someone can’t make it in Australia, then it’s almost certainly because of their own actions and choices and hence they alone should bear the consequences of those choices. As to the fact that inequity is generational… Well, I don’t see the problem with that. Of course I should be advantaged because my parents are better parents then some others. If someone can’t afford to raise kids and give them a good start in life, then they simply shouldn’t have them. If they choose to do so anyway, then that’s a problem for their family unit. It’s certainly not my problem or any other tax payers. Nobody owes anyone else a living.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/the-fair-go-has-fairly-gone-20120522-1z2zz.html#ixzz1vfoQ8zLH

  90. Why can they not let Labor have one positive. They are working hard to make the Corby decision into a negative. Why put at risk the relationship between Indonesia and Australia.

    It is just ridiculous. It was the pressure of Ch10 that bought the under aged prisoners into the limelight.

    The call for a lesser sentence for Corby has been going on for months.

    What does it matter. Why is it being questioned.

    We have some on death road. Maybe shutting up will help these.

  91. Funny how a government that is dysfunctional and does not have the numbers prevent him from having his own way. Another one to the government.

    CH 10 Washer concerned for Thomson’s health. Bullshit.

    This is worth a read in full.

    Then this from Pyne: ‘If you’re loath to make a ruling, and the Opposition disagree with you, then how can we move dissent?’

    Anyone else see the veiled threat of a vote of no confidence there?

    Finally, the House moved on – nearly an hour after Question Time was derailed by the Opposition – but Abbott had one more card to play, and it was an act of breathtaking chutzpah.

    He called a media conference to complain that the government was preventing debate in the House.

    This is the man who shut down Question Time at 2.45pm, with over 30 minutes remaining.


  92. I believe the Opposition next stunt will be to move a censure motion of no confidence in the chair. Why do they telegraph their punches.

  93. Barbara Holbrook died this morning. I, for one would like to remember her a a humane and effective magistrate in NSW Children’s Court.

    I would like to thank her for the insight and decision she made when my son appeared before her, many years ago.

    i believe because of her, I still have a son.

  94. C.U.
    “..to complain that the government was preventing debate in the house”
    Joe Goebbels stuff- always accuse your opponent of the crimes you’re commiting yourself.
    I hate the way they’re allowed to get away with that sort of thing over & over & over…
    I’m particularly sickened by their latest faux concern for Craig Thomson’s welfare, seriously vomitous stuff. Mal Bloody Washer trotted out to sound concerned in a medical sort of way- maybe he is but that’s not the reason he’s been put out front is it? It’s to make his side look good.
    Abbott with that scripted more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger shake of the head; “I feel sorry for anyone in trouble”… & here’s the bit you’re all meant to notice “& Mr Thomson is in a lot of trouble..”
    He didn’t say he felt sorry, etc.. in Parliament so I suppose he can’t be had up on a charge of misleading it, but I reckon he’ll have to allocate a fair bit of time to the rosary shuffling & Hail Marys.

  95. Was it not so long ago that the Opposition and their doctor demanded more doctor’s certificate when he took sick leave.

  96. At last they are talking about real pollution.

    ‘It seems to have gone virtually unnoticed, but the world leaders at the weekend’s G8 summit look as if they have taken the biggest step in years in tackling climate change. And it’s quite apart from anything to do with carbon dioxide.

    ‘The summit’s final communiqué, the Camp David Declaration, supports “comprehensive actions” to reduce “short-lived climate pollutants”. These substances – including black carbon (soot), methane, ground-level ozone, and hydrofluorocarbons – are responsible for about half of global warming.

    ‘Straightforward measures to address them, a report by the United Nations Environment Programme concluded last year, would delay dangerous climate change by more than three decades, buying crucial time for the much more difficult process of slashing carbon dioxide emissions.’

    UK Telegraph

  97. Capital Hill

    The PC will take months. They may have to wait until others have done their job. This came out of the Liberal member, Randall..

    Therefore, nothing will come of it. They are not judge and jury.

  98. Further to global warming, which is not happening

    The G8 have belatedly decided to restrict emissions of black carbon soot, which was part of the ‘Hansen Alternative Scenario’ a decade ago.

    But the watermelon zealots saw this ‘as letting industrial countries off the hook, by not having to decarbonise their economies, and Hansen was excoriated by groups such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, and pulled his head in. The science basis has since been confirmed: black carbon soot is a substantial factor in warming over the Indian sub-continent.

    ‘So a sensible move: address this problem first, invest in adaptation, continue to evaluate warming and stop the stupidity of $23/tonne taxes.’


    I’m channeling Ainsley Kellow.

  99. el gordo, it amazes me how zealots can read meaning into any document to agree with their beliefs.

    Another Clean Energy Future bill is now in the process of being passed in parliament.

    el gordo, in case you have not noticed, the train has left the station.

  100. El gordo, you are channelling nobody at all. I have it on the best authority..Gabriel and Michael and other ascended masters. White lighters.

    So you think that black carbon soot is ok, no restrictions.

  101. Being the world’s richest woman does not but much in this country.

    The world’s richest woman Gina Rinehart has been overlooked for a Fairfax Media board seat, in favour of an accountant.

    Fairfax has chosen former Ernst Young boss James Millar to join its board, replacing Robert Savage who will retire on June 30.

    Mrs Rinehart is understood to have requested two board seats at Fairfax after becoming the newspaper publisher’s largest shareholder earlier this year.


  102. There is completely new technology available in this industry. It is cheaper, cleaner and more efficient. Without the high dollar and fall in price these old plants will not and should not survive.

    The new technology emits much less carbon.

    While it is disappointing that 344 workers – and potentially many more contractors – are likely to lose their jobs, having the leader of the Opposition blame it on the carbon price is disturbing. It is political posturing at its lowest ebb. The truth is that with or without the price on carbon, the inefficient Kurri Kurri plant would have closed in this turbulent market environment.
    The smelter, built in the late 60s, is old and highly energy inefficient. Based on data revealed in a 2007 submission Hydro (formerly Norsk Hydro) made to a Senate inquiry, the smelter consumes 16.2MWh of electricity per tonne of aluminium. This is 22 per cent more than Hydro’s newest smelter Qatalum, which consumes 13.3MWh. Because electricity is such an important cost input (30 per cent of production costs), Kurri Kurri’s poor energy efficiency meant it was always on borrowed time, contingent on a subsidised electricity contract with NSW government-owned Delta Generation that is due to expire in 2017.


  103. Moving right along, the pond pauses only to note how the OECD has noted how the federal government is presiding over one of the worst economies in the world – oh sure the economy might be slated to experience the fastest economic growth in the OECD in the next year, with relatively low unemployment, but think how much better the winning margin could be, how much further Australia could be ahead at number one! What losers we are, how we need The Australian to berate us daily …
    Why every citizen could be Gina Rinehart, and without benefit of lotto!
    And now, since the pond usually spends its time mocking, berating and abusing Chris Berg, it seems only fair to acknowledge that if you’re a consistent libertarian, sometimes you will turn up with a piece like Locking people away forever because ASIO reckons:


  104. “Further to global warming, which is not happening”

    Wow, why does this contradiction of a previous stance not surprise me one iota. Back to the beginning for el gordo. Whereas not long ago saying global warming is natural and not a problem to now going back to an earlier position of it’s not happening at all.

    Is it possible to get just one position and one cause from this person? Don’t be silly. Here we have a classic closed minded ideologically driven denier swinging in the global warming initiated breeze and changing the story every week as much as the ever changing weather.

  105. Abbott Moving motion to censure the PM

    I think this one needs a majority vote. Seen Albanese in deep conversation a few minutes ago. The PM earlier challenge Abbott to bring it on.

    I believe this is the first censure motion. I wonder where the Independents stand.

    All sympathy for Thomson.

  106. Cu, Albanese points out that the “longest dummy spit’ is really a refusal by the Coalition to accept the legitimacy of the people

    Nick Minchin “has warned against the approach of the Leader of the Opposition”

  107. Why is Abbott saying he has sympathy for Thomson. Could their polling be telling them to pull back.. I suspect so. That along with pushing his over the edge. Are they covering themselves in case he does do something extreme, or fostering the perception that he will.

    Whatever is going on, I believe it is getting out of hand and taking on a life of its own.

  108. Cu, Abbott’s first comment was an expression of sympathy for Craig Thomson before launching into another attack on the governemnt and the Prime Minister.

    He must have received a flea in his ear from some in authority to have have made that comment !

    Channel Nine says they have additional information and reject Mr. Thomson’s claim of “grubby journalism”.
    They would say that wouldn’t they.

  109. A parliamentary privileges committee will investigate its own members after details of discussions about MP Craig Thomson were leaked to the media.

    The House of Representatives committee is examining whether Mr Thomson misled parliament on Monday when addressing allegations he misused union funds.

    It met on Wednesday night at Parliament House in Canberra.

    On Thursday morning, committee chair and Labor MP Yvette D’Ath told parliament a report on Fairfax websites appeared to reveal details of the meeting.


    NBN appearing at senate hearings this evening.

  110. I am extremely disappointed that this disclosure has occurred.’

    She was unsure about the source of the leak but said she intended to pursue the matter with those on the committee.

    Deputy chair, Liberal MP Patrick Secker, said he totally supported Ms D’Ath’s decision.

    Making unauthorised disclosures of private committee meetings can be regarded as contempt of parliament.

    The Parliamentary Privileges Act allows for substantial penalties – fines of up to $5000 and six months jail – to be imposed on those who leak private proceedings or evidence.

    Later Ms D’Ath released a statement about its inquiry.

    ‘The committee currently is examining a number of matters including an inquiry relating to the Member for Dobell referred by the House,’ it said.

    ‘The committee does not propose to provide any comment on any matters it is examining until it has reported to the House.’


  111. Cu, you whistle and I’ll point. There’s one particularly pompous committee member who has previously shown a partiality for “leaks”.

  112. One should listen to the senate hearings. They are questioning Conroy over the backup battery and who will replace it. It has a three year life. It appears some do not want a backup battery. it is laughable. Talk about the waste of time. The government has said they will pay for the battery up to the time they decide not to.

  113. Wandering leg sausage (Crurifarcimen vagans).

    was it caught on tape by Current Affair lurking outside of a brothel? 🙂


  114. The murky legacy of past Parliaments
    Rob Oakeshott
    May 24, 2012 – 2:38PM


    Peter Costello has argued that the current Parliament would be remembered as the ”sleaze Parliament” rather than the ”sunshine Parliament”, and that “a minority government protects conduct that should not be tolerated”.

    These statements are provocative, and wrong. This power-sharing government has simply exposed conduct that has been tolerated, and shielded, by past governments – including those that included Mr Costello.

    While it is politically uncomfortable, and perhaps even ugly, it is now at least being dealt with. This is something previous Parliaments should have done, could have done, but didn’t.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/the-murky-legacy-of-past-parliaments-20120524-1z6xh.html#ixzz1vm9N2v2m

  115. Nas’ I was certain you’d have a response to the story of the
    Wandering leg sausage (Crurifarcimen vagans). 😆

  116. Pip,
    apparently it was seen escaping the Coalition frontbench and wandering through the Senate opposition benches.


  117. There are times when one wanders into the blog only to find Pip and Nasking talking about leg sausages..should I read further????

  118. Isn’t it just wonderful when you receive these messages…from son, successful mating between their rotti Calypso and male pure bred rotti. Well given that the pups are worth about a grand each, then obviously job well done.

    It therefore just has to be…

  119. Min, I dont like Rotti’s….. scare the shyte outta me 😯 …. devil dogs, *shivers*…. anyway apart from that, the 500,000th hit coming up soon….. bit under 2 weeks ago was push’n 450,000…… about 3 weeks-ish and it may hit half-a-mill…. what say you to a celebratory post …..????…… oh and a keg 😀

  120. handyrab, thanks for that link to the Middendorf piece. He certainly pulls absolutely no punches whatever in giving a serve to the inequities in our society and our complacency wrt them.

  121. Gina Rinehart has ramped up the pressure on Fairfax Media after being overlooked for a board seat, warning the current board was failing shareholders.
    In a provocative public statement on the company, the world’s richest woman steered clear of discussing the apparent snub when she failed to win a board position this week but indicated that the shakeup at Fairfax will need to go further.
    “We welcome changes to the board of Fairfax as it is quite evident that the market understands that the approach of the current board is not delivering for the owners of the company and maintaining the status quo will not improve performance,” Mrs Rinehart said. “Circulation for its mastheads has fallen for five years continuously, affecting revenue.”
    Advertisement: Story continues below
    Shares in Fairfax, publisher of this website, have slumped to record lows this month. Along with other media outlets it has had to deal with declining circulation of its papers as readers and advertisers shift online and subdued economic growth in non-mining parts of the economy.
    Despite her desire for two seats at the board, Mrs Rinehart said she welcomed Wednesday’s appointment of former Ernst & Young boss and corporate reconstruction specialist James Millar.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/rinehart-turns-up-heat-on-fairfax-20120524-1z7zv.html#ixzz1vpxemytQ

  122. LOVO, apologies for missing you yesterday. Here is my rotti story. Son Jared went into the Navy some 10 years ago and so I was given the job of babysitting his rotti Jack.

    The day that Jared left he told Jack, look after mum. And from that day onward Jack insisted on sleeping in my room. Perhaps it’s intuition, but I think that many dog lovers and indeed lovers of animals know that there is something especially intuitive with species who choose to make their home with humans.

  123. Tell your Senators: scrap Stronger Futures
    Indigenous Peoples’ rights, Email, Letter


    <bStronger Futures is a package of legislation before the Senate that will extend some of the most controversial elements of the Northern Territory Intervention for the next decade – stripping Aboriginal people of their dignity, and taking away their right to control their own lives.

    Many of the measures – including compulsory income management, and cancelling welfare payments for families if one child doesn't go to school – lack quality evidence to prove they actually work. Their effectiveness has been disputed by some of our country's most respected legal, health and welfare experts.

    What's more, the Government has failed to get community support and consent for this Stronger Futures. Even the Senate Committee that investigated the Bills noted overwhelming the community opposition.

    Write to your Senators today and tell them to scrap Stronger Futures

  124. No doubt this will go to the top of the cuts in any Abbott/Hockey budget

    “Gay rights advocates are hailing a Government decision to recognise the specific needs of elderly gay people, with three aged-care facilities being built specifically for gay and lesbian people currently in the works.”

    Advocates say the Federal Government’s recognition of the specific needs of the group is a historic step that has gone largely unnoticed.

  125. Schapelle Corby ******


    Kumi Taguchi ‏@kumitaguchi

    BREAKING: Kerobokan Prison Governor, Ngurah Wiratna says Schapelle Corby is now eligible for parole @ABCNews24 @abcmatt

    Retweeted by Mark Scott

  126. This is the type of person Iain, Tweed, el gordo etc. back in their unthinking support of the gormless big business puppet Abbott.

    Our richest woman, Gina Rinehart, accused of betraying Australians by importing foreign workers

    With Abbott in power at the behest of his masters, there will be a flood of cheap foreign workers into a Australia which will drive down Australian wages and conditions, Work Choices MkII under another guise and 457 visas extended to non-skilled workers.

    Wow you really are picking a winner for this country here.

    But hey, with the complete media monopoly Abbott will hand to News Ltd and Telstra, including giving them the NBN for song, you will be OK for you won’t here any of the bad news and of the monumental Abbott failures, not that he will be in power long when his party ousts him.

  127. Mobius, from the Rinehart story,

    A spokesman for the Roy Hill project, Adrian Firth, said the government’s jobs decision was ”very responsible” and over 2000 permanent jobs would be created over 20 years once the mine was built.

    20 years? Surely one could train quite a number of unemployed Australians during that time. I wonder how much Gina spends on training? Ans: as little as possible.

  128. Some world news:

    Montreal’s student protesters defy restrictions as demonstrations grow
    Emergency law tried to limit size and scope of tuition-hike protests, but police allow demonstration to go on as planned.

    Demonstrators in Montreal have continued to defy an emergency law passed by the provincial government in Quebec to restrict protests by students against planned tuition fee hikes.

    As has become traditional, groups of protesters banged pots and pans, marching around the city for several hours.

    But there was no repeat of the mass arrests that characterised the protests earlier in the week. On Wednesday, more than 500 Montrealers were arrested – more than during the entire October 1970 crisis when martial law was declared in the city in response to actions by Quebec nationalists.

    The total number of those arrested in the current protests has now exceeded 2,500, and the judicial process is already showing signs that it is struggling to cope.

    As protesters snaked through the city’s neighbourhoods on Thursday, residents and customers in restaurants showed their support by banging pots as they passed by.


    We can afford corporate wars but not so much to educate the young it seems.


  129. Sue @2.48pm 25/5, isn’t it astonishing that our brave defender of the virtue of the House, hasn’t forced Mr Kelly from its hallowed halls, or at the very least quarantined his “tainted” vote?

    He hasn’t even mentioned it. I wonder if he is standing by his vote man?

  130. We can afford corporate wars but not so much to educate the young it seems

    Ironic, isn’t it Nas’?

  131. Jane,
    I’d luv to know EXACTLY how much has been spent on these wars.

    And what have they achieved?

    And how much of that money went to private contractors and corporates…filling the pockets of THE FEW?

    Wars are extremely profitable ventures these days. Even for caterers and the media.


  132. Why is Malcolm Turnbull not calling for a cost benefit analysis on these bloody wars?


  133. I’d luv to know EXACTLY how much has been spent on these wars.

    And what have they achieved?

    Squillions and bugger all, Nas’

  134. In the meantime whilst the media and opposition go on and on about Slipper and Thomson, they overlook the Victorian State member for Frankston, George Shaw.

    Apparently Ballieu’s stonewalling and misuse of parliament to cover up for Shaw is perfectly OK, and not only that, the little reporting on this going on states this is exactly what Ballieu is doing but that’s politics so it’s OK. The only reason I can think of for the different treatment of ministers accused of misconduct is that Shaw is a Liberal, otherwise the media and Liberals would have been constantly all over this like a rash.

    An example of what Ballieu is doing that a Labor government would never have been allowed to get away with, is he’s referring the investigation of Shaw to the Speaker of the House instead of the police, even with the police and legal experts stating it’s a police matter.

    Also Ballieu has the Speaker shutdown any debate on the subject in parliament.

    Yet the media says it holds government to account. Baloney.

  135. Noticed the lack of “comment” in the weekend media on any MPs alleged illegal or immoral activities? The Saturday Courier Mail had nothing on federal politics until page 20something, the Sunday Mail got to page 10 without federal politics. Did everyone actually listen to LOTO, is there a realisation that there is fault in this regard in both tribes of politics, or is there a internal poll showing the issue wasn’t “cutting through”?

    We’re back to the ALP leadership speculation again.

    By the way, is “The Political Sword” website not working – or is it just me?

  136. 2353, I popped a notice on Cu’s topic following a comment from Crowey. It would seem that TPS is experiencing technical difficulties. I have messaged Lyn via FB to see if she knows anything.

  137. Min. I got into the site on Google Chrome. Not directly though. Before I could investigate more, my machine decided it needed a rest. Probably had it turned on too long.

  138. I’ve tried TPS on my iPad (Safari) and on my desktop (Firefox), zero result. This is the notice that I am getting via Firefox: Sorry, we can’t find “www.thepoliticalsword.com”. Please check the spelling of the web address.

  139. Watch this space. I am thinking of starting a new group The Rejects…the people who nobody wants. A place where one can air alternative views and trolls can be shot down in flames.

  140. Barry O’Farrell does it again. A big announcement of a major policy for NSW, don’t be silly, this is a Liberal leader we’re talking about.

    He made a fanfare proclamation on a law on underage drinking that already exists, bought in by the previous Labor government, but his catch on it? He’s referring it off to a committee.

    He’s as prolific on putting off policies to committees and doing nothing as Gillard is in producing real policies and getting them implemented.

  141. i noticed on hte news tonight, after the non event leadership, they mentioned that Fitzy had denied it, but, the journos noses were all out of joint.

    Apparently, Twitter isn;t the place to deny these rumours.

    I wonder if these journos thought, perhaps the question we should be asking, is, where did this rumour come from, why now, and why did we fall for it, again?

    No, instead, they bag Twitter.

    Speaking of which, Latika Bourke covered the PM’s presser live, and all she could report was the PM slapping down hte leadership dribble


    All she needs to do is copy paste, and she still misses out the main point of the presser.

    A plaugue on the lot of ’em

  142. Jane, on the other hand we could just rename Club Menopause…I kinda like The Rejects because we’re always being accused of being the knitting club and being group think.

    I think The Rejects is kinda cute because we’re the rejects that group think rejected. 😀

  143. I like it 🙂 With thanks to Chris Townley for the link..

    A GERMAN 16-year-old has solved a maths problem posed by Sir Isaac Newton more than 300 years ago.

    Shouryya Ray is the first person to work out how to calculate exactly the path of a projectile under gravity and subject to air resistance, The (London) Sunday Times reported.

    The Indian-born teen said he solved the problem that had stumped mathematicians for centuries while working on a school project.


  144. All she needs to do is copy paste, and she still misses out the main point of the presser.

    Situation normal, then Tom.

    Min @7.31pm, how would you like to have been the 16yo who solved that little number? D’ya think you could have handled the fame and fortune? I’m bloody sure I could. 😯

    Just think, swanning around the Riviera, hot’n’cold running scientists and mathematicians. *sigh*

    And just the occasional spot of firm young flesh. 😆

  145. El gordo, from your link At the same time, The Age newspaper – owned by Fairfax – reported Monday that News Ltd. plans to fire 400 editorial staff as part of a strategic restructuring to be announced next month. Exactly as we’ve been saying… journos have to tow the line, or risk being fired. What the newspapers will do is to fire everyone, then have them come back on a piece by piece basis. Sadly that way nothing remotely controversial is going to be ever written.

  146. ‘Sadly that way nothing remotely controversial is going to be ever written.’

    Hopefully the global warming beat-up will stop.


    Old Galactic Nooze

    ‘He described seeing a flash of ‘silver light’ which rapidly descended towards him until he could see that it was a ‘gleaming silver-metallic disc’.

    ‘He said its surface was shiny, ‘like tin foil’, and ‘without a single crease or crinkle’.

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2150710/UFO-sighting-RAF-pilot-dubbed-Saucer-Sam-1952-left-aviation-minister-convinced-alone.html#ixzz1wA1oUCkm

  147. ‘A study published today online in the journal Nature Climate Change suggests that as members of the public become more science literate and numerate… individuals belonging to opposing cultural groups become even more divided on the risks that climate change poses.’

    Its tribal.

  148. The head of FWA should called back to the Senate committee and explain,

    “The number two at the industrial relations watchdog sent complaints to a NSW police investigation examining his partner’s union, the ABC has reported.

    Michael Lawler, deputy president of Fair Work Australia (FWA), complained to Strike Force Carnarvon,
    Mr Lawler sent his complaint to Strike Force Carnarvon on December 21

    But the head of FWA had earlier told a Senate estimates hearing on Monday there was no evidence that his deputy had interfered with a inquiry into federal MP Craig Thomson”


    Now this article refers to 7.30 ABC, now 7.30 could have asked the president but didn’t.

  149. Senator Eric Abetz also did a bit of grandstanding based on the remarks of the head of FWA. Taking the opportunity to conclude that Craig Thompson had distorted the facts. Perhaps Abetz should front the Privileges committee to offer an explanation after all Abetz has form for colluding with witnesses (Godwin Grech)

  150. Sue, what I heard there today was not the lies that Abetz said outside the parliament. Maybe this is why they went quiet in QT.


    ustice Iain Ross also told a Senate hearing on Monday that Mr Thomson’s claims that a FWA investigation surrounding the MP’s time as national secretary of the HSU was biased should be tested in court.


    The whole sorry lot needs to be tested in court. There is too much that does not add up.

    What happened to the prostitute.

    Blair just said what they should not do is make up lies and tell the public. How does the public know it is wrong…………….

  151. Sue, from the link

    Fair Work Australia vice-president Michael Lawler has had direct involvement in the internal politics of the Health Services Union, the ABC has revealed.

    They forgot to say “Thanks Wixxy”

    I’ll do it for ’em. Thanks Wixxy 😉

  152. “Tonight, Mr Lawler told 7.30 he was “obliged by strong convention to refrain from making public comment in relation to matters of public controversy”.

    Presume that “strong convention” did not apply when he wrote to the police or when he allowed the girlfriend to access FWA computer.

    Maybe the “strong convention” also did not apply when he spoke with his mate Tony Abbott.

  153. Tom R
    just been reading wixxy’s tweets. he has been talking with and is seeing 7.30 tomorrow
    also tomorrow more revelations from wixxy

  154. OKAY

    we was right, Gloom in QT today is because of polls

    “Gillard edges Abbott as preferred PM”
    SUPPORT for Julia Gillard and her government has crept back to the highest level in three months, exclusive Newspoll figures show

    story by Shanahan the Australian

  155. How strange Shanahan was just on radio with Delroy, and he was banging on about how Gillard is a goner and only Rudd can save Labor. For Shanahan, Gillard better PM then Abbott wasn’t worth talking about.

  156. thanks Miglo i’ll have a look

    on a happy note. Abbott’s ratings are at his worst since becoming leader in 2009

  157. On another happy note – Migs seems to be coming good. Is that the 3rd comment today? 😉

  158. Bacchus, I have a serious case of the man flu. 😦

    It’s been four days now and doesn’t even look like going away.

  159. This is serious Migs. The only way to survive man flu is to do absolutely nothing until it passes :mrgreen:

    Seriously though, 4 days – I hope you’ve been to see your friendly neighbourhood physician…

  160. Might have to make another trip to him tomorrow, Bacchus. I need further instructions to stay in bed.

    Gosh, people who die must have been crook.

  161. There’s some nasty bugs about Migs. Daughter was off work for two days last week – normally any disease that would keep her away from work for that long would kill a brown dog…

    Take it easy mate, and get yourself better.

  162. I think I’ll be having a bit more time off work, which is a real nuisance.

    I had plans for elective surgery mid year and had plenty of leave in hand, but in the last few weeks Jedda slipped a disc and a week later suffered a heart attack so I was on carer’s leave for a while. Now I’m having time off with this damn virus.

    If I go ahead with the surgery I’ll now have to use up some holiday leave. 😥

  163. Sue, the police might not be able to use any information that came from FWA interviews. That is what was said today at the hearings. A fact that Mr Abetz refuses to accept. It is unclear if he only used Jackson evidence.

    Something happen today that seems to have taken the wind of the Opposition. The headlines saying Abbott put the pressure on Gillard are laughable.

    There were no stunts. No screaming . No MPI that I am aware of.

    And the legislation continue to go through. Murray basin report release. The PM done her public duty, welcoming, I am not sure whom, but is looked grand.
    I just remembered we have the inquiry on the FWA to come yet. That could be interesting.

    Lawler asked for leave last October, bur agreed to wait till March. Returns the end of June. The other one is similar but he is due back next year.

    Wonder what tomorrow brings. There is the great caucus meeting, that they say, Gillard should fear.

    Has anyone interviewed Gina?

  164. Cu, this might have a bit to do with it….. Newspoll

    Preferred PM: Gillard 40 (+4) Abbott 37 (-3

    Abbott’s ridiculous demands and bullying must have woken the public we’ll have to wait and see what the other polls come out with.

  165. CU at 12:59 Abbott did not bring on a the motion to suspend standing orders because he stuffed up the count of questions asked.

    The guy can not be relied upon to count to ten. He does not even need to take his shoes off, heaven help us if he has to count to 21.

  166. On AM, the complaint the HSU officials made against Lawler to the FWA, ended up being sent to Lawler.!!!!!!

    The HSU officials complained that, Lawler had not right to telephone them and involve himself in HSU business. The HSU officials cmplained to FWA in early December. The HSU heard nothing from FWA. AM reports today the complaint ended up on Lawler’s desk and he wrote to Strike Force Carnarvon.

    Looks as though the ABC is being dragged into looking where they did not want to look before.

  167. Also on AM the old furphy “leadership”. Kelven Thompson when challenged about Labor Caucus upheaval and leadership challengers, would have none of it and suggested those impressions BELONGED to the interviewer.

  168. My goodness, someone has finally commented on the opposition’s performance aka stunts in Parliament.

    Having spent most of the past 21 months in opposition using question time as a giant stunt show, shutting it down with vexatious suspensions and censure motions, the Coalition finally decided to use it to, like, probe the government on stuff. It was as startling as it was refreshing.


  169. Min
    From that link, I do not understand how in a piece on how the Coalition has had “vexatious suspensions and censure motion” had to have this BS thrown in:

    “It was so unusual, it almost felt thrillingly illicit, like smoking a cigarette in the presence of Nicola Roxon, or rearranging the paper clips on Stephen Smith’s desk.

    Read more: http://www.canberratimes.com.au/opinion/politics/coalition-rediscovers-an-old-political-classic-question-time-20120528-1zf9b.html#ixzz1wCXWJurs

  170. Sue, I agree..it does seem quite out of place in the article. Plus the placement of the sentence is an interesting one..right at the top of the article where the reader would naturally assume that the piece was going to be a negative one against the government.

  171. Can’t wait for the release of the new TV mini-series:
    Underbelly – The Evil Union
    Not sure who I would cast in the roles of Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler.

  172. Abbott’s ridiculous demands and bullying must have woken the public we’ll have to wait and see what the other polls come out with.

    polls go up and down…but one thing will always remain true…and the voters know it:

    Tony Abbott is a:

  173. Can’t wait for the release of the new TV mini-series:
    Underbelly – The Evil Union
    Not sure who I would cast in the roles of Kathy Jackson and Michael Lawler.

    Nine could go to Murdoch and ask for those boring old staples Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.


  174. We!. What the hell is this “we” el gordo?

    You can keep trolling as much as you like on the carbon price and the next election, throwing in as many nonsense single sentence posts as you can, it will never change the fact you are so utterly wrong in this, and saying it as often as possible will never make you right.

  175. This is what we have been saying on this blog for quite some time..the Howard years-the wasted years..and it’s in the Courier Mail no less…

    AUSTRALIA has wasted the proceeds of the mining boom estimated at more than $200 billion, according to think tank Per Capita.

    In a report released yesterday, Per Capita said the Howard and Rudd governments used about half the windfall – $105 billion – to shore up the Commonwealth’s fiscal position.

    It estimated that the pre-GFC phase of the mining boom had delivered at least $180 billion to the economy.

    “We paid off $36 billion of sovereign debt and put $69 billion into long-term savings funds. This was the responsible course of action,” it said.

    “But the remaining $75 billion represents a big missed opportunity. The Howard government gave at least $25 billion away in tax cuts and concessions.

    “It used another $50 billion on inflated spending programs and various cash handouts, from the baby bonus to the First Home Owners’ Grants.

    “We missed the opportunity to invest $75 billion in long-term productive assets.

    “We could have built a high-speed rail link down the east coast, or funded hundreds of thousands of skilled cadetships, or rolled out solar generation farms to power our mining and aluminium sectors.

    “The combination of tax cuts and spending growth left Australia ill-prepared for a change in economic circumstances.”


  176. “It used another $50 billion on inflated spending programs and various cash handouts, from the baby bonus to the First Home Owners’ Grants.”

    Oh to get this through to the Howard supporter thick skulls. Just about every one of Howard’s schemes and policies were wasteful, some of them to extremely so, but there were no sustained media attacks or calls of incompetency back then.

    So instead of handing Rudd a good economic position as they keep averring, Howard handed Rudd a poor economic position at best and a massive infrastructure deficit as Howard allowed it to run down and collapse for a decade. An infrastructure deficit that will take tens if not hundreds of billions over many decades to rebuild and shore up.

    Yet the mindless Abbott automatons want to repeat the Howard years and yet again run this nation into the ground and put it way behind other comparable countries in the world.

  177. ‘We!. What the hell is this “we” el gordo?’

    TB has turned his back on Labor over a single issue, me too, but you wouldn’t dare call him a troll.

    Barrackers are blind to reality.

  178. “Whether it is now or after the election, there doesn’t look to be much hope for Labor, so either way we think Tony Abbott can start to prepare his acceptance speech,” said sportsbet.com.au’s Shaun Anderson.

  179. El gordo, yes probably..but let’s just pretend. After Tony has had all the photo ops and attention that his Ego desires, then what? Ok, goodbye to the NBN, goodbye to (your favorite) the carbon tax, goodbye to the mining tax. But once we’ve said goodbye to it all, then where to from there….

  180. We have to fight and save Labor, the NBN is popular out in the bush but the CO2 tax isn’t.

  181. Sue, precisely. Irrespective of one’s belief in climate change, investment in cleaner energies can only but bring benefit to Australia.

  182. Tom and, but you wouldn’t dare call him a troll.

    That’s because he isn’t, and you are.

    Not in, what must it be now..going on for 4 years have I ever known TB to resort to one liners..in fact, it would be difficult to contain him to just one line. 😉

  183. My my. I am going to teach them not to ignore me, when I say I want two seats. Not much to ask.

    Mining billionaire and Fairfax’s largest shareholder Gina Rinehart has questioned the performance of the media company’s chairman.

    The world’s richest woman and Fairfax’s biggest shareholder has called on chairman Roger Corbett to outline how company plans to overcome its financial troubles.

    The comments come after Mrs Rinehart was last week overlooked for a Fairfax board seat, in favour of former Ernst Young boss James Millar.


  184. Tom @11.16am..my favorite saying is that there is always a solution to any problem..and you’ve just proven it. 😉

  185. “TB has turned his back on Labor over a single issue, me too, but you wouldn’t dare call him a troll.

    Barrackers are blind to reality.”

    What are people who turn their back over a single issue, when the Opposition offers them far less or nothing?

    What are people who throw out every thing they support over one narrow issue.

    I have little respect for those who throw out the baby with the bath water.

    Maybe cutting off ones nose to spite their face is an better analogy

    Whether they are trolls or not, I do not know. I have problems with understanding what trolls are.

    I do believe they are fools.


  186. Sue there is concern….

    ‘A “GROWING body of evidence” that wind farm noise could have health effects has prompted Queensland Health to call for caution when approving wind farm developments.

    ‘Queensland Health has in effect become the first government health agency to recommend that wind turbines not be built within 2km of homes. In a letter to Tablelands Regional Council, Queensland Health’s director of environmental health, David Sellars, recommended a “precautionary approach” be taken to approval of the proposed $500 million Mount Emerald wind farm near Walkamin on the Atherton Tablelands.’

  187. ‘Whether they are trolls or not, I do not know. I have problems with understanding what trolls are.

    ‘I do believe they are fools.’


  188. ‘What are people who throw out every thing they support over one narrow issue.’

    This is a major issue with me, because we have reached a tipping point…our Modern Climate Optimum is finished.

  189. Let me get this straight, grodo believes there is a “GROWING body of evidence” for wind noise harm from wind turbines, but not enough scientific evidence for AGW 😯

    It makes sense really, for trolls I guess

    “There is insufficient evidence that the noise from wind turbines is directly (ie, independent from an effect on annoyance or sleep) causing health problems or disease … The strongest epidemiological study suggests that there is not an association between noise from wind turbines and measures of psychological distress or mental health problems.”


  190. Let me get this straight, grodo believes there is a “GROWING body of evidence” for wind noise harm from wind turbines, but not enough scientific evidence for AGW 😯

    Did a cow get blown over? Did it hurt her ears?

  191. From a link earlier to the Chris Uhlmann article:

    Fair Work Australia vice-president Michael Lawler has had direct involvement in the internal politics of the Health Services Union (HSU), the ABC has revealed.

    Funny, Mr Uhlmann, but I thought that Wixxy revealed it.

  192. Migs, fortunately many in the msm read the blogs. I would suggest copyright notifications. Copyright is one of the most complex of legislation, but I do have a working knowledge should anyone like advice.

  193. Wixxy IS ulman!!

    And he seemed like such a nice fella

    (tongue in cheek Wixxy, tongue in cheek 😉 )

    And I won’t be around to see it tonight. The one night it might prove worthwhile 😦

  194. Oh for stuff’s sake el gordo will you stop regurgitating conservative government clap trap.

    I think you will find that Victoria was the first to begin stopping wind farms and O’Farrell in NSW is following suit, all based on absolute nonsense.

    A study found that globally those who claimed of health problems from wind farms were the ones who were not getting any money for them, yet somehow those with turbines on their properties, so should have had greater negative health effects, were perfectly healthy.

    Also towns and districts that were pro-wind farms were in perfect health and those mostly conservative areas that were against them were somehow being negatively effected. Go figure.

    This was all started by one woman who ran around the globe whipping up a scare campaign and talking people into symptoms they didn’t know they had until she visited them.

    As pointed out it’s very telling that el gordo doesn’t believe a vast majority science of specialists in the field of climate whilst often quoting crackpots, vested interests and non-specialists in climate, but now believes one woman over a lot of other medical experts.

    Science and fact has nothing to do with when in comes to el gordo, it only has to agree with a very narrow ideological point of view to be valid.

  195. Fox News el gordo? Just how low do you have to go in seeking hard right wing points of view to confirm you glued on ideological prejudice on climate change?

  196. Bacchus and Migs, I see an orgy of man flu moaning happening. Toughen up chaps, you’ll REALLY have to worry if we females cop a dose of lady flu. 😯

    Speaking of health, how is Mrs Bacchus and s-i-l, Bacchus?

    An interesting article by Ben Eltham on the Roy Hill 1700.


    Min @9.14am, it’s nice to have our opinions reinforced.The most infuriating thing is all the missed opportunities thanks to the Rodent’s obsession with middle class welfare and his hatred for public education, health and infrastructure.

    The Liars Party made a deliberate decision to be the most mediocre and lazy government in history. They had a chance at greatness, but preferred a big fat FAIL and in the process squandered billions on bribes, illegal invasions and trashing our public institutions.

    ME @9.30am, I guess there’s a glimmer of hope if even the Courier Mail reckons the Howard years are a litany of squandered opportunities amid the greatest boom in our history.

    I guess we’re fortunate that even Howard’s reckless spending and wastefulness couldn’t consume ALL of the cash.

    And equally fortunate that since 2007, the Labor government has had the good sense to reinvest in our public institutions and develop forward looking policies like NBN to stand us in good stead in the future.

    And that the government is taking steps to ensure that all sectors of the economy benefit from the mining boom. Sooner or later, we will have siphoned every last gram of iron ore and other minerals out of the country.

    Or it could be that our biggest market, China will no longer want or need our minerals or may not be able to pay for them.

    Thank god the government acknowledges this and is taking steps to ensure we don’t fall in a hole, no pun intended.

  197. ME @3.15pm, bit like the anti immunisation mob. A bunch of wankers with a brain dead bee in their bonnets, flying in the face of medical and scientific research based fact.

    And of course there’s the geniuses who insist that HIV is not connected to AIDS, despite all the proof in the world!

    It’s like there’s a shutter in their brain that snaps shut every time the words research and facts are mentioned!

    What’s the bet they’re Liars Party stooges. They’re allergic to the truth, research (unless it’s spurious) and facts.

  198. ‘Science and fact has nothing to do with when in comes to el gordo, it only has to agree with a very narrow ideological point of view to be valid.’

    But…but…’both sides of the global warming debate say the study’s findings support their views. Those who worry about global warming say it shows that cultural biases blind even smart people to the “scientific consensus.”

  199. Jane, thanks for asking 🙂

    Mrs Bacchus is doing very well – the question mark on her shoulder is fading very quickly (scar, about 7cm high, 3cm wide in the shape of a question mark).

    S-i-l had her operation last week. They removed the lump and the first set of lymph nodes under her arm, so she’s still very sore. She had an appointment at the hospital today, so hopefully we’ll find out more tonight, as long as the patholgy is back. I think they’re talking some radiation therapy when she heals a bit more (6 weeks I think) and the pathology will determine if she’s going to need chemo as well.

  200. No el gordo, stop attempting the ID defence and state that both sides are saying the science supports their views so as to give credibility to a side that has none. The great majority of credible science by the lauded experts in the specialist field of the relevant science are on one side, a lot of crackpots, scientists in other fields outside the speciality and ideologically and greed driven vested interest groups paying yet others to come out with disproved bunkum are on the other side.

    Take your link, You do know it’s not recent at all and is something Andrew Bolt regurgitated last October, and it was totally discredited, point by point, back then.

    That you have to continuously resort to scraping the bottom of the barrel to quote these discredited (oft old rehashed) sources here so you think you can make it appear as you are knowledgeable illustrates just how nescient you really are on the subject..

    Then again I don’t think that really worries you and is not the point of your constant throwing up of one sentence nonsense throw away attacks on this government and the carbon price.

  201. Hi Bacchus, good news. Glad Mrs Bacchus is OK and so far s-i-l is looking good.

    My best wishes to all.

  202. Bacchus, I wasnt aware of mrs bacchus’s health concerns. Glad to hear things are ok……

  203. Why have the northern countries of Europe gave no problems?

    Page one of The Australian newspaper runs a report today by Graham Lloyd that suggests the Queensland Government’s Health Department is seeking to constrain the development of wind farms for health reasons. The first sentence states:
    “A “growing body of evidence” that wind farm noise could have health effects has prompted Queensland Health to call for caution when approving wind farm developments.”
    Climate Spectator called the Queensland Department of Health to verify this report and was told:
    “The Australian report is not correct.”
    We were then referred to the National Health and Medical Research Council findings on wind turbine health effects. Their public statement says:
    “Reported health concerns primarily relate to infrasound (sound that is generally inaudible to the human ear) generated by wind turbines. The World Health Organization states that: ‘There is no reliable evidence that sounds below the hearing threshold produce physiological or psychological effects’. A recent expert panel review in North America found no evidence that audible or subaudible sounds emitted by wind turbines have any direct adverse physiological effect. The principal human response to perceived infrasound is annoyance.


  204. Thanks ME (and all the other whisperers – I know you’ve indicated your support previously). Mrs Bacchus’ problem was only very minor in the end – a melanoma, but they got it early and they got it all. She just has to be checked regularly for the next year or so (every 3 months) to ensure she has no more.

    s-i-l is of more concern at the moment – hopefully the news will be just as good 🙂

  205. “The principal human response to perceived infrasound is annoyance.”

    Annoyance that the neighbour with them is making money from them.
    Annoyance from the fossil fuel industry that wind is cutting their profits.
    Annoyance from the Liberals that the big energy producers are bitching about wind farms cutting their profits, and thus their donations to the Liberals.
    Annoyance from the Liberal supporters only because the Liberal Party is annoyed and it’s a Greenie thing.

  206. I am pissed off that my man flu is preventing me from heading down to Tilley’s and meeting the famous Mr Denmore.

  207. Bacchus, those who are diagnosed with cancer now seem to have better chance of survival than they did not so long ago.

    I have recently lost a cousin top cancer that spread through his body. It was rapid.. At the same time, I have seen a friend that I have known since a child, whose mother died of the same cancer, surviving and thriving.

    It is good that we do not take any diagnosis automatically as a death sentence.

    The best for the wife. You can go back now to that man flue.

  208. Seven volumes given to the Senate. Abetz mob missed it

    Foot in mouth disease for Abetz. He is demanding which volume he can find it.

  209. I think, except for the nastiness the extended senate hearing is going down the same track.

  210. LOVO, there was some talk that Wixxy’s revelations might have been given some air. The ABC spent an hour on the phone with him yesterday. They have shown a lot of interest in his findings.

    Maybe it was too damaging for the Opposition to warrant further examination.

  211. A comment from a yank in 1980s made me laugh when he said he was impressed with Aussie rules after watching a game between Harthoon and Gongalongie.

    I thought that Hawthorn and Geelong would be quite easy to pronounce. Even to the English speaking Americans.

  212. The best for the wife. You can go back now to that man flue.

    Thanks CU, but I survived the Man flu about a month ago – it’s Migs who’s dying atm 😉

  213. I’ll have you know, Bacchus, that the good doctor thought I’d developed pneumonia. Do I have to die before people think I’m sick? 🙄


  214. Oh good, can I have back that one shilling and sixpence halfpenny that I loaned you a few years ago…plus your Beatles record collection would also be appreciated.

  215. Once heard an yank say to an aussie “Your english is very good” , pity theirs isn’t…
    (Its a bloody Zed not a zee)
    @8:26 would only need quarter of show for your lot 👿

  216. Since the Foreign Workers issue took off I’ve noticed more disparaging comments about Gina Rinehart in the MSM? Anyone agree or not? A bit of just foolin’ criticism of their own team to make Labor look bad? A bit like the “politicians are bastards & you wouldn’t want bastards like us deciding who the President is would you?” line Abbott & Howard used for the Republic referendum?

  217. LOVO, one can tell class and style..is it reserv-woir or reserv-war. I personally opt for the French pronunciation. But that’s just we Collingwood supporters…

  218. Just looking at wixxy tweets, something about being released at 11pm est, and an agreement with some of the msm

  219. I have never seen so much money and time wasted on a email, as is going

    The young solicitor, who was bought back after finding care for her baby, told him it did not mean what he believed it did.

    There are another lot lined up now,

    It is 10.45.

    Do they all live in Canberra but do they come from other states. Abetz is the only one asking questions.

  220. Thanks CU – I had found that site, but just hadn’t selected the EricA Betz feed 🙂

  221. Just looking at wixxy tweets, something about being released at 11pm est, and an agreement with some of the msm

    Thanks Sue. I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

  222. Beeer is NSW, be-ah is Victoria…

    But only SA has the real stuff, and we pronounce it ‘Coopers’ 😉

    Appears from comments that missing 7.30 was no loss …. again.

  223. Just read over at PB that the smoking gun abetz dragged everyone back in to see fizzed. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Should dominate headlines for only a few days then 😯

  224. In the case of Craig Thomson, they are using all four adjectives: corrupt, mentally unstable, adulterous and dying. He misused money with whores; he committed adultery with whores; he is ‘at breaking point’ now there’s a whore coming after him and he may kill himself tomorrow. Better for him he gives up politics, and takes a holiday. We’re only thinking of him. We only want the best for poor young Craig. He should take a holiday — now.

    It’s interesting to reflect on the part Mal Washer played in all this. It was he who started up the rumour that Craig might be mad, and suggested he should quit, or take a break. He wasn’t being benevolent at all. He was just following the usual plan: say he’s mad and it’s best he gets out of politics — for his own good. And we take over.

    And it was through this prism Craig’s brief press conference on Thursday was construed by the newly alerted media. He was actually quite normal — calm, concise and to the point. And all the media said he was mad, and ‘at breaking point’, and likely to kill himself. Abbott this morning pretended it was a kindness when he said he should he resign his seat and give the Liberals power. Just trying to help out, mate.


  225. SA beer is cats piss, I love me stout and black ales (old) but wont go near that shyte Coopers puts out. I can only just stand a Southwark if theres nought else…damn all this talk about beer and me with man flu, bugger…. 😦

  226. Catching Up at 10.45
    Saw an ABC segment on the day of Thomson’s presser virtually accusing him of threatening the press with his self harm.

  227. Meant to mention Mal Washer just then. He does the fake concern a bit better than Abbott, but not much. A combined “we said something awful might happen if he kept on like this” just in case & opening up a complete new line of attack. Never a suggestion that his side might not keep going on like this.

  228. but wont go near that shyte Coopers puts out

    Thems fighten words LOVO!

    But say what ya want about southwark or west end. Cats can’t piss that badly.

    It really is the season for manflu, although, I reckon some of ya’s just need to HTFU!

    Just last week, while suffering from a does of the malignant virus, I was forced to make me own cuppa, forcing me to leave the safe harbour of the lounge, and I didn’t complain one bit.!! (mind you, this was possibly more because the missus wouldn’t have heard my laments from over the sound of the mower than from any real compassion not to spread my dissatisfaction) 😉

  229. Just last week, while suffering from a does of the malignant virus, I was forced to make me own cuppa, forcing me to leave the safe harbour of the lounge, and I didn’t complain one bit.

    Tom, you are a giant among us mere men. I salute you.

  230. One of my more horrible memories of Adelaide was that stupid Coopers Stout and lemonade jingle, which until tonight had been wiped from my absorbent brain.

  231. Got this from there Min

    [NOTE: All documents, by the way, will be turned over to any police or official investigation upon request. We want to make clear that we have no – and never at any time had any – intention of retaining possession of these documents and will make all reasonable efforts, once our investigations are complete, to return all items to their rightful and lawful owners.]

    Sounds a bit … er.. precarious?

  232. And this

    We have some good news for that person, and anyone else with concerns for Lawler. According to several eye-witness reports we have received, he was spotted last week looking dapper and as fresh as a daisy in a café, having a cuppa with his partner Kathy Jackson, along with the manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne.

    whyney is a gregarious chap isn’t he. Hanging out with a strange mob lately though?

  233. Now all we have to do is wait to see how much of Wixxys latest gets picked up by MSM. Will be interesting to see how they distort it or what page its on….
    The way these mongrels work I hope Wixxys got a cone of silence like Max and 99, he may need to develope eyes in the back of his head too…..
    thank f* for the Wixxys of this world.
    [*THINKS* If I was Malcolm Turnball would I be rubbing my hands together in glee…]

  234. You lot
    The link works now, perhaps the little man inside this box in front of me put the jack into the wrong connector.
    The post is, in the words of an oldish song (Fabulous Thunderbirds?), Powerful Stuff.

    The Route 66 EP sounds attractive. Jumpin’ Jack Flash I already have in original 45 & on CD (I think, haven’t been down that end of the stash for a bit) Anyone know who wrote Route 66?

  235. But this is the money quote

    Below is a breakdown:

    $4,860.72 – K. Koukavaos Consulting

    $36,867.46 – Neranto No. 10, for consultancy services

    $13,100 – Katherine Jackson direct, for Accommodation and travel HESTA

    $12,500 – Katherine Jackson direct, for postage and shipping. Apparently lots of shipping…

    $63,000 – Katherine Jackson direct, for an Honorarium payment

    $6,165 – Minifie Park Child Care Association, apparent staff benefits and uniforms

    $522,570 – Katherine Jackson direct, Key Management Personnel Compensation

    If that is all true, she did quite well out of her position.


    Anyway, gotta get the shuteye. See how much this gets ignored tomorrow

  236. Pingback: China is building an alien looking mobius strip-inspired bridge | nicolaisqfo049

  237. Never before heard of a steam shower enclosure up until I came
    upon this incredible website, so glad I did so truly want
    one now and finances permitting will likely be owning one pretty soon

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