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  1. Worth posting here as well.

    Blain by-election in the NT.

    Massive swing against the CLP.
    Good swings for the ALP, Greens and Independents.

  2. The world is watching this ‘ever becoming’ foolish place- …Australia ! … (thanx a f’n lot Tones 😳 ) In Tassie this bloke had a beaut-i of an idea, but sir Tones of boughton on paidfor has scuttled it in his rampant zeal to destroy the successes of Labor and it’s Clean Energy Tech grants…… 🙄
    below is the ‘easy read’ troll link 😀 …. then under that is……. a different link 😉 …no really 🙂

    “However the family’s future in hydro-electricity is uncertain after the clean technology grants were cut and the wholesale price for power dropped.

    “The hydropower is making us money at the moment but we’re a bit disappointed in the legislation. We went ahead with the Humboldt scheme under legislation and now we have a change of government and that legislation is going to change so that mucks up all our feasibility studies that we’ve done and we’ve invested in,” Mr Tomlin said.”

  3. It’s funny how, after years of the denialists saying that Climate Scientists are into “predictions” and guess work, our leaders have devolved to this, the embodiment of what the denialiti have been accusing scientists of all these years.

    Coal will be a predominant energy source for “decades and decades” to come, but with “drastically” reduced greenhouse emissions owing to technological advancement, the environment minister, Greg Hunt, has predicted as he responds to the latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

    Of course, his “hunch” is far better informed than what the actual scientists and economists working on this issue for decades could ever become

    The third report from the IPCC working group said the cheapest and least risky route to dealing with global warming would be to abandon all dirty fossil fuels in coming decades

    Backed up with solid sciency stuff like “predicts” and “believes”, it’s hard to know how this could go wrong for hunt.

    Facepalm 😦

  4. And yet another senior Liberal/Liberal backer is having memory problems when faced with evidence of impropriety.

    This time it’s a State Premier in Barry O’Farrell.

    But not only has he forgotten phone calls and expensive gifts, he’s also forgotten telling the Federal Labor government there was no requirement for a second airport anywhere in NSW and then refusing to see the business and planning papers for it, documents he commissioned. The very same business plan and planning documents Abbott is now using and O’Farrell all of a sudden agrees with.

    As a political commentator has stated O’Farrell need to explain this lapse of memory in regards to previously saying there was no requirement for a second airport in NSW, which is on the record.

    But this airport proposal, which really isn’t an airport proposal at all but a road infrastructure proposal for the West where Abbott’s popularity has significantly waned, as has O’Farrell’s.

    After the infrastructure PM stated there would be major roads and rail to the west in preparation for the (no curfew) airport there is now only mention of roads. Rail has been surreptitiously been dropped from the conversation, and as no surprise Abbott is calling for private investment for the roads, in other words more expensive toll roads.

    So as usual for a Liberal we have lots of grand statements and proposals but when scrutinised it’s mostly on the never never and nowhere near as grand as the statements make out. If it’s anything like Howard’s $4 billion roads funding promise and budgeted for then on part of Abbott’s grand promise will ever be spent.

    And finally there are fractures in the Liberals over this as well. Jackie Kelly being one who fought voraciously and successfully against the previous Federal Labor government’s Badgerys Creek proposal has stated this Abbott government also has a fight on its hands, a fight it won’t win.

  5. And so Liberal massive pork barreling continues. It’s as though Howard the most wasteful PM in our history hasn’t left us at all.

  6. O’Farrell bites the dust, at last a Liberal has been caught out blatantly lying, now if only we could get a few more of the lying bastards before these sort of inquiries.

  7. Abbott being number one Crowey, actually number two. Howard should be number one by a long shot and all the times he had memory lapses and blamed staffers who were later promoted or moved on to cushy retirements should be held against him.

    For all parties and pollies the lapse of memory defense should no longer be allowed, especially in this day and age of instant electronic record keeping. No pollie should be allowed a secret meeting with anyone that isn’t recorded in some way. The records of that meeting can be classified and locked away but there must be a record.

    See how Murdoch and the others currently calling the shots for this government would peddle backwards at great speed if that were the case.

  8. Ah a tedious Prime Minister didn’t like a WOMAN JOURNALIST throwing the plain truth at him, he must have a guilty conscience.

  9. Crowey, that was so-o-o ‘natural humour’……. I nearly fell down laughing when he demanded an apology from ” Madam” 😆 …one must really wonder why he got so upset, mm :/ seeing as Barry and tony don’t really get on that well… ( one of those ‘wet’ n dry’ catholic thingy me whatsit’s- I guess 😀 ) …. but the most ‘you beaut’ – ‘natural humour’ thingy was the laugh tones gave when questioned on whether he had met with/or knew the get-about bloke that gives away (expensive) free piss with no ‘other’ expectations than a thank you note. 🙂
    P.S. Oh and Migs, while I was in the CW cellar recently- I couldn’t help noticing that a ’59 was missing from your extensive collection of Grange…….. 😕 😯 😮 … prob’s just coincidence, ay 😉
    ….. oh, but then again I’m am forgetting about the Bacchus factor, mm ! …after all there was an unopened Blackberry Nip bottle in it’s place 😯 ….. just sayin.. 😛


    Two bottles of booze hanging over corruption hearings. Two government hangovers.

    While NSW premier Barry O’Farrell has been laid low by a $3000 bottle of Penfold Grange, it was a bottle of Chivas Regal Royal Salute which blew open the Fitzgerald Inquiry in 1987, which led to the downfall of the Bjelke-Petersen government.

    Queensland police officer Col Dillon tendered the unopened bottle as evidence of corruption within the police licensing branch, telling the inquiry he found it sitting in his locked station locker one day.

    Not knowing what else to do with it, or who to turn to, Mr Dillon took the bottle home and lamented what it represented, until the Fitzgerald Inquiry gave him a chance to blow the whistle.

    Mr Dillon’s testimony, which broke the ‘code of silence’ within Queensland police, had a domino effect eventually implicating then-police commissioner Terry Lewis in corrupt activities for which he was subsequently jailed.

    His bottle of whisky, encased in its green velvet pouch, still sits in a display case at the Crime and Misconduct Commission, along with other evidence, including a briefcase, which was tendered during the Fitzgerald Inquiry.

  11. What was that about Crowey?

    This was it ME. Actually, the question imo WAS out of order. The interviewer would have been better off just stating that BOF LIED. I see the gg is running the defense for him, that ICAC didn’t actually find him guilty of corruption. They appear to miss the bit about him LYING to an inquiry over a bottle of wine that might just be the icebergs tip. I am trying to marry up the gg’s approach to a 20 year old case involving Gillard, and their approach now. It is quite a comparison to make.

  12. When one addresses a woman with the demand, madam you better withdraw that, they have gone to far. The word “madam” is not needed. It is meant to intimidate.

  13. We need to keep in mind that this government cut the numbers we take back to around 13700 from over 20,000. Labor intended to increase the numbers to 30,000.


    Australia will be asked to “share the burden” of asylum-seekers with Indonesia, where detention centres are overcrowded with people stymied by the Abbott government’s hardline border policy.

    Australia and Indonesia will meet on the sidelines of a workshop on the protection of asylum seekers in Jakarta next week.

    Indonesia’s director-general for multilateral affairs, Hasan Kleib, will encourage Australia to “work together again” on the issue.

    He says seven asylum-seeker boats have been turned back since December – three of them using orange lifeboats.

    Mr Kleib says he understands Australia has opted for a “zero entry” policy, but it is “touching on other issues that relate to us”.

    There are now at least 10,623 asylum seekers and refugees in Indonesia who face years of waiting for resettlement, and who are vulnerable to people smugglers in the meantime.


  14. Global Power Shift is the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement. First, hundreds of climate leaders from around the world gathered in Istanbul to share stories, learn skills, and sharpen strategies. These leaders have now returned to their home countries to spark a wave of convergences, campaigns, and mobilisations for climate action.

  15. “The mining industry appeared to have all it needed for a decent online campaign: a new website, chest-beating media statements and one of those fancy Twitter hashtags, #australiansforcoal. What it got in return was merciless mockery.

    The Minerals Council of Australia, which is backed by mining companies including industry giants BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto, launched Australians for Coal on Monday, as part of a PR campaign which will include TV advertisements and, naturally, political lobbying.

    The website, which points out that coal is “indispensible to modern life”, comes at a concerning time for the mining industry.

    This week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) called for a trebling or quadrupling of renewable energy to head off climate change, amid warnings that two-thirds of all known fossil fuel reserves will need to stay unburned if dangerous warming is to be avoided. ”

  16. This is the one we should worry about. Raising the pension age, and I suspect attacking those on the Disability pension are diversions.


    Two indexes, two very different impacts on pensions

    If the rumours are correct, the federal government is considering a complex but far-reaching change to pension payments

    WITH THE federal budget looming, Joe Hockey has flagged two possible changes to pensions. The first, raising the age at which individuals become eligible for the age pension to seventy years, has attracted widespread media coverage, in part because its impact is easy to grasp. The second, modifying the indexation of pensions, has received relatively little scrutiny, yet represents a profound structural reform. It would affect not only senior citizens, but also those receiving a disability support pension or the carer payment

  17. The question that needs to be asked, is this government correct when he says pensions and other benefits are unsustainable,. I say the opposite is true.

    ……….Because the Australian population has grown quite significantly over time, the best way to track the trends is to look at the number of people receiving payments as a percentage of the working-age population – people aged between sixteen and sixty-four years. Chart 1 shows the proportion of people in this group receiving income-support payments between 1976 and 2012. After rising steadily in the late 1970s, the figure jumped significantly in the early 1980s, declined in the second half of the 1980s, then jumped again in the early 1990s. From 1996 onwards there was a long steady decline, with a more modest rise and fall since 2008. Chart 1: Trends in per cent of working age population receiving income support payments, Australia, 1976–2012 Note: Working age is defined as the population aged 16 to 64 years. Source: Calculated from Department of Social Services, Income Support Customers, A Statistical Overview, various years and Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australian Demographic Statistics, June 2013. What explains these fluctuations? The number of working-age people receiving welfare payments at any one time is strongly related to the state of the labour market. Not surprisingly, it increases significantly in periods of recession. Unemployment was generally below 2 per cent of the labour force up until the 1970s, but doubled to 4.6 per cent between 1974 and 1975, and then rose to over 6 per cent in 1978. The recession of the 1980s saw a peak unemployment rate of 9.9 per cent in 1983, followed by a decline through to 1989. In the midst of another recession, it increased to 11 per cent in 1993. Unemployment declined after 1993, falling to 4 per cent, the lowest level since 1974, in February 2008. But other factors are at work as well, including the dynamics of different categories of payments. Changes in the number of lone parents receiving benefits, for example, partly reflect shifts in family formation. People who are unemployed for lengthy periods and experience a disability may drop out of the labour market and end up on the DSP, for example, and unemployment can lead to family breakdown and growing lone parenthood……….

  18. If Rudd had bit change the way aged pensions are index, we would be nearly one hundred dollars a fortnight worse off, on the single pension. That is a lot of money. There were also other rebates, which I suspect have already disappeared.

    Has someone commented on another site, all of this money disappears immediately into the local economy. Yes, helps to keep many employed, who then pays tax. Along with the GST, the pensioner also pays.

    Pensions should be seen as an investment in the wellbeing of the community, not as this mob can only see as a cost.

  19. Dear Gina, ……… 🙂
    “Unfortunately, the mindless rabble in Australia forgets that you are eminently qualified to talk about debt. You have never needed it. It’s my guess that not once have you had to get a cash advance from a credit card, borrow money from family or sell off your jewellery at a pawn shop, let alone scrounge for loose change in a drawer. If there’s one person in this country who has managed to avoid debt, it is you. We have so much to learn from you. ”

  20. I didn’t quite puke LOVO. It was actually quite funny, if you didn’t think deeply about it. 😉

  21. Looks like the libs are breaking promises at a record rate, today seems to be medicare

    First up, looks like the $6 fee wasn’t a red herring, but an actual broken pledge, coupled with the fact that some Medicare Locals will be shut down, in direct opposition to tabots pre-election promise.

    The list of broken promises grow, and I am sure will be largely glossed over by our intrepid msm

  22. Tom R, I was just looking at our stats and your last comment was the 145,000th approved comment at CW. You win a prize. You have a choice: a Workchoices mouse pad or a night in our cellar, with a friend. 🙂

  23. Tom, we’ve just moved house and the furniture hasn’t been delivered. And when it is, I have no idea what carton (among the dozens) the mouse pad will be located. By the time I find the mouse pad I’m betting you might finally have found a friend. :mrgreen:

  24. Tom R, Migs has given that mouse pad away a thousand times 🙄 ….. and yet still has it 😯 ….the cellar would have ‘virtually’ been a better reality 😉
    ….. and speaking of reality –
    “Remember the ubiquitous Liberal pamphlet entitled Real Solutions for all Australians? Remember the slightly vague policies that were released as little more than handy slogans, and were rarely discussed in any detail.
    The contents of the pamphlet were the Liberal Party’s election manifesto – their handbook to winning, their campaign talking points and their promise to Australian voters. ”

  25. don’t you mean our insipid MSM

    Good catch Min, thanks for that 😉

    you might finally have found a friend.

    I remain optimistic 🙂

  26. Tom, I have an idea for a house warming pressie for Mr + Mrs T……. no prize for guessing what it is but……. 😀

  27. Remember the slightly vague policies that were released as little more than handy slogans

    Barely, and neither can the insipids it seems.

    I certainly hope Labor slam them once they are written in stone with the budget. Probably a good move for Shorten to do the internal restructuring (or rebadging, which I think it will turn out to be) now, takes the attention away somewhat from the softening up, and gets it out of the way for the attack once the budget does come down

    But they really need to find a way to cut through the wall of indifference from the insipids

  28. And the libs want to get rid of it?

    “Over the year to December 2013, annual emissions from electricity generation fell by 5.0 per cent.”

    This is the single biggest annual fall in electricity emissions ever recorded in Australia. Electricity emissions fell by 9.3 million tonnes in 2013; similar to the emissions from Origin Energy’s 2880 megawatt black coal fuelled Eraring Power Station.

  29. I’ll be your friend (for a night)

    How cheap do you think I am Bacchus?


    Cya there soon 😉

  30. What’s it going to take for the right wingers to speak out against Abbott’s string of major lies especially since they were so vociferous against untruths under the previous government.

    Abbott has told more serious lies in a shorter time than any other leader yet the right wingers who go on about being righteous and following the honest party are completely silent over them.

    And there are string of even greater broken promises on the back of lies to come in the budget. But Abbott’s greatest lie, his biggest porky of them all so far goes by unnoticed and the right winger still cheer him on in unbridled adulation.

    Abbott made a huge promise on the back of Rudd launching the NBN without a cost benefit analysis. He promised that any government he led would require that they would “routinely publish public cost-benefit analyses for all projects being considered for Commonwealth support”. There was the proviso of a $100 million minimum to require the analysis. Projects would be ranked with the most deserving at the top and this would be made public for all to comment on.

    There was a whole bunch more to this and Hockey waffled on about in big grand speeches of being honest and open. Easy to find if you look so I won’t bore you with copying and pasting it all.

    So has Abbott kept his grand overarching promise of doing a cost benefit analysis for projects over $100 million and can we find a ranked list with the most deserving at the top?

    Don’t be stupid, this Abbott, the most dishonest leader this country has ever seen. Of course there is no cost benefit analysis for any of the projects he has announced that are $100 million or more, a few in their billions.

    There is no ranked list anywhere that he stated would be necessary before he proceeded and gave his tick of approval to any project.

    So why can’t the right wingers be honest for once in their lives and highlight Abbott’s major lies and broken promises, especially this one, which was one he used to discredit the former government on a promise he would not do the same, yet here he is not only doing the same but worse?

  31. Abbott’s string of major lies

    Don’t worry ME, as Bait ‘n’ Switch linked to earlier, the msm is already buttering us up with the “but all pollies lies, we expect it”.

    Countered against three years of OUTRAGE over a claimed lie by Gillard that was no such thing.

    Entirely predictable really.

  32. ABC has already done that through Chris Berg Tom.

    The double standard is astounding.

    Labor lies and they should be immediately thrown out and are a terrible government.

    Liberal lies more, more brazenly and far more extensively, and it’s understandable plus they all do it so just ignore Abbott the liar and let his broken promises slide by. Of course still vote for him though he’s the biggest liar whose broken the most promises in the shortest time.

  33. ABC has already done that through Chris Berg Tom.

    Is what I was alluding to above ME 😉

    I wonder if the media will accept the smoke and mirrors Shorten is putting out?

    To me, it looks like he is simply trying to get them to move on from their endless “Labor must change” mantra by making major moves like, removing a clause some state branches still have about being in a Union if you can, but is rarely if ever enforced.

    I get the feeling that the journos will forensic and scathing in this, and see through it all too easily. Was worth a try I guess, but, for me, I’d rather they just stood up and said “We are Union, get used to it!”

    But, the journos seem to have a special form of hatred for Unions, so this
    “Labor must reform” mantra will not end until the Unions are gone completely I reckon. Which they bloody better not.

    Yes, the Unions might only cover 18% of the workforce (currently, roughly), but 100% of the workforce have benefitted from them.

  34. Well written, Truth Seeker!

    Browsers, there are plenty of lines all as good and even better than these over there at Truth Seeker.

    Now with these, we must tread carefully
    To protect our supporter bases
    So we’ll do them over gently
    While we put on friendly faces.

  35. Hockey now on with same trip. ABC 24 Maybe we will get that Commission of Audit report. To ne released next Thursday.

  36. I love the questioning Hockey is getting, NO, the school kid was not funded by the MRRT. It was a existing tax rebate that was changed to a grant.

    A must watch. Hockey is making no sense at all.

  37. ” Never before has there been such a concerted alliance opposing a coal project in Australia and such a ground swell of support from different sectors of the community. Events at Maules Creek are setting an important precedent, showing that fossil fuel companies must be prepared to face increasing opposition, delays and reputational damage.
    Companies like Aurizon and others involved in the proposed Galilee Basin mega-mine complex are keenly watching the events unfurling at Maules Creek, and each week of delay makes them more likely to follow Lend-Lease and Anglo-American in making a swift exit from that project.
    This is why the fight at Maules Creek is about more than just stopping one coal mine – it’s about ordinary Australians showing it is no longer acceptable for companies to profit at the expense of our planet.
    – Blair Palese, CEO, Australia”

  38. And the Liberals have done it again, used a drummed out and predetermined Audit Commission to break their election promises and to screw the Australian people.

    Hockey was all bluster and grand statements in leaking bits of the audit that will be released on Thursday, and nearly all of his blustering was on breaking promises that repeated dozens of times right up until the day before the election.

    As I said at the time, and the right wingers fobbed off by their usual harping on about Labor, Abbott had no intention of keeping the promises he made when in opposition and was always going to use the old Liberal trick of a Audit Commission to get out of keeping them.

    In other words the Liberals are the biggest pack of lying arseholes ever.

    At least I heard one thing this morning that of course will be buried by the MSM or completely ignored. Hockey for all his blustering about pensions last night in the speech of doom and gloom, do the Liberals know of any other kind, stated nothing that was not already known. All the facts that he quoted and the Audit Commission are supposedly just finding out were tabled and available when they were making all those promises during the election of not touching pensions or altering them in any way.

    Yet the pensioners are the Liberals greatest constituents and vote for them even though they constantly get screwed by the Liberals. It’s why the Liberals constantly screw them because they know they have their vote no matter what. Hopefully this time the pensioners will rebuff them at the ballot box because that would wipe out the Liberals.

    Of course the Liberals will run their usual fear campaigns as they always do and who are the ones most easily scared? Pensioners.

    Has there ever been a more crass evil and dishonest party than the Liberals? Never
    Has there ever been a worse government than this one? Never.

    As an aside. A very recent poll in Queensland would have Newman losing government. That has to be the greatest fall of any single party in the shortest time from such a huge advantage.

  39. Has there ever been a more crass evil and dishonest party than the Liberals?

    I hope that’s not a challenge for them to outdo themselves.

    I wonder how many “commentators” will recognize how similar to Wayne Swan hockey is now acting in many of his decisions? I noticed a headline in the gg this morning about how we ALL have to share the burden, very communista sounding. Will we witness hockey and the hammer and sickle on their front pages once the budget comes down? All of a sudden, means testing is a good thing (finally). Under Labor, it was CLASS WARFARE, now it is “sharing the burden” Although, I have yet to see how much the big end of town will ‘share’?

    How blatantly dishonest is our polity? Led by murdoch and his merry band of misinformants.

    Hold the bastards to account

  40. I see dutton is making shit up unchallenged again

    “But at the same time people on incomes like mine, or a reporter on $300,000 or $400,000 a year – should we expect to go to the doctor for free? That’s a reasonable question to ask.

    Read more:

    He forgets to mention, and the “reporter” forgets to correct, that, in order to see a Dr for “free”, you need some kind of pension card or health care card, which, if you are on that sort of money, is just not available.

    Smoke and mirrors, and the journos won’t even attempt to fan them away.

  41. He forgets to mention, and the “reporter” forgets to correct, that, in order to see a Dr for “free”, you need some kind of pension card or health care card, which, if you are on that sort of money, is just not available.

    Unless of course your doctor bulk bills Tom 😉 I haven’t paid to see a GP in longer than I can remember…

    “Free” forgets the Medicare levy paid by the journo or polititian though. Someone on $300k would pay about $4,500 in Medicare levy assuming they have private health insurance.

  42. So Willankate is off tomorrow- Anzac Day. You’d think an extra day could be arranged to help us as we celebrate sending all those soldiers over to assist Great Granddad or whoever it was in his idiotic family squabble with his German rellies, but evidently not. Must be a polo match on somewhere or something.
    P.S. I like the idea of a Budget Bullshit post. It’d run & run.

  43. BSA Bob, Willankate are probs got an appointment on a beach down the road from Anzac Cove……… 🙄
    Republic calling…….. HELLO………..HELLO………etc.

  44. Unless of course your doctor bulk bills Tom

    Actually Bacchus, my understanding is that only those with pension cards or are under 18 can get free visits IF your Dr Bulk Bills, everyone else pays, even if it is a Bulk Billing Dr?

    Else the local has been ripping me off! 😯

  45. btw, I hope everyone enjoys their ANZAC day, and doesn’t forget what it is about.

    Commemoration for our fallen. Remembrance of their achievements.

  46. No Tom – it depends on your doctor. Where I live, pretty well every GP bulk bills everyone – they have to because all the others do. On the other side of the coin, my Mum & Dad (both full pensioners) pay to visit their GP and don’t get it all back from Medicare…

    Here’s an ad I picked at random for GPs in the Logan area:

    BULK BILLING with a current DVA or Medicare Card

  47. Willankate are leaving at 2:00pm today, after attending the national Anzac day ceremony at the Australian War Memorial and planting the obligatory tree…

  48. No Tom – it depends on your doctor

    Cheers Bacchus. Looks like you are in the lucky country then. 😉

    Although, I do know that pensioners and Health Care Card holders do get in for free at our local one, and they are the only ones who do. It doesn’t cost too much for me for a check up, so I don’t mind. Which is why I am bemused about this $6 “co” payment? It appears the Dr is already free to charge on top if need be (or wants be)

    I wonder if the pensioners still will be free of charge under the new measures mentioned?

    The talking heads were all “debating” about how we can make health sustainable the other night (the Dum perhaps?), and much talk centred around this “user pays” (or GST for health, as some are calling it).

    None of them mentioned removing Government subsidies that prop up the private health scam, rather than targeting these fund directly into health.

  49. and planting the obligatory tree

    Our Green Army will have nothing left to do 😦

    Willankate -> JOB SCABS!

  50. Meanwhile, Hockeys lies keep getting bigger.

    Commission of Audit watchdog reort warns against health, welfare cuts

    “Economists gave evidence that the state of the economy is not what the government has told the Australian people There is no budget emergency or debt crisis. We have a solid, low-taxing economy and an efficient health system what became clear through this inquiry is that Australia can afford the services Australians value and respect. Health and welfare should be the last places to look for cuts to balance the budget Today’s report details the consequences ordinary Australians will suffer if the government goes ahead with its radical plan to abolish bulk billing and wind back other essential services The Commission of Audit is a flawed process, which we’ve learned today didn’t even tale into account or Abbott’s so-called Direct Action scheme, because it wasn’t provided with the details. What we’re seeing here is the PM’s hand-picked liberal mates working toward a pre-determined outcome, which is to justify health and welfare cuts, handouts to industry and a shift to a user-pays model for government services.

    The bolded bit caught my eye. Not sure if they are “abolishing” it, or just making the first step in that direction?

  51. When will the major media outlets highlight this stupidity?

  52. And greg hunt understands what ANZAC Day is all about.

  53. Thanks for the Willankate update. Pleased something for Anzac’s happening even if it is doing those Green Army folks out of a job. But I expect a couple of them are right now digging the hole, sticking the tree in it & placing within reach the ceremonial three shovelfuls of dirt for the televised part.

  54. To see a GP for free, one needs a doctor to bulk bill. Here on the Central Coast, that is hard to find. The couple I know of, I would not visit. Would be a compete waste of government money, and my time. .

    Sadly in this area. IMHO the Medicare Local does not stack up. Suspect local GPs might have something to do with that.

    Thankfully, over the ;last couple of years, there are many new practices opening up. I hopwe that brings some respite.

    I have also vist a G, in the Campbelltown area, that bulk bills for all. Je also supply’s many other service. Very good doctor.

    If ths government destroys Medicare, I suspects the service we get in this region will become the nor,.

    Back before the days of Whitlam, I have four young children. Believe me, it was hell getting appropriate medical attention for them. Private insurance was beyond my reach. Did not deliver for the bulk of the community.

    As for Specialist services in this region, e prepared to have up to $300 for first visit. Yes, might get a third back,

    Today, there is no alternative way to get access to these doctors. Once a time, one could line up at out patients in the local hospital.

    We now have one of the most efficient and cost effective system in the world. Why destroy if?

    Just stop propping private medical insurance would release more money for Medicare. Yes, Mr, Maurice Newman, you can easily pay more. Just pay the full levy, without the PI rebate.

  55. We are quickly seeing the ideology of this government being revealed.

    Yes, one that believes the bulk of society should stand on it’s own feet with no assistance from government whatever. One that believes all can do this, even if they only receive a dribble down effect from th9ose who control the capital.

    Capital should be free to do as it desires. Not even sue they believe in the hidden hand that keeps all on a even keel.

    They seem to believe, the only role for government is defence.

    The people themselves should obtain and pay for the education and skills that industry needs No role for government or industry to play.

    Yes, somehow roads gets pass their checkpoint. I do not know how Abbott’s PPL gets through.

    The mass of people are only here for capital to exploit and use/abuse.

    Soldiers, dot count much in their world, once the are passes their use by date.

    I caught glimpse of some of the defence personnel. Where are the women?

    Abbott, sorry, is making me sick. His idea of ANZAC day, is not mine. Not the one I was bought up on. Wish he would give the poetry a miss. He is not good aty it Seen the Duke flinch yesterday, when he tried it.

    There is nothing noble in war It only shows that society has failed. That is what Calliope showed us. The friendship that his existed between Australia and Turkey from that war, shows us that was the lesson learned. Sick of Abbott glorifying the royal family.I, for one, do not wish to go back to the days of Menzies. Did not enjoy it, back then Do not enjoy such rubbish now.

  56. Why destroy if?

    Ideology. Governments are unable to provide, that is their belief, no matter what the evidence suggests.

  57. With DA we are still no clearer as to where the money is coming from. Still hiding the fact, that heavy polluters will need to be fined. Yes, a cost still has to go on that pollution

    Mumbled something aboiu7yt we will have to wait and see. Seems to believe all will do the right thing. The question I ask, why do they, if there is no penalty involved.

    Whatever system one adopts, there has to be a penalty for heavy polluters. Otherwise there is no incentive for any to do the right thing. Carrots will not work.

  58. We are quickly seeing the ideology of this government being revealed.

    Oh, you already answered my reply above 😉

  59. No mater what system one creates, there has to one of the following.

    A tax.
    A cost on emissions.
    A fine for polluting.

  60. Tom R, it has nothing to do with th economy. Nothing to do with what is good for te country. Nothing to do with reality.

    All they seem to believes that it is only surplus that count. They do not even care how any surplus is bought about.

    Triple AAA ratings, low inflation, fair employment and the best economy in the world, etc carries no importance for them.
    As for the environment, the only value they see in that, is to rort t for all they can get. Long term worth, holds no value for them.

    In the USA, we now see them going quickly down the path to fibre to the premised. Not needed for this country.

    When one sees Andrew Neil, of the Spectator pulling Hockey to pieces, even if one does not believe in his views, we should take heed..

  61. “They do not even care how any surplus is bought about.”

    I’ll correct you on that Fed up. They do care on the how, as long as that how involves everyone paying except themselves and their wealthy mates.

    They, as could have Labor, can bring about a surplus in a very short time without hurting the most vulnerable, but the trouble for them with that scenario is that it involves hurting in a small measure the least vulnerable. It is those least vulnerable who are their masters, benefactors and future employers so they will destroy the livelihoods of a good many people to ensure the wealthy livelihoods of a handful are never impacted.

  62. Worth reading the comments. Methinks Abbott and this government are rightly on the nose and there’s growing anger against them out there.

  63. Triple AAA ratings

    Yep. But we lost our AAA rating in the late 1980’s under Hawke/Keating. We were actually downgraded not once but TWICE.

    It took a Parliament House riot in 1996 followed by not one but six surplus budgets to get our AAA rating back.

    You lot abused Costello for what he did, but he did what was needed to get our AAA rating back.

    A triple A rating means the Australian govt can borrow money at the lowest interest rate.


  64. Neil, be prepared. That IACC inquiry is slowly getting close to your hero. How do you explain so many being investigated from the fart North Shore and Central Coast.

    Yes interesting times coming.

    Neil, he who laughs last, laughs the longest.

    One could say, leering……….. The baby has the right idea. The husband does not look too pleased. Wonder when he is going to let go of the hand.

    Neil, I really hate being a spoil sport.

  65. Can the Duchess lean any further away?

    Neil, can you explain Abbott’s manners to us poor low life.

  66. Abbott was criticised for putting his hand on William’s back and guiding him along. It’s a terrible habit Abbott has with dignitaries, that and his elbow grabbing hand shake that invades the personal space of the person he’s shaking hands with. Of course it’s all part of Abbott’s insensitive bully boy makeup that has so many people disliking him, including the majority of Australians and those in his own party.

    What a terrible evil lying arsehole this man is. The number of major broken promises has reached record numbers in a record shortest time and he’s barely started. At least the people of Australia are getting started with him and the growing backlash against this terrible leader and woeful government, both the worst this country has ever seen, is growing.

  67. “What a terrible evil lying arsehole this man is

    Actually that is my opinion of you.

    You produce nothing but hate, hate and more hate. You have no purpose in life but to hate.

    What a sad man you are.

  68. Neil, where is the hate. Saying what the man says and does, is not hate,

    The man has earned the ridicule he gets.

    In fact, he is not even worthy of hate.

    Now Neil, instead of accusing us of being what we are not, why not try to convince us, why Abbott is the best PM this country has ever seen, Prove us wrong.

    Would love that. Talk about who is in power now, not a generation or two ago,

    What happened in the past cannot now hurt us. What this man does, can.

  69. LOVO, I will be glad when I get these cataracts removed, but that one is staying.

    Blind in one eye, and the other is catching up fast. Neil would say, we are blind in both.

    I only hope that Abbott and his mate between them do not make my wait longer.

  70. ME, I believe we might have a NSW premier that will prove his equal. Maybe there might be another shark alarm while they are out enjoying the surf. Sorry, Neil is right, one should not say that.

  71. “Neil, where is the hate.”

    Adrian of Nowra has a long history of telling lies about the Coalition for political purposes.

    He is a bitter man full of nothing but hate.

  72. Listening the criticism of the DSP today, with a yank accent.

    Now it appears that only about one percent goes back into the workforce, proves the system is wrong.

    I wonder how this could be. To be entitled to the has to have a permanent disability.

    Now, if I was so assessed, going back to work would not be on my radar.

    Could the fact, that less than one percent return to work prove the assessment system is working.

  73. I have never seen ME tell any lies. In fact most, if all his comments are moderate when it comes to Abbott. In fact most here do speak of the man in a respectable manner. We just do not like what he does and cannot believe a word he says. That is not our fault. It is the fault of Mr Abbott.

  74. The sad part is, everything we have said about Abbott and his mob over the years, has proved to be correct. Our only fault was, we have under estimate the damage this man can inflict on the nation.

    One only has to go back through the archives, if they do not believe what I say.

    The only PM, that has had no honeymoon period. Unbelievable when one considers how Labor was hated.

  75. Neil, how about giving us one example of what you claim is hate. What ever did ME do,that riles you so much. Maybe you can let us in, on why you seem to hate ME.

  76. “I have never seen ME tell any lies.

    Really?? What about this

    OK right wingers tell us how you can justify this move by this wanton government.

    Generational fishermen are reporting the best catches they have had since 1990 of the highest quality they have ever seen, and all on the most valuable targeted species. They are reaching their quotas a month earlier than normal.

    This is attributed to the massive Marine Parks set up by Labor, another great success by them.

    The whole system of Marine National Parks was started by the Howard govt in 1998.

    Adrian of Nowra is a hate filled bigot who tells nothing but lies for political purposes.

    I would not trust a single thing he says. And the same goes for anyone who posts on this blog. You are all the same.

    People who have nothing but hate to contribute.

  77. Well, Neil I believe you might find that to be fact. Always happens around marine parks when they are set up. Parks protect the breeding grounds, Not rocket science, Allows stocks to build up. Also fish are free and do move about he oceans.

    No one said that Howard did not set up parks. It was Burke that greatly enlarged them, which was hotly opposed by Abbott. I believe that is another thing he is repealing. Abbott has shown, he is willing to also undo some of what was done by previous governments, including Howard. Forest and land parks are also in his sights. Seems we have too many trees.

    What he is not willing to do, is to repeal any of the middle/upper incomer earners welfare, that Howard and Costello introduced. He is will to let those who rely on the pension to do all the lifting, while leaving in place all the benefits given to self funded retiree. Does not seem fair

    No, Neil, that so called lie did not fly. Give us another one.

  78. Neil, I still do not know how your example indicates hate. My understanding of language must be different to yours.

  79. “No one said that Howard did not set up parks

    Adrian did.

    It was the Howard govt that started up the whole Marine Park system. A great achievement by the Howard govt

  80. Neil, I also see evidence that the people are awakening. Yes, I have heard some in Seniors Citizens Clubs for the first time, in ages, actually raise politics. Yes, and Abbott does not shine through with any glory.

    Abbott is attacking Howard’s Goldie oldies That is not a prudent thing to do. Yes, he is backing off taking benefits off self funded retirees, but he did also have a following among other pensioners, who did not realise how well they did under Gillard, and how badly under Howard.

  81. If Rudd had not change the way old age pensions are indexed, I would be $96 per fortnight worse off. That is without the many other benefits that we received under the Labor government.

    Under Howard, we received nothing., Yes, Zilch.

  82. Actually, I believe other people had a great say in creating parks. Mr Carr is one that comes quickly to mind. Parks where around long before Howard gained any power. Howard was clever. He did try to keep on side as many groups as he could. Environmentalist where among that group.

    It would be a little of an exaggeration to say he was ever a environmentalist. A greenie Howard, no never.

  83. So we had no marine parks before Howard. Funny, I thought the Barrier Reef, alone went back long before that. Must be wrong,

    Not up on the history of national and marine parks. Maybe there is a reader around that can give us a potted history.


    Australia’s Long Tradition of Marine Parks

    Marine Parks are nothing new. Australian governments, both Liberal and Labor, have been rolling them out for years. Here’s a list and map of Australia’s Marine Parks before the most recent new reserves were proclaimed on 16 November 2012.

    Map of Australian Marine Parks

    Marine Reserve Year Created Created by which Government
    Lihou Reef National Nature Reserve 1982 Fraser Govt
    Coringa-Herald National Nature Reserve 1982 Fraser Govt
    Ashmore Reef National Nature Reserve 1983 Hawke Govt
    Ningaloo Marine Park 1987 Hawke Govt
    Elizabeth and Middleton Reefs Marine National Nature Reserve 1987 Hawke Govt
    Mermaid Reef Marine National Reserve 1991 Hawke Govt
    Solitary Islands Marine Reserve 1993 Keating Govt
    Great Australian Bight Marine Park 1998 Howard Govt
    Macquarie Island Commonwealth Marine Reserve 1999 Howard Govt
    Lord Howe IslandMarine Park 2000 Howard Govt
    Cartier Island Marine Reserve 2000 Howard Govt
    Heard Island & McDonald Islands Marine Reserve 2002 Howard Govt
    Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zoning plan 2003 2004 Howard Govt
    Cod Grounds Commonwealth Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Apollo Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Boags Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    East Gippsland Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Flinders Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Franklin Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Huon Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Murray Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Nelson Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    South Tasman Rise Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Tasman Fracture Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Zeehan Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt

    For Australia’s recently proclaimed marine reserves see the ‘Maps’ section of this site

    Neil, why is it good when Howard did it?

    Wrong when Burke did the same?

  85. Thanks for telling me what Howard did.

    Adrian of Nowra said that Gillard did it.

    Great Australian Bight Marine Park 1998 Howard Govt
    Macquarie Island Commonwealth Marine Reserve 1999 Howard Govt
    Lord Howe IslandMarine Park 2000 Howard Govt
    Cartier Island Marine Reserve 2000 Howard Govt
    Heard Island & McDonald Islands Marine Reserve 2002 Howard Govt
    Great Barrier Reef Marine Park zoning plan 2003 2004 Howard Govt
    Cod Grounds Commonwealth Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Apollo Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Beagle Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Boags Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    East Gippsland Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Flinders Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Franklin Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Huon Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Murray Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Nelson Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    South Tasman Rise Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Tasman Fracture Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt
    Zeehan Commonwealth Marine Reserve 2007 Howard Govt”

    All done by the great and wonderful Howard government.

    But Adrian of Nowra said Gillard did it.

  86. When one looks, one can find some good things Howard did,

    No matter how hard one looks, it seems impossible to find anything positive that Abbott has done, or proposes to do,

  87. Neil, Gillard and Rudd did do much. They set the system up as it is today. One might say, to please you, they finish off what many before Howard began. There is still much ti do,

    Now Abbott believes we have too many parks. That they are not needed.

    Neil, you are trying to claim, that Howard is responsible for all the parks. That is simply not true.

    What is on that list, is only Federal Parks. There is I believe a longer history of state parks

    Maybe if you began talking about the same things, that ME said, you might see where you are wrong.

    Neil, I have told you before, your problem is that you cherry pick topics, take them out of context,, then set out to prove people wrong. It just does not work. One has to compare apples with apples. It does not work otherwise.

    One has to be talking about the same thing. Neil, you have a habit of saying people are wrong, when you are taking what is said out of context.

    To say that Howard is totally responsible for federal marine parks is wrong. He was carrying on, what others had started before him.

    Both Rudd and Gillard continued the process.

    There is no evidence from what you have said, that ME was wrong, or what he said was hateful.

  88. I wonder what the area was, of the parks declared by Howard. Was the Barrier Reef a state park before being declared a Federal park?

  89. No. Adrian of Nowra is a liar and a hate filled bigot

    The Howard Government delivered the world’s first Oceans Policy and major marine parks in the Great Australian Bight, Australia’s south-east marine region around Tasmania, around our sub-Antarctic islands, and greatly increased protection of the Great Barrier Reef. A number of Australia’s major fisheries were rationalized and restructured, underpinned with a multimillion-dollar package to provide the necessary graceful exits. One of the biggest legislative reform agendas in Australia’s history was delivered with the creation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Fish became recognized as wildlife not just a commercial commodity and hundreds of millions of dollars were invested through the National Heritage Trust in Australia’s first national program for coast and marine protection and rehabilitation.”

  90. Well god damn *cark* *sphut* *ding*… Iza god damned gone’n *cark* *sphut* *ding* – and *dang*.. shot me self in the foot their *pilgrim* …..(from ewe link NoS ) “Even though marine conservation is probably the only positive point of contrast the Liberals have on the environment, ……Tony Abbott seems intent on throwing the legacy overboard…….. In the past two weeks Abbott and the Nationals have spouted some very strong anti-marine park commentary and have accused Labor of timidity about marine parks as the election campaign has rolled along, presumably to pick up support from fishers in a few marginal seats…..” ….. I hope you are savouring every mouthful of ‘thems’ cherries, NoS…….. nom, nom, nom, 😀

  91. Neil, that was a couple of years ago. Gillard delivered fully. Abbott has threatened to repeal the marine parks that Burke declared. Neil, once again you are quoting out of context. I am sure that ME was talking about Gillard and Burkes effort.

    Neil, please learn to compare like with like. Makes life easier for all.

    Still no evidence of hate. That is what you accused ME of.

    Neil, if you make allegations, you have to be ready to prove what you say is true. You have not done so. Not if that is anything new.

  92. LOVO, do you think Neil might have scored a own goal. Gave us an example of why Abbott is bad for this nation., Yes, pulling down what Howard contributed to the country.

  93. NoS, since you won’t ingratiate us with your positive thoughts on why Tony is more betterer…. can you at least give me a critique on the ‘new’ Lib policy of “Turn back the Oldies” …… my question would be “…. can ya bulk bill an ‘orange ruffy’ …. and what, if any, are the side effects….. other than ‘working yourself into the grave’ 😡

  94. Fu……. WHAT 😯 … NoS has a GOAL 😆 ….” well look over there and call me *ockeyed” 😮 …. I musta missed that Fu.. 😉 I always thought he was an obfuscate’n misinforming cherry pluck’n paid-for aspirational brown-tongue’n pink eye…umm, troll… i.e. ‘goal-less’ ( when one keeps on harping back to the howard yrs as ‘good days’, one intrinsically k-knows that, said, one is indeed of a “goal-free” sub-personage 😛 )

  95. Lovo

    Thanks for your great link. It spent a lot of time praising Howard. And then said this

    Labor inherited the marine planning process but has failed to deliver anything on the water and have all but dispensed with deployment of any marine and coastal investment through the son of NHT, Caring for Our Country.

    As with the rest of Labor’s promises on the environment, there was policy, there was talk, but there has been no domestic delivery.

    And of course Adrian tried to give Gillard credit for something Howard created. That is why i call Adrian a liar.

  96. Neil, what was the date on that article. It was delivered in full by Burke. Abbott condemned the move, Abbott has threatened to repeal Labor’s legislation.

    Neil, context.

    That is the own goal you scored. Looks like you have added another one.

    Remember to look at dates, the n ensure that nothing has happened since.

    In tis case, much did.

    Cherry picking, out of context just does not work.

  97. And as usual Neil you *fail* …. and then it goes on to say “Cherry- pick me , BITCH” …. oh, wait a sec 😳 ….I might be a ‘tad’ mistook’n there (do ya thunk 😕 ) 😀 …. the next sentence *actually* goes on to say….umm, NoS :/ “This makes marine conservation probably the only positive point of contrast for the Liberals on the environment.
    On this issue they can rightly point to being far ahead of Labor. It is, therefore, bemusing to see Opposition Leader Tony Abbott throwing that out the window with his announcement of a freeze on the consideration of the marine planning. He has followed up with some very strong anti-marine park commentary, undermining the Coalition’s successful legacy on the Great Barrier Reef…”
    ……unlike ewe MSM/IPA/LNP sheep, us ‘lefties’ will ‘call’ our own, as it were….when they got it wrong… whereas ewe NoS are just *bleating* todays handed down MSM/IPA/LNP fodder…baa 😛
    Read more:

  98. Labor inherited the marine planning process but has failed to deliver anything on the water

    Then what is tabot winding back?

    Labor have implemented the largest expansion of marine parks ever, led by science, and tabot wants to wind it back.

    They have wound up every hick fisherman, the most who won’t be impacted at all, to try and stop the preservation of … fishing.

    Perhaps the author of the article should have been more informed into what the Government was planning, as the expansion of the marine parks was well under way by the time that article was written.

    But Adrian of Nowra said Gillard did it.

    Actuallt nil, ME said this

    This is attributed to the massive Marine Parks set up by Labor, another great success by them.”

    the word “massive” should have been the indicator there, as Adrian didn’t say anything about initially setting up marine parks per-Se, just the “massive” Marine Parks. This is obviously true, as tabot even agrees, and wants to wind it all back, against the scientific advice.

    Science, it’s not a dirty word.

    Liar is though, perhaps you shouldn’t accuse others of it so often while making such wanton use of it yourself?

  99. I remember when Keating placed his hand on the Royal persons, and the OUTRAGE back then by various parties

    But, he’s a republican, and perhaps could be forgiven, but tabot, a staunch monarchist, who has Keatings example to go on, what a tool. Add to that being unable to pronounce words, and comparing Kate to a surfing dude. WTF!!??

    Royals In Australia: Tony Abbott Makes Bizarre Comment About Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge

    I assume this will be largely ignored here by our insipid reporters?

  100. This is insane. Here we have a government crying poor and having the need to slash spending, of course to the most vulnerable, whilst still spending huge amounts for the well off, but then we get figures like these:

    • In 2013-14, DIAC will spend $2.97 billion on detention services inside and outside of Australia. The total costs of offshore asylum seeker management (for asylum seekers arriving by boat) will be $2.87 billion. Of this, $2.46 billion will be paid to contractors (up from $1.71 billion in 2012-13) and DIAC will spend $409.2 million (up from $397 million) on its own service delivery and program planning costs. The onshore detention network will cost $90.9 million, including $60.2 million for detention contractors and $26.8 million for DIAC’s internal costs.
    • $15.7 million will be allocated within this financial year (2012‑13) towards capital works to expand the Melbourne Immigration Transit Accommodation facility to accommodate an additional 300 “irregular maritime arrivals”. On completion, the facility will accommodate up to 430 people.
    •The Government has also indicated that it will extend the lease of the “Alternative Place of Detention” at Leonora, open the Pontville Detention Centre in Tasmania for at least another year and transform the Curtin detention facility into an “Alternative Place of Detention” to accommodate families with children.

    Why is this government spending millions on expanding onshore detention centres when they brag they have stopped the boats? Mind you it’s cost them billions to do so and will cost billions more in perpetuity, but what’s a few wasted billions solely for political bragging rights in a supposed time of great austerity where pensioners have to suffer. Then we have this wasted spending:

    • The Government has allocated $1.4 billion to the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service, with approximately 40% allocated to border protection and detection services ($342.2 million allocated for civil maritime surveillance and $259. 6 million for border protection and enforcement). An additional $146.6 million has been allocated for border protection to DIAC.
    • The Government will provide $53.1 million in additional funding in 2013-14 towards “strengthening [its] response capability to irregular maritime arrivals”. As part of this funding, the Government will provide $4 million to fund an additional 60 patrol days for the ACV Ocean Protector

    Notice how in an official government paper they call them “irregular maritime arrivals” and nowhere do they call them “illegal immigrants” as they so often do to the media. Proves that the use of the term “illegal” by this wanton government and woeful PM is purely opportunistic and politically motivated.

    On top of that this government is using the Foreign Aid budget to pay for the housing and clothing of detainees, which makes Australia the third largest recipient of its Foreign Aid behind Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. That’s a joke that has the rest of the world laughing at us as well as contemning us for the massive cuts in Foreign Aid, $4.8 billion in forward estimates.

    All in all this government is a sad failure that have their priorities all screwed up and can rightly be labelled the worst government ever. That I’m now seeing staunch conservative friends now also frequently lambasting this government and pulling the piss out of Abbott, calling him an idiot, an embarrassment and other unkind terms, says it all really.

  101. Oh FFS is Neil having a go at me again. Please Neil I don’t read you so do yourself a favour and don’t read me. Will save you a lot of heartache, it’s liberated me.

    Don’t tell me what Neil said people, I really don’t give a rats about anything he states.

  102. Looking further into the 2013-14 DIAC budget and forward estimates I see that whilst the public service is being slashed everywhere else, DIAC staff will increase from it’s current 409 to 422.

    Why is that if this government has successfully stopped asylum seekers? Surely they should be cutting the staff of DIAC.

    Yet another illustration of where this government has screwed up priorities.

  103. ME, Morrison is spending the money, for the same reason Howard began to spend so much on Christmas Island before he was thrown out. He knows that there maybe only a pause in the numbers., He knows that both Nauru and Manus are on the point of collapse. He know3s the law both in this country and on the world stage will lrad to the present solution falling in a heap.

    He knows he is responsible for the death and many serious injuries. he has duty ofr care in his job. That has not been practise.

    What we now have is hateful and unacceptable regime when it comes to asy6lun seekers. The majority of the public will not wear it in the long term. It is cruel and too expensive. The cost is simply to high for many. Not all I am afraid, as there seem to be some in this land, that show no care for others, but themselves. They are a minority, that make a very loud noise.

  104. ME, why does Morrison’s department need so many that only job is scrutinising the media, especially the social blogs number more than ninety I believe.

    This government hire hundreds for this reason. Yes, the media experts are not to publicise this government, but to investigate what we are all saying.

    Reminds one of a police state.

  105. I think you will find money is being spent on detention centers because Labor locked up thousands of people. It will take many years to process all the people in these centers. They have to be feed and housed somewhere during this time.

    It should not be forgotten that the detention center network only cost $140M/year back in 2007 and there were only 6 boat people in detention.

    The billions of dollars wasted by Labor on this total border stuff up should never be forgotten. But for some reason you lot are blaming Abbott.

    “On top of that this government is using the Foreign Aid budget to pay for the housing and clothing of detainees, which makes Australia the third largest recipient of its Foreign Aid behind Indonesia and Papua New Guinea

    Another deceit by Adrian. That was started by Labor because of cost blowouts. Labor supporters should show shame for what they have done. Instead they blame Abbott for all Labors failures.

  106. Mr,Hockey tells us “expendables” every day, nothing is free.

    Yes, Mr Hockey, I agree with you., This expendable happens to believe we have contributed to pensions over a life time of work.

    Yes, it could be seen, that we have already paid for the right to expect to be cared for in our old age.

    One could call it a down payment, even the word you love, a up front co-payments.

    We are no longer seen as war babies or baby boomers people. We are not the expendable, those who are not wanted in society. Well at least by this government.

    Today the right have moved so far to the extreme, that unless something does not earn money, it has no value. That extends to the human race.

    Mr Hockey, I warn you, you might see no value in the expendables, but we still have a vote. Maybe within our families, we still have influence.

    Yes, and plenty of free time, to fight back, No Mr Hockey, us expendables are not going to lie down, and allow you to roll over us.

    Mr Hockey, you will lean, we are not the easy mark you believe.

  107. Neil, how many months has this government been in power. Plenty of time to empty, or least begin to empty the onshore camps.

    The government, not Opposition now has that responsibility.

  108. So-o what you are saying NoS, is that it’s all Labor’s fault for everything :/ ……. Gotta link to that, sport.
    Could you also provide a link to the ‘whys’ and ‘wherefores’ of Howards only having 6 people locked up…… after all there must be a reason, NoS 😉 ….. I’m sure I’ve read the reason somewhere before, but I’m, also, sure you would be better placed to provide that info…….. after all, you’re the resident Howard/Abbott exthpurt, mm.

  109. “Neil, how many months has this government been in power. Plenty of time to empty, or least begin to empty the onshore camps.

    Yep, but how many people did the ALP lock up??? Does anybody know how many are currently in detention?? 10,000, 20,000??

    Does not matter, they have to be feed and housed. The boats have stopped but it will take many years to process all these people. As you noted some centers have been closed.

  110. Yes, it is now a Coalition government that has to be held responsible. No longer Labor’s role.

    11 ways Tony Abbott is ruining Australia and threatening the whole world

    Abbot has been compared to former US President George W. Bush. That’s beginning to look unfair to Bush

    Tony Abbott, opposition leader of Australia’s Liberal Party since 2009, assumed office as Prime Minister on September 18, 2013. Since then, he has done Australia and the world a great many disservices in a very short amount of time.

    From his rolling back of green initiatives and his disregard for climate change to his hardline stance against asylum-seekers and promotion of social conservatism, it sometimes feels like Abbott is taking Australia back into the dark ages (he suggested bringing back knighthoods, if it’s a literal example you want). And his dangerous approach to the environment threatens to take the world with him.

    Here are the 11 worst things that Tony Abbott has done in his short tenure, beginning with the worst-of-the-worst: his policies

  111. Neil, all one reads about Abbott, is negative. Maybe you can bring some balance to this and other sites, directing us to where we will see some positive things he has done or promised.

  112. That image encapsulates whey Abbott is derided overseas and why he’s become an embarrassment for Liberal supporters and the party alike.

  113. Senator Kim Carr giving interesting PC on education. Yes, another under attack. Another promise broke.

    Something about a report from Kemp, I believe back from the dark ages. Something about funding private university and like.

    Nell all this is happening today and with this government. Nothing to do with Labor.

    Neil whether Labor was the demon you believe or not, is immaterial.

    The truth is, one cannot change the past.

    All one can only deal with the present ad plan for he future.

    Neil, therefore you have focus on this government. If you cannot do this, you have nothing to contribute.

    You are just wasting space on the thread.

    What is worse you are telling us nothing new, Not thing. All you are doing, is recycling your comments from years ago, I suspect you use cut and paste to do so.

  114. Gee, I did not notice. Abbott actually wearing a coloured shirt, without a tie. I thought his whole wardrobe consists of white shirts and blue ties. Yes, the shirt was blue.

  115. “You are just wasting space on the thread.

    I was asked a question by a poster to provide a link showing only six boat people in detention back in 2007-08. I guess those 6 boat people were in detention because they could not get a security clearance and have been locked up for a while.

    But yep, only cost $140M/year to run our detention network before ALP/Greens/Adrian/Bacchus/TomR/FU/Min/ stuffed everything up.

    I believe there is something like 20,000 boat people locked up by ALP/Greens/Adrian/bacchus. It will take many years to clean up this mess.

  116. Gee, NoS… you sure do like cherries 😀 nom, nom, nom
    There must of been an reason ‘why’ there were only six.. eh, NoS….. one wonders if Petro Georgiou might have an idea as to ‘why’, NoS…. 😀

  117. Does it never stop?

    Federal budget: Warren Mundine expects there will be cuts to Indigenous funding

    By Michael Coggan and Anna Henderson

    Updated 5 hours 23 minutes ago

    Warren Mundine and Tony Abbott, Feb 2014
    Photo: Warren Mundine says cuts to Indigenous funding under Prime Minister Tony Abbott first budget could improve services. (AAP: Nikki Short)
    Related Story: Aboriginal health group warns against discrimination act changes

    The head of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council, Warren Mundine, has warned his fellow councillors to be prepared to be among the most hated people in Australia after next month’s federal budget.

    Mr Mundine has told the ABC he expects there will be cuts to Indigenous funding in the budget as the number of program areas is reduced from about 150 to five as part of a “realignment” of spending.

    The five key program areas identified by Mr Mundine are: health, education, jobs, law and sustainable communities.

    It is not clear what this will mean for dedicated Indigenous service providers across the country but some organisations are worried they will be forced to cut staff.

    Mr Mundine has backed cuts to get rid of duplication, but says he expects people from a number of Indigenous organisations and programs will be unhappy.

    “In fact I said to the council at their first meeting, ‘be prepared after the May budget in 2014 to be the most hated people in Australia’,” he said.

    Canberra’s Winnunga Nimmityjah Aboriginal Health Service is one of the medical services that could lose funding as part of the changes.

    Stolen Generations member Lisa Chatfield describes Winnunga as her life saver.

    “[It] got me back on my feet, I’m a reformed alcoholic and a reformed drug abuser,” she said.

    “There’s no other place to go here in Canberra who understands where we’re coming from and the cultural differences.”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  118. “There must of been an reason ‘why’ there were only six.

    There were only six boat people in detention in 2007 because the boats had stopped. I think those 6 had been in detention for a while. Most probably Iraqi Army types from the Revolutionary Guide so could not get a security clearance.

    -Amount spent on detention in 07-08: $142 million
    -Total number of persons in immigration detention in Australia as of 12 September 2008: 274  —  HREOC
    -Number of these detained people who were unauthorized boat arrivals: 6

  119. Neil, who cares. Ancient history. Yes Neil, there were many reasons. All have been told to you. You reject the evidence put forward. Why would one repeat in all again, If you really do not know, go back through the archives. it is all there.

  120. “Neil, who cares. Ancient history

    Well you certainly don’t. Labor supporters should never forget the damage they have done and the lives you people have destroyed.

    We went from spending $140M/year on detention centers and that includes visa overstayers etc to spending billions of dollars more. From a previous posters link

    • In 2013-14, DIAC will spend $2.97 billion on detention services inside and outside of Australia. The total costs of offshore asylum seeker management (for asylum seekers arriving by boat) will be $2.87 billion.

    We are spending all this money because the ALP/Greens locked up record numbers of asylum seekers and it is expensive to feed and house all these people.

  121. Draging the Greens into the picture your trying to paint just shows how disingenious you are NoS. 🙄
    Both Labor and the MSM/IPA/LNP should hang thier collective heads in shame for this dross politicising of refugee’s. If you were, even slightly, genuine NoS, you would be following the most cost efficient and fair dinkom approach to this never ending situation- ONSHORE Proccessing; ….’nuff said 😡

  122. The most cost effective was John Howards Pacific Solution. More equitable as well.

    But you lot voted against that in 2007.

  123. BullShitNoS, 80% of those processed under the rodents pacific solution were found to be refugee’s. It would be cheaper to process them in Villawood, or similar, than offshore, after all it would be a less expensive flight from Villawood to Sydney than from Nauru to Sydney, mm!!!
    ……. and as for the “More equitable as well.” LMFAO-ROF, now I know your take’n the piss 😮
    P.S. I voted for Lib. Sussan Ley in HoR’s in ’07 ( Greens in the Senate 😛 ), the ALP candidate was a joke 🙄
    PPS Because of tony’n co. I will NEVER VOTE LNP again, EVER 😡
    PPPS. As a Unionist I will always have a red core down deep inside, but the rest is turning Greener and Greener by the second. Green on the outside and inside with a little red seed in the middle 🙂

  124. So Abbott is about to break his biggest promise of them all, no increase to taxes and no new taxes. He’s going to do both and no surprise like his slavish right wing supporters it’s supposedly all Labor’s fault.

    When has a Liberal ever taken responsibility for their bad actions and broken promises? Never, that’s when.

    Shit, how many major promises does Abbott have to make and how many lies does he have to tell before a gormless right wing supporter will call him on it? Not a one. Abbott can lie and deceive to his hearts content and not one of his mindless followers will ever condemn him for it. But they will certainly condemn Labor in a thrice on made up lies the hypocrites.

    But at least in a piece I just heard Hockey was called out on the fact that since coming into power he had doubled the deficit all of his own making. $68 billion of which not once cent was Labor’s, and that’s what Abbott is making pensioners and ordinary Australians pay for, Hockey massive stuff up and billions of dollars gamble with out money that came a cropper.

    Does anyone else remember a Treasurer who gamble billions with Australian tax payers money and lost big time?

    What a terrible party. What a terrible government. What a terrible Treasurer and most of all what a terrible lying and deceiving PM.

  125. “have to break” not “have to make”.

    Though he makes a lot of grand promises, he just doesn’t intend to keep any of them.

  126. Todays he is back to great big batt government. Not pink batts now, but roof batts. At least that is new., Still pushing the lies on BER. Have not heard of a single school comlaining about the halls and other improvements, as they used then every day.

    Rolled out the 100 billion on NBNCo, when every audit has shown about half that amount, while the cost of NBNCO lite has gone through the roof.,
    What I did not hear, was any comment about that great big tax. of Gillard. Maybe, because he intends to bring in a debt levy, along with everything else.

    Why the need for his electioneering stunts today. That was all he was out doing.

    and yes, the adult government is back. Abbott told us so.

  127. “BullShitNoS, 80% of those processed under the rodents pacific solution were found to be refugee’s.”

    What is your point?? Fact is it was cheaper and fairer. The boats had stopped and we took all our refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under ALP/Greens we took anybody with $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$10,000.

    My conscience is clear. Too bad you do not have one.

    Amount spent on detention in 07-08: $142 million
    -Total number of persons in immigration detention in Australia as of 12 September 2008: 274  —  HREOC
    -Number of these detained people who were unauthorized boat arrivals: 6

  128. Shit, how many major promises does Abbott have to make and how many lies does he have to tell before a gormless right wing supporter will call him on it? Not a one.

    They never will ME. In fact, in correct contrast from after the last election, when the media twisted events and language to suit to their own reality in order to label Gillard as “Juliar”, they are now twisting events again to protect tabot from his deliberate breaking of his pre-election commitments.

    It amounts not so much to broken promises or a breach of contract as a declaration of force majeure: an admission that commitments made in the past failed to understand what the transition of the baby boomers to retirement would do to government balance sheets that have now also been weakened by the global crisis.

    Read more:

    “failed to understand” WTF! Labor have been harping on about it for years, and hockey had even joined in (while overseas to be sure). Back then though, it was “class warfare”. Now, it is “sharing the load”

    As I saw somewhere the other day, the media and libs need to be reminded, 1984 was a novel, not rule book.

  129. NoS, Your rewriting, warping and cherry picking of history shows, to me at least, that todays RWingers, such as ewe, lost thier conscience when they lost Petro. *shake head*
    Heres what Mr Georgiou, ex LNP MP, had to say on the subject.
    “The Pacific Solution? 70% of the 1153 people sent to Nauru and Manus Island were found to be
    refugees. Of these 61% were eventually settled in Australia. 34 per cent, 400 people settled in
    New Zealand. As New Zealand citizens they have a free right to travel to Australia. ”

    Click to access 100414-Cranlana-PGeorgiou.pdf

  130. Who gives a stuff what Georgiou says??

    Facts is under John Howard we took all our refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under ALP/Greens we took people with mobile phones, computers and money.

    The whole thing is a rort. The guy who was murdered on Manus Island, Reza Berati ,risked his life and paid $$$$10,000 because he could not get a job in Iraq.

    May everybody who voted for ALP/Greens in 2007 rot in hell.

  131. What is it about Liberal politicians and their ingrained need to lie about everything?

    What is about their slavish supporters who go apeshit over Labor lies but are completely mute and supportive when the Liberals lie more.

    Baird, the Abbott lite Premier, is taking after his beloved surging mate and has told a huge a blatant porkie as a pollie can make. He stated that half the price of the increase in the gas bill was because of the Carbon Tax. Thanks be someone picked up on it and showed that it was 0.01%.

    Of course Baird won’t retract that lie and indeed will keep telling it. Of course the sheeple Liberals supporters won’t call him out on it as they would have a Labor leader. But the worst thing is that Baird is nothing compared to Abbott in the lying stakes.

  132. NoS, “Who gives a stuff what Georgiou says??”
    Like I said, you have no conscience. 😡 The truth has never been your forte, eh NoS. One wonders what you think of Fraser these days, mm 😀

  133. I have a conscience mate.

    i care about all the people we used to take from UNHCR camps until you voted for Rudd in 2007

  134. What’s this then, only just in government and already disunity in the Liberal ranks. A group defying Abbott and Brandis and writing their own version of legislation to override the two.

    Then again there has been disunity and dysfunction in their ranks ever since Turnbull took over and then Abbott. It’s only been swept under the carpet and the media refuse to investigate and report on it. Too busy bashing Labor and making up rumours about them to cover they problems in the Liberal’s ranks.

  135. Oh come on right wingers when are you ever not going to be hypocrites and lambast Liberal government waste.

    I’ve posted before on Newman selling of heritage public buildings and spending hundreds of millions to up offices for himself and his government.

    Now it’s come to light that the government buildings he sold off for $237 million, which was under their value, he’s now renting back at a cost of $1.2 billion.

    Of course we are going to have the right wingers either blame Labor or bring up something Labor as a diversion and obfuscation. Bloody hypocrites.

  136. OMG…… 😳 this non-gentile may, ..or may not, of :/ …. had an epiphany….. i.e. I’m smarter than NoS….. 😯 …. well ok, may be not smarter per se, as it were 😳 …… BUT smart enough to know how dumb I are . 😀 😕
    Where as NoS……..with comments like he made at, oops sorry, I mean —- @ …5.18 , show quite clearly, IMHO, that he has absolutely….and without a shred of any type of doubt that any rational man could quite possibly conceive (which is anatomically impossible 😉 ) shown he has k-know concept of his lacking in the Knowledge of Knowing How Dumb One Are dept. 😦 ….. oh dear, how sad 😀
    (faux in, faux out, ay NoS 😉 ) …. in other words “Nobody can ever K-Know everthing” …. and you NoS, by your comments…… ewe …. K-know jack shit about what really went on during the Howard Yars….. *cark* *spit* *ding* thar pilgrim, baa …. either that or your just a ‘paid for’…… 😛
    withalittleredlightabovethedoor-wayyagottalaughat………………. Neil.

  137. Yes it was, :/ …….. though I HAVE to say that it’s probably only taken 119 games for you to finally win one against us…. just sayin….. ( STFU 😳 ) 😆
    Port had the fastest hands in the business today…. pretty to watch ( 😦 ) Geelongs kicking was atrocious and they kept crumbling under the relentless pressure game of the teal warriors ( 😦 )
    Congrats……… and have you been told today 😀 😛

  138. Good game of footy at the Adelaide Oval today wasn’t it…?

    They’re playing rugby at Adelaide Oval now? 😯

  139. Pots and kettles! The entirety of everything you have ever posted anywhere distills down to nothing more than “ an insane rant. 😆

  140. NoS, my mentioning of Petro was a gentle hint for you to stop making a fool of yourself in regards to your cherry picking of the events leading up to the “Why’s” pertaining to the numbers in detention at the end of the Howard Yars. One does not need to be a genius to understand the relevance of Petro, the ‘temper’ of the times, the high court decisions and the disgust of the ‘Pacific Solution’ by the UNHCR and others at that time….. which caused Howard to rethink, albiet temporarily, his stance in regards to the numbers in detention. Look it up NoS, the facts are there for all to see, it won’t take you long …… try Google, no really 😮 😛
    That you continued; only showed that you are a disingenuous troll whom cherry picks data, whilst all the while showing faux concern for refugees,:mad: and all just to try and score some cheap politically motivated points, here, at the Cafe……. How inane 🙄
    ……. and besides NoS, we have been thru all this with you before. Why are you unable to learn….. facts 😕 ….. one can only assume that your ➡
    …1/ an ideological blinkered rusted-on
    … 2/ totally off planet ideological blinkered rusted-on
    … 3/ A paid-for stooge selling his own people short.
    … or 4/ all the above 😉

  141. Not sure what you are raving about. Pacific Solution stopped the boats and we then took our refugees from UNHCR camps. I guess the willfully blind do not want to see the damage they have caused.

  142. Neil, I will put it as plain as I can. . People are sending you up. making fun of you. Do you even care?

  143. If your offended by juvenile humour, the next three years are going to be loooong 😉

    btw, your links not working 😦

    “Internal Server Error – Read”

  144. Things are not looking to bright for the Labor Party in Queensland.

    The Palmer United Party is in line to have “the biggest single impact” on Qld Politics since Joh-Bjelke-Petersen years.

    The political strategist and consultant said unless the major parties managed to turn the electorate in their favour in the next year, the Palmer party would be a credible alternative for a disenchanted voting public.

    “We’ve got a sitting government which is really on the nose in Queensland, the LNP is on the nose and we have a Labor party who still hasn’t got their act together,” he said.

    “The Labor party…is at their cynical low period, so people will be looking for an alternative. “And Clive seems to be positioning himself to provide that.

    Read more:

  145. The Budget for Abbott’s Australia topic is getting rather long so I’ll post this here.

    Results in Tasmania don’t look good for the Liberals, indeed are disastrous. Here we have another Liberal government that in record short time has crashed because they get into power making grand promises and with the aid of the Murdoch media and ABC, yet immediately backtrack and break their promises the moment they take office. They treat the voters as fools believing they can say anything to them and by scaring them to win, then afterwards do whatever they like as those same people will swallow whatever lame and fallacious story they tell them for breaking their promises and doing the opposite of what they pledged they would.

    End result for the two Legislative Council elections is that Rosevears is down 19.1%, and in Huon is down 24.5% for the Liberals on their Tasmanian State election result and the Independents won, though Kerry Finch with a 12% swing against him.

    Antony Green states he believes there’s nothing unusual in these results for Tasmania and it might mean the Liberals pull out of all Legislative Council elections in the future.

  146. So we do not get Abbott but Pyne on the AB Insiders. No mention off Abbott nothing up. Pyne trying to divert attention in Galaxy Poll that Labor did not move. Yes, in this one it did not, but in the previous and all others. it has.

    Back to confdemmin Labor, not defening his own government.

  147. Pyne was told after his rant about Labor, that she thinks Labor will have a different slant, but will leave it up to them for answer. Told Pyne it was them she wants to here abut.

    Yes, they are making all free. Even if it meqns paying for everything, we will be free.

  148. Getting back the revenue scheme is what it is all about. it is stupid to blame either party. The rot set in, in the Howard days.

  149. I believe they have got some of it from Manus Island into the courts. I expect the same result that Gillard receive concerning the Malaysian, If he cannot ensure the asylum seekers safety and well being, one cannot send them there.

    Abbo9t was told at the time, if he did ot support the changes Gillard wanted after the previous rulings, it would come back to haunt Nothing has changed since then, that would change that warning.

  150. Fran just said the budget will be signed off later this week. Wednesday I believe.

    Abbott would only have been out the country less than 24 hours, Monday Tuesday. Would mean he would be back in time for that meet. I suspect, his ear will be sore from being on the phone for the next few days, talking his own side around.

    The Coalition art trying to create the impression, that they made only one promise, that is to brining g the budget back to surplus. Nothing else matters.

    Does not matter how it is done, only that it is done

    I expect many will disagree, especially those doing all the so called heavy lifting.

  151. Vanstone is clear. No one should be getting assistance from government to assist. Family benefits for starters are a no go. User pay should go all the way.

    Now, I wonder in Vanstone and others of this belief, thought things through.

    If governments does not give assistance to low income earners, to raise families, obtain education, accommodation and care for health, they will have to be given higher wages to survive.

    To say what they get is free, is completely wrong. What they are receiving back, comes from the wealth they help to produce, by their labour. Yes, everyone contributes to the wealth, that government garner to hand out, to those in need.

    Medicare is an universal health scheme. paid for out of taxes. Nothing free about that. Same goes for education and many other roles of government.

    Even the bible declared that a tithe, yes ten percent of income has tpo be paid to governments, for the good of all.

    If we did not have a target welfare state, employees would have to get the money somewhere to survive. Only one place, in higher wages. Yes, the corporate world does benefitted from the so called welfare state.

    They get a highly skilled and healthy workforce.

    We have governments and government spending, to oil the wheels of the corporate world. Yes, the workforce is just as important to creating wealth, as the roads they transport their goods on.

    We all aim, I hope for a civil society. Cannot occur in a dog eat dog world, especially under a capitalist system.

    The system we now have, is the most efficient way, of providing the corporate world with the skilled and healthy workforce it needs to operate.

    I know we are quickly moving to a robot world, where labour is seen to be by passed., Even the robots need a human hand to design and build.

    As much as some believe, no man is a island, bunt themselves. We all rely on one another.

    Vanstone was sickening this morning. What has she contributed for the handouts she has received, from us, the taxpayers for the last few months. I imagine this is on top of the generous pension, the taxpayer has provided for her, in retirement.

  152. I can’t believe Gerard Henderson on Insiders this morning linked the Liberals caught up in ICAC to human rights abuse.

  153. ME. he did not get much support. The trouble for Gerard is that ICAC have only scratched the surface so far. This is not ancient history but goes back a long way. Yes, and is current.

    Love Gerard saying in the last Galaxy poll Labor did not gain much., Sorry, he could be right, but has gained in every poll up to this one, Labor is out in front.

    Not sure that the main scream is that tax/levy. It is what is proposed in total. Yes, it seems to be about attacking the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

    The family is being hit from all sides. In fact all the way up to middle/upper income earners

    Most government bodies and the NGO they service have already been abandoned. One mentioned in the report is the Chaplaincy in school programme. That one has missed the axe so far.

    This government has closed down all input from the community. Cut down any body set up to receive advice, wit community input. Matters not what the field is.

    I wonder how much input is treasury and the RBA putting into this budget. How much advice that is being received rom departments. If one follows the senate hearings, not much. The witness appearing appear to be as much in the dark, as everyone else.

    Even Shepherd and his commission could not, and would not say there is an emergency at this time. Yes, there is trouble down the track, but there is time to work at finding solutions.

    I suspect, when it comes to budgets, and the economy, there is always trouble down the track. One expects that things are always under review. Choices always have to be made. That is what good governance is about.

    No matter what, it is still about choices. Yes, about what one believes to be important.

    We have a government, that believes government should provide or hand out anything. That all should be user pay. That is OK, but cannot come about, unless there is a massive change in our society, Is this the world most believe in.

    Obama is on. Worth a listen. Sending himself up, ABC 24

  154. Obama. Republicans have bought in a group of consultants to advise them how to talk to women, Maybe the same is needed here.

    Obama addressing White House Correspondence Dinner.

  155. How well has Obama care have to work, until you do not want to repeal it.
    Same here, how long as Medicare have to be a proven success until the Lib do not want to cut it down.

  156. When news first broke that MH370 may have gone missing within Australia’s search zone Abbott couldn’t get in front of the cameras enough making grand statements as though he was commander in chief and saviour, whether he was in China or Australia and no matter the leader he was with when making his grand boasts.

    Now whenever there’s news of MH370 we get Truss with Abbott nowhere to be seen.

    Says it all about Abbott, all spin and no substance.

  157. They should send Tones down to look for it, after all we all know the depths to which this man will go. 😈

  158. This is going to be interesting.

    ABC News had a special on domestic violence. It has reached epidemic proportions with one person being killed each week in Australia because of the violence and so many more permanently disabled and injured. And this is increasing at an alarming rate.

    The advocacy groups are calling on Abbott to call a national emergency as it meets the criteria and is far worse than the emergency called by the government he was in for the Northern Territory.

    My bet is that Abbott won’t do nothing, if he addresses it at all. He will more than likely ignore it and if he does address it, it will be relegated to a far distance committee that will meet before the next election promise to do heaps after the election and them claim there is no money for it after the election if they win.

  159. Sorry my old English teacher. “My bet is Abbott will do nothing.”

    Not good at multi-tasking.

  160. Was ‘Sorry’ your English teachers first or last name…… and, prithee, why would one want to learn ‘old’ English :/ ………just sayin…. 😀

  161. “won’t do nothing” is a double negative meaning I’m betting Abbott will do something, which I very much doubt he’s an arsehole, the greatest arsehole this country has seen in a very long time.

  162. If the news report is correct then the reason Abbott cancelled his meeting with the Indonesian PM is that the Navy put additional asylum seekers from Christmas Island and an Indonesian onto the boat they turned around.

    When you think this rotten government can’t get any worse they prove you wrong.

  163. When you think this rotten government can’t get any worse they prove you wrong.

    Wasn’t it morrison who recently said that he, the minister, cannot gaurantee the safety of people locked up in our detention centers?

    Where is hockeys crocodile tears now? Further proof that their opposition to the Malaysian solution, which had the blessing of the UNHCR, was a political, not a moral, one.

  164. Fresh reports from guards at Manus state that asylum seekers are regularly beaten and raped.

  165. But that isn’t the ministers responsibility, is it? After all, didn’t he do a Pontius Pilot on it all? Ministers are only responsible for these things under a Labor Government.

    On the libs on words,

    Morrison should go (failing to protext those he is responsible for)
    Hockey should go (until he is able to properly explain his ICAC revelations)
    Pyne should go (lying over Unity Ticket)
    Fiona Nash should go (for misleading the Senate)
    tabot should go (for serial lying, ripping off taxpayers and trashing our international standing)

  166. When it comes to Dobell, is Abbott following=g the example of Labor.

    ……….Neil Chenoweth

    The Independent Commission Against Corruption’s investigation is inching closer to the Prime Minister’s office. Questions have emerged over Tony Abbott’s role in selecting Karen McNamara as Liberal candidate for the federal seat of Dobell despite doubts over her fund-raising claims.

    Mr Abbott was widely reported to be behind the decision by the NSW state executive on April 20, 2012 to appoint McNamara to replace problematic candidate Garry Whitaker. This was three months after ­senior Liberals received complaints of an unreported donation on the central coast and despite McNamara’s earlier claims of huge fund-raising which did not correspond with party records.

    Dobell is the point where ICAC’s investigation of state fund-raising threatens to expand into the federal party. It is also one of the seats where the prime minister had the most intense interest, after losses in the central coast cost Abbott the 2010 election.

    It’s not the only danger point. The Liberals are particularly vulnerable to the risk of contagion, because while the federal Labor Party runs its own fund-raising, the federal Liberals depend much more on state divisions to raise funds..

  167. Abbott takes to yesterday afternoon to call Indonesia. Still no reason given for him not being in Bali. Bishop this morning claims they only talked about fixing up the relationship and visit next month. This does not quite gel with what the private minster has said.

  168. Funny, it is the inquiries into the Libs that are revealing so much. Not ancient history as well. Getting close to the master. One can see why many on the Central Coast were not that upset with Thomson, Many knew he was the pick of the pollies up this way.

  169. Bacc’s, that was quite disturbing 😦 , to think that those sorta shenanigans are happening here; in Australia. Is it any wonder that people-power is on the rise. We now have farmer’s, Greenies, business people and Anal J. all marching together to ‘shame’ this woeful Queensland govt. ……… a govt. that abbott has in the past said he would like to emulate…….. 😮
    …sad fella, my country. 😦

  170. I do hope all the mothers enjoying today, are not harmed to much by the coming budget this Tuesday.

    Not too sure many, those on the bottom will be handing out to many cigars to him, or his mob.

    Tells you are far this mob from reality is, when one learns, Hockey set up that photo op.

    Has to walk downstairs and out into the gardens, to allow cameras access.

  171. LOVO, no matter how hard they tried, could not stop today’s effort from being plain boring.

  172. Interesting questioning at Pink Batts 20 million RC. Electrical expert evidence seems to be challenged.

    One needs to keep in mind, some of Garrett’s evidence. He said there was much conflicting advice being given at the time. Yes, it is easy to be right in hindsight. Sadly Garrett did not have that luxury.

  173. Seemingly Garrett’s only mistake was thinking that the differing State’s OHS (WHS) rules were being enforced 😯 (and in QLD, …. ya joking… right 🙄 )….. instead they were being treated as a joke by contractor’s…. as per the norm.
    Many a Private Contractor ‘out there’ think and view OH@S as an annoyance….or an add-on after-the-fact( i.e. they charge for it in the ‘Contract’.. then ignore it… ‘they’ call it “cream”, mm!!!). Where as they often learn, albeit;- too late $$$$ wise… that ya include OH@S from the start of planning and all the way through to the implementation and beyond… because it’s cheaper all round…….. just ask the family and employees that have been disenfranchised (read; died/injured) by employer/LNP treatment of ‘red tape’, mm!!!
    I hope that the RC has/have taken in to account the (infamously missing) CSIRO account on HIP’s and it’s “before” and “after” view, mm !!!! …… and I hope the RC takes into account the atrocious behaviour and reporting by some of the news franchises, .. the press really showed how ‘cheap’ …’they’… were :/ …. no really 😈
    One wonders if it will ever be known that HIP’s was an overall successful program that, ultimately, has saved more lives and houses and money than has widely been reported. But I guess that that, like Julia Gillard being the best PM this country has ever seen, will be relegated to ‘future history’, mm!! ………… though I DO think that there is an “WAKE THE FUCK UP” goin’ down as we speak, mm!! 😀
    (P.S. Only some of the time Tony/Rupert/Gina/??? …. only some of the time 😡 😛 )

  174. One wonders if it will ever be known that HIP’s was an overall successful program

    I very much doubt that LOVO. I have noticed that even in this reporting, the papers repeat loudly the fact that 4 people died, but fail to acknowledge that in each case those responsible have been charged through the courts. They then repeat the recent claim that Rudd has taken full responsibility (but skirt over the fact that he has taken responsibility for the program, not the deaths)

    The highlight was a recent edition of the advertiser. On the front page, it had a headline about the budget, something along the lines of how the libs are fixing the Labors mess. Below that, another story about the HIP, with the headline wtte, Rudd accepts responsibility”.

    The two headlines together told an interesting story in itself, pure fabrication of course, but a typical impression from a murdoch paper

  175. Sick of hearing Abbott say he is not about raising taxes. I am sick of hearing him say it is up to the states. I am sick of hearing him say, he is not responsible for raising the money.

    He ois now blaming Labor for putting our triple AAA rating at risk. One agency has already given warnings.

    It is not his money, or even that of the Commonwealth government that the states are asking for, It is the income tax share of the money, the states agreed to from 1941 on.

    It is not about lower taxes, or cut spending.

    It is about the government raising the money, to provide what is need for the nation and it’s people.

    Talking about want lower taxes is pure ideology and pure capitalism. Both dangerous ways a governing.

    As I heard one say this morning, there is nothing hard about cutting from the poor and weak and slashing programmes across the board.

    Is harder to identify need, and to access each programme, one by one, as to it’s worth.

    This government has no idea what cuts they have made,

    I believe that Abbott does not want toi increase the GST in any way. He wants to cut spending, full stop.

    It is hard to believe, he has swallowed the small government hook line and sinker.

  176. LOVO, what is clear, what come out of the hearings, that no government can afford to introduce even as worthwhile scheme as HIP. Never seems to be the conclusion. The reason why is also clear. No matter what rules or supervision that is bought into play, the operators will rort the system. Will cheat and put their employees at risk.

    That is what both Garrett and Combet said, loudly.

  177. Kast night, Hockey was attacked by one woman re Medicare. Pointed out we do not want the USA system. Hockey come back with the retort, do you want the USA system. Then added that they spend twice as much as we do, for poorer services. Yes, that was what he said. His argument seem to be, one will make Medicare better, by the government paying less.

    Now most would come to the conclusion, that we have cheaper and better health care, because of the system, yes Medicare. If so, why undermine it in any way.
    There were many replies from Hockey, that made as much sense as his retort on Medicare.

    Yes, Mr Abbott, we have no emergency, well not until you bought down that so called budget.

    Mr Abbott, you are right, it is time to make hard decisions. To do this, you need to sit down and go through all present spending. You nee to assess each on it’s merit. Governments, like families have spending they cannot afford to ignore.

    Time to put5 the slogans aside. Time to forget about lowering taxes, just for the sake of having lower taxes.

    Time for good and prudent governance. Time to put aside personal prejudices and beliefs.

  178. He ois now blaming Labor for putting our triple AAA rating at risk.

    Wonder if the meeja will fall for this, or note that this government has drastically modified our budgetary position, for the worst, which is what has most probably spooked the agency/agencies in question

  179. Standard and Poors have stated, they will be watching carefully what is going through the parliament. They seem to believe fro9m Abbott’s rants, 6that our economy is now at risk.

    They say that Hockey has taken Lap surgery to Medicare. They are wrong, he has taken the surgery he had, removing part of the stomach to Medicare. That surgery cannot be reversed.

    I, for one will be in big trouble, if I can no longer get the concessions that come with my pension card. This on top of changes to indexation. Not keeping up with cost, is lowering pensions.
    PS. I have no cincerns if the Senior Card. I believe that one to be a rip off, for people who can afford to pay in full.

  180. We now have very clearly, after listening to MacDonald this morning, if a government is elected, they should be allowed to put all their promises and wishes through parliament with no compromises.

    He wants to go back to Howard’s days, putting into place, what Howard was ot able to achieve.

    I wonder if Abbott and his supporters have thought this idea through.

    What they are saying, is the Opposition and cross benches should rubber stamp all their legalisation,. That they have no right to oppose.

    It this is the case, once a party garners the numbers to govern, it is winner take all.

    This means there is not role for any MP, not in the govern to play. They should then quietly retire to the next election. Does that ring true.

    I suggest, that is not democracy. I suggest that Abbott and Co should read the Constitution. It is easily read, and not long.

    What it says, is all MPs have one vote, of equal value. Nothing aboiut government MPs having more value.

    It says that all legalisation has to pass on the floor of both houses. Nothing about saying the PM wishes much reign supreme. In fact, the word PM and party do not exist in this document.

    What really happens after a election, is that a party garners enough votes on the floor of the lower house to form government, Not in the Constitution, but that of convention.

    If the government cannot maintain that vote, it loses government.

    That is the only mandate that Abbott, or any other PM is going to sdee.

    From then on, politics become the art of the possible.

    All elected MPs votes are equal.

    All MPs have a duty, to vote for the good of the voters in their electorate. Yes, not for the government or party. The senate was form, to represent the needs of the state they came from. I must admit, this has never really turned out this way. No idea how one can make that work.

    To say the voter vote for any policy or promise is just plain stupidity, I would be surprise if every voter even voted for all their party put up No one c\agrees with all that any side says they do.

    Going back to Howard and the CST, my memory is that the view was abroad at that time, it was safe to vote for Howard, because the Democrats would not allow his GST to passed. Sadly they were wrong.

    One needs to keep in mind, each MP vote carries equal weigh when voting in the houses. That is the way it should be.

    I suspect many voted for Abbott, because he was not Labor. Also because they v=believed he would be too lazy and incompetent to do much.

    Even today, there are still many that do not agree with Abbott on either the MRRT or CEF legalisation. Most would not be upset to see them left where they are. In fact, I believe we will not heart much in that direction, unless Abbott becomes very desperate.

  181. Hockey now saying, the budget debate has changed. Blaming them for the Standards and Poor announcement.

    Hockey now back to the lies.

  182. Mr Hockey is correct. Labor would have made many of the changes he has made. In fact Labor attempted to while in power. Abbott at the time opposed all, labelling Swan with class war. Labor attempted to address the structural issue, that rose from the days of Howard, while putting in place infrastructure that would take us into the future. Yes, things like Gonski and the NBNCO.

    Howard, while in power, handed out many unnecessary goodies to the self funded retirees, whole not giving anything to the fully funded pensioner.

    Yes, the pensioner went backwards, while Howard gave the self funded retirees access to all their concessions, Even bought in the Seniors Card, which somehow entitled them to everything. We find, after Howard, many people of retiring age, with incomes more that average family, playing no taxes from earning from their super. These e3arnings were note even taken onto consideration, for pension purposes. Tell me why a young family should pay more tax, than a retired couple. The list is endless.

    Now, we see Hockey deals wit this, not by taking away the Seniors Card and concessions to the self funded retiree. NO, Hockey puts in place a process that lowers the pension and takes concession from all. Hockey would be very happy to see his budget as only hurting welfare clients. Yes, he would have a harder job explaining why it is not class warfare to take supplement and concession from what many would describe as well off.

    Shorten’s problem is, once he points this out, he will once again be accused of class warfare.

    What Howard gave these people, arose out of class envy. Yes envy of the well off, for the little assistance the lower income earners got. In fact at the time, , Howard said it was not fair, that those who achieved, though their own efforts got nothing.

    The trouble is, Abbott cannot come out and say he is dealing with Howard’s excesses. Hew is trying to mask what he is doing by hitting the lower income peo0ple along with his middle/upper incomer earners excessive benefits.

    Mr Abbott it is not about lower taxers, It is about doing what is necessary.

    One of the best thinbgs you could do, is put in place Keating’s 15% super contributions. I am sure you could do a deal wit the unions to forgo some wage rises for this too happen. Just reverse the goodies, Howard gave to retirees who have the funds to look after themselves. Leave the basic pension alone.

    Mr Hockey, we got that inefficient MRRT because the miners spent $20 million on a advertising campaign, and had the Opposition of the time on side. Mr Hockey, repealing the legalisation is not the answer. The answer is to strengthen it, so these people are made to pay their fair share. Mr Hockey you are repealing much good legalisation that you claim is connected to the MRRT., Mr Hockey, you know this not to be true. First, one is the School Kids Bonus. That has nothing to do with the MRRT. It arose out of Gillard taking the tax education rebate, adding to it, to replace the lap top grant that was coming to and end

  183. Last night the QandA Twitter site collapse after getting 65,000 hits. Most other sites seem to be running as hot.

  184. Hockey said there are exemptions for the new tax on Medicare. Dutton said very clearly, there were no exemptions., Doctors are saying, the budget papers agree with Dutton. Yes, it is now the Medicare tax.

  185. And speaking of axe the tax-payer…… other things ➡ “…calls a radical emission reduction strategy (18). All this suggests that even holding warming to a too-high 2°C limit now requires an emergency approach.
    Emergency action has proven fair and necessary for great social and economic challenges we have faced before. Call it the great disruption, the war economy, emergency mode, or what you like; the story is still the same, and it is now the only remaining viable path”
    We need to ‘axe the crap’ pm and his ‘fellow backwards’ sooner or there may be no later 😦 😦 😦

  186. Well the dirt began early. with Pyne declaring that Burke had to explain why he was supporting a convicted drug dealer at Villawood.

    For once Chris Uhlmann did his job, asking who had released the letter from Morrison office. Was that the way things are done. As usual, Pyne just shrugged the question off, saying you will have to ask Morrison. Morrison was on later, do not know if he was asked why he released the letter I take it, that Burke has to be smeared, as he dared question the behaviour of the speaker.

    The question I would love asked. why was the government running around attending fund raising events, on the night of the budget launched. Why the rush to raise party funds at this point.

    Now it appears tat the partner of the so called convicted drug dealer. approached Bourke for his assistance. Yes, Burke did as any MP is obliged to do, sent a letter to Morrison as asked by the constituent.

    Burke in the letter, did not make any comment or plea about the case. Was careful to say so in the letter.

    Of course, Mr Burke does not have any questions to answer. did nothing wrong. Releasing letters that by Morrison is another matter. Where does privacy count.

    Quick look at one of the senate hearings. Does not appear to be any business plans for those roads announced. In fact still early in the planning stage.

  187. “Even more important is the “fairness bias.” This has been well documented in the literature and it concerns the great perceived debate. The media are not climate scientists and do not know whom to believe. Almost no climate scientists trust the media’s coverage of climate change. Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists say that climate change is real, but the three percent who do not are reported with very loud, well-funded and persistent voices, and the mainstream media reports both sides “fairly. ”

  188. Richard Marles gave address, a summary of Labor’s involvement with asylum seekers. NPC

    Challenging much of what Scott Morrison is saying,

  189. It appears everyone in thel ibs is defaulting to lies. I also wonder if Labor will pursue this, considering the location of the lie

    Malcolm Turnbull lied to the Parliament today.

    Mr Turnbull was responding to a question from his own side asking what impact the NBN makes to Government debt.

    The Minister replaced facts with an outright lie.

    Mr Turnbull claimed that his revised NBN “would be over $30 billion dollars less expensive for taxpayers”. That is a lie.

    The evidence is in black and white on page 7-21 of Budget Paper 1.

    Last year’s budget showed that the Labor Government would allocate $30.4 billion in government equity to build the NBN. This year’s budget shows at page 7-21 of Budget Paper 1 that the Coalition Government will allocate $29.5 billion.

    That’s a difference of less than $ 1 billion not $30 billion.

  190. Treasurer in shock when asked to withdraw by Madam Speaker. Seem to be impartial so far. Wonder what led to that back down yesterday.\\

    Wonder how long it will last. Not long, I believe.

  191. Brandis being questioned on RC. Only one witness has been called so far, in the one into unions. Yes, Mr Blewitt is one off. It is a shame for Brandis, that the man’s evidence did not add up, the smoking gun, they believe.

  192. Liberal MP criticising, no condemning Abbott treatment of science, Yes, said he is getting rid of proven and worthwhile bodies, while setting up a pie in the sky, one down the track, Well my words, but clearly what he as saying. The MP is a scientist, with a PHD in Physics.,

  193. “Dear friend,

    There’s never been a greater need for your presence at Maules Creek than now.

    Whitehaven Coal has just begun clearing the Leard State Forest. They plan to destroy the endangered ecosystem to dig deep for dirty coal. We, the alliance against this mine, must also dig deep to build a strong peaceful resistance — on the frontline and from the cities.

    Basically, it’s now or never — if you’ve had an inkling to travel to the blockade but haven’t had the chance — these next days and weeks are critical. Or if you’re an old friend of the blockade, now is the time to return with a friend or two.

    Whitehaven refuses to follow even the flimsy regulations placed on the mine project. Originally the environmental management plan for Maules Creek stipulated that clearing of the forest would not take place over the winter months — as this is a period of hibernation for the threatened birds, mammals and reptiles and they would have no chance of escape. Whitehaven has now done a u-turn on this plan and, with the NSW Government’s support, are beginning to chop down the forest now.

    So here’s what you can do:

    1. Travel to the blockade camp ASAP

    We urgently need you to join us at the blockade camp in the next few days and weeks to show a strong and united front to stop this dangerous mine from going ahead.

    Click here for details about travelling to the forest.

    2. Join us on the Convoy Against Coalruption

    During the 6 – 9 June long weekend, join a convoy of cars from Canberra, Sydney and elsewhere to travel up through the Hunter Valley and Liverpool Plains to cast a light on the insidious links between coal companies and NSW politicians.

    Click here for details and to register for the trip

    3. Tell the NSW Environment Minister that this is out of line

    Minister Rob Stokes needs to intervene and give this forest and its surrounding communities a fighting chance. He needs to hear from all of us that Whitehaven should not be allowed to change their Environmental Management Plan on a whim.

    CALL Minister Stokes now
    Phone (02) 9228 5253

    4. Spread the word

    We need this red alert to reach as many people as possible. Please consider:
    •Forwarding this email to your networks
    •Sharing this message on Facebook
    •Holding an information session in your community – just drop Josh a line if you need a hand:

    As this call for help goes out, already the blockade has swung into action. This morning a young woman held up the bulldozers and protect the forest. We hope you can join us up at the camp soon to build the blockade and bring more energy to the camp at this crucial time.

    If you are ready to take the trip, click here to prepare.

    In solidarity,

    Blair, Josh, Simon, Charlie, Aaron, Phil and the whole Aus Team “

  194. And it appears the whitehouse saga will continue in the nmsm

    The owner of the Whitehouse Institute of Design – the Sydney college embroiled in a furore over the awarding of a secret $60,000 scholarship to the daughter of Prime Minister Tony Abbott – has denied claims the only other time the scholarship has been awarded was to her own daughter.

    But Leanne Whitehouse, owner of the Whitehouse Institute of Design has conceded that her daughter Billie did attend the college, and paid no fees for her education.

  195. The longer the senate committee hearings go the murkier this government gets.

    Seems not one department has been asked for advice. Not for modelling for this government.

    No graphs showing affects on other parts of the community.

    No comparisons graph or studies.

    All these things have appeared in budget since Federation.

    Seems Cormann is saying they had it wrong. Our economy is like no other.

    I is clear, none of the changes in the way the budget is presented or what it contains, are decisions from Treasury. They are l changes made by the ministers.

    Department heads are unable to answer questions, as they have played no part in how the budget was compiled. They are saying they no nothing, until they see the legalisation.

    Looks like todays topic is going to be family reunions. Something else, that is now only emerging from this budget.

    Keeps on giving, every day a new surprise.

  196. “Public Services International (PSI), a global trade union federating public service workers in 150 countries, has reported that TISA threatens to allow multinational corporations to permanently privatize vital public services such as healthcare and transportation in countries across the world.

    “This agreement is all about making it easier for corporations to make profits and operate with impunity across borders,” said PSI General Secretary Rosa Pavanelli in response to the leak. “The aim of public services should not be to make profits for large multinational corporations. Ensuring that failed privatizations can never be reversed is free-market ideology gone mad.”

  197. Whats with Abbotts anti-science stance….like closing down govt. depts. that have any connection to AGW ( C.C). :/ … Tony needs to have a talk to these blokes ➡
    “Science meets policy

    Knowledge making and policymaking have in recent decades become increasingly related and intertwined, not least in the governing of transboundary environmental problems. Even though lay understandings and other kinds of knowledge – spurred by media coverage and public discussion – are important for putting an environmental problem on the political agenda, these understandings and claims are commonly based on scientific knowledge. Furthermore, the production of scientific knowledge and its uses are widely recognised as essential elements of environmental standards-setting (Jasanoff and Wynne 1998, Bijker et al. 2009, Fischer 2009). By defining the criteria by which environmental degradation and health risks are assumed to be avoided or mitigated, it is determined what should be considered as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ environments, e.g. clean and unclean air, anthropogenic or naturally caused climate change, and toxic or non-toxic soil. Examples of such environmental standards include the Red List of Threatened Species, which evaluates the risk of extinction of species and subspecies; Carbon Dioxide Equivalents (CDE), which describe how much global warming a given type and amount of greenhouse gas causes; and Critical Loads, which evaluate the environmental effects of airborne pollutants. Thus, how an environmental problem is represented and measured – provided this representation is seen as scientifically sound and the policy community deems it valid – has great implications for its regulation.”
    No Science Minister or Dept…..No Climate Change dept….. No hope for any environmental policy….. no hope for innovation….no jobs for sc. grads here= no scientists here…..= Liberal No Policy.

  198. Bacc’s, THE WHOLE WORLD is going backwards, or so it would seem; ….we all know about the looming Water Wars…. but who’d a thunk …SAND WARS 😮
    “Human greed is ravaging the earth, wiping out billions and millions of years-old-management systems, making extinct millions of species, forever changing the world’s landscape. Rapacious greed for the urbanisation of the planet is unsettling the earth to the point that alarmists have justification in arguing a future tumult of scarcity wars, never-before-seen ‘natural’ disasters, civil strife and the loss of human life not just in the millions but in the billions. ”

  199. I am looking forwarded to the G20 in November., I suspect the rest of the world is going to hold Abbott to account for his stupidity. There is another CC meeting coming up. Abbott not going, even after being invited.

    I suspect that the new Indonesian leader, whoever he is, has Abbott of top of his to do list.

  200. Michael, what is sad, is all the posts on this site, over the last few years are still topical. All could be reposted and still be relevant,. Maybe some could be reposted on your new endeavour, in a historical; section. Just a thought

  201. I’m just guessing but I think there has been about 12,000+ hits since the official closure ……. those are numbers many ‘open’ sites would die for…… just sayin :/

  202. Will take time to bill up I suspect. I like it as somewhere to let a little steam out among friends.

  203. Michael, I think it can only help Bacchus, This site will come back, I am sure, Fulfils a different role. Most of the sites are becoming really slick, which is a good thing. One also needs a more relax site, where one can let off steam, test ideas.

  204. Letter to Alan Kohler. Time has proven you right and Turnbull wrong, where’s the reprise?

    Alan Kohler was not just right to ask Malcolm Turnbull why Telstra would play ball with him at all, but why they wouldn’t screw him mercilessly. Turnbull’s promises are now well past their “use by” date and Kohler could be writing a “please explain” follow-up.

    This is the note I sent him asking him to reprise his earlier comments.

    From: steve jenkin

    Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2014 14:34:05 +1000

    Subject: Time for a reprise of the Turnbull/Coalition NBN Election Policy and ?

    To: Alan Kohler


    We’re coming up to the first anniversary of the Abbott Govt’s electoral victory.
    We’ve shelled out $10M in taypayer dollars for reports and 5 of the 6 promised ‘reviews’ have been delivered, along with a much slower rollout and no concrete work plans for The New Better Coalition NBN.

    Will Turnbull be able to deliver on his “Cheaper, Quicker and More Affordable” promise?
    That ship seems to have long since sailed.
    Did the Worlds’ Most Detailed and Comprehensive Business Plan ever by an Opposition mean anything, or was it just a “Hill ‘o Beans?”

    I refer you to your agenda-setting series of articles on the Liberal/Turnbull NBN and would like to see a reprise. I find your analyses are always excellent, original and surprising. I don’t presume to know what you might come up with.

    Aug-2012, “The Coalition’s NBN policy is madness”. Correctly identified Telstra’s agreement would not be quick, cheap or easy.’s-nbn-policy-madness

    Turnbulls attempt at a refutation of your point. Shown to be incorrect by circumstances – still NO Telstra agreement, just as you predicted.>

    Apr-2013: Inside Business, “Malcolm Turnbull explains Coalition NBN plan”>

    Apr-2013: “How Malcolm Turnbull saved the NBN”>

    Aug-2013: “Turnbull vs Kohler in the great NBN debate”>

    25-Sep, 2013. “Will the NBN become Malcolm’s Mess?”

    steve jenkin

    Posted by Steve Jenkin at 11:09 PM

  205. This governmentis love of free speech, seems to be limited to a small part of society,

    ..Senator Brandis’s defining policy priority as Attorney-General has failed because he did not care to understand the breadth and nuance required of an authentic human rights agenda. Senator Brandis, a sworn devotee of the ‘marketplace of ideas’ his government appears determined to shut down, should recognise when he has lost an argument. His colleagues certainly have.

    I will not say any more about the Racial Discrimination Act now. My topic today is free speech. The particular focus on s 18C by Senator Brandis, and the spirited defence that this attack engendered, has distracted from a number of other threats posed to free speech in our society.

    I am sad to say that many of those threats emanate from the current Government: a government whose heated rhetoric on free speech is belied by its actions.

    I will return for a moment to Orwell’s reflection on politics and language. When Abbott Government ministers talks about ‘free speech’, they aren’t just ignorant, but disingenuous. I don’t for a second believe that those who trumpet their commitment to unfettered free speech in the debate surrounding the Racial Discrimination Act in actuality support an absolute approach to freedom of speech.

    If they hewed closely to their professed principles, the libertarians amongst the Abbott Government would be demanding a radical revision or even abolition of defamation law and the abolition of offensive language offences. They would defend the fundamental right to make misleading statements in trade and commerce.

    No, though the Liberal Government and its supporters talk in sweeping terms about ‘free speech’, they have in mind a much more selective application of that right.

    The Attorney-General likes to invoke Voltaire’s (perhaps apocryphal) declaration that he would defend to the death the right to say things with which he completely disagrees. This is heady stuff in the Australian political arena, which is usually more given to pragmatism than philosophy. I am sad to say that I can see no evidence of the sort of political bravery that would have impressed the great French thinker.

    Au contraire. Voltaire’s principle is honoured only in the breach. Senator Brandis and his colleagues are more than happy to attack free speech, and when they do, it is invariably the type of speech and the type of speaker with whom they disagree.

    I will give you a couple of examples.

    Though this Government says it has a ‘profound’ commitment to free speech, it has deliberately sidelined expert NGOs from policy discussion. Senator Brandis has changed the terms on which the Commonwealth funds community legal centres (‘CLCs’) right around the country to prevent them from speaking out on ways in which the law might be usefully reformed, or even from responding to Government inquiries and consultations. He has amended the sector’s funding agreements to exclude Commonwealth funding for ‘law reform and advocacy’.

    Chillingly, the Government has also removed clause 5 of the agreements, inserted by the last Labor government. That clause affirmed the commitment of our government that conditions attached to Commonwealth funding to CLCs would not ‘stifle legitimate debate or prevent organisations engaging in advocacy activities.

    The Government has cancelled all Commonwealth funding for Environment Defender’s Offices (EDOs). EDOs are small, highly dedicated organisations which work to protect the environment through law. EDOs assist the community at a grassroots level with legal advice and representation in public interest environmental matters. They work towards the improvement of our environmental laws and regulations.

    We know from documents released under freedom of information that Senator Brandis’s decision to completely defund the EDOs came just weeks after the NSW Minerals Council wrote to him to complain about EDO advocacy. (Margo: Same story is in NSW.) In Senate Estimates, Senator Brandis admitted that there had been no analysis of EDO funding arrangements done before the Government terminated all funding (MARGO: see extract of evidence below).

    Indeed, Senator Brandis’s decision flies in the face of the advice being provided to his Government, if he would care to listen. The Productivity Commission has strongly endorsed the value of CLC advocacy work in its Draft Report on Access to Justice Arrangements. We might conclude that the Government cut funding to these community organisations simply because they don’t like what those organisations sometimes say and what they sometimes advocate for, regardless of the benefits they
    – See more at:……..

  206. (Just so y’all know, I never, ever pop in here from time to time, nor read anything y’all write and none of what y’all link to, not since Brandis and Co have been making most excellent use of their magnificent bookcases and publicly-maintained private libraries, and blithely misattributing Voltaire for their doctrinaires.)

  207. One wonders if’n Adani is about to learn the terms “Stranded Assets” and “One term Tony” in the not to distant future….. hopefully before they destroy the GBR and it’s $6 billion a year tourism industry. 😦
    “Adani and GVK, which are both carrying billions of dollars in debt, have little to no experience in coal mining. But when they bought into the Galilee, back in the heady days of the boom, everything seemed possible. Prices were sky high, and everybody thought the good times were here to stay.

    But in 2012, the coal price crashed, and it hasn’t recovered. ‘A lot of assumptions that the industry made about thermal coal five years ago are no longer true,’ says Goldman Sachs analyst, Christian Lelong. ‘The years of very high demand growth for thermal coal are probably gone for a long time.’

    That’s why many of the world’s leading investment banks are saying the Galilee Basin mines simply aren’t viable anymore. One of them is UBS, whose commodities analyst Daniel Morgan says that for the Galilee Basin to be profitable, the coal price would have to be around AU$110 per tonne. ‘Our long-term estimates for thermal coal prices are US$80 per tonne,’ he says, ‘so even on our long-term prices it doesn’t look like a compelling project to us.’ ”

  208. How can this be kept a secret from “the people”, the TPP is corporate corruption writ large. 😡
    “•Unlike previous trade agreements, the text of the TPP is classified so that only the U.S. trade representatives and their 600 corporate advisers have access. Members of Congress must go through a complicated process to see portions of the text. All that is known about the contents of the TPP is from documents that have been leaked and reports from NGOs and industry meetings. From the information available, one thing is clear about the impacts of the TPP on health care: the intention of the TPP is to enhance and protect the profits of medical and pharmaceutical corporations without considering the harmful effects their policies will have on human health. It is more appropriate to call these trade agreements “rigged” trade rather than “free” trade because they rig the rules in favour of business interests ”

  209. Go the Cats and Go the Power……… and by ‘Go the Power’ I mean -“leave” – *smirkssmiley* 😛
    Anyhoo, good luck Migs, it would be fun if we called both make it to GF and if we don’t we can still laugh our heads off at the Crows. 🙂

  210. ” Given that Abbott has made security and counter terrorism activities his single biggest priority – and deliberately avoided the UN climate summit – the words of US president Barack Obama were an interesting counterpoint:

    “For all the immediate challenges that we gather to address this week – terrorism, instability, inequality, disease – there’s one issue that will define the contours of this century more dramatically than any other, and that is the urgent and growing threat of a changing climate,” Obama said.

    “No one can stand on the sidelines any more.”

    Yet that is exactly what Australia is doing. ”

  211. LOVO, Abbott fails to see that the rest of the world sees him as an idiot. Surely he can’t be that blind – or stupid – to notice it. Oh wait – he is that stupid.

    Go the Hawks. 🙂

  212. Pluck the Hawkers 👿 ……. ‘ates ’ems I tells ya… ‘ates ’em. 😛 ….. they remind me of the Crows 😛 ….. ‘ates ’em 👿 …….. or the ‘woods 😛 ……. ‘ates ’em I tells ya 😆, One wonders, as one does :/ , how many sites…umm.. AFTER.. they have shut-down 😦 😦 😦 … 😯 have continued to get the numbers this site is STILL gett’n……. one point five mill… almost 😉 …… fricken amazing Migs

  213. “The Chief of the US Navy’s Pacific Command, Admiral Samuel Locklear, recently said that climate change is our single greatest security threat,” said DiCaprio. “My friends, this body – perhaps more than any other gathering in human history – now faces that difficult task. You can make history, or be vilified by it.”

    The speech was well given and well received, but it turned out that his prediction was not entirely correct. Australia did not have to wait for history, it was vilified for its stance on climate change on the spot…….”I’m disappointed but not surprised with Australia,” Pa Ousman Jarju, Gambia’s Climate Change Minister who represents the 54 least developed nations at UN climate talks, told the Responding to Climate Change analysis website later. “What the Foreign Minister [Julie Bishop] said was as good as not coming. It’s nothing… as good as not attending.”Indeed Tony Abbott did not attend Tuesday’s meeting, though many attendees detected a reference to Australia – among a handful of other notable recalcitrants – in Barack Obama’s keynote speech……..

    it was Australia and to an extent Canada that were subject to most of the opprobrium,….. ”

  214. Ya dream’n Miglo 🙄 🙄 🙄 …… don’t know what your ‘on’ 😮 😛 …. mayhap you have an ‘herd’ mentality and, .. bleat n’ baa.. or moo even, are totally bomb-erred out 😉 🙄 😳 …. and having said that 🙂 …..It’s, obviously, going to be the yar of the CATS in 2015…… no, really….. ❗ NO, REALLY 😈 … 😆 :mrgreen: 👿 😯 😮 .. 😛

  215. Ah, the Shooters Party….. talk about dumber ‘n dumber…… I’d wager that the ‘average’ Shooters Party supporter is not smart enough to know how dumb they are 🙄
    “….. are further testimony to the immoral position being taken by the National Party.”

    The Shooters Bill seeks to dismantle the Native Vegetation Act which was passed in 2003 to bring an end to the millions of hectares of bush clearing over past decades with many vegetation communities and animal species brought to the edge of extinction; and valuable topsoil being lost. The Bill also drastically reduces penalties and inspection powers for illegal clearing in a clear signal the government would tolerate environmental destruction ”

    P.S. Proof that Baird ‘sucks’ or what….. talk about Daddy’s boy 😛 ….Baird the Butt sellerer…….it must be an Manly- Warringah thingy 😈

  216. “…The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). If you haven’t heard much about the TPP, that’s at least in part because the text of this trade deal is not visible to the public, nor is it visible to most of Congress; only an anointed group of 600 corporate “trade advisors” has been allowed to access the full text.

    How can a massive trade agreement be shoved through the political process with such little transparency — invisible even to the US Congress? ”

  217. ‘Clear As Mud’
    ““Are you confused by what is going on in the Middle-East? Let me explain. We support the Iraqi government in its fight against Islamic State (IS/ISIL/ISIS). We don’t like IS but IS is supported by Saudi Arabia whom we do like. We don’t like President Assad in Syria. We support the fight against him, but not IS, which is also fighting against him.

    “We don’t like Iran, but the Iranian government supports the Iraqi gov’t against IS. So, some of our friends support our enemies and some of our enemies are our friends, and some of our enemies are fighting our other enemies, whom we don’t want to lose, but we don’t our enemies who are fighting our enemies to win.

    “If the people we want to defeat are defeated, they might be replaced by people we like even less. And, all this was started by us invading a country to drive out terrorists who weren’t actually there until we went in to drive them out – do you understand now?” ” by Aubrey Bailey in the Daily Mail.

  218. ‘The Law of the Garbage Truck.’
    One day I hopped in a taxi and we took off for the airport. We were driving in the right lane when suddenly a black car jumped out of a parking space right in front of us.
    My taxi driver slammed on his brakes, skidded, and missed the other car by just inches! The driver of the other car whipped his head around and started yelling at us.
    My taxi driver just smiled and waved at the guy. And I mean, he was really friendly. So I asked, ‘Why did you just do that? This guy could have almost ruined your car and sent both of us to the hospital!’
    This is when my taxi driver taught me what I now call, ‘The Law of the Garbage Truck.’
    He explained that many people are like garbage trucks. They run around full of garbage, full of frustration, full of anger, and full of disappointment. As their garbage piles up, they need a place to dump it and sometimes they’ll dump it on you. Don’t take it personally. Just smile, wave, wish them well, and move on.
    Don’t take their garbage and spread it to other people at work, at home, or on the streets.
    The bottom line is that successful people do not let garbage trucks take over their day.
    Life’s too short to wake up in the morning with regrets,
    So … Love the people who treat you right. Pray for the ones who don’t.
    Life is ten per cent what you make it and ninety per cent how you take it!
    Have a garbage-free Life..!!
    Happy living….and Smile..( it confuses people ) 😉

  219. Very wise, LOVO.

    Whilst I didn’t like Kerry Packer I did like his philosophy of ‘don’t complain, don’t explain’.

    Or an old Indian saying: ‘no hurries, no worries’.

  220. LOVO, I sometimes think we are sinking in the mire, the rubbish all around us. Then we know, rubbish if treated right, can turn into new creation. Look at what recycling achieves. Seem our old cds, along with other waste can be used in a process to manufacture steel, cheaper and cleaner. Yes,

    Yes, sadly the rubbish that is our government, cannot seem to build anything., All is too hard. Weeks have gone past, they have not been able to solve the difficulties that allow us to send medical and health teams to west Africa. I do hope we never see germ or chemical warfare. Our government has told us., they do not have the skills or knowledge to survive in such a war zone.

    Cannot see how one can recycle out present government. We might have to be satisfied with burying it.

  221. Oh guffaw 😆 😆
    “Another day in buffoon land where scientists show off the power of one hand clapping … ”
    “…..there’s only so much hypocrisy and stupidity that the pond can swallow on any one day, no matter the post-modernist ironies and jollies to be had from the cavorting of fools like Greg ‘Walri’ Hunt, who wouldn’t know most days how to wiki his fundament.”

  222. Couldn’t help noticing the chronic dysfunction at the farewell for Gough.
    Seating former Labor PMs so they wont have a cat fight was an art.
    Dysfunction continues to reign in the Labor Family.
    After listening to the eulogies yesterday it is hard to reconcile with the fact that Gough screwed up comprehensively in such a short time and was spanked by the electorate twice before taking the hint and retiring.
    I swear there will be a “Gillard was a political giant” when she does us all a favour and falls off the perch.
    Dysfunction reigns.

  223. But Tweedles, Julia WAS an political giant and she really IS/WILL be remembered as one of the ‘greats’…… and by the by and by, I just bought her book. 😛

  224. Lovo…Gillard was more like the instigator (with Wayne’s help) of a government that looked and acted like an unsupervised financial piss up. Thank god for democracy and the ability for the people to recognise and throw out the bunch of dickheads that we saw as the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd experiment.
    Looks like hard financial times are hitting Europe and Oz. Thanks Wayne and Gillard and Rudd for starting us with an empty financial tank.
    I see Howard gets the important gigs as the elder Statesman. Cream rises to the top.
    …. haven’t read any of those looney stories about Environmental Flows since the election last year. We turn back boats and Indonesia is our best buddy. Who would have thunk. The $20 Billion illegal boat people bill is being steadily whittled to …. NIL. The constants in life though are Flannery saying the dams are NOT full.
    And of course we see record temperatures each year…adjusted for Homogenisation of course.
    Lovo. You have gotta be just the teensy bit embarrassed by your comments of past years.

  225. hmmmm suffering. Right. We are probably the most well looked after people in the world.
    The fact is the moronic combination of Rudd/Gillard/Rudd/Swan will keep political scientists teaching students about the way not to govern for decades. Looks like we are coming into an EU led slow down. Trouble is we have Gillard and Swan’s debt of $400Billion plus in the saddlebags.
    What a wast of 6 years of potential. All in a mining boom to boot. Moronic. 2007 to 2013 was an unsupervised financial piss up.

  226. Well golly gosh n’ shit Tweeds :/ I see you are still re-writing history with thems blinkers on 🙄 ……. one wonders ‘if’ in your little world what part the GFC played……or if’n if the GFC even exists in your re-write.

  227. I wonder where he gets his figures from. Any way, Hockey has shown how clever he is. He has double the debt. At last Hockey has succeeded in talking the economy down. I must say, it’s taken him a few years, but success at last.

  228. Nah, Hockey’s still copying Swannie’s homework with his great big new plan for an extra 2% global growth. 2% is the amount of coordinated stimulus, and timely withdrawal, which G20 members agreed to make to stave off the worst of the GFC. I’m almost sure Joe’s mentioned that fact once or twice in his deficit and disaster spiels leading up to his big weekend out. Everyone else going to Brisvegas would remember.

    Such a crying shame, too, that Australia was one of the few nations which kept to that plan and avoided recession, while more or less Conservative heads in other nations insisted on Hockeynomics and austerity, reaping the kind of consumer and business confidence, unemployment growth, and big budget blackholes which Joe’s now racking up. Go Team Australia!

  229. Fudget. Too much drugs. Your brain is addled. Labor really screwed up during their last attempt to $400 Billion. The positive is that Swan remained in politics. Come the next election all Hockey has to do is point accross the chamber..”There he is… the economic illiterate… the economic vandal” What better election campaign material. Just to stir up the electorates fury.
    I was watching Gail Kelly’s resignation speech. My thoughts drifted to Gillard. Just consider. What a contrast. Competence, honesty, sound role model, successful, peer admiration, strong family values, sound hetero relationship with her husband of 35 years, culture and style, intelligence and total acceptance and applause from what is an over represented male industry. On the other side Gillard.
    I have said many times. The stumbling block to another female PM is Gillard. The call will always be when a female stands for the role of PM
    “….but what if we get another gillard?”

  230. Tweed. Have a look at what you wrote a few comments ago. Are you suggesting that the approaching economic woes in Europe are the fault of Gillard and Swan? It appears so.

    Either you can’t write effectively or you’re stark raving mad. Perhaps both.

  231. Read slowly Roswell and let the information sink in.
    JH and Costello gave Swan a firing economy, with zero debt and about $60 Billion in the kick. When Wayne was booted out he left the country with a $400 Billion debt with reportedly $1 Billion a month interest.
    As you correctly noted EU seems like it is entering a slow down. i.e. Germany is probably going to announce its 3rd quarter of negative growth.
    The troubles for this government is that if we are entering a global slowdown, we do so with $400 Billion of Wayne’s debt in our saddlebags. Now I know you will say but what about the GFC. Well what about the GFC?
    For the whole of the GFC Australia was in the midst of a mining boom bigger than Australia has ever experienced. Wayne inherited the best terms of trade for generations….. and he still managed to screw it up. I mean right to the end of his continuous consecutive budget deficits he was still spending cash on stimulus. So he had everything running with him, no debt, huge terms of trade, a mining boom to die for and he still managed to lose the plot.
    The key to understanding Wayne is look at him front on.
    His eyes are very close together.
    What a waste of 6 years, billions of taxpayers dollars and squandered opportunity. Wayne should just go to a dark place and die of shame for his handling of our taxpayer dollars.
    Roswell please reread this slowly again in the morning…..

  232. By firing economy and zero debt, I think Tweed and the RBA mean Howard and Costello had frontloaded the national debt truck with over a trillion dollars’ worth and had the public spending around 150% of their earnings, just in time for the largest global credit contraction since 1929. As a Ponzi scheme, it was almost one of the best.

    Now, if Hockey were only a little more charismatic, he might encourage the punters to quit paying down the Howard and Costello legacy, to go back to doing a little less saving and a little more spending, and to return Australia to a Gilded Age built on the miracle of credit-card skimming, and on zero and record debt.

  233. Read slowly, Tweed. I’m not going to bother reading it at all. Even Neil of Sydney makes more sense than you.

  234. Fudget and Roswell. There are two villages out there missing a very special resident. Every village should have their resident idiot.
    Frontload debt truck hmmmmm. Trillion $. I wont even try to untangle that little bit of economic “theory”.
    I’m catching up with the mates for a beer tomorrow. Cant wait to try and explain your public finance theory/logic to them. Classic.
    I am going to take bets and win big time. Thanks Loons. I owe you.

  235. B Ec. Monash. I think I have a handle on Swans retarded handling of our countries finances. $400 Billion in 6 years. Outstanding. $1Billion a month INTEREST . Outstanding

  236. Ahhhh FU. After all these years you still remain so ………special. I read as much of the press I have time for because I am interested. The announcements by Obama at UQ was specifically done because he was never going to get his Climate views across at G20. And rightly so. His announcement about $3 Billion for clean energy in developing countries was revealing by its hypocracy.. Like he is going to borrow another $3 Billion and give them some ancient, intermittent wind and solar electricity generation instead of building a base load power plant that would give them reliable electricity for refrigeration in communities, power enough to purify water and enough power to give them lighting. The hypocrisy is that he knows no one in USA or any developed country that would accept such a crappy electricity supply. Check us debt clock. will exceed $17 Trillion in the next month or so. Amazing.
    This is where Rudd/Gillard and Wayne were taking us.
    Obama is into the final two years of his maximum of 8. He has lost control of both houses and is comfortable that he will be remembered for the rhetoric and not the delivery of his policies. What we call in Australia the Gillard syndrome.
    Australia is on the right track now. None of the announcements this weekend pushed for a Carbon Tax. It was all about direct action. Tony has got it right….again.
    Campbell Newman, Queensland and the Coalition have delivered a good outcome again.
    FU the adults have been back in charge for more than a year now. One very pleasing issue of the G20 is that Gillard was barred from the event. The world leaders would have breathed a sigh of relief.
    Keep hunting for leftie press to support your views FU. That is what special people do..

  237. Tweed you have to close your eyes to the world as it is now, to continue with your rubbish. Glad you are happy to remain back in the past. Your choicer.. Getting lonely I bet

  238. Mind closed like a steel trap Florence! Still regurgitating the proven failed economic BS he learned at uni without the critical thinking ability to work out where the theories are wrong and why. Just keeps hammering the theories to try to fit what’s actually happening into them. Sad really… 🙄

  239. Why d0es no one ask Hockey how his so called reforms of user pay, putting up cost education and health. loading it onto the individual, is going to verite growth.

    Also why is e not challenged when he keeps saying big spending government. Labor has for years being enforcing fiscal consolidation., In fact one of Swan’s budget, was the greatest consolidation ever, by ant treasurer.

    South Korea and Australia has not legalised the trade agreement.

    Hockey has not seen Obama’s speech. Do not even bother to take time to listen.

  240. Just watching the wrap up of the G 20. What a consummate statesman Tony is. I like the way he is fearlessly politically incorrect. Who would have the guts to confirm China’s electricity generation in 2030 would be coal fired. If you listen to the drongo greens one would think China was going to be a mass of solar panels and wind turbines in 2030.
    I still cannot understand why those on the left repeatedly underestimate Tony.
    Of the attendees at the G 20 he is highly educated, highly experienced in political matters and moves easily amongst his peers.
    I remember the whisperers telling us that our relationship with Indonesia would be terminally damaged if Tony stopped the boats, turned back the boats, towed back the boats…… apparently.
    It is clear the adults are back in charge and the international community likes it.
    Full steam ahead for Direct Action.
    Compare the ability of Peta Credlin to Gillard’s John McTernan. Chalk and Cheese.
    For that matter compare Tony to Gillard. How can/could the Labor HQ get it all so abysmally wrong. Surely they could have found somebody among its shop stewards that would have presented better than Gillard.
    Well done Tony and crew.

  241. Bacchus. Is this article your perception of adult journalism? Really?
    I now understand your position of supporting the juvenile attempt at governing by Gillard and Rudd. Good luck son.
    Mat. The adults are back in charge.
    One thing of note at the G20 is the hypocrisy of Obama as representative of USA lecturing anyone about consumption of energy….
    Whatever gets passed by Congress, erratic and expensive electricity generation by Solar and Wind will be merely bit players in a nuclear and fossil fuel game.
    No sign of a carbon Tax in USA or China.
    Looks like Gillard and Shorten will be leading the pack …. right down to the bottom of the garden to join the green fairies.

  242. Merkel addressing Lowry group. There are ETS in China. The number is growing daily. Up to 10 states in the USA have similar taxes. So do the Providence in Canada for that matter.

    Mr Hunt is using taxpayers money to pay polluters. Yes they are raising taxes for DA,

  243. Nothing has to pass Congress. No poncy schemes. No, just caps on pollution. Penalties/fines where one breaches caps. Very simple. Not industry first choice.

    There is always more than one way to skin a cat. Always more than one option. It is pure politics, the art of possible.

    Republicans can do nothing. At least until they can get a President in the White House That is harder than winning at mid term elections.

  244. 😆 🙄 That must come close to being one of the most juvenile posts ever on this forum “Tweed” 🙄 😆

    Zero content – just more mindless pap as we’ve come to expect from you. Perhaps something from the Limited News stable might appeal to your obviously limited intellect?

    Two speeches made a few kilometres apart yesterday laid bare the gulf between the global vision of a transformative US president and the prosaic housekeeping obsessions of an Australian leader struggling with his “to do” list.

    While Tony Abbott opened the G20 by running off his election pledges – get rid of the carbon tax, stop the boats, build roads, and get the budget back under control – Barack Obama pleaded for universal democratic principles, equality for gay and lesbian people, the advancement of women, and facing up to climate change.

    You could almost hear the subtext, “I’m looking at you, Tony Abbott”. there’s certainly never been a more direct rebuke to an Australian prime minister by a visiting head of state.

    And also from the Sunday Mail:

    Tony Abbott has greeted the world’s most powerful leaders in Brisbane by complaining about his struggles to pass controversial budget measures.

    Speaking to the leaders, including US president Barrack Obama, China’s Xi Jinping and Germany’s Angela Merkel, Mr Abbott railed against his struggles to impose a $7 GP co-payment and deregulate university fees.

    Mr Abbott appeared to call for general backing for his budget from world leaders.

    Talk about juvenile speech from our pretend prime minister! It really contrasted as other genuine world leaders spoke – Obama, Merkel,Cameron – the adults in the room were obvious to all!

  245. It looks like China will have a national emissions trading scheme by 2018 Florence – once again demonstrating that the likes of “Tweed” really do live in an alternate universe, shrouded, coddled and protected from reality by his nurturing “father-figure” Tony Abbott. 😀

    China expects to launch a national carbon market in 2018, based on regional schemes it is presently piloting, a senior official at the country’s planning ministry told a World Bank conference.

    The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has previously said that its pilot schemes could provide useful experience for a national carbon market.

    “Based on the outcomes and experiences of the seven pilot regions, we will establish directly the national ETS to implement cap-and-trade scheme at a national scale,” said NDRC official Wang Shu, in a presentation at the conference.

    “National ETS from 2018, expected, (will) provide cost-effective way” to cut carbon emissions, his presentation said.

  246. Oh look – more inconvenient facts to make poor little “Tweed” wet his knickers!

    The share of greenhouse gas emissions covered by domestic carbon pricing initiatives increased significantly over the past year, led by the launch of six carbon markets in China. Today, 39 national and 23 sub-national jurisdictions – responsible for almost a quarter of the global greenhouse gas emissions – have implemented or are scheduled to implement carbon pricing instruments, including emissions trading schemes and taxes, building the momentum for a bottom-up approach to climate action.

    The State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2014 report launched today at the 11th Carbon Expo in Cologne, Germany, shows that while international negotiations may be slow, countries and cities are moving on climate pricing.

    A total of eight new carbon markets opened in 2013, and another launched in early 2014. With these additions, the world’s emissions trading schemes are valued at about US$30 billion. China now houses the second largest carbon market in the world, covering the equivalent of 1,115 million tons of carbon dioxide, after the EU ETS, with its 2,039 MtCO2e cap in 2013.

    Carbon taxation is also gaining ground. New carbon taxes were introduced in Mexico and France in 2013. In North America, the states of Oregon and Washington are exploring carbon pricing options to join California, Québec, and British Columbia in concerted efforts to tackle climate change.

  247. Oh dear, the news gets worse – I think “Tweed” will need some of these.

    Colin Barnett has embraced Barack Obama’s demand for stronger climate change action, saying Australia needs to be bolder in its emission reduction targets.

    In comments that increase pressure on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to pursue deeper cuts, the Premier said the US President’s rallying cry must be heeded to satisfy younger voters.

    “I think that we can be bolder in Australia, including in WA,” Mr Barnett said.

    “It was a call to arms, not only to Australia but to other countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific area. Australia, and I think all of us, do need to lift their game.”

  248. What about other conservative world leaders “Tweed” – what are they doing?

    Let’s start with David Cameron shall we?

    Britain’s PM says countries that have ‘done the least’ need to lift their game if agreement is to be reached on post-2020 emissions
    British prime minister David Cameron has joined calls for Tony Abbott to do more to tackle climate change, saying “countries that have so far done the least have to think about what more they can do”.

    Cameron told Britain’s Sky News that every nation needed to “put more on the table” if the world was to reach a successful agreement in Paris next year on reducing greenhouse emissions after 2020.

    “Countries that have so far done the least have to think about what more they can do. I’ve had good and friendly discussions with prime minister Abbott about that,” he said, adding that even those unsure of climate science should regard action as a form of “insurance”.

    David Cameron urges Tony Abbott to do more on climate change


    The UK is to pour hundreds of millions of pounds into a United Nations-backed fund designed to help developing countries tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

    David Cameron is finalising the exact amount that Britain will contribute to the Green Climate Fund, but confirmed at the close of the G20 summit in Brisbane on Sunday that the UK would “play its part”.

    David Cameron pledges UK will ‘play its part’ in backing climate fund to help developing countries tackle emissions

  249. Moving along to Angela Merkel:

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has added to international calls on Australia to reveal its plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions, telling an audience in Sydney that climate change “won’t stop at the Pacific Islands”.

    “Climate change knows no borders,” Mrs Merkel said a day after the G20 summit wrapped up in Brisbane with action on climate change contained in a list of commitments.
    “It will not stop at the Pacific Islands.”

    The German leader also pressed Australia to reveal its post-2020 goal for cutting carbon emissions “by the first quarter [of 2015] at the very latest”, to give time for the UN’s Paris Summit at the end of next year to secure binding emission cuts for all states.

    Climate change ‘won’t stop at the Pacific Islands’, Angela Merkel tells Australia

  250. What about climate denier extraordiaire, Stephen Harper?

    Stephen Harper said Sunday that Canada is preparing to make a contribution to a UN fund that helps poor countries cope with the impact of climate change, a move that follows a $3-billion donation from the United States. He did not specify an amount.

    Harper says Canada will contribute to poor countries’ climate change fund

    😆 😆 I guess those green fairies are waiting for you and Tony, “Tweed” 😆 😆

  251. HT to Ad Astra at TPS for this piece:

    In spite of the fact that the Prime Minister Tony Abbott didn’t want to talk about it, and as convening host he could pull it from the agenda of the G20 meeting, in the end an awful lot of people did talk about climate change over the past few days.

    Abbott may be Prime Minister, and a significant and powerful section of his partyroom colleagues may think global warming to be a hoax, but even in government and holding all the strings the reality is they are not going to win the day over the shared opinion of just about every one of the G20’s nations’ meteorological agencies (including Australia’s) and their Academies of Science.

    US President Obama and China’s President Xi, by their actions in the days preceding the G20 meeting, ensured that everyone would be talking about what we’re going to do to reduce carbon emissions.

    Turkey’s Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu (chair of the next G20 summit) said it was “the biggest challenge to all humanity today”, and this is coming from a national leader who has the ISIL “death cult” on his back door step. (You literally only have to possess some binoculars to see the “death cult” in action over the other side of the Turkey border.)

    British Prime Minister David Cameron singled out Australia in telling Britain’s Sky News that a range of countries needed to put forward more ambitious plans on emissions reductions ahead of the UN climate summit in Paris. He said: “Countries that have so far done the least have to think about what more they can do. I’ve had good and friendly discussions with Prime Minister Abbott about that.”

    President Obama then decided to keep the ball rolling in a speech at the University of Queensland, noting that: “The US and Australia have a lot in common. One of the things we have in common is we produce a lot of carbon.”

    He told the audience that they had to “keep raising your voices” about containing global warming and “challenge entrenched interests”.

    Liberal WA Premier Colin Barnett, who attended the speech, was sufficiently moved to say in comments reported by the West Australian, “I think that we can be bolder in Australia, including in WA.” He said of the speech, “It was a call to arms, not only to Australia but to other countries, particularly in the Asia-Pacific area. Australia, and I think all of us, do need to lift their game.” And in comments at odds with Abbott’s self-appointed role in “standing up for coal” at the summit, Barnett commented that we need to ensure new power generation is “at least gas-fired and not coal”.

    It’s now apparent, thanks to reporting by Reuters and Lenore Taylor at The Guardian, that this carried into the actual G20 summit negotiations. In spite of Abbott’s efforts, climate change was definitely on the agenda and the ultimate summit communique. An EU official told reporters: “The most difficult discussion was on climate change. This was really trench warfare, this was really step by step by step. In the end we have references to most of the things we wanted.” Leaks from the negotiations have revealed that Australia fought unsuccessfully against US and European nations push for the communique to include:

    – Reference to nations announcing their post 2020 emission reduction pledges well in advance of the Paris Conference, and ideally by the first quarter of 2015;

    – The need to phase out subsidies for fossil fuels; and

    – Providing greater levels of financial support to the Green Climate Fund (to be managed by the World Bank) that is intended to assist poorer nations in adapting to climate change and decarbonising their energy supply.

    Given the events of the last week one wonders whether the G20 will be like a wake-up call for pragmatism to prevail over ideology within government ranks. It doesn’t really matter one iota what the Coalition partyroom thinks about atmospheric science, they are treated by a large proportion of world leaders and journalists like butchers demanding to be listened to on matters of cardiac surgery.

    At present the government is maintaining a brave face. Abbott has now resorted to beefing-up his emission reduction policy by including reference not just to the $2.5 billion Emission Reduction Fund, but also the $10 billion allocated to the Clean Energy Finance Corporation which he is seeking to abolish.

    And Joe Hockey argued: “Barack Obama has to get any initiative on climate change through a hostile US Congress. So far he hasn’t had great success.”

    However, Hockey might want to familiarise himself with the US Supreme Court ruling in relation to Massachusetts v Environmental Protection Agency (commonly referred to as the ‘Endangerment Finding’), where the court held that “greenhouse gases fit well within the Clean Air Act’s capacious definition of ‘air pollutant’”. This ruling set out that the EPA has a statutory authority, indeed an obligation, to regulate carbon emissions under the existing Clean Air Act. This empowers Obama to regulate power station and motor vehicle carbon emissions immune from the scientifically illiterate huffing and puffing coming from some US Congress members.

    Tony Abbott and his Environment Minister have been like lazy students that have been able to cover up their inadequate study through bluffing their way through class with the assertion they are “confident” their policies will do the job. While they provide no evidence to support such claims, so far it has been enough to get past a time-poor media.

    But the Paris UN Climate Conference to be held in December next year may be that gruelling exam that will require some genuine policy work and analysis rather than bluff.

  252. I do so hope Tweed is an better sailor than he is an political historian……. 🙄 mayhap his anchor got stuck on some kinda ideological snag left over from the 50’s and he’s goin’ round n’ round….. putt, putt, putt , 😛
    Tweed, cobba, If you can’t see that the abbott has been p*wned by the other world leaders then WTF, mate :/ …. I do so hope you have had a tetanus shot lately 😮 .. so as to counter all that ‘rusted-on’ ya got. 🙂

  253. THIS is what they should be building between Melbourne and Geelong (Go the Cats) 🙂
    “Solar Roadways is a modular paving system of solar panels that can withstand the heaviest of trucks (250,000 pounds). These Solar Road Panels can be installed on roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, bike paths, playgrounds… literally any surface under the sun. They pay for themselves primarily through the generation of electricity, which can power homes and businesses connected via driveways and parking lots. A nationwide system could produce more clean renewable energy than a country uses as a whole ”

  254. “It is important to note that there is no evidence whatsoever to link this disturbed individual to any organised terror group. His bizarre and pathetic, Walter Mitty style request that police procure an ISIS flag for him because he had the wrong flag is enough to sound a note of caution to those commentators who seek to speculate about his links with terror; a warning to those who would embellish or dignify the manifest symptoms of insanity with more organised thinking and motivation.

    The would-be terrorist’s flag was an innocuous Shahada, or profession of faith in Islam, which asserts: “There is no god but Allah; Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah.” To a population already sensitised to terrorist threats and to a media saturated with reports of ISIS beheadings, however, it was at first sight evidence of something sinister, a visual cue to link a mentally ill individual to ISIS, a movement which PM Tony Abbott has chosen to describe to the nation as the ISIS death cult. To members of the Muslim community, it was a distressing type of betrayal, an ambiguous and potentially provocative signal to those non-Muslims fuelled by anti-terror propaganda keen to link Islam and terror. It was also a clear indication of the gunman’s confusion and mental disorder”

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