Destroy Rudd, destroy the NBN

Murdoch NBN

Someone in the mainstream media has finally caught on that Rupert Murdoch wants Labor to lose the election because the NBN effects his Australian business interests:

Why Murdoch wants Rudd to lose the coming federal election is not merely political, it is commercial. News Corp hates the government’s National Broadband Network (NBN). The company has formed a view that it poses a threat to the business model of by far its most important asset in Australia, the Foxtel cable TV monopoly it jointly owns with Telstra.

Not surprising, the article has gone viral in social media.

But where did this story first break? In social media itself.

In February we wrote in Revealed! The media conspiracy against the Government that:

“The Murdoch media has been leaning to the right since the Whitlam days but the anti-Labor meme was really ramped up just before the 2010 election. The catalyst was Murdoch’s luncheon with Tony Abbott, where the NBN (National Broadband Network) must have been the main talking point as the very next day Abbott publicly announced that he’d rip up the NBN”.

“He pissed a few of us off by jumping too soon, thinking that people might tie the announcement to the meeting with Murdoch, which luckily they didn’t. The NBN will effect Murdoch’s profits, and let’s be very clear on that, so the reason to back Abbott was clearly motivated by money for the media empire”.

The post raised a few eyebrows as well as attracting a number of sniggers, as one would expect. However, the appearance of this brilliant piece by Kieran Cummings the very next day, Why Murdoch’s media is gunning for your NBN got to the heart of the matter. The article kicked off with:

It seems a day doesn’t go by where articles are being posted to News Limited (Murdoch) websites with nothing but negative spin for the NBN. Most, if not all, are founded on poorly constructed arguments that ignore technology & the reality. They all seem to point to one solution: anything the Coalition are saying they’ll deploy.

While this does reek of patent bias amongst Murdoch’s Australian arm, I feel this goes a little deeper than just wanting a Coalition government, but a fear of becoming obsolete in the age of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television).

Within days it was revealed – via social media – that the Abbott/Murdoch relationship was not confined to a simple luncheon where the destruction of the NBN was masterminded, but it was indeed an ongoing process:

Yes, there is some breaking news… Tony Abbott has lunch at News Ltd HQ every week. Incredulous I asked the person to repeat it.

“EVERY week, in private,” to discuss the latest “Get Gillard” strategies. No wonder there’s such a seamless segue between what News writes and what Abbott parrots. He’s dealing with the enemy. They’re writing the script for him.

It’s not a fuck-up. It’s a fucking conspiracy.

I have it on the very highest authority, however, given without hesitation… in fact, volunteered by someone with no ostensible axe to grind, but should should know it to be true. It’s this person’s job to know Abbott’s movements, in detail.

It’s comforting to know that the better elements of the mainstream media have finally seen the light.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather live in a democracy than a Murdochracy. It appears that a particular political party would prefer the latter.

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  1. As you stated in the article this is all old news. This is why you can’t have one person own the media.

  2. At last, the understanding that Murdoch does not want fibre to the home, as it will destroy his media. channel seven wants it, so they can grow.

  3. Someone should forward the A.B.C.’ State by State series to Murdoch and let him see what benefit it is doing to Farmers and Cattle Station owners, but then again if Murdoch can’t control it he wants to savage it. Turnbull wont get rid of this NBN because as soon as this NBN was introduced his own personal wealth trippled.

  4. Nothing better than watching paranoid lefties squirm. If it was true then you lot will just have to watch on in a state of hopelessness as there is nothing you can do but twit and facebook.

    That won’t achieve much as the group think will not change many peoples’ votes.

    When the election is called, watch the advertising barrage by most of the groups that got burnt by this government over the last five years attack. Will it be coordinated? YOU BET!

  5. Every day now you see the MSM focusing more and more on trying to discredit the Labor party and K Rudd, when K Rudd was reinstated as the Labor party leader the MSM seemed a bit stunned and said not much at all, but it now seems Rupert has refocused his minions onto a fresh wave of attacks, weather these attacks are true or not does not seem to matter to the MSM.

  6. So it’s just paranoia then, Scaper? You don’t believe any of it? You really think that Uncle Rupe just wants what’s best for Australia?

    You’re a mug, mate.

  7. He does not care what benefits Australians will get out of Labor’s NBN, He only cares about himself. He does not have Australia’s interests at heart, Only his own. Anyone who takes Help from this man is clearly not on Australia’s side. Abbott is truly Murdoch’s puppet, which we have been saying for years now. Let us hope that Australians wake up before it is too late.
    It is time that media ownership was looked into in this country. We can not have a man who is no longer Australian but American running our country to protect his business interests. He has been so blatant in who he wants this country run by, and the stupid believe every word in his papers. He actually counts on the stupid and ignorant to do his bidding at the election. Well Australia is going to be so sorry for themselves when Murdoch gets his way. It won’t be more than 6 months into an Abbott led government and you will not find anyone that admits to voting for him.

  8. @Pam Rawlings, I agree with your closing statement. Here in Queensland Campbell Newman has become the Celine Dion of Australian politics: He won last year’s election by a landslide yet no one will admit to voting for him.

  9. This is what it is about.

    “…While FTTN (Fibre to the Node) can offer basic IPTV, it cannot offer multi-set full HD broadcasting as FTTH/P (Fibre to the Home/Premises) can. With this in mind, it doesn’t take long before it’s apparent the likes of Comcast & Time-Warner in the US, are bleeding subscribers or seeing a slowdown in subscriber uptake due to internet streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon’s Prime service.

  10. It is Murdoch-LNP-IPA-MSM-ABC-Mining-Tobacco-Gambling-Hate jocks-RC Church … versus the Australian people.

    May The Australian people prevail.

  11. I know I’ve got you lot in denial when all you have is school yard niggling.

    No reply to my post, eh? So, if it is true WTF are you pissants going to do? Nothing.

    My reference to the coordinated attack by other groups is fact, you call yourselves the fifth estate, nothing more than quilt makers’ gossip!

  12. Migs, I’ve been saying this for months. And I’m very glad it’s broken cover in the msm finally.

    Contrary to what the requisite on-board troll says, it’s not leftie paranoia. This is about our individual right to have the best media access conduits possible – not one a foreign-citizen media baron wants us to have.

    Add to that the incredible productivity gains which will benefit the business sector, thereby improving Australia’s bottom line.
    Plus the already life-saving benefits to the health sector – in fact I read somewhere that the productivity gains to both the Power and Health sectors will more than pay for the NBN.

    Malcolm Turnbull is trying to reduce this major infrastructure project to its lowest common denominator by constanly reference to domestic use of the internet as a benchmark for a 25mps speed being adequate – and well it might be for some home users.

    But bear in mind here that the norm in most of Europe and the USA is a whopping 150mps (I know this to be true because my son-in-law is a project director with one of the big4 US telcos). Yes, statistics can be dug up to show lower speeds – but they’re not benchmark.

    Finally, one has to ask if, knowing Murdoch’s wishes on this, are the LNP opposition, Tony Abbott and Mr Turnbull particularly, engaged in some sort of fraud on the people of this country by demonising the NBN seemingly for political gain, but in reality for a third party’s financial gain…

  13. We have NBN lite, Direct Action, that addresses nothing and a fake AS policy. We can now add to the list, a fraudulent education policy, that does not support Better Schools.

    Wonder if one will ever see any more from Abbott, than that little blue pamphlet, he clutches to his chest.

    Will there ever be more, than aspirational proposition from Abbott.

    I know, I will be very angry if I do not get the broadband that is already south, west and north of me. I want what those who have it now have.

    Yes, it may break the power of the media in more ways than we have ever dreamed. Radio and TV will not need airwaves to exist. It can all come down that fibre, which they say, can carry all, both ways at that.

    Mr. Murdoch might not want it, but Channel Seven sure does.

    I do not want a poor copy of NDIS, NBNCo, Better Schools CEF. I want the real thing. Without the real thing, we will not get the optimum benefits.

    One does not take short cuts, when one is investing in the country. That is false economy.

  14. The sad thing is that they have lost all pretence of impartiality, as was well demonstrated in the Saturday Courier Mail, where the front page headline, after the rubbishing Government over the statement on the economy, went on to ask the question “How can they ask for another three years?”

    Blatantly trying to lead their readers to the conclusion that they shouldn’t vote for the ALP.

    They have no ethics, and no shame! 😯

    BTW, just posted “It’s about balance, fairness and our future!” 😀

    Cheers 😀

  15. Rudd the bullshitter!
    Could not care less about anything other self.
    Last week what a disaster for Rudd
    -deficit goes from $18b to $30B in 2 weeks
    -bank tax
    -more tax on smokes
    -more tax on beer
    That’s all a vote winner.
    Oh forgot we will now have 10,000 on Manus
    As I write the little creep is going to see the GG to call the Election at last!
    Kevin Michael sorry it will not be the result you want. The Election has already been
    Lost in N S W!

  16. Getup. Labor and Unions already got their letters out.

    We have 10,000 on Manus. That would have to be a exaggeration.

    Last time cigarettes went up by a big amount, there was an 11% drop in smokers.

    Maybe we will now learn where Abbott will cut.

  17. I agree with the comment about Newman,up here in Queensland he is not very popular and anybody I have met who did vote for him wish they hadn’t.
    Anybody who doesn’t live here doesn’t realise how popular Kevin Rudd is and will dismiss him at there own peril,and make no mistake,he and the Labor Party will win this election and that is not based on partisan emotion but pure fact and logic.

  18. Min
    A comment I posted dated February 22, 2013 @ 5:47 pm on the linked on the “revealed” comment, which Shanahan has virtually confirm in his column to this weekend

    Food for thought what would bring all the media together when in the past they all battled each other?.
    Why a common enemy and Voila what do we have the “NBN”.
    Which would at a stroke reduce everyone’s telephone costs – no line rental, no long distance call charges.
    International TV streaming faster and cheaper internet costs, demise/diminished foxtel, video conference on a massive scale, reducing travel needs etc etc, almost a golden age. All those media staff layoffs would make the current situation look very mild by comparison. The Hip pocket nerve at its most vunerable.”
    What is strange is that businesses who will benefit most from the NBN, should be but have not. told Abbort to STFU on the subject

  19. Scaper, thank you for the reference to quilt making..sadly I do not possess this talent, would like to but don’t. I do however make a reasonable tea lady.

    As you made the accusation that your comment hadn’t been replied to, I thought to reproduce here it is in all its glory..

    Nothing better than watching paranoid lefties squirm. If it was true then you lot will just have to watch on in a state of hopelessness as there is nothing you can do but twit and facebook.

    That won’t achieve much as the group think will not change many peoples’ votes.

    When the election is called, watch the advertising barrage by most of the groups that got burnt by this government over the last five years attack. Will it be coordinated? YOU BET!

    If “group think” doesn’t change people’s votes then why does Uncle Rupe no longer allow freedom of expression on his newspapers? Remember when Matty Price provided a decidedly leftie perspective. Where are the lefties now as a balance?

    Umm, the election has been called but I guess that you missed the *wait for it* announcement via Fairfax.

    Which groups that got burnt by the Labor government? Does this compare with those about to be burnt under WorkChoices Mark 3.

  20. this article proves what many have been saying on independent news sites for a long time,thank god at least one from the MSM has made this public too.
    this for no other reason is why abbott has done so many back flips ,on rudd’s policies so he can get elected,
    and this is just one of many reasons why we cannot elect abbott as front man for murdoch to rule our country,
    i would love to see this story dropped in every letter box in australia,we have to fight for our country.

  21. As usual Scraper and Voyager on the paranoid left tired ran..guys get a new line that one is worn out. Murdoch is desperately clutching to the old world media model, that’s what he wants for Australia because its easier to own. He can’t own the NBN. That is not a leftist plot…it’s reality. Denial is you both not waking to the fact that… Abbott will end up as he did last time and may be a repeat of Hewson. Abbotts reputation has tanked…he has nothing, he is fake..Murdoch’s reputation is beginning to tank as people are waking up to the fact that he is pulling the strings of these unworthy pamphlet purveying puppets, who have nothing but fake….

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  23. I wish there were more stories like this in the MSM. The NBN will not only give us access to technology we can only dream of right now and help future proof our data needs, but it will insulate us for the periods in our economy where the mining booms slump.

    I think the conspiracy to kill the NBN is far wider than Murdoch too. Sure, he is probably the main driver, but Fairfax radio seems to attack it relentlessly and Fairfax papers are not much better. Then there is Kerry stokes who says it will raise his costs. Telstra owns half of Foxtel and also like the idea of retaining their monopoly. 10 through Rhinehart and Murdoch do their bit.

    Plus there is the political perception and ramifications of what happens if the NBN is successful? The public will more readily accept a future infrastructure project Labor plans if the NBN is allowed to bosom and associate their projects with things that are in the public’s interests. Cant have that can we?

  24. Min’s reminder here of the blatant bias of Rupert Murdoch’s News outlets in Australia favoring the Coalition and the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, over Kevin Rudd and the ALP is important. Look at the damage he’s already been attempting over the three years of the Gillard Government in opposing the minerals tax and carbon pricing scheme along with promoting scepticism about climate change. What a pity more wasn’t done during those years, or even by Rudd in recent weeks, to limit the power of this one man with his major control over our mainstream media.

    But let’s not forget Rudd has himself contributed to his own powerlessness by using Murdoch’s media influence to undermine and bring FPM Julia Gillard undone. So he’s not simply pandering to Newscorp shareholders, he’s also been pandering to Newscorp editors and has obviously forgotten the golden rule to –

    Remember! “True Liberty Is When Free-born Men Speak Free!”

    John Milton’s Areopagitica,
    Crying freedom for the press
    Back in 17th century England,
    Resisted monarchy’s excess.

    His tract was a mighty weapon
    In democracy’s progress.
    We are the beneficiaries
    Of his most eloquent address.

    But we ‘free-born’ are complicit,
    As we watch and acquiesce
    While that freedom is abused
    With a brazen shamelessness.

    We encouraged one man’s ambition
    To buy up, control, possess
    As property our thoughts in print,
    And we applauded his success.

    We shared profits with this behemoth
    Who now destroys our happiness,
    Publishing news of all the world,
    Writ as he commands it be expressed.

    This threat of global tyranny,
    Warns that it’s time to re-possess
    What for him is now a licence
    To break all rules and decency transgress.

    Our precious freedom so perverted
    Has caused democracy’s regress.
    Let’s use our laws while we still can,
    Redeem ourselves, and truly free the press.

  25. Turnbull puts it succinctly.

    “There are a lot of conspiracy theories whirling around the internet and most of them find their way on to Twitter. They don’t usually find their way into mainstream newspapers.”

    This thread is nothing but a pathetic conspiracy theory.

  26. Apparently, I was on a ‘conspiracy’ theory when I used to rant about murdoch being out to destroy Labor. Todays daily tele removes all doubt about murdochs intentions.

    What a reprehensible thug. And, it is high time journos associated with him had their priviliges in regards to access to political news revoked until a more even headed approach can be achieved.

    In light of the fact that IA was refused entry into the Canberra press Gallery on some crap about it being a ‘commentary’ site, it is approaching un-democratic that such a biased media outlet is allowed access, when outlets such as IA are barred from it.

  27. This is murdochs legacy

    “The Australian apologises to Ms Ramjan for any suggestion that she lied about those events and acknowledges that the recollection of those events was contested by all participants, who were sincere in what they recalled.”

    When will tabot issue his apology?

    I would bet on a 12 minutes after scaper issues his (ie, hell freezing over)

  28. We all loved Titanic the Movie, maybe a little much. Today I saw the doco putting titanic to rest, them movie or any of the images of the ghost ship would have been possible without optic fibre and that was in the 80’s till now.

  29. It seems our mouth frothing friend scraper failed to even click on the first link in this story. Sharp as a bowling ball that one.

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  31. I remember you lot whining that the media was attempting to bring Gillard down when in fact it was your Rudd that was indeed white anting behind the scenes.

    Proof that you have no idea what goes on and your group think conspiracy was nothing but stale air. How silly you all look!

  32. How silly you all look!

    Not as silly as someone who claims the exact opposite of what was said.

    Gillard, as was stated at the time, was fighting on at least three fronts. The media, the opposition, and rudd. Ignoring the past doesn’t make your vapid claims true scaper. Just silly 😉

  33. Scraper, hows about missing the first link in this story eh? *blah blah blah, it only appears in twitter, not MSM* then……own goal. Oh mercy, ahah.

    And Rudd, really? So Rudd owns the media now and all the attacks on Gillard all came from Rudd?

    Helloooo planet delusion.

  34. Hah, I’ve read just as bad concerning Abbott from you lefty tools. One of you even suggested that Abbott should have his tongue cut out, classy.

    Your so called conspiracies are lacking in proof, but don’t let the group think get in the way of the that. I remember one thread based on so called inside information from someone who would not put their name to it but you ran with it anyway without one skerrick of proof.

    A lynch mob without a rope.

  35. Yep, finally a chance to kick this useless mob of incompetents out. You call that proof of a conspiracy???

    You most probably sleep with the light on.

  36. I certainly do not call a front page spread evidence.

    Now, lets go back to the 2007 election, News endorsed Rudd and Labor. Did not see the Lib supporters going rabid screaming conspiracy during the campaign or after. If I did I would have called it bullshit like I’m calling you people out for your crackpot theory based on no evidence.

    It seems that the left reckon that News is bias and the right reckons that the ABC and Fairfax are bias. According to this place all the MSM is bias yet link to news sites if it confirms their bias.

    Can’t have it both ways unless you want to be called hypocrites of the lowest order. But then again…

  37. News endorsed Rudd and Labor.

    Do you have a copy of a front page spread telling it’s readers to kick the libs out? No, it was a simple editorial. Nothing measured in this. It is pure propoganda.

    btw, I also disagree with a newspaper even putting an endorsement out. It is just wrong. Also, I think you will find that about half the news stable went with rudd, the other with howard, and they were close calls they made. This has no measure or balance whatsoever.

  38. Are you trying to offer a tweet from George as some form of evidence of a conspiracy?

    No, that was just to highlight your stupidity 😉

  39. Are you trying to offer a tweet from George as some form of evidence of a conspiracy???

    I thought you made it clear, nothing would convince you. So why bother asking for evidence?

    And i remember in 2007 the daily terror having front pages that told people not to vote for Rudd. Do you believe news ltd to be fair and balanced?

  40. Now, lets go back to the 2007 election, News endorsed Rudd and Labor.

    I disagree. I would agree that the ABC was very biased towards Rudd, but News, definitely not.

    When Rudd gave his ‘Fork in the Road’ speech after winning the party leadership the News stable spent days mocking him. News also did everything possible to tarnish Rudd over the New York strip joint visit. Ackerman, in his columns, painted Rudd as a monster. The Sunday Mail (Adelaide) did its best to show that Gillard was a closet communist. And on it went.

    Only on the eve of the election did a number of Murdoch papers come out and say they were supporting Rudd, which was a big turn around, given the attacks on him the previous months.

  41. Well Bob, I’ll answer your question with a question. Do you believe that the ABC is fair and balanced as required by their charter?

    News and Fairfax do not have such a charter so they can write what they like which seems to upset the left and right fringe dwellers. Upset, are you?

  42. Do you believe that the ABC is fair and balanced as required by their charter?

    No, they are not. And, as Mega George pointed out, ltdnews have abandoned all pretense at being journalists, and are now just barrackers.

    Yet they blame the internets for their failing ‘business model’ Jokers

  43. Migs, news is news and opinion of news is opinion. Then you get opinion of opinion of the news then news on the opinion of opinion. Sells newspapers and that is the core mission.

    Got it?

    Should of seen some of the blues I had with Chris Mitchell back then in regards to a few things you mentioned. Rudd is the Godfather of Chris’s son…all a game and when the entertainment is over both sides sit together and drink rather nice tasting wines.

    Meanwhile the plebs tear strips off each other.

  44. Well Bob, I’ll answer your question with a question. Do you believe that the ABC is fair and balanced as required by their charter?

    News and Fairfax do not have such a charter so they can write what they like which seems to upset the left and right fringe dwellers. Upset, are you?

    Not entirely true, scaper. Google the Daily Telegraph’s Code of Conduct and have a look for yourself, or alternately, wait for my piece at The AIMN later today (if I get around to finishing it 😦 )

  45. Sells newspapers

    The facts don’t agree. print news is dying, and I don’t believe it is because of the internet. It is because people are sick of reading partisan propaganda. murdoch has been exposed for what he is. It is time fairfax and their abc came out from that rabbit hole and returned to straight up reporting. With opinion kept fair and square within an opinion section.

  46. The yfail on all first four, but htis one really made me laugh/cry

    Do not knowingly withhold or suppress essential facts.

    What happened to the fevered pursuit of the slipper saga AFTER the judge handed down his findings?

    Crickets. Even though what the judge had to say, and the repercussions from that, were of far more interest to readers than the wild speculation before it.

  47. lol

    The Coalition is refusing to commit to a final budget bottom line when it releases policy costings because it does not believe the Treasury figures released in Friday’s economic statement.

    The shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, told Guardian Australia that individual Coalition election policies would be “fully and rigorously costed”

    So, not only is hockey calling treasury liars (gretch anyone?) he is also setting up some other poor accountant for a fall.

    What a joke.

  48. Hockey also said that low interest rates are bad, no doubt knowing that if in government they will go up and up as they did under Howard, so he’s paving the way for a told you so.

    Hockey has to be one of the strangest political animals to come out in modern times, and you can pick the exact moment the strangeness descended upon him, where he turned from avuncular Joe, Rudd’s friend, everyone liked, to antipathetic Joe, Abbott’s friend only the rusted on likes. That moment was when Howard gave Hockey WorkChoices to sell, and he failed to sell what he knew was a lemon and everyone listening to him knew he knew it was a lemon.

    Hockey is one of those rare politicians who lie badly and practically shout out, “I’m lying” every time they do lie.

    It makes him look clownish as he opposes everything and anything for what seems no reason than he doesn’t know what else to do. Interest rates up, bad government. Down, bad government. Employment up, bad government. Down, bad government, and so it goes for each and every indicator and policy. The same things when applied to the Liberals are all good, every single one of them no matter which way they are going up or down.

    Strange animal indeed.

  49. “Hockey also said that low interest rates are bad,”

    Well that is also true isn’t it?? People are lowering interest rates because the economies around he world are stuffed.

  50. here’s one of those ‘others’

    “Tell us about Direct action”

    “It’s a plan, it’s direct action, it’s real trees, real armies”

    😆 😆 😆

  51. From the hate media behind the massive $4 a week paywall.

    TONY Abbott and Kevin Rudd don’t agree on much, especially during an election campaign.

    But they were united on Tuesday in sympathy for Liberal candidate Jaymes Diaz.

    Both men leapt to Mr Diaz’s defence after he was left red-faced in a television interview on Monday night.

    In the five-minute interview, the Liberals’ hope in the west Sydney seat of Greenway is unable to detail the coalition’s six-point asylum plan.

    “The key point would be stopping the boats where safe to do so,” is Mr Diaz’s best reply to questioning from Network Ten’s John Hill.

    Mr Abbott was quick to defend his candidate over the interview, which has since gone viral on YouTube.

    “I’m afraid it happens to all of us from time to time,” he told ABC radio in Sydney.

    He said an occasional gaffe was just part of being in politics.

    “Inevitably, a very experienced and slightly aggressive journalist shoves a microphone in your face and starts barking at you and it is possible to freeze,” he said.

    “I’ve done it myself.”

    Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, too, was in Mr Diaz’s corner.

    “I understand the Liberal candidate for Greenway had a few challenges yesterday. I’m sure some of ours will at some stage or another,” Mr Rudd told reporters in the Queensland seat of Griffith.

    “That’s just life in an electoral campaign. If you’ve been through as many as I have you’ve seen anything happen.”

    Mr Diaz, a local family lawyer, is running against Labor’s Michelle Rowland, who holds Greenway on 0.9 per cent.

    Mr Diaz did not return AAP’s calls.


    So Tommy, looks like you and the twits are on your own little extreme on this one. Ever had to speak publicly and had the same problem? Silly question as I doubt you would have the gumption to do such a thing.

  52. Scaper

    At least Kevin Rudd had the decency to stand up for the Liberal Candidate. Tony Abbott would have jumped on an ALP candidate like a ton of bricks once again screaming from the heavens about being dysfunctional. All credit to Kevin for his simple and understanding response.

  53. Ever had to speak publicly and had the same problem?

    No, but I’m not running for Parliament 😉

    How would you know that, Shane?

    Didn’t the lib party put up a an edited version of one of Labors MPs stumbling with her words, and upsetting stutterers country wide in the process?

  54. I don’t really blame Diaz for this though Bacchus, if all he has to go on is a little pamphlet of plans, then it’s not his failure, it is a failure of articulate policies

  55. I don’t need a crystal ball I only need to watch his actions and comments of the past 3 years. That’s enough to know exactly what he will say. Along with a thousand ummms and errrrs in between and then run from the journalists like a spooked rabbit when asked a question he was not scripted for. That has been his modus operandi for years, juts a pity the Murdoch Media are so blatantly biased for their own greed to destroy the NBN to try and influence who we vote for by printing smoke and mirror lies and phurphys.

  56. I see you are also buying into the big conspiracy theory, Shane. Are you saying that if the coalition get in they will terminate the NBN on Rupe’s orders?

    Still carrying on with the Labor MP has a stutter when she clearly does not have a speech impediment, Tommy? You call repeating editing? Spin or lie?

  57. Of course they will destroy the NBN through a patchwork construction and copper deterioration or alternatively sell it off to Murdoch once complete, even blind Freddy can see that. It is not conspiracy it is fact, if past history of selling anything the people own is to go by. You may like to research the destruction of Murdochs opposition in the UK leaving a monopoly of only SKY. He and his organisation are a bunch of ruthless thugs and nothing less. The richer he has got, and the more he owns, the worse he gets and the LNP are so far up his arse all I can see is two shoes.

  58. WTF are you rabbiting about 2SP? Your ramblings get less and less coherent the closer we get to Mr Rabbit’s defeat 😆

  59. Your ramblings get less and less coherent the closer we get to Mr Rabbit’s defeat

    Yet more and more hilarious. Good as the light entertainment 🙂

  60. your lie about Christmas Island will be brought up by me

    I’ve been previously disposed, you got a link for what happened here?

    It’s just that, you like to throw that word around a lot, yet, I have found, when I challenge you, you tend to gish gallop away. Not saying it didn’t happen, just like to see what I missed out on 😉

  61. you remind me of a wimp that hides behind others and then pokes his head around, squawks hear, hear, then retreats. So funny.

    thats Abbott scabies

  62. So who am I supposed to be a sock puppet of? 😕

    And what are you rabbiting about Christmas Island for? From what I recall, everything I posted re Christmas Island was referenced to original sources…

  63. Careful Tom – the dickhead says he knows “Marshall Arts” 😆 😆 (There’s that stupid hurting again 😆 😆 )

  64. Soxy, you were stalking Neil, Howard spent half a billion dollars extending Christmas Island in 2007 which was a lie. I provided the link that if one had an inkling about construction from concept to completion, is a blueprint for the costly mess that is the NBN.

    You simply lied!

  65. now scabies, why don’t you tells us all on why Abbott would be a better PM, from what I have read from you, all piss and vinegar.

  66. You have NFI do you 2SP? The guestimate in the press at the time was “about $500M.” That the plan was downsized from a 1200 bed facility to 800 beds after the initial stuff up (it was going to be built in 39 weeks FFS 🙄 ) certainly changed the actual amount as appeared after the fact in the ANAO report.

    The thrust of what I was saying though remains as true as it was then – Howard was spending hundreds of $millions AFTER he had supposedly “stopped the boats.”

  67. That’s what gets me about you political deadbeats…it is all about Abbott whilst the worst government in the last fifty years fucks just about everything they touch!

    Got a problem with Abbott, go face him yourselves, I’d like to see that.

  68. Well scabies, if you do not like it here start your own site, then we will go over there and abuse you.

  69. And who am I supposed to be a sock puppet of? You’re not telling lies again are you 2SP? 😆

  70. That sounds like a threat from a troll that everyone here knows, scabies is hiding his true identity, go back to your right wing rubbish site.


    The report blames traffic between the island’s townships and a $500 million facility being built to house asylum-seekers for much of the carnage.

    The Detention Centre is costing $500 million dollars to build. Yet we already have detention centres we could use.

    She said the descriptor of the prison as a “government holding centre” was really “just a nice name for an Alcatraz”. “The island’s status as a ‘non-governing territory’ means that the prison is being built despite strong objections from the local community.” She also said that the prison is being dug into the ground, making it likely that prisoners will not be able to see outside the prison. It will cost around $500-million to build.

    Click to access asrc-christmas-island-campaign.pdf

    Cost to the Australian Taxpayer: $500 million +

  72. No you wouldn’t, paul. I would get you email addresses, pass them on and in an hour would have your home addresses.

    Oh please stop it 2SP – the stupid is getting too much now! I can’t stand the side-splitting pain any more 😆 😆 😆

  73. fucks just about everything they touch

    You may like to go and actually read that ANAO report on the Christmas Island debacle, as it was overseen by the Howard Government, if you want to know how incompetent a government can be 🙄

  74. I’ve read it because that was the link I put up to expose you of being a liar! You, in fact said that Howard extended the Christmas Island facility in 2007 at a cost of $500M which was two lies.

    Click to access 2008-09_Audit_Report_43.pdf

    I think you should read it with the NBN in mind and maybe, just maybe you might see what lays ahead for the project in terms of costing, project performance and final outcome. I doubt you will see it unless you have an understanding of concept to completion construction management.

    Even if you had a basic understanding I doubt your venal ideology would allow you to admit the NBN will be our infrastructure low point.

  75. Is that the best the hand can find, soxy? More organised since those days. If the coalition wins then goodbye to any form of carbon taxes and other stuff that will gut the Global Warming Doomsday Cult.

  76. Now who’s telling porkies? I actually asked a question of Neil:
    Neil, Why was Mr Howard spending about $500 million extending the Christmas Island detention centre in 2007?

    According to many MSM sources, the cost was “about $500 million” and it was being built during 2007. I repeat – who’s telling porkies? 😉

    Practical Completion by the Main Works Contractor of the CIIDC occurred in October 2007. However, various deferred and additional works had to be completed by Finance (through its contracted Project Manager) in order to bring the facility to a ‘fit for purpose’ condition such that it could be handed over to DIMIA. This handover occurred in April 2008.

  77. Ah yes – another way an Abbott government will be an international embarrassment if we are stupid hoodwinked enough into voting for such an incompetent rabble…

  78. You are still lying. The centre was not being extended as you admit up the page and if you bothered to read all of the report the actual final cost was not $500M as you stated on more than one occasion.

    I suggest you read all of the report before making a further fool/liar of yourself.

  79. Themselves? Plural as in Tommy, paul, hand and soxy???

    On another note…if we are travelling so fine how come the Dow was 14,000 points before the GFC and is now over 15,000 points whilst our All Ordinaries was say 6,700 points but now around 5,100 points?

  80. Scabies, what I find interesting about the report is this, if Howard wanted to build the facility on Christmas island after his so called I stopped the boats, is that not contradicting his own policy, so Howard knew that the facility was going to be used by asylum seekers and refugees coming from Indonesia.

  81. I know I am a little slow. Many visitors enjoy telling me so.

    I watched earlier today, Abbott at the Wyong Council Depot. No public within sight, not even workers. Just Tony, Margie and the mayor of Wyong.

    . Yes, he was in the electorate Of Dobell, but only just. The council depot is at the extreme tip of Dobell. One can walk easily from the council depot to the electorates of Shorthand and Charlton.

    If one wants to see the voters if Dobell, why not visit the Entrance, Long Jetty or even Tuggerah shopping complex. .

    Why travel over a hour, up the F3 with I assume the media bus following, to have a photo op and a few questions.

    Does not make sense to me.

    The only time one sees Abbott with people around him, when he visits pre-schools. No chance of any pesky questions from toddlers.

  82. Why are some struck with what Howard did, or not do. That is history, the evidence points to such actions not working toady. It is todays problems that need to be addressed. CANNOT CHANGE THE MISTAKES OF THE PAST,.

    Labor has a harsher and crueler scheme in place., Not working.Time to move on from the big stick and look at some carrots.

  83. scaper, you do not get the past right, how can you have any answers for the present,

    History can be interesting, but when looking at who is best to govern the country, one needs people who see todays and tomorrows problem, and have some answers to address them. One need to get the problem right first.

  84. High Court hands down it decision on the mining tax challenge tomorrow. That one should be interesting.

  85. Indeed Fed up, and thank you for the reminder. If any are thinking it’s about Labor and Abbott then think again, it’s all about whether the mega miners own everything or whether the minerals belong to all of Australia.

  86. Maybe we should ban all mineral exploration, that would stuff the lot up. After all no one believed wehad such abundant mineral until Lang hancock forced his will to show what we had.

  87. Newman loses yet another minister. A bloke so sophisticated, at least way more than the Liberal jockstraps here, he took a picture of his dick in a glass of wine and sent it to his mistress.

  88. “Tell us about Direct action” “It’s a plan, it’s direct action, it’s real trees, real armies”

    And the 6 point plan…gold. Rudd was too kind.

    Aaaaahaha. This sums up your average Lieberal voter. Ive asked various Liberal fans to explain their policies and it usually ends in the default Liberal fall bak position… “well, it can’t be any worse than the other mob”.

    Errr, yes it can.

  89. Oh the stupid – it hurts….. at this point I spilt my coffee 😆
    Is that the first Gish of the Gallop? … oh guffaw 😉
    the more he owns, the worse he gets and the LNP are so far up his arse all I can see is two shoes…….. almost sprayed me laptop on that one 😆
    thats Abbott scabies…….. stop it, stop it.. it’s too much…. bwaaaahhaaaa
    Bet you would not say that to my face, Tommy. ….. aarrhhaa ha ha, OMG, lmfao.. Scraps, just so you know… I would 😉 😎 😛 😛 😛
    There’s that stupid hurting again…… I can’t breathe, oh, please stop..pleeeze 😀
    “No you wouldn’t, paul. I would get you email addresses, pass them on and in an hour would have your home addresses.” …. oh, oh, oh…. Scraps, 😉 … thanks for the most perfect example ‘why we fight’…. lines in the sand.. and all that, cobba…. :mrgreen: ,the LNP are lower than life … as demonstrated by you Scraper, thanks for showing all here how your side, umm, ‘works’, *wit 🙄
    ….. and Leslie airbrushes out the gold rush and Broken Hill in some fanciful flight of made up BS to somehow re-write history in somebody’s Daddy’s image…FFS 😛

  90. ” I would get you email addresses, pass them on and in an hour would have your home addresses.””

    Maybe, but why? What will he do with any addresses. The more some talk, she stupider they appear.

    Threats are not being made. I am sure that would be misunderstanding on my part.

    What has all this talk got to do with the topic?

  91. Yeah, his fall back position if losing the argument is, if you don’t agree I’m right, I’ll bash ya. Me and me mates, we” bash ya good. I should be able to call you what I like, but if you give me my treatment, I’ll bash ya.

    I can hear captain cavemans call now.

  92. Looks like rupes getting as worried as others around here

    Foxtel welcomes the deployment of broadband networks in Australia.
    Better broadband will improve Foxtel’s ability to reach new customers and offer new services.

    Yes, of course you do rupe, and especially if it is built like fraudband, which will use your infrastructure where it exists (which doesn’t supply upload speeds like the fibre one, and much more limited download speeds) and then implement a similar technology elsewhere. Basically, the fraudband is simply bringing foxtel to places that weren’t financially viable to begin with. Instead of Labors, which brings the fully fledged Internet everywhere, and which is in direct competition with foxtel.

  93. I don’t bash people. My point is that gutless Tommy would not be as brave when actually faced because I’ve seen his type many a time on the blogs.

    What I say here I would not hesitate to say face to face.

  94. From the hate media.

    “Earlier in the week Fairfax columnist Paul Sheehan recycled a conspiracy theory that until then had been the sole province of nut jobs on the internet, claiming that Murdoch was out to destroy the NBN because the NBN would smash his Foxtel pay-television model.”


  95. Will be interesting if Abbott actually exposes himself to the public today. Yes, yesterday, he did have morning tea with a chosen family. One could only noticed how uncomfortable he was. Love his story, sending up an accident he seen on the F3 on the way there. Held onto that tray of scones, like someone was going to removed the prize, before he had time to have his full.

    Abbott’s mother has been reported as saying she could not fill him up as a kid. Seems nothing has changed. Also it appears, she had less luck teaching him how to east in company.

    Scaper, if you do not bash people up, what does that comment mean. You wrote it, not us.

  96. Shorten now on ABC 24. Explaining Better Schools. Explaining the difference between the two parties.

  97. scape, after being exposed labelling someone else as lying, even though they produced evidence that showed they got their figures from a ‘reputable’ source, then starts calling people names. Really just proving he’s the pidge of the blog.


    Is it ‘off behind the shelter shed’ time scapes ❓ I recall getting threatened in exactly the same manner by someone else of your …er persuasion at another site that actually banned you (while proudly declaring they don’t ban?) 😉

    Anyway, back to your other rubbish that at least is pertinent to the thread

    Paul Sheehan recycled a conspiracy theory

    By calling it that, ltdnews exposes themselves simply as partisan barrackers. What would really support their ‘conspiracy theory’ label would be if murdochs rags actually provided a balanced and even portrayal of the two policies. Perhaps even highlighting that, for years, the libs vowed to ‘destroy’ the NBN, only to, at the election minute, jump onto the bandwagon, with a plan that is remarkably tailor-made to slot into Foxtels existing business plan, while curiously limiting emerging technologies ability to compete.

    Purely co-incidence, I’m sure 😉

  98. Will be interesting if Abbott actually exposes himself to the public today

    I hope he doesn’t have a glass of wine with him at the time 😯

  99. The ‘conspiracy’ goes global

    News Corp. (NNC) Chairman Rupert Murdoch is determined to remove Australia’s Labor government and may see a state-owned high speed broadband network as a threat to his Foxtel cable television venture, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said.

    Murdoch and opposition leader Tony Abbott have a “strange coincidence” of views on the network being built by government-owned NBN Co., Rudd told reporters in Brisbane today. “Does he sense it represents a commercial challenge to Foxtel, which is a major cash cow for his company?” he asked.

  100. Tom, I will pay that one. Suspect he just does not have the imagination for that one.Wonder what type a missus his type would attract. Does not appeal to me, in the least.

    Abbott is going to turn the economy down, by cutting company tax from July 2015 That is a long time off.

    5 billion a year. Wonder what the cuts are going to be, to fund such a generous gift to business. This in a time, when the revenue base is decreasing rapidly.

    As Henry said yesterday, it is time for higher tax, not lower.\

    The present Labor government is already low taxing.

    Why expand the CST, a regressive tax, to replace company tax, which is progressive.

    Listening to Matthias Cormann, one can only believe the GST is on the table.

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