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  1. My how quickly the children grow up, Migs. 😆

    Sue wrt low cost housing. I think it’s high time the government got stuck into O’Barrell over this. It’s yet another disgrace from this mob of no hopers. It’s definitely time this sort of stuff was broadcast far and wide.

    I think O’Barrell’s adoring fans may not feel quite so enamoured of him once they know that he’s trying to deprive the poor of decent housoing.

  2. Hi Jane… it looks as if the coast’s clear… I’ve been banned…
    ahem… but it’s nothing to do with the blogmaster’s team losing ..
    or yours either… 😀

  3. Jane I’ve been catching up on the day’s Open Thread and noticed that
    el grodo mentioned Jennifer Marohasy as a reference regarding climate change.

    For the record Ms Marohasy has some interesting connections, such as the Institute of Public Affairs whose spokesmen have a permanent seat at The Drum on ABC24.

    Her work at the Institute of Public AffairsWhile head of the Environment Unit at the Institute of Public Affairs, Dr Marohasy compiled a backgrounder titled Myth and the Murray – measuring the real state of the river environment[5] which was published by the Institute in December 2003. The Institute received a $40,000 donation from Murray Irrigation Limited at that time.[6] This paper is quoted in the Interim Report of the Inquiry into future water supplies for Australia’s rural industries and communities of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, March 2004. At a science round table of the committee, when asked for her views on how much water should be returned to the River Murray, Dr Marohasy argued that there was no need for additional flows at that time and that we should test the results of current environmental measures before committing to more.[7] Revelations in the monograph forced the resignation of science managers at both the CSIRO and Murray Darling Basin Authority and soon after its publication The Australian newspaper discontinued its ‘Saving the Murray’ campaign.

    Dr Marohasy was instrumental in establishing a joint programme with the Institute of Public Affairs and the University of Queensland, funded by Western Australian philanthropist, Dr Bryant Macfie (A top 20 Shareholder in Strike Resources Limited [1] [2]).[8][9] Dr Marohasy is nolonger involved in the programme following objections to her involvement from the Australian Federation of Scientists and Technologists (FASTS).

    Wealthy “vested interests” support the Institute of Public Affairs.

  4. Pip, Marohasy has featured in grodo dispatches before. I didn’t pick up on the name until IPA appeared in your comment and it fell into place.

    Not someone I’d want to use as a reference when discussing environmental issues. Obviously grodo thinks she’s the bees knees. Also not a ringing endorsement.

  5. This is sad news about a very good man.

    Dementia diagnosis for legend
    April 30, 2012

    AFL legend Ron Barassi says he is suffering memory loss and has been diagnosed with an early form of dementia.

    Barassi, 76, said his short-term memory was particularly affected. He was kicked in the head in 2009 when coming to the rescue of a woman who was being assaulted in St Kilda and subsequently complained that he had received permanent damage from the attack.

    His doctor said Barassi – whose life is the subject of a new play that opens on September 20 at the Athenaeum Theatre – had trouble remembering the names of people and places and what he’d eaten the previous day.

    ”I’d say he has a form of dementia,” Dr John Tickell said. ”Because dementia is an umbrella term that can involve 50 or 60 neurological diseases.”

  6. ‘Not someone I’d want to use as a reference when discussing environmental issues.’

    Marohasy is a trained scientist and in my book is the bees knees.

  7. Can someone please translate, what LNP Stevens said

    Does his wife have exercise classes in a tattoo shop?
    Or is she just unlucky?

    “The LNP’s Member for Mermaid Beach, Ray Stevens, says locals are scared and angry about bikie violence in their neighbourhoods.

    Mr Stevens says the violence has hit close to home.

    “Even my wife was at her exercise class where the tattoo parlour got shot up were at Robina signing up for the fun run where the actual shooting took place,” he said.

  8. grodo, there’s scientists and then there’s scientists. I choose to believe scientists who aren’t pushing a lobbygroup’s barrow.

    Don’t worry, grodo. There won’t be an election until late 2013.

    By that time all the sheeples will realise that Liealot and the barrackers have filled them full of complete and utter bullshit, the Empire should have collapsed and all the little minions will be scurrying around looking for shelter.

    And if the government heeds the lessons of the past couple of years, the Finkelstein report will be adopted together with a nice little sting in the tail ala Canada, which will also have Rupert’s minions crying into their keyboards.

    Oh happy day calloo callay!!!

    Sue, roughly translated, it means “Beat up, beat up, beat up, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit!”

  9. Jane
    from your link
    “It’s not often that goings-on in Canada interest the American news media, but a rather small decision by a relatively small government agency—the decision not to revoke a rule that bans lying on broadcast news—in Ottawa has made a pretty big splash

    The Canadian media speculated that the withdrawal may have been provoked in no small part by the large sector of the public that voiced its displeasure at the idea of Sun TV coarsening the public discourse and deliberately muddying the political waters, akin to what they see in American media”

    Please Sir can I have some of that too!

  10. Jane you may be right about the election date, but by then the ALP may have a new leader and running on a different platform.

    James Delingpole in Melbourne…

    “We shouldn’t gloat; our real task is to make sure that when the Libs get in they don’t just behave like our Conservative Party and act like we’re green and left.

    “You need to totally dismantle all the build-up of green lunacy. (Applause). You need to replace that $180,000 man Tim Flannery with Ian Plimer or Bob Carter as Climate De-Commissioner. I bet they would do the job for fun.”

  11. grodo, wishful thinking. The ALP won’t have a new leader, but I wouldn’t mind betting the Liars will after Liealot fails to deliver yet again.

    I would have thought James Delingpole would be scuttling back home to deal with the latest Murdoch driven disaster.

    Well how sad, Sue. Kathy’s homeless.

  12. Gets me that they wag their tail after a killer fart and spread it around a bit more.

    The dog, that is. I can’t wag my tail.

  13. Some of them just give their tail a little flutter, so barely perceptible that it might not be noticed… for a few seconds.

  14. Holy crap. Look at the time! I should be asleep dreaming about my new car. That’s what I came to bed two hours ago to do.

    But then Tom stirred me up about the footy. 👿

  15. Twiggy like the limelight and now this “poor me ” mouthpiece is under scrutiny,

    As a company director:

    “Facing a High Court judgment on his suitability to be a company director”

    His financing:

    “Jim Chanos, the man who exposed Enron as a fraud and who famously bet against Macquarie Group’s infrastructure model, has Fortescue Metal in the cross-hairs and has made no secret of the fact that he’s a short-seller, labelling the company as a value trap.

    His use of shareholder resources:

    ‘I’ve worked it out and I can tell you it is not much,” he told ABC Radio before again committing to High Court action to kill the legislation. It needs to be asked whether that is a responsible use of shareholder resources and management time. Why on earth would anyone proceed to a High Court challenge if the tax has negligible impact?”

    Read more:

  16. Jane

    knowing how much you like serfchoices, i thought you may like to read about the latest conditions being offered to the “galley slaves” of the P&O cruise ships UK.

    “Crew on British cruise holidays who are paid a basic salary of as little as 75p an hour face having extra tips from passengers withheld unless they hit performance targets.

    The boss of P&O Cruises said the move was part of a package to “make crew more responsive” and offer protection as tips dry up in the economic downturn.

    At the bottom end of the scale, a junior waiter on a ship sailing out of Southampton now earns a basic salary of £250 a month, for shifts lasting a minimum of 11 hours, seven days a week, with a possible £150 extra in bonuses.’

    No doubt Captain Clive will have similar contracts on offer for Titanic 11, unless he can undercut with his China partners.

  17. Adelaide ABC Local dill, Ian Henschke just asked Tony Wright, seriously, whether he thought Clive Palmer would stand for Parliament.
    Wright gave a very short answer… he won’t get preselection !

  18. Sue @9.18am, Chanos really gave Twiggy a caning.I reckon The Power Index had a piece on it a few days ago. Definitely not a fan of young Twiggy’s abilities.

    No doubt Chanos will be dismissed as a fly-by-night who can barely spell by the usual suspects. That’s IF his criticism escapes the Murdoch filters. Much better to keep that stuff to ourselves, the sheeples might get too confused and start questioning Tony’s judgement if this gets out.

    @10.11am. Phone Card will be in paroxisms of joy when he reads that.

    Yes folks, SerfChoices is all about making you responsive. If you don’t respond, we’ll respond by keeping your tips.

    SerfChoices brought to you by your favourite embezzler and responder, Peter Phone Card Reith!

    Buy SerfChoices now and build the workhouses later.

  19. Pip, you have to make allowances, Henshcke probably thinks Uhlmann and Alberici are good at their jobs as well.

  20. As I mentioned the other day a Green Agrarian Socialist Party is not so far fetched, thanks Sue for that link.

    In Germany the far right are attracting Greens, something I saw in the Guardian.


    On a different matter, Chinese immigrants to Australia out number the UK for the first time in our history.

    ‘According to the Department of Immigration, 29,547 Chinese arrived last year, making up 17.5 per cent of the total migration program.

    ‘The number of UK immigrants fell to 14.2 per cent of the total intake at 23,931.

    ‘As traditional tourism collapses because of the financial crisis gripping Europe, holidaying in Australia now comes with a job – with a surge in temporary and holiday-work visas.’

  21. Fundraising walk to highlight asbestos cancers in young Australians

    ELEANOR HALL: More than two dozen people are setting out to walk across the desert from Kalgoorlie to Perth this morning to highlight the urgent need for more research into the deadly asbestos cancer mesothelioma.

    Perth is one of the world’s mesothelioma hot spots, mainly because of the now-abandoned blue asbestos mine at Wittenoom in the Pilbara.

    More than 2,000 former workers and residents from Wittenoom have died from asbestos diseases and the toll is still climbing, as Matt Peacock reports.

    MATT PEACOCK: Wittenoom is Australia’s biggest industrial disaster. It’s estimated that more than 20,000 people lived in the town before the asbestos mine closed in 1966.

  22. el grodo
    In Germany the far right are attracting Greens, something I saw in the Guardian.

    Do you have a link to that story?

  23. Jane wrote: Pip, you have to make allowances, Henshcke probably thinks Uhlmann and Alberici are good at their jobs as well.

    I reckon Alberici has done a good job so far. Sure she went a bit over-the-top during the interview with Roxon…but I’ve found her to be pretty balanced…and the show, Lateline, is generally informative and enlightening.


  24. Pip at 10.35
    When asked about Mr Palmer yesterday, Mr Abbott said that, like everyone else, he would be subjected to a “rigorous” LNP preselection process. The one Mr Slipper passed. No journalist appeared to bring this to his attention.

  25. The one that brings all those wonderful woman into parliament. The ones that are picked on ability.

  26. Bob,
    When asked about Mr Palmer yesterday, Mr Abbott said that, like everyone else, he would be subjected to a “rigorous” LNP preselection process. The one Mr Slipper passed. No journalist appeared to bring this to his attention

    The journalists are paid lackeys for Rupert and Gina and Lachlan and James, those at the ABC are a mix of news.con, and a blogger who is also back writing for Fairfax as well as the ABC.

    We can expect nothing but propaganda from any one of them.

    I just watched one of the very few whom I had some respect for, Hugh Riminton, who was positivley ebullient about the talk of a leadership change.

  27. I’ve been looking for a report on Craig thomson statement which he made to camera on ABc24 around five or six hours ago, nothing. anywhere.

    However, this is a good story …

    Harry Potter inspires blood type breakthrough
    By Science Online’s Anna Salleh

    A scene from a Harry Potter film has inspired a new user-friendly device that literally spells out what blood type you are.

    Engineer Associate Professor Wei Shen, from Monash University, and colleagues, report their findings in the journal Angewandte Chemie.

    “We have tested 99 samples and so far we have found it has the same accuracy as the mainstream blood typing tests,” Professor Shen said.

    Sensors that can diagnose blood type cheaply and rapidly are important, especially in emergency situations, including humanitarian disasters.

  28. The Finnigans’ Home of the BISONS
    Australia’s Beautiful Set Of inspring Numbers

    1. RBA – cuts cash rate by a whooping 0.5% to 3.75%. Record low RBA cash rate is 3% in April 2009 post GFC.This Cash Rate is lower than it was at any time under the Liberal government. Four of the lowest interest rate 3%, 3.25% 3.5% and 3.75% all happened under Labor. The lowest ever achieved by the Howard Govt was 4.25% in Dec 2001 READ MORE

  29. Pip, I caught something on Facebook earlier: Tony Abbott’s mortgage payments are now $8k a year lower than they were at the time of the 2007 election.

    He must be punching the air with happiness. 😉

  30. Pip at 6.16
    Yes, I saw Riminton. Ebullient’s right. Leadership stories would be pretty much writing themselves now. Just pick a few standard lines & bung “em together, a computer could do it, save the expense of employing people like Hugh.

  31. Migs @12.09am, still as miserable as a bandicoot. Julia’s still there, stronger than ever; noone’s even given her a paring knife, let alone a sword.

    Ol’ Coke Bottles is no doubt scurrying around trying to drum one up-hopefully for her to fall on. 😆

  32. Migs, he should be shouting that one from the roof tops!

    Jane, i’ve just spotted this in my emails after reading elsewhere that
    News Radio’s Marius Benson asked Jenny Macklin “how does it feel to go backwards”….
    Now that i’ve seen him on The Drum it can be safely confirmed that he’s just another arsehat!

    Big Indigenous reforms to spearhead services

    Four employment and community development programs serving communities in remote parts of Australia are to be rolled into one from July 2013.

    In a joint statement, the Ministers for Families, Community Services, and Indigenous Affairs, Jenny Macklin, for Employment and Workplace Relations, Bill Shorten, and for Community Services, Indigenous Employment and Economic Development, Julie Collins, announced the changes which will affect remote employment and community development services and help more people get into jobs and participate in their community.

    Four programs merged into one

    The Ministers said the four programs operating in the remote areas – Job Services Australia, Disability Employment Services, Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) and the Indigenous Employment Program – would be rolled into a single new integrated service.

    They said that from 1 July 2013 the new Remote Jobs and Communities Program would provide a more integrated and flexible approach to employment and participation services for people in the areas.
    They said the program would see jobseekers assisted by a single provider with a permanent presence in their region, ensuring better support to gain the skills needed for employment.
    They said it would also ensure that people who were not working were instead participating in activities that would contribute to developing strong and sustainable communities.

  33. Pip, @1.37am, well Benson is a media player, or fancies himself as one.

    But the reforms that will occur should be a major step in the right direction. To have all four programs merged into one is amajor breakthrough, imo.

    It will be a one stop shop; no more running from one department to another. I’d like to see it go a step further and go back to allocating clients to one officer.

    That way when you need to get information or have a problem, you have a person who is familiar with your history and that you know.

    It also means that at least you don’t get conflicting incorrect information! 😯

  34. Archie, excellent point made about incitement to violence. Nas’ mentioned here a day or so ago about how Australia is going the way of the US. However if you made physical threats in the US against the President, you would very rapidly find yourself handcuffed and fingerprinted.

  35. Things are ramping up again

    All about HSU East, which the papers forget to remind us has nothing to do with Thomson

  36. Ms. Jackson on ABC 24 Marvelous that she does not see herself as having anything to answer. Ms. Jackson thanking media, as this would not have happened without their assistance.

  37. The police are formally to investigate the Slipper Cabcharge allegations.

    Mr. Pyne cannot recall if he asked for Mr. Ashby’s phone number. Would not be surprise if he did. He said it was his job to keep an eye on the Speakers office to words to that effect.

    Me. Lenore Taylor was talking about a possible conspiracy on ABC202. It was mentioned that the word conspiracy come up from when it was announced. Ms. Taylor said that Mr. Ashby claims needed to be tested, but the court is the place for that.

    So the media is the pace to test allegations if you are Slipper and Thompson. For everyone else, the court is necessary.

    Ii wonder what the police are going to fins after nearly five years. Maybe this raid is about other people involved in this alleged scandal.

  38. Catching up,
    I noticed how some of the media acted like concerned counsellors…or compassionate conservatives…so concerned about Jackson’s mental health.

    I didn’t realise Kathy Jackson was a victim.

    Nothing like reporting objectively…from useful distance.

    BTW, I not a Thomson apologist. This stuff does need to be investigated…no union should allow this type of corruption to fester like that.

    The same goes for businesses.

    But shall we fingerpoint at every government that has a member who worked in the past for a business or union that is being investigated and/or accused of corruption, misuse of funds etc?

    Slippery slope.


  39. This from our balanced public broadcaster @ The Drum:

    You Said It

    You miss the point. The problem with Gillard is Gillard, not her policies. People don’t trust her and never will. Time for her to go and hand the leadership over to someone who is respected by the general public, even if this person is loathed by Kristina and her factional friends. We all know who this person is.
    Lozza on Kristina Keneally calling on Julia Gillard to dump carbon tax, via story comment

    Ensuring all visitors see it.


  40. Police on now. Concerns that people are interfering in the investigation. Possible criminal charges. Something about interrupting documents in car park.

    Does not say who is doing the obstructing. This is likely to have more to do with Williamson.

    If charges are involved, will be laid n the relevant near future.

    Police already had Temby report. No new information.

    ABC 24 now

  41. The police said this ,marks some of the final stages of investigation. If charges are be to made, it will happen soon.

    The police also said that Mr. Thompson had a legal right not to speak to the police, as everyone has.

    Craig Emerson now on ABC24

    Re Pyne

    Mr. Pyne has obviously sought Mr. Ashby by email and text message. He received Mr. Ashby’s detail. Asking during the drinking session but not when one emails and text message.

  42. CU

    Emerson trying to get the media getting some interest in Pyne, they sure are resisting. He has repeated the information about 10 times but there is only 1 journo asking questions but they ae about what is your evidence emerson.

    why should pyne explain? they ask good grief

  43. Heard Lenore Taylor, who now appears each Wednesday on ABC 702. She did not reject the conspiracy allegations. Said that there what Mr.Ashby says, needs to be tested. It was discussed from the moment Mr. Ashby’s allegation release, conspiracy immediately arose.

    All Mr. Emerson is asking that Pyne and Abbott be questioned. The word “no specif knowledge” A favorite weasel word of Mr. Abbott’s.

  44. Would love to know what politics Mr. Pyne talked about for over two hours, on more than one occasion.

    Still would like to know how many times, Mr. Pyne dripped in when Mr. Slipper was present.

    Sorry, I mean dropped, but dripped might be appropriate.

  45. Gee, Mr. Pyne went to the office to talk to the Speaker. This was while the Speaker was in the chair. Funny he left when Slipper returned.

    That hole Mr. Pyne is getting deeper and deeper. Suggest he does, as Mr. Thompson has done, shut up.

  46. I would imagine that Mr. Ashby is not still working in the office. I would imagine the office would have access to Mr. Ashby’s phone and computer records.

  47. Wonder how far Mr. Abbott has removed himself to today. Earlier it was Perth. Maybe today, he has found the outback calling. Just joking. I am sure we will hear from him before the day is out.

    Maybe he is still learning the slogans they have prepared for him.

  48. What I do not understand why the documents would still be there. There were earlier raids on three premises earlier.

    This investigation goes back to the mid nineties.

  49. Now to me this is fishy. Why would Ashby be collecting a pressie from Pyne for a former coalition staffer who was leaving? was the former staffer part of slipper’s staff, if not who and why would it have anything to do with slipper?

    “Mr Pyne said in a statement that he had met Mr Ashby three times, twice in the Speaker’s office and ”once when he came to my office to collect wine being given to a former Coalition staffer as a farewell gift”.

    Read more:

  50. Sue, do we now have a third reason for him dropping in for two hours, talking to someone you do not know. A lowly staffer who had only been around for a few weeks.

    Wonder who the other staffer was. Was Mr. Ashby there late at night, waiting to return to Mr. Slipper’s flat with him.

    As I said, that hold is getting deeper. Probably wider, big enough to take others with him.

    As Min said yesterday, it is good legal practice not to ask the question, unless one knows the answer.

  51. Would the LNP be an external party. Who is funding him. If free, why?

    In his first public comments since the story broke, Mr Ashby said via Twitter that he had nothing to say about Mr Pyne’s comments.
    ”No external party is paying for my legal or media relations fees,” he said. ”I have not, and will not, be taking money to lodge my legal claim. The court is the proper body to decide the merits of my claim and the veracity of the defence.”

    Read more:

  52. Chris Brown HSU, who took over from Williamson in one and half hours.

    Palmer on the NPC today.

    Sorry Forest is on today, not Palmer.

  53. Mr. Abbott once again supports the most powerful.

    TONY Abbott has backed larger, Coalition-held states securing a bigger slice of the GST pie, prompting an attack from Tasmanian Liberal leader Will Hodgman, who dismissed his federal counterpart as wrong.

    The federal Opposition Leader endorsed the push for the GST take to be split on a per capita basis, boosting revenues for WA, Victoria, NSW and Queensland, but slashing funding for Tasmania, South Australia and the Northern Territory.

  54. Min, big fat Gina would earn my salary while she turns off the alarm clock in the morning. God knows how much she’d earn if she pressed snooze. 😦

  55. Interview ABC 24. Acting head HSU. If successful in court tomorrow, all will be dumped, including Ms. Jackson. She does not appear to be that well liked or trusted.

  56. Kathy has been at the East Branch since the beginning. Second most superior person from the beginning. She has never took allegations to main body. Only person who has access to everything is Kathy Jackson

    The East Branch was established over NSW law.

    East Branch is set up different from all other branches.

  57. CU, she might not be so thankful when the sharks scent blood in the water.

    He said it was his job to keep an eye on the Speakers office to words to that effect.

    I wonder if the government remembers asking Prissy to be the Speaker police?

    @11.28am, I agree, CU. Dripped is by far the better word. Slithered has to be in there somewhere, too.

    I can see it all; tongue flicking in and out, beady expressionless eyes…. Aagghh!

    @11.31am, isn’t that the best time to go through someone’s drawers visit? I reckon the Pyne slime would have given him away.

    I wonder if the msm have woken up to the fact that it’s HSUeast in the gun.

    There doesn’t seem to be much noise from the Noalition wrt Thomson or Slipper. No point, they’re no longer the government’s responsibility.

    Let’s hope the matters are resolved quickly and in Thomson and Slipper’s favour.

  58. Twiggy Forrest @ the sycophantic Press Club (I’m certain he woulda got supportive chuckles and applause even if he’d farted) has repeated his claims that Rudd as PM had negotiated a mining tax deal with him just before he got axed…that Swan had sold out the people.

    I’m not sure what to believe…perhaps Rudd needs to speak to this…but I’ve rarely trusted the word of big resource company barons who spend an inordinate amount of time fighting taxes.

    Here’s a view on Forrest’s claims from Crikey a couple of weeks ago:

    and Monica Attard’s interview with Forrest back in Aug. 2010:


  59. I would not trust Twiggy as far as I could throw him..which isn’t very far. I see that he is once again trying to spruik his indigenous credentials.

    Mr Forrest, a critic of the MRRT, is scheduled to talk about indigenous disadvantage.

    Meanwhile..part of the real story is:

    The company estimates that over the next 40 years it could extract 2.4 billion tonnes of ore worth $280 billion, based on current prices.

    FMG has offered the landowners a $500,000 signing fee and a capped amount of $4 million a year in cash, plus up to $6.5 million a year in staff housing, jobs, training and business opportunities.

    Translation: $500,000, a few dongers, jobs being trades assistance, house cleaners and kitchen hands.

    YAC executive officer Michael Woodley said Mr Forrest’s allegations of child prostitution were no justification for cheating the Yindjibarndi people out of an honest and fair agreement.

  60. If the stories are true, I would suspect that the police have had the East Branch under police surveillance. That might explain what Williamson being there early in the morning and allegedly removing documents to his car.

    The man is on paid leave.

    Ms. Jackson turned up at 9.30.

    No matter what happens to day, I hope that Mr. Shorten and the HSU main body are successful in the actions they are taking tomorrow.

    How the PM can be responsible for this state of affairs is beyond me. It appears that the Federal HSU have not been given any information about what is going on.

    All knowledge and involvement remains with Ms. Jackson.

    Maybe also tomorrow, there needs to be an announcement of a royal commission into the branch, which will probably have to be ordered by Mr. O’Farrell.

    I see two different agenda’s going on. Maybe corruption by one or more officials, overlaid by a power struggle between one official, and what appears to be the rest of the HSU.

  61. Well Mr. Forrest did say, that if Mr. Palmer was into building things, he hoped he used Australian workers.

    Sorry, he intends to build the boat, or is it ship in China.

  62. CU

    Good interview on ABC24 wth Chris Brown from Tassie HSU.
    Power struggle in east branch between Jackson and Williamsom, both been there from beginning of East Branch. They, J& W, set up the rules for that branch, as a seperate entity to other HSU branches. Other branches have their accounts published on FWA, East doesn’t. Jackson never told anyone else about the issues even though the National exec had heard rumors but had no evidence. Jackson went to police, although correct thing to do, could have alerted the national exec, who then could have fixed the mess a lot earlier for members. National HSU also has cour action tomorrow, hopes the east branch is put in administration thus getting rid of all office holders.
    Brown also said, if williamson was caught removing papers, while ot co-operating with police, would be a trigger under the rules to remove him.

    I wonder as Jackson would know this rule, was she hoping to get Williamson removed, stop being put into the administration, thus keeping her office and take over the branch.

  63. The Pitt Street office of the HSUEast is closed by the police.

    If Mr. Shorten and the HSU succeed tomorrow ion court, could mean that all the officials will not get to go back into the building.

    Whatever happens, HSUEast needs to be disbanded and return to state based branches.

    The NSW branch has suffered from that merger. First it was to get the Victorian Branch out of financial trouble using NSW branch money.

    Did not Ms. Jackson come from Victoria. I know that Mr Thompson came from NSW.

  64. I believe she will be. How she gets access to documents, which I suspect might be needed is interesting.

    Sue, we have been saying this all a long. The lady could be genuine.

    One just does not know.

    What I cannot understand, is why she looks so confident and can so easily push aside the fact that she is also under investigations.

    Ms. Jackson said that Mr. Thompson is in dreamland. I do not know where she is.

    It does look like the whole ugly matter will come to a fruition on the very near future.

    The police said if charges were being laid, it would happen quickly.

    The interim Temby is in the public domain.

    The HSU report has been cleared by the Public Prosecutor for release.

    It still could be further action by the PP, as they refused to say whether would or not.

    One thing for sure, either Ms. Jackson or Mr. Thompson has to be guilty of something. Both cannot be innocence.

    Mr. Williamson is another matter.

    What needs to be asked, who is responsible for setting the branch up this way.

    The one person who appears to be there the whole time is Ms. Jackson. She was there before Thompson, during his time and after.

    Ms. Crabbe is correct, this is not about Thompson, Jackson or any other single person. It is about HSUEast and the rights of the members.

    Where are the Coalition today. No Mr. Abbott. No Brandis. No one at all. Maybe I missed them.

  65. An overwhelming majority of Health Services Union branches will today launch action in the Federal Court in support of federal government action to put its powerful East branch into administration.

    HSU East is the focus of allegations against its general secretary Mickael Williamson that have been the subject of an internally commissioned inquiry.

    HSU acting national president Chris Brown says all the union’s other branches will lodge an application supporting the government in the Federal Court.

  66. How is it politics of envy?

    It’s about ensuring government revenue is redistributed to provide more opportunities for the many whilst ensuring the privileged few are forced to sacrifice a bit more.

    Isn’t that the approach that ensured the masses got access to decent education and healthcare?…and childcare?…and homes and businesses and institutions got access to affordable transport, communication networks, roads and other infrastructure necessary for a decent lifestyle regardless of where they lived in this great country…and unemployed workers, immigrants and the underprivileged were provided with a safety net they could bounce off…including free training opportunities that benefitted business and industry as well…isn’t that how are great nation was built?…by ensuring that income redistribution was an essential part of our system.

    It’s not about envy…it’s about doing the right thing by the people.

    And have not some of the rich declared and waged war on the general public by way of their media propaganda machine allies…by resisting taxes…and trying to sabotage and change governments…character assassinating our Treasurer and PM…sacking bulk workers to try and damage the government’s credibility and/or finding lower wage workers overseas?

    The Australian is part of the Murdoch empire…a media empire that has aided and abetted…and oft headed…a war on unions…a war on taxes…a war on our government.

    It has no credibility left.


  67. nasking, in a way it is about the politics of envy. The envy of those at the top have against those in need getting something they do not.

    This will be all we will hear next week.

    I do hope that the Treasurer has gone in hard and cleaned the whole lot out. Most but not all come from Howard’s days.

    Mr, Tried and failed with negative gearing, maybe Mr. Swan could be luckier.

    We do need some support to provide low income housing, but negative gearing is not the way to do it.

    I do not think we will have a better time than now, to get some means testing in place.

    I heard Mr. Abbott say yesterday he supports middle income families. I am sure it was slip of the tongue, but for once he was telling the truth.

    Yes, there is is politics of envy, but not in the way, most think of it.

    I did see Mr. Abbott today. It was on Sky. Demanding that the PM go into parliament and lambaste the union. Does one not wait for evidence and the course of justice to run, before one takes that course.

    No sign of him on the ABC.

  68. I was reading an article a few days ago and regretfully I can’t recall where, where the contra argument was presented – that when people utilise the term “politics of envy” it is almost always the wealthy who are the ones who are the ones who are envious – this relates to the undeserving poor. The “undeserving” include the unemployed, single parents and indigenous folk. It is with disturbing regularity that we see the undeserving poor targetted.

  69. Min, it’s ludicrous that the biggest moaners in this country are the ones with the biggest bank balances. Hardly a word from the needy. They get on doing the best they can. They must surely hang their heads in disgust when reading in the Murdoch press how hard up people on $150K a year are.

  70. Now that the NAB has cut its rates by 32 points might we see the other big banks follow suit?

    I was hoping for 40 points to start the bidding, or at worst 38.

  71. Miglo, yes they have even gone below the 35 points.

    What is Mr. Abbott rabbiting on about.

    He is demanding that the PM dissociate herself from any votes from the HSU.

    It is my understanding that the HSUeast has already cut itself of from Labor. Therefore is relying on no vote there.

    The ACTU has also cut links with them.

    It is only the HSUeast that appears to have problems. The national body andf the government are taking steps in that department.

    Back to Mr,. Thompson, who I believe Mr.Abbott is talking about and attempting to muddy the waters.

    Mr. Thompson has had nothing to do with HSUeast.

    It is ten years since he had any connection with the branch that preceded HSUeast. Mr. Thompson said he had no financial role in that branch. He did not have the authority to but a paper.

    The ACTU, government and the main body of the HSU have all taken action t in this regard.

    Maybe Mr. Abbott should used his communication skills of talking to a three year old, to explain exactly what he believes is going on. It does not seem to be about what we are hearing today, or even in the last few weeks.

  72. I’ve just turned on the TV in time to see Craig Thomson stating that he was never involved with HSU East, followed closely by Tony the Wrecker ,blah blah new adjective “putrid” blah blah, demanding that:the Prime Minister should say to the Parliament:-

    “I repudiate the Health Services Union vote in the House of Representatives.”

    He’s not just a wrecker but also an idiot.

    it’s all about the votes!

  73. Cu, I’m minute by minute expecting the media to explain to us that they were wrong about Craig Thomson 😯

  74. Cu, she’s just been on ABC24 saying that Thomson’s “in fantasyland”.

    Pot meets kettle perhaps?

  75. Cu, don’t you love it when the ABC hosts ignore pertinet comments by ALP MPs and change the subject, as Lyndal Curtis did to Dr. Emerson.

    He was talking about Christopher Pyne having drinkies with Ashby and Curtis launched stright into another try about the bad polling.

  76. We do know the lady is capable and has in the past, manufactured evidence.

    Remember that shovel.

    Maybe it has a way to go yet.

  77. He was talking about Christopher Pyne having drinkies with Ashby and Curtis launched stright into another try about the bad polling.

    Hasn’t she heard that the new interest is in a leadership challenge?

  78. J., just spotted this on Twitter 😆

    Wil Anderson

    “the hardest thing for me to believe about this whole Pyne thing is someone willingly had drinks with Christopher Pyne…..” #allegedly

  79. The pressure must be getting to Tony Abbott, ie being asked 1 question

    “Both Mr Pyne, who has regular contact with the Speaker’s office as manager of opposition business in the lower house, and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott have said they had no “specific knowledge” of the pending court action.

    Mr Abbott on Wednesday walked away from reporters in Sydney when a question was raised about the matter.”

  80. Tax me, for !@%&’s sake:

    Imagine if:

    Mining billionaire argued that the super-rich (a grouping within which, with a fortune of more than , s/he includes her/himself) should be forced to pay more cheddar to the state.

    Way more, in fact.

    currently pays 28 per cent of her/his earnings in tax. She/He thinks that figure should almost double.

    “The majority,” s/he notes, “would rather douse their dicks with lighter fluid, strike a match, and dance around singing Disco Inferno than pay one more cent in taxes.”

    “What charitable 1 percenters can’t do is assume responsibility – Australia’s national responsibilities: the care of its sick and its poor, the education of its young, the repair of its failing infrastructure, the repayment of its staggering war debts.”


  81. Just thought of something. What if the police investigations are in conflict with the FWA.

    That is possible, as the police are able to investigate criminal matters. FWA does not.

  82. Sue, all that anyone has to do is to ask any question of Tony Abbott..basically on any topic whatsoever, and it’s “pressure”. IF he ever becomes PM, it’s going to be quite a spectacle during Question Time.

  83. Well that didn’t work real well 😳

    try again:

    Imagine if:

    Mining billionaire < Insert favourite mining magnate > argued that the super-rich (a grouping within which < s/he &#62, with a fortune of more than < $3billion to $100billion > , s/he includes her/himself) should be forced to pay more cheddar to the state.

    Way more, in fact.

    < Insert favourite mining magnate > currently pays 28 per cent of her/his earnings in tax. She/He thinks that figure should almost double.

    “The majority,” s/he notes, “would rather douse their dicks with lighter fluid, strike a match, and dance around singing Disco Inferno than pay one more cent in taxes.”

    “What charitable 1 percenters can’t do is assume responsibility – Australia’s national responsibilities: the care of its sick and its poor, the education of its young, the repair of its failing infrastructure, the repayment of its staggering war debts.”

  84. And Migs, alcohol hasn’t touched my lips for about 42 hours, 15 minutes, 23 seconds 😆

  85. As I was quoting chainsaws, i thought i better have read of the story.

    Please blog Master,Miglo accept my apologies.

    You may have a hoon car but in no way would i liken you to that “victim”, if victim is the right word. As it appears the chainsaw weilding person cut off his own arm.

  86. CU @1.04pm, why oh why do people say Slipper can’t cast his vote now he’s stood aside from the speaker’s position?

    Hes still an MP representing his electorate and as such is allowed to vote, as is Thomson, so as far as I can see, the government still as the numbers. I can’t see the Liars getting Slipper’s vote now.

    Pity Secker couldn’t be persuaded to jump ship.

    And @3.46pm, sadly it is the calibre of political reporting in this country.

    Of course it’s the politics of envy, Nas’ @4.30pm. Wealth should only flood upwards.The rich are far more deserving than the poor, of whom they are apparently extremely jealous.

    I think we should all offer to exchange places with them so they can have all those goodies the poor are getting. I’ll do the right thing and knock back the welfare. 😯

    Does one not wait for evidence and the course of justice to run, before one takes that course.

    Not in Liealot’s brave new world, CU.

    That’s it in a nutshell, Min @5.02pm.

    Migs @5.07pm, that’s because the rich control the media. The poor have no power whatever.

    And @5.12pm, bwwaaahahahahaha!!!

    CU @5.22pm Liealot kept referring to Thomson as the representative of the HSU in the last session. The government can “accept” a vote from whoever it bloody well pleases!

    iealot protects and “accepts’ votes from, criminals like MJ Fisher. The PM should respond by saying that as Slagabella is under a cloud, he must dissociate himself from her vote.

    Pip @5.28pm, as long as he repudiates any votes from Slagabella. Otherwise he should stfu until he reads the kindy version of the Constitution. He is an idiot, but this is for the benefit of the ignorant and the bogans.

    I still say the PM should put her foot down and demand that he must publicly repudiate Slagabella’s vote as she is under a very serious cloud and rub his nose in the fact the Thomson is not.

    He is ultra desperate, now. He can see his grand plan slipping down the slope and him with it. I’m betting he knows Jackson will be in the gun while Thomson will remain untouched. All his screeching for naught.

    And as always our objective, unbiased, truthful media pointing out that as usual he’s talking a load of absolute bollocks!

    @5.32pm, all I hear are crickets, Pip. And the occasional tumbleweed is rolling by.

    Bernard Keane gives us the benefit of his (completely un)biased experience and advice on the PM.

  87. Jane

    Slipper is not able to vote, because he has stood aside, but still holds the position of speaker.

    If Slipper resigned from the speakers job and moved to the cross benches, he can vote

  88. lunalava

    yep armless and less one finger, curtesy of the samurai sword.
    geez you think sis could have just turned the music down

  89. A guy in Melbourne started threatening police with a samurai sword a few years back.

    The crowd of onlookers started chanting “Use the sword we’re getting bored”

    Nowadays the cops would tasar his arse off (now that’s a real crowd pleaser)

  90. Sue, I can’t see why not as after all Slipper is still an elected representative and therefore entitled to a vote.

  91. Because the speaker can’t vote Min. Unless Mr Slipper resigns (or is voted out) he can’t sit in the chamber anywhere but in the speaker’s chair…

  92. Whoops, I slightly misread Sue’s post about what happens if Slipper resigns from the Speaker’s chair and goes to the crossbenches..does he then have a vote.

  93. Yes, but that’s the crux – he must resign, not “stand aside” which is just being absent. If he’s in the chamber, as the speaker he must sit in the chair…

  94. We have moved today from “she’ to “her”

    Mr. Thompson’s vote is not that of the HSU but of the people who voted him into parliament.

    Ch 10 news. Mr. Abbott walked away, angrily when asked questions about Pyne.

    One thing that confuses me, is that the police this morning said the inquiry goes back to the mid 1990’s.

  95. Cu, I think Thomson was there from about 2002 to 2007.

    Bacchus @ 6.01pm,

    But for their stingier friends, King has a chilling message. “Scrooge changed his tune after the ghosts visited him,” he says. “Marie Antoinette, on the other hand, lost her head.” Axes and taxes – a recurrent ….


  96. Does the PM accept a vote from anyone. I think it is the house that does. That vote is given on behalf of the constituency that voted the PM

    It does not belong to the PM. It does not belong to the Opposition Leader.

    It is made on behalf of the constituency that give each MP a mandate.

    What Mr. Abbott is saying does not make sense and is the actions of a desperate man.

    He is trying to twist the procedures, rules and conventions to suit himself.

    Mr. Thompson does not represent the HSU. He represents all the voters in the seat that voted for him.

    He will remain in this position, unless he becomes bankrupt, convicted and sentence to more than 12 months, or resigns.

    Better news. Roxon is addressing the allegations that many minors have been convicted of people smuggling. I believe the cases have been put on hold. Many of these young people should be sent home. They have little to do with organizing the boats anyway. It is if one has to punish someone, no ,atter what.

    Now is the time to but a house in Merrylands. The value, has fallen up to 20% because of the gun fights.

    Not a bad suburb to live in. I am sure it will not be long before the guns disappear.

    I believe unless Mr. Slipper resigns as speaker, the same rules apply. I am a little confused because I am sure I read in the past, that the speaker can leave the chair and exercise a vote.

    I wish some expert out there would clear this matter up. Mr. Rith call that his actions on Q and A and the next day did not go far.

  97. He was there early, Said today it has been ten years since he had anything to do with the branch. It is a little confusing. We need a time line. For who was where and when. Also for when the merges took place.

    Mid 1990’s is going back nearly 2 decades. That is a long time. Thompson to my knowledge was only an organizer then. That is one thing I am sure of.

  98. The speaker was in the chair when Mr. Pyne visited his office.

    Mr. Pyne, as Opposition leader of the house would have been aware of this.

    He would have been aware of how long it would be, before he came back to his office.

    Mr. Pyne, in spite of spending two hours there, left before the speaker returned.

  99. Migs, “Maybe it’s time for another thematic music thread. Can anybody think of a theme?”
    Theme:- New Toys……(doof, doof).

  100. Cu @ 8.15pm,
    He is trying to twist the procedures, rules and conventions to suit himself.

    That’s true and whether he believes his own spin or not is anyone’s guess, but there’s no guesswork required to figure out that Abbott knows that vast swathes of the population see a few minutes of news a day in which he will be featured….. spinning.

  101. Ms. Jackson said that Mr. Thompson is in dreamland. I do not know where she is.

    In a lot of trouble, CU.

    Mr. Thompson does not represent the HSU

    He knows that very well, CU but has been spruiking it for some time. High time the government starts calling him the Murdoch and Big Miners representative. A fair bit of squealing and foaming at the mouth would follow, I’d imagine.

    But the government should keep it going.


  102. Jackson and Williamson were on the dame side until they had a falling out. Williamson was Thompson patron, got him into politics.

  103. Cu, does this sound about right to you?

    Kathy Jackson’s current partner used to work for Tony Abbott, and now holds a senior position at Fair Work Australia.

    Kathy Jackson is now saying she wants to see Fair Work Australia stripped of the power to govern unions in Australia.

    Kathy Jackson appears to have been mentored by someone or more than one ‘someone’ at the HR Nicholls Society whose members are very keen to re-instate WorkChoices Mk11.

    The commentariat are “echoing the Opposition according to Lateline’s Emma Alberici.

    Whose words is Kathy Jackson echoing?

  104. Funny, the only one right in this matter is Ms. Jackson. The acting head chooses his words carefully when he talks of her.

    I believe the present branch comes under NSW legislation,.

    I do hope the police do not take anything they find at face value.

    Who was in the car park next door with those bags of documents.

    If it was Williamson, why was he there.

    Was the police raid planned.

    Why have all the staff gone into hiding, even from the National body.

    Tomorrow should be interesting. The court case is in Melbourne, is it not.

    If something is not done, the whole union will go down.

    I do not believe that is in the interest of the members.

    You are right about what you said. Abbott is right, there is a stench but not the one he is putting forwarded.

    This is exactly how I expected this matter to fan out, but not this way. I expected more than one to be charged, as a result of a power struggle.

    I did not expect the type of allegations against Williamson. If true, they are serious.

    We need to remember, this lady is an survivor. She is always the last man standing.

  105. I suspect the words she is uttering are her own. The question maybe, who is using who.

  106. Cu, there are many dots on the page which have yet to be connected.

    The young man who introduced Ashby to Slipper was on TV saying he would never be involved in anything like this, and that’s fair. I doubt anyone is thinking that he would.

    What is interesting is Mr. Pyne befriending Mr. Ashby one month before the dirt file was “dumped”.

    As Greg Jericho said on The Drum on Wednesday, from the day that Slipper was made Speaker, the Libs were blabbing that they had a pile of files on him.

    The whole set-up is about as subtle as a smelly sandshoe.

  107. Cu @ 12.22am,

    HSU boss allegedly stopped during raid

    Union boss Michael Williamson has allegedly been stopped in a car park with a bag of documents during a police raid on the Sydney offices of the Health Services Union (HSU).

    About 10 officers from the NSW Fraud and Cybercrime Squad stormed the second level of an office block in Pitt Street, in Sydney’s CBD, about 9am (AEST) on Wednesday and seized documents and accessed computers.

    The raid was carried by Strike Force Carnarvon, which was set up in September to investigate allegations of systemic corruption in the HSU, including alleged misuse of credit cards by Mr Williamson and former HSU official and now federal MP Craig Thomson.

    Advertisement: Story continues below During the operation, they intercepted Mr Williamson, the general secretary of HSU East Branch, in a car park in an adjacent building.

  108. James Delingpole in the Oz….

    ‘ONE of the great popular misconceptions about climate-change sceptics such as Ian Plimer, Bob Carter, Cardinal George Pell and me is that we’re all Big-Oil-funded, Gaia-ravaging, nature-hating emissaries of Satan. We can’t look at a lovely pristine beach, apparently, without praying for a nice, juicy oil slick to turn up and wipe out all the pelicans and turtles and sea otters.’

  109. What a friggin’ load that was from Delingpole. Typical over exaggeration of what is really being stated of them and the falsehoods, deceptions and exaggerations they constantly peddle, plus the fact that Plimer and Carter like Monkton have been linked to fossil fuel industries, he nicely overlooks that.

    The things Delingpole says can be easily turned around. They constantly peddle doom and gloom, from massive economic collapse and hardship to the complete control of the entire planet by the IPCC. There is no end to the conspiracy theories they continuously espouse.

  110. State Liberal governments, the governments that just keep on taking and taking.

    The secret deal bringing an $11b US intel giant to Melbourne

    When Labor were in power in the States the media daily ran negative stories about them, from the most trivial of matters to the outright deceits. Now they are conspicuous by their silence on the current Liberal State governments as they screw up their states, the environment, shaft their workers and clandestinely hand over power to big business without scrutiny of any kind.

  111. I like this statement:

    “Some scientific conclusions or theories have been so thoroughly examined and tested, and supported by so many independent observations and results, that their likelihood of subsequently being found to be wrong is vanishingly small. Such conclusions and theories are then regarded as settled facts. This is the case for the conclusions that the Earth system is warming and that much of this warming is very likely due to human activities.”

  112. Let’s shoot el gordo’s messenger and see why Delingpole is so uppity in his nonsensical rant.

    James Delingpole floored by climategate question


    “The response of those who deny the reality of climate change is the strawman rejoinder (exemplified by Delingpole), “Science doesn’t operate by consensus”. This little piece of misdirection is true, but irrelevant. It is precisely because science doesn’t “operate by consensus” — because it is undemocratic, regularly acrimonious and pitilessly Darwinian — that consensus, once gained, is so powerful.”

    I also like this comment (paraphrased):

    “Both programs last night fell into the trap of calling one side the “skeptics” and the other “believers”.

    Most who are against climate change are “deniers” because it is clear that no amount of evidence will convince them to change their minds. They are not skeptical about climate change, they are grasping every straw that they can to support their denial. (remind you of someone)

    Another reason it is wrong to call them “skeptics” is that the deniers are never skeptical about the information they hear than then pass on. A classic example last night was Michen’s talk of the warming figures being wrong because they were measured in cities and at airports. If Minchen had been open minded or skeptical, it would have taken him only a few minutes on the internet to find that this had been full looked into and taken into account.”

    You must think ahead to the fact that Minchin, the author of WorkChoices MkII stated as the most draconian IR legislation to be proposed in the modern world, will be heavily influencing the next Abbott government on their environmental and climate policy, and Minchin does not base his advice on any science, for or against, but purely on an ingrained hard line far right ideology, and he conveniently has under his direct influence and control a clueless leader.

  113. The warmists have been peddling ‘doom and gloom’ for 30 years and its come to nought, scientifically or politically.

  114. Doubt Mongering is amusing, but the Denialati are steadfast in their belief that the science is never settled and we deserve equal time on the MSM.

  115. ‘Most who are against climate change are “deniers”

    That’s definitely wrong, most sceptics think CO2 causes some effect but not to the catastrophic degree that the IPCC predicts. They say its of minor significance and there is no need for draconian measures to curtail the increase of this odourless, colourless gas.

    The Denialati on the other hand believe CO2 is insignificant in its effect to create any climate change.

  116. They say its of minor significance

    they have changed their stance quite a bit over the past decade

    It’s not warming, C02 couldn’t do that
    It is warming, but it’s not C02, it’s natural
    It is warming, but C02 is only a little bit to blame


  117. Tom, Indonesia has stated this somewhat more sternly in the past and on several occasions – that they will not take back the boats which Australia chooses to turn around. Their reasoning is that they are Our Problem and that our problem is miniscule compared with their own.

    The Opposition basically does not have an asylum seeker policy because of 2 factors, one is Indonesia’s refusal to take back any boats and the other is two recent High Court rulings.

  118. The Opposition basically does not have an asylum seeker policy because of 2 factors

    I would posit a third factor too Min

    They are not in Governmnet ROFL 🙂

  119. We can reveal today that Jackson and her thug Marco Bolano have been charged under union rules by an HSU activist and Royal Melbourne Hospital operating theatre technician Daniel Govan with corruptly receiving monies from the NSW branch of the union to aid the Jackson faction in the Victorian branch elections.

    This is ulmans go to girl for smearing dirt on Thomson at an allegedly ‘unbiased’ ABC 😯

  120. “Wednesday, from the day that Slipper was made Speaker, the Libs were blabbing that they had a pile of files on him.”

    Mr. Abbott is suppose to be a boxer. Maybe he was but why does he always broadcast his punches. Nothing the man does, surprises one. This is why I do not understand why he gets with trashing the country and our future.

    They are so full of themselves, that the hubris of the belief they have won, is making them careless.

  121. PM on ABC24 with Mr. Smith. One thing she does not believe in is cowering under the onslaught of the media and Opposition. She justs gets on with the job.

  122. Mobious said
    You must think ahead to the fact that Minchin, the author of WorkChoices MkII stated as the most draconian IR legislation to be proposed in the modern world, will be heavily influencing the next Abbott government on their environmental and climate policy, and Minchin does not base his advice on any science, for or against, but purely on an ingrained hard line far right ideology, and he conveniently has under his direct influence and control a clueless leader.

    That’s it ME, the Oppositon has a clueless Leader in the form of a thick skulled “heavy”:.

  123. el gordo, as far as I am concerned, this government has addressed climate change. The Clean Emery Future is not going to go away. It is good for the country regardless as to whether climate change is a fact or not.

    There are now other matters to occupy one.

    There are new submarines being announced at this moment.

    The PM is fielding questions for a while now. Not one about Thompson. I wonder why that is so. All the questions are about Defence. That is amazing.

    “Even if James Ashby had raised these matters with me or anyone else, well quite frankly he is within his rights to do so,” he said.”

    My problem el gordo, this man did not speak to the people he should have. He should have taken it to someone in charge. He should have taken the matter up with Mr. Slipper himself. He should not have taken the problem straight to the courts.

    Jimmy Little memorial service on at Opera House.

    We got a good glimpse of what is in store for us, if Mr. Abbott ever got into power. Do they never learn Do they ever listen. The Indonesians had tole them turning the boats around was not on. That did not stop Ms. Bishop of making a fool of herself.

    We can be thankful, she is not in power and making a fool of the country.

    I can see why Mr. Smith, the acting head of the HSU picked his words so carefully last night about Ms. Jackson..

    Ms. Jackson was asked about graft on her part. She denied it so convincingly. We do have to presume the presumption of innocence, even for her. That is a shame.

    I am assuming with knowing, that she is accusing all of being vindictive.

    It is so hard to keep up with politics at this time.

    It will be interesting how the court case will go today. Hard does one appear, when one has been charged.

  124. CU @12.22am, we’ve always known from whence the stench emanates! Everytime Liealot opens his gob, we a huge whiff. This opposition is a pile of rotting fish and at its centre is Prissy, Liealot, HSUeast and their favourite whistle blower.!

    Can I just say that now this steaming pile is Liealot’s problem. I knew Jackson would be far more trouble than she’s worth. I suspect there will be a falling out-yet another to add to Ms Jackson’s mountain of fallings out.

    Liealot’s noble whistleblower has just poured a drum of refuse over his head.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

    ME @7.08am, not so much clueless as willfully ignorant.

    Tom R @8.07am, roflmao!

    I think disingenuous is more appropriate

    Or liars, Tom R?

  125. From above link.

    Jackson’s hypocrisy in this matter – and the gullibility or cynicism of some reporting on her activities – has been monumentally impressive. She puts the ‘me’ in shameless.

    It’s for that reason we have decided to publish – with some redactions where we’ve deemed it appropriate – the charges filed by Daniel Govan recently that are yet to be considered the HSU Union Council.

    Govan is – contrary to some reports – not involved in the ALP and has never been a member of it, unlike Jackson who has been a serial preselection candidate and long-time faceless woman on its Administrative Committee.

    Here are the charges against Jackson she could face at the next HSU Union Council meeting, if she is not replaced by a court-appointed administrator soon.

  126. She has had two confrontations with Indonesian officials in the last few weeks. Both have hit the headlines, not for the right reason. She says she can work with the Indonesians.

    The Coalition treat Indonesia as if the are they same as many decades ago. They are not. Today they are a democratic country, far removed from those early days.

    “And he’s accused her of being arrogant in explaining the Coalition’s position.

    Ms Bishop acknowledges robust discussions but says she’s confident a Coalition government would work well with Indonesia.”

  127. Pip @9.27am, one too many blows to the head, mayhap?

    It is good for the country regardless as to whether climate change is a fact or not.

    And that’s something they just don’t get, CU. It’s like not littering the roadsides, the litter may not be harmful (which I doubt), but even so, disposing of one’s rubbish in a responsible way is still a good thing to do.

  128. Pip, I was thinking more along the lines of not being relying on fossil fuels.

    Not needing to go to war in the middle east to protect the sources of oil.

    Renewable energy, once establish will be much cheaper.

    We are leaving the next generation a gift.

    I will add the NBNco to that list as well.

    We have a government that governs with the future in mind, as well as today.

    Mr. Abbott seems to want to govern for a long lost time.

  129. el gordo, it is no fallacy. It is coming to being, over a number of years, in many countries in the world.

    What is the fallacy that you mention. I believe we now night be talking about different things


  130. CU our clean energy future is hype, based on fallacy.

    Even the gullible South Koreans have fallen for it 😉

  131. Tom R @10.26am, is this an omen? We know Sloppy wants us to emulste Korea. Could this be the reason? Is he…he… I don’t know if I can get the words out….sob!…but I’ll try.

    Do you think Sloppy is a secret climate change believer?

  132. As for the “we’ll turn the boats around” theme, I think it’s bignoting from Abbott who once again has been allowed to turn a minor or side issue into a major one to suit his convenience. It’s not really meant to happen, any arrivals are expected to immobilise themselves in accord with current practice. But Abbott’s very brave for saying this, isn’t he?
    If things go wrong & he’s presented with a seaworthy vessel capable of being turned or towed back, that could be very nasty.

  133. J.Bishop that well known tactful politician. 🙄 On each of the rare occasions where she has made an attempt to comment on something pertaining to her portfolio..she has stuffed it up.

  134. Bob, plus the Opposition has already been provided with advice from senior Navy officials that to attempt to turn boats back has the potential to endanger life at sea, not just of the asylum seekers themselves but of Navy personnel.

  135. Bob, maybe young Cruella was sent into the fray to deflect attention away from Prissy, as you said, “to turn a minor or side issue into a major one to suit his convenience”.

    Scott Morrison’s back! Time to turn off TV and havr a coffee..

  136. Min, Agreed on your two points. Indonesia must be getting pretty annoyed, it’s not the usual thing to criticise in the way they’ve done.

  137. Gillard brings forward Defence review

    The Federal Government is bringing forward the timing of the next strategic review of Australia’s defence capabilities.

    The next Defence Force White Paper was due in 2014 but Prime Minister Julia Gillard says it is being brought forward by a year.

    “There have been a number of significant developments domestically and internationally since the last White Paper was published,” she said.

    The review will take into account the findings of a report on where Australia’s defence forces should be based.

    The Government has also announced $214 million to begin the planning work for 12 new submarines.

    It wasn’t mentioned in this article, but either the PM or Minister Smith said that the projects will require thousands of jobs.

  138. Pip
    Just saw your post. I know about Indonesia’s criticisms but don’t know just what started them. Did Bishop shoot her mouth off?
    Prissy’s line about trying to see Slipper when he could easily have found his movements through the duty rosters reminds me of the Downer AWB defence;” How DARE you accuse me of being across my job!!!!”

    I must briefly away, will look in later. Have a good day you lot.

  139. Good folks, I will be away as well.

    Have family arriving today and house is in need of a “slight” clean. Plus prepare bed for guests, do the shopping, cook the dinner, entertain. Do all this while playing nurse to the patient from hell.

    Ask me if I’m happy.

  140. This has only be publicised briefly, but one major inroad that Kevin Rudd made while Foreign Minister was gaining the cooperation of the Indonesians to tackle the people smuggling trade at it’s source. This is bearing in mind that the people smugglers who can end up spending years in prison in Australia are for the most part poor Indonesian fishermen. The big bosses and organisers are the wealthy who can afford to bribe officials. It is also highly likely that they have operatives in Australia – one such person was arrested in Australia a few months ago.

    The Indonesians as part of this cooperation also gave permission for 2 Australian Patrol Boats to operate in their waters.

    And now Tony Abbott’s opposition is going to come along and stuff the whole fckn thing up!!!

  141. Christian Kerr in the Oz..

    ‘CLAIMS that some of Australia’s leading climate change scientists were subjected to death threats as part of a vicious and unrelenting email campaign have been debunked by the Privacy Commissioner.’

  142. Bob, it appears that she explained Mr. Abbott’s policy to some officials during her visit to Indonesia.

    This is now the second time they have told the Coalition, they are not too impressed.

    It appears they do not take too being told politely what to do.

    As that was the basis of his last attempt of policy, I do not know where that leaves him.

    Bolt and others are trying to revive all the old allegations about the PM’s days as a Union solicitor. I expert the media to run with this.

    There was no basis in the past. I am sure nothing has changed since.

  143. Migs, try the local employment agency. Does not have to be a nurse, just a housemaid or whatever one calls them today.

  144. Possible future scenario:

    Add to this vid:

    “Where’s my boatphone?…who stole my boatphone?…hey! Where’s the naval boat gone? Did they take off without me? Stop the boat…I mean boats!!!
    Is noone listening to me???…Arrrggghhh”

  145. A little history.

    The HSU and HSU East
    The Health Services Union was officially formed in 1991 by the amalgamation of the Hospital Employees’ Federation (HEF) and the The Health and Research Employees Association (HREA).

    The union represents more than 70,000 workers in the health and aged care sectors.

    HSU East was created in May 2010 from the merger of the HSU’s Victoria No 1 and No 3 branches with the HSU NSW branch.

    HSU East is the branch which was raided by Strike Force Carnarvon detectives on May 2.

  146. It would help if Mr. Abbott could keep to the truth.

    I wonder how many people are not eagerly waiting for the NBNco being connected. I know I am.

    news Opposition Leader Tony Abbott appears to have made a number of mistakes or factual inaccuracies in a wide-ranging speech criticising Labor’s National Broadband Network project, alleging, for example, that the project’s funding was based on “cooked books” and that retail prices would be three times higher than on current broadband networks.

    The comments were contained in a speech Abbott gave this week to the Infrastructure Partnerships Australia conference, a forum which sees public and private sector executives debate public policy in the context of Australia’s infrastructure industry. Abbott’s speech was entitled The Coalition’s Plan for the Infrastructure of the Future. Not all of the speech is based on misleading information; some of it is factually accurate.

    In the speech, Abbott strongly attacked the NBN, which is one of the key infrastructure projects being pursued by the current Labor Federal Government. However, in the speech, Abbott appeared to make a number of statements which falsely characterised the NBN project. Firstly, Abbott attacked the retail prices which service providers would charge end user customers using the network, and its construction cost. “The Rudd-Gillard government’s most notable contributions to infrastructure have been roof insulation that’s caused house fires, school halls built at double the normal cost and a National Broadband Network that’s digging up streets so that families can pay three times the current price for broadband speeds they don’t necessarily want or need and that could be delivered sooner at vastly lower cost,” said Abbott.

  147. (I think Tony ‘Government will always be smaller under a Coalition Government, with less Coloured-Tape, and with more reliance on the unalloyed wonders of a freed Private Sector’ Abbott is demanding that persons take another read of page 53 onwards of the Final Orgill Report; either that, or contemplate degraded copper as the betterer wireless technology on the horizon.)

  148. It would be OK if Mr. Abbott to stick to what he says for more than twenty four hours. This week he was all for Perth getting a bigger share of GST. It appears today while in Tasmania, he has changed his tune.

    He is against a new airport, we should use Bankstown and Richmond.

    For a man who has spent all his life in Sydney, he does not know his city at all. Must never go past the bridge.

    Mr. Abbott is going about the country telling everyone what he thinks they want to hear.

  149. And some more explaining needed from Pyne

    “Mr Pyne this week confirmed he had met with Mr Ashby three times – including a meeting at which he personally handed over a wine bottle signed by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott intended as a farewell gift for a Slipper staffer.

    It can be revealed Mr Pyne’s meeting with Mr Ashby to hand over the wine – initially delivered to Mr Abbott’s office for signing – was only three days after the late night meeting in the Speaker’s office.

    Read more:

  150. She alleges 17 of the 70 members of HSU East are not entitled to vote at union council meetings because they are employed by the union.

    But Justice Flick said Ms Jackson’s matter should be heard when the application to put the branch into administration is dealt with.

    He set a three-week hearing date for that in June.

    Outside the court, HSU national president Chris Brown said HSU East would not be able to recover if an administrator is not appointed soon.

  151. Sue. does one get the impression that the media is treating this like another Grech affair.

  152. Ms Jackson does not appear to acknowledge any authority, even that ot he courts. She is willing to take the whole HSU down if she does not get her own way.

    The judge has consolidated the two applications so they will be heard together on June 5.
    The hearing has been set down for three weeks.
    The court ordered all parties into mediation.
    Outside the court, Ms Jackson said she would not enter mediation with Mr Brown, despite the court order.

    Read more:

  153. What does he mean.

    The Federal Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, has backed away from his support for the GST to be carved up on a per capita basis.

    In Western Australia earlier this week, Mr Abbott said the Government should seriously consider distributing GST revenue on a per capita model as proposed by the bigger, Coalition-held states.

    “I think it makes a lot of sense,” he said.

    Such a move would strip Tasmania of up to $700 million.

    On a visit to Tasmania, Mr Abbott denied he was in support of a per capita distribution.

    “I made no such suggestion. Look, I accept that Tasmania has special circumstances.”

  154. About time. Maybe they should look at the damage Coles and Woolworths are doing to all the business they deal with.

    The competition watchdog has begun a formal investigation into whether major fuel retailers are involved in price fixing.

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) says it has concerns over petrol retailers’ current practice of frequently exchanging private and comprehensive price information.

    The Commission believes the arrangement may be lessening competition by allowing petrol retailers to quickly signal price movements and monitor competitors’ responses.

  155. Thanks for the stuff on Bishop folks.
    She’ll go well as F.M.
    I do think the whole towing back thing’s a bit of a “see how tough I am folks!!” sort of thing from the coalition. Their main deterrence program will be to be seen by everybody as really bloody horrible.
    But Abbott’s principal aim is to be seen to be keeping the bastards out of Oz. He may also sling Indonesia some cash to look after a few on our behalf under the guise of some “aid, co-operation” angle.

  156. If that’s the case, el gordo, then all this global warming must be caused by humans.

    I’m glad you pointed that out.

  157. Roswell, this is a test platform in our effort to prove global warming has been caused by natural variability.

    The lack of sunspots should produce icebergs in the North Atlantic shipping lanes within a decade.

  158. Icebergs anywhere won’t do a thing to prove or disprove AGW theory el gordo. AGW doesn’t say global or local temperatures can’t fall – just that the global temperature over and above natural variability is caused by the increase in CO2. The science says there is a measurable and obvious difference between temperature variations natural drivers can account for and what is actually happening…

  159. My youngest will graduate late this year with a PhD in science (molecular biology) at UQ. She does not espouse to be an expert in climate science, but she says that the science was settled about a decade ago. The issue is now how to tackle this. Hence the reason why PhDs such as hers (biofuels) are so important. The climate change debate is just taking away from the real issue, and this is how to tackle it.

  160. Thank you Roswell..feisty females, and a doctorate in science to boot..she is fearsome when roused, takes after her mother. 🙂

  161. Min,
    Good one. You’ve brought up some wonderful children now talented adults.

    BTW, dya remember this?:

    Pressure builds on Costello for Hardie asbestos tax break
    29 November 2005

    Asbestos victims, the ACTU and now the Labor Party are putting pressure on Treasurer Peter Costello to allow James Hardie to claim tax deductions for its compensation payments to asbestos victims. 

    ACTU Secretary Greg Combet said yesterday that the Federal Government should come to Hardie’s assistance on this matter, but declined to lobby personally on their behalf, saying that was up to the company to do. 
    NSW Premier Morris Iemma said there was ‘no significant commercial issue’ outstanding in the negotiations with Hardie. 
    ALP position
    Today Federal ALP Shadow Minister for industrial relations, Stephen Smith, added his voice to the calls for Costello to act. 

    ‘My message to Mr Costello today is exactly the same message I gave him on the floor of [Parliament] yesterday,’ Smith said. 
    ‘When has he ever lifted a finger to assist the asbestosis and mesothelioma victims of James Hardie?   

    ‘When has he, the Prime Minister, [Workplace Relations Minister] Kevin Andrews or any of the employer associations ever lifted a finger to try to come to the rescue of the asbestosis and mesothelioma victims of James Hardie?   
    ‘I urge the Treasurer to sit down with the NSW Government and … the ACTU, and come to a successful conclusion so far as the victims of that outrage are concerned.’ 

    Asked whether it was fair that taxpayers should have to pay for the ‘stuff ups’ of private companies?, Smith said: ‘I don’t like the notion of taxpayers in any way coming to the assistance financially of James Hardie, but I’m quite happy to see taxpayers come to the assistance of the asbestosis and mesothelioma victims of James Hardie.’

    Liberals pushed to do the right thing by workers, sufferers…dragged by the ALP kicking and screaming into “fair-go” territory.


  162. Nas’, thank you. The wonders of a public school education. 😉 Good old Mullumbimby High School did churn out a bit of talent.

  163. CU @ 5.56

    No they are not. It is only Jessica Wright that is on to Pyne and his lies. During this week Wright appears to ask a question of Pyne when they have that on record the next story, contradicts Pyne’s statememt. Pyne adjusts like usual blames Labor and is offended by accusations, then another question and more emerges.

    I t makes me think that Slipper may have been waiting for something, he has had plenty of threats over the years, and if to be believed as in the lodged court documents, Slipper questioned Ashby on loyalty.

    a lot more to come out.

    as to the press just take a look at this news ltd bravado: atkins reckons labor has lot the plot

  164. Indeed Min,
    contrary to what some private school obsessives might think, there are plenty of public schools producing students who contribute magnificently to our communities…

    absent silver spoons protruding from their mouths. 🙂

    BTW, top Olympic outfits

    for 1940s games. 🙂


  165. CU @ 6.08

    it shows how arrogant Abbott is, he is allowed to say whta ever is appropriate to the audience he is facing, knowing full well he will not be challenged by the media.

    The” nongs in tassie” won’t know what i said in WA they only get the mercury and that’s news ltd, so i’m safe.

    trouble for abbott the ” tassie nongs” are still smarter than abbott and have access to fast broadband.

  166. The CDDP have done what FWA asked of it. Has been handed to police.

    Many are licking their lips in what they believe is coming.

    Fair Work gave the report to the CDPP last month, but the Department said it was not able to act to determine whether there was a case for prosecution because the information was not provided in the form of a brief of evidence.

    But now the CDPP Chris Craigie says his office is ready to pass the information on to police.

    “The examination process has now been completed and consideration given as to whether the material identifies conduct which could involve potential criminal conduct and whether the gravamen of the alleged conduct related to potential breaches of State or Commonwealth offences,” he said in a statement.
    “A careful examination undertaken by my office over recent weeks has included consideration of any potential restrictions on my office’s handling of the material, particularly in circumstances where the FWA investigation included the use of coercive powers.

    “I have decided that it is appropriate in all the circumstances to forward the report and the related material to the Victoria Police and New South Wales Police Force. This has been done today.”

    The Victorian and New South Wales police have been trying to access the report and related material, and the CDPP says it has now been forwarded to both state police agencies.

  167. Cu, it’s just a police investigation. Although it might make headlines these are just snippets and a court will deal with it in due course, this and the rest of it which are not for public appraisal. Thank the deities for democracy and an independent judiciary.

  168. There must be a mistake at news.con……

    Christopher Pyne faces new questions in Peter Slipper saga

    Wayne Swan likened the matter to the Godwin Grech scandal, in which the Coalition colluded with a Treasury mole in an attempt to damage the government. Mr Pyne said “the gist of Labor’s claims are that I had something to do with James Ashby’s Federal Court action. I did not.

    “The first I knew of the Federal Court action was when I read about it in the News Limited press two weeks ago.

    “If Labor has evidence that disproves that statement, they should produce it. They won’t, because there isn’t any.”

    This reminds me more of the time that Tony Abbott organised the $100,000.00
    slush fund to get rid of Pauline Hanson.
    The slush fund was managed by another old Liberal heavy, Peter Coleman, father-in-law of Peter Costello…..

    Of course the then PM, John Winston Howard knew nothing about it….

  169. Gee, I wonder whether Arthur is getting a bit ahead of himself with a perfectly timed piece designed to rattle the government….[in the minds of the dirty tricks bovver boys].

    New PM would have to renegotiate budget by: Arthur Sinodinos From: The Australian May 03, 2012 12:00AM

    IF Julia Gillard is to be dumped as Prime Minister soon, next week’s budget could be a very academic exercise. A new Labor leader would have to renegotiate the deal with the independents and be tempted to adjust budget initiatives to reposition the government politically. The carbon tax might be revisited, which would also have big budgetary implications.

    News flash Artie old boy, it doesn’t pay to get too far ahead of your game…

    Broadcast: 26/08/2003

    PM knew of Hanson slush fund

    The political furore that erupted after Pauline Hanson was sent to jail for three years is showing no sign of abating. A disaffected former One Nation Party member has accused Tony Abbott of acting for the Prime Minister when he helped finance court action against Ms Hanson. Mr Howard’s office won’t respond to the allegation, but has tonight acknowledged that the PM knew about Tony Abbott’s $100,000 fighting fund five years ago.

    Abbott was protecting his boss

    Pyne is….what?

  170. “Australia’s renowned economic leadership will continue to extend its global influence in years to come, the head of the International Monetary Fund says.
    IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told the Global Foundation’s Australian summit that the nation had always shown “real leadership” in the turbulent, ever-fluctuating global economy

    The crisis had created long-term economic pessimism in many countries, where people now believed “it used to be better and it will never be the same”, she said.

    Australia was critical in combating this attitude with its dependably strong, practical, positive and progressive leadership, she said.”

    No doubt about it Christine Lagarde hasn’t been reading News Ltd or listened to Abbott/hockey /Robb.

  171. ‘…the global temperature over and above natural variability is caused by the increase in CO2.’

    Baccy…human induced global warming is a non-falsifiable hypothesis, so you may as well believe what you will.

  172. Nasking @ 9.23pm, Abbott has been telling the world what he thinks of the
    Prime Minister on an hourly basis, and we shouldn’t have been a surprised
    that Mr. Morris felt free to speak in the same unacceptable manner.

    It’s a clue to how they speak in their Party room.

  173. did you feel the inclination to bash your head up against a brick wall tonight.

    You’re right Min – “eyes wide shut.” 😉

  174. Retired judge speaks up for gay marriage
    May 4, 2012.

    Mr Kirby spoke of his personal experience, of the fact he would like to be able to marry his partner of 43 years, Johan van Vloten.

    ”A loving relationship of tenderness, of gentleness and affection, and fidelity and support is a beautiful thing and anyone who would disrespect it is not a kind person,” he said.

    Australia, he warned, was falling behind other nations such as Portugal, Mexico and Argentina, where gay marriage is legal.One of the committee members, Liberal Senator Michaelia Cash, queried him about whether his belief in relationship equality extended only to same-sex couples, ”or are you saying that there should be equity and equality in relationships regardless, for example, of the number of people participating in that relationship?’

    Mr Kirby responded that there was a very specific question before the committee.

    Senator Cash’s question was an indication of the level at which she operates in the Senate….. 😯

    Is that the sort of nonsense that is discussed among the Liberals and Nationals?

  175. CU at 9:59 am

    For the last decade and a half our government has been ignoring the economic and social growth of Indonesia, which in the long run will be of far more importance to us than China or India.

    Recently Indonesia passed our economy, and on every measure is advancing whilst other economies, including large Asian ones, are either crawling or contracting.

    The Gillard government is addressing this and realises that Indonesia will be key to Australia’s economic prosperity in the future.

    Abbott will throw that out the door with the bath water of everything else he has promised to undo when he gets into power, which I don’t believe for a moment. Like Howard he will keep nearly all of what Labor did and take the kudos for their success, whilst he trims a little around the edges making lots of noise as he does.

  176. Möbius, Indonesia brings $16B a year into the Australian economy. Our relationship with them needs to be nurtured. Only a fool would want to destroy that.

  177. Will the high court decision on the directors of James Hardie, have Twiggy a tenny weeny bit worried?

  178. Tassie is on to the Abbott lie. Listeneing to RN, they said the headline in the Mercury paper was A Tune for all Seasons , however the online edition is
    “Abbott wont rule out GST Cut”
    OPPOSITION leader Tony Abbott failed to guarantee yesterday that Tasmania would not have its GST funding share cut under a Coalition government.’

    Don’t worry Abbott, the Tassie online edition of the Mercury aain’t that easy to find.

  179. After the next election, with the Coalition holding the reigns, a dismantling of the Klimatariat and attached green schemes will undoubtedly follow.

    No more government largesse for renewables, windfarms just an oddity, there is bound to be unrest amongst the rusted ons.

    The watermelons become a rump and they whinge about what might have been, blaming push polling and hate media.

    Much amusement….

  180. Don’t be too sure of yourself, el gordo. What Abbott says he will do, and what he does, may be two separate things.

    The Coalition has history.

  181. And a new Dark Ages descends upon Australia…. Australia is labelled an oddity, that a once progressive nation would want to take itself back to a Dark Ages mentality.

  182. Min, the electorate is too stupid to see the consequences. A once proud, progressive nation, headed back to the Dark Ages.

  183. Migs, a complete failure to see the big picture and as you say, too stupid to see the consequences.

    I’ve mentioned this in the past, but there is no small reason why China is investing so heavily in renewable fuel sources, so much so that a few years ago China overtook the USA as world leader. I see the USA as a fading power due to neglect of something which was once it’s proudest asset – innovation and imagination.

  184. The Denialati believe the warmists are taking us back to a Dark Age, we both can’t be right.

  185. el gordo what you say does not make sense.

    You speak as if Mr. Abbott does not have his Direct Action Scheme.

    Which by the way, you will pay for.

    Will be more expensive.

    Will not meet the target, which by the way, is the same as Labor, a target that Mr. Abbott agrees with..

    The only ones that benefited from the Abbott scheme are the big carbon emitters.

    Why would you welcome such a scheme.

  186. Abbott’s is a dill, when Minchin becomes party president he will choose the Lomborg solution which he thinks has merit.

    The stench from this odourless gas won’t go away.

  187. Agree, do what is right and ignore the ignorant noise.

    It is up to the elector to vote in the next government.

    If they do not vote Labor, so be it.

    We live in a democracy, and that being so what the voters do in the next election, will be their choice.

    There will always be another to follow.

    It is funny politics that is always focus on the next election, from day one now. It is if the only thing that counts is winning.

    Remember that the cuts to parenting payments are not going to affect anyone with young children. Mr. Howard introduced in 2006 with a grandfather clause.
    That means that the parents still getting the money youngest is at least fourteen or older. At that time anyone with children under eight got the rebate.

    That means, 6 years later, there eligible children would be around 14 years.

    Mr Combet told ABC radio.
    “I think the thing that Australian people respect at the end of the day is that you stand up for what you believe in and you get on and do it.”
    South Korea is Australia’s fourth-largest trading partner, the world’s second-largest importer of liquefied natural gas and the third-largest importer of coal.

  188. There is no doubt that because of the ‘precautionary principle’ we are placed in an awkward situation, but there is no scientific or economic rationale for going down this path of reducing CO2 emissions.

  189. I have news for anyone that reads this story, Wyong has always been a backwarded town, one that has never flourished.

    This has been true to me since 1956. Back in those days, one went to Gosford to shop.

    They ignore to say that Mr. Thompson.s office is on the outside of Westfields, which last time I went, was packed. There is a Home Centre just down the road, on the other side of the railway line. There are biggest industrial centre nearby.

    It is true that Wyong has been by passed. There are historical reasons for that. Wyong exists today for it’s railway station.

    Up the highway to the north, there is another flourishing shopping centre, with all shops in use. This has grown over the last few years, with a addition of a home centre. Another couple of kilometers, there is another new Coles complex and shops. A little further on, the we are awaiting a planned Woolworths.

    It is the same wherever one looks. Now things might be bad foe Mr Thompson, but to give the impression things have gone backwards under his stewardship is just plain wrong.

    Even Toukley has all it’s shops open. This is an improvement on the last few years.

    It’s 11am and there’s barely anyone walking the streets. “Look how dead it is out there,” says Danielle Suarez, who works at the printing store opposite Wyong station. Choked by traffic but not people, the quiet town is a key centre in the federal electorate of Dobell.

  190. I know it did not get much of a run in the Media, but Mr. Shorten did say his application to the court might fail. What I do not understand is why this union still comes under NSW jurisdicture.

    If it is true, that HSUeast is under NSW laws, that means that it is not the PM responsible for not dealing with the mess but the State Premier.

    What confuses me, is that HSUeast is made up of members from NSW, Victoria and Canberra but I believe is registered in NSW.

    Premier Barry O’Farrell yesterday introduced legislation to give the NSW government the right to appoint an administrator to take control of the branch covering NSW and ­Victoria. He described revelations about the HSU’s finances and internal power struggle as a “tawdry set of events”. “The power to appoint an administrator must be put beyond doubt,” he said.


    The doubts arise because the HSU – like many unions operating in NSW and Queensland — has federal branches and state-registered unions which function as parallel but separate legal entities.
    Unions often use a federal entity to operate under the national Fair Work Act. Most of their assets are kept in a state branch such as NSW. The state union branches sign up to state Labor Party branches and get a say in appointing Labor candidates.

  191. It looks like the PM leads by example. If the media keeps up as it is going this week, the PM might just get away with a horror budget.

    Could this budget be one that well and truly wedges Mr. Abbott.

    The media have already said that they will have to choose between Slipper and the budget.

    Apparently the media, like Mr. Abbott can only do one thing at a time.

    Press conference with the Treasurer about 12.30.

    JULIA Gillard’s own department will slash 40 jobs to save $9 million as Labor attempts to bring the federal budget back into surplus next week.

  192. Why was Mr. Pyne not abreast of developments that night. If he was, he would have known theta the Speaker was occupying the chair before he went to his rooms.

    “I mean, why wouldn’t I?” he is reported as saying. “I mean, the more contacts I have in the Speaker’s office, the better, since it’s part of my job to liaise with the Speaker and his office and to stay abreast of developments.”

    Read more:

  193. Treasurer Swan is about to make a statement about the Budget on ABC24…
    and while we wait Andrew ‘Twiggy’ Forrest has a say…
    he’s saying that the rest of the world is looking askance at Australia blah blah
    obviously he hasn’t seen Ms Lagarde’s comments from yesterday…

  194. Australia’s influence on the rise: Lagarde

    Australia’s renowned economic leadership will continue to extend its global influence in years to come, the head of the International Monetary Fund says.

    IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde told the Global Foundation’s Australian summit that the nation had always shown “real leadership” in the turbulent, ever-fluctuating global economy.

    The past five years have put heavier financial stress on everyone and created a greater demand for expertise and innovative, collaborative thinking on economics, she told the Melbourne summit via video link from Washington on Thursday.

    “The interconnectedness between us all has never been more obvious as during and post the financial crisis,” Ms Lagarde said.

    The crisis had created long-term economic pessimism in many countries, where people now believed “it used to be better and it will never be the same”, she said.

    Australia was critical in combating this attitude with its dependably strong, practical, positive and progressive leadership, she said.

    “It’s an economy that is used to cycles, booms and busts, and throughout those cycles, the Australian enterprises, the Australian people, always remain positive and committed to improving the state of the Australian economy, and participating in improving the world as it is,” Ms Lagarde said.

    Peter Whish-Wilson announced as Bob Brown’s replacement
    Matthew Knott
    Friday, 04 May 2012

    The Tasmanian Greens have chosen winemaker, academic and former investment banker Peter Whish-Wilson to replace Bob Brown in the Senate.

    Whish-Wilson runs the Three Wishes Vineyard outside Launceston and previously worked for investment banks Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank. Whish-Wilson, who has been a high-profile campaigner against the Gunns pulp mill near Launceston, also lectures in corporate finance at the University of Tasmania.

    Like Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Tasmanian MP Andrew Wilkie, he attended the Royal Military College at Duntroon.

    Whish-Wilson, understood to be the the nephew of former Sydney Morning Herald publisher Llloyd Whish-Wilson, is seen as a more moderate Green than, for example, senators Lee Rhiannon or Sarah Hanson-Young.

    Bob Brown, who is retiring after 16 years in the Senate, told a Hobart press conference today: “I am totally delighted that Peter Whish-Wilson will be Tasmania’s newest Senator.”

    “He has a gold-medal winning winery and he will be a gold-medal senator.”

    Current Greens leader Christine Milne praised the senator-elect as an ecotourism pioneer, and said she was pleased that northern Tasmania would have a voice in the federal parliament.

  196. Michelle, deary me. He does understand the importance of keeping promises.

    My problem is finding out what the promises are.

    We need to remember he is very good with the weasel words.

    We do know he has an history of breaking promises.

    My fear is not that he will break promises, but will keep them.

    One aspect of Abbott that raises concern is the nagging doubt about what he would really do if he had his hands on the levers of power.
    He does understand the importance of keeping promises – if he ever did not, Gillard’s experience has taught him. Nevertheless, his ascension to the leadership was so unexpected, and as he smells power he is so scripted and managed, that no one can be sure whether the voters would get what they cast their ballots for.

    Read more:

  197. Good news. Petrol price movements is being examined. Present system could be unlikely. Fels said it ie about time. ABC 24

  198. Oh deary me, Michelle surely you’re not that naive.

    Cu, from your link:

    Nevertheless, his ascension to the leadership was so unexpected, and as he smells power he is so scripted and managed, that no one can be sure whether the voters would get what they cast their ballots for.

    Re “scripted and managed”, so much so that he sounds like a broken record.

    And if Grattan isn’t certain what we’re getting one has only to look at Abbott’s record of non-achievements while a minister, then his useless performance as Leader of the Opposition in achieving zilch for the benefit of the country..plenty there for the benefit of one Tony Abbott, of course. Tony’s complete inability to grasp any sort of practical concepts..a Green Army and bat-phones to the Patrol boats and nothing he says can be believed, it must be in writing.

    Abbott is the sort of supreme egotist who believes that anything he wants, anything he wishes for equates with reality.

  199. Cu, yes it is about time, past time for petrol price movements to be examined.
    The petrol companies have been untouchable for too long.

    As for Michelle Grattan, it’s been a long time since she wrote a thoughtful article.
    I wonder has her head been turned now that she’s a radio star?
    Her morning guest spot on Radio National with Fran Kelly is like listening to two silly old biddys …..

  200. Min, I’ve mentioned this a few times, and I’ll continue to do so.

    Tony Abbott is the ‘leader’ who cannot be trusted.

    Why? For a start, he has a problem with recognising a democratically elected Parlaiment.

    Not just the ridiculous argument that Oakeshott and Windsor live in conservative electorates, thus they should have backed a conservative party, while ignoring the choice of the constituents to back two Independents.

    { Maybe he should have stood up and shaken hands with them when they entered the room to discuss forming a minority government, istead of sitting with his feet on the table. }

    No not that.
    He didn’t like the fact that in 1998 Pauline Hanson pulled in 36% of the votes which in his opinion should have gone to the Liberals.

    What did he do about it?
    hn 1998 he secretly organised a slush fund to pay another person to get Hanson out of Parliament. the slush fund was managed by Peter Costello’s father-in-law Peter Coleman.
    Mr. Coleman is the husband of Pru Goward, another regular on The Drum….

    Australian Broadcasting Corporation

    Broadcast: 26/08/2003
    PM knew of Hanson slush fund

    The political furore that erupted after Pauline Hanson was sent to jail for three years is showing no sign of abating. A disaffected former One Nation Party member has accused Tony Abbott of acting for the Prime Minister when he helped finance court action against Ms Hanson. Mr Howard’s office won’t respond to the allegation, but has tonight acknowledged that the PM knew about Tony Abbott’s $100,000 fighting fund five years ago.

    Fast forward to the present, and Mr. Pyne and Mr. Abbott
    say they knew nothing about Mr. Ashby’s actions.

    Of course they didn’t… 😯

  201. CU
    that Grattan article made me think that even grattan was worried about what she has pushed so fervently on the australian electorate. the babble today was a sad expose of a one time political journalist. all that is left is a writer of continuos opinion pieces, no depth at all.

  202. I hope Abbott screams abuse at the shonky AWB executive and the time the case has taken to be be finalised. (Tony and his fellow shadow ministry have first hand knowledge of the AWB)

    $12million fraud, fined $12,000, “jail sentence, wholly suspended, due to the delay in the case”

    Note the sentence suspended due to delay was apparently 11 years.

    Now how long has it taken to investigate Craig Thompson and how much is on the alleged credit card ?

  203. Is it true there are 20.000 extra PS in Canberra since the last election. Where did they find them all. Where are they all housed.

    Must be true, Mr. Hockey said so.

    Mr. Hockey said the Treasury once again got it wrong. I suggest it would be unusual if they were spot on. They would need a crystal ball to be able to do this.

    The Treasury can only make predictions on the figures available at the time.

    Not one of Mr. Costello came in as predicted.

    The economy within Australia and the world changes every day. The predictions therefor must vary. Mr. Hockey knows this. It is another manufactured lie.

    ABC 24. Denying that the PPS has grown. Is being said that every department is suffering from cut6s already made.

    That 20.000 by the way, are made up of army reserve.

    Senator Wong has for weeks, has been warning us that the figures might be worse. So nothing new in announcements today.

  204. This is worrying:

    Polluted reality a far cry from our fresh air fantasy

    But the statements themselves are quite clear. The Atmosphere chapter finds between one-third and two-thirds likelihood that within the next 20 years there will be increased illness and death caused by motor-vehicle-caused air pollution. It finds the same odds of rising temperatures increasing the concentration of toxic ozone at ground level, with the health effects and hospital stays that flow from it. And it noted that urban air pollution is already significantly affecting people’s health in our cities. Present tense, with reference to the recent past. Now.

    The report also notes nearly 3,000 deaths caused by urban air pollution in 2003: nearly twice the road toll. Is that worth talking about? Maybe doing something about?

    3000 deaths on 9/11 created a war on terrorism…a new normal…trillions spent…

    Yet how many look the other way when it comes to pollution and car accidents.


  205. Nas’, I am not a scientist and there are those who state that climate change is a load of cr*p.

    However to address the issues irrespective of climate change can only but lead to a cleaner planet and less reliance on non-renewable resources.

    I leave the science to others but know that I do want a greener planet, a less polluted one.

  206. I read H G Wells’ The Time Machine when I was about 10 years old, loved the Rod Taylor version for it’s innovation but thought that the newer one with Guy Pearce came a little closer to the book.

    But the thing which I love about the Guy Pearce version is this particular piece..

  207. Why have we stopped drinking beer. That is shocking.

    Australians are drinking less beer, with consumption of the amber ale dropping to its lowest level since the end of World War Two.

    Commonwealth economist Savanth Sebastian says Australia used to be a strong beer drinking nation.

    He says Aussies aren’t just cutting back on beer, but consumption has dropped for the fourth straight year to a nine-year low.

  208. I don’t think it’s a mere coincidence that the consumption starting dropping when my father passed away.

    He liked his beer. 🙂

  209. Why was that so Miglo. Maybe because his life was so tough.

    Lyndal Curtis ABC24 good today.

    Even Iaine Hawke, former Liberal staffer having problems taking over.

    Faye, something or other. Very good value.

  210. Migs, my father passed away not long before yours..there is clearly a correlation. Dad was always Vic Bitter man, although he could probably force down an Abbott’s Lager and a Coopers.

  211. Wine is relatively cheap and more intoxicating, so the young are deserting hops for the sophistication of grapes.

  212. Monday appears to be the day.

    el gordo, I am disappointed, I was hoping the young have more sense than us.

    Fair Work Australia general manager Bernadette O’Neill will spell out her response to a report into financial impropriety and workplace law breaches by Health Services Union officials next week.

    Ms O’Neil has been assessing whether to take any of the findings of the 1100-page investigation report to the Federal Court and will make a statement on Monday.

  213. ANU death threats claim debunked, from Delingpole in the UK Telegraph.

    There were no threats to kill or mame so ‘the Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim said: “I consider the danger to life or physical safety in this case to be only a possibility, not a real chance.”

    ‘No wonder the university was so keen to keep things quiet. Contrary to the claims of the “climate” “scientists” – widely reported, of course, in the left-wing media – there had been no death threats whatsoever. Yet their vice-chancellor at the time – now the Australian government’s Chief Scientist – Professor Ian Chubb decided to move them to “more secure buildings” without, he now admits, having read the emails to see whether these threats actually existed.’

  214. I don’t mind a good red or certain spirits. I’ve never been a beer man, which makes me the black sheep of the family.

  215. The collapse of beer sales is nothing compared to the imminent bursting of the CO2 bubble.

    ‘If the unthinkable were to happen and the collapse in carbon prices in the EU ETS were to become permanent, what would become of EU climate policy? Europe would have an impossible time meeting the target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels by 20% by 2020 and 80-95% by 2050.’

  216. El gordo. and Timothy Pilgrim said: “I consider the danger to life or physical safety in this case to be only a possibility, not a real chance.”

    A matter of degrees..a danger to life or physical safety only a possiblilty and not a real chance.

    Hell, then let’s not the gates and let’s all party because a danger to life is only a possibility and not a real chance. There is something a little unnerving when one reads “and not a real chance” this something along the lines of a double dare ‘ya.

    Of course I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about because you have not provided a link..and although a good majority of authors and admin on this blog are psychics, we’re not always mind-readers.

    ANU death threats? They’re going to tar and feather the music teachers in the Arts faculty? Or am I missing something…

  217. I leave the science to others but know that I do want a greener planet, a less polluted one.

    I’ll second that.


  218. Why have we stopped drinking beer.

    It’a alright CU, my husband and his scaly mates are doing their best to boost sales! 😕

  219. Top stuff:

    Bowel cancer program to get budget boost
    Posted May 05, 2012

    The Federal Government is announcing extra funding for bowel cancer screening as part of next week’s budget.

    At the moment screenings are only provided free to people aged 50, 55 and 65.

    The Government is spending $50 million to extend the National Screening Program so that people aged between 50 and 70 will be offered free tests every five years.

    Health Minister Tanya Plibersek says the program will gradually be expanded so that free screening can take place every two years.

    “This is really important because bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death with 80 people dying each week from bowel cancer,” she said.

    Two thumbs up.


  220. There are other things going on, as well as the scandals involving both sides.

    The Clean Energy Regulator has today published an initial list of 250 ”liable entities” that will face the $23 per tonne tax, however a further 80 companies have also notified that they are likely to face the new tax in the 2012-2013 financial year.

    Read more:

  221. Bwahahaha…they must be panicking:

    The Heartland Institute is out with what is quite possibly its most ill-considered publicity stunt to date: a poster ad campaign comparing a belief in global warming to the psychology of mass murder.

    The Chicago-based think tank notorious for denying the basic facts about global warming on Thursday launched billboards in Chicago featuring the likes of Ted Kaczynski (better known as the Unabomber) and convicted murderer and cult leader Charles Manson, saying these notorious criminals “still believe in global warming” and asking viewers if they do, too.

    The first billboard appeared on Thursday over the Eisenhower Expressway, the interstate freeway running west from the Chicago Loop.

    “Of course, not all global warming alarmists are murderers or tyrants,” notes Heartland in its press release (some killers also simply think puppies are cute, breathe air and tie their shoes one at a time).

    It isn’t the first anti-environmental campaign to draw such outlandishly false connections, though it is probably the most prominent. The website Vegetarians Are Evil, for instance, makes such meaningless revelations as identifying Genghis Khan as a vegetarian.…/…board_n_1478011.html

    A reminder:

    The Heartland Institute

    is a American conservative and libertarian public policy think tank based in Chicago, Illinois which advocates free market policies.

    The Institute is designated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit by the Internal Revenue Service and has a full-time staff of 40, including editors and senior fellows.

    The Institute was founded in 1984 and conducts research and advocacy work on issues including government spending, taxation, healthcare, tobacco policy, global warming, information technology and free-market environmentalism.

    In the 1990s, the group worked closely with the tobacco company Philip Morris to question the science linking secondhand smoke to health risks, and to lobby against government public-health reforms.

    More recently, the Institute has focused on questioning the science of climate change, and was described by the New York Times as “the primary American organization pushing climate change skepticism.”

    The Institute has sponsored meetings of climate change skeptics, and has been reported to promote public school curricula challenging the scientific consensus on climate change.

    The Heartland Institute advocates for free-market reforms in healthcare and opposes federal control over the healthcare industry. Heartland supports Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), replacing federal tax deductions for employer-based healthcare with a refundable tax credit to allow individual choice over health insurance, removing state and Federal healthcare regulations aimed at providers and consumers of healthcare, and reducing litigation costs which are associated with malpractice suits.

    Check out their funding:



  222. Worth reading:

    The Heartland Institute Self Destructs
    Posted: 05/04/2012 7:37 pm

    It is an environmentalist’s dream come true. The once feared “Heartland Institute,” funded by the secretive Koch brothers in their campaign to undermine science and deny the plain evidence for climate change has just committed a very public suicide on the Eisenhower Expressway on the outskirts of Chicago.

    That is where the first billboard appeared the other day to launch what has to be one of the kookiest public relations campaigns in history. I could scarcely believe my eyes when I saw the image on the internet — the disheviled “Unabomber” Ted Kaczynski glowering down at commuters asking: “I still believe in Global Warming. Do you?” The weirdest part of it is that the Heartland folks actually put their name on the bottom of it for all to see. In other words, the notorious group has come out of the shadows (where they have been lurking for the last decade or so funding false front groups and harassing hard-working scientists) and finally fessed up to being the kooks and fanatics that we long suspected they were.

    The free market “think tank” was discredited in February when documents leaked to the press revealed its plans to disseminate a new school curriculum which aims at “dissuading teachers from teaching science.” The documents detail how the organization has funded a rogue’s gallery of debunkers (mostly non-scientists) to sow seeds of doubt about the clear consensus of researchers worldwide that our climate is warming due to the rising levels of CO2 released into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels.

    But evidently this huge public fiasco only whetted Heartland’s appetite for punishment. The billboard campaign which they have just initiated will undoubtedly finish off the spectacular crash and burn which the leaked “Climategate” memos initiated. The Kaczynski ad is only the first in the goofy series which are being put up in preparation for the group’s so-called “7th Annual Conference on Climate Change” scheduled for the end of this month. Still to come are billboards featuring Charles Manson, Fidel Castro, Osama bin Laden and James J. Lee (who took hostages inside the headquarters of the Discovery Channel in 2010).…/…oards_b_1477499.html

    Downward spiral. It ain’t pretty.


  223. Was just watching the informative  Situation Room on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and balanced reporting of Elizabeth Warren”s Nth American Indian past came up…and the HYPED ATTACK by her critics for identifying herself as such.

    Warren is running as a Democrat for the Senate…she’s a top lady…so of course the usual suspect media are attacking her.

    And of course the hypocrites attacking her never worry about the fact they oft go on about their Scottish and Irish and Italian etc. links…

    and how many business people use their ancestry to get a leg up…create a connection for business interest purposes?:

    I’m thinking Mr. Trump…and Mr. Murdoch for instance:

    Hypocrites I tell ya, hypocrites. Republican hypocrites.


  224. Pip,
    good work.

    Interesting info revealed during an Amanpour interview:

    In the explosive second part of his exclusive interview on Friday’s Amanpour, Ehud Olmert, former Israeli Prime Minister, said certain elements in the Jewish community in the United States had deliberately derailed the peace process.

    Olmert was speaking of the peace plan he proposed in 2008, when he was Prime Minister.  Knowing the political risks, Olmert sought a “full comprehensive peace between us and the Palestinians” – a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.

    “It broke my heart, the most difficult decision of my life,” said Olmert, once the Mayor of Jerusalem. “Because for me to propose a division of Jerusalem was really terrible.  I did it because I reached a conclusion that without which, there will not be peace.”

    But Olmert’s plan was never adopted.  

    “It was a killer for me,” he said.  “It was a killer for me not only because of the opposition in Israel.  I think that, by the way, in Israel the majority of the Israelis would have supported my plan, had it come for elections.”

    Then, he leveled his astonishing charge:  “But I had to fight against superior powers, including millions and millions of dollars that were transferred from this country (the U.S.) by figures which were from the extreme right wing, that were aimed to topple me as Prime Minister of Israel.  There is no question about it.”

    Requires further investigation.


  225. Min,
    that really got me larfing.

    Found this too…the hamster comment is hilarious:

    Mrs. Brown and The Mormons

  226. Sorry, didn’t mean to break your flow, “news”… you were saying?

    While Prime Minister Julia Gillard still controls the house through her deals with the independents and Greens, Tony Abbott now has bragging rights for which major party has more members…

    BRAGGING RIGHTS! Exactly what the political media are focused on. Not what legislation passes because a majority of MPs in the parliament keep outvoting Tony Abbott… but how we can manufacture some arbitrary “bragging rights” for him.

  227. Look out in the budget for new funding in regional healthe services
    this annoucment yesterday, appears to have been missed by the msm, thanks to northcoastvoices

    “This development is one of a large number of projects being funded by the HHF in the 2012-13 Budget to help regional health service networks manage the expected increase in demand for services over the coming years.

    Treasurer Wayne Swan said: “As a Labor Government, we will always manage the economy in the interests of working people, and that means delivering a surplus while making room for critical investments in health infrastructure like the one here in Yamba.”

  228. Wixxy

    you will love this one, NSW govt and Mental health services, no patients/clients no new ones being accepted but still open for business, well maybe

    ““The National Party defines two local mental-health services – Karrawa Cottage and Ellimatta House – as open for business, despite an admission they have no clients and are rejecting new ones,” Mr Oakeshott said. “A Yes Minister episode identified the best hospital as one with no patients, but this is meant to be a television comedy show, not National Party policy.

    “The closure of two community mental-health facilities is no laughing matter.”

  229. Nas’, a good opportunity for a bit of a break..some great lines here..under the title of mediocrity. I’m a huge Goons fan, used to listen to them on my cat’s whiskers wireless which doubtless accounts for my subsequent statements.

    On The Bridge on the River Kwai. How long is the river? X miles suh! How wide is the river? X yards suh! Then we will build the bridge across the river.

    There are thousands of Hungarians who have been whistling in English frequently.

  230. Daily smelly saying this is Gillard bribe…. nope, it’s the Labor way of taking care of ordinary Australians

    Millllion families to get school cash boost

    A million families will get a new cash payment of up to $820 for every child they have in school, being spared the hassle of claiming back education costs in their tax returns.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard has decided to axe the education tax rebate and replace it with direct cash payments, after more than 600,000 eligible families failed to claim $400 million in rebates in 2010/11.

    The new SchoolKids bonus will be paid directly into the bank accounts of families eligible for Family Tax Benefit A. It will begin in July – when the carbon tax takes effect – and arrive in two instalments each year.

    Families will be paid $820 for every child at high school and $410 for each child in primary school.

    In an extra one-off boon, the government will pay refunds for the last financial year directly into bank accounts in June. That $830 million outlay will fall in the current financial year, helping to relieve the cost to the budget in 2012/13, when Labor vows to return to surplus.

  231. Then, he leveled his astonishing charge: “But I had to fight against superior powers, including millions and millions of dollars that were transferred from this country (the U.S.) by figures which were from the extreme right wing, that were aimed to topple me as Prime Minister of Israel. There is no question about it.”


    When the 2000 Camp David talks failed (the blame for which fell on Arafat’s head) Barak and Arafat, back home again, sought to resolve their differences, away from the bevy of advisors and spin doctors.

    Barak invited Arafat to his home for dinner and they discussed their differences in private. By the end of the evening both leaders felt they had come to a workable solution to their problems. They phoned Bill Clinton to let him know.

    Within hours, Ariel Sharon with a phalanx of security was touring the Temple Mount. It was highly provocative, and intended to be so.

    The rest is history. Sharon defeated Barak for Prime Minister of Israel, and the subsequent Intifada drenched the un-Holy Land in blood.

    I’m sure that left to their own devices, these two cousins would soon sort out their differences.

  232. ‘Million families to get school cash boost’ is a bribe.

    I sometimes tap out responses to eg’s inane and provocative comments.

    I then think “why bother” and backspace them out while I think about more important things.

  233. I sometimes tap out responses to eg’s inane and provocative comments.

    I then think “why bother” and backspace them out while I think about more important things.

    Please, MJ, do not post such responses when I have a mouthful of coffee. I damn near choked. 😉

  234. Yes, well its a bribe in the sense that the PM needs to turn the polls around or she will get a tap on the shoulder.

    Eight frontbenchers don’t want the Ruddster to return, is there nobody else who will stand for the good of the party and the Westminster system?

  235. el gordo, if this a bribe, it is not a new one. Same goes for Mr. Hockey and the government panicking over the carbon tax, which not a carbon tax.

    I believe that it is an recognition that introducing it a a tax rebate was not the best or fairest way to go for many reasons.

    1 The government has been endeavoring to simplify the tax system. To do that, tax rebates have to be eliminated, not added to.

    2 Handing the benefited out as a tax rebate, gives more to the higher income earner, than those on low income.

    3 Many are not claiming the benefit. Either do not realise they are entitled, or are not keeping receipts. I would wager that not many high income earners are making this mistake.

    4 You have to spend the money and wait for over a year to get the money back. Many low income earners cannot afford to spend up front, therefor the child misses out on what the need, and the parent on what they are entitled to.

    5 Keeping this measure as a tax rebate, conflicts with this budget intent to raise the tax free threshold, in this budget and the next.

    6 It was meant to support the low income earner. They miss out on the present system. When the tax free threshold is lifted, more will miss out.

    Yes, this is very good move on the part of the PM.

    Maybe the PM only motive is to do what is good for the whole nation. If tapped on the shoulder, she might just move aside. They would have to convince her, that it was in the interest of the nation to do so, not just politics

    Personally the PM and Labor have no choice but to continue on with what us strong polices and doing what is right. .

    If that does not ensure a win at the next election, so be it. Losing an election is not the end of the world. Should not be for any party.

    To me, I see a budget that is going to be strong on getting rid of waste and setting the groundwork for the coming restructures that are necessary to perform in the new global economy that is emerging. One cannot afford to linger in the past.

    Past remedies are unlikely to work today.

    The trick will be, to bring the budget back to surplus without destroying the economy.

    Sadly the confidence of the community is needed for this., We have an Opposition whose whole political strategy is to pull down a legitimate elected government, and are prepared to destroy the economy to do so.

    The media is amiss in not challenging Mr. Abbott’s slogans, as they mean nothing within themselves.

    Mr. Abbott needs to tells us why things are bad, as he sees it.

    I am fed up with people trashing this government without saying why.

    We are not even hearing what has to be done to make it better.

    The announcement of the beginning to deal with the great dental problems is good. It is good that a move is being made on age care, not before time. The same goes for NDIS foe the disable.

    These are all things that the Productivity Commission says that needs to be done,. to improve productivity in this country.

    What we will not get next week, is an honest appraisal of the budget that Mr. Swan brings down.

    Later, Ms Gillard defended the revamped payments to parents with school children, saying that under the existing education tax refund one million people missed out of the entitlement either in part or in full.

    She said the new system is a better way of getting the money in the hands of eligible parents.

    ‘This is a helping hand for those families because we understand that so many families are under pressure, and this will provide some relief for helping with all of the costs kids have at school,’ she told reporters in Canberra.

    The legislation to change the education tax refund will put to the parliament this week so that payments are ready to start immediately in July and January next year.

    Maybe there is an accountant out there that is honest enough to explain why tax rebates do not benefited all income earners alike.

  236. If we go to the election with Julia at the helm it will reduce Labor to a rump in the house of Reps.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.

    The best chance at the next election is to have a new leader who is prepared to lose, yet is determined to win.

    He has to be a man of integrity, non union background…and must backtrack on the CO2 tax.

  237. “If we go to the election with Julia at the helm it will reduce Labor to a rump in the house of Reps.”

    So what el gordo, as long as the PM does the right thing doe the country. Sometimes one wins, other times, they lose. That is how the system works.

    Ditching the PM and the Clean Energy Future will lead to the devastation of the government.

    The PM has the job of talking up confidence. Ir we believe the papers, most believe that the coast of living is the main problem, this in spite that the figures do support this perception.

    I believe the PM has worked very hard in the last few weeks to turn this perception around.

    By the way, Mr. Crook still does not see himself as a part of the Coalition. He is only sitting in National Party room. I do not quite understand how that works.

    Does it mean, that he will be working for the Nationals to leave the Coalition.

  238. Mr. Hockey, could not the same apply to Mr. Slipper and Mr. Thompson.

    Mr Hockey has hit out at the commentary and says the case should be left to the courts. He would not be drawn on the Brough issue.
    ”I’m appalled at the more recent comments from the foreign minister that seek to discredit the complainant,” Mr Hockey said.
    ”I’m quite appalled at the debate going on at the moment, trying to treat this guy as a political football. It’s got to stop.

    Read more:

  239. Listening to Joe Hockey on Insiders didn’t give any great hope of the Opposition presenting properly audited Budget costings assumptions with a Bjelke Petersen-like arrogant ‘don’t you worry about that’ attitude.

    Joe Hockey joins Insiders

    Hockey called for an end to commentary on the Slipper/Ashby business, but he would have more credibility had he made that call before it became clear that very senior Liberal figures C. Pyne, M. Brough and others were involved up to their necks in a dirty tricks exercise designed to bring down the government.

    Barrie Cassidy quizzed Hockey about the Budget costings

    BARRIE CASSIDY: Have you yet decided with your costings how you will have those costings audited and authenticated before the next election?

    JOE HOCKEY: Yes, we have.

    BARRIE CASSIDY: And how will you do it?

    JOE HOCKEY: You’ll see.

    BARRIE CASSIDY: BARRIE CASSIDY: But the last time around the accountancy firm you used it was found they were breached professional standards, they were fined and reprimanded. This time will you guarantee it will be a genuine audit?

    JOE HOCKEY: Well, an audit is obviously a broad term. In accounting senses you have audits of companies; but audit with a small ‘a’, which is what I was referring to, is about ensuring that we can verify that our numbers are accurate.

    “Numbers are accurate” indicates an exercise in arithmetics, it doesn’t in any way relate to balanced budget costings..


    6 January 2012, 7.15am AEST
    Do accountants act in the public interest? Not always

    Friday, September 03, 2010
    Coalition costings: the inexcusable, the inexplicable

    The Coalition made four kinds of mistakes in its costings according to the Treasury; the understandable, the inexcusable, the inexplicable, and those resulting from a failure to comprehend the nature of the process.

    Although concealed from the public at the time of the vote, the decision of Andrew Wilkie to go with Labor on the basis of the costings suggests they’ve come at a price.

    Fast forward and it looks for all the world as if Joe hockey is planning to pull the same stunt again.
    The only way to have budget costings assumptions assessed is to have Treasury examine them; hiring a private, Liberal oriented accountancy firm to add up the numbers is nothing but a sham.
    The Coaltion clearly didn’t expect the truth to emerge and even when it did they could not own thier duplicity. Hockey stil doesn’t

  240. There was a comment made on Insiders this morning. Someone asking for another election so they can vote informal again.

    This is something that has not been addressed The high informal vote in the last elect, especially in the western suburbs of Sydney.

    I suspect this might be a bigger problem in the next election.

    Also on the same programme was the reason the budget has not came in as promised at the last budget. is because there has been a double dip recession in the global economy.

    It is not as Mr. Hockey is attempting to convey, that the Treasury cannot predict outcomes or that the Labor government have been bad managers.

    The opposite is true.

    Did Mr Swan, last elections release those treasury costings of the Coalition, or was it the Liberals themselves.

    No one has explained how Mr. Swan got access to treasury papers, while the government is in election mode.

  241. I must say, the Opposition Leader looks evil in those pictures in the Financial Review, shown on Insiders.

  242. ‘Does it mean, that he will be working for the Nationals to leave the Coalition?’


    ‘Ditching the PM and the Clean Energy Future will lead to the devastation of the government.’

    No…if he delays the implementation of the tax until after the next election, this should produce the ‘bump’ Roswell talked about.

    So far the bribes are a nice sweetener, especially the money being ploughed into teeth, but its not going to be enough to save Julia.

  243. “Snap” Cu, we both see the irony of Mr. Hockey calling for an end to commentary after the involvement of Pyne, Brough and goodness knows who else became public.

    As long as hey could denigrate only Mr. Thomson and Mr. Slipper there was no such call.

    In the ordinary course of events, Mr. Ashby would be treated kindly as an alleged victim. but Liberal figures have taken an interest in the matter….

    This story is far from ordinary and has some way to go yet.

  244. el gordo, maybe it does not matter if they do not save the PM. That should not be what it is about. What matters is whether it is the right thing to do. I believe so.

    How can something be a bribe, that is already in operation. All that is changing, is how the benefit is being distributed.

    el gordo, it must have escaped your noticed, that the Green Energy Future is a package. One cannot delay one part of a package, without the rest unraveling. That is impossible.

    Look beyond the politics, when judging a budget.

    Maybe it is not about saving “Julia” as you seem to believe.

    There is only one thing that will save this government. That is the implementation of good policy. There is a year and a half left to do this,

    el gordo, why don’t you acknowledge that the choice is between Clean Energy Future and Mr. Abbott’s expensive and inefficient Direct Action Scheme. Both packages by the way.

  245. Just thinking, we always knew when Howard was lying because one shoulder would drop to one side, plus he opened his mouth to talk. I think that we have it, the Libs are on a loser when Hockey Speaks Out..he panics a bit doesn’t he.

  246. By the way, Mr. Hockey needs to be asked why that Budget office sunk.

    I seem to remember his saying, while it was being debated, they would not use it.

    It is time for the PM to reconsider that matter after Mr. Hockey’s comments today.

    Also, as was raised on Insiders, why do they not use Access Economics’s anymore.

    New weasel word. Small “a” audit. Is that when one has an audited when it is not an audit.

  247. I remember when Mr. Howard first ran for government and lost. He used to trip over everything in his path.

    What he could not control, when under pressure, that shoulder that used to go up and down. No matter what he did, he could not it jerking up and down.

    Every time I seen him after that, especially when he became PM, whether he had it strapped up.

    Maybe this comment should be on Migs latest post.

  248. Min, Pip & C.U.
    What a blowhard, bullying & whining prat is our shadow treasurer. Comments like you cite are really schoolyard stuff. “Teacher teacher teacher!!!!! Freddie hit me back!!!!!!!” I didn’t see it, never watch Insiders anymore but I’ll bet Hockey delivered his lines with all his trademark confected outrage?

  249. ‘…why don’t you acknowledge that the choice is between Clean Energy Future and Mr. Abbott’s expensive and inefficient Direct Action Scheme’

    As I mentioned before, Yabbott is an ignorant dill and will be straightened out in due course by Minchin.

    Julia on the other hand is delusional over her CEF, renewables can’t carry ‘based load’ so we are dependent on coal fired power stations.

    I noticed the final Japanese nuclear power station has closed down and there is talk of a power crunch. A majority of people want to replace them with something less dangerous….let’s see what they do.

  250. (Indeed; I didn’t know we were discussing xXx at this late stage in the game, Joe; I thought we were discussing background matters, like mind(er)fulness about views and positions on appropriate exercises of civic duty and reasonable media(ted) interventions on behalf of vulnerable persons.)

  251. Just thinking..there has been a lot of Schapelle Corby bashing over the years..but just imagine if she had been a US citizen, they would have got her out of Bali in 10 seconds flat.

  252. ‘there are so many factual errors in your comment’

    Thanks for drawing it to my attention.

  253. Mr. Abbott on Meet the Press.

    Mr Abbott said that we must listen to what he said. According to him,

    He did not?

    He added that no state will be worse off. That must mean, that is ignoring any weasel words, that in the matter of GST he intends to do nothing.

    Ms. Milne, public transport is great. Cleaner public transport is better.

    It is really not so hard.

  254. This must be a first for the dental industry. I cannot remember this industry supporting any government scheme.

    We need to remember, that the new scheme is replacing a very inefficient Howard scheme, which led to not meeting the needs of those who needed help and being ripped off by many.

    The peak body for Australian dentists has praised today’s pre-budget announcement of $500 million for dental care.

    The funding will be used to treat 400,000 people on the public dental waiting list and to help dentists relocate to rural and remote areas.

    The package also includes money to co-ordinate pro bono work for disadvantaged patients, although more than half of the funding comes from other health savings.

    The Australian Dental Association’s Shane Fryer says the funding allocation shows a commitment by the Government to provide dental care to the disadvantaged.

  255. Senator Milne is making much sense on MTP. ch 10

    Steven Price may have met his match.

    The Senator says that Tony will not remove the package. It would be very expensive and he does not have the money.

  256. Mr. Abbott already practicing his response to the budget.

    A cooking the books budget,, It will be “cook book budget.”

    Which by the way, means nothing.

  257. Nas’ @1.00pm 5/5, they’ll be buggered if Manson and Kaczynski vote Tea Party. 😀

    Migs said:

    “El gordo, unlike Howard this bribe as you call it, is not being handed out on the eve of an election.”

    And it’s directed at real battlers, not high income earners living in leafy suburbs.

    CU wrote:

    “Mr. Abbott already practicing his response to the budget.

    A cooking the books budget,, The will be “cook book budget.”

    Which by the way, means nothing.”

    As does every word that falls ot of his lying gob, CU.

  258. Cu, I think that this is clearly something with the government MUST keep pushing and pushing..the fact that Abbott does not have the money to do this.

    I suspect that the money is the least of Abbott’s worries, as he has absolutely no intention of carrying out any of his promises anyway.

  259. A am watching Bolt. I now that is hard, but one has to do as Iain advises, one has to move out of one’s safety zone and keep an open mind.

    Mr. Bolt held up a graph of Labor’s shocking budgets for the last four years.

    Guess what I saw. They have been coming down, each year, since the GFC

    I do not believe the message that Mr.. Bolt wanted to convey.

    Now they are discussing how dishonest this government. That in spite of every expert saying what they are doing is no different from what every precious government has done.

    The Project ch 10 is not much better.

  260. Tony Abbott could promise to carry you to the moon on gosamer wings and the media wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Maybe one day someone might ask Mr Abbott, and how are you going to buy that gosamer and how are you going to buy the fuel to take you to the moon.

  261. Cu and..

    I am watching Bolt. I now that is hard, but one has to do as Iain advises, one has to move out of one’s safety zone and keep an open mind.

    Well done Cu, that takes extreme intestinal fortitude, plus self control of the gagging reflex to manage that..watching Bolt that is.

  262. Min, that is why I push how much the demolition bill will be. Sometimes I feel I am becoming a little like el gordo, a little obsessive on this point.

  263. Why does Bolt and his ilk carry on about polls, as it they mean anything.

    Why cannot he talk about the real politics that is occurring today

    There is plenty to talk about.


  264. Cu, agreed one should have an open mind..however, on the subject of Bolt having anything new to offer..I’m not overly optimistic.

  265. Gee, all Labor is about this week is the politics of smear. Smear, is not that all is politics is about when one listens to the right.

    Mr. Bolt managed not to talk about one piece of policy, that has been announced during the week, except for the Defence cuts.

    Mr. Bolt needs to widen his horizon and take his blinkers off.

    There has much more going on than this.

    Mr. Downer has never seen a government that has made so many tactical errors. I suggest he takes his memory to the government he was in.

    I think that Downer and Hawker are ready to come to blows.

    Ashby’s solicitor has informed Mr. Slipper that his press Secretary is on leave as well.

    Do not know what is important in that, except to wonder if he is on full pay. I do not believe he would have accumulated much leave in the time he has been employed.

    Do not know why Bolt thought it was a great matter of importance..

    At least today, Hawker stood up for the PM.

    Once again Mr. Bolt played half a video. Police involved in the so called Thompson affair were asked if Mr. Thompson has been interviewed. The police replied that he had declined to be interviewed, bit I clearly remember the police made clear it was his right to so. Mr. Hadley asked the question. I believe answers should be played in fullm to give the fill meaning.

    Who is spinning, Thompson, or Bolt.

  266. It looks like the price on carbon is working exactly as intended, and it hasn’t even started yet…

    For those here who don’t read The Farnham Report, toiletboss (under his latest name) points out that the company he works for is on the list of 500 who will have to pay…

    On the carbon front, my employer is currently breaking ground on the co-gen gas turbine & I’ll be off to Melbourne (of all places 😯 ) for a training junket later in the year.
    They are clearly motivated by knowing that they’re on that list of polluters.

  267. With Sinodinos dobbing the mad monk in on his pre-knowledge of the Ashby/Slipper affair (oops – wrong word) the question realistically becomes, “Is there another such single-minded attack dog in the Opposition ranks?”
    If not, and Abbott does self-destruct, will the Government get some of that clear air they need?

  268. My business partner is a keen observer of all things astrological and reckons Julia’s political career will be over by November 2012.

  269. Tomorrow is the big day. FWA is releasing about what they are doing re their investigations.

    Funny how quiet the media and Opposition have been lately.

    Still no name for that man, the police pulled up taking documents from the HSU building prior to the raid.

  270. ‘…that’s the month of my birthday. I’m a Scorpio.’

    Same as Tony Abbott.

    No point going into details about astrology, its a load of cobblers, but I did mention to my partner that Julia’s timing is amazing…giving up the throne just a month before the end of the world.

  271. El gordo, there’s a simple reason for that.

    If the world was to start crumbling apart, she would surely get the blame for it. It’d be just another thing Abbott could hang on her.

    It was the boats I tell ya! It was the carbon tax! See, the sky really is falling down and it’s HER fault.

  272. On the Drum last night a researcher said that 28% of Australian bank customers were unhappy with their bank. Customers also said in a survey that they didn’t trust banks. That figure would be nearer 100% if customers knew the full extent of their deceptive behaviour.

    What I’m talking about is the myth that banks perpetuate about their “funding costs”.

    It’s an easy myth to push because the public thinks that customers deposits provide the funds that banks lend. The CEO of the ANZ repeated this lie in an article in the SMH recently, and got away with it.

    The facts are that deposits are never lent.

    We’re also told that banks borrow. We think those borrowed funds are also loaned out. They are not.

    The truth is these deposits and borrowed funds are placed on reserve with the RBA to keep what’s called their “Exchange Settlement Accounts” topped up. They are not reserves in the ordinary sense of the word.

    But these reserves at the RBA make up a tiny fraction of the banks’ loan book.

    The “money” that the commercial banks actually lend is printed on their own photocopiers.

  273. What is happening with the Liberals and the Senate?

    was asked a question his about his senate, and he waffled on about “we have a good team”

  274. “Under pressure to fund lending from deposits, the banks argue the higher cost of raising funds is forcing them to hold back some of the reduction in interest rates.”

    And so it goes…the above quote from an article in the SMH just this morning.

    I don’t know if these were the banks’ words or the journalist. But they’re wrong.

    The comment distracts from a real problem the banks are facing, and that’s currency risk.

    Banks can get funds from foreign sources, but with all the current uncertainty they could get caught badly if the Aussie dollar went south. So it’s safer at the moment to fund their reserves, not their lending,from domestic deposits.

    Migs, next time you’re in the NAB, just ask about these things. You’ll get a puzzled look from counter staff, but when you go higher you’ll get a wry smile and “no comment”.

  275. This matter began back in the days of Whitlam. It is time is was dealt with.

    Who is sick of hearing Mr. Abbott’s slogans, that appear to be repeated every few minutes. today on ABC24. It would be nice to hear him have something decent to say.

    “The federal government is to investigate Wilton as a site for a second Sydney airport despite the NSW government’s opposition to the project.
    Federal Transport Minister Anthony Albanese announced in a statement today the government will initiate a “detailed investigation into the suitability of Wilton”.

    Read more:

  276. “There is no more to this than Albanese looking after the seat of Marrickville, and that’s what it is, home town politics,” Mr Gay told reporters outside State Parliament.

    “It’s an issue that we need to look at, but I wouldn’t be putting too much credibility into Albanese playing politics in his own home seat.

    “Frankly, this is Albanese looking after Albanese.”

    Yep…that is true.

  277. My answer to me this morning .apparently Helen Kroger liberal senator’s job as Opposition whip is under threat. This after her losing the no.2 spot on the Vic Liberal Senate positions.

  278. el gordo, I could not care less about his motives.

    It would surprise me that politicians did not take politics in to account in any announcement they make. After all they are involved in politics..

    That does not make the action wrong.

    Sydney is the only city of it’s size in the world that has only one airport.

    Wilton makes sense. The decision needs to be made now, as the population of Sydney is fast spreading that way.

    The freight hub at Moorebank is also a good decision by Mr. Albanese. One which the likes of Toll support. Why would any transport service want to be beholden to Mr. Corrigan.

    Government is there to govern for the common good.

    Maybe an old fashion idea, but one that still stands.

  279. ‘The decision needs to be made now, as the population of Sydney is fast spreading that way.’

    Canberra is only 45 minutes away by VFT.

  280. 45 minutes from where? Your home, not mine.

    The Canberra option has been badly discredited. it is too expensive and does not make sense. Who wants to go to Canberra and why.

    Mr. Abbott’s option that we use Bankstown and Richmond was in the past and still is a red herring.

    Bankstown, too small and in built up areas. Richmond belongs to the military and has problems with the weather. Also is in a built up areas.

    Mr. Abbott and Mr. O’Farrel, are really saying, extend the hours at Botany. Bugger the people. At the best, this would only be a band-aid for a short period.

    I do agree, it does take guts to bring this matter up.

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