Abbott Watch

As has often been noted, many of Tony Abbott’s words and deeds often slip quietly from view, and it is only on rare occasions that our “Prime Minister in Waiting” is held to anything resembling scrutiny by the mainstream media.

I am not certain why the nodding heads aka journalists can stand there without at least a mutter of WTF as Tony espouses his latest. Is it a matter of total incompetence by the MSM, or is it a deliberate scheme to ensure the reinstatement of those Born to Rule?

With this in mind, this thread is dedicated to those instances/events/statements which are in the main part glossed over by the media; the instances which are either contradictory, physically impossible or fiscally improbable.

24 comments on “Abbott Watch

  1. Just to advise of our new tab.. this is not meant to take the place of our topics on the bigger issues but rather a place where all the WTF moments of Tony Abbott can be all stored on one thread. It should be interesting to see how it all reads in the oncoming months.

  2. Great idea. I can’t go past something he said a few months ago when he recycled his old speeches as an ebook..
    “Mr Abbott said the Coalition had a three year plan for re-election. He said year one was about establishing values, year two was for developing plans and year three ”will be the year of our policies”.
    I don’t recall anyone querying those values or plans. With an election in 8 or 9 months he is falling behind on year 3 too

  3. I found the above a while ago, can’t remember where but good on ’em for puting the links together, I have looked at them all and read the transcripts, if provided, which has led me to notice that ‘he’ never answers any bloody questions….. and yeah, yeah he’s a politician etc blah blah…… but some of the Q’s weren’t real hard to answer and not overtly contentious…… like Q: ‘are you Tony Abbott’ A: ‘you can bet the bloody carbon tax is a bad tax, I am’ …..ok, I made that up 😯 but on and on same/same…(he’s a lie’n nutta) …. the other thing I noted was when hard Q’s were asked they never ever follow it up, two or three hard Q’s….. bumble A’s.. and then move on… and the only answers ‘toxic tax’ … ‘we will do it better’ … blah bloody blah….. same/same. Even ‘Blind Eddy’ can ‘see’ this blokes a fake/flake….and if you can’t see that then.. WTF 😆

  4. LOVO, I doubt that Tony Abbott ever had an original thought…hence mumble and bumble or run when asked a question which he is unable or answer in 3 words or less.

  5. “Foreign Minister Bob Carr is expected to issue a directive ordering all departing Australian tourists to be completely encased in bubble-wrap before they leave Australia’s international airports.

    During their absence overseas, they are neither to eat or drink locally, but will be supplied with hygienically screened nutrition by their local Australian consulate, where they can also live and sleep in complete safety, surrounded by their own culture, and at no time at risk of experiencing anything which may incommode, discomfort or endanger them.

    A Foreign Affairs spokesperson said, ‘It’s clear that more and more Australians are exposing themselves unnecessarily to risk while overseas.

    ‘Unfortunately our foreign policy currently doesn’t permit us to impose Australian law on popular tourist destinations. This means that Australians who have grown up in a consequence-free environment are now ill-equipped to evaluate risk and take appropriate precautions involving not engaging in certain actions.

    When asked if contemporary Australian parenting and the education system may be connected with this, the spokesperson said, ‘This is short-sighted, and also engages in a blame culture which is inappropriate to this situation.’

    The Federally-funded International Tourist Care and Protection Program, involving the installation of jumbo sized bubble-wrap dispensers staffed by specially-trained Customs staff, will begin rollout at Sydney and Melbourne’s international airports in March 2013.

    A follow-up evaluation will consider whether this scheme should be extended to Australia’s live animal export trade”

  6. No way could you call Abbott hearty
    In fact each of the Libs is a smarty
    And behind their façade
    No female regard
    From this cynical Misogynist Party.

    Drooling messages so“Crystal Clear”
    While grimacing from ear to ear
    This Misogynist Lib
    Licks his lip with each fib
    Abbott’s agenda is something to fear

    Don’t believe if you want to be free
    All the bullshit from the LNP
    They continually use
    To discredit and abuse
    Aussies open your eyes and you’ll see.

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