Media Watch XVII

We all know just how manipulative, dishonest, sensationalist, gutless, unfair and unbalanced is the media in this country? If, like me, you believe they need to be held accountable for the gross display of injustice they push down the throats of the Australian public then this is the thread in which to voice your opinion.

I intend to keep the Media Watch threads open indefinitely. If anyone sees an example of their lies in action then we’d like to learn about it. We will document everything we can and spread the message as far as we can.

The truth will win in the end.

The Media Watch pages are archived after 400 comments (or thereabouts), as beyond that they can be slow to open if accessed by some mobile phones.

Here is the link to the previous Media Watch discussion:

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362 comments on “Media Watch XVII

  1. I love the Australian Media. I read all the papers cover to cover. I watch ABC news, 7.30, ABC 24 is a dickhead show, glued to all the news channels on Sky.
    I have no problems with Australian Media. Sorry Mig.

  2. How intelligent. Reading and following news that does nothing back up your own very narrow hard line ideological view, even when that news is deceitful, false and exaggerated because of their ideology.

    I wouldn’t be bragging about following news like that, I would be ashamed of it.

    Not only that it is further proof of backing losers, like Abbott.

  3. If one loves the Australian media in it’s current form, then one must approve of tactics such as misleading headlines, opinion dressed up as factual information. It is the job of the media to report factual information and to provide opinion, and also to ensure that opinion is specified as just that. In relation to opinion, the media’s job is also to provide balance in differing points of view, thereby allowing the public to form their own conclusions.

  4. A great read at Independent Australia by wixxy. The “media in Australia ” were originally given access to the material but were “too busy” to have a look. It will be interesting to see who is the first media network, journalist to take a punt and do some investigative journalism.
    If any of wixxy’s articles reach the “headlines” how will the public react to the news organisations that have misled by omission or deceit?

  5. Sue, there will be two tactics either the media will ignore it entirely or they’ll rapidly move to cover their own backsides.

  6. Roswell

    The media will only move if the information wixxy has it considered by police, ICAC. Wixxy, as promised, reveals more information.
    FWA releases information about the “long leave” of M Lawler.
    Police charge Jackson.

  7. Hi Min and Sue – am in two minds about where to put a comment about the Independent Australia story by Wixxy since it’s directly relevant to the Craig Thomson issue, as well of course to the media and its failure to deal with that in a remotely professional way. Its distortion of the issue, in fact, in the interests of Murdoch’s political agenda. Of course the impact of twitter and the blogosphere generally on MSM is increasingly huge and this issue, in Australia anyway. could be where News Ltd starts to lose impact. Surely News and Fairfax are going to have to cover their backsides – real evidence in court is what will cost them money in terms of defamation. Circulation numbers will be irrelevant if they are found to have defamed Thomson.

  8. Gee, if you don’t like the media just don’t listen, read or watch it. It’s quite simple, really.

    Personally, I blame the dingo.

  9. (Gee-gee, on just grounds, I demand better, Mr Mack, because I like the media. And, personally, I blame the drongo or the aliens for attempting to attenuate my right to ‘protest’, either as a consumer or as a citizen!)

  10. Sue, they would be better employed investigating the HSU than digging into who went to a brothel over seven years ago. A brothel owned at that time bya very shady person indeed.

    Hospital staff at Gosford and I suspect many more, that all be sacked and an administrator installed. This is the real story. They do not seem that interested in Thomson. Why should they. He is not their problem. It is the present regime that is causing them grief.

    This is current, not history. It is apparent that the union has only sunk lower, not improved since Thomson departed.

    scaper, the problem is that others are misled by this media. We are only demanding that they tell the truth. Nothing more, nothing less. Pray tell me what is wrong with that.

    Do not forget, this media is capable of turning on any side of politics. They need to do this, to keep the party they support in line.

    They are a law unto themselves. They are only interested in what benefits them.

    That is why we care.

  11. Patricia and Hi Min and Sue – am in two minds about where to put a comment about the Independent Australia story by Wixxy since it’s directly relevant to the Craig Thomson issue, as well of course to the media and its failure to deal with that in a remotely professional way.

    This is just me, but I would probably put it onto a Thomson story as this is more specific than the media thread. Media Watch (just me again) pertains more to random issues concerning the media.

  12. To just not look nor to watch then leaves oneself open to a state of ignorance. If one watchs, looks then it enables the person to identify anomalies, bias etc.

  13. Min, I posted this on another page last night and it may or may not prove to be important but it shows how a slur can be placed on a person, in this case Craig Thomson….
    Michelle Grattan is either losing the plot, or she is being deceitful in her writing.

    This paragraph is next to the cartoon – la Grattan is as biased as ever

    The program put its allegations to Mr Thomson at a meeting on Wednesday and tried, unsuccessfully to get him to watch an interview it has done with a former escort, who worked for Boardroom Escorts.

    Not good enough Michelle Grattan, in a more reliable report, Mr. Thomson said that he asked whether the escort was being paid by Channel Nine, and when they said yes, it was, he refused to see the video

    See how easy it is to change a story by omission….. that, to me, is as good as a lie!.

    Read more:

  14. Michelle Grattan is either losing the plot, or she is being deceitful in her writing.

    she’s a Lib.

    She only started writing about the Pyne thing because she lost so much respect lately and wanted to bring readers in again.

    She’s always farting on about impending leadership change.

    I have no time for her.


  15. “The man is being vilified and condemned in the Murdoch Press, in its sycophants, the Fairfax and ABC organisations and in a large part of the Social Media. Death threats from the public are just another part of this vilification. All for “CRIMES” he has apparently committed.”

    Finally it all got too much for me. The bullying and the nastiness is so far over the top it leads to unspeakable thoughts!

    I have spoken them!

  16. My ‘blame the dingo’ relates to Lindy Chamberlain.

    Was pretty young but believe reporting crossed over then. Have taken everything I get with a grain of salt as the truth eventually outs. In some cases, a grain of morphine would not even suffice.

    It’s all about optics and marketing and I have faith in Australians to make their own judgements. Infotainment comes to mind.

  17. Nas’, I suspect that Grattan has to toe the party line in order to be retained as a full time employee rather than just a piece writer. Fortunately we have people such as Tim and Mungo who can still write with some freedom.

  18. Scaps, I do remember this. It seemed that the media wanted Lindy to be guilty, and for no other reason than sensationalism. Aborigines of the region reported dingoes as being dangerous, and of course now the whole issue is a non-issue..see Fraser Island.

    I am not so hopeful about people being provided with a balanced view. See also Hitler’s Germany or Communist Russia, or a number of fundamentalist Middle Eastern countries where only one point of view is presented.

  19. Min, it’s not about balance at all. The media is the news, regardless of the left/right slant.

    Look at the reporting of the Gina thing in the last 24 hours? Important facts have been avoided to set the players up next week. A double wedge is the play.

    My interest in the whole thing relates to what was to follow…the ‘scaper solution’ to the boat people that would be a positive but fearing all the work will come to nought.

    There are strict conditions to the EMAs which includes the training of Aussies in exchange at no government cost and who will fill the services positions that will be required? The IMAs.

    Frustrated but will motor on.

  20. On the Thomson affair, as with so many other opinion-poll-shifting stories – the carbon tax, the mining tax, the NBN and so on – a good slice of the nation’s reporters are also subtly editorialising through their selection of stories and facts, and the way their editors present them to the public – particularly the prominence they give them.

    For two years Murdoch papers, and even the slightly more carbon-tax-friendly Fairfax papers, have hit readers over the head with stories of a carbon tax cost-of-living blowout that Treasury modelling shows just won’t happen. There’s little mention of the fact that the tax was designed with productivity enhancing reforms to the tax system. Just ‘Airline tickets to rise!’ type stories.

    Likewise the prominence of stories predicting a collapse in mining under the mining tax, rather than a foregrounding of the stories of the ongoing collapse in the other 90 per cent of the economy.

    And again, front page reporting of the NBN – such as the mid-election campaign story in the Murdoch press that “NBN could cost households ‘an extra $3000” (A claim I examined here).

    What the Thomsons of this world should fear is not ‘commentators’, but reporters whose work, taken in its entirety, is far from value-free and in its worst forms is just pure editorialising masquerading as ‘fact’.

    At the risk of promotion of my own kind, then, perhaps we could just re-badge the last few reporters as ‘commentators’ and be done with it.

    We do need more reporters who follow the old traditions of ‘balance’, and they should be complemented by good commentary to draw the lines between stories and try to fathom what the hell it all means. A clearer line between these two roles is, I think, what Thomson should have been arguing.

  21. Scaps, agreed the media is the news but not when opinion pieces are dressed up proporting to be “news”. Gina is all about money, that is all that matters to her..she is obsessed with it and one could go into reasons why such as self-worth.

    The only thing which will stop the people smugglers is when Indonesia treats this as a serious crime, which they currently do not. There is no point in punishing the impoverished fishermen/smugglers..the money goes all the way to the top. Our Feds are working with the Indonesians, and several Australian operatives have been caught.

  22. “t’s all about optics and marketing and I have faith in Australians to make their own judgements. Infotainment comes to mind.”

    scaper there is a problem.

    Australians are capable of making their own decisions. The problem is, that many are not getting the information to make informed decisions.

    The media is no longer balance, that is if it ever was. There are more giving opinions, often with little supporting evidence than straight reporting.

    To muddy the waters further, it is becoming impossible to sort out the opinion from the news.

    Reporters appear to have lost the ability to challenge, which is replaced with opinionated abuse.

    The media is not doing it’s job today. More by omission than lying.

  23. Min, your opinion that Gina is obsessed with money is a reflection of the media affliction that you protest about. Optics and all that.

    Put yourself in the same position…do you believe that once a standard of wealth is reached that money means everything? Doesn’t work that way at all. I would imagine that the sycophants would be knocking at the door to rent seek. Who could you trust?

    Here’s a heads up…know someone that had a vision and was invited by someone to join a similar path. This person could not be bought and quite frankly, could just steam on without someone.

    This person has had heated conversations over the future and the other was amazed that someone of no consequence held the ground and that was the point that the taming began.

    The moral of the story is…it is not the power of the thorn but the insight to remove such. Goodmight.

  24. One suspects there’s a great deal less than meets the eye in the latest media obsession with Bowen, Gina & who did what when which has immediately become the latest “leadership speculation” inspiration. Those who say this shows the Slipper & Thomson issues have hit a wall are probably right.
    News I saw today about the mining staffing issue went straight to the “problems” the media itself has deemed the government to have. Not bothering with too much reporting of anything other than that.
    But perhaps the media will keep pushing, again constructing something big from something quite small.

  25. That’s it:

    Salva veritate

    Sol semper orietur

    And so it is.

    abbās erratum

    et facta est lux


  26. As I watched the latest Chris Bowen stuff up, I thought of the metaphor of Labor being a bucket of blue swimmer crabs.
    No need to put a lid on the bucket, as soon as one tries to climb out, all the others reach up and drag it back down.
    To all those hopefuls that say things will improve for Labor after the carbon price has been bedded down (post July), I say dream on, some other piss ant issue will leap to the front page of the MSM and continue to drag down Labor’s chances of re-election.
    So we will have a incompetent government elected ahead of an effective government – democracy at its worst.
    Recently read a “color” piece about the Rudds, the MSM must be about to recycle the leadership speculation story.

  27. Spot on lunalava and behind a Crikey subscription is this from Bernhard Keane.

    On the contrary-to-the-facts business lobby whinging about every difficulty they face being the fault of the government:

    “We need a name for this — we’re calling it Whinger Whack-A-Mole. Business leader after business leader sticks their head up to blame Julia Gillard for all their own failings and says that investors were turning away from Australia. We at Crikey whack them with facts. Rinse, repeat. Well, someone has to do it, because the rest of the media don’t appear interested in doing it.”

    Let’s see how right Bernard is about this prediction:

    “Next week, the Australian Bureau of Statistics will produce the March quarter private investment figures. There will no doubt be some changes on the downside, especially in manufacturing, as the strong dollar’s impact continues. A flattening, or easing in the growth in resource investments is also expected by some in the market. That will be greeted with “the boom is over” headlines, but what many will ignore is that investment is holding up, unlike in China, where foreign investment has been falling for much of the past six or so months, or Europe.”

    This government and its leader cannot win no matter what they do, even if its exactly what the media, business and/or opposition demand of it. They then get heavily criticised for caving in and being soft.

    And it matters not which leader is in power for Labor, within a week of them being in power the attacks will begin. That’s a certainty.

    They want their gormless puppet in power at all costs. They see in Abbott a dumber Dubya Bush, someone who will do and say anything they want him to, thus a direct cash cow to billions of tax payers money and deregulation to do whatever they want to the environment and their workers.

  28. I don’t know what game Paul Howes of the AWU is playing but he has sure put a smile back on the face of Tony Abbott.
    Perhaps he thinks he can get a better deal for his membership under an Abbott government.

  29. Lunalava, I don’ think that it will fuss the PM a great deal as it puts a lie to Abbott’s claim that Gillard is a lackey of the unions.

  30. I agree, Min. I think that’s the idea. Even Doug Cameron’s stand gives the PM the chance of a headline grab about putting Australian workers first. I thought she looked magnificent yesterday, by the way, and didn’t seem in the least put out by having to defend Bowen’s decision and give its details a bit more airing.

  31. It seems that Julia has already swung into action,

    Speaking today in Melbourne, Ms Gillard attempted to douse the flames, saying that a “jobs board” would be created that would give Australian workers information about what jobs were available in the resources sector.

    “Yesterday I decided we would add to what we’re doing to make sure that Aussies are getting the jobs,” Ms Gillard said. “Companies won’t be able to bring in foreign workers if there is an Australian ready, able and willing to do the work on the jobs board.

  32. Min, and others. The PM has made some changes to Bowen’s proposition. The PM seen this when she returned Wednesday morning.

    The decision was mad in cabinet and taken to caucus months ago. Bowen was commissioned with putting it in place.

    The PM I assume came to the belief that at this time, when there are firms putting people off elsewhere, that safeguards to protect onshore workers.

    it is not about giving Gina more Monday. It is about supporting a new and massive industry that will provide, I believe seven thousand jobs.

    From where I am sitting, the government has tightened up the imported migrant workers. There are I believe two thousand training positions that Gina has to provide.

    We also have the new regulations attempting to make the waterfront crime free. This has also upset the unions.

    We have a PM that once again taken difficult decisions and is being crucified for it.

    How does the media respond to the action taken by the PM. Of course to put another weekend grab fest, of the PM is going. We have all the same stories and opinions all over again.

    What we should have, is in depth reporting of the new policies. We should be hear whether what she is proposing is good or bad.

    Maybe even telling us in detail what has been proposed.

    Some in the Labor,disagree. Surely that is healthy in a vibrant party.

    So what. I have concerns myself. I also know that in this new global economy we live, we have to go down this path.

    The only thing that concerns me, whether the restrictions are in place to protect the workers conditions and wages.

    As for the job board, does that remind one of the CES that Mr. Howard abolished..

    The PM has shown, once again, she is not beholden to the unions, Greens or the polls.

    The PM has shown that she still has the guts to take decisions that are likely to be unpopular.

    One thing for sure, Mr. Howes and company need to remind themselves it will be open go under Liberals.. The water front laws will attack the workers more.

    The question is whether Gina has been given more power, or is the reality is that there are now more restrictions and supervision.

  33. 9 news tonight with smiling elderly lady, politely complaining in a tea & scones sort of way that she wouldn’t be better off, would she, as a result of the carbon pricing compensation? Apparently a profit’s mandatory. Talk about “what’s in it for me?”!!
    Is this country on track to get the government it deserves?
    It’s hard to care sometimes.

  34. Bob, was speaking with my 88yr old mum and she seemed perfectly happy…but that’s probably just because Collingwood won. 🙂

  35. scaper…
    MAY 26, 2012 @ 9:57 AM
    I believe the Dingo came from an unstable family home and should get counselling rather than a conviction.

  36. BSA Bob
    MAY 27, 2012 @ 7:22 PM
    BSA. The point is the Carbon Tax (or if you are in government Carbon Price) is merely a churn of tax that everyone pays, that achieves nothing and keeps Labor on the defense. If you go way back Abbott immediately claimed the opposite side of the Carbon tax and locked Gillard and Labor into defending this dumb legislation. How smart is Abbott and how dumb is Labor.
    It is such a joke that now all the media (not just Murdock Media) play the game of trying to get Labor Ministers to speak the words CARBON TAX. It is really very funny to watch them squirm and avoid these two simple terms..

  37. BSA there is a lot of good stuff on why people vote conservative against their own interests, and a book on the subject, something with Jesus in the title.

    Why do people vote against their own interests?

    The two most prevalent groups nailed onto the Liberals, though history shows that it’s Labor governments both Federal and State who have done the better for them, are pensioners and rural people.

  38. So Abbott lied. He’s a massive liar on the carbon tax and should be shown up for a liar.

    Abbott smart, now that’s a joke. His masters are smart, he’s gormless and that says a lot about the intelligence of those who support him.

  39. Mobius, I could never quite get that. Tony Abbott appeals to the lowest denominator, so why would people want to identify with this? The only thing which I can think of is that this lowest common denominator think of themselves as “every man”, that the Blot listeners are normal. They’re not, I have far greater faith in mankind that this.

  40. Abbott lies like a child. Some are so outlandish that one has to hide a smile.

    I am not so sure that he even realises he does. When caught out he gives s sheepish grin, again like some children.

  41. Jane and Cu, a problem is that the media never say, Wait a moment..would you care to explain. We’ve had a few moments…the stare and run away thing, but very little otherwise.

  42. This won’t matter much, they have been writing the same thing since 2010.

    “News Ltd wielding razor to cut costs
    May 28, 2012

    News Limited is days away from announcing major job cuts as it restructures its largely print-based publishing business to ensure its survival in a digital future.

    Up to 400 editorial jobs are set to go as part of a cost-cutting program among its newspapers by chief executive Kim Williams”

    Read more:

  43. The news hacks appear to be constructing another anti-Gillard piece since the latest leadership spill seems to have fallen flat again when met with facts.

    SHE claimed to have known nothing about it, but Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s office was first told of the controversial foreign workers deal with billionaire miner Gina Rinehart two weeks ago, it was revealed yesterday.

    Read more:

    So, Gillard claimed did she. Funny, the closest I can find of Gillard ‘claiming’ anything is this

    >b>A Labor source yesterday said Ms Gillard, whose leadership is under renewed threat, admitted at a meeting of angry union leaders and manufacturing sector representatives she only learned on Wednesday of her Immigration Minister Chris Bowen’s decision to grant the approval.

    Read more:

    One wonders if this is the same ‘source’ who made up the stories about Fitzgibbons and his number crunching? I haven’t found anyone, anywhere, who have verified this, except for the ‘unamed source, yet, it has become accepted knowledge amongst the journos? So, what has Gillard actually said about this issue.

    She refused to comment on speculation that she was not consulted about the deal with Ms Rinehart.

    ‘‘I don’t on any given day comment on internal government processes,’’ Ms Gillard said.

    So, rather than ‘claiming’ anything, the PM has refused to claim anything? So, where do these reporters get their ‘fact’ that something was ‘claimed’. Nowhere we can track down it appears. We need to ‘trust’ them that they are telling us the complete facts (you know, like the last time Fitzy apparently tried to start a leadershio spill, until they actually asked him, that is)

    Interestingly, late last week, this was all being played down as ‘Gillard in the dark’, this week, it is all about the PM being shifty and not telling the truth again (aparrently). This is, of course, after running with her not being told for a few days, and bagging her for that, to now bagging her for actually being told. Something she had refused to either deny or confirm, which, I guess to our press packs, means they can make it up as they go along, and conveniently whack her from both sides.

    The Government should set up a twitter feed, with someone just listing the total abject failure of stories that are pushed out each day to whack the Governemnt with their conjectures and unsubstantiated ‘facts’. It has gone beyond a joke, it is even getting beyond an ‘unhinging’. It is a rabid, all out war to unseat a democratically elected Government.

  44. Well Tom R

    On the good side of todays news ltd about downsizing , there will be less

    “We need to ‘trust’ “

  45. Sue at 6.03 News Ltd shedding jobs? Oh dear, never mind, they can always be re-employed over at their government subsidised affiliate aka the ABC.

  46. TomR it appears the MSM are embittered “embattled” because they are shedding a few scumbag journos. This of course is the Prime Minister’s fault because she pointed out that they should not write crap.
    A few of the non-brain dead readership woke up and decided that there are much better options than paying to read crap. I would not even bother to pick up a complementary copy of the Australian.
    I hope News Ltd takes all their stuff behind a pay wall, and fades away into obscurity.

  47. Lunalava, likewise for myself..when the OO first went behind a pay wall I would copy the link into google so as to access the story. I now no longer bother, which makes me think that if bloggers no longer bother just how much of the oo’s readership is now nonexistent.

  48. lunalava and Sue, it is sad that so many need to lose their jobs because the powers that be appear to be set on a course that not only renders their product meaningless, it often (deliberately??) puts it’s own readers offside in its continued pursuit of its ideological goals. Take the Craig Thomson issue (or the repeated ‘leadership’ tensions). Readers have shown that they are over it. They have had enough. Even as a sideshow, it has long lost its purpose. But the hacks appear unable, or unwilling, to stop. And they are shedding readers fast.

    They blame the internet, and media regulations. But the simple fact is, as the PM once elucidated for them, they simply write crap, and people are sick of reading it.

    copying and pasting opposition talking points as an cover for ‘political analysis’ has failed, it is time that these journos got of their bums and got back to detailing policy issues. As I said yesterday about Latika Bourke twittering about the PMs presser yesterday, and her complete inability to convey what the presser was about, and instead focussed on the leadership non-issue, is a perfect example of how lost our media is. She does not need to filter anything, it is a straight copy of events. Yet, any event that deviates from the media’s story, is simply ignored. They then go on to write voluminous articles about how the Government cannot ‘cut through’ ffs!

    Let’s hope that, with the descent of ltdnews, we can see an ascent of alternative news, such as the Global Mail, Crikey and the IA.

    Organisations that don’t need to complain about the internet for their falling revenue, as their strength lies in their message, not their medium

  49. Tom R, “Let’s hope….”, indeed. So far I have found Crikey a huge disappointment apart from some few individual contributors like Margaret Simmons. Last Friday’s editorial is not untypical of the sort of thing that Bernard Keane often writes and which has long disgusted me. To think I paid a generous subscription fee for this sort of thing. I certainly won’t again.

    The whiff of political desperation almost overpowers the sordid saga itself, certainly. But it’s Thomson standing defiant. And for what? To save a political career that only has 18 months to run regardless? To save a rotten government in the same position?

    It’s just not worth it.

  50. Yes patriciawa, I have been reading a lot of disgruntled commentators over at the crikey blogs lately. Much has been made about the Crikey story about Thomsons speech in parliament. It sounded out of character for them, yet it appears that this is happening more often over there lately. It is the kind of reporting we have become used to in our msm, it is a shame Crikey appears to be sinking down to that level.

  51. WHY was Gina Rinehart given special government approval to bring around 1700 foreign construction workers to Western Australia’s remote Pilbara?

    Because Australians won’t go there – not in big numbers, no matter how big the mining boom.

    Read more:

    There is usually more to the story than the glaring headlines about what and when the PM did or didn’t know. Surprisingly, more to the story that doesn’t need to be made up either, it is all there in the facts.

  52. I have no time for redundant MSM people. I can recall how much sympathy they had for those employed in the manufacturing industry during the 1970s and 80s when many workers were put off after the tariff wall came down.

    They can always get a job in the North West working for Gina or try and negotiate paid employment with Twiggy Forest, after all they have gone above and beyond the call of duty to kissing their arse .

    If Latika Bourke lost a bit of weight, she could get a well paid job entertaining miners, at lest then she would be making an honest living.

  53. Tom, plus they are running out of accommodation. One of the big mistakes, especially of the WA government was to allow the mega miners to not construct worksite camps, but to take over nearby towns such as Karratha.

    Workers will go there, but of course they expect things such as fly in/fly out, adequate accomodation paid for by the employer. One thing Australians will not accept is being crammed 4 to a room in a house with one loo. For Gina et al, it’s all about cutting down on expenses.

  54. Tom R @6.49am, the twitter feed is a very good idea and easy to implement.

    I’d say the reason it’s hard to lure workers to the Pilbara apart from the remote location is that it’s horrendously expensive to live in these places, particularly if the company doesn’t provide barrack style accommodation.

    And now instead of being flown home when they finish their 2 or 3 week shift, they are flown to the town nearest to the mine and have to make their way home from there.

    Quite likely that would be Darwin. I’m not criticising that decision by mine owners, but it means that unless the worker is prepared to fork out a pretty hefty sum to get home, or relocates his/her family, it pretty much means permanent separation from their families.

    Even if they do fly home, they’d probably only have a 2 or 3 days before they’d have to catch a flight to connect with the plane taking them back to work.

    Either way, it’s a pretty big ask and ultimately would lead to the break up of families.

    I should add that phone contact during working hours is not allowed and often mobile reception is dodgy, which makes contact with the family difficult even after the shift finishes. Add to that the time differential between WA and the eastern states and SA and communication is that much harder

  55. What has happened to the opposition in question time?
    They all look like they lost $2 and found 20 cents.
    Speculation in my household is (1) polls about to be released show dip for Abbott and Liberal Party or (2) the government threatened they would proceed with criminal charges against Abbott unless he started acting like a human being.

  56. QT today
    Chris Bowen thanked the Lib Member for Brisbane Teresa Gambaro for the dorothy dixer and the government side had a good laugh.
    I guess we will not be hearing from her for the rest of the year.

  57. luna, I want some of that medication that Tweed says the government is on.

    It sure works by the smiles on the face of government side. This is amazing if we have been following the news all day. This government is in dire straights and on attack from all sides. The medication much be miraculous.

  58. This agreement was mentioned in last years budget. Says something about being kept hidden. No questions once again from Abbott.

  59. I got this from over pollbludger. It is a revealing expose of the damage our warped media has done to our perceptions.

    When told that official figures show Australia’s economy is doing well, 52% agreed and 37% disagreed.

    This is in stark contrast to the question asked before the respondents were were told the official figures

    35% described the economy as good or very good and 29% poor/very poor – 33% said it was neither.

    A damning result chalked up to our failed estate.

  60. Tom, me-think it ‘mazing that people even when provided with factual information refuse to believe it. Such are the powers of persuation..I won’t say “the weak minded”, but one has to be a bit suspicious in this regard.

  61. Yes, it is amazing Min, that, when shown the figures that prove we are doing well, only half believe them 😯

  62. Just watched Chris Uhlmann in his new subordinate (comedy relief) role take a free shot at the Gillard government. No facts, not even the “unnamed source” got a mention, but Chris knew just how rotten this government has become.

    Don’t go away mad Chris, just go away.

  63. I had previously thought blogs were for hedonistic teenagers lamenting loves lost or trusts betrayed, or for ‘hair of the dog’ posts to workmates or corporate colleagues.

    Imagine my shock and delight when I stumbled on this post where grown ups have considered comment and respectful responses.

    I’m alerting my teenage daughter to this bountiful concerned comment and canceling my newspaper subscriptions immediately.

  64. memorabile ,Welcome. I hope we keep up the standards we thrive for.

    I don’t know about you, but I’ve got a feeling that this will be the week that the national media turn it around. That they show us what a fine Fourth Estate they really can be. That political journalists start focusing on policy, that the newspapers foster a real debate between experts on all sides to assess the merits of various pieces of legislation, that opinion columnists don’t try to deceive readers with half-truths and outright lies.

    I can’t wait!

  65. I had previously thought blogs were for hedonistic teenagers

    That’s probably the nicest description anyone has ever given for grodo 🙂

    Welcome memorabile, let’s hope it is.

  66. CU
    What a shame for the person who made that comment, our msm is all excited about Abbott and Pyne hi jinks on the floor of the HOR

  67. Sue, I believe after watching today, the PM is completely in charge within the house.

    Whats more, Abbott knows it.

  68. Tweet from SBS’ Karen Middleton

    Karen Middleton ‏@KarenMMiddleton

    Craig Thomson’s response to Ch9 decision to drop interview w prostitute: “I am glad to see people are starting to respect due process.”

  69. Pip,

    That “interview,” if it even exists, was never going to be aired. The “allegations” have done their job – Channel 9 got the ratings figures they wanted, and they don’t have to pay the $60K to the woman in question. I’ll bet she did get something though 😉

  70. The LNP should try and find suitable adults to join the Coalition – the current mob have no imagination – no brains

    On Twitter

    Malcolm Farnsworth ‏@mfarnsworth

    Some comments that were recorded by Hansard: “vile worm”, “political leper”, “pariah dog”, “skunk”, “stinking crowd” (reference to the ALP

  71. Bacchus and Cu, the Channel 9 charade continues with their terribly formal announcement…. bullsh*t from start to finish..

    ACA’s statement in relation to the Craig Thomson investigation is as follows:


    As has been previously reported, A CURRENT AFFAIR has been conducting an investigation into allegations against Federal MP Craig Thomson in relation to his former position at the Health Services Union.

    Our investigation is now complete.

    The Victoria Police Fraud and Extortion Squad are presently conducting a criminal investigation in relation to Craig Thomson and we have supplied evidentiary material in our possession, resulting from our enquiries, to Police, to assist them in their on-going investigation.

    We now await the outcome of the police investigation before pursuing the story any further.

    Grant Williams
    Executive Producer

  72. That investigation with the Victorian police must by now be several months old and follows on from the NSW police investigated which concluded that there were no CRIMINAL charges which could be laid.

  73. Just more wasting of police time. Where do they get all this evidence from. I believe we can guess the source.

    Now if they can come up with those missing documents, meeting notes I believe, that maybe something.

    The bull shit is that they have nothing. Like that smoking gun that has disappeared.

  74. CU
    That smoking gun must be in the back of a ute currently on the roundabout Parliament House Canberra.

  75. LOL Sue – wasn’t that “ute” returned to the used car dealer in Ipswich, once Kevin07 and Godwin was finished with it 😉

  76. Maybe one of the shooters party took it in mistake for one of their own.

    Listening to 7.30. Maybe there is a backlash coming from the Opposition’s filth and abuse in the house.

    Today was a new low.

  77. Cu, one of the fundamentals of communication as that you think before you speak. Tony Abbott’s mouth is obviously too fast for his brain.

  78. Bad news for the day M Grattan not on strike, there she was with her opinions on RN this morning. And her opinion on Tony Abbott, running frpm the parliament……..
    “there he was seen, and as it is today shown over and over again, the undignified……blah,blah,blah…..”

    Talking of RN, F Kelly in interview with Rob Oakshott, said “we will get to the sticking out the tongue”……… and that was all she said.

    So as photographed yesterday, Pyne sticking his tongue out at the Deputy Speaker, dismissed and forgotten, a non issue for Fran.

  79. Michelle Gratton in a very anorexic looking Age:

    WHOLE families lie slaughtered in Syria, rape and pillage continues in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5.5 million have died, the world averting its face since a war began in 1998, millions are suddenly unemployed in Europe, manufacturing jobs are collapsing in Australia … and what has us riveted in our Federal Parliament?

    Read more:

    What has us riveted? Perhaps you should use a bit more of the perpendicular pronoun Michelle.

    The Lone Ranger turns to his faithful native American friend and says:

    “Tonto we are surrounded by 200 hostile native Americans”

    Tonto says:

    “What do you mean we whiteman?”

  80. I can’t believe the media are actually attempting to report Abbott’s childish and cowardly run for the door in parliament as him being dashing and brave for he was holding to a principal.

  81. Yes Michelle Grattan doing a very poor, “Quick look over there, way over there, as far away from Tony Abbott as possible”.

  82. A very good example about how to mention a subject and not talk about it

    “Politicians are doing some good, alongside ‘‘poking tongues’’ out at each other, federal independent MP Rob Oakeshott insists.
    Parliamentary standards are again in the spotlight after Opposition Leader Tony Abbott and manager of coalition business Christopher Pyne yesterday ran for the exits”

    Read more:

    “POLITICIANS are doing some good, alongside “poking tongues” out at each other, federal independent MP Rob Oakeshott insists.

    Read more:

    Yes same story yet both do not mention the reference to ‘‘poking tongues’’.
    Is it because Christopher Pyne Mananger of Opposition in the House did the act towards the Deputy Speaker when he was sent from the House after being warned.

    This is the Leader of Opposition Business, the same person who “like a gazelle” ran from the House, why no scrutiny? Is this because if it were highlighted he could be suspended from the House for showing contempt to the Speaker!

    Shame msm, pathetic schoolboy stuff Pyne.

  83. How come. They are scraping the bottom of the barrel in finding ways of criticizing the PM.

    Racism’ warning in mining jobs stoush
    BY: BEN PACKHAM From: The Australian May 31, 2012 6:27AM

    Miners fear Julia Gillard has inflamed xenophobic sentiments with her concessions to unions over enterprise migration agreements.

    I noticed the PM speech to the miners, was strong in telling them a few facts and where she stands, That is for the people and the nation. The PM did not appear to feel the need to brown nose then, as Mr. Abbott did earlier in the day. The PM stood up for us, with a smile on her face.

  84. Surely sticking one tongue out towards the chair, is holding the chair in contempt and a punishable offence, that could lead to suspension. Maybe even referral to the privilege Committee.

  85. Good timing Cu. I just mentioned that in another thread, but I didn’t get the source.

    I heard it on ABC local radio this morning and was gob smacked. Somehow Gillard putting Australian workers ahead of foreign ones and then insisting foreign workers get the same pay and conditions as Australian workers is racist.

    Go figure.

  86. Some deceitful reporting from this regional newspaper. The writer Kate Coughlan, could not bring herself to mention how much of the Funding for pre-schools is from the Federal govt. I can only guess that National Partnership funding is from COAG,

    “Member for Murray Valley Tim McCurdy welcomed the funding announcement, a combination of state and National Partnership funding which incorporated the 2011-12 $26 million grants round, money brought forward from the recently announced $50 million grants round and $4.4 million in internal departmental funds.”

  87. The federal government has handed to an academic details of building costs for its school halls stimulus program, a Senate committee has heard.

    The $16.2 billion Building the Education Revolution (BER), designed to combat an expected economic downturn due to the 2008 global financial crisis, delivered more than 23,670 construction projects to schools across Australia.

    It came under fire for being very costly, although an inquiry after the program’s completion found the rollout was successful overall.

    The government has given a $3 million grant to University of NSW academic Sidney Newton to develop a cost analysis model using the BER data.

  88. Cu, one thing which is often neglected about the BER is that the stimulus had to be shovel ready, and what better projects than school halls, disabled toilets to enable kids to attend school with their friends, plus science blocks in older style schools where such facilities were nonexistent.

    Another thing neglected is that school halls have ongoing benefits, providing facilities such as a meeting place and therefore also providing much needed revenue for the school itself.

  89. The difference in The Australian reporting when a Liberal government is in power as compared to a Labor one:

    Sorry, behind a paywall.

    Premier confirms his mastery of realpolitik

    by: Imre Salusinszky, NSW political reporter
    From: The Australian
    May 31, 2012 12:00AM

    BARRY O’Farrell has secured a major piece of micro-economic reform that should, at least temporarily, silence those who argue he has achieved too little in his 14 months in office.

    But the Premier will attract renewed criticism for caving in to demands from the minor parties, to shepherd the sale of the three NSW electricity generators through the upper house.

    So when Labor got through a reform or sell offs it was spin and terrible policy, but a Liberal Premier does it and it’s mastery of real politics apparently.

    Also note the excuse for O’Farrell doing next to nothing in his 14 months in office. Apparently this sell off, which will cost the NSW people dearly, and caving into a shooters’ lobby somehow excuses all that time of doing nothing.

    At least he’s admitted there are people voicing that O’Farrell has done nothing, which is not an argument but a fact. Any precis of his last 14 months in office will be very short indeed on policy or reform substance but full of pages of grandstanding and blaming the previous Labor government. Something he promised he wouldn’t do by the way.

  90. The australian has been complains about media watch. From an article by jonathan holmes.

    “But such, argues The Australian, are those members of Media Watch’s audience who appreciate our occasional attempts to correct the distorted science reporting to which that newspaper is prone.

    It is an extraordinary claim, especially since Media Watch’s regular audience is considerably larger than The Australian’s readership”

  91. Abc 24, protest fairfax journalist

    Quote from protestor
    Fairfax have been cutting and cutting and if they continue cutting journalists won’t be able to serve their communities.

    Sorry protestor but sites such as this exist because journalists opinionate rather than investigate and as such have already failed the test of serving their communities.

  92. Just the Facts, Mam

    Congratulations to Lyndal Curtis, for an informative Carbon Price Facts program on Capital Hill.
    The program started with one on one interviews, first with Greg Combet followed by Greg Hunt. Curtis then had the studio interview with 2 guests, experts in Carbon Pricing.
    With the experts Lyndal’s questions were loosely based on the Abbott fear campaign, the experts calmy explained what will actually happen. The modelling is coming in as expected and industry has been preparing for the last 10 years. Looking towards the future the compensation for industry and households will move with cpi.
    Thank you Lyndal Curtis.

  93. Sue, you seem to monitor these things more closely than most. Do you sense an improvement in reportage lately? Less commentary, more facts?

  94. Patricia, I suspect all the stunts are back firing. They have just gone too far.

    The PM is standing tall, the message she is getting across at last, the people like what they are hearing.

    Abbott is becoming irrelevant. he has nothing to offer.

    The media appears t be confused in what to cover.

  95. Cu and that is what we were predicting…although many thought that we had rocks in our heads due to the Libs leading in the polls. Eventually, one has to work out what one really wants..and is Tony Abbott really it??

  96. patriciawa

    the biggest change is a word “price” rather than “tax”.

    I was surprised by Lyndal Curtis, it was a definite change.
    Not too much change elsewhere, I think the msm had swallowed the belief the minority government would fail. Now they are coming to realise it won’t fail.

  97. How can another day go by without O’Farrell directly breaking a major election promise.

    When in opposition the Coalition and O’Farrell in particularly campaigned hard and vehemently against speed and red light cameras, constantly averring they were revenue raising cash cows and not for road safety.

    O’Farrell’s election campaign heavily revolved around the speed camera issue and his promise to audit them and remove those that were only cash cows.

    And so it was as his only action done at any speed on getting into office was to run an audit and lo and behold his government amid a lot of fanfare removed a small handful of cameras.

    Wind forward 12 months and we have the news reporting NSW drivers are lead foots and drive dangerously, which is true, so O’Farrell is to bring in dozens of speed cameras and many more red light cameras, but it’s for safety and justified.

    This happens just before a budget where he can add the estimated revenue from the cameras to his bottom line.

    So do I hear the media grilling the minister and pointing out the blatant broken election promise? Of course not, lots of praise for the O’Farrell and how terrible those drivers are that he had to do this to them, immediately followed by the piece on Howard receiving his award that nearly made me puke.

  98. ME, do not forget the Under destruction site.

    Sue, they said the as you call it price, for the first time on Sunday on the Insiders. One gets the feeling they have been directed to change the language. About time, it is not a tax.

  99. Min, I fear at this time, it might come down to the one they despise the less. That is OK, as long as it is Abbott that loses.

  100. ME. he is also giving those minor parties that supported the power sell off, more money for expenses.

    First time a Premier has paid a bribe with money.

  101. Tweed
    Well last weekend didn’t lead to a big week for Abbott, so enjoy your last 4 weeks of scare and fear and “believing” Abbott.
    As the PM says he can run but he cannot hide.

  102. Sue, another amazing thing. Lyndal Curtis gave a balance account on Capital Hill last night, on the coming Clean Energy Future and the price they are putting on carbon emitters.

    Funny, all those stories and myths that people perceive are not true.

    It appears, according to a couple of experts, that the effect will be minimal and the process is spot on.

    Funny, most other comparable countries are also addressing the problem. We are not leading the charge.

    It is puzzling why Mr.Abbott is so misinformed and telling everyone things that will backfire on him in less than a month.

    Business will not go broke. Many will be better off.

    Could Mr. Abbott have fallen to the complaint he diagnosed many years ago.

    Back in 2001, on the Nine Network’s now defunct Sunday program, Tony Abbott invented a new word. Roonism. The then Industrial Relations Minister was complaining about the relentless negativity of the Labor opposition under Kim Beazley

    Roonism, Abbott explained, “is a kind of a mutant sibling of the tall poppy syndrome, and it’s poisoning our public life at the moment and it risks doing damage to the economy. “And of course, the chief economic ghoul literally praying for bad news is Kim Beazley. The champagne corks pop in Kim Beazley’s office every time someone gets into trouble.”

  103. CU and patriciawa

    From your link CU, this is what patriciawa was asking about, any shift in the msm

    “Interestingly that changed this week. A coalition front-bencher – environment spokesman Greg Hunt – can take part of the credit. Gillard staffers noticed that, in a radio interview, Hunt seemed uncomfortable with questions about some of the opposition’s claims over the last 12 months of devastating economic consequences when the carbon pricing system comes into force on July 1st.

    Q: By your assessment, how soon will the economy be wrecked?

    A: Oh, what we’re going to see is a progressive impact. It’s like the python – it will simply be tighter and tighter.

    Q: What about Whyalla, which Tony Abbott predicted would be a ghost town? How soon will Whyalla be a ghost town?

    A: Well, I think what you’ll find is that there is a real risk to the smelting operations.

    A decision was made to go all-out in parliament to remind voters of Abbott’s more outlandish statements, so he can be held to account when the dire predictions don’t come to pass.”

  104. patriciawa

    This morning on saturday news 24 breakfast, Latika Bourke actually had some challenging questions for Sen. Arthur Sidonis. She actually listened to his answers and followed with more probing questions. Sidonis had his eyes opening a couple of times.

    Sidonis must be the on duty spokeperson this weekend, as last night to was on Lateline where he was up against Mike Kelly. Mike Kelly ain’t no walkover either.

  105. I wonder if some in the media believe the Abbott train is in danger of being derailed or at the very least heading up a line that leads to a dead end.

    They are alighting early.

    They are only left with the facts, which are hard ignore.

    It is true in life we can all ignore reality in the short term, but all are forced back to the real world in the long term. That unpaid bill always catches up with us. Not opening the envelope changes anything.

    One has to ignore a lot of reality to support Abbott.

  106. Sideshow Sam has once again written a fantasy piece, this weeks PM’s back bench revolt,is on the “carbon “. Yes “tax” didn’t make it into the headline, just the opening sentence.

    With a lot of imagination Sam gets to wind the “revolt” into
    Rudd leadership,
    Bowen immigration,
    3 major Unionists,
    1 un-named Labor MP.

    This story is so weak, that Sam’s name isn’t attributed to the article at only when you get to the Smelograph.

  107. Our friend Wixxy has an article written about him in today’s Australian. If there are those who cannot get behind the paywall, let me know and I’ll repost the article.

    The former Labor MP-turned-independent tweeted a reference to posts written by small business operator, ALP member and political blogger Peter Wicks over the weekend about Ms Jackson’s spending of Health Services Union funds.

  108. And thank you to Lloyd for pointing this one out..

    Kathy Jackson faces action after allegedly attempting to contact judge outside court

    UNION leader Kathy Jackson faces possible court action for allegedly trying to make contact with a judge hearing the case to place the Health Services Union’s allegedly corrupt East branch into administration.

  109. Min, maybe now they will have to address what wixxy is saying,not just him.

    What has happened to Slipper and Thomson, hardly a mention in the media.

  110. Min
    good to know there is more to be revealed about the jackson saga..
    court tomorrow should be interesting
    i bet jackson wants “that judge” removed!

  111. Cu, it was typical tactics wasn’t it. I think that because wixxy is our friend that this was even more noticeable than usual – attack the person.

  112. So there are 2 big issues for the judge to consider before returning to the hsu matter

    Justice Flick ordered Ms Jackson’s barrister, Brett Shields, to make a submission as to why action should not be taken against his client
    Justice Flick also ordered Mr Shields to make a submission as to why Ms Jackson’s solicitors should not be disciplined for, allegedly, summarily trying to make contact with his office in an alleged ex-parte communication.

  113. I heard an interview with Laura Tingle on her latest Quarterly Essay 46
    Great Expectations: Government, Entitlement and an Angry Nation

    Very interesting take on why Australian people are pissed off at governments, and Abbott won’t be happy with the outcome if Laura’s contention is true for he will cop it worse than Gillard from the people if he wins government.

    Laura goes right back to settlement and into Federation about Australian contradictory attitudes towards government. The thing that stood out for me in the interview was just how much Keating has done for this country and in doing so Laura contends set Australians who liked staid and boring governments into being fearful and uncertain.

    Then along comes relaxed and comfortable, alert but not alarmed Howard with huge handouts, unbelievably large amounts of obscene handouts on the back of a great economic boom, and Australians now thought they were entitled. They are expecting an Abbott government to do the same, and if he doesn’t then watch the backlash.

    The fact is, as Laura points out, governments have little control over much these days, and that’s thanks to Keating, and that makes the people angry at them as they expect governments to have complete control whilst at the same time expecting small and non-interventionist government. See the contradiction.

    Hawke, Keating and other Labor governments before them were great reformist governments whilst the Liberals just kept things as they were, which conversely required larger governments and greater government intervention in people’s lives, the very antipathy of what Howard claimed his government was.

    Laura doesn’t have much good to say about Howard’s stewardship, and right so.

    I don’t know if I’ll fork out the 20 buck for the essay but I’m tempted.

  114. Mobius, the weird thing about Tony Abbott is that nobody seems to have any expectations of him whatsoever. There might be a few bleats about things that cannot do anyway such as the carbon tax, not being able to turn back the boats and basically not doing anything important – no vision, zilch, zip and zero.

    Weirdly we might end up electing a PM who has promised to do absolutely nothing whatsoever.

  115. Min that contradiction by the Australian people was also bought up. They knew Howard could not keep promises he made but voted for him anyway and she said they know Abbott will not keep his much of his nonsense assertions but have factored that in.

    What they are expecting I think is that Abbott will deliver them a boring government of handouts and no political or economic turmoil. The promises they are expecting an Abbott government, or Liberal government is Abbott is not the leader, to keep is one of largesse and better government control of things like banks, interest rates, immigration etc. None of which any future government has much control over.

    Abbott is in for a shock if he wins, but to my thinking I don’t think he really cares. He just wants to be leader for a time, get the full PM pension and entitlements when he stands down or is kicked out and then earn big money for a company he has done favours for when he was PM.

    With Abbott it’s all about Abbott, which is why I can’t understand his rusted on supporters. He will screw them as quickly as he will screw anyone else. There is a book with Jesus in the title about people who support political parties and politicians who are screwing them. The millions George W Bush screwed is a good example.

  116. Mobius, I see a bit of a difference there. With Howard he was promising something, but people didn’t expect him to keep his word. With Abbott he is promising’s almost as if it’s, Have no expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

    Abbott is like a child who wants a pony for Xmas..if he gets it, he won’t have a clue what to do with it and will lose interest in around, 10 minutes.

  117. Mobius, it is available on E-book for less than $10 if you can work out how to order.

  118. Tell me it’s not true! My beliefs are shattered 🙄 The Qld LNP is actually run by faceless men.

    Former Howard government minister Gary Hardgrave has been expelled from Queensland’s Liberal National Party.

    Mr Hardgrave, a presenter with Fairfax Radio 4BC, said today the decision was linked to comments he made in his capacity as a broadcaster and accused the party of trying to control his public remarks.

    “I can confirm I have received a letter which states the LNP state executive have chosen to expel me from the party,” Mr Hardgrave said in a statement.

    “This comes as a result of them taking exception to a number of comments I made in connection with my work within the media as a radio presenter for 4BC.”

    “A few within the LNP executive have sought to control me and in fact even suggested I should consult the LNP constitution before I broadcast each day,” he said.

    “Complaints about what I say can be directed to the station manager but the LNP executive has chosen to try and pressure me on a number of occasions directly.”

    The election of the Newman government has seen an enormous power shift from the party organisation to the Premier and his leadership group,” Mr Hardgrave said.

    “Faceless people within the party organisation have used me as [an] example as they struggle for relevance. They seem in a parallel universe satisfying themselves of their own importance.

    “A group madness … has now enveloped the LNP executive.

    “This is more a reflection on the current executive than me and their decision undermines further their suitability to be the custodians of the Liberal franchise in Queensland.”

  119. Yeah I know but epub are better on my e-reader and it’s more portable than my laptop.

  120. It seems that Mr. Howard created a climate of entitlements. That I have no problem with, except it was only the upper middle and high income earners that are entitle to entitlements.

    For the rest, it was mutual obligations, which in Mr. Howard’s case seem to go only one way, his.

    Much was put on the culture of aspiration and being independent of government.

    User pay was good enough for the undeserving masses.

    What is true, we now have a populace of angry and confused people.

  121. Just watching an embarrassed ABC financial spokesman announcing the outstanding economic growth figure. He is having a lot of difficulty spinning this as a “Labor bad” message. OMG Joe Hockey’s job just got a lot harder, in a pathetic spin attempt, he tried to say this might feed inflation.

    Joe, interest rates and unemployment will always be lower under a labor government. The economic growth is another big tick for the Federal Government, shame about the Victorian State economic basket case and the shambolic Queensland economy.

  122. Early this morning, Hockey was interviewed on ABC news radio. He was ranting on about the reserve bank saying that there was concern in the community about the so called carbon tax.

    The interviewer asked, whose fault s that. Hockey denied they were to blame, went on the defensive, attacking the PM and everything she has done.

    Any logical person listening would come to the conclusion that Hockey has proved the interviewer’s point.

    He went on to add, that only they could provide good, stable government.

  123. Just watching Wayne Swan at a press conference. He referred 6 times to a chart just off screen to his right. I would love to have seen what he was talking about, but the pathetic ABC could not (would not?) pan right.
    The pathetic Labor media guy did not understand the limitations of the ABC camera guy, he should have given Wayne a hand held chart.
    Ever wonder why the Labor government can’t get their message across?

  124. Stupid Labor party.
    ABC news 24 has media conference of Swan, however the camera is unable to show both the treasurer and the graphs he referred to. I phoned the treasurers office and there response, oh well sky news is showing it and we cannot tell abc what to do. i suggested the media officer for swan may be interested, but i doubt it, they seem content with “unable to get the message across”.

  125. Prior to Wayne Swan’s media conference, Joe O’Brien (ABC 24) did not know who would they would cross to; Gillard or Swan? Apparently both had organised media events but either did not tell the ABC or each orther. Maybe the Labor media team could talk to one another and get organised
    Ever wonder why the Labor Government can’t get their message across?

  126. Sue and they seem content with “unable to get the message across”. Probably because they’ve had the same or similar complaints 100,000,000,000 times already.

    When working with the msm (newspaper journo briefly), the attitude I found was, Well it’s all in the past..too late to complain now.

  127. Geez I wish the journalists would tell their names before asking questions. So apart from the idiot talking about WA succeeding from the C/wealth the other most stooopid question was

    “Now these figures are already 3 months old” I guess from that we will see how this journalist will turn good news on the economy into more gloom and doom.

  128. Min
    I think I was appalled with the fact they have on Sky news in the office, even the Govt has given up on watching the ABC.

  129. Sue if only the Labor government apparatchiks watched more ABC, rather that the bourgeoisie Sky News, maybe they would have a better understanding of what was happening.
    Ever wonder why the Labor Government can’t get their message across?

  130. Is profit all it is about.

    He said newspapers were businesses, not a public service, whose purpose was to ”portray the facts in a manner … to attract readership”.
    Advertisement: Story continues below
    Commenting on whether Mrs Rinehart would interfere with editorial policy at The Age or The Sydney Morning Herald, Mr Cowin cited a recent article that had said stopping her from doing so ”would be like Qantas not allowing its directors to talk about aeroplanes.”
    Asked by 774’s Rafael Epstein whether Fairfax would employ people like right-wing News Ltd columnist Andrew Bolt if Mrs Rinehart were on the board, he said: ”I would think there may be an argument that would balance the message that’s being communicated to the community if there were more Andrew Bolt.”
    Asked which way Mrs Rinehart would take editorial policy, Mr Cowin said: ”Gina Rinehart would have a stronger right-wing view than probably the average liberal journalist.”
    He said the purpose of a company ”is to try to make a profit, and if the editorial policy … is not optimising the opportunity, then it’s the role of the directors to try to change the direction”.

    Read more:

  131. CU
    I just read that about Gina and thought: What is new about that? We have known for ages that Gina was intent on buying up media to press her idealogy on the masses. Ever since that video clip of Monkton telling her it was the “right” thing to do, Gina has moved in that direction.

    She has so much money, she could produce fairfax publications and give them away. Grattan won’t have to worry, her job is safe.

  132. An interesting juxtaposition greeted me when I looked at the Sydney Morning Herald online this morning:

    On one hand we have the Reserve Bank telling us that:
    … central to the decision was a concern that no matter how good the domestic economic news, Australians are scarcely noticing in an atmosphere muddied by campaigning against the carbon tax.
    And on the other hand we have a former politician claiming:
    Nobody thinks the carbon tax is a piece of reform.Nobody puts forward the carbon tax as an economic measure. No one has suggested a carbon tax would be good for jobs or the economy, or a method by which to increase family tax benefits and pensions.
    I guess that’s balance.

  133. ‘Mr Cowin distinguished between direct interference with journalists and setting broader direction.

    ”One of the things that Fairfax is looking for is to ensure there is not direct interference. If she (Gina) has a particular point of view, does she directly communicate with a journalist?

    ”That is obviously being resisted and … in my opinion [she would have to] agree to that if she was to become a director.”

    Read more:

  134. Monckton who urged Gina to buy up the media, because the media needs more right wing reporting.
    Monckton, the favorite of the climate denialists

    monckton doing a fund raiser for the “birthers”

  135. Eddie, that’s a fascinating link. I’m not surprised to see the Fairfax media streets ahead of the Murdoch media when in comes to public trust.

    This might interest you. A recent poll in the USA revealed that bloggers are considered more reliable than journalists. 🙂

  136. Eddie, from your link..

    The prospect of tighter regulation of the Australian media has drawn closer after it emerged last week that a TV network aired a prostitute’s lurid claims against an MP despite knowing the woman wanted to retract the allegations.

  137. Don’t the media and opposition have a lot to answer to.

    And as happened in the past when a person is hounded to suicide by the media their response is always it’s the public’s right to know and their job to expose.

  138. Mobius, without any regard to whether or not it’s factual information. The stripper of course has now recanted, but can you imagine the damage done by accusations where one is continuously called upon to defend oneself..based upon vague facts. Now precisely what was the crime? And hasn’t the punishment by now far outweighed the crime.

  139. ME @2.55pm, let’s hope they will soon have to do just that. Bring on the end of self regulation and an independent regulator with big, fat fangs and the will to use them!

  140. It is not a tax on households or small businesses. The emitters of carbon pollution, which is caused by the burning of fossil fuels, including coal and petroleum, will pay per tonne of carbon they release into the atmosphere.

    News Ltd’s coverage of the Government’s carbon price policy has been so negative and one-dimensional that some papers in the stable are misleading the public by doing partisan campaigning.There is a deep and pervasive reluctance amongst the Canberra media gallery to critique their own power to influence public opinion and debate and to criticize the way that many of these journalists use their power to engage in systematic deception.

    So where is that Finkelstein review of our media, which recommended much tougher regulation for the print media. Tougher media standards is needed, since newspaper self-regulation is an utter failure in ensuring the media is accountable and responsible for its abuse of power.

  141. Oh dear, are the MSM getting precious again. Previously we had the Murdoch press tugging at forelocks about the complaint is about Twitterers..

    THE Twitter conversation around Australian politics is so skewed that 1 per cent of users produce two-thirds of the conversation, research reveals.

    Anything to do with Tony Abbott’s recent disastrous attempt at tweeting?

    Tony Abbott’s Twitter question and answer session backfires


    NOT long after I started at the ABC … I set out the direction the ABC would be taking editorially. How, in all our content, we’d deliver balance, diversity and impartiality, the full range of voices and perspectives as set out in our new editorial policies. And I think it’s pretty clear to the public that those editorial standards, diversity of opinion and impartiality I set out six years ago, are part of the ABC’s editorial DNA today.

    Has someone got evidence to back up that claim of balance and impartiality? Is there some host of an ABC TV current affairs show that isn’t of the Left, for instance? Has Media Watch been handed over to a conservative after seven consecutive hosts of the Left? Has the Drum panel suddenly been swarmed by non-Leftists? Has Q&A for the first time found a panel in which conservatives outnumber the Left, rather than vice versa? Has Insiders?

    Where exactly is this “balance”?

    Aunty’s managing director gives himself a good pat on the back for delivering balance
    BY: CUT & PASTE From: The Australian June 14, 2012 12:00AM

    ABC managing director Mark Scott yesterday:

    THE ABC itself has suffered a further tickle-up from Rupert Murdoch’s broadsheet, accused of being an epicentre of groupthink.

  143. Sorry for more cut and paste.

    An ABC apology to Coalition front-bencher Scott Morrison over claims he pandered to racist attitudes towards asylum seekers has re-launched debate about the public broadcaster’s forays into opinion and commentary.

    On Monday night’s episode of panel show The Drum, ABC economics correspondent Stephen Long said he believed the opposition’s stance on Australia’s border security was “a cynical manipulation of an underlying prejudice in the Australian community and that it has very little policy merit”.

    He later said: “I think Scott Morrison in particular as a spokesman in this area has just pushed way beyond acceptability in a way that he is willing to pander and manipulate that level of prejudice in what is essentially a racist manner.”

    Last night The Drum’s host Steve Cannane apologised to Morrison, saying the comments questioned Morrison’s “motives and integrity” and “were clearly inappropriate for an ABC journalist to make”.

    Crikey understands some ABC staff believe the ABC could have stuck by Long’s comments given some of Morrison’s controversial statements about asylum seekers. These include warning that asylum seekers arriving by boat may spread communicable diseases and questioning the appropriateness of using taxpayers’ dollars to fly relatives of victims of the Christmas Island shipwreck to attend a funeral ceremony.

    ABC boss Mark Scott would not comment on Long’s specific comments this morning. But he told Crikey his advice to ABC journalists was simple: “Provide insight and analysis where you can and when you can’t, don’t. You shouldn’t be delving into the realm of personal opinion.

    “ABC journalists have been offering analysis for over a decade now on Insiders. They’re not meant to be presenting personal opinions. That’s in the guidelines; everyone understands that. The people who tend to be most upset when lines are crossed are other members of staff.”


    Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes says that Long’s comments were “dodgy” and “way over the line”, but he doesn’t agree with Scott that the ABC’s distinction between opinion and analysis is clear enough.

    Holmes questioned the distinction between opinion and analysis in 2009 and said he stands by that view.

    Click to access EdPols07_updateFeb09_FIN%20tools.pdf

  144. “The whole business of putting ABC journalists in a position of expressing a personal position is dangerous,” he said. “Going on The Drum is taking a risk. Someone like Annabel [Crabb] is bright enough to navigate the shoals. You’ll always be torn between expressing an opinion and saying nothing.”

    Holmes says he doesn’t believe ABC Radio National host Fran Kelly, for example, should be appearing on programs such as Insiders.

    Kelly attracted some attention last year for saying on Insiders that she supports efforts to put a price on carbon.

    Michael Gawenda, a former editor of The Age, told Crikey: “The distinction between opinion and analysis has never been spelt out and I don’t think it can be. In my view, all analysis is a form of opinion. If the ABC still thinks there is a line between opinion and analysis they should spell out where it is.”

    Gawenda believes the ABC should be allocating resources to news reporting and investigative journalism — not commentary for The Drum website or television program.

    “Stephen is a terrific finance reporter. Whether he should be commentating on areas outside his expertise is another question. I think not,” Gawenda said.

    “One of the problem with programs like The Drum is that it’s journalists talking to themselves. If you want to cover these issues have people with policy expertise and people working in the area — not journos talking among themselves.”

    Morrison’s complaint to the ABC was sparked by a blog post by conservative News Limited commentator Andrew Bolt. He later tweeted that he was satisfied with the ABC’s apology.

  145. Things are just starting to get interesting by the looks Min

    Wonder if this will disappear as quickly as the alleged ‘dirt file’ once it becomes apparent that the libs fingerprints are all over it?

  146. Tom @11.03am. Thank you. I owe you a Surf’n’Turf dinner with a nice tarragon creme sauce, scalloped baked potatoes etc. Plus of course a beverage of your choice.

  147. And only yesterday Mal Brough put his name forward for Peter Slipper’s seat. Johnnie, Mal may need you to hold up the pre-selection process, or is this an embarrassment, Johnnie will wander away from. Tony Abbott happy/sad at todays court hearings.

  148. “Mr Burnside alleged the two advisers “provided sensitive material” to News Ltd journalist Steve Lewis and provided “politically sensitive information” to Mr Brough.

    He said there were “interesting texts” sent between Mr Ashby, Ms Doane, Lewis and Mr Brough.”

    Read more:–slippers-rivals-court-20120615-20e55.html#ixzz1xoyxrMF5

    This will be bigger than the other little Steve Lewis GOTCHA, Godwin Gretch

  149. Sue, it’s you and I..providing sensitive material plus the suggestion that they were working in collusion.

    Working in collusion is actually a legalistic term meaning “with intent”. With intent being all important at law, goes back to mens rea, of a guilty mind, which compares with lack of intent.

    This might seem nit-picky, but it won’t be once it gets to court.

  150. but it won’t be once it gets to court.

    Isn’t that where they are right now?

    Which I guess means it isn’t ‘nit-picky’ 😉

  151. It would have been worth making the trip to Sydney.

    he legal team in itself would be worth watching.

    A great line up of alto egos,

    I wonder if the judge will get a look in.

  152. Uh seems that Brough has been in the thick of it.. My bet is that Ashby will confess all, and it ain’t got anything to do with leaving the shower door open…

    Justice Rares granted leave to issue subpoenas to Mr Lewis, Mr Brough, Ms Doane and Mr Ashby’s media spokesman Anthony McClellan.

    A notice to produce will be issued to Mr Ashby.

    The hearing continues.–slippers-rivals-court-20120615-20e55.html#ixzz1xpDAkg1l

  153. And the commonwealth and slipper get to see the unredacted copy of the affidavit.

    and the c/wealth is looking to terminate employment of ashby and doane, as they were undermining slipper while working for him, that is giving info to steve lewis and mal brough.
    i suppose that will be one “leak” the govt has found.
    so any payments to ashby and who is covering legals, does become very important.

    min thanks for the legal meaning on “collusion”.
    now will steve lewis be able to hide behind the “i am a journalist and don’t have to reveal sources” if the govt has the text messages?

  154. Sue, for non legals it does seem nit picky at times. But intent aka mens rea is the basis of all common law. It covers huge ground..that is, one cannot be condemned for something which was an unintended consequence. Although of course, many are condemned and indeed crucified for unintended consequences.

    Therefore if we have that certain persons were ‘leaking’ with intention..bye bye to the claim of unintentional consequences.

    Lewis is up the proverbial, he has been subpoenaed. To withhold evidence will be in contempt of court.

  155. Interesting, just who else is implicated with the text messages.
    ‘Mr Burnside said Ms Doane and Mr Ashby had been on paid leave since the matter “blew up” – and that it was caused by their own actions.

    He said the two staffers used material “they should never have leaked to the press and to former members of Parliament”.

    He said the Commonwealth, as their employer, wanted mobile phone records to “review” their continued employment as a matter of urgency.

    He said some text messages referred to paragraphs in the affidavits that had been filed in the matter.

    “It’s a matter of concern that since then they have been on paid leave and this is a matter that needs to be put to rest quickly,” he said.’

    Read more:–slippers-rivals-court-20120615-20e55.html#ixzz1xpRO4S9w

  156. Funny how the alleged evidence that many place their belief on that the man is guilty, changes once it hits the courts.

    Fact always have a way of changing, when they are placed in context.

    words can mean anything when taken out of context.

  157. Now the meeting between and betwixt Brough, Hockey, Palmer at Easter, may become a part of the court case.

  158. Are we in the same world as Mr. Bolt. I believe in this court, it is not proof beyond reasonable doubt. A lesser standard of proof is required.

    Red herring or not, it undermines Mr. Ashby’s claims.

    The Peter Slipper scandal may just have got a lot worse for Labor, and I wonder how it will spin this. By attacking Karen Doane as it’s attacked James Ashby?

    A second staffer in Mr Slipper’s office, press secretary Karen Doane, has gone on leave, in news conveyed to the Speaker’s office by Mr Ashby’s legal firm Harmers. Harmers declined to comment on whether they were also representing Ms Doane.

    And Samantha Maiden clears up with former Indigenous Affairs Minister Mal Brough an incomplete answer he gave her which Labor is beating up into a lie and evidence of a conspiracy:

    Mr Brough has admitted to having discussed Mr Ashby’s claims before it went to court. Mr Brough denied knowing of Mr Ashby’s affidavit when asked last Saturday by this paper.

  159. A few more legal issues in court today
    “Mr Rofe told the court that he had been unable to meet with Ms Jackson to help prepare her case, in part, because she was “not really in good health” and was suffering from “a medical condition”.

    He said Ms Jackson had been working to prepare her case on her own and had not had time for a meeting.

    “She hasn’t had the time to give her three children the normal attention most parents would do,” Mr Rofe said.

    Adam Hatcher, SC, appearing for HSU acting national preisident Chris Brown, noted wryly that Ms Jackson’s medical condition “did not appear to impede” her “well publicised speech to the HR Nicholls society during the week”.

    Justice Flick dismissed the adjournment application

    Read more:

  160. So the kids are going to be used now as a distraction..

    Wonder what the illness is this time.

    No adjournment. Does that mean the lady is now out of the picture. I believe the judge gave her time, to point out to him, where he was wrong.

  161. How useless is ACMA, well on judging on how long it takes them to make findings i would say

    “The Australian Communications and Media Authority found that Harbour Radio Pty Ltd, the licensee of 2GB, had breached the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice by “failing to use reasonable efforts to ensure that factual material was reasonably supportable as being accurate” during the broadcast on March 15, 2011.

    Read more:

  162. Having dismissed her first set of lawyers and unsuccessfully applied for Justice Flick to disqualify himself last Friday, Ms Jackson returned to court today with a new barrister, David Rofe QC.


    Justice Flick dismissed the adjournment application, at which point Mr Rofe and his instructing solicitor immediately excused themselves from the bar table and did not return to court.

    After further legal argument Justice Flick adjourned the hearing until next Thusrday.

    Read more:

  163. If you read on in the above link you will find that according to ACMA,
    jones saying “throwing the pm in a chaff bag” doesn’t break the rules. so okay by acma

  164. But was the question by the journalist to Pyne too specific?

    “Julian Burnside QC, for the commonwealth, told the court in Sydney today that Mr Ashby and fellow adviser Karen Doane did this while they were still working for Mr Slipper.

    He said they also provided politically sensitive material to political opponents of Mr Slipper, including Howard-era minister Mal Brough.

    Mr Pyne told reporters in Adelaide that he had never received information from Mr Ashby.”

    Read more:

    How about Doane, or Mal or Steve?

  165. “The federal government has been bombarded with scorn on Twitter this morning after its ministers used the hashtag “cash for you” to promote its School Kids Bonus.
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Employment Participation Minister Kate Ellis and Mental Health Minister Mark Butler are among the government MPs who tweeted this morning that they were visiting local families or schools to “let them know” of the impending cash payment.

    Read more:

    Must have worked. Labor yesterday sent out a circular, asking to refer it to Facebook, twitter etc.

    Would be no backlash if many did not refer on.

  166. The judge is still telling the parties to talk to one another. This has been the judges stance from day one.

    This matter should not have ever been taken directly to the courts.

    There is still time for it to be settlled between the parties.

    Justice Rares said it was important for lawyers from both sides to speak with each other before he made a decision.

    He said he understood why some of the phone records could be useful but was concerned about giving any employer the right to pore over private documents which may have no relevance to the employee’s job.

    Both legal teams have until next month to compile the evidence they intend to use in their argument for why the case should or shouldn’t go ahead.

    The next hearing has been set down for July 23.

  167. Maybe we are seeing the real reasons from withdrawing the cab charge allegations from the matter.

    Not because the police are investigation but because they will have to show how and from whom they got the information.

  168. “It is an antidote to the mass deception by the Murdoch Press over issues such as NBN, climate change, renewable energy etc though. It is also an antidote to those trolls who use the freedom of the internet voice to insult, hassle, bully or abuse others; or those who use it to voice their hatred of their political opponents, liberally sprinkled with profanities and libellious rhetoric.”

    Is this where the trolls get their permisision from to spread lies and insult all that do not agree,

  169. Just saw a good joke, though you lot may already know it.

    What’s the difference between American & Australian Watergates?
    In Australian Watergates it’s the journalists who do the covering up.

  170. Sorry, Min, I’m sleepwalking! I’ve just trashed my last comment. I was blending Slippergate into the HSU gate! Cheers. Walkies time, I think!

  171. Patricia, that’s ok. I’ve just thrown up a (very) quick topic on Slipper. It’s certainly not going to win any literary awards, but hopefully it will do for the moment.

  172. I just had to look, didn’t I? This was the most recommended story on

    ANGELINA Jolie is reportedly struggling to get over the humiliation of her disastrous appearance at the Oscars.

    The star is said to be “horrified” that her stylist chose a dress that “swallowed her up” and forced her stick out her right leg so she didn’t look like she was wearing a “bin bag”, a source told British magazine Closer.

    Jolie attracted worldwide ridicule after her appearance at the 84th Academy Awards in February. Her right leg took on a life of its own and it didn’t take long for spoof images to sweep the internet.

    The actress is reportedly considering sacking her stylist Jen Rade for choosing the disastrous Versace gown.

    It’s that important that we didn’t need any Gillard leadership speculation today.

  173. Migs, the funny thing about the Angelina story is that the “source” may not even exist!
    Still, it deflects from the Brough stuff for a few minutes.

  174. It was a very exciting and entertaining match 😀

    Watch out for umpire number 30, he doesn’t seem to like non-Vic., teams much!

  175. And this is how the PM deals with the msm, well according to this journo who seems rather put out by the news:(=

    “IT IS an old saying in politics that complaining about the media is like a sailor complaining about the sea. But these days, if conditions get too choppy, you can switch to calmer waters by bypassing the mainstream media and heading straight to the blogosphere.”

    Read more:

  176. Great news for Australian Democracy, with the announcement that 1900 jobs are to go from Fairfax. It has now been confirmed that if you continue to print crap you will go out of business.

    Hasta la vista scumbag journos. Gratton you should be the first to go.

  177. just a small amount of condescension

    Reflective of the msm’s attitude isn’t it. They have been painting Gillard in a bad light for the past two years, so Gillard goes direct to the the readers so they can decide for themselves, and, it appears that they have a different conclusion to what these journos have been selling them.

    No wonder the msm are having their PMT’s over the PM’s PMtea ❓

  178. It’s OK, I have dried my crocodile tears.
    Min, Gina does not need to “import” workers they can operate out of Asia or NZ. They would still do a better job than the current lot of Parliamentary Press Gallery.

    I recall the many, many, many times Michelle Grattan when on about Gillard losing her job. Ha ha Michelle look to the left, look to the right some of your colleagues will be clearing out their workstation.

  179. Hi Sue, I loved the story about the PM’s morning tea you linked us to. She seems to enjoy these things as much as her guests! I can well imagine her taking the plate to the sink for that woman, chatting away as she rinsed it under the tap, just as her mum would do. I wonder if her mum turns up at any of these kinds of dos.

  180. I note poor Joe O’brien on news 24 is in shock about the 1900 jobs to go at Fairfax.

    He was gobsmacked by the reaction of the sharemarket . When he asked how had the market reacted, and was told the share price had gone up by 5.3%, poor ol’ Joe said

    “But haven’t they realised 1900 jobs will go?!!!!!!”

    Wake up Joe, the market reacted just the way every other time annoucements of “efficiencies” in a business are made. It appears it is only a bad reaction when it happens to the industry you are involved in.

  181. I do not know how Stephen Conroy kept a straight face when asked by a journalist at a media conference.
    “In the US, subsidies by government to newspapers has been considered. Will the government consider subsidising the print media in Australia”

    (hehehhehehehehehhahahahhahaha, Well as you can see I could never be a pollie)

    Bless him,Conroy was able to say the government already assists media in 2 ways in the ABC and SBS and could not see any government subsidising the print media.

    And aren’t we lucky to have the NBN, that will eventually be available to all Australians with the same price structure. Can not turn back time, digital future, etc, etc

  182. Sue, a novel idea I know but perhaps the newspapers should have done just that, and aimed for quality instead of trying to compete for the Toddlers & Tiaras set.

  183. Here is a good example of why the public has gone off reading “opinion” writing rather than a news story.

    SMH today:
    “Prime Minister Julia Gillard was lecturing an international business audience on “the Australian way” as a response to faltering economies in Europe and elsewhere in the

    Read more:

    LECTURING, hang on isn’t that the same opinion as Joe Hockey?

    “Mr Hockey: It’s the height of arrogance for Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan to be lecturing the world on fiscal rectitude and government competence”

    Read more:

    Why not this:

    PM Julia Gillard ADDRESSED an international business conference

    Same story one is an account the other is a journalists opinion, and I don’t GAF about McGeough’s opinion.

  184. No sign on ABC1 news this morning of any Abbott crew response to the day’s several big news items & no sign of the ABC wanting any. They’ll both wait a day or two until a negative narrative can be devised & go in hard.

    Sue at 12.18
    Reminds me of many years ago, I was at work the morning after BHP announced it was ripping the guts out of Newcastle with thousands of jobs to go & the Howard government saying so what? My two immediate bosses, who obviously had BHP shares, were over the moon about what this meant for them & didn’t give a rat’s about anything else. Poor Joe should realise that the same people will be thinking the same thing about him & his friends. An industry such as his which is surreptitiously & in some cases actively assisting with massive & cynical change in this country can’t complain. Though of course his lot are somehow perceived to be immune.

  185. Finally the media have decided Tony Abbott’s “lets blame the Carbon Tax” for everything has just jumped the shark.

    But then it applies to some of them and they are not sticking up for their bosses wilful pushing of the Abbott agenda.

    “shadow attorney-general George Brandis has linked today’s Fairfax job losses with the introduction of the carbon price.

    I’m sorry to be blunt, but this line of argument from Mr Brandis is completely absurd.

    There is no other word for it.


    Read more:

  186. Wixxy, at Wixxyleaks and IA, has another instalment in the Jacksonville saga.
    When reading comments there was one that I felt was a bit too favorable about Annabelle Crabb, so I rubbished Annabelle and the Drum, I hope it makes its way back.

  187. I was reading a tweet to Wixxy from Glen Milne, who asked, ” great work but how in the future will you be paid”

    A bit of navel gazing I reckon with the Fairfax decision today BUT what Milne and other should be saying is

    How is it that true investigative journalism has been left to a blogger? Why after 12 articles still the main media ABC, Fairfax, News ltd in all formats are not bothered to take on the investigation

    And the msm questions why they have lost? Well if they cannot see why blame the reader.

  188. Well surprise, surprise the Australian’s Shanahan has headlines rubbishing the PM, saying the EU won’t be mocked.
    Well on RN this morning Fran Kelly interviewed an independent journalist, that is an o/s journo, who had nothing but praise for the PM at the G20.

  189. One,,, ONE journalist has managed to do the right thing…just one.

    The Daily Terror headlined with:-

    PM Julia Gillard ‘slapped down’ at G20 summit by the President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso

    That is not true…

    Annabel Crabb gave the correct information on Twitter

    Annabel Crabb ‏@annabelcrabb

    Just listened to the entire Barroso press conference. His rant about criticism of Europe was in response to Canada. Not Julia Gillard

    Ms Crabb even provided a link!!

    Annabel Crabb ‏@annabelcrabb

    Watch it here if you want. (Goes for 45mins though!) Barroso remarks are at the 33-minute mark.

  190. Does one get the impression, listening to the questions that journalist are asking the last couple of days, that they think maybe the government should bring in some regulations to the print media.

    What a difference that the threat of Gina and the Fairfax actions make.

    Maybe more would be amendable to the government becoming more involved in the running of the media.

  191. Either European leaders criticised Australia & Gillard (in which case they would have mentioned one or both) or they didn’t, & now it seems they didn’t. This story is simply a fabrication, & someone fabricated it & others passed it on. It’s malicious & designed to damage & that’s all there is to it. The mainstream media in this country is a fucking disgrace & I have a hard time giving a rat’s damn what happens to any of it.

  192. Why do we need the views of this failed politician. We know what he will say. Now if hr has something new to say, that might be different. Maybe an apology for his actions as a minister in the Howard government.

    Many tweeps repeatedly point out the role Reith played in the Howard government, particularly in regard to the so-called “Children Overboard” scandal, in which the government made unsubstantiated (and later discredited) claims that seafaring asylum seekers had thrown children overboard in a presumed ploy to secure rescue and passage to Australia.

    A Senate Select committee later found that no children were thrown overboard from SIEV 4, and that several Howard government ministers including Peter Reith had deliberately misled the public by “cynically exploiting voters’ fears of a wave of illegal immigrants by demonising asylum seekers.”

    It was also found that on no less than fourteen occasions, Reith and/or his office were informed that children had not been thrown overboard, and that photos Reith claimed proved the allegations were in reality images of asylum seekers and children struggling in the water after their boat had sunk.

  193. I just cringed when I saw gillard making an address to some of the G20. Embarrassing, inept, deceitful or delusional I wasn’t sure. Fair dinkum this cluster fuck government is trashing the economy at home and trashing our cred overseas.
    Gillard, Rudd and Swannie have gone from a surplus of $20 Billion to now needing a $300 Billion debt ceiling in less than 5 years.
    The G20 would be guffawing into their cocktails.
    Someone please get the Bogan back to Australia.

  194. Add to that charges of the improper use of a phone card, and Reith’s much criticised handling of the waterfront dispute when he was Industrial Relations Minister, and you have a politician with a very fraught history. His close relationship with the ABC is regularly and rightly questioned. The public broadcaster usually makes no comment, but yesterday Ms Crabb broke with tradition and tweeted:

    @annabelcrabb: @preciouspress I’m always pleased when Peter Reith’s on. I think he’s a great panel member.”

    While I acknowledge that the ABC’s responsibility to attempt a balance of perspectives in its opinion and analysis means there will inevitably be guests with whom somebody disagrees, I do wonder why a politician with a record such as Reith’s is their choice as a regular participant.

  195. Tweed, there must be a lot of similar delusional people, high up in the organisations they represent that agree with our PM.

    The PM said that due to reforms over the last couple of decades and the actions Labor took during the GFC has served us well.

    It is not only the PM and the Treasurer that say we have come through virtually unscathed, but the numbers appear to support that scenario.

    Would you rather the PM went overseas and rubbished the country.

    Tweed, I suggest that you take more time to listen to the words, and less on finding the negatives and delivery.

    Communications is a two way street. One talks, the other listens.

  196. Gillard must have been brilliant for Tweed to launch into such a mindless nonsensical tirade.

    You want to see a real stuff up and cringe worthy speech look at Abbott with glasses propped on the end of his nose stammering and bumbling in his full of utter bullshit speech. Not a single lucid thing came out of it.

    Abbott on the world stage is one of the scariest things there is. Cringe doesn’t even get close to the embarrassment he will cause for Australia.

  197. Mobius and Gillard must have been brilliant for Tweed to launch into such a mindless nonsensical tirade. ..his/her petticoat is starting to show..

  198. I smiled widely upon reading the Tweed tirade – such shrillness indicates an unravelling. The mindless, rusted-ons are starting to realise things are turning slowly but surely against them. Just a matter of time. I wonder what price I could get on Tony Abbott being dragged kicking and screaming removed from the LOTO job before October 😉

  199. Seven news.

    The PM has been chastise by Europe for giving a lecture on economics at the G20 leasers meeting..

    It appears Ms. Gillard told the meeting that the world could learn something from the way Australia got through the GFC. Yes, maybe they can.

    What she said, we do believe there are some lessons to be learnt from the Australian way.

    The clincher, the President wants Ms. Gillard to acknowledge the efforts that Europe is taking to fix it’s financial problems. He did not. That is a mistruth at the very least.

    A new mis-perception has been born. Bases as usual on straight out lies.

    Then went on to talk about her jacket.

  200. Nine, no better. At least they repeated that the criticism was not aimed at her.
    We had Abbott of course.

    Cannot have anything positive.

    Neither channel bothered with the truth.

    At least they did mention the school payments, which I did not noticed on seven.

  201. Roger Corbett is a ‘functionary’, according to Eric Beecher.

    ‘He has no skin in the game, no background in the industry, and no financial or apparent legal accountability for his incompetence.

    ‘When Corbett leaves the board – which will almost certainly be sooner than he had anticipated – how much culpability will he hold for ruining two of the most valuable institutions in Australian democracy?’

  202. ABC News 24, the reporter, Karina Carvalho failed in the simple test of getting the facts right.

    This morning Carvalho was interviewing a guest on the political situation in Egypt. She wanted to know how much influence the former president, Mubarak, may have had in the recent elections. In formulating her question she said,
    ” Earlier this year he was sentenced to death…………..”

    At that point the guest raised his eyebrows and when he got to talk said ,
    ” No, he was not sentenced to death, he was sentenced to life in gaol……”

  203. How it works.

    In Maher’s first article, published online at 8.40pm yesterday, the lede foregrounds the same point: “Greg Combet has warned Australia’s trade relations with Asia could be damaged if it does not proceed with pricing carbon.”

    Much further down (paragraph 11), in what newspaper sub-editors sometimes call ‘cuttable background’, Maher writes: “Mr Combet likened the carbon tax reforms to Mabo and the Keating government’s Native Title Act.”

    A few hours later, when the print edition of The Australian was put to bed, the lede and cuttable background had been reversed – I should point out that I have no knowledge as to whether a senior sub-editor, editor or even Maher himself made that change. And as I said at the start of this piece, readers will make up their own minds about which lede is more appropriate.

    The new version, under the headline “Combet equates selling carbon tax to Howard’s dock reforms”, paints a picture more of Labor hubris than of any trade threat – and is published at the bottom of page 2 of today’s print edition of The Australian.

    The lede reads: “Greg Combet has likened the difficulty of selling the carbon tax to the union campaign to those of the Howard government’s waterfront reforms in the mid-1990s as he vowed to win public support for the policy and declared it would be business as usual for most companies after the carbon tax began on July 1.”

    Further down the article (in the ninth paragraph), we find: “He warned that Australia’s trading partners were expecting action to cut greenhouse gas emissions.”

    Why am I delving into these stories so forensically this morning? The answer, as a number of commentators have already said, is that has been a week of ‘tectonic’ change in the Australian media landscape.

    Fairfax is axing 1900 jobs and Gina Rinehart is pushing for much greater influence on the Fairfax Board.

    New Ltd has announced a major restructure that includes consolidating newsrooms, large scale redundancies (though “less than 1900” is all we know at this point), a $2 billion bid for Consolidated Media (and, therefore, greater control of Foxtel) and, of course, the buyout of the website my colleagues and I have worked so hard to establish, Business Spectator.

    Amongst all these shifts, I simply wish to raise the question as to where, when all the balls in the air have landed, the agenda for contemporary political debate in Australia will be set.

    The Australian newspaper currently has an agenda-setting power wildly disproportionate to its online and offline readership. There’s nothing unusual about that – it belongs to a class of media product known to media sociologists as the ‘restricted field of cultural production’.

    That’s just a posh way of saying ‘smart, powerful people read it’, and acknowledging that producing and consuming that product involve ‘symbolic’ economies as much as financial ones. That’s why people like Stephen Conroy rail against The Australian more than the Daily Telegraph or the Herald Sun – it’s ‘The Oz’ that sets agendas more than any other publication.

  204. What a loser. No wonder everyone HATES her

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Prime Minister Julia Gillard to co-chair a group of global leaders and celebrities making a “final push” for implementation of the millennium development goals by the target date of 2015.

    He said Ms Gillard’s “vision, leadership and commitment” had caused him to choose her to lead the group, which includes singer Bob Geldof, CNN founder Ted Turner, UN special adviser Jeffrey Sachs and Graca Machel, formerly a minister in Mozambique and also wife of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

    Wonder how shanana will spin this one?

  205. Tom it is shocking how she shames us. How dare she draw the attention of the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moonhe .

    Does she not know her place.

    Now the PM cannot win.

    Mr. Abbott says she could keep her trap shut.

    Senator Milne believes she is letting Australia down by not getting out and being a stronger leader.

  206. No questions on marine parks.

    No questions on what the PM is doing.

    Just the tedious questions on how we are doomed due to the price on carbon emissions.

    I believe there might be a stunt today.

    I think it is going to be aimed at the Treasurer.

  207. We have Hockey. Missed what the MPI is on.

    Spent much time on a lie. Yesterday, the government withdrew a part of the budget, saying they would be re-introducing it as a stand alone policy. This they did today.

    I think it might be broken promises.

    Might add, that now they are saying that green programmes that are no longer relevant because of the GEF, are longer needed.

  208. Tom and Cu, surely Mr. Ban Ki Moon must be mistaken. The Murdoch press and ‘our’ ABC have been reporting on the failings of our Prime Minister for two and a half years, yet…

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed Prime Minister Julia Gillard to co-chair a group of global leaders and celebrities making a “final push” for implementation of the millennium development goals by the target date of 2015.

    PS, I might be ‘disappeared’ any minute by the wireless being less than obliging due to bad weather…. 😦

  209. I get it, it is about sovereign risk.

    Now I wonder if Mr. Hockey or anyone else can tell me why Mr. Abbott would not be a soverign risk and not lead this country to ruin.

    Talk about building an argument on sand In this case, it is quick sand.

  210. I had the strangest lunchtime discussion on politics and media this afternoon.

    A workmate whose normally mute on politics made the statement that Gillard was wrong in slagging off Europe at the G20 and has embarrassed Australia.

    I pointed out the truth of the story and when he and a manager both disbelieved me I grabbed my laptop and showed them all the links and Crabbs piece along with links to Barossa’s full speech where Australia nor Gillard is mentioned.

    The strange part was I said you should never ever believe what the media states as they often distort or just make things up, especially the Murdoch press and much of the TV news and current affairs. The manager said then where do you go to find the truth and I told him and showed him that there are plenty of online sources, right. left, center and indifferent, and in oft cases they source, link and their facts can be checked against other sites and reputable sources.

    The workmate whose normally quiet on these matters and is extremely intelligent said that he hasn’t got the time nor inclination to get news and information online, so he takes what TV news and the press states on fact value because what else can he do if he hasn’t got the time to go online and find the facts.

    I said don’t believe or trust anything you see on TV news or read in the papers.

    He said he has to believe the broadcast news and newspapers because otherwise he would have nothing to believe in.

    It that dumfounding attitude is prevalent in our society then heaven help us, you might as well just hand over everything to Gina right now and be done with it.

  211. Emerson is making the reply.

    No yelling from him.

    I believe I could even give a reasonable reply to Hockey from the top of my head.

    Perceptions of sovereign risks. Wonder who thought that one up.

  212. Hockey sounds desperate… and foolish.
    Emerson points out that the Coalition MPs are falling over each other to invest in our industries while they talk down our economy.
    Investment expected to rise to 30% of GDP in the next decade yet the nongs bang on about sovereign risk.

    Why is the main stream media supporting the Coalition??

  213. It’s projection again Cu as not that long ago something Hockey came out with was deemed to be a potential sovereign risk by a couple of well know economists. This now of course has to be turned around as the government has a perception of sovereign risk.

    Whenever the opposition accuse the government of something immediately look in their backyard and six to one you will find them guilty of it.

  214. Mobius,
    It that dumfounding attitude is prevalent in our society then heaven help us, you might as well just hand over everything to Gina right now and be done with it.

    I’ve had the same experience, and my hunch is that the purveyors of misinformation are banking on it.

  215. ME. I believe you have stumbled onto reality. it is unbelievable that intelligent people have become so easily conned. At least they are starting to say, be do not believe.

    wonder if you will get any feed back

  216. Agree, it is a classic and text book example of projection.

    We do, we feel, we believe, and we act, therefore they feel, they believe and will act the same way.

    They do not seem to comprehend that other do not see or behave as they do.

  217. so he takes what TV news and the press states on fact value because what else can he do if he hasn’t got the time to go online and find the facts.

    And that is where I would say over 90 percent of the population stop at getting info. A lot would be highly sceptical of what they hear though, but the constant repeated oration of this ‘hopeless’ Gillard just becomes the prevailing overarching picture formed. It is all that is bludgeoned in. No positives, all negatives.

    I wonder if we sill see Gillards selection by the UN played out on our screens tonight, or will they find some awkward moment they can zoom in and focus on, irrelevant of the fact of if it has any bearing whatsoever on the events happening over there.

  218. ME, tell your work mates, not to waste time with the TV but spend the half hour on the computer. More productive.

    Gillard not the first PM to lecture Europe
    From: The Australian June 21, 2012 12:00AM

    I WAS surprised Julia Gillard was ridiculed for “lecturing” Europeans at the G20 meeting.

    Australian leaders have lectured European leaders and officials ever since Britain joined the EU 40 years ago.

    I was in the Australian embassy in Brussels when Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser let European officials know, in Fraser’s case in strong language, how Australia had been damaged by its trade policies.

    In 1980, I was surprised when a European official recalled the language used by a former deputy PM Doug Anthony when he lectured Europeans on the damage their trade policies had done to Australia’s farmers.

    Vincent Matthews, Takapuna, NZ

  219. Reb, no none this week.

    Abbott has not even turned up in the MPI’s.

    Except for Hockey, most seem to be the lesser known. back benchers.

    Reb, he will be suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

  220. Mobius

    This may seem a scary thing todo but ask your work colleague about masterchef, the voice, dancing with the stars etc, if they have “time” for all these reality programs it would sum up why they don’t have time for the blogs and why they rely on the tv news. and that is scary

  221. Forget seeing the PM in a positive article on the tele tonight, i do believe you will see Abbott diving into a sea of foam, a stunt he did at the AIS while visiting the gymnasts. Now isn’t that a lot more jolly, such a fun bloke who is all for promoting the athletes.

  222. CU, if we’re to believe Shamaham, Julia Gillard must be the PM of Canada and has upset Europe by treating it to a stern lecture. Fortunately, Stephen Harper has offered to stand in for her and cop the flack from Europe. roflmao!

  223. I rarely follow MSM these days but when the PM is paid a compliment I check it out, especially when Christine Lagarde’s lovely compliment to Julia Gillard is reported in full. But when I get there I find a bucketful of dirty cold water poured on it by nasty people who surely must be harming themselves by turning themselves inside out trying to find nasty things to say, with no basis whatsoever. So I said my piece and stopped reading the other comments. Is it worth trying to counter this sort of thinking?

  224. Patricia, have you noticed the more positive any article on the PM, the greater the abuse.

  225. Sue re

    ..ask your work colleague about masterchef, the voice, dancing with the stars etc, if they have “time” for all these reality programs it would sum up why they don’t have time for the blogs and why they rely on the tv news. and that is scary.

    It’s what I call the Toddlers & Tiaras set. The great dumbing down. Why is it the media considers that no one has the concentration span larger than that of a flea, or an IQ above room temperature. It wasn’t always so of father who didn’t have schooling above grade 6 and worked in a factory all of his life still managed to have opinions, and informed ones.

    However, “the masses” can only have opinions based on the information which is provided to them. In spite of the rise and rise of the blogs for the majority, computers are still used for nothing much more than online shopping.

  226. From daughter Erin (she’s a member of GetUp)

    Dear friend,

    Everyone is talking about Gina Rinehart’s campaign to take over Fairfax Media.

    In the last week she has bought huge stakes in the company. Journalists are reporting that the mining magnate is seeking three seats on the board, but has refused the company’s requests to sign the Fairfax Charter of Editorial Independence. In short: editorial independence is under threat at Australia’s oldest newspapers.

    We’re not rich enough to take over Fairfax, but together we can take over Fairfax’s webpages, with a complete buy-out of the ads on the SMH and The Age online homepages all Saturday.

    It would make our message seen 4 million times, inviting customers, shareholders and staff of Fairfax to have their say on Rinehart’s takeover bid. Our best chance of stopping Rinehart is to show that it’s not in Fairfax’s financial interest to allow her on the board; that her influence will undermine the main asset of the papers: our trust.

    You don’t need Rinehart’s deep pockets to make a difference. A $29.64 donation can make this ad seen 3,000 times on the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age homepages. Can you help?

  227. patricia @4.43pm, I see what you mean. The whining is extraordinary!. I was particularly struck by the hysteria over 117 asylum seekers landing on our shores. I doubt they’ll like being told that at that rate, they will have FLOODED the country in a mere 179,487 years!

    It’s incredible that despite being the envy of the world, all they can do is whinge and whine and accuse the PM of being incompetent and inept.

    Not all the commenters were so negative and sorry for themselves; at least one man reckoned the PM could put her shoes under his bed any time. Another one said she was hot! Sensible fellows!

  228. My favorite quote from the comments section of the Drum:

    If you really want to read the grassroots Murdoch formula then stop at a McDonalds and pick up a free greasy copy of the Telegraph. Reporters there remind me of a shed full of chickens with hemorroids, whose endlessly rehashed frantic stories are eagerly consumed no doubt by the Convoy of No Continence as they honk their way back to Rum Jungle. Compared to that, The Australian has class, but it’s still groupthink.

    This comment was posted in what I hope is one of Mark Scott’s valedictory addresses:

    Scott has been in the job of Editor-in-Chief of the ABC since 2006. Time for a change please Stephen Conroy.

    The ABC is already an affiliate of News Ltd. Take the latest example where the ABC has condoned Kohler’s untenable conflict of interest by endorsing his simultaneous employment at both the ABC and News Ltd:

    ABC’s Director of News Kate Torney response is a disgrace and she should follow Mark Scott to his new appointment working for Murdoch or Rinehart;

    I reckon Conroy should appoint someone like Max (the axe) Moore-Wilton to “re-organise” the ABC.

    A well balanced guy like Mark Latham (chip on both shoulders) should be appointed to the top job at the ABC. It would be more entertaining than a lot of ABC programs.

  229. Sideshow Samantha Maiden has once again shown just how creative journalism works by verballing Malcolm Turnbull on the Malaysian immigration boycott by the Liberal party. (see this mornings Insiders program).

    Maybe a special scumbag media award for the likes of her and Steve Lewis.

    Ever wonder why print media is going out of business?

  230. Annoyed to the highest degree.

    Is this appropriated for the ABC.

    I turned the TV onto ABC 24 News. Talking about the bad polls. No problem with that.

    Big problem with “on the second anniversary of Ms. Gillard knifing of Mr. Rudd”. .

    Not when the “PM deposed or replaced Mr. Rudd.”.

    As predicted, new Abbott slogan “effective not bipartisanship”. On clue.

    Looking at the polls, this is the way it is done.

    Not a bad start to the day for me.

  231. My complaint to Media Watch

    Am I being unreasonable.

    This morning I turned on ABC 24 to be greeted firstly with Mr. Abbott and his slogan for the day, as I expected. “effective not bipartisan. Nothing wrong with that.

    They then talked about the bad polls and how it affected the PM. Nothing wrong with that. Already knew the results and expected little better. I say this, in spite of it being worded in a way to make it appear as negative as possible for the PM.

    It was this statement that made ne angry.

    “on the second anniversary of Ms. Gillard’s knifing of Rudd.”

    Not “on the second anniversary of the PM replacing Mr. Rudd”

    Would even have accepted deposing, even though this is not exactly correct. Mr. Rudd was deposed by caucus.

    My complaint is, the habit of those announcing news, putting a slant of their own opinions on what it said.

    It is time that a little respect is given to the role of PM.

    It is time that Ms. Gillard is given the title of PM, not Ms. Gillard.

    It is time, that facts, not opinions again

    I would nor care, if this morning was one off. It is not is is the norm. I do not blame the announcers,. as they are reading what is written.

    I might be a little annoyed if the Opposition leader was given the same treatment. That does not occur. When they talk about him, it is always positive.

    I am definitely bias, but sometimes making him look good is hard work.

  232. Steve Lewis just can’t get it right, can he?

    Wonder if he is deciding to go out in a blaze of (in)glory?

  233. From your link Eddie

    Given how these newspapers have misled their readers, papers which published the story should publish a correction of equal prominence tomorrow morning, which for The Daily Telegraph means page one.

    Yeah, right. Like that will happen

  234. I just put this up on the terrors page. Wonder if it will make the cut?

    The story by Steve Lewis in today’s Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, Adelaide Advertiser and Courier Mail claiming bottled water and fruit snacks for school students visiting Parliament House have been cut is completely wrong.

    Will the retraction make front page news tomorrow?

  235. I note the online version has just been updated to include Swans statement. The first nine paragraphs alleging it all remain unchanged.

    Updated apparently on
    June 25, 2012 10:00AM

    Wonder if they will update the print version?

  236. lol, they have issues a ‘correction’. Funny, according to them, it looks more like Swan got it wrong, kinda, perhaps…

    PROPOSALS to cut the schools hospitality program in Federal Parliament have been shelved “at this stage” – meaning that school groups will continue to receive bottled water and fruit treats.


    Despite this, Mr Swan this morning has attacked the story in a statement. “It is entirely incorrect to say that a single dollar of estimated $235,000 cost of the service has been cut from the House of Representatives hospitality program,” Mr Swan said.

    So, apparently, a department head putting it forward as an option is the same as Swan actually doing it, and, now, perhaps because of this exposure by this brave paper, he has ‘shelved’ it??

    That’s twice that I recall where ltdnews has used that word ‘shelved’ in a completely wrong context. Even when they correct it, they don’t get it right.


  237. :The editors-in-chief of The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age have resigned, media reports say.

    Fairfax reports that The Age’s Paul Ramadge had announced to staff he is standing down as editor in chief and will be leaving the company.

    Paul Ramadge told staff he will be leaving Fairfax.

    ‘I’m leaving an organisation that has been my passion, my every day and really a place of learning for 16 years,’ he told The Age Online.

    ‘But also have some growing excitement about how I may be able to use my skills elsewhere.’

    Peter Fray, the editor-in-chief of the Sydney Morning Herald, is also stepping down, along with the Herald’s editor Amanda Wilson, senior Sydney Morning Herald reporter Sean Nicholls said on Twitter.

    The upheaval comes only days after Fairfax Media announced 1,900 job cuts across the flagship newspapers.

    The Sydney Morning Herald”

    Rats leaving the sinking ship, or have they been pushed.

  238. Tom, if Swan got it wrong, so did the rest of the media.

    I woke up to people complaining on my radio.

  239. Tom, the Acting Speaker made a statement, correcting the story at the beginning of QT. I have not seen this before, but I suspect is her department is responsible.

    Pyne is going to break down in tears next, he is so frustrated,

  240. I wonder whether this will rate a mention in the msm?

    Department of the Treasury – Australian Government : Coalition Relying on Flawed Data to Oppose Withholding Tax Changes

    The Coalition have been caught out relying on deeply flawed modelling in their opposition to the Government’s proposed changes to managed investment trust withholding tax, said Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.

    Senior Coalition frontbenchers Andrew Robb, Mathias Cormann and Bob Baldwin have been quoting from an Allen Consulting Group report that Treasury has found to be ‘deeply flawed’.

    Treasury analysis of the report found the modelling calculated an increase in the company tax rate across all sectors of the economy rather than the proposed withholding tax rate of 15 per cent for managed investment trusts.

    “The Coalition have been caught out hiding behind deeply flawed analysis commissioned by vested interests to try and distract attention away from their shameful record on withholding tax rates for managed investment trusts,” said Mr Bradbury.–14383826/

  241. Has anyone noticed, there is little logic to Abbott’s speeches. Just a lot of slogans and accusations cobbled together.

    Now we have the younger Bishop.

    I think she believes she is on the stage, playing a role in a farce. Oh so much flowery language.

  242. Min. I am surprised that I am not the only nasty one aboard.

    Abbott has pulled this stunt so often, it is not taken seriously anymore.

    I believe the smiles on the faces of the government back benchers did unsettle Bishop.

  243. Media Release

    Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
    Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate
    Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity

    Changes to the ABC and SBS board appointment process

    The Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, today welcomed the passage through Parliament of the National Broadcasting Legislation Amendment Bill 2010 (NBLA).

    “This Bill fulfils two important and longstanding Labor commitments. It legislates a transparent and democratic board appointment process for the ABC and SBS, and it restores the staff-elected director on the ABC board,” Senator Conroy said.

  244. Avaaz has a petition to urge Stephen Conroy to support a Greens bill to prevent media ownership changes unless they pass a public interest test. Apparently he’s interested, so we need to let him know we think it’s a good idea.

    A ruthless raid on Fairfax newspapers by Australia’s richest woman threatens to turn our media into a dangerous mogul duopoly — with Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart in charge. But this urgent threat to democracy is building the momentum for reform — and now we have a real chance to save our media.

    This week, the Greens are introducing a bill into Parliament to prevent media ownership changes unless they pass a public interest test. Labor Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is supportive of the idea — but the media moguls are already attacking the proposal — and without his support, the bill will die. But if we give Conroy our backing now, we can push Labor to side with the public and stop the runaway consolidation of our media.

    The media used to serve the public as a check on government; now these corporate media barons are using it to control government. Sign the petition to Minister Conroy now to ensure Labor backs the bill to stop them and send this to everyone:

  245. Just how gullible is the msm, with the wonderful “look over here tactic” that was in the news yesterday :
    “Fight Palmer – Abbott”

    And what was it the journalists didn’t want us to know, or to start questions about? Well for a start, Karen Doane the other Slipper staffer sent her resume to Mal Brough. And who did Mal send it to, Clive Palmer and McIver.
    Ashby’s lawyers were paid a $1 through an arrangement by Jacki. Is Jacki associated with McIver or Palmer?
    And what did Hockey discuss with Mal and Palmer, when all this was happening in the lead up to the story by Steve Lewis?

    So as to “Fight Palmer – Abbott” well that may be true but what were the real reasons, I do not think concern over lobbyists would be the top of the list, just at this point in time.

  246. ABC up to it’s usual follow Ltd News apart from giving Abbott two extremely long conferences in one day whilst hardly having the government on at all.

    Their latest was to have the CEO of NBN Co on about the AFR article stating that contractors are quitting because of bad management by NBN Co and thus the NBN was going to blow out in costs and time.

    Even after the CEO of NBN Co read out a letter signed by the CEO of a company the AFR said was quitting its contract stating the AFR article was false in every aspect, Fullerton stated that it didn’t alter the thrust of the article that the NBN was losing contractors and that would increase costs.

    The CEO of NBN Co just sat their dumbfounded before retorting that he had just read her a letter saying the AFR article was wrong in every aspect.

    So proving a news piece as being false and inaccurate now means the thrust of that false article is still credible even if the facts in it are bullshit. Please ABC don’t allow your standards to go this low.

  247. Mobius
    I saw that interview and couldn’t belive the crap coming from Fullerton. But I suppose that is what you get with the ABC, Fullerton should have done a bit more research, by just looking at Vexnews which had a link to the truth on the subject.
    As for the AFR since Stutchbury has moved there the stories are now more in line with the oo.

  248. And now for some good news, on the splitting of News Corp

    “The move to create two listed companies has been applauded by shareholders but it could throw into doubt the future of loss-making newspapers, including The Australian.”

    This would be a change, but unfortunately “accountable” just means money making as opposed to factual

    ”The newspapers would have to be accountable,” he said.

    “Industry sources said yesterday that The Australian was losing more than $25 million a year.”

    Read more:

  249. Sue, they’re all lined up like ducks in a shooting gallery!

    News Corp appoints break-up bankers, announcement expected tonight

    NEWS Corporation has reportedly appointed Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan to advise on a proposed break-up of the company.

    The media giant’s board is due to meet shortly to consider the move and a statement will be issued tonight.

    If the board approves the plan, it is expected to take up to a year to implement. Decisions on the division of assets are still to be made, with some reports indicating that the company’s education assets could be combined with the publishing assets.

    The publishing arm will have no debt.

    It is expected the Australian arm, which includes the print media assets, including The Australian, and the company’s stake in Foxtel and Fox Sports will remain together.

    News Corporation’s stock price has continued to rise on the reports of a proposed split and is trading at its highest levels since 2007. It closed up 2.5 per cent in New York overnight at $US22.31 per share.

  250. Talking of the Ball, I’ve just had a look at some pictures seems everyone got dressed up except Abbott. No fancy dress for him, did he even change his tie?

  251. Time for Conroy to ask Scott to please explain, and who at the ABC did Scott report this interference to.

    “It has been revealed that one of the Liberal Party’s vice-presidents approached the ABC and offered to lobby on behalf of the broadcaster if the Coalition wins the next federal election.
    Lateline has confirmed that former Queensland senator Santo Santoro made the informal offer to the ABC’s managing director Mark Scott in April. ”

  252. We have this. Nothing about the PM’s brilliant reply.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has attempted to have parliament censure the prime minister over her ‘lie’ on the carbon tax.

    Mr Abbott said the house should censure Julia Gillard for breaching faith with the Australian people by introducing the carbon tax, due to take effect on Sunday.

    In a rare act, Ms Gillard has stayed in the chamber to hear what the opposition leader has to say.

  253. The president of Queensland’s Liberal National Party (LNP) has admitted he approached Tony Abbott about seizing the federal Liberal Party presidency f Alan Stockdale.

    But Bruce McIver says he abandoned his plans at the request of the Opposition Leader.

    The admission comes after criticism from billionaire LNP backer Clive Palmer about Liberal Party office holders being paid lobbyists.

    Mr McIver

  254. Thank you Tim Dunlop for your recent article in the DRUM

    This puts into words what I have been thinking for some time about Gillards chances of getting re-elected:

    Indeed, the entire conservative movement has managed to cocoon itself in a world of its own creation, a place where facts have little domain and where their own prejudices are treated as reality….

    …Mr Abbott, with the help of various commentators, media outlets, business groups, think tanks and corporations, has managed to create an alternative reality where the government has been discredited and where he is able to be taken seriously enough to offer himself as a viable prime minister.

    He has created a reality where Julia Gillard’s failings are seen as defining while his are dismissed as irrelevant.

    The sad thing is Australians will be getting a dud leader and government when Abbott gets elected. The other tragedy is that Gillard has produced some outstanding results and is a capable leader but just does not get what is going on with the media.

    So Australia is going to buy a lemon, because a few powerful people are better at playing the media game.

  255. Abbott saying he’s trying to be as open and accessible as he can and then not answering questions then running away yet again. Methinks the media are beginning to get sick of this.

  256. Agree. What sadden me is the names of colleges that convicted priests visited at that time. This is a religious organizational that has done much good among youth.

    I will not go into names, they are not hard to find.

    This fact alone, should have alerted the Cardinal. I wish he would move to the Holey See permanently, leaving his place open for more worthwhile priests to take over

    One comes to mind, that does so much good among downtrodden youth.

    Cardinal Gilroy was one that all held in high respect.

    This man has not.

  257. You might be wondering what the fuss is all about. Has the government unveiled a vast new suite of media laws? Will each news report need to be ticked off by a government agency? Will there be a commissar in every newsroom?

    Err, no. The government has announced nothing. The rumours of a public interest test for media ownership remain exactly that. As far as we know, the sum total of the government’s formal response to the Finkelstein and Convergence Reviews is a number of unsubstantiated reports in the Fairfax and News Limited newspapers about various plans that have yet to be taken to cabinet.

  258. Gina Rinehart cuts holdings to 15pc of Fairfax

    by: John Durie
    From: The Australian
    July 05, 2012

    GINA Rinehart has just sold 86 million Fairfax shares to drop her holding to just under 15 per cent of the company.

    Perpetual was a large buyer of the stock, which was priced at the last sale price of 58 cents per share by Bell Potter Securities.

    Fairfax shares were trading unchanged today at 58c a share.

    More to follow.

  259. An interesting piece by Tim Dunlop

    Tony Abbott’s free pass

    It’s always nice when the professionals explain to us mere outsiders how they think. Barrie Cassidy provides the insight this week.

    Speaking of the ridiculous behaviour of the Opposition leader and his team as they tried to avoid the ‘taint’ of voting with Craig Thomson by running from the parliament, the ABC Insider lays out the thinking:

    Imagine if Julia Gillard had taken off behind Anthony Albanese and bumped Dick Adams out of the way to get to the doors and avoid a “tainted” vote.

    That, for her, would have been the ultimate humiliation and almost certainly the end of a rocky career.

    In other words, journalists would’ve made such a fuss about the behaviour it would’ve been the end of her. But Abbott is spared:

  260. As Tim says Pip

    They not only do it: they think that’s their job.

    And then complain that we don’t take ’em seriously.

  261. Tom I’m still getting over the stupidity of Emma Alberici on Lateline when she declared that all the media were “echoing the Opposition”. 😯

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