Café Talk XXII

Café talk, Melbourne edition.

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  1. Very quiet around here in relation to the bipartisan support for more funding.and especially the back dating to ensure the troughs are full.

    This should be of concern to all, regardless of their political stripe. No doubt the intention is to maintain the duopoly and the ramifications for the Greens will be felt down the track.

    If I was Bob or Clive I would not be impressed either. Two horse races are so boring!

  2. Had a good laugh at the rattled Windsor suggesting that Gina has bankrolled Barnaby’s election campaign and that she has an interest in CSG.

    Windsor must have caught a sniff of the latest internal polling. Shall be very interesting to watch that seat on election night.

  3. Who advises these idiots?

    Mind you, it looks like this ploy may well enable Labor to get through what they possibly wanted all along, $1,000 limit on undeclared donations.

    Bloody idiots 😉

  4. So they just write cheques for $999 using proxies.

    hmmm, I hope you are not revealing the ‘in confidence’ measures you were talking about on the other thread there scaper 😉

    Mind you, if it is so simple to bypass, why oppose it so vigorously?

  5. Ah, you’re spinning. You are comfortable with giving politicians more money and the freezing out of emergent parties??

    I thought this would be a concern to all, it does expose the stoic ideology though.

  6. You are comfortable with giving politicians more money

    No. But I am supportive of more transparent avenues of funding for political parties. With or without this alleged ‘spin’.

  7. Apparently, you can only trust tabot when it is in writing

    Or Not
    Controversial changes to electoral funding have been killed off by a Coalition decision to renege on an agreement with the Government.

    Barely an hour before Mr Abbott spoke, the Federal Government had moved to pressure the Opposition over its stance on the changes, releasing a letter signed by Mr Abbott stating that he was “satisfied with the agreement reached” between the two major parties.

    Let’s just see the media jump up and down about Tonelie Abbot with this. Or not.

  8. Colour me Surprised. And, from Mark Kenny 😯

    The Liberal leader’s failings on the collapse of this supposedly bipartisan package, are manifold.

    First, his office claimed that the Opposition had not seen the legislation. It also was less than upfront the level and finality of the agreement. Abbott himself then reneged on a written agreement. And finally, if these integrity issues are not enough to raise voter doubts in someone who within months could be prime minister, he revealed himself as a shallow populist.

    Read more:

  9. The other night on Lateline, Tony Jones tried to prosecute the case that Gillard had said something specific about the 4 corners program on the alleged ASIO Hacking.

    He just couldn’t appear to fathom exactly just what Gillard said in Parliament, even though it is all in the Hansard.

    On the question of Four Corners last night, there were a number of unsubstantiated allegations of hacking in the Four Corners report. As the Attorney General has stated, neither he nor the Director General of ASIO intend to comment further on these inaccurate reports in accordance with the longstanding practice of both sides of politics not to comment on very specific intelligence matters.

    Dreyfus tried to explain it patiently for him, “there were unsubstantiated allegations about hacking, and that there were inaccuracies, that is two things“, but he kept coming back to his inane argument that what the PM said in regards to the hacking story revealed as much as what brandis revealed. Brandis was very specific in his statement, he said the story was correct, which does not leave any ambiguity in his statement, unlike the PM’s, who simply said that there were inaccuracies

    “The prime minister in question time dismissed the report entirely as being inaccurate and that claim by the prime minister is false.”|+Breaking+News%29

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, last night he accused the PM of lying.

    I merely made the point that the Prime Minister, who as you also pointed out last night had herself had a security briefing and whose knowledge, like mine, and like Mr Dreyfus’, was based on an ASIO briefing, had misled the House of Representatives. So, Julia Gillard lied to the people again. That’s hardly a national secret.

    TONY JONES: Where did Julia Gillard lie? What did she get wrong based on your knowledge of what you were told?

    GEORGE BRANDIS: Tony, her statement to the House of Representatives the day before yesterday that the Four Corner’s report was inaccurate, was false.

    TONY JONES: She didn’t say the entire report was inaccurate. To be fair, she said parts of the report were inaccurate, but she did refer to hacking in making that statement.

    GEORGE BRANDIS: Well, you see, this is the point at which I must say, as I said yesterday morning in the interview for which Mr Dreyfus chastised me, I’m not at liberty, nor was he, nor was Ms Gillard to go into the details of the briefing and I won’t, but I can tell you that Julia Gillard’s assertion to the House of Representatives the day before yesterday was false.

    Now, the PM being called a liar is nothing new in this day and age. But, considering how far he has already gone in abusing Parliamentary privilege, I wonder if there will be any follow up? Tony Jones appears to finally be grasping the essence. Gillard was not specific in where the report was inaccurate, Brandis was. He now appears to be backing away, but still calling the PM a liar. That doesn’t make sense, in order for her to have lied, the entire report must be correct, which is what he said the other day (which is where he should be in trouble for disclosing secrets imo). He did verbal the PM when he said “dismissed the report entirely as being inaccurate”, so perhaps he can get away with just apologising for verbal ling her, but now he accused her of lying? That raises the bar a bit. Interesting to see if/where this leads. Hopefully to the end of Brandis. It should, as his behaviour in this has been repellent.

  10. “It should, as his behaviour in this has been repellent.”

    Not just this but a slew of like attacks by Brandis against Gillard.

    Brandis is the cowardly cur who skirts around the edges of the pack as they attack and then slinks in for a nip only to scurry away and hide until the next cowardly opportunity presents itself.

    Brandis will hide away again until it fades away or another distraction presents itself, like yet again calling for an early election by the opposition. And that’s all this latest stunt of election calling is, a distraction away from the gormless Abbott who fucked up yet again and proved what an untrustworthy deceiving bastard he really is, so something needed to be done to get him out of the limelight.

  11. so something needed to be done to get him out of the limelight.

    And the media will play to their tune again. Unless of course Slipper or Thom(p)son do something to to attract the watchful eye of our forth estate, you know, like walking outside with shoelaces undone or the like.

  12. Thanks ME, I was planning to follow up on TR’s comment this morning with something about how Brandis’s behaviour in this has not been surprising, his being such a totally repellent individual, after all.

    But you’ve made a far better job of it than I could have. I’ve relished every word you’ve written there. I hope you enjoyed writing all that as much I have reading it.

  13. No need to worry over debt you never hear about

    You know this was the sole thing Howard campaigned on in 96 and won the election with his debt truck.

    Yet the moment he got into power he threw away the debt truck and even the smallest effort in trying to turn it around, which was his major promise made day after day during the campaign.

    Howard went on to rack up record after record current account deficits that didn’t begin to turn around until Rudd won power. Yet this, Howard’s greatest broken promise in what was a long line of lies and broken promises under his stewardship, hardly got a boo from anyone.

    This helps explain our banks’ subsequent move back to reliance on household deposits (made more possible by our households’ changed saving behaviour, of course) and also their move to reduce their exposure to ”rollover risk” (having trouble replacing a maturing debt with a new debt) by lengthening the average term of their foreign borrowers.

    These days, 63 per cent of our foreign debt is more than a year from maturity, including almost a third with more than five years to run.

    Finally, some people worry that, when we borrow in foreign currencies, a fall in our dollar would automatically increase the Australian-dollar amount of our debt. But Treasury points out, these days, almost two-thirds of our net foreign debt has been borrowed in Australian dollars.

    This is what has changed under Labor, who have always encouraged saving over spending, though Keating was the first to shift away from that but nowhere near the extent Howard pushed everyone to spend spend spend at all costs, all racked up on personal and business credit to a level that became the highest in the OECD and as Costello pointed out was unsustainable.

    But Abbott wants to take us back to this spend at all costs policy and the long term damage to this country that will entail.

  14. “But Abbott wants to take us back to this spend at all costs policy and the long term damage to this country that will entail.

    I really don’t understand Labor supporters. On one hand you say debt is not a problem and then you say it is. I guess it depends on how much you hate John Howard on the point you are trying to make.

    Australians are saving more not because of Rudd (another lie by the ALP) but they are worried about the world economy and are trying to pay down their mortgages.

    And how do you think Qantas is going to buy their new A380’s?? How do you think the miners get the money for their new equipment??

    Nope don’t understand you people at all. I would be interested to see how much foreign debt is owed by companies like Qantas and BHP who need to borrow to purchase equipment compared to people with mortgages.

    And i find it amazing that after 6 years you still bring up John Howard who left an economy the envy of the world.

  15. Qantas and BHP borrow and spend it on income producing assets. Labor borrowed and pissed it up against the wall. And the future generations will have to pay it back.

  16. Scaler, and how many of the ordinary folk who work for Qantas or BHO have the capacity to borrow and spend it on income producing assets? Governments, businesses and people are all different entities. They can’t be compared.

  17. Neil, “In the pantheon of chinless blue bloods and suburban accountants that makes up the Australian Liberal Party, this bloke is truly one out of the box. You have to go back to Billy McMahon to find a Prime Minister who even approaches this one for petulance, pettiness and sheer grinding inadequacy.”

    Scaper, “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.”

  18. MAJOR Australian personalities including James Packer, John Howard and Cardinal George Pell – plus a minor British royal – have been giving political pep-talks to Liberal MPs during secret luncheon meetings held across Sydney.

    The exclusive gatherings, known as the “Chartwell Society”, have seen a cross-factional band of ambitious MPs taking tips from major figures on the world stage during regular, invite-only gatherings.

    Pell’s $30 holiday home

    Among those who have addressed the Chartwell MPs – whose group is named after former British prime minister Winston Churchill’s country home – are former prime minister John Howard, former chief of army Peter Cosgrove and even Prince Richard, the Duke of Gloucester.

    The gatherings aim to “critically evaluate policy”, the group’s organiser David Elliott, a Liberal MP, told The Sunday Telegra…..

    There was a programme yonks ago, on the RC in Rome, accusing it of tax avoidance.

    One of the schemes, was owning and running the private, luxury hotels throughout Rome.

    It was alleged that the church called the hotel, a pilgrim or student house, and then was tax exempted. The allegations, were that they were run as private hotels, lacking students or pilgrims.]

    Yes, they just did not pay their taxes.

  19. more

    …The most recent function was held on Friday at the Australian Hotels Association plush Macquarie St boardroom with Cardinal George Pell attending as the guest of honour at a gathering of 11 Coalition MPs.

    Separate gatherings have been held at universities, churches and corporate boardrooms.

    The precise nature of the discussions are kept strictly confidential.

    Among those who attended Friday’s gathering were Tony Issa, Matt Kean, Dom Perrottet, Peter Phelps, John O’Day, Kevin Conolly, Natasha Maclaren-Jones, Ray Williams and former police officer Bryan Doyle – all movers and shakers in government circles outside cabinet.


  20. Do we know who our PM is. Is it the woman that most of the MSM and Opposition likes to hate.

    …….And let’s not kid ourselves it’s not remarkable being the first female leader of your country. That’s history. Lock it in, Eddie. Julia Gillard will be mentioned in Aussie classrooms for the next two centuries.

    Gillard has both manifested and magnified the ambitions of more Australian girls under the age of 16 than every female athlete, actor, model, scientist, journalist and cartoon super-hero combined.

    Frustratingly, however, it’ll only be long after Gillard’s left office we’ll see her described as she is by so many who’ve met her. Funny. Down to earth. Good company. Smart. Humane. Great with kids.

    I’ve no way of confirming this because Gillard and I have never watched a game of football together, where I hear she’s also apt to scream “Go you f—ing doggies!” and slosh a Melbourne Bitter on what’s his name – the hairdresser’s – slacks.

    No matter what you think of Gillard, her government and policies (of which there have been many significant achievements), the great political tragedy of the past four years is we don’t know our Prime Minister.

    Sure we had the embarrassing political recalibration of 2010 when Gillard promised us the “real Julia”. However, I think this “get to know ya” jaunt has largely been a failure.

    I’ve talked to people as diverse as the CEOs of major advertising agencies tasked with election campaigns, senior journalists, Gillard’s political opponents, even TV cameramen and make-up artists – and they’ve been surprisingly consistent in their appraisal of her.

    Top chick. Really nice. So different to the person you see on TV. A great woman.

    The tragedy is we’ve not been given the opportunity to engage with that great woman, to fall in love with Gillard like many voters did and have with Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Malcolm Turnbull … even, gulp, John Howard.

    Read more:

  21. I believe that many on this and similar sites, do see the real Julia, whats more see, and like her.

  22. Agree, why throw out something that has achieved so much. This article lists so many, that it is impossible to curt and past.

    “………..Call me quixotic if you like, but I just can’t believe that my fellow Australians would toss out a government that has done us such sterling service for an opposition led by Tony Abbott who threatens to undo so much of what we’ve achieved these last five years; and who wants to set us on a path to “austerity” that has done such appalling damage in Europe and the US….”

  23. I believe that many on this and similar sites, do see the real Julia, whats more see, and like her.”

    Gillard is only good at having sex with married men. She is a person who destroys marriages.

    A totally gross and immoral women.

  24. Crikey Neil, 😯 ….that old bit of boulderdash…… is that all you’ve got……. next you’ll be doing the ‘she lied’ crappolla….. as to the so called married man story, she went out with him some 12-18mths after his marriage broke up, not that it’s anybody’s beeswax.
    P.S. shh, don’t tell anyone but I hear she’s living with a bloke and…….. thier not even married 😯 …….and in this day and age!!! ……..double 😯

  25. “Gillard is only good at having sex with married men.”

    Neil, I believe you will find those married men were separated.

    How do you know Tony is also not guilty of similar crimes. Well as what you see as a crime.

    I have heard that could be true, but then I do not have evidence, so he must be given the benefit of the doubt.

    It is ones business who the PM sleeps with.

    Did she leg-rope these men into having sex, I wonder. Has she eve claimed that she is a saint.

    You are scraping the bottom of the barrel with your insults. Will have to do better.

  26. “It is ones business who the PM sleeps with.

    Yes it is. What if she is sleeping with a Chinese spy?? Anyway it does show she has no respect for marriage or married men.

    I suspect she does not support gay marriage because she does not believe in marriage. I think she thinks married people are fools.

    A totally gross and immoral women.

  27. Neil, this is 2010.

    Woman are no longer expect to behave different from men.

    Woman do sleep with men, and for that matter, women, without the benefit of marriage.

    How did the Chinese spy get into the picture.

    No, ones personal life. is ones own business.

    Neil, what is the problem, cannot get a woman for yourself.

    Neil, women are no longer seen as living in sin. There offspring without the benefits of marriage, are no longer seen as bastards, and treated as outcasts.

    Thankfully that world in long gone.

  28. Maybe those married men, have no respect for single women,

    Neil, they are separated. no longer living in a marriage. How do you know the partners of those married men have not move onto new relationships.

    Neil, I can only say, yo are a narrow minded bigoted. Time to come into this century.

    I cannot recall any relationship of the PM, that was not out in th e open. No attempt at concealment. Mentioned, I believe by herself. Nothing to be ashamed of.

    Neil, sadly I believe that there are many that do judge the PM by similar outdated and narrow beliefs on how one lives one’s life.

    Neil, the PM lives as many other women her age and younger live. Not unusual at all.

  29. So who was John Howard’s “on-the-side” squeeze for all those years in Canberra? It was rumoured to be a certain discrimination commissioner, but that has been denied vehemently by all parties. I wonder who it was then? I believe he was a married man at the time 😯

    What a totally gross and immoral man rodent 😆 😯

  30. “Ms Gillard said it was Telstra’s responsibility to properly prepare its pits and ducts for the NBN, comparing it to a landlord-tenant relationship between the telco and the federal government.

    “This is Telstra’s responsibility, squarely and simply, to have the pits and ducts in an appropriate condition for NBN Co to then roll the fibre out from,” she said.

    Telstra is currently auditing the asbestos management work practices of its contractors and will release the findings in the coming days.

    Telstra Chief Operations Officer Brendon Riley has said the telco was taking responsibility for all asbestos related activity performed by its contractors.”

    I have been told that Telstra hires sub contractors for this work. I have been informed from a reliable source, that they they only pay, what they did seven years ago. This makes it impossible for the SC to make a living without taking short cuts. Maybe this is were the unions and government should be looking.

    Once again, trying to do the job on th cheap, putting all a risk.

    These SC are only little men.

  31. So who was John Howard’s “on-the-side” squeeze for all those years in Canberra?”

    Any evidence for your allegations??

    Everybody however knows what Gillard got up to. She does not believe in marriage.

    She does believe in destroying marriages however.

  32. Neil, many do not believe in marriage. See it as a way of controlling women, and protecting the wealth of their husbands. Yes, many see it as nothing more than a financial union.

    Neil, this does not mean that one does not believe in commitment and love. If fact, they believe that is enough.

    Neil, many of us believe that the so called sacrament of marriage has been found badly wanting.

    What does marriage give one, that genuine commitment does not.

    Neil. marriage was a civil or culture fact, long before it became religious.

  33. While i am at it Hawke is no better. The only reason he stayed married to Hazel was because Hazel gave him a extra 3% of the vote.

    When hazel was no longer needed she was thrown out. Keating did the same to Anita.

    Most ALP PM’s appear to be gross and immoral people.

  34. Neil of Sydney employing one of the right-wing “Liberals'” favourite tactics: Right Wing Projection – projecting their own faults onto their opponents.

  35. Neil,

    Need I mention Billy Sneddon, or a certain ex-PM sans trousers in Memphis? Then there’s the stomach churning thought of what the last Liberal PM was up to on the sly… Bloody immoral p#!c&$ these Liberals 😆

  36. Sneddon was never PM. I think Fraser was in the wrong party.

    But by the way what did happen in Memphis. has anything been proven or is it just gossip.

    However we do not need to gossip about Hawke and Keating.

    When their spouses were no longer needed they were thrown out.

    To bad you are defending such immoral behaviour.

  37. Immoral by whoms definition…….surely not by your definition Neil, after all Neil, your a supporter of the liars party….. an immoral and traitorist pursuit if there ever was one.

  38. So Lovo you agree with Hawke throwing out Hazel??

    Actually i am sure you do. It seems to be ALP policy

  39. “Its called LIFE Neil”

    No, it is called immoral and corrupt behaviour. For some reason you cannot condemn Hawke or Keating. They both threw out their spouses because they were no longer needed.

    I guess you people agree with this behaviour. Stupid Bacchus brings up some unicorn rather than condemn Hawke/Keating.

  40. Neil, why do you see marriage breakups as immoral.

    Marriages and love do die.

    Neil, sometimes the moral thing to do, is call it a day.

    Both Hawke and Keating appears to have stayed together, to rear their children.

    I believe that Hazel still respected Bob after the separation.. The same with the Keating. It appears both couple could have stayed together for the sake of their children.

    Neil, what fives you the right to judge. You do not and have no idea of what occurred within these families.

    In my opinion, it is more immoral to stay together, leading to hating on another.

    Both marriages was long lasting. Mr. Hawke was at his first wife’s bedside when she died.

    Both women, led long happy lives after the separations.

    As far as I know, Mr. Keating is still single.

    Where is the immorality.

    Divorce is legal, a part of our culture and society.

    I believe seeing politicians do what occurred this week trying to scare up terror and insecurity, naming a asylum seeker, calling him a convicted murder, among other things, and claiming ASIO could not do their job.

    The truth appear to be, the man was convicted along with hundred;s of others, in absentia.. The convictions were later over turned, and replaced with one of befogging to a group. Claiming there was a red noticed out and he was wanted man. Any legal person worth their salt would;d have asked when, then why has their not been any application for him to be expatriated Many on these sites did ask that question. Answer is, it appears, he is not wanted.

    These conviction occurred under a dictatorship, that has been deposed. Both Brandis and Bishop attended briefings. I would be very surprised, if they were told, what the were spruiking was false. That is what I call immoral. Destroying a man’s reputation for political reasons. Accusing the PM of something that was just not true.

    Do not expect apologies from Brandais or the MSM.

  41. Neil,marriage separation is not immoral and definitely not corrupt.

    I know the right love to change meanings of words, but you are going one step too far.

    Yes, Neil, it is sad when marriages come to an end.

    Another immoral act is I believe, Telstra refusing top pay decent money, to those sub contractors they hire, to clean up their asbestos pits.

    Another is employers who bring in temporary or guest workers on 457 visa’s at the expense of the local workforce.;

    Not to sure it is moral to hand tax payers money in handouts to middle/upper income earners, especially when it is at the expense of those in need.

  42. Neil, people fall in love. They fall out of love. Neil, that has nothing to do with corruption morality.

    Neil, what happen to debt. Seems to have gone out of fashion at this time. You where out of your depth then. You are further out now.

    Neil, even our future King dumped his first wife.

  43. Hawke only stayed married because Hazel gave him an extra 3% of the vote.

    Hawke would have divorced Hazel years earlier if he did not want to be PM.

  44. Was not the Church of England created on the whim of a King, who dumped many wives. Actually his behaviour was corrupt. as he did more than dump them.

    Neil, divorce has been around a long time.

  45. Neil, it is easy, as neither Keating or Hawke were immoral.or corrupt.

    Not so sure about Fraser losing his pants. That is tongue in cheek. Still it can amuse one to wonder why.

  46. Well you do not think throwing out Hazel when she is not needed anymore is not corrupt.

    You are as corrupt as Hawke and Keating.

  47. Neil, Hazel was not thrown on the dump heap.

    They separated then divorced. Hazel was well looked after.

    Neil, that often happens, marriages come to an end.

    She was not left destitute or homeless. Even Hazel acknowledged that it allow her to develop a life of her own,. which she did successfully.


  48. ……and the other one plays jingle bells. Neil………….. umm, are you bored Neil, or mayhap you have writers block……. or Abbotts really F*’ed up somewhere and you have received orders to ‘go off into tangents unknown’……. or your ‘spent’, run outta BS……morality from an RW, WTF Neil 😕 …..c’mon cobba…. your tilting, Neil, seemingly. 😀

  49. “Neil, Hazel was not thrown on the dump heap. ”

    Yes she was . You have now proven to me that you are as corrupt as Bob Hawke.

    Hawke only stayed married to help him win elections. When hazel was no longer needed she was thrown out.

    FU you are as corrupt as Bob Hawke. You have no compassion and you only care about the ALP being re-elected no matter how corrupt the ALP is.

  50. Neil, is this not immoral. To keep on lying about turning the boats back, when Indonesia keeps telling him, they will not allow it. Bishop goes further. She infers that private talks have taken place. Obviously another lie.

    Yes, I believe that could be seen as immoral. or even corrupt.

    “………..Indonesia has said in its clearest terms yet that it would not work with a future Abbott government on the Coalition’s vow to turn back asylum-seeker boats.

    The country’s ambassador to Australia, Nadjib Riphat Kesoema, said in Canberra on Friday that, as a transit country, Indonesia was also ”a victim of the situation” and would probably not collaborate with the Coalition on such an approach.

    ”So I think it’s not possible for the Coalition to say that it [the flow of boats] has to go … back to Indonesia, because Indonesia is not the origin country of these people,” he said.

    ”We don’t know the situation ahead of us right now but I think … no such collaboration will happen between Indonesia and Australia … I don’t think that it will happen.”…”

    Read more:

  51. FU

    You are as corrupt as Bob hawke.

    During their marriage, Bob Hawke had an affair with Blanche d’Alpuget in the 1970s.[1][2] Hawke proposed to his mistress in 1978, but later withdrew the offer saying “Divorce could cost Labor three per cent.

    The only thing Hazel meant to Bob was three percent of the vote. Shame on you for supporting low life scum like Bob hawke.

  52. Maybe the divorce did cost Hawke. How does that make it corrupt and immoral. Neil mores change and that was a long time ago.

    It is wrong to say that is all she meant to him. It is libelous, as she was also the mother of his kids.

    In fact there were many at the time of his election, that advise Hazel to keep herself hidden, as she was seen as a negative. Yes, that story has been repeated often since her death. Yes, Hazel was seen as a liability,.

    I think we have exhausted the topic. Do not see any rushing to your defence.

    Can I add, I am not and never have been a Hawke fan.

  53. Maybe the divorce did cost Hawke

    What?? Hawke only divorced hazel after politics. that is wen she was not needed anymore.

    You are only proving to me more and more that the ALP is a corrupt and immoral party elected by corrupt and immoral people.

    What a filthy party is the ALP.

    Anything goes and i will stay married to hazel because she will give me an extra 3% of the vote.

    Go to hell FU you are as corrupt as Hawke and Keating

  54. Neil, I suspect you will be waiting, if I ever get to hell. What you are doing, is maligning Hazel’s life. There is no evidence that Bob never cared for Hazel, none at all. Yes, he was a philander, a fact that Hazel was aware of. A fact she choose to ignore,.

    How they lived their lives is no business of yours. You have no right to set yourself up in moral judgment of your relationship.

    Neil, you are showing a very narrow and bigotry nature. I am sad to see that.

    This is definitely my last comment.

    Why get the shits, because one cannot agree.

  55. Don’t you love it when Neil gets shrill 😉 Losing it badly again Neil? If I remember correctly, Migs proffered a reason you get this way a few years back. Perhaps you should ask your Dad for some pocketmoney to visit The Cross 😆 😆 :mrgreen:

  56. …..and then there’s the immorality of dressing up less and saying it’s more…Neil. ….. but you’ll fall in line and try to sugar-coat ‘the’ lemon, a.k.a. Fraudbland…. the ALP’s NBN makes LNPer’s look,.. well,.. stoopid.

    “Not much mention of ‘future-proofing’ is there?
    We all know the adage “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door’, or more recently, the ‘freeway effect’…..these are references to unknown (but presumed) future effects of improvements.

    In this debate about NBN capacity and its relationship to need, most negative commentators are suggesting that something less than an average 100 mbps is adequate, based on their perceptions of what the ‘average’ (where is that one?) household uses to day. This, in turn, is based on the capacity demanded by the content suppliers for the forms of content they use today.

    This is an OK point of view if you assume that future growth in demand will somehow be constrained in a way that it has not been in the past…..hands up those who remember telecommunications bandwidth of 300 bps.

    What is more likely is that the relatively exponential (relatively ‘cos I’m mathematically disadvantaged) growth in band width demand/usage over the past 50 years will continue unabated until the sub-atomic world and its laws dictate otherwise.

    IMHO, regardless of political persuasion, of the two policies tabled, there is very little going for the not-really-slightly-cheaper cupro-Abbott version; it is destined for inadequacy and later replacement by the more future-oriented, red-underpants on head (Oh! you thought that was hair, or perhaps copper, did you?) Gillard version, which is far superior today, and probably for the next few years…..

    I feel very sorry for poor old Malcolm Turnbull who is bright enough to realise that he is going to have to tell thousands of porkies about the cupro-NBN (which he would never have advocated himself)……still, we can measure that in MPPS…..mega-porkies-per-second
    12 April, 2013 03:28

  57. Poor old Neil doesn’t want to talk about Economics any more since most Liberal-National states are in deficit, it’s been revealed that Howard/Costello left the federal budget in a structural deficit and a recent report for the IMF found the Liberal Nationals the most wasteful government this country has ever known.

  58. Got a link to that recent so called IMF report??? If so, copy and paste page two of the working paper if you dare.

    Funny how you lot critique the media but swallow hook, line and gob something from Martin without one skerrick of research.

  59. Neil of Sydney.
    “Gillard is only good at having sex with married men.”
    funny, I read a similar rumor about Abbott during his seminary days
    That rumor even mentioned “little boys”
    probably has about as much legitimacy as your claims

  60. Rocks? The Cross? All Sydney landmarks 😯

    Your original of that was a genuinely PMSL moment Migs 😆 :mrgreen:

  61. Abbott’s Teabagger Army are having another rally on June 18 in Canberra. They are calling themselves the “Wind Farm Fraud Rally.” I hope the MSM give as much exposure to this rally as possible, as this can only help the voting public see just who the real frauds are.

    I bet our very own fraud, Fat Tony (Scaper) will be there.

  62. Queensland’s debt expected to blow out to $130 billion in the next three years. So much for austerity putting them back into the black.

    Comes on the back of the European austerity measures being rethought as they admit they didn’t think it would fail so badly.

    By the way what’s Abbott solution, oh that’s right AUSTERITY on overdrive.

  63. Wow! $130bn eh? Newman’s doing a sterling job with Qld’s economy then? Austerity really works, NOT.

  64. I have to elaborate on that. It’s an unsubstantiated figure being bandied about on the social media, and they have done what the Federal opposition did on the NBN, extrapolated the worst case on every measure.

    So I guess if it’s OK and lauded for the Federal Coalition to use that type of inferred but uncorroborated counting, then it should be perfectly OK for everyone else to and do it back at the LNP.

    What will be true is that Queensland like every other state, including the Liberal ones who make such a huge deal out of deficits, will go into significant debt despite and mostly likely because of their austerity measures. There is also a very good chance they will slip into recessions under an Abbott Federal government for the same reasons.

    My beef with this is not that they are going into debt, in the cases of O’Farrell and Weatherill the reasoning and economics is sound, but the fact that apart from Newman they are using the same excuses State Labor did when they were in government, excuses the Liberal opposition heavily and constantly lambasted.

    It is that hypocrisy that gets my goat and the fact the MSM, not a single one, has reported on or pointed out that hypocrisy.

    Newman doesn’t even bother making excuses, just blames Labor for everything on continues to lie and break promises one after another, not a peep from the right wingers over that.

    Barnett just economically stuffed up big time, and despite increasing mining royalties is seeing little of the money stay in WA, something the full MRRT would have achieved is more mining profits staying in WA.

    Get Barnett’s excuse for the near recession on almost a 4% retraction in growth for the State that should be the one benefiting the most at the moment. “More people are moving to WA increasing the number of unemployed and suppressing the economy.” WTF Barnett, more people moving there, building houses, increasing business and infrastructure, to the detriment of the environment by the way, is causing a recession. Nothing points out Barnett’s woeful economic management than yesterday’s statement.

    Don’t expect the right wingers to criticise them though and do expect them to come out with lots of excuses and blame shifting, it’s what they do best.

  65. Let’s have a caption competition for the above. Here’s my entry:

    “Don’t get any ideas about coming to Australia.”

  66. ME @8.52am, thank you for clearing that up, because previous figures bandied about have been nowhere near that high, but relatively high. All of which would not happen had Newman not gone down the now discredited austerity path.

    Barnett’s lame excuse for the contraction in WA’s economy is so much hogwash. After all, they have been held up as the jewel in the Liars crown with a booming economy and jobs aplenty.

    Surely Honest Colin hasn’t been telling porkies?

  67. So what is fair compensation for a life in hell after a childhood of abuse? After the Victorian enquiry the consensus seemed to be that $70,000 wasn’t anywhere near close enough.

    In NSW, the Liberal Party has come up with a more appropriate figure, $15,000.

    That is right, it’s not a typo. Fifteen fucking thousand dollars, it won’t even pay for the child’s burial costs. These poor people may as well have the word victim tattooed on their foreheads, as that’s what the Coalition has made them yet again.

    But wait, there’s more….

    The Bill also changes the statute of limitations for people claiming compensation for violence both sexual and non-sexual this includes child abuse or child sexual assault. An application must be made within 10 years of the alleged act or, if the victim was a child when it occurred, within 10 years after turning 18.

    According to a report in claims against the Anglican Church the average time before application or claim is made is 23 years. Reporting this type of offence is often like going through the ordeal yet again, many victims have repressed memories that don’t surface until psychological problems are addressed years later.

    Opposition leader John Robertson called it for what it is stating

    ”This is clearly a deliberately timed piece of legislation designed by the government to prevent thousands of child sexual abuse victims from being able to apply for compensation”

    This also comes after news of a secret society of Liberal MP’s that have been meeting to discuss policy and the “lawmaking business”…..

    For sure, with the Coalition, the weak and victims always come a bad last.


    Yes, we do indeed. Your mother never taught you any manners/

  69. Silkworm @ 1.09 …. my entry 🙂 ” Me, me, me, me…ah…me, me, me umm, ah…me, me…”

  70. Records in the up over (Nth Hemisphere) are set to be broken and it’s only the beginning of summer……… one wonders if Tony Abbotts assertion that CC is crap, is crap….. one wonders if his campaign strategy will melt like the Arctic really is….. mm !

  71. Lets put immigration in context.

    “….“Temporary work and [short-term visas for] students are unambiguously helpful.”

    Now, let’s leave the rational and intelligent Paul Collier, and get back to our irrational and dumb federal politics, where the Opposition’s scare campaign is beating Government’s scare campaign, hands down.

    Even the PM’s most loyal allies admit it. The other day we heard about Laurie Ferguson, frankly telling his colleagues, “We [Labor] are dead” in western Sydney unless they start to engage the electorate over the asylum seeker issue.

    You can sort of understand why. As I have mentioned before, the stats show that the population of the western Sydney area grew by 111,000 people in the five years to 2011. Of those new people, more than 75 per cent – around 85,000 – came from overseas. The biggest source area was south Asia, with 30,000-plus new arrivals from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

    The thing is, those people didn’t come by leaky boat, or at least the overwhelming majority of them did not. They came either as approved permanent or temporary migrants.

    (A few stats to underline the point: some 42,000 people have arrived by boat as asylum seekers during the whole term of this government. Many more than that — about 57,000 — arrived on 457s in just the past year, to April.)

    Those middle eastern crime gangs people are so concerned about can be traced back to the immigration policies of the Fraser government. Those radical Islamic societies of which we have lately heard a lot are not boat people.

    Most of these people, of course, are not jihadis or criminals at all. They are just people, trying to get on with their lives.

    There are a lot of them, though. And the reason for that is government policy, which is, despite all the posturing, largely bipartisan.

    What the Opposition never tells you is that it has no intention of making any significant reduction to overall immigration.

    Its policy sets the goal to 170,000 a year, with the goal of maintaining annual population growth of 1.4 per cent a y….”

  72. :Has anyone considered that Murdoch and his cronies, including the LNP are the ones who are afraid of us, the thinkers and non-bullshit and crap takers? Why else would they throw so much money at..”

    I suspect that the above is true.They are terrified of the PM getting enough clear air, to get over the noise, to allow Labor, and the PM to tell the public what they have achieved.

    They are terrified, that the public, when they decide to look, or get off that fence, might decide, that they have too much, much to much to lose, kicking this government out.

    They have nothing to gain, voting Abbott in. Much to lose voting the PM out.

    Yes, the media and Opposition are afraid the public might realise that the dire warnings, we have had every day for nigh on three years, just are not true. Npot one of the dire predictions have come true.

    The media and Abbott have been proven wrong at all times.

    They might come to the conclusion, we might not like her, she might not be a wonderful salesman, but she does deliver.

    Might decide, that a slick conman or slick salesman, is not what is needed.

    None would deny that Rudd had the policies and superior skills in selling them. Sadly he was found wanting, in the implementation of those policies.

    The PM carried on hos good work, and now has develop her own policies, that fits into her dream for the future. Yes, a very find narrative, that is back up with legislation, not air fairy promises.

    A highly educated and skilled workforce, the infrastructure and technology, such as NBN, that will enable us, to take our place, in the exciting new world order, the Asian Century.

    At the same time, this PM dream is to protect the poor and disabled, moving away from the welfare model. Allowing all to reached their full potential. Yes, it is a dream, and like all dreams, there will be disappointments, but one should always try, leaving things better that when one found them.

    Yes the PM is builder, looking ahead. The Opposition Leader, is a demolisher, looking back to the past, for answers. That will take us backward.

    It is not about whether we can afford the spending, it is about, we cannot afford not to invest. Nothing happens without investment.

    Yes, policies of Labor are all out in the public arena. The nuts and bolts of how they will be costed and implemented, for all to see. Many have legislation, already in place.

    Unlike the Opposition, that are all sheathed in secretary, ans appear to change, when they front different audiences. Seem to have a version for ail seasons.

    Motherhood statements and three word slogans, does not tell one much.

  73. Typical Liberal trick right out of the Howard book of spend but never the amount promised and then always claim you spent the full amount.

    Royal North Shore Hospital expansion, which was started by the previous State Labor government, when complete will be around a billion dollars worth.

    So recently a new wing and building was completed. Joy all around, only that the State government has funded a fraction of the beds, clinics, theatres and services saying the unfunded parts are being held for future need. Brand new operating theatres have been turned into store rooms and beds closed. Doctors and staff have jumped on this saying patients are being turned away and the need is acute right now so that’s bunkum. Skinner the Health Minister won’t budge.

    Here’s yet another example of something that if done by a Labor government would have seen howls of protest, condemnatory headlines across the MSM and constant tongue lashings from the Liberal opposition. But as this is a Liberal government, hardly a boo from anyone except a byline on ABC news that was hardly critical and ended on a positive spin for O’Farrell.

  74. Rumblings in Warringah,
    “Where is your local federal member on the issues in the Warringah federal electorate?

    What are the local government areas covered in the Warringah electorate?
    Manly council, Part of Warringah Council (southern side of Warringah Road), Mosman Council

    What are the big issues not getting the attention they should? Local, state or federal, your member should be raising your voice.
    •Transport; Spit bridge options, light or heavy rail options, safe and secure bus operations. These have all been debated and still unresolved while Tony Abbott has been member for Warringah.
    •Health; Northern Beaches Hospitals. Manly, Mona Vale, Royal North Shore and now Frenchs Forest. Still a confused approach and Tony Abbott failed to create a plan for Northern Beaches Hospitals and he was Federal Minster for Health.
    •Environment; Harbour Foreshores, Manly Dam Catchment Area: development out of control in Tony Abbotts back yard.
    •Security; Manly Corso, Mosman Junction, Brookvale: Alcohol related violence has increased and all quiet from Warringah federal Minister.
    •Education; Seaforth TAFE left to rot under Tony Abbotts watch.

  75. Speaking of rumblings…there is chatter that either Gillard will resign or get turfed in favour of Rudd in the next three weeks. If it occurs then the Libs have plenty of ammo in the form of Labor calling Rudd all sorts of names.

    I’d laugh if it happened as most of you lot have also slimed Rudd. You all would have no where to turn…a collective self wedge!

  76. Love the new portrayal of the PM. She needs to smile more from Paul Sheahan.

    This I find hard not to laugh at, We see every day, photos of a smiling PM, who comes across as a warm person. So now her toughness is to be turned into being the ice lady.

    I have heard most say, the PM has achieved, policies good, but her crime is, she has not been able to sell this.

    The public does indeed have a big problem, if the are so willing to be hoodwinked by a snake oil and conman, over substance. One can only come to the conclusion, they deserve what they get.

    Trouble is, the rest of us do not.

    Yes, scaper, I do believe in democracy, and accept the will of the electorate.

    scaper, this does not mean they always get it right.

    Was interested during the week, to see some shots of Menzies’s great lie before he resigned. That is taking us into the Vietnam war, because they invited us. Along with the fear of communist and the falling dominoes, that was created. We seen interviews, taken in the streets, backing everything Menzies said. Of course this was in the early days, before the public woke up to, that they had been conned, Yes, when the penny dropped, the masses went to the streets. letting their feeling known.

    Yes, it is true, that one can fool all the people sometime. Some people all the time. One cannot fool all the people all the time.

    scaper. I fail to see what you have to gloat about. I see this country entering, and unnecessary so, a period of political and economical insecurity. I fail to see why the media is working so hard for such a outcome. Does not make sense.

    scaper, if the Opposition is so sure of winning, and the polls are correct, why do they feel the need for so much nastiness, hate, abuse and the pounding of this PM into the ground.

    Why so much hate?

  77. Fu, “Why so much hate?” …..because ‘they’ actually know that the polls are rigged and as we get closer to the election the Liars No Policy will come under greater ‘n greater scrutiny, this is why Scraps is here, because he knows that ” The passage of time is the LNP’s enemy!” ….. tick, tick, tick HAHAHA

  78. One needs to keep in mind, that the likes of Joel Fitzgibbon and his ilk have their own agenda. They have to justify the stand they have taken against the PM. They have burnt their bridges, and looks to have got it wrong. The biggest number I have seen of that brigade, is still ten. Even the highest, suspect number of 30, is a long way short of what they need to justify their stand.

    Rudd facing Abbott, would be no more of a choice of who is the most popular. That, in itself is terrifying. Policies would be ignored, Rudd would be torn to pieces by the media and Opposition. The little we seen of the younger Bishop was a strong indicator of that.

    What policies would Rudd take to the public? Those of Gillard I believe. What record? The very successful one of Gillard.

    Is it time for those who believe in the PM, to ensure we get out behind the PM, in public, every time we have the opportunity.

  79. We have to get above the noise, and get these messages out.

    “,,,But it might also be that the “we told you so” reflex of the most loyal Rudd backers is overwhelming any sense of duty to try to work with the team.

    Which would be evidenced by Rudd’s highly unusual appearance to talk to journalists at the doors of Parliament House. “I think it’s time,” he said, “[that] everyone, and I mean everyone, just pulled their heads in.”

    Not everyone in the Labor party is caught up in the sideshow.

    The climate change minister, Greg Combet, for example, gave a considered and passionate defence of Labor’s carbon pricing regime at the National Press Club.

    The education minister, Peter Garrett, has been plugging away making the case for Labor’s school reforms, which passed the House of Representatives on Wednesday.,,,

    I am really punishing myself, watching Bolt.

  80. They put Rudd back, what then?

    I have seen over and over, that the PM has put good policies in place. That the PM has good policies to take us forwarded. Many journalist say it is not her policies, or the installing of the policies as that is at fault, it is because she cannot sell the message.

    So, it seems one needs a slick salesman, that can sell rubbish, over one that delivers.

    I do believe this PM is capable of handing over, for the good of the party and nation, if she believe is would be in the interest of both to do so.

    The trouble she would have, to do so, would sell Labor and the nation out, even more.

    It would be an acknowledgement, that it is the media that controls politics in this nation.

    It would be giving into bullies. It would lead to a greater defeat for Labor, one I believe that would split the party, doing much ore damage than the DLP split.

    I, as a long time Labor voter would have to ask myself, what am I voting for. Sadly for many years of political insecurity, with the media and extreme right in charge.

    Now we have her being demonised as the ice maiden,. How can they do that, to what is obviously caring and warm woman. One who all that spend time in her company, acknowledge.

    Why do we in this country, not admire strong and gutsy women, along with strong and brave men.

    There is not one good argument for replacing Gillard with Rudd. There are many, not to do so.

    If one goes down, so be it, as long as they go down fighting.

    Looking at the media this week, they are more interested in saving their own skins, giving one last effort, pulling out all stops, to prove they have been right all along.

    Ignoring the fact, that three years later, the woman has got back into government, and is still standing. Why give up now. It has been a Marathon. What happens in marathons, when runners approach that finishing line. Many fall over, exhausted with the race going to the one that has the best endurance.

    No matter what they say about this PM, and government, it is still governing. legislation is still being passed. Agreements are being made. Policies are being evolved and promoted.

    Yes, governments get beaten. Does that mean they have failed. It is what they leave behind that counts. There is always another election to run. Yes they get beaten, only to come back at another time.

    That is democracy.

    I will once again ask. what has Rudd to offer, both in the short term, and the long time.

    I also ask, hope will many vote, if he was?

  81. Scaper, I know what “the rumblings”’s Tony Abbott saying his nightie-night prayers and saying dear daddy, please let me be either prime minister or the pope..and can that naughty red-headed lady please lay down and die and can Uncle Rupe help me out by providing yet more leadership speculation.

  82. I’m still amazed that rumors, begun by the liberal party, about ruddstoration, are being actively perpetuated by the media.

    Actually, no I’m not. It just exposes the corrupt symbioses between the two

  83. Fed up, wrt Menzies & the invasion of Vietnam, just like Liealot & the Rodent, he lied to the Parliament. A long list of Liars lying to the Parliament.

    What a joke! We think Richo invented “whatever it takes”. Not likely. He’s an amateur compared with the Liars. He never routinely lied to the parliament without conscience like they do.

    Rudd’s not making a move; I believe he’s being set up by the Liars.

    I think he’s finally come to his senses and has realised the damage Liealot & his puppet masters will inflict on this country.

  84. Again the stark difference between the way a Labor government and pollies are treated and a Liberal government and their pollies on display at the State level.

    Two incidents.

    First. Pearce, the Minister for the Illawarra was given a second chance by O’Farrell after it turned out he turned up drunk for a crucial vote on victims compensation, something he is also responsible for. A vote by the way that saw NSW savagely cut compensation.

    So when Labor was in power this would have bought out howls of demanding resignation and punishment with the media not letting up until either it was done or the damage to the Labor government was done. This time apart from some mild news items on the matter hardly a peep, and not one criticism of O’Farrell’s broken promise on cracking down on his misbehaving ministers. But then it got worse when it turns out it looks like Pearce has rorted funds and expenses. Is there an outcry and has O’Farrell stood down his errant minister? Don’t been silly, we are talking Liberals here. O’Farrell has gone to ground and hasn’t made an appearance, which is turning out to be his SOP whenever there is something negative against him or his government. He will appear in a week or two in a fluff piece glossing over the failure of his minister. And the media who would never allow a Labor Premier to get away with this just let it slide by.

    Second. There was traffic and public transport failures for the brilliant Vivid festival.

    Who in NSW can forget the savage lambasting and constant savage headlines when the traffic and public transport failed when the massive cruise ships came in, and for every traffic and public transport failure. So it would be rightly expected that the same headlines would be splashed across the NSW media over the two days of failures by the current government, and not their first either since winning power.

    Nope. Of course not, don’t be stupid, this is a Liberal government in power, they don’t fail according to the media even if they do exactly the same as a Labor government. So though the traffic and public transport failures were mentioned in the news it was blamed on the crowds turning up and not a single mention of the government anywhere in the report.

    The difference between Labor and Liberal in reporting of these two incidents between similar events when Labor was in power cannot be more stark and biased.

  85. I’m still amazed that rumors, begun by the liberal party, about ruddstoration, are being actively perpetuated by the media.

    Tom R, I’m amazed that you’re amazed.

    “Look over there! No there! Not there, there”

    O’Farrell has gone to ground and hasn’t made an appearance…..

    Seems that emulating Fearless Leader is all the rage, ME.

  86. Is this normal Liberal behaviour.

    “…..EARING a diplomatic incident, Australian consular officials in New York have had to step in and settle an outstanding $8000 hotel bill for a Liberal MP who is still refusing to pay.

    Federal politician Steve Ciobo has vowed to fight the federal government in court over the account for a three-month stay at New York’s ritzy Bristol Plaza late last year while he was on a US exchange program.

    An email obtained by The Daily Telegraph revealed the incident reached the highest diplomatic levels in New York, after the hotel issued a letter of demand for the bill to be paid.

    “The lack of payment is causing irreparable damage to the relationship (consulate) Post has enjoyed with the Bristol Plaza dating back more than 10 years,” said the email to the Department of Finance from the Australian Consulate-General in New York City, dated May this year…….

    Read more:

  87. “………What would Tony Abbott do? As with all potential prime ministers there’s no way to be sure. But thanks to an unusual instance of history repeating, we’ve been given an unusually clear idea of what he’ll be told to do.

    It is also what he wants to be told to do.

    Abbott himself set up the link in March when he promised the ”swift establishment of a commission of audit”. It will ”examine the detail of what the Commonwealth government does and whether it could be done better and more cost-effectively”.

    Implicit in such a task will be determining what the Commonwealth should not do – whether there are entire areas of government that should be abandoned altogether. We know this because it has already happened. The Howard government set up a commission of audit on taking office in 1996. The commission’s impressively non-political report wasted not a second dealing with alleged failures of the previous government and instead turned its attention to the more fundamental questions of what the government should not be doing, how it could perform its remaining roles more cheaply, and how it could stop the costs of its biggest payments from skyrocketing.

    Its recommendations were timeless. That most were not accepted makes them no less relevant. In fact events since have made them more compellin…

    .The 1996 commission of audit was onto the problem early. Its report will be the first place Abbott’s commission looks.

    One of its simplest suggestions was to stop increasing the pension. It is traditionally raised twice a year by either enough to keep it at the male earnings benchmark or by the increase in consumer prices, whichever is the greatest. The commission suggested instead adjusting it only from time to time after reviews that would have to consider ”all relevant circumstances, including budget pressures”.

    Entire Commonwealth operations would be surrendered to the states. Health and aged care belong there, the report says. The states run the hospitals and their governments know the most about the quality of their aged care services. The Commonwealth would retain responsibility for Medicare and the pharmaceutical benefits scheme, but it would be more stingy, requiring all but the poorest to pay more to see the doctor and to pay more for prescriptions. Before surrendering aged care to the states the Commonwealth would de-fund the institutions, fund the users instead and jack up the users’ own (means-tested) contributio

    Read more:

    Why would it be any different this time. One only has to recall the early days of Howard, of his cuts in benefits, based on user pay policies. What has changed. Can our economy afford such action at this time. When Howard came to power, thanks to Keating the economy was well into recovery. The instable global economy, suggests that is not true now.

    Watching Rudd and his props behind him. Doers not appear to be many others aside from the props. Can see manly, in the background, walking past, taking little notice.

  88. Have you got the bonnet up, playing around again Migs? The “Recent Comments” now appear at the bottom while on the main screen, rather than at the side. Normal transmission when inside any thread 🙂

  89. other WordPress sites are fine…

    other WordPress sites don’t put up youtubes of port adelaide 😉

    Maybe it doesn’t work for blue collar sites 😆

  90. It appears we have another Harradine, back in the senate.

    “Voters need to be mindful that there are men in Federal Parliament who, to quote Julia Gillard, would make abortion access their “political plaything”. A bill by Senator John Madigan is a salutary reminder that Federal Parliament does have the power to regulate access to abortion, writes Anne Summers.

    Those who claim that abortion is not a federal election policy issue are ignorant of both facts and history.

    “We don’t want to live in an Australia where abortion again becomes the political plaything of men who think they know better,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard said on Tuesday when launching the Women for Gillard initiative.

    There was immediate scoffing from those who should know better.

    Surely they can remember back to 1996 when prime minister John Howard did a disgraceful deal with Tasmanian independent senator Brian Harradine in order to get his privatisation of Telstra legislation through the senate.

    Harradine, an old DLPer schooled in the tough tactics of leveraging maximum advantage, demanded two things: an amendment to the Therapeutic Goods Act to require specific ministerial approval for the importation of RU486 and other similar abortion drugs, and the introduction of the AusAID Family Planning Guidelines which prohibited any family planning agencies in developing countries that received Australian aid money for providing any form of advice or counselling on abortion..”

  91. I posted this on another site. To lazy to rerwrite.Will someone explain to me, how can one speak about issues that involve women, without being accused of starting gender wars.

    ^he PM makes a long speech, outlining what Labor has done for women,at a group of women Labor supporters.

    There were two sentences, that have been taken out of context, and given as evidence, it is about desperation and inciting gender wars.

    How come?

    Blue ties. a little bit of satire, that of course cannot be allowed from a woman PM. The other, a gentle warning, that much that has been won, can still be lost.

    An example being abortion rights. Yes, not unreasonable when one looks at the history of the Opposition leader and many in his party.

    Added to this, is the re-emergence of a party called DLP, which seems to want to continue in the Harradine fashion, and already has such bills in his name before the house.

    So, it appears, the PM talking about Labor’s proud history of what they have achieved for women.

    The great steps forwarded began in the Whitlam days. Among Whitlam’s many achievements in this regard, was the pill being available to all. The introduction of the single parents benefit, that soon emptied the so called orphanages ot the time. No fault divorce, which Abbot has said, he would like to take back to the dark ages.

    One of the biggest gains for women, was being able as a matter of choice, go to university.

    Another gain was equal pay for equal work.Still has far to go.

    There are many more gains made for women, mostly under Labor.

    No wonder the Opposition wants such talk,. labeled gender wars, the same as when one talks about indigenous rights, as the black arm band view of history.

    When one talks of removing middle/upper welfare and tax breaks, it is seen as class war.

    Why have we let the Opposition not only oppose, but take over the language.

    PS. I, do not accept the explanation of Bough. Listening to the radio this morning,. it appears not many others do either.Just too convenient.

    Why do we accept as fact, when the media and Opposition, continue to take words and sentences out of context, giving them another meaning, that is not there when read in the content of the speech.

    PM coming. Followed by Hockey. I suspect he is praying for big unemployment figures.

    Do not forget, there was a big unexpected downward trend last month.One would expect an adjustment of the of the figures today, probably upwards. Hockey will be rubbing his hands in glee, especially after the beating he got yesterday. Not one of his best days.

  92. Headline today you won’t see a lot of in the MSM:

    Job data remains stronger than expected, with unemployment at 5.5%

    This is what Abbott will throw away as unemployment increases. And it’s a deliberate move by the Liberals under control of the IPA.

  93. I really do not understand Labor supporters. You say we should vote Labor because unemployment is at 5.5%. Well it was at 4.3% in 2007 and that did not convince people to vote for Howard.

    And if Labor is so great how come unemployment averaged 8% from 1983-1996??

  94. not on ltd news anyway ME. They are leading with BITTER TWEET: How the past 48 hours blew up on the PM, an expose on how some tweeters don’t like the PM, and 13 things PM, Arnie have in common, with such witty quips like True Lies
    One starred in a film with this title. The other swore there’d never be a carbon tax under the government she leads.

    Read more:

  95. Yes TomR

    Unemployment was 8% in 1996. It took 11 long years to get it down to 4.3%. A whole generation had grown up not knowing what 4% unemployment looked like until Howard came along. I have never seen a Labor govt where unemployment is lower than what they were handed.

    Whitlam was handed unemployment at 2% in 1972 and promptly doubled it to 4%.

  96. Please, please fix the front page again. It was working for a bit and now is stuffed up again.

    Really is annoying and a put off from trying to comment.

  97. Mobius, it was an incorrect code which someone else had inserted. It takes time to go through topics and comments in text mode to try to locate a code. Remember the time when the entire blog was in italics. 😀

  98. Erin, away from these blogs, I believe that most do not give asylum seekers a second thought.

    If they do, they know what the real situation is.

  99. Will someone explain to Neil how Parliament works. Not even Howard, while in government, get all through. Has to rely on either Harradine or the Democrats.

    Each piece of legislation needs votes on the floor of the house. In a legitimate minority government, the PM needs votes from the Greens, Opposition or independents.

    Yes, Neil, Opposition can be bipartisan.

    So it is the PM’s fault for what occurred last night according to Sattler she agreed to a candid and open interview. She should have stopped him. Never the fault of the idiots.

  100. Looks like it is to be another weekend, AS THE LAST.

    Looks lie nothing but criticism.

    Looks like this PM has to win the battle each week. Do not hear the word PM, but plenty of she and her.

    Phil Coorey and Kathryn Murphy. Kathryn is good value. Was on Drum earlier. It is Emma that is trying to set the tone. Not getting her own way.

    Renew chatter about Labor leadership. Once again Emma. she she but we get Kevin Rudd. but for the PM she she

    Seems the lack of respect started in the days of Rudd. Got worse and coarse……..

    Could have nothing to do with Abbott, could it.

    Keen Rudd supporter going to make public call tomorrow.

    Poor Labor MP’s are tired.

    Of course they are talking. Why would they not. Does not mean, they are calling for the PM to throw the card.

    Wonder who the idiot is tomorrow, even if he exists.

    Rudd body language not great today.

    ABC Lateline.

    Neither of these journalist really agree with Emma.

  101. Had a convo with a group of lads today….. ( the youngest 18.. oldest 28-ish…. yup, still in nappy’s :D…. baby’s …… geez, i’m old 🙄 ) anyhoo…. They did the Carbon Tax doovie…. and the Juliar doovie…. and the boat people doovie…. all the salient lieing MSMLNP points that ‘we’ have heard repeated adpuke-am…… and of course I did my best to counter 😯 ….. but it wasn’t till I explained the Turdochracy bias and how the news is being manipulated that I started to see the penny drop…. THAT they GOT……and that got them thinking about the explainations I had given to them previously, mm!!! …. and then the convo turned (returned) to the footy…. of course 😀

  102. Nasking bought this to our notice, over on TPS.

    “……Liberal links to anti-wind farm fight multiply

    Jeanette Newman, the wife of Tony Abbott’s business tsar, is involved in organising a rally against wind farms in NSW.

    A leaked email has revealed the deep involvement of the wife of Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s business tsar, Maurice Newman, and a blue-chip corporate consulting firm in a “Convoy of No Confidence”-aping anti-wind farm rally set down for Parliament House on Tuesday.

    The email, obtained by Crikey, was sent by Jeanette Newman last month to Linda Pahl,.

  103. Now it is, an insignificant back bencher “says”… Something he has been saying for a long time, suddenly means the PM is at risk,

    The story has been the same, since the early hours of this morning.

    We have seen the PM and many ministers, out in the community, making important announcements. Not one word do we hear of this.

  104. Victoria Police seize files on AWU
    by:Hedley Thomas

    POLICE from the Victorian Fraud Squad have seized boxes of legal documents from Julia Gillard’s former employer, Slater & Gordon lawyers, as part of an ongoing probe into the AWU slush fund scandal.

    The documents were removed from the firm’s Melbourne offices after the execution of a search warrant and co-operation between the firm and detectives, sources told The Australian yesterday….

    ……..t is understood that while Mr Blewitt wants police to examine all AWU-related legal documents held by Slater & Gordon, Mr Wilson will seek to prevent police from examining the files that are relevant to him.

    Slater & Gordon, which has pledged to co-operate with Victoria Police and any other investigating authorities, including a possible royal commission into unions foreshadowed by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, has not represented the men for almost 17 years.

    A spokesman for Slater & Gordon said yesterday: “We are not commenting on police matters…………..

  105. Supplementary two thirds of rise due to carbon tax????

    Yes, by ten percent, which is being compensates.

  106. There is anger in the voice of the PM, and yes, she is firing. Sometimes it is not wise to scorn a woman. Only makes them retaliate more, not lie down and die.
    Real passion on display.

  107. Justified anger at that. QT from National Party leader. PM Looks like wee are getting the pack from last year. Pointed out, the National party leader was wrong.
    The PM is enjoying these questions, I believe. Gets past she lied, onto whether the carbon tax is good or not.

  108. Abbott asking about the lie. Yes, they are back to old favorites today.

    Yes, going back to the statements. PM suggest Abbott needs to read the history books.

    PM. Time for this mendacious campaign to end. Indeed the woman is correct, it is time.

  109. Now, Hockey is up, attracting much laughter. Costs too high, prosuctivity too low, and no investment in infrastructure.

    NBN I wonder.

    PM happy to go through it. Yes, indeed she is.

  110. MPs behind the PM are having trouble keeping a straight face. Hockey not enjoying the lecture.

  111. NBN I wonder.

    I am wondering to. After 6 years where is it?? The loyalty of ALP supporters is amazing. If Howard made an election promise in 2007 to have an NBN up and running in 5 years costing only $4.7B and didn’t do it you lot would be going for Howards throat.

    However nothing but praise for Labor for something we have yet to see.

  112. Pyne asking qt on education. Wonders of wonders.

    Second QT he has asked. PM enjoying this one,.

  113. Neil..Howard would never make such a promise..Howard was far more interested in playing Deputy Dawg than *gasp* nation building – plus Howard was always paranoid that the then Labor states might be given some credit.

  114. than *gasp* nation building


    Federal Government announces Auslink transport plan

    PM – Monday, 7 June , 2004 18:30:00
    Reporter: Alexandra Kirk

    MARK COLVIN: The Federal Government calls it nation building, the Opposition says it’s pork-barrelling.

    Today the Acting Prime Minister, John Anderson, outlined all the road and rail projects the Government intends to fund over the next five years to meet Australia’s long-term transport challenges.

    Labor says the $12-billion Auslink land transport investment plan is a massive pork-barrelling exercise … says it’s aimed at maximising the Coalition’s re-election chances.

    The Government says that’s nonsense, and insists it’s a quality national infrastructure proposal – the equivalent of two Snowy Mountains Schemes.

    Alexandra Kirk reports from Canberra.

    ALEXANDRA KIRK: John Anderson has unveiled his big road and rail plan, more than two years in the making.

    JOHN ANDERSON: Nation-building infrastructure that will serve us well and our children well. Australians love infrastructure. They say – why don’t we do another Snowy Mountains Scheme? Well, the Snowy Mountains Scheme was six billion. In today’s money we’re talking here 12.7 over the next five years.

  115. Did I just watch what I thought was a strong QT by Labor. Abbott did not get one run on the board.

    Then one listens to ABC 24. Yes,, Labor is struggling with gloom and desperation, trying to get it’s legislation through. Yes, there is a handful of bills to sign off on.

    Yes, this is the norm at this stage of any government.

    Debate is continuing in a orderly manner.

    Morrison on protecting the borders. What army is coming to get us..

  116. Neil, Howard announce many of what you are talking about many times. Did have a habit of never actually spending any money.

    This government has spent many times the amount Howard did, in the same areas. Yes, actually spent, and roads being opened.

  117. Did have a habit of never actually spending any money.

    More lies. Howard was actually accused of Pork barreling because in upgrading the Pacific Highway to dual lanes a lot of the money was spent in Coalition seats. However most of the Pacific Highway went through Coalition seats. The main people who benefited from the upgrade are people who live in Sydney and Brisbane and the truck drivers who use it. Not the people who live in the electorate.

    And it almost destroyed Taree. They put a bypass around it and nobody passes through the town anymore. There is a McDonalds at the bypass which does a roaring trade but nobody the Highway shops in Taree anymore.

    And you have a habit of telling lies. At your age you should stop doing that

  118. Neil,of course I must be lying. That is the only conclusion you come to, when I say things you disagree to.

    Neil, I have a better solution, go away, find the facts that prove I lie.

    Then come back and let us know.

  119. What is wrong with this photo?

    Sexism is not confined to men in Australian public life, however, with IR consultant and vicious critic of the PM, Grace Collier, posting this crudely photoshopped image of Julia Gillard from 2007 (well before she became prime minister) on Twitter. Her comments on the image are especially bizarre, given Collier’s main claim to fame appears to be her shambolic attempts to surreptitiously tape union members’ conversations with her using a microphone secreted in her bra. (Image courte

  120. Neil, I would not go as far as call it lying, more like sucked in by the propaganda that can easily be proved to be the case.

    Funny how the so called progressives live so far in the past. This is 2013 and Howard has been gone for near on six years but they just keep on squawking to deflect how bad this government has been.

    There will be nation building in the next decades and it won’t come out of the public purse as after six and a bit years of hard work the visionaries will be at the same table.

    Soon, the last conscript will also have a seat and then the job is done. Shane Condon.

    It is no secret that ANDEV will develop the north, it is Coalition policy. My pet projects will be realised.

  121. Scaper, how many of Howard’s B Team still sit with the current opposition? Yet according to you their past performances are not relevant.

  122. Min. as I said last week, they must be blind. I have never seen the PM dressed as that picture shows.

  123. Why has the Victorian Fraud Squad being investigating the three for seven months?

    Why has the VFS interviewed almost one hundred people in relation to a possible fraud?

    Why did a Magistrate grant a search warrant on S&G? A search warrant is only issued if a Magistrate is satisfied by the evidence, on oath (or by sworn affidavit) of a police officer of the rank of Senior Sergeant or above that a warrant is justified in the circumstances.

    Because Gillard said she did nothing wrong?

    I know a bit more about the sordid affair than I’m willing to write here and I would be backing away from defending Gillard as if/when it all comes out it will be ridicule of the defenders.

    The VFS don’t waste valuable resources of over twenty Inspectors if there is no chance of getting prosecutions!

  124. scaper. why is it only to be found on one site. Why is it necessary the PM in the firing line. I would put my money, on the one that is seen as whistle blower.

    It appears it is Blewitt’s name that is on everything. He is the only one convicted of any crime.The one, that his ex told him if he comes back, will put the police onto him.
    scaper, why has not the story been put across all the media.

    I will make a suggestion, a obsessed reporter, taking himself up another hollow log

    Hope I got that name correct, cannot be bothered going back to what I posted earlier.

    I suggest, they are on little more than a fishing expedition.

    scaper, the question I ask, why are not the police investigation Jackson and Bought.

    scaper, I would not get too excited.

  125. Pingback: Julia Gillard’s Cleavage and the Twin Mandarins of Electoral Doom! | The Daily Trash

  126. It is no secret that ANDEV will develop the north, it is Coalition policy. My pet projects will be realised.

    Is this part of Liealot’s new Infrastructure Australia policy? Better hop on the gravy train, the first project opens this weekend. Oh hang on, that’s the GOVERNMENT’S Infrastructure Australia policy in action.

  127. Scaper, “It is no secret that ANDEV will develop the north…” ..that ‘may’ be paid with the Souths tax dollar.. y’all 😉 ….. and ‘may’ expect to pay NO tax back for the subsidised infrastructure built by $2 serfs from OS… and then ‘may’ want us all to say thanks for ripping us off and taking Australian jobs, conditions and ‘our ore’ to satisfiy some megalomaniacal quest to re-write history in Daddys image to justifiy some delusion of ‘having saved Australia’ while all the while growing ‘fat’ on the back of enslaving Australian democracy in a inane quest to ‘have more’….. only to ‘discovery’ that the reality was a ‘flight’ of fantasy, mm,.. as the Australian people wake-up to the con being perpetuated and reinstate the rightful democratically elected leader of this country….. the honorable Julia Gillard PM…….. only some Scaper…. only some, …not all 😡 ….. IMO 🙄

  128. ANDEV has four billionaires and more in foreign connections, as I said before for the one with bad comprehension skills…it won’t be done on the public purse.

    That article is no big deal, I know John who is based in Brisbane and also Ron quite well. We all had a good chat at the book launch, Imants is the co chair and the driver of ANDEV.

    Bottom line, we will develop the north and there is absolutely nothing that you can do to prevent such. It is apathetic people like you that has held this nation back.

  129. No. we woman do not see issues that affect woman, as taboo. No, we will not stop talking, because it offended s the fragile nature of some men.

    Yes, we will be calling it as it is.

    If some men do not like that, they can lump it, as they tell us to do.

    I am waiting for the majority of decent men out there, to stop walking past, and take action.

    It is a mens problem, not women. It is up to men th change things.

    Glad to see Nicola Roxon, in her valedictory is not backing off, nor should she.

  130. So ANDEV has 4 billionaires and they know some more. How many of these billionaires will be willing to cough up the cash for a public infrastructure project of this size, or indeed have the money available to carry it out?

    And how long would it take to get a return on the project?

    That’s why governments do large infrastructure projects like the NBN, BER & HIP. They’ve got the money; the return is improving infrastructure for the country.

  131. @ Scaper

    It is no secret that ANDEV will develop the north, it is Coalition policy. My pet projects will be realised.

    Billionaire mates or not, development projects which don’t take the effects of AGW into account at the planning stage, are doomed, particularly in the North.

    Same goes for Tone’s plans aspirations.

    You’d be able to do them a $$$real favor if you could convince them to adequately plan for significant “contingencies” to address these. 😈

  132. Oh yes, something we haven’t asked. Have they done a cost benefit analysis?

    I also wouldn’t mind betting that ANDEV will have their hands out for government money. These billionaires won’t be too interested in risking their own money.

  133. Jane, you rave on about the NBN which is way over budget, behind schedule, then ask if Project Iron Boomerang has a CBA? You do realise that there was no CBA done on the NBN?

    Well, yes of course it has been done, construction commences next year and the project will be completed in 2018. And what makes you believe it is a ‘public infrastructure project’???

    How much do you want to bet that ANDEV will be asking the government for a handout? You seem to not understand how projects are financed.

  134. Do you want a good laugh? Watch Tony Jones’ interview with Clive Palmer on tonight’s Lateline. Don’t know if it’s available on the web yet, but when it is, have a look.

  135. Abbott is launching his fourth aspirational. I call it that, as one cannot call it a policy

    He is launching a idea, along with a White Paper that has to be concluded before the end of his first term.

    Now, Robb was interviewed, ABC radio local, he said that it was a green paper.

    He also said that promise that Abbott made, not to introduce differential tax zones was different top that propose in the announcement.

    Not quite Gina’s dream.

    I then listen to the station for over three hours, listening to the proposal being ridiculed by all.

    Maybe the public is not as naive as some think.

    When i work in the north, there was a taxation zone allowance. It appears to still exist.

    Yes, Howard love aspirational, but Abbott has changed the meaning. For Howard. it was in his words, creating the climate for those with ambition to aspire. For Abbott, it is the policies he aspires to.

    No, not promise, but would like to see.

    From my observation this morning, most are treating the proposal as a joke.

    Not even core and non core promises.

  136. Wow, at this rate this site will reach a million hits by the end of this month!

    I see the Northern Development policy direction has been released today…much chatter and back slapping happening behind the scenes. Had a laugh when read that creating SEZs might be unconstitutional by that Kenny over at Fairfax. One of our corporate members, Norton Rose which is a global legal firm went over the constitution over two years ago and there is nothing preventing it. Another apathetic fool without a clue.

  137. Who has had the greatest success in binging down our PM? Mr. Rudd or Mr. Abbott?

    One wonders where Abbott would be standing now, if it was not for Mr. Rudd.

    Maybe Abbott is being given to much credit and praise for the polls that put him ahead of the PM and her government.

  138. I believed that a good Government was losing its way…

    Today I want to make some commitments to the Australian people.

    I want to make firstly a commitment that I will lead a strong and responsible Government that will take control of our future…

    I can assure every Australian that their Budget will be back in surplus in 2013…

    It is my intention to lead a Government that does more to harness the wind and the sun and the new emerging technologies…

    I believe human beings contribute to climate change. And it is as disappointing to me as it is to millions of Australians that we do not have a price on carbon.

    And in the future we will need one. But first we will need to establish a community consensus for action.

    If elected as Prime Minister I will re-prosecute the case for a carbon price at home and abroad. I will do that as global economic conditions improve and as our economy continues to strengthen.

    There is another question on which I will seek consensus and that is the proposed Resources Super Profits Tax.

    Australians are entitled to a fairer share of our inheritance, the mineral wealth that lies in our grounds. They are entitled to that fairer share…

    I can understand that Australians are disturbed when they see boats arrive on our shores unannounced. I can understand that Australians are disturbed by that… I am full of understanding of the perspective of the Australian people that they want strong management of our borders and I will provide it…

    I also believe that it’s important if you lead a team to rely on the collective efforts of the team. We are all enhanced by working in a team together. So it is my intention as Prime Minister to lead a Government that draws on the best efforts of my Cabinet and ministerial colleagues, on the best efforts of each member of our parliamentary executive and the best efforts of each member of our caucus to ensure that our Government is on track.

    EPIC FAIL! Gillard has brought herself down.

  139. Budget back in surplus by 2013…fail!

    Harness the sun and wind…can’t provide base power…fail!

    Was no community consensus for a carbon tax and did not prosecute a case, just bent over for Brown…deceit and a big fail!

    Super resources tax that collects near nothing and the so called proceeds already spent…policy and fiscal incompetence…fail!

    Strong management of our borders…over a hundred a day arriving and still bodies floating in the sea…fail!

    Lead a team that is so divided that they are openly at warfare with each other…FAIL!

    If you believe Gillard has been a success then you are more delusional or have a truth deficit disorder…take your pick.

  140. Yes, what did Swan say??

    The four years of surpluses I announce tonight are a powerful endorsement of the strength of our economy, resilience of our people, and success of our policies.

    In an uncertain and fast‑changing world, we walk tall — as a nation confidently living within its means.

    This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time…………..The deficit years of the global recession are behind us. The surplus years are here.”

  141. Neil, yes indeed Swan said that while every credible economic brain in the entire country told Swan that a surplus is plain bloody stupid.

    How is Abbott going to return the budget to surplus..want to run that one by us…

  142. “How is Abbott going to return the budget to surplus..want to run that one by us…”

    Don’t know, but if he doesn’t we will lose our credit rating again. Apparently a Commonwealth credit rating downgrade means it costs more for business and govt to borrow money.

    We lost our AAA under Hawke/Keating when our debt was not that large. But it took 6 Costello surplus budgets to get our AAA back.

    I know many Labor voters say we want govt to provide services and we should run budget deficits. But we cannot keep doing that.

    I would think Campbell Newman may have to run surplus budgets for 10 years for Queensland to get its AAA back which it lost under Beattie/Bligh.

  143. Yep pterosaur1, the ‘concept’ as presented to date is an absolute crock. Just ask Bill Heff …

    The ‘science’ suggests that the soils don’t have it, the evaporation rates, and whatever ensure the ‘food bowl’ promise is pie in the sky.

    Anyone surprised?

  144. Ever heard of the Barkly Tableland, sock puppet?

    Rich black soil plain the size of England. And what would you know of science? Set up a science lab in the boys toilets when you were supposed to be cleaning them?


  145. I do hate to be negative to our PM, but this is one issue, I believe Labor has failed.

    Failed in not reversing what Bough and Howard set in place, as a desperate attempt to save his government..

    Yes, I believe cares and has done some good, but will get nowhere, until these people with the respect, that others get. That they are given back control over their own lives.

    “…The Intervention gave police the power to enter our homes without a warrant to search for alcohol, along with “star-chamber” powers that treat us as terrorists. I have heard that this week in a case brought by Palm Island residents, the High Court ruled that alcohol laws which target Aboriginal people are “special measures” under the Racial Discrimination Act because they are for our own good. Let me explain what this means for my life. Earlier this year there was a massive police raid here on my camp which they said was a “routine operation” to search for alcohol. There were paddy wagons, squad cars, four wheel drives, a surveillance van and police officers on dirt bikes circling every yard, going in to search every house. I was shaking in my shoes. I had many children in the house who are already scared of police and I didn’t want them coming through. I was breaking the law that day. I had three cans left over from a six pack of beer in the house. I was worried I was going to be arrested and taken away with all these children in my house. I gave it to the police and asked them not to come through because of the children. But they said they had to. They walked through making comments like they were a landlord doing an inspection, “this is a nice house, not like those other ones”. So many more of our people are going to prison. There are twice as many people locked up now than before the Intervention and three times as many woman. Close relatives of mine — men, women and teenagers are all currently in prison. I’m giving support to my brother in law looking after a baby and young child while his wife is in prison. -.”

    See more at:

  146. Yes, the cancer will be spread under Abbott,

    ‘ want to appeal to all the supporters I know are out there to keep fighting alongside me. Income management is not just in my backyard, now it’s coming to yours. Today, 21 June, there will be a press conference in Playford South Australia of a new coalition that has formed there to fight the expansion of income management into their community. Tomorrow on 22 June there will be a rally in Bankstown in Sydney which is also facing income management. We are all staring down the barrel of a Tony Abbott government. The Opposition Leader has said that income management should apply to all people on Centrelink across Australia. I truly believe he will be even worse for Aboriginal people than John Howard. I encourage everyone to vote for progressive parties other than the two major parties which have kept us under this Intervention. But most importantly we must continue to stand together and to struggle, to fight for Aboriginal self determination and to fight for jobs and services for all struggling communities — not the punishment of the Intervention. Black and White unite! –

    See more at:

  147. Posted elsewhere but the Coalition, continuing to talk down the economy, with lies, is annoying me.

    “I am a masochist, listening to MPI about the cost of living, introduced by Truss.

    Now, Mr. Andrew has told me, we only have to look at out local shopping centres, with all the empty and boarded up shops. Went on with a long list of other examples, that business is on their knees, and people are saving not spending.

    Now that made me think, as lately whenever I go out , on a bus to my local Curves during the week, I have time to fill in, waiting for buses, due to the poor services.

    Now, what I have noticed on more that one occasion, my local shopping centre and car park is aways crowded. No empty shops there. Well, people do appear to be buying.

    Well maybe that is one out example, but then I remember, next door is a large complex that has been built is the last few years. Yes, Bunnings and Harvey Norman plus many small shops. I do not understand, they are also have a business in each. I know, the older complex would now be empty. I wander up, but know, no empty businesses there.

    On the way home, further up the Highway, I see a large Coles complex and many shops. Yes, built in the last couple of years. Yes,car park is full, no empty shops.

    Now, I look to the other side of the road, where they are soon to begin to build a large Aldi, to open next year. I wonder if the company knows they are wasting money, opening a new shop. Well that is what the Opposition is telling us.

    The icing on the cake is the new Woolworths complex, nearing completion nearer my home. Wonder why they are building, if the economy is so bad.

    Now, this area I have described did not exist, years ago. So, I know where those empty shops are, they are over at the older part of the area, So I wander over, because I have a medical appointment, Yes the businesses of old have disappeared, but every shop and office, is now full of doctors and other medical people. Yes, this suburb has moved on, becoming a medical centre,

    Now, the Central Coast of NSW is far from wealthy. Many still travel to Sydney to work, but it does appear more prosperous now, than a few years ago..

    Maybe others, are living in those areas,l of boarded up shops and failing businesses where no one is game to spend.”

  148. Love it, that Swan calling Abbott a drunk is getting air play. They are still smarting from th remark. Calling it gutter and low behavior hours later.

  149. Yes and then you wonder about the tone of the debate.

    It is the govt setting the tone. Class and gender warfare. Starting a race riot for political purposes. Now calling Abbott a drunk.

    Has to be the most disgusting govt ever.

  150. Neil most people who know have known this about Abbott for a long time. ANd Neil what do you call an opposition to suggests the slitting of the PMs throat, or the kicking her to death. The homeless sleeping on our streets in winter would welcome a bit of argy bargy over class warfare and as a woman thank GOD someone is raising gender issues. A race riot for political purposes? Please could you explain this. Perhaps this is the time to raise the mouth piece of the Opposition, ALan Jones who incited riot and violence at Cronulla. You have been given lots of facts and information and continue to disgard and change tack. Seems you just want to hang on to your misinformation because its sits with your emotional feelings. I don’t understand why you are on this site. You are contributing no facts, no evidence and seem unprepared to hear facts and evidence provided to you. How you make a valid decision that will benefit yourself your family and all of Australia’s citizens in September is beyond me

  151. Rudd on now talking about “parlous state of the Labor Party.” Of course he fails to state his role in bringing about that parlous state due to his leaking to our Gillard-hating media.

  152. “If I win, there will be no payback, no retribution.” Too bad his whole motivation for leaking for the last 3 years has been retribution.

  153. “A race riot for political purposes? Please could you explain this.”

    IN the year since he unwittingly touched off the Australia Day race riot a former Gillard adviser……………………..Mr Hodges moved to London after his resignation from the prime minister’s officer – where he had worked for more than two and a half years – was accepted following the Australia Day riot.

    You have been given lots of facts and information”

    No i get told lies and falsehoods like the ALP started Headspace. It was actually a Howard govt program.

    “I don’t understand why you are on this site”

    I have been posting with some of these people since 2007. We used to meet on Tim Dunlops blog. I like to post on sites with people I disagree with.

  154. So Neil you call me a liar even though I provided all the information about Headspace. Yes Libs initiated a pilot program and I have acknowledged that, and provided further information about the commitment by the Labor party yet you still minimise my views by calling me a liar. So again you demonstrate that you are fixed in your views and debate where acceptance that errors were made then rectified with accurate information means nothing to you

  155. The ALP just continued a Howard govt program. As far as I know it was up and running. Howard govt contributed $54M for 30 sites. That is not a pilot program.

    I believe the Howard govt also made a $1.9B, yes Billion, commitment to mental health in 2006

  156. Ha! Pyne chucked out of Paliament for saying Rudd was uttering a falsehood (i.e., lying) during his (Pyne’s) so-called point of order. The Oppo are rattled and in panic from Rudd as PM.

  157. Real Tony?

    All those things we’ve heard and didn’t like about Tony Abbott, whether they will come to the foreground when we’re in our little booth about to tick a box. Do we believe he’s changed? Do we believe he is this new man? Do we trust him? Good question. He should win, but he may not.

  158. I believe we may have made a mistake giving Rudd the benefit of the doubt.

    I have come to the conclusion, reading some comments made by those close to Rudd, he has not yet finished with Gillard.

    Taking her job is not enough for him. He has given praise for all she did as deputy, which I suppose, he can take credit for.

    He has been careful not to endorse anything she did as PM.

    I believe that he will not be happy, until he undoes all that she achieved as PM. He is going to beat Abbott to the job of demolishing all she has done.

    I hate to have to say this,

    It could be a pity that Abbott did not push for a no confidence motion, forcing Rudd to go to an election, before he can cause any more damage.

    I wonder if what I am thinking is true, how will the likes of Wong and others that have stay in the tent react. Will they allow that to occur.

    When it was put to Cameron night , that Carr was pushing the line that the Asylum seekers are economic refugees. That they are not genuine. Cameron more or less said if that was they case, he would be raising objections, Seemed uncomfortable with the proposition.

    Carr pushed that line in the senate QT. He said it the other night, but at the time, limited it to Iranians, saying they could not be sent back, as Iran will not take them.

    We have the hint that the present carbon scheme will go. The NT senate candidate to be reverse, and he has not even began now.

    We have Hawker, who he has appointed to his staff, putting the boot into Gillard all the week. We have Rudd saying he knows why they turn off Labor, inferring it was the fault of Gillard.

    I do not think we have seen anything yet. I suspect, and fear, that Rudd is just beginning, We have seen nothing yet.

    I do hope I am wrong.,

  159. “It’s time”…. for us ‘inlanders’ to get ready for the influx of Climate Change Refugee’s… and we must turn them back…. these illegal coast or island dwellers that stink of sand, surf and seaweed…. tidal scum, if you ask me…… turn back the illegal surfy riff-raff, these illegal seaside interlopers trying to escape the rising waters that their seaside city-centric lifestyle created… after all they are more than likely just pathetic illegal economic refo’s look’n to take regional inlander australians jobs…. as soon as their illegal boats dock at Katoomba, we should scuttle them,… nay, more… we should chuck ’em in chaff bags and make ’em swim back to Warringah or Vaucluse.. or what ever low liar-ing low life seaweed patch they came from…….no, really.. 🙄
    …..and so it begins ;(

  160. “……… with only two years to go until the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) deadline of halving global poverty by 2015, we want to show our Federal MP, Mr Tony Abbott, that the people of Warringah care about the poor of the world. ”

    “…Tony Abbott: ..But we can’t abolish poverty because poverty in part is a function of individual behaviour. We can’t stop people drinking. We can’t stop people gambling. We can’t stop people having substance problems. We can’t stop people from making mistakes that cause them to be less well-off than they might otherwise be.[2]
    Abbott here partially attributes the responsibility of poverty to the ‘poor’. ”

  161. One year ago today, Australia joined a rapidly growing list of nations in putting a price on carbon. It was a historic day for climate action down under, but it is possible that this infant policy may not get a second birthday.

    Prior to — and since — its inception, Australia’s price on carbon has been bitterly and relentlessly fought by the conservative Liberal National coalition. It’s an unpopular policy. So much so, that newly re-elected Prime Minister Rudd has left the door open to changes to this core policy of his party, or at least a move to an emissions trading scheme far sooner than planned. Opposition leader Tony Abbott continues to claim the carbon price is a “wrecking ball through the economy” and has affirmed his “blood oath” to immediately repeal it should he be elected later this year.

    It may be unpopular, but abolishing the carbon price would be a disaster for Australia, not to mention out of step with developments global………….

  162. Been doing the rounds on the blogs. Looks like the assault is on from the agents from both sides. This is only the beginning and will get uglier as been around the blogs for the last two elections and haven’t seen the nation so bitterly divided.

    Might have to seriously consider cancelling the snow holiday and instead doing the outback out of contact range to get away from the insanity that will be this campaign.

    Don’t think the girls will agree to the change of timing and itinerary though.

  163. $670 million trade surplus. Markets were expecting none.

    Once Abbott gets in and if he follows Howard, sorry that is when he follows Howard, then there will be record current account deficit after deficit.

    At least Abbott has rolled out a truck with a huge misleading billboard…. hang on.

  164. Damn, that should be hasn’t instead of has. Gotta learn not to post from my tablet.

  165. Just to let the blog know..Michael is now in recovery following surgery and all being well will be home tomorrow late. It is not as serious surgery as some, but when a person suffers from an autoimmune disease such as Lupus, then all such things are serious.

    I know that we’re going to cop sh*t from “elsewhere”, Michael denigrated for having a disability – he’s been called a hypochondriac more than once in the past by those over at a certain blog. How sad is that.

  166. Glad to hear he’s well and resilient as ever. He has to get well for as soon as the weather improves you two owe me an all day breakfast.

  167. Tell the big woos to get back to work on the blogs Min – he’s had enough of a holiday! 😛

    Seriously, wish him a rapid and successful recovery. He’s male – you’re allowed to spoil him just a little at this time 😉

  168. Min, glad that everything is OK. It appears that other place has nothing to say, outside of us.

    Neil, there is noting wrong with government bonds. Use to have been welcome as a safe investment.

    Many are now saying, governments should go back th this way of funding roads and other infrastructure. Government partnership over the years, has not been that satisfactory.

  169. This is the way the Australian govt is funding everything.

    Yea, why don’t they just flog of all our Gold reserves for record lows.

    Oh yea, that’s right 😯

    And yes, all the best in your recovery Migs.

  170. The incoming Australian government is likely to inherit the best economic conditions for a generation: the lowest ever interest rates, a falling exchange rate and a recovering global economy, led by the United States.

    The key risk is that Chinese growth falls short because of the credit crunch going on there.

    But on balance this looks like being the best election to win since the 2001 Tampa and 9/11 election, when the economy hardly figured in the campaign.

    A dozen years later, the boats are still coming and still driving politics, even though both sides are dead against them, but once again it’s “the economy, stupid”, to quote that memorable phrase from Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign manager James Carv……..
    If the ALP loses this year it can count itself very unlucky indeed: the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd government will have exactly encompassed the second biggest crash and world recession in history followed by the slowest, most difficult recovery.

    Compare that with John Howard, who, after winning that 2001 election, governed during one of the great economic booms in history, escaping into satisfied retirement 24 days after the stock market peaked.

    Julia Gillard, in fact, was doubly unlucky because a key part of America’s recovery from the bust that its own credit excesses had caused was the debasement of its currency. When the 2010 election was held on August 21, the Australian dollar exchange rate was US89.38 cents, on its way to parity by the end of that year and $US1.10 by mid 2011.

    So by coincidence, Gillard’s leadership more or less exactly encompassed the period of Aussie dollar strength, caused entirely by US dollar weakness. The good news is that it allowed 2 percentage points to come off the official cash rate because of low inflation, but that didn’t help Australia’s first female prime minister………..

    Read more:

    Yes, Neil, it is the economy stupid.

  171. Yep, Fraser/Howard and Howard/Costello the worst Federal economic managers.

    Is there something common in there.

  172. More. Yes, Julia Gillard had no luck whatever. Where will the cult of popularity politics take us. We now have the lowest dollar in three years.


    ……The tyranny of polling is now complete
    Michael Gawenda
    9 hours ago

    The latest opinion polls confirm the fact that Australian politics since the election of the first Rudd government has essentially been about the popularity of those who lead the Labor Party and the Liberal Party.

    The tyranny of opinion polls has in part created – and now reinforces – the fact that politics in Australia has become essentially a popularity contest.

    The opinion polls have decided the fate of Malcolm Turnbull, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard and opinion polls are the reason Kevin Rudd, deeply unpopular to say the least with the majority of his caucus colleagues, is prime minister again.

    None of this had anything to do with policy issues, the vision thing or the challenges that face the country. We know this because the polls, since Gillard was removed, show a significant improvement in Labor’s primary vote and even more importantly, show that Kevin Rudd is far and away the preferred prime minister over Tony Abbott, by a margin of almost 20 points.

    This has nothing to do with policy issues because Rudd’s determination to get rid of Gillard was personal and in essence, there were no real policy differences between Gillard and Rudd. And in large part, there are no major differences on policy between Rudd and Abbott.

    There’s no doubt that gender issues played a part in Gillard’s demise and there’s no doubt that some of the vitriol directed at her was because she was a woman.

    But because politics in Australia is a contest about leadership, Gillard’s inability to construct a public persona that was appealing, that matched the sort of person she was in private – warm, friendly, smart, efficient – was fatal.

    Gillard might be brave and determined, but she was a victim of the modern cult of leadership. This cult of leadership meant her gender became more important for some people than it should ever have been…………..

    Read more:

  173. Listening to Morrison, mouthing off, telling Rudd that he has to tell the Indonesians he is responsible for the increase boat, leads me to believe, that Morrison and the Coalition, are only intertwined in using the plight of the refugees, as a political attack, not in doing what is best for these people.

    Morrison is upset for Carr telling the truth, when he says, there is little difference between Labor and th Coalition, when it comes to the boats trade. A inconvenient fact, that Morrison cannot deny. If anything, what Labor is doing is harsher.

    What is also a fact, it is not working.

  174. Well, Rudd is responsible for dropping a policy when there was hardly any people in detention.

    Rudd put the so called sugar on the table.

  175. Funny, scaper, the experts in the field do not agree.

    Funny, even if he was, is immaterial now. All has been put back in place, DOES NOT WORK. That is all that counts.

  176. May have been better if we took more from Indonesia.

    Do not know how Morrison’s plan to take 7000 less a year, will go down with Indonesia. I suspect it is that aim, of Morrison, that the Indonesians will be more likely to want to talk about..

  177. When Rudd dropped the policy there was only 21 asylum seekers in detention. He did it for no other reason but populist politics.

    It is not immaterial now because it was his action that created the problem. Getting sick of people defending him for his error and had enough of Labor never taking responsibility for their actions.

  178. You are politicising humans again. Now, due to convenience Rudd calls them “economic refugees” which destroys the argument of ‘push factors’.

    Is there any moral issue that you won’t stoop to, to defend Labor???

  179. You know why Rudd dropped the policy? Because he was appeasing the UNHCR on his quest for that temporary seat on the UN, nothing more, nothing less.

  180. You do know that Rudd was keeping a election promise he made during the campaign,.

    A great many of the pubic demanded such action.

    You do know that the Coalition also vote for the bill.

    You do understand, it matters not now. All that matters is what might work now, today, not six years ago.

    We still have the Houston plan, which is still on the table Why no give the experts plan a go.

  181. Yes. it is said Carr said that. I also heard Abbott say he agree, was amaze it took Carr so long to realise the fact,

    It is time for Abbott to take politics out of the matter, and return to acting in a bipartisan manner.

  182. What a fuckwit, really there’s no other way of describing him.

    After spending all this time going on about gloom and doom and how hard average Australians are doing under this terrible Labor government, something only he can fix out he comes conceding Australians are enjoying a rising standard of living.

    The bylines on this are good. Abbott finally tells the truth.

    He said it in an interview with the US International Journal.

    Now that doesn’t surprise me. Just like his crony shadow ministers and State Premiers like Newman, they tell lies to the domestic audience to keep them in fear and the truth to a foreign audience.

    Friggin’ lying and deception are absolutely ingrained into their very souls and can never be separated from their persona’s. And they dare to not only call themselves Christians but openly boast on how they avow their Christian values guiding their lives. They even lie in that.

  183. I’ve long held the view that ‘church’ is not about ‘church’ and/or God ( whom dosn’t exist 😀 )…… it’s about networking 😉

  184. Is Abbott facing ambush by SBY?
    by:Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor

    COULD Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono do to Tony Abbott what George W. Bush did to Mark Latham? It must surely be Kevin Rudd’s fervent wish as he meets the Indonesian President in Bogor tomorrow.

    On June 3, 2004, in the run-up to a federal election, Bush virtually destroyed Latham, without mentioning him by name. Bush, standing next to John Howard, said it would be a disaster for Australia to withdraw from Iraq – Latham’s policy.

    Latham is a clever fellow, but he has never had a sophisticated understanding of foreign affairs. Latham’s determination to withdraw from Iraq was popular in itself, but Bush’s intervention meant Latham’s ability to handle the US alliance came into question. Australians were more attached to the US alliance than they were to withdrawing from Iraq. So Latham lost credibility, gravitas, the aura of electability. Some thought it an unwarranted US interference in Australian politics. But Latham had attacked Bush, he had no grounds for complaint. Could something similar happen to Abbott while Rudd is in Indonesia?

    If SBY said at a joint press conference with Rudd that turning around the boats – Abbott’s policy – would be a grievous mistake, that Indonesia would regard it as an unfriendly act and that its implementation would hurt Canberra-Jakarta co-operation, that would be a devastating blow to Abbott. It would undermine the central pillar of Abbott’s boats policy and call into question his ability to function effectively on the international stage……..

    Of course GIllard would not have planned ahead. Gillard tied Gonski up block Abbott, why would she also take Rudd into consideration, when drawing up legislation.

    If Rudd and Abbott were to busy plotting, not bothering with bills as they went through, that is their loss.

  185. Yes, the woman has class.

    ……………….SHIT happens in politics.

    Deposed PM Julia Gillard said as much when addressing her closest supporters at a surprisingly upbeat party at The Lodge the night she lost her job to Kevin Rudd.

    News Limited can reveal Ms Gillard had not a single bad word for Kevin Rudd and urged up to 100 MPs and staff – who descended on the official Prime Minister’s residence – not to forget their Labor ideals and get behind the new leader.

    Dressed in a casual, striped shirt with a wine in hand, Ms Gillard addressed partygoers, including former and current ministers Peter Garrett, Greg Combet, Craig Emerson, Stephen Smith and Jenny Macklin, and said: “Don’t let this disillusion you – shit happenSHIT happens in politics.

    Deposed PM Julia Gillard said as much when addressing her closest supporters at a surprisingly upbeat party at The Lodge the night she lost her job to Kevin Rudd.

    News Limited can reveal Ms Gillard had not a single bad word for Kevin Rudd and urged up to 100 MPs and staff – who descended on the official Prime Minister’s residence – not to forget their Labor ideals and get behind the new leader.

    Dressed in a casual, striped shirt with a wine in hand, Ms Gillard addressed partygoers, including former and current ministers Peter Garrett, Greg Combet, Craig Emerson, Stephen Smith and Jenny Macklin, and said: “Don’t let this disillusion you – shit happenSHIT happens in politics.

    Deposed PM Julia Gillard said as much when addressing her closest supporters at a surprisingly upbeat party at The Lodge the night she lost her job to Kevin Rudd.

    News Limited can reveal Ms Gillard had not a single bad word for Kevin Rudd and urged up to 100 MPs and staff – who descended on the official Prime Minister’s residence – not to forget their Labor ideals and get behind the new leader.

    Dressed in a casual, striped shirt with a wine in hand, Ms Gillard addressed partygoers, including former and current ministers Peter Garrett, Greg Combet, Craig Emerson, Stephen Smith and Jenny Macklin, and said: “Don’t let this disillusion you – shit happen……..

  186. US Ambassador to Australia Jeffrey Bleich has tipped a future on the world stage for Julia Gillard, praising the former prime minister as an “extraordinarily talented and well-respected” person.

    “She made a great impression on myself and on President (Barack) Obama and other leaders in the United States,” Mr Bleich said today.

    “I know she will continue to play an important role in the US-Australia relationship and continue to be a respected figure on the world stage.”

    Mr Bleich could soon be leaving his post as US ambassador with the same Australian prime minister in charge – Kevin Rudd – as when he started his tenure in late 2009.

    But he says the US doesn’t cast judgment on the Labor leadership dramas, because both Mr Rudd and Ms Gillard had done nothing but bolster ties with his country.

    “We have some pretty funny politics in the US too,” Mr Bleich told reporters at the US embassy today……..

  187. The conflicting stances of Abbott and the opposition are on display again over Rudd calling for debates with Abbott on Abbott’s term.

    For three years now Abbott and Hockey have been saying they are fully ready for an election at any time, even a long while back telling the now proven lie their policies were ready.

    Now he can’t debate because there as no election has been called, thus saying he’s not ready now.

  188. No surprise to anyone though O’Farrell attempted to make out it was a fair process, Crown has won the bid to screw NSW.

    Why do Liberal leaders treat the people with such contempt as though they’re stupid.

  189. Surprise, surprise 🙄

  190. I’d be surprised if any coalition MP appears on ABC after Mondays effort…absolutely disgusting!

    But it is funny how you people believe the ABC is right leaning.

  191. “POOR planning and implementation of Kevin Rudd’s home insulation scheme was a key factor in the electrocution deaths of three young Queensland tradesmen, a coroner has found.”

    The coroner, Michael Barnes must be a Liberal lacky, eh???

    Garrett sent letters to Rudd, warning him on more than one occasion of the consequences. Greg Hunt asked Rudd in Parliament to produce the letters but of course he won’t!

  192. after Mondays effort

    What was Mondays effort? All I saw was sophie making shit up. Apart from that, it wasn’t such a bad one.

  193. It appears that a ETS can come down but also go up. That is how a market works.

    “…..Yesterday the European Union’s parliament voted in favour of a proposal aimed at reviving the flagging EU carbon market (For: 344, Against: 311), after previously rejecting a similar proposal in April.

    It led the price of EU carbon allowances to rise in yesterday’s trading by 9 per cent to €4.67 or $A6.67. This was on top of earlier rises in the lead-up to the vote as the market priced-in an expectation of a ‘yes’ vote.

    This proposal, commonly referred to as ‘backloading’, will involve withholding the sale of 900 million emission allowances over the next few years, and then returning them into the market towards the latter years of 2020.

    However, for the measure to be implemented, it still needs to receive approval from the European Council (the government ministers for each member country of the EU).

    The EU’s emissions trading scheme is currently suffering from a very large oversupply of emissions allowances, thanks to Europe’s deep recession. This has led to carbon prices slumping to such low levels that they become almost irrelevant to investment decisions in carbon intensive sectors such as power supply.

    In a normal physical commodity market like metals or grains, when there is a large oversupply and prices plummet, firms curtail production. However government-designers of the EU carbon market, as well as the Australian scheme, failed to incorporate in-built features that would act to automatically mimic these self-adjusting features of normal commodity markets. The end result is prices can plummet in quite a volatile manner once an oversupply is reached, and then become stu………

    Read more:

  194. If it was four conservatives on Gillard interrupting over thirty times you would be crying “MISOGYNY”!

    You are so one eyed that you only see from your ring!

  195. The coroner, Michael Barnes must be a Liberal lacky, eh???

    No, but the Opposition Oracle Australian is certainly showing its true Lieberal colours!

    Economy put before safety in insulation batts plan: coroner

    POOR planning and implementation of Kevin Rudd’s home insulation scheme was a key factor in the electrocution deaths of three young Queensland tradesmen, a coroner has found.

    compared with:

    Bosses could be charged over insulation deaths

    The directors and supervisors of ceiling insulation businesses that employed three young Queenslanders who were electrocuted to death in 2009 and 2010 could face Workplace Safety charges.

  196. It appears the temperature for the first decade of this century, have been the hottest on record across the globe. It has been a decade of weather extremes.

    Abbott has not the backbone to turn up on 7.30 tonight.

    Mr. Abbott, the answer to your question, Mr. Rudd can govern and campaign at the same time.

    Mr Abbott, might surprise you to know, some people can do two or more things at once,. A ability, you do not seem to share.

    Mr. Abbott, maybe Mr. Rudd and the Indonesian President will talk about many things, I suspect what to do about the boats, will be among them.

  197. Hey Soxy, if you read further down in The Australian link you will see that the coroner has referred two directors to the prosecutor for breach of the Electrical Safety Act.

    Did you not read it all? Oh yeah, forgot that col has his hand up your arse!

  198. From the link that Soxy was remiss to quote.

    “The coroner referred two company directors to prosecutors for breaching the Electrical Safety Act.

    One of those men, Christopher Richards, was also referred for investigation for perjury after giving false evidence during the inquest.

    A supervisor, Chris McKay, was referred to the Department of Justice and Attorney General for potential Workplace Health and Safety Act breaches.”

  199. Yep. those men died because of greedy bosses haste to get a share of the spoils. Those bosses were not fly by nighters. They had established businesses, that meant, they should have been well aware of the dangers involved.

    Saying that, putting insulation into a roof, is not exactly rocket science. Should not have been beyond most in the trade, not of be aware of the dangers. Was not one firm at least, an electrician business, whose workers would have found them themselves regularity in roofs.

    States. according to the Corner, responsible for the regulations, but somehow he manage to extend the blame to the Federal engorgement. This in spite of Garrett very early in the piece putting regulations in place, to ensure the safety if the workers.

    Yes, Garrett quickly bought in training, and sent out daily. warnings of the dangers. Yes, Garrett left the sixty years old industry much safer than he found it.

  200. I suspect the people smuggling debate is changing quickly. I suspect, that Abbott will have to do more than ” I will stop the boats we did it before, I will do it again”.

    Not good enough enough. More is needed.

  201. Not rocket science going into a roof space…are you serious or just plain ignorant???

    Every employer has a duty of care to their staff, these people have to face the consequences.

    But a nice diversion to the fact that the industry had grave concerns, Peter Garrett had grave concerns but yet again…Rudd was playing populist politics and people died and over 200 houses caught on fire.

    No one should condone Rudd’s behavior and again, you are politicising human beings! Must be proud.

  202. “two directors to the prosecutor for breach of the Electrical Safety Act”

    Yes, scaper, the bosses are to blame. They actually broke the law. How is Garrett responsible for this. Labor is now responsible for the acts, of greedy bosses, who break the law.

    Come on, pull an other one.

    What the Judgment shows, there were safety laws tin place.. Bosses broke them.

    It is the boss who is responsible for the safety of their workers,.

  203. Maybe you should read to links before spouting off.

    Hey, if Abbott was responsible for the policy and ignored the warnings I would have the same opinion of him as I have of Rudd.

    You have no decency and turn the issue into a defense of Rudd because you are morally deficient!

  204. No, scaper any boss. whose business is in electricity, and works regularly in roof areas, should be aware of the dangers. There is no danger if they follow a few BASIC safety rules. None at all.

    One turns the power off. One does not use metal staples. One leaves a space around down lights. One does not use metal rods to pull the insulation about,. Yes, not rocket science. I believe anyone that gets up into their ceiling, would be aware of the dangers.

    Bosses are always responsible for the safety of the workers. What could Garrett had done to present these deaths? The bosses broke the law.

  205. By the way,, the rate of deaths and fire was greatly less than those that existed for sixty years before. The industry happen to be safer during the roll out.

    Thanks to the roll out, continues to be safer.
    This is the legacy of Garrett, a safer industry.

  206. Two short planks – the primary school standard of the education becomes apparent again 🙄

    Unlike you, I had read both reports in full before linking to them or posting an opening paragraph. It seems you’re too thick to see the extreme bias in the Australian’s story of the same coroner’s report as The Brisbane Times relied upon. One spun the story as being mainly the fault of the Federal government, the other correctly reported the culpability of the employers as being mainly at fault…

  207. Back in February of this year when a debate popped up in the media over the insulation program – if one loosely defines “debate” as screeching “OMG!! YOUR HOUSES ARE ALL GOING TO BURN DOWN” – we thought that it might be worthwhile for someone to take their underpants off their head and have a squiz at what the data actually said.

    What we found was that under every possible scenario, the government insulation program – far from increasing the rates of fire occurring from installing insulation – actually reduced the rate of fires and likely reduced the rate in a quite substantial manner.

  208. I wonder if ‘popinjay’ will be used in coalition language?

    Mitty has been communicating with his imaginary friends on the opposition front bench. Mitty’s advice…if Rudd loses the lead in the media cycle he loses his new found support.


  209. i wonder what PG will have to say about the affair?

    Retiring and would have been the nadir of his political career. Would be the ultimate pay back. Total extermination of the white ant.

  210. scaper, I blame Rudd for not defending Garrett at the time. It appears that situation is to continue.

    I do not have to follow links. I was a witness to what Garrett did at the time. I was a witness to the daily warnings and new rules that came by email and text. Heard the moans, of not another course.

    Once again, how could Garrett or anyone else, stop those bosses from breaking the law?

  211. I believe there were three inquiries that found that over one and quarter roofs were insulated, with a decrease in deaths and fires. These people now have experience lower power bills, in all seasonable.

    Yes, the was chaos caused by Rudd not going in an fighting for the scheme and Garrett. .

    scaper , you will never see me defending Rudd’s action on this matter or BER as well.

    ………..What we found was that under every possible scenario, the government insulation program – far from increasing the rates of fire occurring from installing insulation – actually reduced the rate of fires and likely reduced the rate in a quite substantial manner.

    Ultimately, the data strongly suggested that the insulation program actually made the industry safer in terms of fire risk. Some folks found that surprising since it went against the hysterics – but it’s only really surprising if you weren’t paying attention. The industry before the program was completely unregulated everywhere except in South Australia. As the program rolled out, increasing amounts of regulation aimed specifically at making the industry safer was implemented – purely in an attempt to manage some of the broad risk involved. So the initial result wasn’t particularly surprising at all when you look at the broad picture.

    The original analysis was with preliminary information that was incomplete – but we attempted to control for a few issues to make a set of broad estimates that we thought would be relatively robust and accurate. Over the last week or so, the complete data has been released in various places and after crunching the numbers again with the complete data, we find that reality falls pretty much in the middle of our earlier estimates.–-the-data-is-in/

  212. So which one is it Abbott? Yet again comes out with conflicting views.

    The deaths in the insulation scheme prove the government needed to undertake greater regulation.

    Business is over regulated and if in government regulation will be cut back.

  213. What morons. The LNP are slamming an ALP minister because he stutters.

    In response YouTube flooded with vids of Abbott stuttering.

    They really are desperate, but coming out fools in their desperation.

  214. So it is Swan, Gillard and Rudd that is to blame. Not the bosses, who were experience electricians . that broke laws who were to blame.

    This was not a new industry. It has been around for over sixty years. The biases were not new to the environment.

    So now we gave the climate where every death, cause in an government back operation, are open to be blamed for every death, in spite of the circumstances.

    I do hope the parents do sue, will lose, unless they sue the bosses or maybe state government.

    There were health and safety regulations, that were ignored.

    There was a ban on metal staple. Metal rods were not to be used.

    We have the likes of Albanese accepting the ruling. Why?

    So if the Feds fund roads, they are responsible. I say no. Those who ignore safety and health regulations are.

  215. ALL entities, be they public or private…. are bound by their respective States OHS ( now WHS) rules….. in my experiance and in my opinion, only the public entities abide by the rules……. the rest just pay lipservice…… on my oath, mate … 😦

  216. IMO, lots of businesses build OHS (WHS) into the ‘picture’ as an ‘after thought’ , an addative,…..or in an grumbling ‘need’ to comply or risk being fined….. OH and S should be ‘melded’ into the ‘design’ of every and all ‘jobs’ …… not an ‘after thought’….. part and parcel, mm !!!!!!!!!!

  217. Fed Up
    Agreed that Albanese, & Labor as a whole, should be more defensive of the Insulation program. Essentially they’ve been bullied, having had these four Really Useful Deaths hurled at them time & again. How many were killed in Melbourne when that suspect wall collapsed, the one put up by the right wing building company? Approach these objects at your own risk it seems. Dangerous things, walls…

  218. BSA, The coroner seem to have blamed everyone. i believe he said tat the action be taken against the boss. The parents get on TV, go after the three.mentioned. No mention of the boss. I KNOW WHO I WOULD BE GOING AFTER.

    The question I ask, what could have GARRETT DONE. The company was long established, in the building industry. According to the finding, the boss broke established rules and laws.

    Regardless of what THE Coroner said, laws were in place to protect the worker. They were ignored.

    Wonder if HEALTH AND SAFETY is one of the regulations or red tape, they employers want rescinded.

  219. Fed up
    The whole batts thing’s just been used to beat Labor from the get-go. Any other aspects of the case have been deliberately minimised. It’s one of the things the MSM has a stake in, to report other aspects now is to admit they were skewed before . And they’ll never admit to that.

  220. It is interesting how certain media organizations focus on the Governments roll, which was minor in the overall breakdown here. The main culprits are those who broke the law. The lax state government regulations also get a free pass, and it all rests on the Federal Government, who simply provided the incentive for the work.

    Once it was made apparent to them that the state regulations were not up to scratch, they imposed their own. Even then, the laws were still broken. Yet the media is focusing on the least responsible here? Why?

    And, as ME says, isn’t tabot going to remove regulations? When will a journo join these dots, and show that it was lack of regulations that contributed to these deaths, although, not as much as rogue operators cutting corners. They are the real crooks here, and are being let off by the media it appears.

    Then again, we all knew the attack on rudd would begin soon enough. Interesting the timing of these findings, is it not? Or is that just me?

  221. It was not lack of safety regulations that caused these deaths. The bosses broke the regulations,. It was of lack of experience on behalf of the bosses. It was within the field they operated in for years. They were not fly by nighters, or unexperienced operators. They had work within the field for decades. They were established businesses

    Metal staples and rods were banned. .

    Garrett quickly put into place, safety rules and training.

    What should Garrett have foreseen. That an industry that has been around for sixty years was not regulated. That the state had not kept up with safety regulations was not in place. That one does not use metal staples and rods, around electricity,./ That the roof cavities in our homes are not safe.

    That one does not use metal around electricity.

    Abbott out, promoting his Green army.

    Sorry, it was the bosses that broke the law. If they broke a law, that means there were rules and regulations in place.

    If a young worker dies from snake bite in Abbott;s Green Army, will that be Abbott;s fault.

  222. PS. How many trees can one plant along the Georges River. My observation, that much has been done already on this river,

    Wonder he did not go back to Duck Creek, where he nearly fell in a few weeks ago.

    Oh, it is going to be done with young kids,

    Now onto Coroners report. Monumental disaster. Waste of money. I do not see the insulation in my roof as disaster or waste of money.

    Agre with Abbott, yes it is up to Rudd to explain. Why he sold Garrett out. Why is not Abbott CONDEMNING THE BOSSES, WHO BROKE THE RULES.

  223. Interesting the timing of these findings, is it not? Or is that just me?

    Ltd News was always going to spin this as Labor’s fault Tom – they just got lucky that Kevin Rudd resumed the leadership at this time 😉

    I can’t believe the beat-up 730 made of this last night – I thought the OO’s spin was out of control, but 730’s spin would put the Large Hadron Collider to shame 🙄

  224. Yes, there were warnings, Yes, metal staples were banned by Garrett, the bosses ignore the rulings. Yes, Garrett reacted to the warnings.

    Thank you Rudd. What in the hell are you are apologizing for.

    For lowering the rate of deaths and fire in the industry. For leaving the industry safer.

    Why are they not mentioning the role of bosses and states.

    Yes, the deaths should have been avoided. Abbott is again claiming, the government did not act. Yes, they did act. The warnings of Garrett were ignored.

  225. It was not lack of safety regulations that caused these deaths.

    It appears that that is not the case. The Governments problem is that they relied on state jurisdictions to have proper regulations in place. It has since been apparent that Queensland didn’t have any. The coroner claims . It also appears that, in the coroners opinion, because the Federal Government provided the funding, this safety became their responsibility.

    The regulation of work place safety is primarily a State Government responsibility. However, it is reasonable to expect that when the Commonwealth Government injects $2.7 billion into the economy via a program designed to create employment for unskilled and/or unemployed workers, it will have regard to the possible safety implications. That occurred when the HIP was launched but the scoping of the risks likely to be generated and the safeguards that would contain them were miscalculated and inadequate.

    Click to access cif-fuller-mj-barnes-rk-sweeney-ms-20130704.pdf

    That’s a pretty big leap imo, and reeks more of opinion than fact. What it appears he is saying is that the Federal Government should not trust the State Governments, and so on. It’s a pretty good argument for Federalism in itself if that is the case.

    As you pointed out FU, once the Federal Government was made aware of the failings, they took steps to rectify it.

  226. I suspect that the Federal Government did not keep their eyes on this Coronal enquirer, leading to the evidence put forwarded, blaming the Rudd government, not being challenged.

    Coroners can be wrong.

    Even so, the Feds were at the end of the line, when it came to appropriating blame.

    I do hope the parents do sue. That would at least test the coroners findings.

    Funny how these findings are getting the full works, when the Justice Rares judgment has still not got an airing.

    I note that the AG has given the parents all the information they need to sue. Maybe he is also hopes it will happen.

    Yes, Rudd, time to put out in the public all documents relating to the matter. Yes, the warnings, and actions taken to address them.

  227. but 730′s spin would put the Large Hadron Collider to shame

    730 makes ACA appear reputable these days 😦

  228. Still got a long way to go to match selling of the Gold stocks like the hammock did (at record low prices)

  229. I’m amazed how the twit puts up tweets as some form of evidence.

    I see that Greg Hunt is leading the attack on Rudd…who would have guessed?

  230. Doesn’t stop him though

    So that’s where those blasts of hot air are coming from?

    I thought AGW had ramped up locally there for a minute. Its just a sod turner blowing an empty trumpet 🙂

  231. Another boat is sinking. Maybe Rudd could employ the boat people to install insulation…would be less deaths than putting the sugar on the table.

  232. Always interesting for me on the *pink batts* issue was the fact that Fletcher Insulation let their brand name be besmirched. Pink Batts is of course just a brand name for insulation batts and dates back to the time when they were owned by ICI. These batts became *pink* in order to differentiate their product from that of Australian Gypsum (later taken over by Boral) – the natural colour of batts is yellow – so ICI dyed theirs pink. Anyone remember the Pink Panther commercials for insulation?

    It seems and that this is just an unsubstantiated rumour, but why the owners of pink batts took no action against having their particular colour of batt used as a political weapon (and their is no evidence that the people who sadly died from an industrial related accident were installing batts made by Fletcher’s..and thus were pink) is because..the subcontractors themselves were to blame – lack of training, lack of ventilation in roofs, lack of a safety harness, lack of rest breaks. This is OH&S.

  233. With one discrete sentence and taking up a solution of Rudd/Gillard’s making Abbott’s asylum seeker policy is in absolute tatters and his foreign policy has received a backhand from Indonesia.

    If he fucks up this bad on the foreign stage in opposition then imagine what a disaster he will be in government.

  234. Mr. Hunt said the coroners report much be accepted, as the coroner is an official of the court. Yes, maybe so, but can Mr.Hunt tell us why one can easy dismiss Justice Rares Judgment. Justice Rares is an representative of a higher court. Mt.Garrett has said he did no wrong and two inquiries came to this conclusion, one being done by the Audit Commission.

  235. Mobius, one might add *what foreign policy* – turn the boats around..umm errr, when it’s safe to do so..umm err, I’m gunna have a phone to the patrol boats and I’ll tell ’em when it’s safe to do so..umm err, umm err…. But I’m gunna do it, I’m gunna turn the boats around…

  236. Min Abbott had his chance to shine when first he met the Indonesian authorities and went on to lie to the Australian people about that private meeting, then sent his supposed A Team, Bishop and Morrison to show how great his dysfunctional party was at foreign policy. They also went onto to lie to the Australian people about what transpired.

    It is serious when you have the Indonesian Ambassador criticise you for misrepresentation, but to have a country’s Foreign Minister go onto also lambaste you is very serious indeed. But when the Vice President of a country then goes on to damn you then you have stuffed up big time.

    That this barely made a whimper in the media here illustrates how derelict they in carrying out their charters.

    But now the President of a foreign country has handed out a diplomatic backhand to the opposition of this country. Even the most ardent Liberal supporters must be worried about this and the repercussions for Australia if Abbott wins government. Indonesia is becoming a world economic powerhouse and has now surpassed Australia in GDP. For Abbott in opposition to put this near neighbour offside is not good in any way.

    And note how quiet the right wingers are on this. When the cruel slaughter of our live export cattle was revealed, our government’s reaction was heavily criticised in the extreme and for a long time. The right threw every denigration they could at the government, a little deserved, but most blown out of all proportion and as we have come to expect from the right and their media mouthpieces, much made up and distorted.

    But when Abbott and his team have done worse to upset a foreign country, what to we get? Silence.

  237. More lies

    “……….Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey says Australia’s falling dollar and low official interest rate are signs of economic volatility.

    But an economist has questioned the interpretation, saying Australia’s economy is one of the most stable in the developed world.

    In comments aimed at the federal government, Mr Hockey said on Thursday there could not be economic stability without political stability.

    ‘Quite frankly the volatility that we are seeing in the economy today is in many ways directly linked to the instability in Canberra,’ he told reporters in Sydney.

    Asked which measures showed volatility, Mr Hockey said the cash rate, currently at 2.75 per cent, was lower than during the global financial crisis.

    He also pointed to the recent falls of more than 10 per cent in the value of the Australian dollar.

    ‘The dramatic movement of the Australian dollar is going to have an immediate negative impact on fuel prices, it’s going to have an immediate negative impact on business confidence,’ Mr Hockey said.

    ‘Because whilst it’s good that the Australian dollar comes down for business, particularly businesses involved in exports, the speed with which it has come down adds to the volatility of the Australian economy.’

    Mr Hockey then denied he was saying events in Canberra had caused the volatility in the dollar.

    He also said former treasurer Wayne Swan had described a three per cent cash rate as an ’emergency level’, and the fall to the current level had hurt consumer confidence.

    ‘You can’t on the one hand describe a three per cent cash rate as an emergency level, and then on the other hand say 2.75 is perfectly normal,’ Mr Hockey said.

    However, he said the current rate was not bad for the economy.

    ‘I didn’t say it’s bad, I’m saying it’s volatile,’ he said.

    University of New South Wales economist Professor Tim Harcourt said Australia does not have a volatile economy.

    ‘It has one of the most stable economies in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development),’ Professor Harcourt told AAP.

    Movements in the exchange rate were a ‘shock absorber’ which helped protect the economy from recession, he said.

    CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian said volatility in sharemarkets and currency movements did affect business confidence and fuel prices, and the economy was in an uncertain period.

    Mr Sebastian said employment, economic growth and inflation indicators were good, but there was volatility ‘muddying the waters for households and business’.

    He said the recent fall in the Australian dollar was caused by the increased strength of the US dol……..

  238. Newman continues his undermining of democracy and setting himself up as a State autocrat.

    Will require onerous ID requirements to vote.

    Will allow unlimited political donations to his party.

    Will allow up to $1.1 million in secret donations to a party.

    This comes on top of making it almost impossible to lodge claims of corruption through the CMC.

  239. ME, I wonder how happy Qlders are now having voted in this nasty little dictator. I would be very frightened for democracy if I lived in Qld. This smacks of Jeb Bush & the corruption surrounding Dubya’s first election.

  240. In the meantime Newman continues to slide backwards and is now in real danger of becoming a one term government.

    First. Unemployment increased another another 0.5% in Queensland with that state yet again dragging up the national average.

    Second. A survey found 75% of respondents are against Newman’s pay rise and want their pollies pay rises tied to public servants. 65% of LNP supporters said the same.

    Latest polling has a 9% swing against the Newman government, which is continuing his downward trend and has Labor within striking distance of winning or at least winning back a significant amount of seats.

    At the Federal level there is a huge swing to Labor in Queensland.

  241. ME, I also understand that he’s really put nurses & other health workers seriously offside, one of the gripes being a brand spanking new hospital on the Gold Coast with nobody to staff it.

    I think his promise to sack public servants resonated with a lot of people, whose image of public servants, fostered by the msm & politicians, is a bunch of coffee swilling bureaucrats who do bugger all for indecently large salaries and deserved a hefty dose of austerity.

    They forget that public servants include people at the pointy end of health, education, laura norder, communications, defence, firefighters etc.

    A lot of Liars barrackers, egged on by Liars politicians, were convinced that their functions could be easily performed by private enterprise with a few cardboard replicas & a handful of low paid clerks, a perception shattered by the reality that austerity is not quarantined but shared very generously among the population.

    Barrackers have discovered that although Jack’s copped a pasting, so have they & it’s not alright.

    To change the subject, I read on twitter today that Turnbull has pulled the pin. It was only one tweet & I can’t find anything substantiating it on the internet. Has anyone else heard a whisper?

  242. My understanding was that was a tongue in cheek reference to the 2010 election Jane 😉 Twitter is a fast and strange place at times…

  243. Thanks Bacchus. I admit I was intrigued, but puzzled that Turnbull would pull the pin now that Liealot is under pressure. I’m sure he thinks that if Liealot does fall on his sword, or is given a shove, he will be in poll position. I’m afraid he’s deluding himself, though

    But It would be a delicious irony. I bet Liealot is keeping his back to the wall. He must be hearing the sound of knives being sharpened every time he walks past certain doors.

    I wouldn’t mind a small wager that Rudd is honing his knife as well.I could almost forgive him if he does deliver the death blow to that thug Liealot.

  244. LIBERAL Malcolm Turnbull has a travel itinerary which makes Kevin Rudd look like a stay-at-home – and no one thinks he’s campaigning for the leadership.

    In the past 18 months Mr Turnbull has visited 56 federal seats for specific functions to help Liberal candidates. That’s a simple average of just over three a month but doesn’t take into account multiple visits to some electorates.

    And the visit list doesn’t include the trips made as a shadow minister and with front bench colleagues on Opposition business.

    Yesterday it was Darwin. Before that it was a nursing home outside Brisbane and then a few days in Townsville……..

    Read more:

  245. Malcolm helping candidates? I’m told here he is perturbed so something does not ring true.

    Meanwhile…one dead baby and bodies floating in the ocean, AGAIN!

  246. Scaper, it’s good to see that you have taken the time to take the high moral ground on this never ending subject 😯 ….. well done 🙄 ….. but what do we do Scraps…. what do you suggest… I am all ears, Scaper… what is your take on what needs to be done, Scaper….. ‘they’ keep on a comin’…..and have done for over 40 years…. I guess we can thank our lucky stars that we are only getting ‘thems’ in their tens of thousands, unlike some countries that are getting ‘thems’ in the millions….. but, hey, lets not make a meal out of it…. let’s not make cheap political points over the few…. that tiny percentage that look to Australia for sancturary from adversity…. I mean after all, over 90% of the ‘illegal boat people’ that came here under Howard are now living here in Australia… because they turned out to be ‘legal boat people’….go figure……..though ‘legend’ would have it that Johnny ‘stopped the boats’ 🙄
    … “little lone” that ‘boat people’ count for as little as 6% of asylum seekers, Scraps… 94% come by plane….. which begs the question of why don’t we hear you talking the high moral ground in reference to “Plane people”, could it be that there is no political advantage in calling out “Turn back the Planes “….. surely you, of all people could not use people that some RWers don’t give a toss about as political fodder, surely you could’nt be that much of a pedant, Scaper….. not you…… never……. nope……. 🙄

  247. news Shadow Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has publicly and inaccurately claimed that Mike Quigley was “fired” from his role as chief executive of the National Broadband Network Company, in comments which appear to leave the Liberal MP open to the possibility of defamation action due to damage to Quigley’s reputation.

    On Friday morning, NBN Co issued a media release stating that Quigley had decided to “retire from corporate life” after four years in which the executive had served as the founding chief executive of NBN Co, building the company around his appointment in mid-2009. The executive’s resignation from the role as not unexpected, given that he had served a normal period for a chief executive of a major company, and also given that he had already left early retirement to lead NBN Co.

    Quigley’s accomplishments in the role were praised by both NBN Co’s board and the Federal Government. “NBN Co has been fortunate to have Mike as chief executive over the past four years,” said NBN Co chair Siobhan McKenna, in the same NBN Co statement. “His intellect, tenacity and knowledge of telecommunications products and network architecture have taken NBN Co from a policy vision to a successful operating entity.”….

  248. Let’s not forget Fu that Quigley also donated his first years salary to charity.

    Let Abbott donate $2 million or an equivalent percentage of his own money to charity instead of claiming expenses for charity work.

  249. So they are going to target Rudd;s record.Shame for them that they have nothing new to say, and all has been done to death. Wonder if anyone will be interested.

    I seem to be picking up a vibe, that the public is more interested in Abbott’s policies, and what they mean.

    I have heard, they have held off going down this track, as it will backfire on them.
    I have also heard that Rudd cannot wait for the attack to begin.

  250. We now have Abbott feeling sorry for the way Gillard was treated. Some on Ch seven believe he is genuine. More like the focus groups are telling him, he has gone too far

    We also have the headlines that Rudd is getting rid of the carbon tax. What carbon tax. I believe that Rudd is moving earlier from fixed ETS to a market based one. It was also said, Gillard was well down this path. I also believe that it can only bought forwarded by a year at the most.

    I also believe that Rudd said much more about bringing power costs down, than the price on carbon emissions. Much more.

  251. Rudd needs to be aware, that if he oversteps the mark, he will indeed pay a price.

    ……………..Feminist and variously academic, senior political adviser, publisher and editor Anne Summers writes in the Sydney Morning Herald about her “range of emotions from utter sadness to irrepressible rage at how our first female prime minister was got rid of”. She says she is told “Don’t jeopardise the chance to stop Tony Abbott by banging on about it being un-Australian for bullying to be rewarded”, and discusses some particular actions newly-appointed PM Kevin Rudd could to do draw people of her opinion to him: he could refer to Julia Gillard’s government, such as paying “tribute to her stellar legislative record”. He could also stop claiming that he, rather than Ms Gillard, changed the “Gonski” program’s name to “Better Schools”, and he could also stop making pointed references to Ms Gillard, such as saying “I have never believed in class warfare” at the National Press Club last Thursday. She says that although Rudd claims not to see things “through the prism of gender”, it “remains an issue for a lot of us and, especially if you are a woman, it is hard not to see parallels in your own life when a female leader is so brutally felled”………..

  252. Yes, we are moving in the right direction. The direction we need to move.

    …“Our emissions dropped 7.4 per cent in the year, which is a huge decrease for that period,” Mr Bray said.

    “We are now getting much more of power from wind and solar, and much less from coal.”

    Mr Bray said the evidence of the past year had shown that the Clean Energy Future package was a success. But he said more needed to be done.

    “The world is embarking on a massive boom in renewable energy, and unless Australia can get its ducks in a row, we’re going to miss out.

    “We need strong leadership to keep these kinds of policies in place.”

    Mr Bray said governments needed to encourage investment in renewable energy, including wind energy.

    “Wind energy offers income protection for farmers, investment for regional communities and jobs in manufacturing and construction.

    “Sadly however, uninformed opposition to climate science has morphed into an attack on renewable energy technologies,” Mr Bray said.

    Commerce Ballarat chair Andrew Rowan said the tax had hurt local businesses.

    “To a degree it has put prices up,” Mr Rowan said. “Business can do without the additional cost.”

    Mr Rowan said although the effect of the carbon price would vary between businesses, it was another layer of red tape…..

  253. Another example of the Abbott and Co. stifling business in regional area with his stupidity in relation to AGW.
    AGL, it would seem, wont commit to building the Silverton Wind Farm until they know where Tony stands on this issue. This will impact on mining start-ups around this area also, due to the uncertainty of power production.
    Tony is ‘already’ creating unemployment, imagine what would happen if he actualy became PM…. 🙄

  254. I can tell you the position. There will be no subsidies for any renewable power so if it can’t compete with conventional base load power generation on the market then too bad.

  255. Yeah Scraps, as if you would know 🙄 …… you probably wouldn’t even know how to change a light bulb, “little lone” know anything about base power 😛

  256. The shame is that in the long run, renewals will be cheaper. Yes, cheaper.

    It is the up irony cost, of establishing renewals that make them uncompetitive without subsidizes.

    Same goes for the NBNCo. Big cost up front, but savings, long into the future.

  257. Coal is one of the heaviest subsidised industries in this country.

    In 2001, Australia’s subsidies for the fossil fuel related market alone exceeded $6.5 billion. Between 2005 and 2006, Australia’s subsidies for the Energy Market ranged from $9.3 to $10.1 billion. The subsidies for fossil fuels account for 96%. 4% for renewable and transport technologies.

    It is impressive that so many countries are now producing renewable energy at a cost effective rate against the more heavily subsidised fossil and nuclear energy.

    The US just recently became a member of the 10GW solar club. Can’t remember how many countries are at that level.

  258. “Why should the taxpayers subsidise wind and solar?” …. umm, to ease the transition to renewables because of the reality of man-made climate change…… crikey Scaper where you been bloke…… about time you caught up to whats happening in the real world……only an idiot would subscribe to the notion that CC is crap …………………. oh, thats right 😛

  259. Only an idiot would believe that the climate does not change but the Global Warming Doomsday Cult believes that it doesn’t…oh, that’s right!

  260. I just sent back a reply to a GetUp survey about the carbon price. Unfortunately they called it a “carbon tax,” so I told them off. I am a financial supporter of GetUp, but I will have to reconsider my support of them if they continue to use the idiotic language of the Libs and Deniers.

  261. Fed up, I think Rudd has already overstepped the mark. He will have lost many potential women voters who cannot help but see parallels in their own life. I certainly don’t feel like giving time or energy to supporting Rudd.

  262. Watching Rudd. Body language is interesting. No big smile. One gets the feeling, he is doing as told. One can hope.

    Never seen him look so glum.

    ABC 24

  263. We can see what happens when Abbott goes off script. His invisible ….. is still hitting the air waves. Love hearing Bishop and Brandis trying to explain what he meant. Many long bows being pulled.

    Same goes for Morrison, saying that Carr can manipulate the Indonesians. All that has occurred there, is Bishop once again verballing the Indonesians. Yes, talking does not mean agreement, as the younger Bishop, attempted to imply. Of course they will listen, but have made it clear, turning back the boats is not an option.

  264. Once again, there is no tax on people. There is a cost on carbon emissions. No twisting of words, can get it to mean anything else.

    What is being talked about, is how we are going to bring about a reduction in carbon emissions, to alleviate climate change.

    What was interesting last night, was the allegation re fridge gases is being seen as gouging. Appears is under investigation.

    Capture storage funding has been postponed. Mainly because it is not expected not expected to deliver in the short term. I believe this is what Direct Action is based on.

  265. To tell you the truth, I haven’t been following the issue too closely of late but I’ll give it a go.

    As far as Indonesia is concerned, they are playing to their regional audience with their announcements and the real action is played out diplomatically behind closed doors. Not sure if there are lies or not.

    My take on the issue is that no side has put any thought into the so called problem.

    The way I see it there is maybe three issues.

    People dying at sea, people coming here through the back door, so to speak and the community believing that the people are getting a free ride once they are here and possibly taking their jobs.

    Have I missed anything?

  266. Will be interesting if Abbott accepts the challenge. But if there is going to be a debate it should be between Hunt and whoever is the environment Minister.

    Said something to someone yesterday about debate challenges…we’ll see.

  267. Have I missed anything?

    Yes, the libs and the oo are ignoring completely what the Indonesians are saying PUBLICLY

    There is no diplomacy ‘behind closed doors’ here. If they were doing that, they would no publicly articulate their opposition so strongly to turning boats around.

    Both the libs and the oo are misrepresenting Indonesia’s position on this.

  268. My take on the issue is that no side has put any thought into the so called problem.

    labor are the only ones who have offered up a regional solution, which the opposition voted against. Labor are also working regionally with Indonesia, but the Libs, the oo, and now scaper, are basically calling the Indonesians liars, and doing what they can to scuttle any arrangement there also

  269. Whatever! Not really interested in playing your partisan games on this issue as no side is innocent and if you believe there is no posturing on Indonesia’s behalf and no closed door diplomacy by both sides then so be it.

  270. What is most galling, is that the opposition voted against a solution worked out in partnership with Malaysia on the grounds that they were not a signatory to the refugee convention, and could not condone sending people there because of that, and yet are proudly out there with a proposal to do just that by turning boats around, against Indonesia explicit wishes.

    No wonder you don’t follow the issue too closely scaper, it makes the head spin.

  271. Actually, my intent was to weave a perceived negative into a positive policy outcome but in reality…a waste of time and effort in this political environment.

  272. 2SP is just trying to sound edumacated LOVO 😆 Probably getting his daughter to proof read & correct every detail before posting :mrgreen:

  273. Listening to Hunt. It appears he is going to plant 20 million trees, and it is not going to cost the taxpayer nothing.

  274. Hey soxy, if you bothered to put your head up you know where, the hand would of told you that school holidays are over.

    Must have been that Cranbrook edumacation leaking out. Got to go…I spot a rock that needs shifting.


  275. The only question that matters is, will turning back boats work? Suggest not. I believe that action did not stop the boats going from Cuba, or anywhere else. Is Abbott still going to spend billions on drones?

  276. scaper, do you wonder why people keep coming, when they know they face a real risk of dying at sea.

    If that does not stop them, what do you believe we could do, that would be be more frightening to them?

  277. my intent was to weave a perceived negative into a positive policy outcome

    Funny, your ‘intent’ appeared to be to ignore that the libs and the media were verballing Indonesia, and trying to whitewash what is in reality a diplomatic nightmare

    Indonesia’s opposition to turning back boats is clear to those who’ll listen

    Read more:

  278. Meanwhile, others who were attempting to blame the Government for Essendons (and others) woes should probably step up and offer up apologese now for their mud slinging, that idiot from the footy show should be first up to the plate. I assume we’ll be hearing crickets from them though. They display all the ‘bravery of being out of range’ Gutless sheep is what they are.

    The AFL warned James Hird in late 2011 to not involve his players in a peptides program.
    Hird faces a lengthy suspension from the game for his key role in instigating the experimental drug program that sees his players also facing suspension for potentially breaching World Anti-Doping Agency regulations.

    Read more:

  279. Plus the fact there is a Communiqué signed by the Indonesian President that Indonesia will not accept the turning around of the boats.

    You can’t get much clearer than an official signed document by the leader of a country.

  280. scaper, Hunt is another no talent Liars w@nker of little talent and less integrity.

    BTW, school holidays aren’t over until Monday.

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