It’s still ‘merry Christmas’ in my language

It’s frowned upon in America to wish someone a ‘merry Christmas’. We were there one Christmas a couple of years ago and the best wishes were a simple and boring ‘happy holidays’. ‘Merry Christmas’ is an absolute no-no.


It’s politically incorrect. Someone, somewhere, might be offended.

The old saying of ‘when in Rome do as the Romans do’ was ignored in our case, but no-one seemed to care. We were Australians, so perhaps we were excused for our ignorance.

Mind you, we were quietly advised that in ‘their country’ it was strictly forbidden.

With all the anti-Muslim sentiment sweeping the world we just (wrongly) assumed that it might have been the fear of offending Muslim people. We’ve assumed that ever since.

I’m glad to learn we were wrong. Yet horrified to learn that it is because of a minority group with even less of a minority (so to speak).

It’s irrelevant to me who it is, so I won’t dwell into it and it is best ignored.

‘Merry Christmas’ – I recently read – has as good as disappeared from the American vocabulary, and I’m disappointed to hear it being replaced with ‘happy holidays’ in Australia too.

I can think of more ways to offend a person than wishing them a ‘merry Christmas’, but I’m certain that none who still visits the Cafe will be offended.

So to those loyal few, we would like to wish you a merry Christmas and thank you for your loyalty.

We may even reward your continued visits here with a couple of posts in 2016.

Cheers, everybody.