8 comments on “Archived

  1. Migs, something wrong with scroll down list thingy, when you put the cursor on ‘Archived’ heading then try and go down, the list disappears.????

  2. Ain’t happening to me, LOVO. All in working order on my PC.

    An indication that it works for everyone else is that 99% of our spam comments are from threads under the Archived page.

    I thinks it’s just you. 😛

  3. Happening to me as well Migs. Just tried it.
    That’s Firefox in IE mode, doesn’t happen in IE.

  4. I’m not having a problem on my PC, which uses Firefox, or on my iPad which uses Safari.

    Could it be something to do with your setting?

  5. I have to echo Migs. I have Firefox on my PC and Safari on my iPad and no problems on either. T’is a mystery…

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