Media Watch XI

We all know just how manipulative, dishonest, sensationalist, gutless, unfair and unbalanced is the media in this country? If, like me, you believe they need to be held accountable for the gross display of injustice they push down the throats of the Australian public then this is the thread in which to voice your opinion.

I intend to keep the Media Watch threads open indefinitely. If anyone sees an example of their lies in action then we’d like to learn about it. We will document everything we can and spread the message as far as we can.

The truth will win in the end.

The Media Watch pages are archived after 300 comments (or thereabouts), as beyond that they can be slow to open if accessed by some mobile phones.

Here are the links to the two previous Media Watch discussions:

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358 comments on “Media Watch XI

  1. I just watched that Media Watch (I think that is the one you meant) this morning on iview, and what they presented was as bad as that dodgy email that was going around.

    What was saddest was when they contacted the pensioner who was full of outrage on the show, who was even more outraged that the TT producers had lied to her about the facts.

    I wonder if there will be any action taken over this?

  2. Wouldn’t it be good if an ACMA could step in quickly and make the program rerun the show with the facts and Apologise to the viewers.

    Or TT could show the Media Watch segment and apologise,

  3. If Channel 7 weren’t in such a hurry to reach the bottom of the heap they could interview Mr. John Menadue, who knows and cares much more about aslylum seekers and refugees than Channel 7.
    Correction, they are at the bottom of the heap.
    John Menadue
    John is a Board Director of the Centre for Policy Development. He was formerly Secretary of the Department of Immigration in the Fraser Government 1980 – 1983, when the Immigration Minister was Mr Ian McPhee. John was also previously Secretary of Prime Minister and Cabinet under Prime Ministers Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser, Ambassador to Japan, and CEO of QANTAS. More recently, John shared his insights into to the story of Australia’s multicultural mix in the SBS documentary series Immigration Nation.

    FEATURE: Asylum seeker politics

    There are few countries other than Australia where asylum seekers occupy such a central role in politics. The issue’s bedevilled Prime Minister Julia Gillard for months, dividing her governing Labor Party and leading to damaging Cabinet leaks.

    It was not always that way. John Menadue headed Australia’s Immigration Department at a time when the country was absorbing tens of thousands of people fleeing South-East Asia at the end of the wars in Vietnam and Cambodia.

    Now he’s on the board of the Centre for Policy Development and arguing for an end to Australia’s policy of immigration detention.

    Mr Menadue spoke to Australia Network’s Jim Middleton.

  4. Now I’ll be swamped by emails from right wing death beasts echoing the crap that Today Tonight spewed out.

    Shameful journalism. Utterly disgraceful.

  5. We can all comment here and we do but it’s now time to do more…
    make a submission.


    Make your submission today
    The best submissions are personal, and come from your unique perspective and experience of the Australian media.

    Have you ever made a complaint about something you’ve seen or read in the media? Did you find the process easy, or the outcome successful? Has the presentation of a story struck you as particularly outrageous? Are you concerned that you only have access to a limited number of newspapers or sources?

  6. I used to appreciate Michelle Grattan’s opinion but she has
    group-think disease these days.

    Political rivals keep on dogging Gillard

    She reports that Kevin Rudd will be meeting with other Foreign Ministers at CHOGM and he will catch some of the week’s limelight.

    Yes he will, along with the other foreign Ministers I presume.

    Mr Rudd will start with a ”Step Up to the Plate” function, in which World Vision will urge the government to do more to help underdeveloped countries especially on food security, one of the central issues of CHOGM.

    With the leadership an open question, Mr Rudd’s activities will be closely watched during his full program. This includes a meeting with Caribbean foreign ministers today, the Commonwealth business forum and a meeting with foreign ministers of small and developing states tomorrow, before full Commonwealth foreign ministers’ meetings on Wednesday and Thursday. He will also attend a civil society round table on Thursday.

    Ms Grattan ends her story with this,

    World Vision has called on CHOGM leaders to reinvigorate the effort to curb world hunger by working with small-time farmers. Chief executive Tim Costello said Australia with its agricultural expertise could play a leading role. Innovative technologies created for Australian farmers could be modified for smaller-scale farmers overseas.

    Seems to me that Kevin Rudd is simply performing his duties as a Foreign Minister but some in the media need the excitement of an imagined leadership challenge to give their sorry lives a boost.

  7. The following is a copy my submission to the Inquiry into Australian Media, deadline is 31 October 2011. I am preparing a file of the more blatant media lies. My hope is that we will introduce laws similar to Canada where it is illegal to print or broadcast lies.

    Broadcast and print media are merging with new technology and changes in the media market. Both The Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) and the Press Council are seen as a joke by the media. Neither has any control or influence over blatant political bias that is increasing every day.
    ACMA takes over a year to even make a finding and the remedy is a tap on the hand with a feather.
    Take just one example, the ABC coverage of global warming. Why does the ABC insist on equal content coverage for both sides when one side has been clearly discredited by all reputable scientists. There is nothing more biased that the equal coverage of topics which have very little scientific substance. Does the ABC promote creationism over evolution?
    How can the media run a story full of lies, distortions and untruths and then not be accountable in equal measure for the damage they do to political debate in this country.
    Why do we not have similar laws to Canada where it is not legal to broadcast or print lies?
    The media are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

  8. Well said Luna,

    Why do we not have similar laws to Canada where it is not legal to broadcast or print lies?
    The media are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts.

    Legislating for truth in reporting would be greatly appreciated, but some media outlets would have to close down !!

  9. Pip and Lunalava, same here. Once upon a time you could count on Michelle Grattan as a voice in the wilderness..facts plus logic. But now as Pip has stated “she has group-think disease these days”.

  10. Yes exactly The media are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. Which is precisely why Bolt lost his Racial Discrimination case.

    The OO and others immediately tried to turn it into a matter of Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Speech means the freedom to express an opinion but not to disseminate lies and distortions.

  11. Some time ago an outside interview with a politician was shown on TV and when it finished the view of Michelle rushing to catch up, like a groupy, with the others was just plain sad to see.

  12. luna, BTW, I’ve just today re-located your Fb message from months ago… I’m not that great at some of the finer details 😳

  13. I find Michelle Grattan’s Radio National offerings appallingly skewed. It’s as if she can see nothing to commend in this government and particularly not the Prime Minister. She and Fran Kelly seem to enjoy having a whinge together. I am particularly astonished at the lengths she goes to to rationalise Tony Abbott’s madness.

    I once read her column regularly. I don’t bother with her any more.

  14. Lachlan Harris: Rise of the opinion cycle makes Andrew Bolt the most influential man in media

    The news cycle has been replaced by the opinion cycle, with Andrew Bolt now the most significant media voice, Kevin Rudd’s former press secretary Lachlan Harris has argued.

    Delivering the keynote address at the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s annual conference, Harris warned that the cycle was now in a “brutal and divisive place” with media a “rougher, tougher game”. Harris said:

    “Opinion happened.

    “One of the most significant structural changes in the media landscape in the last five eyars has been the rise of the opinion cycle. The most underestimated change in the last five years is that the opinion cycle is now more important than the news cycle. In Australia in the last five years, news has been eclipsed by opinion.

    Yes it has, and large portions of that opinion is absolutely worthless
    when compared with straight truthful reportage.

  15. Tony, play a straight bat on promises

    by: Niki Savva From: The Australian October 25, 2011 12:00AM
    IF Tony Abbott wins the next election and fails to repeal the carbon tax, he can count himself as the fourth prime minister, and the sixth leader of a main Australian political party, to fall victim to

    the climate-change curse.

    And if the next leader of the Labor Party after the election aligns with the Greens to oppose the repeal, whatever the weather, that leader will face the same fate as their two immediate predecessors.

    Login to read the rest of this article

    Memo to Niki Savva
    No, I won’t Log In because you and your colleagues at limited news continue to publish outright lies about what the Prime Minister said about the carbon tax.
    Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan wrote this before the last election, and the Prime Minister also stated it in her speech to the National Press Club before the election.

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan From: The Australian August 20, 2010 12:00AM

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.

    It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    This is the strongest message Ms Gillard has sent about action on carbon pricing.

    Tell your colleague “Mumble” Peter Brent that I won’t Log In to read his column either.

    After I wrote a comment as per the above explanation, to his article

    Life as a punching bag

    Mumlbe came up with a different lie… moving the goal posts.

    Wrong promise broken

  16. patricia @ 2.21pm, I don’t read Grattan much these days either, and I no longer listen to Fran Kelly at all.

    Most of the ABC hosts I listen to seem to go out of their way to interrupt Labor MPs and verbal them to get their own point of view into top place.

    Poor old Aunty has been trashed.

  17. Pip, this is all that is needed. The fact that Murdoch is not in Canada proves this.

    The onus of proof needs to be on the media.

  18. We need to do what luna lava @ 1.50pm, has done and send our messages to:-

    Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
    Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
    Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate
    Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity


    Make your submission today
    The best submissions are personal, and come from your unique perspective and experience of the Australian media.

    Have you ever made a complaint about something you’ve seen or read in the media? Did you find the process easy, or the outcome successful? Has the presentation of a story struck you as particularly outrageous? Are you concerned that you only have access to a limited number of newspapers or sources?

    This inquiry will be looking at certain topics in more specific detail.

    How to sign the petition:-

  19. Does these numbers surprise anyone. It confirms that Labor is doing OK

    “………. Sue Dunlevy From: The Australian October 25, 2011 12:00AM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share Add to Digg Add to Add to Facebook Add to Kwoff Add to Myspace Add to Newsvine What are these?

    WAITING times in public hospital emergency departments may not be as bad as people expect, with a new survey revealing 50 per cent of patients report being seen by a doctor within 38 minutes.

    The Ipsos Health Care and Insurance Australia 2011 survey of more than 5000 Australians shows that this year, the average wait to see a doctor in an emergency department was 82 minutes. Nine out of 10 patients reported waiting less than four hours……”


  20. Fox News’ Lies Keep Them Out of Canada

    Canada’s Radio Act requires that “a licenser may not broadcast … any false or misleading news.” The provision has kept Fox News and right-wing talk radio out of Canada and helped make Canada a model for liberal democracy and freedom. As a result of that law, Canadians enjoy high quality news coverage, including the kind of foreign affairs and investigative journalism that flourished in this country before Ronald Reagan abolished the “Fairness Doctrine” in 1987.

    Mmmm, harmless old Ronald Reagan!

  21. Media bullshit

    Rudd / Leadership / Controversy

    “Rudd’s pokies silence fuels further leadership talk”

    Rudd at CHOGM, Abbott in Sydney Western Suburbs

    Rudd has ignored Abbott stunt

    Rudd does not comment on dimwit therefore leadership challenge on

  22. Sue, re media bullsh,

    the “commentators” are so obsessed with a leadership
    challenge that they aren’t paying attention when it comes to Kevin Rudd.

    From Lateline last night

    TONY JONES: Now some people have read quite a bit, commentators, into the fact that Kevin Rudd today, asked to comment on the poker machine laws, refused to comment at all. Now, I suppose this whole thing raises the issue of if Kevin Rudd were to come back into the leadership at some point, could you strike a similar deal with him? Do you think that would be possible?

    ANDREW WILKIE: Well, the only hard evidence we’ve got is what Kevin Rudd has said previously about poker machine reform, and in fact he’s been one of the most outspoken members of the Labor Party about the need for poker machine reform. I have no doubt that Kevin Rudd is in lockstep here with Julia Gillard and myself on this issue.

    So I don’t see – if there was to be a change of leadership at some point in the future, I don’t think that if it was to Kevin Rudd – and there’s a lot of ifs in this sentence here …

    TONY JONES: Sure, but you’d expect to be able to strike the same deal with him effectively based on his past statements would you, if he became leader again?

    ANDREW WILKIE: If it came to that, Tony, I expect I would. Kevin Rudd, to his credit, has been very outspoken about the need for poker machine reform and I feel confident he’d be supportive of these reforms. I mean, give the bloke a break; he’s not the relevant minister, he’s the Foreign Minister. I could see a lot of good reasons why he wouldn’t want to weigh into the debate today.

  23. BTW Kevin Rudd’s actual response which lurks down the bottom of the article reads:

    Prompted with this, Mr Rudd still refused to buy in, saying the CHOGM was dealing with great challenges of food and energy security, democracy and human rights and “here we have Mr Abbott, the alternative prime minister of Australia engaging in this sort of discussion this week”.

    “I mean, give us a break.”

    I’m with Kevin…give us a break…

  24. The People vs. Murdoch — 2 days to be heard!

    Posted: 27 October 2011

    The media inquiry we fought hard to win is under threat — Rupert Murdoch’s newspapers are working to discredit and limit the investigation into his stranglehold on our media. But a flood of public comments from each of us will set an ambitious agenda and save the inquiry.

    Our media is broken. Murdoch owns 70% of Australia’s newspapers and weak regulation lets him manipulate the news we read freely. This media inquiry is a once-in-a-generation chance to fix this and other problems with media independence — it’s why we campaigned tirelessly for months for this moment. One last push can stop Murdoch’s attempt to weaken the investigation for good.

    But we only have two days to act. Send a personal message to the media inquiry and it will be entered into the public record — pushing a wide agenda that includes Murdoch and his media monopoly. Then forward this message to everyone.

    Maybe we could all ask for something like this…

    Fox News’ Lies Keep Them Out of Canada

    ******Canada’s Radio Act requires that “a licenser may not broadcast … any false or misleading news.” The provision has kept Fox News and right-wing talk radio out of Canada and helped make Canada a model for liberal democracy and freedom. As a result of that law, Canadians enjoy high quality news coverage, including the kind of foreign affairs and investigative journalism that flourished in this country before Ronald Reagan abolished the “Fairness Doctrine” in 1987.

    While we’re on the subject, suggest that Rupert Murdoch not be given
    the 10 year contract for the Australia Network as he already overly dominates the media landscape.

  25. Min,
    they never miss an opportunity to push their own lousy agenda do they ?

    Truth is a disposable commodity to the MSM.

  26. Fairfax in push to persuade readers to share data in exchange for better user experience

    Fairfax will next month begin a major drive to persuade its online readers to share more information about themselves in exchange for a better online experience.

    In a move that signals that data acquisition rather than paid content will be the main plank of Fairfax’s digital strategy, readers will be able to control such features as autoplay video and autorefreshed pages – so long as they are logged in.

    Fairfax is pursuing the strategy because it will enable advertising to be more tightly targeted, which in turn generates a far higher advertising yield.

  27. From twitter

    Emrayfo Charles Broughton
    by geeksrulz

    Tony #Abbot is Schrodinger’s Politician – able to assert that pre-commitment won’t work while saying it’ll cost clubs millions. #auspol

  28. and more Twitter

    mrumens Marian Rumens

    Reporter asked Rudd about pokies. Said it’s not his portfolio. Had very bad cold. Now big story in Oz. Now I see how crap reporting starts

    MEMO to journalists. CHOGM deserves to be reported ahead of crap ‘breaking news’ stories.

    Breaking News
    Rudd says he won’t comment on pokies

    FOREIGN Minister Kevin Rudd is refusing to buy into debate about Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s plan to rescind Labor’s pokies reforms if he wins government.
    Mr Abbott has predicted the poker machine changes, if passed by Parliament, will be scrapped under a Coalition government.

    Asked for a second time in two days about Mr Abbott’s comments, Mr Rudd again refused to address the topic.

    “It may be of surprise to you that I haven’t followed every detail of what Mr Abbott has said nor read his transcripts,” Mr Rudd said in Perth today in the lead-up to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM).

    “Nor do I choose to engage in that debate here and now.

    “I’ve got plenty of other things on my mind as the foreign minister of Australia.

    “That debate can be had elsewhere.”

    Mr Rudd said CHOGM was dealing with the weighty topics of democracy, food security and energy security.

  29. Pip, exactly. Rudd said that he was at CHOGM and wanted to get back on topic being the “great challenges of food and energy security, democracy and human rights” but of course the duh brain media only want to talk about what they want to talk about.

    Some conclude that this is Abbott’s clever politics, I think rather that it’s Kevin Rudd being extremely patient with a duh brain reporter.

  30. Pip, Mr Rudd says nohing. That proves he is making a move.

    How can one win.

    The media is continuing with this campaign that is based on nothing but their outlandish imagination.

    It would be nice if they took the time to report on what is occurring in WA.

    I suspect very few of them have the ability or knowledge to do so.

  31. By the way, Labor is criticised for their habit of bringing Mr. Abbott up when ever they are questioned by the media.

    Now that Mr. Rudd has declined to do this, it means that he has evil actions afoot.

  32. Failed Estate’s Mr. Denmore on Twitter says

    MrDenmore Mr Denmore

    Big, well-funded lobbies, acting for a rich few, use political muscle & a docile media to stymie reform. That’s why #occupy is needed here

  33. I wonder what else Mr. Washer is willing to cross the floor for.

    Mr. Abbott has already attacked him. Maybe Mr. Washer would rather sit on the cross bench next to Mr. Cross.

    I wonder how many more there are. Mr. Wilkie said a handful. Enogh to shuttle Mr. Abbott.

    It is often the little things that brings one down.

  34. Reading Phil Coorey’s story and the efforts by some few people over at the Poll Bludger to endlessly support his silly story and coming back to our discussion here I can only agree with your comment, Pip. One can’t beat liars, nor people determined to make a sensation out of nothing.

    But these people don’t really win. They defeat themselves. They become lesser people. Watching the audience the other night as Laurie Oakes gave his Andrew Olle award acceptance speech I was struck by what a miserable and lacklustre bunch they were. Their laughter at jokes was barely polite, and no one even tried to stand during the final round of applause. And it wasn’t because of the speaker. He’s held in some regard. Nor even his message which was hardly challenging and uplifting, despite acknowledging some of Linday’s Tanner’s criticisms of their profession and its recent performance.

    Many of their shining lights have gone, of course, taken by time, retirement and sudden death. But I think even those of them who can still remember their past glory days will acknowledge that nowadays too much journalism has become commentary on commentary, much of that biassed, and too little reportage. With that reportage over edited and selected to focus unduly and uncritically on the Opposition, and to bypass, ignore or downplay the strengths of our Prime Minister and her government. Many stories are manufactured simply to undermine her and to give an impression of an unstable situation.

    It must weigh heavily on some that they can no longer write an honest news story which won’t be re-headlined and angled to meet editorial policies. While others will quite cynically be serving up the pap they know their editors will accept, like Rudd’s failure to comment on pokies having sinister import.

  35. Just how many times can Abbott take a decision without consulting his party room before some one says or a headline starts:

    Abbott, back bench revolt

    As the PM will be on her way overseas after CHOGM, the press will have nothing better then the opposition back bench. And if they do be afraid Tony

  36. Article/opinion/advertisement who would know from this article in SMH

    “Time to rethink ‘boring’ bonds”. There is no author to this article but as I got near the end I was able to think yes an advertisment

    “It’s not easy to get your hands on government bonds. Although they trade in the market like shares, you need a specialist broker such as FIIG Securities and will need to invest a minimum $1000”

    Read more:

  37. For anyone who watched on sbs the show The Killing (“Forbrydelsen”), there is a series 2. the brits are getting it so keep a watch on sbs.

    And as an aside after a couple of episodes of series 2 the jumper makes a return

    But i have also read that the yanks (can’t they read subtitles) have made their own version of series one and two, so be careful

  38. As a media watch

    There is a reporter at the Age that is keeping a good watch on the Bailleau govt., Josh Gordon is The Age’s state political editor.

    Articles on Ryan
    The poor pay offer to parks employees
    the extravagant offer to police

  39. There is an article about a news reader in qld who got the chop. The news reader was bemoaning the fact he got he chop and talking up his scoops.

    The first comment linked to the article expresses what we at the cafe highlight.

    “Ahh no. This is the type of statement that gives the media delusions of grandeur. He didn’t “break” the story. He reported the story of information that was going to be released.”

    Read more:

  40. Eddie, from you link

    How many lost lives would it take to stop publication by Mr. Whittaker ?

    As Crikey reported from the Melbourne Magistrates Court yesterday, former editor of The Australian Paul Whittaker bargained with the Australian Federal Police over how many lives would be lost if the newspaper published its scoop on the Operation Neath anti-terrorism operation before raids took place. The Commissioner of the AFP, Tony Negus, said that when he told Whittaker  —  now editor of the Daily Telegraph  —  that lives would be at risk if he published, Whittaker replied: “Well, how many lives are at risk?”

  41. In the interests of free and fair trade Alan Jones should be given a gig in New Zealand……a permanent gig.

    NZ shock jock lands gig as Ten breakfast host

    CONTROVERSIAL New Zealand broadcaster Paul Henry says he is returning to breakfast television – in Australia.
    Henry confirmed on NZ’s 3News on Saturday he will be paid more than $NZ1 million ($A767,813) to be a host on Network Ten’s breakfast show being launched next year.

    Ten’s interim chief executive Lachlan Murdoch called to offer him the job, he said.

    Henry will host the show alongside a female and a male co-presenter.

  42. Menacing media talks up another Labor coup

    Last week’s media reports about the progress of plots and the imminence of coups had an air of desperation about them – the desperation emanating not from Gillard and Kevin Rudd, both of whom are behaving with commendable equanimity, but from the journalists. Particularly within News Ltd, they seem incapable of writing about anything else. If we actually entered a period of stability within the Labor Party (admittedly not likely in the immediate future) we would have to buy the Murdoch hacks a set of alphabet blocks to keep them occupied.

    Now there’s a good idea, buy the Murdoch hacks a set of alphabet blocks !

  43. Pip

    Did you know that wooden blocks are out of fashion. There is the issue that a child could throw a wooden block and injure another child. So in todays shops they stock foam blocks.

    So isn’t that a good thought, when the polls turn and the murky press hacks start throwing their tantrums and foam blocks no one will be physically injured only their egos.

  44. Sue
    this subject reminds me of another article ages ago, I think on Pollytics, not sure,

    It was titled “Monkeys Flinging Poo”. 😀

  45. On Tony Delroy reporting by the OO spokeperson

    “Julia Gillard’ s relentless attack on Tony Abbott’s supposed negativity has seen a change in the polls where Tony Abbott’s disapproval rating is at 59%”

    Yep Tony couldn’t take the heat so he has fled the nation.

    also on 2pp Coaltion still win but Gillard has lifted Labor primary vote by another 3%

  46. This post begins
    We all know just how manipulative, dishonest, sensationalist, gutless, unfair and unbalanced is the media in this country?

    They just don’t get it ….or do they…..I believe they know exactly what they are doing.

    For starters, the main stream media, in particular, ltd news, or should that be ltd views, have been continually writing crap in an effort to help Tony Abbott
    and the Coalition to regain power, although that seems to have changed in the last 24 hours.

    Bob Brown’s media view a real threat

    Warning, Neil Mitchell wrote this….crap.

  47. Pip, I wonder who made the leaks. Turnbull is out there demanding a head. Of course it would not be Sky…

    Conroy has always appear to be a competent minister. The ABC seems happy.

    I have suspicion, that is where the leak is.

  48. With thanks to one of our friends at TPS for the link. Interesting terms of reference: the inclusion of “in the public interest”.

    The Federal Government’s inquiry into the Australian media will hold its first public hearings today.

    The independent inquiry was launched in September amid revelations of illegal phone hacking at Britain’s News of the World newspaper owned by Australian Rupert Murdoch.

    It will probe the adequacy of current complaints-handling bodies, challenges posed by the rise of digital media, and whether media organisations are acting in the “public interest”.

  49. Further to my snippet last night from the radio, here are the words from Franklin. Sorry folks but I just needed a bl**dy good laugh

    “with Labor MPs labelling him “Dr No” and Ms Gillard in parliament savaging her rival’s alleged constant negativity.”

    Ms Gillard isn’t that Prime Minister Gillard to you master franklin.


    And today Abbott has cut and run, but not on Qantas

  50. Sue,
    I found that interesting, the way that the media played that topic. Apparently it’s the way that PM Gillard played it by calling Abbott Dr. No. I would have thought that reality is that Abbott IS Dr. No. Abbott created the scene, Gillard was just calling it as it really is.

  51. Doesn’t it feel nice to have been right all along…

    An inquiry into Australian media has heard sections of News Ltd media will attack Julia Gillard if they can find a way of doing so, and the views being published are lacking diversity.

    Dr Martin Hirst, associate professor at Deakin University’s School of Communication, told the independent inquiry into media he was “blown away” by newspaper coverage of federal politics, particularly in News Ltd’s national broadsheet, The Australian.

    He told the inquiry’s first public hearing in Melbourne on Tuesday people who said there was an anti-Labor bias in News Ltd media were right.

  52. And the meeting Abbott has cut and run to is chaired by John Howard. Has Abbott gone running to Howard to shore up support?

  53. Has Abbott gone running to Howard to shore up support?

    There are huge rumblings going on over at lib hq at the moment apparently

    so sources said anyway 😉

  54. The only opposition the Coalition is putting up is the “lie” . Nothing else.

    Destroy or ignore the “lie” and their hatred of the Greens, what other case does is coalition putting forwarded or have.

    None that I have heard of.

  55. Abbott has a history of collapsing in a heap when he fails to succeed. Just after the 2007 election when he didn’t get the shadow ministry he wanted he downed tools and went off and wrote his book. Still getting paid as a shadow minister, that is part of his character flaw.

  56. Media inquiry hearings begin

    The independent media inquiry has begun its public hearing in Melbourne. The inquiry is focusing on the regulation of the print media, and the role of the Australian Press Council. Professor of Politics at Latrobe University, Robert Manne, has told the inquiry he’s concerned by the lack of diversity in newspaper ownership in Australia, but doesn’t have a problem with Rupert Murdoch employing editors sympathetic to his own world view.


  57. A submission to the media inquiry

    What it means

    Without “quality journalism”, a democratic society would lose its greatest source of independent scrutiny. Most of the exposure of institutional corruption, incompetence or maladministration is the work of reporters and editors. Most of the reporting of the institutions and arms of democracy is carried out by journalists. Most of the discussion and analysis of community, societal and global issues and ideas is initiated and stimulated by the media. Alongside parliaments, the bureaucracy and the courts, it is the lifeblood of a functioning democracy.

  58. Day 1 of the Media Inquiry
    [….a very long read]

    An hour of combat with The Fink after 4000 word submission

    G’day there,

    If you thought the Media Inquiry was going to be an opportunity to turn up and rant for an hour, you were wrong.

    Former Federal Court judge Ray Finkelstein was very much on the front foot leading the discussion and our session from 2-3pm this afternoon turned into an hour of combat, covering the ins and outs of the Murdoch empire, media regulation, corrections, licensing and media ethics.

  59. From Friends of the ABC

    Australia Network – decision delayed
    In a decision welcomed by FABC, the Government has terminated the present Australia Network tender process. By April 2012, it will decide if the ABC will continue to be the provider of Australia’s international TV and online service.

    Minister Conroy’s media release

    Click to access Conroy_mr_7Nov2011.pdf

    FABC on Australia Network:

    Friends of the ABC’s letter to Kevin Rudd
    Friends of the ABC’s letter to Cabinet
    Friends of the ABC’s letter to the media

  60. The Bill for a New ABC Board
    Friends of the ABC supports the Government’s Bill for a new ABC Board appointment system, and thinks it could be strengthened to meet its aims.

    Friends of the ABC’s Submission to the Govt’s Inquiry

    Click to access abc%20board%20appoint%20bill%20submisson%202010.pdf

    Introduction & Summary

    Friends of the ABC strongly supports the National Broadcasting Legislation Amendment Bill which will formalise the merit-based board appointment process that the Labor Government has practised since it was elected in 2007 and restore the staff-elected Director to the ABC Board.

    The past practice of governments appointing their supporters to the governing board of the ABC resulted in the appointment of people who lacked independence or merit and sometimes both. If allowed to resume, this situation, which was in danger of spiralling out of control, would ultimately
    damage the public’s trust in the national broadcaster’s independence and in the integrity of government.

  61. Media inquiry hearings begin

    On Judge Finkelstein

    He made a brief opening statement and emphasised that it’s an independent inquiry. He stressed that neither the Minister for Communications, Stephen Conroy nor any member of his staff or any other representative of the executive government had discussed their views with him or told him what should be investigated.

    Mr Finkelstein said he’s been accused already by media representatives and members of the public of expanding the inquiry beyond its terms of its reference, but he denied that that was the case. He denied that he had a predetermined view on the issues and said that they’re very difficult matters being considered and that he’s still got an open mind.

  62. Something to watch. Will the Age run Phil Coorey of the SMH article on
    “Treasurer lashes Forrest’s tax claim ”
    it is not there so far. Does the article not conform to Age guidelines?

  63. Senator Brandis: … The Greens are not committed to democratic values. They are a party of zealots. They are a party of cold-eyed fanatics. They are a party that embodies the authoritarian cast of mind.

    another great example of “Us calling them what we are”

  64. Just watching Herman Cain US Republican hopeful on TV. Perhaps the most disturbing politcial development I have seen in many years.

    Why does this guy talk in the third person about himself? Why does he hate grammar so much?

  65. Luna,
    it was Brandis who waffled on in the Senate years ago about the Greens beginnings and the Nazis. I’ll have to find it again…very enlightening and explains where the “evil” greens” meme came from, and so overused by the Senators.

    An excellent example in Min’s link to Greg Jericho’s article,
    right here:-

    Senator Brandis: … The Greens are not committed to democratic values. They are a party of zealots. They are a party of cold-eyed fanatics. They are a party that embodies the authoritarian cast of mind.

    Senator Joyce: When I think about the environment I think green. I think: ‘Well, they’re always frolicking around in the mushrooms in the forests with the frogs’ – the party for frogs – but, no. It is legal and con. It is social engineering that they are really interested in.

    Senator Ian MacDonald: On the point of order, Mr Deputy President: before you take any instructions, I suggest you hear what was actually said to Senator Milne. I repeat it now: ‘GetUp! is the Hitler Youth wing of The Greens political movement,’ and I stand by that.

    I do like a good rational discussion of policy.

  66. Still on Twitter

    *MargaretSimons MargaretSimons

    Former APC chair Ken McKinnon has urged the #mediainquiry to look at issue of “sustained attacks” on individuals, eg Overland

    **abcthedrum The Drum

    Robert Manne on the #mediainquiry and two main conclusions of his study of The Australian, Bad News.

    ***MargaretSimons MargaretSimons
    Finkelstein asks how many complaints about bias, lack of balance…Disney: most common #mediainquiry

    ****3AW693 3AW 693

    .@LaurieOakes doesn’t expect much to come from the #MediaInquiry. He says journo and politicians are natural enemies. Doesn’t trust pollies

    Well Laurie I don’t trust journos either !

  67. Pip
    a recommendation from the OPI was for the media inquiry to look at the sustained attack on Overland.

    If you get a chance have a look at the OPI report in that area. Not being a victorian I hadn’t realised how many headlines, attacking Overland with an accompanying poll, there were. And of course the poll was to reinforce the get rid of Overland theme.

  68. Another positive response to the PM at her community cabinet tonight at Werribee.

    Unfortunately the return to News24 and a summation by Latika Bourke was uninspiring. Latika is still in the mindset of dismissing the PM and the people who actually went to the community event to put their questions to the cabinet.

    Latika have a look at yourself you appear a bit superior to us mere non-journalists/ non-insiders.

  69. Penalties urged for media campaigns

    THE government’s inquiry into print media has been urged to consider potential punishments for “sustained attacks” on individuals by publishers.
    The call was made in a submission by former Australian Press Council chairman Ken McKinnon, and inquiry assisting commissioner Matthew Ricketson cited the media’s role in the resignation of Victorian police commissioner Simon Overland.

    Inquiry head Ray Finkelstein QC referred to the criticism of government programs such as the Building the Education Revolution and the National Broadband Network.

    Professor McKinnon’s successor, Julian Disney, appearing on the second day of the inquiry in Melbourne yesterday, called for greater funding for the watchdog to lift standards.

  70. Hands off the media, ABC chief tells inquiry

    THERE needs to be less regulation on the media to ensure a healthy democracy, ABC’s director of editorial policy said yesterday.
    Paul Chadwick told the inquiry into Australia’s media that the Government should stay away from interfering with the role of the press.

    As the Australian Press Council praised the Herald Sun’s code of ethics, Mr Chadwick opposed government funding of the council, saying media outlets could prop up the watchdog.

    “Whose bread I eat, his song I sing,” Mr Chadwick said, alerting there would be risks to independence in taking government funds.

    “When time comes and a serious level of scrutiny is applied to performance of media … the media tends to step up, as seen now in the UK,” Mr Chadwick said.

    “Whose bread I eat, his song I sing,”
    Who pays for the toothless Press Council Now ??

  71. Now this could be either Murdoch or media watch but is an opinion on the moves by Murdoch as a result of the media inquiry.

    “OHN Hartigan ought to feel privileged that his boss, Rupert Murdoch, travelled halfway around the world to take his job and usher him into retirement. It is nice to see an octogenarian telling a loyal lieutenant a week before his 64th birthday that maybe it’s time to step down.

    That Murdoch decided to reclaim the title of chairman of his Australian operations,

    That begs the question of whether News Corp reckons it has done what needs to be done in digital media in Australia – or if, as the rumours suggest, shifting The Australian newspaper behind a pay wall has been a double cock-up in terms of few subscriptions and loss of existing traffic to the site.”

    Read more:

  72. I watched the 7.30 null last night (first time for a while), and to me, it looked like the show was actually attempting to build resentment against our presence in Afghanistan. They got themselves three ‘alleged’ experts, all of whom declared it was time to leave. There reason, Osama is dead, mission accomplished. I kid you not. ulman then went on about how clever howard was to note that extended conflicts lose their appeal!! Well, lets ignore the fact that any conflict should have any appeal to begin with, but why, when they laboured on about the length of the conflict, was the one biggest reason for this length not mentioned. Yes, Iraq, the monumnetal mess that this genius howard dragged us into, and which took valuable resources and attention away from the real problem, Afghanistan.

    For a station that bends over for ‘balance’ on the oppositions side, I don’t think it would have been hard to locate an expert to explain the reasons why we should not be leaving yet. As it was, it was left to Stephen Smith to explain it, but, he is only a politician, so a viewer would assume he is biased.

    Also interesting was the lack of acknowledgement of where the opposition stood on this issue.

    Probably one of the most blatantly partisan pieces I have seen at theirabc for a while now, but, as I said, I have not watched for a while.

    And won’t again for a while either I would assume.

  73. I can’t wait until Rupert starts squealing like a stuck pig!

    No’ve missed it, it’s nothing about so-called ‘robust debate’, it’s all about spreading lies and using inuendos and rumours. That isn’t robust debate, that is rumour mongering.

    Incoming News Limited CEO Kim Williams says Australian politicians need to toughen up and get over their glass jaws.

  74. Sue

    “That begs the question of whether News Corp reckons it has done what needs to be done in digital media in Australia – or if, as the rumours suggest, shifting The Australian newspaper behind a pay wall has been a double cock-up in terms of few subscriptions and loss of existing traffic to the site.”

    I think the latter is correct. People do not like to pay for something they can get elsewhere for free. The Australian is not that exclusive or an icon that it can demand payment. I have no doubt that Freeview has resulted in a loss of subscribers for FoxTel as well.

  75. Improving climate change reportage – a must for the media enquiry

    Monash media academics, Phillip Chubb and Chris Nash, recently published a research paper on the Friends of the ABC website. It notes the imbalance in the ABC’s coverage of Australian visits by leading climate sceptic, Lord Monckton on the one hand, and renowned climate scientist, Dr James Hansen, on the other.

    Identifying a disparity of 47 to five in Monckton’s favour in ABC media appearances, Chubb and Nash also note that Hansen’s visit failed to rate a single mention on ABC TV. Monckton, on the other hand, “received saturation coverage (twice a day) by ABC media and was always treated as an authoritative source until the MediaWatch report at the end of his tour.

  76. Min @ 9.52am,

    ‘glass jaw’ ?? The greatest example of ‘glass jaw’ was on display last year when ltd news outed Grogs Gamut who gave such excellent reviews of their sloppy, untruthful, manipulative ‘journalism’.

    Hartigan said
    “I am indebted to the millions of readers who buy our newspapers every day and to our advertisers for their great support.

    “In Rupert [Murdoch], I have been fortunate to work for a proprietor who cares passionately about journalism and the vital role that a free press plays in a democracy.”

    Judging by the slanted ‘opinion’ style reportage, ltd news worries more about their owner and advertisers than it ever does about it’s readers.

    Have the advertisers recently suggested a change of attitude?

  77. Glenn Greenwald: Journalists have become servants to power’s Glenn Greenwald, a former constitutional rights attorney, said the media’s reaction to the “Occupy Wall Street” movement highlighted how mainstream media journalists had become part of the elite class.

    “If you look at, say, a host on MSNBC, what you’re actually seeing is a very high ranking employee of what was General Electric and now is Comcast, who makes many millions of dollars a year and has a make-up artist sitting in front of their face for an hour applying all sorts of make-up and another person working on their hair.”

    He said that journalists had traditionally been people outside of power who acted as watchdogs to aid the powerless, but that mainstream journalists now identified with the powerful.

    “It has converted them into watchdogs over power into spokespersons and servants to people in power,” Greenwald explained in conversation with Salon founder David Talbot.

  78. Pip’s reap what you sew..a continuing downward spiral. The advertisers will gradually withdraw, news ltd will try a number of cutbacks and other strategies the paywall at the OO being but one, less clicks, less advertisers. They will try a number of startling strategies, naked pics of headless chooks and still the numbers will go down.

    Firstly they will have to admit that they were wrong in the first place. Murdoch admit that he was wrong?

  79. Min
    Firstly they will have to admit that they were wrong in the first place. Murdoch admit that he was wrong?

    When hell freezes over !

    and on Twitter, ABC24’s Lyndal Curtis does a bit of editorialising…

    lyndalcurtis Lyndal Curtis

    Sen. Conroy talking about Optus NBN pricing. It sounds like he thinks it’s a good thing. #senateqt

  80. Tweet

    MayneReport Stephen Mayne

    Tony Abbott, James Packer and Clubs NSW will be seething about this pokies intervention by Turnbull using Tim Costello:

    Australian Christian Churches Gambling Taskforce chairman Tim Costello welcolmed the launch of the Coalition’s online survey into Problem Gambling and argues the case for a maximum bet of $1.

    The results of the survey will inform future policy to deal with problem gambling, with debate expected on a number of proposals in Parliament over the next couple of months. The survey is available here.

  81. a little Laugh Out Loud tweet

    mishaketch mishaketch

    Big Harto: “When Rupert handed me my letter of resignation to sign yesterday, he said my decision came as no surprise to him.”

  82. Pip, Feral Skeleton at TPS thinks Rupert’s had a chat with his old mum! I am inclined to agree with her. Except that I’d thought more in terms of her giving him a good talking to. The family’s reputation has taken a bashing of late!

    As well, I think rather than admit he was wrong in so many words Rupert might like to get on the side of history in his declining years. As FS says he can sure sniff the wind. Also he’s always liked to be seen to back a winner. And our Prime Minister is starting to look like a winner internationally where he hasn’t the same media control, and now here where he has she is gradually seen as winning against all the odds. He’d know that Aussies love a battler and a stayer.

    Anway, by any calculation, he’d know Abbott is a loser for sure as significant media commentary this week is confirming.

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see if he thinks Malcolm Turnbull can turn around the Coalition’s fortunes.

  83. Tweet

    dfg77 Dave Gaukroger

    Rupert Murdoch’s back as Chairman of News for one day and Andrew Bolt’s linking approvingly to The Drum?
    The world’s gone mad

  84. Some positive media news
    bye bye shock jocks

    Troubled radio station MTR is likely to cease local broadcasting as early as tomorrow after a Supreme Court application to stop it taking content from a Sydney station failed this afternoon.

    A number of high-profile presenters appear on the station, including Steve Price, Andrew Bolt, Steve Vizard and Sam Newman.

    Read more:

    And here is the funny bit Melbourne is going to get Sydney Shock jocks

    It is believed that Macquarie Radio favours using the frequency to stream 2GB programming into Melbourne.

    right-wing shock jock Alan Jones

    Read more:

  85. Sue, Melbourneites must be sooo excited to be getting Alan Jones !!

    Good riddance to the rest of them.

    It won’t worry me as long as he isn’t broadcast to SA 😀

  86. Do you think the ABC is going to grow up and report news rather than mindless opinion pieces. And the mindless contribution from Sabra Lane, supposedly the Chief Political correspondent.

    “Rudd mum on US troop boost, takes aim at Greens
    By chief political correspondent Sabra Lane

    Just about everything Mr Rudd says these days is analysed to within an inch of its life, but his criticisms of both the Greens and Mr Abbott are interesting and sounded very much like a prime minister.”

    Wake up ABC , how about not writing crap, it can not be that hard.

  87. There’s life left in the old dog yet

    Read more:

    Many Cafe visitors have been wondering about the not so subtle change of atitude from ltd news this week
    Maybe this is a part of the answer.

    It’s also being said that Murdoch wants to repair News’s relationship with Canberra and sees the canny and well-connected Williams as an enabler. That is part of the motivation, and the key message News is sliding out this week is that after 11 years of Harto’s leadership, it was time for a change, a fresh face. Williams is well connected, adept at negotiating with governments and well liked. His wife, Catherine Dovey, is also Gough Whitlam’s daughter.

  88. (“Just about everything Mr Rudd says these days is analysed to within an inch of its life….Mr Rudd met US secretary of state Hillary Clinton for a one-on-one chat to detail next week’s presidential visit. He says Ms Clinton gave a speech this morning in Honolulu, outlining America’s future vision….”I simply draw your attention to what is contained in her important speech today.”)

  89. Very interesting, Pip, though I’m not convinced. News Ltd already has a wonderful relationship with its favorite sons of Canberra.

  90. Yet Pip Williams on getting the job went on about governments having glass jaws in the face of media scrutiny and he again iterated that News was doing nothing more than holding government to account as has always been the job of the media.

    The same old gloss over and understating what News has really been doing and not one mentions of the lies and distortions on the government and Labor that are regularly rolled out by News and still are to this day.

    I note the Rudd takeover story has died another death. How many is that now and will we say and end to them under Williams?

  91. Stupid BC on Insiders this morning talking on the passing of the Carbon Legislation

    ‘And they have done it without a mandate.’

    And this mandate rubbish from a supposed Political Journalist.
    What hope have we in the media.

  92. And there is a story from Sideshow Sam that Obama will give the Cabinet a pep talk.
    Thank you Sam for one of your insightful predictions

  93. Sue, you honestly have to shake your head in dismay at times re the standard of journalism. A mandate? Gillard as we all know did say a price on carbon before the election and the mandate comes via our elected representatives who formulated the legislation to have it passed by both houses of Parliament. There is no other mandate.

  94. The PM has a mandate to govern under the rules of the Constitution.

    the PM did make a promise to address climate change by price on carbon emission.

    That has happened.

    That is a double mandate.

    I have often cast my vote over the years, with the hope that some of the election promises would NOT be kept or watered down.

    People were stupid enough to vote for Mr. Howard in the belief the Democrats would prevent him from bringing in the GST.

    I am not sure that many of the changes Mr. Howard made to the Land Rights legislation received much coverage before the election.

    Too much emphasis is put on promises.

    WorkChoices, one of the first things that Mr. Howard bought in after he was elected.

    Political commentators should be educating the public, not adding to the deliberate confusion.

    If they want to say the PM broke her word, that is another thing. That is what they need to say.

  95. Min
    I was horrified by BC but have come to expect that poor level of political commentary from him.
    By BC’s interpretation over 200 pieces of legislation is not legal.

  96. Oh and the other thing apparently it is not OK for a journalist to suggest there is a story behind the resignation of Hartigan.
    George M let it be known that Hartigan was such a high principled personage that he was not to discussed in any other light.

  97. There is a outcry about the Indonesian young people in our jails. I agree this is not a good look.

    What I am confused about, where is the Indonesia’s government outcry. Why are not our authorities dealing with the Indonesia government to sort the matter out.

    The PM needs to tell the department that any under 20 that have been in our jails for over two years, as long as they are only deckhands be sent home immediately.

  98. Catching up,
    Australia has recently passed laws which view those young people in the same light as the big shot organisers who will never set foot on the leaky boats.

    I’ll have to look for the link 🙂

  99. Eddie
    I think that the closing of the Sun has gone back a step now that there is the talk of the emails that had been sent to India for destruction. If James M is invited to a police station the game will change.

    If a member of a board is arrested do they have to stand down?

  100. Ken Lay named new police Chief Commissioner

    Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews has also congratulated the new Chief Commissioner.

    “In my limited dealings with Ken Lay I’ve always found him to be a very straight person, a very principled person and we wish him well,” he said.

    “I would just say to him that I hope sincerely that he gets more support from Ted Baillieu and Peter Ryan than Simon Overland did. Heaven knows he couldn’t [be] treated any worse.”

    The same message should be given to the mainstream media !

  101. Min

    Sounds like

    One rogue reporter at NOTW says News International

    replaced by

    NOTW closed, no more rogue reporters says News International

    replaced by

    38 rogue reporters, Leveson Inquiry, no comment says News International.

  102. Tweet

    GrogsGamut Greg Jericho

    Ahh 2UE… RT @spicertracey:

    I can’t believe the response to gay marriage. Just had a caller on comparing homosexuals to animals. Sigh

  103. The Failed Estate by Mr. Denmore

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Market Farces

    That’s it! Sell the ABC and let the market decide! Why hasn’t anyone else thought of that before? That’s clearly what’s skewed journalism in Australia – an army of fearsome basket-weaving, beard-stroking, lentil-munching public broadcasters are wrecking the opportunity for Rupert’s brave rear-guard of freedom fighters and culture warriors to cement complete dominance of the Australian media landscape and run more fanzine-style stories about Shane Warne and Liz Hurley or manufacture dishonest beat-ups about carbon pricing.

  104. The good old Tele just like a dog with a bone they do not like to give up.Now look at this headline

    “Police have read the cards and are ready to rule on Labor MP Craig Thomson’s future ”

    Now the headline says “ready to rule”, I get the impression that evidence has been reviewed, interviews completed but that is wrong because if you read the story/opinion you learn

    “NSW Police also plan to interview besieged federal MP Mr Thomson and suspended Health Services Union boss Mr Williamson early next year before deciding whether to lay fraud charges against them, sources confirmed.”

    Yes, next year Police may interview Thomson.

    This article is an example of the disgusting level the Murdoch media has decided to reside in. The Tele decides guilt on its own bias, forget facts.

    the link to article

  105. And now for news itself, they have decided to sexualise the relationship between The President and the PM

    Special relationship: the Audacity of Grope

    The Audacity of Murdoch/News, the Audacity to be in the business of Journalism.

  106. Well they better put the GG into the loop. The President was friendly with her too.

    The PM’s partner seem to have no problems with the Presidents behavior.

  107. Cu,
    it’s another attempt to belittle and humiliate the Prime Minister, usually written by a male, and if my daughters were here now they would be wiggling their little fingers at me …..girls understand it’s meaning 🙄

  108. And…Fran Kelly has a PM impersonator saying the the POTUS ‘is a bit of a dish don’t you thnk?’

    also Keating, Bob Brown and bob Katter impersonations, not really funny.

    Sinkng to new lows …

  109. Fantastic page over at the abc unleashed site

    Not the article (which is more absurdist navel gazing), but the comments after it. How long can someone keep writing crap, and then have so many clearly and concisely point out just how crap it is, with details to boot

    This article seems to keep promising some sort of revelation but never actually provides one. Instead we’re told that “In all this, the appearance of leadership is in reality cynicism and manipulation.” Wow. Standard Farnsworth, then. Does such bile contribute anything useful to the political debate?


  110. Well that leads one to believe he’s telling a huge porky, Min. Did they happen to ask him if they are running a campaign of bias against the Greens?

  111. Migs and Pip re ‘a huge porky’ and ‘he’s lying’…ya think so….

    Exactly Migs, I am getting that the MSM may well rue the day that they got on the wrong side of Bob Brown. Although the MSM might try to cast the Greens as a bunch of fluff-buckets, they didn’t get elected to Parliament by taking the easy road. Easy would have been to join a major party.

  112. Tom R, @ 10.4am
    Wow. Standard Farnsworth, then. Does such bile contribute anything useful to the political debate?

    Nope !

  113. Tony Abbott accused of point-scoring breach
    by Mark Kenny

    TONY Abbott has been accused of breaching a convention of avoiding partisan political issues when he used his welcome to President Obama to score political points.
    In an otherwise statesman-like address to the packed House of Representatives chamber, Mr Abbott took advantage of the massive media and public attention to deliver a couple of calculated swipes at Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    No, Mr. Kenny, Abbott used the advantage of massive media and public attention to breach a long standing convention of avoiding partisan political issues.

    He therefore embarassed the public, the Australian Parliament, the President of the USA, himself, and his Party.

    You can not then say that his speech was ‘otherwise statesman-like’.
    It was another example of Mr. Abbott’s disgraceful, self-centred, sillier by the day, battering-ram style of politicking.

  114. Listening to Fran Kelly’s spin cycle with Phil Coorey, Michelle Grattan, and one other …

    Kevin Rudd should have been told about India uranium deal …bad look they don’t get on…blah blah…
    Kevin’s leadership ambitions on hold…blah blah.

    Not one of them added the further words of Kevin Rudd. Why would they bother when they can pad out their timeslot with the same old standared phrases day after day after day…..

    “Will Gillard lead to next election …yeh probably….”

    The ‘other’ journalist, Mark Riley I think, made the interesting comment that the PM didn’t get off to a good start, with the over-used and now worn out meme about the PM saying ‘Foreign Affairs was not her passion’, and the Citizens Assembly etc.

    He then said paraphrasing, “we all thought, what have we got here”…..

    Yet the journalists take offence at the suggestion that there is a group think
    journos club !

  115. Pip

    The journos were probably just reading from the liberal cheat sheet, trouble is they did not know when to stop.

    all they want is a gotcha, I would have thought Tony had given them a few yesterday.

  116. Things must be running smoothly in the government again and there must be some tension somewhere in the opposition, otherwise why is the media starting leadership rumours again.

    Does anyone keep all the dates and times the media starts a leadership rumour which turns out to be false ?

    If not I suggest the ALP, Greens and Independents collect the information as it would be a great tool with which to remind the media of their so called news and reporting of facts rather than totally baseless rumours.

    What I find ironic is the real leadership knifing of Kevin Rudd appeared to be totally missed by them until it was actually happening.

  117. Shane What I find ironic is the real leadership knifing of Kevin Rudd appeared to be totally missed by them until it was actually happening.

    Not only ironic, but hilarious, they didn’t know their pants were on fire !

    Still don’t…..

  118. Shane not sure if the “Round up the usual subjects” media standby stories:
    (1) pink batts;
    (2) Rudd/Gillard Leadership tensions;
    (3) and what I call sujet pour le jour which is any silly media grab on a current topic.
    are a result of journalist laziness or brilliant Liberal party propaganda agenda (or both).
    In any event the strategy is becoming as tasty as last months leftovers

  119. Pip @1.56

    The later article by Kenny, Crass opportunism, is incredible because the sub editors have got it amazingly wrong. In their desperate need to always show Abbott in a good light, they have instead sent into the internet a classic put down of Abbott .

    Yes under the headline of Crass Opportunism is Abbott and his deputy.

    Thank you News Ltd

  120. Mr. Abbott might have been as he has alleged, congratulating the PM yesterday.

    The stony look on the face of the President and his Ambassador puts lie to Mr. Abbott’s claims.

    It makes one laugh, last night Mr. Rudd after trying to divert the question and asked many times, answered the question on whether the PM consulted him about her decision re India.

    He had no choice. Mr. Rudd quickly put his answer in context, saying as the PM’s decision was to refer the matter to the National meeting next month, and as it was not a cabinet decision, the PM did nothing wrong.

    How that has come to be a story that Mr. Rudd continues to undermine the PM is beyond me. The only other option he had was to lie. He also reinforced the fact that he enjoyed being FM. That was taken as a lie.

    It is time the ABC gave up creating stories and stick to the many true stories that are aboard.

  121. That interview with sales last night was miserable I thought CU. No matter how many times he answered the question on the matter of leadership with the closing “and that is all I am saying on the matter”, it just kept getting asked.

    I wonder if these journos understand that viewers also are time constrained, and that if someone has answered a question, sometimes it is just time to move on.

    We were watching one of the main news bulletins, and they had the POTUS being asked a question by a schoolgirl. The broadcaster actually said, ‘we won’t bothr with the answer, because we think the body language (between him and the PM) is more interesting.

    Sorry, the question was quite good (it had to do with his future plans in regard to Australia), and the answer would have been more interesting than navel gazing over romance novelling.

  122. Tom R, the ABC does that cut-off mid airing thing far too often, and it’s done to allow another talking head to explain.

    We’d be better informed if they could just shut up and complete the story which someone must have already edited.

  123. Catching up, the Rudd story was snipped in half and voila, it became what the journalist, or is that editor, wanted; more arsehattery about the FM undermining the PM.

    ON and on it goes …every day …

  124. Tom R, what was more annoying to hear on Sunrise from a panel of three, (idiots?) the comment. “isn’t it time that Mr. Rudd stopped talking about leadership.

    I screamed back, that it is time that the question stopped being asked.

  125. Tom R, the answer to the girls question was interesting. At least the kids thought the answer was worth listening to.

    The problem for the media is, that the answer was very mucfh in tune with the PM’s belief on education.

  126. Catching up, well said. Rudd only ever answers the question and it must be really getting on his goat too, when the idiots in media keep asking him the same old question.

  127. isn’t it time that Mr. Rudd stopped talking about leadership.

    It’s a self perpetuating vortex of irrelevance isn’t it.

    Meanwhile, what about the ructions happening over at lib HQ? Oh, LOOK OVER THERE!!

  128. Tom, uh that the writing might be on the wall for Tony Abbott.

    From your link: Several on Mr Abbott’s side of politics are reportedly unhappy with their leader, with one unnamed MP quoted in today’s Sydney Morning Herald as saying “we were squirming in our seats”.

  129. uh that the writing might be on the wall for Tony Abbott.

    You can already see tomorrows headlines being written can’t you

    “Rudd refuses to deny leadership ambitions” 😉

  130. Tom R,
    it is OOh LOOK OVER THERE ! time. Their man is looking like a smartarsed Year 5 troublemaker..

    Doesn’t it make you glad he’s on the other side and not on ours ? 😀

  131. Min, if they were squirming in their seats, they need to have a Party room meeting and deal with him; better still bite the bullet and have another leadership spill… a real one as opposed to the Labor made-up one at ltd news.
    Yep, that’s what the Libs should do….

  132. Cannot have it yet. Mr. Howard still has not found his choice a seat yet.

    Not that seems to matter in Queensland,

    Slipper is not being obliging for Mr. Howard.

  133. Here is some of Abbott’s speech to President Obama. Mentioning Howard and lecturing the US President on borrowing was totally inappropriate.
    Abbott is an embarrassment to Australia.

  134. Just keep your focus on the face of the President.

    Just watching him on Ch 9 Breakfast. .

    Mr. Abbott is proud of his actions yesterday.

    It appears the President had things he wanted to say to Abbott during his meeting. Not a one way dialogue.

  135. Lunalava

    Nothing like telling the President borrowing money to fight a war could be a touch embarrassing if you cannot pay the bills.
    No doubt the administration will take Tony’s advice back to Congress.

  136. How can so much money be spent on so little of value, and I mean all the television stations, not just 9.

    Nine on brink as owners seek debt extension

    The owners of television network Nine Entertainment are meeting bankers to seek more time to pay off debts of more than $2.7 billion.

    Analysts predict the owners, private equity firm CVC Asia Pacific, will get short shrift, which means the network is one step closer to a crisis not seen since entrepreneur Alan Bond took Nine to the brink of financial ruin.

  137. Sue at 12.35
    My understanding is that Australia borrowed up big from British banks during World War 1 so we could assist them in their family squabble with the Kaiser. I suppose Tony would’ve approved of that.
    To all the other comments about Abbott’s lack of class & the media’s insistence on turning everything into a Labor leadership crisis- agreed.

  138. President Barack Obama’s speech to Parliament

    As President, I’ve therefore made a deliberate and strategic decision – as a Pacific nation, the United States will play a larger and long-term role in shaping this region and its future, by upholding core principles and in close partnership with allies and friends.

    First, we seek security, which is the foundation of peace and prosperity. We stand for an international order in which the rights and responsibilities of all nations and people are upheld. Where international law and norms are enforced. Where commerce and freedom of navigation are not impeded. Where emerging powers contribute to regional security, and where disagreements are resolved peacefully. That is the future we seek.

  139. A response to Murdoch ‘crap’.

    Bottoms to that

    A response to Murdoch ‘crap’.

    Sure, quite a few media outlets employed tortured political metaphors that relied entirely on Gillard’s gender while President Obama was in the country as they sniggered softly at the warm exchange between the PM and the Prez (Neil Mitchell take a bow for comparing our prime minister to a Justin Bieber fan), but no one could top the Herald Sun’s Patrick Carlyon and Owen Vaughan for this purple prose.

  140. Laurie Oakes
    President Obama finds a J-curve in his travels

    Previous US presidents who addressed our Parliament – George Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, and Bush the Younger – said all the right things about the importance of the alliance.

    But Obama went much further. His speech was directed not only at Australians but also at the world. It announced a serious rebalancing of US foreign policy.

    The exposition of America’s new focus on the Asia-Pacific and its determination to play a major part in shaping the region’s future will be spoken of in years to come as the Canberra Declaration.

  141. Abbott’s sniping tactics are on the nose

    EVEN his strongest supporters must wonder what gets into Tony Abbott at times.
    Surely they were embarrassed by his injection of partisan domestic politics into the occasion of President Obama’s address to the Australian Parliament.

    Here was a big, bipartisan event – one so important it should have been above party politics. But Abbott could not resist sniping at the Government over uranium sales and the mining tax in his speech welcoming the President.

    It was the political equivalent of breaking wind in church. An American official was quoted as commenting: “Pettiness of the worst type”.

    As if that wasn’t bad enough, Mr. Abbott then referred “approvingly” to the novel, The Quiet American, which is widely regarded as Anti-American.

    Open your mouth and change feet Tony !

  142. BSA Bob

    Yes Australia borrowed from the Brits, to pay to fight in WW1. The cost of all those young lives was not enough, the Australians had to repay their debt with interest.

    As to Tony Abbott for him to remind the President, that America is in debt to China and if the debt was called in, then the war in Afghanistan may …..

    No wonder, as Tony delivered his speech with wit ( yes J Bishop said wit, I say witless) it was the only time there was no smile on the face of Barack Obama

  143. Where were all the “non-verbal” experts giving their opinion of the look on President Obama’s face during Abbott’s insulting put down.
    The Liberal Party right wing have been openly derisive of this president for many years – the Americans are well aware of this fact.
    The Republican dominated congress has adopted the same “just say no” tactics which have come into prominence under Abbotts leadership.

  144. Pip

    thanks for that link to laurie oakes. during abbott’s speech i did not understand the reference to graham greene. from my google search, abbott’s speech made no sense. well my search was right, abbott is an even bigger f***wit than i thought.

    1. talk local politics = petty
    2.obama sensible to keep bush policy= thanks for the iraq war
    3. you are in so much debt watch out = irresponsible
    4. g green, ‘it portrays US innocence and idealism as destructive’ =i abbott am a f***wit, i am everything that has been reported about me but you won’t have to listen to me much longer.

  145. Pip @4.07

    the laurie oakes article should be a must read for all the msm, for nothing else but an education on why Rudd is the FA Minister and why he enjoys it.

  146. Get the vomit buckets handy:

    “An an interview with Good Weekend published today, Bolt reveals that the court decision – and the gloating reaction from some sections of the community – had shocked him deeply.

    He said he’d been painted as a monster and his family had suffered. However an impromptu visit to his home by the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, who told Bolt the country needed him, had restored his resolve.”

    Read more:–abbott-tells-bolt-to-keep-up-fight-20111118-1nndd.html#ixzz1e675H7qN

  147. So Abbott endorses lies, deceits, distortions and the deliberate publishing of incorrect facts to denigrate someone or to racially vilify them.

    But I guess we all knew that of Abbott anyway, and he endorses it as long as it is those he supports and support him that are doing it. Heaven forbid that anyone gets the facts wrong on Abbott and all hell breaks loose, everything must be shut down, people thrown into jail and their lives destroyed. No freedom of the press then.

    Friggin’ hypocrites.

  148. Yes Sue the politics of hate or what goes around comes around.
    Or if you prefer “for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction”
    Or “As you sow, so shall you reap” Galatians chapter 6 and verse 7
    Similar concepts in the Bhagavad Gita and Quran.
    None apparently in Abbott’s philosophy.

  149. By the look on the face of the President and a more angrier one on the Ambassador, not leave much to the imagination.

    To quote from a book that is considered anti American, is the ultimate insult.

    This Opposition Leader has used the address to parliament to insult at least three leaders during his rule. Convention and protocol means nothing to him. Good manners are also lacking.

    To insult a leader who is an guest and unable to reply is both an insult and a act of cowardice.

    Mr. Abbott still had his I am clever grin on his face the next day.

    Rules, convention, protocol and good manners mean nothing to this man.

  150. Catching up,
    Mr. Abbott still had his I am clever grin on his face the next day.

    Rules, convention, protocol and good manners mean nothing to this man.

    History shows that the child who is raised to believe he/she is the centre of the universe very often proves to be a loose cannon with delusions of grandeur,
    ie., a narcissist who rides rough shod over society’s codes.

  151. Pip, and the same man will expect, if he ever got into power, for the same rules to be obeyed by the new Opposition.

    Labor did not give Mr. Fraser back what was dished out to Mr. Whitlam.

    If I was Mr. Abbott, I would not expect Labor to act the same way next time.

    Anything that Mr. Abbott has dished out, I am sure Labor can return ten fold.

  152. Cu, what goes around comes around. 😀

    Abbott will soon discover that he’s not the cleverosity he believes he is,,..and with the likes of Peter Reith setting the stage for a move in the forseeable future it won’t matter !
    { at least I hope so … }

  153. There is an opinion piece by M Grattan when talking on minority govt she says;

    The first full year of the hung parliament has not produced a kinder, gentler brand of politics. Quite the opposite, with Labor and Coalition so equally matched and an early election only some calamity away. But it has been functional, in a dysfunctional sort of fashion. You just wouldn’t want things that way for more than one wild term.

    Read more:

    When talking on “kinder, gentler politics”, true as Abbott not getting the Lodge decided he would turn to his natural tactics of attack . However, to think that getting through legislation on about 250 bills is only functional, in a dysfunctional sort of fashion, is more a reflection on the limited understanding of our msm. The msm has been dysfunctional all year long, not being able to understand the dynamics of the parliament, looking for a “gotcha” an easy path for a new election. The Independents declared in 2010, they wanted a parliament that would last 3 years, they wanted minority government to work, minority government was and is a reflection of the electorate.

    But for the msm minority government is hard, they have to work. The best example was the Carbon Tax, for some reason the Insider msm just did not understand the process at all. They did not fully report the negotiations, arguments or workings of the cross bench committee, what a shame the electorate missed out. And more still, why the Tax passed so easily in the House and Senate, all the work had been done. The msm failed massively.
    For the msm the easy reporting was on the silly demonstrations, the people coerced by the shrill, to try and do the work that the Coalition withdrew from. Not one Coalition MP or Senator was on the All Party Carbon Committee, by choice. No the tactic was run around the country encouraging hysteria, aided and abetted by a willing, unthinking msm.

    Shame msm for not doing the real job of investigation and reporting.

    So M Grattan my opinion is that Minority government has worked, is working and hopefully for more than one term, it really hasn’t been wild just a steady reform process.

  154. Watching the ABC Insiders program this morning you know the Liberals are fairing badly when Gerard Henderson starts with the whiny voice, hand wringing and going on about how people are being unfair to Abbott.

  155. Sue, over the last few years Michelle Grattan has become a lazy groupthink groupie.
    It’s a sad way to end a career.

  156. luna and Min,

    Gerard always reminds me of a Dickens character; I can’t quite decide which one, but definitely Dickensian.

    Surveying the federal MPs one could say the same about some of them 😀

  157. Former Foreign Minister Downer gets his fishnets in a twist again…

    Downer: Beyond the myths

    But Ms Gillard’s speech was loaded with Labor’s interpretation of history. Even though we are commemorating the 60th anniversary of the ANZUS treaty, the American alliance had originally been founded by the Labor Party, she claimed. Somehow, John Curtin was its founder.

    Well no, that is not what the Prime Minister said at all.

    Prime Minister Gillard said,

    “Since its founding in 1951, ours has been an Alliance for a secure future.

    But it has always been more.

    Our alliance was anticipated a decade earlier – in the judgements of an Australian Prime Minister and the resolve of an American President.”

    No mention of a Labor Prime Minister there.

    Mr. Downer has confused the above words of the PM with these:-

    “In Perth there is a Library dedicated to the memory of my great predecessor, John Curtin.

    Our great wartime leader, the man who looked to America free of any pangs.

    There you find a book given to him during his visit to the United States in 1944.

    Prime Minister Curtin and President Roosevelt met as leaders of two great nations at war.

    But as two great leaders, they looked ahead to the peace.”

    Poor Alex must be as enraged and unhinged as his former colleagues still in the Parliament, and unable to see straight.

  158. Abbott once again wilts under questioning.

    “….Western Australian Liberal Mal Washer has already publicly supported the tax – but says he will not cross the floor to vote with the Government.

    Asked twice about the rumblings within his own party, Mr Abbott this morning would only say “this is a bad tax from a bad government.”

    After the second question, Mr Abbott told reporters to change the subject.

    “I’ve made it very clear what our position on the mining tax is – if there are other issues we want to deal with today, that’s great.”


    10. Ian Smith
    Smithy’s all-star team are lobbying hard to help corporate giants enter the Oz market
    Partner, Bespoke Approach

    Born in: Epsom, Surrey, UK

    Friends: Alexander Downer | Nick Bolkus

    If you want to know about the dark arts of spin and lobbying, you’ve got to know about Ian Smith, or Smithy as he’s universally known. Once a media adviser to Premier Jeff Kennett, the ex-journalist used to run one of Australia’s largest PR firms. Nowadays, he works behind the scenes to help some of the world’s biggest companies gain a foothold in the Australian market.

    Smith is the driving force behind Bespoke Approach – a boutique lobbying firm he set up in 2008 with former cabinet ministers Alexander Downer and Nick Bolkus. He says the pair, who had rarely spoken to each other before going in to business together, posess insights that are “highly saleable and highly beneficial to companies”.

  160. Somebody has got to lovem

    At news conference, Bennison from the Assoc of Mining and Exploration Companies is calling on the Greens to stick to their claims in the press and to stop the Mining Tax in the Senate..
    I can see the Greens assisting the Miners to not pay the MRRT (NOT)

  161. But the Greens aren’t threatening to stop it because they don’t want the MRRT to go ahead, they want to stop it because they want several of the concessions to mining companies costing around $200 million removed.

    So what Bennison is asking is that they want to lose their concessions and pay more in the MRRT.

  162. And the PM and Brown are having a chat.
    No wonder Bennison rushed out to the media, just making sure his performance Xmas bonus is delivered.

  163. Just watched Abbott making an even bigger goose of himself in his speech to the Royal Danish couple.
    The audience groaned as he made one stupid remark after another.
    I will attempt to put up video of this shocker.

  164. The stupid remark that deserved the groans was when Abbott said, up to now the greatest thing from Denmark to Australia has been Joh Bejelke Petersen, yep that was when the groans happened. Abbott quickly moved to other Danes, Utzon and now the royal couple.

  165. I’m not usually any good at trivia Min – that one I remember as one who had to suffer under the corrupt rule of the old &%$^#

  166. Qantas hashtags they don’t want to hear

    “GrogsGamut tweeted: “#QantasLuxury- when the passengers arrive before the couriers delivering the lockout notices do”.

    ABC radio’s PM presenter Mark Colvin, @Colvinius said: “Getting from A to B without the plane being grounded or an engine catching fire. #qantasluxury”.

    And @the-aaron-smith said: “#qantasluxury is chartering a Greyhound bus and arriving at your destination days before your grounded Qantas flight”.

    Read more:

    And a cr@p present as a prize “a pair of Qantas pyjamas, and a “luxury amenity kit”.

  167. Luna, I’m just wondering what a pair of Qantas pjs might be…lead in seat of the bottoms? All made in Indonesia of course. Plus the pants fall off in less than a moment’s notice.

  168. A couple of ALP or perhaps former ALP politicians are in the news

    FORMER New South Wales Labor MP Karyn Paluzzano has been charged with giving false and misleading evidence to ICAC, nearly 18 months after the inquiry recommended she be prosecuted.”

    And this guy

    It really annoys me when ALP politicians and supporters try and make out they are more moral than anyone else.

  169. Neil

    “It really annoys me when ALP politicians and supporters try and make out they are more moral than anyone else”

    It really annoys me that you continue to roll out this one sided political crap like some shock jock. Re posting the same partisan rubbish time after time.

    I now find your inability to see beyond your hatred of one side of politcis so boring that I no longer wish to debate your comments.

    Rehashing the same responses back to you in regards to the number of bad politcians on both sides has now become tedious. Consider debates between us closed until further notice as you are acting like a Bolt or Akerman and I gave them away ages ago..

  170. Every news bulletin I saw this evening had a negative spin on Abbott’s speech to the Crown Prince of Denmark, except the ABC who gave it a light hearted spin making out that Abbott is witty.

  171. From

    Julia Gillard enjoys end of year boost and praises Caucus for courage

    But Mr Abbott sneeringly dismissed this as a result of Ms Gillard “stalking the world’s leaders in search of a photo opportunity”.

    Read more:

    Now so far a pretty normal opinion piece at News BUT there are 10 comments to this article only comment 1 is negative to the PM.

  172. Sue
    As opposed to Little Johnnie, who’d never stoop to anything like that.
    None of the world’s leaders sought Abbott out while they were here.
    I haven’t seen Abbott’s effort with Mary, the ABC here didn’t show it which must mean he didn’t do well. 7.30 was fairly objective though.

  173. ME, at least Abbott was not rude and insulting to the Royals, he just made a lot of dumb, cringe worthy comments which he thought was “clever”.
    Sure hope Peta Credlin stays on as his personal advisor, she is a real asset to Labor.

  174. BSA Bob
    this is the bit you missed on the news

    “Mr Abbott also suggested that perhaps Denmark’s greatest gift to Australia previously had been former Queensland premier Joh Bjelke-Petersen, but that had now been exceeded by Princess Mary’s marriage to Prince Frederik.”

    and as Bacchus noted JBP was born in NZ, his parents being immigrants.

  175. lunalava

    Abbott’s keeper/advise P Credlin almost made a name for herself today, after the Coalition advisers sitting in the side boxes were warned by the Speaker, to behave themselves.

  176. Sue
    Thanks for clueing me in on that rather chunderous remark of Abbott’s.
    Sycophantic prick.
    Anyway, I knew that Johannes The Foul was born in N.Z. Abbott could’ve been expected to know that, but he’s so pathologically self centred I’m not surprised he didn’t.

  177. Miglo
    Consider that Abbott’s putting his best foot forward here. This is the sort of stuff we could expect from P.M. Abbott.
    It’s a worry.

  178. Miglo and BSA Bob

    The only paper I saw that quoted the Abbott speech was the Canberra Times, all others avoided it, they stuck to the bit about Abbott and the marathon times.

    HE he ha ha , he even stuffed up that bit. But even the CTimes left out the mention of the other famous Dane, Abbott mentioned, Utzon. oh dear Sydney, Abbott’s town was so good about that as well.

    I suppose we should be grateful he didn’t give the Danes a lecture about the futility of reducing carbon emissions.

  179. Bit hard for Tones to give that lecture Sue, considering –

    The royal couple is here to promote Danish green industries. The Prince told his audience today that since 1980, economic growth in Denmark had increased by almost 80 per cent without any increase in energy consumption. Wind energy accounted for almost 20 per cent of energy consumption in Denmark, and all household waste was converted to energy.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard in her speech also acknowledged Denmark’s green credentials. She said she recognised that Denmark had committed to reduce carbon emissions via a carbon price by 40 per cent by 2020.

    “I know as Australia undertakes it own journey towards a low carbon future we have a great partner in Denmark,” she said.

    “We are strengthened by your example and your expertise.”

  180. Bacchus

    In QT today the PM had Tones in a spin, she even suggested that today was probably one of those days when he was committed to reducing carbon emissions by 5%. She did have a smile on her face and QT was after the official lunch and that speech b Prince Frederick.

  181. Bacchus at 10.47
    The Danes, like everyone else that contradicts Abbott’s scheme of things, are wrong. That doesn’t mean you can’t try scoring a few points using them, of course.

  182. Why is Tony Abbott threatening to can the MRRT (if he wins government) after some of the big miners have announced they have no problems in paying it? Is this what is commonly referred to as biting off one’s nose to spite their face?

  183. I believe that Mr. Abbott got the marathon time wrong.

    He mentioned BJP, who, was born in NZ and destroyed Mr. Howard’s first attempt at being PM.

    Mr. Abbott then mentioned the designer of our wonderful Opera House, whom the state Liberals trashed. The man did not come back to the country for decades. The mess the Liberals made with their changes, are now being corrected at great coast.

    What has not got much airing, is his comment on the Princesses schooling and connecting it to Mr. Abetz.

    How can someone, who aims to be PM, make such a hash of such a simple task.

  184. ” But Mr Abbott sneeringly dismissed this as a result of Ms Gillard “stalking the world’s leaders in search of a photo opportunity”. ”

    And has the PM been successful. Photos with all these world leaders who appear to respect her and like being in her company.

    That is Mr. Abbott’s problem, the PM has scored a few runs and presented Australia in a positive manner.

    The PM , while overseas presents a positive picture of Australia, unlike the negative one he attempts to spread on his world travels.

    Maybe visits to the mother country would be a better description of Mr. Abbott’s travels. He does not appear to go anywhere else.

  185. CU at 3.16 am
    ” But Mr Abbott sneeringly dismissed this as a result of Ms Gillard “stalking the world’s leaders in search of a photo opportunity”

    This is the problem for Abbott, he really believes that all that is necessary to win a poll is a few photo ops.
    He has nothing of substance to offer and is stuck in the shallow end of the political gene pool.

  186. Tony Abbott certainly has ‘a way with words’..stalking..good old Mr Social Skills himself…

    I get that too Luna’, Abbott only operates at the most superficial of levels.

  187. Bacchus @10.47pm “all household waste was converted to energy.”

    Eons ago when I was local rep on the EPA in Victoria, the Knox Transfer Station & Recycling Centre had set up a system where all electric lighting for the station was generated via waste. It was just experimental and of course this idea never really went anywhere in Australia..cost factors at the time I should imagine. However, it would be brilliant for Australia as even 15 years ago we were rapidly running out of suitable landfill sites within a reasonable distance from population centres. This of course being aside from the renewable energy factor.

  188. It seems that News Ltd might be in a spot of bother…and coming from Bill O’Chee too. So much for’s accusation that action against them was some sort of pay-back by The Greens.

    FEDERAL police are investigating allegations that News Ltd offered a then-serving federal senator a ”special relationship” involving favourable coverage if he crossed the floor on a vote of financial interest to the company.

    The investigation was sparked by a statement given to them by the former Nationals senator, Bill O’Chee, who alleges a News Ltd executive said he would be ”taken care of” if he crossed the floor.

  189. Here is part of an article on Abbott’s leadership but compare it to the headline

    After being confronted over the superannuation decision at the final meeting of Coalition MPs and senators for the year yesterday, Mr Abbott grew angry and shut down the debate, several sources said. ”It wasn’t pleasant,” one MP said.

    Abbott victim of friendly fire as Liberals criticise Coalition leadership

    Read more:

    Read more:

    Good old “testy” Tones walks away from questions from his own team and what’s the headline, poor old “testy” Tones is a victim.

    The journos do call the lead up to Xmas “the political killing season” it would be amusing if the journos who have been writing constantly about the FA/PM were looking and writing in the wrong direction.

  190. No wonder “testy” Tones even had his minders/advisers yelling abuse at the PM in QT. “testy” Tones is probably not allowed to yell at his own “team”

  191. Of course they were Sue, and deliberately so as they knew there were leadership tensions within the Coalition and Abbott, their pin-up boy, is on the nose not only with the electorate, as he always has been, but within the party he leads.

    So whenever the dislike and distrust of Abbott within the LNP begins to spill out of the Party room, the media dutiful manufactures a Gillard/Rudd leadership challenge on the back of an “anonymous insider” to take the attention away from Abbott’s failing.

    The ABC is the greatest proponent of this tactic and the media outlet that most spins Abbott in a positive vein, gives him by far the most air and online time and brushes off his failures as leader.

  192. Mobius, Sky News must come a close second. I’ve seen Speers virtually put the words into Abbott’s mouth for him when he’s fumbled an answer.

  193. And look what’s happening in Qld. The federal parliament may end up with another independent

    “THE LNP executive is due to meet today to determine the future of Sunshine Coast MP Peter Slipper as internal party rage mounts and the veteran politician faces the possibility of party expulsion.

    The extent of anger among rank and file members in Fisher is such that the party executive must also today examine the option of expelling Mr Slipper from the party.”

  194. The PM is accusing Mr. Abbott and the coalition of what we accuse some on these sites of doing.

    Recycling questions from earlier months and times.

    The PM has been heard to say, I answered that one in, August, maybe September etc.

    The PM is beginning her answers with I answered that yesterday or last week.

    Senator Wong replied to one questioner yesterday by asking why are they continuing with questions on what is already law.

    QT in both houses has indeed become boring.

  195. Victim Abbott story from the News side

    TONY Abbott has been forced to slap down criticism from Liberal backbenchers about his decision to keep Labor’s planned superannuation boost if he wins the election.
    The criticism came in the final Liberal and Coalition party-room meetings for the year in a sign of growing internal dissatisfaction with Mr Abbott’s political judgment.

  196. CU watching Abbott bounce around in question time I thought he might be suffering from hemorrhoids (all that bicycle saddle exposure) however several of my fellow media watch analysts pointed out that he was constantly bobbing up to go and consult Peta Credlin who sits on the floor of the House near the speakers chair. It appears she is running the show (as a non elected advisor) which must be a real slap down to Liberal backbenchers.
    What with Queensland’s Campbell Newman and now Peta Credlin it appears the business of government is too important to be left to “elected representatives”

  197. Abbott was snoozing through the last stages of the Mining Tax drama and was very p.d off about being woken by the whip to get up and vote!

    Wonder if there are any pix of that?

  198. Speaking of outsourcing 😉

    A gentleman had a great idea on Lateline Business last night:

    Big companies are increasingly looking at off-shoring to try to lower their wage costs, with Qantas’ planned new Asian airlines a case in point. However, the University of Technology’s Professor Jack Gray wonders why it’s only jobs at the lower end of the pecking order that are being sent to cheaper countries

    JACK GRAY: How about we say, “The executive salaries in Australia are too high, we are going to move the whole of Qantas’ executive operation to Germany or India, and there we will not get any lower quality – in fact, we will probably increase the quality – and it will be at a tenth of the cost.”

    It would be interesting to watch the likes of Alan Joyce scream if this were seriously mooted 😆

  199. Sue, I am getting that many Libs are considering that Abbott has peaked..the only way now being down.”

    I guess you are right. latest Newspoll results show Coalition at 57% and Labor at 43%. It is hard to see Abbott getting much higher than this so it can only go down I think.

  200. “CU watching Abbott bounce around in question time I thought he might be suffering from hemorrhoids (all that bicycle saddle exposure) however several of my fellow media ”

    It could have been from the kicking he got in his own party room.

    It appears he hit out at everybody. There Liberals are complaining that the Nationals can say what they like, while they are gagged.

    He really attacked the lady that replaced Mr. Costello, telling her to go and ask Mr. Costello how the system works.

    If one does not believe the man is in trouble, listen to what ch 9 and Mr. Oakes have to say.

    I believe he will be lucky to survive until December. Forget about Christmas.

    Laurie Oakes, for once is worth listening too. Do not forget, he really hated the PM in the early days.

  201. “Abbott was snoozing through the last stages of the Mining Tax ”

    Well they were able to wake him this time.

  202. Min,

    I think you’ll find the idea of biogas has gone a long way since your EPA involvement. I know of four of these plants in SE Qld alone (Logan, Rochedale, Willawong & Ipswich) and a quick google search shows NSW and VIC have these plants also…

  203. Neil, you are looking at the wrong numbers.

    Mr. Abbott is on the way down. The PM now out polls him.

    Mr. Abbott is not the Liberal party. He is one member of it.

    Sadly they do not have a worthwhile talent pool to choose from. This is probably qht he has lasted so long.

    I heard Karl say on ch9 this morning that the rumours have been around for at least three weeks, that he is on the nose.

  204. I don’t think that we’ve had this one as yet, apologies if we have:

    Of all the responses to Robert Manne’s Quarterly Essay on The Australian  — a defence from Weekend Oz editor Nick Cater, more criticism from Jay Rosen, Ian Lowe, Rodney Tiffen, Jack Waterford and Mark Latham — it is the letter from Tim Flannery published in the latest edition (in bookshops and online this month) that adds the juiciest grist to the mill.

    The environmental activist reveals for the first time how he was set up by radio shock jock Ray Hadley, who fuelled a fierce campaign from News Limited papers against the Australian of the Year.

    In July, Hadley took a call on his 2GB program from “David” proclaiming to be a neighbour of Flannery’s. Flannery owned a waterfront home, the caller said, detailing its precise location and highlighting his apparent hypocrisy on sea level rises.

    And the plot thickens…

    The story took off: Andrew Bolt took to his blog with further details of the house (including a Google map) and its value, The Daily Telegraph went to print with a story, and after promising an “intelligent article” on the issue of sea level rises, Flannery claims, The Australian’s Ean Higgins wrote a piece rehashing the Hadley revelations.

    And the conclusion by Tim Flannery:

    The experience has taught me several things about the hate media in Australia. First, as they seek to slur those they hate, they do not hesitate to manufacture a story if one does not exist.

  205. And as to climategate2, the police have probably been waiting and watching to see who stole the emails. and just think with all the evidence on email stealing the Murdoch press has given the police it may be easier to catch the criminals.
    Rehashing the emails to suit the deniality is of course a different issue.

  206. Min @5.37

    Now the police got the statement a month ago, since then a prominent CEO has retired. I am just wondering if there are any dots to join.

  207. Sue, re the O’Chee allegations there is clearly enough evidence for the Feds to be taking this issue seriously. O’Chee also states that once he refused ‘the offer’ from that he could not get anything printed by them. Given that this is Qld and the Courier Mail is the only daily, it’s obvious the clout they have in that state.

    Interestingly, this story has been taken up by The Washington Post.

  208. Min
    thanks for that. interesting as the americans are investigating news ltd as well.
    an important development, as this story has received more prominence in the washington post than the president’s visit to australia.

  209. How is this as a dumb story by Malcolm Farr

    “Labor’s $100 million deal with the Greens over mining tax revealed after 12 hours of secrecy ”

    And the big conspiracy and the even bigger worry for us punters as revealed by MF

    “The deal means the Government will defer concessions for foreign banks to get $20 million a year in revenue the Greens want spent on public facilities”

    Yes that is it folks MF is worried about tax concessions forgone for FOREIGN BANKS and the money will be for us punters like schools, hospitals, roads.

    Isn’t that so disguuuusting, what a rotten minority government we have.

  210. And it wasn’t secret at all Sue, as much as the media and the opposition are saying they shamed the government into revealing the details. The truth of it is as usual with the perverse right wing media is at the bottom.

    The savings couldn’t be revealed until the stakeholders and recipients were informed. It’s that simple.

  211. They’re back!

    Same Cast
    Same Beat up
    Same Lies
    Same Deceits

    Will they survive this time?
    Like a bad smell the deniers never go away.

    Watch and wait as they again get it all wrong, ignore the facts and make it up then slink away to return for the next beat up.

  212. Don’t blame Sandilands – blame those who fill his pockets–blame-those-who-fill-his-pockets-20111124-1nvm1.html

    Austereo needs to accept and someday to atone for the coarsening of attitudes from which it profits by the actions of Sandilands (and, it should be added, by the inaction of his long time co-host, the Teflon-coated Jackie O). Every time that network broadcasts yet another incitement to contempt against a woman like Alison Stephenson, they encourage the attitude that attacks on women are a graded phenomenon, of which only some are worthy of censure and punishment.

    Even a footballer could tell them that’s bullshit. There are no excuses. Ever.

    They could begin their atonement by giving some free airtime to White Ribbon Day tomorrow.

  213. Trolls of TV and radio would not last a day under print rules

    Sandilands, one of the professional nasties of commercial radio, had attacked on-air a reporter who had the temerity to criticise his unwatchable TV program. She was a ”fat slag … a piece of shit … a little troll”. Worse, she had very ” ’90s hair” and if she didn’t ”watch her mouth … I’ll hunt you down”.

    And this is true, because irrespective of the print media and this includes Tweets and Blogs we have ‘the rules’ regarding defamation and the remedies under law for these. The rules differ substantially for public figures compared with private citizens. Therefore one could get away with saying the above about the PM but not about her cousin.

  214. Pip and Min

    On the Sandilands standard as host, I do not think there will be much change by the media owners. Starting next year on the channel Ten breakfast program Lachlan Murdoch has engaged Paul Henry from NZ. “Controversial” is the polite way the media describes this character. He and Sandilands share a number of characteristics.

  215. Government advertising has also be pulled from Sandiland’s show, however ”
    Late yesterday, Southern Cross Austereo’s chief executive, Rhys Holleran, announced he was taking up the matter with Sandilands, who has nearly 1 million listeners in Sydney every morning, and is reputed to earn more than $2 million a year. One industry insider said it would be commercially unrealistic for the station to sack him unless the show went into the red.”

    So it’s not to do with standards or even good taste for that matter just about the almighty dollar. No surprises there given the plethora of crap journalism which persists. The great dumbing down continues.

    Read more:

  216. The oo continues on it’s way with trying to manipulate reports to push it’s agenda. This time, it’s the NBN, again.
    They are pushing an ‘alleged’ blowout, although, careful reading suggests it is nothing of the sort

    The full report by Greenhill Caliburn, obtained under Freedom of Information, also reveals that $50.6bn in capex would have been spent on the network by 2028.

    That is dramatically higher than the $35.9bn in capital costs to build the project by December 2020 that is usually cited by Labor.

    wow, the cost is going from $35.9bn to $50.6bn, but again, they compare apples to oranges.

    The dates are the important ones here. There is no suggestion that there is a blowout of any sort, and there is no suggestion that the Governments projections are in question. In fact, the report fully supports the Governments plans.

    But that is not what the story would have you believe.

  217. Eddie,
    Much thanks for the link to that one. Even the opening remarks hit the spot “Harry Potter author, JK Rowling made a thoughtful observation about the state of journalism in Britain.

    Many journalists she said were involved in courageous reporting in dangerous environments. It seemed incongruous then that those working for the tabloids who engage in criminal activity with no public interest defence should carry the same title of journalist.”

  218. Eddie
    Also from that link, the reason why Not photos of Pauline Hanson ran on the front pages of the Telegraph

    “It was most disturbing to hear lawyers who have worked in media law their entire careers talk about the commercial justification for breaking the law. Tabloids, it was said, calculate the likely revenue generated by a particularly salacious headline. They then subtract the damages payout that might arise from publication. If there is a profit then the presses start rolling. Breaking the law has become a common device for the men and women who call themselves journalists”

  219. Sue, unfortunately this is the case in this money-driven world. Who cares about ethics, all a value judgement on how much eg a defamation case might cost.

    The shock-jocks are of course a prime example of this.

  220. Congratulations to Laura Tingle for winning the Walkley Award for best commentary, analysis and opinion.

    This, on a subject covered at the Cafe from time to time:-

    Canberra observed

    Liars and clunkheads fail budget test

    PUBLISHED: 03 Sep 2010 00:05:00 | UPDATED: 28 Nov 2011 07:17:42PUBLISHED: 03 Sep 2010

    There are two possible explanations for how an opposition presenting itself as an alternative government could end up with an $11 billion hole in the cost of its election commitments.

    One is that they are liars, the other is that they are clunkheads. Actually, there is a third explanation: they are liars and clunkheads.

  221. I hadn’t heard this one Pip, thank you for that! Perhaps this will be an encouragement for other journalists to get outside of the ‘group think’ thing.

  222. Min, this story was never considered suitable for public consumption by the MSM, except by economist Peter Martin.

    I like it when journalists write without fear or favour and Laura Tingle is noted for that quality, leaving others to muddy the political waters.

    But what is more extraordinary is that now, having been caught out, Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb are continuing to try to bluff their way through, suggesting there is nothing more than a gentlemanly difference of opinion between them and the bureaucracy.

    The brazenness of the three men only becomes really clear when they claim the bureaucrats’ document actually proves the budget would be $7 billion better off under the Coalition.

    There is no other term for any of this except “complete bullshit”, to use one of Abbott’s favourite terms.

  223. Another award winner from L. Tingle at the Australian Financial Review, { “the Fin Review” }.

    Canberra observed
    Labor at the mercy of rent-seekers

    PUBLISHED: 17 Dec 2010 00:07:00 | UPDATED: 28 Nov 2011 08:49:28PUBLISHED: 17 Dec 2010 PRINT EDITION: 17 Dec 2010

    Neil Chenoweth, an esteemed colleague here at The Australian Financial Review, wrote an article that appeared on page one of the paper on August 19 this year – two days before the federal election.

    In it he documented how the man leading the campaign to stop the government’s minerals resource rent tax, billionaire Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, had “never signed a corporate income tax cheque for any of the listed companies he has run in the past 16 years”.

    Chenoweth reported that Forrest wasn’t the only billionaire miner with fortuitous tax arrangements; “Clive Palmer’s tax payments remain a mystery – his Mineralogy Group files no accounts – and Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting, thanks to exploration costs, averaged a 10.6 per cent tax rate over a five-year ­period”.

  224. What a shame the Fin Review is paywalled….. although the newsagents still sell it the old-fashioned way.

    More on “Rentseekers” article.

    On some other day, you might have expected the story – forensic in its examination of the taxpaying habits of some of our richest miners – might light up the airwaves, or at least get some follow-up in other media outlets, given the bitterness of the battle over the resource rent tax and the enduring image of Forrest and Rinehart standing on the back of a flat-bed truck at a rally of “mineworkers” in Perth.

    But no, two days before the election, and the news cycle had taken on a life of its own and forged exhausted towards polling day.

    But we mention it here as our ultimate tribute to what has been the Year of the Rent-seeker.

  225. Pip, I was thinking..but didn’t the mining tax go out with a bit of a whimper. After all the money spent on the Happy Little Miners adverts, it all promptly fizzled.

  226. Min, was there a “look, over there”, to distract us from the passing of the mining tax…I can’t remember that far back but I believe there was 😳

    Judge to be judged on ABC chairman post?
    The Power IndexMonday, 28 November 2011

    It’s one of the most influential board positions going around, so it’s no surprise that a number of significant names have joined the race to replace Maurice Newman as chairman of the ABC.

    The Australian reports today that former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW Jim Spigelman has put his hand up for the $151,500 part-time job, as have several other recently retired judges, and every director on the current board. Spigelman has not confirmed his interest in the position.

    The Sydney Morning Herald reported earlier this month that at least one judge had applied, and that seven people had been interviewed, including a number of ABC board members.

    Is it possible to imagine an ABC Chairman who has any knowledge of poor old Aunty as opposed to the politically opportune appointment by Mr. Howard.

  228. Pip, sounds a bit like us..a $151,000 part-time job. Luckily for us Migs is a generous employer, pity about his ignoring all of our invoices tho’….

    Of course I just had to go and have a look about Jim Spigelman – back ground in indigenous issues, “From 1972 to 1975, he served as Senior Advisor and Principal Private Secretary to the Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. In 1975, he was appointed the Secretary of the Department of the Media..” Mooted to be next in line for a High Court appointment, he is also one of our best legal brains,

    I think that we could do worse…

  229. Pip, why do they now serve food on a platter instead of a plate! By the size of the serving I do not need to consume any further calories for a good..ummm..week.

  230. Min, thanks for following that story, I hadn’t got a round tuit….

    Agree, I think that we could do a lot worse, and a nice change after the stockbroker ‘balancing’ the ABC !

  231. The oo, using freedom of information to release data that has been freely available since December 2010, and claiming blow-outs when it has been costed as such all along

    bloody pathetic

    Click to access nbn-co-3-year-gbe-corporate-plan-final-17-dec-10.pdf

    It starts in section 10, Financial Forecasts, and has been up on the NBNco site for almost a year now. I also heard robb on the radio this morning claiming about this ‘massive blow-out’. So the oo runs a story with nothing new in it, claiming there is a blow-out when there is no such thing, and it now becomes a tool their chosen team can use to belt the Government with.

    He also used a couple of other tools supplied by ltdnews news in his speech this morning, the BER and Insulation programs.

  232. But in a letter to editor Paul Whittaker, serjeant-at-arms Robyn McClelland said The Daily Telegraph was not allowed to portray Mr Slipper as a rat because pictures taken in parliament were not allowed to be used for “satire or ridicule

    If that is true, how then can the picture associated with this story be there? Or are they just tempting them to do something more than just ban their photographers from parliament?

  233. Tom R
    I hope they Ban the Tele from the press gallery, to continue to publish the rat picture is an act of defiance. This type of action is what we expect of the Bully Murdoch Press.

  234. That does seem to be an odd one as many photos taken in Parliament are used for the purposes of satire or ridicule. Perhaps the point is that no photos taken in Parliament are allowed to be altered…now that one could cause problems such as placing a person in a position so as to give the impression that an event happened, which didn’t.

  235. On the radio, what the newspapers say
    The Australian spokesperson. the proposed budget is wafer thin, it will be the biggest turn around since the building of france after the war, but if they pull it off then they will deserve to win the election.


    mark this date 29/11/11. If there is a surplus then OO says they will deserve to win election.

  236. And for something different
    “US financier Warren Buffett has announced plans to buy his hometown newspaper group, expanding his print media holdings despite misgivings about the health and future of the industry.
    “The World-Herald delivers solid profits and is one of the best-run newspapers in America,” Buffett said in a statement on Wednesday.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    “We are also delighted to report that the editorial independence that Nebraskans and Iowans have come to expect from the World-Herald will continue.”

    Read more:

  237. And thank you so much for that Pip. Very interesting indeed. Grog said that he wouldn’t count politicians as bloggers, however I think that Bob Carr’s blog is a worthwhile read.

  238. Min, you’re welcome. We should mention Bob Carr to Grog, although he probably knows about his blog, being the thorough researcher that he is.

    Study: climate tax coverage has been biased
    Lucy ClarkThursday, 01 December 2011

    An extensive study examining coverage of the carbon tax debate has found that News Limited papers crossed the line from reporting to campaigning.

    Sydney’s highest-selling paper, The Daily Telegraph, was most hostile to the policy, with 89% of articles expressing negativity and only 11% being positive about the tax.

    “Both The Daily Telegraph and The Herald Sun were so biased in their coverage it is fair to say they campaigned against the policy, rather than covered it,” writes report author Wendy Bacon, a professor of journalism at the Australian Centre of Independent Journalism.

    “Many Australians did not receive fair, accurate and impartial reporting in the public interest in relation to the carbon policy in 2011.”

  240. Pip, I left a brief note just to correct one of the stats about the Café..Migs is most definitely a bloke. If you would like to mention Bob Carr, then I believe that Grog would be most appreciative of the feedback. Don’t forget to mention that you’re from Café Whispers 😉

  241. Climate Crisis – The Collapse In Corporate Media Coverage

    ‘In general the UK and the US print media quoted or mentioned significantly more sceptical voices than the other four countries. Together they represented more than 80% of the times such voices were quoted across all six countries.’

    The study concluded:

    ‘In general, the data suggests a strong correspondence between the perspective of a newspaper and the prevalence of sceptical voices within it, particularly in the opinion pages. By most measures (but not all), the more right-leaning tend to have more such voices, the left-leaning less.

  242. Pip, I think that we saw the collapse of support for climate change action as a direct correlation to the negative press here in Australia too.

  243. Min, I think we did too.
    More from the same link…

    ‘Capitalism Is Trampling On Journalism’

    ‘In approximately 900 newspaper bylines I can probably count on fingers and toes the times I felt I was genuinely telling the truth, yet only a similar number could be classed as outright lies. This is because as much as the skill of a journalist today is about finding facts, it is also, particularly at the tabloid end of the market, about knowing what facts to ignore. The job is about making the facts fit the story, because the story is almost pre-defined.

  244. From the same link @ !0.09pm,

    A prime example of this trampling was supplied by the high-profile BBC series Frozen Planet, narrated by David Attenborough, focusing on life and the environment in the Arctic and Antarctic. British viewers will see a total of seven episodes, the last of which, ‘On thin ice’, deals with the threat of climate change.

    However, viewers in some other countries will only watch six episodes. This is because the BBC packaged the series in such a way that the climate change episode was an ‘optional extra’ that foreign networks could choose to reject. And reject it they did – of 30 networks across the world that have bought the series, 10 have opted not to buy the episode on climate change. Most notable among them is the United States, the world’s leading contributor both to climate crisis and disinformation about the problem.

    Shame on the BBC

  245. Pip, exactly…the facts are manipulated to fit the story. The current classic I think are the numerous stories speculating about Rudd’s leadership aspirations – it isn’t until half way down the page that one discovers that the answer from Kevin was No.

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