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  1. A wise move Migs – Café Talk IX had deteriorated badly. Metre long penises and Tony Abbott sex tapes 😯

  2. 😆 Min – you’re starting to sound like Alan Jones 😉

    I was just repeating what I heard at a party earlier today

    Bugger! – now I have to go over to the “I’m sorry” thread and apologise profusely for such a vile slur :mrgreen:

  3. Stop digging Bacchus 😳

    Anyway, Mrs B is making a delicious favourite in these parts – Chilli Prawn fettuccine. Yummy!

  4. I’ve just heard Margie on the news.
    Yes she has given some thought to living in the Lodge.
    Bl**dy hell now we have wifey begging for Tony to get the job. When will this bs end?

  5. I think this new campaign of “when the going gets tough, the tough run & hide behind the wife” is going to backfire on Abbott *very* badly because, as one journalist very accurately puts it, it places a very large lantern over Abbott’s problem with women! To his male supporters, though, he just ends up looking weak & timid, unable to take what he has been so eager to dish out over the last 2.5 years!

  6. “Metre long penises and Tony Abbott sex tapes”.. I thought it would be “X” Rated and I was right 😀

  7. Marcus
    Yes. Abbott has now promised that if any of those naughty labor people are bad to me, Margie will sort them out.
    Abbott is confirming his bully boy tactics of throwing a sneaky punch then run home to mummy..
    And news ltd and his party want this thing as

  8. Bacchus I haven’t gone looking for bl**dy Margie but the ABC insists on giving free advertising and package it as news.

  9. Marcus, it also makes it look as if Margie is under the thumb..yes sir, no sir, I’ll say anything that you want sir…

  10. Min
    Maybe Tony has promised to leave for Canberra early if she did this little press stunt. Then of course off to more stunts around Australia. Margie will get back control of the remote and……

  11. ‘…but the ABC insists on giving free advertising and package it as news.’

    I agree Sue, it’s pathetic.

  12. You know that poor little Tony is really getting desperate if he has to trot wifey out to go into bat for him. He has reached the bottom of the bicky barrel now and even the crumbs there are cringing. Looking more pathetic every day.

  13. Migs,Just a thought;

    Friends in the LNP.

    The LNP.. as an entity…… has many different parts
    Their leader Tony Abbott.. is renowned for his brain farts
    His loyalty.. is legendary for those who tow.. the party line
    Unless your name is Barnaby… then stupidity is fine
    They claim the moral high ground.. calling lies from all the rest
    But the truth is.. when it comes to lies… the LNP are best

    Turnbull as the leader… did a deal with Kevin Rudd
    But Abbott didn’t like it…started baying for his blood
    So he stabbed his colleague in the back.. to renege upon the deal
    Claimed the leadership by one vote.. his ambition for to seal
    Then he set a new agenda.. for himself to gain ‘The Lodge’
    Based on lies and obfuscation…. While the truth and facts he’d dodge

    With a platform lacking substance… from a vacuous policy pit
    He chose a front bench… full of lackeys.. who were happy talking shit
    His finance spokesman Hockey… for numbers.. doesn’t have a nose
    In fact he cannot count past ten… without access to his toes
    Yet he gets to spout his dribble… cos he’s Tony Abbotts mate
    Despite the fact his mouth starts early… while his brain is running late

    His deputy… Julie Bishop…. is a classy piece of work
    Immaculately presented.. doesn’t mean.. she’s not a jerk
    Looking prim… but with a sour pucker.. like her knickers are in a knot
    with a mouthful of all day sucker… she is great at talking rot
    She delivers lines that are well rehearsed.. repeating Abbotts spin
    While proving quite conclusively.. there’s nothing much within

    The Abbott.. was honoured speaker.. at Pete Slippers Nuptials
    But four years on he wanted Slipper gone.. thought he had him by the balls
    With.. Mal Brough in the shadows… ripe to take the Slippers seat
    Slipper jumped ship.. to the cross benches.. just to prove he’s slippery Pete
    So he stepped up to the speakers chair.. to piss off his ex mates
    But then.. up popped Pyne’s mate Ashby.. with his own brand of.. arsegates

    Mirrabella’s nasty friendships….. are unhealthy ones at best
    By taking sad advantage… of the frail….. she fails the test
    Claiming an inheritance… that wasn’t hers to take
    Proves that as a human being… Tony’s Sophie is a fake
    But he keeps her on the front bench.. cos her loyalty is strong
    Though on.. oh so many levels.. Tony’s Sophie’s is plain.. wrong

    Little Kelly O’Dwye says… she’s The Handbag Hit Squads.. author
    Proudly selling out her gender… proves she is.. a moral pauper
    She lies without a second thought.. ignoring fact and reason
    While repeating Abbotts spin and slogans.. is tantamount to treason
    But it’s no consequence.. to Kelly.. cos she’s Liberal through and through
    And to win the next election.. they will do what they must do

    Tony’s good mate.. Alan Jones… is something else.. again
    From hate filled gross misogyny… he really can’t refrain
    And the normal bounds of decency… are nowhere to be seen
    In the sociopathic ramblings of this… nasty.. closet.. queen
    He’s an expert in most everything.. in his mind…. anyway
    Quoting facts.. beyond dispute..cos he made them up just yesterday

    There is Gina and her billions… pulling hard on Abbotts strings
    Aligned with Jones.. her rabid right wing views… are enticing little things
    To Abbott and his motley crew.. who believe to rule.. they’re surely born
    So their spin and lies they’ll justify… treating all of us with scorn
    But don’t criticise their Tony.. or he’ll throw… a.. giant wobbly
    Bringing out the liberals big guns.. Tony Abbotts good wife Margie

    And she’ll tell us what a good.. good man… her little Tony is
    How he watches Downton Abbey… and in the house.. he’s just a wiz
    How he’ll shed a tear at movies… and he’s a bonza father too
    How he really “gets” his women… and he’s honest through and through
    And his mates in the mainstream media.. report it like a scoop
    That a wife supports her husband… what a load of doggie poop

    So Margie.. Tony’s a lucky man.. to have a wifey… just like you
    But Pol Pot’s wives supported him.. and Pol Pot… he had two
    So there’s nothing so unusual…. about these little.. farces
    Of wives supporting husbands… who the people know are arses
    And although you both desire the lodge… to be your new address
    It’ll take more than your love story.. regurgitated in the press

    And the Abbotts time is running short… as the sharks are closing in
    Cos his misogynistic attitudes.. are deeper seated.. than the spin
    And friendships in the LNP… won’t be worth… a dollar token
    As they all desert the sinking ship.. of a leader badly broken
    And the moral for Margie’s intervention.. brought on by her husbands panic
    Is that you’ll dodge the Lodge.. when you’re married to.. the Liberals own.. Titanic

    Cheers 😀

    BTW, will be away for a week, in Sydney, but I will pop in if and when I can.

    Cheers again. 😆

  14. Two things about Margiegate;

    Firstly, the Australian media is being used, knows it’s being used, admits it’s being used & doesn’t care. The ABC, as noted above, providing free adverising.

    Secondly, I think the idea is to get Margie in there as a wide rangining commentator, getting away unmolested with the things Tony used to get away with. She’ll say anything she wants & then hide behind “but I’m not political, how dare you naughty people criticise me”.

    Thirdly, what a stunning example of what you can get away with if you’ve got the Murdoch press behind you. A blatant case of “we can, you can’t”. We see “The real Tony”, a line the same publications crucified Gillard for using. In this latest incarnation of the Perpetual Present Abbotts’ & his droogs’ vilification of Gillard isn’t mentioned, no one has yet got around to asking Margie how standing under a placard reading “Bob Brown’s Bitch” “gets” women & I doubt anyone will. Sooner or later someone from Labor will make a criticism of her no matter how minor & then it’ll be on, the commentariat riding to the rescue of poor little Margie, abused so foully by those mysoginistic Laborites.

  15. Skeptical, if that was just a thought then I’d love to see what you can produce when you actually put your mind to something. 🙂

    Could it possibly be any better though? 😉

    Enjoy your week in Sydney.

  16. Bob, she doesn’t understand that we have already seen the real Tony – the politician. It’s not good.

  17. Migs, thanks for that.

    Not looking forward to the drive, but will be good to see my youngest daughter get married.

    Cheers. 😀

  18. On the Slipper/Ashby event..

    Fairfax Media has obtained 200 pages of new text messages that reveal James Ashby and Peter Slipper had a ribald relationship with frequent use of coarse language, discussions about Mr Ashby’s sexuality..

    This one is somewhat confusing..that is, given the above factual information, how is it then that Ashby claim that he had been sexually harassed by Slipper when clearly Ashby had been a willing party to the relationship. It seems that Ashby’s claim of *shock* about an email with xxx on the bottom equating with harassment is well..somewhat drama queen-ish..

  19. A question for Tony Abbott as Sussan Ley is praised by Alan Jones, (it reads as though she is close by) and Ley declared she didn’t hear Jones remarks about the PM, should she be part of the shadow ministry?

    As the Tele has a recording of the speech, what else may be heard?

    A question for Tony about Tony, did he cry to Jones that no one was listening to him on climate change? And did another of Tony’s angels , sorry bird, Mirabella follow him? And did Jones help him get the leadership of the Liberals by getting rid of Turnbull?

  20. I do not believe that Mr. Abbott came out well on the Insiders this morning, in spite of Henderson passionate plea on behalf of Abbott, in attempting to turn it all back on the PM.

    Cassidy even challenged Henderson on more than one occasion.

    There was also no attempt to white wash Labor, which I also lie. Labor is very capable of defending themselves on a level playing field.

    Sadly for Tony, Ms. Roxon does not appear afraid of Margie, Attorney General, Ms. Roxon pointed out that women ministers in the Labor Government is charge of more that fifty percent of the budget. The PM is a woman, along with a female finance minister. Women play a big role,. Added to this is the fact, that the acting Speaker and the Governor General is also a woman,

    I think it is time to face the fact, women play a role in this day and age, in all levels of government, as they should.

    Even Henderson said that Labor is coming back in the polls and he always believed the government would run full term. First time I have heard him voice this,

    It is time that those males out there, that believe women have no role to play in public affairs rethink their views.

    The gender battle has been run I believe. What is left is a few males, unable to accept this fact. There is no way to turn back the clock,

    Yes, Henderson is right, women can be aggressive indeed. If not, they would not be able to compete in the rough and tumble of public life. What one might see, aggression in women is portrayed in different ways. It is my belief, they are more likely to use the tongue, not fists. More likely to use strategy, not brute force.

    In modern families, women do not play a inferior role, and many men have found this is to their advantage. The same is now occurring in the public sphere.

    There may be competition between the genders, if so, it is now one of equals.

    If so, it is. in the family, corporate world, public arena, law and order and in politics. it is now a competition of equals, but not always on a level playing field. That is what is left to come.

    Many men need to recognise the game has changed. They need to realise that put downs of the past no longer work.

  21. ‘Shane, el gordo’s thoughts are elsewhere.’

    Tru dat… looking for galactic nooze stories.


    ‘While not entirely understood, the declines are not entirely mysterious. Biologists suspect that the shifts are related to huge declines in the water’s pH, a shift attributed to the absorption of excess carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere in ever-greater amounts by the burning of fossil fuels for energy.’

    I want a second opinion and from a biologist not dependent on the public purse to survive.

  22. Thousands of them out there el gordo, not that you will pay them any attention, instead you will uncritically and unreservedly take he words of those paid by big energy and right wing think tanks.

    Hypocrite? Yes.
    Wrong? Yes.

  23. You said there was going to be catastrophic global cooling and we need to be worried about that, but now you are saying we have natural global warming, so you are back on the warming meme again.

    Is there any chance, and I know the answer is no, of you holding just one position and even better backing that up with credible science from scientists in the fields.

  24. Mobius you are talking nonsense, get a grip man.

    In the last quarter of the 20th century atmospheric conditions were warm, now a cooling trend has taken over.

    There are credible scientists who say this is happening. You will note that my position has always been the same and I have never said ‘there was going to be catastrophic global cooling’. All I said is that cooling is more dangerous than global warming because of food insecurity.

  25. Oh a graph with no context, why aren’t I surprised.

    And a graph that has been discredited many times before yet el gordo continues to post it out of the blue as evidence.

    Fail, and wrong again.

  26. Don’t knock ‘Great Southern Ocean Warming’ …it was a great thread.

    ‘Oh a graph with no context, why aren’t I surprised.’

    So you think Roy Spencer’s satellite temps are wrong?

    And don’t throw his intelligent design concepts in my face…that’s his business.

  27. We’ve gone over that graph, used by Andrew Bolt by the way. I’m not going round in circles with your trolling, warm, cold, warm, cold and throwing in discredited science papers and graphs without context.

    And it’s not Dr Roy Spencer’s graph I have obs with in this case, though it’s been proven specious, but you just continuously throwing in graphs here without links to their source or the context in which they were presented meaning the accompanying text and data explaining it. A graph with no context is as a credible as a kindergarten kid’s finger painting put up as proof of life on other planets.

  28. So you think there is no life on other planets in the universe?

    Just because the Bolter uses Spencer doesn’t make me a creature of the right.

  29. ‘I’m not going round in circles with your trolling, warm, cold, warm, cold…’

    I thought we had settled that argument.

  30. Now for something absolutely non political.

    My daughter and I had fun, we have made a chicken tractor out of plactic pipe, cable ties and wire. I love cable ties.

  31. Yesterday we had Abbott,the father of 3 daughters, pledging money for CCTV cameras in Higgins. So daughters can go out safely at night.

    Will we have today Abbott, not the father of a son, not pledging CCTV cameras for Sydney as all the Sydney CCTV cameras, with all their recordings, did not stop the police tasering an unarmed man (someone’s son) a suspect of a crime being chased by police and being tasered 14 times and dying.

  32. Australia yesterday hit the 100-day milestone since the introduction of the carbon tax with news of a backflip from one prominent critic of the scheme as the commotion over the legislation fades.
    Last year, Coogee Chemicals made news by saying the imminent introduction of the carbon tax would make a planned expansion of its facilities “uncompetitive and unviable”. Not only was it a $1 billion project, but it was also a company operating out of Julia Gillard’s electorate – a PR nightmare for the government. But now, according to a report in The Age, the company’s $1 billion expansion is still on the table, albeit in a slightly revised form with new investors.
    The company, whose chair Gordon Martin was appointed to the Coalition’s climate policy advisory panel six months prior to the shelving of the expansion, has insisted the backflip is not because the carbon tax was not as significant as it first thought, but rather that changes to the scheme meant its project was now viable

  33. Melham speaker for Labor. The one that Abbott mentioned in the beginning, alleging that he resigned from his post because of Slipper.

    Is not about Slipper, it is about privileges and procedure.

    He has outline what should occur. Slipper should have been asked to plea his case before the bar of the house.

    Melham said that Abbott verballed him, and is why he
    demanded to speak,

    Judgement is reserved. Separation of powers. Judges determination in front of us, before any decision can be made.

    Maybe it could be that the court decisions gives you the opportunity to get rid of him, or allow the speaker to resign.

    Where will today sit, if the judge decides the action has been taken to make Slipper and the government look bad.

    Melham is asking same question.

  34. It will be interesting to see how the media treat this debate, There are many issues of procedure and fairness involved.

  35. ‘the impact of the carbon tax will likely not be a key factor come election time…’

    Labor has lost the vote of small business, but big business, the down trodden and young families were protected.

    Labor will lose the election.

  36. el gordo, would you like to explain the reasons on why Labor will lose the election and what policies the liberals have for them to win the election with.

  37. Speaker resignation can only be accepted when GG signs letter. GG in sydney, letter has to be hand delivered, . . then can be scanned and sent back. caucus sitting at 8.30 to select, then a vote will take place in house.

  38. If the speaker resigned on the spot, no. A speaker has to be chosen. I would say that the retirement does not take place until tomorrow.
    Lyndal made similar comment.

    Listening to the spin being put on today’s actions. Somehow Gillard has lost.

  39. In reality, what has happen, is that the PM has been relieved of another problem. The only one left now is Mr. Thomson.

  40. ‘AS the Gillard government contemplates a new wave of media regulation in the form of a public interest test for owners and a toughening of existing ownership rules, large parts of Australia’s media sector teeter.

    ‘The Nine Entertainment Company is on the edge of receivership while the Ten Network struggles to remain a large broadcasting force. Fairfax Media, Ten Network Holdings, Seven West Media and APN News and Media, to mention a few, have bloodied investors.’

    Stuart Simson in the Oz

  41. El gordo and,

    …large parts of Australia’s media sector teeter.

    ‘The Nine Entertainment Company is on the edge of receivership while the Ten Network struggles to remain a large broadcasting force. Fairfax Media, Ten Network Holdings, Seven West Media and APN News and Media, to mention a few, have bloodied investors.’

    The times they are a’changin’…

  42. By the way, I can find noi sexual definition for the word Botch. All I can find, it describes someone mucking things up. By the way, was not Ashby on Slippers staff at the time.

  43. Labor is going to cop a bit in the short term, cos the media just cannot work out that they have been had again. But what will remain, is Gillard standing in Parliament, calling tabot a sexist and misogynist, and then backing it up with examples.

    Whether misogynist is the absolutely correct term is moot at this point, it is there. In the same way that the media has labelled the PM with the ‘liar’ tag, Labor have now hung the misogynist one about tabots neck.

    And the poor petals complain about it now ‘getting personal. 😆

    The opposition have been playing the person since they LOST the last election. Too late to complain now that Labor have finally taken their gloves off and hit back. These gutless worms reckon they wanted a fight, but a soon as a shot is fired back in anger, they run to the hills. Piss weak, like all schoolyard bullies turn out to be.

  44. Some genius said

    Labor have now hung the misogynist one about tabots neck.

    And now it’s gone VIRAL 🙂

    “Watching a female Prime Minister tear apart the male leader of the Opposition with such aplomb, composure – but most importantly armed with a brilliantly impressive set of insults – backed up with dates and times of when each shocking comment was said – was the best card Gillard, ever the political animal, could have played in such a situation,” the reporter said.

  45. Mr. Pyne in full flight this morning with his indignation. Has reverted back to Mr. Thomson. When question, said his vote was tainted, because he faces potential criminal prosecution for stealing, I believe he said $500 thousand from the HSU. Now at the best, these are still allegations. After lengthy investigation by police in two states and the FWA, no charges have been laid.

    So now one can be sacked for potential crimes. Could not this apply to all of us.

    The one that made the most sense this morning was Mr. Katter.

    I suspect we are going to see a very nasty QT this afternoon.

    By the way, Abbott’s excuse on some radio station is that he forgot what Mr. Jones said. Maybe he did, as I suspect he was not that interested in what Jones said.

    Yesterday, Abbott made the wrong call. Je went for the action that would cause the most damage to the PM and the government. He set out to wedge her, knowing very well that no way could the PM could support his motion to sack a speaker.

    The precedence would have created problems for any future speaker.

    Mr. Abbott could have taken other action, if he was really concerned that the speaker was not fit to continue in the role.

    Mr. Abbott could have called on Mr. Slipper to resign. Mr. Abbott could have called for Mr. Slipper to explain his actions to the house. Mr. Abbott could have moved a motion for Mr. Slipper to appear before the bar of the parliament. Maybe he could have referred the matter to the Privileges Committee.

    No, Mr. Abbott did as Mr. Ashby did, bypassed all available options, heading for the one that caused the most damage to the PM. What he does not acknowledge or care, that this would damage the parliament. It was a unnecessary action.

    At no time did the PM or Labor support Mr. Slipper. All condemned him. What they called for was procedural fairness, on which our democracy is based.

    In other words, yesterday was another Abbott stunt, with no concern to the damage caused.

  46. Wins global praise for ‘misogyny’ speech

    Julia Gillard’s blast against “misogynistic” Tony Abbott in parliament yesterday has made international headlines, with one writer comparing the prime minister to the Incredible Hulk.

    Ms Gillard began her impassioned 15-minute speech by pointing at Mr Abbott and saying: “I will not be lectured about misogyny and sexism by this man, I will not.”

    The opening salvo brought a smile to Mr Abbott’s face.

    But he was throwing up his hands in protest towards the end of the speech, when Ms Gillard singled him out for checking his watch.

    “Now [he’s] looking at his watch because apparently a woman’s spoken too long — I’ve had him yell at me to shut up in the past,” the PM said.

  47. The popular US-based blog, owned by Gawker media, praised Ms Gillard’s broadside as an “epic speech” by a “badass motherf—er”.

    The blog said the video was the “best thing you’ll see all day: Australia’s female prime minister rips misogynist a new one in epic speech on sexism”.

    Another US blogger for the New Statesman compared the PM to the Incredible Hulk, beginning his report with: “The Australian PM is angry. You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.”

    Footage of the speech spread across Twitter and Facebook after Business Insider linked to it under the headline: “An Australian politician shrinks in embarrassment, as the prime minister destroys him for being a misogynist”.

    In Britain, actor Chris Addison, from hit political satire film In the Loop, retweeted a link to the video.

    “This is the best smackdown I’ve ever seen. Glorious. Advance, Australia Fair!”

    Then he added: “That Julia Gillard speech is mesmerising. You can see the colour drain from him. Wonderful.”

    A columnist for Britain’s Telegraph newspaper praised Ms Gillard for shifting the focus away from the Slipper scandal and onto Mr Abbott.

  48. PM sure has the headlines today, Not all negative. They may not like her, but they will sure have to respect her. That is better.

    Pyne Needs to take a holiday. It is time for them to shut up, at least for this week, They lost the stunt yesterday. Pyne is indeed a bitter man.

  49. Why is it that even when the PM says into Hansard all the examples of the sexist comments and behaviour of tony abbott, our msm defends him.
    It may come to pass that from outside australia the factual reporting of all the examples of Abbott’s sexist and nasty attacking of the PM will wake up some homegrown reporters.

  50. Abbott expects Slipper to support him. Does not want to talk about Slipper. Wants to talk about the future.,
    reporters not heeding his wishes.

    Much think he is on a winner. Has a grin on his face.

  51. The grin is disappearing. Questioning is struck on the word shame.

    Was oblivious to what others had said. Is he saying he did not know what Jones had said.

    Getting a little upset.

    Father of three daughters….

  52. Seen that one from the opposition several times before.

    Pyne nearly having aneurisms whining at full bore, Hockey bright red about to blow a pooper valve, Bishop the Younger eyes about to independently leave her head and go into orbit whilst Abbott all angry and flustered looks like he’s about to spew lava from his abbot bald patch all the while accusing a calm government with a serene Gillard of losing it and demanding they calm down.

  53. Sorry for the long cut and paste. It makes some attempt as where we are at, and what happened yesterday.,

    Should things said in private be kept private?

    Mulling over yesterday’s extraordinary events in parliament, I had the profound feeling that a line had been crossed, but I could not at first put my finger on what it was.

    Then I remembered. Two decades ago, just months before I joined the noble profession of journalism, I worked alongside a rather uncouth woman in a call-centre who filled the time between incoming calls with filthy humour. The one that sticks in my mind was a comment about a celebrity’s sagging breasts. My colleague elegantly averred that “I could stick one teat in my mouth and the other up my arse”. Not pretty, but being of the dominant sex I ignored the sexist and degrading comment and carried on taking calls.

    But can you see what I’ve just done? I took a private comment and made it public, no doubt causing some offence.

    I have hundreds more like that, though it’s fair to say that few of them are remarks from women – they are mostly from private conversations with men, and I think it’s fair to say that they (generally) become more ribald and graphic the further down the socio-economic scale one goes. Then again, some of those jokes have been made in boardrooms, and even a few in parliament house. I must mix with the wrong crowd.

    What has happened in the Peter Slipper affair is that a private communication has been made public and has caused a great deal more offence than the joke above ever could. That, of course, is partly a function of the high office Slipper filled – partly, too, a function of a prurient national media that itches to put ‘jars of mussels’ on the front page.

    Slipper’s text messages, until the sexual harassment case was brought against him, were fully private – not tweets, not Facebook comments, not even a joke told loudly in a packed bar.

    Yes, they were ugly. And I’m sure that even to real misogynists they don’t look very funny. But they were made in private, between two individuals who at the time still had a friendly relationship.

    They have direct bearing on the question as to whether or not Slipper harassed a colleague – a very serious accusation – and really no bearing on his ability to discharge his duties as speaker. Of course, for the good of the nation, he did the right thing in stepping down – parliament had virtually ground to a halt over a nasty, and fairly lame joke.

    But if anyone thinks that similar comments are not periodically made by MPs from both sides of politics, try hanging around the bars of Canberra’s Kingston or Manuka at closing time – you’ll hear language and sentiments to make your hair stand on end.

    This is a delicate topic, so let me be very clear about what I’m arguing – that Canberra and the nation more generally is awash with sexist, racist, homophobic and religiously intolerant humour that is best left in the private spaces in which it’s uttered. It is only through a high-profile court case that Slipper’s comments crossed over into the public domain.

    I made the same point last week in relation to Alan Jones’ right to say what the hell he likes behind closed doors, but to accept the consequences of making them in public.

    To recap, I wrote: “All of us are entitled to make disgraceful jokes and paranoid comments with friends (or even with journalists) behind closed doors, but taking the same sentiments into a public forum – be it a Liberal or Labor conference, or a mass-media performance – is something else altogether. Jokes and comments in private are where we test the boundaries of what is decent, and discover what is indecent, but they are not, in themselves, political acts. Taking them to the wider public is.”

    Let’s also distinguish between private comments made between individuals in a friendly, and fairly equal relationship in terms of power relations, and those made where a large power imbalance exists. I did not feel threatened or sexually harassed by my colleague in the call centre, but had the shoe been on the other foot, it may well have been appropriate to instigate sexual harassment proceedings. That kind of power imbalance is what underpins James Ashby’s claims against Slipper.

    But until Slipper’s text message are shown to be part of a pattern of harassment, they remain just crap jokes – offensive yes, but also private.

    And so back to that line that has been crossed.

    Yesterday’s tumultuous debate in parliament pitted the public utterances and actions of Tony Abbott against the private utterances of Peter Slipper.

    Abbott was a misogynist, said a furious Prime Minister Gillard, because he stood publicly alongside people who called her a ‘witch’ and a ‘bitch’ – gendered insults that would not be made against a male prime minister.

    She reeled off three other quotes from Abbott’s earlier career, including the choice phrases “abortion is the easy way out”, that “what the housewives of Australia need to understand as they do the ironing…” and “if the Prime Minister wants to, politically speaking, make an honest woman of herself…”

    Those quotes do not conclusively prove Abbott is a misogynist. Actions, as they say, speak louder that words, and the intervention of Margie Abbott in recent days provides a strong counter argument – namely that the women who know him best think the misogyny claim is “just wrong”.

    Be that as it may, Gillard’s tirade against Abbott yesterday was fully legitimate – a man who wishes to lead the nation was reminded of his very public utterances, actions and associations.

    Business Spectator reader Graeme Harris yesterday posted a comment reminding us of Voltaire’s words: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.”

    Wise words. But if Voltaire would die to protect our right to say anything publicly, would he have to die twice to defend our right to make tasteless remarks in private?

    The harassment case brought against Slipper is a very serious matter, of concern to everyone.

    But the witch-hunt against Slipper for offensive remarks made in private crossed a line.

    Be careful what you say or think in private – you are no longer free to decide the boundaries of good taste for yourself. From now on, everything you say is public.

  54. First question by Abbott. Claims a SA pensioner has a doubled and a $800 rise in power bill. Seventy percent due to carbon tax. Albanese has asked for the bill to be tabled.

    I am afraid I cannot believe this one.

    Sorry for the misinformation.

    PM read from the bill which syas, carbon rise is 9.1%.

  55. The Speakers’ grasp of the English language was revealed in all its florid gory(ness).

    He allegedly referred to female genitalia as “mussel meat”, talked about “salty c..ts in brine”, and called Liberal MP Sophie Mirabella an “ignorant botch”. There’s more of it – pages and pages. Disgusting stuff. Although none of us expect our private text messages to be revealed.

    Just as Mr Abbott should have immediately slammed Mr Jones’ vindictive nastiness, Ms Gillard should have been decrying Mr Slipper’s (alleged) disdain for bivalvia mollusca.

    But she got distracted because Mr Abbott was being a raging hypocrite by focussing on the messages’ inherent sexism, when he has a history of making sexist comments himself, on chairthings and housewives and the folly of equality, not to mention his association with the ‘ditch the witchers’, his views on abortion and on women’s right to withhold sex.

    But chances are it wasn’t even that hypocrisy that fuelled Ms Gillard to give the cool, fiery performance she gave yesterday.

    Mr Abbott’s appalling lack of judgement must have been the Jiffy beneath the flames when he said:

    (Every) day the prime minister stands in this parliament to defend this Speaker will be another day of shame for this parliament, another day of shame for a government which should already have died of shame.

    You cannot escape the connection. And so we are back with Alan Jones’ comments again. Talking about someone’s recently deceased father.

    It would be generous to think he said it without thought. Too generous. Regardless, Ms Gillard had good reason to fire up, and fire up she did.

    “The government is not dying of shame, my father did not die of shame, what the Opposition Leader should be ashamed of is his performance in parliament,” she said.

    It was a fine performance, this speech, a hail of blows that hit their mark. The crowd roared.

    At the end of yesterday, Mr Abbott looked like either an arsehole for his comments or a clown for forgetting he said it or not realising their significance.

    And Ms Gillard was looking like a Prime Minister, like a strong woman who managed to channel justified rage into a powerful speech… while ignoring the core problem; Mr Slipper.

    It appears the shocking language of Slipper is leaking out. It is shocking, but I have similar feelings about Ms. Mirabella, Have heard her say worse, within the house. Leader of the slagging brigade, from that side of the house,

  56. Back on carbon tax. Albanese once again ask the questioner to table what they are reading from.

    Pyne telling the speaker what to do, Pyne ignoring chair.

  57. PM has demanded that Abbott withdraw referring to her as a piece of work, Good, it appears Labor is now going to state the words they want withdrawn About time.

    The person asked to withdraw should also have to state what they are withdrawing.

  58. Noun: botch
    1. An embarrassing mistake

    Verb: botch
    1. Make a mess of, destroy or ruin

    I think ignorant botch describes Mirabella perfectly.

  59. Not too sure that comparing a vagina to a mussel is that shocking either, Bad taste maybe, but they were private texts between what I would say, consenting adults.

    Why does one get the feeling that the Opposition was attempting to lead one up the garden path yesterday,

  60. ME, that comment was made to a staff member, who was employed within the office,

    Most of the comments made, where long before Slipper became speaker, and Ashby was employed.

  61. It is also alleged that it was Ashby that encouraged Slipper to seek the job of speaker.

    Wonder what that judge thinks, watching what has occurred this week.

    Maybe he needs to recall the court before handing down his decision.

  62. Face it Cu Slipper is misogynistic and worse and had to go. The right thing was done and the government is back where it was when it passed 200 pieces of legislation with only a single vote in it.

  63. ME, I am not saying he did not have to go, I feel that the PM might be relieved in that matter.

    What I am saying there was much exaggeration yesterday. There was not 250 pages of filth.

    Government business is still continuing, regardless of the sideshow. I assume, will be passed as all that has gone before, as Abbott is to busy elsewhere. This man can only do one thing at a time. The PM is multi-tasked.

    A federal parliamentary committee has backed the passing of laws linking Australia’s carbon market with Europe’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) from 2015.
    The House of Representatives economics committee report, tabled in parliament today, included a dissenting report by three Liberal MPs who argued one public hearing day was not enough time to scrutinise the bills.
    The coalition members also said removing the floor price for carbon emissions would leave the Australian economy “in the hands of European bureaucrats who will make policy decisions impacting on the EU price which will directly impact on the linked Australian price”.
    However, committee chairwoman and Labor MP Julie Owens said the removal of the floor price and limiting the number of Kyoto units that can be surrendered by liable entities to 12.5 per cent a year would enable the link with the European ETS, and other markets in the future, to occur smoothly.

  64. For el gordo’s benefited.

    Demand for electricity supplied by NEM generators continued the steady fall in September, which has now been continuing for two years.
    By the end of September, all business electricity consumers would have received two monthly bills at the higher price, including the cost of greenhouse emissions. Most household consumers would have received one bill with a substantial proportion of consumption at the higher price. If consumers respond to clear evidence of higher prices, then we should expect to see further reductions in (seasonally adjusted) consumption over the next few months.

  65. “Pyne nearly having aneurisms whining at full bore, Hockey bright red about to blow a pooper valve, Bishop the Younger eyes about to independently leave her head and go into orbit whilst Abbott all angry and flustered looks like he’s about to spew lava from his abbot bald patch all the while accusing a calm government with a serene Gillard of losing it and demanding they calm down.”

    Definitely a big koala bear stamp for that comment ME !

  66. “He does not die a death of shame”

    A line that just popped into my head, from the Ballad of Reading Gaol…

    The associations are just horrible.

    Forever embedded now in the political lexicon.

  67. MJ, if only blogs had a Like button as on Facebook, Mobius’s comment certainly would have had me clicking the button.

    My primary school teacher used to give elephant stamps.

    I never got any. 🙂

  68. CU
    on Abbott with the pensioners electricity bill that had gone up by according to Abbott $800 and 70% was Carbon Tax.

    Well typical of the Abbott bs and proof he only reads prepared notes. The electricity bill stated “carbon tax 9.13%” and the electricity bill also showed that the pensioner had had a dramatic rise in usage.

    what an example of how unsuitable Abbott would be as a PM because he does not bother himself with facts just blathers prepared lines.

    I bet there won’t be any reporting on that by the press gallery afterall it was abbott’s lead question for QT and set the tone of questions that followed. No wonder pyne got himself thrown out today, it was either his or credlin’s error and tony was shown up and those that made the error would have to create a story in case the press caught on. just as they created the story after abbott’s botched performance on 7.30 with leigh sales, where he said he hadn’t read the bhp report then the next day sid he had.

    don’t worry tony, it was mentioned on capital hill but will any of the “experts” have a gotcha? unlikely as they have been covering for you all day.

  69. Sue, could not resist.

    This is the same MP whose commitment to women’s rights is so steadfast, that she sneered across the dispatch box at the childless Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard in 2008 saying “You won’t need his (ex-PM Kevin Rudd’s) taxpayer-funded nanny, will you?” She is the same MP whose commitment to equality was such that she boycotted Kevin Rudd’s sorry speech to the Stolen Generation, alleging the children had been removed “for their own good”. The same MP, indeed, who has a range of accusations swirling around about her very own private life and propriety.

  70. Sue, Hunt used that pensioner bill later when the bill in relation to climate change was being debated, after the MPI.,

  71. Just found this on the australian website.

    Abbott tries to stop carbon link to Europe

    OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has moved to halt the federal government’s plans to link Australia’s carbon price with a European scheme before they can proceed through parliament.

    Mr Abbott says Labor wants to put the Australian carbon price in the hands of “Eurocrats”.

    “You wouldn’t put the Australian dollar into the Eurozone but what this government wants to do is to put our carbon pricing scheme into the European system,” he told parliament on Wednesday.

    “I have nothing against Europe. But I tell you what, they’re hardly economic or environmental models for anyone.”

    He moved an amendment that would stop the suite of legislation from passing through parliament.

    What does this say of Abbott again, one minute he against the Carbon Price, now he is for it, as he does not want it linked to the Eurozone, he is getting very confusing.

  72. What i find interesting is that he called it a Carbon Price and not a tax, It will not have the numbers as the Independents are in favour of it.

  73. paul. that is Abbott’s trouble. With the changes, going to the markets quicker, means he can no longer call it a tax.

    Yes, there have been changes, not in the scheme itself, but in the timeline

    Business supports the changes.

  74. The carbon market in Europe has collapsed, so regardless of the moral, scientific or political reasons for encouraging the link, it’s going to be a financial disaster.

  75. ‘Mr Hosking agreed that if the European price stayed around $10 per certificate and the Australian floor price was abolished there would be less revenue for the Australian government as more businesses bought emissions trading units from overseas.

    ‘Also, it would have little impact on carbon emissions.

    “You need a higher price for carbon to get the technology innovation to reduce emissions. There is no incentive at $10 for any reduction in emissions,” he said.

    Fin Review

  76. More great news on the NBN, for those who say the NBN is not going ahead.

    Eighteen month countdown to superfast broadband access
    10 October 2012

    NBN Co, the company building the National Broadband Network, today announced the countdown has begun for the switchover to fibre optic broadband in 15 locations across the country.
    People in areas covering approximately 25,000 homes and businesses are set to make the switch to the fibre network over an 18-month timeframe, which begins on 23 November 2012.

  77. And another article on the NBN

    Aussies hungry for faster internet 09 October 2012

    “The stats show that whether people are browsing on a tablet or watching YouTube on their smartphone, 92% of their downloads are via fixed line connections, even if they’re using Wi-Fi,” Mr McLaren said.

    According to last week’s OECD Internet Economy Outlook 20122, Australia lags behind 24 other countries – including Estonia and Turkey – for the use of fibre to the home or building as the preferred method of providing broadband.
    The rollout of the NBN is well underway. Construction is forecast to have commenced or be complete for 3.5 million premises by mid-2015, in line with the three year rollout plan.

    and the conservatives will criticise this as a failure of the Government, or in the visitors terminology, it a gunna policy.

  78. nothing more needs to said on this issue

    Pell there when abuse details aired: claim

    Australia’s most powerful Catholic George Pell was present when a boy raped by a Christian Brother in regional Victoria described to another priest what happened, a parliamentary inquiry has been told.

    The Victorian government’s inquiry into the handling of child abuse by religious and other organisations has been told Cardinal Pell was present when the grade three student at a Ballarat school in the 1960s described to another priest what happened to him.

    Cardinal Pell may be asked about the incident after indicating in August he will attend the inquiry if asked.

    Police are now investigating 50 suicides by graduates of St Alipius, all thought to be linked to sex offences by Brother Best and Father Gerald Ridsdale who operated the parish.

    Solicitor Dr Vivian Waller, who has represented hundreds of sexual assault victims alleging abuse by religious clergy, outlined the details involving Cardinal Pell in her submission to the inquiry.

    Dr Waller says Dr Best’s victim returned to class after the rape and told his teacher Christian Brother Fitzgerald, now deceased, who forcibly and repeatedly struck him until he retracted what he said.

    The victim then went to the St Alipius presbytery and asked to speak to George Pell.

    “I am instructed that George Pell refused to speak with him, but that George Pell was present when (the victim) described to another priest what had happened to him,” Dr Waller wrote in her submission.

  79. The opposition courting both Slipper and Thomson for their votes whilst smearing the government over the same two people is a laugh and a half, but this also takes the cake, but no surprise to us here, Abbott caught out lying again. (picture is priceless)

    Abbott suffers bill shock

    Online commentary is saying Gillard can read electricity bills.

  80. ‘Significantly, the growth in demand for solar has largely weathered the slashing of generous feed-in tariff in 2011 — and subsequent dive in orders after the loss of the subsidy — to recover much of its expansion pace.’

    Fortuitous or good economic strategy?

  81. Ah…all the Fairfax country rags are running with the story. Orders from above which should prove lucrative….good economic strategy.

    Its wonderful to see the free market in operation.

  82. Abbotts opening address today
    He will be proud to stand side by side with the PM in Bali, blah, blah , blah.

  83. ‘This is not to say journalists have become redundant – far from it. Just that they have to figure out a new role for themselves in the media-saturated world in which we live and in which they hope to make a living.

    ‘And here’s a hint: that role will involve working with their audience, not against it.’

    Tim Dunlop

  84. ‘And here’s a hint: that role will involve working with their audience, not against it.’

    Timely to recall that Dunlop once worked with this audience in its infancy 😉

  85. CU
    earlier today you said you would write to the Speaker to suggest that when an MP is asked to withdraw , then the offending comment should be stated.
    my hubbie reminded me of an example of an offending comment, thus withdrawn.

    the comment: “the honourable member for x has the brains of a sheep”
    member for x: “speaker please ask to withdraw?”
    withdrawal: “speaker i withdraw, the member for x does not have the brains of a sheep”

  86. paulwello,

    Pell denies being present when rape claims made

    Read more:…/…0121011-27fa8.html


    Sounds like Howard.

    Too many times.

    Best not trial by media…let the investigation continue…presume Pell is innocent until otherwise.

    Provided investigation is not run by Catholic church protecting Lib supporters, interfered with by Lib govt…and a whitewash.

    Like AWB scandal inquiry…complete whitewash.

    And the sexing up of evidence to go to war in Iraq various inquiries. WHITEwash.

    Lot of it goes on.

    We know what they have in common. White old and middle-aged men crusaders.



  87. sue, thanks for reminding me. have not sent that email yet.

    Watching the Drum It appears to some, the PM’s anger was contrived. I would like to warn that man, he needs to be careful if around her. There was nothing contrived about the anger, frustration or the words of that speech. Some have said the she writ it along time ago and waiting for the opportunity to make it..

    It was also said by the same bright sprk, that those making noise on the net only represent a small narrow band of people, unlike the MSM. He was challenged by a smart woman, who said maybe he has it wrong, that it is the MSM that represent a small group of people with the same mindset.

    Later she pointed out, that those on the net, are also can be found in the general community. The social media gives them a chance to be involved in the news, not a passive bystander, or words to that effect

    We have a PM who has a long history of being calm and rarely becoming angry. These types of people do not waste their time with contrived acts. They do not have to.. If they become angry, one better believe what they are saying. The line has been drawn in the sand. She will challenge such behaviour at all times.


  88. CU
    i just posted a comment on media, what a twat that bloke was. it was seeing corinne grant that got me to tune in, but i didn’t stay long after my lesson on”kony”

  89. As for the suggestion the PM wrote it a long time ago, well she wasn’t talking from notes and the opposition surprised them with the sso.
    More like the PM’ s detractors, the well paid msm, wouldn’t have the ability to stand and deliver such a thorough undoing of an opponent. And this opponent has had 2 long years of quiet (below the microphone pick up level) nasty jibes across the table.

    And CU i sure get sick and tired of these experts saying the PM should have shown the quiet dignity, as she did after the Jones comments. Quiet Dignity! How about from the opposition and msm actually show respect for the PM and the office of Prime Minister.

    As to the ex- pollie giving his opinion that he would have advised Gillard to throw the speech out. How can the ABC have him as a commentator on such issues, look what disgrace he rained down on his family. (sorry a bit of a rant, but really della bosca!)

  90. We have had two years of quiet dignity. The result was that she has been seen as weak, even so her actions and the fact that she is still standing proves she is not.

    Listening carefully to what many have to say, they might not like her or her policies any better, but respect her, they do.

    That is better than being liked. Much better.

  91. What has changed this week, and that stupid media does not realise it, the PM has set the stage that lets her say what she feels. The real Julia is well and truly out.

    By the way, Bishop attempted to bring up the old allegations re Wilson in QT. Did not get far. Tried to make out that the PM did ot notify the police of the wrongdoings her ex boyfriend was up to.

    The PM informed Bishop of the obvious, that the authorities were already involved. If I recall correctly, that is how the PM found out about the misdoings.

    The get up, with chest thrown out, and ask these questions, with looks on their face, that say gotcha. Every Time, they sit down, after being proven wrong. Think they would learn.

  92. Cu, that was always the aim..undermine the person, undermine the policies. How often has policy been overlooked in the flurry to comment on the size of the PM’s derriere..

  93. Ms. Bishop 7.30. A disgrace to the female gender. Needs to learn a little honesty. Standing up for Abbott. PM should withdraw her statements.

    Is getting hard questions.

    Julie it is you who is not being dishonest, not Julia.

    This lady in one of the worse offenders in the house, not far behind Mirabella.

    Sorry, Julie, I do not buy your spin.

    Leigh is giving her a hard time. Good.

  94. This morning Riley and Grattan on RN, Riley said although PM’s speech good, you could not take it out of context of the Slipper texts, therefore the gallery “got it” and the social media were wrong.
    I would suggest to Riley that the PM’s speech also, could not be taken out of context of who was bringing on the removal of Slipper, that being Tony Abbot,t who was being totally political. The social media “got it” that Abbott was trying to embarrass the PM, using Slipper’s texts to prove, that Abbott by finding the text’s offensive “got women”. That worked, NOT.
    You only had to look at Abbott’s body language, he began by sitting smirking at the PM, by the end he was trying to hide.

  95. sue, I have made comments on governments by shock jocks, that I expect to be howled down by.

    They are saying that the PM’s speech was contrived and the anger not true,

    I do not agree.

    I do believe that Abbott’s attack against the speaker was contrived and his professed outrage not creditable.

    Yes, as you said he was very smug, believing he had wedge the PM. Yes, he succeeded, not because his actions have been fully supported by the media.

    The retailers have it right. They are heeding what is coming from the social media.

    One could look at the social media being a digital form of word of mouth.

    Something retailers have always respected. A little like chinese whispers, takes on a life of it’s own.

    This site is well named.

    Have to go out now,.

  96. CU

    Today when people are remembering Bali there are 2 opinion pieces in the Fairfax papers one by the PM and one by Abbott.

    And Abbott in his article displays why he is not of leadership material.

    For Abbott on a day of condolence is unable to withhold a political attack on PM Gillard. Abbott begins with a kokoda analogy but midway through he attacks Gillard for not supporting his bill for an additional financial payment.

    One of those 2 people he names, died of their burns.

    read and compare

  97. What does one expect. Another stunt. One I believe despite Abbott’s attempts, is not getting any track within the community. This is at least the third attempt he has made to get this off the ground.

    He wants retrospective payments, on top of what was provided by Mr. Howard.

    Where do we stop, at others who have suffered in a similar way while overseas.

    Mr. Abbott would achieve more, if he got behind the PM and her disability insurance.

    But then bipartisanship is not in Mr. Abbott’s vocability.

    He has limited himself to the word “no”. One cannot go very far, saying no to all. it is a dead end street.

  98. “Sir John wrote in his papers that it was his belief that Sir Ninian, a High Court judge in November 1975, saw in advance the advice that then chief justice Garfield Barwick had given the governor-general approving the dismissal. Barwick said in a television interview in 1993 that Sir Ninian had told him some days after the dismissal, “That was a very good letter.”

    Sir John’s notes, written in London in 1981, say that he “recently” had lunch with Sir Ninian – on May 15, 1981. Sir Ninian said he had been sitting with Barwick on the bench on November 10, 1975, when he drafted his advice to the governor-general.

    Anthony Mason – another High Court judge at the time of the dismissal who would later become chief justice, and Sir John’s close friend – had been consulted by the governor-general throughout the crisis and had endorsed the Barwick letter when the chief justice showed it to him.

    Sir Ninian, who was appointed governor-general in 1992, has previously denied any prior knowledge of the letter. Sir John’s notes are in conflict with his denial.”

    Sir John wrote in his papers that it was his belief that Sir Ninian, a High Court judge in November 1975, saw in advance the advice that then chief justice Garfield Barwick had given the governor-general approving the dismissal. Barwick said in a television interview in 1993 that Sir Ninian had told him some days after the dismissal, “That was a very good letter.”

    Sir John’s notes, written in London in 1981, say that he “recently” had lunch with Sir Ninian – on May 15, 1981. Sir Ninian said he had been sitting with Barwick on the bench on November 10, 1975, when he drafted his advice to the governor-general.

    Anthony Mason – another High Court judge at the time of the dismissal who would later become chief justice, and Sir John’s close friend – had been consulted by the governor-general throughout the crisis and had endorsed the Barwick letter when the chief justice showed it to him.


    Sir Ninian, who was appointed governor-general in 1992, has previously denied any prior knowledge of the letter. Sir John’s notes are in conflict with his denial.

    If one lives long enough, the truth does emerge.

  99. ‘As Greece descends into further chaos amid mounting social and political tensions, accusations of police brutality are growing. In recent months, reports have multiplied of codes of conduct being flouted by law enforcement officers.

    ‘They have been attributed to the force’s links with Golden Dawn, whose popularity has surged on the back of soaring crime and anti-immigrant hysteria.

    “The police are angry. They are overstretched and underpaid and becoming increasingly anti-government and radicalised, in this case to the right,” said Panos Garganas, a prominent leftist activist.’

    Read more:

  100. The move to the right was predictable, they have history. The political outcome is uncertain and will obviously depend on whether they stay in the Euro.

  101. Though the brutality against women and child brides doesn’t happen as it does in the East you do know that child marriages to older men along with polygamy goes in the US and is legal?

    This is done by Christian sects.

  102. el gordo people here agree when something as bad as underage marriage and the rape of children is happening, something has to be done about it.

  103. and remember it is cultural, more that religious, found mostly in the north of Africa.

    It is also condemned in much of the Muslim world, Yes, abuse of young girls is found in many places in the world, Generally within extremes sects of many different religions.

    Back in the post war migration, many young Italian and Greek girls were sent back to their parents country, as young as twelve, to be married off.

    It is wrong, terribly wrong, but not new.

  104. OMG, there are so many astounding insights in this article
    Angry Anderson now a Liberal
    Peter Reith and Angry Anderson became buddies after filming Go back to where you came from (well that was a fail for sbs)
    Reith now Angry’s political mentor, they speak every day
    Angry a neighbour of Tony Abbott is prepared to MOVE from the leafy northshore to the western suburbs (what another episode of go back to where you came from, Sydney northshore Liberal style)

    Angry won’t have to worry about fund raising, he also counts Gina as a buddy

  105. How is this for another example of Abbott the hypocrite

    “CORY BERNARDI, the Liberal Senator forced to quit the coalition frontbench for suggesting gay marriage could lead to the legalisation of bestiality, received a pay rise of more than $5000 this week.

    If, as some observers speculated last month, Senator Bernardi was sacrificed to allow opposition leader Tony Abbott to make a broader point about party discipline, this week’s boost will be some compensation to the disgraced South Australian.

    In a little-noticed move, Senator Bernardi was this week appointed a temporary chairman of committees, a role that carries a 3 per cent salary loading, worth about $5700 a year”

  106. A return to the bad old days…the LNP should be ashamed

    ‘THE Labor MP who represented the indigenous communities of Cape York has blamed his defeat at the Queensland election on a campaign by the Liberal National Party to court the “pro-grog” vote, following Premier Campbell Newman’s surprise declaration that Aborigines should have the same right as other Australians to drink.

    ‘The ousted MP for Cook, Jason O’Brien, said a crucial bloc of votes shifted unexpectedly to the LNP on March 24 in Aboriginal communities with zero alcohol limits, accounting for the 700-odd votes that cost him the seat.’

    Jamie Walker in the Oz

  107. @9:56 AM
    The Libs have also screwed the Aboriginals in the NT in their decisive win in the NT that was done on the back of surprising support from the rural areas. The biggest beef there was the amalgamation of councils and though the Liberals didn’t directly promise to reinstate the old councils they did infer they would be more amenable to the needs of the bush.

    NT bush you were duped as you are finding out, just as WA, Victoria, NSW and now Queensland were all duped on promises and inferences that the Liberals had no intention of ever keeping or meeting.

  108. Mobius, I do really hate to disagree, the debate on how women fare in positions of power or leadership is one we need to have. I am afraid for those whose want it to go away,the debate, we will have.

    I, agree it should be one that we do not need to have. Would be, if many of those middle aged, white men bought themselves into the twenty first century.

    Politics and the workplace should be gender free. It is not about less power for men, or more for women.

    It is about the best PERSON for the job being appointed.

    I find it hared to believe that Mr.Abbott could do a better job, than PM Gillard.

    It is about each being able to reach the potentially of their ability. This should be gender free.

    There are many decent and caring men out there, who could if they spoke up and condemned their fellow men offenders, could bring change quicker, and then maybe the debate would not be needed.

  109. Has one noticed, that Mr. Howard played a bigger role in the remembrance ceremony yesterday, than the Opposition leader.

  110. This is a little over the top.

    PUNTERS who gamble despite pledging to exclude themselves from gaming venues would see their winnings confiscated in a new twist to the poker-machine debate.

    The proposal was made to a parliamentary inquiry into problem gambling which says the self-regulation approach by both individuals and venues has failed.

    Four MPs on the committee want to go further and allow gaming venues to be sued if they fail in their duty of care to stop punters becoming addicts.

    The four MPs, the independents Andrew Wilkie and Nick Xenophon, the Greens’ Richard Di Natale and the Democratic Labor Party’s John Madigan, say staff are not intervening even when gambling addiction is clear.

  111. ‘I am afraid for those whose want it to go away,the debate, we will have.’

    If we must, lets keep it civil.

    Affirmative action and positive discrimination have proved successful. In the workplace, males are fully aware of their responsibilities in relation to women… enshrined in law.

    Its been a revolution and all of us have played our part.

    viva the revolution!

  112. “The Bolter is pulling all the stops on the ‘slush fund’… in a valiant attempt to find traction.”

    el gordo for once you might have it right. Bolt has been trying for months. in a vain attempt to gain traction.

    Brandis and Bishop tried in parliament. The failed too. So has the media in general.

    el gordo, do you think it might be because there is nothing to answer too.

    I believe the media still has two or more full time investigators on the matter.

    Waste of their money, I suspect.

  113. “If we must, lets keep it civil.

    Affirmative action and positive discrimination have proved successful. In the workplace, males are fully aware of their responsibilities in relation to women… enshrined in law.

    Its been a revolution and all of us have played our part.?

    el gordo, who has not kept it civil. I am once again listening to the PM speech. I would advise that one sits down and listens carefully. It is a wide ranging speech that addresses many matters.

    As for saying that the battle against sexism successful and has been won, may I ask why we have had the outbursts and coverage in the media for the last couple of weeks.

    It is obviously it has not been won, and we have far to go.

    It is also obvious for the good of the nation and the future of our female descendants, it has to be won.

  114. There are four major offenders in the lower house. Abbott. Mirabella, Pyne. Younger Bishop.

    In the upper house, they are too numerous to name.

  115. ‘do you think it might be because there is nothing to answer too.’

    My gut feeling says she was complicit but that’s hardly the point. Its a risky venture by the Bolter, to destabilise the government leadership, taken too far it might produce a coup and a new contender.

    If he’s any good, it would put downward pressure on the monk.

  116. “My gut feeling says she was complicit”

    In what, setting up the fund, she has already said she was.

    Did she know it was to be used for illegal purposes. I suggest the evidence indicates she did not.

    The PM cut ties as soon as she learnt of the alleged wrong doings.
    The PM took the matter to the company she was apart of and worked for. It appears they accepted they was nothing amiss.

    Lawyers are involved everyday, working with people who later on are seen to be corrupt. Does the legal work they do, mean they are corrupt by association. I believe not.

    The question that you need evidence for, is whether the PM was a part of the corruption. No evidence can be found to say so. This is in spite of the media having full time investigators on the case for over two years.

    Not one bit of evidence that can stand up to scrutiny.

    Yes, there is much innuendo, gossip and unproven allegations. No evidence.

    The gut has not much to support what it feels. Maybe you have a stomach bug.

  117. But let’s meet him on his own terms; his argument is that Abbott could not be sexist because he has three daughters. Paul, please read this carefully: That Tony Abbott has daughters does not speak to an affinity with the sisterhood, it speaks to statistical probability. It’s indicative of how dire the situation is when the best his supporters can muster in his defence is ‘Need I remind you that his balls are positively brimming with lady-making sperm?’ Because what the fuck are we actually congratulating him for here? Not drowning them as babies in a sack? I’m not questioning whether he’s a good father to his daughters, by all accounts he absolutely is, but that’s the baseline, that’s the bare minimum. Not discriminating against your own children on the basis of sex is not something that makes you a feminist; it means that you’re not a complete monster. So well done on that front.


    Sheehan rounds out his argument with this:

    But then why did she mislead the Australian people before the last election on the carbon tax? Why did she leave her law firm under a cloud? Why did she shaft her own leader? Why did she depose a prime minister who had a mandate from the people? Why has she methodically deployed the politics of personal abuse?

    Can I answer your five questions with a question, Paul? What the actual fuck does any of this have to do with anything you wrote before writing that? This is not an argument; this is a list of things that are pissing you off. Anyone can do that, check it out. Why are you such a cantankerous shithead? Why are you allowed to write ‘journalist’ on your customs slip? Why is Nando’s so expensive when the quality is not that much higher than other spicy chicken-based outlets? Where did I leave my keys?

  118. ‘Yes, there is much innuendo, gossip and unproven allegations. No evidence.’

    True, but it will remain a festering sore and the back room boys are still quietly counting.

  119. The gut has not much to support what it feels. Maybe you have a stomach bug.

    Maybe it’s all the bile sitting in her gut, not having anything of substance to digest CU? 😉


    There is hope for the Liberals yet. Before they took Howard out of his banishment to the darkest corner of the backbench in their desperation to beat Keating, the Liberals were a great party, shit I even voted for them a few times.

    The Young Liberal in that piece espouses everything the Liberals used to be. The Young Liberals of the NSW branch, from which Alex Hawke was spewed forth, are what Howard fermented and Abbott is contorting into something unrecognisable as a second-rate party let alone a great one.

  121. A good article ME. It’s a pity, but Tom Murphy is exactly the type of Liberal who will eventually be squeezed out of the party by the likes of Alex Hawke, Cory Bernardi, Mathias Cormann and their ilk.

    At the moment, I don’t see much hope – IMO, this extreme faction must face a bitter defeat before the more moderate people in the party can come to the fore…

  122. “True, but it will remain a festering sore and the back room boys are still quietly counting.”

    Why el gordo, if one has not found anything after is it 17 years, why should anything new arise.

    Count they might, but if one has no numbers, how does one count.

  123. ABC 24. Mr Abbott believes that the relationship is mature-etc, enough, for people and , all politicians, on both sides to retain good relationships. In government we would be able to make some decisions on boat people.

    In other words, he sees himself, in Opposition equal to the PM, or maybe her superior, one never knows with Tony.

    He is confidence he can build a relationship with the Indonesian leaders that will be able to stop asylum seekers.

    He is once again inferring that there is no relationship between the present PM and Indonesia. Has not been since the days of Howard.

    He is in Indonesia talking to officials. Officials, not leaders as he promised.

    Touched on beef.exports to Indonesia.

    Yes, I believe he is going to tell them that they need to get tough with boat people

    The interview was funny. Appeared just to be talking to video camera. sign of anyone else present. It appeared contrived. Tony getting no attention?

    Rattle off something about the middle class growing, and that they wouyld eat more beef. Forgot to say, the Indonesians are also attempting to be come self sufficient in this regard.

    Did not seem so confident.

    Have a gut feeling, as el gordo says, that things are not going well for him and his team.

    He sounded more like he was trying to get some attention at Bali. Not fair that the PM is hogging the limelight.

    I know that Bishop and Morrison are a part of the team. Who are the others.

    He is spending three days there.

    I have another gut feeling, it gets him away from the media here.

  124. Yes Bacchus it happened in NSW where the moderates and sensible ones were one by one done away with (politically that is) and the radical right replaced them. It was a deliberate and calculated long term strategy to move the Liberals further right and then to the far right.

    David Clarke made no bones his aim was to start in NSW and then to the other states and eventually have the Federal government undertake his far right policies which included make homosexuality illegal and taking away women’s right to abortions.

  125. and the back room boys are still quietly counting.

    I don’t think Labor really care what bolt and his little cabal is up to grodo

    from your link Sue

    Ms Bishop said many people were missing the fact that the PM had been defending then-speaker Peter Slipper

    I wonder if bishop will be called for this vile lie?

  126. Sue, it has to begin with the Younger Bishop herself. She is the one that glares across the table, making meowing noises and a clawing fist.

    When stopped from doing that, she now put a fist near her eye, making the same movement, but pretending to be scratching herself. Yes, not a very nice lady at all.

    The PM has nothing to apologize on my behalf. I applaud her for her spot on and passionate rappel on behalf of Australian women,

    Those women who sit on the shadow front bench have much to apologize to us women for. Women who have no self respect and encourage their leaders in such unmanly behaviour.

    I am disappointed that the PM did not repeat the words that Brandis used the week before,what it is that Slipper said in those texts. Yes, very smutty, adolescent uttering, siad in private between two consenting adults.

    Not the unspeakable that Mr. Abbott Chesapeake attempted to make them. If she had, Mr Abbott and his contrived attempted of outrage would have been laughed out of the chamber.

    I have no idea what Mr. Abbott was trying to infer, Even the description of Ms. Mirabella was not far from the truth, especially if one had witness the behaviour of the lady, that day towards the speaker. Behaviour so bad, that I believe she came close to being censured.

    Yes, common talk among men for ever. Some might say, oyster not mussel.

    As for the rest of the speech, it is a couple of years over due.

    I am a little disgusted that so much has been made out of so little this week.

    That is as far as the MSM and the Opposition.

  127. Sue, also the PM did not say one thing that cannot be found in the public arena.

    Not one thing. Mr. Abbott has said or did everything the PM said in that speech. If one listens again, she also said a lot more. It was not all about Tony.

    She had go at Ms. Bishop as well.

  128. Tom r
    So far Julie bishop has not been called for this vile lie, just being called bizaare.
    And what is even more bizarre, the article is in the Herald sun

    Julie Bishop’s apology call: bizarre
    “But if Ms Bishop doesn’t realise that members of her own side of politics have gone on the record with views that many women would feel undermine their status and value—and for which many would gratefully receive an apology, were one to be offered—she’s kidding herself.”

  129. Yes, Sue, the PM was very careful about defending Slipper.

    I believe that if the PM was not bent on taking this opportunity to give Abbott the backhand he deserved.

    The PM could have pointed out what Slipper had said., pointing out the contrived outrage of Abbott and his exaggeration of the texts lodge within the court.

    I am not saying the PM should have supported Slipper, as we all know the PM was very careful in saying she did not. I believe her outrage of what slipper said in private, could have been a little contrived.. Would have to be, as it was little more than adolescent smut..

    Yes, I feel for his own sake, it was time for Slipper to go. The action that Abbott took was in the extreme and unnecessary. I am not going to repeat what i have said many times before.

    As far as Slipper is concerned, I believe the PM and Labor are relieved at the outcome. One less battering ram available.

    All we are seeing, each day, is the Opposition becoming more desperate, especially Mr. Abbott. As el gordo says, my gut tells me Mr. Abbott is fighting to survive. Mr. Turnbull looks very relaxed and is out and about.

  130. CU
    Julie Bishop is just very silly. Abbott is so gutless that he used his wife to come out with that silly line “the tony i know” and because of his arrogance he tested the PM with that nasty remark of dying of shame. Now it is on the record for Margie to read and watch that the “tony the public knows” is the one that has so many offensive remarks on the public record. So is Julie Bishop telling “she” the PM to apologise for opening Margie’s eyes to what “Tony is” in the public arena.

  131. Mr. Abbott has pulled back on lecturing. Wonder if that was the conditions set for the Indonesia leader to meet him on Monday.

    Maybe the Indonesian leader want to give Tony a few home truths.

    That is four days in the country, not three.

    Tony Abbott has vowed not to lecture the Indonesian government about asylum seekers even though a number of Indonesian officials have expressed clear unhappiness with his policy of towing back the boats.

    Mr Abbott confirmed today that, as part of his hastily arranged trip to Jakarta, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has made time to meet him on Monday.

    It’s uncommon but not unheard of for an Australian Opposition leader to be given an audience with the sitting president of a country. It comes after Dr Yudhoyono did not come to the commemoration on Friday of the Bali bombing, which was attended by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

  132. One does not get the feeling, they know what they are doing.

    He described Indonesia as, “in some ways … the most important relationship that Australia has” and has argued Australia’s focus should be more on “Jakarta than Geneva”.

    He said this visit had been “a few months in the making” but was hastily arranged. Until Friday, a number of key Indonesian officials, including the foreign affairs department, knew little about it.

    The visit will focus on key contested areas of asylum seekers and beef exports, the latter erupting after the agriculture minister Joe Ludwig briefly banned exports last year in the wake of the animal welfare row.

    On asylum seekers, a parade of senior Indonesian politicians, including Mr Natalegawa, has criticised Mr Abbott’s policy to order the navy to tow boats back to Indonesia where it is safe to do so.

    Indonesia believes the policy to be “backward”, “impossible” and “complicated at our end”.

    Dispute downplayed

    But speaking in Jakarta this morning, Mr Abbott downplayed the significance of the dispute.

    “The Indonesians are very well aware of our policy, they understand that turning the boats around is but one element of our policy and the last thing I am coming to Indonesia to do is to lecture,” he said.

    “I’m coming here to listen, to learn and to indicate to the Indonesian government that, as far as I’m concerned, Indonesia and its government should always be treated with respect and should always be dealt with as a candid friend.”

    He refused to say what he would say about the policy to Indonesian officials in a series of meetings on Monday, adding: “We have our way of saying things, they have their way of saying things”.

  133. So it’s all about Abbott saving face and he has admitted that turning back the boats is an unimportant part of his asylum seeker policy.

    So that means there is nothing left of his policy as the government has taken up the other elements and have the extra policy of heading towards a regional framework including Malaysia.

  134. ME, it would not surprise me if the PM ensured the meeting went ahead. Give the idiot enough rope to hang himself. Only jesting.

  135. Please follow ME link. Take time to read Abbott’s comments. It is Palin I believe he is supporting. Bet this disappears in the near future.

  136. You can want teenagers to abstain from sex without expecting them always to do so. The “abstinence is best” message doesn’t assume that teenagers will always be Virgin Mary pure. It just states an ideal. Good on Palin for subscribing to that ideal. And good on her for being so matter of fact about things turning out the way they have. Would it really have been better if Bristol had been put on the pill or rushed off to an abortion clinic? This is a very human story and the Palin family seem to have handled it in the best possible way. I hope I’d have the same magnanimity in similar circumstances.

    Tony Abbott

    I’m not denying Obama’s brilliance as a speaker. Still, it takes more than fine words to run a country and I wonder what Obama would actually do if he became president. Sure, lots of people don’t like Bush and are unhappy about Iraq. But what is the alternative? Getting western troops out of Iraq will save westerm lives in the short term but it’s only good policy if it save Iraqi lives. Can Obama guarantee that? Is he even interested in that?

    My hope for far fewer abortions is not driven by a desire to meddle in other people’s lives. It’s driven by a conviction that terminating a potential life is always a tragedy. Just how really compelling are the factors behind nearly 100,000 terminations a year in Australia? It would be a lot easier for women to cope if the rest of us were less judgmental and less hard hearted which is why the Palin family’s example is so throughly uplifting.

    Ok, but it’s hard to credibly be a “women’s activist” if it’s only certain women that you support. The sisterhood doesn’t like being shown up as selective. For myself, I don’t support “women’s” causes. I support conservative causes and am thrilled to find such a gutsy, capable, optimistic, decent woman to show the world (again) that you can be a female politician without being stereotyped.

    No. I just expect the women’s movement to show some respect for a competent, successful woman who happens not to subscribe to feminist dogma.

    ’d be amazed if McCain didn’t have women’s votes in mind when he made his pick. There’s nothing wrong with that. He is a politician, after all, and he does want to win. The whole point of democracy is to force leaders to take the people seriously. On the evidence, there’s no way Palin is a token woman. She’s beaten the men at their own game and never aksed for special treatment because of her gender. Acknowledging the importance of women’s votes and picking the right woman to do that is a sign of McCain’s judgment and character.

    it is a goldmine of quotes. Do not know why others, including the PM have missed it.

  137. Getting western troops out of Iraq will save westerm (sic) lives in the short term but it’s only good policy if it save Iraqi lives.

    Take that beauty.

    What he’s saying is that we illegally invaded a country to kill hundreds of thousands and our continuing presence is killing thousands more but we must stay to save lives.

    Also there’s the faux concern for Iraqi lives, as he’s done with other groups like asylum seekers, when the truth is he doesn’t give a shit about them apart from being able to marginalise them for political gain.

    You do know Abbott that many of the refugees you and your predecessor Howard denigrate and marginalise come from that country whose lives you deem to be concerned about, so why aren’t you welcoming them with open arms to this country to differentiate yourself from the government and showing how much you really care about their lives?

  138. ME, I like the ones on Palin. far off track there. I still follow her. She has amounted to exactly nothing. What she was at the most, a Governor of a state with a smaller population of the Central Coast NSW. A governor that never completed her term.

  139. It will be interesting if this latest confession is heard in the USA.
    not bad advertising for 4 corners on monday night either

    GreenEDGE director White confesses to doping

    Former Australian Olympian Matthew White has admitted to doping during his cycling career while he was a member of Lance Armstrong’s team.

    White was a member of Armstrong’s US Postal team between 2001 and 2003.

    On Saturday evening White confessed in a statement to using performance-enhancing drugs and stepped down as head sporting director at Team GreenEDGE and from his roles with Cycling Australia

    I wonder just how much testosterone Armstrong was injecting before his cancer let alone after?

  140. Does Abbott still have the mandate to lead his own party?

    When Abbott won his leadership battle, he won by 1 vote over Turnbull. Two things are known about the vote, one of Mr Turnbull’s supporters was not allowed (by the rules) to cast a vote as they were unable to attend and secondly Slipper voted for his mate Abbott.

    Now others have come and gone, Minchin, Mary-Jo Fisher and Slipper to name a few but how would the numbers stack up today?

  141. Sue, I’m sure that some in the party would be taking note of how unpopular Abbott is, as the polls show.

  142. A little correction Sue.

    It was two professed Turnbull supporters who could not vote. I believe, and I could be wrong on this, one was in hospital and the other was overseas.

    If the Party room allowed proxy or absentee voting in leadership polling then Turnbull would have won by one vote.

    The rest is history as they say.

    If anyone knows the Labor Party leadership voting rules I would be grateful if they have the same provision that the members must be present in the room to be able to vote.

  143. Reading up on this I have just discovered there may have been a donkey vote, which the commentators say is astonishing in a Party leadership poll.

    You were right Sue it was one Turnbull supporter who could not vote, Fran Kelly, as she was too ill to travel and the Liberal Party doesn’t allow proxy voting.

  144. This is the crux of it Tom. The Right wingers crying free speech and how the left are destroying it and democracy, yet when the real world intervenes it’s the Right wing media and the opposition who are really suppressing free speech and undermining democracy, something their supporters seem more than happy to go along with.

  145. Yes, there were two absentees and one donkey vote. Maybe the member who casted the donkey vote got it right. If we remember, Fran was ill after the stress of dealing with the Victorian bush fires at the time.

    Mr. Abbott also led Mr. Hockey to believe he would not stand.

  146. Julia Gillard should watch this and then say she doesn’t believe gays aren’t deserving of marriage equality.

  147. I thought you said that AGW was bunkum el gordo, and yet you quote an article that says it is fact.

  148. Mobius its a balanced article, which allows the reader to make up their own mind, but there is no denying this temperature plateau is a travesty. Methinks your comprehension on CC is poor.

    ‘Meanwhile, his Met Office colleagues were sticking to their guns. A spokesman said: ‘Choosing a starting or end point on short-term scales can be very misleading. Climate change can only be detected from multi-decadal timescales due to the inherent variability in the climate system.’

    ‘He said that for the plateau to last any more than 15 years was ‘unlikely’. Asked about a prediction that the Met Office made in 2009 – that three of the ensuing five years would set a new world temperature record – he made no comment. With no sign of a strong El Nino next year, the prospects of this happening are remote.’

    ‘do you really believe that rubbish?’

    For you Roswell (and your colleagues here) its a question of faith, but the Denialati are only interested in the science. As I mentioned to Mobius, its a balanced article. Which part do you think is rubbish?

    This really is the debate we have to have.

  149. the Denialati are only interested in the science

    and yet never provide or perform any, funnily enough – preferring rhetorical “arguments” to facts and evidence.

  150. The Greiner’s infrastructure plan in NSW gets poo pooed…three cheers for Christie.

    ‘But Mr Christie said that without investment in public transport, roads would inevitably become clogged. There was no plan to allow motorists to use the new motorways then change to public transport. The plan offered little detail on how to deal with congested traffic coming off the motorways.

    ”The report attempts, but not convincingly, to mount the argument that motorway extensions towards centres of activity do not in themselves attract more private transport,” Mr Christie said.

    ”Experience is that they do, especially if there is a failure to develop a high-class public transport alternative.”


  151. What is wrong with you fkn people. Can you read English and comprehend?

    Give up your Fundamentalism and embrace the science, the world is about to get sharply cooler.

  152. The ACT, which has a female Chief minister, is in the last week of pre-election campaigning. This last weekend the Chief Minister, Katy Gallagher, who drives herself to campaign had young Liberals, trailing her in cars. Intimidation or co-incidence?

    “The Chief Minister’s staff called ACT Policing after Ms Gallagher was allegedly pursued by two car loads of young male Liberals while she was campaigning in southern Canberra on Saturday.

    The Chief Minister, who was alone in her car but had staffers in nearby vehicles, said she was followed at one point during the pursuit into a deserted Kambah car park.
    Ms Gallagher said yesterday she did not mind ”a bit of rough and tumble” during the last week of the election campaign but was not going to put up with being followed by cars of young men.

    ”I wouldn’t mind if was a bit of fun, but I’m not going to be pressured on the road,” she said. ”I drive myself everywhere, I don’t have a chauffeur, and sometimes I have my children in the car.

    ”I’ve got enough pressure without being pursued by a car full of young Liberals thinking it’s fun.”

    Ms Gallagher said she would lodge a formal police complaint if there was any repeat of the incident.

    Read more:

  153. el gordo I hope this is true as I’ve always hoped that AGW would be disproved. Unlike you who have always had a closed mind and have been taking your stance more as a troll than anything based on fact and science.

    That article states that AGW is fact but you ignore that part of it, I didn’t ignore any of it.

    Before you go shooting your mouth off saying others have no comprehension I suggest you read and comprehend the few rare sources you deem to link to.

    Nowhere in that article and no science anywhere says things are about to get sharply cooler.

    In the meantime whether the planet warms or not the world has moved to a far better cleaner future embracing renewables and engendering new energy and sustainability technologies because of the threat of the globe warming.

  154. ‘That article states that AGW is fact…’

    Must have missed that, could you put up that sentence where it says AGW is a fact?

  155. obviously eg has a bit of trouble with reading along with its usual comprehension failures, so generously 😀 here you go, gordo, from the last para from your link to the denier rose

    So let’s be clear. Yes: global warming is real, and some of it at least has been caused by the CO2 emitted by fossil fuels

  156. sue, that reminds one of Liberal tactics in the western suburbs of Sydney.

    The main thing is, that they have banned Abbott. Let him do some fund raising in Private.

    The election is next weekend, is it not. Maybe Abbott can find another country to go to. Maybe even Afghan. Time for a little more play acting and looking tough.

    Funny is it not, it is the PM who now looks the tough one.

    The PM sure has a bounce in her step. Good to see.

  157. Ah yes, the final par, Rose is in the sceptic camp.

    ‘So let’s be clear. Yes: global warming is real, and some of it at least has been caused by the CO2 emitted by fossil fuels. But the evidence is beginning to suggest that it may be happening much slower than the catastrophists have claimed – a conclusion with enormous policy implications.’

    The denialati believe CO2 does not cause warming… point taken. In this debate there is a tendency to see only that which confirms our bias.

  158. el gordo, most of us, after twenty or thirty years, believe the science has been settled.

    Most believe after a decade or more, how to deal with man made carbon emissions has also been settled.

    The rest of the world seem to have the same beliefs.

    We now await to see how the solutions work, and if necessary make adjustments.

    That is what the debate is now about.

    el gordo, the ship has sailed, you have been left behind.

    Why keep flogging a dead horse. It changes nothing.

  159. el gordo, I do hope that what you say does have a little truth. If it is slower, that means that the world might yet be saved.

    I do not believe there is any science that says we can reverse the carbon emissions from the atmosphere. That they are there for seven hundred years or more, doing their damage.

    At the worse, it will mean we will not be dependent on other countries for oil. That will will see the demise of an industry that has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands over the last couple hundred years.

    An industry that has resulted in some of the worse environmental ndisaters known to man.

    Yes, the results of not using fossil fuel can only be good.

  160. ‘Why keep flogging a dead horse. It changes nothing.’

    The models are flawed and no tweaking will bring relief. In a real sense it brings an end to a romantic ideal, of a sustainable economy and society, simply because green energy is unable to supply the base load required in modern society.

    That’s why the Europeans and Chinese are building coal fired power stations at a rapid rate.

    They got the science wrong and everything is going to change.

  161. Well it appears carbon emission icould be doing damage without climate change.

    Scientists expect sea level to go up by 3 feet or so by the end of this century, thanks mostly to changes in the great ice sheets that dominate Greenland and Antarctica – but they worry about unknown factors that might drive ice into the sea faster than projected. Now a pair of MIT scientists has identified what might, in theory, turn out to be one of these ‘unknown unknowns.’
    In a study released Wednesday in the Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Zhao Qin and Markus Buehler show that carbon dioxide, the main cause of global warming, can make ice more fragile and prone to cracking. This could mean, in principle anyway, that the extra CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by the burning of fossil fuels could make glaciers fragment more easily, and not just melt more quickly. And that could accelerate sea level rise, endangering people and property around the world.
    The fragmentation is still largely theoretical, Buehler explained in an interview. “We look at tiny crystals of ice. Glaciers are much, much larger, so our research might or might not be relevant at that scale. We’re not addressing climate change in this paper,” Buehler said….

  162. Yes, the Clean Energy Future is having the desired effect. Yes, workers will lose their jobs, but at the same time, jobs will be created elsewhere in power production.

    That is progress. Same thing happened when automobiles took over form horses.

    Last week, Stanwell, a Queensland government-owned electricity generation company, announced it would be mothballing 700MW of capacity from the Tarong coal power station. Two 350MW units would be put on ice – one in October and another in December this year.
    According to the company, these units will be withdrawn from service for at least two years or until wholesale electricity demand improves. It said this was due to operating in an over supplied energy market with lower than forecast electricity demand. Removing these units would then allow the company to reduce its operations and maintenance costs. It might also help inflate market prices for its remaining generation capacity.
    This decision illustrates just how badly black coal generators in the NEM are getting squeezed. To date the coal power station closures and mothballing announced over the past year have been of relatively old and high cost plants. But Tarong Power station was only built in 1985 and has reasonably low operating costs.

  163. Give up your Fundamentalism and embrace the science, the world is about to get sharply cooler.

    The stupid is strong in this one.

  164. Yes, and we can save on our power bills. This article gives some pointers.

    Australian households can save money on their energy bills while reducing their impact on the environment, a report released today shows.
    The Low Carbon Lifestyles report, commissioned by Origin Energy and prepared by ClimateWorks and CSIRO, identifies different actions householders can take to reduce their energy use or switch to cleaner energy solutions.
    “The report had been designed to be consumer friendly, so householders can clearly see which action will give them the largest savings or the biggest reduction in emissions, including the equivalent number of cars off the road or trees planted,” ClimateWorks Chairman, Professor John Thwaites, said.
    The report analysed three different house types – an apartment, a small house and a large house – across four states (Victoria, New South Wales…..

  165. ‘They didn’t use actual ice, but instead relied on a computer simulation to see what happened when a crack in a virtual ice crystal is invaded by molecules of carbon dioxide. Many materials naturally have microscopic cracks, and when impurities lodge there – salt molecules in concrete, CO2 molecules in ice – they can break the hydrogen bonds that hold things together. That’s what happened to the ice in the scientists’ simulations. “We created an ice crystal and put in some CO2,” Buehler said. The tiny crack spread and widened.’

    Bet they ‘forced’ the CO2 to get a result.

  166. el gordo, if you insist on keeping this debate up, please catch up with modern technology.

    The first is your lie that clean energy cannot provide base line electricity. IT CAN

    Yes, it was model, but one the scientist have a lot of faith in.

    What is occurring, is that Clean Energy is becoming cheaper and more efficient and will continue to do so.

    Coal, even in this country, were we have plenty and it is cheap, is being pushed out.

    That are the facts.

    Fortescue says loan will allow Kings restart if ore prices rise
    BY: ROSS KELLY From: Dow Jones Newswires October 15, 2012 9:12AM

    FORTESCUE Metals Group said the completion of a $US5 billion debt facility would allow it to consider restarting a new mine development in the Pilbara should iron ore prices continue to recover.

  168. ‘…if it happens in a test tube, it is very likely to happen in nature.’

    We are talking about models, shown to be flawed.

  169. ‘Coal, even in this country, where we have plenty and it is cheap, is being pushed out.’

    I’ll follow that up.

  170. el gordo. where does it say that in the article or anywhere else fore that matter. Where are the SCIENTIST, not denials that back you up.

    There are 97% of scientist I believe in the field that disagree with you. Disagree with what is put forward as evidence from deniers.

    Cannot be bothered arguing, as time will and is proving how misled you are.

    Simply, it does not matter what you think. It changes nothing. Just a bit boring hearing about it all the time. Sorry to be so rude.

  171. so eg tries the tack of attacking models it fails to comprehend. even the clueless should be able to comprehend that no model is perfect, nor can ever be(at least in chaotic systems) – and yet this does not neccessarily reduce their utility – the imperfections identified are continually used in the process of refinements, and further understanding.

    what does the SCIENCE say ?

    Models have successfully reproduced global temperatures since 1900, by land, in the air and the oceans. “Models are simply a formalization of our best understanding of the processes that govern the atmosphere, the oceans, the ice sheets, etc.,” Mann said. He added that certain processes, such as how clouds will respond to changes in the atmosphere and the warming or cooling effect of clouds, are uncertain and different modeling groups make different assumptions about how to represent these processes.

    Even so, Mann said, certain predictions are based on physics and chemistry that are so fundamental, such as the atmospheric greenhouse effect, that the resulting predictions — that surface temperatures should warm, ice should melt and sea level should rise — are robust no matter the assumptions.

    or perhaps you could try HERE

  172. I suspect all models are as reliable as the science or data they are based on.

    That is true of any research. It is also true, that it needs to be repeated by others. If it does not give the same results it is back to the drawing board, to find out why.

    I believe there has been thirty or more years of serious research. One would expect most of the bugs would be found by now.

  173. Skeptical Science is a laugh a minute.

    ‘the resulting predictions — that surface temperatures should warm, ice should melt and sea level should rise — are robust no matter the assumptions.’

    Yeah…but its not happening, according to the science. Temperatures have remained flat for more than a decade and from here its all downhill no matter how much CO2 is pumped into the atmosphere.

  174. While overseas, Ms Gillard received some positive poll news today, with the Essential Report giving the Prime Minister her highest personal rating since March 2011.

    Of the 1,924 respondents, 41 per cent approved of Ms Gillard, up from 35 per cent last month.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s personal approval rating also received a boost, up from 32 per cent to 37 per cent since September.

    Ms Gillard leads Mr Abbott as preferred prime minister, 43 per cent to 36 per cent. But the Coalition is maintaining a strong election-winning lead, with 53 per cent to Labor’s 47 per cent in the two party preferred stakes.

  175. Cajoling the fire brigade’s union…how low can 2GB get?

    A not so subtle hint on their part.

    Fireys fuming at 2GB tactics

    The NSW government is calling for submissions on collecting the levy from individual households rather than insurance companies. The union is running a campaign, believed to be worth in excess of $200,000, opposing any changes to the levy.

    At the end of his interview with Mr Baird, Jones read out the union’s website address and said they were opposing any changes, but did not call the union for a response.

    By 3.21pm, Mr Casey said he had received an email from the station’s senior account manager Jeremy Bedwani asking whether he would consider using the station for an advertising campaign.

    “Hi Jim, Did you hear the interview Alan Jones did this morning regarding the fire services levy? Have you considered using 2GB for your ad campaign just yet?” it said.

    Mr Casey said the email was the station’s fourth attempt to persuade the FBEU to advertise on 2GB, with the first contact being made by Mr Bedwani on September 25.

    Jones and minions can’t get over the greed addiction. Maybe they should go to the races?

    A day at the races.


  176. Now this is interesting. Waiting to see how evidence stands up in court.

    Fair Work Australia has begun court proceedings against federal MP Craig Thomson over his alleged use of union credit cards to pay for prostitutes.

    The national industrial umpire today lodged its claims against the former Labor MP turned independent in the Federal Court.

    Mr Thomson faces civil action over a range of alleged offences. As well as the unauthorised use of union credit cards to pay for prostitutes, the claim covers cash advances totalling more than $102,337.45.

    Tiffany’s brothel in Albion Street, Surry Hills, Sydney. Photo: Sahlan Hayes
    FWA is seeking to fine Mr Thomson for these alleged misdeamenours and others, and the repayment of the funds.

    The statement of claim lists various escort services Fair Work Australia alleges Mr Thomson used, including Young Blondes, Melbourne’s Boardroom Escort Agency, and a brothel called Tiffany’s.

    Fair Work Australia general manager Bernadette O’Neill said the claims were based largely on the findings of an extensive investigation completed by the industrial agency.

    Bernadette O’Neill, general manager of Fair Work Australia Photo: Andrew Meares
    But it also included several additional allegations in relation to the alleged misuse of union money.

    The claim includes 37 alleged breaches of rules for officers of registered organisations such as unions, and 25 alleged breaches of the rules of the Health Services Union, which Mr Thomson headed.

    “I have not taken this action lightly,” Ms O’Neill said. “I am satisfied that it is in the public interest to pursue the allegations in the documents filed in the Federal Court today and consider that there is a reasonable prospect of success.”

    Mr Thomson is facing huge fines and having to pay back more than $100,000.

    The proceedings have been filed in the Victorian Federal Court, and follow similar proceedings beginning against the HSU and three former officers of its Victoria Number One branch.

    Ms O’Neill also said she would launch proceedings against the national office of the HSU, and was considering proceedings against other people named during Fair Work Australia’s investigation.

    The proceedings against Mr Thomson will begin in the Federal Court in December.

    In a statement this afternoon, Mr Thomson said he has always maintained his innocence and would continue to do so.

    “Clearly Fair Work Australia has felt pressured into responding this way given the political process which it is part of,” he said.

    “Naturally I will vigorously defend these claims which are based on a totally discredited Fair Work Australia report.”

  177. Mr. Abetz, I suspect not before the next election.

    Senator Abetz also expressed concerns that Mr Thomson might seek to delay proceedings.

    He noted that if Mr Thomson was found guilty and forced to pay compensation, it could bankrupt him and render him ineligible to sit in the Parliament.

    “I just trust that Mr Thomson doesn’t use any delaying tactics, but I fear that he will seek to delay matters until the next election at least,” Senator Abetz said.

    This document was filed electronically in the FEDERAL COURT OF AUSTRALIA (FCA) on15/10/2012.
    DETAILS OF FILINGDocument Lodged:
    Statement of Claim – Form 17 – Rule 8.06(1)(a)
    File Number:
    File Title:

  179. lol CU, they even spelt his name wrong.

    Just saw this on their abc, where they say ‘charges’ have been laid.

    Fair Work Australia has laid civil charges against independent MP Craig Thomson over allegations he misused funds when he was national secretary of the Health Services Union.

    Wixxy clarifies it for the rest of us

    For a start, we need to understand that these are claims, not “charges” as the propaganda pieces in The Australian are already calling them. There are no such things as civil charges.

    The media appear to be all too keen to find him guilty imo

  180. All Abetz want is to see him bankrupted. That is frightening, as the same could go for Slipper. Could be why Slipper has began defending himself. Is selling off his and his wife’s properties for the costs so far.

    Bankruptcy can get one thrown out. They do not need a conviction, and both are civil matters.

    Nice mob, our Opposition. Will pursue to the death bed, bankruptcy or prison. With Pauline Hanson, they proved that.

    From my years as DO, with Docs, I took many cases to court. Those allegations meant nothing until the magistrate made there rulings.

    They were just allegations, nothing more.

    One can never be sure of what occurs in court. I was lucky, and I use the word lucky, that I lost none.

    Then I did not waste my time, if the case I could put forwarded was shaky.

    It was not worth my time, and made things worse for the kids. A lost case does not protect any child.

    I believe the matters put forwarded for both men, have holes in them, that one could drive a truck through.

    In both, much of the evidence could be tainted.

    Judges do not like political interference.

    What worries me with FWA, is who is going to be the judge. Surely not anyone connected to Kathy Jackson.

    Neither matter is in the criminal courts, meaning I believe the onus of proof might weaker. Still, one has to provide evidence, even in those cases. The Children;s Court is the same.

    How long is it since Kathy and the other mob where charged, That matter has not come to court yet. It would be wrong if they were not dealt with before Mr. Thomson.


  181. :”“I have not taken this action lightly,” Ms O’Neill said. “I am satisfied that it is in the public interest to pursue the allegations in the documents filed in the Federal Court today and consider that there is a reasonable prospect of success.”” From the comment above.

    This statement says much. Not very encouraging. So maybe bankruptcy might be the name of the game. Does not matter if there is no result, as long as Mr. Thomson is forced to spend money, he does not have.

  182. No Neil, the Opposition has been involved in this case from day one. It was Brandis that went to the police, when that did not work, to the Police Minister.. It was that mob that feted Kathy. It was that mob that has had plenty to say. It was that mob that used the senate hearings

    Yes, FWA has sure mucked things up.

    Do you realise that Mr. Thomson has already answers many of these claims and was cleared. Do you realise he has had nothing to do HSU since early 2007.

    Do you realise this is the second time the HSU has been put into administrator.
    Do you realise if there was not such a small majority for labor, this matter would not now be before the public. It was dealt with in the past.

    Do you realise, the politicians would do better to keep their traps shut.

    There is a good chance with all the political interfere

    Politics and the legal system should keep their distance. That does not happen under this Opposition.

  183. Beware of the rider that Mr. Abbott now puts on all promises. “as is humanly possible” Talk about a let out clause.

    Did not do so well in Indonesia. Lateline introduction summed it up well. Mr/.Abbott’s visits were to show the government in as bad light as possible.

    Suggest, another stunt that badly backfired. The Indonesian FM seemed to be enjoying showing Mr. Abbott up.

    Leaders of other countries do not respond very kindly to be used as a tool by any Opposition Leader to get back at his PM.

    Note that Mr. Abbott’s speech changed dramatically as the day proceeded yesterday. Much backtracking.

    What Mr. Abbott has managed to do, is give the PM a free ride in India, where many questionable actions are taking place, while once again make himself look the story.

    As for Mr. Abetz last night, confirmed what Mr. Thomson said, that pressure has been put on FWA to proceed. He gave the impression as well, that he does not see the claims being upheld.

    All they are after, is that Mr. Thomson be bankrupted.

  184. Cu, same as the carbon tax which Abbott will wind back “if possible”..and the boats will be turned back “when it’s possible”..for Tony all things are possible, but not probable…

  185. Hey Migs, found this link which shows the rise in sea level at the end of glaciation.

    That’s what I call global warming.

  186. El gordo, I could have told you that the oceans rose after the end of the last glacial maximum. They always do.

    But now they’re rising without the assistance of the ending of an ice age.

    Very concerning stuff.

  187. ‘Very concerning stuff.’

    The Holocene is reaching its end, don’t be concerned about sea level change.

  188. Norway is to double carbon tax on its North Sea oil industry and set up a £1bn [$1.6 billion] fund to help combat the damaging impacts of climate change in the developing world. … one of the most radical climate programmes yet by an oil-producing nation …

  189. Sexism sells: spicy politics sparks public interest

    “And perhaps surprisingly, given the strong theme of gender and sexism in public debate, Gillard’s improvement in approval rating has been mainly driven by men. She’s still more popular among women, but the net approval rating from men has risen sharply from -29 to -14 in the past month.”

    Meanwhile for Tony,
    “Abbott’s boost has come from his own ranks, with an 11-point rise in approval from Coalition voters over the past month.

    The most significant gap was not between men and women voters, but between the voting public’s views on Gillard and Abbott’s ability to deliver for women.

    Despite Margie Abbott’s intervention and the repeated reminder Abbott is father to three daughters, on being someone who is ‘understanding the challenges faced by Australian women’ Gillard leads Abbott 62 to 39 per cent.

  190. That’s good news Min, I’m definitely in favour of a billion dollar ‘fund to help combat the damaging impacts of climate change in the developing world. …’

  191. A frog farce.

    “The situation is very serious. Some business leaders are in a state of quasi-panic,” said Laurence Parisot, head of employers’ group MEDEF.

    “The pace of bankruptcies has accelerated over the summer. We are seeing a general loss of confidence by investors. Large foreign investors are shunning France altogether. It’s becoming really dramatic.”

    ‘MEDEF, France’s equivalent of the CBI, said the threat has risen from “a storm warning to a hurricane warning”, adding that the Socialist government of François Hollande has yet to understand the “extreme gravity” of the crisis.

    ‘The immediate bone of contention is Article 6 of the new tax law, which raises the top rate of capital gains tax from 34.5pc to 62.2pc. This compares with 21pc in Spain, 26.4pc in Germany and 28pc in Britain.

    “Let’s be clear, Article 6 is not acceptable, even if modified. We will not be complicit in a disastrous economic mistake,” Mrs Parisot told Le Figaro.

    Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

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