The Aboriginal Ten Commandments

Australia Day certainly brings out many emotions. Pride. Passion. And I’m sorry to say, racism. I saw plenty of that on a couple of Facebook pages today. Here’s one:

Happy Australia Day ….. , Yes I know some of you will say invasion day, citizens day, genocide day ….. however I do not care… you nay sayers can go root a unicorn and fart out rainbows for all I care.

Charming. What a wonderful fellow.

Among the follow-up comments telling this racist chap how amazingly funny he is or how brilliant his statement was, came this equally ignorant quip:

If it wasn’t for Captain Cook none of us would be here . . .

Racism is a choice. Ignorance isn’t. But having said that, perhaps some people chose to remain ignorant. Like the commenter above.

Now here’s one from a real Aussie hero who didn’t like the idea that a particular person opposed the Government’s asylum seeker policy:

you sound like a big cry baby sore loser.

just accept the fact that half the country doesn’t want boat loads of leeches coming in here looking for a free ride (we have enough of our own thank you).

if you care about these “asylum seekers” so much, why don’t YOU take them in to YOUR home and look after them? put your money where your god damn mouth is, punk

But enough about the idiots. Just as there was some absolute bile on Facebook today, there was also a fair amount of the opposite, such as something posted by an Aboriginal friend: The Aboriginal Ten Commandments. It had no hate, no patriotism, nor racism. It simply spelled out what sound like some wonderful rules to live by. It was too good not to share with you. Here they are:

Honour and respect the Great Creator, the one who is above all.

Honour and respect the Earth for we are physically and spiritually connected to all living an non living things as we are in their custodianship.

Honour and respect our ancient philosophy whereby ‘what is good enough for one is good enough for all’ as no one is above another, for all are equal.

Honour and respect all members of humanity for we are all one ancient family, united and related through our kinship systems.

Honour and respect every person’s right to freely practice and express in their own way their unique forms of spirituality, faith and beliefs.

Honour and respect our ancient rule of sharing with one another so that no one is ever left without.

Honour and respect our ancient rule of caring for one another so that no one will ever feel alone.

Honour and respect both our Elders and Youth for each are very important when it comes to generational change and the advancement of our Peoples.

Honour and respect that violence ad substance abuse have no place within our lands, homes and families.

Honour and respect other peoples home boundaries and never walk into the home of another without first being invited in, as it is our ancient way.

Ten Commandments

20 comments on “The Aboriginal Ten Commandments

  1. Those 10 Commands are awesome! We should take on board the reminders of respect for all, no matter from what country we come from, we are all human and all have the same basics needs, we all dream for a better life, we all want the best for our children, and all of these things and more can be achieved if we all help each other, especially in our hour of greatest need.

  2. I know one thing about those who make racist rants, they have not changed since the end of the great war. Same rants. Same language. Same threats. The only thing that differs is the nationality. Each new wave bought similar silliness.

    Each wave proved them to be wrong.

    These people will do nothing great in this land, then continue to whine and play the victim.

    Life will move on for the rest of us.

    It hit me today, that many becoming citizens have more knowledge and understanding of this country, than the rednecks that seem to hog the MSM.

  3. Honour and respect the Creator? This is just mystical mumbo jumbo.

    Anyway, the idea of “commandments” comes from an authoritarian culture like the Hebrews, which i though we were trying to get away from.

  4. Australia Day is when we give tribute to our ‘betters’. Here’s one example:

    Mr Tony MACK
    For significant service to the performing arts, particularly theatre for children and youth

    Always knew he was childish and had a great affinity for the performing arts. LOL.

  5. Maybe there needs to be only one. Treat others, as we wish to be treated ourselves.

    I believe that takes care of everything. No god needed.

  6. And Abbott is going back to another Howard era policy of attack the indigenous communities for something that is as rife in the general population.

    Just as alcohol-fuelled violence isn’t only a street issue, it’s also not only a law-and-order issue. The Australian Medical Association and others have backed the Greens’ push for a wide-ranging inquiry into Australia’s alcohol problem, including the cost, labelling and marketing of grog.

    It is a move resisted, so far at least, by Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Instead, the federal government will limit its inquiry to the effects of alcohol on indigenous Australians.

    Of course Abbott isn’t go to address the violent white males who most likely vote for him, and in the meantime hundreds of women are killed each year nationwide and so many more physically and mentally damaged for life. Instead we get an enquiry into Aboriginal alcohol problems, which have been studied dozens of times and had many enquiries, done purely for ideological reasons and no real desire to remediate the problem. If fixing the problem was the goal then Abbott would be running an enquiry into the entire alcohol industry and the massive damage being caused nationwide by it. That will never happen as guess who heavily donates to the Liberal party both State and Federal.

  7. “Of course Abbott isn’t go to address the violent white males who most likely vote for him,”

    All true. Nothing will be allowed to get in the way of profit, remember it’s not a dirty word, the imbecile said so at Davos. Being the left wing wowser I am, alcohol being bad enough, I would like to take a flame thrower to all of Australia’s casino’s, or at least have them closed. The damage these do to families must be a national scandal. But like the alcohol industry they give millions to state governments in taxes. It’s never going to happen.

  8. I do not believe that Abbott will get away with what Howard did with the Republican referendum.

    Setting the words out in such a manner, that it would fail. Too many different people becoming involved,

    Return to Mumble Blog
    Mumble Blog |
    January 2014

    PRIME Minister Tony Abbott had this to say on the weekend about his cherished planned constitutional amendment:
    “If we had known in 1901 what we know now, if our hearts had been as big then as now, we would have acknowledged Indigenous people in the constitution back then”.
    News Ltd columnist Andrew Bolt could not disagree more, blogging in response that this was “utter nonsense”.
    “Australia’s founders no more lacked heart than do people today”, he writes. “The difference is that they were inspired by the creed that all citizens are as one before the law.”
    Abbott and Bolt are both wron.

  10. I found your blog through Robyn at Team Oyeniyi when she re-blogged your post.
    I love the Aboriginal Commandments, they are very akin to the Native Indians in their approach to life. I think it all boils down to one word – l.o.v.e. May I copy the Commandments?

  11. Barb, I’m sure it’ll be fine to copy the commandments.

    Gypsy, I know the first two idiots, but not the third one. I must say I was bitterly disappointed with my friends’ attitudes.

  12. Fred Chaney already out, defending the process.

    It is said that Abbott will procrastinate.

    Maybe he will not be allowed at this time.

    Is all well with Noel Pearson and our PM?

  13. Fed up, I haven’t yet checked the link to the one about the Constitution, but yes, they are both wrong.

    Aborigines were excluded from the Constitution because it was considered, back then that Indigenous affairs were a State issue, not a national one. Besides, they were supposed to die out.

  14. That I do know to be true. Was put in writing too many times. Not that they were not given any assistance to do so.

    Were they also count with the animals. Not too sure what types, but definitely not humans.

    I suspect this one is ot going to turn out, as Abbott plans, Will have big problems within the party. Especially now Chaney is back on the scene.

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