As evidence of abuse mounts, prosecution of Abbott Govt in ICC looking more likely


A year or even six months ago most pundits would have agreed it was highly unlikely that an Australian prime minister would face prosecution in the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding Government policy and treatment of asylum-seekers. But that was before the weeks and weeks of abuse testimony, of leaks by detention centres workers, and before the ‘people smugglers’ funding affair. Revelations of abuse (physical, sexual, psychological) of detainees, including children, at the Manus Island and Nauru detention centres, has meant prosecution of the Abbott Administration in the ICC is now far more probable. Indeed, a case against the Abbott Government has been filed with the ICC. Below, we explain what this case with the ICC will involve and, on the way, examine the numerous Australian laws and international protocols that the Abbott Government is accused of violating.

A. Submissions to the ICC re Abbott Administration

In October 2014 Andrew…

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6 comments on “As evidence of abuse mounts, prosecution of Abbott Govt in ICC looking more likely

  1. “(Note: should the ICC formerly indict Mr Abbott – or any of his colleagues – he can be arrested any time he sets foot outside of Australia.) ”
    Now that would be justice 🙂 …. one wonders if they could give him extra time for being the worst PM in Australian history. Mayhap Howards deceptions will get an airing as well…… this is so delish 😆 😆 😆
    ( I note that our old ‘mate’ Voyager made an comment about CW @ undercoverinfo….. he got things wrong again as per 😛 )

  2. G’day 😉
    ” Amazing what some pollies get away with. ”
    ….. and are still getting away with Patricia 🙄 Howard is the most expensive EX-PM ever, his ‘spend’ equals the ‘spend’ of ALL the other EX-PM’s per year- combined 😯 ….. and how could we forget that Abbort goes on the record as the most expensive ex-OPP leader for his ‘spend’!! …the age of entitlement is over indeed, mm.
    Cripe’s !! … can you imagine the bill when we get rid of the dill that is,.. Abbott.
    ..and one wonders if’n Bronny slippered into some wineries on her way to the golf club….and…and.. who’da thunk that choppers have taximeters 🙂

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