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TonyAbbottOpenLetterDear Tony Abbott

I’m writing to you again with the knowledge that you clearly haven’t read my previous correspondence, including this letter, this letter and this video. Since I wrote those letters, you have gone from my worst nightmare as an Opposition Leader, to an even worse nightmare of a Prime Minister. Yet, as I was reminded this week on Twitter, and as I would like to remind anyone who reads this letter, you aren’t a scary monster. Thinking of you has some scary creature underneath the bed is probably not very helpful because it gives you a status you don’t deserve (and I don’t like the idea of you being anywhere near my bed). But seriously Tony, to be scary and feared, you need to be successful. But when you look at your term as Prime Minister so far, it would be inaccurate to suggest you’ve been…

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  1. Yes all true of course but so so many times worse if it were PM Rudd or PM Shorten.
    It is a bit rich when this level of criticism is presented when Labor is in tatters
    nationally. Trying to reform a dinosaur will take until the next Ice Age.

  2. Joke of course VOYAGER. Whose going backwards nationally, the Liberals, not Labor.

    Look at the farce with the NT recently, which came on the back of previous infighting and a backs tab.
    Newman in trouble and a recent poll showing he would lose an election now. That’s unbelievable considering the amount of seats he won by, and in such a short time.
    Victorian Liberals a basket case.
    WA Liberals on the nose in a staunch conservative State.
    Lost in SA when they should have romped it in.
    NSW Liberals as crooked as their Labor counterparts, but that’s always been NSW politics. And they’ve put an Abbott facsimile in charge now, who like Abbott immediately went about breaking the promises made by the previous Premier that got him elected.

    What we are seeing is the seeding of future long term Labor State governments for as long as the people remember how bad the Liberals were and when Labor starts screwing themselves because of the inertia of being in for so long.

    And let us not forget that Abbott has had the worst start of any new government in our history along with screwing it for every State Liberal he’s gone into bat for, including losing the Liberals the SA election.

    If it weren’t for a rabid right wing media and compliant ABC the currently awful Liberals would never see government. It’s the only thing that keeps them in the action, it’s definitely not competency or credibility.

  3. A bit like when you interrupted Parliament to say that wreckage from Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 had been found, when it hadn’t.

    How the media have not called this for the politicisation of a tragedy at the expense of people hopes is beyond me. The lipstick applied to tabot by our media is embarrassing in it’s transparency. What about the big secret he proclaimed to the world that we had to wait on until he had told the Chinese President? That sank like a stone, without another mention by our insipid new rooms?

  4. Tom I’ve read several other international pieces heavily canning Australia because of this government.

    Abbott has turned this nation into a pariah and a sad joke on the world stage with a leader who can only make speeches comprising a series of slogans and references to domestic politics, a no no on the world stage, and a token Foreign Minister who is not taken seriously by anyone.

  5. No, your letter has been read by the government. Mr Abbott has an army of media experts, across many departments to read everything placed on the big wide web. Yes the social media and blogs are being scrutinised in depth. Nothing gets past them.

    They number in the hundreds. Mr Morrison has at least 90 alone.

    Why, they produced a 300 page document on the app that replaced Abbott’s photo with cats, alone.

    No, these sites are being read. Even ordered to take things down. No free speech allowed at this level.

    To pay such attention, one can only assume, that they do indeed fear us.

    Keep up the good work.

  6. And Fed up, they will do and say anything to keep themselves in power. TA & his mob, the Murdochracy run MSM & the big end of town are just a bunch of self serving cretins!

  7. 1/ That makes one of us vBS ….. 😦 2/ He don’t belong to the Coalition, mm!! 😮 3/ I agree, even though I’m in different Union 😉

  8. Abbott and his government are so awful I can’t be bothered putting good time into new rhyme about them.

    But remember how way back in August, 2012, he was saying in the House, unknowing that Tony Windsor had his phone mike switched on, that he’d sell his arse to be PM?

    But we know he would never have really done that, would he?

    The Bard himself might say that Abbott’s arse
    Was a worthy subject for a sonnet.
    Why then is it the butt of ribald farce
    With so much media commentary on it?
    It’s muscular and trim and very taut
    From long exercise on surfboard and bike.
    But his tongue has been looser than it ought
    And been recorded by a hidden mike.
    When challenged in the Chamber to his face,
    With carbon tax promise he can’t deny,
    He blusters, is called ‘a national disgrace!’
    And his other words, why say they’re a lie?
    We know he wouldn’t sell his arse, okay?
    But, offered the chance to be PM, he’d give it any day.

  9. I put all my faith in Bill shorten to ‘ fix ‘ Labor.

    For those who think Labor needs “fixing”. Sure, they can modify a bit, but then, parties are in a constant modification all the time. But this entire “renew” tag is a media push, just looks like Shorten is trying to appease them, without really doing anything except modifying at the fringes, which as I said is happening all the time.

    It won’t shut the media up though, not until Labor is a true liberal light anyway.

    Me, I don’t have much problem with Labor as is. Although doing what they are doing now by giving members more voting rights is a good move, but, the way they are now is not all bad either imo

    This photo highlights for me why. Labor are and always have been the workers party. And that is something they won’t/better not move away from, no matter how much vested interests want them to.

  10. And why aren’t they looking at the Liberal party and its factions along with stacking and rigged preselections? Remember Abbott only got the leadership because he used the Liberal’s rigged system to win by one vote.

    Not to mention their history of ballot rigging and the savage hounding of perfectly good moderate candidates who are popular with the constituents so as to replace them with right wing hardliners. At times these savage attacks on moderates from withing the party have led to stress disorders and on more than one occasion attempted suicides.

    But yet again that the right wingers here have to constantly harp back to Labor or attack Labor to make points instead of directly addressing this current government, their leader, their members, the party along with the MSM and lobby groups propping them up is very telling. especially since Labor is no longer in power and this Liberal government along with those in the States are failing so badly.

  11. Does one get the impression that many are glad to see O’Farrell go? Seems some think he was not delivering the goods.

  12. But they’ve replaced him with an Abbott lite Fu. And though O’Farrell broke many of his major promises and delivered little but media fluff pieces, which seems the norm for Liberal governments, he was fairly moderate, which is why he was elected when the Liberals, who should have been elected much earlier kept failing by putting up far right wingers, Dries in rigged ballots and branch stacking. The one previous moderate they put up who had a chance, Brogden, was hounded by the far right until he attempted suicide. To prove how far right Abbott is he also had a go at Brogden, being cruel to him afterwards.

    So now not having learned the lessons of the past they put up another far right winger as their leader, one who immediately stamped that extremism on his first day and overturned the few remaining promises O’Farrell had kept, the ones that in some part had won him the election.

  13. ME, I liver on the Central Coast. This week will be interesting. The seat of Dobell has p0lenty more to deliver.

    Abbott and Cando on ABC 24. Talking about the G20. Hockey has ensured that carbon emissions will NOT be discussed.

    I noticed that Abbott has upped his stunts. Internal polling must be bad, No longer hiding in the dungeon.

  14. No new taxes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TONY Abbott has refused to rule out tax hikes in his first budget under a new deficit levy to fix Labor’s debt mess.

    The Prime Minister today said he would not “squib the challenge” of repairing the budget.

    Asked to respond to reports in News Corp Sunday papers today that he was considering a deficit levy Mr Abbott said he would not comment on specific measures but said any changes would be “fair”.

    “This was probably the most disastrous government in our history. It’s important the mess be tackled,” he said.

    “I do want reassure the people of Australia that we will tackle the fiscal disaster that we inherited. Now we are going to do it in ways that are faithful to the commitments we made.

    “But we are not going to squib the challenge. We will do it in a way that is fair and equitable.”

    Any deficit levy would be temporary and would hit high income earners the hardest.

    Today, we revealed that workers will be forced to dig into their own pockets to pay off the country’s debt and families could face losing benefits as the Abbott government struggles to reduce the nation’s deficit…………….

    Listening to Abbott this morning, he sees keeping his promises as getting budget back to surplus. Everything else said or promised are only side issues.

  15. So Abbott is slashing red tape for adoptions from Africa. Is taking over from the states. I wonder if her is aware of the many serious pitfalls of this action.

    The so called red tape was put in place for good reasons. Not all that want to adopt, are able to provide what these kids need. In fact it will put many at risk.

    Kids are not pet dogs.

  16. Sounds like the IPA’ ‘little corporal’ will only be keeping his “core” promises to gina and rupes, whilst all else will be relegated to non-core. 😡
    This little back stabber would do well to keep looking over his shoulder—– comes around- goes around—- 😈

  17. Abbott’s press statement on ABC24 has been pulled. Report stated he was acting weird.

    It’s only a matter of time a twisted and warped mind comes apart. But as he feels not empathy with anyone and anything it’s probably the only thing that keeps him together.

  18. Mr Abbott said we had roof bats that kill people. What are roof bats, How do they kill people,

    We did have a scheme that did insulated over a million and quarter roofs, leading toi big power bill sayings, summer and winter.

    We did have I believe e up to 8 inquiries, that found the scheme successful.

    The one underway, seems not to have found pink batts can kill.

    Even if every penny of that money was wasted, it would have only been a small part of the budget spending. Is not ongoing, and cannot have anything to do with the budgert structural problems that exist. They arise from middle/;\upper welfare and cutting of taxes, leading to falling revenues.

    The audit commission cannot tell Abbott and Hockey anything that was not known, long before the last election.,

    By the way, the likes of Penny Wong and others where pointing to these problems as far back as 2011.

    Labor was making continuous adjustment and cuts to the budget right up to the election.

    Abbott oppose every cut they put forwarded. He has repealed many of the cuts Labor made.

    Hockey, I believe in short seven months, and no budget, has doubled that debt.

    Time for the stunts to cease, and to give the public a little honesty. What is happening with this government is ridiculous.

  19. Very telling picture. Bill Shorten greeting workers whilst Abbott ignores them and looks on approvingly.

    And wasn’t Abbott a massive embarrassment during the royals visit.

  20. IF all of these tantalising leaks turn out to be true, I have no doubt our msm will excuse him away. They have already started laying groundwork of their excuses.

    Mind you, I reckon a lot/few of them are just minefields for Labor to make a big noise about now, and then for the libs to look great not for implementing them, which the media will laud them for, letting the actual lies go through to the keeper.

    I’m holding back until after the budget. A lot of clusterf#*& * going up now

  21. With you on that Tom but it’s very telling the totally different way the media, including the ABC, are reporting this. They very heavily lambasted the previous Labor government over anything that looked like a rise whether it was a tax or not, and not matter what the reason for doing it, GFC, cyclone relief etc, but every single one of them are making out Abbott is doing this to save the nation from that evil Labor who tried to destroy everyone.

    It’s actually very sickening watching it unfold and what’s even worse is the sheer hypocrisy of the slavish Abbott supporters who seem to be perfectly OK with all his lies and broken promises. It seems they have sold their morals, credibility and integrity because of an unthinking blind ideology.

    I can’t even raise an iota of emotion to pity them, I just feel betrayed by them for when Labor when in power they were intoning a higher morality and a reasoning that their stance against supposed lies were for the betterment of the nation. It turns out they were lying themselves and are no better, no actually worse than the leader they so blindly follow.

  22. “Conservatism discards Prescription, shrinks from Principle,
    disavows Progress; having rejected all respect for antiquity, it
    offers no redress for the present, and makes no preparation for the
    – Benjamin Disraeli

  23. One term Tony and His Cabinet of Devout Catholics whose lack of compassion toward their Fellow Man is Breathtaking Beyond Belief, Are they taught that Lying is alright if not caught, The One term PM told everyone in Australia the Night before the Election That He was NOT going to cut anything How can his fellow Followers Go along with these Outright Lies , We all know He Lied, Then and every time he opens his mouth Yet His underlings Try and convince one and all he is telling the truth NOW , BS once a liar always a Liar, And These People go off to church and try to show us what good People they are, Shame on the Lot of you, Julia Gillard the Atheist Showed more Compassion in her fingernail than this Lot , What embarrassment they are to their Family,and their Children and the Country Its alright to Lie Kids , And Mr FEd Up They surely do read Our comments, , so cop this One term Tony,, Bur I also know there are Good Catholics having to squirm over One term Tony

  24. Along with Bill Shorten. They are playing low key at the moment (or being ignored by the media, as usual) At least it is out there so when/if it comes to fruition, their opposition is there. The real question is, how do you be an opposition, when the media ignore you?

  25. Maybe our visitors can answer the questions raised by this right wing interview.
    It s the only interview have hard that asks this government questions of any worth. Hockey was found lacking. Our visitors put their faith in hi man?

    Would put no faith in the speech he gave. All he is talking about is projections. That that will only come about, if nothing else change over the next couple of decades.

    Does one real believe the global and Australian economy is going t be, as it is today.

    Mr, Hockey has double the debt, these projections are based on.

    We know, after following projections over the last couple of decades, they can change over weeks and months, let alone years.

    What Hockey is spruiking is dogma and ideology, not economics.

  26. Mr. Houston does not look that happy standing behind Abbott at PC. Another stunt it seems is needed today.

  27. promise the world and then under-deliver.

    Nevertheless, spending will be cut and that will have firm implications for the rest of the economy. Absent a rate cut, budget cuts are unlikely to be offset by greater growth elsewhere and it is also unclear how the Coalition plans to square away its austerity measures with its growth pledge as leader of the G20.

    Over the past couple of years we have already seen some austerity across the three levels of governments. At the end of 2010, federal government spending contributed 0.6 percentage points to real GDP growth.

    By 2013 the worm had turned and government spending was on the decline, subtracting 0.2 percentage points from real GDP growth in the year to June 2013. The contraction during 2013 was actually the largest in 30 years…

    Yes, Labor was winding back the budget. By the ay, this is far from a leftwing site.

  28. listening Palmer. ABC 24. Did the Queensland premier take the bait, hook line and sinker yesterday?

    Many chickens se to be coming home to roost today, many not very pretty.

    I see where the Defence belies a RC into sexual abuse within the services wield not be in the benefit of the victims. Since when is this true. Looks like this government will put the matter to bed. Sad, after the efforts of the previous government to get the matter out into the community.

    Palmer is sure putting the booy in to Cando.

  29. I was sipping a cervesa in Port de Soller, Mallorca and an old slagging of Murdock popped up on the email. I have had a look at some of the posts over the past few months of winter in Europe. Fair dinkum you whisperers have lost the plot since losing the September election.
    FU continues with mindless ramblings, Sholtzy continues to be Psychotic in his hatred of Tony. The AIMN contributions are just consistent chuckle city. The general trend of the material on Whisperers is that it is a site for Neville Nobodies to congregate and slag the successful Australians.
    I am sure Rupert would be curled up in the foetal position every night…. wondering how people all around the world read his newspapers, listen to his broadcasts, watch his movies, watch first class cable in pretty much every country in Europe, Asia and Americas….. but he has failed in the happiness of the inner city latte sippers in his home, Oz. I suppose he is happy though that those same latte sippers have paid for the print version of The Australian or (picked one up from the tram seat) or subscribe to his digital services …. and incognito have Sky cable and watch Agenda, Skynews, Bolt Report, Paul Murray, Janine Perrot etc etc etc.
    The slagging of Tony has reached frenzy stage. Unfortunately Tony has morphed from one of the most successful Opposition Leaders into what looks like being an outstanding PM. I admit his job was made easier following from Rudd Gillard Rudd debacle, compounded with contributions from Swan Garrett and the unionist pollies. Surely you guys are reading the game. Tony is well and truly into election mode. The script is in play. The stupidity and incompetence of Rudd and Gillard just makes it too easy for Tony. Border Protection ..hasn’t Tony delivered BIG time on this election promise.At the next election it will be … and it is now 1100 days since the last boat has arrived on Australian shores… and 50,000 queue jumpers have not arrived and $10 Billion has not been spent)
    I tell you things. I have been telling you things for a long time now. Labor is at its absolute high point today. The only question will be how much dirt the Royal Commission(s) will discover, how many unionists go to jail and my personal favourite? Gillard trying to Spin the Royal Commissioner and the Victorian judge. hmmmmm. I will be glued to that one.

    oh forgot Shorten. The lasting joke left by Rudd is that Shorten’s position as Opposition Leader is safe he can shuffle through to the election without a care in the world.
    Keep it up kids. I love your light entertainment. ..back to my Cervesa.

  30. Hi, Sthailor….. still ride’n the sea’s high.. 😳 .. I mean the high sea’s, I see 😉
    I do so love that you are commenting here again, Tweed, we have missed you ( but hey, I’m getting the ‘scope’ fixed tomorrow 😉 ) the way you are commenting….. in fact.. that you comment at all makes me so-o-o smile 🙂 …. must be a lot of ‘worry’ in your end of town, ay 😀 ….. keep up the good work, you most certainly have rallied this trooper by your presence. 🙂

  31. Shit I need some right winger posts I can read but when they get worse than Neil you know they really are in trouble.

    Of course not a single mention of the 30+ major promises now broken by Abbott and his considerable failings on both the world stage and even worse domestically. Nor anything of his considerable lies and deceits, which by any measure are worse than anything Gillard was supposed to have made and far worse than our greatest liar to this point, John Winston Howard.

    Did you see his flight MH370 speech. Talk about backtracking. And his even worse speech to the Sydney Institute, what a shambles.

    On MH370. Abbott was bailed up on the Chinese media reporting that when in China he said to the Chinese PM the plane would be found very soon, but is now saying it will be many more months and he will spend whatever is needed to find it, currently at an extra $60 million allocated but with a high probability of it costing much more. All purely to save Abbott’s face because he tried to play world hero with this and became a world failure.

    Abbott’s reply to the question on what he said to the Chinese PM was his usual, “that was what I said then but things have moved on and this is what I’m saying now.” That was a luxury excuse he never allowed Gillard who he attacked for every change saying that things moving on was not an excuse.

    But I’m glad for Tweed’s inane worse than Neil rant for it just reinforces just how bad Abbott and this government are.

  32. Yes ME, tabot has politicized a tragic event in order to provide cover, mainly from ICAC it appears, and the media play along with him like he is some kind of statesman.

    Noticed his glasses last night. No media puppet appeared to, unlike when Gillard donned hers. They even set up a twitter account for it.

    When will one of these muppets ask tabot, why is he taxing the poor (already, with his superannuation tax on low income workers), while actively removing a super profits tax from super rich miners who are making a mint out of OUR resources?


    Oh, and my bet, no Deceit tax, just set up to make tabot look good when he doesn’t go ahead. My reasoning, the murdoch papers are claiming it is what Labor would have done (forgetting that if they “would” have, then, perhaps they “would” have :shock:). They are comparing it with the Flood Levy. I wonder if they will then compare what hockey has done with the budget with a national disaster?

  33. He might get run out of America, but brandis would welcome him with open arms

    “Assuming his investigation verifies the authenticity of the recording, new NBA commissioner Adam Silver should demonstrate that naked bigotry will not be tolerated and do everything in his power to remove Sterling as the Clippers owner — including an indefinite suspension,” says, that is pressuring members tol encourage sponsors and the NBA to cut ties with and punish Donald Sterling.

  34. Report just released showing that it costs $3600 per asylum seeker per day under this government’s policy. Way more than it ever cost under the previous government.

    The report also showed it would be far cheaper and more effective to process them onshore.

    So while we have Morrison no backtracking and NOT guaranteeing the safety of asylum seekers under his charge as footage and reports have come out that showed he deliberately lied about Manus, but he’s a Liberal pollie so we won’t get a peep out of the right wingers on that one, and during a time we supposedly have to all tighten our belts here we have a government that is not only throwing billions away on a minor problem but is set to increase the cost of it in the upcoming budget.

    How is this in anyway fair.

    And this doesn’t start to address the problem that Australia’s reputation and good name is being trashed globally and we are are seeing this country being openly denigrated and lambasted in the foreign media and on overseas online media.

    If the right wingers are proud of that then I can’t find it in me to even pity them.

  35. Another good question to ask. Although, the answer will be Carbon Tax of course 😉

  36. The above graph was in reply to this from Wayne Swan

  37. How many times can one announce the east west link in Melbourne. No business plan etc. Abbott reluctant to answer any other questions.

    Now we are getting how bad Labor was. Boring boring…………

  38. I wonder how many Libs are going to remain standing on the Central Coast of NSW. Not many from where I am sitting. Also expected this for years.

    Time for a RC into the corruption of the Liberal Party, when it comes to setting up slush funds to get around laws regulating party campaign funds.

    Yes, it is the Liberal Party I am talking about.

  39. The cancer appears to spread down the coast, to the Northern suburbs of Sydney. Yes, the home of our premier and PM.

  40. A political opportunist without any philosophical view. Except to protect the big end of town. Something Milne said she has known for a long time.

    Constant view to last century, cannot view this century need for vast expenditure in education and other infrastructure for this century.

    Announcing road schemes hundreds of times, is not addressing the infrastructure needs of this century. Does not make one an infrastructure PM.

    That title belonged to Gillard. He has repealed, or is in the process of repealing every piece of infrastructure legalisation Gillard put in place.

    Abbott calls such investment waste.

  41. One cannot have a budget emergency and triple AAA ratings from three agencies. Not sure that will last ling though.

  42. I was a Liberal voter who swung to Labor in 2001 because of Howard’s disgraceful deceit and politicisation of the Tampa affair. Liberals have done nothing since to entice me back. Labor, mind you, aren’t doing much to keep me of late. But I know one thing: this government has convinced me never to vote Liberal again. I could never swing back to them. Never.

  43. “One cannot have a budget emergency and triple AAA ratings from three agencies

    Why not?? There are companies who went bust with AAA credit ratings.

    And we do have a budget emergency. Another 3 or 4 Wayne Swan deficits will mean losing our AAA rating and we have to pay a higher interest rate for borrowed money.

    If Hawke/Keating showed more care we may not have lost our AAA rating back in the late 1980’s.

  44. You are obviously not up to date on the latest estimates of the structural budget balance. Results published in 2010 showed a structural deficit in 2006. Treasury kept having a go at it and gets a different result every time.

    This whole SBB stuff was introduced to trash Costello. Here are the latest results which most probably will change when Treasury has another go at it.

    Chart 3 show budget was in balance in Costello’s last budget and went into deficit under Swan

  45. Read your links nil

    The structural budget balance estimates shown in Chart 3 indicate that, prior to the GFC, underlying cash surpluses were supported by temporary (cyclical) factors

  46. Actually, I should have put the whole paragraph up, so I will 🙂

    The structural budget balance estimates shown in Chart 3 indicate that, prior to the GFC, underlying cash surpluses were supported by temporary (cyclical) factors, including the high terms of trade, an economy operating above its long-run potential and strong growth in asset prices. The estimates suggest that the structural budget balance deteriorated from the mid-2000s, with the point estimate of the structural budget balance falling into deficit just prior to the GFC.

  47. So Labor faced the GFC with a budget already in structural deficit, and still got through with a growing economy and no recession. No wonder Swan was acknowledged as the Worlds Greatest Treasurer

    Interestingly even the libs now acknowledge that the budget has structural deficiencies, although they blame Labor for it, when you chart clearly shows the deterioration happened under the words worse treasurer, costello

  48. Yes and this is what Treasury published way back in 2009-10

    Based on these estimates, the structural budget balance deteriorated from 2002‑03, moving into structural deficit in 2006‑07.”

    The results keep changing everytime Treasury has a go at measuring. It was the stuff in the 2009-10 budget that Megamaniac and everybody else raved on about.

    This whole SBB crap is just used by Labor for political purposes.

    It is most probably only measurable when the SBB is large. And we have a biggee now. It is most probably at least 2% of GDP. All created by the ALP

  49. All created by the ALP

    Perhaps go back and look at your link again nil 😉

    Although I do agree that Labor shouldn’t have kept it’s promise to match howards tax promises when it defeated him at the election. But at least they were starting to set things back.

    Hard when you have this “class warfare” rhetoric pumped out by every nutcase and media outlet (usually one and the same) every time you do though.

  50. Hmm, an interesting concept. I wonder if any Government would be smart enough and brave enough to attempt it?

  51. Nope.

    In 2009-10 Treasury said there was a structural deficit in 2006-07

    In 2013 Treasury now says Costello’s last budget was in balance and a deficit in Swans first budget.

    And if they had another go they would get a different result.

    This whole SBB stuff was sponsored by the evil Wayne Swan to trash the legacy of Costello.

    An honest person could clearly see this.

  52. In 2013 Treasury now says Costello’s last budget was in balance and a deficit in Swans first budget.

    Yes, and, as your link explained above (for the slower ones)

    The estimates suggest that the structural budget balance deteriorated from the mid-2000s, with the point estimate of the structural budget balance falling into deficit just prior to the GFC.

  53. What is the baby an low income bonus, that Abbott proudly said he has already got rid of today. Could he mean the school; kid bonus, A bone that replace a long standing education tax rebate. Was also hope to replace the school laptop scheme.

    Yes, give parents money to assist with education expenses. Somehow, according to Abbott, equipping a child for school, has nothing to do with education,

    The so called carbon tax was also a temporary tax, that was to be replaced with a market bases cost on carbon emissions.

  54. Australia has the second-lowest government debt to GDP ratio of the AAA-rated economies. Source: IMF, Greg Jericho.

    The truth is that slashing government spending to pay down debt is actually bad for the economy. At various times, Joe Hockey has even admitted this. But the economic reality — that Australia is a prosperous nation, with sound government finances — has been swamped by the political opportunity that the government sees.

    Maybe this is why the government’s budget lead up has been so confused. The reality of a reasonably strong economy simply can’t be squared with the doom-laden predictions of the austerity chorus.

    There’s also the pesky problem of the various spending commitments that the government has inevitably made since coming to office: big ticket items like $12 billion to buy new Joint Strike Fighter jets, $9 billion for the Reserve Bank to top up its cash reserves, $4 billion a year in a gold-plated paid parental leave scheme, and $2.55 billion in handouts to big polluters as part of Greg Hunt’s Direct Action climate policy.

    Squaring these spending announcements with the general atmosphere of belt-tightening has not been easy. As a result, the government has a lot of work to do between now and budget night to convince voters that all this pain will eventually be worth it.

    And pain there will be. The new “debt levy”, should it eventuate, represents about $800 a year in extra taxes for a middle income earner on $80,000. That’s well above the roughly $500 a year impact that Labor’s carbon price was estimated at by the federal Treasury

  55. Australia has the second-lowest government debt to GDP ratio of the AAA-rated economies. Source: IMF, Greg Jericho.

    It does not matter how hard I look, I cannot find evidence that we have a budget or even economical emergency.

  56. The alleged slush fund of Gillard’s is beginning to look innocuous, when we look at what has occurred over the years on the right, from Abbott down.


    When Margo Kingston turned to the electoral commission for information about donors to Tony Abbott’s slush fund, she was stonewalled by spin doctors. Why did a statutory body protect a politician?

    This is the third in a series of extracts from Margo Kingston’s 2007 book Still Not Happy, John. Read the first extract here and the second here. Read Kingston on why New Matilda is publishing this material now here.

    Tony Abbott wasn’t the only one who had demeaned our democracy with his Australians for Honest Politics Trust. The least the media could do, I thought, was atone for our professional failure to scrutinise everyone’s Electoral Act dealings, regardless of our own biases. Besides, I’d harried Pauline Hanson for five weeks during that 1998 election race trying to make her accountable for what she said — so much so that she’d accused me of destroying her entire campaign. The least I could do was apply ,,,,,,,

  57. I cannot find evidence that we have a budget or even economical emergency.

    And IF the compulsory super was incremented as it was supposed to be, we wouldn’t be having this ridiculous conversation about working until you are 70.

    When will we have a real conversation about this, without the bullshit?

  58. Tom, looking at the fees to run super funds, could put up to $80,000 more in the average workers retirement fund. Very simple to bring about. It appears we pay double the amount that most funds overseas do.

    We know it is not about economics, budget or economy. It is about extreme dogma and ideology.

  59. Getting rid of the MRRT, GEFC and school kids bonus is just pure pig headiness No real argument for any of his actions.

  60. “Who was in government at that time?”

    You misses the point i was trying to make. Treasury is not to be trusted re:structural deficit calculation.

    “It does not matter how hard I look, I cannot find evidence that we have a budget or even economical emergency.”

    What i find annoying is that you lot condemned Howard/Costello for not spending on this,that or whatever. When Costello got our debt lower you then claim credit for it.

  61. Roswell you said this

    “I was a Liberal voter who swung to Labor in 2001 because of Howard’s disgraceful deceit and politicisation of the Tampa affair. Liberals have done nothing since to entice me back.

    Because of your vote you are now responsible for the asylum seeker debacle. Howard took strong measures to stop the boats so we could take our refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under Greens/Labor we took anybody with $10,000.

    Countless lives have been destroyed because of your vote in 2007. But i guess you do not care.

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