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  1. Just a couple of questions I thought of as well

    “Mr Albanese said Mr Abbott had previously told reporters that “all our contact is on the record”. The allegations before the court, however, showed “extraordinary levels of contact” which Mr Abbott had not acknowledged, Mr Albanese said.

    This contact was “prior to any allegations being made publicly against Mr Slipper, between Mr Ashby, Mr Brough” and two senior figures of the Queensland LNP.

    “You now have an acknowledgement that people such as Clive Palmer, a senior figure in the operation, know about these issues.”

    Mr Albanese claimed Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey had attended a meeting with Mr Brough and Mr Palmer, “who was aware of all of this”.

    Mr Hockey has denied that the Ashby issue was raised at the meeting.

    Read more:

  2. THE Government today turned revelations in the James Ashby affair back on the Opposition in exactly the way the Opposition tortured the Government during the Craig Thomson controversy.

    Abbott held to account for a false statement he made over communication between Ashby and Doane and contacts within the Liberal Party.

    Abbott stated categorically a short time ago that every single communication had been made public and nothing was hidden.

    Now with the revelation of a raft of communications between Slipper’s staff and the Liberals he was asked why those communications were not revealed. He immediately turned around and said this was the action of a desperate dud government who is more interested in saving its own skin than in the serious case of sexual harassment, which should be left to the court.

    My god what an utter hypocrite Abbott is, and doesn’t he get all uppity and defensive when caught out in a deceit or as in this case and outright lie.

    As it always is with bullies, they love to dish out out and chest thump when they are doing all the beating, but turn it around and they become blustering wimps.

    The final nail may be the likely AFP investigation into the unauthorised release of parts of Slipper’s official diary. Work diaries are official documents and private. Any unauthorised disclosure of their contents is a very serious matter and can lead to criminal charges. It will be interesting to see how this plays out but I bet Ashby and Doane are regretting they ever got into bed with the crooked Liberals.

  3. Beat me Sue. That story is all over the radio and Abbott is being very precious in throwing it back at the government whilst not answering the direct questions asked of him.

    Guilty? Yes, very.

  4. And there have been other instances which haven’t worked well for Mr Abbott.

    Climate Change Minister Greg Combet on Monday depicted Mr Abbott as a reverse jinx—whenever he turned up somewhere to announce carbon pricing disaster ahead he was followed by news of fresh prosperity.

    “We all know of course that when the Leader of the Opposition visited a Peabody coal mine and forecast the death of the coal industry, its death, the very next day the company announced a $5 billion takeover,” Mr Combet told Parliament.

    “Some death.”

    He continued with what he called an “intriguing pattern”. “Because it appears that when the Opposition Leader visits your business and predicts doom, in fact you might boom.”

    “Last year for example, he visited BHP Billiton’s Mt Whaleback iron ore mine and said of course the carbon price, the end of the iron ore industry. Terrible, terrible outlook.

    “But what actually happened after he left? BHP Billiton then announced that it would invest $822 million in further expanding the ore body nearby – $822 million after the prophet of doom had been there.’‘

    Something similar happened after Mr Abbott visited a shipyard with the warning that the industry would be badly hurt by carbon pricing. Since then, the company, Austal Henderson, have announced $400 million of new contracts at its West Australian facility.

    A tour of a Visy paper recycling mill, and related lamenting over a dark path ahead, was followed by the company a $300 million waste-to-energy proposal including a new plant.

  5. Mobius did you read this one? i wonder if the 3rd parties were Hockey and Brough”

    “Mr Palmer on Wednesday denied ever speaking with Mr Ashby or having any involvement in the court action.

    “I’ve never spoken to him,” he told ABC radio.

    The mining magnate says he’s heard “third-party” figures talking about the matter and has discussed it with his wife, but says she doesn’t know Mr Ashby either.

    “No she doesn’t. She’s a heterosexual woman,” he said.

  6. The new Federal Labor committee set up to inquire into imported labour in the mining industry will ask major players including Gina Rinehart, Clive Palmer and Andrew Forrest to appear before it.

    The committee was set up following outrage from some backbenchers and unions about the plan to allow imported labour to build up to 30 mining projects.

    Chairman Doug Cameron says the committee will start by visiting Western Australia, Queensland and Tasmania for consultations.

  7. Did anyone see this happen?


    Graham Perrett ‏@GrahamPerrettMP

    Julie Bishop was blocking Mal Washer’s passage towards the Gov benches. Extraordinary. I called the Sgt of Arms.

  8. Graham Perrett did apparently 😉

    There was much comment about this on twitter yesterday. the gallery appeared to miss it, too intent on tears as they were.

  9. Interesting Sue. Palmer’s statement is oblique, ending in a jibe against homosexuals.

    He “heard” third parties. How did he hear them? Was he part of the group that was talking at the time or was he outside the third party group and overheard them talking? Who were the third parties? Why the remark on his wife not knowing Ashby? Nobody ever raised that point or ever bought Palmer’s wife into it as far as I know.

    Strange indeed.

  10. Sue and Mobius, Palmer is certainly a nasty piece of works. Why should not a heterosexual female be acquainted with homosexual men..a lot of us are.

  11. CU @4.39pm 27/6, we’re going a bit rough atm. I wonder if there’s any chance of Liealot working his magic for us? roflmao

    Better still, he could just weave his magic on my xlotto ticket for Saturday. lol

    He “heard” third parties. How did he hear them?

    Probably had their phones, homes and offices bugged, ME. I wonder if he’s got peep holes installed in their bedroom ceilings?

    Min @7.17am, according to good old Clive’s reasoning, reb and joni must be figments of our imagination. What’s it like being a figment, reb?

    I must also have imagined my b-i-l and two former work colleagues. Bugger! Does that mean all the time JM and I spent gibbering instead of working was just a fantasy? Bollocks!

  12. Me again, just briefly, with more nooze.

    Patricia’s dog is fine and being cared for. 🙂

    But in other nooze, as of Monday I am no longer a public servant. Forced into an early retirement with the influencing factor putting my health above all else. So it’s goodbye to the huge salary and the taxpayer funded vehicle and hello to a quiet and relaxing existence.

    As of Monday I’ll be free to talk about politics unbridled. I’ll be able to tell you what I really think of Abbott. And it’s ugly. 😀

  13. ” Forced into an early retirement with the influencing factor putting my health above all else”

    Probably after much deliberation I imagine…

    However an excellent outcome I reckon Migs… Health (and family) are the most important things in life…

    Now you’ll have time to focus on the things that really matter…

    An “unleashed Migs”… That’s a scary thought… 😉

  14. Good to hear Migs. Ease into retirement please. I’ve seen too many of my military mates come undone on retirement even though Defence offers a very good resettlement package.

  15. It also means I’ll be back on the blog again

    And with that HUGE super payout, the quality of the cellar stock should improve accordingly :mrgreen:

  16. Migs. is that good or bad. Will be nice to have you back You have been hinting at such a outcome for a while.

  17. Migs, welcome back,..From PS to retirement, so whats going to change…. same workload :mrgreen: ….. Glad you’re back, we got a game on Sunday 😀
    Cant wait for the expose’s ..

  18. Hi Miglo

    Welcome to the other world. Thank goodness it happened after a public holiday, you learn how to hate public holidays, so many people out and about.

  19. Albo having a go at Abbott about how much he really knew on the Ashby allegations

    “The story was broken on 21 April. Mr Slipper was out of the country. I do note that a number of the allegations in the original story have not even been proceeded with by Mr Ashby. A number of the text messages that appeared in the paper and did a great deal of damage to Mr Slipper as well as, of course, the allegations about misuse of Cabcharges, are gone.

    We know that Mr Slipper was out of the country.

    We know also that Tony Abbott was in the region that night. We know also that Mr Abbott had a press release ready to go at 9.15am the next morning and he did a doorstop that day. We know he didn’t do one doorstop the next day; he did two in two different capital cities.

    We know that in spite of the fact that the Coalition have been notably reticent to appear on Sunday morning programs, where you actually have to face tougher questions than on the Alan Jones’ program, they had not one but two spokespeople out on that Sunday (22 April). We know that Tony Abbott was on Sunrise on Monday morning (23 April) and the 7.30 show that evening, I think I’m right in saying, first and only appearance this year. He also did a doorstop on that day.”

  20. Congratulations Migs, good health enjoyment and more stories to be learned are beckoning, I’d say 😀

  21. Well I’ve cleared my desk and cupboards, packed the car with junk I’ve carried around from office to office over the last 13 years, shredded all incriminating evidence that I ever existed (or did anything wrong), do the next chore is to do the rounds of farewells and then high tail it out of here.

    Goodbye to the Public Service. It’s been great.

  22. Migs, hello to a new start. I am sure that is going to be great too.

    Just make sure you look after yourself and have a rest in between.

  23. Just picked this up at Dan’s – I couldn’t resist 😆

    From the label:

    I don’t know what aromas and flavours you’ll find when you try this wine – wine appreciation is so subjective and often too pretentious for my liking. I make my wines the way I like them – big, thick, juicy and deep in colour. I wanted to name this wine “Michelle’s Block” – after my wife. But that conjures up visions of a soft and elegant sort of wine – and trust me mates, this little beauty is nothing like that. She’s broad shouldered, built like a stallion and she packs an intensity of flavour – like only the Barossa can deliver. She’s what I call “The Ball Buster” mate…and so is this wine!
    Enjoy it – Cheers!
    Bruno Tait Winemaker

    With a name like that, this can’t end well 😀

  24. Definitely a cull needed of those cigar lighters. Don’t worry, things are going to work out. Our lupus warrior will be back into the fray as soon as he is able. I know that good things are just on the horizon.

  25. Another citizen of Lawler Creek is John, Michael’s brother.

    John is the CEO of the Australian Crime Commission, with a list of accolades as long as his arm. John is a man who is greatly respected, and would more than likely shudder at his potential sister in law’s predicament.


    Michael has 6 siblings in total in Lawler Creek, the previously mentioned John is one. The others have maintained a low profile, although I am led to believe that one is a high ranking police officer in NSW.

  26. Vice-President of Fair Work Australia Michael Lawler has stayed in the background while his live-in lover HSU boss Kathy Jackson, who has admitted paying herself an ‘obscene’ $270,000 per annum salary (plus luxury Volvo SUV also paid from members’ money), has hogged all the limelight.

    Only when astonished HSU officials complained to the authorities about Michael Lawler’s misconduct has one of the highest-ranking FWA officials achieved attention.

    A notorious dinner at the Hotel Spencer circulated around media circles, where Lawler (a supposedly senior judicial officer) staggered up at the off-the-record gathering and made a wild series of claims denouncing unions and various people at the HSU before comparing his beloved to a Christ-like figure. He was as drunk as a Law Lord, eye-witnesses have told VEXNEWS.

    It was a funny, bizarre, maniacal and booze-fuelled romp of the kind that could have sold-out at the Comedy Festival but almost certainly enough to undermine the public faith in his capacity to continue in such a senior role where he is paid some $400,000 per annum of taxpayer’s hard-earned.


    Migs, in retirement from public service that man promised to not comment on contemporary politics and went on to break that promise many many times, just as he broke a raft of promises when in power.

    In your retirement from public service please promise to keep commenting on contemporary politics, and everything else, and keep that promise.

  28. You have my word, Mo.

    However, I had to sign a declaration that I wouldn’t disclose confidential information gained in the Public Service and I’m fine with that. It goes without saying.

    But I am free to make public statements such as “Abbott is a complete asshole” and “the Liberals are a pack of liars” or that “Howard was a devious, manipulating cold-hearted prick”.

    But isn’t that public knowledge anyway?

  29. The only government in Australia to ever have zero government net debt through it’s entire time in office was Whitlam’s. They threw him out to replace it with a government that ended up having one of the highest government net debts.

    Go figure.

  30. Mobius, then of course the conversion of public debt to private debt. I was I the only person on the face of this planet who has no debts whatsoever? People seem to accept that owing money is now “normal”.

  31. Bacchus, love it.. Thank you. Yes, Briony and Erin will love it. Erin and partner R* are currently in Japan..only a couple of months to go until she becomes Dr. A* (science).

    Funny story, she sat down in the lecturer’s chair at UQ and was promptly ordered out and was told that the High School tour was down the hall. she’s 5′ 1″ and looks about 18…

  32. No debt in this household, although my personal wealth has been reduced by 90% in the last five years. Instead of being worth $100 I am now worth $10…lol!

  33. ABC News Twitter is absolutely flogging the Liberal’s Council meeting. Tweet after tweet on speeches and their blog where up to date live action can be followed. Listen to the big important speeches, Abbott, Hockey, Bishop.

    They never flogged a Labor Council meeting like this and so blatantly a Liberal Party marketing promotion.

  34. Abbot’s promised another $4 billion in unfunded liability and will get rid of the carbon tax.

    Come on people. With the cost of repealing the carbon tax and MRRT Abbott is over $100 billion in unfunded promises and we are nowhere near an election campaign yet. Just how much can this man brain fart away without being made to account for where he’s going to get the money from.

    Sacking the entire Federal PS will only get him a fraction of his unfunded liabilities and bring the whole country to a halt so he will lose more revenue than he saves.

  35. These state Liberal governments were going to fix everything. They were going to be so much better than the governments they replaced, because… well just because. They’re Liberal and Liberal is always good.

    Baillieu massive fail. Barnett failing and O’Farrell heading down the path of failure.

    The gist is Mr Baillieu appears to be a reluctant Premier who’s struggling with undelivered promises, industrial relations fights, political scandals and alienated interest groups.

    Would a satellite city re-energise Ted Baillieu?

    Multiply the Liberal State government failures by at least 100 and there goes Abbott. It’s a portent that shouldn’t be ignored.

  36. What time do you want us there? 😉

  37. Sadly Min, Mrs Bacchus is not so well atm. RA is playing up something cronic since the Enbrel stopped working. Another week & 1/2 till 1st Mabthera infusion. 😦

  38. Bacchus, you certainly have your hands full too at present with s-i-l and Mrs Bacchus. And there is not a scrap you can do to help..I know exactly how this feels. The feeling of being helpless to help those who you love. I think that this is worst thing of all.

  39. I think that this is worst thing of all.

    Yes Min, except having to endure the pain.
    I can always do the male thing & find something else to do – washing, cleaning, cooking burning the water 🙂

  40. I think that if I had anyone who cared, that knowing that they were feeling the pain in their hearts is worse than physical pain. I’ve never had anyone who cared that much.

    As a RI person, I never said much..probably because with the ex there was not much point in saying anything at all.

    I am certain that Mrs Bacchus’ll do. Even if it’s just burning water, I know that she appreciates it all.

  41. Bacchus, thank you. Early days yet. I got the results back just this afternoon. I have to go in for further blood tests Monday and have another specialist appointment in 2 weeks.

    At least I now know that I’m not really crazy. 😉

  42. lol Min – some might put that as “At least I now know that I’m not very crazy” :mrgreen: Just joshin’ 😉

  43. I never thought I’d say this, but I finally have something to thank Alexander Downer for.
    Like, I suspect, most of us, I’ve done some things that in hindsight I’m not all that proud of.
    But seeing Alexander today claiming statesmanlike parenthood for what he’s previously conceded was an ad hoc & spur of the moment “Pacific Solution” & his sanctimonious claim to have saved hundreds of lives although at the time these lives were said to belong to subversives & terrorists who threw their babies overboard, I feel better about myself now.
    So thank you, Alexander.

  44. This is the same Alexander who:

    1. Whined and pestering to allow Australia to have a generous increase in emissions over and above other countries.
    2. Released or had someone else release a State secret to Andrew Bolt. An act that would have had me facing up to 20 years jail when I was in Defence.
    3. Stood in parliament and said there was irrefutable evidence Saddam had a nuclear weapon’s program, when he’d been told two weeks before the evidence was false.
    4. Allowed the AWB to give Saddam millions whilst he was making that statement in parliament.
    5. Suppressed information that indicated there would be a massacre in East Timor and then held onto the extent of that massacre after it occurred.
    6. Setup the East Timor deal with Indonesia to rip off their gas and oil, also having the resources piped to Australia instead of the closer and cheaper of option of East Timor, so denying East Timor employment and benefits.
    7. And now apparently saving hundreds of refugees lives he’s concerned with when at the time he was front and centre in demonising them by calling them terrorists and evil.

    Too many other things to list but most of all for being the greatest stuck up prig we’ve ever had as a minister in government.

  45. Mobius @ 3.09

    The $4 billion in infrastucture, $1 billlion Brisbane, $1.5 B melb and $1.5 billion for the M4 in Sydney

    The M4 is going to cost $10 billion, so its good to see that Abbott is only going to promise O’Farrel $1.5B the remainder $8.5 billion will be from private enterprise and O’Farrel budget. And apparently the transport minister Gay is over the moon happy. Yes indeedy Abbott doesn’t need to pledge 80:20 funding not even 50:50 funding just 15:85 for such high praise. I hope the people of NSW realise just how generous their state government thinks Abbott is and tell their government they think its really dumb that the Gillard govt wants to go 50:50 on the Pacific hwy.

  46. Sue, as usual….. thats all hunk and dory for people on the ‘other side’ of the aptly named Great Dividing Range, but to us in the regions thats just ‘pork barreling’ …. the money Tony has announcced is money already allocated…. a.k.a. old money 😀 but I guess thats his forte…. 🙂

  47. I hope the people of NSW realise just how generous their state government thinks

    The street interviews in the areas effected showed they realise this is nothing more than a political stunt.The mayors of two areas said they’ll only believe it when they see it happen in full.

    Note the money is going to failing Liberal State governments for State road responsibilities. If any of those three States were still Labor there would not have been a cent from Abbott, so it’s a $4 billion pork barrel.

    This must also be put into the context of Howard early in his tenure promising $4 billion in road infrastructure over five years of which less than $2 billion actually got spent. It was the revelation of the budgeted amounts to the massive shortfalls in actual outlays that Costello went to court to have suppressed, and he won. Expect the same from Abbott.

    Also this must be put in the context of another O’Farrell broken promise and failure. To do the M4 he has abandoned the M5 when he had promised both, along with several other promised major transport infrastructure projects he’s abandoned so as to put all his eggs in one basket.

    Abbott having to come out in this early stage to pork barrel three State Liberal governments tells me there must be bad news underlying the political health of those three governments. We know Baillieu is in the shit, but what of the other two?

  48. Mobius, I think that it might have been Cu who noted a certain amount of panic coming from the Liberals. It hardly seems logical given the very poor standing of Labor in the polls for Abbott to start electioneering at this early stage. Just a thought..but maybe internal polling is giving the Libs a different set of numbers.

  49. Mobius

    How about Barnett in WA, why haven’t we had his good opinion on Abbott only interested in eastern States.
    And how is it Qlders are only getting 2/3 the amount of NSW and Vic.
    And how about the Nationals, those Liberals are only interested in city folk traffic jams, while country folk die on poorly funded roads.

  50. The final thing that must be addressed is where is this $4 billion coming from?

    I can bet you won’t see a costed argument from Abbott/Hockey on that one.

    So well before an election campaign is being waged we have $74 billion in unfunded liabilities from the Liberal party. That’s their figures.

    So just where is that money going to come from?

    As has been pointed out sacking the entire Federal public service would only gain a fraction of the savings needed. Abbott has promised not to cut Defence as this government has, which is hurting by the way. So there’s another $4 billion Abbott has to find along with his inference that he will look at the indexation inequality of military pensions, something Defence and veterans are waging a concerted attack on the Gillard government at the moment, and rightly so.

    Abbott will need to address that issue if he’s to have an iota of credibility with Defence and their families, but it will cost big time for as long as those like me on the DFRDB scheme are alive, and after that a percentage goes to the surviving partner until they die.

    I don’t think many Australians really know in his years of brain farting stunts just how much in unfunded liabilities Abbott has promised or made inference to address. It pales into insignificance any budget deficit ever.

  51. With the Liberal Party Carbon scare campaign in full swing I thought it might be a good idea to revisit my experience of the other great scare campaign the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

    Of course, in terms of quantum the GST is thought to have been about 10 times greater than the impact of carbon pricing but the political tactics used by both sides are similar.

    To counter the Labor Party scare campaign on the GST, The Liberal party wrote a blank cheque to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission who conducted an extensive ad campaign threatening a near death experience for any one who dared to abuse the process. Call centres were set up to ensure the “right” advice was available 24/7.

    Now that the Liberal party have “borrowed” the same scare campaign from Labor what do we see as the Government’s response. I know let’s talk about it a bit and then just go away and stick our heads in the sand knowing that it will go away.

    If the Liberal spin team can mount a 12 month campaign out of “Pink Batts” or the BER both relatively good policies for the time, does the pathetic Labor media team think that the Carbon pricing will be done a dusted before the next election.

    Ever wonder why Labor are doing so bad in the polls?

  52. And with the GST followed the Howard Handouts with no permanent increase in the pension.

    One of the best days of my life was to be able to say FORMER Prime Minister John Howard..and he lost to a television presenter..even better…

  53. On the “pink batts” topic. There were some decidedly shonky dealings go on there.

    Question: why did the manufacturers of Pink Batts never come forward to stand by their product. Ans: because it was their installers who were doing the rorting.

  54. Apparently Albanese was on dolt this morning. Going by this tweet (and many more like it) it is not surprising why Labor ministers don’t waste their time there

  55. According to Christine Milne on ABC Abbott has snuck in a massive back flip whilst the kerfuffle on the Carbon Price/MRRT was unfolding. He’s now stated he will not roll back the NBN if he wins government.

    Two problems with his credibility on this back flip.

    1. He promised to roll it back and stated that many times over many months, ever since the NBN was announced. So he lied.
    2. He had put the price of halting the NBN and replacing it with his cheaper wireless rollout in the $50 billion in savings he stated he would make and that was repeated in the last budget reply.

    So now he not only has $74 billion in unfunded promises to uphold, but he’s taken out one of the major savings he stated he would make to fund that $74 billion.

  56. Mobius, I would be extremely surprised if Abbott is capable of doing anything once PM. Can you imagine the cost of rolling back the NBN and getting out of all of those contracts.

    What exactly is it that Abbott intends to do when PM? The only thing we’ve had which approaches anything realistic is a couple of roads but with no promise that the States will also be able to cough up.

  57. Min, I dont think there will be a ‘when he is PM, I have heard a lot of Labor types saying similar… ‘When Abbott becomes PM this will happen or that will happen’
    little things have been happening that has me thinking..’the tides turning’…like:- *reporters checking themselves( a pause or an umm) and saying ‘price’ instead of ‘tax’… *msm talking about Tonys unfunded policies with the odd negative comment thrown in 😯 ……. * the media and its independence bought into focus because of the Gina side-show 😆 …. *the Trolls have been out in force 🙄 and lets of course not forget that *Tony IS one of Labors best weapons going into the election…
    Its time to think about the next Labor Govt in 2013 and no longer talk as if he is going to be PM or even LOTO then …. ( thats if he survives the Jacksonville blaze 😀 )

  58. LOVO, I was hoping you wouldn’t show up here tonight. :mrgreen:

    You’re lucky Ive decided to let you stay (in the full knowledge that you won’t dare mention the footy). 😳

  59. LOVO, I am more than happy to stand corrected on that one. I was hoping that by now T’bull would be positioning himself, but he’s gone to ground. My own opinion is, anyone but Tony, who IF he wins the next election will be the biggest disaster ever to happen to Australia. If his brain is focussed on anything except his smugglers, I would be exceptionally surprised.

  60. Min, we had a mass meeting for our current agreement on Friday and even our USU official was also saying ” ‘when’ Abbott becomes PM next year” , I corrected him as well 😀 … (not that you need that much correcting Min, your pretty correct as you are 😉 ) ….. see Migs didnt mention the Geelong v Port game once…. only talking politics and not mentioning footy …… or whoms team beat whoms team…. and Im certainly not going to *gloat* about that win in any way shape or form :mrgreen:

  61. Good news today, thank you PM Gillard and the govt.

    “New laws make bank switching easier
    ANYONE who has ever had the burden of having to change all their automatic debit and credit transactions just to switch accounts will probably be pleased to hear that its the bank’s job now.

    Treasurer Wayne Swan says customers will now only need to sign a single form to authorise their new financial institution to do all the heavy lifting for them

    Deposit institutions will also offer additional services such as obtaining a list of customers’ automated transactions from their old financial institution if the customer can’t remember them, OR THE ABILITY TO CANCEL DIRECT DEBITS or credits if the customer doesn’t need them anymore.”

    Read more:

    Once upon a time in a galaxy far away I tried to cancel a direct debit ****####!!!!, well I am very glad this has now been corrected.

  62. Decisions of the Liberal Federal Council mean little or nothing in the Party, and the meetings have become ever more anodine.
    On some issues the speakers mostly agreed with one another. But for what it’s worth – and it isn’t worth much – the council passed a motion opposing the recognition of local government in the constitution, a position at odds with Abbott’s recent comments.


    The Queenslanders were predictably comprehensively rolled in their attempt to ban paid lobbyists from holding the senior offices in the party organisation, a cause that Palmer had noisily promoted beforehand.
    The debate was brought on during Friday evening, to get it out of the way, and Palmer missed it. Later he delivered some spirited words to journalists, in which “Stalinist” figured. Yesterday he suggested, during the debate on border security, that asylum seekers should be allowed to come to Australia by air.

    Read more:

    All happy in paradise,

  63. Min @ 6.44
    Well if the opposition has folded and decided not to roll back the NBN, then Abbott has lied. But what is the reason Abbott is not cancelling the NBN, is it because Labor’s NBN is wanted by the public
    Labor’s NBN was too difficult to cancel
    or both

    Come on msm ask Abbott about the great big lie on the NBN.

  64. Miglo, the saving grace is that be will be so bad, he will not be around long.

    I have reached the stage that Abbott no longer worries me.

    My fear is that we have no idea what will replace him.

    Will it be as now, the continuation for the Howard’s years.

    Will it be something new, that we have no idea of.

    It is over five years since Howard went. There are no indication of where the new blood that has come into the Coalition stands,

    We seen a little last week, and one does not see much respect for Abbott.

    I cannot see Turnbull being in the picture. He needed to stay on the backbench, to have any chance.

    There is a great unknown out there. I do not like unknowns.

  65. On the NBN, it is another project the ALL the experts and those overseas are jealous of. It has thumbs up from everyone. This is one matter, that his lies have no effect. The young know the value of fast broadband and want the best.

    Mr. Abbott said that he did not need experts to tell him what to do with the boat people. He already had a policy. Funny thing though, all the experts are telling him it will not work. The experts also told him the same thing with the NBNco. His proposals were not viable and the NBN was the way yo go.

    He is also refusing to take on board what the experts say about CEF and his Direct Action. Direct Action will not deliver and be a very expensive experiment.

    Mr. Abbott has been told he is wrong about the economy by the experts.

    Mr. Abbott does not seem to like or have any respect for experts, in any field.

    The other funny thing is, that in the past, Mr. Abbott at one time or another has supported everything that Labor has introduced.

  66. You have to laugh (at Abbott).

    He appoints the man he defeated in the leadership stoush and gives him the job of destroying the NBN.

    Now the man entrusted with destroying it is the one whose saying they will keep it.

    As someone twittered, Abbott is breaking promises in opposition.

  67. Mr. Abbott is on campaign mode and has told his team, they should expect an election any minute. What does he believe he has up his sleeve.

    It does not appear to be Thomson or Slipper. That appears to be going sour.

    The government is operating well.

    The latest impasse has nothing to do with a minority government. The impasse is in the senate. This is the norm for our system. IT DOES NOT MEAN THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT FUNCTIONING.

    I believe that the PM in the next sitting will bring an end to that impasse. it will not mean giving into Abbott. The panel the PM has set up will; make it very clear what is the best way to go. The PM is putting the evidence and facts out into the public arena, in a way, it cannot be ignored.

    So why does Abbott believe we are on the verge of an election?

  68. Cu, this has to be Abbott’s swan song..his last gasp, his last grab for power. I mentioned this yesterday, but why this sudden launch into panic mode. You said last week that Abbott and Hockey had a definite air of desperation about them.

    This would not seem to compute given the Liberals standing in the polls, or does internal polling tell a different story?

  69. James Ashby has filed an application seeking to delay filing a response to the accusations made against him until the sexual harrassment case is in court.

    James Ashby was ordered to file a response to Mr Slipper’s claims by last Friday, and to file any further affidavits or evidence he wanted to rely on by July 3 and July 9.

    But last Friday, Mr Ashby filed an application seeking to delay his response and further affidavits until the matter is heard in the Federal Court.

    Mr Ashby is suing Mr Slipper and the Commonwealth, claiming the Speaker made unwelcome advances and sent him explicit, sexually suggestive text messages.

    Mr Slipper and the Commonwealth claim Mr Ashby’s case is vexatious and designed to vilify Mr Slipper and ‘destroy or seriously damage’ his reputation and political career.

    They claim Mr Ashby secretly met with Queensland Liberal National Party (LNP) cabinet minister Mark McArdle on February 2 to discuss his plans, and ‘unlawfully’ sent extracts of Mr Slipper’s diary to former federal minister Mal Brough.

    They are seeking an order that the proceeding be permanently stayed as an abuse of the process of court.

    In an amended points of claim also filed with the court on Friday, Mr Slipper removed claims that Mr Ashby, or someone on his behalf, provided the media with a copy of his originating application.

    Mr Slipper originally claimed the News Ltd journalist who broke the story, Steve Lewis, was provided with a copy of the document before or around the same time Mr Slipper received it.

    News Ltd had denied claims any of its journalists received a copy of Mr Ashby’s legal claim before Mr Slipper and said that they got the documents through the courts.

    The application to throw the case out has been set down for hearing on July 23.

  70. James Ashby has filed an application seeking to delay filing a response

    delaying the inevitable?

    Or just dragging it for as long as they can, in hte hopes that Gillard falls before their case does

    I note the news tonight were declaring Gillard gone …..again

    Based on a poll about the Carbon Price which was taken before the Carbon Price was introduced 😯

  71. Cu, Interlocutory orders are very rare and usually only relate to serious matters (life and death) and where these things need to be dealt with in a timely manner, plus when a point of law is called into question. Without knowing the precise circumstances, and this is just my opinion, I would call it delaying tactics by Ashby’s lawyer.

  72. What does one say…

    AUSTRALIA’S biggest solar energy scheme is dead in the water, torpedoed by the withdrawal of funding by the Newman Government.

    The State Government is pulling $75 million out of a renewable energy power project, effectively killing off up to 400 jobs.

    Regional Queensland was set to be home to one of the biggest combination solar and gas power plants in the world under a $1.2 billion scheme, a joint Federal-State Government and private partnership.

  73. What does one say…

    #&^% you newman

    Interesting how both newman and balieu are doing their best to try and undermine any renewable energies.

    I dread how far back our country will go if the libs get in federally

    I hope the project moves to SA, and it gets underway before the libs here or there can kill it.

  74. Min, I do not expect the Ashby matter to proceed.

    As for doing away with solar development might just backfire on the Liberals. This is what Abbott is pushing. We had it out of the mouth of Mirabella last night.

    It appears that more than 60% still believe in human made climate change. I assume they still expect something to be done.

    it appears to be the PM’s scheme that is not liked at this time.

    Ir does not mean they do not expect something to be done.,

  75. However, it is the reaction of Mirabella, who was seated next to Sheikh, that has Twitter users commenting.
    “Oh, and if I’m ever in need of first aid I really hope the first person on the scene isn’t Sophie Mirabella,” tweeted columnist Joe Hildebrand.
    “Good on Greg Combet for jumping in to help Simon Sheikh when he collapsed on #qanda – what was Sophie Mirabella doing? She’s no Hoff,” TV and radio host Ben Fordham added on Twitter.
    Radio presenter and journalist Wendy Harmer said: “This flaming of Sophie Mirabella does not sit well with me. As much as I do not like her politics, this is not on.”
    Other Q&A viewers tweeted: “Watching Simon Sheikh passing out is horrible. But worse is seeing Sophie Mirabella recoil in horror, rather than help”.
    Another wrote: “Get Up to change their name to Wake Up, while Sophie Mirabella to become shadow minister for compassion”.
    “Just watched the #QandA footage of Simon sheik collapsing. Disgusted at Sophie mirabella’s reaction. No thought of helping someone in need,” another viewer tweeted.

    Read more:

  76. We now have Joe Hockey ABC 24.

    Emerson a disgrace. It appears that Emerson has got up his nose.

  77. Of course Joe has never made a fool of himself in public. Joe also running down the PM and her relationship with Indonesia.

  78. How the Carbon Price helps industry (not that we’ll be hearing about that in our failed estate)

    “The government’s assistance measures for manufacturers, including the $800 million Clean Technology Investment Program and the $200 million Clean Technology Food and Foundries Investment Program, will help them invest in new energy efficient equipment.

    “I expect this support to open up further opportunities for innovation across the manufacturing space as companies consider how technology can help them bring down their energy costs.

    “The Australian Government is committed to ensuring a bright future for agriculture, fisheries and forestry under a carbon price.

    Perhaps Emo should do a song and dance about that too 😉

  79. Mirabella showed her class…. didnt know what to do, didnt have a minion to take care of it, eewww, ……. Greg just did what any ordinary Aussie would do, ….. oh, yes, its all about Class v Class….. one helps and one needs help (ers) eewww , shades of Paris, eewww !!!!!

  80. My emphasis.

    The Australian government solicitor advised the industrial umpire not to hand over to police information relating to its investigation into the Health Services Union and its former boss Craig Thomson, federal parliament has been told.

    Fair Work Australia (FWA) general manager Bernadette O’Neill gave evidence to parliament’s Electoral Matters Committee in Melbourne on Tuesday.

    The committee is investigating the Australian Electoral Commission’s analysis of the FWA report on the HSU national office.

    FWA found Mr Thomson, as national HSU secretary from 2002 to 2007, misused members’ funds for escorts, cash withdrawals and electioneering.

    Mr Thomson, who is now a federal MP, has vowed to fight the case in the Federal Court, while police in NSW and Victoria are also investigating.

    Ms O’Neill said the FWA first became aware of the matter when anonymous information was left at a FWA counter.

    She said she did not have the power to investigate whether criminal offences had been committed.

    Asked by Liberal MP Bronwyn Bishop why she did not refer the matter to the police she responded, “My advice was (from the Australian government solicitor) that I was not permitted to do so.”

    Amendments were passed in the parliament last week that Ms O’Neill said would in future give FWA the authority to refer matters to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions at an earlier stage, rather than having to wait until it had finished its own investigation.

    Federal Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten has said the changes also mean the FWA general manager now has the power to provide information to state and federal police.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard suspended Mr Thomson from the Labor Party in April this year, arguing that while he was owed the presumption of innocence, “a line had been crossed”.

    The federal opposition has attacked FWA for taking three years to examine the HSU.

    An independent review of the issue by advisory firm KPMG is to report to FWA by the end of this month.

  81. Q. Why has this investigation of HSU east taken so long, FWA if I know, WTF FWA, zippers guys, your old fella is flapp’n in da breeze 😀 …. like paddle’n up Lawler creek…… wonder what Daddys going to say Michael (oh, and Kath), wonder if Abbortt is going to stick by his old play-mate…. depends on Daddies plan ,ay, Tony… thats a good boy……Daddies boy….. sure know how to breed ’em.. that (not so ) Liberal Party….. (all that effort Sir Peter and your boys still a dick)…. cant wait til Aborts old mate brings him down…… Thanks Kathy… your dis-service has been of some service….. 😀

  82. Retail trade has bounced by up to half a percent thanks to the carbon pricing support payments according to an “expert” on the ABC.

    So when Abbott rips back these payments he will be slashing support for the retail industry. I wonder who will volunteer now for his next photo op.

    It is going to be hard to top the day 2 photo op of him standing in front of a small mountain of fertiliser – so much bullshit, so little time (before the next opinion poll).

  83. lunalava

    2 more in the retail group that Brumby’s is part of

    “The bakery chain is part of the publicly listed Retail Food Group, which also owns Donut King and Michel’s Patisserie.”

    I wonder if the ACCC will look to them as well.

  84. Cu, that’s an idea. What about a do with Carbon tax watch? I’m not sure how much of this there is going to be, it might all be last week’s fish & chip wrapping…

  85. A law firm is preparing a class action for about 100 women who say they were forced to give up their babies during the 1960s and 70s.

    Porters Lawyers, a Canberra-based firm, is representing the women who claim they were forced to give up their babies at a number of institutions and hospitals run by charities and church orders around Australia.

    The advent of Mr. Whitlam’s Single Parent benefits that bought a end to this shocking situation. It gave mothers the ability to have a choice. Most choose to keep their babies.

    We went from numerous institutions, full of thousands of babies to none within a few short years.

    The word bastard disappeared overnight.

  86. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott believes he is earning his keep as an MP by campaigning against the federal government’s carbon tax.

    Federal politicians have been awarded a three per cent pay increase by the independent Remuneration Tribunal, which is almost double the current rate of inflation.

    Mr Abbott will get an extra $10,267 to take his salary to $352,527, but he will be $91,834 better off than a year ago after a salary review just three months ago.

    ‘I never forget that the taxpayers in Australia pay my salary. That’s why every day I am working for their benefit,’ Mr Abbott told reporters in Adelaide on Wednesday.

    ‘Right now, I am working to save them from a carbon tax. That’s how I justify my salary, by working for the benefit of the Australian people every day, by saving them from this toxic tax, this bad tax based on a lie.’

  87. can bet you won’t see a costed argument from Abbott/Hockey on that one.

    Well, you need to cut them some slack, ME. They still haven’t chosen a catering company to cost their policy.

    I must now interrupt transmission for the following very important announcement:

    It is my melancholy duty to advise that there has been a very severe outbreak of man flu in this household. Although the unfortunate sufferer has taken the usual measures to curb the intense suffering caused by man flu, he has had to retire to his bed of pain.

    He still retains his faith in the traditional cures of copious amounts of beer and port for man flu and will continue to treat himself with the precious liquids long after the flu has drowned.

    He is doubly afflicted by the lack of Jewish panadol in the household, having guzzled the lot last week, but feels certain that a chicken sandwich is a credible substitute.

    Normal transmission may now resume.

  88. I pride myself in writing posts that meet the disapproval of the right wingers. My next post will drive them feral. Sit back and enjoy.

    In the meantime we have Wixxy’s and Alex’s posts to run some course, so you’ll have to wait. :mrgreen:

  89. That’s the crux of it Cu.

    In the end if Abbott is PM they will find he was wrong throughout all his opposition. He’s already admitted he’s wrong with the NBN by now saying a government he leads will complete its roll out with no changes.
    He will keep the carbon tax making excuses blaming Labor, international pressure and everything, and his gormless followers will lap it up blaming Labor very every Abbott failure, and there will be a lot of them.
    He will break promise after promise, just as his State Liberal counterparts are doing in spades.
    Yes the doomsayers will be proven wrong, yet it won’t stop them blaming everyone else when the doomsayers are shown to be wrong.

  90. The Ashby case looks as though it is going to be fun, with so mant texts messages being made available

    “Documents released by the court last week show much of Mr Slipper’s case is likely to be based on text messages obtained from Mr Ashby’s mobile telephone – a fact that has sent shudders through political circles

    One senior Labor source said: “I understand there are thousands of texts. We’ve always said that we think the LNP was involved and we wonder whether the texts will shed more light on that.

    Some Coalition sources are concerned that because Mr Ashby’s telephone would have been funded by taxpayers any contacts could be made public.”

  91. Sue, the plot is getting murkier by the moment. Yesterday we had Lewis’s lawyer trying to wriggle and squirm out of supplying documents to the court and today we have McIver subpoenaed. The paper trail coming out of this one is going to make the Grech Affair look straightforward by comparison.

  92. I put this pne up on the fifth estate thread yesterday, but, just in case no one saw it.


    I sent that Ray Hadley/Lewis Interview link to Slipper’s lawyers.

    They had not seen it, and they said they WILL use it, saying thanks for the tip.

    A bit of useful citizen bloggery, I hope.

    Watching Q&A the other day, and Combets statement was revealing

    TONY JONES: Greg Combet? Are sections of the media out to get the Government?

    GREG COMBET: I’m very much looking forward to this court case being heard and determined.

    TONY JONES: You mean you’re looking forward to it with some sort of pleasure? Is that what you mean?

    GREG COMBET: No, no pleasure whatsoever unfortunately but I’ve looked through the Federal Court documents that are online at the moment and I think anyone that does would be rather astonished by what’s on there.

    It is a slow burner, but I’m pretty sure there are some nervous individuals at the moment.+

  93. Tom, thank you for going to the trouble of reposting this.

    Good grief!!!

    TONY JONES: You mean you’re looking forward to it with some sort of pleasure? Is that what you mean?

    How tempting would it have been to answer..well never mind, we’ll let our imaginations take care of that one…

  94. Tom R
    the interview between hadley and steve lewis that was sent to slipper’s lawyers, is there a link

  95. Who knows! It appears, not Mr. Abbott.

    It is lovely that to know that:- The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.

    Mr. Abbott has had bad luck all this year. Nothing has turned out as he had hoped.

    He is still on the outside, looking in.

    This morning his gem is that under him, that boat would have been turned back. It appears that one removes the gasoline from the boat, forcing them tho turn back. He did not explain how the navy stopped those on the boat from pulling the plug, letting the water in.

    It appears now, that the crew is removed before they notify the navy of there present. I suppose lack of crew would not worry Mr. Abbott.

    Facts as we know it for the last boat. When the navy arrived yesterday, they waited hours to board the boat because if the rough seas. When the boarded the boat, the decision was made to remove the people. Three needed medical treatment.

    Going on the information that is in the public domain, this boat would not and could not be forced back to Indonesia.

    The people refused to leave the ship. They only left the ship after a deal was made to process the people and a promise that they be allowed to come to Australia.

    For the navy to take the people to Indonesia would only caused trouble between Indonesia and Australia.

    This is something that Abbott would love. It would prove in his eyes, that he is right, to say the relationship is not the best.

  96. From this report it appears the Church is more concerned with hiding the truth then being concerned about the victims of sexual assault by the clergy.

    “Last night the Archdiocese of Sydney dismissed the highly detailed account written immediately after the meeting by Father Peters as a ”private report” and ”not an official record of the 1992 meeting”

    Read more:

  97. Oh so I get it, the Archdiocese of Sydney is saying the three priests at the time lied about what Farther F told them and put those lies down in a report.

    It is only the Church hierarchy, who weren’t there and who have a history of falsifying and victimising, “official” record that should be believed and taken into account.

    This is the religion we are told has changed and has put those bad cover up for pedophile priest days behind them, yet here they are at it again, not only still covering up for those abusers still out there like Father F but covering up the cover ups.

    You need not wonder why the Catholic Church is dying when all they offer is prejudice against gays and cover ups for pedophiles in their ranks. Yet they want to lecture to our kids through chaplaincy programs in our public schools.

  98. Manufacturing exports improve across all sectors in yet more great economic news.

    What a terrible government.

    Let’s put this into context of Howard’s supposed great economic management.

    Howard went into the 1996 election on the back of a single policy based on a debt truck going around the country. He promised he would turn around the current account deficit that was a disgrace for this country. It was supposedly his biggest priority.

    In the next 10 years he only managed one trade surplus and had record after record disgraceful trade deficits.

    Yet his promise of turning around the trade deficit, yet it was a massive lie.

  99. Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has played down rumours that the airline could be the subject of a takeover bid by a group that includes its former managers.

    ‘There’s no formal or informal offer or proposals,’ Mr Joyce said.

    ‘I think what we read is just pure speculation.’

    The Australian Financial Review reported on Thursday that a group of wealthy individuals, including venture capitalist Mark Carnegie, was working behind the scenes to form a syndicate to make a bid for Qantas.

  100. Q. What is Steve Lewis afraid of?
    A. Sunlight

    I should not have to comply, insists journalist Lewis
    July 6, 2012

    Steve Lewis, the News Ltd journalist at the heart of the political stoush surrounding the Speaker of the federal Parliament, Peter Slipper, says he should not have to comply with a subpoena issued by the Federal Court because it is “too broad”.

    Lewis has been ordered to produce all communication he had with Mr Slipper’s former staffer James Ashby, before a sexual harassment claim made by Mr Ashby against the Mr Slipper became public.

    He has also been ordered to reveal all emails, memos, text messages, and phone records sent between himself and former Howard government minister Mal Brough, Mr Ashby’s media adviser, Anthony McClellan and another Slipper aide, Karen Doane.

  101. I’ve got it now..

    So we have from a couple of days ago Lewis trying to wriggle and squirm out of providing evidence. That one as I’ve already stated, due to court procedures will go over like a lead balloon with the court. Trying to get out of providing subpoenaed evidence was not a good look. However..and moving right along..

    The staffer who has accused the Speaker, Peter Slipper, of sexual harassment says he should not be forced to put on any evidence which may show that he committed a criminal offence.

    The Federal Court this morning heard James Ashby may be referred to the Australian Federal Police for investigation into whether he committed any crimes when he allegedly gave extracts of Mr Slipper’s diary to a journalist and a political rival.

  102. The Australian puts a different slant on it, naturally.

    Ashby conspiracy claims backfire

    by: Leo Shanahan
    From: The Australian
    July 06, 2012 11:48AM

    ATTEMPTS by Peter Slipper and ministers to label the behaviour of James Ashby part of a criminal conspiracy have backfired.

    A federal court judge has said because of the claims, he can no longer force Mr Ashby to file a response to allegations of abuse of process for fear of incriminating himself.

  103. Mr. Morrison PC. ABC 24. Looks like a man trying to dig himself out of a hole.

    First, Mr. Morrison, it is in the public domain. the reason for the panel is to access the policies of the three parties. That include his.

    The body that the PM is setting up with members from all parties, to give advice as sought by the panel.

    Fifty percent of something, is not better, if it is the wrong thing to do.

    Mr. Morrison, I dare you to accept the PM’s challenge, and prove to the panel you have the best policies.

    Does one sense that wedge is getting tighter.

  104. Pip, obviously loud warning bells here..Ashby cannot answer for fear of incriminating himself. Now, the term incriminating oneself is an interesting one..putting on my lawyer hat for a moment, this pertains to criminal cf civil.

    Therefore the suggestion must be that Ashby engaged in criminal behaviour.

    Let’s get back to basics, Ashby is suing for a civil matter but the evidence relates to a criminal matter..

  105. Min and Pip
    how about this from the link
    “Justice Rares said he was concerned about the amount of time and money being spent on the case, especially when the amount of damages Mr Ashby was seeking was likely to be relatively small.”
    Read more:

    So if the damages was likely to be relatively small, it makes you wonder what is the real amount and who is paying him.

  106. I should come clean, I’m a lawyer but never graduated as due to being hearing impaired could not pass the moot court requirement.

  107. Judge still recommending mediation.

    Your client and one of the senior ministers in the press is reported to make similar allegations . . . Having put this on the table why should I force Mr Ashby to do something that may incriminate him.”

    Justice Rares also suggested that the parties “take a step back” and considered a mediated conclusion to the sexual harassment allegations.

    “I would not order mediation in this matter . . . But perhaps it would be best if all parties took a step back and resolve their differences in a manner that does not distract from their lives.”

    Justice Rares said that perhaps the case had become “out of all proportion” and he was “not here to deal with the political side”.

  108. CU
    mediation on the civil claim however this may not stop the govt proceeding with the the criminal charges.
    Grech got off lightly, he even kept his PS superannuation. With Ashby they need to get to the people who encouraged Ashby to break the law.

  109. HSU East staff fear that even with a court-appointed Administrator that the union branch is insolvent and that staff entitlements are at risk after years of mismanagement and theft by its leadership cabal including national secretary Kathy Jackson.

  110. Does one get the feeling that he resents being used as a political tool.

    He has said early on that he could not see why one would want 5 or 6 days for what amounts to a few words being said.

    He is now saying any likely damages would be small.

    Much ado about nothing.

  111. ATTEMPTS by Peter Slipper and ministers to label the behaviour of James Ashby part of a criminal conspiracy have backfired.

    Not sure how the oo see this as a abckfire.

    If anything, to me, it just indicates that ashby might think that there is something there that might result in criminal charges. So he nest just shut up

    The bar just got raised, and the oo call it a ‘backfire’ lol

    And it really doesn’t have anything to do with what the ministers said outside court about public court matters, it is all to do with the case Slipper is putting forwrad. He is the one who, in court, raised the bar. Apparently, this has ashby quite nervous.

    Slow cooking, but still cooking

  112. ONE of Julia Gillard’s advisers was acting “within the scope of his duties” when he passed on information that unwittingly led to Australia Day protests, police say.
    Federal police documents, released to the Herald Sun under Freedom Of Information, show Tony Hodges passed on “accurate” information about Tony Abbott to union official Kim Sattler.

  113. Tom R, that looks like a weak attempt at spin. Who’d have thought The Australian would stoop to such trickery??

  114. Tom, it’s utter bull shizzer from Shannnaannnahan…

    A federal court judge has said because of the claims, he can no longer force Mr Ashby to file a response to allegations of abuse of process for fear of incriminating himself.


    However Justice Steven Rares in the Federal Court this morning said that the allegations of a criminal conspiracy from Mr Slipper and senior ministers meant that Mr Ashby could no longer be forced to make a submission against the allegations in the civil case because he may incriminate himself.

    Therefore Ashby’s court case is now dead in the water… Ashby cannot proceed because it would incriminate himself in a criminal case. We’ve gone from civil to criminal..and all against Ashby, who about now will be regretting taking on Peter Slipper.

    This is Justice Rares getting fed up with the whole event..

    Justice Rares also suggested that the parties “take a step back” and considered a mediated conclusion to the sexual harassment allegations.

  115. Tom R, if Ashby refuse to give evidence on the grounds it might discriminate him, how does he put forwarded his case.

    Surely Mr. Slipper is allowed to defend himself. It is not his fault that the evidence might include criminal intent on the part of Mr. Ashby and others.

    I believe the problem might be Mr. Ashby s.

  116. If I was acting as Ashby’s counsel, I would say that a quiet retreat would be the best option.

    This is giving due regard to the fact that Ashby was suing in tort.

    This case has dug up a can of worms and ones which Ashby’s counsel were more than likely not prepared for. Again putting on the lawyer hat, retreat would seem to be the best option.

    Slipper’s counsel will this evening being doing high fives and sharing cab sav down at the local.

  117. Cu, it’s a bit convoluted..Ashby was suing in tort (civil) but evidence emanating from the case suggests criminal events. Therefore, Ashby would be wise to blow retreat.

  118. I would say that a quiet retreat would be the best option.

    I reckon that boat sailed once the entire country had read the allegations before anyone in a courtroom had 😉

  119. Interesting that Justice Rares now suggests mediation..that was what did not happen because Ashby/Lewis went straight into publication. Step 1 of all civil action, like it or lump it is always mediation.

  120. ..and the Thomson saga unravels for the Liberals as well with Bronwyn Bishop admitting it’s a witch hunt.

    During the Senate Committee: Electoral Matters (Inquiry into the AEC Analysis of the FWA report on the HSU) Fri, 06 Jul 2012

    Bronwyn Bishop while badgering the AEC (Australian Electoral Commission) witnesses during its inquiry into funds from the HSU (Health Services Union) to Craig Thomson a report by FWA (Fair Work Australia) admits the whole reason for this ongoing saga.

    It is not about unions, it is not about justice, it is not about the funds mis-spent or not from low-paid union workers.

    Unless she gets the answers she wants, she is accusing investigators of doing a “slap-dash job”.

    Bishop says she is not interested in Kathy Jackson, her only focus is in Craig Thomson.

    Bishop: “We didnt have a Thomson before and we didn’t have a government relying on his vote“.

    Cat out of bag, much.

  121. The husband of Liberal Senator Mary Jo Fisher has told a court a lawsuit brought by her own lawyers is a “vexatious” way to create more publicity while she is in a vulnerable state.

    Grope Hamilton Lawyers is suing Senator Fisher for $9,000 in unpaid legal fees.

    The firm, employing the services of QC Michael Abbott, represented the South Australian Senator in a shoplifting trial.

    She was acquitted of stealing $92 of groceries from a supermarket in December 2010 because she was having a panic

  122. With low unemployment, what does this mean. Catering to the lowest in our society. Sounds good, get those lazy buggers back to work.

    I would expect the Liberals would have mote to offer than a rehash of the Howard years.

    After all, it is seven years since the voters, kicked him out.

    A COALITION government will “break the cycle of idleness and habits of apathy” that can develop among those on welfare, according to leaked speaking notes provided to opposition MPs.
    “The Coalition will renew the commitment to mutual obligation” and allow people to “give back” in return for assistance, making welfare “a disincentive to those who just want to bludge”, the 135-page “Coalition Speaker’s Notes” say.

    Read more:

  123. Cu, Justice Rares has already stated that in his opinion the case should proceed to mediation. The case, is dead, deceased..

  124. Café patrons should be aware that this scam is still alive:

    Don’t let a scammer scare you into believing your computer is infected with a virus or is sending them error messages. Even if the caller claims to be a representative from Microsoft or another genuine service provider, you should be very wary of anyone who calls you out of the blue and tries to trick you into letting them gain remote access to your computer.

    SCAMwatch has heard several variations of this scam, but generally the caller will claim they suspect your computer is infected and that they need remote access to check. If you allow them access, they will then pretend to run a scan and report that your computer is infected. The caller will then try to convince you to purchase anti-virus software straight away to remove the infection. The fee may be a one-off payment or an ongoing subscription.

    I got a call just before claiming my computer was downloading viruses and was at risk. It was about this time I pointed out that he was FOS, and strangely, he hung up 😀

  125. Min. I would much rather see it proceed and Slipper cleared.

    Also, I do not believe that Roxon has much love for Abbott, Remember back to the 2007 elections.

  126. Bacchus, must be the same person who does the phone and hang up thing on me every 2nd day…I do know where the calls come from, but won’t say. Easy to trace..

  127. Very busy man. I have over the last year or two, have had three calls. Same accent each time. Last time was this week. Quietly let him give me his spiel, then had fun abusing him.

  128. The Managing Director of Brumbies has stepped down. Too late mate, today i had the choice of buying at Brumbies, Donut King and Michel’s Patisserie however, I chose to take my custom elsewhere. Goodwill/trust has already been lost.

  129. he Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) is warning internet users about a dangerous new virus which could potenitally leave millions of people without access to the internet on Monday.

    The virus software is known as a ‘Domain Name System Changer’ or ‘DNSChanger’ and is believed to have been secretly installed by Estonian hackers more than 12months ago.

  130. Cu, it’s not about Slipper being cleared, it’s about Ashby having to prove his case.

    I know that it’s one of those convoluted lawyer things, but Slipper has no case, it’s up to Ashby to prove his.

    To explain. I have white lacy drawers on the washing line. Ashby says, their mine and I claim sexual harrassment. Soo, about this time Ashby lawyers thinking that the white lacy drawers might have been stolen in the first place and thus a criminal case…damn it..I give up..Min throws hands up in the air and decides that the whole thing is a stuff up and I may as well go and buy a bottle of Mateus….

  131. Cannot help but agree with Swan.

    Noticed that Abbott is bogged down with turning the boats around.

    Mr Swan attacked Mr Abbott as the most negative politician in Australia’s history.

    “The rubbish he’s been spouting since Sunday has been one of the most disgraceful and pathetic performances from a politician we’ve ever seen,” Mr Swan said.

    “He said the sky would fall in, that families wouldn’t be able to afford food this week because price rises would be unimaginable, that whole towns would be wiped off the map.”

    Mr Swan said Australia was the strongest economy in the developed world.

  132. Loss of “good will” at Brumbies will be far greater than a 0.7 cent increase due to the introduction of carbon pricing. Good will losses come straight off profit and can not be “passed on” to customers.

    Oh the irony, that the first casualties of the introduction of carbon pricing are the small business supporters that listened to Tony Abbott.

    Abbott really does not have a clue about financial management.

  133. Lunalava, agreed the loss of good will is difficult to get back once lost…once proven to be deceptive..most especially.

  134. From Erin, now back from Japan: Good to be home with the kitties… Ross almost didn’t make it back as he couldn’t prove he was a citizen! 😯

  135. I do know where the calls come from, but won’t say. Easy to trace..

    Sure is Min – notify your phone service provider who will instigate a Malicious Call Trace. Telephone exchanges, being just specialised computers, will automatically trace all calls made to your number. I’m not sure what happens if they find malicious callers – possibly notify federal police I guess.

    Here’s the Optus procedure:

  136. Quietly let him give me his spiel, then had fun abusing him.

    Good on you CU 🙂 My Aunty got scammed a couple of years ago. She happened to be having some problems with her computer at the time, so she was an easy mark…

  137. Bacchus, the problem is that the caller waits until I’ve picked up and therefore a *10# doesn’t work because there are no unanswered calls.

    I used to be hopeful that *who ever* would have got tired of their game fairly quickly. I have a fair idea who it is as I have unlisted number..due to being hearing impaired I only give my number out to trusted friends.

    But thank you for this, if this problem persists this week..I am going to take action, no doubt about that one. Results to be made public..and that’s a promise.

  138. Min. You should take appropriate action and publish the results.

    I had a similar problem until recently – the worst example being 18 calls in two hours
    when my daughter was recovering from surgery and the constant phone calls were especially unwelcome. I sent an email saying stop calling or the next message might be a little more formal. Result. No more calls.

  139. Likewise Pip. You know the sniping emails trying to undermine relationships..mostly to do with jealousy. Some people should just get over it and realise that it’s never going to happen. A delusional fantasy with an imaginery man.

    Sad really.

  140. Just watched ABC1 news. They somehow got the idea it was a ‘backfire ‘ too

    coincidental I guess 😉

  141. Pip, to whom are you aiming your comment? Is it specific or a generality? You clearly have anger issues at the moment which I suggest you deal with..doubtless via numerous behind the scenes emails so as to undermine others. Sad really.

  142. Just a Milestone for me: I have written 160 Posts. It surprised me when I saw the number come up. Anyway, a small yay for me…

  143. Here it is again.. again.. again…again…

    My comment was deleted so here it is again.. again..

    Min. End of Conversation.

    Min. this is you. Not me.

    July 6, 2012 @ 7:52 pm

    Likewise Pip. You know the sniping emails trying to undermine relationships..mostly to do with jealousy. Some people should just get over it and realise that it’s never going to happen. A delusional fantasy with an imaginery man.

    Sad really.

    I will make no further comment on this matter as it demeans the blog and disrespects the blogmaste

    This isn’t exactly as the first post as it was deleted I can’t remember the exact wording but I’m sure anyone reading this will get the gist.

    PS I will put this back whenever it is deleted for the sake of fair and balanced comment. 😯

  144. Umm, ok…don’t look at me, I have only authorship..

    I don’t know exactly what point you are trying to make. Is it that you have some delusions about a certain man.

  145. What a strange comment to have from you, Min. If you know who your abuser is on your home phone line and apparently on line, too, wouldn’t it make much more sense to deal with this privately rather than here in a public forum? Making these enigmatic comments so broadly leaves open questions that can never be answered and casts aspersions on us all which are impossible to defend. I think that Migs, his authors and other commenters don’t deserve that after all the hard work that’s gone into developing such a great site.

  146. Sue, Liberals… they’re not very bright sometimes… subtlety is not their strong suit.

    First up, is their connection with the Liberal Party.
    Brumby’s is just one brand / franchise owned by Retail Food Group. RFG was founded by Murray D’Almeida

    He has held a variety of Non-Executive positions with the Queensland Branch of the Liberal Party of Australia, both as a member of the Finance Committee and the Queensland State Executive.
    Source: here

    Is it any surprise that someone that connected to the Liberal Party would be happy with franchise holders risking huge, massive fines in order to push a political agenda.

  147. Patricia , I do not want to get involve in this spat between some, but I think you are hitting below the belt.

    Min has worked very hard in the time I have been involved to keep the site going.

    The site is a success because of the effort of Miglo and Min. To say anything else, is not true.

    I do not believe, if one goes back through the comments. that Min was the instigator.

    Why put up the comments on the site. If you have concerns, why not raise them by private email.

    I think Miglo would support what I have said, that Min kept things going for months while he was not available.

    PS. I believe that these two complement each other and this has led to a successful site.

    I hope that this is soon forgotten, and I wish a long life for the site, which I enjoy.

    I have probably upset everyone now but you know what, I do not care.

  148. Pip

    Did you read that Brumbies are now going to approach social media and twitter to try and re-establish trust. TOO late, I thought there was a Liberal connection and when I read the piece on turnleft 2013, it all fell into place.
    Also Brumbies have told all their franchisees to remove the Coalition posters, the posters so promoted by Abbott.

    Too late RFG.
    The Bickford’s cordial got thrown out as well, and they got an email.Bye bye Bickford.

  149. Liberal MP Malcolm Turnbull has proposed a compromise solution to the emotive issue of gay marriage.

    Debate on the issue has exposed divisions within political parties, and the Coalition’s position does not allow for any change to marriage laws.

    But speaking at the sixth annual Michael Kirby lecture on the Gold Coast, Mr Turnbull said Parliament should legislate civil unions for same-sex couples.

    “I think it would be a great pity if marriage is not able to be passed in the Parliament, civil unions,” he said.

    “That opportunity to pass civil unions should be taken up.

    “And I think it probably will be between now and when the Parliament is dissolved at the time of the election.”

    Mr Turnbull argued that in most of the countries where gay marriage is legal, they legislated for civil unions first.

    He said Australia should follow their lead.

  150. PIp

    I think Brumbies must have had a response otherwise they wouldn’t be going to so much trouble, including full page advertisements this weekend.
    And of course the little matter of the ACCC.
    “It is understood the company will run full-page newspaper advertisements over the weekend and has engaged a “social media expert” to limit the damage on Twitter and Facebook.

    Ms Catterall also instructed franchisees to remove any Liberal Party placards that linked price rises to the carbon tax.

    Read more:

  151. So much for the Australian and the big “backfires” headline.
    I wonder if Lewis faces criminal charges? that would be good

  152. Sue the little matter of the ACCC would make them sit up, but how dumb can that manager have been to spell out his directions so plainly.
    I wonder which Libs donor paid for all placards 😀

    The responses on Twitter and FB might prove interesting ..

  153. Sue, one can imagine Steve Lewis might be needing sleeping pills what with the stress of a possible court case to worry about an’ all.

    It’s not like his boss can just pay a fine to make this one go away.

  154. Pip
    And chief pooba LNP president McIver LIED and it was only yesterday. But then it was the Australian, Sky News, Ninemsn reporting that lie.

    “It was also revealed during Friday’s hearing that Queensland Liberal-National Party president Bruce McIver has been subpoenaed to give evidence in the case.

    Mr McIver, who on Thursday denied he had been subpoenaed, has agreed to co-operate”

  155. CU, the best way to shut up wankers like Liealot bashing the unemployed is to challenge them to live on the dole for a month.

    No living in their own homes with all the luxuries either.

    Of course Lielaot’s response would be to run away as he does whenever he’s challenged to put up or shut up.

  156. Sue @12.29am, it would be incredibly good if Lewis cops criminal charges and they stick!

    Pip @12.29am, I bet that manager is cursing the day Liealot infested his establishment with his hokey placards. Serves the bugger right for letting himself get sucked in by Liealot and his lies. The good thing is it might stop other wankers from doing the same.

    And more lies from the Liars, Sue. They’re coming in thick and fast and better still being reported,.

  157. Things aren’t going quite so swimmingly for them just now Jane, and it’s now the government’s time to shine the light on the Liealot bs.

    It won’t hurt if a few of them are hit with a big fine because that will get the message across faster than Abbott can walk away from an interview.

    All those businesses that Liealot visited had better check for the facts and not be relying on his placards.

  158. Clip is a bit over long to make the point but the badge at the end is worth it, and since Abbott is all about catchy slogans we all should take up, “In your guts you know he’s nuts.”

  159. So Brumbies answer, Just more lies. Apparently their mug (and standard cup) customers will fall for that, Tony Abbott has shown it is easy to get away with lies

    “Retail Food Group says it is trying hard to turn about the negative publicity and has sent franchisees a script for staff to use when dealing with customers’ complaints.

    It suggests staff apologise that “head office” made comments about the carbon tax and price rises.

    “We hope that this won’t taint the wonderful experience you have had with us for many years,” the script goes on to say.

  160. Migs said, (on another thread), “It’s a farce, I tells ya”.
    ..come on Migs, we gotta have the Showdowns, a wonderful tradition (maybe still in the making) and a welcome financial boost for both clubs and the charities that benifit from the event(s)….. ‘In the 32 showdowns to date the Power lead the all time series 17-15. The longest winning streak belongs to Port who beat the Crows 7 times’, …… even if they do beat ya today, (‘if’ 😆 ) you will still have some bragging rights left… your only sore ’cause you know the score 😀

  161. LOVO, it’ll always be remembered that we won the first one, and boy does that grind on their nerves.

    I’m not sure that this Showdown will be a financial success. It’s a Port home game and these don’t attract many Crow’s supporters.

    They’re gutless, I tells ya.

  162. I reckon there might be quite a few Cow supporters go,everyone likes watching their team win :mrgreen:

  163. Mr. Abbott. show the guts your supporters say you have and allow a conscience vote.

    It is of no concern what you rook to the last election. 58% rejected your policies.

    `Mr Turnbull says the more he reflects on gay marriage the less convinced he is by the arguments against it.

    He says while he doubts there is enough support in parliament for gay marriage to be legislated, civil unions could allow a compromise.

    “I think it would be a great pity if marriage is not able to be passed in the Parliament,” he told the press outside the sixth annual Michael Kirby lecture on the Gold Coast last night.

    “That opportunity to pass civil unions should be taken up.”

  164. A very interesting note from a Foreign Correspondent

    Indonesia’s Hizbolluh

    Indonesia Correspondent, Matt Brown, is packing his bags this weekend, and heading for the Middle East.This is his last assignment from Jakarta ,a story which has fascinated him since he read a few scant lines in a history book at the start of his posting, two and a half years ago.

    MATT BROWN: I’m almost packed and about to get on the plane for the Middle East, so I’ve been thinking a lot about Hizbullah. No, not the Shiite militia and political party that runs much of Lebanon; the Hizbullah here, in Indonesia.

    It was a Muslim militia created by the Japanese to fight the Allies in World War II.

    Now, you’re probably familiar with the thread winding from al-Qaeda’s attacks on America in 2001, back to the CIA’s (Central Intelligence Agency) funding for the Mujahedeen who fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. But that’s just part of a broader story about outsiders oppressing, fostering and flirting with local Muslim forces. And it stretches from the battle scarred streets of Beirut and Baghdad, across the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, all the way to Bali.

  165. Paul Howes: Labor must turn on the Greens and destroy them

    Well Paul Howes has certainly done a number on the ALP and completely disenfranchised the left of that party and their voters. What an idiot.

    Already the Ltd News journos are having a field day saying Gillard is finished and the ALP is a mess. The backlash on Twitter is gathering momentum and in this case I have to agree with them wholly.

    The ALP is a mess if Howes is representative of them.

    This at a time there is conflict between between Abbott and Turnbull again.

  166. I have been a part of the conversation if you expand on some of them. I’ve also been to Howes’s page and given him a mouthful there and a spray on another forum.

  167. Charged priest’s political link

    The NSW Attorney-General, Greg Smith, is under fire for letting a senior staff member with links to Father Finian Egan block the release of government documents relating to the alleged paedophile priest.

    Damien Tudehope, Mr Smith’s chief of staff, refused access to the documents despite once having worked as Father Egan’s solicitor. The priest was arrested in May and charged with multiple sex offences against boys and girls stretching back decades.

    Mr Tudehope’s brother Anthony Tudehope, a barrister, attended the police station with the Catholic priest when he was charged.

    Opus Dei shapes as challenge for Abbott

  168. Abbott didn’t do so well on Insiders


    MisdaMagoo ‏@MisdaMagoo

    Abbott on Struggle Street big time! #Insiders Cant handle a single straight question! #auspol #WillBeLastTimeOnABC

  169. Cassidy allowed him to get away with a lot Pip. He had Abbott on the ropes in the seize fuel plan but allowed Abbott to get away with it.

    Also he never challenged Abbott’s statement no other countries have an ETS. Another free kick for nothing.

  170. Conflict between Abbott and Turnbull? What rubbish!

    That statement is nothing more than wishful speculation from someone who has not a clue what is happening in the opposition. A classic example of the fifth estate being nothing but unsubstantiated gossip.

    Good to see Labor finally trying to distance themselves from the loonies. The Greens are the enemies of progress and should go the way of One Nation.

    The Greens are BANANAS. Build Anything Not Anywhere Near Anything.

  171. ME I’m only following it on Twitter but from what you say, and other tweets, Cassidy needs to either retire or do his research before he goes on air.

    The Failed Estate’s Mr. Denmore made an interesting point.on Twitter

    Mr Denmore ‏@MrDenmore

    Disturbing how Cassidy refers to Abbott so casually as ‘Tony’. Is that the #insiders effect?

    Also noticeable grumps from rwdb about left-wing Cassidy and left-wing ABC…
    they must be very far to the right !

  172. Look at the #insiders which is trending at the moment.

    Very telling that the Liberal Zombie trolls are out in force and their avatars of mostly violent stuff gives them away.

  173. Josh Taylor ‏@joshgnosis

    Abbott says the Ashby case should now be left in the hands on the court. He wasn't saying that before it turned sour on them… #Insiders

    Craig Thomson anyone?

  174. It had to come out eventually; banging on about “productivity” wore a bit thin

    Michael Byrnes ‏@MichaelByrnes

    Tony Abbott has foreshadowed serious changes to workplace relations. #insiders #auspol

  175. Yes Pip I was going to mention that.

    It’s not the first time Abbott has hinted at or stated that there will be major changes to IR. It may be one thing he can’t remain disciplined over at the control of his masters and will brain fart the plans for another mutation of WorkChoices.

    It would be the major reason the big end of town are going so hard to have him in power. It’s still their unfulfilled dream.

  176. The fact that Abbott even appeared on the Insiders shows he is desperate. Verbally “ran away” from several questions. He looked like a rabbit caught in the spot light.
    I predict that the polls due to be released later today will show a dip for Abbott. The Insiders appearance is an attempt at damage control. As is the sudden bloom of right wing trolls in the fifth estate.

  177. The long and tedious story on the Insiders about what defines a “political lie” looked more like a journalist’s group therapy session.
    As they look at the twilight of their careers, of course the question turns to: “How could our deep and profound insights not be worth more in the news cycle?”

  178. Lunalava, the rw trolls are all out today but they do have some competition. 😀

    Mr Jatan ‏@nickjatan
    Hilarious – the LNP media dog Kenny thinks Barrie was being hard on Tony today – explains why #skyNews is a joke #FFS #insiders

    Marian Rumens Marian Rumens ‏@mrumens
    @nickjatan Hard on Abbott? Barrie didn’t even blink an eye at Abbott;s “$50 billion in savings we made last election”

  179. Mobius, no surprises there..Tony Abbott could not possibly upset Cardinal Pell by agreeing to any recognition whatsoever of gay relationships..

  180. Lunalava, it was Cu’s comment during the week..and a very intuitive lady she is..that Abbott is starting to look desperate.

  181. Sue @ 10.22am, this was the earlier post re Iain Hall.

    When you took a post from this site and reposted it on your own, that was a step too far. You can be abusive as you like in comments, and the editor has the right to hit the “trash” button, but when you take work from this blog, and reproduce it on your own, the editor has no control over what context it is place in.

    Take your hate, and go away.

  182. lunalava

    are you referring to Jacqueline Maley, who confessed the SMH journalists, city slickers, did not know what a mickey bull was and spent a lot of time finding out the meaning.
    revealing wasn’t it, did not recognise the palmer thing as a diversion, they were diverted.
    no mention of the Carbon tax ripoff attempt by Brumbies

    And only Megathingy pointed out that Abbott was highlighting NZ as an example of reduction of govt spending as a proportion of GDP , NZ going from 35% to 30%, whereas Australia is already at 24%. Yet Australia, under Gillard according to Abbott is worse than NZ. So the question should be put to Abbott how is he going to cut spending, Australia with PM Gillard is already better than who he judges as good economic spenders, NZ.

  183. Iain Hall has behaved himself on this blog. Yes we all know that old story. I for one have appreciated a number of Iain’s comments.

  184. I agree. For all of Iain Hall’s faults, he had not been abusive. Iain has crossposted topics and is generally reasonable. In this he compares with the likes of Tweed.

  185. Sure would save my scrolling finger if you banned Iain Hall. I can put up with the dumb and dumber comments from El Gordo but would suggest that anyone who invades privacy and threatens another blogger should be banned.

  186. Lunalava, just my opinion, but if you look back some of Tweed’s comments have been far worse than anything coming from Iain Hall. Tweed/Geoff/Poh has been pursuing this pattern of behaviour for quite some time, but fortunately he retreats often enough to not overly disrupt the blog.

    El gordo has been around for a long while now, again disruptive comments. However my belief (and that’s just me), is that the appropriate way to deal with these is to basically ignore them. The good old saying, Don’t Feed The Trolls. I know that el gordo does enjoy a convo about things extraterrestrial, and has often put some excellent points forward.


  187. Cassidy on Insiders said that the Green’s were receiving lots of negative feedback for their non-negotiable stand in the senate on the assylum issue. the story in the SMH on Bandt who relies on labor preferences, may have him worried about his own politicl future

    Also on Insiders, it was pointed out that the PM last year, in April, advocated not automatically preferencing the Greens so the angle by the SMH that Gillard is being undermined or not informed is totally wrong.

  188. Mobius, I tend to agree. There has been a great dumbing down IMO in recent times. Fair enough, we tweet etc but that should be just data, to be collected, to be analysed and commented upon. At times it seems that the tweet is the summation of the entirety.

  189. Sue, so the angle by the SMH that Gillard is being undermined or not informed is totally wrong.

    It usually is wrong these days!

  190. The main point in Poser’s article is:

    there’s been a real deterioration in conservative thinking. And that has to lead people to re-examine and modify their thinking there’s been a real deterioration in conservative thinking. And that has to lead people to re-examine and modify their thinking.

    And “goofy”, “crackpot” and “lunatic”.

    In the last few years we have seen the deterioration of intellectualism, ideas reduced to putdowns and bullying. Australian society has seen a complete reversal from, for example the Keating years when to be an intellectual was something to be admired, a time when everone’s opinion mattered, to now when opinions matter hardly at all.

  191. A handy link from Twitter

    3,000 Businesses Create New Ad for Climate Change Action

    3,000 US businesses are not waiting around any longer to see if climate and clean energy legislation will move along in Congress. They are pushing for it with full force.

    American Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE), the US Climate Action Partnership (USCAP) and other businesses outside of these organizations have created a new national advertising campaign to push for swift action on this important legislation.

    The 3,000 businesses working together on this include global leaders like Google, Nike, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Gap, Johnson & Johnson, Michelin, Shell, Whirlpool and Timberland as well as smaller mom-&-pop businesses.


  192. Sue on negative feed back against the Greens. The Greens are stuffed on the issue of asylum seekers. They are turning their backs and walking away. Denial can work only X amount of time, but eventually they will have to address the issue or be labelled cowards for their failure to do so.

  193. Sarah Hanson-Young holding her breath and stamping her feet
    “That’s bringing back Work Choices, it’s destroying the price on carbon, it’s towing boats back.
    It’s all of the things that apparently Labor is meant to stand against’

    Yes if Labor doesn’t preference the Greens more toddler quotes by SH-Y:
    ” said Mr Dastyari had “insulted a good swag of the people that they (Labor) rely on, election-in and election-out”.
    “Sam Dastyari did say in his interview … that there’s a difference between the Greens’ values and the Labor values and that’s right: the Greens have values and the Labor party doesn’t,” she said.

    Read more:

  194. The Greens should be careful what they wish for..the rate that they’re going, they are helping to install Tony Abbott as Prime Minister.

  195. AntonyG
    yes. I think that is what Cassidy was saying, the Greens are getting plenty of feed back.
    during the week I heard sarah Hanson-Young say she had been to Indonesia to talk to the experts and because of that it had hardened her resolve against off-shore processing.

  196. No Min it’s the likes of Howes and Dastyari who are helping install Abbott as PM.

    Antony I would like know just what the Greens are supposedly turning their backs on and walking away from?

  197. Sue,

    With due respect to the Greens, it does become somewhat Kumayah. It’s all very well to have principles, but it’s in the practical application that things go awry.

    Did Hanson-Young mention a solution, or just that she’s had a discovery tour of Indonesia.

  198. Antony have you looked at their policy framework in full or have you asked Hanson-Young for their solution?

    The Greens are a single seat out of 180 in parliament yet apparently it’s they who are a cop out.

    What of Abbott and the Coalition or the other independents?

    Are you all saying it’s admirable that Abbott steadfastly stands by his position, as flawed and lacking in detail as that is, but a single Green must cave in whilst being denigrated by Labor Party power brokers.

    Strange way of looking at it.

  199. Mobius Ecko,

    Clearly the Greens have the balance of power in the Senate. Gillard gets her legislation through the House of Reps and then the Greens throw up their hands in faux outrage.

    I have no expectations whatsoever of Tony Abbott, the Libs are a complete cop out, so let’s forget about expectations from that side of politics. However, I do have expectations of the Greens that they should consider a solution or at least consider being a party to one.

  200. But the Greens are not the only ones with the balance of power.

    I’m just questioning why it has to be the Greens to drop their principals on a stance and policy framework they have had for a very long time now, and have stood steadfast on, but no one else is.

    The government went quite a way to compromising with Abbott’s flawed position but did not take one step towards the Greens position. Surely compromise is a two way street?

  201. Mobius, my problem with the Greens is that they have no policy at all on how to address the issue of people smuggling.

    The Greens only policy is to accept all comers. That clearly is not acceptable, because as you know it, if you accept all comers without security assessment then the places on the boats are going to be taken over by pimps, prostitutes etc.

    Or perhaps I’ve missed something..I cannot see any Greens policy whatsoever pertaining to people smuggling.

  202. Is that the Greens policy Min, to accept all comers?

    The way I understand it is that in a different way the Greens want to process onshore at the point of source in Malaysia, Indonesia and other countries where the boat people currently set sail from.

    How does that not address the people smugglers.

  203. Sorry worded it wrong.

    I believe the Greens want to preliminary process for health and identity checks at the point of source and then process validity and security onshore in Australia.

  204. Mobius
    True the Greens do want to preliminary process at point of source and increase the intake. I think they were happy with the 4000 from Malaysia and wanted the intake from Indonesia to increase to 1000. But and this is a big but when asked will an increase to 1000 stop the others in Indonesia risking a boat trip, all i’ve ever heard is “well there will be hope that in due time there case will be addressed”.

    That I think is the reality check the Green’s with the balance of power. They have the balance of power and are not willing to negotiate. And yes going back to 2007, the Greens , no thanks to Rudd who would not talk with Bob Brown, held to their position on the ETS and backed the coalition and blocked the ETS in the Senate . And what did we hear last week, the coalition thought SH-Y had signed up wtih the coalition. Well that’s what the Independents thought and voiced to the media about the document which they saw had SH-Y’s signature co-signed with Tony Abbott . And the pictures in the papers had SH_Y talking with Morrison. But who really knows , both Abbott and Milne didn’t want that rumour to progress.

  205. I believe it should be Indonesia who does their utmost to deter people smugglers.

    But let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a while. Would Australia consider it their onus to stop smugglers if the roles were reversed?

    I think we would.

    Our problem will never go away while Indonesia has such a poor attitude to the plight of refugees.

  206. ” NZ going from 35% to 30%, whereas Australia is already at 24%. Yet Australia, under Gillard according to Abbott is worse than NZ. So the question should be put to Abbott how is he going to cut spending, Australia with PM Gillard is already better than who he judges as good economic spenders, NZ.”

    Sue, as always with Abbott, facts keep getting in the way of his wonderful focus messages.

    As for the attack on the Greens, they have a right to their views. That is democracy.

  207. Mobius, we unfortunately get back to the problem which is Indonesia. Not a chance that the Indonesians will spend time/money doing ID checks on the tens of thousands of displaced persons they currently host. This is simply not a priority of the Indonesian government, they have far more important things to worry about.

    And why should the Indonesian worry, just because of a few people who manage to get onto boats and make their way to Australia. To the Indonesians we look like a bunch of sissies, holding onto our petticoats eek-ing just because of a few boat people.

  208. There is also the point, would health and ID checks at the source be acceptable to Australian authorities? I think that the answer would be no.

    There is the local currency called bribing officals which everyone who has any dealings with Indonesia eg Bali and Kerobokan prison, know is the normal way which one conducts business. It’s not a matter of corruption, it’s a matter of a different not offer a bribe to an offical can be seen as an insult.

  209. Sorry, Migs, can’t agree with you about Indonesia’s responsibility here. Australia, with its wealth and political stability, is a magnet to refugees, both political and economic, from war torn areas or countries with repressive regimes in the middle east and to our north. Malaysia and Indonesia or other countries who happen to be located in transit by land before the sea voyage to this antipodean Mecca should not be expected to carry carry the responsibility for these would-be Aussies as well as the many thousands more camped on their borders fleeing from famine or death and disaster in immediately neighbouring lands.

    A regional solution has to be the way to go. The Malaysian solution is a starting point for that. Ad Astra comes to that conclusion in his very comprehenisve overview in his new post.

    What he has to say there very fully complements everything you and our wiser heads here have to say here at Cafe Whispers about how to stop-the-deaths.

  210. Again I’m not sure of the absolute detail Min, but I don’t think they want it left to the Indonesians or not wholly to the Indonesians.

    Set up more humane centres in the waypoint countries, not just Indonesia, and Australia assist in the preliminary processing. Let the refugees know they will be looked after and as long as they are not held up for an inordinate amount of time they will have no reason to go to smugglers.

    It’s another area where Abbott’s fantasy policy will fail big time. The asylum seekers are in squalid camps in the stopover countries and often remain there for many years. In that time no official talks to them and they are not given any information on their plight or when they are likely to see someone to be processed. The smugglers then become their own avenue and hope and no wonder they take their help even knowing the great risk that entails.

    Unless Abbott is planning on sending the boats back to better conditions for the refugees and some hope that’s not years away, even if Indonesia allowed the boats back, then he is not going to send the boats back. He’ll stop them by the crew and/or passengers sabotaging them on the spot, but that’s the only way he’ll stop them.

  211. Migs, is right..the only way to deter people smuggling is at the source and Indonesia has some responsibility in this matter. A problem is that Indonesia is a nation of acute poverty and simply does not have the resources to tackle this on a major scale.

    As I have previously stated and on a number of occasions, it has been via efforts mostly of former FM Rudd that substantial inroads have been made. Rudd plus his Indonesian counterparts have addressed the issue, which is not to punish the impoverished peasant/smugglers but to locate the real people smugglers – these people are dealing not only in refugees, but in sex workers and drugs.

    Most of these operations via necessity must be covert.

  212. Also has anyone noted Abbott’s reason why it’s OK to send refugees back to Indonesia, which is not a signatory to the UNCHR, but he won’t allow the Malaysia solution as they aren’t a signatory?

    The refugees come from Indonesia.

    So it’s OK to send them to the country they came from even if that country is not a signatory. As was pointed out many of these refugees came from Malaysia before going to Indonesia, so that means they will be OK for the Malaysia solution.

    Not one reporter has yet to ask Abbott about this contention in his stance.

  213. Mobius, and here we get to the problem. No country between the source points and Australia are signatories to the UN Convention.

    No country at all has stepped forward and said to Australia, I’ll help.

    When East Timor which is ideally located was suggested, the East Timorese government ran a mile for fear of upsetting the Indonesians.

    The question which the Indonesians ask is why does Australia want to turn boats around. A wealthy nation who has more than adequate resources to deal with the small trickle of people who manage to make it to Australia. We are perceived as fat cats, sitting watching our plasmas, sipping our chardys and going OMG there is a boat person.

  214. What a laugh, this morning Cassidy told Abbott, “my sources tell me that you did not raise the issue of turning boats around with the Indonesian President”
    Abbott replied that he would not discuss a private conversation, so would not confirm or deny what Cassidy was impling. To which Cassidy said “I’ve got very good sources and you did not raise the matter”.

    Now on tonight’s SBS news they showed the TV footage of Abbott at the meeting with the President of Indonesia and his team. Abbott was only accompanied by Julie Bishop all other chairs were vacant.
    So is Julie Bishop the Barry Cassidy source?

  215. “the only way to deter people smuggling is at the source’

    Is Indonesia the source. I believe not for many.

    If we go back to the Four Corners, the families that have escaped to Australia, arrange with the smugglers to bring family from Afghan or nearby countries.

    They provide them with false papers and fly them into Malaysian and some onto Indonesia.

    Indonesia is correct in saying, the problem rests with the destination country, that is Australia.

    Most of the places the refugees past through are not options for these people, because of over crowding and poverty.

    The Greens are correct to say we should be taking many more. Why do we expect Indonesia to help, when we refuse to take more and leave them with the problems.

    Up to now, especially Abbott’s mob, it is not about stopping boats. It is about stopping refugees, full stop.

    Taking more from Indonesia, will not stop the flood into Indonesia, on their way hers.

    A genuine regional solution under the auspices of the UNHCR and Bali process is the only solution.

    It must be based on humane considerations. not punishment.

    I believe we will see a hybrid of the Malaysian Solution and what the Greens are proposing.

    With the withdrawal of the troops from Afghan, makes is probable that the numbers will increase over the next couple of years, as minority sects and religions flee.

    The Greens base the Malaysian rejection on what they believe, that is that it illegal under International law. Maybe the UNHCR can convince them otherwise.

    When one sees families in limbo for up to a decade, one cannot blame them from getting on the boats.

    I believe the increase in boats is because the smugglers can see the Malaysian scheme working. That account for the rapid increase in boats.

  216. From Charles Waterstreet’s article..

    The people smuggler organisers are well known to the authorities; they typically organise up to 100 refugees for about $5000 to $10,000 a pop. The asylum seekers are put up in hotels owned by the organisers in Jakarta – the Mediterranean is but one – then bussed to a shore and put onto fishing boats without life jackets, crewed by brave fishermen who mostly have never heard of Australia. The organisers stay on board the boat until they get to Roti or Kapang, when they speed away in a Zodiac with a GPS, which is worth more to them than the boat, the crew and the lives of the passengers.

  217. Patricia, I agree that Australia is a prime destination. I wasn’t entirely blaming Indonesia though. I just have my doubts that they have any decent programs/policies for refugees, even for those enroute to this fair land.

    Of course they’ll have to come up with some quick solutions once Phoney Tony starts sending all the boats back their way. 😉

    They’d be inundated with refugee streams from both north and south.

  218. Hi All,

    Interestly, I was watching a cooking show this afternoon with OH, “Family Feasts” SBS, one of the families were Iraqi Mandaen, a persecuted religious group who fled to Jordan, that was where they were introducted to people smugglers and were transited through Malaysia and Indonesia onto boats to Australia.

    I suspect that is one of the reasons Jakarta doesn’t see it as their problem as they know Indonesia is just a stop on the way.

  219. Indonesia, the wild-west without a Mahatma Gandhi in sight…. been to
    Indonesia twice,travelled to some wild and wonderful place, met some very nice people and had my eyes in the back of my head the whole time …… not saying that they are a corrupt country 🙂 … but I will say that you better have your wits about ya…. they certainally know how to survive, 😀 … just have a look at the govts there’ve had … how the Police suppliment their wages 🙄 …. nothing happens without a greased palm (sound like Libearals, ay), turning a blind eye is a cultural institution…… what Abbortt has got to get his head around is that we must (for basic humane reasons)get these poor people out of there, they are just being ripped off for no benifit… instead of wasteing away in Indonesia they could be here in Australia providing us with their benefits….. maybe they could get jobs on one of Gina’s mines, I hear she’s look’n for workers 😀

  220. Mining tax leads other resource-rich nations to follow suit

    MINERS are becoming concerned with resource nationalism in resource hubs around the globe, some ready to blame the Gillard government for setting the precedent for other governments to lift mining taxes.

    The multi natonal mining companies clearly don’t want to contemplate lowering their expectations in order that the owners of the product should receive a fairer share..

    Then there is this:-

    Jobs In The Australia Mining Industry

    We have extensive experience helping people get into the Australia mining industry. But in saying that we are not a quick fix. We are not a recruitment agency and it is not possible to guarantee employment, however if you follow our comprehensive recommendations and advice, you will maximise your employment prospects.

  221. “Some ready to blame the Gillard government”.

    Nothing like a bit of speculation, especially if it presents the opportunity to slag the Labor Government.

  222. ..I should add, this pre-dates Migs by a number of years..I don’t think that he was even an egg at this stage..

  223. So the abuser, highlighted in 4 Corners program, Father F was sent from Moree to be advised by an abuser.
    “A CATHOLIC priest alleged to have abused altar boys in the early 1980s was sent to receive counselling from another cleric, who was also allegedly abusing young boys at the time”

    And after the 4 corners story, what a classic response from the pulpit

    “Julian Porteous, the Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney, said yesterday: “Once again the church is humbled — its sins are made public.”

    Speaking at a service in St Mary’s Cathedral, he said the church “has been chastened by these and other revelations”.

  224. I’m wondering if it’s worth keeping the Cafe open. ToM got his wish in encouraging a blog war, which I don’t want. And now he has a mate making fun of my bipolar disorder. I don’t want to put up with that crap either.

    Is it all worth it? I’m beginning to question whether it is.

  225. Miglo, it is worth it, especially now.

    It is your blog, if you find someone annoying, you do not have to put up with them.

    Simple as that.

    Your site, your rules.

    it will blow over as it has before,

    “And now he has a mate making fun of my bipolar disorder. I don’t want to put up with that crap either.”

    Why would one call anyone like this a friend. What they say, reflects on them, not you.

    There are many good people who are attracted to this site,

    Do not make excuses or waste time explaining what you did. You gave a warning. Behaviour did not change. The person refuse to respect your rights. he made the decision, not you.

    As for the other site, do not upset yourself by going there. if the bog-master has any respect for your friendship, he will deal with the matter. If not, they are not friends.

    Yes, you did say he was LIKE a turd. So what. He reserves the right to insult or say anything he wishes. He cannot complain if he got a little of his own back. he does hang around like a bad smell at times. A shame because I suspect he has much to offer. Too involved in his own bitterness, Do not let the bitterness bring you down.

    Look at that 151 at the top of the screen,. This is what you have been aiming for.

    Now is not the time to throw the towel in.

    Maybe it is time, to let us in on how the disorder has effected your life and how you have overcome it.

    Many do not achieve as much as you have. Do not be ashamed of what is a chemical disorder in the brain.

    You have the runs on the board. They do not.

  226. Miglo, there will only be a blog war, if you buy into it. I believe you have more pride than that.

  227. Hi miglo

    Your choice, is for you to decide. I never go to the sites that attack anyone at the Cafe, so I don’t read the crap. I also scroll past the people who go for the personal and degrading attacks on the good people here and of course the PM.

    But Miglo the Cafe is your site and for you to keep open or close. Keep well.

  228. Thankyou ladies. A lot of people want it left open. But only one person has to deal with the personal degradation.

  229. Indeed, I shouldn’t have looked, but I did. That comment about my bipolar disorder was very low. I hope it is removed.

  230. Migs maybe I have looked at the wrong site, but could not find any such comments.

    Maybe the blog master has done his job.

    Good luck.

  231. Hi Miglo and friends. I would hate to lose Cafe Whispers and you. So please hang in there! We can all see who the mischief makers are, no matter how subtle they think they are. And so can you. So why not, as blog master, just exercise your right to exclude them entirely. I know that goes against the spirit of the communal blog you set up for all of us but sometimes needs must!

  232. Migs, obviously you have many friends here, and I’ll bet most if not all of them avoid the other blog like the plague…. I do.

    Let the others wallow in their septic tank; they can’t handle the truth which is that CW is a far superior blog 😀

  233. Migs, you told me about your bipolar over a year ago. I knew about it, but could not understand. I knew about Lupus, but couldn’t understand until I saw it. You, as you know are my best friend..I won’t let you down.

  234. Tony promised he would be out every day during the six week break, showing us how bad the big new tax is. It appears that he may have been lying. He is now going overseas for two weeks.

    Tony Abbott will spend a week in the US before heading to Asia. Source: The Daily Telegraph
    TONY Abbott will put his anti-carbon tax campaign on hold when he jets off to the US and Asia for two weeks.

    Despite claiming he would “not rest” until he had destroyed the Gillard government’s tax, the Opposition Leader will take advantage of the winter break to head overseas on July 17.

    Opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison last week cancelled a planned overseas trip during the recess, claiming the asylum seeker impasse was paramount.

    Other MPs were criticised for their intention to go overseas, leaving the asylum seeker issue in chaos.

    Mr Abbott had also claimed last week he was prepared to keep parliament sitting until a resolution could be found.

    But his office confirmed he had not cancelled a trip to Washington for a meeting of the US Australian leadership dialogue.

    He will spend a week in the US before heading to Asia for a series of meetings. On Friday Mr Abbott said: “I will not rest until this tax is gone.”

    Several Labor MPs said it was the height of hypocrisy for the Mr Abbott to now jet overseas.

    Mr Abbott’s office said he would be joined in the US by Labor figures including Bill Shorten and Kevin Rudd.

  235. Top marine scientists warn reefs in rapid decline

    SYDNEY — More than 2,600 of the world’s top marine scientists Monday warned coral reefs around the world were in rapid decline and urged immediate global action on climate change to save what remains.

    The consensus statement at the International Coral Reef Symposium, being held in the northeastern Australian city of Cairns, stressed that the livelihoods of millions of people were at risk.

    Coral reefs provide food and work for countless coastal inhabitants globally, generate significant revenues through tourism and function as a natural breakwater for waves and storms, they said.

    The statement, endorsed by the forum attendees and other marine scientists, called for measures to head off escalating damage caused by rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, overfishing and pollution from the land.

    “There is a window of opportunity for the world to act on climate change, but it is closing rapidly,” said Terry Hughes, convener of the symposium, held every four years, which attracted some 2,000 scientists from 80 countries.

    More than 2600 of the world’s top marine scientists made the consensus statement at the International Coral Reef Symposium, yet the sceptics and deniers will only listen to those who usually have a vested interest in non-renewables.

    I know who I believe.

  236. US scientist: Ocean acidity major threat to reefs

    SYDNEY (AP) — Oceans’ rising acid levels have emerged as one of the biggest threats to coral reefs, acting as the “osteoporosis of the sea” and threatening everything from food security to tourism to livelihoods, the head of a U.S. scientific agency said Monday.

    The speed by which the oceans’ acid levels has risen caught scientists off-guard, with the problem now considered to be climate change’s “equally evil twin,” National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration chief Jane Lubchenco told The Associated Press.

    “We’ve got sort of the perfect storm of stressors from multiple places really hammering reefs around the world,” said Lubchenco, who was in Australia to speak at the International Coral Reef Symposium in the northeast city of Cairns, near the Great Barrier Reef. “It’s a very serious situation.”

  237. Folks, I’m not making this up…

    Newsflash: Julia Gillard didn’t lie about her carbon tax plans before election

    JULIA Gillard did not lie to us before the last election. A lie is a deliberate statement of a falsehood. The liar is very conscious of the misleading nature of what they are saying.

    This was not the case when, in a pre-election interview with The Australian’s Paul Kelly, our Prime Minister said: “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism. I rule out a carbon tax.”

    The other relevent part of the original report is missing from this article:-

    .She would legislate the carbon price next term if sufficient consensus existed.

    Someone at news.con must have seen the this article on it’s blog and Twitter travels.

  238. From Watching The Deniers

    IT HAS been yet another week of extraordinary weather. Torrential rainfall caused chaos across the UK. A record-breaking heat wave drifted across the US, broken by freak thunderstorms that left a trail of destruction from Chicago to Washington DC. Meanwhile, in India and Bangladesh more than 100 people were killed and half a million fled when the monsoon arrived with a vengeance.

    We have become used to reports of extreme weather events playing down any connection with climate change. The refrain is usually along the lines of “you cannot attribute any single event to global warming”. But increasingly this is no longer the case. The science of climate attribution – which makes causal connections between climate change and weather events – is advancing rapidly, and with it our understanding of what we can expect in years to come.

  239. I’m sure many here would have received this in their email, but for those who haven’t, it’s a chance to have your say about the Labor Party.

    The Australian Labor Party is conducting its first ever survey of members and supporters and we want to hear from you.

    The survey, which was recommended by the 2010 Review of the ALP by Steve Bracks, John Faulkner and Bob Carr, is an important opportunity for you to have your say.

    An active and diverse membership is our strength – it is at the core of who we are. We want the ALP to remain a vibrant organisation that engages with its members and supporters.

    Working with an independent research organisation ‘Essential Research’ we have developed an online survey that allows you to tell us what you think about the ALP, our structure, and our policies.

  240. Sorry Bacchus, did not see that you have already put it up.

    Is worth filling in. It is a long time since I have seen a survey that is seeking information.,

  241. No matter the noise and ruckus outside the parliament, good governance continues.

    Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke says negotiations with the states and territories on the management of the Murray-Darling system have reached a higher level of agreement than ever before.

    Officials worked into the night to agree on a framework covering how the amount of water returned to the system could be adjusted, but there is still no agreement on the starting point – exactly how much water should be returned.

    Monday was the deadline for the states to respond to the revised draft plan on the Murray-Darling Basin.

    Minister Smith has released more on sexual abuse within the forces. Not a pretty picture.

    Community Cabinet meeting in Queensland. To be televised ABC 24

  242. So Brisbane has got the G20 meeting.
    Now it’s time for Barry O’Farrell to show that he can put aside petty rivalry and act in the national interest. Now is the time for him to offer their water canon to help hose down those unwashed protestors.
    How about it Barry, stop whinging and help out a conservative political mate.

  243. …and thanks Anna Bligh for all the infrastructure work associated with the Brisbane airport (curfew free). Her infrastructure spending produced a result for Queensland

  244. ABC radio news is reporting Campbell Newman is now whinging about the overtime bill for Queensland police associated with the G20 meeting and here is a surprise, he wants the Federal Government to cough up more money.
    The G20 will bring about 500 million dollars into Queensland and the best Can do Campbell can do is whinge (makes a change from just saying NO I guess).

  245. The lies keep coming. Of course Mr. Abbott knows better than the boss.

    The operator of one of Australia’s biggest lead smelters has denied the carbon tax will force it to shut the plant.

    A state government briefing document reveals serious concerns about the future of the smelter at Port Pirie in South Australia.

    It outlines how the town’s population could shrink by 30 per cent and nearly 5,000 jobs put in jeopardy if metals giant Nyrstar shuts the smelter.

    The South Australian Opposition obtained the briefing document under freedom of information.×1&width=100

  246. The main reason that Sydney missed out is that the convention centre is out of action.

    There is also the concern, that Sydney airport will not cope with the numbers.

  247. Not quite the same as earlier reported.

    “They’re not matters about which I’ve got control – CCTV at state parliament. You’ve had the opportunity to ask your question,” she said.
    Mr Nash’s mother Jennifer chimed in: “Stop buck passing, you are the Prime Minister of Australia.”
    The Prime Minister responded: “OK, there’s no amount of yelling that’s gonna change my answer, so thank you very much.”

    The mother shouted “we are not white trash” and continued to yell as the Prime Minister attempted to wind up the meeting…………….

    Read more:

  248. Yet the Liberals have no problems with putting 36,000 people out of work within a short time with plans for thousands more to be unemployed, yet jump up and down about 100 industry jobs as if it’s the end of mankind.

    Abbott also plans to put tens of thousands out of work even though it will barely make a dent in his bodgied up $50 billion in savings.

  249. Which story do we believe.

    After Ms Gillard assured Jordan he would be given an opportunity at the end of the night, Jordan resumed his seat – with the Prime Minister’s security detail keeping a close eye on the couple.

    When Ms Nash attempted to ask the PM about a state issue – related to the bullying of her son – the PM informed her she wasn’t aware of the situation.

    This prompted a tirade of abuse from Ms Nash, who called the PM ‘white trash’.

    The incident was the only flash point in a night that focused mainly on grassroots issues.


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