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Just how manipulative, dishonest, sensationalist, gutless, unfair and unbalanced is the media in this country? If, like me, you believe they need to be held accountable for the gross display of injustice they push down the throats of the Australian public then this is the thread in which to voice your opinion.

I intend to keep the Media Watch threads open indefinitely. If anyone sees an example of their lies in action then we’d like to learn about it. We will document everything we can and spread the message as far as we can.

The truth will win in the end.


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  1. Eddie thank you as always for your links. These lines in particular caught my eye from your link to GetUp..

    “It’s wrong for ultra-conservative shock-jocks like Mr Jones to deliberately mislead their audience,” GetUp’s acting national director Sam Mclean said in a statement on Wednesday.

    “We have standards in this country which demand the truth from our broadcasters.”

    Go get’em GetUp 😉

  2. Eddie, a couple of links from a few days ago, about Rupert’s company’s skulduggery. there are countless articles going back quite a way.

    This is the most worrying subject and there hasn’t been a word about it.
    Will Australia’s satellite TV service go Skywards?

    Will the government’s current tendering process see it turn it’s back on the ABC, and embrace Sky, just as Rupert Murdoch’s stake in that company is set to grow?

  3. It looks like my assumption this morning has been vindicated pterosaur.

    I hope the oo gives him a bloody job soon. Get him of an (allegedly) impartial broadcaster

  4. Made a comment in that terrible Uhlmann piece and he’s now the third commentator to come out on ABC websites to make excuses for the rally and downplay the extremists in it.

    I also note that the ABC is still saying “thousands” attended.

  5. ME, I also like the way they conflate the worst excesses of union demonstrations and ant war protesting with this.

    As Crikey highlighted earlier, none of these were organised as a result of the oppositions cry for revolt. None of these were attended by leaders who could not bring themselves to apologise for the remarks after the fact.

    ulmans a loss

  6. A point also is (I should imagine) that this is the first time that a leader has CHOSEN to/or didn’t care whether they used offensive slogans as part of their photo op. The point is not that there were offensive banners there but rather that Abbott chose to be associated with them.

  7. Yes TomR that is the one point all of the Abbott apologists are missing when they attempt to compare and then downplay this rally as being less offensive than others. In all the other rallies the party leader did not stand in front of the offensive signs nor condone the actions of the radicals at the rallies. From memory every single leader, and that included Howard, immediately condemned any extreme behaviour at rallies.

    Nor did any pass leaders, and again that includes Howard, call for a people’s revolution and then address the crowd of extremists that were bound to turn up.

  8. Chris Uhlmann is out of his depth, so the reason he has his current high status on 7.30 must be because he spruiks the lines dictated by the Howardites who are in charge of the ABC.

  9. Mr Denmore has written a blog about Chris Uhlmann in ‘Failed Estate’.Wonder if Chris has read it.

  10. Excellent as always from Mr Denmore. Re whether Chris has read it, this reminds me of a line from one of The Goons’ radio shows: I wonder if they’re onto me.

  11. Yes Eddie, I reckon Mr Denmore has his number (although I suspect he is deliberately giving Deniers oxygen more through his own Denial than any warped view of ‘balance’).

    Whatever he is doing, he is very clumsy at it, which leads him to make so many inaccurate statements. And finding himself in bolts game of cherry picking information.

    “The scientists have been saying that we are going to experience more extreme weather events, that their intensity is going to increase, their frequency.” That’s not exactly what they say.

    The Bureau of Meteorology says, “Trends in tropical cyclone activity in the Australian region … show that the total number of cyclones has decreased in recent decades. However, the number of stronger cyclones (minimum central pressure less than 970 hPa) has not declined.”

    Again, it is the bits of information he leaves out that reveal his agenda. Directly from the link ulman gave

    Each of the above studies finds a marked increase in the severe Category 3 – 5 storms. Some also reported a poleward extension of tropical cyclone tracks

    Also, Min, on a more personal and whingey note, I wondered if it was possible to add the links to the previous Media Watch threads in the opening post of the newer one. It can help going back and reading them.

  12. Hi Tom. You can find the links under the Archived page. When I get home I’ll look at putting the links in this actual post. I’m not home today – it’s not safe – I’d be tempted to watch the Port massacre. 😦

  13. cheers Migs, good enuf for me. Thanks for the heads up

    Do yaself a favour, and watch the replay of last nights Geelong/St Kilda match. It was a ripper

  14. It seems that GetUp is determined to tackle the issue of shock jocks…and the shock jocks aren’t going to like it one little bit to have their factual errors collated and published.

    TALKBACK radio has been targeted for retribution by activist group GetUp!, which blames commercial broadcasters for encouraging angry protests against the planned carbon tax.

    Broadcasters who oppose the carbon tax will soon be faced with a GetUp!-organised monitoring system aimed at generating complaints to the broadcasting regulator from the organisation’s 437,000 members and supporters.

    “In the next few weeks we will make it easier for people to fact-check and lodge complaints about things they hear on the radio,” said GetUp! campaign director Sam McLean.

    The plan to look for factual errors by broadcasters who oppose the carbon tax has been influenced by criticism of those broadcasters on the ABC program Media Watch.

  15. Eddie, what a load of twaddle coming from Chris Berg…

    It’s hardly news some radio commentators prefer to interview certain guests more than others. “Opinion maker has biased view” would not stop even the smallest press.

    Yet Holmes went one step further. He argued the shock-jocks are in breach of the Code of Practice governing commercial broadcasters which mandates “reasonable efforts are made… to present significant viewpoints when dealing with controversial issues of public importance”.

    And especially the “It’s hardly news” part. It certainly is news that there is proof of media bias via interviewing people who represent one point of view only.

  16. Chris Mitchell himself has so much as admitted that they present the news they want, how they want.

    ‘We at The Australian try to develop our own exclusive stories and push our agenda forward so that the evening news follows us rather than the reverse.’

    So, it’s only ‘newsworthy’ if it suits their ‘agenda’

    That berg piece is absolutely amazing in it’s simplistic stupidity. It is also telling that he chooses the quote from the Commercial Radio Australia, Codes of Practice and Guideline that doesn’t really directly address what Holmes is saying. If he had put this quote in ‘promote accuracy and fairness in news and current affairs programs ‘ which is the one (the major one) that Holmes was referring to, bergs column would have been rendered totally irrelevant (as opposed to the flawed attempt at ‘free speech’ it is)

  17. Love it Eddie. I remember when this one was first in the news about a group of Aboriginal people who had decided to sue Bolt under Racial Discrimination legislation due to Bolt claiming that people who identified as Aboriginal were making false claims as to Aboriginality – based soley on Bolt’s opinion that these people weren’t ‘black enough’. Try arguing that one with the Stolen Generations!

    Big Congratulations to this group of people to have been awarded a hearing in the Federal Court. It’s certainly no small thing that the Federal Court deems the case serious enough to award them this.

  18. Min, “It’s certainly no small thing that the Federal Court deems the case serious enough to award them this”. After reading what the Judge has said in opening remarks, I think they’re off to a good start.
    I f Bolt loses and he should, will the ABC clean up Insiders and rid the show of him and Akerman, who lower the standard to a disgraceful level?

  19. Pip I think that J.Bishop is one of those people, a fixated look but nothing happening out the back.

  20. This came via Andrew Wilkie who provided a link to GetUp’s anti gambling industry campaign.

    Andrew Wilkie’s email reads in part…

    Problem gamblers can easily lose more than $1,000 an hour on poker machines. It tears families apart, houses are lost and kids go hungry. That’s why the machines are referred to as the ‘crack cocaine of the gambling industry.’

    In this Parliament we have our best chance ever to tackle the problem on account of the agreement for reform I have with the Government.

    But the powerful Clubs Australia has just announced that it will spend $20 million to stop that happening. And we all know what the mining industry achieved with its $20-million advertising campaign against the super profits tax last year.

    The link to GetUp’s campaign is:

  21. After several days of rhetoric coming from the MSM that Julia Gillard’s plan for a regional processing center was a failure we now have…

    The Bali Process summit on people smuggling resulted in a win for Australia in that a regional framework was agreed to by the 41 attending nations.

    The framework agreed to, yesterday in Bali, is supported by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and includes reference to the potential for developing a regional assessment centre or centres.

  22. Eddie, without a doubt it will be ‘stick with the plan’..we the MSM have decided that any policy, any efforts whatsoever made by Gillard and Labor, irrespective of the issue will be a big fat Failure.

    With East Timor it will not matter that Gillard, and I should imagine Rudd have been able to successfully negotiate with 41 nations, if it doesn’t happen on East’s a failure.

  23. Thank uo Eddie, this story is creeping toward the pointy end for quite a lot of people; bring it on!

  24. I am sick and tired of ABC News leading with “The Leader of the Opposition says,…….” And today at 3.00pm they had an outrageous item on the ‘cost to householders for the government’s carbon tax’ being over $860 for every householder. Projected by Treasury on a figure of $40 per ton mind. At 4.00 that became another “Mr. Tony Abbott, Leader of the Opp…….” and with a lower figure of $30 per ton, same cost to householders, followed by all his usual rubbish about Australian families doing it tough. Very brief government comment that no figure had been announced yet. Bulletin ended with a headline summary simply stating “The government’s new carbon tax will cost householders…….”

    What can be done about the ABC? I have written a letter of complaint to the Independent Complaints Review Panel whose address was not easy to find! No email or fax available for complaints either, it seems. Anyone able to tell me an easier way to express my anger about how my ABC is reporting news?

  25. I’ll have to leave the answer to that question to others Patricia, absolutely no idea..however, the ABC did at least have the good graces to make mention as below (their current lead story).

    In a joint statement, Treasurer Wayne Swan and Climate Change Minister Greg Combet say it is too soon to speculate on cost-of-living impacts as the compensation package has not been finalised.

  26. I wonder what the media will say once it’s revealed that the costs to householders will be far less than they’re now alleging.

  27. patriciawa,
    I dont’t know, but maybe we should “talk to the butcher, not the block, and write to Senator Conroy.
    Months ago Mr. Denmore at Falied Estate, suggested writing to :-

    John Menadue
    Centre For Policy Development
    Box K3
    Haymarket, NSW. 2140

    to show support for a Parliamentary enquiry into the ABC.
    Needless to say I made a note of it in one of my many notebooks, [guess which month I was born in] and truly intended to get back to it !

    The other bright idea which has just struck was to Google the Centre for Policy Development – it says it “is a progressive think tank working to put good ideas at the heart of public debate in Australia”.

  28. Migs & Pip, the usual – a brief précis of a Labor press release hidden down the bottom right hand corner..the good old blink and you’ll miss it trick.

  29. And goodbye to the carbon tax rhetoric of households being slugged for $863 a year…at least for the moment.

    It seems that the paper that the Opposition requested under an FOI application was just one of a number of models, plus it was based on the 2009’s emissions trading scheme proposal.

    Perhaps instead of writing the headlines based on Liberal Party press releases the media might consider checking with the relevant minister first.

    The story is at:

  30. Pip, plus the media are still running with the claim that it’s quote, Going to cost taxpayers over $800 per year. The media is adding a tag at the end But this is disputed by….

    And we’ve seen it before, this is the exact same method the media has used to perpetrate it’s other myths and out and out falsehoods. State the fib first and then add in the snippet of factual information as an afterthought as people always listen to the first part with far greater attention than they do to other sections of the story. It’s a very tried and true trick that journalists have always used.

  31. Min, their methods are a disgrace. On another topic, here is the CV of the lawyer defending the “white”Aboriginals.

    Curriculum Vitae
    Justice Ron Merkel.

    It begins with:- Founding member of Victorian Legal Service………

    Mr. Blot has met his match.

  32. Pip, thank you for that..clearly Aboriginal issues are very close to Ron Merkel’s heart.

    I was thinking about this issue, about people’s perceptions..that what the Blot is saying is that because he the Blot sees a person and sees that they are white, then he has to be right because of course the Blot is always right.

    But I wonder how many people after meeting a fair skinned associate’s mother wouldn’t say: That was a surprise, I didn’t realise that Susan is an Aboriginal. Therefore it is not as Bolt suggests about how white you are, it’s all about heritage.

    Blot loses, We win 🙂

  33. Min, a few weeks ago I came across an article about the Blot, I think by a gentle interviewer.
    Apparently he has always felt like he’s on the outside, and still does, and…. he’s very shy, [rolling eyes as I type].

    Found it, no wonder I remembered it as being a gentle interview, it’s by the IPA, that bastion of unbiased thinkers.
    Sarcasm alert! It’s not my habit to patronise such sites but this one might be worth a click.
    It reads as if he has always had grandiose tendencies lovingly fostered by himself:-

    The Outsider

  34. Pip, that was a truly horrible experience. Which do you think is the more appropriate, a knighthood or a sainthood? What the heck, the author of this (insert appropriate series of adjectives) article would probably award Blot both. Pity that we don’t have a smiley for ‘crazy’.

  35. What the media don’t mention in the beating up of $800+pa in additional costs if the price is set at $30 is that for a long time now Abbott and the opposition have been saying a carbon tax would cost ordinary households thousands of dollars.

    So obviously Abbott lied.

  36. Mobius, I think that the media and the Liberals will be congratulating themselves on a job well done. I’m certain that we’ll be hearing the number $800 bandied around on right wing blogs from here until kingdom come.

  37. Thank goodness for that Pip FINALLY a journalist doing a tally on the Liberal’s real track record. Highly recommended reading!

    And this line from Van Onselen is worth repeating:

    “…it is high time to apply the blowtorch to the opposition for failing to account for itself financially.”

  38. Interesting take on the separate carbon tax rallies here

    An estimated 4,000 people gathered in Hyde Park in the city’s CBD to protest against the policy.

    In Belmore Park, by Central Station, about 4,000 people rallied, although organisers said upwards of 8,000 people were in attendance, to show their support for the policy.

    So, for one, there is a final figure, the other, disputed figures.

    I recall the previous meeting in Canberra, where the media repeatedly reported on the ‘organisers’ tally, ignoring the official police figures. Wonder who’s numbers they are reporting here?

  39. Tom, they had to make it sounds as if each rally had equal figures and so you can bet your bottom dollar that the GetUp rally was far bigger. Plus a better class of people 😉

  40. There’s no doubt about the better class of people, Min. Ours had Hillbilly in attendance for starters. 🙂

  41. It might have something to do with Port losing, Pip.

    I’m up watching the cricket. At least it’s worth watching.

  42. Pip. A snapshot of the public service under Abbott or any Liberal government for that matter.

  43. Good to see the new party in NSW are holding up their pledge to ‘spin free’

    Not that I have anything wrong with the concept of advising members how to present policies (I mean, it is politics, and they need to get a message out concisely), but, since the meejas irrational attack on Labor over Spin, every government now (well, until the libs get back in I guess) will be lumbered with the baggage.

    Sucked in to them I say.

    Just another broken election promise. Nothing to see here, move along.

  44. Min. I attended the Moore Park Rally. Very large well behaved crowd. Seen two young women police officers. Crowd very mixed, all ages including many elderley. Most seemed to come as individuals.

    No ugly or hate ridden placards. The strongest I saw was a hand written play on the Juliar. Most just saying we want a green world. Speeches very mild.

    There were comments about the other mob on the other side of town, no name calling.

    It did threaten to rain but most ignored the fact.

    There were no dramatics that I saw. It was hard to judge the size of the crowd but I would say much bigger than the oppositions Canberra effort. I do not think it was 8000, but could be wrong.

  45. This morning’s Insiders was once again insulting with Mr. Bolt at his ignorant best. I have once again gone to the Insiders contact page to voice my opinion in their feedback option.

    I have reach the stage where I feel that can stomach another episode.

    There was one comment that manage to get through over Mr. Bolt’s rantings. That is in the costings of a price on carbon, the price of food will go up less than a dollar a week.

  46. tomR, that is very good news. After all the years of Howard’s divisive agenda the tide is turning, so we’ll probably hear some fightback from ltd news and the Coalition any day now.

  47. CU, good on you for going to the rally.
    I can’t stomach the Insiders either. I listened to the replay on News Radio, in spite of my better judgement and noticed that Lenore insisted that the Blot let her finiah speaking. There should be much more of that, and that is Cassidy’s role, he just doesn ‘t do it.

  48. I’m stunned to learn that Andrew Bolt was a guest on Insiders this morning. After his appalling performance of a few weeks ago and the ensuing condemnation from a large number of loyal viewers, that fact that he has been given another opportunity to rant – so soon – is totally jaw-dropping.

    This appears to be a signal from the ABC that they are willing to embrace gutter politics and gutter journalism.

  49. This appears to be a signal from the ABC that they are willing to embrace gutter politics and gutter journalism.

    … but they do need viewers for funding allocation … there is a perverse media mythology these days that people want to read, hear and see “over the top” (read BS!) in everything …

    … so if people have complained others go and find out why … thus increasing sales (or for the ABC viewers) …

    … Bolt’s and Peers Accident’s blogs are classic examples of the first … reading BS!

    … listen to some of the lyrics for contemporary “songs” and even the “music” is often a mash of other artists songs … listening to BS!

    … as for “seeing” check out Rage on ABC from Saturday midnights (the rating – lists sex, nudity, coarse language and violence) this used to be the show where we watched The Beatles! … so Bolt’s appearance on Insiders is the norm … watching BS!

    As for tackling the media head on. The clip below was sent to me by a friend … so I looked it up on Youtube … it was uploaded 5 years ago but I like the sound of this guy … it highlights just how “weird” this planet has become in the last half a century … and how the media has altered (or still trying with some of us) our values …

    … wonder who owns the San Francisco daily he mentions??? 😉

  50. I read an interesting essay by Paul Toohey in yesterday’s Courier Mail.

    Toothless Left wing needs a champion

    IN the US, the Left is not biting back. It has bitten back. Small-l liberal news satirists and commentators rule the media here, lacerating, humiliating and dominating their contemporaries on the Right, making them look dismal and out of touch.

    It’s pretty much the exact reverse in Australia, where Right-wing commentators have for a long time had the Left pinned to the canvas.

    Left-wing US commentary, expounded by smart and telegenic figures such as Jon Stewart, Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert, involves a standard formula of reviewing the latest political news, analysing and ridiculing it.

    If Australia follows and soon catches up with America, then the revolution is overdue. Weary Philip Adams can no longer be expected to carry the can. When will Australia’s Left produce a champion?

    Of the suspected Leftist television alumni, Andrew Denton was too even-handed to excoriate the Right; and the person most capable, Good News Week’s Paul McDermott, while a fine satirist, concentrates on general stupidity. The Chaser team dared cause every type of offence imaginable but always seemed frightened of its own Left-wing shadow.

    Australia’s Right has never needed to create a TV personality to attack the likes of these people. What we have instead is a core of dominant Right-wing print, radio and blog commentators who face only the meekest opposition.

    I would guess that even Alan Jones, Tim Blair, Andrew Bolt, Janet Albrechtsen and Piers Akerman would admit it’s been too easy, for too long, and wouldn’t mind some genuine competition.

    A different view of this topic…

  51. From … Paul Toohey? The Insiders … Paul Toohey? No!

    There is some truth to what he says, Tony Jones and Leigh Sales and that red haired bloke who was on at 7:30 have all been sliced, diced and disappeared … into bits of this and that … Leigh Sales in particular should have been given the anchor on Lateline …

    I don’t watch much commercial channel news and what passes for current affairs … so I don’t know who they have these days …

  52. TB and Bacchus, I think the ABC is quite keen on presenting a Right-wing view these days, and it’s so consistently R-wing that it cannot be an accident, which leaves those of us who want a more balanced presentation stuck up that famous creek without a paddle.

  53. This from Lachlan Harris, former Senior press secretary to Kevin Rudd MP.
    I think he’s being much too polite!!

    It’s a fact, opinion is rising.

    “We must adapt to the new reality of the political cycle, where facts are boring and and expensive to get, while opinion is both entertaining and cheap.”

    What we are being bombarded with at every turn is an American/Murdoch style of blatant dumbing down with the intention of turning us all into obedient right wing voters.

  54. Surprising though it might seem it appears that Bob Katter might actually have some common sense…

    INDEPENDENT MP Bob Katter says he will back national poker machine reforms demanded by fellow crossbencher Andrew Wilkie, throwing Julia Gillard a potential lifeline as she tries to hold together her fragile minority government.

  55. Remember Alan Kessing, the former Customs Officer who was convicted of whistle-blowing?
    I listened to his story on ABC Local/ Conversations yesterday morning and it really is a shocking tale of skulduggery, not on his part, but the part of a number of officials.
    Which Ministry has the Customs portfolio again????

    Now new evidence has emerged which suggests that his trial was a gross distortion of the legal process.

    There is no transcript, but it can be downloaded or you can listen online.

    Alan Kessing is a man with a criminal conviction but many call him an australian hero.

    It really made my blood boil.

  56. Min, @ 7.19pm, 4th, I don’t know what Andrew Wilkie thinks he will gain if he crosses to the Coalition because he won’t even have time to warm his seat before Rabbott calls an election.
    Wilkie did make his intentions/demands very clear at the outset, but he is part of the Minority govt., and they all have to negotiate and compromise if they want to get anything done.

  57. I would agree with you there Pip. I cannot understand Andrew Wilkie’s reasoning at all – won’t guarantee his support of the government if his poker machine reforms don’t go through.

    For starters does Wilkie honestly believe that the Libs would EVER do anything about poker machine addiction?

    Wilkie reminded me of Fielding in this regard and the alcopops tax..just because the government couldn’t get rid of all alcohol industry sponsorship of all sporting events and do it immediately (obviously not possible due to existing contracts which would have to be honored) well I Fielding will throw ALL reforms in the bin!

  58. I’ve just been watching 7.30 and getting annoyed, again, with Chris Uhlmann and just at the point where I was ready to turn off the teev Bill Shorten said, “sorry to interrupt your question with an answer Chris”.
    All the Labor guests on ABC should do that every time they are being railroaded by the journalists.
    There are so many complaints about the way the ABC presents itslef these days and there are various thoughts as to what the hell has happenend to “Aunty”.
    It’s very obvious that the management was/is following Howard’s orders, but do the journalists have to look so pleased with themselves with their “hard-hitting” tactics.

  59. That was well done by Bill Shorten and I think that this is exactly the right way to tackle up-themselves journalists. There is no point in treating them seriously or else the headlines would have read “Shorten loses it..”. There is no point in just meekly going along with what the journalist wants or else the journalist sits there smug and the headlines would have read “Shorten unable to answer..” or “Shorten fumbles..”. Humour and wit wins.

  60. Min, “humour and wit wins”. Very true.
    The Murdoch News of the World hacking saga is getting interesting, ie, the Police are actually doing their job now, or should I say, apparently doing their job. Time will tell, but they have been embarassed into it with all the reports from opposing papers.

    Phone hacking: NOW journalists arrested

    Former editor and current chief reporter arrested after presenting themselves at separate London Ploice Stations.

  61. Yes, Shorten handed ulman a lesson last night, don’t interrupt when somebody is answering a question.

    ulman exposed himself as lightweight again last night, an O’Brien wnnabe. Where O’Brien pushed questions was when they weren’t being answered, not when you weren’t liking the answer being given. I hope he buggers of and compares bolts new show. They deserve each other.

  62. The ABC is running a story where Christopher Pyne is blaming Julia Gillard for recent rowdy and angry behaviour in Federal Parliament.
    Well I watch question time and recon Pyne would hold the record for being thrown out.
    The approach Pyne is using is of course a strategy whereby you blame the other side for your bad behaviour, thus claiming the moral high ground.
    Why does the ABC not report this instead of Liberal propaganda.

  63. Good question, Luna lava, and one that we’ve always failed to convincingly answer. Our guess is that the ABC have become sock puppets. It’s easy to arrive at that conclusion. It’s a pity that only us lefties can see the bleeding obvious. Attempts to spread this message are usually met with ridicule. But not here.

  64. “[She] unpleasantly denigrates Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop and myself and others on the frontbench throughout Question Time,” Mr Pyne said at the National Press Club in Canberra.

    My Precious

    I wonder, would he mind if we called him yabots Bitch? 😯

  65. So the PM is to blame for the sexist remarks that Mr. Pyne continues to fling across the table.

    Accordingly Mr. Pyne, must believe the PM deserves to be called a harridan, slag,witch and whatever new word that he can find.

    I find the Opposition is very able at slinging insults but are very thin skinned when on the receiving end. Why should the Opposition find the accusation of being climate change deniers so insulting, especially when they obviously do not believe in climate change.

    Sorry, Mr. Pyne, everyone is responsible for their own behaviour. Mr. Pyne, you generally get back what you dish out.

  66. He certainly is an odd ball. I used to live in his electorate but I can assure you that his behavior is not indicative of the people he supposedly represents.

  67. CU, I do want Pyne’s to get back what he dishes out, but I’m hopeful that the government members are far too mature to indulge in similar behavior.

  68. Just watched Uhlmann v Gillard, I also watched Uhlmann v Abbott how did this guy get a jig at the ABC.
    Some advice Chris, your bosses often change at short notice, keep your CV up to date, you many need a job at channel 10.

  69. Miglo, I do not think that the PM would be capable of such childish behaviour. I do believe the public will treat Mr. Pyne with the respect he deserves.

  70. Comedy half hour on the ABC 7.30 program as Chris Uhlmann dredges up Peter Reith to talk about defence and ethics.
    I recall Reith’s involvement with the children overboard fraud and use of phonecard.
    Is this the best the 7.30 program can come up with?

  71. Luna, son is in the navy and I can assure you that what your intuition is telling you in the case of the children overboard affair is correct.

  72. Maybe time for Michelle Grattan to retire. In her latest article she describes the skype broadcast of a cadet having sex as “This low-level incident (which is not to play down its intrinsic importance) has blown into a huge issue dominating two days of Defence Minister Stephen Smith’s public attention”.
    I am wondering if this had happened to her whether she would feel the same.

  73. Sue, yes I disagree with Grattan’s description too. What might be ‘low-level’ to some may indeed be very traumatic to others. Grattan does however tackle the basis of the issue and this is a complete failure by the Defence Force to tackle or even take seriously the issue of bullying and abuse of females in the services.

  74. Yesterday the unemployment rate dropped to 4.9% with over 30,000 new jobs created, most full time. What is even more remarkable about this is that the drop in unemployment came on the back of a large increase in the participation rate, which usually means an increase in unemployment as more people seek work.

    If this had occurred under a Coalition government it would have been headlines and touted as to how good the government is, yet it only appeared in any significance in the AFR, everywhere else it was relegated to bottom of the news and some TV news services only as a ticker item.

    And who is the political leader that is responsible for this world beating employment figure, the very political leader the media across the board is bashing at every turn?

    If anyone wants an example of right wing media bias yesterday was it, where a good news economic figure was released yet the news cycles yesterday were dominated by the opposition’s trivial guff.

  75. Exactly ME.

    How does the oo report these figures. Well, of course, by looking for anything bad

    ‘Mining hides flatlining economy ‘

    Is there any truth to these figures? To be honest, I don’t have time to look at them, but I’m going to assume, going on their history, that they are misrepresenting them again. But the point is, the country is doing fantastically, and the oo refuse to report that fact. Instead, highlight any negative, never portray Labor with any positive connotation.

  76. In the last couple of weeks, due to a family tragedy, I have come in contact with people who are not in any way political. I am amazed at some of the comments I have heard from these people.

    The comments do not fit in with the opinions being voiced by the MSM. I have heard an ex son-in-law from Manildra describe Mr. Windsor as being a wonderful person and in the same voice putting Abbott down. He went on to say what the local business men were saying.

    I am guessing there is a great silent majority out there that are quietly making up their own minds about politics.

    They are questioning the MSM allegations about hospitals, schools and transport etc.

    What they are finding with contact with pubic services that what they are providing about average services.

    Maybe I am wrong but I do hope I am not.

    When one said to me that the behaviour of children fighting in the school grounds was shocking, agreed when I said what do you expect when you have politicians displaying the same bullying behaviour when they say they are doing to destroy a government and behaviour in parliament is lower than any immature adolescent in the playground.

    PS I do not remember my son-in-law, who is a grandfather, or my children being angels at school.

  77. CU, I’m so very sorry to learn this.

    It’s become a very bad habit of the MSM to make rash generalisations such as All Australians agree.. Tony Windsor’s electoral backlash.. and so on and so on with absolutely nil evidence provided, and for the listener or reader there is the assumption that at least some of this information has to be correct. But who is to know with few standards and in fact these are being lowered at every turn.

    And as far as general standards, once upon a time if any politician had made highly disparraging personal remarks, the media would have indicated it’s disapproval. However the media these days finds them only amusing and fodder for it’s headlines and so down goes the standard.

  78. Thanks for your concern MIN. Our much maligned Health Services seem to have pulled off a miracle in keeping my sixth great grandson alive. He was operated on yesterday and after being given a 5 to 30% of surviving, he looks like he will be leading a normal life. This in spite of finding very little of the diaphragm making things worse than they thought.

    This baby was given a chance at life after very alert public hospital technicians and doctors while in the womb at about 28 weeks.

    There must be many more out there that have had postive experiences with our health services.

    He is two weeks old today. He has many more operations to face but yesterday was the biggest hurdle.

    Has anyone else noticed that the general community is taking little interest in politics and do not support anything goes as to behaviour.

    That scene of Mr. Abbott and the electric fence tells it all. If my memory is correct, they are easy to step over, even as a child. He would not have to lift his leg any higher than he does on his bike.

  79. CU, it’s wonderful to hear such a positive and inspiring story.

    I am also getting that, about the lack of interest from the general community. I put the blame on Tony Abbott plus the media. Tony Abbott offers nothing new and because Abbott offers nothing the media can do nothing but repeat the same old tired stories and repeat over and over their Julia-bashing formula. It has become quite a novelty event where middle and those of us who lean to the left side of politics are provided with anything remotely interesting – all that one is left with is to criticise rather than analyse.

  80. Yes, as the boy who cried wolf or the sky is falling, when the worse does not happen, it does not take long for people to stop listening.

    I am looking forwarded to seeing what Mr. Bolt has to say when there are no boundaries on what he is saying. Should be revealing, especially if he shares the heiress beliefs such as no tax zones and a government along the Singapore model.

    I noticed it is ten am Sunday, after the other programmes on other channels have finished.

  81. Yes Tom they did misrepresent the data as the employment upturn was about equally due to mining and other sectors like the service and manufacturing industries hiring more.

  82. Thanks for that ME. I generally don’t like assuming things, but with the oo these days, it’s more like a safe bet than an assumption 😉

  83. My fingers are crossed for you, CU.

    Back to the media, if you have a look at the link to the Most Popular Stories/Articles in there are rarely the headline storied. Whilst the headlines are generally anti Labor, most of their readers are more concerned about singing frogs or Paris Hilton’s new hairstyle.

    Maybe should concentrate on trivial rubbish than slandering the government. It might please their advertisers.

  84. ‘Maybe should concentrate on trivial rubbish than slandering the government’

    Well, they were doing that for a while Migs

    Who can forget the fascination with Gillards earlobes, or her lack of a handbag.

    Or even that Rudd confirms that caucus meetings are not rubber stamp affairs, but a discussion between ideas.

  85. They’ve had breakfast already??

    Shit, I really gotta keep on top of me news 😉

    the power should be having theirs soon too, the Alberton is open 🙂

  86. Beating up on the Greens, Australian style

    Tom that is a good article by Greg Jericho on how The Australian’s headlines bear absolutely no resemblance to the true facts of a story beneath them and how in the story they frame it in such a way so as to cast aspersions or wrongfulness that doesn’t exist.

  87. Oh FFS, have you read the 8 reasons he gives. Talking about drawing a long bow and pulling the pud so much it surely must be close to dropping off.

    Cost the jobs of graphic designers and paper manufacturers. So there’s going to be no graphics on the plain packets and they won’t be made from cardboard and paper, or is he talking about cigarette paper? He has to be pulling the piss big time.

    An he states it’s a no brainer. Yep to write the utter crap he just did takes no brain at all.

  88. Having now looked at the 8 reasons linked by Eddie, I can only repeat what Monius said, with much emphasis on this bit: Oh FFS.

  89. On the subject of FFS. Point 4. “It will increase tobacco smuggling”. Right-o, meaning that people who buy stolen goods like it to come in distinctive, pleasing to the eye packaging. 🙄

  90. Gem. Spread it far and wide. Courtesy of twobob at PP.

    twobobs law states that:

    The IQ of any individual is inversely proportional to the amount of Murdoch media consumed.

  91. ‘Tom, are you at the Alberton?’

    No. I haven’t tried to go back there since I was refused entry for not removing my shoes or shirt to better blend in with the native fauna.

  92. Mobius @ 3.25pm. A very good read..that’s how the OO does it. A lesson in how to make up news stories when there are none.

  93. Sue @ 7.28am, ” I wonder if this happened to her would she feel the same” I don’t want to sound too harsh, but I can’t imagine she would ever have been in any danger of such an event:] I’ve noticed that Grattan has changed her tune a great deal over the last few years and not for the better.

    Miglo @ 7,50am Last week during the NBN debate I heard Tony Windsor tell Whiney Pine that he definitely needed the NBN because Mr. Pine is never in the House:]

    TomR @ 8.44am Grog is always good value. He has an economics degree as far as I can remember.

    CU, @ 11.46am. “I noticed it is 10am Sunday, after the other programs are finished”.
    Yes, just in time for the sports shows and Songs of Praise on the ABC:]

  94. Fairfax is now in lock-step with the ABC and ltd. news.

    Conroy accused of NBN disarray

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy has been accused of presiding over disarray after his department Chiel failed to submit answers to a Senate Committee on time.

    Peter Harris was supposed to submit answers by Friday.

    The 425 questions were submitted on 22 February this year.

    “Given the complexity of the information required by many of the questions, we are unlikely to be able to provide answers to many of the questions by the due date,” Mr. Harris said in a leter to the committee.

    Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull has blamed he Minister for his department’s failure to provide answers by the due date.

    Of course he has, and this is how the Coalition sets up a media jaunt denigrating Minister Conroy.
    They submitted 425 questions on the NBN, no doubt carefully constructed to cause any conscientious public servant to have to work overtime to come close to completing the task. Not only that but it was so close to end of Parliament it was impossible to complete the work.


  95. Catching up @ 11.26 pm. Best wishes to mum and tiny baby.

    Takes me back to the miracle of my little brother, James, born in 1942 in our local cottage hospital and not expected to make it. Nothing like the same odds as your baby and for quite different reasons. Seriously underweight and oxygen deprived because of his mum’s extreme poverty and smoking addiction. (Don’t tell me about the need for plain paper packaging and anything at all which will help prevent smoking and deal with addicts without starving them and their familes!)

    Jim is still alive today, but has always had health problems, and took to smoking early himself too in spite of that. So now he has throat cancer……..

    PS can’t reference to any story on Abbott and the electric fence. I saw that image fleetingly and was amused by the idea of him in his budgie smugglers, or maybe saddle sore and momentarily out of his lycra suit. So if anyone can tell me more details I might be able to do something with it……….

    All Australia’s in suspense.
    Has Mr. Rabbit’s career gone bung
    Just because he climbed a fence
    Forgetting that he’s so well hung
    To risk?????????

    Can anyone else think of the next line?

  96. It was on one of the news last night. I think he was in suit. First he has this little spade digging up some dirt in a paddock where something very green was growing. Then he lays down on the ground and rolls under a electric fence. The farmer looked on with a bemuse look on his face. I have no idea of what Mr. Abbott’s message was. Could have been 10 news, I was not taking much noticed.

    Thanks for the good wishes.

  97. ‘They submitted 425 questions on the NBN’

    They have learnt well from the Denialiti, who were responsible for a flood of FOI requests foisted on the CRU in relation to climate modelling which effectively amounted to a Denial Of Service attack on an understaffed unit. And then screamed blue murder when they weren’t responded to.

    Political machinations designed to do nothing more than try and embarrass the Government, and waste precious time.

  98. Miglo @5.45pm “I think he has a PhD as well”..
    I think he does too, which means he’s much much more intelligent than the journalists who are so miffed by his critiques:]

    Here are some of today’s articles about the NBN, from google news:

    This one caught my eye, suggesting that it could be done more cheaply by running the fibre through the sewers.
    Maybe that’s true, but what would happen when their is a burst pipeline, which does happen, if the fibre is damaged in the process of repairing the sewer pipes?

  99. Miglo, I don’t know if you read AdelaideNow, and wouldn’t ordinarily advise it but:

    By the way Miglo, did you see this story about Tyson Edwards a few weeks ago?
    It’s a reminder to all the boys here to make sure and have a check-up.

  100. Would that be this group Pip?

    The i3 Group, which has come under pressure from an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office (here) and appears to specialise in failing to deploy superfast 100Mbps capable fibre optic ( FTTH ) broadband ISP services (here), recently sold off its UK subsidiaries (H2O Networks, Fibrecity etc.) to a consortium led by its own ex-President and attempted to start afresh by shifting its focus to Asia (i3 Asia Pacific), America (i3 America) and Europe (i3 Europe) instead.

    Sadly that idea appears to have gone a similar way to some of the firms old UK projects in Bournemouth and Dundee, with the Brisbane City Council in Australia scrapping their plans to work with i3 Asia because they are “unhappy with the progress of negotiations”.

    Anywhere there’s a buck to me made, out come the shysters – just look at the tenderers to build the NBN – looking to gouge whatever they can get away with because it’s a government project…

  101. Thanks for those links Pip. I had briefly read about Edwards. Sad story. I think that’s the same thing that took young Hawthorn great Peter Crimmins. An even sadder story.

    It’s not going to be Port’s year I’m afraid to admit.

  102. Migs, I knew Peter Crimmins just to say Hi to…living just off Glenferrie Road running into Hawthorn football players was very usual, still is. Nice bloke Peter.

    It’s wonderful that people such as Tyson Edwards are coming forward to specify which type of cancer they are suffering from. As Edwards says in the story,

    “There’s probably a teenager out there who’s a bit worried about telling his parents that there’s something a bit different downstairs, so if this helps even one young lad come out and say, ‘Mum, I need to get checked out’, that’s great,” he said.

    Sadly all a bit hush hush once when it was a downstairs problem.

  103. And it’s Well Done to Lenore Taylor who proves that just a snippet of factual information ALWAYS WINS against distortions and over the top rhetoric.

    Tony Abbott has taken his ”great big new tax” campaign on tour this week, using his annual fund-raising ”Pollie Pedal” bike ride to do off-Broadway renditions of his ”no tax” gig all the way down the NSW coast….

    ”I was just at Russell’s butchery talking about the impact that the carbon tax will have on everyone’s cost of living. Russell’s electricity bill is something like $22,000 a year. Julia Gillard’s carbon tax will put four or five thousand dollars on that, and that’s just for starters. That means that your meat, your sausages, your lamb, your beef, your pork, it all goes up in price,” he told reporters…

    However the SMH for once in a blue moon did a little investigative journalism and interviewed the aformentioned Mr. Russell Greenwood of Russell’s Meats.

    Mr. Greenwood confirmed his annual power bill and agreed “that it would in fact go up by $4000 a year under the 18 per cent price rises that were predicted for the first two years of the Rudd government’s carbon pollution reduction scheme”.

    **Note also that Abbott is still using the old figures, the ones what the MSM reported recently as being ‘leaked’, when in fact it was the Liberals themselves who applied under an FOI application.


    For Greenwood, that is undoubtedly a significant extra cost. But he also told us his rough annual turnover, which allowed us to calculate that in order to pass on all that extra cost to his consumers, he would have to raise his prices by about 0.187 per cent.

    For Greenwood’s customers in Coffs Harbour that would mean T-bone steak at $22 a kilo would now cost … wait for it … . $22.04. Minced meat at $11 a kilo would now cost $11.02.

    So there you have it folks Abbott is quibbling about the princely sum of an additional 4 cents and 2 cents a kilo.

  104. This should be plastered in front of every church everywhere:

    On a media front, sorry no link for this but trying to find article, the ABC is saying what The Australian is doing to the Greens is “scrutiny”.

    What more evidence do you want the ABC is right wing bias and now nothing more than an outlet for Murdoch?

    Yet I still see lots of cries in The Drum and other ABC outlets for public opinion of the ABC being a left wing organisation.

  105. Maybe Tiny Rabbit doesn’t realise that the electric fence was erected in the first place for the sole purpose of keeping him out.

  106. Min at 5.52
    Your reference to the MSM’s calling these figures “leaked” when the Liberals had in fact obtained them under FOI disturbs me. I’d sort of picked up on this without it really registering, & the MSM rely on few people picking it up at all. You’d need constant surveillance & truly fanatical application to be aware of all the little wriggles the MSM inflict on us, & the bastards know that they just won’t be called to acount. Very worrying.
    Plus of course, the instant it suits the Libs & the MSM, the “leaked” line will be dropped & we’ll be told how the brave Coalition “chiselled this information from a secretive Government” or some such.

  107. BSA Bob, and apart from the “leaked” information not being leaked at all, it was based on a 2009 modelling of the ETS. Combet explained that until current treasury modelling is completed, then it’s all speculation.

    However as we can see from the link to the Lenore Taylor story this doesn’t stop Abbott running with it…

    “…price rises that were predicted for the first two years of the Rudd government’s carbon pollution reduction scheme”.

  108. Yes, it is a great billboard but it means zilch to me. I definitely don’t hate gays, but here’s the twist: I don’t believe in God?

  109. It’s basic common sense reb. If there is an Up There person supervising proceedings and if he made man in his own imaginings then of course then he made both gay and straight…being the equal opportunity sort of god that he is 😉

  110. This should be plastered in front of every church everywhere:

    Mate! That is brilliant! (I notice the sign seems to be hidden in a side street corner somewhere though!

    You could also have:

    “Contrary to popular belief … I don’t hate Christians (or Jews)” – ALLAH


    “Contrary to popular belief … not all Mulims are are bombers” – GOD


    “Contrary to popular belief I do not hate atheists or agnostics …” GOD/ALLAH

    The list goes on …

  111. TB, what about..

    Contrary to popular belief you only get ONE LIFE so suck on that one – BUDDHA

  112. Four Corners setting up to bash the NBN or present a fair expose, Monday night will tell.

    For mine I think Four Corners will trash the NBN and the government.

  113. I’ve lost interest in shows like Four Corners, Insiders and now the 7.30 report.

    And I feel better for not watching them anymore…

    If I want to catch up with the latest in Current Affairs, I prefer to just make it up myself.

  114. Evening all, the Cafe’s closed so I’ll leave a note and catch up tomorrow.
    Miglo, after the Crow’s effort today I don’t have high hopes for my team either!

    Barrie Cassidy is at it again, and I’m over the journos deliberations and mischief making. Haven’t they got anything more useful to do with their time?

    Rudd for the naughty corner? The PM can’t risk it.

    and also:- Gee thanks Elle!
    Australian phone hacking victim tells her story

    Then there’s Sam Maiden who specialises in hatchet jobs, and obsesses about the PM wearing white jackets.

    Hi, I’m Kevin and I’m here to help.

    Murdoch tabloid admits celebrity phone hacking

    “But on Friday it admitted liability for hacking the phones of eight people – including Miller and UK politician Tessa Jowell and agreed to pay compensation.”

    The message being we’ll sort these eight publicised cases and hope the rest of the complainants POQ.

  115. Typical isn’t. Rudd answers questions that the media have been nagging him about for months and the response from Cassidy is that it “eats away at her (Gillard’s) credibility anyway and invites further mischief making … if that is the Foreign Minister’s intent.” Well no, Cassidy you answered the question yourself. It is you Cassidy who are just speculating…the ‘what ifs’.

    And from the DT “KEVIN 11 is on the job. And there’s not much Julia Gillard can do about it.” Am I missing something here but isn’t Rudd Australia’s foreign minister, isn’t he actually SUPPOSED to be ‘on the job’…

    Every popular high profile minister is a feather in the cap for the government…mebbe a wee bit of jealousy creeping in on the opposition benches whose best offerings are People Skills Abbott, Prissy Pyne, Sloppy Joe and Ms Wiggle Bottom Bishop.

  116. What you won’t see on the ABC yet they have no problems plastering Abbott and his negativity full of errors and lies across every news bulletin.

    Story on how well this government has done as economic managers.

    Keynes the key to maintaining Australia’s economic health

    As it’s Swan’s piece I guess to the ABC and Limited News it automatically makes it guff, yet if Hockey wrote this about the Howard government it would be headlines and automatically credible.

  117. Bill Shorten … my prediction? (For what its worth)

    Watch this space … PM in waiting! 😉

    How I miss Lindsay Tanner …

  118. I agree there TB, Tanner would have been my pick too. You could well be right about Shorten – but definitely not Smith or Swan.

  119. I see “our” CanDo Campbell has now renamed the state … CanDoQueensland … arrogant little prick! 🙄

  120. From:

    POKER machines will operate slower and take less cash under a federal gambling plan to make it harder for addicts to spend their pay cheques…

    The measures, to be recommended by Julia Gillard’s gambling advisory committee, aim to smack down claims by Clubs Australia that attempts to regulate gambling would cost jobs.

    But the gambling industry has already made certain that jobs have been cut – specifically that few poker machines now pay out in cash but via a ticket. Therefore instead of needing staff to refill machines you only need 1 person behind the counter.

    And because of course as the machines do not pay out in cash this means that the gambler is far more likely to put ‘small change’ such as $10 or $20 straight back into the machine. The good old ‘I’ll just play it out’ excuse.

  121. This is a bit off topic, but I’m listening to Insiders, [I’m not sure why], and reading online as well, which led me to check Chris Uhlmann on wikipedia:-

    What is it about former seminarians???

    and he’s been talking to Barrie Cassidy:-

    New show from the Parliamentary theatre Show

    and Barrie Cassidy has been talking to Chris Uhlmann

  122. ABC News is running with the story of Rudd setting up to take over from Gillard. The story was based on points raised by the opposition.

    So yet again according the ABC it’s the opposition who’s apparently credible and to be given air whilst the government is marginalised and not given space.

  123. Just another example Mobius of how speculative and sensationalist the ABC news/political writers have become.

    If Tiny Rabbit’s leadership was ever threatened would they run to the government for an update? Never.

  124. Someone in Tweeter.
    “Amazing! the Brisbane Courier Mail reports the anti carbon tax rally in Sydney with 1,000 people and totally ignores reporting on the pro tax rally in BRISBANE today with around 5,000 people. But , thats right – the CM is a NEWS LTD paper. Bloody shocking!”

  125. Further to my post @ 11.59

    The oracle/boring old fart at OO joins the conversation

    PM boxed in by Rudd on the rebound

    “The world knows what happened in 2010 because Rudd told the Caucus he day he was deposed. He said Gillard and Wayne Swan had argued against his carbon pricing scheme while Lindsay Tanner and Penny wong had wanted to press ahead.”

    Kelly/old fart carefully avoids saying whether “Gillard and Wayne Swan” wanted to ditch the ETS or whether they only wanted to delay it until 2013, thereby deliberately implying that they wanted to ditch it.

  126. Miglo @ 12.27pm. Methinks Uhlmann should return to his job as a security guard:]

    Eddie @12.35pm it is bloody shocking. ltd news has their presentation of “news” down to a fine art.

    Then there is this from Tim Dunlop with

    The futility of playing by right-wing rules

  127. Commercial Break!

    Migs, just to remind you Peking Duck is on its way over right now! Duck on the Deck!

    Be thinking of you … should be a quacker of a lunch! Boom! Boom!


  128. Eddie the ABC reported both rallies as being about equal with around 500 but gave more prominence to the anti-carbon rally in the footage and diaglog.

  129. Just when the relevent Kevin Rudd news sees a speck of daylight….

    Kevin Rudd raises human rights with Chinese

    along comes “the Coalition says”

    Rudd “taking eye off” China’s rise [says Julie Bishop]

    and another thing, wikipedia gives an account of the PM’s partners while Julie Bishop is only reportes as having once been married; nothing about her current life partner.
    It reads like she’s a recycled virgin!

  130. TB & Min! Stoppit!

    We already have a PM, a good one too! She’s there for the duration of this Parliament! And who knows, maybe the next if the carbon pricing legislation gets through and gains general acceptance.

    Speculation about someone who may or may not replace her is unproductive and doesn’t help the cause!

  131. Min @ 1.55am, “…I’m still here…cleaning tables…”. that’s the problem when laggers show up late:]

    From my google alert for “carbon tax rally + Oakeshott”

    Anti-carbontax protests in Western Sydney
    Is that a new word, “carbontax” ?
    This article appears to have been slapped together after a big night out.

    “about 1000 people joined a rally at Blacktown Showgrounds”.

    and “It was a small-business focussed rally”, the rally co-ordinator Chris Johnson from the consumers and Taxpayers Association said. That would be the Tea Party!
    Speakers included Nationals Senate Leader Barnaby Joyce, Liberal party MP Bronwyn Bishop, CLIMATE SCIENTIST DAVID ARCHIBALD and small business owners.

    From the Climate Institute,
    DAVID ARCHIBALD. Credentials. BSc in 1979. Archibald is described as a scientist operating in the fields of cancer research, climate science and oil exploration. After graduating from Queensland University in 1979, Archibald worked in oil and then and then joined the finance industry as a stock analyst. Archibald has been the CEO of multiple oil and mineral exploration companies operating in Australia. In oil exploration he is OPERATOR OF A NUMBER OF EXPLORATION PERMITS in the Canning Basin, Western Australia.
    He has not published any scientific articles on climate change or it’s impacts in any peer- reviewed scientific journals.

    Key point of view. David Archibald argues that climate change is natural and that patterns of warming are due to sunspots. His speech at the NY Heartland Conference was titled “The Solar Cycle Length: Temperature Relationship in US Climate Records and the implications of Soalr Cycle 24”

    Be sceptical of climate sceptics

  132. patricia @ 1.38pm, I’m with you, stay positive. Every right-wing man and his dog are talking about the PM’s downfall, but for all the hot air, there is a good chance the ETS will eventually happen despite the reported $20 million already set aside to fight it.
    Those in the Minority group are on the same page as far as climate change goes, and if they fail on the carbon tax issue, they, as well as we, will all end up in the S-bend:]
    They have to show a bit of muscle and stay the course.

  133. And still they come. This email from a right-wing mate:

    Work harder… to pay for queue jumpers.

    Did you know:

    Three hundred boat people have been housed at RAAF Sherger Air Base in Weipa.

    All are being accepted into Australia.

    All are men.

    All receive the pension same as our pensioners –
    All get the same amount again for hardship payment – this equals twice what our pensioners get.

    All receive fifty dollars a day for spending money.

    Security staff employed to watch them.

    Chefs employed to feed them (one quarter of a tonne of chicken a day alone is cooked).

    They won’t pick up their own rubbish.

    There was a massive dispute because they didn’t like the radio station.

    Another dispute because batteries were flat for the Nintendo games.

    Tents set up for mosque prayers had to be air conditioned.

    The Bores/Wells set up to run RAAF Sherger adequately are now dry
    because taps are left running all day long.

    Sewerage systems now blocked with condoms (???) supplied to them (and all of them are men remember).

    Dept of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) wants Dept of Defence to pay all the bills so they can hide the costs of allowing three hundred refugees into the country from tax paying Australians.

    Australian taxpayers need to know.

    Now.. she wants to introduce another tax to pay for the floods, because the Government does not have enough money to look after their own taxpayers.

    What is wrong with this government??.

    Congratulations Juliar Gilliard…. “liar liar”

    Just another re-hash of an old email. For instance, they call the Prime Minister Juliar, which was a name given to her well after the flood levy.

  134. Re; News.
    If they have been doing this in the UK what assurances do we have that the same is not happening in Australia? This is a clear and present danger to our democracy.
    I hope politicians on all sides are following this story.

  135. Don’t hold your breath, Sue. Murdoch has control of most of the media and the Liberals in this country so it won’t be given prominence as an issue, sadly.

  136. Watched a very interesting doco on SBS tonight ‘The War you Don’t See’.Wonder if many journo’s watched it too.

  137. luna_ lava @ 3.03pm here is another report on the phone hacking saga:

    Sienna Miller pursuing action against News of The World

    A lawyer for Sienna Miller said Saturday has not dropped legal action over phone hacking claims against Btitain’s News of the World, despite the tabloid’s offer of compensation.

    Australian phone-hacking victim tells her story

    Gee thanks Elle!!!

    Murdoch tabloid admits celebrity phone hacking

    Rupert Murdoch’s powerful British news operation has admitted responsibility in a phone hacking scandal involving members of the royal family and celebrities like actress Sienna Miller that has also cost the British Prime Minister’s spokesman his job.

    Brown quiet on pressure over phone hacks

    The former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has remained silent over claims that Rupert Murdoch tried to influence Labour MP’s and peers to cool investigations into the News of The World hacking allegations.

    “tried to influence Labour MP’s and peers”.
    Is that what the obligatory breakfast or lunch with Rupert is about??

  138. Eddie I’ve taped that doco but haven’t watched it yet.
    It’s by John Pilger who is not popular with the MSM as he doesn’t have to follow editors directions and apparently likes to tell the truth about his investigations. Then again, our journalists no longer do very much investigative journalism.

  139. Sue @ 3.12pm, I think there is definitely a clear and present dange to our democracy.

    More on the UK phone hacking, this time a possible conflict of interest for the Police.

    Police lunch date under scrutiny in hacking case.

    “Brown scrapped 10p tax band to woo Murdoch”

    Lance Price: Mogul’s hidden hand keeps it’s grip on power

    Murdoch was one of only three men – the others were Gordon Brown and John Prescott – whose views Blair took into account.
    Three days after David Cameron became Prime Minister, Rupert Murdoch was spotted leaving by the side entrance of Downing Street.
    The visit was unannounced and No. 10 declined to give details of what had been discussed. the regime may have changed but the mystery of how Murdoch exercised influence continued.

  140. @Pip and when Murdoch visited Julia Gillard was there a press release on issues discussed? Iam not sure but there should be.

  141. The UK hacking stories just keep on rolling out:

    Gordon Brown phone-hacking inquiry halted by Civil Service
    Sir Gus O’Donnell, the cabinet secretary, blocked attempt by former PM to hold judicial inquiry into phone-hacking allegations

    and this should be no surprise to those who are watching the saga unfold.

    Politicians say hacking scandal no bar to BSkyB deal

    Rupert Murdoch’s planned takeove of pay-TV operator BSkyB should not be affected by his UK news arm admitting it’s role in a long-running phone hacking scandal, British politicians said on Sunday.

    I’d like to know what the politicians are fed at their Great Big Lunch Dates with Rupert.

  142. We can see why Mr. Bolt felt that that 7.30 on the ABC was OK and that Mr. Uhlmann and Ms. Leigh Sales should be given a fair go.
    The free-speech debate

  143. A very lucky escape for NSW. One Nation founder Pauline Hanson has failed in her bid to win a seat in the New South Wales Upper House.

    Ms Hanson’s loss was confirmed this morning after the distribution of preferences by computer, more than a fortnight after the state election.

  144. One thing that I am not the slightest bit interested in, not no way not no how is the forthcoming nuptials of Bonny Prince William and his less than common commoner bride to be Kate Middleton. And stories from such as below could be one of the reasons why..

    Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding a rehearsal for Queen’s funeral. What a cheerie little event that’s going to be…

    Sorry no link..if anyone wants one 🙄

  145. Migs, perhaps if they time it right they could hold both at the same time..think of all the money that they would save..drycleaning of uniforms etc.

  146. Joe O’Brien on News 24, what a dill, talk about misquoting. After the Combet appearance at the NPC, Joe said “there you have it, no Australian family will be worse off”
    ABC needs to have a correction on that one.

  147. The latest on Rupert’s great big phone-hacking scandal

    How Wapping hopes to terminate the phone-hacking scandal

    Why did Wapping’s executives exude a swaggering air of confidence last week after the announcement of News International’s expression of regret about the News of The World hacking scandal?

    Rupert Murdoch’s calaulated bet he can end hacking saga

    Has Rupert Murdoch finally come up with a successful way to bring the News of the World phone-hacking scandal to an end? It was clear from the way his company, News International, made its announcement last Friday that its public apology and offer of compensation to victims was not a spur-of-the-moment decision.

    More cunning than the proverbial rat!

  148. Pip from reading the Greenslade article I now understand the reasoning for the public apology and the offer of compensation. However, this story just keeps giving, the latest claim to the high court is by an MP who has evidence his phone was hacked prior to 2004. And it appears the police are showing the contents of the Mulcaire diary to possible victims, including the latest litigant being the agent of the soccer player Rooney.
    With the story in the Australian press that out Polies have had their email hacked, possibly by a foreign power, it makes me wonder where that foreign power resides.An expat?

  149. Sue, an expat? I don’t bet but I’d be willing to place a bet on that particular expat.
    The story does indeed keep on giving, and the worst/best part is that the UK Police appear to be acting on it now, which begs the question, why didn’t they pursue it properly in the beginning.
    I remember John Prescott complained about his phone being hacked and wonder whether that was investigated before or not??

  150. I wonder if many of those Labor MP’s cited by many of our press of providing inside information on the Labor caucus and cabinet, realise they have been talking to the press.

    If there is hacking in Britain, why not here.

  151. Catching up, if there is hacking in Britain, why not here?
    Why not? I wouldn’t be at all surprised.

  152. This line from Melbourne’s Age had me somewhat amused,

    Abbott to flesh out policy..

    Given that Abbott has been the leader of the opposition since December 2009 it’s probably a good move to start tackling that strange, and in fact just about unheard of item called Liberal Party Policy.

    And fleshing it out should be easy given that LP policy is currently somewhat skeletal.

  153. I knew I liked Hugh Grant, but now, I love him to pieces.
    This is really funny in a way.

    The bugger, bugged

    After a chance meeting with a former News of the World executive who told him his phone had been hacked, Hugh Grant couldn’t resist going back to him – with a hidden tape recorder – to find out if there was more to the story . .

    and the Guardian’s Roy Greenslade sounds a little bit miffed

    The impact of Hugh Grant’s ‘bugging of the bugger’ shows our celeb obsession
    Grant’s recording of an ex-News of the World journalist revealed nothing new about phone hacking but received global coverage

  154. Min, I’m fairly certain that the last policy announcement of Abbott’s was a re-announcement anyway, a couple of weeks ago. {I’m fairly certain because Grog tweeted so:]

  155. Miglo, “when will they arrest Rupert”. The sooner the better….. nah, he’s got enough doah to get someone else to do the dirty work.

    Speaking of dirty work, Goldman Sachs Group Inc are in the news.

    Report says Goldman duped clients on CDO prices

    Reuters) – In a frenzy to protect its interests at the start of the credit crisis, Goldman Sachs Group Inc sold mortgage-linked derivatives to clients at inflated prices and misrepresented the nature of the deals, according to documents released by a Senate subcommittee.

    Carl Levin, the Michigan Democrat who heads the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, told a press briefing on Wednesday that Goldman had “exploited” clients and that top executives had lied to Congress during testimony in 2010.

    “They gained at the expense of their clients and they used abusive practices to do it,” said Levin, adding there was still time for regulatory agencies to take action against Wall Street

    When you consider all the big shot bankers who were given government bail-outs and promptly paid themselves huge bonuses, while the little people were left with what Paddy shot at, and look at the current tactics of the GOP, deliberately stymying all Obama’s efforts aided by the likes of Fox News and other Murdoch outlets, it makes you wonder where it will all end.
    Absolute corruption rules.

  156. Andrew Wilkie is in the firing line from Murdoch’s rag for something that allegedly happened in 1983 FFS.

    THE man who holds the balance of power in Federal Parliament has been accused of ordering teenage army cadets to salute the 50th anniversary of Hitler’s rise to power in Nazi Germany.

    Maverick independent MP Andrew Wilkie last night admitted involvement in “bastardisation” at Duntroon Military College in 1983.

    The next one is even worse.

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    Pokies crusader Andrew Wilkie says he was a Duntroon bastard
    Andrew Rule From: Herald Sun April 15, 2011 12:00AM Increase Text Size Decrease Text Size Print Email Share Add to Digg Add to Add to Facebook Add to Kwoff Add to Myspace Add to Newsvine What are these?
    Independent politician Andrew Wilkie is shy on Duntroon. Source: Herald Sun

    FOR an attention seeker who usually gushes quotes at the click of a microphone, army spook turned independent politician Andrew Wilkie is curiously shy about his time at Duntroon military college.

    Late last month he slipped a quiet “admission” into a soft interview on ABC radio. Now it seems he’s trying to hide behind it.

    While chatting about his time at Duntroon on radio, Wilkie warily praised the “tough” training he got there, then added: “I was bastardised – and I was a bastard … It was a hard place.”

    That’s code for saying he was guilty of doing the same cruel things to others for three years that he had suffered himself in his first year.

    But Wilkie the crusading independent didn’t dwell on what Wilkie the Duntroon bastard had actually done all those years ago. Funny about that.

    They were all cadets way back then, and whatever they were taught is stil being taught/tolerated now.

  157. Sorry, don’t know what happened there, blame the herald sun :]

    Min: Have put italics on the text to make it more readable 🙂

  158. Pip, that story from the Herald Sun must be one of the worst pieces of misinformation that I’ve read for in recent times.

    For starters Wilkie admitted to his Duntroon adventures in his book Axis of Deceit written in 2003. Wilkie went to Duntroon straight after High School which makes him 17 or 18yrs old.

    And the Herald Sun’s ‘witness’ was..a bloke that they’ve dug up from somewhere who admits that he was also 17yrs old at the time. And from the note at the bottom of the Nazi slur article it just so happens that the bloke that they dug up is a relative of the journalist who wrote the article.

    How very amazing that the Murdoch press has suddenly rediscovered Andrew Wilkie’s book plus a rellie who went to Duntroon with him just at a time when it looks as if Wilkie has just about won the poker machine war.

    The message that the media is repeating, firstly with Oakeshott, a go at Windsor (but he’s a much harder nut to crack) and now with Wilkie is that we will run a smear campaign against you if you try to get through reforms which might effect our Business Interests.

  159. Thanks Pip and Min, I missed that bit about the ‘complainant’ being a relative of ‘journalist’.

    I don’t know much about military matters, but I did have a friend who told me about his time at Duntroon, and the initial period they referred to as ‘Hell Month’ (or perhaps it was three??)

    It apparently really culled the numbers down, and was aptly named as well. He (my friend) was a hard, tough guy, and he said he came close to breaking down on several occasions. That was the intent. To ensure that candidates are mentally able to handle the rigours of war. It is reputably, after all, Hell.

    I’m not saying this is the right way to go about it (although my friend was glad of it in hindsight), but it is how it is done, and it is done for a purpose. I don’t know about the ‘sexual’ side of it (mind you, the article didn’t detail anything, just left it hanging, as all good mysteries should)

    Wilkie shouldn’t be surprised at this though, particulalry after witnessing the slurs that have been thrown at Oakeshot. He should be rightly indignated though. And, I think it will only harden his resolve that he has made the correct decision as to who he chose to govern with.

    I also wonder if the author realises he is tarring every graduate from Duntroon with the same brush, and, if the shoe fits for Wilkie, it fits for every graduate?

  160. Jonathan Holmes also has a good article up dealing with the phone tapping in the UK and also general apathy towards code of ethics for journalists. He also highlights why so many are becoming sick of the ABC.

    I’ve put those preceding paragraphs in the past tense, because there’s been a quiet revolution at the ABC. The Editorial Policies have been radically revised and shortened. As of last Monday, 150 pages have become 22. Reams of detailed rules have become 13 sets of Principles and Standards that apply across the whole of the ABC output, backed up by some non-binding Guidance Notes.

    Obviously, whatever regulations have been removed, really need to be looked at again, as the ABC is swiftly becoming a shallow imitation of ltdnews.

  161. Tom, it’s exactly the same at HMAS Cerberus..those who cannot pass basic training have no hope of being able to last the distance during whatever they may have to face, such as you say deployment to a war zone. It is therefore logical that they make basic training tough both mentally and physically.

    I think that this is where they, the MSM don’t get it..that slurs only go to harden a person’s resolve.

  162. Grog also has an excellent article over how misrepresented Gillards speach the other night has been in meeja

    I wonder if this is merely a setup for a ‘backflip’ when the policies announced don’t actually mimic the libs sort of policies

    That is, actually trying to help unemployed, rather than punishing them.

    The only refrerence I had heard to it yesterday was the TV news and ABC radio, and I hung my head in shame that Gillard would head down that path. Thanks Grog for setting the record straight 😉

  163. ‘that slurs only go to harden a person’s resolve.’

    Yes, when the meeja go after you like that, you know you’re on the right track 😉

    It remoinds of the cigarette packs debate. The largest piece of evidence that this would word is the vehemence with which the tobacco companies oppose it. It makes me all the sadder to reflect on the mining tax in that light. It reveals how much we as a nation have lost because of vested interests 😦

    On the up side, I think it has revealed to the nation just what these vested interests game is. Fool me once shame on you…. (nobody does it like bush lol)

  164. Tom R, It is a concern that the ABC director of editorial policies Paul Chadwick, has decided to fiddle with the code of ethics for journalists. This is no doubt intended to facilitate the shift towards right wing propaganda.
    The ABC is fundamentally a different entity to the main stream media. If Bolt for example wants to shout any dumb remark he wants on commercial MSM and viewers decide not to watch, the show gets pulled through advertisers walking away – this is what happened with Glenn Beck.
    The ABC is funded by tax payers and not subject to commercial pressure they must have a higher standard of accountability

  165. ‘The ABC is funded by tax payers and not subject to commercial pressure they must have a higher standard of accountability’

    Succinctly put luna_lava, I hadn’t looked at it quite in that light before. Thanks for that.

  166. Listening to AM on the way to work and the lead story was about Paul Howe’s threat that the AWU would withdraw its support for the Gillard Government if any of his union members lost their job because of the carbon tax.

    So for a story that was between the union and the government who did the ABC interview? Did they interview Howe’s? Nooo. Did they interview anyone from the union? Nooo. Did they interview Julia Gillard? Nooo. Did they interview anybody from the government? Nooo.

    Did they interview Tony Abbott? Yeess.

  167. And why would Paul Howes give a sniff of a story to MSM?
    Obviously, he hasn’t learnt much. If the true story is that he wants to protect the jobs of his union members, then he better take some media training.

  168. What world does Mr. Howe live in. Jobs disappear all the time, generally for the reason they are no longer needed.

    Mr. Howe’s would make more sense if he demanded that those that lost their jobs be looked after, that they be the first in line for the news jobs created.

  169. CU, it’s clearly a ridiculous statement by Howes as for starters there would have to be a proven causal relationship between a job lost and the carbon tax and even though some of the big polluters might claim that there is such a relationship – is it necessarily true?

    Also IF a job is lost can it not then be claimed that this is counter balanced by jobs created by alternative energy businesses.

  170. An official from another union also expressed concerns about possible job losses due to carbon pricing, and this concern was given prominence on AM. His real concern, that by doing nothing about carbon pricing there may actually be a greater threat to jobs, was hardly given oxygen.

  171. I just heard Andrew Wilkie on ABC24, say he isn’t connecting the articles to the pokies campaign, but he is asking why the journalist sat on the story for 28 years…good question:]

  172. I ask why did not the reporter and his relation announce the names of the other cadets running around giving orders as well. It would be interesting to see the names of the officers involved as well.

    Mr. Wilkie has faced charges on this incident and has admitted guilt.

    Maybe it would be interesting to know the names of cadets and officers attending the academy at the same time on the boards of RSL clubs.

    Why should one cadet be cherry picked for these allegations. If there is a story that is in the public interest, all should be exposed.

    We must remember to keep this story in context.

    It is not exactly a secret. Mr. Wilkie in his own book acknowledged that he had behaved in that manner.

    What is clear, they were all Cadets at the time, supervised by officers that encourage the behaviour..

    It is reasonable that Mr. Wilkie cannot recall the exact incident after this time. It is reasonable that the victim does.

    I have not seen any comments that Mr. Wilkie condones this type of behaviour.

    Mr. Wilkie’s crime is that as an adolescent, he did not have the sense or guts to reject this type of behaviour.

    For most common sense comes with growing older and experience.

    Even Prince Harry at a similar age is guilty of dressing as Hitler.

    As the RSL is a part of the action against controls on poker machines in clubs, I am sure there are many among those taking action with similar backgrounds.

    What has this to do with his stand on gambling?

  173. CU, “what has this got to do with his stand on gambling?”
    Nothing and everything I reckon.
    ltd. news is really having fun with this, but I heard Tony Windsor earlier today warning that smear campaigns don’t work, they just make the target more determined.
    Andrew Wilkie also said today that he is absolutley determined to see this through; he’s not in politics for the long haul anyway and might be in it for just three years, and he will see this through.
    I heard the PM speak about him as well, and she said that she didn’t know him back then but she’s working with him to get the pokies legislation through. ltd. news omitted the pokies part of her quote. Stinkers, all.
    I noticed in the AdelaideNow version of the story, they omitted the fact that Andrew Rule, journo, is related to Mr. Etches, accuser. I suppose they think it’s more convincing that way.

  174. Mr. Wilkie was disciplined for his part in the incidents and went on to rise through the ranks of the army.

    It is being suggested that anyone with this type of background is not fit to be a MP. If that is the case, there must be many more in the forces and in the general community who should resign from the posts they hold.

    It is being alleged that he has been dishonest about the role he played in bastardisation at that time. This is simply not true, he has mentioned it on many occasions, including a book he wrote.

    The only denial that Mr. Wilkie has made is that was not involved in any sexual abuse. He has acknowledged what he has done was wrong and offer apologies to anyone he harmed.

    Mr. Oakeshott is also being tarred with the same brush, joining a group of young people who have had their fares paid by money from clubs. Let make it clear, Mr. Oakeshott and other politicians on the trip have paid their OWN fares.

    The MSM would be better placed if they debated the in and outs of the legalisation being proposed. I fail to see how the clubs will be forced into bankruptcy by putting in place a process that asked the poker player to acknowledge how much they can afford to lose before playing poker machines.

    There are still plenty of other gambling outlets in a club for these people to continue gambling after they reach this level. There is bingo, raffles, keno and the TAB betting to fill their time.

    What the clubs must be claiming is that if there are some boundaries put on the problem gambler, they cannot exist.

    The poker machines are not being outlawed as they were for the greater part of last century. They are not being slowed down or the amount you can gamble on each push of the button lowered.

  175. I believe the real reason is the statement that Mr. Wilkie made about not supporting Labor if the legalisation does not go through has more to do with the campaign we are now seeing.

    It has little to do with poker machine or those who play them.

    The reality is that Mr. Wilkie can withdraw formal support from Labor but is unlikely to take action for Labor to be defeated on the floor of the lower house. This is the position Mr. Katter has taken.

    Mr. Wilkie has not said he would support action that would lead to Labor being defeated. He would be unlikely to support the coalition, who are the only party likely to defeat any action taken re poker machines.

  176. CU, I get the impression that what Wilkie was doing was making it know to everyone, the government included that he was determined to see this legislation through. Bring down a government and see himself possibly defeated with no chance of bringing about any reform whatsoever…this doesn’t sound reasonable to me.

  177. A bar tender once told me that horse punters must be attended to first as that’s where the pubs and clubs make their most money. If there was a customer wanting change for a machine, another wanting bar service and one wanting to place a bet, the punter comes first.

    Interesting, yes?

  178. After Howard’s public attack of Wilkie over the WMD lies I reckon he’ll handle himself over this attack.

    But I do wonder what the media’s motive is.

  179. Migs, I think that the bar tender might have been telling a small porkie. The reason that horse punters have to be served first is that they cannot wait to be attended to because they’ll miss their race and the club would miss out on their $s.

    A customer at the machine has all the time in the world to wait and in fact it’s often beneficial for the club to make them wait – while waiting they could easily spend what they had originally intended to collect or throw another $20 into the neighboring machine.

  180. The word is . . . the media are going for Wilkie to make Minister of Defence Smith look bad. They’ll try anything.

  181. Migs, just me but I would have thought that it could have been the other way around. On the 11th Smith advised the Head of the Defence Force Academy to temporarily step down amid the cadet sex scandal. And now we have Wilkie accused of bastardisation at the same academy (30 years ago) and Wilkie having to come out and deny that anything done was of a sexual nature.

    Therefore the suggestion is that if Smith is tackling disciplinary procedures in such cases, then it reflects on Wilkie and Wilkie’s behaviour. It’s the independents that the media want to ‘get’ to try to force an early election especially before the Greens take over. This would be it from where I’m sitting anyway.

  182. I think the MSM are back to what Pollytics last year referred to as “monkeys flinging poo”.
    The Coalition know that the Senate changes hands on about the 10th July, and their talking heads are jibbering furiously in the hope that one of their many arrows will bring the government down before July.
    If they had harboured any hope of Wilkie switching sides they would have to sign an agreement about passing the pokies legislation, and that wasn’t on the cards when the Independents were negotiating after the election.
    Abbott has been very circumspect over this, probably for the same reason they’re flinging ……elsewhere

  183. Miglo, thx for the link; there must be some whopping big pay packets to warrant such loyalty!

    This makes me think of our ABC, although in that case I would say enamoured rather than afraid!!

    Is the BBC’s Today program scared of Rupert Murdoch

    Curious silence over Hugh Grant’s scoop.

    What is going on? What is it about this story that makes the BBC so anxious? Could it be that independent BBC editors are operating a form of self-censorship because they fear … what, exactly? What is that our licence-fee-funded, “impartial”, public-service broadcaster fears about the Murdoch family and its tentacular grip on power in Britain? Or has an edict come down from on high? We should be told.

    We’ve certainly noticed what’s going on here and it needs three people to request a Senate enquiry.

  184. This one looks more promising.

    Phone-hacking saga is complex and unpredictable….. with lots of loose ends

    Just a week ago, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation finally looked as if it had worked out a way to reassert control of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal. However, the surprise arrest of Sunday tabloid veteran James Weatherup shows just how complex and unpredictable this saga is. An unexpectedly vigorous criminal inquiry – coupled with at least 24 civil suits from celebrities and politicians – shows there are too many loose ends to be swiftly tidied up by last Friday’s admission of liability.

    and this

    The decision of News Corp to bag up and hand over the contents of Weatherup’s desk to police, rather than allow detectives to seize it’s contents, may yet turn out to be significant. News Corp is confident it’s actions, which kept detectives away from the tabloid’s newsroom, were entirely within the law. However the police prefer to conduct searches themselves – and not being allowed to do so may contribute to friction between the investigators and the publisher.

  185. Eddie, from your link:

    News Ltd in Australia also has a Professional Conduct Policy. We at Media Watch have a copy dated 2006 – I’m assured it’s still current, though I can’t link to it. It states that:

    5.2 News Limited does not condone illegal acts by employees.

    I assume that News International, the UK branch of News Corporation, and owner among others newspapers of the News of the World, has a similar provision. And News Corporation also has a global Electronic Communications Policy, a legalistic, wordy, abstruse document like the one you get on computer software and never read. Here’s a bit of it:

    Employees are prohibited from using the Company’s Systems to access, transmit, receive, download, store, post, display, print or otherwise disseminate… any unlawful material.

    Yet, as News International has now admitted, the News of the World spent years illegally hacking into people’s voicemails – and storing transcripts of the results on its reporters’ computers. Though so far News has agreed to compensate only a handful of victims, there are good reasons to suspect there may have been hundreds, or even thousands. And that the News of the World’s editors were well aware of what seems to have become a routine procedure.

    Seems to me the policy isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

  186. Eddie, Jonathon Holmes is almost the lone voice of integrity at the ABC now. The majority of the presenters appear to enjoy the ltd news style of editorialising in the middle of news reports.
    Having just mentioned integrity, Mark Colvin is also an exception to the rest of them.

    Journalism’s new wave: the world in a tweet
    by Mark Colvin

    It often keeps me up at night reading the tweets from other parts of the world.


    INDONESIA’S Supreme Court has recommended Schapelle Corby’s prison sentence be cut to 10 years which, if accepted, means the convicted cannabis smuggler will be freed immediately, her lawyer said yesterday.

    I don’t know how others feel but the Corby case never did quite make sense to me for example why import cannabis to one commentator at the time said, It’s like importing coal to Newcastle. The commentator estimated that the street value was some 30% (estimated) lower in Bali than in Australia. Why risk a 20yr sentence to make a loss?

  188. Arrested 6½ years ago after more than 4 kilograms of high-grade marijuana was found in her bodyboard bag at Bali airport,

    What a shoddy report from The Age, “high-grade marijuana”; the stuff was never tested to determine it’s origin, never mind it’s quality.
    Min, I was never convinced of Corby’s guilt because it made no sense to take marijuana to Bali, where it would sell for much less than it would in Australia…I suppose… having never used the stuff…
    The media had a field day and their “superiority” was evidenced by the many snide “beauty salon student” remarks, [short hand for bogan].
    Schappelle Corby was for all intents and purposes doing her best, and was visiting her married sister in Bali. Nothing unusual about any of that, but the journos definitely showed no modest unassuming qualities of their own.
    I hope she comes home soon, and charges the feral media a fortune for her story!
    Or not, because of the profits from crime aspect.

  189. Pip, high grade marijuana is growing on the hills about 5km down the road from here 😉

    No I’ve never been tempted either..enough vices I suppose 😀

    There was also the one where the media poo-poo’d the claim that it was a baggage handler scam, yet only a short while later it was widely publicised that baggage handlers were involved in the smuggling of cocaine. Yet no one in the media was prepared to stand up and say, Hey maybe Corby’s story could have been accurate.

    I highly suspect that the media was receiving so many ‘hits’ from ‘the scandal’ of Corby’s arrest and trial that they were never going to let up on her. Corby has been receiving constant negative publicity ever name it, her mental illness, her family – everything a topic for the drooling masses.

  190. Min, mentioning her family reminded me of the rubbish they wrote about Corby’s father; “he had a record”….yes for possession of hash or similar in1970-something.
    He shouted at the media, truth, he was also very deaf by that time and dying of cancer I think.
    It seems to me that many journalists view themselves as greatly superior to “chattering classes”, particularly anyone who isn’t as highly educated as them, but in the grander scheme of things there are other equally important qualities to be considered.

  191. Pip, I don’t know about journalists being all that intelligent but they’re certainly up themselves: Look at me, I can manipulate opinions. Well yes they long as the majority of the MSM in Australia provide very little by way of contrary opinions. IF and it’s a big IF I know, but if for example The Australian ever gets around to replacing the late great Matty Price or George Megalogenis then we’ll soon found out how ‘clever’ the MSM journalists are – when they’re forced to think instead of regurgitate.

  192. Min, if there is a replacement for Matt Price or George Megalogenis, they would no doubt find it very difficult to find employment right now. Openings only for those who toe the company line.

  193. IRRITATION PLUS. Eeek shreek the sky is falling, Julia Gillard has had a bad poll. And how many weeks has Julia been Prime Minister for? And how many BIG Ticket Items has she been tackling in those weeks? And let’s not give the PM any credit whatsoever for even having the grit and determination for daring to tackling’s only the polls that matter.

    Reminds me of this one..

  194. PM Gillard will get through the policies she is promoting.

    The public will realise they have been misled when the sky does not fall in. Mr. Abbott and his cronies at this time will look a little hollow.

    I believe that many were hoodwinked by the mining outcry and now realise this fact. That is why I believe the clubs outcry against any limits on poker machines is gaining little traction.

    PM Gillard will bring in a budget that I hope deals with the problems with welfare, especially that which goes to middle and upper income earners.

    I hope that there are actions taken that help people get off long term unemployment. I hope it is not the big stick mentality of the opposition.

    To assist these people, many who are at this time unemployable, much work needs to be done, involving health, education, drug and alcohol and employers. It costly a costily exercise.

  195. Min, I used to watch The Music Man with My Mum over and over again.
    Rotten tomatoes describes it as :
    A con man comes to a Midwestern town with a scam using a marching boy’s marching band program.

    Although the lead character was much more charming than the creepy character I’m reminded of, there are similarities…..creepy con man travelling up and down the east coast in his budgie smugglers scamming the public with his devious misrepresentations….

  196. abdrew robb appears to be hoping for a re-run of history, not spelt out but thinking ofblocking supply, perhaps.

    The Federal Opposition will not declare it’s hand on what it may or may not block in the Bedget until it sees the deatil on May 10th.

    If that’s the case he should be reminded that we have a Minority government with others who have a say in the matter.

  197. Switzer appears to be tag teaming with ulman

    ‘Climate enthusiasts often cite California as evidence that American states are implementing a carbon pricing mechanism, but other states – New Hampshire, New Mexico – are also ditching the same scheme. ‘

    Kind of pathetic this kind of nonense gets published at all, let alone multiple times by our ABC

    I did manage to put a comment up there, but I’d assume guys like that wouldn’t read comments, particulalrly since they don’t appear to even read about claims they make in their novellas.

  198. CU, said precisely…Gillard WILL get through her major policies. Not that the media will give her any credit whatsoever for her effort.

    Already I see even those of the left having doubts in their minds about Gillard when once they were staunch supporters…such is the power of the media to put impressions in people’s heads.

  199. A lesson in spin.

    Tearful parents protest as up to 64,000 may face rebate cuts in Federal Budget

    The threat of thousands…. threat from where?
    By one estimation……………by whom?
    The means testing could block….that would be the means testing not yet announced!
    Weekend reports said the Government… whom
    However, sources today told……which sources?
    The Opposition is expected to oppose the cuts…..that would be the cuts not announced by the government.
    It could, said a source, “send thousands of parents back to home care for their children”.
    “Ironically, this could see mums and dads becoming additional welfare recipients, actually adding more pressure to the Government’s Budget bottom line,” said the source……..there’s that source again.
    “Also, note the double whammy on parents with Labor planning to reintroduce legislation to cap and freeze the childcare rebate once the Greens have control of the Senate.
    The Government previously has attempted to fix the child care rebate to a maximum of $7500 per child, and freeze indexation of the rebate. However, this has been blocked in the Senate.

    spin spin spin

  200. OMG Pip that is such a sad story..

    As per the headline:

    Tearful parents protest as up to 64,000 may face rebate cuts in Federal Budget

    and “The means testing could block households with combined annual incomes of $150,000 and above.”

    Ya mean that 64,000 people with incomes over $150,000 were tearfully lining the streets cos the poor widdle w’rich people are goin’ to be deprived of their Upper Class Welfare..

  201. Yep Min, I just had to mention it; these poor Upper Class types can’ t manage on $150,000 pa. My heat pumps peanut butter.

  202. glen milne continues with the absolute aborration of the truth at our ABC with his latest piece of fluff, where he furthers the falsity over Combets comments re percentage of money to be re-directed back at households from the carbon pricing. I had heard it repeated so often, I was almost beleiving it Thank goodness for bloggers who are able to rectify mistakes journalists shouldn’t be making in the first place.

    d’Invilliers :

    “Every dollar that is raised by the payment of a carbon price by the companies that are emitting large amounts of pollution will be used towards supporting households, with a particular emphasis on pensioners and low-income households.”

    Full quote:

    “Every dollar that is raised by the payment of a carbon price by the companies that are emitting large amounts of pollution will be used towards supporting households with a particular emphasis on pensioners and low-income households with any price impacts, AND TO SUPPORT INDUSTRIES THAT ARE MOST AFFECTED”
    [Caps are my own, didn’t know how to put italics in comments]

    The amount of ‘mistakes’ like this is become commonplace in these articles, and, I am beginning to wonder, why are they all made by those opposing the governments actions. Why can they not argue with facts and truth? Is it because they have none from which to argue a case from? The trouble is, these lies are influencing peoples decisions. At least the ABC allows comments that can correct these fallacies. Unfortunately, you need to scroll through a lot of rubbish to get to it (including the initial article, which is the biggest load of rubbish). We really need something or someone to hold these people responsible. They make a lot of money from their writing, their writing should be held to some account.

    Mind you, reading further down the comments, it appears that many are onto this lie already. Yet they keep on repeating it. How hard up can they be?

  203. Tom, the stand out in recent so-called ‘polls’ is the question not asked. Breathlessly they say X are against a Carbon Tax.

    The question they fail to ask is: And Who Understands It.

    I rest my case.

  204. With this sustained campaign of outright lies against the government, I think we are in for a few more bad polls.

    The upside is, once we come out the other side, I think the electorate might be so relieved that it’s not as bad as made out that the turnaround might be quite substantial.

    Then again, we were told tonight by yabot that inflation was running out of control and the nation was facing imminent ruin, and the meeja just let that hang there, even though the data says we are doing remarkably well.

  205. Tom, it’s going to go down to the wire and so Julia being a realist is going to go for all the reforms that she can while she has the chance. Greens in charge of the Senate in July..expect the smear and fear thing to go into’s gonna be blood in the streets I tell ya’.

    After July, let’s wait and see. With nowhere to go except to baaa baaa from the sidelines, exactly how relevant is Tony Abbott going to be?? And is the media going to do the hard yards on his behalf for another 2 years? Or will the media After July suddenly go full pelt with Who is going to be the Liberal Party’s Next Leader/Can Tony Last The Distance/Are Turnbull-Hockey counting the numbers.

    Strange but true but I think that this why Abbott in his own warped and twisted little brain keeps verbalising his ‘wishful thinking’ about another election any tick of the clock. Because if it doesn’t happen before the Greens take over the Senate, then it’s never going to happen at all.

  206. Under the heading of: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction.

    BARNABY Joyce has confirmed he is considering contesting the northern New South Wales seat of New England now held by independent Tony Windsor.

    And especially..

    “It’s like going to Kate and Will’s wedding – you wait for the invite, you don’t just decide to turn up,” he told AAP.

    I can relate to that..sorta…

  207. Let me guess, Barnaby is ‘the threat’ that the LNP warned Windsor about if he backed Labor. I’ll bet that Windsor is hiding under the blankie sucking his thumb and holding onto his sooky bear at the thought of Barnaby running against him. The whole thing is clearly just a brain f*rt of some LNP isn’t going to happen…

  208. I hope they have a debate over finances. That would be worth watching.

    ‘”Why do I want to move to the Lower House? Because my colleagues keep asking me to,”

    Why don’t they ask him to prove once and for all that the Martian atmosphere is not poisonous! It contains only naturally occuring trace gases.

  209. The $223 million government contract to broadcast Australia Network, the government’s overseas television station that reaches more than 34 million households in Asia is up for grabs in August.
    Murdoch’s partially owned Sky News Australia is competing against the ABC, which currently runs the network and is seeking to renew the contract.

    Given that the station is supposed to: ”… reflect the values of the Australian nation – open, independent, respectful and fair.” I suggest that neither is up to the task.

  210. How is this for a headline “Swan caves in on childcare cuts after angry backlash”

    Gee golly gosh first on day one you make up a story, then on the following day you can claim the government has had to backdown.

    A lovely repeat of pre-budget journalism. Also very cheap.

  211. Sue from

    Government sources revealed Mr Swan ruled out the measure, in which families would be means tested for the first time for generous childcare help of up to $7500 a year.

    Your interpretation is spot on I think. Surely ‘ruled out’ means that Swan had no intention of doing this in the first place.

  212. Yes Sue, I laughed when I saw that this morning

    I loved the PM’s take on it recently

    ‘budget speculation season’

    Be vewwy qwiet, we’re hunting budgets!

    It’s all these ‘sources’ that make it so interesting.

    luna_lava, this should be real test for the government, who, to date, have allowed theirabc to flounder along carrying all of the baggage of the howard years with it.

  213. Oh dear..good point by Julia. That if Barnaby does get a lower house seat and if Australia has the misfortune of an Abbott lead government..then guess who becomes Australia’s Deputy PM and at times Acting PM, none other than Barnaby.

  214. Are the present day commentators and journalist on the MSM and the ABC deliberately manipulating the news are as they as I suspect just not on top of what they are talking about.

    I became very angry when I heard more that once that Mr. Wilkie would have to come clean about his days as a cadet. Mr. Wilkie has mentioned his behaviour in at least one book and many times at public interviews etc. Mr Wilkie has not taken any action to hide his past. He was disciplined at the time, I imagine this would also be in the public arena.. I only use Mr. Wilkie as an example. You will find it true of most matters they discuss.

    I suspect for most of these commentators they have very little knowledge of what they are talking about and are been told what to say. They are either lazy or just plain ignorant.

    The one thing that we can be sure of is that most are opinionated and believe they skills they do not possess.

  215. I don’t think the media are going to let up on PM Julia Gillardand this Government, ever. Grog has a good take on just how many disgruntled interest groups there are out there. He’s funny but deadly serious too. He really inspired me early this morning. If you’ll bear with me I’ll cross post here so I can correct my typos and re-think a few lines. I was a bit too keen to respond to what he described as just a “quick post!” I don’t know how he does it. Full on at work, play and blogging and full time with his family too! And he still manages to hit just the right note on issues of the day.

    What Can Our PM Do That’s Right?

    Just read what all the papers say.
    Australians wish she’d go away.
    Her ear lobes dangle far too low
    She speaks like us and much too slow.
    She’s a ranga too, red headed.
    What d’you mean, she’s level headed?

    Yet, the French would love her sang-froid.
    Russians would make her a Commissar,
    But our media, a ship of fools,
    Just heap insults on our Jules.
    Well, this is the Land Downunder,
    They’ll pick any leftie blunder.

    The Brits would admire her mettle,
    That courage and her fine fettle.
    Just compare her calm composure,
    With the constant self exposure
    Of our Opposition leader,
    National dailies’ headline feeder.

    Bare chested, rising from the sea!
    “Come on cameras! Here! look at me!”
    Ask a question he doesn’t like
    He’s off away and on his bike!
    While he works out, and runs for fun,
    She’s just works. Look at all she’s done.

    Our economy ‘swans’ along,
    Still, we worry, things could go wrong!
    Not about things like climate change!
    But the dollar’s impact on price range.
    Any stronger we’ll have to claim
    Compensation. She’ll be to blame!

    Elsewhere the world is suffering Hell.
    Here things are going far too well.
    So many people are employed
    Too little leisure’s now enjoyed.
    Oz needs that time to bitch and fight.
    This PM must go! D’you think then, “She’ll be right?”

  216. Patricia, love it!! Also, the link to Grog is a ripper. There are so many quotable quotes there, but I particularly like..

    Those who are against the NBN:
    People who think the country is a thing where you have your hobby farm
    People who think the laws of physics have a left wing bias

    And part of the anti-Julia list..

    Those who actually can’t think of any specific policy they don’t like they just don’t like the vibe”:
    Those who think Julia Gillard should cry
    Those who think Julia Gillard should not cry
    Those who think Julia Gillard fakes it when she cries
    Those who think she needs to do something about her wardrobe
    Those who think she needs to do something about the voice
    Those who think she lacks gravitas
    Those who think she is wooden except when in parliament
    Those who think she should not be so attacking in parliament
    Those who think “JuLIAR” qualifies as intelligent debate

  217. Patricia, I’m with Min, love it. As for Mr. Grog, I don’t know how he does it either and I hope he doesn’t stop!

    Sue, it’s a great way for ltd. news to save money.
    Don’t do any investigatives journalism, too expensive; instead set the journos to work creating the usual “sources”, “it’s been reported” [by themselves], followed by “back down, “back flip” “caved in” etc.
    Minions or mongrels?

    Catching Up, I think the news is being manipulated by mostly willing employees of ltd news and the ABC, and expect more of the same from Fairfax now that the lovely Gina is a shareholder

  218. Pip, it wouldn’t surprise me if a good number of journalists aren’t on a contract but are paid per article. Therefore, you submit something which doesn’t fit The Agenda it doesn’t get printed and you don’t get paid.

    The only thing that will make the MSM reconsider is when it stops getting the hits so that it’s ability to promote it’s advertising space is effected.

  219. CU, it is indeed an interesting site and well reseached too. From that site’s link to Mungo…

    Does Howes mean that he would assassinate Gillard and install – well, who? Greg Combet, the public face of the policy he opposed? Jump to Bill Shorten, lacking both status and credibility? Or cross the whole way over to Tony Abbott, whom the unions accuse of trying to reintroduce WorkChoices?

    Which nails it..just who does Howes plan on backing? Also on the same link, Mungo has a say about the pokies..

    But the clubs will not compromise, or even negotiate. If restrictions are imposed, there will be no more clubs, no more sport, no more kiddies’ playgrounds, no more communities. It should be remembered that they said exactly the same things when pokies were allowed in hotels: the clubs were doomed. Last year just 11 NSW clubs took $438,953,965 from their pokies and returned just $11,678,358 to the community.

    These men are lying. They want your money and they couldn’t give a damn about the community.

    Plus the clubs also claimed the same thing, “we’ll be rooned” when indoor smoking was banned. Same tack too, that it would be the small clubs who would go under. I can’t see that any ever did. But then the majority of people aren’t there for a smoke, they’re there for the gambling.

  220. The real question is does Mr. Howe’s have any power. I say he does not.

    He was aware of the the Rudd approaching demotion and his action in hogging the TV has made PM Gillard much harder.

    I have not sighted any evidence that he was a leading player. He was an opportunist that use advantage of knowledge of what was occurring to advance his own cause. The man is an idiot.

  221. “I think the news is being manipulated by mostly willing employees of ltd news and the ABC, and expect more of the same from Fairfax now that the lovely Gina is a shareholder”

    You could be right but they are responsible for the people they employ. They are making sure that those who have any ability miss out. It is easy to manipulate fools and idiots.

  222. January 2012 the ABC Board chair is up for appointment. I just hope the government has seen what a dis-service the current Howard appointee has done to the ABC. The question I ask is :Has the current board deliberately set out to trash the ABC brand?

    Now on a much brighter note: “Propublica wins Pulitzer prize”

  223. ‘Has the current board deliberately set out to trash the ABC brand?’

    It’s looking more and more like that’s the case. Partcularly in the light of the Jonathon Holmes article that mentioned how the ABC’s Editorial Policies have been radically revised and shortened.

    I was hoping the government would re-instate the staff-elected board member as that also appeared to be a fair idea that actually put some control onto the actual employees.

  224. From GetUp..

    Every time the climate deniers have tried to rewrite the story about what the community actually thinks about climate change, we have been there, with thousands of others, to prove them wrong.

    Since that first rally, together we’ve:
    Held massive rallies which have mobilised over 20,000 people to say ‘YES’ to a price on pollution, outnumbering the other side every time, often with less than a week’s notice;
    Put the shock jocks on notice with formal complaints about their misinformation;
    Mobilised people on the ground in key electorates like those of independent MPs – including a rally in Port Macquarie that outnumbered a rally held by climate deniers by a factor of twenty to one;
    Started developing some great ad campaigns to ensure we’ll be ready when the big polluters try to take over the airwaves; and
    Commissioned investigative research to expose how big polluters are underhandedly trying to cripple climate action.

  225. “Tom R

    ‘Has the current board deliberately set out to trash the ABC brand?’”

    From whay is occurring on the ABC we can only come to the conclusion they are. What we can do about it is another matter.

  226. ‘What we can do about it is another matter.’

    Yes, getups petition is one way, but I’m not sure how much weight they really carry.

    Not watching it doesn’t really help, in fact, that is probably precisley what their aim is, make it totally irrelevant.

    (btw, I was quoting Sue in the part of my rant you quoted. Credit where credits due)

  227. I beleive Mr. Rudd biggest mistake was not getting rid of as many of Mr. Howard’s appointees as possible.

  228. Sue @ 7.11pm, I’ve been watching for any snippets about the Australia Network.
    A very good outline of what’s at stake from Inside Story

    Will Australia’s satellite TV service head Skywards

    TENDERS are open for a ten-year contract to operate Australia Network, the country’s international television broadcaster. Only two groups are likely to apply: the ABC, which currently operates the service, and pay TV network Sky News. The history of Australia’s overseas television service has sometimes been less than rational, but if the government did decide to dump the ABC, it would need measures that would prevent Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited from enlarging its stake in Sky News

    and this by Bruce Dover, author of Rupert’s Adventures in China, and the Chief Executive of ABC’s Australia Network

    and this from 7.30 Report 2007.
    Australia left behind on Internet superhighway

    KERRY O’BRIEN: A war of words erupted today over the speed of broadband Internet services in Australia. The consensus amongst those in the industry is that, despite government assurances, Australia is very much in the slow lane of the Internet superhighway. The argument arises over how best to go faster, and who should pay for the new model broadband. On one side, Telstra launched a vitriolic campaign against the regulation it says is holding back its plans to upgrade its network. On the other side, a coalition of telcos, the G9 Group, is proposing its own fibre-optic rollout to fill the gap. Meanwhile, Australia is being left behind in the rush for the rewards offered by the Internet. This report from Greg Hoy.

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