Under the radar

The Abbott/Credlin team are successful in nothing else, except perhaps confusing everyone.

Perhaps someone should whisper in Peta’s ear (that’s if they’re game enough), that she might be a tad on the ‘obvious’ side.  Going to ground doesn’t help either, it just makes it all that obvious, via absence.

However, let’s have a look at the absolute and utter confusion that the Abbott government are making of things.  It’s all taken straight from the John Howard Little Book of How-To’s of course. . . but they’re doing it so badly, and so obviously that it’s an embarrassment.  Therefore in the process, making naught but confusion.

Abbott won the election built on no vision for the future other than ‘trust me’, and no new taxes.  There were vague and unexplained references that some sort of ‘something’ might happen, but nothing specific other than ‘Ditch the Witch’.  That was the aim; there was no other.

Very rare and far and few between were any commentators from mainstream who bothered to ask the question:  What happens next?  Rather, it was wink, wink, nudge, nudge. . . clever politics.  And bugger the country.

However, and aside from the utter ‘wanker’ that many consider Abbott to be, this is serious business and the remaking of Australia.

Much has been written, and to give credit by mainstream criticising what are colloquially known as Abbott brain f*rts, and given credence by the Commission of Audit. . . however, due to lack of coherence Abbott brain f*rts they remain.

**Just as an aside, but if the Commission of Audit comes up with these you’beaut ideas, how is Hockey able to ‘bung’ them into the budget so quickly if the whole kit wasn’t already preconceived?  No, don’t tell me. . .

However, back to the serious stuff, and one of the better, more precise articles in my opinion is via Bernard Keane, who states:

The Abbott government’s National Commission of Audit has recommended the abandonment of Australia’s post-war fiscal structure in favour of a decentralised state-based model of taxation and service delivery that would significantly reduce the Commonwealth’s role in national life.

I hope that we’ve all got that. . .it’s not just an Abbott brain f*rt, nor Eleventy Joe Hockey but a ‘fiscal restructure’.

And by the way, has anyone else noted how we’ve been ‘done’ – a Howard strategy – throw in all kinds of furphies – such as granny being dragged bodily from the family homes under the ‘leaked rumour’ that the family home is to be included in the assets test for the old age pension – so as to distract the plebs, but meanwhile the Libs are onto serious business, such as ‘the abandonment of Australia’s post-war fiscal structure‘.

In spite of economists from A to Z stating that a deficit, and especially such a low one for a vibrant economy such as Australia’s isn’t such a problem, it seems that the Abbott/Credlin/Hockey team are intent on forging ahead.

As the Catholic Social Justice Network states:

When invested wisely and efficiently, deficit spending has the ability to spur economic growth, create jobs, and accelerate recovery. In our current economic climate, NETWORK recognizes deficit spending as a necessary action in the restoration of a healthy economic environment. As society’s most vulnerable are impacted the most by the recession, our call to justice and compassion moves us to action, and the need for deficit spending becomes even greater.

My impression is that the Abbott government is intent on sending us on a downward spiral while trying to fob responsibility off onto the states.  There was the scare campaign over a ‘deficit tax’ which apparently won’t effect most of us.  So why start the scare campaign at all?

Or are the Liberals so disorganised, plus so inept that only a few days out from presenting their First Budget, that they do not know whether it’s $150,000 or $100,000, whether or not it’s $17.00 or $6.00?

However, most important of all is the social restructure.  Post-war our society became more egalitarian, public schools, public hospitals.  The Diggers demanded it.  Having served their country, the leanest factory hand said, ‘My kids deserve the same as your kids’.  You start with the children, you start with health.  You give all a level playing field – you give all access to the best education, the best health care and. . .let ‘er rip.  Kids from all classes, all races and cultures will show you what they can do.

The Abbott government’s intent is to restrict access to almost everything to user-pays, meaning that ‘if you can’t afford it, then you don’t get it’.

Blind Freddy knows that problems are NOT to do with old ladies sitting in mansions, lol-abouts who refuse to work – it’s not about spending – it’s about how the government rakes in money and spends money on the people with the ability to pay.  Let’s say it again – with the ability to pay.

Does the Abbott government have the balls to tackle the big end of town?  There are small bleatings about it, but my guess is that THIS WHOLE PALAVER is a FIZZER.


Liberal frontbencher Malcolm Turnbull has described the Coalition’s measures to stop asylum seekers arriving by boat as “harsh” but necessary to combat people smuggling.

This is coming from Turnbull, where the meaning of ‘harsh’ equates to using dried rather than fresh tarragon in one’s Lobster Thermidor.

As a note, we’ve recently decamped to Wodonga, don’t worry Bacchus, it has an even larger cellar. 🙂  Therefore apologies for the lack of posts.  Plus on top of it Miggsy has his law exams in a week or so, so he’s been cranky, pissed off, all of the above, being nagged to death, very busy.

This pic was one of my ‘works in progress’, but I kinda like it anyway. . .


31 comments on “Under the radar

  1. Well we have the concerns of Costello, Taking a few dollars off the wealthy, will lead to a fall in consumption, that will bring down the economy It appears taking more off lower income earners, leads to the economy growing. Not sure how that works.

    We need to remember it was not the money Rudd spent during the GFC, but who he gave it too. They believe that tax cuts are the way to go. Tax cuts that put more money in the pockets of the reach, History has shown this did not work,. They are not incline to spend the money, The lower income spend the money, Yes, spend it, getting the economy going again.

    This outcry over what is a small tax rise, for four years, is a little over the top. It does divert attention from the real heavy lifting, and harm done to the bottom of the pile/.
    Somehow Abbott believes that temporary levy, proves all are equal in the sacrifice they are asked to make.

    From my observation, it is going to be the low to middle income earners family that is going to suffer most. Especially the women.

  2. Certainty, does not necessary have to be good for us. It could mean, we will learn where our place is in IPA society

    If it hear debit tax once again, I believe I will throw something at the TV, This budget is about more than a few wealthy people expected to pay a little more.

    More concerned about the NDIS, NBNCo, Gonski Pensions, Dole, Medicare, Super and medicine for starters. Followed by overseas aid and every government agency, of every type being closed down. That man made climate change, is still a challenged, All we hear about is a stupid tax.

  3. Mobius, cute isn’t it…of course, we all know who’s running the country and that which is about to be sold off to the highest bidder.

    I was asked WHY sell off Australia post, WHY sell off Defence Housing (among others), things which are making a profit. DUH!!!!!!!!!! you can’t sell off things which aren’t making a profit now can you. However, selling off Australia Hearing has me tossed as I can’t imagine how hearing aids for the deaf (of which I must admit I am a former recipient of) makes much of a profit…so I have to wonder why they’re selling that one.

  4. Fed up, since when has facts and figures ever got in the way of a good Lieberal scare campaign. I’m personally somewhat chuffed that they’ve overdone it this time (no finesse whatsoever from the Abbott/Credlin duo), and Hockey of course is clueless.

    People are being asked to fork out a goodly sum so that Hockey can look good on paper? Their whole strategy is going over like a lead balloon.

  5. Carol, the last one, tells it all. I do not think I have ever been so pissed off with a PM or government. There is not one that one can have any respect for. Well at least the handful we are only allow to see.

  6. Abbott and his yes men have told so many lies to too many people prior to the election that they have a snow flake’s chance in hell of remembering all the crap they have spewed out and now it is all coming back to haunt them. They really are terrible liars. Finally the word is getting out there that we have a very healthy economy (about ready to be screwed) and that we were well and truly going down a path of well being for all. It amuses me that even old wind bag Clive Palmer is getting in on the action re the economy. I think he is going to prove to be a thorn in their side for a while to come. The divide and conquer mentality can only work for so long till even the most stupid of people finally work out that something is amiss. Howard was an expert in that arena and Abbott has tried so hard to follow in his miserable footsteps. A pox on them all.

  7. A vindictive, policy free rabble for three years and now that they have their “Ugly American’s” mandate, a policy free, vindictive rabble, lurching around Canberra like inebriated teenagers and with a similar sense of the lasting damage they will inflict on this country. They are so incompetent they couldn’t run a chook raffle in a pub!

  8. This is one that sets heads spinning..

    Privatise 10 bodies, including Australian Hearing Services, Defence Housing Australia, the Australian Submarine Corporation and Snowy Hydro Ltd by 2016, as well as the Royal Australian Mint, COMCAR and the Australian Rail Track Corporation after 2016.

    Privatise the Royal Australian Mint… 😯


  9. Carol, you are spot on about the alteration to the fiscal structure in Australia and it is reminiscent of the sub-prime mortgage swindle that led to the GFC.
    The Feds pass more responsibility to the States but with it comes the attendant debt. Fed debt reduces by a huge amount, State debt rise dramatically but not as dramatically as the Fed decreases because it is shared around. Each State now find it owes more than it can afford to; so it launches austerity measures and asset sales to reduce the debt while making their State more attractive to investors by offering cheap deals on power, taxes and other charges. Capital starts rolling in and the Feds take their share of the revenue, improving their bottom line.
    Foreign ownership increases but State revenues are still restricted because of all the stuff they usually get paid for is being given away. On paper the States are worth more than they actually are because of rapid growth in foreign investment. They become more attractive to investors who are willing to pay a little more than the first-adopters. The people living in those States, unfortunately, suffer a deterioration of the quality of the services, education, health and life generally because in reality the Government of the State is fiscally no better off than it was when the Feds shifted the burden of fiscal responsibility. Remember that debt they inherited from the Feds, well, they’re still paying it off.
    Eventually the process reaches bursting point when the international financial watchdogs declare Australia is over-priced and its real value is much less and we have our own Australian Financial Crisis

  10. I heard that comment by Roskam & was floored that no one on the show picked up on it & asked him to plz explain. I’m also a resident of Wodonga, hope your enjoying your stay here & good luck with the exams 🙂

  11. While I whole heartedly agree with my like minded commentators Sadly the Clowns we are aiming at ARE not Listening or caring , The only way we can make them Notice is Via the May Marches now being Organised Get our there and Just be seen, If by any chance we Bump into a Pro Abbott March ( Ha Ha Ha ) we can count them on the fingers of one Hand , Write to your Local MP and state your Objection to what is Happening in Our country, His three word Slogan has now been Morphed to a TWO word One ” Trust Me ” , MR Abbott the People are Laughing at you and your Mates, In Just 7 months you have created so much chaos , unbelievable , Surely the Genuine Liberal Politicians Must be wondering about your Sanity , These People enter Politics with good intentions But to find they are being Led by a Buffoon it must be demoralising . See you On the March.

  12. It is wonderful that Abbott can find so many millions for road works in Sydney and Melbourne. Could not be, that there is an election in the near future?

    As Eva Cox said this morning, this is to be a corporate election. Trouble is government is not a corporation, or Abbott the CEO, he is acting as.

    All seem to be saying, leave the pensions and other benefits alone., This is not where the trouble is. Even Judith Stone agrees with this.,

    More than one said, that one could begin with the Seniors cared, which is expensive to the government. Yes one can earn up to $80,000 per annum. This does not include any income generated by super.

    As for that tax, that there is so much outcry, that effects less than 7% of the population and will contribute very little to the bottom line.

    The MRRT or similar tax was a recommendation of the Henry Tax report. Yes, there a many more things that can be addressed, before expecting low income earners to take the blunt of any cut backs. Many indeed, but most would d take a PM with guts to attack.

    Easy to attack those relying on benefits, and minimum incomes.

    Yes, the government is not a corporation. We live in a society, not a economy.

    Governments are there to redistribute income and look after the weak and vulnerable, B=NB9ot t5oi service the corporate state.

    While I am at it, I am sick of hearing some saying, that their taxes support those on welfare. Sorry, under the system today, we all pay taxes. Many oldie paid a higher share of income on taxes than those do today.

    Abbott and his ilk are about attacking the welfare state. Nothing to do with the needs of the today. Yes, as usual, budgets always needs adjusting., Nothing new there. One should not use that fact, to change the Australia society as we know it.

    What is clear, no one from the left or right, is supporting all that this government is proposing.

    We are being taken as fools.

  13. Touching the diesel fuel rebate, that effects mostly the mining industry is not on.

    Seems the same is not true for the petrol rebate, that affects the lower income earners the most, is OK.

    No to diesel. Yes to petrol

  14. Love my local paper yesterday. Photos of the local MPs across page three, labelled clowns. Yes, just about got it right.

  15. Commission of Audit: political theatre trumps budget facts

    The Commission of Audit recommendations were entirely predictable: this is what happens when you write the script and choose the actors

    In politics, perception is everything. It’s critical for the Coalition to create a sense of desperation around the state of the nation’s finances, because their vision for Australian society is so deeply unpopular that without it they don’t stand a chance. After all, it’s a tough job to advance a position that benefits those with wealth and privilege at the expense of ordinary people, to ditch Australian egalitarianism for a dog eat dog dystopia.

    The Abbott government’s political strategy is all about theatre, and in their Greek tragedy the Liberals are the heroes rescuing our sinking economy from the clutches of the incompetent former government, preventing us from meeting the fate of modern Greece. The numbers that demonstrate the real facts about our economy have been reduced to props in the play. Privatisation, cuts to services and the transfer of wealth to the big end of town are a necessary evil because the villains (read: Labor) have bankrupted the country. If the political equivalent of a good opening night is success at the ballot box then this play was a sell-out.

    To continue the fiction in government, the Coalition established a National Commission of Audit. To ensure they got the answers they wanted they handpicked the actors – a who’s who of corporate Australia – and wrote the script, which went something like this: we have a structural budget deficit that can only be fixed by drastically cutting government expenditure, our high debt means this deficit must be reduced urgently, we cannot add to the already high tax burden, we must tighten our belts and make deep cuts starting with health, welfare and the public service………………



  16. Free Enterprise Foundation, that seems to have no more structure than to flush money through to Liberal Party. No web site,. Nothing.

  17. We hear from the right that our kids will not appreciate us leaving debt, for them to pay off.

    I suspect they are more likely to condemn us, for being so greedy, that we will not invest in the nations future. Leaving it up to them, to pick up the reins. Leaving them behind the eight ball.

    Does one get the impression, at this late stage, this government is in budget disarray. I believe the tenth is the last date for it to go o the printers.

  18. Does not matter where one looks???????????

    A new report by Anglicare shows just how many of us will be affected by the Abbott government’s assault on Australia’s welfare safety net, writes Ben Eltham

    The Commission of Audit has laid bare the neoliberal agenda driving the Abbott government’s assault on Australia’s welfare safety net. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    One of the most refreshing aspects of the entirely dismal Commission of Audit report released last week is the debate it has sparked about the future of Australia’s social contract. As many New Matilda readers would already know, the report itself wants to rip up most of Australia’s welfare state. The scale and severity of its recommendations are breathtaking.

    In order to fix an imaginary problem in the form of a budget “emergency” that doesn’t exist, Tony Shepherd and his partners in crime want to tear yawning holes in the Australian social safety net. Ending Medicare as we know it, lowering payments for the age pension and other benefits, punitive new conditions for Newstart and lowering the minimum wage are just the beginning. Also recommended: abandoning the Gonski schools reforms, slashing foreign aid, and removing Commonwealth support for homelessness altogether. The National Disability Insurance Scheme will be delayed before it even starts.

    Perhaps the nastiest phrase in a very mean and nasty report was the Audit’s claim that it would continue to protect the “truly disadvantaged”. While everyone can agree that the government should “target public assistance to those most in need,” as the report argues, the rest of the Audit makes it clear that those currently in need will have to make do with less. In some cases, much less


  19. Something that went under the radar today was the WA State budget. This was the state that went the hardest against the Carbon Price and how it would drive up electricity prices and the cost of living.

    So now the Carbon Price is being scrapped you would expect the cost of living to go down.

    Nope. Everything is going up and a big hike in electricity costs.

    Liberals, liars to the core.

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