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  1. BHP denies hiring contract workers for closed mine

    Workers spotted an internet ad on a recruitment agency site for a two-year contract starting immediately at the Norwich Park mine, saying it had “the security of a long-term position”.

    One of the mine’s current workers found the ad and applied and was then told to take his resume in next week.

    The CFMEU says it is the war on the waterfront all over again.

  2. You have my sympathy Migs, having recently survived same – don’t expect any from those femaley substances with no understanding of the insidious MAN FLU though 😆

    I once again recommend the ministrations of Dr LOVO and Dr Tom R 😉

  3. First the ex Qld Police Minister stated he did not receive 5 letters about a traffic fine. But I wonder what his excuse over the past 10 years could be? That’s if you believe he just isn’t a BS artist or worse a person who doesn’t respect the law.

    “Queensland Premier Campbell Newman has confirmed demoted frontbencher David Gibson did not disclose his 10-year record of traffic offences when he agreed to be minister for police.

    Read more:

  4. Bacchus, I’ll take the advice of LOVO and Tom a bit later. I first have to battle my way through the customary ten days of moaning.

    If I live that long.

  5. Take a drag on that

    “The health risks of smoking have emerged as a central obstacle to the tobacco industry’s case against plain packaging in the High Court.

    Justice French put it to leading counsel Bret Walker, SC, that none of the previous cases he had referred to in justifying the companies’ position dealt with a product that carried the risk of fatal disease to all who used it.

    ”Doesn’t this put it into a different category?” Justice French asked.

    Mr Walker acknowledged he was not able to point to any other case dealing with public health in the context of this constitutional challenge.

    Read more:

  6. Either will deliver the cure for Migs LOVO 😆

    Even the young (female) pharmacist had some understanding of MAN FLU this evening when I was enquiring about medication regarding alleviating trailing symptoms as I recover. Our universities must at last be training medical professionals properly wrt MAN FLU. :mrgreen:

  7. The moaning is, of course, an absolutely necessary part of MAN FLU Migs, but indulging in a little bit of the cure does alleviate the pain of going through the horrors of near death experiences :mrgreen:

  8. Bacchus
    no doubt the young female pharmacist had some understanding and home brand pharmacy products on hand to assist in your recovery.

  9. Sue,

    Mr Gibson took to Twitter today, thanking his followers for their kind words and advice.

    He Tweeted: ‘‘Lots of ppl saying I should get legal opinion on SPER. Any suggestions on a good #Qld law firm?’’

    Traffic law specialist Andrew Wiseman said legal challenges only had a 50/50 chance of succeeding.

    No shame, no remorse or regret, only a major suck-up to constituents!

  10. Migs, if you have a sore throat you can kill the bugs by gargling a shot of any spirits, the idea is is to swallow it too, so the tonsils get a dose as well. 🙂

    Seriously, it wiorks, but it does burn a bit.

  11. ….the idea is to swollow first then say..oops, forgot to gargle…… times a few “attempts”…. I should know… I’m a Dr., ay Bacc’s

  12. Pip, it’s good to see another enlightened soul who has some little understanding of MAN FLU. Add a dose of female sympathy, that is so craved by the afflicted, and you’ll come close to complete enlightenment :mrgreen:

  13. Pip

    I wonder what the Tweeters think of that twat Gibson,, now that the 10 year driving record has appeared. Will his fellow Ministers still need a review of processes, or should perhaps penalties be raised for habitual fine evaders.

    The arrogance of the man accepting the Ministerial appointment to the Police.
    Perhaps the msm could ask Gibson’s colleagues what they think of him now that the truth, as opposed to his sympathy story, has emerged..

  14. Sue. I’ll have a look at Twitter and see what’s happening.

    Min, we ladies are safe …. it would be like a cold to us 😆

  15. Sue, Gibson seems to have disappeared from Twitter, but sloppy Joe is on Lateline, banging on about the government subsidising the Europeans through the IMF.
    He tried that one last year, plus he believes we must have small government which must be code for his previously announced attack on the 20,000 public servants whom he would throw on the unemployment heap,

    Still running the $10 million a day borrowings, when he would be wise to brush up on that by reading or discussing with Greg Jericho, who could set him straight.

    Government debt and interest rates have no connection

  16. I doubt I’ll see tomorrow.</blockquote.

    Put your glasses on.

    I first have to battle my way through the customary ten days of moaning.

    If I live that long.

    You mean if we live through yourten days!!!! of moaning. Strewth, where’s the ear plugs?

    Bacchus, we all understand man flu, that mysterious male disease which requires extraordinary amounts of whining moaning, calls for lawyers to update the will, undertakers on standby, then miracle of miracles! The corpse arises and reluctantly goes to the pub, to plan the wake?

    Several hours and most of the top shelf later, back it comes, still apparently on death’s door. Hmmmmm!

  17. Jane it’s just as well that we ladies don’t catch man flu….. listening to the moaning is enough. 😆

  18. Warning from Wilkie as pokie reform talks close to collapse

    TALKS between the government and Andrew Wilkie on watered down poker machine reforms are on the brink of collapse, prompting the Tasmanian independent to warn he will be a ”ticking time bomb” for the government if no deal is reached.

    During a meeting in Hobart on Monday, Mr Wilkie gave the Community Services Minister, Jenny Macklin, until the end of this week to meet his demand that the legislation states unambiguously that mandatory precommitment technology can be activated by a future government ”at the flick of a switch”.

    Mr Wilkie has said that the government may need him over the next eighteen months and cited the uncertainty surrounding the Labor MP Craig Thomson and the possibility any other MP could fall ill.

    Wilkie has been a member of the Liberal Party, the Greens and is now an Independent and for what it’s worth i wouldn’t rely on him whatever happens down the track.

    Read more:

  19. Lateline transcripts

    IMF report prompts political bickering

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says an IMF report predicting that Australia would outperform the rest of the world actually says the Australian economy is underperforming.

    We have bred entitlement: Hockey

    Opposition Treasury spokesman Joe Hockey says Western countries must reduce the sense of entitlement that sees a growing amount of GDP spent on welfare.

  20. Hockey calls for review of all welfare payments

    Mr Hockey would not single out which entitlements should be cut.

    But he says a future Coalition government would review the whole range of entitlements to strengthen the budget position.

    “We need to be vigilant. We need to compare ourselves with our Asian neighbours where the entitlements programs of the state are far less than they are in Australia,” he said.

    “Western nations are in financial trouble and they’re in financial trouble because like a bad parent, over the years they have always said to voters, ‘You can have what you want,’ and sooner or later it comes to an end when the burden of debt starts to cripple their economies.

  21. Pip, from your link

    In his London speech, Mr Hockey said “all government-funded pensions and other such payments must be means tested so that people who do not need them do not get them.”

    This is the same opposition who opposed the means test on the health rebate?

  22. Had to smile at this tweet

  23. The clue comes at the end of the article on Hockey:

    “If you reduce or remove the private health insurance rebate, you are simply pushing more people onto the public hospital system, which means they have an entitlement to universal health care, which means that the entitlement system grows.

    There you go, expect a Liberal government to come down hard on people such as pensioners while maintaining middle and upper class welfare..or even enhancing the latter via Abbott’s babies for the wealthy program.

  24. Mr Hockey, why do we need to compare ourselves with our Asian neighbours (in regards to welfare payments)?

  25. Roswell, I have a suspicion that this will fit in nicely with the return to WorkChoices theme..that we have to be competitive with our Asian neighbours.

  26. If you reduce or remove the private health insurance rebate, you are simply pushing more people onto the public hospital system

    That is a flat out lie. It has been shown again and again that the private health industry does not lighten the load on the public system, as often those with private health will use the public to avoid the gap payments.

    Added to that, the main problem with funding private health is that they are funding competition for resources that are already hard to get, increasing costs in the process.

  27. Tom, I was hoping that you would turn up with this snippet of information. I think that we here at the Café discussed this issue just a short while ago. Factual information is that when there is an emergency situation that people will be taken to the closest available bed in a PUBLIC hospital.

    Fortunately we are not in America where the paramedics have to ask about your insurance before deciding the standard of care which you will be provided with – yet.

    At present we are giving concessions to people for Lifestyle choices such as gym membership. One private health care provider frequently offers cheap movie passes.

  28. What we used to have in Australia was the best public health care system in the world (maybe debatable, but it was damn good). This provided health care on a needs basis irrespective of income – and a bugbear of mine, that health care should be on this needs basis and not income based.

    However, if one wanted extra one paid for it – it might be your choice of doctor, or a private room in a public hospital.

    And let’s not forget that PUBLIC hospitals admit private patients. You will never be turned away from a public hospital…these days, contingent on there being a bed.

  29. Some important bits from Lateline,Joe Hockey intervie
    “TONY JONES: OK, I’m only going to interrupt you there to allow you to expand on that because you give a very passionate defence in the speech of the system in Hong Kong, for example, where the top rate of personal income tax is 17 per cent, the top corporate rate is 16.5 per cent – the trade off there being that there’s no social safety net, so, instead, people take care of their own families.

    Would you – do you think that’s a model that could be followed in Australia?

    JOE HOCKEY: I wouldn’t go so far as what Hong Kong is doing, but Hong Kong is our competition, Tony.

    TONY JONES: OK. The logic of what you’re saying is that you would quite like to see Australia move part the way in that direction – lower personal income taxes, much lower company taxes as well accompanied by a lowering of entitlements, which is the only way you could afford it really. Is that correct?

    JOE HOCKEY: Well, in part

    TONY JONES: I’ll tell you what people are going to want to know some more detail on, when you say “in part”, in part you’re going to reduce entitlements to enable yourself to reduce personal and company income tax and everyone’s going to want to know what entitlements you’re looking at.

    TONY JONES: OK. A little bit of history then. You describe in the speech how the entitlement system grew in Western democracies. As you say, “Fuelled by short-term electoral cycles and the politics outbidding your opponent.” Do you admit to being guilty yourself of this when last in government?

    JOE HOCKEY: Yes.

    TONY JONES: So this was bad, was it?

    JOE HOCKEY: Well, we did it. I mean, there are times when we did it, of course.

    By the end of the Howard government, more than 42 per cent of Australian governments were receiving more in government handouts then they were paying in income tax.

    So they were net beneficiaries of the government, 42 per cent. Is that what you mean when you talk about the politics of outbidding your opponent?

    TONY JONES: Well let me just go back because Treasury studied this and found that in the four years up to 2008, an extra 276,000 families moved from being net income taxpayers to net beneficiaries of the Federal government. Is that the kind of phenomenon you think needs to be reined in?

    JOE HOCKEY: Well I haven’t seen that report, but it’s something that needs to be considered

    TONY JONES: Here’s another piece of advice you offered up to these policy makers. “All government-funded pensions and other such payments must be means tested so that people who do not need them do not get them.” So, can I ask you why you didn’t apply that principle recently to the means testing of the Private Health Insurance Rebate?

    JOE HOCKEY: Well it’s not a pension.

    TONY JONES: No, I’m talking about the principle of means testing, which you obviously agree in this situation works.

    JOE HOCKEY: Well, hang on, hang on, hang on. Hang on, hang on

  30. So hockey reckons paying rich people for private health is more important than the pension? 😯

    (let me know if I am paraphrasing there 😉 )

  31. Sue..interesting indeed..and from your quote:

    TONY JONES: Well let me just go back because Treasury studied this and found that in the four years up to 2008, an extra 276,000 families moved from being net income taxpayers to net beneficiaries of the Federal government. Is that the kind of phenomenon you think needs to be reined in?

    JOE HOCKEY: Well I haven’t seen that report, but it’s something that needs to be considered.

    Tony Jones knows about it, but our potential Treasurer hasn’t even seen the report. I can’t say that springing into action has ever been one of Joe’s strong suits.

  32. Tom, it’s a return to the Howard years – the aspirationals, where the wealthy were given handouts and the poor were beaten with a stick.

  33. Some good news on the subject of marriage equality:

    A Liberal Party branch has voted unanimously to call on its federal representatives to allow a conscience vote on same-sex marriage in what is believed to be an Australian first.

    The East Sydney branch recently voted on the motion, “The East Sydney Branch of the Liberal Party calls upon the Federal Liberal Party to permit a free conscience vote for all Liberal federal parliamentarians on the issue of ‘gay marriage’”.

    The motion passed unopposed.

  34. tabot said

    NO to the Carbon Price
    NO to the NBN
    NO to the Paid Parental Scheme
    NO to the Stimulus
    NO to the means testing of the Private Health Insurance Rebate
    (the list goes on )
    Now he says NO to interest rate reductions 😯

    And he can’t stop any of it

    In fact, I would posit

    He is the biggest CAN’T in modern politics


  35. So according to Robb, banks are right to put up interst rates.Now the Coalition wants the RBA to keep interest rates high and hence $A ,what a help that will be to manufacturers.
    Yep up yours to home owners, manufacturers, tourism, Abbott and his lot suppport the miners.

  36. Min @ 10.48am, the Coalition never left off their aim for WorkChoices, they’ve been biding their time, and busying themselves with denying the Prime Minister even a jot of clear air, and disrupting the Parliament in the meantime.

    Howard swamped the ABC, our ABC with HR Nicholls types like Judith Sloan, with the oh so irritating IPA ideologues along with many other right-wing mouth pieces,
    yet in spite of the evidence the Conservatives ABC Watch is still complaining.

  37. Did not Mr. Abbott say yesterday, sexual abuse by priest’s was back in history. The impression he gave, it did not involve things that were current today.

    A former Catholic priest has been jailed for at least five years for sexually abusing girls as young as six.

    Brian Spillane was found guilty in 2010 of nine counts of abusing the girls in the 1970s and 1980s.

    His youngest victim was eight.

    Spillane, 69, faced sentencing today in the New South Wales District Court.

    The judge, Michael Finnane told the court the offences were planned and callous, and that Spillane continues to deny his guilty.

    “He has no remorse and no contrition, which means that there can be little hope of rehabilitation,” he said.

    Justice Finnane noted that some of the offences were committed in the girls’ homes and that Spillane gained access to one victim’s bedroom by telling her parents he would say night prayers with her.

  38. Oh yum, my very nice neightbor just popped over with a bucket of prawns. Guess what I’m having for dinner tonight. 😀

  39. The NOalition is so cocky they’re threatening the RBA?

    Tom R, he’s a silly CANT!

    I resemble that remark

    Very closely, Bacchus. :shock::

  40. A good result and through Fair Work Australia and Bill Shorten, so much better than the Howard way of putting the dogs onto wharfies. .

    “In a statement, Asciano said the resolution was in no small part due to the recent intervention of Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten.

    “We would like to thank the Minister for his persistent efforts and constructive role in engaging with the leaders of both parties to enable an agreement to be reached,” it said.

    Mr Crumlin agrees Mr Shorten’s intervention was key to breaking the deadlock by convincing the parties to go to conciliation and arbitration at Fair Work Australia.”

  41. Blow to unions in BHP mine row

    Mining unions have lost a bid to stop industry giant BHP holding a postal ballot on a new workplace agreement for workers at seven central Queensland mines.

    Fair Work Australia ruled in favour of a postal ballot for workers at seven BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance Bowen Basin mines but granted the union a postponement of one week.

    The CFMEU mining union says it’s disappointed at the FWA ruling because postal ballots are notoriously unreliable.

  42. Turnbull should have had a postal ballot when he got the punt from Abbott. Oh that’s right under Liberal party rules you have to be present, no absentee votes allowed, no excuses.

  43. I think I’m winning my alcohol-free battle with the man flu.

    Where’s the fun in that? Dr Pip wouldn’t lead you astray… :mrgreen:

  44. I wouldn’t laugh Migs, as long as you pretend there’s a shot of “bourbon, whiskey or rum” in your milk 😆

    Seriously though, having just been through this (don’t tell jane, but that also involved alcohol-free days 😉 ), just get yourself better 🙂

  45. Migs, my great grandfather wrote a letter back home to Orkney when he was on a ship heading for Australia, reminding them to pack a couple of bottles of brandy even though it was forbidden….declaring that they must “listen to me for a change”, It was intended for medicinal purposes, and another great grandparent kept a bottle of brandy on the kitchen mantle piece, also for medicinal purposes. 😯

  46. Australia: The Aboriginal People

    Australia, which was once home to 200 languages, now suffers from the highest rate of language extinction in the world.

    Australia suffers from the highest rate of language extinction in the world. Once home to more than 200 languages spoken by the indigenous inhabitants of the continent, now only about 20 are spoken on a daily basis.

    The suppression of indigenous languages was an intrinsic part of the often violent methods employed by the British against the Aboriginals when conquering the continent. The resulting extreme marginalisation of the Aboriginal people can still be seen in modern Australia, where Aboriginals were neither allowed to vote in elections nor to settle freely until the 1960s. Even today, various government policies target Aboriginal communities but do not apply to other Australians.

    Now the few remaining indigenous languages are in danger of dying out in the coming years. The struggle to preserve them often rests with a few dedicated individuals striving to not only re-learn the language of their ancestors, but to also teach it to others.

  47. 😯 Min, I discovered them long ago in my drunk’n wonderings in the cellar of this august establishment… up untill lately my use has been conservative, the odd 🙂 here and there, but after some prompting ( aspies post) I have increased my usage thereof: 😉

  48. Not by me Migs, a shot of brandy, rum or whisky in the hot milk might work wonders; if not it might help you to sleep. 🙂

  49. Without yet having seen the details, this seems to be an excellent idea.. I have known of elderly people who felt that they had no option but to going into a nursing home simply because they could no longer mow the lawn.

    Under the reforms, money will be taken from funding now used to subsidise care in nursing homes, which has blown out by $2.3 billion, to fund care services for ”tens of thousands of people” who wish to stay in their homes.

  50. El gordo from your link:

    The confidential settlement, obtained by Fairfax Media, shows that in September 2010 the union agreed to pay $129,555 in entitlements plus $30,000 to settle a defamation claim Mr Thomson had brought against the union and its national secretary, Kathy Jackson.

    The suit against the union was over allegations that he had used his union credit card for a session at a brothel, the use of escort services and for $100,000 in cash advances over five years when he was the national secretary.

    So what do we actually have here. We have that Craig Thomson decided to take action in a defamation case and that the union decided on an out of court settlement. Also that the union agreed to pay him his entitlements.

    Yes the story is an old one and well known that union decided to bail him out, however it seems that he was entitled to a large portion of this money anyway..note the word “entitlements”.

    If Thomson is found guilty via any police action, then he’s the aforementioned guilty. That is yet to happen, however it may happen in the future.

    The article doesn’t state why the payment was “secret”, however it would be usual that out of court settlements all have privacy clauses.

  51. Abbott true to form, rejects age care proposals before he even knows the details. He claims that the PM is going to make sure everybody pays more. Had a crack at the means testing.

    What we do know is that what Mr. Howard left is disastrous and does not meet the needs of the age.

    Swan said that the Opposition is absurd, continuing to talk down the economy and disagreeing with international reports as to the state of the economy.

  52. Cu, I think that it is a good possibility that things will be catching up with the opposition shortly. We have Hockey suggesting that he will attack the poorest and the most disadvantaged via cuts to welfare – now we have the government suggesting that they are going to be targetting the most wealthy.

    Here at last is a dividing line – something which differentiates the government from the opposition.

  53. The message I believe I am hearing from the PM is

    1 The world economy does not look that good. We need to be in the position to deal with another down turn, if things go belly up.

    2 The PM is attempting to build some fat into the system.

    3 The PM is aware that the action they are taking is risky. The PM is hoping that the RBA does not let the economy go into downfall.

    4 The PM is not doing the impossible and promising that there will be no more deficits. The truth, there will be, if necessary.

    What Mr. Abbott is promising, I have no idea. What I do know, he is doing everything in his power to talk the economy down.

    It is sad that an Opposition leader believes the only way he can win, is for the economy to collapse.

  54. Cu, it seems not all that long ago that talking down the economy brought with it blazing headlines and outrage from the Liberal government and the media. Yet Abbott can do it seemingly every day of the week, and it’s all fine and dandy. At times the media appears to be little more than aloof observers or rumor mongers..and going from one to the other with predictable regularity.

  55. NBN to future proof Australia for 50 years

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy says the federal government’s decision to create the national broadband network (NBN) was taken to ensure Australia’s telecommunications system was “future-proofed” for up to 50 years.

    Had it been left to Telstra, a national fibre-to-the-home network would never have been built.

    “Telstra won’t get out of bed in the morning unless they can get a 25 per cent return,” he told ABC Radio on Friday, noting the government’s investment only required a 7 per cent return.

    Wolumla a “vital” first of ten satellite ground stations

  56. Transcript of the PM’s speech on Aged Care policy

    More choice, easier access and better care for older Australians
    Julia Gillard posted Friday, 20 April 2012

    Under landmark changes to the aged care system, more people will get to keep their home, and more people will get to stay in their home as they receive aged care.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard and the Minister for Ageing, Mark Butler, today announced a 10 year plan to reshape aged care, beginning 1 July 2012.

    The Gillard Labor Government will deliver the $3.7 billion Living Longer Living Better plan to deliver more choice, easier access and better care for older Australians and their families.

  57. min, you are right. It was a defamation payout. Nearly always secret.

    Wonder that Ms, Jackson does not mention this, when she is carting her allegations about the country side.

    Personally, I believe the union would have made the payments legal advice.

    As you said, it was mostly made up of his entitlements when he left thew union.

    it is obvious that Mr. Thompson would have only accepted this agreement if the union pay the costs.

    It is obviously NOT for the defamantion action he tools against the media.

    That is the impression that is being given by el gordo. I can imagine where she got her opinion from.

    Maybe there is other information we are not privy to, but I say that this weakens Ms. Jackson’s case.

    I am guessing that Ms. Jackson would have been a party to that secret agreement.

  58. I heard that, Bacchus @10.46am!!! 😆

    Min, on the face of it the proposed aged care reforms look pretty good, but we’ll have to reserve judgement until we know more, I suppose.

    CU, Liealot apparently knows the details of the reforms by divine divination and can reject them out of hand on that basis. Perhaps Pell channeled for him.

    D’you reckon he could channel the winning Xlotto numbers for next Tuesday? $30m up for grabs.

    It still amazes me that the msm continually lets him get away with that stuff. You’d think at least ONE of these bludgers would challenge him, but no, just accept everything the proved liar says at face value.

    Or the other hoary chestnut he’s been allowed to use without question that he doesn’t have to know the details because EVERYTHING Labor does is more expensive, incompetent and inept.

    grodo, THAT particular mouldy chestnut has been doing the rounds for ages. Stop and think: difficult I know when you think you’ve found the “gotcha” and end up with Godwin Grech.

    If there was even a nano grain of truth in it, the Liars would have had Thomson tarred and feathered and run out of town 12 months ago!

    As Min has pointed out the “secrecy” would have been a run of the mill confidentially clause to prevent anyone else with a grievance trying to squeeze as much or more out of them.

  59. “”What Joe said in London was the bleeding obvious,” he said. Asked if the Coalition was planning to axe or cut back a raft of programs, Mr Abbott replied: “We’re not planning to do any of that.
    “What we want to cut back is wasteful and unnecessary government programs.”

    Read more:

    Why can’t he tell us what he means.

    The word waste means nothing unless it is connected to another word. Waste water. Waste on the unemployed.

    Waste tells us nothing at all. It is not bleeding obvious. The governmental has the option to the amount they spend. They have the same option to how they spend it.

    What is waste to Mr. Abbott, I suspect is not waste to me. What are unnecessary programmes. It is obvious that baby bonus to the wealthy is a necessary programme to Mr. Abbott.

  60. It was the case that Thompson took out against the media that put him at risk of bankruptcy. I believe he remortgage his house for that. At the time he was accused of spending a fortune to upgrade his house. This was proven not to be true. He had sort permission from the council to extend his house. This was done, to add value to the house.

    I believe it was his long service and other entitlements held up by Ms. Jackson’s action that put him at risk of going broke.

    That is also old news that was well and truly in the public domain.

    I can see Mr. Thompson being a rich man before this saga ends. Wonder will he buy a yacht, as Mr. Hawke did.

    Wonder where Mr. Abbot got the information from, that the PM was going to put the cost up for aged care.

  61. Pip @12.48pm, landmark legislation. This government keeps powering on and shows no sign of being tired and bereft of ideas. And all the NOpposition can do is bad mouth it, without any scrutiny.

    Not a single idea in their empty heads, just more harking back to the Rodent’s (in)glory days and like a squeaky automatic door, NO to everything without any evidence or some input to improve the proposed legislation.

    Is it too much to hope for? That for the first time in 5 years we could actually get considered responses from the NOpposition? That they come up with something that’s not another brain fart or some plan to bash the disadvantaged?

    Wonder that Ms, Jackson does not mention this, when she is carting her allegations about the country side.

    She’s a troll, CU which her new fairweather allies will suss out soon enough.

    They hope to deliver a death blow to the government using her. They’ll find out soon enough that she’s a dud, bent on revenge. Let’s hope she’s the millstone which will break their necks, although Sloppy seems to have beaten her to the punch!

  62. Mr. Abbott speaking at a body called Australian Industry Group. They appear to be backing his Direct Action of CC.

    We are hearing from Abbott how he loves the bush and is a conservationist.

    He has done wonders for the cause. At least he says he has.

  63. Jane, landmark legislation, there’s the headline we should have seen in the msm but not a chance….
    Just spotted this on Twitter from the very serious journalist, Hugh Riminton

    hughriminton ‏ @hughriminton

    Net cost of government’s $3.7b aged care reforms is $577m. Govt is clawing back >$3b in means tests and “redirected” funding

    Where does he get his facts from? The Liberal website ?

    However, Karen Middleton tweeted information from the Gillard/Butler announcement!/KarenMMiddleton

  64. He still say carbon doxide. he is going to have a green army marching…Well somewhere.

    Once again, only he has the answers. Ir is a shame there are not many that agree with him.

    This do has been put on for Abbott in Queensland.

    Nothing really new in what he is saying, as usual all lies or misinterpretation.

    Still using all the figures that have been proven to be false.

  65. Cu, yes indeed Tony Abbott loves the’s just chokka full of photo ops, where one can look suitably “rural” in the right sort of designer boots and the right sort of hat.

  66. Jane, last week Craig thomson said he wanted the FWA report to be released, which doesn’t make sense unless he is innocent as he continues to claim he is.

  67. From Twitter, a quote by anthropologist, Margaret Mead

    Women Of History ‏ @WomenOfHistory

    Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. It’s the only thing that ever has. -Margaret Mead

    and from Greg Jericho

    Greg Jericho ‏ @GrogsGamut
    @timdunlop @jason_a_w

    I used to joke that they way dialogue was going soon to be called a “democrat” would = communist. We’re getting there

    According to a handful of visitors here at the Cafe, We’re already there.
    Keeping in mind that anyone left of Howard, Reith, Abbott, etc, is a communist!

  68. All Mr. Abbott has to do is repeal the carbon tax. It will take six months.

    You know why. He knows Labor will not vote for his repeal bill.

    he can do all this by cutting waste. Still no idea of what he considers waste.

    He is going to spend a billion a year handing out money to industry each year.

    Then mentions things that are still not feasible, plus planting all those trees.

    Maybe he has found a way to turn out deserts into forests.

    Rehash of all the shit we have heard from him over the years.

    Notorious inflammable roof top scheme…..????

    That Green Army again. Bringing back his Green Corp. Can anyone recall what good that lot did.

  69. Cu, it might be difficult to man up a a green army… the unemployed will be busy gaining new qualifications thanks to this government.

  70. Pip, they crossed over to the PM before he said what I was waiting for, The withdrawal of the Commonwealth, under him from environmental planing, handing the powers over to the states.

  71. Cu, I’d had a guts full of the fools, switched to Monarch of the Glen for respite. 🙂

    Tony Abbott wants states given power to approve major development projects

    Abbott wants states given power to approve major projects
    Businesses frustrated by expense, time to get approval
    Coalition to hand environmental assessments over to states
    TONY Abbott is promising a one-stop environmental assessment process which would give states almost total power over approval of major developments.
    The process would cut the cost of approvals and make them quicker, according to the Opposition Leader.

    But it would also allow states to set their own environmental conditions and could see standards reduced to attract big investments.

  72. Tony Abbott furious over Labor plans to means test high level care, but not Andrew Robb

    DO the top spokesmen for the Opposition talk to each other? Not often enough going by conflicting responses to aged care reforms today.
    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said he was furious that the Gillard Government appeared ready to means test high level residential care from 2014.

    “The Government today is going to make everyone using aged care pay more,” Mr Abbott told the Nine network.

    “Today she is announcing big new payments, big additional charges, for people going into aged care facilities.”

    NO, the Prime Minister said that no-one will pay more than $25.000 p.a.
    capped at $60,000 over a life time !!

  73. CU

    the best thing i saw on Abbott at the AIG conference, is that News 24 cut him off to go to the PM and Butler and the announcement of the Aged Care Package.

    I must admit I wasn’t listeneing to Abbott. had him muted, just read the blurb running across the screen. it seems every speech written by Abbott includes, “conservation (insert noun of choice) its in the Coalition DNA”.

    The just as he was getting animated, cut to newsreader at station and off to the PM. And that well timed annoucement and journalist questions and back to newroom and abc special reporter and back to stakeholders and journalist questions, WAS very well timed.

    A question to PM was on Tony Abbott crticising means testing. PM answered “well you would expect TA being negative, nothing new there, but let him be negative today. But I am telling you Mr Abbott has met with all the stakeholders and listened to them and he gave the stakeholders HIS WORD he would support the new arrangements, as long as they were as recommended by the review. So let him be negative today but when the legisaltion comes to the parliament then let him stick to his word.”

  74. Pip

    And that cap was for total care. in other words can be from combination of in home and then move to residential care.
    that was a very good option.
    also means testing will not include family home, just other assets.
    different options for paying contribution.
    no wonder all the stakeholders were so impressed.

  75. “Wonder where Mr. Abbot got the information from, that the PM was going to put the cost up for aged care.”

    Well the PM said they would be charged as to their ability to pay.

    I suppose the ones that can afford to pay, are the only ones that Mr. believes to be important.

    There are also caps in place, for all I assumed.

    What Mr. Howard left behind was not fair, not efficient and did not meet the needs of these people.

    I believe that with modern day technology, people for should be able to stay in their homes longer.

    There is one nigger in there woodpile. That of the increasing incidences of dementia. it is said there will millions into dementia diagnosis and care

    Read more: their mental facilities, as many reach older ages.

    The PM said she expected negativity from Mr. Abbott, but he gas been telling stakeholders that he would agree to bi-partnership, if the scheme was along the lines of the Productivity Commission.

    It appears that there has been found much waste, rorting and ripping off in the industry. The focus is to be on the age, not the providers.

    Many questions attempting to make the HSU look bad.

  76. Sue wrote:I must admit I wasn’t listeneing to Abbott. had him muted, just read the blurb running across the screen. it seems every speech written by Abbott includes, “conservation (insert noun of choice) its in the Coalition DNA”.

    I have to FF him these days…he’s such a bloody bore.
    Everytime I see his mouth start ranting I think “dickead!”.

    Abbott’s already as loathed as Howard in his final years.


  77. Did you see that Rinehart lost in court today. How amusing of the journalist to say the public will be able to sit in court and listen to the case unfold. Won’t be much room for poor old joe public he will be pushed along the benches by MR ATO and his trusty Trust fund investigators / tax evasion specialists.

    Oh goody thinks Mr Treasury, may need some redefining of the Trust rules.

  78. Min wrote: yes indeed Tony Abbott loves the’s just chokka full of photo ops, where one can look suitably “rural” in the right sort of designer boots and the right sort of hat.

    Abbott is having an affair with the camera lens. 🙂


  79. nasking, today he was not ranting for once. Obviously talking down to one, is not suitable for this audience.

    No down and down etc.

    Still most of his options are still in the imagination stage, no scientific basis as far as I know.

  80. Nas’ me too. Golly’s the man for Molly … i’d leap at the chance myself. 😀

    ABC has changed the more recent episodes to Wednesday afternoons and the early ones two hours at a time on Fridays, which might mean they’re trying to catch extra viewers before they show the later series.

    Who knows, I might have to buy the dvd to see the end of it.

  81. Nasking

    And you know how the investigators find the DNA, they swab the shit left behind at the crime scene.

  82. Cu @1.20pm. I have honestly lost track of the Craig Thomson saga..the rumours, the hot juicy gossip, the wishful thinking by Tony Abbott. I’ll wait and hear what the court has to say.

  83. Catching up,
    I reckon Abbott makes it up as he goes along…he’s an impulsive character.

    For his frontbench it must be like travelling with a fella who lives out of a shoebox and takes off on whatever transport he can find at the time…I doubt many of them have time to put on their shoes and coats and shirts of policy development.

    It’s kinda like IMPROVISATIONAL THEATRE…starring Tony Abbott…and his hurried, sweaty team.


  84. No nasking you are wrong. he done wonders for the environment when he was in government. From the Murray Valley to the Greens Corp.

    Well nasking, that is what he said. We have to believe him. Don’t we?

    Also carbon is something one cannot see. Did not mention the weight this time.

    What got me, the idiot that introduced him, praised the Direct Action to the rooftops.

    Abbott thank him for arranging the gathering for him.

    So in my opinion it was a beat up and fancy photo op for Abbott..

  85. Jane @1.47pm..I think that Julia has only just started. She is a logical and practical female, dangerous by any description. And as we females know..offload the cr*p first, then you can get onto the fun stuff. With business now all about done, Julia has about a year to do what the girl wants to do. We will be seeing a lot more of this “reform” thing.

  86. CU

    As the PM said Abbott was playing catch up with what was done and dusted last friday with the premiers.

  87. Pip wrote: Golly’s the man for Molly … i’d leap at the chance myself.


    Yep, he’s a good loyal man. Be handy to have around during a recession.

    Love that they brought the old Dr. Who actor in to play the charming rogue Donald. What a character.


  88. Sue wrote: Now I am worried what DNA is on the camera lens????????? ewwwwww

    that’s the sweat of a lead balloon. 🙂


  89. Min

    And look at the reforms, this year, and its only April.
    Julia Gillard has reforms in every Ministry.

    The opposition will soon realise that “their tried and trusted” team will have to start working just to try and keep up with the reforms, let alone the costing associated with the reform agenda.

    Soon even the msm will see (even if they don’t report it ) that Abbott and his lot are way off the pace and ability.

    Would make for some interesting NPC debates.

  90. Funny, the only one to have concerns today, appears to be Mr. Abbott. I suspect the deal might be a success.

    At least it is not about giving power and unlimited money to the nursing homes. It is ISP (Individual Service Plan) packages built around the needs of the age person.

    If the nursing home want to survive, they are going to have to provide the care the age person needs, not the other way about.

  91. It’s kinda like IMPROVISATIONAL THEATRE…starring Tony Abbott…and his hurried, sweaty team.

    N’ 😆

    Also in this link

    Andrew Robb

    But Opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb applauded the move, saying there was bipartisan support for shifting funding to the objective of keeping the elderly in their own homes for as long as they wanted, rather than in expensive residential care.

    “Without seeing the details (of the Government’s reforms) it’s a bit hard to make a comment,” Mr Robb told ABC TV.

    “But the fact is that the Coalition welcomed the Productivity Commission report on aged care last year and we are committed to working in a bipartisan way with the Government to take that report’s recommendations forward.”

    A few hours later, Mr Abbott revised his response to the Government’s reforms which are designed to ensure that funding for the high-cost sector can be sustained.

    It’s as if he got the message that the aged care industry and many of his colleagues support the changes.

    After thoroughly muddying the waters Abbott changes the subject again.

  92. Ian Yates, from Council of the Aging says “it’s a pretty good package”.

    Aged-care overhaul embraced

    Council on the Ageing chief executive Ian Yates embraced the reforms, saying they would result fairer and more equitable care.

    “We are going to see the system easier to navigate” he said.

    The assistant secretary for the aged care union, United Voice, Sue Lines, praised the government for recognising that wages and staff numbers desperately needed a boost in the aged care sector.

    Catholic Health Australia’s chief executive Martin Laverty added he was pleased Labor had taken a “solid first step” in aged care reforms and said he thought it would result in “better quality” care for older Australians.

    UnitingCare Australia – which oversees 12 per cent of all residential aged-care places, around than 12,000 beds – said seniors wanted to stay in their own home and community as long as they could.

    “That’s a very good thing,” national director Lin Hatfield-Dodds said.

    The not-for-profit provider also welcomed the new flexible financing arrangements, saying equity had been “missing in action”.

  93. “Mr Abbott will use the speech to reinforce his personal commitment to the environment, going back to the days when he was a boy wandering the bush on Sydney’s North Shore.

    “In the valley behind our house, I first learnt to sleep under the stars,” he is expected to say today.

    “On canoeing trips, I developed a sense of direction. On student bush walks, I learnt to read a map.

    “As a mate speculated, on a day when the dolphins were swimming among the surfers between North Steyne and Queenscliff, perhaps “we’d died and gone to heaven”.

    “How could I not appreciate the natural environment in which so much of my life has been

    Yes that is the bush indeed. My father at 57 moved from the Central West of NSW to as dairy farm at Yarramalong, on the Central Coast. He refused to call that bush until the day he died. I am inclined to agree with him. North Shore, never.

    I live on the border of a national park. That is not bush to me.

  94. You can tell how positively the Aged Care Package has been received, just look at

    top stories
    Stop the carryon- why overhead luggage is out of control
    creepy banker rated dates
    kony night
    tony’s carbon promise

    and on it goes

    NOT 1 headline on the Aged Care Package.

    Yep the Abbott backers must be really worried.

  95. DO the top spokesmen for the Opposition talk to each other? Not often enough going by conflicting responses to aged care reforms today.
    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said he was furious that the Gillard Government appeared ready to means test high level residential care from 2014.

    “The Government today is going to make everyone using aged care pay more,” Mr Abbott told the Nine network.

    Read more:

    How does this fit in with what Mr. Hockey and Mr. Abbott said yesterday.

    Was not the story about cutting unnecessary welfare. If one can afford to pay, one does not need welfare.

  96. I should make a comment about the Green Army. Having been involved in environmental issues for quite some time, it’s not a matter of having several thousand or so people digging little holes and shoving in a plant here and there – the whole thing takes one hell of a lot of planning and coordination.

    A Green Army needs to be fully trained, sorry Work for the Dole isn’t good enough. Firstly you need to identify the area for reafforestation, identify environmental constraints, identify which plants have the best chances of survival.

    Cu @4.21pm..sorry Tony, but the environment does not mean doing a hiking trip. As every farmer and environmentalist knows, it means one hell of a lot of hard work.

  97. Sue, and EVERYONE interviewed across the industry seem to be doing cartwheels of the proposals.

    I do not believe I have seen a age care reform so well received. They are all using the word reform.

    Mr. Abbott had nothing new to say today. He had less on age care.

  98. This speaks for itself.

    The government considered that option following the 2007 election but a panel of experts said it would be a waste of money.

    “Because ultimately it was not going to give Australia the best future in terms of its telecommunications system,” Senator Conroy said.

    The minister said he wasn’t surprised to hear that Telstra would have been happy to live with a fibre-to-the-node deployment, as suggested by opposition telecommunications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull.

    Fixed-line broadband would have been delivered by a Telstra-owned copper line over the final kilometre.

  99. Laura Tingle reminds that all things being equal there is still eighteen months till the next Federal election.

    Canberra observed
    Inside story on the long goodbye

    Let’s face it: everyone thinks Labor is going to be massacred, slaughtered, eviscerated, wiped off the face of the earth at a federal election in 2013. That is simply the “reasonable” presumption, even within the government.

    But what has been sneaking up on us is how this presumption has altered the public debate. To wit, anything the government says or does must be a crock, and anything rude that anybody says about the government must not only be true but of greater inherent value.

    This wouldn’t matter if we were only a couple of months from an election. But we might be 18 months from a poll and the business of governing the country, and of having hopefully rational policy debates, must continue.

  100. Phillip Adams is now on Twitter and I look forward to his missives 🙂

    Phillip Adams ‏ @PhillipAdamsABC
    Todays SMH Twiggy F confirms mining industry toppled Kevin in cohorts with Gillard and Swan. Told you so. Nastier coup than Kerr’s.

    Twiggy mischief as politicians play resources

    The Australian Financial Review today writes that the night before he was dumped, Kevin Rudd had done a deal with Andrew Forrest to solve the resources rent tax problem by turning it into “a radical proposal to revolutionise the delivery of infrastructure in Australia”.

    And next month we’ll discover the Ruddster was minutes away from achieving peace in the Middle East and a cure for dandruff.

  101. Shades of Corrigan. Good to see the action is illegal. I wonder if it was Reith or Corrigan that came up with the idea back in the days of the wharf dispute.

    Ramsey was fined $19,200 and his company, through which he formerly operated the abattoir, a further $96,000.

    The court found Ramsey Food Processing attempted to avoid being legally liable for workers’ entitlements by hiring them through a holding company, which was drained of funds and placed into liquidation after the workers were terminated.

    These arrangements were a ‘sham’, Justice Buchanan said.

    The employees received a total $57,847 in entitlements as back-payment earlier this year.

    Fair Work Ombudsman Nicholas Wilson, who prosecuted the case, said the penalty showed deliberate underpayment of employee entitlements would not be tolerated by the courts.

    ‘This case demonstrates that employers who try to use legal or corporate trickery to avoid paying staff their full entitlements will be held to account,’ Mr Wilson said in a statement on Friday.

  102. The Opposition is even more idiotic. They are now claiming (courtesy of the ABC report) that:

    For the last four years this Government has given us the four biggest deficits in Australian history, and the Prime Minister’s own words accept that this has put serious upward pressure on interest rates that the Government could have avoided.

    First, the deficits were the “four biggest” in history but then so is the population, GDP, and every other scale indicator. The budget deficit to GDP ratio were, however, not the largest in history.

    Second, the Opposition forgets that the World is in the middle of the worst recession in 80 years. The move back into deficit by the Federal government was an essential part of Australia avoiding recording an official recession.

    Third, the deficits put downward pressure on interest rates in a world where bank lending is not reserve constrained (that is, in a flexible exchange rate regime).

  103. Cu, thanks for the links. Corrigan or Reith? It could have been either or both,and they haven’t finished their dirty work yet, hence we are treated on a very regular basis to Reith trying to appear like a benign creature while his words say otherwise.

  104. Pip, the PM was asked a question in the last few hours. She replied to the reporter, in words to the effect, if I tell you that I do not agree with much that the Corrigan says, would you be surprised.

    I would love to know how much of the planning was done by Reith and Howard.

    Corrigan had to know the government would not challenge his actions, which they did not.

    It is history that all workers should not forget.

    They have far from finished their dirty work.

  105. Third, the deficits put downward pressure on interest rates in a world where bank lending is not reserve constrained (that is, in a flexible exchange rate regime).

    That quote from CU might puzzle a few people as we’re so used to hearing Abbott, Hockey, Robb tell us the exact opposite.

    They tell us that the government is in the market competing with the private sector for a share of the finite pool of the savings, and therefore putting upward pressure on rates.

    That commonly held belief, despite sounding “reasonable” is not remotely how it all works.

    I can’t make up my mind whether they don’t know how the banking system in this country operates or that they understand perfectly and lie to make a case against the government. I suspect the former, but either way it’s a bit of a worry.

  106. MJ, I believe they so know. How can one study economics and not. That applies to Mr. Abbott as well.

    We have a man that is willing to say anything, to get what he wants.

    If I am wrong, then as you say, it is more frightening.

    All we hear from them and big businessmen is the need to take all rights away from workers, claiming it is needed for productivity.

    This in spite that there is no evidence, including the actions taken by Mr. Howard that going down that road works. If anything the opposite is true.

    The greatest rise in productivity came in the Hawke and Keating years, when unions and business worked together.

    It is so amazing that business cannot see why this would work. Workers have as much invested in the boss achieving profits as the boss.

    It is the only way they can achieve job security. They also have the knowledge at the cliff face to know what needs to be done.

    Bosses should trust and take advantage of the skills they pay for when they hire someone.

  107. The family home is not counted in the means test for the new age care scheme.

    Money can be paid in a lump sum or in installments. It appears that only the really well off will be required to pay. The maximum that needs to be paid is 60 thousand over many years. I think it maybe 10 thousand a year.

    What is wrong with Mr. Abbott. I am sure these people will vote for him, no matter what.

  108. Mangrove, we should be able to trust that they do know what they’re talking about, but with the years of twaddle they’ve come out with who would know?
    As long as people fail to understand the facts, Hockeynomics will get a hearing.

    I think they know exactly what they’re doing, and that is to say whatever they think will convince people to vote for them. ie, Labor have never ben able to manage finances, the carbon ‘tax’ is bad and it’s going to cause electricity bills to rise – they never mention the compensation to be paid to us all.

    I noticed a day or two ago that Abbott dined with Greg Sheridan, a stauch supporter of the Coalition who usually writes ‘pro Liberal’ in The Australian, and another, might have been Hockey but I can’t remember now, dined with Clive Palmer. It would be interesting to know who else has been wined and dined by the anti-Labor billionaires.

    There’s nothing wrong with that unless we consider the Coalition’s attitude to the mining tax, the carbon tax, the NBN and anything else that might get in the way of the billionaires. The NBN will cramp Rupert’s style somewhat and ltd news is always critical of Labor’s NBN.

  109. Mr. O’Farrell should have known this when Ms. Jackson asked him to. I cannot understand why Ms. Jackson thought he could.

    Of course he has no power, those powers were handed over to the Commonwealth during WorkChoices of maybe FWA.

    For someone involved for decades in the union movement, her action is indeed puzzling. Cannot help but think it was another stunt, organised by the likes of Senator Brandis.

    Truth matter not with this Opposition.

    The NSW government does not have the power to sack the leadership of the Health Services Union (HSU) and call a fresh vote, Premier Barry O’Farrell says.

    The HSU and its biggest branch, HSU East, are the subject of two Fair Work Australia (FWA) investigations and police probes in NSW and Victoria.


    Mr O’Farrell said HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson last week asked if the NSW Government could appoint an administrator to the HSU East and bring about fresh elections.

    But the advice Mr O’Farrell received was that the government had no such power.

    ‘Unfortunately the advice is that we have no powers to do as she requested,’ Mr O’Farrell said in a statement on Friday.


    ‘The advice is we could act only if the union had not held lawful elections or if a union official was convicted of a serious offence.’

  110. Love Senator Milne’s reaction to Mr. Abbott claiming to be a conservative conservationist,

    Milne said that what she does know, the public do not like one that is two faced.

  111. Cu, back to Corrigan….he hasn’t changed.

    Waterfront reformer criticises unions, employers

    Waterfront reformer Chris Corrigan has issued a harsh critique of Australia’s business culture, saying that some industry leaders have given-up fighting unions over workplace reforms, according to a report by The Australian Financial Review.

    but things aren’t necessarliy going all his way…

    Friday, 20 April 2012
    Moorebank. Announcement likely today

    The federal government council announce as early as today that it is pushing ahead with plans for the $1.6 billion Moorebank Intermodal Terminal, threatening to derail a rival proposal by a consortium led be Chris Corrigan’s Qube Logistics Holdings, The Australian Financial Review reported.

  112. What is behind the Moorebank tussle?

    In the meantime, Chris Corrigan is quietly getting on with the business of building up his freight empire. Lost in the noise of the Moorebank shenanigans was Qube completing its acquisition of Westgate Ports and Westgate Port Services, and of bulk haulage specialist Giacci Holdings, both on 19 March.

    In this writer’s mind, at least, there’s no doubt Minister Albanese’s meddling in the Moorebank waters will be no trouble for Corrigan, compared to the Patrick dispute of 1998. But then again, one cannot expect a Labor government to do make life easy for Mr Corrigan, even after 14 years.

    Who in their right mind would blame them??

  113. Cu, @ 10.42pm, the journos have been saying we don’t kn ow much about Christine Milne, which says much about them.

    Some of us have paid more attention to Parliament than the press gallery!

  114. Pip, I do not know why they say that about Milne. She has been out on front of the media as much as Brown. I would say she is very well known.

    Whatever Corrigan is up to, it will not be good for the workers.

    I expect a huge numbers of disputes arising from the likes of him.

    I am not too sure I like all that is going on at Moorebank. Labor needs to be careful here.

  115. Sue, that is a shame, no one turned up.

    Tony Abbott’s press conference, the same time Bob Brown announced his retirement on Fri 13 apr 2012
    And we will all finally answer that big philosophical question that has plague philosophers for generations…
    If Tony Abbott calls a press conference and nobody is there, does Tony Abbott still say stuff?

  116. I agree Cu, it’s late but I googled Moorebank and there are some articles about the freight terminal goings on to read later.

    It’s football day tomorrow and that’s very important in our house. 🙂

  117. He said he has always been a conservationist. He then went onto say he was a conservative conservationist

    What was more sickening was his comments that conservatives have done more in this country for conservation than anyone else.

  118. It’s football day tomorrow

    Tomorrow!! 😯 In an exciting international game tonight, Australia defeated New Zealand 20-12 in Auckland. Real, tough, international Test Football 🙂 Go the Kangaroos!

  119. Cu, that’s so ridiculous, it’s funny.
    I just had a look at his twitter page and it’s full of his slogans, but this latest announcement takes the cake.
    I think that he’s told the same lies so often that he believes he’s right, and in any case he was dudded over the election so he’s…. entitled. 😀

  120. Nooo Bacchus where i live it 2 minutes o’clock so it’s now football today.

    Kangaroos? I follow the Crows …

  121. Crows?? 👿 Those evil black birds that get me out of bed with their infernal racket 👿 Instead of following them, you should consider playing Pied Piper and leading them away from my neighborhood 😆

    Real, tough, international football has already been played this weekend, with the magnificent Australian Kangaroos being victorious in a very good game with the New Zealand Kiwis…

  122. Bacchus I’m happy for the kangaroos win but please try and keep them off the roads….

    Have a look at Media Watch… it seems to me that the rodents have added that one to their arsenal for good measure.

  123. At the unveiling of the government’s proposed changes to aged care yesterday the comment from Aged Care Minister Mark Butler that caught my attention was that the department had detected huge rorting in some nursing homes.

    It’s happened because the “industry” has found some loopholes in the assessment arrangements they can exploit to raise the care level of patients without detailed proof, and so claim higher payments from the government.

    In other words, the assessment of patient’s needs is at the discretion of the nursing home. This has led to “unusual claiming patterns”, he said.

    Doesn’t this sound just like the rorting that accompanied the home insulation programme ?

    What does it say about the mindset that underpins large parts of the business community, and by inference, the support base of conservative politics ?

    I think the antagonism displayed by bosses towards workers is somehow rooted in their own jaundiced view of the world. They think we’re just like them.

    We often see the comment from conservative types in these threads like “I bet you’ve never run a business” as if it is the clincher argument, the last word.

    What these people absolutely fail to understand is that choosing to opt for employment or “public service”, rather than set up a business, is that they have chosen different work/life arrangements. They have different priorities…and thank god for that.

    Not everyone wants to be a shop-keeper.

  124. MJ

    The example Butler about rorting was interesting. Butler said where assessments had been made by a doctor there had been no significant changes, but where the service provider had made the assessment such as “the patient takes x amont of time chewing their medication” the numbers of residents reaching more intensive assisitance had risen. But the clincher was that the service provider had not increased the relevant amount of extra care supposedly required that came with the extra funding they claimed from the government. This had resulted in the extra funding flowing to the provider going into revenue/profit.

    This rorting has been identified by the Health dept and being addressed.

    When questioned by the press whether the govt would get the funds back, the PM said that as the funding was based on particular resident/patient, the priority was not to intrude on the patient and as such the funds would not be recovered.

  125. MJ

    More rorting , this time 58% of claims are rorts

    “JUST 42 per cent of job-finding fees claimed by employment agencies were found to be genuine in a top-level audit of the $4.7 billion welfare-to-work program.

    As a result, some Job Services Australia providers – private firms and charities contracted by the government to assist the unemployed find work – now face the prospect of a fraud probe.

    Read more:

  126. Sue 7.47 and it was Howard who setup those employment agencies because he hated the old Commonwealth Employment Service. A lot were religious based and the scheme was just a way of paying them some cash to keep them on side.

  127. It also allowed some families to become very wealthy. Can think of a ex PM for one.

    To be fair, that money was made in disabled unemployment.

    Must be a good money spinner for the churches and their charities.

  128. Call me a cynic but methinks a newspoll is due.

    Why else would News ltd be leading with Slipper / Homosexual advances / Court case/ Huge problem for PM

    When just yesterday the govt launched the most widely accepted Age Care Package.

    And guess who is the journalist with the BigStory non other than Steve Lewis. If you want supposed sleeze, then Lewis ain’t far away.

  129. Once again, only he has the answers.

    And all without even knowing what the questions are, CU! What a man!!????

    Pip @2.51pm 20/4, exactly. This maybe why the Thomson affair has gone off the boil a bit. If the implication of Thomson’s request is how we read it, I hope he’s waiting with with an ammo dump of cream pies for the Liars when Parliament sits again.

    I feel sure the government won’t hesitate to rub their noses in their abject falure!

    Still no idea of what he considers waste.

    Everything Labor does or proposes to do, CU. It’s a lovely simple formula. Labor=waste. Liars=not waste

    Sue @3.29pm 20/4, blimey! Another landmark! News 24 actually cutting off “Tony Abbott says……….” to give the PM air time to not only announce the new arrangements but to tell the country that Liealot had given stakeholders HIS WORD (for what that’s worth) that he’ll support the arrangements and that she expects him to HONOUR his word.

    Fat chance, i know. He’ll wriggle out of it any way he can, but it’s out there and hopefully he’ll publicly cop the “LIAR” tag he should already have dangling from his neck.

    And @3.37pm, looks like the usual inefficient and badly thought out legislation we’ve come to expect from our inept, incompetent, disaster prone, lying PM. 😆

    Nas’ @3.44pm 20/4, pity some of its nastier denizens don’t bite the bugger!

    And Sue @4.02pm, how will Liealot go unravelling all this legisaltion as well? There will be more DDs than you can poke a stick at! 😯

    Pip @4.08pm, at least Robb hasn’t just denounced it out of hand. He actually wants to scrutnise the legislation, before denouncing it out of hand. That’s gotta be an improvement.

    Min @4.45pm, “she’ll be right” won’t cut the mustard? Bugger, it’s worked for him for the last couple of years.

    CU @8.38pm 20/4, very good news for employees and very BAD news for employers deliberately dudding their employees. That alone makes FWA worth its salt and should send a strong message to all.

    Pip @9.07pm 20/4, Reith was in it up to his pudgy neck as was the Rodent. And he’s still trying to impose SerfChoices on the workforce. He’s been beavering away on that little lot for the last few years. He is scum!

    I can’t make up my mind whether they don’t know how the banking system in this country operates or that they understand perfectly and lie to make a case against the government. I suspect the former, but either way it’s a bit of a worry.

    I’m tempted to go for the former, MJ. But it’s hard to judge. Incompetence or lying? Both fit.

    Pip, the Morebank Intermodal Terminal has to be the reason Corrigan has scurried out of his rat hole. Let’s hope it does the maximum damage to the scab.

    If Tony Abbott calls a press conference and nobody is there, does Tony Abbott still say stuff?

    Thank God we’ll never know, CU. It will be like the sound of a tree fallling in the forest, we won’t have to hear it!

  130. Sue, I posted that on Media Watch for that very reason … a tweeter just asked that pertinent question, did lewis or anyone else off the staffer James Ashby any inducement to complain?

    Steve Lewis has never covered himself in glory, he’s just a talentless hack
    from Ltd News.

  131. Oh dear, I just wrote “off the staffer” 😆

    I didn’t mean it honestly..

    Did Steve lewis or anyone else offer inducements to James Ashby to complain now?

    As I posted on Media Watch, remember Bill Heffernan’s homophobia induced attack on Justice Kirby.

    The Coalition has form regarding smear campaigns..

  132. One day, when I’m no longer a public servant and my tongue has been loosened with alcohol provided by the audience, I will disclose in private what I know about rorts covered up by a previous Coalition government. It will shock, but not surprise.

  133. Pip, I have a choice to make. Do I watch my team get flogged then watch your team of handbags whip the new kids on the block – both of which will be unfavorable results – or do I finally get to spend a day blogging?

  134. Indeed, Min. Collingwood supporters can be very nasty. Their level of nastiness can only be matched by that race of Neanderthals: the Crow’s supporters.

  135. Migs, at least they’re designer hand bags not knock offs out of the car boot 😆

    I’d stick to blogging today …

    I’m looking forward to your retirement and the drinks will be on the audience.

  136. Sue, Luna,

    That kind of rorting was on from day 1.

    I personally knew of one provider who had a number of subsidiary shelf companies where long term job seekers could be parked for the minimum period required to pocket the very generous “placement” fees the government was paying.

    Here’s some interesting history:

    “Oh for a decent public employment service!”

    A great article from “Victor” (an “insider”), one of Bill Mitchell’s PhD students I think.

    CU’s probably already read it.

    Makes me think, maybe the government’s frantic search for savings to get this budget over the line and into the black might’ve given them the courage to tackle some of these well known long term rorts.

  137. “The Coalition has form regarding smear campaigns.”

    Only to true, to the point of hounding them to jail. It matters that later they are found innocence.

    The greatest smearier of them all, was Mr. Abbott.

  138. Mangrove Jack,

    One story I know of is how long term unemployed are recycled. They are placed in a job, then they are mysteriously back on the books. Bonuses are then acquired for each job placement.

  139. MJ, I believe the PM is taking the opportunity to do so. I do not believe she is that fussed about having a surplus.

    It is a wonderful chance to make cuts that will probably not have much negative effect on the economy.

    I believe she has wedged the Opposition.

    It will do her no harm with Labor supporters.

    She may even manage to wedge some of her Labor critics.

    What I believe with this PM, she does not in any way, advertise her punches.

    She scores and the victim walks away, not knowing they have been slugged.

    It cannot be denied that she says, she does. Not a backward step taken at anytime.

  140. MJ, I love this from your link. Honesty definitely has another meaning when it comes to the Opposition.

    The inquiry he mentions that was underway, is obviously the one the government is acting on now.

    Governments have endeavoured to suppress how poor the service is since its inception. At the same time that the poverty epidemic was happening the mantra coming from the unemployed was that the Job Network did nothing to help them. When Minister Tony Abbott released a Jobseeker Satisfaction Survey that said a poll of 15,000 job seekers reported a high level of satisfaction, many of us thought it was rigged.

    The Productivity Commission later reported (2002) that the poll was actually of 22,000 people, but a screening question ‘has the Job Network done anything to help you’ resulted in around 7000 responses in the negative being removed from further consideration.

    Some mitigation of the breaching has reportedly taken place, yet compliance activity still distorts and undermines the quality of performance of the employment services.

    By the way, it is surprising that the Minister was Mr. Abbott.

  141. Quelle surprise Cu.

    This is the reason for all the negative suspensions of Standing orders, all the
    nasty denials by the msm that the government has been doing exactly what it
    is meant to be doing.

    Abbott sweats on ALP loss to repeal carbon tax April 21, 2012

    Could this also give Abbott a great big headache?

    Household Assistance To Flow Under Clean Energy Legislation
    Greg Combet,Jenny Macklin,Wayne Swan
    posted Tuesday, 8 November 2011

    Millions of Australian households will receive tax cuts, higher family payments or increases in pensions, benefits and allowances following passage of the Gillard Government’s Clean Energy legislation by Parliament.

    The legislation passed by the Senate today includes a generous assistance package to help households with modest price impacts from the introduction of a carbon price from 1 July 2012.

  142. Miglo, at 11:58 am, I’ll start saving up for a bottle of “The Laird”, wouldn’t miss that for quids,.. reckon you could make money there Migs…… ‘an evening with…’, or …’ whispers from the cellar’ or ?? 😕

    Min and Migs, hope its a draw or it will be a rough night at the Cafe for one of ya!!! 😦
    Migs, I agree, bloody crows, feral mongrels the lot 😆

  143. “JUST 42 per cent of job-finding fees claimed by employment agencies were found to be genuine in a top-level audit of the $4.7 billion welfare-to-work program.

    I can vouch for that in son #1’s case, Sue. He had to report to the employment agency once a week, I think it was. They never came up with a single job interview.

    My son eventually found his job himself. All the interviews etc were arranged by him with absolutely NO input from the agency, yet when he advised them that he’d found employment, they insisted he sign the release form so they could claim their rort money fee.

    What he told them cannot be printed here, but it did involve the reproductive process. He also threatened to report them to Centrelink.

    Migs, do not despair. The Wobbles have been decimated with injuries and the players on the ground are apparently on life support. We could be in with a chance. :mrgreen:

    By the way, it is surprising that the Minister was Mr. Abbott.

    I’m astonished, CU!

    Min, the Liars have a long history of smear campaigns, arguably the most egregious was the long campaign against Lionel Murphy.

    I doubt that there is a commenter here who did not live through the Lionel Murphy smear campaign. The Liars hounded that man to his death; in fact he was forced into court just before he died.

    And there was the infamous campaign against Pauline Hanson which DID see her doing time. Liealot was in that up to his eyes, in fact he held the slush fund which was used to put her in gaol.

    As I said on the Media Watch thread, they are maggots, the lot of them, although I have to admit that maggots have their uses. I am unable to say the same for the Liars Party and their corrupt minions.

    Pip, Steve Lewis was the hack who broke the Grech story . And bugger me if there aren’t a stack of emails in this little concoction. You’d think talk of emails would send them diving for cover, wouldn’t you?

    I suppose they’ve learned something though. They seem to have managed to get someone to send them from Slipper’s phone to which the aggrieved staffer no doubt had access. Hmmmm. There’s definitely something very rotten in the woodpile…….

    Ooops! Well looky here. A meeting of the Shadow Cabinet in that very woodpile!!!! Good heavens!

    MJ, if there was a crooked way and a straight way to do things, the Rodent would be guaranteed to take the former.

    CU @12.28pm, the PM’s opponents and critics constantly underestimate her and as you say don’t realise she’s delivered a killer punch until their ribs hurt. I certainly think Kevin Rudd underestimated her to his cost. She has substance; a truth they don’t want to face.

    Pip @12.51pm, even if the allegations against Peter Slipper turn out to be true, Liealot won’t get his wish before the budget is bedded down and people start getting that trickle of compensation cash in their pockets and feel the benefit of the increased tax free threshold.

    In fact, Liealot may have to wait until the next election before he can have Mr Slipper removed. And unless the accusations are proven probably in a court of law, he might be waiting a lot longer.

    And if, as we’re starting to suspect, it’s all a put up job, it could prove to be another election loser for Liealot and result in his political extinction, when he will be replaced by……………….bwwwaahahahahahaha!!!

    Even if Mr Slipper is the naughty boy he’s being accused of being, it may still bite the Liars on the bum. After all, he’s NEVER been a Labor man but has spent all his political life on the conservative side of politics.

    So all his evil doings are owned by the Liars Party, who had to have known about them, but deliberately chose to turn a blind eye for their grubby political advantage.

    Well, Mr Abbott, please explain why, despite knowing for many years that Mr Slipper was the despicable character you claim he is, you and the Shadow Front Bench as members of the Howard government swept it under the carpet until now????

    This could be the best gift that keeps on giving!!!

  144. Jane

    The Libs have been trying ever so hard to get rid if Slipper, even the Queenslanders haven’t been able to do it. So whoever is behind this little jiggle better watch out you can only ever imagine the dirt Slipper would have on all his colleagues. Now the Coalition whip is from Queensland just how worried is he?

  145. This I love.

    FORMER finance minister Nick Minchin has given Malcolm Turnbull a clip across the ears, chastising his fellow Liberal for failing to defend the Howard government’s reputation for responsible economic management.

    On Thursday, Mr Turnbull called on the Gillard government to adopt a culture of thrift, acknowledging before an audience of Australia’s foremost economists that spending in John Howard’s final term was excessive.

  146. Cu, re On Thursday, Mr Turnbull called on the Gillard government to adopt a culture of thrift, acknowledging before an audience of Australia’s foremost economists that spending in John Howard’s final term was excessive.

    And what pray tell has the Gillard government been per the Hartcher piece that I linked to this morning:

    The Gillard government should be applauded for trying to wean the best-paid Australians off government handouts. Labor has applied a means tests to the baby bonus, to the private health insurance rebate and to Howard’s beloved family tax benefits system. Undiscriminating handouts to the well-off achieve no useful aim. They serve only to discredit the entire system of government support payments and damage national solvency.

    Joe Hockey tried to call a halt to the Liberal Party’s irresponsible entitlement mentality in his remarks in London this week. Good on him. Unfortunately, he overreached by telling Australians that we must match our government support systems to those of Asia.

  147. Min, once again, the Opposition is too late.

    The PM is already doing, what they are promising to.

    It is like they have no idea of what this PM has accomplished.

    They take no interest in the day to day running of parliament.

    The only thing they focus on, is the stunt they have planned for the day.

  148. From 2 articles in the SMH today:

    First, this from Michael Heath and David Fickling:

    Australia has the highest borrowing costs among major developed nations, at 4.25 per cent, as the Reserve Bank seeks to temper a rise in consumer debt that tripled in the past 20 years and stood at 149.6 per cent of disposable income in the fourth quarter.”

    Who’s borrowing from the RBA at 4.25% ? Not even the commercial banks when they borrow at the RBA’s discount window !

    That 4.25% is the overnight cash rate, the rate at which the RBA would like banks are to pay when they borrow from EACH OTHER when they are short of reserves on their Exchange Settlement Accounts.

    And this comment from Jessica Irvine:

    “Because – despise them as we may – the world needs banks, half dead or alive. Banks are the lifeblood of economies, performing a vital service by matching people with money to the people with the entrepreneurial spirit to invest it. This fuels jobs, growth and rising living standards.”

    No they’re not Jessica.

    Commercial banks are not intermediaries in the lending process. Banks don’t lend out our deposits. Our deposits are used simply to keep the banks’ Exchange Settlement Accounts topped up to enable the day’s transactions to clear.

    When you understand this, you also understand that the claim by the banks about how increased funding costs are forcing them to raise rates is bullshit.

  149. Whatever the outcome of this nasty business, and I do think poor Slipper has been entrapped or set up, I feel for him and his wife. They must be under enormous emotional strain. I sent him off a ‘chin up’ note via email urging him not to let the bastards get him down. I also told him I thought he does a good job as Speaker.

    Besides I don’t want him to crack and quit, cos that’s something Abbott would love to happen.

  150. Patricia, he did not look too happy at that airport.

    Ch 10 are promising he will have a bruising arrival in the morning. It appears that we no longer believe in the presumption of innocence. They are not even pretending any more.

    We appear to have moved on to trial by media.
    Yes, it would be a shame if we lost him as speaker.

    He is gradually bringing Mr. Abbott and his party into line.

    He does not discriminate between either side of the house.

    I am sure that the PM can function very well under his rules.

  151. Sue @4.18pm, this has the distinct whiff of a set up to me. They couldn’t get rid of Thomson no matter what, so they’ve trumped up this lot against Slipper. There are no depths this mob won’t stoop to to gain power.

    I hope Slipper does spill his guts if push comes to shove. As you say, he’d know where the skeletons are buried.

    Somnebody should remind that idiot Uhlmann that Lewis is the one who broke the Grech story and we all know how well that turned out.

    I wonder if the PM has spoken to Slipper, yet?

  152. Thanks CU

    That tweet by Uhlmann is a great example of why he should not be hosting a news program on the ABC.

    I wonder if Uhlmann reported at the time Steve Lewis has emails on Utegate, Steve Lewis is doing his job….. well


    how about this as a comparison with history Lewsi/Telegraph style

    “Rudd also singling out News Ltd for special criticism, particularly of Steve Lewis and the Telegraph’s decision to run with the faked email on Saturday morning.”

  153. Sue, there are a lot of similarities between the two stories when one thinks of it.

    Two idiots spreading dubious allegations.

    Going to the police and every agency they can think of.

    This one, they have gone a step further and lodge a court case. .

    The bottom line, no matter if these two are guilty or not is:-

    Firstly the presumption of innocence..

    Secondly, no member of Parliament should be force out unless convicted and sentenced to a jail term.

    To have it any other way, will bring instability to the parliament.

    All one will have to do, is bring allegations against enough members, and the government would fall.

    This is what occurring now. It is a crime against democracy.

    The Opposition should desist in using the legal and police system for political gain.

    The truth is that a PM has no alternative but to stand behind elected members of parliament, unless they are convicted and sentenced.

    This was true for Mr. Howard and true for PM Gillard.

    It is not up to them or the Opposition to decide their guilt.

    It is up to the legal system of the land.

  154. Tony Abbott really wants that election before the mining tax and carbon pricing begin – he’s got just over two months and he’ll do and say whatever he believes will get him there regardless of any improper demands along the way.
    He’s also been working on the NBN with Telstra behind the scenes.

    Abbott urges AFP to investigate Slipper allegations

    The ABC, right on cue begins, the report with “Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says…”

    Slipper claims need testing: Albanese

    The government says allegations of sexual harassment by Speaker Peter Slipper should be tested in court without political interference.

    Fat chance!

  155. Telstra connects with Coalition

    STEPHEN Conroy must be fuming at news that Telstra would happily work with a Coalition government to build a national fibre-to-the-node network.

    That was his idea – but Telstra would not co-operate when the Labor government wanted to build it.

    Instead, the Labor government had to take the tougher option of setting up a government-owned company to build an entirely new network.

    Now Malcolm Turnbull has been gifted Telstra’s co-operation and could derail Labor’s flagship policy by promising to build a cheaper network delivered faster.

    Thodey’s on the money no matter who wins

    Labor’s national broadband network promised to herald a halcyon era of unfettered competition in Australia’s fixed-line telecommunications market.

    But as the government defies Julia Gillard’s weak standing in the polls by pushing on with the $36 billion project, Telstra looks well placed to cement its imperious position in the industry.

    The telco is poised to inherit an $11 billion dowry in return for its decaying copper network, placing a price on its involvement in any future alternative network proposed by a Coalition government.

  156. I’m astounded! A journalist has decided to make an attempt to join the dots… You see, everything that Abbott does is done in isolation due mostly to a media too lazy to research, too lazy to even attempt to look implications.

    Joe Hockey all but suggests welfare payments should be stripped back. Malcolm Turnbull wants a conscience vote on gay marriage. Andrew Robb and half the shadow cabinet believe keeping superannuation rises linked to the mining tax is crazy.

    Nearly everyone in the Coalition party room has some criticism of the paid parental leave scheme. They are all contradicting, to some extent, their leader, Tony Abbott.

    Generally MPs are discouraged from speaking out of school. They are certainly not encouraged to vote against the party line.

  157. It’s probably too late to change perceptions of the PM, and I blame her shoddy media advisers for allowing the Everyone Hates Julia theme to run – at all – much less allowing it to persist month after month – because as common sense dictates, the longer that things are allowed to run the more ingrained they become.

    On the positive side (at least for we Lefties), the current perception of Tony Abbott is of an IQ only marginally above room temperature, someone who is chokka full of Ego but very short on ideas. A certain intellectual laziness.

  158. Pip, from the link to Geoff Kitney. Labor must now sieze te opportunity to lay into the Liars Party at every opportunity.

    They can’t waste a moment laying out the future under a Liars party government. Explain that Hockey’s reference to entitlement means that the Liars Party wants to increase welfare to the wealthy at their expense.

    Tell pensioners that their pensions will be cut to 1996 levels, they can kiss their utilities payments goodbye, because Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey reckon welfare should be Asian style.

    Labor should be playing that particular card very, very hard. Frighten shit out of the buggers.

    Tell them the Liars Party plans to reintroduce SerfChoices, so they won’t be getting any handouts from their children. It’llbe dog food for them and theirs.

    Then tell them that they’re in line for another increase after the budget, but ONLY if Gillard is in charge. They’ll get compensation for any power increases, but ONLY if Gillard is in charge.

    Under their hero Mr Abbott, there will be no increase after the budget, he’ll cut their pensions so he can pay off people like Gina Rinehart. He’ll cut their pensions to pay off the people who are doing the polluting and he’ll cut their pensions because he only cares about giving the wealthy more money.

    It’s time Labor came out fighting and fighting dirty.

  159. jane

    labor has no hope in laying into the liars party over the cut to pensions.
    on insiders this morning, the panel rubbished swan for even suggesting the liars party would cut pensions.

    the comment from cassidy went somethiing like this.

    did you hear swan say hockey will cut pensions by 90 (billion) where did he dream that up from. maybe he was sitting in a restaurant and saw 90 on the menu and the number stuck. laugh laugh smirk smirk

    then the usual comment, how can labor get their message out…

    and true to form the big story from friday aged care reform was dealt with by the panel in 1 minute flat.

  160. Min @10.04am, right as always. The only way I can see to make a bit of a dent is for Labor to get out amongst the voters and ram home all they’ll lose financially if Liealot gets in.

    Really ram home what Hockey meant when he said our welfare should be more like Asia.

    They should be as brutal as possible-pensioners’ grandchildren forced to scavenge at the local tip, families selling their girl children into a life of prostitution so they can eat, atc, while Liealot’s mates are handed government money hand over fist.

    And scariest of all for pensioners, that they are the ones who will be targetted for that nice Mr Abbott’s payoffs, because the OAP is where the most fat is and that nice Mr Abbott has a big fat $70bn hole to fill.

    If that’s the future they want for themselves and their families, vote for that nice Mr Abbott.

    If they don’t fancy that, vote for that terrible Ms Gillard who is going to jack up their pensions and make sure their familes are relaxed and comfortable for the forseeable future.

    In the meantime, it wouldn’t hurt if the Slipper beat up explodes spectacularly in the Liars party’s faces.

  161. Jane, the only way that Labor can counter the Liars is by spending mega on publicity.

    A townhall meeting attended by 50 rusted-ons which won’t even make a footnote in the local rags is not going to do the job.

    Labor has to run a scare campaign. Enough niceness..this means giving it back to them in kind. Niceness will not get the headlines.

  162. There is absolutely no reason for Slipper to resign, because these to date are allegations. As I’ve stated previously, IF a parliamentarian was under the onus to resign whenever there was an allegation then clearly Parliament would become unworkable – due to frivolous and vindictive allegations.

  163. Sue @10.30am, that’s why Labor has to go face to face with the voters.

    As for Blindsiders, funding could be withdrawn.

    The sooner the government implements the proposed media regulation reforms the better.

    Complaints about Blindsiders and Crassidy would flood in. How tragic.

    Well, well a familiar email face. Good old EricA rears his head above the parapet.

    It’s patently obvious all of this shit is to force Slipper to resign so the government has to provide the speaker from their own ranks.

    And it all MUST happen before the budget is voted on and the sheeples start reaping the benefits of the increased tax free threshold and finding other goodies in the lunch box.

    Including those ungrateful old gits the OAPs.

    I just remembered the PBS, which could be under threat if the Liars got in; it’s got to be enough to fill their black hole and then some.

    I wonder how the GROG mob would feel about their hero if their pensions were cut AND the cheap medication gravy train was derailed.

  164. And another

    “John Howard even continued campaigning for Peter Slipper in 2004 and 2007.

    A close reading of the court documents reveals that all the allegations are unsubstantiated and witness-free! The timing of Ashby’s resignation from the Liberal Party and the announcements today could be construed in an unfavourable light. But that would smack of premeditated conspiracy. Not something to which Tony Abbott or the faceless, heartless men of Menzies House would ever stoop.

    The exact timing time could not possibly have anything to do with the embarrassment of Joe Hockey’s “entitlement speech” in Europe the other night. Or with the Prime Minister’s wonderful Aged Care proposals yesterday. Or with the fact that the almost toothless Carbon Price will come into effect in around ten weeks. Or with the Newspoll due out on Thursday. Or even with media speculation on the strength of Abbott’s hold on his position.”

  165. …as Barrie Cassidy said recently: ‘Even when she has a good message to get out, she can’t seem do so’. (quoted by Ad astra in his latest post)

    My response to Cassidy:

    Geez Barrie, I wonder why?

    Shows like Insiders couldn’t possibly have anything to do with it could they? You know the one…catering to Murdoch empire sleaze and innuendo. Letting News Ltd and Tony Abbott derived topics dominate…whilst the the important Aged Care announcements by tlhe government are not only discussed in a vague token fashion…Mark Butler’s achievements are used to bash the rest of the government by yet another News Ltd softly spoken sellout Dennis Atkins…one of the two News Ltd guests your staff invited on…once again ensuring that not only does the public broadcaster feel compelled to spruik a criminal media organisation…but per usual makes sure that the Labor government hating and accusatory VOICE of the Murdoch empire is heard loud and clear.

    Barrie, yer another tricky dick…another softly spoken…well you know.

    Yer another enabler of the Murdochracy.

    Don’t pretend to be anything else.

    When the ABC is eventually fully corporatised…and partially dismantled…and its independence lost to cater to the corporate agenda…you will have made a major contribution to its fall from integrity.

    Well done Barrie…well done.


  166. Jane

    imagine what slipper must have on the liars party if as stated little johnnie howard campaigned for slipper in 2004 just after the 2003 slipper stories were spoken about in howards office, via tony nutt.

  167. As it’s Open Thread, then it must be Boast Time. Youngest daughter Erin who is a sometime poster here and an avid reader has just completed her first major event, this being the Gold Coast Triathlon.

  168. I do not know whether this is true, but from the TAWNBPM group..

    turns out that james ashby was arrested and charged 10 years ago for offensive phone calls. me thinks (as do many) slipper is being set up.

  169. Sue wrote: The exact timing time could not possibly have anything to do with the embarrassment of Joe Hockey’s “entitlement speech” in Europe the other night. Or with the Prime Minister’s wonderful Aged Care proposals yesterday. Or with the fact that the almost toothless Carbon Price will come into effect in around ten weeks. Or with the Newspoll due out on Thursday. Or even with media speculation on the strength of Abbott’s hold on his position.”

    All of the above Sue…

    add Andrew Robb’s cockup supporting the ANZ interest rate rise.

    And the release of Dial M for Murdoch.

    And the fact Rupert and James Murdoch are to front the Leveson inquiry into phone hacking next week.

    And this:

    FORTY-SIX new phone-hacking lawsuits have been filed against Rupert Murdoch’s British newspaper group, with footballing stars Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs among the latest to sue, a court has heard.

    It’s also about stealing the thunder of the budget announcements.

    It’s what the Murdoch empire and their puppet politicians do…have done for decades…

    desperate, wily scumbags attempting to drown out good, useful messages…

    attempting to manipulate public perception…

    distract…divert public attention away from their own crimes and trouble…

    do and say just about anything to grab…or retain power.

    This is not a democracy…it is a Murdochracy.


  170. Gays should reflect that over the last couple of weeks it’s been made plain to them that, like everybody & everything else, they’re raw material to be used as required in the interests of installing Mr Abbott in the Prime Ministership.
    We’ve recently had supportive gushings about Tony’s humanity & general Nice Guyness in coming to terms with his sister’s sexual orientation.
    Next the outrage- can’t a fella & a senior journalist from the stable of his principal spruiker have a quiet coffee as they talk tactics in a Liberal donating safe house without being attacked by these lefty ravers?
    Now it’s full on sleaze. A green light to homophobia everywhere, these perverts like Slipper being inextricably linked to the Labor Government.
    All from pretty much the same people.

  171. When the ABC is eventually fully corporatised…and partially dismantled…and its independence lost to cater to the corporate agenda…you will have made a major contribution to its fall from integrity.

    Well done Barrie…well done.

    Nas, do you mind if I add Fran Kelly to the list?

  172. Miglo wrote: The new open thread is up. I had to crawl out of my sick bed to do this.

    try the liver cleansing diet. I’m about 4 weeks in…10 weeks of dairy only low fat amounts twice a week…no booze since New Years…walking at night 3-4 times a week…some treadmill and a few minutes of aerobics with light weights…add plenty of filtered water…500mg Taurine twice a day…mostly organic veges delivered or from garden…spoon of lecithin with homemade hummous once a day…dose of dandelion in water once a day…LSA sprinkled on salad and avocado sandwich made with sprouted multigrain bread once a day…or in a salad with added lime & chili oven grilled pepitas and sliced red cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, radish, tomatoes, chives, parsley, green capsicum, sliced tempeh mixed with apple cider vinegar …chew a few walnuts to paste and swallow once a day…and make an organic beetroot, celery, carrot and apple juice every morning…followed by lightly grilled tomatoes on Ancient Grain bread toasted, an oven grilled portabello mushroom and avocado, lemon and cucumber on sprouted rye bread…or porridge &/or Guardian with Bonsoy, sliced banana and fresh passionfruit.

    We have made a whole list of low fat dinners too.

    My glucose levels have come down from 19 to 7-8 after only 4 weeks…lost useful weight…feel more alert and more content…

    and blood pressure down from 140s-170s. over 110-high 90s…
    to now 120s over 70s/80s…

    and so far I haven’t had to add the diabetes shots which the doc thought I might have to.

    The first week or two was hard…felt like a detox from drink and cigs…but feel much better now.

    In fact, better than I have in years.


  173. The pincer movement is closing in with the Murdochracy leading the way.
    and another player is out in the open, Telstra boss David Thodey.

    We should not forget that Abbott knows exactly how to deal with opponents
    and there’s no shortage of financial backers with vested interests as is evident with the broadband, mining, carbon and tobacco ‘resistance’.

    His skill was honed a decade ago when he arranged for the downfall of
    Pauline Hanson, aall expenses paid for out of a slush fund managed by the father-in-law of one Peter Costello.

    Lateline transcript,

    Broadcast: 21/08/2003

    Hanson’s fall the result of long campaign

    The fall of Pauline Hanson from political icon to convicted criminal has been breathtaking but it has also been the result of a long and systemic campaign. Disillusioned one-time allies have been on a determined march to see the One Nation leader face her day in court. Yesterday they got their scalp, but who are the players in this long saga?

  174. Miglo wrote: do you mind if I add Fran Kelly to the list?

    Indeed. And Migs, we should add Tony Jones too.


  175. Nas’, just putting my thruppence worth in..the thing that is lacking in that diet is protein. Avos can be a substitute to a certain extent..but remember, you are a bloke and blokes need’s a matter of evolution.

    For vegetarians, throw in a handful of pistachios or cashews for good measure.

  176. So not forget next weeks by-election.

    Mr. Slipper’s wife accompanied him overseas. He has been married foir five years, after being together for many years. Maybe this is the reason that Mr. Slipper look so upset at that airport.

    We have not heard much from Mr. Slipper’s staff, except for one woman saying she has not seen anything of a like nature. The unnamed woman went onto to say he has loyalty from this staff.

    Maybe Mr. Slipper can and will be able to defend himself quickly.

    The Cab charges are a more serious accusation. They are still from the same source.

    There is a great effort to convey that Mr. Slipper uses luxury limousines. If this was so, how did he pay with Cabcharge, which I believe are for taxis. He was on official business with I believe representives from Samoan.

    It is admitted by all I have heard in the media, that the evidence only makes suggestions, nothing else. In other words the evidence could be seen as ambiguous at the best. One has to read their own meaning into what is said.

    We need access to the messages before and after.

    I cannot help but believe the action that is being taken is just too convenient.

    Why is it being dais by the media, that one cannot doubt the trustfulness of the allegation. This would be fair if it apply to both. They are only applying this standard to Mr. Ashby.

    The big question that is the elephant in the room, why did not the man seek help from the government. This I believe is a criteria that one has to take before seeking legal action.

    This man has only been in the jobs a few weeks. Does he know all the regulations.

    Do taxi companies have luxury limousines? Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    They are suggesting this morning, Mr. Ashby did not only share the unit but the bedroom.

    If this is true, surely it would suggest that one is consenting to something. How many men would share their bosses bed, or at least bedroom?

    I am assuming Mr. Ashby knew of Mr. Slipper’s alleged reputation. If he did not, he would be the only person in the LNP in that area that did not.

    Mr. Slipper, in the name of justice should be given the time to defend himself.

    This is not at an airport after a long trip. He should at least be able to peruse the allegations made against him. I would assume he has not been served with the papers yet, as he and his wife were overseas.

    I, personally would want to talk to my legal advisers before I opened my mouth. This is justice all should be entitled too.

    I believe he will step down, not because it is the right thing to do, but because he has no choice.

    I believe we will see a astounding statement made to the parliament before very long.

    Does he have to resign, or can he just step aside, leaving the deputy to act in his absence.

    What Abbott attempting to do, is have him in a position were he cannot vote. In other words he wants him suspended from parliaments. Where are the experts in this regard. This is an action I have never heard of before.


  177. Bob, you’ve just answered ‘why” would Abbott’s sister out herself at this time.

    He couldn’t very well organise a smear campaign using the ‘he’s gay”
    dog-whistle otherwise, could he!

  178. Pip,
    I’ve always believed that Tony Abbott had something to do with planting the seeds of a One Nation idea in the heads of a few, including David Oldfield…the plan to create a party around a naive figurehead from one of the big mining grazier states…in this case QLD and Pauline Hanson…use sexual titilation and nudge nudge wink wink homophobia…xenophobic rants…Aboriginal and Asia bashing…and protectionist policies…to draw in the grumpy extremist voter…

    help push the Coalition to the right…whilst making it look more centrist…

    and then Abbott steps in at a certain point and takes on the monster he helped create…

    In 1996 Oldfield was employed as a staff member by federal Liberal MP Tony Abbott. Whilst there Oldfield secretly founded the right wing One Nation Party in concert with independent MP Pauline Hanson and David Ettridge. He and Ettridge, known as “the two Davids,” were seen as the brains behind Hanson’s populist policies.

    I reckon Abbott and his wily religious and political and media allies have been behind a number of decietful, Aussie public conning plans and political backstabs over the years.

    It’s why I warned when Abbott got in as leader “he should not be underestimated”.

    I believe him to be one of the most dangerous men in politics.

    As Murdoch is with the media.

    People do not fully understand their agenda.


  179. Min,
    walnuts and tempeh are protein.

    I also eat cashews, pistachios, tofu etc. in the dinners…also we have plenty of legumes…lentils…chick peas…including in the hummous. No problem with protein whatsoever.

    I also keep to a couple of free range eggs a week.

    Like I said, haven’t felt better in years

    Eat small portions too.


  180. Why was the comment that was made in Insiders this morning necessary.

    It was along the lines At least Mr. Abbott stays focus while Mr. Swan is freelancing overseas.

    Attending important meetings is not the duty and job of a treasurer.

    The other was when they were talking about the PM’s announcement of Afghan. Even thought the PM said very clearly she was announcing what she was taking to meetings this week. The final decision would be made then.

    I listened very carefully to the speech. I was under no misunderstanding of what she meant. The PM said more than once, this was what she was taking to meetings where the final decision was to be made.

    It appear, experience journalist left the address confused, not knowing what she meant.

    I suggest that these so called honorable people actually listen to the speech. If they do, instead of concentrating on what they think she is saying or going to say, they will understand. It is not that hard, listen is all it takes.

    The other was when the mentioned what the media is saying about the Slipper affair. The right words should have been the Telegraph and Murdoch’s papers. The SMH is not treating the matter the same way.

  181. “They are all contradicting, to some extent, their leader, Tony Abbott.”

    It was said on Insiders that Hockey and Robb need remedial instruction in handling the media. Why, because they need to learn j\how not to answer questions. It was not accepted by the person, that the trouble is that none in the party seem to be agreeing with Abbott. It was said that Abbott made it hard by having different message for different audiences.

    In other words Abbott can and does say whatever he deems is necessary.

    Truth is not a part of the equation.

  182. ” close reading of the court documents reveals that all the allegations are unsubstantiated and witness-free! The timing of Ashby’s resignation from the Liberal Party and the announcements ”

    We have not seen the lot yet, but I am assuming we are seeing the most damaging.

    I cannot see Mr. Slipper doing the wrong thing with Cabcharge, after all the problems he has had in this regard. No one has alleged the man is stupid.

    What I cannot get out of my mind, is the photos of the man with his wife of five years. He appears to care for her in each one,. She for him.

    It is amazing that the scenario that the Opposition painted at the time has come true.

    One thing for sure, Mr. Abbott has looked weak in parliament since Mr. Slipper became speaker. That is a fact.

  183. ““John Howard even continued campaigning for Peter Slipper in 2004 and 2007.”

    He was also supported in 2010. Not that long ago.

    What it says, the Coalition was happy to have the man, no matters his crimes or sins, as long as he is on their side.

    Has he been there since 2001.or before.

  184. “His skill was honed a decade ago when he arranged for the downfall of’

    His skills were honed long before that, back in his uni days, where he was seen as violent and aggressive. Sexism was one of his favorite weapons, that led him to end up in court.

    He won, when he turned up with his parents and am army of legal support.

    He was known to kick in a glass door when things did not go his way.

  185. turns out that james ashby was arrested and charged 10 years ago for offensive phone calls. me thinks (as do many) slipper is being set up.

    Is true, but he claims it was a publicity stunt. So that means he is capable of using the courts for his own advantage.

    I believe the charges were real. He was convicted.

  186. Gays should reflect that over the last couple of weeks it’s been made plain to

    The sites one would expect outrage have been silent. Maybe I ma wrong, I have not looked today.

  187. Worth thinking about:

    Early research proved that dental care could make the difference for individuals trying to get into work, and our most recent report showed a cost to the economy of $1.3 – $2 billion in lost productivity per year, on top of more than $223 million in hospital admissions.

    In Australia today low-income earners are 60 times more likely to lose all their teeth than high income earners, in fact one in six poorer Australians has no teeth at all. People often wait so long for treatment in the public dental service that there is no chance of tooth recovery or repair.

    According to the AIHW report released earlier this month (Oral health and the use of dental services 2008), people with concession cards are more than twice as likely to have teeth removed at an appointment than someone from a higher income household.

    Seventy-one per cent of concession cardholders actually paid a private dentist for their last visit, presumably because they were unable to wait the twelve month plus most common for public dental treatment in 2008. Our clients tell us now of waiting for up to five years for a first appointment.

    The need for public dental assistance is so extreme that we are faced with a moral conundrum when we advocate for our clients. Should we help them access the public dental support they are entitled to, knowing that their inclusion will displace another? Perhaps they too, like our client, have been waiting for years for the treatment that will enable them to step out of stasis and into normal life – get a job, eat a favourite meal, smile in a photo.

    By incorporating dental care into Medicare we will safeguard the health needs of our most vulnerable Australians. As health economists will tell you, universal access also cuts administrative costs, helps control prices, places more emphasis on primary and preventative care, and reduces unfair anomalies whereby those just above the cut-off point miss out.

    While Medicare is not perfect, free treatment at public hospitals, bulk billing GPs and government subsidies for pharmaceuticals and specialists all help to keep healthcare much more affordable that it would otherwise be.

    And, even more importantly, a universal system also ensures community ‘buy in’ because everyone pays for it and everyone uses it.

    much more here:


  188. Is anything possible in this day and age.

    Through Tony Nutt, the blame James Ashby wishes to land on “The Government” will land on a number of individuals. Initially on John Howard and the systems he and his parliamentary colleagues set up but then onto the rest of the Cabinet of the day. Among those with brown stuff splattered all over them will be a number of members of the current opposition front bench. Along with Members of the Opposition on the back benches.
    Should the calls for The Speaker of the House to step aside be upheld, then it would be expected that others will also be called on to step aside as they are all liable for the system which allowed this “plausible deniabilty” to occur.
    Tony Abbott, Joe Hockey, Warren Truss and Bronwyn Bishop, amongst others, are those directly implicated in liability for any OH&S transgressions.
    They must also be held to account and should be stood down by the Parliament until these matters are resolved.

  189. Cu, when Abbott had to appear in court to explain his bullying sexist abuse, he turned up with his parents and QC to ensure that no blot could be left to smoulder on his biography….. there is, but the public won’t find it in the main stream media.

  190. From Jeremy Sear:

    UPDATE: In fact, if ANY MP from ANY PARTY is accused of a crime, if I understand the Coalition’s logic, Julia must immediately dissolve parliament and call an election. And from then on, any party that loses an election just needs to have one of its members accused of a crime, and they can immediately have another election until they win and/or Australia degenerates into complete chaos.

    more here:


  191. Watching Abbott on ABC24, comparing the government’s reaction to the ADFA sexual assault, [Skype],last year and demanding that the government act in the Slipper matter.

    Abbott is a hypocrite of the worst kind; did anyone in the Howard government
    even attempt to deal with the incident report when Mr. Nutt told the woman who reported to him, “don’t worry about”. Of course they didn’t.

    It’s been reported in the last day that it was “common knowledge” at the time.
    Really! Was it really !
    The fact is that when in government they covered up the allegations to save themselves any embarrassment over the possibility that one of their own was G.A.Y. and there was an election due the following year.

    Now, at this point in the electoral cycle, they need an election as soon as possible and their embarrassment has turned to glee.

    Tony Abbott’s cynical comparison to the Skype affair should have been nipped in the bud by any knowledgable journalist, and the legal niceties explained.

    Firstly, the victim was an eighteen year old cadet, faced with what appears from the outside at least to be a male dominated, mysoginistic establishment.

    The Defence Minister is in charge of ADFA, although that was debatable at the time with the fuss from hardline Generals and former ADFA staff.
    He went in to bat o her behalf and parents of young people thinking of joining the Defence Force would have been pleased to know that the Minister is prepared to take care of them in such a situation.

    Secondly the accuser in the Slipper matter is not a youth or “young” man, as the papers have portrayed him to be, with the definite inference that he was just a kid and fair game. James Ashby is thirty three years old and knows his way around.

  192. Nas’..remember that you’re a fella..I’m certain that S* does 😉 It’s just that you need more protein than many diets say you need..many vegetarian diets are culprits in this regard.

  193. So precisely what do we have here..a 33yr old former adviser to Slipper with a previous conviction for making threatening phone calls is suddenly on the scene..with Tony Abbott in tow demanding that the Speaker of the House stand down.

    Smelly rats anyone??

  194. Slipper said it is appropriate because of the criminal allegations, to step aside.

    Asked that the authorities to deal with the matter quickly. The deputy is to fill in.

    Opposition seems to say that Slipper will not be allowed to sit on floor of parliament. Where that comes from, no one seems to know.

    I believe Mr. Slipper has out smarted Abbott.

    I do not believe he can be stopped from sitting on the floor of the house and voting.

    Another stunt that has backfired, I believe.

    It is believe the government will have the numbers to defeat a confidence motion.

    Mr. Slipper appears to be only addressing the criminal, not sexual matters.

    Mr. Slipper looked downcast and tired when he left the airport. One wonders were this leaves his wife.

  195. My emphasis.

    The policies our politicians put forward resemble nothing remotely approaching a cohesive ideology much less a moral compass for the nation. They stand for whatever their polling and their backers urge them to do. Thus in this case we see one side of politics today exercising judgement that speaks to nothing if not pure unadulterated ambition. Abbott’s only true conviction is that he ought to have Gillard’s job.


    All this over our cornflakes in the morning comes out rather more succinctly. I looked at the headlines and muttered and empithet…C—’s Act!

  196. Smell rats anyone?? Min, there’s a plague!

    Abbott’s got it made withour ABC running his lines as headline news.
    It’s not ok for him to be telling the Prime Minister not to give instruction to the RBA, yet insisting that she interfere in a matter now before the Courts.

    Why didn’t he make Senator Mary Jo Fisher go to the cross benches if that’s his attitude.
    Come to think of it both he and Mary Jo lined up a QC for their defence –

  197. I get it. the Coalition can do as they please with impunity and Labor can be subjected to a Murdoch led campaign….. with impunity..

  198. For example..

    Howard letter draws PM into wheat scandal
    By Marian Wilkinson, National Security Editor
    January 30, 2006

    The new documents show Mr Vaile told the then AWB chairman, Trevor Flugge, in 2000 that he had asked officials from the department “to maintain a close dialogue with their AWB Ltd interlocutors” on negotiations with Iraq and “to keep me appraised of developments”.

    The letter was written at the time AWB hugely increased its kickbacks to the Iraqi regime from $12 per tonne of wheat to $44.50.

  199. EricA betz can blow it out his ear. He’s another Coalition hypocrite.

    He accepted Treasury documents from Godwin Grech for the express purpose of bringing down the Rudd government. Nothjing wrong with that is there Eric; it was the getting caught that wasn’t so flash, but still that’s in the past.
    Move on. Nothing to see there.

    Slipper should resign, says Abetz
    April 22, 2012.
    Read more:

  200. So we now have Slipper stepping down. I have listened carefully to the allegations and the only wrong doing pertains to homosexual activity. If this had been heteros, this would not be happening.

  201. Why didn’t he make Senator Mary Jo Fisher go to the cross benches if that’s his attitude.




    Abbott make his own rules up. Obeys only those that fit in with his desires.

    This man is a danger to the judicial and government sysyems of this country.

    He is a dangerr to our democracy.

    The man is unhinged.

    The media is more so, for letting him get away with his actions.

  202. Nas’..remember that you’re a fella..I’m certain that S* does It’s just that you need more protein than many diets say you need..many vegetarian diets are culprits in this regard.

    you seem to be ignoring what I’m saying.

    I get plenty of protein via nuts, legumes, tempeh, tofu.

    You are repeating the protein myth stuff that so many carnivores push as scare-mongering.

    Whilst eating a vegetarian diet and too much dairy I got to 160 kilos…protein more than enuff. Got cataracts, diabetes, high blood pressure, constant aches and pains.

    Anyway, now I’m eating the way I ate at uni…I was a strong 76 kilos…ran kms to my part- time job everyday and to the gym…I could carry S on my shoulders and walk up the uni stairs…and rode an exercycle fullbore for 50mins a day.

    I don’t expect to get back to that kind of fitness now having done so much damage…but I’m pleased to be back thinking this way again…and feeling fitter. An hour of mowing this morning.

    I just wish I hadn’t drank all that booze and had so much dairy, crap bread, maple syrup and starchy potatoes with my veges and legumes the last decade.

    Way too much protein and carbs. And sugar.

    I’ll give another update in a couple of months…see how things pan out. I’m determined to beat this diabetes.

    BTW, was only trying to help Migs out…he sounded pretty crook.

    I’ve just watched Stace’s uncle die a miserable early death in his 60s…another just before him…and her father in hospital for a week with kidney failure…my Dad needing a big heart operation…

    all big red meat eaters and boozers…who loved/love their carbs.

    I thought it time to make a change for the better. I wanna be around for S’s retirement.


  203. No Min, it would not be happening.

    Slipper stands aside amid harassment claims
    Updated April 22, 2012 15:53:25

    Mr Slipper has released a statement “emphatically” denying Mr Ashby’s claims but he says it is appropriate for him to stand aside while the criminal allegation against him is resolved:

    Some allegations have been made against me by Mr James Ashby. I emphatically deny these allegations.
    The allegations include both a claim of criminal behaviour and a claim under civil law.
    Any allegation of criminal behaviour is grave and should be dealt with in a manner that shows appropriate regard to the integrity of our democratic institutions and to precedent.
    As such, I believe it is appropriate for me to stand aside as Speaker while this criminal allegation is resolved.
    The allegation is incorrect, and once it is clear they are untrue I shall return to the Speakership…
    In relation to the civil matter there will be an appropriate process that will resolve the matter in due course.
    Statement from Peter Slipper
    Mr Slipper says Deputy Speaker Anna Burke will act as Speaker while he stands aside

    And the voice of reason

    Too early to judge Peter Slipper, says Tony Windsor
    From: AAP April 22, 2012 3:08PM

    Failing government action, the Opposition could initiate a no-confidence motion in the Speaker when Parliament resumes on May 8 – the same day the Federal Budget is handed down.

    Mr Windsor, who provides Labor with support for its minority government, says he will not pre-judge what might happen in Parliament.

    “I don’t have a clue what could happen there,” he told AAP today.

    But he would not rule out supporting a vote against the Speaker.

    “If there is other information or an argument or logic that the opposition can deliver in the Parliament, I am more than happy to listen to it.”

    The MP said during the life of the current parliament there had been plenty of talk about no-confidence motions in “someone” but nothing had eventuated.

    Peter Slipper probably knows more about this protocol than most of the other MPs and has put a stopper on the Coalition calling for a vote of no confidence, as I understand this. had he not stepped down the Coalition would have leapty leaped to the vote, but I think this has prevented that from happening…I could be wrong … Min, I’m still trying to work it out. and you know what that means. 🙂

  204. Commonsense said that it has to be this way. Otherwise any government can be unseated by people taking false or dubious allegations to the courts.

    Independent MP Tony Windsor says he agrees that Mr Slipper is entitled to the presumption of innocence.

    Mr Windsor says forcing that would ignore due process, as legal action has been launched against Mr Slipper.

    “We do have a judicial system. We don’t try people in our Parliament,” he said.

    “The allegations are serious, there’s no doubt about that but they are not proven and everybody has that right of due process.”

  205. I hope Slipper’s lawyers have a case against the ABC as this headline is absolutely wrong and apologies should be sought and paid for.

    “Slipper stands aside amid harassment claims
    Peter Slipper has stood aside as Federal Parliamentary Speaker amid allegations he sexually harassed a staffer and misused taxpayer-funded Cabcharges”

    But this from the same story and proof that the ABC has misrepresented Peter Slipper

    “The allegations include both a claim of criminal behaviour and a claim under civil law.
    Any allegation of criminal behaviour is grave and should be dealt with in a manner that shows appropriate regard to the integrity of our democratic institutions and to precedent.

    As such, I believe it is appropriate for me to stand aside as Speaker while this criminal allegation is resolved.

    The allegation is incorrect, and once it is clear they are untrue I shall return to the Speakership…
    In relation to the civil matter there will be an appropriate process that will resolve the matter in due course.
    Statement from Peter Slipper”

  206. Nas’ @ 1.45pm, [I am following your other thread. :smile:]

    From your link to Crikey, this is an accurate summary of the state of affairs.


    Posted April 21, 2012 at 11:47 am | Permalink
    Slipper tweets: “The allegations are denied and a surprise to me”.

    The idea that every other media outlet has to uncritically parrot News Ltd (as the ABC has been doing so far today) is silly.

    As MoC pointed out in the weekend thread, this isn’t so much a news ltd “scoop” as an inside job. The foreign media is running the developments in the continuing and spreading hacking scandal, in Oz these crooks have quite a history of making up stories and running with fakes (eg Gretch, Latham “video”) when the slightest journalistic integrity would run a mile – they gave up being a journalistic outfit long ago and are nothing but a spin unit for IPA etc..

    The other factor which has been in play for a while is that the architect of the NT Intervention, Mal Brough, is gunning for Slipper because he wants the seat of Fisher as a pathway into the Coalition ranks.

    Slipper has retained the seat seven times, which says that Mal would be a shoe-in in that seat in an election.

  207. Sue, nothing like having a little truth.

    This should only take a few days. As Slipper said, the civil matters will be dealt with in the fullness of time.

    As I have said, and no one has pulled me up, are limousines the same as taxis. Can one pay fpr them with Cabcharge.

    Hunt is pushing the sexual allegations on Meet the Press. He is definitely over the top.

    He is accusing Mr. Slipper procuring sexual favorites.

  208. Time for election. Pointed out there can only be an election for the lower House. A senate election is not due for 18 months. Which would mean the houses are out of alignment. This last happened under Menzies.

    They say a week is a long time in politics. I say a few hours is for this Opposition.

    Once again they have started celebrations before crossing the finishing line.

    It has been proven that this was not a matter the PM needed to involve herself. it is a matter for the parliament and the Speaker. He has now taken appropriate action.

    If you want a laugh, catch up with Meet the Press.

  209. Sue, I hope Peter Slipper does what the the thug did all those years ago when he faced Court, an dhires himself a top QC, or two.

    He may or may niot be guilty of anything, but his chances of salvaging his reputation are slim thanks to the Coalition dirt unit and their media pack of mongrels.

  210. And just so emphasise where this cr@p headlines first and why:

    “But Mr Thurlbeck suggested that the orders came from a higher level: “It was News International, not the News of the World, which ordered us to dig into the private lives of the MPs on the committee which was investigating us. Many News International executives were in the loop, in ‘Deepcarpetland’ as the News International zone where these things emanated from was euphemistically called.”

    He added: “Also for the record, every one of my colleagues had grave reservations about carrying out the surveillance. What if we were caught? And caught en masse? It wasn’t journalism. It was corporate espionage.”

    In further damaging claims, Mr Thurlbeck said the targets on which newspaper executives asked reporters to carry out covert surveillance were not confined to politicians. Speaking yesterday, he said: “There had been many edicts down the years from News International management to target various people from all walks of life, and these were acted upon.”

  211. Well,
    the Murdoch empire in tandem with the ABC have worked successfully this weekend to shift the focus from a necessary Aged Care scheme to an iffy sex scandal…and trying to make the government look even less stable.

    The state of our media? CRAP

    The state of our democracy? MURDOCHRAFRIED

    Get an idea as to how some Italians felt under the rule of Berlusconi and his media?

    The frightening thing is Abbott, Murdoch’s boy, hasn’t even taken control yet.


  212. sn’t it about time that Julia Gillard kicked him out of parliament in a way she doesn’t have the power to do short of dismantling the parliament we voted for less than two years ago that the Liberals don’t like? Isn’t it time that we very quickly had an election before the Liberals’ (and News Ltd’s) utter lies and ridiculous scaremongering about the carbon price legislation are exposed as the dishonest fiction they are? We’re running out of time! It’s only two months before voters will discover that Tony’s predictions of complete catastrophe were as reliable as anything else he doesn’t write down – and then it will be too late. Election now! Election now! Election now! Election now! Quickly! Election now! Aaargh!

    Please watch Hunt being pulled to pieces on MTP.

  213. Cu, I saw Greg Hunt this morning on MTP, being terribly serious and not terribly credible at the end of his well rehearsed lines.

    Using the word limousine can also be a dog-whistle to Lib., lovers because of the Kirby slander….

    Are they all homophobes on that side of the HoR?

  214. Another proven lie.

    JOURNALIST: There were never any discussions about money?

    TONY ABBOTT: Look, I was aware that Terry didn’t regard himself as particularly flushed with funds.

    JONATHAN HARLEY: But later Tony Abbott had a different story.

    In March 2000, the Sydney Morning Herald claimed to be in possession of a copy of an agreement, handwritten by Tony Abbott in which he promised Terry Sharples: “My personal guarantee that you will not be further out of pocket.”

    JONATHAN HARLEY: It was witnessed and dated July 11, 1998.

    Challenged that this was in conflict with what he told Four Corners, Tony Abbott is reported as saying: “Misleading the ABC is not the same as misleading parliament.”

    JONATHAN HARLEY: Tony Abbott has reportedly denied any liability for Terry Sharples’ costs.

    While Mr Sharples says he’s not seen any of the financial help he was promised.

    The issue of Tony Abbott’s liability is still in dispute.

    In the meantime pursuing the case which has cost Pauline Hanson so dearly has also cost Terry Sharples tens of thousands of dollars and his house.

    Jonathan Harley, Lateline.

  215. PS. I would not put to much credence on McKibbon,

    He was against most of what the RBA did while he was a member.

    He was one out at most times.

  216. Pip wrote: The other factor which has been in play for a while is that the architect of the NT Intervention, Mal Brough, is gunning for Slipper because he wants the seat of Fisher as a pathway into the Coalition ranks.

    Mal Brough eh?

    I can see compulsory military and community service being rolled out soon enuff…with more faith-based education…and kids being sent to boarding schools…if Abbott wins with Brough alongside…beginning with Aborigines…for their spiritual and physical and behavioural good of course.

    Our QLD government wants boot camps…why stop there? Recruiters in every uni, TAFE…ROTC…?

    all the way with being a clone of the American military & security industrial complex…

    with just a touch of good old motherland UK upper class pomposity to keep the top private school wallies and aspiring toffs happy.


  217. A dark blast from the past.

    Kirby scandal driver ‘suicided’
    by: Ean Higgins and Ron Hicks
    From: The Australian January 02, 2008 12:00AM

    THE commonwealth driver at the centre of the scandal surrounding false allegations against High Court judge Michael Kirby is understood to have taken his own life after years of battling depression.
    Wayne Patterson died at the weekend at Sydney’s northern beaches where he lived, and was buried on Monday.

    Patterson was alleged to have provided the false documents used by NSW Liberal senator Bill Heffernan to claim in federal parliament that Justice Kirby used Comcars to pick up male prostitutes in Sydney’s red-light suburb, Kings Cross.

    Patterson, who was once the personal driver to former prime minister John Howard, left the Comcar service under the pressure of the scandal, and Senator Heffernan was sacked as Mr Howard’s cabinet secretary and forced to apologise.

  218. I believe the Speaker is not answerable to the PM. The Speaker is not owned by the PM.

    The Speaker is only answerable to the House.

    As a general point of principle the Speaker’s authority is that which is derived from the
    House, and the foremost duty is to the House and its Members in upholding its dignity and
    protecting its rights and privileges. Accordingly, the authority of the House and the Speaker
    have been described as indivisible. The Speaker acts as the House might direct,
    being the
    servant not the master. Just as the House elects a Speaker it may likewise vote a Speaker
    out of office.
    Consistent with the view that the Speaker is answerable only to the House, the Speaker
    has declined an invitation to make a submission to the Senate Committee of Privileges to
    which the Senate had referred issues arising from joint meetings of the Houses in October

  219. Pip wrote: I saw Greg Hunt this morning on MTP, being terribly serious and not terribly credible at the end of his well rehearsed lines.

    Didn’t ya know Pip, Hunt’s a chosen one now?

    Mr Insiders Barrie Cassidy has put him in the winner’s circle:

    Whoever came up with the “glimmer twins” moniker was on the money.

    The origin of that expression goes back to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. In December, 1968, the Rolling Stones pair went on a cruise to Brazil and an elderly British couple persistently asked them who they were.

    When they refused to give anything away, the couple asked them to “give us a glimmer”. Jagger and Richards were apparently so taken by the expression that they adopted it as a pseudonym for albums they subsequently produced together.

    Now we have a modern day equivalent in Hunt and Frydenberg.

    In the mid-1990s, Frydenberg won two scholarships, a Fulbright to Yale and a Commonwealth scholarship to Oxford. While choosing between the two he was put in touch with Hunt, a previous Fulbright scholar, and the friendship grew from there.

    Hunt, six years Frydenberg’s senior, found the younger man “irrepressible, good natured and extremely energetic”.

    Frydenberg, a banker, then went to work with the attorney-general, Darryl Williams, in the Howard government, and Hunt eventually arranged for Frydenberg to follow him onto the staff of the foreign minister, Alexander Downer.

    Frydenberg was best man at Hunt’s wedding, and Hunt was a groomsman at Frydenberg’s wedding. Frydenberg is godfather to Hunt’s daughter, Poppy.

    The two have had more than 100 opinion pieces published in various newspapers around the country, many of them under joint bylines.

    Liberals often claim that factions don’t exist in their ranks. Well, there are two, and they are very competitive; those who once worked for Alexander Downer (Hunt, Frydenberg etc) versus those who once worked for Peter Costello (Kelly O’Dwyer, Tony Smith etc).

    Both camps will produce very senior politicians in the next decade, and the new ‘glimmer twins’ will be at the forefront.

    Treasurer, foreign minister, defence minister – none of those roles will be beyond their ambitions or their capabilities.

    While they have watched others at mortal combat, they will also have seen how far a little collaboration and support can go.

    That’s real NEED TO KNOW INFO Barrie…thnx.

    Screw Aged Care…we’ve got the new “glamour twins”…I mean “glimme twins” of politics right on our doorstep. Lucky us.


  220. Nas’ that’s a very worrying prospect… Wilkie is ex Army/ intel and he’s a self righteous prig and thinking about Brough, he is too.

    No offence to other Army people but these two guys brook no argument.

  221. Pip wrote: A dark blast from the past.

    Kirby scandal driver ‘suicided’
    by: Ean Higgins and Ron Hicks
    From: The Australian January 02, 2008 12:00AM

    A useful reminder Pip.


  222. Nas’…. Hunt, Frydenberg, O’Dwyer and Smith… future senior politicians – that doesn’t bear thinking about.

  223. Abbott still complaining. Still lying. When did the PM say there was no need for the Speaker to stand aside.

    I think what Labor was saying, it was not up to them to interfere, that there is division between the judicial and government arms. One is entitled to presumption of innocence.

    Labor has acted above reproach. Cannot say the same for the Opposition.

    The PM cannot get rid of a Speaker. She just does not have that power. The PM does not own the Speaker. The house does.

    The government left it up to the Speaker to do what he thought necessary.

    The Speaker has made his decision.

    It is only up to the Speaker or the house to act in this matter.

    Mr. Abbott could have given Mr. Slipper some praise for his decision.

    It is a serious matter and it would be nice to see Mr. Abbott put politics aside in the matter.

    It may have put Mr. Abbott in a better light, if he waited for the Speakers reply.

  224. Mr. Denmore knows the media game inside out….

    Sex Text Pest Bests Rest Test

    As with dramatists, journalists thrive on sex and conflict. We love to weave narratives around contested, err, positions. And the more passionate the partisans, the more drama we can wring out of the contest. You could say that without sleaze and conflict, there is no story.

    Sleaze and conflict didn’t figure in the federal government’s $3.7 billion aged care reform package. Sold as “more choice, easier access and better care” for older Australians, the package was warmly welcomed by a broad cross section of aged care providers, consumers and unions. Policy academics also gave it the big tick. Not even the famed Tony Abbott’s “Noalition” appeared to want to put up a fight. The website of his shadow minister makes no mention of the report.

    He also pinged the Australian Financial Review, which has swung Right since Michael Stutchbury jumped ship at ltd news to join them.

  225. Pip wrote: No offence to other Army people but these two guys brook no argument.

    just like in America before ya know it the country will be flooded with military weapons…young lads everywhere will be taught to shoot…

    the whiff of a riot or trouble in the Pacific and Aussie troops will be off like a shot…not long we’ll have more and more traumatised soldiers and reserves who can get hold of gun…once angry, frustrated, desperate, on the wrong pills, alcohol-filled we’ll have massacres in fast food restaurants, post offices, unis…snipers from rooftops…alongside the gangland wars…and serial killers.

    the media will love it. Politicians will use it like a ball to kick around…more private jails will be built…more calls for “harder disciplining of youth”…more security…more police with more guns…

    the more the shareholders of security, armaments, prisons make.

    It’s a sick cycle created by sick people…coming to a neighborhood near you…

    It’s one of the reasons I left Nth America years ago…to come back here…a country I thought was rational enuff to see thru the corporate political BS.

    Apparently not.


  226. Nasking @ 4.36

    One thing you can be pleased about with all the muck that has come from news Ltd. Imagine how extreme the attacks on the PM would have been if as predicted by news muckrakers, Rudd had regained the office. Rudd and Slipper being friends, it would have been open season, extreme and vile.

    Ever since Utegate, and the humiliation of Lewis…………………

  227. Sue,
    Unfortunately, I don’t think it would’ve mattered who was in…the Murdoch empire are renowned for gathering sh*t on people…and then distorting, exaggerating, spinning, hyping, threatening, bullying…to get their own way.

    Look out how they are trying to smear PM Gillard over the Thompson issue.

    Dig deep enuff…have enuff money, power, influence, contacts, reach, carrots and stuff to blackmail with…and some reporters and editors willing to walk in the sewers…and you can just about destroy anyone’s credibility…influence any government…

    particularly if there are no regulations and laws in place to stop you…or they are ignored because of yer inluence/reach.

    In some ways the media are now like the old Chicago and Boardwalk gangs during prohibition…or the mafia…tentacles everywhere.


  228. Apparently Slipper says he has the Limo receipts that proves it’s a beat up.

    Is this going to be the shortest ‘scandal’ in history?

    (no, the media will be picking entrails for weeks, even when there is nothing but bones)

  229. Pip/Tom,

    I’m planning on suspending you two for seven days if the Crows beat Port this weekend.

    On the other hand, if Port win do feel free to come along and face incredibly large amounts of ridicule. :mrgreen:

  230. Tom, I hope you do have to get out of town for a while. Humiliation does give people a good excuse to get away for a while. 😛

  231. Abbott must be desperate to turn up on ABC 7.30. He sounds so.

    What did the PM do today that is so shocking.

    All I can see is that Mr. Slipper by moving aside, has stunted his plan.

    Mr. Abbott has once again lost.

    I believe this is another stunt that has backfired in his face. he is talking nonsense. He is ridiculous.

    I wonder if this is his last chance.

    He is being ask questions for once.

    Worth listening to.

    TONY ABBOTT: Look, I might have lost a vote, but the Prime Minister has shredded her integrity or anything that she had left in that department and what’s happened today is that the Prime Minister has demonstrated that there’s not a principle she won’t trash, not a colleague she won’t shaft if necessary to strengthen her hold on the top job.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: How is this trashing principle?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, plainly, this is a squalid manoeuvre to shore up her numbers in the Parliament. She’d been put on notice by Andrew Wilkie over the poker machine deal. Obviously, she’s got a looming problem with Craig Thomson, the Member for Dobell. That was gonna put her numbers in jeopardy early in the new year and that’s why we’ve seen this squalid fix today.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: So in her place, what would you have done?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, I don’t do these kinds of deals.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: Are you certain about that?

    TONY ABBOTT: I am not in the business of this kind of operation.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: What about Mal Colston? Were you in favour of what happened in the Senate all those years ago when the Howard Government did something very similar?

    TONY ABBOTT: And I am not in the business of defending what happened all those years ago. What happened today was a squalid political fix by a government that is increasingly in crisis. This is a government which lost control of our borders, lost control of our budget. It’s in danger of losing control of the Parliament, and so they’ve lost their speaker to try to shore up the Prime Minister’s position.

    CHRIS UHLMANN: In fact she’s now more in control of the Parliament than she was yesterday.

    TONY ABBOTT: Well let’s wait and see, let’s wait and see, Chris. Andrew Wilkie has put her on notice. She’s got a Craig Thomson problem, and now, if I may say so, she has got a non-Labor speaker that she is gonna have to rely on as well as the Greens and the independents. If anything, this is a government which is more fragile, a Prime Minister whose position is more tenuous and I think it won’t be very long at all before people are saying, “What got into the Prime Minister to do this?” Yet again, it is her judgment that will be in question.

  232. That answer appears to be yes. That is a surprise.

    Thank you for your enquiry with 13LIMO Transport. The Limousine Service for Cabcharge Australia.

    13LIMO Transport accepts Cabcharge Account & E-Tickets as well as major Creditcards as acceptable methods of payment.

  233. Now did not Mr. Hockey say we should model our economy on Asia. The real question Mr. Abbott should be asking, why is not the USA pulling it’s weight.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said the government should explain why it was making such a large contribution to the IMF, especially as the United States was not making a contribution.
    However, speaking to reporters in Melbourne today, Mr Abbott said the opposition had ”always supported Australia’s contribution to international bodies, particularly the IMF”.

    Read more:

  234. I think a lot of what Mr. Abbott is saying, is wishful thinking.

    It is what he wants to happen.

    He is truly amazed that people like the PM and Mr. Slipper do not react as he plans.

    He does not see that they always have options.

    If they do not react as he plotted, they are sneaky etc.

  235. Vexnews goss is “the talk” is that Ashby encouraged into working for Slipper, via LNP.

    consequences could be interesting

  236. The “cry wolf” strategy against Slipper by his former colleagues has apparently been so effective that Slipper is quite particular in record keeping on entitlements.

  237. Commonwealth was also served on Friday. Senator Wong,. ABC 24

    Mr. Albanese pointed out that the Tele was well prepared early Saturday morning. The public can make what they want of of that. He stressed he had no idea of what the evidence is.

    Mr. Albanese and Mr. Wong handled themselves well.

    Albanese went onto say much of what Pyne has said in just incorrect. Said much the same of Mr. Abbott.

    Wonder what Mr. Corrigan will have to say about today’s substantial announcement. ABC 24 are expecting to hear from him later today.

  238. Cu, on the Willunga grandmother story..that story certainly struck home for me given the difficulties I have communicating even with a volume control phone.

  239. Min, even without being deaf, being able to see your grandchild is marvelous. It is going to change our lives in ways we have not even though of now.

    I believe with the new technology we will be able to remain safely in our homes for much longer.

    Would you love to be able to see into your mother’s home each morning on your computer. Have a setup that alerted you in seconds if anything was wrong.

    The list is endless, and as I said much will be about the little things.

    When I was working and had to leave my four children alone, the telephone was a wonder comfort. The problem was I could not see what was going on. Today I would use technology so I could see as well as hear.

  240. Sometimes it’s hard…
    Bloody Shorten wasting his opportunity with Abbott’s RBA mangling. All the time in the world, Bill, take careful aim & squeeze the trigger Sloooow….
    And he buggered it.
    Still, at least I can look at posts about James M. being dismembered. Tomorrow might be the new humblest day of the Dirty Digger’s life.
    But don’t worry, none of that sort of thing goes on here.

  241. I was just listening (in my own way) to an Abbott interview where Abbott said, Ah yes but we didn’t make him (Slipper) Speaker. That’s it..that’s the excuse. Abbott is laughable.

  242. I also get angry at the “we said it would end in tears & it has…” section of the commentariat. As in their conspiracy to let Tones & Joe sneak through with their election “costings”, they’ve got form in ignoring any accusations against Slipper as much as the Liberals. What they’re really saying is “we said we’d get you for this & we have”. Except perhaps they haven’t.

  243. Miglo at 9.17
    I have to be up early, though not to scale cliffs under machine gun fire. So I’ll say goodnight.

  244. Bob, I’m pleased that you’ve mentioned the It will all end in tears thing… Abbott has said this frequently as part of his standard sermons.

    He sounds like my great Auntie Jen who was born under a bullock dray somewhere near Roma, and never let anyone forget the fact. She would will all end in tears. I think the occasion was when my mother bought a roll of colored loo paper.

  245. “the opposition burn slowly”

    Miglo, I am not too sure. Thus PM does not seem too unsettled for one that is under pressure. In fact she seems to be enjoying herself. If it is an act. I must say she is a good actress.

    That does not fit in with my impression of her. Others see this as her being too stupid to see she is in trouble. I do not buy that either.

    I have a suspicion that she is clever than she is given credit for. That could be wishful thinking on my part.

    We do know, following her since the last election, she is capable of getting on with what needs doing and bides her time in attacking Mr. Abbott.

    I see the reality is that she will have one chance of finishing him off, and is capable of waiting to do so.

    Mr. Abbott is not coming across as a winner. He is coming across as someone continually frustrated, none of the stunts succeed. He is still in the same place he was after the last election.

    The PM is not backing off on her choice of Mr. Slipper as speaker. Much in that department will depend on the reaction of his wife.

    Maybe there is a very slow burn on.

  246. CU @9.41pm,anyone who takes our PM for a fool had better look out. Se hasn’t got where she is by being stupid, or disaster prone as ol’ Coke Bottles Grattan keeps tryiing to convince us.

    I feel certain she has grilled Slipper and I wouldn’tmind betting that she read him the riot act before he was allowed to try on the wig and gown. And fwiw, I don’t think Slipper is as green as he’s grass looking either.

    I think the Noalition will be the ones crying into their shit sandwich in a few days as the government presents the budget. Another epic fail to Liealot.

    Also, fwiw, I reckon the majorityof the Liars aren’t in on the gag. Too many loose Liars lips to sink the liars ship! 😆

  247. jane, they do not come out and say they had nothing to do with. They say their staff have not. I am sure that Mt. Abbott has made sure he was not told the details. I am sure he gave the order to do it. They are not denying they gave the Australian documents.

    I believe Abbott said there are thousands in the Liberal Party. He cannot take responsible for them.

    One will find the answer in Fisher with Mr Bough and Howard not far behind.

    I wonder how much Ashby took with him.

    I believe that the PM would have put someone in the office to ensure he toed the line.

    What is fascinating his closest mate in the office is also being question by the police on another matter. Something about putting petrol in his own car and taking unauthorized leave. This would be the person that I suspect, Mr. Slipper would have relied on to back him up.

    Ir amazes me that all wipe off the government and take at face value all the allegations made against the government. What else that is fascinating, this has been modeled to put all the blame on the PM. That is why the old history is in the legal papers.

    They are trying to convey, because the PM knew the old allegations and rumours, she should not have allowed Slipper to become Speaker because it was obvious he would go onto abuse his staff and travel arrangements.

    Hearsay and rumours have now become evidence. Mr. Slipper was OK in that seat, until they needed to find one for Bough. No other person has agreed to move aside for him.

    We have another Howard person from WA replacing that Senator that just died.

    Why are we seeing Mr. Reith out in front and Howard in the background,

    I still believe Mr. Howard and his cronies still believe the voters made an mistake and they will wake up and say sorry.

    If that first respondent and ancient history, written in detail was not there, I might not be so sure this was not a setup.

    It is just all to pact.

  248. CU @10.48pm 24/4, if you remember, Alberici tried that on when she interviewed Roxon. And got pretty flustered when she realised that the Rodent was PM in 2003.

    I still think that will be an interesting card to play. It would be tres amusing for the PM to announce that Liealot and most of the Shadow front bench will have to be grilled by the wallopers about what they knew and didn’t act on back in 2003.

    And a subtle hint that it would only be right and proper for them to stand aside while the feds investigate.

    As for whether the PM knew about 2003, she can deliver a body blow to that little lot. After all the Rodent government brushed the story aside, so the only conclusion she would be able to draw, would be that there was no substance to the story.

    And as Liealot was a senior minister in the Rodent government, it would be more productive to ask himwhat he knows and if he was a party to a cover up back then.

    Whichever way you look at it, Liealot would be in the gun-he was either part of a cover up or the accusations were a complete nonsense.

  249. jane, they should not have been so greedy. Ch !0 is the only one I have heard that pointed out what Mr. Nutt thought about the evidence. According to him, it is not true and defamatory.

    Therefore the PM does not have a casr ot answer. As Annabel Crabbe said, do you want her to follow him home, to ensure he closes the toilet door.

  250. Agreed, Min. Now Archie, that’s a real poem!

    I see you live in Bunbury! Do you ever come to Perth via Freo and Rockingham Road? And stop off at South Beach cafe on your way through?

  251. @Min, thanks 🙂

    @Patricia, And more thanks. I live in Maylands. I’m visiting Bunbury for a few days. I’ll be down Freo way soon (got photos to take) and I’ll try to find the cafe 🙂

  252. We hear from them when they make their negative predicitions. Where do they disappear to when proven wrong.

    Nine months ago Alan Kohler labelled the June quarter inflation figures “a disaster”.
    “The June quarter consumer price index is a disaster. It means the “cautious consumer” that Glenn Stevens was talking about on Tuesday and the high Australian dollar have not turned into lower inflation; the disinflation from the GFC is finished and Australia’s dreadful performance on productivity over the past decade is being brutally exposed. The RBA will now have to whack us all over the head with the blunt instrument known as interest rates.”

  253. Jane @11.22

    No doubt the PM could ask of Tony, As Peter is a friend of yours, did he confide in you on those allegations back in 2003? Would you like to step down while you think about your answer, Peter may afterall call you as a character reference.

  254. I don’t think that we’ve had this one as yet..

    Speaker Peter Slipper is likely to emerge mostly unscathed despite what initially appeared to be devastatingly bad claims from a staffer, James Ashby, with a lurking possibility that his claims could engulf the Liberals in a seedy and Nixonian dirty tricks scandal of its own.

    Sources familiar with the Speaker’s expense claim say that far from rorting his parliamentary travel entitlements with Cabcharges that his use of them, complained about by Ashby as apparently dodgy, will check out as legitimate, with many other MPs also using limousine services, some favouring them over the more expensive taxpayer-owned Comcar. It seems weird that a private limo service would substantially less than Comcar but we are reliably told that is the case and that some MPs prefer private operators as a result. This seems to be particularly the case with Queensland MPs. Sources say that all Slipper did, which might have prompted concern from Ashby who wasn’t familiar with the Speaker’s arrangement with a Sydney limo operator was provide the driver with Cabcharges for payment, which they insist tally up with official, and documented and diarised, engagements he had. Slipper, often lashed on expenses by his former internal party critics like nemesis Alex Somylay, is now reportedly extremely cautious and vigilant about the detail of these things. His friends are highly confident he will be utterly cleared in relation to them. Government sources certainly expect he’ll be reinstated once his innocence is established, which they think will be quite soon.

  255. Min

    Did you notice even vexnews could see the possible link between slipper allegations and the grech fiasco. vexnews!

  256. It’s quite awful really and it’s not even from the Coonawarra. I was thinking of Punters Corner.

    My knowledge of wines is less than average.

  257. Roswell, Bacchus has given ever single vintage in Migs’ cellar a taste test..we will have to await his adjudication…

  258. ………a lurking possibility that his claims could engulf the Liberals in a seedy and Nixonian dirty tricks scandal of its own.

    We can only hope, Min.

  259. VexNews appears to be uncovering many dirty tales that the other media appear to not want to look at. It doesn’t really fit in with their story

    “It’s worth remembering Kathy Jackson has never worked in the health industry. She’s a political person who has infiltrated the HSU and has absolutely nothing in common with us. She’s a political hack, that’s why she forever thinks in those terms, she just doesn’t get it” Govan said.

  260. ‘There have been other similar incidents leading up to the depressingly predictable crash and shooting in Kings Cross early on Saturday, when a stolen car, driven by a 14-year-old, ran down two pedestrians.

    ‘What sort of kids are on the streets after 3am, in stolen cars, drinking alcohol, driving recklessly and resisting police?

    ‘You know the answer. The statistical probability points to a subculture that is overwhelmingly over-represented in arrests, convictions, incarceration, child abuse, child neglect, domestic violence, alcohol abuse and substance abuse.
    This subculture functions in a culture of moral apartheid, which perpetuates the vicious cycle.’

    Read more:

  261. Mal Brough accused of interfering in local elections. I wonder what Mal knows about the Slipper allegations?

    “Mr Bloyce, who is a Liberal National Party supporter, says Mr Brough offered to back him financially if he ran for a council division.
    Advertisement: Story continues below

    He says he refused and now advertisements have begun appearing linking him with embattled federal MP Peter Slipper.

    Read more:

  262. “Abattoir set to reduce emissions

    Mr Berry said the implementation of the carbon tax would not force the plant, which employs 2000 permanent staff, to cut jobs.

    “Part of our carbon mitigation strategy is not to cut back. Far from it,” he said.

    What JBS is doing is exactly what the government wants to see,” he said.
    It’s clean and green while still protecting jobs

  263. Tom r

    Just another creative writing course for the tele where the main push polling triggers are mentioned ; CT, brothels

  264. el gordo, the throwaway kids, I’m afraid. A lot of work needs to be done and the political will, to address these problems.

    Sue @11.10am, sadly why is this not a suprise? And why isn’t it more widely reported?

    If it involves the Liars Party, I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

    Very encouraging news wrt JBS, though. They’ve got it. Instead of whining eternally, they’re taking action to reduce emissions and avoid having to pay the emissions price.

    Obviously, it’s not that hard to become more efficient wrt emitting, while maintaining workforces.

  265. Tony Windsor wants Peter Slipper to stand aside until cleared of all allegations, a process I saw gleefully reported just now as “taking months”. And tonight the same mob will be demanding FWA gets its arse into gear & delivers an incriminating report NOW.

  266. Yes Bob, bastards is the best description; biased, manipulative, sometimes self important bastards.

    As Emma Alberici said on Lateline last week, “the commentariat are all echoing the Opposition”…

  267. Pip
    Yeah, they are.
    Funny, innit, how this Slipper business portrays an office & the individual holding it as not above a basic tenet of the law but beneath it. An office so important that the holder isn’t entitled to the usual presumptions of innocence others, such as Mary Jo Fisher, are entitled to.
    No doubt Mr Abbott & his supporters could determine exactly where the distinction lies, on an hourly basis if necessary.

  268. Shortens action interesting. Putting the an Administration in East branch HSU.

    Should cut Jackson off at knees I believe.

    I see it as the only way of dealing with the matter.

    It is amazing this step gas been taken with the ACTU support.

    The ACTU doesn’t not like government intervention as a rule.

    This is proof that there is much more going on than Mr. Thompson being the guilty party. He has not been there since 2007.

    I wonder what Ms. Jackson has to say?

  269. As Emma Alberici said on Lateline last week, “the commentariat are all echoing the Opposition”…

    The trouble is, she said it as if doing this added validity to their actions.

    That is how lost our media has become.

  270. Tom R
    As Emma Alberici said on Lateline last week, “the commentariat are all echoing the Opposition”…

    The trouble is, she said it as if doing this added validity to their actions.

    Tom, that’s what took my breath away, it was as if she understands perfectly, that if everyone is echoing every line of the Libs/Opposition book of spin,
    well… don’t you understand, you fools, It must be true. [ ffs ! ]

  271. Tom and Pip, it’s the “everyone knows” factor when it should be that anyone with an enquiring mind should question it.

  272. Remember, that Jackson has been ‘advised’ by a QC with links to the HR Nicholls Society…. from memory, pro bono… just another layer of “echoing what the Opposition says”

    Bill Shorten has every right to apply for the HSU East to be put into Administration

  273. Remember, that Jackson has been ‘advised’ by a QC with links to the HR Nicholls Society

    There are also links from this to the Slipper affair too.


  274. It cannot be that hard to fashion a budget.

    The Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) has identified $8 billion in “poorly targeted” subsidies and tax concessions it says the Federal Government could cut in next month’s budget.

    ACOSS says abolishing the education tax refund and limiting the tax deduction for self-education expenses would save $1.3 billion.

    It has previously suggested removing the private health insurance rebate from extras cover which it says would also save more than $1 billion.

    And it also says so-called golden handshakes for departing employees should be taxed at marginal rates instead of the current flat tax rates of 15 or 30 per cent.

    ACOSS chief executive Dr Cassandra Goldie says other rebates targeted include the Extended Medicare Safety Net and the Medical Expenses Tax Offset.

    “A major problem with these rebates is that they mainly benefit people on higher incomes who in relative terms can afford to pay more for these services in the first place,” Dr Goldie said.

    “The time has come to pare back these programs beyond applying means tests to cap them at very high income levels.”

    The council says it also wants to see the Government tighten the taxation around such items as private discretionary trusts.

  275. Sue @ 11.10am, Mal Brough is an important part of the story and the attack on Slipper. which is entirely about putting Brough into the Seat of Fisher, which will happen; the result of that put Slipper on the outer, he left the LNP, as would anyone who was treated the way he was treated.

    The current mess is all about revenge on Slipper for giving the Labor minority government a breather, while testosozone Tony flaps his lips for the media,
    and his “political operatives” dump their Slipper dirt file at news ltd.

    As Mr. Denmore said recently:-

    If it involves someone taking their pants off, that’s a bonus.

  276. It will be interesting to see the case Mr. Shorten is lodging.

    That would mean, I believe that Ms. Jackson and other officials are now outside the fence.

    I cannot recall another occasion when the ACTU supported such an action, not even against the water front unions in Victoria and the BLF.

    The lady believes Shorten should stay out of it. I assume that will also be the line from the Opposition.

  277. No coincidence Tom, not in any move, nor any accusation flung since the 2010 election has been coincidental.

    They’re a vindictive mob backed by all the vested interests, and then some…
    ie., the Telstra boss and Turnbull…

    They simply don’t see any point in promoting fairness and equity for all.

  278. Pip and “The current mess is all about revenge on Slipper..”. Considering the the LNP were quite happy with him previously..yes that’s it.

  279. Pip, that could possibly be it. Brough needs a seat, Slipper’s would suit very nicely. Run Slipper’s name down into the mire (deservedly or not) and up pops squeaky clean Mal Brough.

  280. I wonder what Ms. Jackson has to say?

    Plenty, I believe, CU. The below courtesy of Lyn from TPS.

    And in another twist in this saga, another Liars MP could be ready to jump sip if Slipper slips between the cracks. Dumped Liars MP Patrick Secker says he might consider the Speaker’s job.

    He lost the preselection ballot for Barker (where I live) last month. As a slavishly loyal Rodent supporter and parrotter of all Liealot’s brain farts, Secker has seemingly not ruled out jumping ship, thus possibly depriving Liealot of 2 votes. Bwwaahahahaha!

    Link once again courtesy of Lyn from TPS.

    And Prissy is very sure his close personal friend of 26 years wouldn’t even consider taking 30 pieces of silver from the government I guess it would depend on the price of silver at the end of the day.

    “Patrick, I am sure … wouldn’t even entertain such a ridiculous offer. I have known Patrick for 26 years. Patrick is a very loyal supporter of the Liberal Party.”

    Loyalty is a reciprocal arrangement 😆

  281. Jane, a problem with the Liars Party is that Howard made certain that no talent was ever promoted..and it shows.

    We also have that Team-Abbott is the one which Tony promised to take with him to the next election. And do not expect any changes from thereon in.

    Therefore if you were a Liberal and actually wanted to do something, what are the options?

  282. Pip @2.07pm, news flash Emma! You don’t have to remind us that you’re empty vessels.

    Min @2.17pm, exactly. Jackson fancies herself as a heavy hitter; she’ll certainly know what that feels like after Shorten finishes with her.

    Pip @3.03pm yes, if Liealot is prepared to bend over and take it from Clive, Twiggy and whoever else wants to have a go, Slipper should make the sacrifice and bend over for Liealot.

  283. Mr. Windsor is clear, in that he does not know if Slipper is guilty or not. What concerns Mr. Windsor, is that Mr, Slipper could be voted out to of the chair. To prevent this from happening, he is suggesting he satnd aside.

    Another disgruntled Liberal MP.

    ‘My advice to him would be to vacate the chair whilst all these inquiries are going on and not force it to a vote within the parliament,’ he told ABC Radio on Thursday.

    ‘It would be a shame if a Speaker of the Australian parliament was actually voted out of that position.

    ‘I’m not suggesting that’s what would happen, but it could happen.’

    Mr Windsor said Mr Slipper could ‘circumvent’ that possibility by standing aside.

    The New England MP said it was in everyone’s interest not to have a ‘political vote’ given the tight numbers in the parliament.

    ‘The important thing in my mind is the importance of the role of the Speaker in our parliamentary process,’ he said.

    Mr Windsor said he intended to speak with Mr Slipper about the issue. As to whether or not the allegations were true, Mr Windsor said: ‘I wouldn’t have a clue’.

    Earlier, opposition whip Patrick Secker said he may consider running for Speaker if Mr Slipper doesn’t resume the role.

    Mr Secker, who lost preselection for his South Australian seat of Barker last month, told The Australian newspaper: ‘I am sure I could do the job.”

    My emphasis.

  284. It is worth remembering that the Victorian Branch of the HSU was in financial trouble The NSW branch which was strong, merged with the Victorian forming the East Branch of the union.

    This is when Mr Thompson, who is from NSW would have taken his position.

    Ms Jackson has been there before the merger, during the time of Mr. Thompson and since he left in 2007.

    There have been legal matters in the past involving Ms. Jackson.

    It appears that she Ms. Jackson has been in dispute with many officials of the union,

    It is possible that Ms. Jackson is the only one trying to bring the union into line. Everyone else could be corrupt.

    Mr. Jackson began this court action to neuter most the organizers..

    Ms. Jackson has no support from the HSU for her actions.

    She, as Secretary, appears to be taking unilateral action, without the support of the HSU.

    Now Ms. Jackson could be correct, that is Mr. Shorted is pulling a political stunt.

    I believe he is taken action that should have been taken a long time ago. It has the support of the ACTU, which has already set this union adrift.

    Putting a administrator in, can only be to the benefited of the East Branch and other branches of the HSU.

    Some people are naive enough to believe courts do what you want them too. The truth is no one knows where a case will go, once it is launched.

    Ms. Jackson her Liberal backers found that out today.

    Do not be surprised if the likes of Mr. Abetz change their mind about releasing that report when they see it. They just might accept that Mr. Thompson solicitors do have a case.

  285. Abbott. If the union needs to go into administration. bah bah. What does the government. I suggest the government knows, what Mr. Abbott should have taken time to find out.

    The action is not being taken because of what Mr. Thorniness has done or not,

    Mr Thompson has been out of the picture since 2007..

    Mr. Abbott just does not get it.

    I gave had no contact since the 1990’s. I was aware of trouble even then. Ms,. Jackson, being the one the anger was aimed at.

  286. Damon Young drags the Anzac spirit into the CO2 debate and the Denialat are much amused.

    ‘Yet for some Australians, the idea of sacrificing dollars – not one’s life or health – for the common good is affronting. They react with righteous fury at the mere mention of ”tax”, and treat the plan with hostility and suspicion. Gone are old ideas of mutual aid and stoic generosity. Climate change is someone else’s problem.

    ‘My point is not that the government and its plans are flawless, but that it is very difficult to reconcile the ideal of Anzac sacrifice with the reality of contemporary selfishness.’

    Read more:–as-long-as-its-not-going-to-cost-20120424-1xjds.html#ixzz1t83DrnhK


  287. el gordo, I suspect that Ms. Jackson is the stench. I suspect she is a little unhinged.

    I cannot make up my mind about those who are using her and think they are on a winner.

  288. “Another Brough intervention”

    Not another Howard intervention. Remember when he cancelled his speech at Oxford at the last moment and hurried back to Australia.

    Many wondered why. The only thing he did at the time, was suppirt Bough in Fisher. I believe that was the emergency that bought him home.

    Must say the results were good. It might have been better for Mr. Howard to go to Oxford and give his speech.

  289. Yes, so that makes her OK.

    Why then does she have no support within the union.

    The matter has become so murky and dirty, that only an administrator can sort out the mess.

    There is one thing for sure, this is about many more than Thompson. This is about what is occurring today.

    Is it OK to tell the police that a shovel was left on her doorstep as a threat. A shovel that belonged to her. There have been other similar stunts.

  290. And the big laugh on Kathy Jackson. I heard today that because there was action in the federal court the govt was able to attend and state its intention of putting the union into administration.
    and who brought the action today in the federal court, kathy jackson.
    so bye bye jackson and williams. well bye bye from monday

  291. Ok , the Drum is taking it’s advice on Bill Shorten’s court actions today from HR Nicholls’ white-haired girl, Judith Sloan . ..comparing Craig Thomson to Mussolini, and Judith might be compared to ,, Eva Brown maybe..

    This rubbish is not in the ABC Charter.

  292. Pip

    wasn’t that sloan part of the abc for a while, appointed by her mate johnnie. and sloan being partly responsible for the wisdom and views now being the abc “real working” charter as opposed to the published charter of the abc.

  293. Mary Jo Fisher Lib., Senator…. didn’t have to go to cross benches, Sean Edwards has not, he’s still there…. in the Parliament…..

    Seems to me, if a story breaks in the daily smelagraph, and judith sloane and another bald-headed git from 2UE, state, on The Drum, that Peter Slipper is a bad person, then that’s it, he’s guilty, well, everybody knows….

  294. Ch10

    Slipper to give press conference.

    By the way, Mr. Windsor does not say he does not support Slipper. He is only warning that Slipper could lose.

    Labor member threatening to open dirt file on Liberals.

    Do not believe in this type of behavior. Maybe it is what is needed to stop the rot.

    I am sure there is plenty out there, especially allegations is all that counts, not facts.

  295. Normally this is a step that the ACTU would not welcome, but we do recognise the situation with the HSU East branch has now reached a point of serious dysfunctionality,’ Ms Kearney told reporters in Sydney.

    ‘It is deteriorating into what seems to be factional fights between (HSU national secretary Kathy) Jackson, (suspended HSU boss Michael) Williamson and other factors within the HSU East branch.’

    All roads paths seem to end up at Kathy’s door.

  296. Also at the Trades Hall press conference was Unions NSW Secretary Mark Lennon.

    He said Unions NSW had taken action by suspending the HSU East’s affiliation a fortnight ago and by encouraging the branch to consider voluntary administration in the interests of corporate governance.

    ‘We have tried to sort this out ourselves as a union movement, but we haven’t been able to prevail,’ Mr Lennon said.

    ‘We don’t necessarily desire it, but in this circumstance we can see no other appropriate action.’

  297. Sue @ 6.27pm, this is what readers are told at the end of Sloane’s article on The Drum

    Professor Judith Sloan is an economist and company director. She was Deputy Chairman of the ABC from 1999 to 2005. This piece is extracted from a paper delivered at the Consilium held by Centre for Independent Studies. The other speaker was Mark Scott, Managing Director of the ABC.

    She still acts as if she owns the place imo.

    Cu, I had the impression that Windsor is trying to head off a no confidence vote against the Speaker, in part at least because of the importance of the position.

    [Why let Abbott trash that along with QT? ]

  298. Cu, and Sue, I’m enjoying our chat, but wireless is being a pain, due to cloudy weather so I might disappear at times. 😯

  299. Pip

    i’m distracted by Leveson, so i disappear as well. at he moment there is a break
    constant stream across screen, slipper releases cab charges.

    i wonder how that will affects ashby. i suppose tactically the possible legal action is the only way slipper could be made to step aside. once aside even though the other action a civil matter, the pressure applied to keep slipper from the job.
    as one commentator said there was only 10 weeks until july 1.and all changes.

  300. Is something odd happening here..

    Pip, from your link to the ABC. Is Tony Abbott suddenly on the back foot on this issue.

    In the documents, Mr Ashby says officials in John Howard’s government knew as far back as 2003 that Mr Slipper – who was then a Liberal MP – had “formed a relationship of a sexual nature with a younger male member of staff” employed in his office.

    But Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says no formal complaint was ever made.

  301. Min, that is odd. It smacks of the ltd news [and others] tactic of printing stuff for readers to soak up knowing full well that they are misleading.

    How did Ashby get away with mentioning a well worn rumour as evidence to back up his allegation?

  302. This whole issue has been such a complete shamozle that I find it difficult to understand the facts of it. However, from the bits and pieces I would think that it would difficult to prove harassment when one was in a mutual relationship. xxx is hardly proof of harassment.

  303. Min, it depends ‘which’ relationship is being discussed.
    The 2003 stuff is irrelevent …isn’t it?

    The offended ones were two or three women who were shown a video ….by …someone.., no law broken. Nothing to see there really.

    But… certain Liberal or Liberals saw the scandal value in a video that suggested two homosexual men ….welll, again…. nothing to write home about,
    but a handy addition to the dirt file, to be given to a new chum for his approaching court case as ‘evidence’ intended to stir up some less ‘liberal’ minded folk.

  304. Peter Slipper and the ruinous titillation of innuendo

    But coming back to the matter of the gay sleaze. Mr Slipper denies that he is guilty of harassment, just as he denies any wrongdoing in the matter of Cabcharges, and, of course, there must be a presumption of innocence in the civil matter of sexual misbehaviour, just as there must be in the criminal matter of defrauding the Commonwealth with the taxi business.

    But let’s look at the reek of sacrifice that comes from the sexual innuendo brought to us, via the Murdoch tabloids, by Steve Lewis, the man who brought us the Godwin Grech story which was supposed to blow Kevin Rudd out of the water but ended up fatally wounding Malcolm Turnbull

    Has anyone told Malcolm? He’s been working so hard on smashing the government’s NBN…..


  305. I like this point from the link above….

    We have no independent corroboration about the truth or falsehood of any of this – any more than we have any corroboration of any suggestion that the Coalition’s political interests might in any sense lie at the back of My Ashby’s harassment suit.

  306. We don’t know the facts. Just at the moment though – and however problematic it may seem – Peter Slipper looks like a victim.

    Yes, and could he complain of harassment from the party he once belonged to.

    His biggest crime appears to be he would not toll over for Mr. Brough.

  307. Sick to death of the overuse of the word “stench” by every critic of the Gillard Government. Flies buzzing all around the Abbottocracy & its scabrous media team, energetically ignored.
    P.S. I nearly vomit every time a Labor or union official gets a temporary promotion to “good fella” from Abbott in the pursuit of his destructive agenda.

  308. Gordon Wood has been acqitted since this was written, and as far as i could understand the article I heard being read out on radio this afternoon, he had a number of girlfriends before Caroline Byrne; no male partners, and no investigation by the media to verify …

    Yet that didn’t stop this headline

    Court hears: Gordon Wood gay with Rene Rivkin

    which was prompted only by this:-

    It seems that news ltd. assumes, probably rightly, that all they have to do to besmirch a man’s reputation is to create an element of perceived scandal and whack a big headline on the banner, then repeat the same lines on an hourly basis across the various papers. If the tactic works really well, hell, you can even have a man gaoled……

    It’s not against the law to be gay, and that’s known by the media, therefore, to reach their audience they need to spice things up with more serious embellishments!

    Sadly however old and tired the tactic, there are some in the msm who still think it’s worth repeating – they know it works.

  309. Bob, me too, it’s like Alberici said, they “echo the Opposition” …. do they even care that we, the public, are on to them??

    The Liberal guerilla steps up and repeats the latest standard phrase and the
    media all follow like monkeys!

  310. Note that Abbott chose Chris Uhlmann as his interlocutor. Abbott is the only politician Uhlmann interviews whom he does not talk over or interrupt. Every one of his other interview subjects cop this treatment, along with begged questions and beef-witted assumptions that have to be batted away before the question can be answered; Uhlmann’s assumptions are clearly Abbott’s assumptions, which is why he was content to hear Abbott in respectful silence. Uhlmann’s treatment of Abbott compared with that of others is observable, objective fact, and it belies his ambitions (and those of his employer) to be regarded as an effective senior journalist.

    Even so, Abbott’s performance was still rubbish. He had little to say about the prospect of welfare cuts from his shadow treasurer, little to say about tobacco plain-packaging or changes to aged care (despite having been a former Health and Ageing Minister), little to say about other issues of great public importance. But my goodness, wasn’t he voluble about some stray cabcharge vouchers and some sleazy comments. He’s had a lot more to say against the pre-parliamentary antics Craig Thomson than he has against the in-office performance of Wayne Swan. That shows you where he’s most comfortable; not grappling with the big issues, but down with rorting and rooting.

    Slipper knows enough about Parliament both to uphold its dignity as the most effective Speaker in years, as well as knowing how to bend the rules to his advantage. It is tempting to turn a blind eye to the latter in order to secure the former, particularly when similar misdemeanours were brushed aside in 1997 by the Howard government (and again, apparently, in 2003 by Slipper himself). James Hunter Ashby is unconvincing as anything but a Liberal stool-pigeon, and it’s hard to imagine his case going much beyond he-said-he-said and case dismissed.

    Speaking of stool-pigeons, there is probably a Walkley in it for Steve Lewis to publish what was fed to him. Lewis should not only remember the allegations surrounding former High Court Justice Kirby allegedly using official vehicles to cruise for gay prostitutes, but give some consideration as to whether or not something similar is going on here. Lewis has no excuse for not joining the dots between Ashby, Godwin Grech and the Kirby allegations, and wondering if a Coalition government might not bring more sleaze than less.

    It may well be an organisational problem for Lewis’ employer, however, and to see that you don’t need to go as far as his Chairman’s testimony in London. This article and cartoon by two men who should know better, even though they work for Murdoch, is just sad:
    Peter Slipper would not be able to make an appearance, official or otherwise, without attracting a barrage of titters and knowing smirks.
    A bit like Bill Clinton, twice-elected President of the United States, eh Malcolm? Like Bob Hawke? It’s easy to get all upset about the homophobia in that piece but in an age of widespread public support for the Sydney Mardi Gras and same-sex marriage, homophobia is not the vote-winner/newspaper-seller that News Ltd executives still clearly imagine it to be.

    Farr and Leak only remind us that you can’t have homophobia without misogyny, and in an environment where sneer-at-the-queer has free rein a woman in high office has no chance. That’s News Ltd’s real target here: the Speaker is collateral damage aiming at the PM.

    Slipper’s only chance is to abandon the starchy outrage that he has shown so far and become some sort of old roué, toward whom everyone is awake-up but who is not only forgiven but regarded quite fondly for all that. Such a position would appear, however, to be beyond him. I hope Slipper returns to the chair and chucks the bums out until they learn to behave.

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