Media Watch XIII

We all know just how manipulative, dishonest, sensationalist, gutless, unfair and unbalanced is the media in this country? If, like me, you believe they need to be held accountable for the gross display of injustice they push down the throats of the Australian public then this is the thread in which to voice your opinion.

I intend to keep the Media Watch threads open indefinitely. If anyone sees an example of their lies in action then we’d like to learn about it. We will document everything we can and spread the message as far as we can.

The truth will win in the end.

The Media Watch pages are archived after 300 comments (or thereabouts), as beyond that they can be slow to open if accessed by some mobile phones.

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  1. Just looked at something by one Terry Barnes on the ABC Drum. Terry apparently used to work for Tony Abbott. The piece is called “Asylum seeker impasse highlights leadership vacuum”. Comments are closed over there, so in the event of your looking in here Terry, your article’s bullshit, fucking bullshit. Sorry, I’m in a bad mood since I watched Channel 9’s 6pm news, several minutes of which was a forum & advertisement for the federal & state liberal parties. I only watch the bloody thing to see where the bullets are coming from, I’d feel happier if I didn’t.

  2. Bob, perfectly expressed. Highly suspect is closing the article for comment..weren’t the comments what the ABC wanted to hear.

  3. Min
    In fairness to the ABC there were a reasonable number of comments. I didn’t look at many, I was in a bad mood after reading the article but I think it’s a mixed bag. But yes, I don’t see why they can’t just let the thing run for a while. Mind you, I would’ve put up there what I put up here & wouldn’t have been allowed on.
    I’m off to bed as I’ve got to get up early. Will talk again.

  4. Bob, as the article was only put up yesterday it didn’t give much of an opportunity to comment. Another day wouldn’t have hurt.

  5. Pip
    Thanks. If Barnesy worked for Abbott between 2003-7 he would’ve been involved in the Medicare Rebate lie. No mention of that.

    About the ABC’s comments. Yes, they should leave things open a lot longer. You have to be pretty quick the way they’ve set things up.

  6. Hi to all the cafe patrons, hope you have had a great new years. Mine was great, yet now I need to rest. Work on Monday, so the next two days will hopefully be kicking back without being bugged (a likely story).

    Just read the terry barnes article BSA Bob, and yes, I can understand your feeling completely. Some major points which had me wondering why theirabc allows such inaccurate rubbish to be printed on their site sprung out at me, apart from his ridiculous statement that oppositions are a place of ‘no responsibility’. I don’t recall the Labor opposition being allowed to get away with dishonesty in the same way the present one are able to, or that the government of the day was scrutinised all that closely (yes, the Medicare Rebate lie springs to mind BSA). As for this statement, in regards to an opposition

    but still is condemned to being an obligatory footnote to the doings of the government of the day.

    Sorry, but when was the last time a Government release, opinion or statement ever gone through without an immediate and contradictory spread from the opposition. Compare this with the amount of uncontested airtime the opposition garner from our msm. If anything, in this current environment, it is the Government itself that the media are deliberately relegating to being a footnote, with the opposition given free reign.

    The remainder just appears to be a backhand attempt to ignore the oppositions true role in the parliament, and foster all responsibility on the Government. Sorry dufus, but both parties need to collaborate to make the system work. Labor did in opposition. Yes, they opposed on grounds where there was fundamental differences. In the case of asylum seekers, Labor are offering proposal that caters to the oppositions ideology (as sad as that is). The opposition have no excuse not to participate, except for the simple political expedience of opposing. Something he has already given them a free pass for earlier.

    It might be a new year. It will be the same old media.

    I just hope Labor HTFU and take them on head on. Call them on their collective bullshit, and grow a spine.

  7. Tom R
    Well said. Somewhere in the Barnes article, I think, was an example of a developing line from the Noalition & its pits crew, namely “we don’t oppose much, really”. As you say, when was the last time any government announcement wasn’t swamped with a deluge of negativty from the noalition & msm?
    The concept of “history” in my mind brings up notions of sweeping events played out over periods of time, but any events,no matter how recent, are now rewritten to suit the prevailing requirements of the conservative forces in the political & media spheres. The “perpetual present”.

  8. Happy New Year Tom, and yes I too hope Labor HTFU, and pronto.

    Avoiding conflict with the aggressive opposition of the media has not worked, and should be challenged with stock slogans just as often as they mention the BER, the NBN, the ‘pink batts’ etc. and most particularly, they MUST correct the record about the ‘no carbon tax’ meme.
    If they thought at the time that even one journalist would explain the truth of Laurie Oakes’ niggling demand for his ‘gotcha’, they were horribly wrong and today is the day to begin to take back control and present the true narrative.

    Months ago, the PM answered a question from Ch. 7’s Riley by saying she would like equal air time, and equal lines of reportage…she could have added a fairness doctrine to her wish list.
    Instead she famously suggested that they “Don’t write crap. Can’t be that hard.”
    The MSM ignored her request.

  9. Just saw a link to this fantastic run down of Labors achievements.

    Why is it in the media thread you ask. Well, mainly, because these sets of numbers are not shown in our media. I guess they don’t gell with their ‘reality’

    8. PM Gillard solved #QANTAS dispute in 36 hrs, Hawke solved the Pilot Dispute in 1 month and Howard solved the Waterfront Dispute in 6 months.

    Well worth the click

  10. From Pure Poison’s Dave Gaukroger…

    So let me see if I understand this Piers, a report on new pieces of legislation that assess how well we’re living up to treaties that we voluntarily signed up to, but has no binding power within the legislative process, is somehow akin to allowing the minions of the UN to run our country? No hint of hyperbole there.

    As per the headline, some are just as “Classy as ever”.


    Posted Tuesday, January 10, 2012 at 11:26 am | Permalink

    Yesterday there was a tweet posted here, from I think Possum, to the effect that pressure was mounting so much that it need to be neutured…

    Well, reading the AFR today, the “journalism [sic] by rote” was obvious in the numbers. There were 5 substantive pieces on federal politics today:

  12. Same success with the three Green Peace men.

    Quiet behind the scenes negotiation while everyone else is jumping up and down screaming and demanding action.

    Mr. Abbott would love to be seen as action man but the PM seems to be leaving him far behind with her results of her action..

  13. Pip @1.42pm, the line from that blogger that I like is:

    Soon enough, a reasonably, but not too, sophisticated software package will be able to replace the Press Gallery…insert press release, press button, out pops “journalism”,

  14. Cu and Min, I too liked the “not too sophisicated software,” and “trollumnists” of which there is no shortage.

    BST, “We are a cultural bunch aren’t we.” Or a ‘weird mob’. 😀

  15. BST, but wait a minute..the surname Gambaro is Italian. However I’m certain that Teresa both wears deodorant and knows how to stand in a queue 🙄

  16. Question from a tweeter

    Why are pollies with names like Gambaro, Mirabella and Bernardi so awful on this stuff? Don’t they remember what our families dealt with?

  17. Mr. Abbott said during his stint at driving a semi last week that he would not be joining this week’s memorial services as he had something else scheduled

    Is anyone any the wiser what was it that he found more important than going to Queensland today.

  18. Cu, the only thing that I heard about Tony is his narrow escape from being eaten by a shark at Manly. One moment it’s bombs in Afghanistan and now it’s a shark….

  19. A good one from Kudelka..

    Finally, Opposition spokeswoman Teresa Gambaro has cracked the age-old question of why we all can’t just get along, and the answer turns out to be deodorant. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

  20. CU – I want to know what Abbott was doing in South East Queensland anyway. He was the one that opposed the “Flood levy”.

    Gerald Henderson was at his best today in Fairfax – some how a unflattering report on Henderson in Crikey and Mark Latham’s “jottings” prove that those calling for more responsibility in the media’s reporting of events are wrong.

  21. This is the same tabot who drove into Grantham a week ago (or maybe he didn’t) on a pale truck lecturing to the nation ‘not to forget’ what happened here a year ago.

    Then fucks off on holiday

    What a wanker!

  22. Of course, not being there is probably the greatest positive move tabot could have made to enable the dignity of the occasion

  23. Is pretending to drive trucks you are not licensed to drive really considered ‘work’ in this day and age Min? 😉

  24. No worries Tom, but for future reference he’s the one with the green shirt talking to a Martian and I’m the multi-colored one hanging from a tree by my feet.

  25. Indeed Tones worked during the holidays, he trucked a load of watermelons. As someone on Migs’ Facebook group remarked: Now that’s nice cheap transport for the shadow cabinet.

  26. It was interesting to note that, on Monday, our papers were full of the three protesters getting themselves arrested, and pressure being applied by all and sundry on the Government to ‘do something’ about this tragedy.

    Come Tuesday, there was a brief by-line that the Government had arranged their release, and we were off onto other matters.

    Not much of a mention about how impressive this negotiation really was, particularly given the fact that since Labor was first elected, we have been told again and again how dangerous our relations with Japan have become because of this ‘bumbling’ Government. Or the little known fact that we are currently taking Japan to court over the whaling issue.

    No, it was just another positive news story for a successful Government to be ignored.

    This was highlighted very starkly last night on the Project, when they showed a clip of Nicola Roxon doing a presser to announce this matter. They panned back for a shot of the journos, to reveal that only one journalist had shown up to hear what was said.

    And yet people continue to complain that this Government lack the ability to cut through with their message??

    Well, from that shot last night, it is apparent why. The media just are not interested in success stories, or boring policy announcements. It is all about bad news for the Government, and any photo op for the photo-opposition.

  27. Not only the comparison in value is telling – but the reply from the Ministers office is on the same day

  28. Tom R at 2.33
    And wasn’t it so predictable? Salivating over a looming “diplomatic showdown” etc, when it’s quickly defused the whole thing’s ignored & they’re off to find something else to whinge about. Just been watching 9 where they’re off & running with Bob Brown’s dummy spit with Gillard plus his complaints about the government’s position on the whaling. No space for Gillard’s position of course. But some space for Eric Abetz to do a bit of stirring. I wish I’d seen that footage you mention of the press conference Roxon did.
    P.S. I once saw Abetz described as “unctuous”. A more perfect description of anything I’ve never seen.

    Fuck it I’m angry now over that Roxon presser. “Poor communicators”- communicating to whom? It reminds me of the time I heard Tony Wright on our local ABC criticising Rob Oakeshott’s speech when he declared for Gillard. Criticising its length, he whinged that there were journalists there with deadlines to meet & they should’ve been looked after. Government according to media timetable. And these people can’t be bothered to turn up to an announcement that a major incident’s been averted?

    When do you think the “government’s been humiliated” line’ll come in?

  29. Someone threatening to sue on another site.

    “….Just got home to find a letter from the lawyers of Melinda Tankard Reist demanding I withdraw all my posts about her or very bad things will ensue.

    This is pretty amusing when you read some of the things MTR writes about those she does not approve of.

    She’s going to have to sue a few more blogs than just mine, because I’m not the only one who’s written that she’s a Baptist, and attends Belconnen Baptist Church. It’s well in the public domain,,,,”

  30. Hells bells, you gave me a wee bit of a fright there for a moment…a conga line of Bacchus. I shouldn’t say fright, impressive is probably the better descriptor.

    Yes indeed, how does this sound: an ‘impressive’ of Bacchus 😉

    Migs was only referring to the accusation that Garfield was a troll, which he’s not.

    Feel like a drink gorgeous, I know that I could certainly do with one. BTW, did you end up getting a feed of seafood. Next time you’re down this way, it’s a date to meet you and Mrs Bacchus.

  31. I found a place on Kennedy Drive Min – Scales. Bit pricey, but nice fresh prawns and oysters…

    I don’t necesssarily say Garfield was a troll (he/she sounds like they’d be good value if they get a bit thicker skin), but the demonstration was for Migs’ general elucidation 😉

    Last weekend’s trip down your way was to pick up Son & Daughter-in-law from the airport at a time on Sunday morning before the sparrow had a chance to get his trousers on, so we really didn’t have too much time to feel sociable – next time, it’s a date 🙂

  32. Bacchus, when you were in Kennedy drive, you could have jumped out of the car and waved and I would have seen you. I live only a block and a bit away.

    You are most definitely on. At the Coolie at Kirra.

  33. “In the meantime, Gillard needs to work on making her government seem less like an episode of The Office, with its own comedic moments too excruciating to watch, yet too compelling to miss”

    We hear so much from the media about what the PM needs to do.

    Maybe it is time we heard from the media, not what the PM needs to do but what the PM has done.

    We can make up our own minds to what the PM needs to do.

  34. And the morning greets with yet another ‘leadership speculation’ story..what to write about when the person has nothing else to write about…

    They could point to John Howard, Kim Beazley and even Robert Menzies as leaders who’d learned valuable lessons from some time in the wilderness.

    That is an extremely odd ‘wilderness’..being Australia’s Foreign Minister.

  35. The only people speculating about the leadership appears to be the media. The media are using the same tactics with the poker machine legislation, it wouldn’t matter how many times Wilkie states that there isn’t a problem, the media repeats over and over that there is a problem. So much so that the MSM are now talking about Slipper and the government back to only 1 vote in it in the House of Reps.

  36. This morning we have had Medicare criticised along with suggestions to sell the ABC. We all know that Medibank Private will be the first to go. There are also calls for the Snowy to be sold off.

    We once again have the media obsessed with what is meant by what Mr. Wilkie said, while ignoring what he said.

  37. “He says he is aware of instances where the Medicare Safety Net had been used ”to subsidise cosmetic procedures, including surgery for ‘designer vaginas’ at $5000-$6000 each”.

    Read more:

    This complaint is interesting. I wonder what is behind these procedures. Could it possibly be women who have been harmed by fanatics in their religion.

    I suspect it is not women wanting to look better and that there is a medical reason for the operation.

    We do not know, but it sure sounds good.

  38. In light of the recent no show at the Roxon press release, I thought I would look into media releases by the Governmnet, and see just how much they are being ignored.

    First email I get this morning leads me to this one from Conroy

    Telework Week to showcase benefits of working from home

    Now, obviously, with the NBN being such a hot topic issue, particularly over at the oo, you would have thought that his might be newsworthy.

    Apparently not. Perhaps it has too many positives.

    A google/bling search found only one mention of this in the daily rags

    There were quite a few hits returned from IT magazines, but murdoch papers; boldly looking everywhere but the Government.

    And people still complain that the Government cannot sell it’s message.

    Kind of hard to do that when the media are (deliberately??) ignoring what they are saying.

  39. Cu, I wonder how much truth there is in this. Who knows what sort of medical problem is the reason behind the ‘designer vagina’. Overservicing I agree with..I think of one particular GP who I try to avoid whenever possible. When you go for something such as repeat script, he tries to offer all sorts of services available. The thought always comes to mind: Do you want fries with that.

  40. Min, that is the doctors ripping off the system. It is not the fault of Medicare.

    I think that this government has tightened the system up somewhat, but it is not a easy thing to do.

    Remember the outcry when they attempted to bring the cataract operation into the 20C.

    Naming medical procedures, that may have proper medical necessary, that is blaming the patient is not the way to go.

    Dealing with cataracts has gone from a specialise and lengthy procedure to one that can be done by trained technician in twenty minutes. The eye doctors are still demanding the same returns.

    It is not Medicare and the government that should be attacked but the doctors who rip it off.

    Same as the Insulation scheme should have blamed the crooked

    installers and companies, not the scheme, minister or government.

    If it become the norm to dismantle any scheme that someone managed to rip

    Why some even rip off the taxation system.

    There seems to be a new morality abroad.

    If one can rip someone or something off, they are not doing wrong, as the scheme let them do it.

  41. Tom R, they can start with that dental scheme, which those in the know can access.

    The safety net, that is another thing.

  42. Cu, precisely. There was a mention in the article that due to the current system that doctors are being given financial incentives to refer patients onto other health professionals.

    There are always going to be some people irregardless of the profession who will attempt to rort the system. I think that the days are long gone where it could be assumed that doctors are above any sort of unethical behaviour.

  43. Cu, and Min,
    also, at the endo of the article:-

    Australian Medical Association president Steve Hambleton said Dr Webber’s role as Professional Services Review head put him in contact with the ”very, very small percentage” of doctors who did the wrong thing, ”and it looks like he’s extrapolated across the rest of the profession”. He did not believe rorting was occurring on such a large scale.

    I wonder is Dr. webber setting himself up with a bit of publicity with an eye on the job of AMA boss ??

  44. Catching Up at 8.34
    I read the Tim Blair piece you cite, & it’s certainly taken the shine off my day. Because it reads like a blueprint for what Abbott’ll probably do because he’ll need the money. A firesale at mate’s rates, anything & everything up for grabs to his buddies & masters. All very depressing. I think it was you on another thread citing someone’s threat to sue a blogger? We’ll probably witness a “tightening” of defamation laws & such as it applies to the Web with a one sided application of them-“take her out to sea & dump her?, just a bit of harmless fun, a turn of phrase.”

    I’m pretty new to this Internet thingy, & I hope I’m wrong here but I’ve always thought that given the governmental will it would be fairly easy to control.

  45. Pip, we know that the Liberals love for Medicare is only a notch above their love for unions.

    They have not denied that they would like to see both go.

    Mr. Howard spent nearly 12 years undermining Medicare, as he knew well that he could not openly demolished it.

    The subsidy for Private Funds should be one of he first things to go.

    One needs to remember before Medibank that was introduced by PM Whitlam was because Private Medical Insurance did not work.

    Yes, there should be ongoing assessment of any scheme.

    The scheme needs to change as the needs changes.

    The audit programme has been up graded in the last few years according to the AMA.

  46. I love the Coalition.

    They are demanding that Mr. Wilkie keeps his word and not continue to support the PM is she does not introduce pre-commitment in regard to poker machines.

    At the same time they say they will not support the bill if it is introduced.

    It is starting to look like it will be limited on how much can be played at once.

    This is easier to understand and will not cost the industry as much to introduce.

    It is definitely not what Mr. Packer wants. I suspect it is not what the bigger clubs want as well.

    I suspect that the smaller clubs would not have many of these high tensity machines.

    There were two options given by the productivity commission. There is also the option of combination of the options.

    I believe there is support from the public for action in this regard. Many do not understand the pre-commitment and thinks it applies to all machines.

    I do not believe that a voluntary pre-commitment is worth the effort.
    This has been tried in Canada with poor results.

  47. Hi Tom, it appears to be a WordPress issue that stops me from posting on your blog – it doesn’t recognise my details for some reason. The same thing happened to me at Mr Deebmore’s, who has the same blog platform as you. 😦

  48. Have you tried today Migs.

    As I said, I have changed the settings to allow ‘anyone’ (which I thought it was set at anyway)

    Mind you, if you got something to say, you can say it here. I’m here more than there anyway 😉

  49. Another thing that I have noticed lately in the reporting of political stories, and that is, when attacking something that is done by the present Government, the headline and story will often include the direct reference to ‘Labor’, just to be very clear that it is Labor, rather than the Federal Government. However, when it is a policy implemented by the previous government, it is generally ‘the Federal Government’, as seen in the recent story about medicare ‘rorts’. This may well leave many with the impression that this Government has introduced ‘another’ scheme full of ‘rorts’

  50. and no mention of the changess that the “Labor” government has attempted to put in place.

    Nohing positive must come from their lips.

    Everyting must be turnned into a negative.

    This occurs long before one knows what is being proposed.

  51. ABC24’s Joe O’Brien just showed viewers a shot of a tree and microphones….”Tony Abbott is due to make an announcement” in front of the tree !

    Can’t wait…

  52. Min, the man near to tears with is concern for the Australian economy.

    Pity the man cannot keep his mouth closed and stop talking the economy down.

    Sure things may not be the best but they are nowhere near as bad as the scare campaign he is attempting to launch makes out.

    The man should do what he planned or the next three days. Get on his bike and his head down.

    Min, for the first time he was asked some questions, not that any of the answers were enlightening.

  53. Cu, oh good..given that Abbott is so concerned, then he will stop running it down.

    Perhaps the ‘near to tears’ bit was because Abbott is finally being asked some questions..poor fella doesn’t know how to handle it. 😉

  54. ” I’ve dealt with that…next question…”

    And they continually let him get away with it too, never another look that way

    Yet we have Gillard, who says that she will not enter into debate while negotiations are ongoing (even though she has made her position clear many times), gets journos to decide an answer for her, and then run with that for a week.

  55. Tom we must be imagining all this…. the MSM continue to insist that they have no agenda…and I’m still a size 8!

    Let’s continue to call them on it….not in the comments of ltd news of course…
    it wouldn’t be published.

  56. While the illustrious Opposition leader continues on his destructive way.

    Personally I am becoming a little sick of the sanctimonious and precious manner that we judge every action and deed of the PM.

    We are demanding of her a standard that no human being could reach. That no PM should.

    We are demanding that the PM put in place literally what was proposed over a year ago.

    We are not allowing any room to makes necessary changes or acknowledging that times do change and changes have to be made.

    We refuse to judge the policies put forwarded and their value.

    We are demanding that the PM stick literally to her word, in spite to do so will result in failure.

    Can someone please point out to me where any legislation ended up in parliament exactly the same as the promises made. Very little I suspect.

    At the same time we have an Opposition leader that breaks every rule in the book and is proud to be a weather vane.

    The only consistently he has is to say no. We do not condemn him for talking the economy down.

    We do not set, or expect any standards the the Opposition leader must meet. We expect nothing of him.

    We accept his three words slogan as OK and forgive him his refusal to answer questions.

    We accept his continuous electioneering campaign since the last election. It would not be so bad if he did something else.

    What we have is expectations of unrealistic and unattainable standards for the PM.

    There are no expectations or standards expected of the Opposition leader.

    Something is amiss.

  57. PS. It was said of Mr. Howard that it did not matter if he lied, he got things done.

    This PM also gets things done. The things the PM gets done are rarely acknowledged or scrutinize.

    The couple of things that are alleged as a back flip have been dealt with, but is a slightly different manner.

    This appears to be the lies and not able to be trusted.

    A PM has to play fair with those who support and those who opposed. There are always two sides.

    Many support the Clean Energy Act.

    Many will support the decision made yesterday.

    Many support onshore processing.

    Many also do not like but will support the Malaysian Solution.

    Every PM has to take into account both sides when enacting legislation.

    That is democracy.

    PMs have a duty to bring in the best legislation possible. Where is the PM not doing this?

    Yes we are very precious in our newly developed expectations of honesty and what we expect of a PM.

    A meaning that does not make sense,

    We have created a new meaning for the word” liar” when it comes to this PM.

  58. Cu, there are some who haven’t heard of ‘what’s good for the goose…’.

    The ‘journalists’ have two sets of rules for Abbott and the Prime Minister.

  59. Pip, I feel I am alone with my thoughts and expect to be ridiculed. Have been in the past, accusing me of having mo morals.

    I feel that those attacking the PM are the ones with no morals or at least a poor understanding of what morals are.

    Not being able to keep your word cannot be immoral or a lie or a let down.

    The agreement with Mr. Wilkie has been mostly met in this matter and all the other things listed.

    The only thing that has not been met is a starting date set in concrete.

    This is really not true either. The technology has to be in place by 2016 for i begin.

    The only reason I can see that the clubs have come to the party so willingly, is that they have a undertaking with Mr. Abbott to curtail the operation.

    This would also be in danger under the Wilkie proposal that did not have to be in place until after the next election.

    All new machines must have the technology.

    A little truth would go a long way.

    There was another announcement this weekend announcing new fibre cable to Singapore. This will hook us up to Asia.

    We have an announcement today with a trial of doctors using the Internet to do examine patients by the computer.

    Should be easy to do with the cheap and easy to use appliance to take blood pressure etc.

    I know I could very easy visit the doctor by the web.

    It would be wonderful for the chronically ill that finds it hard to get to the surgery.

    This is a problem both in the city and the bush.

    Yes, this is a very productive government.

    No time to worry about Mr.. Thompson. Mr. Abbott is really getting desperate.

    It is my belief Mr. Abbott might be kicking a dead horse.

  60. Cu, you are not alone in your thoughts, but Mr. Abbott is well aware of Mr. Thomson and he can see the Lodge from his porch.

    It looks very much like the Libs have collared Wilkie and Thomson is now in their sites.
    Two articles from the same ltd news last night, one linking to the other yet telling quite different stories, using Thomson’s words.
    The first headline says:-

    Craig Thomson claims Julia Gillard folded on pokie reforms under pressure from NSW Labor

    Read more:

    this same story linked to Mr. Thomson’s article in which Mr. Thomson wrote this:-

    The Prime Minister’s decision at the weekend was a victory for common sense.

    It was timely and important.

    The PM provided judgment and skill to course a path that is sensible and logical.

    It is something that I and many NSW Labor MPs have been calling for – a comprehensive trial so that ultimately any legislation that comes before parliament is backed by scientific research.

    Given the lack of evidence for a “silver bullet” for this issue, this is a commonsense approach. To do otherwise would have flown in the face of proper policy making.

  61. Not only is the Craig Thomson article being mis-represented across all ltd news papers but this from the you beaut POWER magazine.



    Craig Thomson: I played a role in Gillard’s pokie backdown

  62. I cannot find anything in the Craig Thompson article that undermines the PM.

    The PM has fulfilled her role, listened to all sides and made an decision.

    What in the hell is wrong with that.

  63. No Cu, there is nothing to be found, instead they’ve cherry-picked, omitted and re-arranged his words to their own satisfaction.

  64. ‘Foxtel could try to buy Ten’

    Foxtel could bid for Ten if the subscription TV platform’s merger with Austar is turned down, a media analyst has predicted.

    Writing in today’s Australian Financial Review, Ben Holgate suggests that there might be fewer regulatory hurdles than for the Austar bid – and it would be cheaper too, particularly if Ten’s outdoor operation Eye is sold separately.

    The ACCC has not yet issued a final ruling on Foxtel’s bid for regional pay platform Austar, but it has signalled it has concerns that competition would be reduced in the market.

    According to Holgate: “If Foxtel were to merge with a free-to-air network, it would have a competitive advantage in being able to bid for sports rights across multiple media platforms.” He adds: “Other benefits flowing from such a merger include increased buying power of general TV programming, multi platform advertising packages, promotion of pay TV channels on free-to-air to drive subscriptions, and cost savings.”

  65. The Muppets Hit Back at Fox News

    Kermit and Miss Piggy were in England last week promoting the U.K. release of The Muppets, and were asked about the kerfuffle by a British reporter, prompting the delightful exchange below. “If we have a problem with oil companies,” Kermit asks, “why would we have spent the entire film driving around a gas-guzzling Rolls Royce?” Then Miss Piggy jumps in: “It’s almost as laughable as accusing Fox News as, you know, being news.”

  66. Did Andrew Bolt plagiarise this from the Wall Street Journal…..or is he following the boss’s orders?

    We’re obsessed, but the rest of the world is cooling
    Andrew Bolt – Tuesday, January 31, 12 (09:50 am

    30 January 2012, 2.16pm AEST
    We do need drastic action on climate change: a response to the Wall Street Journal

  67. Pip at 10.02
    Let’s hope for that. It’ll be interesting to see whether he’s asked questions he doesn’t like.

  68. The Institute of Publc Affairs has a very high profile on the ABC, via The Drum, so who funds them??

    Bid to out the money behind the voice against climate change

    A British journalist’s court bid to unmask the financial backers of a group of climate change sceptics is being used to raise questions about how think-tanks are funded in Australia and whether they deserve tax exemptions.

    Clive Hamilton, professor of public ethics at Australia’s Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, has backed Mr Montague’s case.

    Professor Hamilton is a long-time critic of think-tanks promoting outlying views on the risks of human-caused climate change, including the Melbourne-based Institute of Public Affairs.

    “The public should know who is funding climate denial so they can properly judge the information put out by organisations like the Global Warming Policy Foundation,” he said.

    “In Australia, the IPA is a leading source of climate disinformation, yet it retreats into secrecy whenever it is asked about the source of its funding. Environment groups are upfront about their funding, yet denialists claim privacy.”

    IPA Executive Director John Roskam says

    “But the reason we don’t reveal our donors is because unfortunately our donors – and people who were believed to be our donors – have been intimidated because of their supposed support for us,” he said.

    Since when have oil, coal, or tobacco companies been intimidated by anyone ?

  69. BSA Bob,
    It’ll be interesting to see whether he’s asked questions he doesn’t like.

    That’d be a first wouldn’t it Bob?

  70. Pip and Bob, it will be interesting to see if Abbott can:

    1. Provide credible answers and if the answer is No, he can’t then:
    2. Will they let him get away with it.

  71. Pip & Min
    I was going to watch it but don’t think I’ve got it in me.
    I was just remarking to a friend though, that IF Abbott stuffs up a curly question pack mentality may kick in. Here’s hoping.

    Anyway, on this Media thread, at least Rupert’s in more trouble. I saw somewhere the excellent point that with all attempts to contain the damage at Ltd News having failed, loyal Murdochistas throughout the Empire might by now be starting to worry.

  72. Min,
    1. the answer is “no”.
    2. the answer is “yes”.

    It will be interesting to see if the national press groupies ask
    Abbott credible questions….. or will they be pre-prepared by Credlin….

  73. Bob, you might be interested in this, about Rupert on Twitter..

    A Glimpse of Murdoch Unbound

    As American business has become more and more media savvy, its leaders have appeared in media less and less. Business reporters have to work their way past background conversations with underlings, written statements that state nothing, and that increasingly hardy perennial: the “no comment.” The modern chief executive lives behind a wall of communications operatives, many of whom ladle out slop meant to obscure rather than reveal.

    It is more obvious to anyone who has covered Mr. Murdoch that he is indeed the one putting his thumbs to an iPad and posting to the world. His posts are devoid of nuance, partisan in the extreme and prone to crankiness, all consistent with the Rupert Murdoch we have come to know.

  74. I wonder if the IPA was talking about intimidation like this

    “US climate scientist’s wife suffers email ‘frenzy of hate’

    Inbox of MIT scientist Kerry Emanuel’s wife was flooded with menacing emails after he appeared in a video featuring Republicans who believe in man-made climate change

    Emails contained “veiled threats against my wife,” and other “tangible threats,” Emanuel, a highly-regarded atmospheric scientist and director of M.I.T.’s Atmospheres, Oceans and Climate program, said in an interview. “They were vile, these emails. They were the kind of emails nobody would like to receive.”

    “What was a little bit new about it was dragging family members into it and feeling that my family might be under threat, so naturally I didn’t feel very good about that at all,” Emanuel said. “I thought it was low to drag somebody’s spouse into arguments like this.”

    .” One website, Climate Depot, posted Emanuel’s email address.
    And climate Depot is run by:
    “Morano, who worked for Sen. James “Global Warming is a Hoax” Inhofe, left Congress last year to set up shop as the Matt Drudge of climate denial. Today he runs Climate Depot, a website whose sponsor is funded by oil heir Richard Mellon Scaife. A private version of a congressional blog that Morano ran for Inhofe, the site serves as a clearinghouse for climate kooks. “He’s a central cell of the climate-denial machine,” says Kert Davies, research director for Greenpeace. “He’s been very effective in delaying action on this crisis.”

  75. And the ABC midday news

    “there is no expectation the tony abbott will announce any firm policies at his npa address ……”

    golly gosh that is a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Pip & Sue
    Thanks for these, I’m preparing to go out & will look at them later. Sue, I’ve said this before but I still reckon there’s a fair chance that if things go south for him in a big way, Rupert may discover that he still calls Australia home & may move back in. Hence the current Ltd News dedication to getting rid of Labor. They may be arrangeing the country to his satisfaction first. Unlikely things’ll get this far I know but it’d fit in with the overall agenda anyway. Being able to buy a big part of the ABC in concert with Gina once Abbott sells it?
    Today’s paranoid rant, but stranger things have happened.

  77. Well we will see how honest our media are as Abbott is “bragging” about the changes he brought to Medicare.

    And if the pubic “remembers” the quality of the health service Howard delivered.

  78. If one wants a good laught, listen to ABC 24.

    Mr. Abbott is promising a competent, adult government. He is promising the world.

    I do not know what country he described when he began the speech. it definitley was not Autralia.

    He is launching his election campaign once again. Nothing new though. School halls etc. A goo government would not……..on and on it goes.

    Still on the 50 million savings identified before the last election.

    BULLSHIT in loads.

    PS Do nothing and you will save governent is what he is promising..

  79. Stony face audience. He wants to change Australia for the better, that is why his paid parent scheme is needed.

    Why are we having an election speech now????

  80. No Pip, the comedy is too good. I do hope they do not turn him off.

    He is going to spend a week in a Indigenous community. It is is good enough for them to live there, it is good enough for a PM to stay a week.

    So important to return to surplus quickly. Not many experts will agree with him.
    Doing this could lead to a quicker economy collapse.

    Oh, yes the wonderful dental scheme he bought in. His the best.

    Medicare dental scheme is an aspiration, only.

    He is going to do so much, WHEN THE BUDGET returns to surplus.

    He is indeed god.

    YES THE QUESTIONS SHOULD BE GOOD. His Green army is going to solve all our problems.

    Absolutely nothing new. Something for everyone.

    Not one smile in the audience. Nothing but stony faces.

  81. CU

    and good dental treatment for the rich

    yes abbott very proud of the service he introduced that has been rorted RORTED by the wealthy

    yes media we are watching

  82. First question should be. Why are you launching an election campaign?

    The second, why are you treating us as fools?

  83. Aspiration not commitment first question by Mark Riley. Is this a new way of having an excuse when you break it.

    “Aspiration but not a commitment.” Probably better than core promises.

  84. Everything is important but we can only have these better services if we get the economy right.

    He wants the Australian people to understand that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Yes we need to understand much.

    One thing for sure, Nr. Abbott understand little.

  85. Sensible and pragmatic are the key words, with you have to be able to paid for them.

    Asked whether interest rates will be lower than a Gillard government. Is that a promise, aspiration or when we can afford it.

    Did not answer the question directly.

    Asked whether he was going to deliver the taxes due this year. Once again not answered.

    This is the positive speech but someone pointed out to him that he managed to make it very negative.

    Asked about being doctor no. Screen freezes, so I do not know his answer.

  86. Good grief a good question from Matthew Franklin.

    (has matthew franklin been given the flick from the australian?)

  87. Currently on these are the 10 most read stories:

    Home birth lobbyist dies after delivering baby.
    Diana pens sad farewell to husband Alan Bond.
    Djoker’s shirt is all mine: diehard fan.
    Cyclist sues Warnie over road-rage incident.
    Bounty on wounded bikie leader’s head.
    Brazilian bikinis tailored to the ‘chunky’.
    Familiar theme sets the scene for TV war.
    Fresh battle is on as Coles slashes prices 50%.
    Woman used make-up to fake rape claim.
    Watchdog looks to bite ABC over comedy sketch.

    Directly underneath they have these as the most recommended.:

    Galaxy poll shows twice as many voters back Kevin Rudd as Australia’s preferred leader.
    Time for tent embassy to fold, says Tony Abbott.
    Detainees referred to by numbers – activists.
    Fran Drescher, star of The Nanny believes she was abducted by aliens.

    Poor They’re trying their hardest to inspire people to read their slander of the Government but people are preferring to read other bullshit.

  88. Just saying Tony, Govt spending to GDP will be 23.6% in ’12-13. In the 12 Howard Budgets, it averaged 24.2%

  89. Ask how he can say this government is economically incompetent when all the indicators are so good.

    Because it owes everything to Howard. Also once again blamed spending on pink bats etc.

    He is going to allow school fees to be claimed for tax purposes.

    This is a government that need to understand..another throw away term. It like to be told all the time we need to understand.

  90. Stephen Koukoulas tweeted that tax to GDP ratio was 20.0% in 2010-11, the lowest since 1978-79.
    It is 4.2% of GDP below the record tax to GDP ratio of Howard govt

  91. Cu, Sue & Pip, your summaries are so much appreciated. Fortunately for me Tony Abbott’s voice is one of the most difficult of all for me to hear..but then on the other hand, it might be psychological. 😀

  92. How wonderful those $22,000 private school fees x 3 kiddies = what cost to the person struggling to be able to afford to buy new shoes or take their kids to the dentist..

  93. also from “Kouk”,

    Abbott household saving around $7,000 a year on its mortgage with current interest rates as opposed to those paid when Libs in power

  94. Min, he is speaking in such a serious and concerned manner today. After all, he promise, aspires or has the intention of being adult.

    Why that word. Has his spin makers identified that many compare his to a spoilt adolescent.

    Aspiration again. Nice word. Means we intend to do that, but may not be able.

    Asked what his greatest strength. Laught in the background said all.

  95. He has destroyed Mr. Wilkie,

    Asked a question about Mr. Wilkie and what does he believed what would be serious enough for a censor motion. How he managed to get onto Mr. Thompson is beyond me. He much have been disappointed he as not asked such a question.

    Not much clapping or applause during the whole event.

    Will be interested to see what the commentators now have to say.

  96. We are getting a repeat of the PM press conference. No breaking into Mr. Abbott’s effort, though in this case I am glad.

    Managing the economy and keeping it strong is not enough,. We need to know that it is being managed for the good of all.


    The PM made these comments during Mr. Abbott’s speech. This was easy, as usual Mr. Abbott has only rehashed what he has been saying since before the last election.

    One does have to listen to make a reply.

    I am looking forwarded to tomorrows Press Club with the PM.

    PM now answering questions on Australia Day, as she said for the third time. The PM is pulling the questioners up for being incorrect.

    What I am focus on today is the economy. The PM could have added not what you are focus on, Mr. Rudd and Australian Day.

    Budgets are about choices. Maybe that is something that Mr. Abbott needs to understand.

  97. Now the PM I enjoy listening to…Julia is echoing Penny Wong’s words of this morning saying that the Liberals would need to make $70B worth of cuts “before even getting to the starting point”.

  98. Now the version that we should have heard but was to stupid to understand.

    National Disability Scheme according too Mr. Abbott is an aspiration not a commitment.

    Quantum and timing of all Mr. Abbott promise, aspire or intends to do has not been determined.

  99. Was not aspiration one of Howard’s words or was it Latham. I know it was popular back in that era.

    When is Mr. Abbott going to talk about today and let us in on some of his own ideas.

    Mr. Abbott needs to undersatnd, I among many others do not believe or trust him.

  100. Mr. Abbott had a problem as all the things that he is going to cut, dismantle or do away with do not add up to much in dollars.

    It will not solve his budget problems. It may cut his receipts, leading to more waste.

    Mr. Abbott needs to understand that a National budget does not operate like a home budget. It does not operator like a business budget.

    The more they cut to save, the more unemployment and bankruptcies go up, leading to fewer receipts and greater outlays.


  101. Cu, that was one of John Howard’s. Howard’s “aspirationals” being slightly higher up on the foodchain than Howard’s “battlers”.

  102. Paraphrasing Prime Ministers announcements at the Securities Exchange after briefing by RBA.

    Managing to keep economy strong is not enough

    Must be fair share for all Australians

    Now more jobs, lower taxes and interest rates than under Howard government.

    Challenge of transforming economy.

    High Aust., dollar putting pressure on manufacturing, toursm and international education.

    2012 focus on strong economy and cotinuing to build strong economy.

    Clean energy, fair share of mining boom, and harnessing skilss across Australia.

    question about Aust day ….

    Return to surplus in 2012. Aust., fiscal pillar of strength compared tro USA and Europe.

    Came out of GFC strong with huge opportunities.

    Kevin Rudd doing a god job making our voice heard.

    another riot question, already answered.

    Prudent budget approach. Fiscal discipline. Hard choices. Told journos to refer to previous budgets.

    Opposition need to make $70 billion worth of cuts before starting on budget.

    question about campaigning in Queensland.

    Spoke to Anna Bligh, will work together on State issues.
    Several MP’s will be campaigning in Qld. elections.

    Retail chains should treat farmers appropriately.

  103. Pip and CU

    abbott was asked a direct question on his aspiration for disability insurance.

    A great question that came from a listener via an email to sky news reporter. the listener was a parent with a disabled child and wanted to know why disability insurance was a a aspiration yet the expensive abbott maternity leave pay was a promise.

    good aside by the sky news reporter the question was better than the one he had prepared. now that could be a worry for abbott, fancy having to answers unvetted questions from public

  104. CU

    PM is not at the press club to morrow i think it is an address to australia – israel chamber of commerce

  105. On the school fees deduction a reporter from WA tackled him on it. stating that a tax induction will lead to schools increasing fees, thus it is an inflationary measure.

    now how will the msm respond, or how will the editors decide?

    i am still laughing about matthew franklin. what a shock for tony to be challenged as negative by an oz reporter

  106. Best recent comment recently from Annabel Crabb….

    Freed from facts, Abbott goes ballooning.

    He’s going to scrap the NBN to pay for roads, but the NBN is off budget, so, another blackhole in his budget.

  107. Sue, I thought that Peter Garrett’s assessment of school funding was due either late last year or early this year. For Abbott to mention school fees at all makes me think that he is trying to get in first.

    That policy of Abbott’s is out of the ark…poorer families do not pay high school fees so let’s subsidise the wealthy..again…

  108. Oh luna i luv u

    but guess what matthew just asked another good question

    Bill shorten press conference

    Matthew to Bill
    doesn’t it say something about the govt that the opposition is feeling chuffed with itself and doesn’t have to have any policies

    Bill to matthew
    good question matthew but isn’t up to the press gallery to ask questions of abbott

  109. On the disability insurance and the back flip by abbott or his commitment or the liberal commitment to the disabilty field.
    “Disabled children left without transport”
    The NSW Education Department said on Thursday about 300 students in the NSW Assisted School Travel Scheme would be affected by late disruptions to the scheme.

    Maybe the NSW govt had an ASPIRATION to have contracts in place

  110. Jessica Wright could not have been at the NPC or has decided to cast it in a positive light, as this is what she has written on the Abbott aspiration to disability insurance

    “Mr Abbott said it was essential the budget should return to surplus to fund the $6 billion per year cost of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    “After all, the measure of a decent society is how it looks after its most vulnerable members,” he said. ”

  111. Sue, that is precisely what is needed..more Labor people such as Shorten firing back at the press. Like it or lump it, the PM can’t come over aggro. Every government has an attack dog, and IMO this one certainly needs one. Labor has been far too ‘nice’ for far too long.

  112. The PM is capable of being assertive, even aggressive. I believe it is time that the PM took the gloves off.

    This is the only way that the PM will get the respect she deserves.

    Being nice lets everyone off the hook and let’s them think they can treat her with disrespect and disdain.

    Many so called journalist need to be bought down a peg or two.

    They need to understand that Me. Gillard is the PM , whether they like it or not.

    As PM, Ms. Gillard is entitled to respect.

  113. Mr. Crean reminded us this morning that Mr. Abbott while in Britain that the Australia economy is the envy of the world.

    Mr. Crean added that in Australia, whenever missed a chance to talk the economy down.

    Mr. Crean was continually talked over by the interviewer. Mr. Crean ignored this and continued on, in a strong voice on what he wanted to say.

    The interviewer continued on asking her stupid questions, which Mr. Crean answered in a way that got his message over.

    All the interviewer wanted to talk about was the poll. Mr. Crean did not accommodate her.

  114. Cu, I don’t think that this is particularly Gillard’s style. She deals with people with wit far better than with aggression. Plus surely it’s not up to the Prime Minister to have to deal with obnoxious, impolite questions from journalists, better to send in someone such as Shorten.

  115. Cu, she’s a fighter but not a boxer. I too would like her to throw back a few punches but I think the media will play it up as evidence she is losing her cool.

  116. Min, the media have got away with making fun of Labor people for years.

    It is time for the media to be made fun of and treated with the derision they deserve.

    It is only returning some of their own treatment that they dish out.

  117. Miglo, I am not too sure.

    I feel that she is a better boxer that Mr. Abbott ever was.

    I see Mr. Abbott as a bruiser or slugger without much boxing finesse.

    Sometimes the onlooker applauds when the picked on one one eventually hits the bully back.

    I see much of the media behaving as bullies, along with Mr.Abbott.

    Yes, some will say the PM has lost her cool, but I believe the PM has te ability to put them down without appearing angry.

    Being nice to bullies just does not work.

  118. A quote from

    “Mr Abbott said finding savings to fund some of his pledges was “a big task”, but that “we’re up for it”.

    Savings could be found by abolishing, for instance, abolishing the carbon tax, the mining tax, the computers in schools program, and the set-top box program, Mr Abbott said.”

    Read more:

    now someone out there from liberal land can do the sums for me on these savings and some explanation on how they are savings. please

    abolish revenue
    carbon tax, miningt tax (billions surely)

    cut programs
    set-top boxes, computers in school (anyone guess, but must be less than billion)

    As a matter of history for journalists the set-top box program was demanded by the Coalition. The howard govt had oriiginally decided analogue tv was to be turned off in 2009.

  119. Migs, I agree. I can see the headlines: Gillard Under Pressure..followed by even more speculation about the leadership. Then Abbott would immediately leap in front of the nearest camera, with suitable gravitas, to provide his opinion about how ‘she’ is clearly not up to the task of leading the country.

  120. Sue, as a percentage of the budget, the amount would be minute.

    You are right. he is somehow adding in receipts as well as outlays.

    I do not know what mathematical school allows one to do that.

    But he is still replacing what he calls Labor’s overgrown or words to that effect, baby bonus with his grandiose scheme, that gives more to the wealthy, those the least in need.

    A scheme that is condemned by all, except for Mr. Abbott. I think this one was promise.

    Why school fee rebates within taxation.

    He would not say if he would keep Labor’s proposed tax cuts. Waffled on about being able to afford etc.

  121. Very reassuring. Sarcasm.

    One of the problems, they are still dishing up Mr. Howard nearly five years after being thrown out of office,

    Where is the regeneration of this party.

    Where is the new talent. When are the young blades going to show some muscle.

    “”…After all, 16 members of the current shadow cabinet were ministers in the Howard government which now looks like a lost golden age of reform and prosperity.”

    Mr Abbott said his plan for a “stronger Australia” included scrapping the carbon and mining taxes, cutting the computers in schools program, cancelling GP super clinics, reducing bureaucracy in hospitals, reducing government consultancies and dropping 12,000 workers from the federal public service…..

  122. Cu, you, of all people, should know that Mr. Howard is immortal. He’s Lazarus who can rise, not once, not twice, but thrice. He certainly lives on in spirit as well as in the flesh as you so tellingly pointed out late last year

    Catching up, 11/11/11 It says something that four years down the track, the Liberal Party still runs to the desires of Mr. Howard. One would think that by this time, a new party would have arisen from the ashes of Mr. Howard’s defeat. This has not happened, the ghost of Mr. Howard still reigns

  123. Patricia, I just heard the speech described as “maybes”

    Oh the whining Pyne is on. Nothing to say though, so he disappeared quickly.

    There was a word I missed along with the aspires etc. “prospect”

  124. Funny, months later, nothing has changed.

    The party is still obsessed with Mr. Howard,

    Not even Mr, Peacock could rise trice.

    PS, I think that Mr. Abbott described the Gillard government as lazy.

    That is rich coming from Mr. Abbott.

    Look at today’s effort, a rehash with nothing new, of his election campaign well over a year ago.

    Well not quite nothing news, there are a few new wriggle words.

    No acknowledgement of the black holes and the errors found, that existed then and now.

  125. Roswell, I thought it might have been because I keep calling him a spoilt adolescent.

    Roswell, if he has not reach adulthood that at his age, I am sure he will have to be satisfied with being Peter Pan. To late to grow up now.

    Competent, trustworthy government, on his track work so far is also beyond his ability to produce.

    It is a shame, as his parents had such high hopes for the man..

  126. Matthew franklin and his quesion to abbott on how the govt had bent over backwards to try and accomodate the coalition on refugees, does not seem to have made it into a news story.

    looks as though matthew could only do a story for the oz with the help of david uren.

  127. The problem with Mr. Abbott’s speech yesterday is that it is based on a lie. One cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel if the tunnel is well lit.

    Mr. Abbott’s accusations that the economy is a basket case it just not correct. How does one fix something that is not broken
    Mr. Abbott is already saying that he did not mean he he would not bring in some tax cuts that Labor promised. He is once again, according to him, being verballed.

    Mr. Abbott proudly said that the speech better be good as he writ it. Therefore he cannot blame a speech writer if there Are errors.

    As to Ms. Jackson’s and Ms Bishop comments re Mr. Thompson. There are a couple of questions that they have “got” to answer as far as I am concerned.

    What contact has Ms., Jackson had with Mr. Abbott and the coalition.

    What assistance is the Coalition giving Ms. Jackson

    Is Ms. Jackson setting up her web site with no assistance from anyone else. I say this, as Ms. Jackson said she does not have the support of the union she is sectary of.

    Ms. Jackson said that she believes but does not have evidence of interference in FWA by the PM or her staff. Ms. Jackson, regardless of no evidence is demanding a enquiry.

    Ms. Bishop said she knows that the PM contacted FWA. I seem to remember the PM said she contacted FWA when this matter first arose.

    If Ms. Bishop knows that there is evidence of wrongdoing, she “got” to to take it to the appropriate authorities.

    What one should take into consideration is that there has been trouble in this union for over at least a decade.

    Ms. Jackson claims that she is trying to clean the union up. Mr. Thompson made the same claim.

    There has been no love lost between Mr. Thompson and the Jackson fraction of the union.

    When did Ms. Jackson approach the ABC for last night’s interview. Who’s idea was it to do so.

    Is Ms. Jackson taking advice from Mr. Abbott or his party?

    We have Mr. Brandis demanding an enquiry into the PM and her office in regard to Australia Day fracas, not on evidence but on the grounds something might be amiss.

    Have we reached a new level of justice in this country, that investigations are deemed appropriate if something might or someone feels something is wrong.

    Why did Mr. Abbott have a smirk on his face, when he raised the Thompson matter at the NPC yesterday.

    Mr. Abbott was not asked a question on the matter. He went out of his way to work the Thompson matter into his last answer, which by the way had not connection to Mr. Thompson.

    Mr. Abbott has got to stop trashing the economy and the country.

    The “got” is in brackets, as I am using one of Mr. Abbott’s favourite words, and we know he is a wonderful communicator.

    I was under the impression that making allegation of misdoing or criminality, without proof but on hearsay, was defamation in this country.

    I understood that one needed evidence or proof in such cases. It appears I am wrong.

    I am sick of Mr. Abbott’s arrogance in his continued use of the statement “the PM or mostly she has got to…

    I am now suggesting Mr. Abbott has got to come clean himself. Mr. Abbott has got to take some responsibility for what he says and does.

    All the PM has to do is wait for the decision which is due on the fifth of March.

    I suggest what others have got to do, is shut up until that time, unless they have something to say based on facts.

    Even in this case, I suggest they follow Senator Wong’s advice on ABC24 and take it to the authorities.

    I would love to know if we have any members of this union that have an opinion on the matter.

    It appears that FWA is delivering wage justice for these members and other low paid workers today.

    Anyone else have any other “got to” for him or his party.

  128. Cu, you’ve given this a lot of thought and your questions ahould be asked by journalists.. ha ha

    I think, borrowing from many movies, that Ms Bishop is “leading the witness”.

  129. Mega rich miner Gina Hancock has raided Fairfax and now owns 9% of their shares.

    Senator Conroy quickly responded;-

    Conroy flags tougher media laws after Rinehart move

    It is believed Ms Rinehart is seeking to increase her hold further to just under 15 per cent, which would make her the company’s biggest individual shareholder.

    Shares in Fairfax jumped more than 10 per cent in early trade this morning in the first trade since Ms Rinehart’s move.

    The WA-based mining magnate is already Australia’s richest person and already has a 10 per cent stake in Channel Ten, along with a seat on that company’s board.

    Senator Conroy linked the buy-up to the MRRT.

    This morning, Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said Ms Rinehart was not breaking the law as it stands, but said he wanted new laws to include a public interest test on media diversity.

    “Clearly she is seeking to exert her influence but is she breaking the law by exerting an influence? No,” Senator Conroy told ABC Local Radio.

    “Do we need stronger laws in this area? Yes.

    “We want to see a debate around a public interest test.”

    The minister highlighted Ms Rinehart’s well-known views opposing the Government’s Minerals Resource Rent Tax (MRRT) on iron ore and coal projects.

    “Mrs Rinehart’s views on the mining tax are clear,” he said.

  130. ONE of Fairfax Media’s biggest shareholders says it would not support Gina Rinehart being offered a seat on the board of the media company, questioning whether she would have “sufficient aptitude” for it.

    Orbis Australia fund manager Simon Marais, whose firm sold no shares into the bookbuild conducted by broker Morgan Stanley last night on behalf of Ms Rinehart, said he felt other Fairfax shareholders might also feel the same way.

  131. Pip, I am trying to say there are numerous allegation and not one thread of evidence.

    If one goes to Ms.Jackson new web site, it quickly become apparent that there is a fully fledged union turf war under way.

    Ms, Jackson does not appear to have much support in head office,

    I believe last night is about saving Ms. Jackson and little more.

    Mr. Abbott maybe riding a rogue horse and a paranoid one at that.

  132. How come the “real’ journalist Uhlmann did not mention details such as those of vex news. Talk about misrepresenting a story.

    Kathy Jackson link to Abbott appointment to FWA – now that could be a scoop Uhlmann

  133. Pip, I have not seen any mention of a meeting but I am sure there was one.

    It just appears to be too orchestrated at this time.

    Mr. Abbott has been trying very hard to get the topic back on the news since he came back from holidays.

    The media appear to be ignoring him, even yesterday at the NPC

    I feel sorry for our police and legal system, if anytime someone stands up and yells, I think there was a crime but I have no evidence, that the legal system have to investigate. Something just does not ring true.

    I was under the impression that a fishing trip is not on when it came to justice.

    This is all that Mr. Abbott is about. Throw a little dirt and see where it lands. One may even get an enquiry. That is not justice.

    What is more annoying is the questions that arise, asked of the PM. Are you concern about the allegations etc. It is asked in a way that infers it is the PM’s fault.

    I am getting a little annoyed at seeing the yank politicians on the TV every time look up. They do not interest me.

    I wonder if this decision has any concerns for the Labor Party.

    A court has ordered three Fairfax journalists to reveal their sources for stories about a property developer and federal Labor MP Joel Fitzgibbon “in the interests of justice

  134. Sue, is that the ex husband or is it a second partner.

    I believe that Ms. Jackson and her ex was there long before Mr. Thompson.

    It is very murky picture and I am afraid we do not and may not ever know the whole story.

    I used to be a member back in the dark ages, changing jobs and moving onto the PSA.

    I was involved when they were opening the group homes to move the disabled out of institutions.

    There was much change and confusion over who covered who between HAREA , as it was known, the Nurses Union and the PSA.

    There were other areas of conflict, as some in the homes and state institutions under HAREA. Others the PSA.

    I always felt that HAREA was the poor cousin..

    It took years to sort it out.

    HAREA was the one that seemed to be wedged in the middle. I did not come across any corruption, maybe I was blind.

    I noticed, looking at the site, that Ms Jackson support may come from the hospitals. (I have only had a glance)

    I am bias, but I find it hard to believe Mr. Thompson is guilty, at least of anything criminal.

    “Jackson’s fiancé or partner is Michael Lawler, a high-ranking official within FWA, appointed by Tony Abbott when he was minister.He was only an organiser when I knew him and it was a long time ago.”

    That is interesting. Mr. Abbott seems too cocky and to certain as to what is happening. If that is true, he must have been transferred over by the PM when her laws were bought in.

    I understand that FWA is a Labor initiative but I believe there is some lap over. I have not looked at the nut and bolts of the PM’s FW laws and the changes made.

    I am under the impression that not all of Work Choice was dismantled.

    Time will tell.

  135. Here is the bit about Jackson her ex who was the president of HSU before Thompson.
    So Kathy has moved on to a new partner, who works for the FWA and was appointed by Abbott

    “When Thomson left the union in 2007, to get into federal politics, the union’s then-president Pauline Fegan was suspended for allegations of bullying by Jeff Jackson. Jeff was married to, but is now divorced from, the HSU national secretary, Kathy Jackson,
    Jeff Jackson was later accused of misappropriation of union monies and misconduct. He denied the allegations but paid back $15,000 without admission”

    Read more:

    Read more:

  136. That is what I mean, a feud that has been going on for a long time.

    The one person that was there before, during and after Mr. Thompson is Ms. Jackson.

    I wonder who made the allegations against her ex.

    I think there was also some talk of prostitutes being involved long before the allegations against Mr. Thompson..

    I would not take sides in this one,

    I think I know but am not certain

    Maybe the PM has good reason to appear relaxed.

  137. My question is do we have another Godwin Grech affair? A Liberal in amongst a government organisation trying to play the political game while retaining anonymity.

    Turnbull could not wait and wanted power, has the same happened with Abbott?

  138. Sue,
    Turnbull could not wait and wanted power, has the same happened with Abbott?

    I’ve been wondering the same thing…

  139. “My question is do we have another Godwin Grech affair?”

    Probably.. Mr. Abbott has a history of this type of behaviour.

    He did hound Ms, Hanson to jail. Never showed any remorse when he was proven wrong.

    I would be surprise if he was NOT involved in this type of behaviour.

    Noticed he accuses Labor of the same thing.

    ABC24 The PM has used a speech in Melbourne to spruik her government’s commitment to creating jobs. This announcer does this every time he mentions the PM. Why is the word “spruik” in the sentence. It is always said with emotion.

    It was used again. The PM used an address… to spruik her governments committment to job creation. It must be in the script.

  140. Sue, Ms Jackson is on The Project, demanding the government find out why it has taken too long and calling for a independent enquiry. Still no evidence.

    They did not treat her that serious.

    Why is the lady screaming now. They are handing down a finding on March the fifth. Not that far away.

    She also accuse the government of smearing her.

    I believe the acting is for union members to build up support. She is from Victoria, appearing to stir up trouble in NSW.

  141. Yes there are emails.

    ………….The industrial watchdog’s website shows email contact from August 2011 between Rhys Davies, a staffer of then workplace relations minister Chris Evans, and FWA’s communications manager Judy Hughes.

    In the exchange of emails, Mr Davies asked Ms Hughes if claims made by the Seven Network that Labor MP Craig Thomson lied to FWA were true.

    In one of her replies Ms Hughes sent Mr Davies a statement issued to journalists confirming there was no new inquiry into Mr Thomson……….
    …………’And yet these emails that have been exposed tonight on Channel Seven news clearly indicate that the office of the Minister for Industrial Relations at the time was involved with Fair Work Australia in getting assurances from them of the way they were handling media stories at the time in August last year.’

    Industrial Relations Minister Bill Shorten said the claims are old and have been in the public domain before.

    ‘I understand some of those emails were reported in an answer in parliament on December the ninth,’ he told ABC television…………..

    ……………..’What the Liberal Party’s doing here, as they will, is they’re dressing up old news and presenting it as new news.’

    Mr Shorten said he is not aware of any contact between the government and FWA other than what has been reported in parliament.

    ‘If you look at the parliamentary hansards throughout the last two years, whenever there has been any contact it has been reported in the parliament,’ he said.

  142. Will someone explain to me the meaning of the word “Collusion” When did communications come to mean collusion.

    Was not the PM told she has got to make enquiries.

    Mr. Shorten says that this communication/collusion was mentioned in Parliament.

    The federal opposition says newly revealed documents show the government and Fair Work Australia (FWA) have colluded.

    The industrial watchdog’s website shows email contact from August 2011 between Rhys Davies, a staffer of then workplace relations minister Chris Evans, and FWA’s communications manager Judy Hughes.

    In the exchange of emails, Mr Davies asked Ms Hughes if claims made by the Seven Network that Labor MP Craig Thomson lied to FWA were true.

    In one of her replies Ms Hughes sent Mr Davies a statement issued to journalists confirming there was no new inquiry into Mr Thomson.

    Mr Davies replied he was pleased with that news.

    “Thanks that’s awesome should minimise any run it gets in the morning,” Mr Davies wrote.

    Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne said the contact is at odds with what government MPs have been saying.

    “For months and months the prime minister has insisted that there is no collusion between Fair Work Australia and the government,” Mr Pyne told Sky News.

    “And yet these emails that have been exposed tonight on Channel Seven news clearly indicate that the office of the Minister for Industrial Relations at the time was involved with Fair Work Australia in getting assurances from them of the way they were handling media stories at the time in August last year.”

    Industrial Relations Minister Bill Shorten said the claims are old and have been in the public domain before.

    “I understand some of those emails were reported in an answer in parliament on December the ninth,” he told ABC television.

    “What the Liberal Party’s doing here, as they will, is they’re dressing up old news and presenting it as new news.”

  143. Mr. Abetz, Lateline.

    The emails show a degree of familiarity between the parities. !!!!

    This is collusion? or maybe bullshit.


  144. The Opposition says it has proof of inappropriate dealings between the Government and the independent tribunal investigating Federal MP Craig Thomson.

    Coalition Employment and Workplace Relations spokesman Eric Abetz has produced a set of emails between the Government and the Fair Work Australia tribunal.

    Senator Abetz says the emails were requested by his office under freedom of information laws.

    He says Fair Work Australia sought to deny him access to the emails but they were eventually released on appeal to the Information Commissioner.

    In the email exchange, a Fair Work Australia employee sent a government adviser a statement she was providing to the media about the inquiry.

    The government adviser, Rhys Davies, replied to the email saying the statement was awesome and should minimise any run the story would get in the morning.

    “A degree of familiarity which was untidy, which was inappropriate, which showed that the minister’s office had been in telephone contact with Fair Work Australia and the minister’s office was only concerned about the political outcome,” Senator Abetz said.

    Fair Work Australia has been investigating allegations Mr Thomson misused a work credit card when he was a Health Services Union official.

    Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten says he is not concerned by the exchange.

    “I understand some of those emails were reported in an answer in Parliament on December 9 last year,” he told the ABC’s 7.30 program on Wednesday night.

    “What the Liberal Party’s doing here, as they will, is they’re dressing up old news and presenting it as new news.”

    On Tuesday night, HSU national secretary Kathy Jackson told 7.30 she suspects Government has interfered with the Fair Work Australia investigation.

    Ms Jackson said she wants an external review to look into the reasons why the inquiry, which started in 2009, is taking so long.

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy said Ms Jackson was “welcome to her conspiracy theories”.

    “When you want to make an allegation like that, normally you’re required to have some evidence to back it up and she sat there on telly last night and said she had no evidence to back that up.”

    It appears the crime is familiarity.

  145. Cu, Abetz and Pyne couldn’t bring themselves to mention that these emails were mentioned last year, in Parliament and can be found in Hansard.

    Neither of these gents let a fact get in the way of their propaganda.
    Oh, the irony of EricA banging on abour scurrilous emails…with a straight face…

    Godwin Gretch is not entirely forgotten yet EricA.

  146. A welcome article By Tim Dunlop:-

    Have the dark arts of spin outflanked the fourth estate?

    The recent kerfuffle at The Lobby restaurant in Canberra involving the leaders of both major parties and protesters from the Tent Embassy is a nice example of the way in which the media and politicians operate in a way that obscures, rather than reveals, the truth.

  147. The war for the North: the Rinehart Fairfax raid is a sideshow… what is really at stake?

    Reports that Gina Rinehart is looking to increase her political influence by increasing her stake in Fairfax media sent a chill down my spine yesterday.

    Rinehart is buying influence, and no doubt hopes control of the media will give her that.

    It is more than likely she has the IPA in her pocket as her unofficial ministry of propaganda – hence the reason for its dramatic increase in funding.

    The question is why.

    If you want a picture of the future – at least one envisioned by the likes of Ian Plimer, Gina Rinehart and their paid mouthpiece the Institute of Public Affairs – then consider a future in which wealthiest individuals lock up over a third of the Australian continent in a “special economic zone”.

    Ms Hancock’s ANDEV site mentioned this idea last year, or even the year before,; clearly she’s given it much thought since then!

  148. ANDEV: “Think of the children!”

    What I personally find galling – if not sleazy – about the marketing of ANDEV is the attempt to sell this billionaires fiefdom for the benefits of “our” children.

    If you examine their website you won’t find any pictures of the old, rotund billionaires and corporate hacks whose personal interests ANDEV is designed to serve.

    Indeed, it is peppered with images of smiling, photogenic children excited about the prospect of their very own “special economic zone”:

  149. The Opposition have been working very hard. Pity they have not moved on from innuendo and allegations with no basis. They are not much more than reading into every word and action, what they want to see.

    They have gone overboard as they did in the famous ute affair. They fell on their faces then I suspect, that if they do not produce some proof, we will see the same again.

    I believe the aim, of the day is to destroy FWA by any means they can. We have industry leaders today, also attacking FWA. Ms. Mirabella’s visit there much be paying off.

    N explosive “dirt” file has been compiled by the Labor Party on Health Services Union whistleblower Kathy Jackson amid claims a government minister bragged about having access to her phone records.

    The HSU national secretary claimed Communications Minister Stephen Conroy had been “saying to people” that he had records showing phone conversations between her and shadow attorney-general George Brandis.

    Mr Conroy denied the allegation.

    “I have never had access to Ms Jackson’s phone records,” he said. “This is another in a long line of unfounded accusations made against me.”

  150. The ******y Drum has Pru Goward on the panel. That c8w who has cut support money to carers of foster kids over 15 years.
    Why is she not the “object” of the panel rather than a member.

    Pathetic ABC now turned off!!!!!!!

  151. I heard Abbott declare on ABC radio an hour ago, with no mention of it being an allegation, that there is/was collusion between the government and the FWA.

    Obviously they don’t understand that Fair Work Australia wasn’t formed specifically to ‘get Thomson”, and that there are other matters to deal with.

    Sue, just made a quick visit to The Drum ….talking about Rudd and the challenge….
    Also turned off !!

    As for Pru Goward, another Liberal… by the way her husband hasn’t made a contribution to the Drum lately…

    Be thankful for small mercies.

  152. Just seen the latest Rudd Challenge effort on 9 . It’s now on around May or a bit after we’re breathlessly told. In a tone that managed to ignore all the previous predictions & yet made this one sound new & fresh.

  153. P.S.
    In the same piece we had vision of Greg Combet saying he wished people would shut up about leadership tensions. Did he pop into Channel 9 or wherever specifically to say this or did he also talk about government policy & actions, boring stuff like that, not worth reporting. Does anybody know?

  154. When did the word communications become collusion. One must be careful not to be friendly when one make an request. Do not say that is good, when the answer pleases.

    Now that is collusion.

  155. This is becoming scripted. Tony Abbott does/says something “off”. Quick says the media, what can we do as to take the focus off dear old Tone. Solution, a Rudd/Gillard leadership challenge. Oh dear, there is none..well never mind, the media will just make one up..again…

  156. Min, you are correct, we know what is coming next.

    Remember, while Mr. Abbott was giving his speech, the PM gave a PC that address everything, that is before the speech was given.

    The PM guess what was coming or the PM has a spy in his office.

  157. Now here’s an unbiased opinion..(sarcasm alert)

    The ore tycoon has been vilified, but Fairfax will benefit from her input.

    LIKE many people who write about her, I don’t know Gina Rinehart. But I think I would like to. A person who can stir so much passion and debate would, I think, be stimulating company.

    Well maybe not quite unbiased…

    Ian Hanke is a former media and political adviser to the previous federal government with more than 25 years experience in politics.

    He owns Media & Political Counsel P/L which operates both nationally and internationally running political and information campaigns and giving advice to companies about the political process. He is the Director of Communications and Strategy for the H.R. Nicholls Society.

    For his amusement he runs a blog site called Agitate! which allows him and other like minded people to dabble in politics on a day to day basis.

    And especially..this is from ’04.

    Then tell voters about Ian Hanke and what is referred to within your Government as “special projects”, something Hanke, an old Liberal Party hand of umpteen years’ standing, runs out of the office of Melbourne’s Kevin Andrews, the soft-voiced, psalm-singing Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations.

    That is, Ian Hanke is in WorkChoices up to his eyeballs.

  158. As the media shrill that the end is nigh, and throw chicken bones upon the dust to determine the next, imminent Rudd challenge, bloggers just keep posting the simple facts

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) said Australia is probably the best positioned of the developed countries to handle a further deterioration in the global economy. IMF Asia and Pacific region director Anoop Singh told a media briefing in Washington that the institution supports the Australian government’s plan to return the federal budget to surplus in 2012/13.

    Manufacturing activity remained in positive territory in January 2012, according to the latest Australian Industry Group. Australian Performance of Manufacturing Index (PMI) is 51.6, readings above 50 indicate an expansion in activity

    RBA is expected cut interest by further 25 points to 4%. A 4.0% interest rate would be a level of official rates never once reached under the combined 19 years of the Howard and Fraser governments, despite claims from the Leader of the Opposition, Mr Abbott and Shadow Treasurer, Mr Hockey, that interest rates will always be lower under a Coalition government. Courtesy of The Kouk

    Despite GFC Mk1, EuroCrisis/GFC Mk2, unemployment averaged only 5.1% in all of 2011 n) Vs 9.6% in 83/84, 11% in 92/93 Courtesy of Poss.

    Of course, the media wouldn’t want any of that harsh reality to get in the way of their precious storyline, would they? 😉

  159. Bugger it, it’s just scary watching it

    And now I hear Clive Palmer wants in on the action too

    Reckons it is all about ‘media diversity’

    As long as it all diversifies into the pockets of far right mining magnates, I guess it’s OK then 😉

  160. Gina might say that climate change is rubbish, but I wonder..what is it that she really cares about, climate change or paying a carbon tax. If it costs her a brass razoo, my bet is on the carbon tax.

  161. Herein lies the dilemna for Ltd News. They share the same political interests as Gina Rinehart but they now have opposing business interests. Will the News group maintain their attacks on Fairfax, or will they lighten up? Either way, they lose.

  162. Here is one which Tom P* asked me to post on his behalf. Thank you Tom P*. 🙂 for cafewhispers. a lovely example of media manipulation, from the horse’s mouth

    John Singleton owner of 2GB on Gina Reinhart : ““We have been able to overtly and covertly attack governments … Because we have people employed by us like Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones and Ray Hadley who agree with her thinking about the development of our resources, we act in concert in that way.”

  163. Min and Tom R

    the story in crikey on Gina’s internet skill is funny. As part of her court case there were printouts and photocopies of “tweets”
    then there is the security report, summed up
    “Not merely are those pyjama-clad “citizen journalists” putting real journalists out of work (via, presumably, their “weblogs”), they’re putting Rinehart in danger! “Crowdsourcing provides the media with powerful information collection capabilities that may raise profiles to the detriment of victims,” the lawyers complain.”

  164. I am curious to know how much Gina will be paying in the Clean Energy levee.

    Apart from fuel, I cannot see where she emits carbon.

    What Gena is after, is that the Northern half of Australia be excused from the taxation system. The lady does not believe she should pay any tax. The lady also believes she should be able to bring in cheap overseas labour, ignoring any responsibility to Australians,

    I do hope she demands that everyone’s privacy should be protected, as she demands for herself.

    I am sick of hearing her name on the news every ten minutes.

  165. Has anyone come across any discussion of the PM’s speech.

    I have seen many negative reports of the PM but very little about what she had to say in that speech. .

    Could this be because they did not find any negativity in it.

  166. Cu, I think that you have it. The opinion from the following blog seems to have it…

    The fights over the Resources Super Tax and the very modest Carbon Tax were merely side shows, part of the much broader “war” being fought. The prize is Australia’s mineral resources and who controls them.

    Consider what Gina Rinehart and her troop of winged monkeys – err, sorry I mean the IPA’s gaggle of policy wonks and corporate hacks – are fighting for;

    The creation of a ‘Northern Economic Zone’ that will offer tax advantages to attract and retain individuals and companies.

    No Henry Resource “Super Tax” (or similar)

    Lower personal income tax or tax rebates for those who live and work in the Northern Zone

    Lowered / eliminated payroll tax

    No FBT

    Policies that welcome and attract investment

    Policies that enable growth

    The creation of attractive towns or cities in these remote zones away from capital cities that attract people and support businesses for the long haul.

    It is nothing more than a desire to return to the “robber baron” days of the 19th century, free from the interference of unions, governments and legislation.

  167. The Wall Street Journal’s willful climate lies

    It wasn’t surprising that the Wall Street Journal published an error-riddled op-ed about climate change last week, essentially saying it was bunk and we shouldn’t “panic” about it. We’ve gotten used to that. But what has really started to amaze me about that newspaper’s editorial page and the far right is that they now venture beyond delusion or misinformation. They lie, and they know they are lying.

    And oh, how they stick together, the mining and media moguls…

  168. Mining magnate Gina Rinehart has just bought a major stake in Fairfax media — in a bid that could turn The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald into mouthpieces for climate denial to protect her mining interests. But together we can foil her plan.

    Rinehart has already bought Channel Ten’s agenda — and Australia’s ownership restrictions need urgent reform to end her latest assault on Fairfax.

    The media inquiry that Avaaz members helped win is just weeks away from reporting, and provides the government with the crucial chance to act.

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy is supportive of stronger ownership limits — but he needs a community outcry to get the whole government on board.

    Sign the petition to Minister Conroy now to ensure a mogul-free Australian media. When the petition reaches 50,000 signatures, we’ll spectacularly deliver the massive message in Canberra:

  169. Min, the “winged monkeys” are becoming progressively more arrogant;
    the blond bomshell who now writes for the OO, declared that the ABC should be sold off a couple of days ago, set Fran Kelly back a peg by scoffing at the “lefty luvies”, looking Kelly in the eye as she spoke.
    So rude.

    Does the ABC actually pay the rwdb lobbyists to appear on The Drum or do they pay the ABC for all the air time they are given??

  170. Min, your link from Tom P. deserves regular repeating around the blogs….

    Assuming for a minute that there’s some truth in the countless media stories of Rudd leadership ambitions, and IF Labor backbenchers believe that changing their Leader will solve their “poor polls” problem they’re looking in all the wrong places.

    Here is one which Tom P* asked me to post on his behalf. Thank you Tom P*. for cafewhispers. a lovely example of media manipulation, from the horse’s mouth.

    John Singleton owner of 2GB on Gina Reinhart : ““We have been able to overtly and covertly attack governments … Because we have people employed by us like Andrew Bolt and Alan Jones and Ray Hadley who agree with her thinking about the development of our resources, we act in concert in that way.”

  171. Pip, Tom P* has popped the link up on Australians for an Honest Media FB, so everyone who would like to can do a ‘share’ from there.

  172. Independent MP for Lyne, Rob Oakeshott.


    Mr Oakeshott said there was a desperate need for political donation reform in Australia.
    “It was promised following the last federal election, and it must be delivered,” he said.
    “I am not being unrealistic – I know elections cost money, and donations will be offered.
    “Today, for example, I received a donation of some handmade cheese from a local farmer.
    “But more than $200 million in donations in one year should cause great concern among Australian voters, and so should the big dollars spent by wealthy vested interests fighting against public policy in the best interests of most Australians.
    “The ‘war chest’ politics of big business and the major parties is becoming unreasonable and unfair.”

  173. Correct me if I’m wrong, but haven’t members of the Coalition been accusing the government of interfering in the Fair Work Australia inquiry in to HSU business.

    Craig Thomson report may be kept secret

    The opposition has called for the investigation to be wrapped up immediately and all details publicly revealed.

    However, a spokesman for FWA told AAP today: “No decision has been made on whether the investigation report to be provided to the general manager (of FWA) will be made public.”

    The spokesman said the investigation would be “concluded as soon as practicable after taking into consideration any responses provided”.

    Opposition frontbencher Christopher Pyne said Prime Minister Julia Gillard should insist FWA publicly release its report.

  174. This may well be the last we see of Mike Carlton… no-one is safe 😆

    Gina Rinehart’s descent upon Fairfax will be welcomed by all right-thinking Australians. As everyone knows, great wealth automatically confers great wisdom, a clarity of vision light years beyond the feeble witterings of the rest of us. With a fortune of $20 billion or so, there is no one wealthier than La Rinehart.

    Frankly, things have never been the same here since 1987, when our last proprietor in the grand manner, Sir Warwick Fairfax, ascended into heaven to sit, if not at the right hand of God, at least near enough to pass the port.

  175. I’ve always enjoyed Mike Carlton, Pip, but isn’t that delicious? That’s telling her that he’s not going to toe her line if she ever does get control of Fairfax!

    Actually I’m beginning to think that Big Gina’s play for Fairfax and her increasingly high profile will play out badly for the Coalition. Her very public opposition to the mining tax at the very time her own personal wealth has become almost obscene does not look good.

    I did a pome on Clive Palmer some time back when Kevin Rudd was PM and pushing the first version of the mining tax which i think I’ll get out and dust down. Big Gina is an even better potential election ad for the ALP than Palmer. What do you think?

    Taxing Times

    As I watched Lateline last night
    A big fat man gave me a fright.
    His name they said was Palmer,
    Claimed he’ll be our PM’s karma.
    Say’s he’s got a great big axe
    To cut him down with this new tax.

    First a public execution
    Then a miners’ revolution
    Making Tony Abbott king
    Of absolutely everything
    In Oz, especially the mines.
    Oh yes, he laid out battle lines.

    He’s corpulent and greedy,
    With eyes so cold and beady,
    I shuddered. …….Then it came to me!
    Surely the ALP will see
    Palmer has been heaven sent,
    A great TV advertisement!

  176. That article by Carlton is a corker, and spot on the money. Unfortunately, I think his days at Fairfax are numbered if he keeps that up.

    Even Tingle appears to be falling into the echo goosestep

    What has turned many previous supporters of Gillard has been a series of self-made disasters since Parliament rose last year.

    The ALP conference, the minis­terial reshuffle, the Wilkie poker machine reform deal, the Australia Day catastrophe. Gillard’s colleagues were first puzzled, then aghast, then angry.

    The only one of those that can be called self made is the Wilie fiasco, the only other that can be called a disaster is the Australia Day catastrophe. Thatm while not helped by Labor, was a combination of a failure from every corner, liberal, demonstrators, media and Labor.

    She is normally good, but has recently begun to drop into the remaining media habit of stating opinions as fact, some say perhaps due to the recent, senior appointment there.

    I mean, she goes on with this

    Labor’s carbon tax and the mining tax might not see the light of day.

    I’m not sure if anything can stop the Carbon Pricing scheme going through, that is already locked in, and the mining tax is not far behind.

    Pure speculation, full of sauces, and so unlike her.

    Have we lost another journalist to the mill?

  177. Tom R, no one has said how bringing Mr. Rudd back would save Labor.

    All we have is the polls, which at the best one should suspect and the other that Mr. Rudd wants his job back.

    The PM is seen as a complete failure in spite of the continued successes in the last year.

    We have the PM give a speech, saying where we are at and where we are going.

    The only response I have seen to this speech has been on Capitol Hill ABC24.

    Even there the PM was criticised for any reference to that speech being found i\on page four of the papers.

    At the same time, Mr. Abbott was seen as been statesman’s like in a speech that was based on a false pretense and lies, with no real intent to address the issues that we do face. No mention of the high dollar says it all.

    Mr. Abbott refuses or is unable to look at the world we live in, he is residing in the one he has created in his mind.

    The question I ask, how will bringing Mr. Rudd back make things better.

    I agree with Mr. Shorten, that the PM calling a spill will solve nothing. It will only give the media a chance to say, I told you so.

    If any MP is talking to the media, I believe Labor and the country would be better off without them.

    The one thing that is certain, these nervous nellies, if they exist, need to go.

    Now, they are saying, the PM needs to go quietly.

    Now that they have come out with this, I believe is an admittance that Mr. Rudd’s drive to be PM again, is all in theirs and the Opposition’s fertile imagination. It is just wishful thinking that has crowded out commonsense.

    It is time for Mr. Rudd to state very clearly what he sees his future to be.

    It is futile for the media to keep asking the PM that question. Please tell me how one in her position, answers such a infantile question.

  178. Miglo, who is the low life on this blog who are out to cause Gina harm.Must be true because she presented the courts with an affidavit saying so.

  179. Cu, from what I’ve read, she has a problem with the internet because people are free to say bad things about her.

    No low life’s on this blog, by the way, but if you want to know where to find some I’ll drop you an email. :mrgreen:

  180. ABC24 giving Shadow Immigration Scott Morrison all the time he needs to
    sell the Coalition Nauru plan.

    He managed to mention that we must have a change of government, pink batts, BER blah blah.

  181. Man to face tribal punishment over girl’s desert death

    Police say a man who got lost in a West Australian desert with an eight-year-old girl who later died is unlikely to be charged but will return to his community to face tribal punishment

    Is this another instant of headlines not having connection to what the real story is.

    When one reads the story, it appears that the police have not found any crime. The opposite is true.

    The man was not exactly a pedophile but caught up in Aboriginal tradition when the father gave his daughter according to tribal traditions. The man served fifteen months for this crime. What he done was wrong and he was punished.

    There is no evidence that he abused the girl that died.

    He is not being sent back to the community for them to punish him.

    What is being said that under tribal tradition, he may have to pay a price for the girls death. . The man said he is willing for this too happen.

    From this, I believe another myth will arise, that there are two justice systems. One for us, one for Aboriginals.

    This is the ABC that I am complaining about.

    PS. I would say that the police could have choose their words better.

  182. Miglo, @ 12.12pm, I’ve just discovered your scurrilous remarks about
    Crows supporters on a second page.

    THIS IS WAR :mrgreen:

  183. Cu, this was the 9.36am ABC bulletin.

    Aboriginal man unlikely to be charged over death of eight-year-old girl
    Posted February 04, 2012 09:36:00

    West Australian police say an Aboriginal man who survived a desert ordeal– resulting in the death of an eight-year-old girl– is unlikely to be charged over the tragedy. Augustine Miller and the girl went on a hunting trip on New Year’s Eve, driving out from a remote community in Western Australia

    Transcript avaliable shortly

    Yet, in the later bulletin almost two hours later the headline gets it badly wrong.

  184. There’s nothing quite so embarassing as enormous white bloomers on the clothesline

    Son breaks his silence in Rinehart battle

    “When my mother buys a few hundred million dollars worth of Fairfax, it’s going to draw some attention.

    “But she won’t share a penny to help protect her grandchildren from the risks she – the trustee of our family trust – is creating by her own actions.

    “Even the production of this expensive report causes more problems – her very conduct puts us in more jeopardy.

    “What more can I do than communicate to any kidnappers out there – over my dead body and you will be wasting your time anyway. If you think you’re going to get anything from my mother, good luck.”

  185. I don’t know why, but after reading Mike Carltons story, and reflecting on his tenure now at Fairfax, this song came to mind 😉

    In The Land Of The Pig, The Butcher Is King

  186. Perfect choice Tom.

    Can’t you hear the choir now?
    Listen to the chosen ones sing!
    Can’t you hear the slaughterhouse bells?
    In the land of the pigs the butcher is king

  187. Now they appear to think the meeting called tomorrow (which was called before the latest round of speculation, but obviously not before ANY speculation) was done in response to the media speculation

    Federal Labor MP Dick Adams says tomorrow’s caucus meeting is not about rallying support for Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

    Our media really think that they are driving the agenda (and, I guess, to a point, that is true) Labor attempt to push their agenda, but are baulked at every opportunity by a media who refuse to allow them.

    There is also little mention, in all of this speculation, that the independents have publicly said that their agreement is with the PM, not the Government. Rendering the past weeks abstraction totally meaningless

  188. Tom, music is the best remedy. 🙂

    Every day we see an endless line of knobs asking each other the same questions…. day after day after day….. then writing the same rubbish day after day after day….

    Their brains are turning to mush!

  189. Migs, I think I know what you are on about.

    Noticed son had a slam this morning.

    Some on other sites are having a go at the children, sort of being guilty.

    They ignore the fact that it is their money they are talking about, not Gina’s, but money set up in trust for them.

    The trust fund, left by grand dad takes up a quarter of the wealth..

    I noticed that Gina lives in a mansion. I bet she does not do the cooking or washing up.

    The son said it would be waste of time for anyone to kidnap any of the grand kids.

    Money is the one thing they will not get out of his mother.

    The son said he earns enough to keep his family but not enough to provide the necessary security.

    The relationship between mum and kids much be wonderful, when none will live in the same country as her.

  190. Sorry Pip, did not realise you beat me too it.

    Some of those nervous nellies in Labor, that is if they exist, need to realise that the PM is not THE government. The government is made up of Labor MP’s and they have chosen the PM to lead.

    It is not up to the PM to take the full load while they sit back complaining.

    It is up to all to pull their weigh.

    It is up to all to do everything in their power to make the government work.

    One person cannot do it alone.

    That maybe OK for Mr. Abbott, it is not OK for Labor.

    The nervous nellies if they do exist should be saying to the PM and their fellow MP’s we have a problem, how do we fix it.

    They definitely not be the ‘problem” as they are now portrayed.

    They cannot bring the PM down without destroying themselves. The only beneficiary will be Mr/ Abbott, not Australia, not Labor.

    They need to grow up.

    The government and the PM have done some wonderful things, there is much to be proud of.

    Stop being slackers.

    Maybe the public also has some responsibility as well.

  191. Tom R thanks for the link for global mail, I read about it last year and so am pleased it will be launched soon.

  192. On capital Hill yesterday, the interview with Joel fitzgibbon was interesting. glad to see he is also going after the reporters and fairfax.
    so the reporters wanted to hide behind “their source”, though it appears the source was a big fat lie.
    fitzgibbon may get to clear is name and reputation.

  193. Sue, I also noticed that the media has little to say about the court decision. They sure had plenty to say in the past.

    Pip, it is sure boring, replying to their allegations each day.

  194. Tom @ 11.05am and

    The only one of those that can be called self made is the Wilie fiasco, the only other that can be called a disaster is the Australia Day catastrophe.

    I am wondering how Gillard could have done it better.

    Wilkie has been threatening since Day 1 to withdraw his support for the government if they failed to pass his poker machine legislation. Apparently, according to Wilkie it had to be all or nuffin’. Irrespective of whether it was the government’s fault or not for this failure. Of course, illogical is Wilkie taking it all out on the government. What about the Liberals? Surely their failure to support any reasonable reforms must have counted for something in Wilkie’s mind?

    But not so, according to Wilkie it’s all the government’s fault, nothing to do with the Liberals, nothing to do with the Independents.

    However, there was a distinct failure of the government in salesmanship. The government should take a leaf out of Howard’s Handbook and butter the public up well and truly beforehand when you have something not so pleasant to sell.

    The Australia Day catastrophe was caused by the ‘wonderful’ photo ops provided by Gillard’s security. If the PM had been hurried away in a dignified manner instead of being dragged along by the scruff of her neck, then this would have been a win for the PM. Imagine if it had been Queen Lizzie or whats’er’name Camilla being similarly manhandled, then it would never have happened.

  195. Andrew Wilkie made much of his concern for his integrity remaining intact, but after he dealt himself out of the pokies negotiations, i was left wondering about his intelligence.

  196. Fairfax bid: Is it insurance or a minefield?

    For Rinehart and for Forrest the rationale is simple. Invest several hundred million to gain control of Fairfax, and wrest the political agenda from the government.

    In Rinehart’s case this would involve using the editorial influence of Fairfax to get rid of Labor and its expensive (to her) taxes – the minerals resource rent tax and the carbon tax – an outcome that could ultimately save billions.

    The more politically agnostic Forrest might have been happy to leave the regime but lose its troublesome policies.

    The roughly $200 million spent on Fairfax shares could be a downpayment on saving Rinehart and the other resource barons a multiple of this figure in future tax.

    Remember, in the hard world of finance, a $100 million annual saving in tax is the same as adding $1 billion to the value of your business. The splendid kicker for Forrest is that he gets all the benefits of Rinehart’s insurance cover without having to pay for the premium or the excess.

    I would disagree with this:-
    For Rinehart and for Forrest the rationale is simple. Invest several hundred million to gain control of Fairfax, and wrest the political agenda from the government.

    She will need to share control of the political agenda with Rupert!

  197. Monckton’s push for an Australia Fox News

    Back in July last year in a boardroom of a western Australian free-market think tank, the extrovert British climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton was holding court.

    The topic for discussion? How to better capture the Australian media to help push a right-wing, free-market and climate sceptic agenda.

    At the time, Lord Monckton was in Australia at the behest of a mining association to deliver a series of talks on climate change and spread his conspiracy theories that human-caused climate change is a left-wing plot to bring down the West.

  198. From GetUp:-

    This video was first found by journalist Graham Readfearn. Read his article here: Monckton to Push for an Australian Fox News.

    In July last year, climate-denialist Christopher Monckton advised mining industry insiders to create a US-style Fox News channel in Australia, supported by the “super wealthy” in order to provide supportive coverage for the mining industry.

    The video, filmed in the boardrooms of pro-mining organisation Mannkal Economic Education Foundation, shows Mr Monckton offering to work with commentators such as Andrew Bolt to establish the channel.

  199. Sorry folks it’s Bob again with his almost nightly rave about TV news. But in an obviously desperate attempt to keep it all rolling along we learnt from 9 tonight that “the elephant in the caucus room wasn’t there.” What else wasn’t there? I know I wasn’t, looking around my cats weren’t there & nor was the dog. In my experience things are either there or they aren’t.

  200. Bob, that must be one of the most interesting excuses for a non-event that I’ve heard. Oh look over’s an elephant. Whoopsie, no it wasn’t. Sorry folks we’ve once again wasted everyone’s time talking about A Big Fat Nothing.

  201. Oh BSA Bob you missed news on 7, they also had a missing elephant. the fact that said elephant was in europe and everyone except the msm knew about it. oh dear missing elephant has now stomped through willesee thingy. cannot call thingy an interview as there were so many shots of willesee challenging the pm with his disbelieving eyes.

    abc now on to it highlighting murdoch tweets. hopeless.

  202. The Two Ronnie’s had a good sketch once. They were commentating the cricket. The day’s play was washed out. They spent half an hour telling the viewer what didn’t happen.

    Very similar to Bob’s story.

  203. Going back a while now, I think it was the Frost Report in the ’60s, there was a skit about what the media would do on a day of absolutely NO news. The only bit I remember was the solemn tone as we were told that the oldest man in England, Archibald Bloggs? aged 107………was still alive.
    But there’d be more than this. In its newfound role as Murdoch repeating station (thanks Sue, we got it too) it could delve into its no doubt soon to be privatised archives & let it out into the light of day to inspire the new generation.

  204. It’ll be interesting tomorrow to see how much emphasis the local Murdochistas give to the Great Leader’s tweets.

  205. Thanks for the link Eddie,

    I liked this passage….

    In case you hadn’t noticed, there hasn’t been a spill. There wasn’t one yesterday, there hasn’t been one so far today, and there almost certainly won’t be one tomorrow. Not only has no leadership challenge occurred, but all the politicians involved publicly maintain that there won’t be. A large number of Labor MPs are also saying privately that no leadership challenge is imminent.

    The only people who are saying that a leadership challenge is on the cards are a small number of “Rudd supporters”, none of whom have had the guts to go on the record with their real names, and a bunch of journalists who would probably fail a first-year journalism subject if they submitted the sort of articles that have been published in abundance in recent days.

  206. Pip
    That’s a good piece. How about Queen Nikki at the end, what arrogance! We’ll just keep on doing this because we can & we like it. A special protected species, protected from the medicines they often prescribe for others.

  207. Virgin Media turns on speed with super-fast broadband rollout

    Cable firm expected to report first annual profit as it reveals network will be plugged in months ahead of schedule

    Shadow for Telcommunications, Malcolm Turnbull should have had a word with Sir Richard Branson.

    Virgin Media will complete its rollout of super-fast broadband ahead of schedule, making the service available to each of the 13m homes passed by its network this spring.

    Sky and Talk Talk have spent millions unbundling BT’s copper network, installing their own equipment in telephone exchanges, but the higher speeds cannot be delivered over copper.

    According to analyst Robin Bienenstock at broker Sanford Bernstein: “This leaves the unbundlers (but in particular BSkyB as TalkTalk is the clear discounter in the market) in the unenviable position of having to choose between selling product that is margin dilutive or resisting its sale and seeing their premium quality status diluted.”

    Sky is already considering renting fibre from BT, and has begun a trial on the former national monopoly’s network which could form the basis of a high speed broadband offer to its customers.

  208. I’m sure murdochs rags will give this a big run

    Eurest Support Services, known as ESS, was once the largest supplier of food to the United Nations peacekeeping force, but was barred as a vendor in 2005 after a bribery scandal involving the allocation of UN contracts in Africa.


    The quote was a third of the cost estimated by the immigration department to reopen a full-service detention centre on Nauru, but the Compass executive said ESS’s costing only covered accommodation, and the firm had no expertise in immigration processing.

    They really are a rabble

  209. Tom R
    May be the journo’s at news may like to investigate this bit of the smh story

    “Company officials flew to Nauru at Compass’ expense to provide the Coalition’s quote. Mr Morrison said this did not mean Compass would automatically be granted the contract if the Coalition took government.

    ”The Coalition has no commercial arrangements with the organisation that provided these costings,” he said.

    Read more:

    Forget that what a stupid thought bubble
    I would settle for news Ltd to run the story. Shana could quote an anonymous source

  210. A bit of tom foolery from the msm, or not giving a full and factual report

    “TWO building industry inspectors changed their evidence after originally signing statements accusing a ”militant” union official of headbutting one of them on a Carlton building site.”

    And this
    “Robert Richter, QC, representing Setka, questioned Mr Hardwick if Setka had been the real target of the building commission as he was a senior official and known to be a ”militant”.

    Now at the close of the article we get this

    “The Gillard government is seeking to abolish the Building and Construction Commission.”

    Read more:

    Am i to deduce that the 2 “building inspectors” are actually employed by the BaCC and that they may have been very naughty boys claiming things that didin’t happen. And if this was being headlined the BaCC management could be under a lot of pressure.

  211. Shana could quote an anonymous source

    Maybe I’m paranoid, but half the time, I get the feeling that shana IS the anonymous source Sue 😉

  212. Tom, and there was also a scandal with Eurest involving a Canadian correction facility and salmonella poisoning. And we all know how a majority of cases of salmonella poisoning are transmitted…

  213. Roswell, Tom R

    On american prison labour, i read in truthout that prison labour was also being used to supply school lunches , fire fighting
    Business and unions were complaining that these private run prisons were undercutting them and forcing them out of business.

  214. Sue, I attended a great seminar last year at which Angela Davis was one speaker among many on the subject of prisons. One of the speakers claimed that about 30 per cent of household electricals ~ that is, electric jugs, fans, toaster ovens, etc ~ sold in the US are now made in prisons, most of which are privately owned. The inmates do not receive a wage for their work, only a small allowance, because work in prison is a privilege, not a right.

    The speaker, who also discussed the ways ‘the drug war’ and ‘get tough on crime’ political grandstanding ensured a steady supply of poor people ~ especially people of colour ~ to become prison labour, claimed that this sector is actually beating back Chinese made imports because if two similar products are in the same price range, people will “Buy American’, without realising how it is made so cheaply.

  215. Christine this sounds a lot like the National Socialist Party Program (1930-1945).
    They sold that program with the catchy phrase:

    Arbeit macht frei

    Better known as “Work will set you free”. Should expect this sort of thing from a country founded by lawyers and tax evaders.

    (I know, the first to mention “Nazi” loses the debate)

  216. Did any one notice Malcolm on 7.30 tonight?

    there was the cosy chat, in the background the australian flag gently draping, the desk chair just pushed back. Yes the push for the leader for opposition has started.

    in malcolm’s words the numbers say everything in politics. he was trying to say that because rudd was more popular than the pm, then naturally rudd would lead the labor party. so hence he was talking about himself,as in politics the numbers say everything and he malcolm is more popular than tony.

  217. Uhlmann is a NOB

    he finished the program tonight by saying the life of tim burstall was similar to what was happening in the hsu

    Uhlmann is a NOB, get rid of him abc, what a liability.

  218. Sue
    I thought the interview was a pretty poor affair. Uhlmann got off to a reasonable start by actually asking a couple of questions but that was about it. Then it was “that’s not my portfolio, you’ll have to ask Andrew & Joe. But I will take you up on your generous offer to give my opinion of Julia”. No questions whatever on what Turnbull’s portfolio would do if elected.
    After the HSU piece & its relationship to the ALP can we expect 7.30 to shine a light on the various commercial & political alliances in the Coalition & its supporters?

  219. Despite the strong anti-union flavor of the HSU piece on 7.30 I thought it was useful in showing us the other face of Kathy Jackson, so far always in her media appearances almost wearing a halo as champion of the members of that union against the selfish power plays of union organisers. Now we’ve seen her brawling with the best of them and learned that she is very much part of a faction herself.

    I have only had a gut reaction to go on so far. I instinctively distrusted a woman whose appearances were so obviously damaging to Craig Thomson, and therefore to Julia Gillard, insisting that it would be a tragic outcome if her actions were to destroy this Labor government.

    Yes, BSA Bob, fat chance of balance there re. Coalition connections.

    Malcolm Turnbull has a lean and hungry look, and smiling assassin would be another apt plagiarised description, don’t you think! (Plagiarism is so fashionable nowadays one just has to do it too!).

  220. Patricia, we had so much Shakespeare yesterday to describe the PM and her office.

    It made the attacks by Pyne and Morrison sound over the top. It is a pity they could not rely on their own words to prove their point, which I am not too sure was meant to be.

    My reading was that the PM had plotted with her staff to put their illustrious leader at personal risk and to blacken his name.

    We can ignore the fact that it was the AAP that got wrong and the error was carried by all the media in the country. An error that was not picked up for hours.

    Of all that happened on Australia day is the fault of the PM. What a clever lady she is,

    I suggest what happened on Australia Day was just a comedy of errors from the moment Mr. Abbott Opened his trap and uttered words that would have been better not said at the time. Mr. Abbott has still not explained what he meant by moving on.

    I suggest their has not been one video shown that depicts the violence that is said to have occurred. The security men said to the PM that there was danger of escalation and violence. Danger of, is the key words.

    Maybe someone more wise than me can find some Shakespeare, to describe Mr. Pyne and Mr. Morrison behaviour in yesterday’s censure motion.

  221. I wonder how much of Altona’s problem is caused by a 50 year old foundry and old technology.

    There is new technology. There is a foundry being built in the USA, using this technology.

    This technology allows much cheaper infrastructure, uses less power and emits less pollution, including carbon,

    The technique of producing aluminium is completely difference from traditional production methods.

  222. Whiny Pynie and Master Chef Morrisson may like to put their shakepearean efforts to the disgraceful acts of the ABCC inspectors from the case in melbourne. The defence lawyer for the unionists has called for an inquiry of the ABCC, the “manipulation of evidence ” is something the libs have been found to have done oh so recently,

    “Defence lawyer Rob Stary said the ”manipulation of evidence, the destruction of evidence” when even put in its most charitable light was ”disturbing”. He said the case highlighted the need for an inquiry into the ABCC, which he said had ”no role in the industry”.

    Read more:

  223. After the HSU piece & its relationship to the ALP

    I haven’t watched it, and am running short on time this morning. Did they mention that the ties between the two entities have been severed (in Victoria and NSW at least)?

  224. AM interesting report on prisoners and IRAQ war.

    Peter Cosgrove head of Defence in 2003 declined opportunity to comment.

  225. And some froot-loops put forward that the media isn’t biased… In which smelly rat infested cave have they been living!!

    The media cheer squad continues…

    Hairy Maclary is a black dog with a cheery disposition and idiosyncratically unkempt fur. The eponymous hero of a popular series of children’s books, Hairy has had many adventures, often pitched against local gangs of cats, who display greater cunning, albeit less heart, than Hairy and his doggy pals.

    Until yesterday, none of his adventures involved the Leader of the Opposition, but then Tony Abbott has a habit of popping up in the darnedest of places.

    Oh gosh or golly, ohhh gush gush..Tones pops up in the darededest of places.

  226. Min

    from that opinion piece
    “Christopher Pyne, who scorched the PM on the ”lingering stench” that hangs over her government from Australia Day.

    The Prime Minister, listening to the invective, looked like she was having a black dog day. Abbott, to mangle a cliche, looked like the shaggy dog who got the hat.”

    The silly twat obviously didn’t stay long enough to watch Gillard’s reply, as the shaggy dog, the black dog sufferer, the comedy dog and the poodle were all dispatched directly to the dog house.

    Read more:

  227. The silly twat obviously didn’t stay long enough to watch Gillard’s reply

    That is remarkable isn’t it.

    I mean, she took them apart so badly, whiney even got up to try and stop her, only to slapped back down by their own rat.

    Talk about selective reporting. Maybe she had a hair appointment that stopped her from seeing it all?

  228. Tom R
    from the video clip tony winning the argument over the 50 cent piece, he was arguing with a girl, so natural instincts took control.

  229. Tom R at 8.01
    I don’t think the program referred to the severance you mention.

    Jaqueline Maley at least points out what I’d feared, that having run out of businesses to inflict himself on Abbott will now pop up all over the place with his lines. Delivering alms to the poor (some of whom of course have chosen to be in that situation), in the schoolyard, a bouncer in a strip joint & whatever. Regularly inserting his new lines about Gillard’s credibility to the admiration of his following chroniclers.

    And on this media watch thread, I’ve been watching most of the media ignore the Coalition Nauru Costings Debacle. As a couple have pointed out, if this were Labor’s effort the media would run hot for days.

    Perhaps Abbott’s been told that we’re sick of viewing the inside of factories & the message will now be broadcast from more visually interesting places. Always the same message though, even when sprung & contradicted. Just keep going. Joe Goebbels would be proud.

  230. But honestly, that’s Tony Abbott’s standard isn’t it..a $70BN black hole is an incidental but he will argue over 50 cents.

  231. Thanks BSABob.

    Probably just a minor oversight on their behalf, pre-occupied looking for links, and failing to notice where there weren’t any 😉

  232. forget days bob, years

    but to give them their due the msm takes its lead from News Ltd and that organisation did not feel it was worthy as an issue.

    So Morrisson Cooks the Books with Caterers as its preferred Cost Benefit Analysis team is my contribution to asking a question the msm has dropped.

  233. Christine this sounds a lot like the National Socialist Party Program (1930-1945).
    They sold that program with the catchy phrase:

    Arbeit macht frei

    Better known as “Work will set you free”. Should expect this sort of thing from a country founded by lawyers and tax evaders.

    (I know, the first to mention “Nazi” loses the debate)

    I’ve always thought that should be “the first to mention Nazi inappropriately” etc etc.

    But that aside, hehe, this is the sort of thing (what is actually going ON) which media fixation on female politician’s hair and leadership wrangles (who actually cares? especially when it comes to the ALP ffs) never deals with. Never.

    If it wasn’t for the Greens bringing issues up and getting slammed for their efforts how many Australians would know we even HAVE private profit companies in charge of detention centres, hospitals, prisons, police transport services and etc? Not many. The media sure aren’t telling us, maybe because the media’s owners are also financially tied up with the private concerns which increasingly run things?

  234. This is how the Courier Mail reported what happened when my Jordan son was tortured in parliament by the SIB, then later falsely patted down and slammed into a wall, handcuffed to the rear and placed in a waiting mobile police cell, imprisoned and falsely prosecuted, which all went unreported. My son had never been arrested before and had never been in any trouble with the law or police. (And the ridiculous Australian Press Council ignored all my complaints on suppression and misrepresentation of pertinent facts!

    Woman throws paper missile at MP, dragged screaming from parliament

    (that’s how the Courier Mail saw the facts of the matter!)

    This is what really happened:

    Cop slams school bullying victim into wall

    My facebook notes, wall and info pages and YouTube channel and videos have more information on what the Australian media is unwilling to report.

    However, full credit, where full credit is due to Independent Australia journalist David Donovan, who seems to be pretty much the only one willing to tell the inconvenient truth without fear or favour on Jordan’s ongoing ordeal in 3 separate online articles including:

    School bullying victim speaks out – media silent

  235. Christine at 1.14
    I’m not impressed by Godwin’s Law, in fact I ignore it entirely & throw references to Adolf & his crowd around like confetti.
    My understanding is that Godwin’s Law originally stated that the longer a conversation went on, the greater the likelihood of someone mentioning the Nazis, until it became a virtual certainty. It’s a bit like Parkinson’s Law & the Peter Principle, a smartarse observation with a ring of truth to it.
    But now it’s been twisted until it’s become a sort of sporting “thou shalt not…”- jump in the pool before the starter’s gun, handle the ball, pass forward, etc.
    It’s often used, I find, simply to score points by pretty aggressive people, often those who’d have a bit in common with Hitler & his mob.

  236. @BSA Bob, by and large I agree with you and lunalava.

    I do find posts by teenagers comparing their high school with Nazi Germany a bit tiresome, as are people who apparently have no political understanding at all ~ at ALL ~ who insist that Obama and Hitler are practically twins, or that a politician calling for any spending restraint at all is a ‘fascist pig’.

    Mainly it’s boring and time wasting, because name-calling is never good debate (well, OK, there could be exceptions to that too, such as can be great fun which kinda authenticates it as a process … but I digress …).

    If someone posts a Nazi analogy that actually works (such as, forced labour in private prisons is eerily reminscent of forced labour in Nazi concentration camps), no problem, imo.

  237. The Tele outdoes itself today.

    Kevin Rudd branded a coward as Julia Gillard gags her MPs

    THE entire Labor cabinet has been banned from talking to editors of the nation’s major newspapers as Prime Minister Julia Gillard moves to stamp out leadership speculation.

    Under the gagging order, ministers must seek permission from her office before any meeting or private talks.

    The extraordinary move came as Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd was yesterday accused of being a coward for failing to launch a formal challenge so the party could bury the issue once and for all.

    Victorian Labor MP Rob Mitchell, a foot soldier for cabinet minister Bill Shorten, accused Mr Rudd and his supporters of being too gutless to challenge.

  238. What a missed opportunity for an informative article.
    Tony wright had an opinion piece titled
    “Slipper blows the whistle on sparring match ”

    I was hoping Wright would write about what Slipper said rather than just a rehash of debate. the better article would have been Slipper informing the house that things were to change on “motions to suspend standing orders” and that now they would actually have to debate the reason to suspend rather than launch into attack and defence.

    But the Wright piece is typical of newspapers today it is an opinion and not news.

  239. Christine at 4.23 yesterday
    As an aside, poor Mr Orwell cops more than his fair share of misrepresentations. I read somewhere he’s considered the most misquoted author in the English language. But he’d have a lot of competition. An idea for a site- “the quotation I hate most & why”.

  240. And today’s fantasy story on a Rudd challenge goes to ……………
    The Courier Mail

    ALP poll wipeout in Queensland to trigger Kevin Rudd’s bid for Prime Minister

    “A LABOR drubbing in next month’s Queensland state election could become a trigger for Kevin Rudd’s attempt to become Prime Minister again. ”

    And this story is based on information from……….

    THEY, yep they say

    “They are not ruling out
    they are preparing a case”

    I must ask the fantasy writer Steven Scott, if “they” are listed in the telephone book.

  241. Sue, who is Steven Scott ??

    Is he an authoritative figure of some sort?

    Or is he just another of Murdoch’s muck-rakers?

  242. he is the one who put his name to the “they” article at murky news qld

    he probably would call himself a journalist

  243. Cu, Christine and Bob, Kevin Rudd isn't following the script for ltd news....

    so, they have to make stuff up. :shock:

  244. or even a political correspondent

    but me, i call him fantasy writer or chose your own scenario setter
    or it must be rudd ’cause

  245. For a few dollars more

    writes Peter Hartcher…….

    who ‘forgot’ to mention the Global Financial Crisis…..

    Has Mr. Hartcher lost his marbles, or has he become just another Conservatives lapdog now

    If Peter Costello could produce a surplus when the commodity price index was at 40, why is it so hard for Wayne Swan to produce one when it’s at 140?

    Read more:

  246. Pip at 11.52
    My eyes glaze over with all this numbers stuff, but looking back at recent rhetoric Swan was being consistently ridiculed over his pledge to deliver surpluses. This criticism was based on prevailing economic circumstances- it wasn’t possible. Now it’s easy & Swan’s a dill if he can’t do it?
    Anything goes.

  247. Hi Bob, Hartcher criticised both sides, but his argument became meaningless because he didn’t take into account the small matter of the GFC.

    Very disappointed in Hartcher…. hmm, do we write about facts or do we worry about the mortgage now?

    Numbers make my eyes glaze over too 🙂

  248. When the powerful buy into the media, can the media still scrutinise the powerful?

    The mining industry is used to having its voice heard in Australian public debates, so it should come as no surprise that mining billionaires such as Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer would consider buying up a bigger slice of the Australian media.

    While the estimated $20m spent by the mining industry on television advertisements opposing the introduction of a mining tax was the most visible example of the industry’s determination to influence the public it is, in fact, just the tip of the iceberg.

  249. Lord and Lady of the media

    It is interesting that in this talk Monckton does not mention the cause for which he is famous – climate change denialism. He doesn’t have to. By now he can take for granted that the cause of climate change denialism and the cause of free market fundamentalism are not only totally fused in his mind but also in the minds of his listeners. In its own way this is a quite remarkable development.


    What is even more interesting is Lord Monckton’s clear-eyed understanding of the central importance of Fox News to contemporary politics in the United States and therefore of the world. Fox News, the brainchild of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, is now by far the biggest cable television business in the United States and the most lucrative arm of News Corporation. It is also the media operation where Rupert Murdoch has perfected the combination of his twin passions, money and power.
    But Fox News, as Monckton intuits, is more than all this.

  250. There was a young author interviewed during the week, on ABC 24. I cannot recall the show or his name. I think the book was titled Reframed.

    He was talking about, among other things, how the climate change debate become derailed.

    His theory is that the debate moved from climate to weather. Once this happened, the debate was lost to general public.

    He said this applies to many other issues that face us today.

    It is important that one remains focus on the issue.

    I felt that book would sit well beside SideShow by Tanner. One points out what has occurred and the other a possible explanation why it happened.

    Listening to the PM this week, I cannot help but think the PM has read the book.

    I believe it is not a book about climate changes but how important debates get derailed in our modern media..

    Staying on message seems to be the problem.

    PS This is only my understanding of what was being said.

  251. What I am sick of hearing is snide remarks about Mr. Swan’s advice to look at other options.

    The snide remarks consist, of why bother , the four banks are doing it.

    There are many other options as well as the four banks. Credit Unions and Building Societies for two.

    Yes, many options disappeared during the GFC, but demand will soon bring them back.

  252. Four Corners is promoting a whole show dedicated to Rudd trying to regain the leadership … why?

    There’s no ‘news’ in it (as in it is not new and everyone already knows what’s been and being said about it), so I can only assume they think it’s important for some other reason. What reason?

    I don’t understand this, really but I do know I’m a bit off track about what interests me when it comes to politics. Leadership battles are boring because no-one gets to be ‘President’, the ALP leader is almost always answerable to the caucus and the LNP leader is almost always answerable to the money. So really, apart from any interest they bring to the ob in and of themselves, to me it’s a boring ‘debate’.

    But not for Four Corners apparently. I just can’t imagine what ‘new’ thing they’ll bing to this warmed over rumour fest. And seriously, even if it’s true and Kevvy is plotting his head off, is boring and essentially unimportant.


    Distractions methinks, which makes me wonder what “they’ve” got up their sleeve just now that we are not supposed to see until mid next week …

  253. Will this make a difference to 7.30

    INVESTIGATIVE journalist and triple Walkley-award winner Sally Neighbour has been appointed the new executive producer of ABC1’s 7.30 program.
    The revamped version of 7:30, hosted by Leigh Sales and Chris Uhlmann, has not yet found its feet and has suffered a drop in ratings after the departure of veteran Kerry O’Brien as longtime host.

    The founding executive producer of the revamped 7:30, Michael Carey, resigned in early January.

  254. Sue, that is why the man has been a little more moderate this week.

    He is one I would not miss if he disappeared from the screen.

    They need to give him a quick course in interviewing skills.

    Another in manners would not go amiss.

  255. Sue, re media couples – isn’t Chris Uhlmann married to some unlikely ALP MP? How anyone could be married to him astounds me, let alone someone with sane political leanings. Do you know who?

    I seem to remember in his early days he was forgiven for perhaps trying too hard not to lean left, but now it’s pretty clear he’s a complete sell-out to the right. It’s beside the point that he is a hopeless interviewer. If Leigh Sales weren’t the other half of the team last year you’d have thought his producer, or whoever took him on, was trying to sabotage the show for some reason.

  256. Yes Migs, the sooner the better!

    The little timer thingy keeps poppling up and then the computer freezes. :mrgreen:

    That’s as well as wireless dropping out intermittently.

  257. Wow! All is clear! Wiki has it all. Thanks, Pip.

    Uhlmann unsuccessfully contested the ACT 1998 general election for the electorate of Brindabella with the Osborne Independent Group, a strong pro-life ticket with stated objectives of blocking both euthanasia legislation and legislation to decriminalise abortion. Uhlmann was formerly a seminarian, security guard, and journalist with The Canberra Times, before joining Australian Broadcasting Corporation in 1999.

    But very little in Wiki about his wife. How did Gai Brodtmann come to marry him? She must be RC too? She seems to manage to avoid mentioning her religion in every bio on the net, but is lately mentioned as a supporter of marriage equality, so I guess she doesn’t share her spouse’s conservative views on all social issues.

    She looks a strong woman too. Maybe Uhlmann is under the thumb domestically and in he marital bed, but allowed to roam in the big wide world of politics during the day as long as he comes home at night to mama! Would you believe he is over 50? Born in 1960. At first I thought he was younger than her by a good few years, but no he’s slightly older. The dark hair helps, I guess.

  258. Channel 7 appear to be heading down the oo’s path of creating a story, then continuing that theme no matter what the facts are.

    This one is truly hilarious. The anchor leads in with ‘Gillard refuses to comment on media ban’, which is then followed by a conga line of ALP ministers, Gillard included … commenting on the ‘alleged’ media ban. ROFL

    Technically, I guess they are correct. Since there is no ‘media ban’ perse, I guess they are only commenting on the fact that ministers need to go through the PM’s office, something I thought has been done for a long time, by both parties.

  259. There is a place for shows like Bolt’s. It allows all his guests unlimited space to say what they want.

    It is good that most fall into the trap that they say what they really mean. Mr. Bolt lures them into this trap.

    Tom R, nothing about Mr. Hockey setting traps. The 70 thousand was announced by Mr. Robb. Does this mean Mr. Robb was the leaker.

    Another was the seating arrangements, which by the way moved Ms. Machlin further out was changed back to the previous seating almost immediately.

    Would not the PM have those sitting nearer to her, those dealing with topics in the media.

    Mr. Bolt’s word is trying to keep order in the house with those who do not respect him. Took all incidents that made the PM look bad.

    I have news for Mr. Bolt, having respect could be a drawback. I doubt that the respect the previous Speaker received helped his cause.

    The house will behave because they do not like the Speaker. The Speaker knows this and has nothing to lose.

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