6 comments on “New Age

  1. Tomorrow Together

    Tomorrow came upon us and in its frozen dawn we held together.
    Our eyes alight, our hearts anew, our minds defiant as we stood as two
    Mortal people. This age is ours yet it will cast us from this dawn.
    On that frozen moment we joined our souls, and an immortal strength was born.

    Rising high like soaring eagles, adrift on clouds of hopes and dreams,
    Resolved to spread our realms – our wings – we forth advanced as greater beings.
    Offering ourselves to no god or person, nor as prisoners to their mindless rules,
    With all our tomorrows at our control, we grew content amongst these fools.

    Time does not take kindly to defiance from her mortal slaves, and
    Our yesterdays pursued us bringing with them past decay.
    Grappling with the torment that as mortals we cannot endeavour:
    Each tomorrow we had born . . . we now bury . . . but not forever.

    Tomorrow came upon us and in its frozen dawn our souls withdrew.
    Heavy with fear yet high with faith as we turned to face the new.
    Each alone. Though not deserving of a lonely journey our souls will never die.
    Reserving that as soulmates, in another time, we may have another try.

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