Temporarily under new management

On the ‘All things must pass’ thread, Michael said:

The Café won’t be disappearing into the internet oblivion though; it will be kept open indefinitely as an ‘archive’ of everyone’s contribution. So yes, by all means we’ll still be here if you wish to continue adding comments on any of our existing posts, but I will not be adding any new ones.

Following on from this thought, I have agreed to look after the Café to allow Michael time and space to deal with the AIMN site and his studies. Rather than developing or changing the Café, I will just keep an eye on it, perhaps creating a new ‘Cafe Talk’ thread if threads get too long, especially for those on mobile devices.

Some Whisperers have indicated interest in a new site to continue on from the Café, so with that in mind, I have started work on creating Whispers’ Cellar. I am quite busy at the moment with renovations to our kitchen, and my wife’s 95 year old aunt died yesterday, so that will also require some time to sort out – funeral and sorting through belongings, wills etc. I am hoping to have the Cellar open for business in the next few weeks. If anyone would like to help out – author an occasional article, or assist with the administration of the new site, let me know.

Meanwhile, we can continue our discussions upstairs here at the Café.

88 comments on “Temporarily under new management

  1. Well the ebb and flow of Time effects us all. Even CWs.
    Think it has been an excellent site where everybody could have a say .
    Even Voyager!
    And it epitomises the Australia we all want where we can argue Politics but
    then have a laugh and a beer afterwards.
    I wish you well Michael with your new endeavours – it may bring on new enlightenment and a better understanding of the real world. But then again
    probably not as you would also have to move from Canberra for that to actually

  2. I welcome the new management. You have big shoes to fill. I am sure there will be plenty of assistance.

    Letter from Tony Burke, Labor Party, Yes, it has been a weird week. I wonder what it has been all about?

    It’s been a weird week in Parliament. There’s been lying about lying, gagging of gags and Warren Truss is Deputy Prime Minister. Here’s the #5and5 from Anything But the Budget Week.


    Bill Shorten really put Tony Abbott under the spotlight during every Question Time this week. Day after day Bill asked the PM questions he just couldn’t answer. The reality is, all of Tony Abbott’s broken promises and lies are in his own budget papers and no matter how hard he tries, the PM can’t run away from them.
    Early on Tuesday morning great news came out of Doha. The World Heritage Committee rejected Tony Abbott’s attempt to delist 74,000 hectares of Tasmanian wilderness from the World Heritage List. In just seven minutes the World Heritage Committee threw the proposal out, with one member calling it “feeble”.
    Labor MPs made sure Tony Abbott didn’t get away with his cost of living argument this week. In speech after speech Labor MPs stood up to Tony Abbott’s $6000 cut to families, $4000 cut to pensioners and $1600 cut to self-funded retirees. Tony Abbott can’t keep claiming he’s cutting cost of living for families, while at the same time taking thousands of dollars off struggling families in his budget.
    Anthony Albanese won his seven month infrastructure battle with the Government this week, forcing it to undertake cost-benefit analyses on major infrastructure projects. It took 29 amendments to make it happen, and now hopefully Albo will stop drawing on whiteboards and making train noises.
    Finally, on Monday Wayne Swan got so sick of Tony Abbott lying and then lying about lying that he got himself kicked out of Parliament. When asked to withdraw calling Tony Abbott a liar by the Speaker, Swanny replied: “I withdraw, but he’s still a liar.” This got him booted out for a mandatory 24 hours.

    Freedom of the press suffered a serious blow this week when an Egyptian court handed down a seven year sentence to Australian journalist Peter Greste. In the hours following the sentence it was good to see all sides of politics and the media coming together in support of Peter, a respected journalist who was simply doing his job. Our thoughts are with the Greste family during this difficult time.
    Last week Tony Abbott said he wouldn’t cut cleaners’ pay and working conditions. This week the Government introduced legislation that did just that. Labor amended the legislation to protect cleaners and the Government caved in. What the Government hid from the Parliament was that Eric Abetz was secretly finding another way to make his cuts. This fight isn’t over.
    The government moved more than ten gag motions this week to stop MPs from debating parts of the budget. Given that even the Ministers keep getting details wrong, I’m still not sure whether the Government’s priority was to try to shut Labor up or avoid the embarrassment of having its own people speak. The classic was the “Direct Action” policy debate, which was shut down after only one Government backbencher had spoken.
    How much will Tony Abbott’s unfair budget cost an average single-income family with two kids? At the same time Tony Abbott is claiming a win for cost of living, he’s hitting families by up to $6000. It was just odd seeing Tony Abbott try to complain about cost of living issues without it actually clicking in his head that the pain he’s inflicting is around 10 times greater than even his claims.
    For years now there’s been two visa classes for people to have their parents join them from overseas. One has a long waiting period and a standard visa fee, the other has a short waiting period but costs more than $50,000. The Government has abolished new applications for the affordable visa. So now if you can’t afford $50,000 you can’t have your parents join you. There’s more on this to come.
    Finally, on Thursday I reminded the Prime Minister about one of his commitments before the election – it’s worth a watch.

    The House of Reps isn’t sitting for the next fortnight, so the #5and5 will be back in two weeks.

    ‘til then,


    PS: This week’s song of the week is dedicated to the Government’s attempt to shut down all debate on its budget. Here’s the Black Eyed Peas with Shut Up. #5and5song.

  3. Hi Bacchus. Happy to hang around at the cellar. You can also add me as an author if you are happy to. You will get some writings from me now and again.

    wmmbb. You make some sense because many would have this site in their favourites, however Bacchus might like to put his own stamp on a website. Just as long as this site has the link to the new site I am all for a fresh start if Bacchus is happy with that.

  4. Amazing that we can have a Royal Commission into unions after a few corrupt officials do the wrong thing and the government rubs its hands with ideological glee. Yet we will not have a royal commission into the CBA which has destroyed whole generations and massive wealth with its greed and reward payments to staff for selling anything and everything. I would have a thought a royal commission into a company that has destroyed the livelihoods and retirements of thousands was far more warranted. Especially that it appears hundreds of millions has been lost. The priorities and favouritism of this despicable government is so blatantly obvious, except of course to the rusted on.

  5. Fair question wmmbb – I did consider just “taking over” the Café and continuing on, but this place is what it is because of the work Michael (and a few others) have put in over the last four years. It’s his baby into which he’s put his heart an soul. I don’t have the time or drive to put in the required effort to keep the Café going to the same standard. I believe this would lead to a slow painful death – the Café deserves better.

    Shane is right – I would rather another site live or die on its own merits.

    Having said that, the Café is not closing – there won’t be too much in the way of new posts, but those who wish to come here “for a chat” will still be most welcome. I will keep it open indefinitely, adding new “Café Talk” threads as necessary.

  6. Thanks for your offer to author on the Cellar Shane. Can I use your email address from here to send you an author invitation to the new site?

  7. shaneinqld
    JUNE 28, 2014 @ 7:18 AM
    “Amazing that we can have a Royal Commission into unions after a few corrupt officials do the wrong thing and the government rubs its hands with ideological glee. Yet we will not have a royal commission into the CBA which has destroyed whole generations and massive wealth with its greed and reward payments to staff for selling anything and everything.”

    There’s an inquiry going on at the moment. I think that the idea is to see what comes out of that before they consider a Royal Commission.

    Having said that, I think the whole fucking financial services industry needs a thorough going over by all the authorities with a view for utterly no tolerance for the slightest misdemeanour.

  8. I would like to offer my services in regards to the setting up of the cellar….. I’m good with a broom or mop… I can concrete and do painting and most handy man type jobs… minor mechanical repairs are also up my alley and I am also handy with me fists, thats if trouble should ensue 😉 ……and best of all I will work for beer….. and NO Blackberry Nip is not a beer, Bacc’s ( just getting in first 😛 )

  9. It sounds like you will be a very valuable member of staff LOVO 😀 Would this do the trick?

  10. Mate, for our best worker we can do all of the above, especially the port after a long hard day and yummy slow-cooked lamb shank, EXCEPT that Tooheys stuff – it’s NSW (ewww) beer. That’s nearly as bad as the crap they make here in QLD. 😉

  11. Hi Bacchus. Sorry about late reply but I am one of those so called lefty dole bludgers ( by the RWNJ) who also has my own business. Yes you may use my email address no problems. I do have a bit more insight into the CBA than most but will refrain for any further comment until I see if a royal commission n actually happens.

  12. John B . The senate enquiry finished with a recommendation the a royal commission be established. The LNP used 6 pages of a 553 page report ( the pages written by the LNP member of course) to find excuses NOT to have a royal commission into the CBA. If this is not favouritism and ideological rubbish, then I do not know what is. We do agree that the Financial Services Industry needs a massive clean out, so why is the LNP introducing legislation to water down the protections given to investors by the previous government after numerous collapses and massive loss of retirees funds. The answer is to support their donors and the wealthy and of town, nothing less.

  13. We have has Abbott on AM, beinbg told that people do not believe him. Just now, the media has been allowed into the party room. Yes, so they can hear the pep talk he is giving his troops.

    Also we have seen many of his budget introduced the cowards way, by regulation. Yesterday was the day for this. Most will be challenged by the Oppsotion and cross bench.

    Now we have a line up from a group of Labor Opposition in Queensland.

  14. I see the RC into Institutionalise child abuse wants it’s money back. Also asking for extra time. Brandis missing from action. Abbott mealy mouthed as usual.

    Yes, that money should never have been diverted to the completely waste of time Pink Batts RC. Which by the way, made Labor look good.

  15. Why was Abbott having a party room meeting. Parliament is not sitting this week. The MPs should be back in their electorates selling his toxic budget.

    I believe the new senators are being sworn it.

  16. Update:

    The ‘Cellar’ construction is coming along nicely – in fact, we could open tomorrow if we wanted 🙂 Possibly we will open next week.

    In the ‘physical’ world, the kitchen reno is coming along more slowly – New cupboards are due to be installed on Friday.

    The funeral is tomorrow…

  17. Bacchus, I must say, you do not allow any grass to grow under your feet. Looking forwarded to the opening.

  18. Bacchus. RE : CBA. Details are starting to come out now and apparently new compensation will be offered. However the claims will be reviewed by a specialist “Commonwealth bank Team”. Honestly that is like putting Dracula in Charge of Blood donations. Something is very smelly indeed.

  19. … that is like putting Dracula in Charge of Blood donations. Something is very smelly indeed.

    Or like appointing Tony Shepherd to chair the Commission of Audit? 😉

  20. …or getting a goat to guard the cabbage patch….. or like having the Mafia audited by its own accountants.

  21. It should done about the whole industry, not just focussed on the CBA. The people involved still have their jobs. Either with the bank or elsewhere. I suspect they cannot be sacked as they were following the banks policies.

    Changing Labor’s reforms, on the last possible day by regulation is just pure gutless. Labor has demanded Cormann lodge the regulations on first day of the next sitting. They will be moving that they be disallowed. There are many more actions of this government, that has by passed legalisation, to move to regulation. Most will be disallowed.,

    This is a gutless government, of the highest order.

  22. Shorten made a speech today, that is worth catching up with at the Melbourne Institute.

  23. How many lies will abbort tell, before he is held accountable ? Is it legal for a PM to repeatedly lie to the Australian public, and to everybody else on this planet ?

  24. Mr Abbott said Australia was unsettled before the British came. not know about that, but it sure became unsettled for the indigenous people after they came. Still is, two centuries later.

    Abbott seem to realise he said the wrong thing, as soon at the words left his mouth. Yes, words do not seem to travel by Abbott’s brain first.

    Maybe he has found a new way, of saying Terra nullius.

  25. ““If we do it, we should do it now, while the Australian public is not happy with some of the Budget decisions made. The toppling of Rudd has been attributed to the mining tax but most Australians know that it was really about a power play. If Tony goes, Australians will know it was not about power but because of the Budget, that’s a huge a difference, and it’s in our thoughts.”
    Another source said, “We probably have the numbers for Malcolm to get up, but no matter what we do and how we do it, there will be fallout – it’s this we have to assess, but we cannot continue spiralling ourselves away from a second-term. ”

  26. “Approach every political proclamation, every prognostication of a TV “expert” and every newspaper column with scepticism. Otherwise, what’s left of the truth will be blown away on the 21st Century’s electric winds, to be replaced with the clichés, slogans, platitudes and nonsense that so many of us are willing, even desperate, to embrace. Read more widely, see more clearly, think”.
    (Journalist Phillip Adams)
    I’ll say AIMN to that…. 🙂

  27. Lateline tonight is a must.Abbott condemned in the strongest manner from the British main player on carbon emissions. Says the man will not listen to anyone. Is putting the world at risk with his policies, or more correctly, lack of them.

  28. I’m in Melbourne tonight – which under normal circumstances is the arsehole of the world – but at least here we don’t have the fkn rugby rammed down our throats. :mrgreen:

  29. My impression is that Labor might support boat turn back, if and the if is important, we have the agreement of countries like Indonesia come to agreement.

    That is not what this government is about.

    Tony Jones is once again taking a couple of words out of context, not repeating whole answers.

    Trying to do the same to Tania on Lateline.

  30. I quite like Melbourne Michael – a nice place to visit, wouldn’t… you know the rest.

    Having ‘rugby’ or even ‘rugby league’ 😉 mentioned occasionally on our TV screens seems preferable to the daily rabid, maniacal ‘worship’ of that strange southern game you see in Melbourne, or even worse, Adelaide :mrgreen:

  31. Do we really admire the efficiency of the Japanese soldier during the second world war. China does not seem to agree. Not sure I do either.

    Seems our pommy PM is rewriting history, to his liking,

  32. LIAR ABBOTT lie’s again.
    “On an official trip to Canada, Tony Abbott told reporters that trading schemes were “being discarded”.

    “There is no sign – no sign – that trading schemes are increasingly being adopted. If anything trading schemes are being discarded not adopted,” he said on June 8.

    ABC Fact Check takes a look at carbon pricing around the world. ”

    “Mr Abbott’s claim that “trading schemes are being discarded not adopted” doesn’t check out.”

  33. Just walked away from the tele before I through something at it 😡 Rupert is on talking to ‘his’ lick spittle at large Kelly. What a loathsome liar Rupert is 😮 . I am, generally, not someone that would advocate violence, or indeed the type of person that would wish death on anybody (ex excluded), BUT in Rupert’s case I wish him nothing less than an violent death 👿
    If Rupert wants to do something ‘good’ for Australia (or indeed “The Australian”) then I would advocate for him to die…. “Die Rupert Die” is the appropriate three word slogan. What a piece of insincere self serving shit is he.
    Australia needs to change the regulations and ownership rules that cover the media. Never again, in this country, should we allow such bile as Rupert have so much control on the media.
    “DIE RUPERT DIE” 😈 👿 😡

  34. One of Rupert’s lies involved the FTTH NBN which he described as useless tech… WTF :/ . Die ya self serving piece of crap 😡
    “It seems a day doesn’t go by where articles are being posted to News Limited (Murdoch) websites with nothing but negative spin for the NBN. Most, if not all, are founded on poorly constructed arguments that ignore technology & the reality. They all seem to point to one solution: anything the Coalition are saying they’ll deploy. While this does reek of patent bias amongst Murdoch’s Australian arm, I feel this goes a little deeper than just wanting a Coalition government, but a fear of becoming obsolete in the age of IPTV (Internet Protocol Television). While FTTN (Fibre to the Node) can offer basic IPTV, it cannot offer multi-set full HD broadcasting as FTTH/P (Fibre to the Home/Premises) can. With this in mind, it doesn’t take long before it’s apparent the likes of Comcast & Time-Warner in the US, are bleeding subscribers or seeing a slowdown in subscriber uptake due to internet streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon’s Prime service. While we haven’t seen a drop in subscribers here in Australia, there has been a slowdown in subscriber uptake that is sending a message direct to News Limited/Fox: kill off any advancements in broadband speeds before it kills off your business model.”

  35. The piece of SHIT also denied the reality that is AGW. 👿
    This vile scum needs putting down like the rabid dog that he is….
    I hope that the next time Rupert and Tony sit down for a chat.. Jihad pays them a visit. 👿

  36. Jeesuz H. I’m jolly baity at this bastard…. go back to the shallowness known as the USA ya Septic Wank, because we don’t want you here ya traitor 😡

  37. LOVO, how about we let him live. Cannot let him take the easy way out, when he is deposed and cannot no longer ignore his lack of ability to be PM or any other role of authority.

    We need to see him live so he can see all his chickens come hone to roost, from his disastrous reign.

    LOVO, he does not warrant any emotion being expended on him., Just a nobody in my humble opinion., One that history will treat with both contempt and ridicule.

  38. Good stuff TS 😆

    The funniest thing you’ll ever see

    Is Abbott… trying to tell… the truth!

    😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  39. I see that Abbott and Co got it wrong, when they condemned Labor’s action on tobacco and drinking among the young. Massive drops in both.,

  40. STUPID—-STUPID—-STUPID….. if we weren’t an world-wide laughing stock before…. we most certainly are now 🙄
    Tony dumb-dumb and the worst government in Australia’s history have committed a crime against thier fellow Aussies’ and the planet. The following link names the criminals that have sold out the future of our kids and country.
    “Senators, now explain it to your grandkids
    July 17, 2014
    The Abbott Government and crossbench Senators who voted today to get rid of the carbon price have left Australia with no comprehensive scheme to cut the pollution that is causing global warming. ”


  41. Australia carbon tax repeal a ‘perfect storm of stupidity’
    “……. Australia was “falling behind other major industrialised nations in the growing global effort to reduce carbon emissions”.

    Conservation groups have also been scathing, and many experts have been left scratching their heads.

    Roger Jones, a Research Fellow at the Victoria Institute of Strategic Economic Studies, called the repeal “the perfect storm of stupidity”.

    “It’s hard to imagine a more effective combination of poor reasoning and bad policy making,” he said.

    “A complete disregard of the science of climate change and its impacts. Bad economics and mistrust of market forces.” ”

  42. UPDATE: Whispers’ Cellar is ready to go – I’ve just got to be home long enough to unlock the door! Off to the Gold Coast today, probably Redcliffe tomorrow. Maybe Sunday or Monday? 😦

  43. Neil reckons Aldi has some good red wine Migs. I could stock some of that, just for when you visit if you like… :mrgreen:

  44. Contrary to what some of the whisperers might think, I am not a troll or a serial blogger. I don’do t vote but take an interest in politics. I became active on the whisperers because it gave me a forum to debunk the Labor and green leftie nonsense. I have to thank the operators of whisperers for the opportunity to expose the silliness blogged by many whisperers. I kept telling you guys how it was going to work out. Gillard and Rudd were exposed as the incompetent people they are. Traditional Labor people have continued to confirm their incompetence. The group who just cannot accept Abbott, lets call them Pliberseks, must now… surely see that Abbott does what he says he will do. FFS he is an experienced long term MP. Why people thought he would fail on Border Protection and Carbon tax i just cant understand. Anyhow the next election is being rolled out as we speak. Labor and Shorten are tied lockstep with those special people… the Greens. good luck there Labor. It will be a rerun of Border Protection and Carbon Tax. Flash up Gillards mug and Rudd occasionally during the campaign, just to remind the voters of the 207-2013 incompetence and it is game over.
    BTW i truly cannot decide which has been best over the last 6 months, Spanish Coast, West coast of Italy, Sicily or the Greek Peloponnese and Cyclades.islands..
    Cheers whisperers. Hopefully a fully cranked up Cafe Whispers will again be available to us in Middle Australia to keep Labor in opposition.

  45. I suspect many have found to their distress, that there are many worse things than a Gillard government.

  46. Tweeddles is still doin’ the stereotyp’n thingy that leads him to the wrong conclusion'(s) thingy…again… ah, such an ad hominemwit. 😛
    None so blind etc. 🙄
    Tweed, I hope you are enjoying your trip so much that you never want to come back……. one less of your ilk can only be good for Australia. 😡

  47. Yes Cu, just another boring troll doin’ the same same *yawn*.
    Why he and his kind can’t see the obvious incompetence of this government (Oz’s worst ever) shows or say’s more about him being a blinkered fool/tool whom is willingly doin’ the lemming…… yet doesn’t know it 😮
    ….. none so blind etc *shakes head* :/

  48. Does one agree that work for the dole, I an admission of failure by this government?

    …….ore importantly, programs such as work for the dole are pretending to find solutions to problems that can more easily be solved through greater economic growth. Harsh and ineffective welfare reform will achieve little more than punishing younger Australians and the long-term unemployed for economic conditions they played no role in creating.

    High levels of youth unemployment are a product of the global financial crisis. Outside of the mining sector, opportunities evaporated across the country and younger Australians — who are more sensitive to the business cycle — were the ones who paid the price.

    Unfortunately, the outlook for employment is far from bright. According to the Department of Employment, based on the 2014-15 budget estimates the Australian economy will fail to generate sufficient jobs to absorb population growth over the next five years.

    The federal government is admitting that its policies will be insufficient to keep unemployment in check. On that basis, the only reasonable conclusion is that work for the dole will fail: if the opportunities don’t exist, then it really doesn’t matter how much work someone does for their welfare payments.

    The federal government may be serious about tackling youth unemployment but policy recommendations must be based on evidence rather than ideology. The Coalition has decided that giving people a kick up the butt will be sufficient to get them back to work but that’s far too simplistic. Unfortunately they have failed to give due recognition to the most important part of the puzzle: without opportunities it doesn’t matter how harsh your welfare system is, people still won’t find jobs……..


  49. Note to Whisperers – Whispers’ Cellar is now open for business! No, this doesn’t mean everything not nailed down is for sale to my mates at bargain basement prices – it means we now have a new place to congregate, should we so desire 😉

  50. 😥 F* Hawthorn…… their almost as bad as the Cows, oops 😳 I mean the Crows, …hard luck at being there to see that Migs!! 😯 …… the Hawks legs had gone and the Power were still push’n…….. 2 more minutes, that’s all Port needed :/ ….. alas 😦
    P.S. GO THE SWANS….. ( f’n hates thems Hawkers 😛 …. ‘ates ’em I tells ya 😛 )

  51. @Tweed “Abbott does what he says he will do” … Is your nose still its normal size or are you tripping over it or having to use a pole when you need to blow it?

    There is so much evidence in the public domain of Abbott’s lies, back-flips, broken commitments and perfidy that you cannot seriously expect any rational, reasonable and aware person to believe your statement.

    As for Rudd and Gillard being incompetent – in the sense that party in-fighting and bickering was largely responsible for destroying their credibility – there may be a modicum of truth in what you say. However, the achievements of both of those people far outweigh and in-party foolishness which, in any case, is largely down to other members getting up to mischief. Regardless of how that is portrayed in our one-sided mainstream media, such plotting and undermining is as present in the Liberal National Party as it is in the Australian Labor Party. Perhaps you have forgotten the Howard / Peacock, Turnbull/Abbott shenanigans but surely you are not so completely blinkered that you are unaware of the current de-stabilising bickering regarding Pedlin’s role, as well as the manoevering to position Bishop as the next LNP leader, even replacement Prime Minister if they can manage it.

    If you cannot judge Abbott and his mean-spirited government on its atrocious record and recognise that it is one of the worst, if not the worst, in Australia’s history, you have no place giving your opinion anywhere and you certainly should be pleased that MT is open-minded enough to allow posts replete with nonsense, probably because he is smart enough to realise that the absurd distortions of the truth prove so incredulous that they condemn their authors better than censorship could ever do.

    I hope that you come to your senses before the next election. Incidentally, it really is time that those who wish to demean the ALP or the Greens, both of which actually stand for something positive, stopped lazily attempting to demean them with the “leftie” slurr. At least have the decency to come up with something original.

  52. Mikisdad,
    “to realise that the absurd distortions of the truth prove so incredulous that they condemn their authors better than censorship could ever do. ” ….. so good, love it 😆

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