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  1. We keep hearing that this government does not have to get the surplus in one year. I suggest that they have been working towards it for the last three or four years.

    We get the aside that this government has been on a spending spree for the last three or so years,

    How is this true, if they have been gradually been lowering that deficit.

    What has made it hard

    Add this to the high dollar and multi-speed economy, doing so is not easy.

    At least we are hearing economist and financial expert saying that our economy is not help by the way many are talking it down.

    Many I suggest, should know better.

    Senator Wong, is correct, when she says budgets are about making choices.

  2. I wonder what today will bring, There is never a dull day in politics at this time.

    Meanwhile, Tony Abbott might be firmly reminded over coming days that he has dubbed Kathy Jackson “heroic” for what he sees as her battle against the HSU demons, including Mr Williamson and Mr Thomson.

    He has done it at least twice as part of his insistence, before any official rulings, that Mr Thomson was guilty of criminal breaches.

    At present nobody knows who will walk from the HSU debacle unblemished. It might be that Mr Abbott will regret his gallantry towards Ms Jackson.

  3. Miglo

    We have been following the “slippery slipper” across a few stories . But it may end up with its own thread with the revelations today in the Age.

    Just how many Liberals are involved will soon be left to the bookies, i guess.

    Who knew what and when is like the classic defense” I smoked dope but never inhaled”

    So getting to todays story, we have Julie Bishop, Tony Abbott and Warren Entsch.

    Tony Abbott must think the James Murdoch style of answer to probing questions is good. As according to Warren Entsch, his message to Tony must have gone to messsage bank, “cause he didn’t pick up.

    Then as a side dish to the main course we have good ol’ Barnaby Joyce with “”he seems only slightly less dodgy than Slipper”.

    Read more:

  4. Perhaps the special thread could be about politicians and “classic” weasel words;

    I did not have sexual relations with that girl

    Bill Clinton

  5. Miglo

    So much to come out with this story, May 21 will be looking too far away for Tony Abbott. Last week we had Jessica Wright and her daily tidbits of news and today we now have Grattan starting off the week.

    A bit of a change for Grattan, I just hope she has discovered this herself. That in itself would be a huge jump after last week, where every day she was on about “last chance gillard”. It may be she took stock of herself and realised it may have turned out as “last chance grattan”

    What confuses me, with this story in the Age by Grattan, is that she chose not to mention it on RN with Fran Kelly, but was still with her other theme. Saying the caucus member s were “mice” in the caucus room so may not speak up to gillard.

  6. On the budget, one of the leaks this morning is about the cuts to living away from home allowance for executives.

    The cut to save A BILLION DOLLARS, as you can see I was rather shocked by that amount. Just how much have those with the most been supported by Joe Public?

  7. A STAFFER of Speaker Peter Slipper twice contacted the office of Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop claiming he had been harassed in his workplace before public allegatioA STAFFER of Speaker Peter Slipper twice contacted the office of Deputy Opposition Leader Julie Bishop claiming he had been harassed in his workplace before public allegations were made against the Speaker.
    As the government seeks to probe what information the opposition had before Mr Slipper’s staffer, James Ashby, made his allegations of the Speaker’s sexual harassment and misuse of Cabcharges, Ms Bishop told The Age last night the contacts were in late March and early April.

    Read more:

    ns were made against the Speaker.
    As the government seeks to probe what information the opposition had before Mr Slipper’s staffer, James Ashby, made his allegations of the Speaker’s sexual harassment and misuse of Cabcharges, Ms Bishop told The Age last night the contacts were in late March and early April.

    Read more:

  8. Loath as I am to speculate about leadership, but which would be better:

    (1) a Liberal Government lead by Abbott, or
    (2) a Rudd Labor government under the thrall of Murdoch and Miners.

    My preference would be Abbott because that would come about through a Labor wipe out at the polls. The voters would then get to experience really poor government and Labor would have a chance to work on less ambitious projects like its core values.

  9. And this bit in a budget story by Grattan

    “A good reception for the budget is vital for Prime Minister Julia Gillard, who has faced a new bout of leadership speculation over the past week.”

    Read more:

    I will need a bit of evidence that Grattan would consider investigating a story that puts any pressure on the Coalition such as the Bishop/abbott/entsch/joyce revelation as it is too much opposed to her theme.

  10. Lunalava, Rudd will not be back. IF there is a leadership challenge, then my bet is on Bill Shorten as Labor will want to seek renewal rather than go back to a replay of Kevin Rudd PM. IF Rudd did come back, then Labor would lose Gillard however with Shorten there is a good chance that she would stay on in a senior portfolio.

  11. Min the Murdoch media and their ABC affiliate are already updating the dirt file on Shorten, re-reading the hacked emails, making copies of the embarrassing stuff obtained from the ex-wife (daughter of a prominent Vic Liberal heavy weight). Trolling through the gossip. They will hit the ground running and his popularity will last about 3 to 5 months.

    Meanwhile Labor will have lost a percentage of its core vote (me included). Mostly those voters who can see through the rubbish that has become orthodox political behaviour.

  12. “A sure sign you’re in the shit” or the sleeze sludging around Abbott and who knew what

    “As for Brough, a week ago he described as ”nonsense” a suggestion he had known about Ashby’s legal action before it was launched.

    Then, on Friday when reporters starting hearing the opposite from Liberal National Party sources, Brough changed his tune.

    He refused to return calls from the Herald and other papers – in two known cases he just hung up – and instead opted for a tell-all interview with The Australian, complete with a front page picture of himself at home with his wife, Sue.

    As one Coalition MP said yesterday: ”A sure sign you’re in the shit.”

    Read more:

  13. Just heard Fairfax’ Tony Wright on Adelaide’s ABC Local, and discovered that he is the very proud father of Jessica Wright who broke the story of Mr. Pyne’s involvement in the Ashby story.

    Someone posted her twitter a few days ago about sending ten messages to Mal Brough and getting no answer. Brough went to Murdoch’s friendly The Australian to put his side of the story – he clearly didn’t have the guts to talk to a mere slip of a girl !
    she might have challenged the veracity of his story…. much safer to go to Murdoch…

    Apparently Mr. Abbott’s phone has been on message bank all weekend – suffering a bout of wilful deafness no doubt..

  14. Further to Min’s betting syndicate…..

    Kevin Rudd 2.50
    Julia Gillard 2.80
    Stephen Smith 5.50
    Simon Crean 6.00
    Bill Shorten 6.50
    Greg Combet 16.00

  15. Thanks for the links Sue. The “emperor’s not wearing any clothes” comes to mind with this story.
    Brough and Pyne, but Brough in particular, have been blinded by their arrogance and ambition and embarked on the kind of risk-taking usually outgrown by mid twenties in most males.

  16. Lunalava, perhaps Shorten is carrying a little too much baggage which would allow the msm to run riot with all sorts of rumours and innuendos. Plus being the son in law of the GG could cause difficulties. I believe that it would mean that Quentin Bryce would have to stand down as GG.

    It won’t be Smith as he is only a little less boring than Simon Crean (with due respects to both), plus again it’s the old guard when the only logical replacement for Gillard (if it ever happens), must be someone not from the Howard/Rudd years.

  17. My guess for the next Labor leader is either Wong or Plibersek.

    The women have been given the poisoned chalice in the past!

  18. Now where are we with Slipper-gate..

    These details emerged as the Nationals leader in the Senate, Barnaby Joyce, hit out at Mr Ashby, saying ”he seems only slightly less dodgy than Slipper”.

    Senator Joyce said the question was what Mr Ashby was doing at Mr Slipper’s house – where some of the inappropriate conversation was alleged to have taken place. ”He wasn’t dragged into the house,” Senator Joyce said, adding that Mr Ashby was ”not a boy in his teens but a man in his 30s”.

    For once in a blue moon I agree with Barnaby Joyce. For starters harrassment must take place in the workplace, and in addition Mr Ashby clearly went willingly to Peter Slipper’s home. To try to then construe that being asked to leave the shower door open amounts to harrassment, is far fetched.

    However, I doubt that the harrassment charge is Ashby’s motivation, but rather that he was a willing participant in the Liberal Party Dirt Machine.

  19. Pip, it can’t be Wong as she is a Senator and I think that Plibersek, as good at her job as she is, has is yet to develop the leadership skills. Plus she has an 18 month old baby.

  20. Hockey spinning on ABC24
    He wants Treasurer Swan to tell the full unfiltered truth….. right back at ya Joe!

  21. Min,
    However, I doubt that the harrassment charge is Ashby’s motivation, but rather that he was a willing participant in the Liberal Party Dirt Machine.


    Victims of Liberal dirty works… Carmen Lawrence, Pauline Hanson, Mike Rann, {they didn’t succeed in winning an election against him though}, Kevin Rudd [via Murdoch press] and lately, Peter Slipper.

    The dirty tricks campaign against PM Gillard has taken a different turn with Tea Party Tony destroying any semblance of a mature Parliamentary process, and his caravan of incontinence, his adoring shock jocks, along with a compliant press running interference every time the government makes an announcement.

  22. Pip, in a way I would like Shorten to take the government to the next election rather than see Julia defeated. Shorten then has a term of *choke, heave* an Abbott government to promote his skills..and he has plenty of those..and then defeat the Libs at the following election.

    In that way, with a clean takeover rather than a Rudd coup, we get to keep Julia as a front bencher.

  23. I am currently omitting Combet from the lineup..he’ll be there. He and Shorten are clearly Labor’s primary options.

  24. Min, that sounds like a plan .. Julia has done exactly what was wanted by the majority of her Party, she has managed to bring major reforms to pass and all through the period from August 2010 to the present, she has been the subject of vile treatment by Abbott and his legion of media hacks.

    The worst she has said in retaliation was “don ‘t write crap, can’t be that hard” to Mark Riley at the NPC, and to a deserving Michelle Grattan “next!”

  25. Min, I think the problem with Shorten is that he will carry the taint of the Rudd assassination, Combet however is a cleanskin.

  26. Min, I think the problem with Shorten is that he will carry the taint of the Rudd assassination, Combet however is a cleanskin.



  27. Nas, we do, however being a fellow Qlder we have an opportunity to see the future, and I do think that we are looking down the barrel of an Abbott Govt., which will see the demise of Gillard and therefore who could lead an effective opposition against Abbottism, for my money Combet would probably be the most effective, Patrick Stevadores, Ansett, James Hardy…… Tony Abbott!.

  28. We do indeed, Nasking, and I’d like to see it kept the way it is. The lady has a cool head.

  29. Nas’, we do indeed have a PM and one who is doing an excellent job..on the ground, but as far as PR..this is just my opinion, but I think that Julia should have followed her instincts from Day 1 instead of listening to the PR men. Her PR people got it wrong, instead of trying to hide things such as her Aussie/Welsh accent, it should have been promoted as an asset. Instead of trying to hide her well portioned derrier behind jackets, she should have glamed up. She looks absolutely stunning in a low cut evening gown..why do we seldom see her this way.

    This detracts in no way from the serious job which she is doing, but if you have a product, it must be promoted the right way..and the Labour PR people basically stuffed it.

  30. Min,
    I don’t think it woulda mattered what Gillard had done…the Murdoch empire and its clones were out to get her and this government…

    to many of the mega-rich and corporate privileged are worried about the precedents being set…

    look how the super profits mining tax is spreading across the world…governments need revenue…to provide opportunities for the many…

    with the kind of media and business vice Gillard was/is in it’s not surprising she stumbled sometimes…any small stumble is expanded into a supernova these days by a media also looking for an audience…struggling financially…

    Gillard reaches out for allies, some companies…but who can you trust in this panicked world of dog eat dog, dogs and old school ties, dogs collude for profits, dogs bark loud in need for more and more profits driven by the demands of shareholders? A lady will never be safe & secure amongst the hungry dogs.

    Then you have a grumpy electorate…more more more (sing it)…and attacks from all sides expecting infinite from finite…

    And tired, overworked, house & child & eldely parent burdened incurious drivers and listeners…congested and sleepwalking…looking for easy answers and reasons to explain the sense of malaise and exhaustion and loss of youth…radios blaring with misogynistic shock jocks feeding on their apathy…spreading cynicism like a virus…infecting, infecting…

    and some of the elderly watching the sun get lower and lower…in more pain than ever…looking for answers in all the wrong places…oft taking the traditional route…MSM…where Gillard is now ENEMY NO. 1

    Pragmatic lady making hard calls…fixing the problems of the past few PMs…Keating letting Murdoch off the leash…Howard’s neglect and carrots to too many buying votes…Rudd’s sometimes careless spending…

    Any wonder its hard for her in this sunburnt, sometimes rain-soaked outpost…where men have the inside track and luv it…and the corporate aristocracy thunder.


  31. Nas and I don’t think it woulda mattered what Gillard had done…the Murdoch empire and its clones were out to get her and this government…

    I think so too. What exactly is it that they have come out against Gillard for? They weren’t game to tackle her on the live-in lover issue but instead it’s been a promotion of Everyone Hates Julia.

    Yet when you ask, Why do you hate Julia..the response is a splutter..

    You see, people don’t actually know why they hate Julia, it’s that they’ve heard it repeated over and over over that they believe that it must be so. It’s the herd mentality, “everyone” thinks it’s true, so it must be so.

  32. Many people on the right hate Julia because they know she is too damn good! With her running the kind of government we’ve seen so far, even with a hung parliament, they know she could be in for decades. They have been more than happy to join Murdoch’s hate campaign. With his propaganda machine running full throttle getting some swinging voters to join up wasn’t too hard. And then, of course, there are the women haters. Let’s face it, we still have a few around in dear old Oz..

    But here’s a lovely man who clearly is not a woman hater giving his assessment of our Prime Minister.

  33. Thanks Roswell, I’d love to if I can come up with just a couple of appropriate verses and if Miglo wants it. We have so many good posts running here at the Cafe right now. They all deserve attention..

    Mind you, I have noticed that this is a particular trait of CW – very different from TPS where one in depth post runs for days with lots of fairly intensive and mainly relevant commentary, held together throughout with Lyn’s Links.. Over at the Poll Bludger there is a sort of manic political currency, often not relevant at all to the various polls which head each thread, but it has a staccato vitality which keeps its readers bang up to date. What Miglo and Min have developed here around several writers and running several themes concurrently is a bit like a cafe really! Several lively conversations going on at several tables! And of course its clientele are a friendly bunch who move around from table to table.

    But I guess that’s what Miglo had in mind when he called it Cafe Whispers!

  34. Patricia, we’re what Lyn from TPS called a reading-room Café. And yes, the ‘whispers’ was appropriately named. Whispering confidential messages to each other, out of the earshot of others.

  35. BTW, Patricia, thank you for the offer of a post on your comment. I’d be happy to put something together as I’ve come up with a few ideas since reading Roswell’s suggestion.

  36. Nas’, Min. patricia, in addition to her other great qualities our Prime Minister has a sense of humour.

    PM and Abbott at cross purposes

    The two leaders attended the launch of the Parliamentary Friends of the Red Cross this morning, signing an agreement recognising cross-parliamentary support for the humanitarian organisation.

    Before the signing, the Prime Minister called the Red Cross agreement a “truly bipartisan event”.

    ‘‘I’m red and he’s always cross,’’ Ms Gillard explained, having a dig at Mr Abbott.

    As the audience of MPs and Red Cross volunteers burst out laughing, Ms Gillard shrugged. ‘‘Had to do it. Sorry,’’ she said.

    Mr Abbott made a face that suggested he was not impressed, as Nationals leader Warren Truss guffawed.

  37. Well at least we know where Mr. Abbott is. Beginning to worry that he might be ill.

    I am happy with the PM we have now. The PM night not be able to run a chook raffle but she sure runs a tight ship in government.

    As to whether the coming budget is perceived well or not, I could not care less.

    The only thing that is important, is that it is the right budget for the times.

    We all know it will not be perceived well, no matter how miraculous it is.

    Picture of above comment.

    The government is fond of calling Tony Abbott ‘‘Dr No’’ but that could change to ‘‘Dr Cross’’ after Julia Gillard opened budget week with a provocative shot at the Opposition Leader.
    The two leaders attended the launch of the Parliamentary Friends of the Red Cross this morning, signing an agreement recognising cross-parliamentary support for the humanitarian organisation.
    Before the signing, the Prime Minister called the Red Cross agreement a “truly bipartisan event”.

    ‘‘I’m red and he’s always cross,’’ Ms Gillard explained, having a dig at Mr Abbott.
    As the audience of MPs and Red Cross volunteers burst out laughing, Ms Gillard shrugged. ‘‘Had to do it. Sorry,’’ she said.

    Read more:

  38. CU
    we are thinking alike. i also posted the joke on Monday in Canberra. The video clip is good. Abbott sure is grumpy and the journo’s have commented he has been avoiding them. hmmmm i wonder why

  39. Min wrote: You see, people don’t actually know why they hate Julia, it’s that they’ve heard it repeated over and over over that they believe that it must be so. It’s the herd mentality, “everyone” thinks it’s true, so it must be so.

    Plenty of that Min…plenty of that:

  40. This is why the PM is head and shoulders above all others at this time.

    I believe that Mr. Abbott is another who will have problems with being unpopular.

    “You wouldn’t know whether she had just declared war or won the lottery,” he said.


    But, overall, Gillard’s signature strength throughout her time at the helm has been just that – strength.


    Kevin Rudd, the man she replaced, could not cope with unpopularity. It ruined him. When Rudd knocked off Kim Beazley for the leadership in December 2006, he was an immediate hit in the polls. He outranked John Howard all the way until the November 2007 election at which he became prime minister.

    Read more:

  41. Cu,
    I believe that Mr. Abbott is another who will have problems with being unpopular.

    Abbott gave an audible moan of disapproval at the PM’s joke on herself and him, at a Red Cross function; the man is a useless drop kick.

  42. As the ABC is hearting, spruiking Beef Week here in QLD I’ll throw in a vid…someone has to standup for the cattle who oft end up in a place where almost nobody hears them scream:

  43. I’ve mentioned to a few of you over the last couple of weeks that I’ll be in Sydney on the 19th of May.

    We’re having a get together. 🙂

    If anybody from Sydney or surrounds wants to come along and me some of the team please let me know and I’ll email you the details. You’re all welcome and we’d love to meet you.

  44. That won’t be for a while. I tossed up the idea of heading down there in June but I’ve decided to put it on hold until after I start my new life.

  45. I wonder how big the surplus will be. Whatever it is, the Opposition are sure to say it isn’t enough. It’ll ruin the country. The sky will fall in. Jobs will be lost.

  46. Just how much have those with the most been supported by Joe Public?

    Oh but Sue, just yesterday in the Advertiser some economic giant commenting on what the budget might contain, reminded us that we mustn’t pick on the rich, ‘cos they’re the ones who keep the economy running.

    Another genius was snivelling about how all the initiatives by the government are just bribes.

    Yet another that the government was spending money like drunken sailors and we’ve all been rooned and so on.

    Talk about voting against their best interests and sheer stupidity!

    Min @12.54pm 7/5, which is exactly the points Germaine Greer made in her piece. Far from criticism of the PM, it was a red hot go at the double standards being applied to our PM. And she does glam up pretty spectacularly, doesn’t she? Perhaps, as Germaine suggested, a little more sophisticated glam in the work clothes? Can’t hurt.

    I’m with Nas’ and Bacchus on the PM. I don’t think us buying into the “Look over there-a leadership challenge” distraction is helpful or productive.

    We should be focussing on keeping the spotlight on the Liars unravelling tawdry, sordid scandal! It should be played for all it’s worth.

    Pip, Sue, Min, CU, how petty and sulky is Liealot? You can see that bottom lip hitting the floor! Makes you want to crack him one.

    When the PM cracked her joke, he should have laughed along with the audience and Warren Truss. He could even have got in a self deprecating, “You’ve been talking to my wife!” or other quip which would have focused attention on how good a bloke he must be, to be able to take a joke at his expense.

    Instead he looks like a sulky toddler. Showing his true nature. His personal handler should be hauled over the coals for allowing that to show. Oh wait…….that’s just what she’s like. No wonder.

    Whatever the budget contains, no matter how large or small the surplus or deficit, The Liars will say we’ve all been rooned!!

  47. How many people with kids, mortgages, debts work almost til they drop? Plenty.

    And they are so exhausted they don’t have much time to do anything but trust that their financial leaders are doing the right thing.

    More and more over the years tho they’ve begun to wake up to the mess…the corruption…the arrogance that lies beneath.

    More and more people are starting to believe too many leaders of the world’s finance companies/corporations are takin’ them for a ride.

    Are in fact psychopaths…morally bankrupt…criminals.

    Helping a privileged few at the expense of the many.

    Not to be trusted. Unable to recognise their contribution to the GFC.

    Increasingly the people are becoming annoyed, angry, rejecting austerity measures that wound the many…but too oft turn out to be wagging fingers…minimal punishment and deterrents for the psychos and highly testosteroned and conniving sh*ts that ran the financial system and housing markets into the ground.

    The trust has been lost.

    I wonder why?:

    Sandy Weill, Builder Of Too Big To Fail, No Longer Accepts Blame For Crisis

    The man who brought you Too Big To Fail has had just about enough of everybody blaming him for big banks failing.

    In an interview with Fortune’s Nin-Hai Tseng, Sandy Weill, the former CEO of Citigroup, said his lumbering beast of a bank, and other lumbering beasts like it, aren’t to blame for the crisis.

    Weill was the CEO of Citigroup until late 2003, during the key “becoming a monstrous disaster waiting to happen” phase of its existence. He lobbied, tirelessly and successfully, to break down Depression-era regulations against banks becoming too big. He even has a plaque in his office that boasts “The Shatterer of Glass-Steagall,” according to a New York Times report.

    And after (or, really, before) those regulatory shackles were cast aside, Weill worked tirelessly and successfully to bolt as many moving parts onto Citigroup as he could. Every other bank followed suit, just to keep up. Citi was king of them all for a while, the biggest bank in the world, and Weill rode off into the sunset in 2006, when he retired as chairman, his handiwork complete.

    And then the wheels started to come off. About a year and a half after his departure as chairman, Citi announced horrific losses due to its exposure to subprime mortgages, and a year after that the government pumped $45 billion into the bank to keep it from creating a black hole into which all of our money would be sucked. Citi has ever since been shedding as many of the parts Sandy Weill bolted on as it can.

    So, naturally, Sandy Weill, whom Time magazine labeled one of the “25 People To Blame For the Financial Crisis,” feels deep regret for all of this, no?

    No! Are you kidding? Do you really think the man who loaded half his family tree onto a Citigroup jet for a Mexican vacation just weeks after the bank received the second of its enormous taxpayer bailout checks still has a functioning shame gland?…/…-fail_b_1497761.html


    and the bankers wonder why we don’t believe them when they make justifications for sucking more and more money out of us…

    and when they attack governments trying to tax the bigwigs more to provide more opportunities for the many.

    Clean house I say…clean house. Demolish some.

    Time to rebuild.

    Regain trust.


  48. plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose (the more things change, the more they stay the same):

    Mitt Romney is campaigning across the country as a business-turnaround specialist, casting himself as a political outsider who understands “the real economy.”

    Yet to craft his economic plans, the Republican presidential candidate has turned to a group of Washington insiders.

    Among the financial and business experts advising Romney’s campaign are Columbia University’s R. Glenn Hubbard and Harvard University’s N. Gregory Mankiw, both economists who headed the Council of Economic Advisers under President George W. Bush. Rounding out the team are former Missouri Senator Jim Talent and onetime Minnesota Congressman Vin Weber, now Republican lobbyists at Washington-based firms…

    Ties to Bush
    Hubbard, who helped craft the 2001 Bush tax cuts, played a key role in drafting Romney’s tax initiatives. He, and later Mankiw, chaired the Council of Economic Advisers amid the slowest job growth for any prior president since World War II.

    “Glenn Hubbard helped George Bush turn record budget surpluses into record deficits with massive tax cuts for the rich, and he’s ready to do the same for Mitt Romney,” said Obama for America Policy Director James Kvaal in an April 25 statement.…/romney-economic-outsider-image-backed-by-bush-era-policy


    So Americans can TRUST Mitt Romney and his team then?

    More on Glenn Hubbard:

    Inside job – Glenn Hubbard backed into a corner

  49. Roswell was right. 😯

    This new blog template is difficult to navigate on a mobile phone and reading comments is also a problem due to not being able to zoom in enough.

    If you good people see some facelifts happening during the night do not adjust your screen. It’ll be me at work.

  50. Unbelievable speech from the Coaltion “fixer” the Manager of opposition business, the manager of backroom deals; he is accusing the government of all sorts of dastardly deals, and givng all who would listen a history lesson. .. very determined to put Harry Jenkins back as Speaker.

    Talking about Labor’s moral core as the rest of us count the number of Coalition MPs have had a hand in the Ashby affair.

    Quoting Michelle Grattan is C. Pyne’s own low point.

    I’m sure that POO O’Pyne believes this is the best speech he’s ever made….


  51. My g/grandmother’s family, the Love family owned the Queen Adelaide in Kingsthorpe Northants for over a 100 years. I want to go there!!!!

  52. Just a plug on behalf of my young cousin Emma: Well done Em’s!!!

    Thank you so very much to everyone who helped us.
    We managed to raise approx $4000.00 in a very short time for our beloved Pets Haven.
    You people are truly remarkable. To have such loyal, supportive people willing to get behind you all the time, makes us so very proud and extremely happy.

    The $4000 we raised will go towards our often overwhelming vet bills.
    People sometimes tell us that we should only take on the easy cases, but we think all animals deserve a chance at a furever home, and with all of your help, we make that happen…time and time again.

    YOU are Pets Haven!
    Our Pets Haven family are so important to the shelter, they make it very unique and special we think.

    So we thank you once again, from the bottom of our hearts.
    Lots and lots of Love
    The Pets Haven team.

  53. What a quaint little pub, Min. But what a pity it isn’t in the family these days. I like friends who own pubs. 🙂

  54. France and Greece seem to agree. Mr. Swan has voice concern that the rich and powerful have taken over.

    Rudd, when he was prime minister, wrote a long essay for The Monthly in which he said capitalism had damaged itself and it was then up to the socialists left in charge to salvage international finance and banking. Swan, earlier this year, wrote a long essay for The Monthly in which he set out a series of principles to make Australia a fair-go society and declared war on billionaire miners.

  55. This budgets takes from the strong part of the economy, to prop up the weak.

    It is not about winning the next election in my opinion.

    It is about neutering Mr.Abbott.

    As the PM said, the line has been crossed, and it follows, the PM intends to act.


    And there is extra money for those on income support early next year, which ticks the cost-of-living and Labor-values boxes.
    In fact, those getting the help are mostly already fully or more than fully compensated for the carbon price, but often that is not the perception. And these families are feeling squeezed by the high cost of living even before the carbon tax.

    Read more:

  56. Nas’ @6.27pm..yes the same one. Sadly country areas which are reasonably close to major population centres have huge abandoned animal problems, mostly due to people taking a Sunday drive and “forgetting” to take the dog and her litter of pups home with them.

  57. Good news. Shane says hi to everyone here. He’s getting the much deserved rest he needs and will be back amongst the fray with us when his health has fully returned.

    I’m sure you will join me in wishing him all the best.

  58. I’m sure you will join me in wishing him all the best.

    Yes, I certainly will – get yourself back to full health Shane! 🙂

  59. It just goes to show that things can be accomplished without fuss and bother, and that all that it requires is to get off one’s backside and do something instead of complaining.

    Tweed Shire Council has become the focus of councils around the country as they prepare to soften the impact of the carbon tax by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

    Director of Community and Natural Resources David Oxenham recently spoke at an Australian Local Government Association meeting in Canberra about the Tweed’s response to the Federal Government’s clean energy legislation.

    Mr Oxenham said the Tweed would be well placed when the legislation came into effect, largely because of the installation of a gas capture and electricity generating facility at the Stotts Creek landfill in 2002.

    “This facility captures and burns approximately 600 tonnes of methane gas, which is equivalent to 15,000 tonnes of carbon, and the electricity generated from the facility is in the order of 3000 megawatt hours per year, which is enough to power approximately 400 homes,” he said.

    Click to access Tweed%20Link_759_web.pdf

  60. Min,
    all that it requires is to get off one’s backside and do something instead of complaining.
    Absolutely right, and as I write, The Treasurer is telling the Nationalpress Club to be as tough as they like on the government but also scrutinise the Opposition.

    A very polite way of saying “get off your backsides and do your job as journalists properly”.

    Or maybe he meant “Don’t write crap. it can’t be that hard!”

  61. As a starting point for all the scribes, they should avail themselves of some information about how our economy is intertwined with the global economy because at present many of them are flying by the seat of their pants and don’t know what they’re talking about.

    The Search For Stability
    Series dates:Sunday 12 November 2006 – Sunday 17 December 2006

    The 2006 Boyer lectures, delivered by Ian Macfarlane AC, are about how we have struggled to find a means of ensuring a stable growth path for the economy. We thought we had it, we lost it disastrously, we half-regained it, then we fully regained it. But is it permanent, or is there a new set of challenges waiting to trap us?

  62. From Twitter, The Failed Estate blogger, Mr. Denmore says

    Mr Denmore ‏ @MrDenmore

    Standing out in all the media thumb-sucking over the budget is this comment: “It’s more about politics than economics!” And this is news??

    and this fellow is on the same wavelength as our Nasking,

    Bernard Keane ‏ @BernardKeane

    quality of political debate today makes me want to slip quietly out of APH and go find another country to live in


    Latika Bourke ‏ @latikambourke

    Tony Abbott wouldn’t pass biz tax cut as it was funded by the mining tax but he will support the family payments funded by it instead.

    and top tweet….

    Latika Bourke (@latikambourke)

    Asked how cash payments of baby bonus and school bonus are any different, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says ‘well look, they just are.’

  63. One more tweet 🙂

    Brigadier Slog ‏ @BrigadierSlog

    Hows your budget reply looking Hockey/Abbott? “Ratings agencies welcome Australian budget” – #auspol #Budget2012 #AAA

  64. Migs,

    With your interest in aboriginal history, SA, and that strange game the southerners play, you may be interested in this episode of Who Do You Think You Are, if you haven’t already seen it…..

    Michael O’Loughlin

    Aboriginal footballer Michael O’Loughlin traces the bloodlines of his family, discovering an ancestor who was the first to be granted land in the newly formed colony of South Australia. As political agenda’s changed, an inter-generational fight for the right to land ensued.

    Michael also investigates a family legend that connects him to Australia’s $50 bill and discovers a life-changing ancestor, who was one of the last tribal Aboriginals from the Coorong and Lake regions to move onto the mission. Working alongside Australia’s foremost anthropologist, Norman Tindale, his legacy was to preserve the memory of a disintegrating culture.

  65. “Asked how cash payments of baby bonus and school bonus are any different, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says ‘well look, they just are.’”

    Mr. Albanese has just pointed out that one has to have a school child to get the benefit.

    Mr. Albanese pointed out to Mr. Hockey, that babies grow into school children.,

  66. Wonder what hat the stunt is going to be today.

    Wilkie appears to be cooking one up in relation to Thompson.

  67. Thanks Bacchus.

    I’ve seen the old church on the Coorong where David Unaipon used to play the organ. He’d mysteriously disappear from the church and turn up at his house nearby. Legend has it that there’s a secret tunnel that connects them. The tunnel has never been found.

    BTW, I was friends with Michael’s father, Jack Stengle (or Stingle). He was an outstanding footballer. I have some good stories about him, but I’ll save them for over a drink.

  68. Alleged Costello comeback sparks infighting
    7.30 By Heather Ewart

    The ABC has learnt the Federal Coalition is being rocked by claims former treasurer Peter Costello made a bid to return to the political stage late last year.

    The ABC’s 7.30 program has found bitter factional in-fighting was triggered by the purported move by Mr Costello, who demanded a young MP step aside to accommodate him.

    It is a claim Mr Costello steadfastly denies, but many of his former colleagues believe it, with Victorian MPs privately saying he has become bored and frustrated that Tony Abbott looks headed for the top job.

  69. ‘…he has become bored and frustrated that Tony Abbott looks headed for the top job.’

    This rumour may have legs, but it will only play out if Smith becomes Labor leader and drops the CO2 tax.

    Minchin admires Costello and believes he has the ‘common touch’ with the electorate, which Abbott lacks. If Labor grinds back public support under a new leader, Costello may be encouraged to run.

    Not too sure how Yabbott would feel about that.

  70. el gordo, litte Nick still has a fair bit of clout in the Lib Party… on the other hand Heather does tend to over-excitement sometimes

    Or, someone is trying to rattle the Leader’s cage…

  71. Pip I call the Costello story bullshit, just the Libs throwing the switch to vaudeville aka “jumping the shark”

    ..a typically memorable expression Keating said that when the time came, he’d “throw the switch to Vaudeville”

  72. I didn’t know we were even subsidising this “treatment”. I wonder how long this “treatment” has been subsidised through the govt. I would have thought that if private health funds wanted to pay a benefit it would come out of their member contributions.

    “Natural therapies found to be clinically ineffective will be cut out of government-funded private health insurance rebates.

    Treatments including homeopathy, aromatherapy, ear candling, crystal therapy, flower essences, iridology, kinesiology and naturopathy could be found ineligible.”

  73. The executive of the HSU east has voted to stand down and bring a administrator in. The vote was six to two, with Ms. Jackson voting in the negative.

  74. Rio Tinto chairman confident on economy

    GLOBAL miner Rio Tinto’s chairman has told shareholders that he is more confident about the global economic picture than he was six months ago.
    The world continued to face considerable uncertainty and ongoing volatility, largely driven by the sovereign debt crisis in Europe, Rio chairman Jan Du Plessis told the company’s annual general meeting in Brisbane.
    However, longer term he believed the outlook remains strong with demand for many of the products Rio produced expected to double over the next 20 years.

  75. I believe we are going to get from Mr. Abbott tonight, is the need to raised productivity by freeing up the workplace and how his maternity scheme is needed.

    There will be plenty on how demolishing the so called carbon tax is all that is needed.

    Oh, and those twenty thousand PS that need to be sacked.

  76. Cu, if I remember Abbott from last year he provided next to no details and avoided addressing issues – tonight could easily be a repeat. The question is, will the msm let him get away with it again.

  77. That suitcase. Is it all it seems.

    But before police could inspect Mr Williamson’s bag his solicitor, Vivian Evans, lodged a claim of legal professional privilege over the contents. Communications between lawyers and their clients are confidential and not available to police.
    ”We say there is no mystery about it,” Ms Evans said yesterday. The bag, which Mr Williamson treats as his briefcase, contained personal effects as well as ”documents he has been working on with his lawyers”, Ms Evans said.
    The circumstances of how the bag was moved from the HSU offices to the car park during last week’s raid resulted in the execution of a second search warrant at HSU headquarters yesterday.
    The Herald understands that during yesterday’s search police obtained internal security footage held by the union which might indicate what was happening within the HSU’s office before and during the police raid on May 1.
    Union sources have told the Herald that prior to last week’s raid, which occurred just after 9am, Chris Williamson, a union communications officer, was on the phone to his father warning him to stay away from the building. Colleagues told the Herald that after speaking to his father, Chris Williamson collected the bag from his father’s office and wheeled it past the police who had arrived at the door.
    Not long after, officers confiscated the bag as father and son were putting it into a vehicle in a basement car park.
    The contents of the bag, which is sealed and locked within a police exhibits room, may be revealed today.

    Read more:

  78. the role of parliamentarians is vastly different. They are sworn to uphold the constitution.


    When the authors of the constitution wrote it, the made it a document that is not bound by morality. It is strictly a clear set of rules and regulations on how parliament is to operate and they powers of that parliament. One power they do not have is the power to expel a MP from office unless :


    Any person who:

    (i) is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power; or

    (ii) is attainted of treason, or has been convicted and is under sentence, or subject to be sentenced, for any offence punishable under the law of the Commonwealth or of a State by imprisonment for one year or longer; or

    (iii) is an undischarged bankrupt or insolvent; or

    (iv) holds any office of profit under the Crown, or any pension payable during the pleasure of the Crown out of any of the revenues of the Commonwealth; or

    (v) has any direct or indirect pecuniary interest in any agreement with the Public Service of the Commonwealth otherwise than as a member and in common with the other members of an incorporated company consisting of more than twenty‑five persons;

    shall be incapable of being chosen or of sitting as a senator or a member of the House of Representatives.

    But subsection (iv) does not apply to the office of any of the Queen’s Ministers of State for the Commonwealth, or of any of the Queen’s Ministers for a State, or to the receipt of pay, half pay, or a pension, by any person as an officer or member of the Queen’s navy or army, or to the receipt of pay as an officer or member of the naval or military forces of the Commonwealth by any person whose services are not wholly employed by the Commonwealth.

  79. The irony in all this is Abbott once stood and said he holds the Westminster system high during the 17 days post the last election. Yet here he is trashing the constitution. If he wants this section changed, then he should be calling for a referendum to make those changes. He is not.

    The smear he tarnishes one minister now for political expedience will haunt the parliament forever. This man is single handedly destroying the 111 years of faithful service of our constitution for his own political gain.

    Beware this man, Abbott. He is not of sound mind or body. And read the constitution

  80. Is Mr. Albanese going to do as he threatened yesterday, turn the tables on Mr. Pyne.

  81. el gordo, I am sure he thinks he does. I am sure that his favorite song is “I did it my way”.

  82. He needs to practice his touch typing. But then, he’s probably new at this fandango computer stuff.

  83. Love it. The Speaker. the motion of have sat through for three days.

    Mr.Abbott reminded of the loan he did not registered for two years.

    Mr. Pyne is asking what he knew about Ashby.

    I think, he maybe turning the table, as threatened yesterday.

  84. The amendment is being made, I believe.

    There must have been a better interview of Pyne’s this morning. With someone called, I think, Mathias


  85. The longer it goes on, the murkier it gets.

    Mr Hayes wants the branch put into voluntary administration.

    He says six of the eight executives of the HSU East branch want the union to appoint its own administrator before the New South Wales Government or a Federal Court judge appoints one.

    But he says a meeting cannot be held until next week.

    “Obviously going forward there will be an administrator coming in and those decisions will be taken out of our hands, so it is a matter of being a little bit mature in this and … showing some good faith towards the membership,” he said.

  86. Iceland is “cool” with same sex marriage.


    Iceland ‏ @thisisiceland

    Many humans are talking about same-sex marriage. It is not only legal on me, but my people’s prime minister is a woman, married to a woman

  87. Jane

    We can only hope that parliament has its uses. Elder abuse? Stronger laws to protect those with Dementia? Suspend all those with cases in the courts and or all those found guilty even when no conviction recoded.

    “Mr Albanese also said Labor would start going after the Coalition frontbencher Sophie Mirabella, who is subject to civil claims over a deceased estate. Ms Mirabella remonstrated angrily with Mr Albanese afterwards.

    Mr Oakeshott told the Herald that the Liberals should lead by example and expel the South Australian senator Mary Jo Fisher, who was found guilty of assault last year without a conviction.”

    Read more:

  88. I find the info in this article troubling:

    U.S. Military Taught Officers: Use ‘Hiroshima’ Tactics for ‘Total War’ on Islam

    The U.S. military taught its future leaders that a “total war” against the world’s 1.4 billion Muslims would be necessary to protect America from Islamic terrorists, according to documents obtained by Danger Room. Among the options considered for that conflict: using the lessons of “Hiroshima” to wipe out whole cities at once, targeting the “civilian population wherever necessary.”

    The course, first reported by Danger Room last month and held at the Defense Department’s Joint Forces Staff College, has since been canceled by the Pentagon brass. It’s only now, however, that the details of the class have come to light. Danger Room received hundreds of pages of course material and reference documents from a source familiar with the contents of the class.

    The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently ordered the entire U.S. military to scour its training material to make sure it doesn’t contain similarly hateful material, a process that is still ongoing. But the officer who delivered the lectures, Army Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley, still maintains his position at the Norfolk, Virginia college, pending an investigation. The commanders, lieutenant colonels, captains and colonels who sat in Dooley’s classroom, listening to the inflammatory material week after week, have now moved into higher-level assignments throughout the U.S. military.

    Feor the better part of the last decade, a small cabal of self-anointed counterterrorism experts has been working its way through the U.S. military, intelligence and law enforcement communities, trying to convince whoever it could that America’s real terrorist enemy wasn’t al-Qaida — but the Islamic faith itself. In his course, Dooley brought in these anti-Muslim demagogues as guest lecturers. And he took their argument to its final, ugly conclusion.

    “We have now come to understand that there is no such thing as ‘moderate Islam,’” Dooley noted in a July 2011 presentation (.pdf), which concluded with a suggested manifesto to America’s enemies. “It is therefore time for the United States to make our true intentions clear. This barbaric ideology will no longer be tolerated. Islam must change or we will facilitate its self-destruction.”


  89. From Sid Maher in the Oz.

    ‘ONE of the nation’s leading carbon-pricing experts has described as “unrealistic in the extreme” Treasury’s budget forecast of a $29-a-tonne carbon price in 2015-16, and warned of a multi-billion-dollar risk to the budget and a failure of the scheme to change emissions behaviour if a floor price is not maintained.

    ‘Frank Jotzo, the deputy director of the Australian National University’s Climate Change Institute, told The Australian an oversupply of credits in the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism meant carbon prices would stay low and a more realistic estimate was $5.’

  90. Sue, was it only yesterday that we had the press breathless with excitement that Oakeshott might withdraw his support from the government, but today we have (and from your link)..

    Mr Oakeshott told the Herald that the Liberals should lead by example and expel the South Australian senator Mary Jo Fisher, who was found guilty of assault last year without a conviction.”

  91. ‘America’s toughest sheriff’ sued over rights abuses
    By Stephanie Kennedy, wires
    Updated May 11, 2012 08:18:57

    RELATED STORY: Court sympathy for tough US immigration laws
    MAP: United States
    The US government is suing an Arizona sheriff for civil rights violations, alleging he and his office intentionally engaged in racial profiling and unlawful arrests of Hispanics.

    The lawsuit cites systemic profiling, sloppy and indifferent police work and a disregard for minority rights by county Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a conservative Republican who styles himself as “America’s toughest sheriff”.

    It is alleged the sheriff used a “volunteer posse” or a group of untrained civilians to carry out the sheriff’s anti-Latino policies in a county of 4 million people which is 30 per cent Hispanic.

    He is accused of wilfully denying Latino prisoners their civil rights in jail and arresting his political opponents for no valid reason.…/4004676


  92. Min

    so true but still the breathless press are still suggesting Oakshott will bring down the guvmint!

  93. Sue, they might be out of luck..this of course is what it’s all about, not Thomson’s behaviour but all about bringing down the government. It’s all about Tony running out of time and doing whatever it takes.

    COALITION hopes that the Craig Thomson affair will bring down the Gillard government have been set back with the independent MP Bob Katter saying the courts, not Parliament, should judge the former Labor MP.

  94. Also courtesy of Bob Katter, who for once in a blue moon is saying something sensible..

    He accused the Coalition of double standards for pursuing Mr Thomson’s alleged misdeeds of past years when it turned a blind eye for more than a decade to the alleged indiscretions of Peter Slipper when he was a Coalition MP.

  95. COALITION hopes that the Craig Thomson affair will bring down the Gillard government have been set back with the independent MP Bob Katter saying the courts, not Parliament, should judge the former Labor MP.
    Mr Katter told the Herald he would not support any vote suspending Mr Thomson from the Parliament, or forcing his resignation, until the matters against the MP had been heard by the court.

    Read more:

  96. During a police raid on the HSU East branch in Sydney on May 1, officers seized the suitcase from Mr Williamson and his son Chris, a union employee, in a nearby basement car park.
    Mr Williamson’s lawyer Vivian Evans claims the documents are of a legal nature and therefore attract legal professional privilege.
    As the police are challenging that claim, the bag’s contents have been sealed and taken to Parramatta Local Court.

    Read more:

  97. Abbott at a business lunch, continuing his campaogn of divdie and rule.

    Still rabbiting on about class war.

    Full of slogans. We know in our hearts that the things that combine us..

    Upping the abuse of the PM.

    How dare the man talk about knowing in the marrow of his bones…

    Pity he is not telling us, how is is going to do it.

    ABC 24. This speech tells me how desperate they are becoming.

  98. Will someone tell Mr. Abbott, the economy is still growing. He does not have to get it going again.

    I am afraid to me, he is making no sense.

  99. He knows in the marrow of his bones will not be to cling to office ……………….

    This speech is unbelievable.

    I am sure it is not what the business men he is addressing want to hear.

    It is as if he is trying to convince himself.

    Once again nothing new, nothing but unconnected slogans gabbled together. They clapped when they thought he was finished. They are to be disappointed. He continued om.

  100. I am afraid to me, he is making no sense.

    You and me, both, CU. OTOH when has he made any sense?

    They clapped when they thought he was finished.

    So even the LIars had no idea what he was rabbitting on about, or they were praying he’d stop if they clapped. 😯

  101. Why does the body language of the PM ooze confidence and one being ar ease.

    We look at Mr. Abbott, the opposite is true. He is coming across as a man that is reduced to pleading with the community. He is begging that someone get rid of this PM.

    The most that Mr. Abbott can come up with his critique of the budget, that it is no more than class warfare. That has to be a new low for any budget reply speech.

    He is so devoid of any answers, that all he can come up with, is that we have to trust him.

    Mr Abbott was severely critical of the budget but did not specify whether he would oppose any of its measures, including the two new cost-of-living policies.
    The opposition did try to stop a third new cost-of-living measure, the so-called schoolkids bonus, but it passed the Senate yesterday with the support of the Greens.

    Read more:

  102. Cu, I am not getting that Abbott’s appeal to protect the well-off will score many points for him…about as much traction as Gina crying poor.

  103. Mr. Abbott problem is that this government is not paralyzed. It is functioning as a government should. It is addressing each day the needs of the community.

    Mr. Abbott is the one that is paralyzed by his obsessive attack on the PM.

    One just has to listen to him being interviewed, he has nothing to offer to the community.

    He said the Gillard government would remain paralysed as long as it kept defending Craig Thomson, and Labor should dump Ms Gillard.

    Read more:

    Mr. Abbott sounds like he is trying to convince himself.

  104. Could not help but cut and paste this comment. My feelings completely.

    Gee if a minority govt is too busy managing the parliamentary process and we have 4.9% unemployment, the best economy in the developed world, a vision for the future – NBN (a digital future that will create jobs), a new energy future that will also create jobs, spending on infrastructure, hospitals, education, pacific hwy etc.
    When Labor have a majority at the next election just imagine what we can do…… a much better economy obviously because they don’t have to worry about parliamentary processes…
    North Coast NSW
    Date and time
    May 11,

    Read more:

  105. When I saw this on the tele the other day:

    “Mitt Romney reaffirmed his view that marriage is between “a man and a woman,”

    I must admit I thought:

    Mitt Romney reaffirmed his view that marriage is between “a man and a woman, and a woman,and a woman, and a woman and a woman……………”

  106. Sue, it is OK if you have one after another.

    I think I read somewhere that the man is reborn, so we can forget about those in the past. Not so sure they felt the same way,

  107. Nasking

    Kroger should have written the plea on a restaurant tab and given it to a “friend” to keep as evidence.
    And true to form Costello backs down.

    And Nick Minchin believes Costello is honest, but actually knows he is all bluster, and lazy.

  108. Sue,
    I thought Minchin looked very worried.

    Abbott has taken the Coalition down a path that runs along a cliff…by attacking Thomson and Slipper so much…he has set a terrible precedent.

    Soon Abbott will be pushed off that cliff.

    And some old guard Libs will follow.

    One helluva mess he’s made for his party.

    They’re spinning like tops because they don’t know where Abbott’s weathervane will point…why his responses are so bitter and twisted…grandiose…also vague and impetious.

    The days of reckoning are almost upon us.


  109. Nasking

    that cliff could be 21May, not only the chance for thompson to talk but slipper gets his day in court.
    slipper may just be next to that cliff waving them off with all his own inside knowledge

  110. I think I read somewhere that the man is reborn, so we can forget about those in the past. Not so sure they felt the same way,

    LOL CU. Is that similar to:

    I accept that at times I have stuffed up. When you become leader, you make a new start,” he said.

    “The Australian public are always prepared to give the leader of a major political party a fair go. (But) I should probably apologise now for all my errors of the past and ask for a clean start.


  111. program that “not only ensured that the education needs of students were met but also provided genuine relief to the many families in my electorate and around Australia” and replaced it with “waste and mismanagement”. Think of it as not so much gaining a sugar hit as losing a nice nice piece of healthy fruit.

    If John Howard had manoeuvred Labor into voting against handouts, there’d be newsprint as far as the eye could see lauding his amazing powers of bewedgement, but that doesn’t fit the narrative, so, what about Northshoregate, eh? It says much about the current quality of our political debate and media coverage thereof that any heed was paid to that. Still, just think of all those seats in Sydney that Labor will now lose.

    The real reason the Coalition opposed the education refund but supported the Family Tax Benefit A adjustment and income support measures isn’t at all clear. The carbon tax was invoked in both cases, in an apparent breakdown of logic by whoever prepares the Coalition’s talking points. The instinct of reflexive oppositionism, perhaps? The sound policy position would have been to oppose all three, not merely because they are being paid for by the mining tax (although, of course, it was Howard policy to use tax revenues from the mining boom to fund handouts) nor because a lot of the handouts are straight middle-class welfare, but because the passage of the measures has now added $5 billion over forward estimates to Joe Hockey’s task of findings savings. The Coalition is already tens of billions in the red on that score, so another $5 billion is neither here nor there, but it doesn’t make the life of Hockey, on his lonely vigil of tolling the end of the Age of Entitlement, and Andrew Robb any easier.

  112. Cu @ 2.65pm,
    Mr. Abbott sounds like he is trying to convince himself.

    All he wants is a new election and that “bad government” with the “unworthy Prime Minister” is in his way!

  113. Min, looks like even Katter has a better grasp of the Constitution then the Liars. Not a difficult call, I reckon even my cat is better informed.

    Sue @3.09pm, not necessarily consecutively.

    Nas’ @4.40pm, gold again!

  114. Cu, from your link, doesn’t this give an indication of the hypocrisy.

    The sound policy position would have been to oppose all three, not merely because they are being paid for by the mining tax (although, of course, it was Howard policy to use tax revenues from the mining boom to fund handouts.

  115. I must admit I was amused by Mitt Romney (US Presidential hopeful) coming out against gay marriage saying marriage was between a man and a woman.

    Romney as a prominent Mormon, shouldn’t that be marriage is between a man and several women.

    Just look at the history of your own church and the persecution of your faith because of its stance on polygamy.

    I call HYPOCRITE!!!

  116. Perfect timing lunalava…. a tweet by Dr. Kerryn Phelps


    How are same s_x marriages different to marriages between a man and a woman @TonyAbbottMHR ? They just are? Best excuse? #theyjustare

  117. Craig Thomson says union rival once threatened to ‘set him up with hookers’

    FEDERAL MP Craig Thomson claims a rival union official threatened eight years ago to ruin his career by setting him up with prostitutes.
    Mr Thomson’s lawyers last month sent Fair Work Australia (FWA) a submission which says the unnamed rival was witnessed in 2004 threatening to “ruin Mr Thomson’s life, to destroy his political ambitions and to set him up with a bunch of hookers”, the Nine Network reported today.

    Mr Thomson has accused FWA of failing to investigate the claim, which is expected to be a key focus of the suspended Labor MP’s long-awaited explanation to federal parliament later this month, Nine said.

  118. Pip

    I have just read that article, should make for an interesting day in parliament on 21 May.

  119. There’s a piece of information missing from the news.con article, but is included in the SBS online version.
    Both articles were sourced from AAP.

    HSU acting president Chris Brown said the union should wait until a civil action being brought by FWA is finalised.

    “If the opportunity arises and we can do that I believe we should do that, but we are not going to be able to do that until a lot of the legal things are over,” Mr Brown told AAP on Friday.

    It is understood two legal problems impeding the recovery of money include the statute of limitations and a defamation settlement between the union and Mr Thomson.

  120. Pip

    it has probably been the basis of Thompson’s assurances to the ALP.
    If he has witnesses, then it will form part of his defense if ever charged. Now we will all await to see if the NSW police feel there is evidence that could lead to charges.

  121. Sue, I imagine it will be very interesting; if that piece of information proves to be correct, there should be some very red faces.

  122. Sue, it’s an interesting mental exercise to work out why FWA didn’t follow up on Thomson’s claim that he had been threatened with ruin.
    There are two reasons i can think of…..
    One he was disbelieved, which should deter anyone from investigating,
    and two, it wasn’t in the best interests of another person or persons.

  123. CU
    you will have us even more intrigued.
    but hopefully for his wife and family this sordid, contant, loathing from pollies and journalists will soon be over.

  124. Cu, I can’t rmember reading about the threat to set-up Thomson, but it might have been suggested as a possibilty… not by the msm thought …

  125. Pip

    And whose partner works at FWA?

    And surely a reason could not be …” well we just don’t believe you”

  126. Pip, it is simple, they do not have the power to do so,

    This I believe has been their dilemna. This has led to the drawn out investigations.

    They do not have the power or means to investigate criminal matters.

    They only have the power to make decisions on what the books say.

    They appear not to have the power, to make decisions as to whether the books are legit.

    I would like to remind one that if this was a commercial matter, it could also take years to investigate,

  127. Galactic Nooze

    ‘A YouTube user claims he has found proof that NASA is covering up evidence of aliens because the agency’s spacecraft that monitors the Sun went offline after he spotted a ‘UFO’ on its video feed.

    ‘On May 5, user ‘rob19791’ posted a YouTube video of a mysterious-looking ‘object’ hovering near the sun. The footage was taken from video that the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory beamed back to Earth and streamed online.’

    Read more:

  128. Sue,

    And whose partner works at FWA?

    The more we learn the more relevent that fact seems to be…

    Ms “Whose” has tried very hard to blame Thomson while telling anyone who’ll listen that she’s innocent…

  129. Cu, it seems very strange to me, that a person, Mr. Thomson, advised FWA that he had been threatened with being set-up in an effort to ruin him and prevent his preselection, and FWA did nothing about it.

    Why wouldn’t FWA have acted to discover what was going on, and would it have
    benefited anyone else for them to ignore the complaint?

  130. Pip @9.46

    And the former hubbie had to pay back money to the union for his brothel services charged to a credit card.

    More to come that is for sure.

  131. From the SMH “craigs World” reply to his appearance on tv and story with telegraph

    “Craig’s World According to Thomson, he told the HSU national executive he was spending $103,393.32 in union funds on sponsorship of the Central Coast Rugby League in the years leading up to the 2007 federal election. ”The benefit was to the union’s brand name,” Thomson told FWA. ”It is fundamental that the HSU is continually raising its profile and increasing its membership.”

    Real World FWA found there was no authorisation from the (HSU) national council and, rather than being for the HSU’s benefit, it was more likely to boost his profile ”in order to enhance his prospects of being preselected by the ALP to contest the seat of Dobell.”

    Read more:

    Well SMH ever heard of the CFMEU Canberra Raiders, they were the major sponsors of the NRL team.. The head of the Canberra Branch of the CFMEU did not, has not a political career. I do not know if the CFMEU Canberra had to get permission of CFMEU National or whether they can make there own decisions.

    So maybe “Real World” is as fanciful as your interpretation of “Craigs World” and why it is better for the courts to decide.

  132. Queenslanders are you ready

    Here is how core and non core promises work Can Do style

    Core Promise:

    “Before the March 26 state election, the LNP Opposition promised its freeze on “family car registration fees” would save families $15 to $20 a year in its first term.

    Non core Promise:
    although registration fee frozen
    all other components of registration will rise, over and above the$20

    “QUEENSLAND motorists will pay more to register their cars next year despite the State Government’s promise to freeze registration fees for family vehicles.
    increase in compulsory third party insurance premiums for the first time since 2009.

    Although the size of the increase will be kept quiet until then, industry sources indicate it will be substantial.

    The “traffic improvement fee” component of car registration will also rise by a small amount in line with inflation leaving only the “registration fee” of $280.05 for a four-cylinder car the same.

  133. Six boats in a week, can we agree that Julia’s ‘asylum seeker problem’ is chronic?

  134. El gordo @1.43pm and what strategies do you propose so as to improve the situation? World peace??

    Today’s first gotchya. 🙂

  135. I’m just happy the new Australians are off the front page, thanks to Craig and Slippery.

    Julia’s strategy of putting refugees into the community faster is OK by me, but you can sense the incoming Coalition will stop the boats coming.

  136. El gordo, I do hope that you answer this time..but HOW is Abbott going to stop the boats?

    Perhaps I missed something, and you may care to enlighten us all.

  137. Min @ 5.09

    all sailors will have to learn an asian language
    all sailors equipped with such knowledge will be able to stop the boats by saying

    tony abbott mengatakan untuk berhenti perahu
    tony abbott कहते हैं कि रोकने के लिए नाव
    tony abbott وايي، چې د کشتۍ

  138. ………the incoming Coalition will stop the boats coming

    And just how will they achieve that miracle, grodo?

    Oh I know, Liealot will wade into the water clutching his Minute Book of Slogans and shout “Stop, boats!” And they’ll all stop, just like that!

    And Joe Hockey’s really good at economics and Barnyard is a good driver.

  139. Oh I know, Liealot will wade into the water clutching his Minute Book of Slogans and shout “Stop, boats!” And they’ll all stop, just like that!

    Wade into the water, Jane. I thought he could walk across it.

  140. Miglo

    As long as the water does not part, because the boats would stop, being beached but the refugees could then just walk right in.

  141. ‘Will they indeed elgordp. The experts in the field say no.’

    Being a heretic I have no faith in experts, especially those scientists who believe industrial CO2 is leading to catastrophe.

    The refugee boats will slow to a trickle when the island solution is reactivated.

  142. Mal Brough is favoured by John Howard but would Abbott want him as a possible contender. This could be good news for Abbott.

    “Mal Brough is facing a race against time to clear his name over deals involving the Sunshine Coast mayoral race.
    The Daily has learnt that unless Mr Brough is cleared by a Queensland Police investigation, he will not be considered for pre-selection for the safe Coast seat of Fisher held by independent Peter Slipper.

    Mr Brough has been accused by Coast mayoral hopeful and LNP member Michael Bloyce of being involved in attempts to bribe Mr Bloyce to stand aside from the mayoral race.

    Mr Brough has denied the allegations.

    LNP president Bruce McIvor made clear yesterday that anyone with pending issues – legal, health or any other matter – would need to wait for their resolution before they would be passed through the party’s candidate review.

  143. Sue, Brough is just like Abbott, he’d do anything to get what he wants, and he’s had a lot of help from the Sunshine Coast Daily in the past with all the Slipper stories getting a run.

  144. After finishing reading your link, Sue, the support of the Sunshine Daily Coast might be put on hold.

  145. And now for the most hypocritical story of the day. or just another dummy spit

    Ex MP Ticehurst to sue Thompson, for loss of earnings.

    Yes apparantly Ticehurst is upset by being beaten BECAUSE it deprived him of a lifelong pension of $85,000.

    The year 2007 and Thompson can outspend Ticehurst and win the seat.
    The year 2007, the YOUR RIGHTS AT WORK CAMPAIGN.

    The year 2007 Ticehurst campaigning for WORKCHOICES
    Ticehurst wanting to drive down workers rights and entitlements, now pissed off because he missed out on a LIFELONG PENSION of $85,000 and as an MP can draw on it immediately rather than wait to age 65.

    But it goes further, he is also pissed at the Liberal party because he was shown dirt on Thompson by Peter Costello’s adviser but it wasn’t used.

  146. lunalava
    it kinda supports your thoeries on the well poised dirt files ready to go at the most opportune times.
    suck in the msm
    slipper, thompson

    and the msm love dirt files supplied by the coalition so easy to write a story without having to leave a desk

    suck in the msm
    it is so hard for us in this 24 hour news cycle

  147. The Opposition is demanding the PM must say whether she believes Mr. Thompson or not.

    I have news for the Opposition, the PM or no one else for that matter, to to make an decision whether she believes him or not.

    It is not her job, and it would be wrong for her to do so.

    The presumption off innocence is what is important, not Mr. Abbott getting his own way.

    It looks like Piers statement yesterday, is Mr. Shorten.

    It was pointed out that for a year Mr. Abbott has been undergoing similar rumours.


    Nikki wonders why make announcement now. Suggest that Piers interview and article yesterday might have something to do with the matter.

    Has the Thompson issue besmirched the parliament, or is it the Opposition use of the issues.

    How does one have a new culture of behavior without ditching the presumption of innocence.

    Being force to make a statement takes away from ones right to silence.

    The FWA report is only allegations. They have not been investigated in any way. They have not been tested. Only a court could do this.

  148. Someone this morning was wondering why the police have not charged before this.

    That is a interesting question.

    It could be that it is not a black and white matter as many say.
    it is not open and shut whether he is guilty or not.

    Maybe just maybe, there is no case to answer.

    I, for one would have expected answers before this, especially with the extensive interest and man power that have been dedicated to the matter.

  149. Cu, why should Gillard say whether or not she supports Thomson when he is yet to make his statement. Let him make his statement, and THEN the question might have some sort of relevance.

  150. Findings from FWA that have not been tested. That no charges have yet arise from the findings.

    Minister Machlin is correct. It is right and proper not to make a decision before one is charged, then convicted.

    The Opposition is taking us down a dangerous path, in trashing convention and procedures.

    ABC 24

    Why is not Mr. Abbott being condemned for what he is doing.

  151. This is more than just about Thomson, it is as Adam Bandt has stated…

    The Greens MP Adam Bandt told The Sun-Herald yesterday that ”two very worrying things are happening in Parliament at the moment”.

    ”First, some pretty disturbing allegations are being made of a scandalous misuse of union members’ money,” Mr Bandt said. ”Second, some people seem willing to play fast and loose with fundamental principles of our democratic system, namely the presumption of innocence and the separation of powers.

    ”Subject to the constitution, it is the voters who must decide who is in Parliament, not the Parliament itself. We only need to look at history to see the dangers of violating that principle. It’s when the heat gets turned up that it’s most important to defend fundamental principles of our democratic system and make sure Parliament does not become a court.”

  152. Min, they will not even have relevance then. The presumption of innocence still stands.

    The statement is being made. after pressure from the Opposition. .This in it’s self is wrong. There is also a right to remain silent. That is a important part of our judicial system.

  153. Ex senator Minchin of all people, is also making similar warnings. Is saying what the media should be, that Mr,Abbott and the Opposition have gone to far.

    ” fundamental principles of our democratic system, namely the presumption of innocence and the separation of powers.” (above comment)

    Yes, these and another of the right to remain silent is more important than Mr. Abbott’s quest to be PM.

    Mr. Abbott is not achieving his aim, because that pesky, useless and much more PM will not role over for him.

    Mr. Abbott believes he is being cheated, and is willing to trash a legitimate elected PM, the economy and country to get what he desires. If it means destroying individuals and deny them their legal rights, so be it.

    He is willing to tell as many lies and use every underhand trick to do so.

  154. Mr Howes is preparing to launch a public call for Labor to resist the environmental movement and take a tougher line with the Greens at a speech at the National Press Club later this month.



  155. Insiders. It is immaterial what the polls say that they are going to be worse off. Down the track, people are going to find out that is not true.

    Some are saying things will not mean they will feel better towards the PM.

    The country has come to a lovely place when truth does not matter and liar are rewarded.

    Are we that unfair, that we ignore the good and accept the bad. That we just do not care or listen.

    I so hope that Nikki Savvy is wrong.

    Does the debt argument flies. Will the class war go any where. Nikki seems to believe that Abbott is very wise.

    I like to think, at the end of the day, we are savvy people.

  156. Asked why did not the Telegraph did not go out to Parramatta and ask people what they thought of wasting the kid school bonus, as they went to North Shore, asking about the class war.

    At least Karen Middleton is standing up for the government.

    One cannot censure without making a judgement.

  157. Laura Tingle said that talking about whether or not, they are guilty, along with the Shorten headlines, we have cross a line. Was not asked what the line was. I assume it is the same one that the PM is talking about.

  158. We’re talking, of course, about Michael Kroger and Janet Albrechtsen who caused a splash on the weekend by stepping out together at union boss Paul Howes’ 30th birthday party in Sydney.

    Howes, Shorten, Richo…they can have their party back as far as I’m concerned.

    Maybe the mongrels can take down Abbott.

    Obviously caring about this country’s environment comes second to catering to destructive industries, Murdoch, shock jocks, mining bosses, big gambling barons.

    Welcome to CorpAmeriAus.


  159. nasking, I believe the PM is going to show all that the Greens are reliant on the PM, not the other way about.

    As for what Howes has to say, I would not place much value on that.

    He is inclined to speak before he thinks. He has already stated that he should have kept his trap shut,, the night Mr. Rudd was deposed.

  160. The Ashby matters come to the Federal Court this week. More substance has to be given to the court.

  161. ‘It goes straight to her credibility and her judgment. How much longer will she stand by Craig Thomson and accept his vote on the floor of the parliament?’ he told Sky News.

    ‘His story was completely unbelievable and bizarre.’

    Liberal MP Mathias Cormann is correct. It does go to the PM’s credibility and judgement.

    The PM has made the judgement that the Separation of Powers, the right to remain silent and the presumption of innocence, the right to remain silent are important.

    It is important because it is what our democracy and judicial system is based on. Take these props away, and we are left with trial by media. We are left with the laws of the jungle, where those with the might always win.

    Because of the above, the parliament cannot and should not set itself up as kangaroo court to take over these roles.

    “‘His story was completely unbelievable and bizarre.’

    Whether his story is true or not, is immaterial. That will be decided in a court of law, if he is ever charged, let alone convicted.

    It is a pity that Liberal MP Mathias Cormann could not also respect the people and parliament as well.

    The information about Mr. Thompson has been in the public domain since, if not, before the 2007 elections.

    If there was not an minority government, this story would not be running at all.

    The stories we are reading, are only about Mr. Abbott’s quest for power at any cost.

  162. Can somebody please explain why the cops haven’t charged Craig Thomson with theft, fraud, or whatever the appropriate offence is arising from his wholly inappropriate use of his member-funded credit card at the Health Services Union?
    How much more evidence do they need that he at least has a case to answer? His bizarre interview with Laurie Oakes yesterday did nothing to clear him of any suspicion, and succeeded only in further damaging Labor by keeping him in the spotlight.

    The only reason I can think of. They do not have the evidence at this time to lay charges.

    I an sure if the did they charges would be laid.

  163. Three of the five members of the crossbench are uncomfortable with the idea that he should face parliamentary censure – breaking ranks with fellow independent Rob Oakeshott – arguing it is a breach of the separation of the parliamentary and legal systems. They also accused the opposition of playing ”fast and loose” with democracy.
    The Greens MP Adam Bandt told The Sun-Herald yesterday that ”two very worrying things are happening in Parliament at the moment”.
    ”First, some pretty disturbing allegations are being made of a scandalous misuse of union members’ money,” Mr Bandt said. ”Second, some people seem willing to play fast and loose with fundamental principles of our democratic system, namely the presumption of innocence and the separation of powers.
    ”Subject to the constitution, it is the voters who must decide who is in Parliament, not the Parliament itself. We only need to look at history to see the dangers of violating that principle. It’s when the heat gets turned up that it’s most important to defend fundamental principles of our democratic system and make sure Parliament does not become a court.”

    Read more:

  164. Cu,
    Sadly…I predict that if the polls are really bad next week or so…Julia Gillard is going to resign.

    Frankly, some of us are starting to feel like we’re the Spartans at Thermopylae.


  165. nasking, I believe the PM is very capable of resigning, if she came to the conclusion that was the right thing to do, for both the party and the country.

    The problem I have with this course of action, is that she has done nothing wrong. The opposite is true.

    The PM has been a effective and strong leader. The PM and Mr. Swan have introduced a budget that appears to meet the needs of the economy.

    The government is fast tracking much needed policies on the age, health and disabled,

    The multi-facet economy is being given a stimulus where needed.

    Unemployment is manageable.

    Growth is still being maintained.

    I would hate to see the disgraceful and disgusting tactics of Mr. Abbott, who is willing to trash everything succeed.

    I also believe that for the good of politics in this country, the PM has no option but to soldier on and keep up the good governance she is practicing.

    Winning the next election, believe it or not, that important.

    Doing the right thing in the present government is.

    Every winner of any race, has only won the one the last competed.

    The next race is always up all comers.

    The cheats should not be awarded. That is if we want to see the standard of politics in this country rise.

    It is really about voters taking back their power, and their votes being respected.

    it is not about the right of anyone, party or the media to rule.

  166. nasking, maybe the Opposition shares your view, with the attack on Mr. Shorten, cleverly began by Piers.

    We need to remember, this PM is not easily shaken and does have guts.

  167. Watching Mitt Romney address evangelical crowds at a uni reminded me of the Iranian reformist leader over a decade ago addressing religious crowds. Chooks in the house of FOXes.


  168. Cu,
    you make many valid points…as does Ad astra here:

    The polluting power of poisonous politics.

    It took mongrels and good people alike to beat the NAZI scourge, propaganda, codes, military…cutoff their resources…fuel for their machine.

    Strange, awkward bedfellows.

    Some tuff as nuts.
    One thing any Laborite must not do is put the great work of unions into disrepute…damage their effectiveness. Anyone who makes a judgement call that does weakens the force. Keeping at arm’s length is different than allowing a weeping wound to go unattended.


  169. CU @10.31am, I would have thought that if they have so much evidence, they would have made their move by now.

    I’ll be interested to see what fallout there is for Jackson and her ex husband. With luck, they’ll be for the high jump and the Liars will have some ‘splaining to do.

    I don’t know whether his explanation is a fairytale or not, but I’d like to ask everyone who reckons it is if they remember the Grech affair and who was behind it.

    I also think the government should tell Liealot to put his money where his mouth is and ask that his, Slagabella’s, and Edwards’ votes not be recorded as they are all subject to ongoing investigations and legal proceedings. Also Fisher who has been found guilty of assault.

    Nas’, the polls won’t improve until the House of Murdoch falls. The sooner the better.

  170. ‘…the polls won’t improve until the House of Murdoch falls.’

    This is not accurate, Gina will maintain the rage at Fairfax.

  171. Happy Mother’s Day ladies. 🙂

    I tried to listen to Meet the Press and discovered Hugh Riminton in High theatical mode questioning Minister Albanese about the HSU findings – not charges yet, but the judgement has already been made:-
    “corrupt, lying, whoring abomination” – twice!

    Then, listening to a replay of the Insiders discussing the news that Rob Oakeshott has Graves disease, Niki Savva, loyal Liberal Party representative, described the effects of the disease as an overactive thyroid,
    Cassidy quipped:- “makes you speak for seventeen minutes apparently”.

    Seventeen minutes was too long a time for the journalists who display the characterisitcs of the kid in the back of the car…. “are we there yet?”,….
    if the elections threw up a hung parliament more often, they might take the time to discover that it’s not uncommon in this or any other democratic country and get on with the proper business of reporting on the policies of the day.

    The Canberra press gallery needs a bloody good clean-out.

  172. el gordo, there is one scenario you are missing.

    Maybe people will stop listening to the media, before they stop listening to the Opposition.

    That is possible.

  173. That comment of Cassidy’s said more about him, that Mr. Oakeshott.

    Karen Middleton was the only one talking sense. Karen seem to know what that line that has been crossed is, and further believes it is true.

    The media and Opposition are going too far.

  174. Jane and Cu, whoever controls the story, the image, controls the culture….

    It this hung parliament consisted of a Coaltion minority government with exactly the same tight numbers, would they be writing in such high dudgeon about Liberal
    Senator Mary Jo Fisher who has already clocked up a conviction in the SA Court, and also Laming, Hardgrave and Vasta?
    Would News have so actively campaigned against Mr. Peter Slipper MP?

    The government hit back, saying the Howard government relied on and accepted the votes of Liberal MPs Andrew Laming, Gary Hardgrave and Ross Vasta while they were all investigated for travel rorts.

  175. Jane wrote:, the polls won’t improve until the House of Murdoch falls. The sooner the better.

    the house of Murdoch won’t fall as much as mutate…and over time competition will erode its power. But the Murdoch influenced…and the haters and opportunists are distributed far and wide.

    And Murdoch’s team only learnt from the late night shock jocks…the National Enquirer type stuff…late 19th century and other tabloid stuff…as Ad, and others such as myself noted years ago, the Goebbel’s Big Lie Theory…McCarthyism…Santamaria…Milton Friedman…Mussolini…William F. Buckley….Ayn Rand…Barry Goldwater…Howard Hughes…the list goes on…

    Murdoch and team are just another propaganda machine…distorter of truth…spinners for the neo-fascists, corporate fascists, extreme nationalists, libertarian extremists, free marketeers…nudge nudge wink winking to xenophobes and misogynists…appealing to an Israel lobby terrified and paranoid and acting like their tragically persecuted forebears…and some of the Arab privileged who reluctantly reform and build greater fortresses to defend against a morphing enemy…too oft just regular people tired of aristocrats bullying and exploiting…some extremists being used as the battering rams.

    Perhaps some in Murdoch’s camp will go to jail…but he is merely a reflection of the type of fear of socialism democracy, socialism, so called muslim expansionism, union power, taxing the well-off, fair-go income distribution, green environmental protectionism, anti-nukes, atheism/agnosticism that we have seen for many years…

    laissez-faire economics, the push for smaller government, so called freedom of speech, pick yerself up by yer boot straps, selective pro-nuclear power, oddball relationship between religion (prosperity evangelism) & social darwinism, controlled exploitive immigration being drivers.

    Murdoch has too much power and influence via News corp and subsidiaries…and yes feeds cynicism to the grumpy and overworked…the spoilt and the suffering…creating confusion and anger for opportunistic profiteering sometimes ideological reasons.

    Terrified of the marching commies and Musos in the night…

    coming to take him away haha…

    his phantoms in the dark…

    But when he passes…do you really believe the fear will die with him? The grumpiness? The cynicism? The distrust of government and authority (think X-Files)? The war of religions? The desire to make easy money? To influence via media empires? The angry, frustrated, boozed up, valium gulping, powerless feeling victim in the night calling radio jocks? The ego-maniac wanting to build big enterprises and projects without government regulation and taxation…demanding financial support or get out of the way? The nationalist terrified of “the other” demanding less immigrants and refugees? The caller for pre-emptive strikes so “we get them before they get us”? The hater of femos and their sexual harrasment/discrimination laws?

    Nope. They won’t disappear with the end of Murdoch.


  176. Nas’ @9.46am which is why Labor is bleeding to the left..they are rapidly becoming irrelevant to the under 35 demographic. This demographic has not had to go through the struggles for workplace rights, and with Labor opposed to leftist issues such as gay marriage rights many younger people are viewing Labor as not much better than the LNP.

  177. Make that: appealing to an Israel lobby terrified and paranoid and sometimes acting like their tragically persecuted forebears’ persecutors…

  178. Min,
    I see Gay Marriage as important as ending segregation and ensuring voting rights for blacks, Aborigines and women.

    Obama is right to make this an issue.


  179. Cu, @ 12.21pm, ain’t that the truth, the Opposition and the echo chamber that is the media have gone too far.
    The separation of power of the parliament from the judiciary means nothing – maybe they’ve never heard of it ?

    In Penbo’s disgraceful excuse for journalism he could have written this:and stopped right there-

    Labor can afford to make this last promise because without Mr Thomson’s vote the Government would fall anyway.

    Therein lies the main reason for the manic pursuit of Craig Thomson MP.

    In, Trade Minister Craig Emerson said said Mr Thomson was under investigation but had not been charged.

    “Let those investigations take their course and let’s not have politicians appointing themselves as judge and jury,” he told Sky News.

    “Let the independent agencies, whether it be the police or anyone else who has a legitimate interest in these as independent agencies, do their work without the parliament being heavied by Mr Abbott saying there now needs to be a vote to exclude Mr Thomson from the parliament.”

    The opposition has demanded the government reject Mr Thomson’s vote on the floor of parliament.Dr Emerson accused the coalition of applying a double standard.

    He said three MPs in the former government faced investigation for theft from the commonwealth through misuse of printing entitlements.

    “At no stage did Labor say they are not entitled to vote,” he said.

    “Mr Abbott as leader of the house and Mr Howard as prime minister said … they were entitled to the presumption of innocence and the investigative processes should be able to go to conclusion. It’s the same principle.”

  180. Nas’ Nope. They won’t disappear with the end of Murdoch.

    No, they won’t. Those personality types are not new to the last few centuries. they’ve been around for millennia.

    With the intenet and social media, they can no longer keep their victims in the dark but whether there’s any authority willing to take them on is a different matter.

    Various Labor MP’s have said they have no complaint with the media yet they see the results of the propaganda in the “news” which feeds directly into Newspoll.

    Until they speak up and call them on their propaganda nothing will change –
    they’ve got nothing left to lose…

  181. (CBS News) COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – CBS News has learned of a major investigation into the school lunch industry. The big companies that decide what food goes on your student’s tray may be cheating schools and taxpayers out of millions. CBS investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has details.

    Behind America’s school lunches are giant corporations many schools hire to manage every part of the meal, from budgets to choice of food.

    Rick Hughes saw firsthand the profit-driven culture of the school lunch industry. He once worked for the biggest food manager in the U.S., Sodexo.

    “There’s a lot of money in food. Food is a big profit business,” he said.

    Sodexo encouraged employees to buy from big food processing companies that in return gave Sodexo cash rebates.

    And they’re laying teachers off fullbore there…whilst corporations pocket the money.

    When I was a boy my Gran used to make my lunches using veges and fruit and cheese etc. from the garden…or from the greengrocers and delis she trusted to provide quality food.

    When I went to Nth America as a teen I ate cafeteria and fast food alot…by 20 my cholestoral levels were thru the roof.

    The Great Cafeteria Takeover: “Rethinking” the Approach to School Food Reform


  182. ‘Maybe people will stop listening to the media, before they stop listening to the Opposition. That is possible.’

    Highly unlikely, the game is almost over and nobody want’s to miss a minute. My concern is for the ‘rusted ons’ and their inability to adapt.

  183. Pip,
    the problem is the internet is also filled with extremist nutbags from various quarters. I just went here and saw a rumour pushed by a character called “utterbastard” about Bill Shorten back 3 mths ago:,com_fireboard/Itemid,71/func,view/catid,18/id,1142954/

    That’s why I didn’t feed into the Romney bashing…all kids do dumb things…and this could be more based on rumour, half-truths etc. than fact:

    BIll O’Reilly: Mitt Romney Prep School Story ‘Means Nothing’ (VIDEO)

    However, it did bring to mind the memories of toffs in elite schools and boarding schools that picked on less privileged and kids being suspected of being gay. I had a mate David, died of AIDS in late 90s, who was sent to a Sydney elite school to board…was picked on bigtime…he never got over it…and he was one tuff nut. They even killed the wee baby chook he took to school, his only friend.

    Romney certainly comes across as a toff blissfully unaware of the troubles of others…and the pain he inflicts. The lack of empathy demonstrated by too many aristocrats.


  184. I’m not liking this new theme at all. I could live with the looks and layout but it’s foibles are annoying. Like not jumping to the thread of the poster when you pick it.

  185. el grodo, you may have ”adapted” to the idea that corporations should decide who will govern in Australia.

    Your keen defence of the climate change sceptics industry is your business.

    It matters to me that the concerted media push, and the huge amount of funding provided to the COALition by the mining and tobacco companies and others is happening to ensure a compliant government which does exactly what they require to make ever larger profits.
    Tony Abbott is their man. Bought and paid for.

    Large amounts of those profits leave this country and in the end we should not be left with a broken democracy caused by the greed of these huge international corporations

    Tuesday, 21 February 2012
    The rise and rise of mining company donations
    by Bernard Keane

    Labor’s mining tax and the resources boom may have permanently and significantly changed the balance of political donations, with millions of dollars flowing from mining companies to the Coalition, Australian Electoral Commission data shows.

    Mining companies began increasing their stake in the political process before the financial crisis, favouring the Coalition but also contributing to Labor. However, the mining tax saw an extraordinary increase in donations to the Coalition that has opened up a huge funding resource for the Liberals.

    Mining company donations to state and federal Labor parties and the Coalition since 2004 show the extent to which Coalition benefited from the surge in mining company largesse after the Rudd government infuriated them with its RSPT proposal in May 2010.

    Click on to link to view the eye-popping graph showing donations to Liberal and Labor


  186. Rand Paul took a swipe at Obama’s recent support of gay marriage on Friday, saying he “didn’t think his views on marriage could get any gayer.”

    Speaking at an Iowa Faith & Freedom event on behalf of his father Ron Paul’s Republican presidential campaign, the GOP senator mocked Obama’s announcement that he had concluded “same sex couples should be able to get married.”

    “Call me cynical, but I didn’t think his views on marriage could get any gayer,” Paul said, according to Kathie Obradovich of the Des Moines Register.

    Sometimes Rand Paul is so full of shit:

    Second Amendment
    Paul would oppose all gun control legislation, a position he says is supported by the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.

    BP oil spill comments
    On May 21, 2010, Paul generated some controversy by characterizing statements made by Obama administration officials regarding the BP oil spill cleanup as sounding “un-American”. Paul said:
    “ What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of, ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP.’ I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business. I’ve heard nothing from BP about not paying for the spill. And I think it’s part of this sort of blame-game society in the sense that it’s always got to be someone’s fault instead of the fact that sometimes accidents happen.

    Games people play to convince voters to vote against their own interests.


  187. Take it back. Seems to be just a Firefox issue and probably my NoScript and AdBlock plugins. Works fine in IE and Metro for my WP7.

  188. This sums up what is wrong with the PM, much to Mr. Abbott;s and I suspect many in the media disgust,.

    Everyone knows that the Prime Minister is a clever politician but who really trusts her to keep any commitments?
    Change the pronoun and you could have said that about Howard. Abbott does this when he gets frustrated that the government won’t just lay down and die like he wants it to, that he has to fight a tough and shrewd opponent – and who instead can only gut an already-dead fish with an already-sharpened knife until the cameras switch off and he hands that work back to working-class people who do that sort of work every day.

    After all the comment comes from Abbott’s own lips. It must be true.

  189. Nas’ the Shorten rumour mill sounds very much like the work of Pious Akerman.

    The thing about the internet is that one can answer back 😀

    Many of the bloggers who write about a particular topic, such as Jennifer Marohasy [environment] are involved with the Institute of Public Affairs. or other like-minded think tanks which are funded by the likes of the billionaire Koch Bros.
    Then there are bloggers on the payroll of ltd news…

    el grodo often uses arguments that could have been written by Ms Marohasy.

    I’ve seen blogs from the US which protrayed the Obamas with monkey faces so I do understand what you mean …. and closer to home there are several with a similar outlook re our Prime Minister….

  190. Mitt Romney said the protesters rallying against Bank of America in Charlotte this week are too young “to really understand how the economy works.”

    “Unfortunately, a lot of young folks haven’t had the opportunity to really understand how the economy works, and what it takes to put people to work in real jobs, and why we have banks, and what banks do,” Romney told WBTV in Charlotte, according to National Journal. “It’s a very understandable sentiment if you don’t find a job, and you can’t see rising incomes. You’re going to be angry and looking at someone to blame.”

    Romney would say that…he sees the Occupy movement from the perspective of a rich elitist who benefits from the rigged, poorly regulated system.

    Furthermore, I see that young man Romney rooting for the Vietnam War cause…whilst avoiding callup…looking down from his high chair/throne with contempt at the young Vietnam War protestors.

    He sure was on the right side of the issue then.


  191. In such a debate it isn’t clear which side Abbott would be on. Maybe a journalist might ask him, one who’d know big government when they saw it and who understands why it’s an issue.
    As budget week has demonstrated, minority governments are too busy managing the parliament to manage the economy properly.
    Seems they’re doing both. Labor has demonstrated the ability to turn minority government into majority government; Liberals can’t make the transition, which is why Abbott is having problems with his so-close-but-yet-so-far predicament.
    With each broken promise, with each peremptory change, with each tawdry revelation, with each embarrassing explanation, the credibility of this government and the standing of this parliament is diminished.
    Abbott can’t promise or deliver decent government. James Ashby is proof of that.

    At least half that speech is the same old shit Abbott says at any occasion where he is called upon to speak: journalists have heard it so often they don’t question it, but if Australia deserves better as Abbott says, then the scrutiny has to be applied – to his face, and by cross-checking what he says against what actually happens.

    It doesn’t need Peter Costello shouting speechlessly at Abbott’s flukes of thought to see that the guy is cruising to irrelevance. This week showed the government can stand its ground when it has no choice. The politics was settled with the Rudd burial, now the policy is in place with the NDIS, carbon price and a surplus budget. If the experience of senior press gallery members was worth anything, they’d spot this shift and tell us more than what I could see.

    Abbott will not collapse in a hurry but already his momentum is not what it was. His attacks have an increasingly cracking-hardy air and the faces behind him on the Coalition benches last night were grim. They were not the forward-leaning, grinning and urging faces you see from an opposition that can smell government approaching. I doubt the faces of government MPs opposite them had the beaten look that they needed to reinforce them and their leader. They seemed to be doing what Liberals do best: keeping up appearances, and waiting for a real leader to come along and sort them out.

  192. ‘Large amounts of those profits leave this country and in the end we should not be left with a broken democracy caused by the greed of these huge international corporations.’

    Our democracy is robust and will survive, with the assistance of Chinese multinationals.

  193. Nasking @ 1.24

    The USA and school lunches. Are you aware that the “big businesses” that are making millions also run the corporatised prison system.
    “The breaded chicken patty your child bites into at school may have been made by a worker earning twenty cents an hour, not in a faraway country, but by a member of an invisible American workforce: prisoners”

  194. El gordo, so in your opinion the multinationals should be able to gouge what they like, make billions of dollars in profit, provide Australia with a few crumbs from the table..and for this we should all be grateful.

  195. Cu, from your link,

    The lowest value journalist is the one who merely reports on and broadcasts what a politician says. The ABC’s Latika Bourke has become a national punchline for her tweets that begin with “Tony Abbott said …”, as though we’d have no idea that the man had spoken without her tweets, as though reporting consisted of merely passing on his words unmoored to any facts or data or alternate perspectives; as though Abbott were paying her salary, and that his interests were hers. This is the lowest value journalism because it rests on the assumptions of an age that has passed, that a politician must rely wholly upon journalists to get their message out, and that the message is best reported when a politician is taken at his or her word.

    I often wonder whether the continuing employment of the journalists relies on their
    unquestioning reportage of all things relating to the Coalition.

  196. PM on ABC24. Spending the day in Swan’s electorate.

    I actually like it, when they call him the black swan It is a very proud looking bird, that belongs to Australia.

  197. by the way, my daughter was complained that her kindergarten daughters shoes did not fit until May. She has just bought a new lot. She is not too impressed.

    My grand daughter is undergoing one of those growth spurts, that do not wait until next January, as many of the Opposition seem to believe, that one only spends money in school year.

  198. The PM has a new way of dealing with questions. ” Would you like to give me an example. Well if you do not have one, the question”

  199. “. My concern is for the ‘rusted ons’ and their inability to adapt.”

    el gordo, we do not need your concern. We will still be true to our values and have our self respect.

    We also will be safe in the knowledge, that we are not easily conned.

    There will always be another day, to carry on the fight.

  200. Sue wrote: Are you aware that the “big businesses” that are making millions also run the corporatised prison system.

    top point:

    In the past few decades, changes in sentencing laws and get-tough-on-crime policies have led to an explosion in America’s prison population. Funding this incarceration binge has been an enormous drain on taxpayer dollars, with some states now spending more to lock up their citizens than to provide their children with education. It’s difficult to spin anything positive out of that scenario, but as it turns out, even this blackest of clouds has a silver lining – silver as in dollars, that is, for the private prison industry.

    In 2010, two of the largest private prison companies in America, GEO Group, Inc and the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) generated over $4bn dollars in profit between them. Their respective CEOs, George Zoley and Damon Hininger, each earned well in excess of $3m in 2010. Although there have been some concerns that any relaxation of sentencing or drug laws might negatively impact their bottom line (profit), they remain confident in their ability to drum up new ways of generating their taxpayer-funded commodities (also known as inmates): lobbying California for their excess prisoners being one; caging juveniles on trivial charges another. But the favorite, by a long shot, is the accelerated drive to lock up America’s immigrants.

    So far, these strategies seem to be working nicely. In their 2011 third-quarter earnings report, the GEO group proudly announced an increase in profits from the previous year. This joyous news can be at least partially attributed to changes in immigration law, particularly in states like Arizona and Oklahoma, which allow for, among other things, the indefinite detention of illegal immigrants, including those whose asylum proceedings are underway. The majority of immigrants who are picked up by law enforcement officials, mostly on civil charges, like being caught with a broken tail light for instance, will end up in privately run prisons. In many of these facilities, they will be charged $5 per minute to call their loved ones, whilst earning $1 per day for their labor, from which the corporation running the facility will profit.

    According to an investigation by NPR, in 2008, two men, allegedly from CCA, showed up in a small Arizona town, close to the Mexican border to pitch the construction of a new prison specifically to house women and children who were illegal immigrants. Local officials were not convinced that the prison could be kept full, but that is, perhaps, because they were unaware that, at the time, CCA was one of the key groups involved in drafting and promoting the Arizona Senate Bill 1070 (which requires police to lock up anyone who cannot prove they came to the US legally), under the auspices of a secretive group called the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which specializes in model legislation.

    It’s hard to think of a more cynical way to earn one’s fortune than to devise means of placing innocent children in prison. But if no one’s going to stop you, then why the hell not?

    They are scoundrels. Corporate aristocrats. Robber barons.

    Corporate bludgers living off the taxpayer’s teat.



  201. ” Pious Akerman.”

    It appears that he sat down with the minister at the budget lock in and spoke to the minister. He added that he known the minster for a decade or more.

    The pious Piers said he did not support spreading such rumours that hurt the family.

    No name given of course.

    The pious Piers also commented that there have been similar rumours about Mr. Abbott for over twelve months. Mr. Abbott has chosen to ignore them.

    If you where the unknown minister, after this encounter, what would you have done.

    When has the pious Piers shown any concern for this man.

    Yes, he did manage to get the story out into the open.

    According to Piers, the rumours where that the wife had packed up herself and children and moved back in with mum.

    Piers was able to ensure us this was not true, the wife was at home in the family home.

  202. And typical of the Lieberal party. spread the crap thick and then blame the people you have smeared as doing it to themselves. Hence we have Hockey blaming Shorten.
    Hockey the shit is coming from Pious and you know it.

    “Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she did not have the time or the inclination to listen to the gossip around Federal Parliament.

    “Like many other workplaces, there’s gossip in Parliament house, it can be hurtful for people and I think Mr Shorten and his wife are making that point today,” she told reporters in Queensland today.

    Senior Labor minister Anthony Albanese said the Coalition was behind the rumours and was on “dangerous ground.”

    But Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey condemned personal attacks against politicians and their families, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if the rumours stemmed from Mr Shorten’s union rivals.

    Read more:

  203. Sue wrote: Core Promise:

    “Before the March 26 state election, the LNP Opposition promised its freeze on “family car registration fees” would save families $15 to $20 a year in its first term.
    Non core Promise:
    although registration fee frozen
    all other components of registration will rise, over and above the$20
    “QUEENSLAND motorists will pay more to register their cars next year despite the State Government’s promise to freeze registration fees for family vehicles.
    increase in compulsory third party insurance premiums for the first time since 2009.
    Although the size of the increase will be kept quiet until then, industry sources indicate it will be substantial.


    Damn! I was hoping the LNP here in QLD would keep that promise.

    Rego money can be hard to find what with increasing house, contents and car insurance, RACQ membership, car maintenance and repairs, petrol costs etc.


  204. Pip, I have no problem whatsoever when a journalist reports minus comment, leaving the reader to form their own conclusions. I do have problems with:

    1. Tony Abbott says… is taken as being akin to the sermon on the mount.

    2. Point 1. is then built upon, enhanced and then commented upon without one ounce of concern as to whether Point 1. was even remotely accurate or indeed truthful in the first place.

  205. nasking, I read the other day, if you put all the prisoners in one place, they would fill one of the USA’s biggest cities.

    I cannot remembered which, but the image was impressive.

    The article was about unemployment and how high it would be, if they included prisoners.

    What a waste of the USA’s productivity.

  206. ‘…multinationals should be able to gouge what they like, make billions of dollars in profit, provide Australia with a few crumbs from the table.’

    Don’t take it so seriously, we have done well out of it. Multinationals are an intrinsic part of capitalism in the 21st century and Marxism is all but dead, so its exciting to see China reach out to Africa.

  207. A story in the Guardian by John Vidal highlighting China’s desire for food security, which they intend to increase significantly in the coming decade.

    ‘China’s investment in African agriculture is still insignificant compared with the money it has ploughed into African oil, gas, mineral resources and infrastructure. Of an estimated $67bn of large-scale investments in Africa from 2006 to 2012, only $3.5bn was invested in agriculture according to the bank, which earns 90% of its profits from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.’

  208. Sue @ 3.31pm, I noticed that generous Joe only spkoe up when the heat was on his side.

    Min @ 3.33pm, ditto. I’m not happy to watch or read anything on ‘echoing the opposition.con’.

  209. Cu,
    I also found the rumour here:

    and here:

    See how they go for certain crowds?

    Should be easy enuff to find the sources.

    Very Machiavellian methinks.
    checkout the site Kangaroo Court of Australia which puts at the end of its post:

    It would be greatly appreciated if you spend a minute using Twitter, Facebook and email etc. and put a link to this post (Please do not send the whole post). Just click on the icons below.

    And make sure you follow this site by email which is on the top right of this page and about once a week you will get an email when there is a new post/story on this site. Thank you for your support.



    The rumour mill has spread all over the net in the last few days that federal MP Bill Shorten has gotten one of his staff members pregnant. Bill Shorten says he has taken legal advice. Bill who is currently married to Chloe Bryce (daughter of the Governor General Quentin Bryce) is Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Financial Services and Superannuation and has been touted as a future PM.

    Piers Akerman, in a story on Friday, while not naming Shorten says the rumour has been around since at least last September. There is no stopping the rumour now. It is on twitter, Facebook and seems to have been started by email which I know of numerous people who have received the email or some variant of it. It was also raised by a couple of people in the comment section on one of the posts on this site last Wednesday.

    Bill Shorten in todays Herald Sun newspaper denies the rumour but fails to detail what the rumour is. He implies that it has been going around for a few weeks. (Click here to read the full story)

    One of the emails doing the rounds says:

    Labor is trying to keep this one under wraps. 

    Here’s the apparent reason why Bill Shorten appeared a little uncomfortable during public appearances recently: 

    His wife and child have moved in with Mum – the G.G. Quentin Bryce – at Yarralumla. 

    The reason: Bill’s got his mistress (his P.A.) pregnant.   

    It’s going to be interesting to see how this unfolds for the government in coming weeks. 

    Apparently it’s not the first time he’s been in this sort of predicament.

    There are a number of issues.

    1. As a possible future Prime Minister, Bill Shorten has no option to address the rumour in full now that it has gone viral. Why has he not done so? Why has he sat back and let the rumour spread all over the net if it is false?

    2. In Piers Akerman’s story he says “I asked him about the rumour and it was immediately clear that it distressed him as he pulled his chair closer and told me of the distress it had caused his wife.” (Click here to read the full article) This made me sick when I read that. Bill Shorten and crew are happy to cause others great distress with deliberate and defamatory lies but expect sympathy when it is them. Julian Assange and his mother for example. I previously did a posting on the this very issue last year titled “ Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s criminal history and her hypocrisy with WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.” (Click here to read the post)

    3. Piers Akerman says the rumour has been around since at least last September but Bill Shorten implies it has only been the last few weeks. Why the discrepancy?

    It is interesting that the former US presidential candidate John Edwards is currently facing criminal charges in the US for using campaign funds trying to cover-up the fact that he had fathered a child with his mistress. (Click here to read)

    It is well-known in Canberra that the press gallery leave these sorts of things alone. A lot a of the media knew that the former minister Gareth Evans was having an affair with another minister Cheryl Kernot for many years but did not report it. Gareth Evans even lied in parliament about having the affair. It was not until Laurie Oakes decided to break the story years later did it become public. (Click here to read the full story)

    The reality is Bill Shorten is a grub from start to finish. As minister for employment and workplace relations he has been up to his neck in corrupting Fair Work Australia. I have done a previous post on this titled “Bill Shorten appoints two stooges to review the Fair Work Act.” (Click here to read the post).



  210. “Don’t take it so seriously, we have done well out of it. Multinationals are an intrinsic part of capitalism in the 21st century and Marxism is all but dead, so its exciting to see China reach out to Africa.”

    That is the problem, we have not done well out of it.

    Where is the proof that we have.

    Is this the next lie to be spread.

    el gordo, we will survive whatever Abbott throws at us. We always do. The question I ask, why give him a chance to damage the country in the first place.

    Yes, el gordo, we even adapted to Mr. Howard, strong in the conviction that his rule would come to a sticky end.

    We were right then. I fear that we will be right again.

    There is one fact that you overlook. In democracies, governments come and go.

    Sadly the media and journalists do not..

    I was not aware that Mr. Shorten had enemies in the union movement.

    He must, if Mr. Hockey says so.

    What I do not understand why the Opposition fears the man so,

  211. Cu wrote:, I read the other day, if you put all the prisoners in one place, they would fill one of the USA’s biggest cities.

    I wonder if the bags of money…profits…if put on top of each other would reach orbit?

    The war on drugs, war on illegal immigrants, war on educators who help keep kids on the straight and narrow, war on terror…

    all very lucrative.


  212. The funny thing about the Shorten rumours is that it is no body’s business even if true.

    It is up to Mr. Shorten and his wife to deal with.

    What they have manage to do, is give legs to the Abbott rumours. which Piers said have been about for the last twelve months.

  213. The crazed chook, I am afraid that will lay a smelly, putrid rotten egg. We have to ignore, he is supposed to be a rooster.

    That would be an insult to the roosters.

  214. Cu,
    I was not aware that Mr. Shorten had enemies in the union movement.

    He must, if Mr. Hockey says so.

    What I do not understand why the Opposition fears the man so,

    The media have been telling us that PM Julia is hopeless, lacks authority blah blah, whilst repeating endlessly that Shorten is very ambitious, like he’s Robinson Crusoe there. The next step must be to tell us what a bad man he is….
    That way they burn another leader and wreck any idea of making him the leader in the future

    They have two preferences, one is to keep on bashing the PM into resigning and causing another leadership change, or letting her stay on and lose the election Either/Or. They’ve already decided that the Coalition will win.

  215. Andrew Bolt on the Shorten Affair.

    ‘So those emails people are sending around? Stop it. Don’t perpetuate a nasty falsehood.’

  216. Nas, the Murdoch media is very selective about the rumours it wants to give currency to.

    Do they ever discuss the rumours that Ackerman is/was a cocaine user? Do they talk about the rumours of Abbott’s recent affair? Do they bring attention to the rumours that Abbott has a gay son?


  217. el grodo, I’ve had me doots about you for some time – now I know what it is – you read Andrew Bolt 😆

  218. Polite comment =Credibility Gap

    Honest comment =FFS

    ‘In Piers Akerman’s story he says “I asked him about the rumour and it was immediately clear that it distressed him as he pulled his chair closer and told me of the distress it had caused his wife.”

    Who would believe Shorten confiding in PIOUS,
    Get a grip on reality Pious, or are you just writing for Nikki Savva types

  219. ‘They’ve already decided that the Coalition will win.’

    Julia failed to get a bounce in the polls, so the best thing for her is to quit the PM’s job and leave it open for any contender.

    The new PM will have to scrap the tax before July 1 to have any chance of saving Labor and if that destroys the Watermelon Coalition I will be cheering from the rooftop.

  220. EG
    keep the jokes going.

    You do realise that the desperation in the Coalition is mounting the closer to July1,
    So come July 1 join us as we say bye bye Abbott

  221. el grodo, imagine if you will, that the media write wonderful reports about the PM for two years and bag Abbott mercilelessly – back that up with Neewspoll – Labor would win – it all depends on what Rupert wants…

    He does change tack from time to time – right now he wants to destroy the NBN so it’s Tony’s turn.

  222. Pip wrote: el grodo, I’ve had me doots about you for some time – now I know what it is – you read Andrew Bolt

    Indeed Pip. Indeed.

    Bolt is like a river of excrement…the source of which is shrouded in mystery. 🙂


  223. Not destroy it Pip, be an owner in it so he and Telstra can gouge even more from the people whilst providing less service than they are now. In Abbott they have the perfect stooge to do exactly that.

    el gordo is all for this, apparently only because of a tax. Yet stupidly the side being supported is proposing much worse.

    And why, because of an ignorant denial of overwhelming scientific evidence in favour of shonks and a handful of disproved science.

    In other words willing to sell out not only a country because of an obstinate misguided opinion, but a planet. Thanks be all that is done is one or two paragraph snipes from the peanut gallery, being unable to engage in any lucid or meaningful debate in either the tax or politics.

  224. Migs,
    I don’t give a damn about drug taking by journos…don’t most drink hard anyway?…isn’t that a drug? Frankly I don’t care…tho hypocrisy can bite.

    I detest the war on drugs. Its a boom time for crims and corporates. And lying turdbags pretending to be pious politicians and religious pontificators.

    A CON.

    As for Abbott…I don’t care if he had an affair with a cat. It’s the fact he acts like a pious pontificating raging weathervane that bothers me. And its his Machiavellian approach to things…makes me vomit. Using others to do his dirty work…just like Howard and Cheney. And Rupert Murdoch.

    Bad stuff.


  225. BTW,
    I thought PM Gillard & Wayne Swan looked brill outside today…they did a good job.

    I’ve always preferred pollies on the ground with the peeps than in the claustrophobic parliament…or a cold, sterile studio.


  226. Gays are gay, heteros are heteros etc., “they just are”

    Children throught the centuries have been raised by parents, aunts, uncles, foster parents, – any one of them might have been gay – it might have been public knowledge, or not. I don’t think it matters to the kids as long as they are raised
    in a loving home.

    Gay unions a ‘risk to kids’, say doctors
    by: Brigid O’Connell From: Sunday Herald Sun
    May 13, 2012

    <blockquote>VICTORIA'S deputy chief psychiatrist – and State Government-appointed equal opportunities champion – has joined forces with doctors lobbying the Federal Government to ban same-sex marriage.

    Twenty-two Victorian GPs, anaesthetists, obstetricians, palliative care specialists and psychiatrists, including Prof Kuravilla George, have joined 150 colleagues interstate to argue gay marriage poses a health risk to society.

    Also in this story Gay marriage
    Login to read the rest of this article

    Doctors’ views on same-sex marriage are ill-informed

    The Herald Sun has reported (13 May 2012) that 22 Victorian doctors have come out in opposition to same-sex marriage on the basis that “the evidence is clear that children who grow up in a family with a mother and father do better in all parameters than children without”. The clear inference is that there is medical research supporting their position that same-sex marriage is harmful to children. Such a position is not based on any credible research. Indeed, recent research reveals the exact opposite to be true.

    For example, the highly regarded National Lesbian Longitudinal Family Study has found that

    “adolescents living with lesbian parents function as well as, or sometimes better than, those reared by opposite-sex parents”

    ( Loes van Gelderen, Henny M. W. Bos, Nanette Gartrell, Jo Hermanns and Ellen C. Perrin ‘Quality of Life of Adolescents Raised from Birth by Lesbian Mothers: The US National Longitudinal Family Study’(2012) 33(1) Journal of of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics 1-7
    The American Psychological Association has come out in support of same-sex marriage because it has read the empirical research that demonstrates the clear health benefits that flow from allowing same sex couples to marry, including Herdt, G. & Kertzner, R. (2006). ‘I do, but I can’t: The impact of marriage denial on the mental health and sexual citizenship of lesbians and gay men in the United States’ (2006) 3(1) Sexuality Research and Social Policy 33-49.

  227. Nas’ I agree absolutely. The only reason that drugs are illegal is that there are millions being made by keeping them that way. I am not talking about hard drugs, but soft drugs such as dope.

    Drugs should all be available on prescription and addictions treated as a medical problem and not a law enforcement problem.

    In a number of states of the US marijuana is available on prescription for people with problems such as chronic pain and chronic depression.

  228. Mobius, that’s excelllent to know. I now have Firefox because you-know-who ——->>> Migs, talked me into it. I will never return to IE!!!!

  229. Prime Minister Julia Gillard said she did not have the time or the inclination to listen to the gossip around federal parliament.

    ‘Like many other workplaces, there’s gossip in parliament house, it can be hurtful for people and I think Mr Shorten and his wife are making that point today,’ she told reporters in Queensland on Sunday.

    Senior Labor minister Anthony Albanese said the coalition was behind the rumours and was on ‘dangerous ground.’


    I reckon something STINKS in the Abbott & Murdoch camps.

    And in a certain Qld Libs army tent.


  230. A different link to the Herald Sun and a bit longer ..

    News of the letter, revealed in today’s Sunday Herald Sun, follows Attorney-General Nicola Roxon’s announcement yesterday that she would vote for gay marriage when the chance came later this year.

    Ms Roxon was speaking as thousands of Australians held protest marches across the country calling on Ms Gillard to change her stance after US President Barack Obama said that same sex couples should be able to wed.

    Australia passed an amendment to its laws in 2004 explicitly defining marriage as between a man and woman, but there are several bills before the parliament calling for the right to be extended to same-sex couples.

    Read the full story on the doctors’ letter here (subscribers only)

  231. Family shattered by negative ASIO assessment

    A Melbourne-based family of refugees has been shattered by a negative ASIO security assessment after spending more than a year living in the community.

    Sri Lankan woman Ranjini and her two young sons have been taken into Sydney’s Villawood Detention Centre and now face indefinite detention in Australia.

    They are unable to find out the reasons behind ASIO’s decision and have been unable to appeal against it. They have been granted refugee status and cannot be sent back to Sri Lanka.

    When Ranjini got married last month, things were looking up. The widowed mother of two had been granted refugee status, released from detention, and had fallen in love with a man who could help care for her sons.

    But yesterday Ranjini was called into an interview with immigration officials and asked to bring her sons. She took them out of their school in suburban Melbourne.

    They had no inkling they would be flown to Sydney and locked up. There were no goodbyes to friends and family, and no chance to pack a suitcase.

    Ranjini’s husband, who has decided not to speak publicly, will find it very hard to visit his family because he is forced to remain in Melbourne for work.

    Family friend Pam Nielsen says she is saddened by the situation and she is not proud to be an Australian.

    this would be like winning the lottery and being told that the numbers have been changed — wrong!

  232. Nas’, Bernardi has been at it for years – he founded the Menzies House blog, but he says he has nothing to do with it now..
    Also a group called Cando or something similar.

    Another dangerous man in the Coalition!

  233. On the subject of vicious slurs, I have been there and done that. This is admittedly just a Shire Councillor however it was the largest local government area in Victoria and there was a lot of money floating around to field candidates especially via developers who sought to carve up farming land into housing allotments.

    One evening my best gf and I went to a yoga class and thought to have a spa afterwards. We walked in to find a spa full of blokes. N* being a cheeky lass said, don’t be a scaredy cat and so in we went, everyone was wearing bathers of course its being mixed night at the spa. Little did I know but one of the males was the brother of a supporter of one of the other candidates and a member of the W* regional footy team..

    Next week the newspapers ran the story: Council candidate naked in spa with 20 men!!!

    I wish!!!

    ps I won anyway, defeating a sitting Councilor to become only the 3rd woman in 103 years to be elected.

  234. No wonder that Mr. Albanese is a little upset about Mr. Abbott saying that mothers will spend the money in poker machines. He and his siblings was bought up by a single mother on a invalid pension.

  235. Aren’t the Herald Sun and the show Modern Family from the same Murdoch family?

    One News Ltd…the other 20th Century Fox?

    Rupert obviously loves to have his cake…and eat it too.


  236. any idea where I might be able to find a block of wood?

    You could check out Massive’s place 😆

  237. That I could, Bacchus. There’s a block of it sitting on top of Neil’s shoulders. A mighty thick block at that.

  238. Absolutely no idea whether this is a furphy or otherwise, but there are anomalies such as Thomson’s name misspelt. This apparently comes from 2UE.

  239. I’ve recently become aware that some failed Liberal would be politician called Ticehurst?? is suing Craig Thomson for beating him & depriving him of what he obviously considers his rightful earnings.
    I should perhaps warn you people that my legal team are watching this closely. With this precedent in mind my campaign for world domination, thwarted in the playground at age five and a half, will finally reap the financial rewards originally projected. As vassals, you will of course be subject to the monetary & social implications of all this, but I’m afraid that’s the way the cookie crumbles.
    Ancient wrongs will at last be righted as my rightful stature is restored so if you’re reading this Reggie Johnson, you’re gone mate.

  240. The PM on abc news tonight was asked if the government was guilty of spreading rumours about the coalition.

    The PM asked the reporter if she had an example. The reporter replied, “no”

    The PM to the reporter “then it is a pretty silly question”

  241. BSA Bob

    the Dimwit Ticehurst forgot the one big issue in 2007, his support for WORKCHOICES

    Lovely isn’t it, he fought for the business bosses but (and a very big but at that) Ticehurst’s bosses, the electorate of Dobell, decided he wasn’t worthy to get his LifeLong Pension of $85,000.

  242. “Ticehurst?? is suing Craig Thomson for beating him & depriving him of what he obviously considers his rightful earnings.”

    Well he has confirmed that Gazzard and the Liberals do indeed have a dirt file, as Belinda Neal alleged many years ago, in the IGUANA Joe’s Affair.

    That was another briefed up none scandal, with the same Liberals involved.

  243. Min @7.00pm

    No doubt all this will be part of next weeks statement, along with names. Under parliamentary priviledge he will be able to say quite a lot.

  244. Still, under our legal system. it is not up to one to prove one’s innocence,

    It is up to the law to prove your guilt.

    To prove one’s innocence is nearly impossible in most cases.

    I feel by the end of next week, the Opposition maybe finding itself wedge in another area.

    Opening up the debate on how politicians should behave can go many ways.

    I believe what the Independents are after, is having civil charges equated with criminal.

    They are opening Pandora’s box.

    At the end of the day, one cannot move away from the separations of powers.

    I can see one new measure that might be bought up. That MP’s do not raise allegations in parliament while before the courts. This up to now, was convention.

    One does not put allegations forwarded as truth. That one does not comment while investigations are under way.

    MP’s legal rights be respected.

    The list goes on and on.

  245. Cu on Still, under our legal system. it is not up to one to prove one’s innocence,

    It is up to the law to prove your guilt.

    It depends. This is called the burden of proof. It differs between criminal and civil matters and with varying degrees. For example in some jurisdictions the burden of proof rests on the defendant to prove that certain facts did not exist. In criminal matters the burden of proof always rests on the prosecution but differs in civil matters.

  246. Then, listening to a replay of the Insiders discussing the news that Rob Oakeshott has Graves disease, Niki Savva, loyal Liberal Party representative, described the effects of the disease as an overactive thyroid,
    Cassidy quipped:- “makes you speak for seventeen minutes apparently”

    Well, well, nice to see that the supercilious Savva and Crassidy have the same empathy DNA as Liealot. Just as well Oakeshott hasn’t got mesothelioma; they’d be on the floor clutching their sides. Maggots!

    The real reason the Coalition opposed the education refund but supported the Family Tax Benefit A adjustment and income support measures isn’t at all clear.

    How about they are just lying, unprincipled toerags?

  247. ‘The Coalition this week committed to supporting Labor’s budget measure to give households on Family Tax Benefit A additional payments of around $600 annually.

    ‘But the Opposition Leader said the cash was aimed at compensating families for the carbon tax, which the Coalition would scrap.

    “If you don’t have the carbon tax, you don’t need compensation and this is effectively carbon tax compensation,” Mr Abbott told Sky News.’

  248. Jane and..

    Cassidy quipped:- “makes you speak for seventeen minutes apparently”

    Ho ho, how funny. Perhaps Cassidy’s next joke can be about people with multiple sclerosis.

  249. Perhaps Ticehurst could go one further and sue the voters of Dobell for not electing him and then sue his parents for raising him to be an unelectable tosser of the first water.

    Like you BSA, I will be watching carefully, I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone to sue because I didn’t win the $70m last Tuesday.

    Sue, I bet that reporter is sulking in a dark corner of the ABC, nursing her boxed ears.

  250. Jane wrote: Then, listening to a replay of the Insiders discussing the news that Rob Oakeshott has Graves disease, Niki Savva, loyal Liberal Party representative, described the effects of the disease as an overactive thyroid,
    Cassidy quipped:- “makes you speak for seventeen minutes apparently

    my wife and I thought that cold stuff.

    Abbott lack of empathy is catching it seems.


  251. Min @9.06pm, exactly. What a crass, spiteful thing to say. Pity Crassidy hasn’t contracted a disease which renders him incapable of speech. We could all gather round and point and laugh!

  252. Jane/Nas, I don’t expect the media to come out with such insensitive crap. I guess my expectations are a little high.

    A new low for Cassidy.

  253. Migs, thanks…. drop box not overlaying properly, *shrugs*, found another way to get around in the cellar, takes longer but at least theres plenty to drink down there

  254. LOVO, there used to be heaps to drink in the cellar, but since Bacchus took up residence down there we’re now down to our last 2,500 bottles.

    That should see us OK until Xmas. 😛

  255. Min, Nas’ I can’t claim credit for that quote, only for bad typing. Pip ferretted it out.

    But it does underline how the Liars Party and Liealot in particular, have distorted and corrupted natural responses to other’s misfortunes.

  256. Jane,
    Interesting that our communities are under siege by bikies…and opportunistic Murdoch boy’s channel 10 has a show premiering on bikies.

    I guess opportunism and irresponsibility run in the family eh?

    Anything to make a buck…get an audience eh?

    Screw the public interest.


  257. I guess opportunism and irresponsibility run in the family eh?

    The two most dominant traits, Nas’

  258. Here’s some good news to start the morning. Congratulations to Alex and Victor.

    ARGENTINA’S President Cristina Kirchner will write to Prime Minister Julia Gillard to encourage her to support same-sex marriage, after an Australian pair became the first foreign same-sex couple to marry in the South American country.

    Prominent same-sex marriage campaigner Alex Greenwich, the national convener of Australian Marriage Equality, married his long-term partner Victor Hoeld in a ceremony in Buenos Aires on the weekend. Same-sex marriage has been legal in Argentina, where more than 90 per cent of citizens identify as Catholic, since July 2010.

  259. “Federal MP Craig Thomson is no more entitled to the presumption of innocence than any one of the 6,766 Australians who are currently languishing in jail because their application for bail pending trial has been rejected.”

    Sorry, this does not wash. They are not in custody because they have been charged.

    They are in custody for two main reasons. One that they might abscond or they are deemed a danger to the community.

    This does not extend to Mr. Thompson. Moreover, Mr. Thompson has not been charged with anything yet, either criminal or civil.

    Mr. Thompson is sitting in the house, which he is entitled too, under the Constitution.

    No matter what one thinks, they are the rules.

    What is disgusting, is that the PM is being called on to ignore the Constitution and the law of the land.

  260. CU @10.22am, apparently the author of this diatribe doesn’t think that MPs like Liealot, Slagabella, Fisher and Edwards should be denied their rights. They weren’t even mentioned, but if he wants to be seen as anything other than a right wing rabble rouser, (which he obviously is) then he should call for those four to be removed from the Parliament.

    Fair’s fair, you can’t be selective. so if Thomson’s got to go, so do they.

  261. The lady has guts:

    Elizabeth Warren: Jamie Dimon Should Resign From New York Fed Board
    The Huffington Post  |  By Mollie Reilly
    Posted: 05/13/2012

    Elizabeth Warren called on JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon to resign from his post on the Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s board, citing the need for “responsibility and accountability” in the financial industry.

    Dimon, who disclosed a $2 billion loss by the banking giant last week, should “send a signal to the American people that Wall Street bankers get it and to show that they understand the need for responsibility and accountability,” Warren said in a statement following Dimon’s Sunday appearance on “Meet the Press.”

    During that interview, Dimon said he “absolutely” believed that the enormous loss would give regulators more ammunition against the banks. Warren latched onto that comment, stating that Dimon’s place on the board of directors gave him the power to advise the New York Fed on “management oversight and policy,” creating what the Massachusetts Democrat feels is a clear conflict of interest.

    “We need to stop the cycle of bankers taking on risky activities, getting bailed out by the taxpayers, then using their army of lobbyists to water down regulations,” Warren said. “We need a tough cop on the beat so that no one steals your purse on Main Street or your pension on Wall Street.”



  262. Merkel’s party routed in state polls
    Posted May 14, 2012 06:09:58

    A backlash against Angela Merkel’s insistence on fiscal discipline is building across Europe.

    German chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative party has suffered a major setback in a crucial state vote ahead of national elections next year.

    Preliminary results indicate the Christian Democratic Union took just over 25 per cent of the vote in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

    It is the party’s worst ever showing in the country’s most populous state, and could embolden the left opposition to step up its criticism of her European austerity policies.

    The vote in North Rhine-Westphalia was held 18 months before a national election in which Ms Merkel is expected to fight for a third term.

    The winds of change.

    Until the roots of the evil are poisoned the people will rebel.


  263. Note the reason given. Ongoing disputes. That would have little to do with Mr. Thomson.

    The Health Services Union’s east branch has asked to have an administrator appointed.

    Acting east branch general secretary Peter Mylan says the union has ceased to function effectively because of ongoing disputes which have damaged its reputation, led to members resigning and damaged the union’s ability to represent its members.

    He says the best way forward is to appoint an administrator.

  264. I see the Coalition is complaining about the new govt ads for the Carbon Tax.

    Thrust of the complaints, the ads do not mention Carbon Tax.

    With apologies to Joe Cocker for abusing a great song I give you the GST campaign

  265. “Thrust of the complaints, the ads do not mention Carbon Tax.”

    Funny thing that, as there is no carbon tax. Up to 500 business will be charged for their carbon emissions.

    Not one voter will be taxed.

  266. The GST does not appear to be living up to all the expectations, that Mr. Howard promised.

  267. Can Do Campbell reckons Qld hasn’t got the money to sign up to the NDIS. Trouble for the disabled in Qld is that Qld gives the least help of the states to their disabled residents.

    “New commonwealth modelling, obtained by The Courier-Mail, shows Queensland’s spending is about 70 per cent of that contributed by other states towards each individual with a disability.

    On a per-capita basis, Queensland invests $5830 on each person with a disability, while Victoria outlays $8378.”

  268. CU, I’ve seen the ads and they don’t mention Liealot’s carbon tax. And why should they, it’s his policy? 😆 😆 😆

  269. Sue, I wonder how all the carers and families of the disabled feel about Can Do’s slap in the face?

  270. Jane

    I don’t know? will the courier mail run an online poll? It may be that the general Qld voter feels the same way as Can Do and say why should we support “those people”.

  271. Sue, i doubt that will happen. I think there is probably more support for people with disabilities than there is for single parents battling to make ends meet and provide their children with a good education, health care etc.

    That’;s another reason to be happy about the dental care plan contained in the budget.

  272. Morrison now on ABC 24 apologizing for enteron Indonesian waters.
    Offering Labor confidential briefings. That will occur with Mr. Marles.

    Unintentionally said through Indonesian waters on several occasions.
    How come out navy does not know they are in such waters.

  273. Unintentionally said through Indonesian waters on several occasions. Unintentionally on several occasions over what length of time.

    No shots being fired under the conduct of sovereign borders,

    Having an open and honest relationship with Indonesia. Morrison believes that is what he has.

    Is stopping the boats worth the price. Surely it is much more important than that.

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