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  1. An old but favourite limerick of mine.

    A Limerick for Bob Brown.

    He “Bobbed” from the land of the Greens,
    A seen, keen, lean, fighting machine.
    With a name not suitable
    He inspired the “rootable”,
    As he tabled and nailed his Queen.

  2. On the subject of humour. Was just talking to future daughter in law…the wedding is on the 27th which is the only time that son in the Navy can guarantee that he will be ashore. We’re heading up to Cairns for Christmas and the traditional Xmas is held at grannie’s who is a full blood Torres Straight Islander. I said, I’ll bring pressies for everyone. How many people? Ans: About 50 😯 Keep smiling…

  3. I found Mungo McCallum inspiring yesterday talking about Tony Abbot and guns and his interview with old and dear friend Jonesy. At first ‘guns’ brought up some good rhymes but limited lines after ‘puns’ and ‘buns’ – and then ‘gay’ got going! Not the subject, for which I have due respect, but the rhyme was a gift that kept on giving.

    “Arms and the Man.”

    If Tony Abbot had his way
    He’d mix with uniforms every day;
    Policemen in their blue and gray,,
    Khaki-clad soldiers far away,
    As long as guns are on display.
    He loves to hold them. ‘Just for play,’
    That’s what his PR guys all say.
    I don’t believe that! No way, Jose!
    I’m doing a routine survey
    To check him out from day to day.
    Yes, I”ve set up a dossier!

    He’s married, so he can’t be gay!
    Still that’s a long disproved cliché!
    Manly beach sees him on display,
    Chest bared to sun, as if to say,
    “Come and get me, solar ray!”
    Yet he’s not one to flirt or stray.
    Or toss around his DNA!
    His sense of humor’s not risqué.
    Doesn’t gamble away his pay,
    Or drink, except café au lait.
    Somewhere there must be feet of clay!

    So why the passion for gun play?
    Influence of the USA?
    Where being armed has such cachet?
    Was his youth’s hero soldier Che?
    As ‘martyr of the left’ lost sway,
    To the right, he found Pinochet,
    Gun toting ‘saviour’ of Chile?
    Does he dream of his ‘Victory!’ day?
    Complete with fireworks display?
    Cannons roaring! A band to play!
    Australians shouting, “Tony!” “Ole!”

  4. Brilliant, Patricia. Just brilliant.

    Last night I downloaded the famous interview Alan Jones gave to Tony Abbott, and upon listening to it I’ll probably be provided with more laughs.

    Am I the only person in Australia who listens to Alan Jones purely for its comical value?

    Hi spits more than a chop on a barbie.

  5. Thanks, Miglo. Agreed about Jones and Abbot interview which inspired the ‘pome’ which also pleased Talk Turkey at The Political Sword enough to re-produce it in full. He’s generous with his acknowledgements, even when he can’t name a source as in his finds of brilliant ‘words’ like ‘ABBOTTOIR’ and ‘GILLARDTINE’ which he used as below. Anyone wanting to claim ownership of their coining should put up their hand. We’d all be delighted to make contact.

    A headline fine in mind I saw:
    (As you know, I’m pretty mean)-



  6. PS to my comment above, Miglo. Without a current CW post to comment on re Tony’s gun toting I came here, a newer subsection of “Literature,” because it didn’t fit the “Australiana” grouping which has some very appropriate entries. It fits better here, but I would have preferred this grouping to be called “Humour/Satire.”

    Can it be changed? Or am I splitting hairs?

  7. This was posted in comments at my site by NormanK – I liked it so much, it has it’s own page.

    WE’RE THE VOICE (The Murdoch Lament)

    We have
    The chance to turn the bloggers over
    We can hate what they want to write
    We gotta make ends meet, grab the corporate dollar

    They’re all gutless bloggers
    They’re all gutless scum
    How long can we look at each other
    And just let the future come

    We’re the Voice, you better understand it
    Making noise for Rupert’s mates
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!
    We’re not gonna sit in silence
    We’re not gonna allow debates
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!

    It’s time
    To show on-line mangy dogs
    We don’t at all feel threatened
    By the power of the cowardly blogs

    They’re all gutless bloggers
    They’re all gutless scum
    How long can we look at each other
    And just let the future come

    We’re the Voice, you better understand it
    Nothing they say makes any sense
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!
    We’re not gonna sit in silence
    We’re gonna put up a strong defence
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!

    They’re all hopeless bludgers
    They’re all steeped in shite
    We’re gonna pull them down you’ll see
    Murdoch says we’ve got the right

    We’re the Voice, you better understand it
    See our words they’re filled with hate
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!
    We’re not gonna sit in silence
    You’d better pull your head in mate
    Oh-o-o-o, whoa-o-o-o!

  8. Thank you for that, Island View. I’ve seen NormanK’s work over at The Political Sword and I hold him in high regard. He is a very clever wordsmith.

    I seem to recall some good writing of yours too, by memory, over the Bulletin’s bash at bloggers a few months ago. It was good stuff.



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