All of a sudden everybody loves Malcolm

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve argued (literally) that the LNP should replace Tony Abbott with Malcolm Turnbull. It’s not because I like Turnbull, but because I dread the thought of Abbott leading this country. I won’t go over my reasons; they’ve been given currency on this site enough over the last three years.

Just recently there has been similar talk all over the social media about replacing Abbott, albeit because the polls have turned pear-shaped for him. There are serious concerns about him leading the Coalition to victory in September and unsurprisingly, Malcolm Turnbull is touted as a genuine replacement. Now the mainstream media, for so long content to guide Abbott into the Lodge, have come to the realisation that they might have been holding the wrong hand. From The Age this morning comes Liberal Party’s best bet: switch to Turnbull. I’ve picked out a few telling sentences:

Tony Abbott now looks an even bet to emulate his former boss John Hewson (Abbott was Hewson’s media adviser), who in 1993 lost what was widely considered an unloseable ballot against Paul Keating.

In their own self-interest, the Liberals would be wise to at least consider replacing Tony Abbott with Malcolm Turnbull. It has long been clear the two leaders Australian voters would like to choose between are Rudd and Turnbull.

But the pivotal assessment is which leader would maximise the Coalition’s prospects of winning office. Many Liberals must be thinking their chances of winning a seat or holding on to one would be better were Turnbull reinstalled in the position he only lost by one vote to Abbott, primarily because Turnbull supported a market-based system to put a price on carbon emissions.

Once the election campaign proper begins, it is hoped there will be increasing focus throughout the community on policy rather than politics, and on ideas rather than ideology. Abbott has excelled in opposing, but has not inspired voters with policy ideas.

So, if Abbott is to win this election, he will need to convince voters he has the policies that will improve their lives. A large part of that will be determined by the substance and detail of the policies. But much, too, will depend on sales skills, and it appears Turnbull cuts through better than Abbott. Outside of the corridors of Canberra, people like Turnbull. There is a lingering, almost intangible, hesitation about Abbott, if the polls are to be given credence.

Elections are won at the margin; they are decided by swinging voters in tight seats. I suspect there are many who will not vote Liberal with Abbott at the helm but who would readily support the party were Turnbull leader.

This prospect might well become increasingly enticing should the Coalition continue to see polls telling it that it may be poised to lose an unloseable election primarily because its leader lacks appeal.

There is an X-factor in political leadership. Turnbull has it. Rudd has it. Julia Gillard lost it. And Abbott probably does not have it.

Well, I certainly agree with most of that. Do you?

Photograph of Malcolm Turnbull, New South Wale...

Malcolm Turnbull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

104 comments on “All of a sudden everybody loves Malcolm

  1. Leave Abbott there I say, cant wait to see him go down like Hewson and become rejected and illegitimate.. Stop the Votes…for this dickhead.

  2. Turnbull may be impressive but familiarity isn’t doing him any favours. I suppose
    LNP deserve a dose of their own medicine, if ALP members need to hold the nose when KRudd walks past it would be amusing to watch LNP members wriggle and dissemble to explain their way out of the change. Personally am looking forward to an annihilation with Phoney at the helm as I live in the grotesque mincing poodle Pyne’s seat.

  3. Abbott is about as popular as John Howard was when he was opposition leader. Progressives like Turnbull but will vote Labor anyhow. Abbott will be a much better conservative Prime Minister than Turnbull, that is why conservatives will not change captains.

  4. No, no, I want to see Abbott squirm his way in to obscurity. Do you really think Abbott has a chance of winning? Even his staunchest supporters (both of them – his wife and Rupert Murdoch) are baulking. I predicted this months ago – Rudd storming back onto the scene and wiping the floor with Abbott. And the wiping has already started. Malcolm may have to wait his turn, but his turn will come. After 11 years of Howard, the idea of a Turnbull government isn’t hard to swallow and I guess the votes fell that way too. The Libs are in disarray now, just look at big Joe Hockey flapping around in a panic, it’s great viewing. Watch him when he’s with Abbott, Joe stands behind him trying desperately not to roll his eyes at Abbott ridiculous, scratched-record statements. Poor old Joe can barley contain himself, shifting around, kicking the floor, half rolling his eyes. I’m loving this moment, relishing it

  5. I don’t know who I’ll like to hear squeal the most. Abbott himself or the likes of Ackerman, Jones and Bolt. The 2010 dummy spit will be nothing compared to what they’ll dish up if Abbott loses in September.

  6. Turnbull went down in my esteem several notches for his failure to support marriage equality and also for his willingness to spout utter bs on the NBN. Somewhere along the way Turnbull decided to roll over and have Abbott tickle his tummy in exchange for a position in an Abbott-led *government*.

  7. To add..however the fact that Turnbull is popular proves that even Liberal voters do not appreciate the nastiness, gutter politics which have thrived under Abbott’s leadership. At least Turnbull has some style and class – Abbott and his shock jock

  8. I will vote for Rudd – more as a vote against Abbot leading my life. Turnbull has long been my choice for leader – I have some doubts on his leadership but lets hope he gets the chance!

  9. Malcolm is by far a better option, However, like the Keating/Hewson election I hope the Liberals dont change leaders so that Rudd can ” do you slowly, mate..” How Abbott has got this far. beggers belief.

  10. First Julie Bishop on Q&A and then the right wing media jumped on a statement by the Indonesian Foreign Minister that they were open to discussion on Australian asylum seeker policies.

    They took that as meaning they were open to discussion on turning back the boats, and Bishop was almost over herself in shoving that down people’s throats that they had it right all along and told you so, we did talk with the Indonesians and they did agree with us.

    But what they didn’t do was refer to the Indonesia’s Foreign Minister’s later clarification that they won’t entertain any unilateral action in turning back the boats.

  11. Don’t trust Turnbull. This is a man who is a political harlot. Remember him gleefully trying to bring down the lawful government of Kevin Rudd with the fallacious Utegate claims? It was wonderful watching he & his wife racing around, waving papers,, live on TV news cameras, expecting the gotcha moment to happen anytime soon. Then it all fell down around them when it was exposed as being sheer nonsense. A figment of Godwin Grech’s Liberal imagination.

    Sure as a Liberal, Turnbull fills the bill of what they would tolerate as a leader but Australia deserves better than that.

  12. The social media is nothing but ill informed speculation by the chattering classes! I would hardly call one opinion piece by someone at The Age as a realisation that the main stream media is holding the wrong hand, whatever that is supposed to denote.

    To even suggest that there is talk of a leadership change is nothing but a leftist fantasy, to be polite. Even if there was, Turnbull would not be in the running.

  13. As to turnbull, the libs probably have a better chance with him. tabots sole job was to destroy, which he, and the media, and rudd, took to with relish. And yet, we have had one of the most successful Parliaments of recent times. Go figure.

    In the short run, tabot won, he helped bring down Gillard, trashing our Parliamentary process along the way. The question is, will it recover?

    In the eyes of the electorate though, he is now poison, nothing but NO. No amount of media obfuscation can hide that now. Unfortunately for turnbull, he has joined in tabots merry ways, and, like Min, I will not forgive him for his outright lies on the NBN, or his atrocious treatment of Michael Quigley (who I hope sues his ass off). And that’s not taking into account the utegate affair, which is as low as we thought the libs would go. If only we could have foreseen 😦

    The lot of em have trashed themselves, our parliament, our country and their brand so much, it really is a choice of who stinks less amongst them. In which case, turnbull will probably get in, in the faint hope that the voters forget.

    It’s our job not to let that happen.

  14. The same gallery that was speculating about Rudd taking the leadership? The chattering classes (you lot) said it was a media conspiracy.

  15. The same gallery that was speculating about Rudd taking the leadership?

    For three unrelenting years. I mean, who’d have thought, a politician who wants to be PM 😯

    How many failed calls, failed tallies, failed “IT’S ON!”. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Meanwhile, the media wasted three years of our time with failed ‘speculation’ In fact, it is more than likely the only reason a vast majority of the caucus voted him back in was to just shut them up.

  16. Meanwhile, the libs continue their lying ways

    On the ABC’s Q and A last night Opposition foreign affairs spokeswoman Julie Bishop said she was confident a future Coalition government could implement its asylum seeker policies – including turning boats around “when it is safe to do so”.

    “We’ve said there’ll be a ‘no surprises’ policy with Indonesia, that we will continue to talk with Indonesia,” she said.
    But interviewed on Channel Ten last night, Doctor Natalegawa clearly said he did not support the plan to tow back boats

  17. It’s a laugh Tom first watching Bishop and Morrison contradict each other, and both went to the same meeting in Indonesia and secondly the opposition taking a completely different meaning from the Indonesian Foreign Minister’s words than everyone else.

    So somehow, “We will talk to the Australian opposition about their policy but won’t accept towing back the boats.” means Indonesia will accept towing back the boats.

    This is also damning for the opposition in that this was exactly what Bishop and Morrison said they discussed with the Indonesians, but are now saying they haven’t and will discuss it with them if in government.

    So just what the hell did Bishop and Morrison talk about when they went to Indonesia, the price of kebayas for Bishop?

  18. Derailing the thread topic, yet again?
    So, what’s turnbulls position on Asylum Seekers? Doesn’t he support ‘turning back the boats’?

  19. Mind you ME, I wonder why the ltdnews aren’t all over the libs for creating a diplomatic nghtmare, when they harped on (and still do) about the apparent one created when we ceased live exports there?

    I would have thought basically calling their ministers liars would be more of a diplomatic problem than a temporary trade issue. Not according to rupe.

  20. The X factor you speak of is support from mainstream media, while you have it your safe, lose it your dead. People are so gullible, they prefer to read another’s opinion rather than form their own.

  21. Further ‘derailment’

    The oo has whitewashed the appearance on television last night by Indonesia’s foreign affairs minister Marty Natelegawa. And this story was written after that appearance, and is still their lead on the website.

    Jakarta opens door to talk about tow-backs


    (Seeking further comments from turnbull on this matter) 😉

  22. Do you have any sort of comment or opinion on this glaring discrepancy between the libs/ltnews and the real world scapes, or would you prefer it just go away?

  23. The deceitfulness of the lefties is apparent again. The only reason lefties want Turnbull to lead the Coalition is because it will split the party and help Labor win the election.

    As for bad leaders, we now have a psychopath running the country who cannot seem to make a correct decision. His abolition of the Pacific Solution means we now give our 14,000 humanitarian places to people with mobile phones, computers and $10,000.

    And you lot don’t care.

  24. All things being equal, it would make sense to replace Abbott with Turnbull – after all, he’s only standout of an indifferent lot.

    But they won’t do it. Abbott has the support of the extremist wingnut element in the engine room of SS Liberal Party – Bernardi, Flint (and therefore Anal Jones, Smith, and the other fringe lunatics driving the IPA and ARM power bases) as well as the crooked mainstream Australian media, while Turnbull does not.

    Don’t forget how the wingnuts are responsible for white-anting Turnbull and finally bringing him down the first time.

    I believe the majority of the party thinks they can throw this election in their favour – but only if they have the support of the wingnuts and the dirty tricks campaigns in which they specialise. Which means sticking with Abbott.

    And, yes; Turnbull does that X-Factor – but more will be needed to win this election in a fair fight. However, as we know, the LNP never fight fair. Since Abbott and his supporters have played dirty since day one and they are playing dirty, they’ll stick with him. Years in opposition and what do they offer? What is their vision? A stupid little pamphlet. And that’s the reality. They have no costed or rational policies worth a damn, and it’s too late now to create any. So they must rely on stupid slogans, lies, and fear – and exploit the gullibility of the public right up until polling day.

    Decades of Menzies have proven that their technique can work.

    However, when we talk leaders, we forget one very, very important thing here:

    With either Abbott or Turnbull as PM, you will get the lowest forms of life that have ever sat in Parliament as ministers – Abetz, Brandis, Bernardi, Mirabella, Pyne, Morrison, and not one but TWO Bishops! Can you imagine what will happen to Australia’s international reputation with Barnaby Joyce representing Australia?

    No. With most of the LNP unfit to be MPs or Senators, it is clearly unfit to govern.
    It doesn’t matter who is leader.

  25. With either Abbott or Turnbull as PM, you will get the lowest forms of life that have ever sat in Parliament as ministers

    Exactly, including the two mentioned.

  26. I haven’t forgotten Malcolm Turnbull’s dishonesty over the Godwin Gresch affair. Turnbull conspired with Treasury official Gresch to bodgy up emails suggesting Kevin Rudd had rorted a scheme to give special favours to a bloke who lent him a utility for campaign purposes. It was utter garbage. A dodgy US-style political set-up which Turnbull boasted about and taunted Rudd’s staff about until he and Gresch were found out. Yes, Turnbull is sensible on climate change and is preferable to Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey, but his West-Wing honesty
    is questionable.

  27. Turnbull has shown he is prepared to lie for the party which actually makes him no better than Abbott. He does not have the courage of his on convictions which actually means he has no Ticker. So as far as I am concerned he is as bad as Tony Abbott if not worse, at least Abbott believes his own bxxxxxsht.

  28. Could anyone trust what this man says??

    March 22, 2013: “Mr Rudd wishes to make 100 per cent clear to all members of the parliamentary Labor Party, including his own supporters, that there are no circumstances under which he will return to the Labor Party leadership in the future.”

  29. Let’s not forget how Malcolm got shafted in the first place.

    Andrew Robb, his climate change spokesman, had been on leave due to mental illness. When he returned to Parliament, he attended a Liberal Party meeting on the ETS where he was expected to support his leader’s stance.

    “In order to be elevated on the speakers’ list, he misled his leader about the impact of his depression medication. In a note to Turnbull, who was chairing the meeting, he claimed, “the side-effects of the medication I am on now make me very tired, I’d be really grateful if you could get me to my feet soon”. This was a wicked tactic. As Robb recorded in his book, under the heading An Act of Treachery, “I didn’t feel that good about doing this . . . I was tired, that wasn’t a lie, although I had my share of adrenaline pumping and could have easily sat there for another couple of hours.”

    The ruse worked. “Malcolm called me up and I went for it”, Robb wrote. He received a “standing ovation” and “poked holes all over their proposal”. A week later Turnbull lost the Liberal leadership to Tony Abbott in a coup organised by Robb and the party’s other climate change sceptics.

    While politicians sometimes lie about policy proposals, I have never known an MP to be disingenuous about something as important as mental illness and the impact of their medication. Robb has set a new low in Australian public life. He will say and do anything for personal and political advantage, symptomatic of someone unsuited to community service.

    Despite his many lectures on the need for honesty in politics, Abbott was unperturbed by Robb’s lies. He promoted him to the position of finance spokesman and then chairman of the Coalition’s election policy committee. This is the burning irony of the current campaign: the party running on the question of trust has had its policies drafted by the shiftiest figure in modern Australian politics.”

  30. MT is as empty as his initials phonetically hint. As his “efforts” during the “utegate” beatup clearly demonstrated. Hypocrisy further illustrated through his promotion of fraudband, by the sustained campain of lies he has used to do so.

    MT and Rudd seem similar, although Rudd possibly excels in treachery, imho. The lnp front bench seems composed of lunatics and fools at war with reality. Rudd onoh, has a much greater depth of talent available.

    The extreme right factions of the lnp, having usurped their party’s leadership, are not likely to let it go to MT, at least not until abbott loses the election and their party cleanses itself of their taint.


    Since scaper has appointed himself as moderator, when can we expect him to reprimand nil for thread derailment ?

  31. SHUSH!! Don’t give the NO Coalition ANY ideas about changing to Fraudbull. Phone Tony is the greatest opportunity Labor has to win this election!

  32. scaper, I think you’re drawing a very long bow to suggest we would find Turnbull any more acceptable than Liealot.

    Some people seem to have wiped Turnbull’s history as LOTO from their minds, but most haven’t. His term as LOTO was flawed by his arrogance, lack of political nous, poor judgement and hubris.

    The Grech affair and utegate were real tests of his judgement and he failed big time. He obviously doesn’t subscribe to the idea that if something looks too good to be true, it isn’t.

    And with Grech & utegate coming hot on the heels of Martin Hamilton-Smith’s downfall, i would have thought caution was paramount.

    As it happened, he wasn’t set up by Labor, but by a Rodent mole planted in Treasury, but he should have scrutinised the enticing gift more carefully.

    Ditto with utegate; the government tossed out the bait and reeled in the big fish.

    Then there was the resignation which was quickly tossed aside and the capitulation to Liealot and his mendacity wrt NBN.

    By all means install him. but the end result will be disappointment.

    The real problem for the Liars is their utter lack of talent on the shadow front bench and in the Parliamentary party as a whole. Their front bench is populated with second rate has beens from the Howard era and there’s precious little progressive new blood.

    Relentless negativity and 3 or four word slogans were fine when Rupert was actively directing traffic aided and abetted by the ALP termites, but they need to come up with something positive and at least ONE well thought out, legitimately costed policy.

    His abolition of the Pacific Solution means we now give our 14,000 humanitarian places to people with mobile phones, computers and $10,000.

    Any chance of some evidence for that load of old cobblers, Neil?

  33. Robb has set a new low in Australian public life.

    I think that was supposed to read ‘had set a new low” 😉

    They’ve been lowering the bar ever since. Personally, I still think the lowest is not providing a pair for a mother to get home to her sick child. But there are so many examples, the lowest will always be debatable.

    Perhaps it’s time for a designated Liberal Limbo thread to highlight how low the actions of this opposition has been.

  34. “Any chance of some evidence for that load of old cobblers, Neil?

    Bob Carr now calls the boat people economic immigrants. Under Howard we used to take refugees from UNHCR camps. Not any more apparently. Our humanitarian places are being sold to the highest bidder.

  35. This from last year

    “THE federal government will not admit it, but Australia’s entire humanitarian offshore refugee program is facing extinction without a steep fall in the number of asylum-seekers arriving by boat. ……………..It is a blow to people in the dusty camps of Africa who do not have access to people-smugglers and their boats, as well as to refugee families in Australia who have been waiting years to get their relatives out of the camps to join them in Australia

  36. NoS, you quote Murdoch’s propaganda arm of the LNP, The Australian, as a reliable source? Pardon me while I guffaw. It is hilarious.

    Thanfully, my Murdoch Blocker stopped me from reading its crap.

  37. Paul’s link said, “…

    Neil’s link said”…

    Note the difference Neil? 😛

  38. Migs @12.20pm, I reckon his controller feeds him the latest lies and Neil obediently spews it out. I don’t think Neil is smart enough to make that shit up. 🙂

  39. And if you are going to go on about refugees from camps then you have to be honest there as well. I’ve bought this up many times with Neil and he ignores it, as he always does with facts that don’t suit his fiction. Which is why I ignore him and suggest everyone else do the same.

    In the UNHCR camps there are criminal gangs and relatively wealthy who run protection rackets and use violence to be processed earlier. The corruption is rife and what it does is allow the criminals to get through to immigrate to other countries.

    In the meantime those who fear for their safety and lives in the camp have no choice but to put their fate into the hands of smugglers, and thus end up becoming boat people. Because of their desperation, hardship and the extreme danger they go through they turn out to be better Australian citizens than those who come through the supposed orderly process of the camps.

    Then there are the increasing numbers of Vietnamese asylum seekers. There are no camps for them, so what are they supposed to do, stay in Vietnam?

  40. “Note the difference Neil?

    Yes, my link is more up to date. Paul’s link is from 2010-11. I believe we are getting based on current numbers about 35,000 boat people/year.

  41. Aaaaaaaah. NoS, BUT your link is for an OPINION piece in The Australian. Where do they get their figures from??? Probably by interviewing their keyboard.

  42. By the way kneel where is the evidence for this quote???

    Our humanitarian places are being sold to the highest bidder.

  43. “In the meantime those who fear for their safety and lives in the camp have no choice but to put their fate into the hands of smugglers”

    Really?? They have mobile phones, computers and $10,000. That is enough money to survive in Indonesia. Why would they be in a camp if they had that much money??

    Perhaps you are making stuff up?

  44. Then there are the increasing numbers of Vietnamese asylum seekers. There are no camps for them, so what are they supposed to do, stay in Vietnam?”

    This article comments on that

    The latest boat, carrying 84 people, sailed directly from Vietnam, where there has been no conflict for 30 years.”

  45. So with Abbott’s stand on Asylum seekers, is he going to tow the boat all the way back to Vietnam, come on kneel give us your answer to that one.

  46. People you do know that Neil has derailed a thread again, which is his sole purpose. The moment any light or discredit is bought onto Abbott he does this, and just regurgitates the same stuff over and over.

    Ignore him, really. It’s no use posting facts or discrediting his posts, they are water off his back and he’ll just go off on another tact. In fact he gets his jollies at being called names and being discredited, the more you do the more his tiny mind thinks he’s winning.

    Neil has not changed his MO in years and you just keep feeding him. Don’t.

  47. Paul

    That is easy to answer. The welcome mat is out. Labor is saying, first here gets asylum. Please hurry.

    Perhaps a different tone from the govt might deter them from coming. Carr has made it clear, most of these people are now coming by boat to get a better life for their family. They are not fleeing persecution. Same for the Mexicans going to Texas. Better to clean floors in Texas than to live in a Mexican slum.

  48. Sorry kneel that is not an answer, that is is pure LNP propaganda what else you got on the Turnbull being the LNP leader before the election, are are u for the RABBOT and his phoney policies, that should be no policies.

  49. Excuse me repty, old chap.

    If one was to look at this thread from the top down, it would appear it was you that was the first to go on the boat people tangent. The eleventh comment by my count.

    And you use the ‘h’ word so liberally?

  50. this from Abbott,

    Tony Abbott left red-faced after forgetting name of Liberal candidate for Denison

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has made an embarrassing gaffe during a visit to Tasmania, forgetting the name of the Liberal candidate for a key seat.

    Mr Abbott was in Launceston to campaign with the Liberal candidate for Bass, Andrew Nikolic.

    During a media conference Mr Abbott was asked to name the party’s candidate for the Hobart-based seat of Denison, which is held by high-profile independent Andrew Wilkie.

    But he was unable to name Tanya Denison.

    “I’m afraid I’m here in Bass and I’m talking with our candidate for Bass. I’m afraid you’ve got me on that one,” Mr Abbott said.

    and he wants to lead our country, he cannot even remember his own candidates. What would he be like on the world stage.

  51. Then you would be wrong yet again scaper.

    Still into abuse I see. For someone who complained so much about it you certainly indulge in it a lot.

  52. Turnbull is no different to Rudd, both used the media to stalk those who ousted them. Rudd did it behind the scenes and it was called leaking,Turnbull did it openly and the media dutifully reported his every utterance, We know his views on taxes a republic,same sex marriage, We knows his views on China,and on climate change and we know what he thinks about those he describes as anti- muslim and his opposition to turning back the boats-all are different to Abbott .And of course he was in his element when speaking at Woodford, -who else could he have been referring to when he said it has never been easier to get away with the glib one-liner”. – or when he said “It has never been easier to get away with telling lies.. Turnbull has gone to great lengths to differentiate himself from the Libs,but wants more than anything to be PM. I’m not sure if he is equal to or worse than Abbott. Neither have the courage of their convictions.

  53. My dear, dear repty…surely you don’t believe that my little nicky which is an endearment has ruffled your petticoat to such an extent that you cry abuse?

  54. Thanks scaper. No it doesn’t but I’m just pointing out what a hypocrite you are. More than anyone else you have gone on about abuse but then go onto abuse.

    Just highlighting it, nothing more. Your think your are clever with your stupid little digs and inane remarks but they just show everyone what a petty small minded person you are. If want to keep doing it and continue to highlight your small mindedness then please go ahead, but then you should also have no problems with anyone pointing out your hypocrisy or indeed making insults out of your avatar.

  55. Oh, you mean the Avatar that says, “I detest lefties because they are pissants. Especially at Cafe Delusions.” Mö?

  56. ML is as bad as abbott when it comes to truth or lies, his utterances regarding the NBN and fraudband as highlighted by delimiter and other techo journalists over the last few month’s just confirm my point.
    So no, he is not a White Night, rather, a black and white night supporting abbott.

    Everyone loves Malcolm sorry Migs he is as shallow as the TV show of the same name, he will at any opportunity do and say anything to keep or grasp at power.

    His political inexperience was obvious when he downed Nelson, way too soon and eventually like Caesar met his Brutus. He is like a bull in a china shop and anyone who worked with or under him on the Republican movement will confirm this observation.
    The lieberal dinosaurs will stick with the mad monk (Labor’s best gift) as they detest ML, it is only the public where he is liked and thankfully they do not elect the LOTO.

  57. Scaper… a dickhead ????? 😯 ….. how didn’t I notice that before….. D’oh ….. it’s so obvious now….. thanks for bring that to our attention Wello, I knew there was something, just couldn’t quite put me finger on it……. Scapers a dickhead, bleed’n obvious now….. 😀

  58. That’s it bilko.

    You might argue that he’s gone back on his principals and in spruiking policies he quite obviously doesn’t believe in to remain in the party to take over from Abbott when he fails.

    But this sell out of principals in the quest for power is every bit as bad and in some way worse than Abbott doing and saying anything, not matter how much a lie, to gain power.

  59. Its what ever u want it to be it, could be both or it could be none of the above, coming from u it could be anything but the truth.

  60. What do Tony Abbott and Napoleon Bonaparte have in common? At first glance, very little, but on reading these quotes from Napoleon, perhaps more than I thought.

    “The best way to keep one’s word is not to give it.”

    “If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.”

    “A cowardly act! What do I care about that? You may be sure that I should never fear to commit one if it were to my advantage.”

    “One is more certain to influence men, to produce more effect on them, by absurdities than by sensible ideas.”

    “Morality has nothing to do with such a man as I am.”

    “Power is my mistress. I have worked too hard at her conquest to allow anyone to take her away from me.”

    “Religion is excellent stuff for keeping common people quiet. Religion is what keeps the poor from murdering the rich.”

    “You don’t reason with intellectuals. You shoot them.”

    “In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”

  61. Bachus ‘Touche’

    “But this sell out of principals in the quest for power is every bit as bad and in some way worse than Abbott doing and saying anything, not matter how much a lie, to gain power.”
    Not so sure abbott had any principles to sell, but as you say ML has sold his long ago.

  62. ““If you wish to be a success in the world, promise everything, deliver nothing.

    That describes Kevin Rudd. In 2007 he promised a NBN costing $4.7B and finished in 5 years. Man there are some gullible people on this planet.

  63. Kevin Rudd is the Barack Obama of Australian politics and like Obama he will lead us to the Holy Grail come election time,you can bet your house on it.””’

  64. Derailing the thread??

    It was TomR who started talking about boats

    There are two points here where you fail.

    Firstly talked about the libs lying about turning the boats back, and what Indonesia have said about that. You didn’t address that at all. You are just using it as an excuse to ramble on.

    Secondly, when someone complained, I moved the conversation elsewhere. I even linked directly to it. Take it up there, don’t blame me for your inability to stick to a topic.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has made an embarrassing gaffe during a visit to Tasmania, forgetting the name of the Liberal candidate for a key seat.

    turnbull might be a lying sack, but he’s not a complete klutz, unlike their preferred candidate.

  65. God, I’m so conflicted on this issue, I’m suffering severe cognitive dissonance. I, like many small ‘l’ liberal voters, like Turnbull. Plus, I too would like to see a contest between Rudd and Turnbull. But I fear that Turnbull may too liberal for the majority of members who make up the current coalition and the LNP under Turnbull may become as dysfunctional as the ALP under Rudd 1. On the other hand, I want to see Abbott go down in ignominious defeat and then watch the dissembling that goes on in the Murdoch press – particularly The Australian.

    However, another part of me actually wants Abbott to remain leader and win the election and have to endure the ensuing disaster that would be his government as pay-back to all those who have been clamoring for him and were responsible for the disgraceful treatment that Gillard was subjected to.

  66. If Abbott is a loser I hope they stick with him. I don’t want a Liberal government because their policies are abhorrent and the party is strewn with nasty narcissistic sociopaths that will destroy this country and had it over to their mates to exploit. O’Farrell in NSW is an example. He doesn’t make a big noise like Newman or Abbott but his decisions have been just as devastating. Hunting in national parks, a casino on public land for his mate Packer and so on. It’s the party that’s the problem and I don’t care who they elect as leader. There are plenty of just as poisonous self entitled people like Brough around to turn this country into a plutocracy if they get into government.

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