Right royal hypocrites

Mobius made a comment on one of our topics that is worthy of a post in its own right. He wrote:

Abbott’s wearing glasses. So where’s all the media headlines and why aren’t the right wingers here outraged as they were when Gillard wore them?

Oh silly me, that’s right, they’re hypocrites.

Now I, and I would assume Mobius as well, don’t really care if Julia Gillard wears glasses. I don’t care if Tony Abbott does either. I don’t really care if Julia Gillard wore a track suit or Tony Abbott wore a kilt. They can shave their heads and I wouldn’t be fussed, or if they decide to keep their hair, sport a Mohawk each.

But the point is, Julia Gillard wore glasses during her recent National Press Club address and it has become the biggest issue in this country since Menzies declared war on Germany in 1939. It overshadowed contemporary issues that I thought might be important, such as Ashbygate, the Liberal Party’s proposal to rob the poor should they win the election, or even their paucity of policies coming into the election.

The two medias, mainstream and social, went into overdrive in their condemnation of this spectacle (forgive the pun). I won’t name them, but right-wing irritants who visit this blog demanded explanations as to why the PM needed to wear glasses. Each of us were singled out and criticised for not condemning this as a political stunt.

How odd that we of the left didn’t even consider it a political stunt in the first place. The thought never crossed our rational minds. But it certainly occupied theirs and they went into hysterics.

Then we see in the news a photo of Tony Abbott wearing glasses yesterday. Forgive the pun again, but why wasn’t that turned into a spectacle either? Where’s the mainstream media and the right-wing banshees when we ask for some balance?

I’ll repeat what Mobius said as it offers the only answer:

Oh silly me, that’s right, they’re hypocrites.

Right royal ones at that.