Stop the Abbott

Truth Seeker has kindly allowed us to use another of his great poems about Tony Abbott. With this one, like his others, he really hits the nail on the head. It’s a great read and one that’ll have you nodding in agreement.

Truth Seeker says:

Like many people, I am appalled at the hypocrisy of Tony Abbott and the LNP.

His three word slogans are designed to brainwash, not to inform,  but when he holds up Howard’s time as a golden age and then sloganeers “Stop the waste”, you should know that the man (?) just isn’t serious, and his slogans are just that (slogans) and nothing more!   But taking my lead from Abbott, here is my own three-word slogan: Stop the Abbott.

Stop the Abbott

When Tony Abbott cries “stop the waste”

One wonders on what this call is based

The B E R, he’s labelled a farce

But the facts show he’s talking through his arse

He cites school halls, as wasted cash

His intent, the ALP to bash

But his past proves an inconvenient truth

As his tenure in government proves him a goof

And their best education, infrastructure goals

Were, to supply some schools, with new flagpoles.


Then there’s the pink batts he claims were waste

And a program implemented with too much haste

When the truth is that the Abbott lied

To score some points from a few that died

With workplace health and safety breached

By bad employers, who over reached

Putting profits before their duty of care

To guarantee that they got their share

Of funds to stimulate the economy

And to insulate us from the GFC.


Now waste is quite a hypocritical term

To be used, by that lying, right wing worm

Who’s proved to be a pretty large impost

On the tax payers purse, a very heavy cost

And traveling around to promote his book

When he can’t produce policies, is not a good look

And his volunteer and charity work, is not what it should be

As he claims it on expenses, paid for by you and me

With an expense account greater than the PMs is

“Do as I say, not as I do” is the rule that’s his.


But it’s not only waste he wants to stop

On his list, the carbon tax is on the top

But the truth is, he’ll find it hard to do

Cos the man is full of cattle poo

But he’ll play his games, at the country’s expense

Cos he’s totally lacking common sense

As he’ll blame the “Tax” for everything

From the price of food to his mobiles ring

And if he lays his hands on the keys to the Lodge

It’s one of many commitments that he’ll seek to dodge.


And his other favourite slogan of, “Stop the boats”

Is one policy platform that sinks, instead of floats

Based on Howard’s Pacific solution, and its bad, decaying smell

And the hope that Indonesia won’t tell him to go to hell

And the regional solution, Abbott simply won’t support

Cos he doesn’t want the boats to stop, It’s another LNP rort

Like Ashbygate and Thom(p)son, and Turnbull’s Utegate too

A blight on our democracy from that rabid right wing crew

Who’s born to rule mentality dictates the games they play

Their goal, to win at any cost, and democracy the price to pay.


His hero Johnny Howard is what the Abbott aspires to be

Who ran the most wasteful government in Australia’s history

And it’s not about him stopping boats or that “Toxic Carbon Tax”

It’s about lies and three word slogans, and ignoring all the facts

It’s about his own ambition, and the things that make him tick

Misogynist and Pugilist, he’s a rabid right wing dick

It’s about the ones who’ll pull the strings, Murdoch and Rinehart too

And the billionaires agendas, to do over me and you

It’s about a man, when asked hard questions, takes off like a rabbit

It’s not about waste, or tax, or boats . . . we just have to . . . stop the Abbott.



English: Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott (Photo credit: Wikipedia)