Stop the Abbott

Truth Seeker has kindly allowed us to use another of his great poems about Tony Abbott. With this one, like his others, he really hits the nail on the head. It’s a great read and one that’ll have you nodding in agreement.

Truth Seeker says:

Like many people, I am appalled at the hypocrisy of Tony Abbott and the LNP.

His three word slogans are designed to brainwash, not to inform,  but when he holds up Howard’s time as a golden age and then sloganeers “Stop the waste”, you should know that the man (?) just isn’t serious, and his slogans are just that (slogans) and nothing more!   But taking my lead from Abbott, here is my own three-word slogan: Stop the Abbott.

Stop the Abbott

When Tony Abbott cries “stop the waste”

One wonders on what this call is based

The B E R, he’s labelled a farce

But the facts show he’s talking through his arse

He cites school halls, as wasted cash

His intent, the ALP to bash

But his past proves an inconvenient truth

As his tenure in government proves him a goof

And their best education, infrastructure goals

Were, to supply some schools, with new flagpoles.


Then there’s the pink batts he claims were waste

And a program implemented with too much haste

When the truth is that the Abbott lied

To score some points from a few that died

With workplace health and safety breached

By bad employers, who over reached

Putting profits before their duty of care

To guarantee that they got their share

Of funds to stimulate the economy

And to insulate us from the GFC.


Now waste is quite a hypocritical term

To be used, by that lying, right wing worm

Who’s proved to be a pretty large impost

On the tax payers purse, a very heavy cost

And traveling around to promote his book

When he can’t produce policies, is not a good look

And his volunteer and charity work, is not what it should be

As he claims it on expenses, paid for by you and me

With an expense account greater than the PMs is

“Do as I say, not as I do” is the rule that’s his.


But it’s not only waste he wants to stop

On his list, the carbon tax is on the top

But the truth is, he’ll find it hard to do

Cos the man is full of cattle poo

But he’ll play his games, at the country’s expense

Cos he’s totally lacking common sense

As he’ll blame the “Tax” for everything

From the price of food to his mobiles ring

And if he lays his hands on the keys to the Lodge

It’s one of many commitments that he’ll seek to dodge.


And his other favourite slogan of, “Stop the boats”

Is one policy platform that sinks, instead of floats

Based on Howard’s Pacific solution, and its bad, decaying smell

And the hope that Indonesia won’t tell him to go to hell

And the regional solution, Abbott simply won’t support

Cos he doesn’t want the boats to stop, It’s another LNP rort

Like Ashbygate and Thom(p)son, and Turnbull’s Utegate too

A blight on our democracy from that rabid right wing crew

Who’s born to rule mentality dictates the games they play

Their goal, to win at any cost, and democracy the price to pay.


His hero Johnny Howard is what the Abbott aspires to be

Who ran the most wasteful government in Australia’s history

And it’s not about him stopping boats or that “Toxic Carbon Tax”

It’s about lies and three word slogans, and ignoring all the facts

It’s about his own ambition, and the things that make him tick

Misogynist and Pugilist, he’s a rabid right wing dick

It’s about the ones who’ll pull the strings, Murdoch and Rinehart too

And the billionaires agendas, to do over me and you

It’s about a man, when asked hard questions, takes off like a rabbit

It’s not about waste, or tax, or boats . . . we just have to . . . stop the Abbott.



English: Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

47 comments on “Stop the Abbott

  1. Hey Migs, good photo, someone must have said something about his red budgies, cos he’s now sporting the LNP colours 😀 , although it must have been taken before his orange make over 😆

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  2. Scaper, there’s much more chance of us stopping the Abbott, by continuing to point out what a lying, scum sucking bottom feeder he is, than there is of Abbott stopping the Boats, the Carbon Price, the Waste or his brain farts :mrgreen:

    And I know that you are in denial about the puppet masters Murdoch and Rinehart,
    but you are sadly mistaken 😯 , or just refusing to see the bleeding obvious, ignoring the fact that for the LNP their un-spoken creed is “Every man, woman and child for themselves” with the codicil “unless you’re rich, then we’ll help you get more!” 😯

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  3. Bravo Truth Seeker. Speaking the truth as always.

    Nothing unnerves them like the cold hard light of Truth.

    Laying bare the hypocrisy
    Of Abbot’s right wing mendacity.

    For me I’ll spell it out.

    Stop the
    A nachronistic
    B oofheaded
    B igot
    O f
    T he
    T ories

  4. Meanwhile gillard is stopping herself…
    Fairfax poll:

    “Labor’s support, which had climbed into the mid-30s, has now collapsed, plunging it back towards landslide-losing territory were an election held now.
    Its primary vote stands at just 30 per cent, a dip of 5 points since the last survey in December and a mere 4 points above its nadir of 26 per cent in May 2012”

    “It was a bad sign for the government in an election year, the pollster John Stirton said.

    ”It confirms that the trend to Labor that ran from May to November last year and appeared to stall over Christmas is now heading in the opposite direction,” he said.

    Crucially, in terms of Ms Gillard’s command of the Labor leadership, Mr Abbott has overtaken her in the preferred prime minister stakes with his support leaping by 9 percentage points to 49 per cent compared with Ms Gillard on 45 – down 5 points.

    Labor strategists have previously pointed to her superior popularity as an important reason to retain her as leader.

    The poll follows a terrible fortnight for Labor in which Mr Rudd returned prominently to the airwaves and the Treasurer, Wayne Swan, admitted his mining tax had raised almost no revenue.

    Fewer than one in four voters now support the mining tax in its current form, with two thirds of voters in favour of either dumping it or making it stronger.

    The national poll of 1400 voters was carried out between Thursday and Saturday.

    Approval/disapproval ratings tell a similar story of woe for the embattled Prime Minister.

    The snapshot of voter sentiment coincides with a Galaxy Poll published by News Limited newspapers on Sunday that showed female voters, thought to be Ms Gillard’s secret weapon against Mr Abbott, were walking away, with 36 per cent indicating support for the Prime Minister.

    Mr Stirton said it was possible that women may have led the charge away from Ms Gillard.

    ”There is some evidence that the fall in Labor’s vote was greater among women than men but we will need another round of polls to confirm this,” he said.

    Read more:

  5. Truth Seeker
    FEBRUARY 17, 2013 @ 10:24 PM
    “Scaper, there’s much more chance of us stopping the Abbott, by continuing to point out what a …blah blah blah”

    In your dreams truth perverter. That strategy did gillard a lot of good didn’t it?

  6. The Abbott is like a runaway train- fast becoming unstopable and fueled by Labor.
    The Cause is continued Labor bungles , leadership questions and outright
    corruption within.
    Fix that before Sept12 and Labor may have a chance.

  7. The only truth perverters are you and your lying LNP mates, but a week is a long time in politics, and seven months is an eternity to keep Abbot from planting both feet in his lying gob, which he almost certainly will.

    And when the Guardian joins the fray, then there will be some balance in the media 😀

    And very strange that the week when he makes a speech about nothing, and announces that 20,000 PS will go , doing a federal version of Newman, and the baby bonus will also go, making it harder for families, his numbers go up in the polls?

    The rats are out in force, and the smell is overwhelming :mrgreen:

    So enjoy it while you can tree troll. 😀

  8. How, exactly are you going to stop Abbott?

    I’ve got to admit, it is becoming impossible to tell.

    The media have run harder for him than usual in the past month or so, and it has paid off for them. How do you combat wall to wall discrediting of the Government without any real basis in fact, and completely glossing over all the idiocy sprouted by the troppo one? Everything from Labor is ‘chaos’, while the chaos from the libs is ‘policy’.

    The latest crap about the drugs in sport being blamed on the Government is the lowest I have seen yet, yet I fear they will go deeper still. The only thing that I think can save Labor is that the media go too hard, and make it so obvious even for the most obstinate that they are playing us for fools

  9. Who believes Labor will win the next Election?

    I still think they ‘can’ win it, not really the same as saying they ‘will’ win it 😉

  10. Good stuff TS.
    Thanks for enquiring about my health…Jason was kind enuff to contact me on Facebook and mentioned yer TPS comment. It has been stressful lately due to my Mum being gravely ill in hospital at the age of 76 with pneumonia…and discovering before Xmas that my 77yr old Dad has cancer, having recently survived a big heart op. Dealing with their issues has been very time consuming and worrying…on top of my own probs …I see the eye specialist again today but I doubt the eye laser appt can be speeded up…there are just so many people waiting for assistance and I don’t want to jump the cue…probably be another year which is one reason I’m furious with the govt for ending our Dependent Spouse Rebate…leaving Stacey two and a half thousand dollars shorter. It would’ve helped to pay for at least one eye surgery at a private clinic. I find myself feeling useless…and let down by the govt I worked hard to get in back in 2007 etc.
    Anyway, I have no luv for Abbott either…and I do feel lining up the Coalition States with a fed one would be dangerous. But that does not mean Labor will get my first preference…nor will it prevent me from making my views of their missteps clear. I believe we need a wholesale change in politics…and the major parties need to be taught a big lesson.
    All the best.

  11. More pertinent question is who thinks Abbott or the MSM will tell the truth? 😯

    Considering you right wing nut jobs support the same ideologies that brought us the GFC, I think with seven months left to run the ALP will win, but God help us if Murdoch does 👿

  12. Nas, thanks for your comment, and I am sorry to hear about your families health issues.

    Has Stace looked into the carers payment or allowance (always get the two mixed up), I think it’s about $117.00 pf, and not means tested?
    Might be worth looking into 😀

    Hope everything goes well with your eye specialist mate, and keep your chin up, I know what it’s like to feel useless, as I can’t do much without running out of air these days, the humidity in QLD isn’t helping, but on the positive side, I got an oxygen concentrator last monday so that helps a bit 😀

    And thanks for the update nas, keep in touch when you can, and you are always welcome at my site too. 🙂 😀 best wishes to Stace 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😎

  13. “And when the Guardian joins the fray, then there will be some balance in the media ”

    Ha Ha Ha…The guardian might fill part of the void (if one can call it that) forming from the demise of fairfax. The bias in ABC is unlikely to change from it’s decidedly leftist genre, nor will the bias in academia budge from its rusted on leftist agendas.

    “More pertinent question is who thinks Abbott or the MSM will tell the truth?”

    You’re including guardian in MSM naturally?

  14. Let’s face it truth Perverter, your perceived lack of balance in the media equates to hearing nothing but bad news for gillard, even from fairfax..A real seeker of truth would be asking why this is so…

  15. Followed by the usual msm rudd pre poll beatup with the results from the polls having been conducted in the usual safe lieberals constituents electorates we have abbort ahead on PPM.

    Do me a favour, what on earth has he done to warrant such a change around nothing, yes I know that when he is MIA he gets less of a drubbing.

    What has the PM done to warrant her slide, the same I smell manipulation once again (must get back on my anti paranoid pills asap).

    I am going to put some cash on Julia to win the election.

    As I commented elsewhere on TPS

    [AA Your post heading is fitting, the coalition still have not accepted that they lost two elections.

    They think the general public js still sleepwalking helped on by a compliant media.

    It is a case of facts where reality = low inflation,lower taxation, growing economy, low unemployment, credit rating AAA, envy of the industrial world.

    Over fiction = we will all be ruined (but not whilst overseas), the country is going to hell in a hand basket, labor waste, disfunctional government,labor leadership upheaval, reinforced by a media campaign Joseph Goebbels would have been proud of.

    My hope is that Australia wakes up and again becomes the clever country, fictional perhaps or the stupid country a reality we are slowly sinking into.]

  16. Tree troll you are a completely delusional and traitorous knob, I would tell you to grow up, but that ship has sailed and sunk so what I will tell you is look up the number for lifeline… and tell someone that cares! 😦

  17. Hey Bilko

    “Do me a favour, what on earth has he done to warrant such a change around nothing”

    It wouldn’t have anything to do with gillard and swan would it? Of course not, they’re everything Australia aspires to; well a declining number that is. Those applauding this labor administration applaud everything we as a nation despise. Demeaning and belittling our family values is a surefire way to alienate people. Demeaning those who volunteer their time for good cause alienates even more. A Shrill speech accusing a family man of misogyny was the beginning of the end for gillard as thinking women across Australia saw the real julia at last. The 30% hole is of gillard’s digging, aided and abetted by her mud slinging adviser McTurd!

  18. Tree troll, you are dead right there, you have el dildo, voyager of the seven fanta..seas and scaper to join you in your right wing fantasy land 😦 and I hope you will all be very happy together :mrgreen:

  19. Greetings Nas.

    I saw TS’s comment on TPS last night and intended to email you about it. Good to see Jason was on the ball. Beat me to it.

    My thoughts and heart are with you during this stressful and unfortunate run of distress you are going through.

    Best regards also to S’.


  20. Treeman
    what ever you are drinking can I have some, it certainly puts you into another reality and if heaven forbid that abbort is successful that sounds like where I wish to be as his reality is crap.

  21. What I did here:

    used the letters of Abbott’s name to spell out his attributes,

    treetroll did the same here

    with Gillard, though bullshitting about her, naturally.

    Treetroll sure is an unoriginal troll. But then, that’s all you can expect: Conservatives are not known for originality of thought. Baaaaah! Bleat!

  22. Why aren’t the MSM interviewing Abbott over his magnificent electoral lead? A doting public wants to hear their glorious leader give them words of encouragement.

  23. Cheers Truth Seeker and Migs. Best to you both. Glad that oxygen concentrator is helping TS.
    Keep up the impressive postings and poems.


  24. Doesn’t it worry the Abbott adorers that he only does well when MIA and hidden for a bit. The moment he comes out and has to elucidate illuminate inform reveal speak brain fart he goes backwards.

    Remember he was going to win the last election until they had to take him out of hiding and that was it for the Liberals.

    Jumping on polls that are only positive for the opposition whilst going into hiding when they are negative also reveals something about the right wing lack of courage and fortitude. It’s the same when they lose an election. They go into hiding for a month or more then come out spitting dummies and spraying sour grapes all over the place.

    If Abbott wins the other thing to watch for that is an absolute certainty is all the excuses they’ll make as Abbott breaks promise after promise and his lies are exposed. So whilst they ranted Gillard liar they will have no troubles with Abbott’s greater volume of lies and their larger extent.

    When you have such a narrow closed mind ideological mindset you also by rote are very predicable.

    Childish retort to follow.

  25. The comments here on CW’s magnify Labors problems.
    ie always blame someone else – one big excuse.
    I have for a longtime now on this site stated ‘ until labor undergoes massive
    changes from within it will fail and fail dismally electorily’
    Get your roots back , ditch Sussex St and corruption, give members an equal
    vote at plebicites , dont be driven by the Unions , actively seek new blood
    for Candidates .
    Or it will be a white wash.
    Does anyone not understand what I am saying? ( Probably dont want to or
    offer some more excuses.)

  26. “What I did here:
    used the letters of Abbott’s name to spell out his attributes,
    treetroll did the same here
    with Gillard, though bullshitting about her, naturally.”

    Cuppa…You should be flattered that you have inspired…unfortunately there is no bullshit about gillard’s attributes and heaps of projection and hot air about your perceived Abbott’s attributes!

  27. treetroll,

    To be “inspired” one needs intellectual capacity, otherwise it’s as hopeless as trying to inflate a torn balloon. I hope this helps.

  28. What a fake poll is Nielson/Fairfax..better is Essential…C’mon youse LNP. colon lickers…a 9% upward swing for Botox-man!…in your (wet)dreams!….those figs were massaged to buggery….the only way Tony would get a 9% swing ANYWAY would be to tie a half-brick with a length of string onto his old fellah and stand spread-eagled over Treason’s balcony and get the old hips swinging!

  29. Boys, boys!…(voyager et all) you forget who is now in power…not your mob..but Labor…Julia Gilllard…US!….you have nothing!..ziltch!..nix!..nulla!..Niente!..bugger all..except bragging rights to a 7% dodgy poll lead six months out from an election with an effete, dumb, stooge to lead you to vicarious glory!….and you are telling US to worry!
    You poor dumb bastards!….
    You poor sick, dumb bastards!

  30. Credit where it’s due Treason….you’re always seeking knowledge…..but damn if you know what to do with it when you find it!

  31. Jaycee, Love it Nyaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha 😆 😆 😆 😆

    You nailed the trolls big time 🙂 😀 😆 😆 😆

    Thanks for that , best laugh of the day Cheers 😀

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