I’ve been thinking just how gutless members of the Opposition are.

Just a few examples: Peter Costello resigning the day after the 2007 election loss following years of bleating that he should have been Prime Minister (or the PM in waiting); Tony Abbott running away from tough questions; Tony Abbott not having the guts to appear on QandA; the whole party being too scared to vote against Abbott on same-sex marriage; Turnbull for not having the guts to stand up to Abbott; not having the guts to face up to criticism via social media; not having the guts to admit when wrong; not having the guts to tell the truth and so on and so on and so on.

I thought I’d throw this one open. What examples can you think of?

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  1. Hardly as gutless as Evans and Roxon

    If they are ‘gutless’ for wanting to do something else with their lives, then there are about 10 liberal MP’s who are just as gutless.

    Really lame voyager

    Mind you, I’ll put Rudd down as gutless for not pushing the ETS through. His biggest failing imo (after so much good he had done)

  2. Gutless for always attacking the weak, via welfare. For demonising refugees for base political purposes. And for using fear to the same ends.

  3. Abbott was gutless for not owning up to his past, rather raising the old chestnut of “I don’t recall”, and them when pressed, calling those involved liars, before stating “I couldn’t recall, cos it didn’t happen!” Gutless!

    Spoilt little rich kid reaction, as was all the strife that his daddy got him out of.

    Won’t take responsibility for anything that he’s done wrong; Gutless 😥

  4. I wonder if he will own up to cheating the Australian Tax payers about his 9 day bike ride. No he wont because the man is a bully and gutless.

  5. Migs, I just don’t think Turnbull is made of the right stuff. It’s fine if everything’s going his way, but he gets pouty or stalks off if he meets resistance.

    Abbott. What can you say. Hiding behind creatures like Anal and the rest of the fascist talk back pig dogs while they made their vile “shame” attack against her through her dead father and gutlessly adding to the grief and distress the PM, her mother and other family members were still suffering after his death.

    Sloppy for his gutless attack against the PM visiting her still grieving widowed mother over Christmas. Sloppy also because he’s also a gutless moron who doesn’t know the difference between “million” and “billion” and because he thinks eleventy is a real number.

    Prissy, Brough, Brandis and the rest of that mob of incompetent liars for their sleazy attempts to bankrupt and destroy Slipper using the courts.

    And their shameless dismissal of Justice Rares judgement wrt their blatant corruption and attempts to pervert the course of justice.

    Abbott’s weasel words “I have no specific knowledge of *”

    *Enter malfeasance of choice

  6. Voyager, it’s a bit rich to call Roxon gutless because she doesn’t want to miss any more of her daughter’s childhood. She’ll never get back the first few years she’s already missed. I think she’s made the right decision for her family.

    I don’t know what Evans’ reason for resigning is, but if he’s got a young family too, perhaps he also doesn’t want to be an absentee parent.

    As for the rest, I think quite a few are either close to or way past 65. Time to make way for some fresh blood and enjoy the rest of their lives with the grandies etc.

  7. Ray Williams, Kevin Conolly & Bart Bassett (NSW Libs) putting their heads in the sand and refusing to meet with Hawkesbury constituents over issues like the Windsor Bridge Replacement Project and the Grose Vale Road housing development. Not only have requests for meetings/interviews/contact been ignored, but downright refused in writing. They’re too scared to face the people who voted them in.

  8. Voyer, you are truly a pinhead, politicians resign from the Fibs, but they are gutless when they do so from the ALP. 🙄

    OK genius, if you want to call someone who has had the fortitude to stand up and win a world benchmark against Big Tobacco. Someone who will go down in history as a person who has made a real difference in her political life that will benefit many generations long after she ha left this mortal coil. Someone who is applauded the world over as a person of stern resolve and guts in the face of the big tobacco money the Libs are addicted too

    Then please do so at your own gutless, insignificant peril…..

  9. There are so many gutless things those in the Liberal Party have done, are doing and the Liberal Party as a whole is inherently gutless.

    One from the past was Howard getting others to do his dirty work and take the fall for him even though he said many times he took full responsibilities for his actions, which is something he never did. Abbott has said the same thing.

    A contemporary one has to be Turnbull and the NBN for mine. Turnbull knows he was given a turkey when told by Abbott to dismantle the NBN, which Turnbull never went on to do, didn’t even try, which is gutless in its own way. But what he did do was constantly tell lies and distortions about it from the sidelines, whilst investing in similar infrastructure overseas. Whenever he was asked to justify or debate his disingenuous stance on the NBN, Turnbull would shut down the conversation or just run away from it.

    There is the total gutlessness of the Coalition because they can’t face honesty and transparency hide behind an equally gutless MSM, who run gutless vicious attack campaigns against anyone who dares challenge their lies and deceits.

    There is probably nothing more gutless than a bully, and both Abbott and the right wing media fit that word.

  10. Just to insert a bit of balance, where are the Labor members exhibiting the same guts in criticising their leader. Oh no, none have the moral courage to stand up and tell Australians that the leadership team are being forced to accept a leader whose past is probably criminal, and whose present is riddled with lies and deceptions. From my perspective, they are all bad. Let’s go to an election now and let the AFP throw them (most of the Caucus) in jail (gaol) where they belong.

  11. Remember sneaky Pete, the fire sale treasurer, who was so addicted to surpluses that he sold our gold reserves off at an all time low and sold off 72 billion dollars in public assets. That is a man with no guts whatsoever.

    December 1996
    Commonwealth Funds Management 62.5

    January 1997
    Avalon Airport Geelong Ltd 1.5
    (plus annual lease payments)

    May 1997
    Phase 1 Airports
    Melbourne Airport
    Brisbane Airport
    Perth Airport

    July 1997
    DASFLEET 408

    September 1997
    Australian Industry Development Corporation Ltd
    (sale included provision of a $3,200m pool of Commonwealth bonds to repay equivalent amount in Commonwealth guaranteed borrowings as they fall due) 155

    November 1997
    Australian National Railways Commission 95.4

    October/November 1997
    Department of Administrative Services
    Asset Services
    Australian Operational Support Services
    Australian Property Group
    DAS Centre for Environmental Management
    DAS Distribution
    DAS Interiors
    WORKS Australia

    December 1997
    Housing Loans Insurance Corporation 108

    February 1998
    Former Macleod Repatriation Hospital site 1.75

    April 1998
    Australian Multimedia Enterprises Ltd 29.3

    Phase 2 Airports
    (Adelaide; Alice Springs; Canberra; Coolangatta; Darwin; Hobart; Launceston; Mt Isa; Parafield; Tennant Creek; and Townsville; Archerfield; Jandakot and Moorabbin) 730.8

    June 1998
    Auscript 1.1

    March 1999
    National Transmission Network 650

    December 1998 – May 1999
    Australian River Co. (formerly ANL Ltd) 20.697

    November 1999
    ADI Ltd 346.78

    January 2000
    Removals Australia 10.4

    April 2000
    AWRAP (Australian Wool Research and Promotion)

    September 2001
    Essendon Airport Ltd 22.044

    February 2002
    Combined sale of National Rail Corporation Ltd and
    NSW’s Freight Rail Corporation ($1172m total transaction value) 220

    June 2002
    Sale of Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport ($1355m of SACL debt repaid in addition) 4233

    December 2003
    Sale of Sydney Basin Airports (Bankstown, Camden and Hoxton Park) 211.0

    June 2004
    ComLand Limited ($25.3m of ComLand debt repaid in addition) 139.7

    Share Offers managed by the Commonwealth
    October 1993
    Commonwealth Bank Secondary Public Share Offer (2) 1.7

    June 1994
    CSL (former Commonwealth Serum Laboratories) Public Share Offer 0.3

    July 1995
    Qantas Public Share Offer 1.4

    July 1996
    Commonwealth Bank Secondary Public Share Offer (3) and share buy back 5.1

    November 1997
    Telstra 1 14.2
    (plus $3 billion payment to the Commonwealth from retained earnings)

  12. Curry
    FEBRUARY 25, 2013 @ 1:26 PM
    Just to insert a bit of balance, where are the Labor members exhibiting the same guts in criticising their leader. Oh no, none have the moral courage to stand up and tell Australians that the leadership team are being forced to accept a leader whose past is probably criminal, and whose present is riddled with lies and deceptions. From my perspective, they are all bad. Let’s go to an election now and let the AFP throw them (most of the Caucus) in jail (gaol) where they belong.

    Not only is that imbalanced and false. It indicatively epitomises a “gutless: Fiberal Liberal 🙄

  13. Im with you Curry .
    Why wait 201 days to an Election , lets have it now.
    Australians have had enough.
    New Dullard policy ‘ lets teach our little kids to read better’
    Imagine what Asia thinks about us when they see this sort of ground breaking
    policy. They read to their kids , just like responsible caring Australian parents
    should. Not rely on Gov to do so!
    Oh what a closeted protected little click we are becoming.Another spending
    Black Hole.

    Oh by the way – ‘Dicky Ricky’
    Ask RBA Governor what happened to the $500m he wanted in his depleted
    reserve fund.
    Answer Wayne Swan stole it like a daytime thief – it was armed robbery!
    To use to prop his failed budget promises. I call that gutless too!

  14. My personal pick;
    Turnbull leading his troops in a no show when the lower house vote was taken to end Howard’s Pacific Solution.
    In view of the mileage they’ve gotten from the issue afterward, surely the best example of selective historical reporting on the part of them & their allies.
    But so much choice….
    I suggest this thread be put up on the masthead for the convenience of future posters.

  15. Tony Abbott doing polly ride to raise funds for charity and claiming living away from home allowance as he is doing so….what a joke

  16. Don’t you think there is something gutless about never mentioning that Peter Slipper had been an LNP man? Letting Labor take the whole blame and never once acknowledging that he had been an LNP member for many years? Tony Abbott just sat back with a smug face whenever the subject of Slipper came up, so happy that this wasn’t reflecting at all on the LNP, and of course the media never questioned or examined it.

  17. Poor Voyer 😦 I realise that the list is very confronting for your poor brainwashed mind to take in. I know it reads like a charge sheet of evidentiary proof that the fiberals delusional lie of prudent economic stewardship is a completely baseless lie.

    Peter Costello was a poor and lazy treasurer as was John Howard. Liberals cannot come to terms with the fact that despite being the heralded trumpeters of free market economics they are pathetic fiscal managers who are not remotely close to progressive economic reformists like Keating or Swan.

    Poor Voyer is suffering from smoke inhalation from the cinders of the firesale setting off all types of hallucinations of bank robbers dogs. Truth is the Fiberals are poor with money and have no vision. They wont explain how they arrived at a surplus because they are in fact gutless. Its just not in their DNA.

  18. Curry, are you talking about Lielot’s slush fund to prosecute Pauline Hanson? You know, the one where he lied to the AEC and the Parliament. All on the record, too. Nobody has to fabricate any evidence about that.

    Then we’ve got his involvement in the Ashby/Slipper scandal. You know the case that the judge said was an attempt to pervert the course of justice.

    I reckon that should be worth a few years in the slammer, unlike a 20yo unsubstantiated rumour.

    No proof, no substance, no nothing but a pack of Liars Party smear and gutless rumour mongering and dodgy documents that the dog ate.

    20 years spent sniffing bicycle seats and still they can’t produce anything but lies, smear and innuendo, despite the best efforts of their criminal mates, Pickering and Blewitt.

    News flash, chaps. Fabricated “evidence” from liars, thieves and conmen isn’t highly regarded. I think it’s because they’re liars, thieves and conmen, but you’d better check on that.

    AWB. $300m of tax payers hard earned handed over to someone the Rodent declared war on.

    Hilarious projection to cover their own ordure.

    While we’re at it how about the calling Garrett a murderer in Coward’s Castle? Gutless spivs and liars.

    Utegate, the Grech affair and all while they’re MPs hiding under the protection of Coward’s Castle, because they haven’t got the bottle to open their fat yaps in public.

    We all know who should be in the clink. If Slipper wants a couple of bucks to have a crack, I’d love to help out.

    The election’s been called, so why are the Liars and their barrackers so anxious to have the election now? What’s the reason for the unseemly haste?

    I’d recommend that nobody stands downwind of the Liars between now and the election. There’s something rotten in the state of Liarsland

  19. Hey Silkworm that”s my line “hiding behind Margies skirts” But seeing that Margie is nowhere to be seen maybe he has turned to Peta?????

  20. Haha. Gutless Howard on show again.

    It turns out in 1998 Howard sent Senator Heffernan to Tony Windsor to ask him to join the Libs to undermine the Nationals for his seat.

    Now Howard is saying New England belongs to the Nationals.

  21. Jane, I believe it is healthy for democracy, if MPs do not hang around too long.

    Renewing the pool on an ongoing basis can only be good.

    What do the likes of the senior Bishop and Ruddock now have to offer.

    It was never meant to be a job for life. I believe that is why we have three year terms.

  22. Curry, I am, glad you have moved on to using the word “probable”. I have seen no evidence that even supports that position.

  23. “Now Howard is saying New England belongs to the Nationals”

    So much so, that they voted Windsor in with massive majorities, more than once.

  24. Faulkner speaking in the senate. On the qualifications of Labor members sitting in the parliament now. Pointed out the Opposition lack of respect for anyone that has qualifications or are experts in any field.

    Talking about Bill Morrison. Must be a TRIBUTE

    He has reminded us of the lies that took us into the Vietnam war.

  25. Voyager want’ HIS election NOW!…he’s extracted the murdochian phallis from his automatic talking machine and it says :”I want the election NOW!”…well you can’t have it now,’ll just have to’ll just have to hunger that little bit more…and more and more and more..till Sept 14th. you’re out in the cold till can’t have anything till then AND’ll have to win it!…Society is a big beast now…it needs feeding, not starving…what have the opp’n got to offer besides Opes Dai flagellation?…something you’ll enjoy, but the rest of the voting public will not.
    You have nothing, Voyager, NOTHING, save gobbler-breath…nothing to offer, nothing to proclaim, nothing to attract…..go back to your “padrone”, I’m sure he’s got something to offer you….AND you’ll take it and take it and take it!

  26. By the way…has anyone seen that bastion of denial : Treeson?….I just looked at the BOM. national MSLP. map and it shows three low systems off and on Qld. on a monsoon trough…could someone get him to promise there will not be another cyclone….or if there is it will only be another ho hum every year “once in a hundred year event”?
    The wanker!

  27. By the way…has anyone seen that bastion of denial : Treeson?

    Last I heard jaycee, he was being automatically deleted from the spam filter 😆

  28. Bacchus, is not it nice.

    As for a immediate election. I believe the founding fathers got it right. declaring one should be called every three years.

    Imagine the instability if one could demand an election every time a government did something they did not like. We would be having one every month.

    Every government should have the right to expect to govern full term.

  29. Gutless is the athiest “living in sin” PM throwing gays and lesbians under the bus by citing her “traditional” values in a desperate attempt to try and win a few votes from fundamentalist Christians in a few marginal seats in Queensland seats. What a glorious legacy for a Labor leader to have…

  30. Fed up But if Bronny the Beehived battleaxe left politics, who would toddle in with the rule book and recite irrelevancies in the rules, then get told to sit down? Its the only exercise she gets except for giving Tony Bitty 🙂

  31. Gillard defending “traditional marriage” to win a few votes in some Queensland marginals. Yeah, I did… Her and Jim Wallace are such pals.

  32. AAAWW!…poor bleedin’ Voyager…sucking on the sympathy sympathiser…he comes here to a “proudly left wing site” to stir and abuse us and our PM. and he gets a bit back and the weepies flow…aaaww……go suck on it gutless…if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. When you see me on your right-wing sites, you can repay me the “compliment”….but I’d have to lose my mind first!
    You’re useless anyway!

  33. @Lovo. Yeah, I just love how Gillard talks about wanting to support “traditional” values which is why the gays can’t marry, without a hint of irony.

  34. “I luv the ‘living in sin’ bit, Pete…… how 1950′s of you…”

    Yes, LOVO, guilty of living the life the majority of young women live today.

    Do not know who he is trying to shock. or impress.

    Fits in with my belief that many hate the PM because she is a single atheist , childless woman living in sin.

    Last time I said this, I was accused of abusing people.

    Not too sure she is defending any type of marriage. Could be like me, not believing in marriage full stop.

    We do not know her reasoning, but we do know she is not forcing her views on others.

    The PM has allowed a conscience vote on same gender marriage.

    I find the above tirade a little stupid and childish. Shame Peter, you were going so well.

  35. jaycee voyer is sitting in a basement with the list and a calculator trying to add up firesale economic surplus fib, They forgot to tell him so he’s having a tanty, was it an election or erection he wants now? 🙂

    Peter if you love the 50’s look no further than Abbott “the scared of gays regressive retro guy”

  36. Even Abbott, with his gay sister has to rethink how women live today.

    Peter, take a look around you. How many women live according to the rules of the 1950’s. Not many, I suspect, even in your own family.’

    There is nothing wrong with the PM’s lifestyle.

  37. Gutless was/is Joe Hockey in grovelling to Howard’s orders not to attend the wedding of Kevin Rudd’s daughter..Joe, what happened to the comradeship developed during your trek of the Kokoda Trail?

  38. Peter, hypocrisy would have been doing an Abbott and not allowing a conscience vote. Gillard does not see the need for marriage equality as she doesn’t see the need for marriage at all. My argument has always been why step in the way of something many want, will not harm a soul in fact may save many lives just because you don’t believe in it yourself. Gillard didn’t stand in the way..she allowed a conscience vote, which compares with Tony Abbott.

  39. The dreariness of the literal-minded. The “living in sin” (hint: look at those marks around the words) is used as a rather pointed jibe at the hypocritical position of someone invoking “traditional values” as the reason cited for imposing her views on my relationship and denying me the ability to get married, while patently not abiding by such traditional values herself. Have we connected the dots, yet…

  40. Gutless: Morrison on the Christmas Island tragedy.

    For here was Morrison today, on the news that the seven survivors would be flown to Sydney to attend the funeral:

    “The Government had the option of having these services on Christmas Island. If relatives of those who were involved wanted to go to Christmas Island, like any other Australian who wanted to attend a funeral service in another part of the country, they would have made their own arrangements to be there.

    “This is a Government whose failed border protection policies have increased the cost of asylum seeker management by more than seven-fold in just the last three years.

    “They need to understand the value of taxpayers’ dollars in this area.

    “Are you suggesting, you know, that other Australians don’t find financial cost pressures when it comes to getting to these types of events that they dearly want to go to?”

    Yep, using the funeral of (among others) an eight-month old and a three-month old child as a means to talk about waste of taxpayer dollars.

    How classy.

  41. Peter, you are amongst friends here. Perhaps you might like to read topics blogmaster Migs and I have written on the issue of gay marriage. On the drop box RHS titled Categories you will see that this blog has a special category for Gay Issues.

  42. Gutless for not applying their rules (truth in politics) to Judge Rares’ decision. Ashbygate COUP attempt

  43. and lets see how gutless Turnbull is shortly on QANDA.

    I am not a huge fan of Carr but I reakon he will answer with diplomacy

  44. Andy, gutless was T’bull for not telling Abbott to shove his dead-end portfolio of the NBN up his derrière. Well..Abbott did promise him a portfolio now didn’t he. Rudd got Foreign Affairs and T’bull got….shafted…

    Also gutless is T’bull for continuously making an almost-challenge for the leadership.

  45. Peter, as Min said you are on the wrong site, if you believe most here do not support dame gender marriage. I, myself, as my previous remark suggests, does not put much faith in marriage. Been there, done that.

    What I also believe, what I want or feel is of little importance. If others want it, there wishes should be met.

    I have a daughter and grandson who are gay. My grandson living up your way.

    Yes, I support the drive for the right for all to marry.

    I al;so understand but believe they are wrong, many who find gay issues hard to deal with. Yes, I also believe, in my life time the treatment and rights of gays has come a long way. So far in fact, that the right to marry is the last hurdle to cross.

    What I do not understand why the hate is towards the PM, who has allowed a conscience vote, and not against Mr. Abbott who block any hope of legislation.

    I believe you will have more success working on Abbott and the Liberal Party.

    This government has rewritten all in the legislation, that put gays at a disadvantage.

    Give credit where it is due.

  46. Yes, Turnbull would have gained more respect, if he did a Keating and went to the back bench in preparation for his next attack.

    So should have Rudd, for that matter.

    As Howard said it is everyone right to seek to be PM.

    Julie at Westmead is being shown Media Watch. Media watch worth watching for once.

  47. Peter I personally think that anyone who votes against marriage equalities for gays is gutless. I have no conceivable idea why you would not, it defy’s logic. As for living in sin, well, I’m an atheist so it bears no mind to me.(yeah I got it) I was personally very disappointed and somewhat ashamed when it did not get up in caucus. I’m definitely the wrong guy to ask about marriage having, been divorced twice. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in here that does not support the proposal of gay marriage.

  48. I do not think Tony Abbott is gutless. Look how bravely stood up to Bernie Banton. Even though Bernie held all the cards like needing breathing and a wheelchair, Tony stared him down as he was not as pure at heart like him.

  49. Voyager, the only gutless one is Tony Abbott who does not allow a conscience vote and doesn’t come clean that his attitudes towards gay marriage and women’s health issues are based solely on his Catholicism. Also gutless is Malcolm Turnbull who is supposedly a supporter of marriage equality. Why did he not cross the floor on this’s not as if he hasn’t cross the floor before as in 2010 when he voted with Labor in the emissions trading scheme.

  50. Gutless is the entire LNP. coalition for hiding behind the OM. skirts and sniping at the gov’t from their “mother’s” apron.
    Gutless bastards couldn’t stand ontheir own two feet….the ONLY thing propping them up is the OM. that’s why they have to take turns “behind the green door” keeping Gina and Rupert happy…..I don’t wonder Gina turns to verse!

  51. Cliff, and the way that he swore at Nicola Roxon now surely there is the mark of a real man, the way that he can fearlessly swear at a woman.

  52. Jaycee,

    Gutless is the entire LNP. coalition for hiding behind the OM. skirts and sniping at the gov’t from their “mother’s” apron.
    Gutless bastards couldn’t stand ontheir own two feet….the ONLY thing propping them up is the OM.


    They couldn’t tolerate the editorial independence of the ABC and Fairfax. So they stacked the ABC from the top down with Liberal suckholes, such that it’s now on the road to being the local version of Fox “News”. While Rinehart is trying to throw her weight around at Fairfax, with the help of the rabid right…

    Liberal senator founded group campaigning for Rinehart influence

    A conservative activist group leading calls for Gina Rinehart to be appointed to the Fairfax board was created by the Liberal firebrand Cory Bernardi, a senator with ties to the mining billionaire.

    The group, CANdo, was formed by Senator Bernardi in 2010 as a conservative alternative to the progressive activist group GetUp! It is now run by Jai Martinkovits, who is also the executive director of Australians for Constitutional Monarchy.

  53. The Labor Party has voted resoundingly to change its policy to one of supporting gay marriage.

    But federal MPs will not be forced to support gay marriage when the issue comes before Parliament next year because the party also voted to endorse a conscience vote for its politicians.

    And there is the difference, the party voted to allow a conscience vote whereas Tony Abbott does not allow any.

  54. Min same result . No to Gay marriage.
    It is quite amazing that the ALP caucus will go against policy and
    members voted wishes and not support it in the House.LNP similarly.
    Then we are talking about Politicians ( they must perceive it a vote diminisher
    not a vote enhancer. Well thats always what we expect self interest)

  55. Voyager, only because of the outright refusal of Tony Abbott to countenance the idea. But then it’s understandable given that he feels “threatened” by gay and lesbians. Abbott’s opinion is that these relationships are “unnatural”, against the natural order of things.

    Gillard’s opinion is that she believes as many do today that marriage itself is an out-dated institution.

  56. Voyager it seems you are attempting to twist this against Labor when at any time with the Liberals support this will get passed.

    Abbott is not allowing anyone in the Liberal party to even express their wishes one way or the other, and that includes an openly gay Liberal who is going for preselection and is likely to win. He has spoken out in favour of gay marriage in the past but is now gagged by Abbott. That’s gutless by Abbott because he scared that if he allows a conscience vote or the Liberals to speak out on this his homophobic outlook will be trampled.

  57. Want to see how gutless the Liberals are then look up Scott Driscoll in Newman’s government.

    He belittled, humiliated and demeaned his young female staff, forcing one to keep a record of her periods on a public office calendar. When she complained he sacked her.

    So when this was bought to Newman’s attention they were hopeful he would discipline Driscoll and reinstate the sacked woman.

    This is Abbott lite we are talking about here, another bully and bully supporter, a chip of the old Abbott block. Newman rewarded Driscoll, promoting him and making him the new MP for Redcliffe.

  58. A very enthusiastic report from Facebook’s The Real News Channel

    Kaboooom! You HAVE TO watch this. Then you HAVE TO share. Julie Owens smashes a Reporter out of the ball park in a ‘Julia Gillard’ like speech. Snapped him like a twig.
    THAT is how ALL politicians should treat this current bunch of SHIT, GUTLESS Australian Mainstream Media. I wonder who the reporter was. 2GB perhaps? Fox News perhaps? Channels Nine & Seven perhaps?
    I think I might even pack my bags and move to western Sydney after watching that brilliant exhibition.
    You would NEVER hear that type of tirade from a Right-Wing Politician. Why? because they do not give a rat’s about children or about healthcare. Go Julie Owens… a future Prime Minister perhaps. ♥ ♥ ♥

  59. Very intersting clip and said with sincerity. But. . . .
    Health Minister says we are focusing on Governing however this is a proven
    ‘porky’ . Why?
    Ms Gillard is about to camp in the Western Suburbs of Sydney for 5 Days.
    I ask again Why?
    Good governance – rubbish it is to campaign , trying to prop the plunging
    Labor vote in the West. She should be running the country.
    Its this that kills off all her credibility and then people openly call her a liar.
    Voters will not cop it.

  60. I think all will find that this PM can walk and chew gum at the same time.

    Unlike one trick Tony, who cannot even read a document while campaigning.

    Abbott is unable to read important High Court Judgements while sitting on a plane to the UK.

    Remember, Tony is not even willing to give an answer he has not rehearsed, afraid that he will say the wrong thing. This practice has not even worked for him as he puts his foot in his mouth every day.

    How many portfolios did she hold in the Rudd government.

    If one took the time, one would see every day there are announcements to what the government is doing, across all portfolios.

  61. Well the Liberals and their supporters really are getting low down.

    There’s a picture doing the rounds on Facebook with Gillard on one side and a cow lying down on the other. The caption is “One is a cow lying the other is a lying cow.”

    But that is not the bit that gets my goat. The text that accompanies it says; ” You’re not Aussie if you don’t like this.”

    WTF. Really gutless Liberal supporters and Liberals, I and in this case probably most Australians who find this highly offensive are not Australians. It’s because we find it offensive that we are decent Australians and you are the lowest scum in the sewage produced by us.

  62. Lyndal Curtis has had a makeover with a newe haircut. Wonder why that is. Much be important, as they make so much about the PM when she makes changes.

    Of course we are being ridiculous, when we say the sexist attacks on the PM exis​tand are ongoing.

    We are told that is not so.

    Abbott’s carbon tax utterances are being questioned. ABC 24

  63. Gutless that he can’t front a press conference & field questions without walking away when it gets tough. And after the Barbara Ramjan story broke, he hid from the media for a whole week. Gutless.

  64. Looks like all sell out when they join the Liberals.

    “……….KEVIN Rudd’s political opponent in Griffith, Bill Glasson, has resigned as a voluntary advocate for Labor’s National Broadband Network.

    Dr Glasson served as an NBN “champion” who argued in favour of the fast broadband plan for five months after winning Liberal Party preselection for the Brisbane seat.

    Dr Glasson had said the NBN would bring previously “unimaginable” improvements to health and business.

    “This is an ambitious, nation-building project, but I’m particularly excited about the benefits to medical patients in Queensland and Australia,” he said in 2011.

    But in a letter of resignation from the voluntary role, Dr Glasson said the NBN had become too expensive and the roll-out too slow.

    He said Mr Rudd promised in 2007 that the NBN would cost $4.7 billion and be finished by 2013 but the costs had increased more than tenfold and only 10,400 houses had been connected to the NBN fibre network.

    Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has called for a Productivity Commission review of the NBN and has flagged the Coalition’s intention to shift to a cheaper but potentially slower system that connects fibre to the node rather than the home.

    Mr Rudd yesterday hit back at Dr Glasson, saying he had been forced to appease Mr Abbott.

    “The Liberal National Party candidate for Griffith one day is a National Broadband Network champion and then, when this proves to be politically embarrassing for Tony Abbott, he tries to have his support deleted from history,” Mr Rudd said…………”

  65. “Public Notice”
    The media is too unfriendly in Canberra, so Im moving My Government
    to Rooty Hill RSL next week for a 5 day retreat. Please respect my privacy
    at this difficult time.
    Signed Ms J Gillard

  66. I believe it takes guts to move yourself into enemy territory. One where the media says they are out with cricket bats to get her.

    Maybe the true story with the media is that they are afraid the PM’s natural charm will work on all she meets.

  67. You can’t govern from Sydney, Trollager? Why not? The Rodent did it full time.

    Also, why are people waiting for the PM with cricket bats? Because they haven’t lost their jobs? Because they’re getting tax breaks on their super? Because they’ll have the benefit of the $18,200 tax free threshold?

    Never mind, Liealot will take the lot to hand over to his rich mates and chuck them out of work if he gets in, that’s if O’Barrell doesn’t beat him to the punch. That should keep them happy.

    Speaking of meeting and greeting, where’s Liealot? Skulking behind Margie’s skirts and Peta’s test tubes, perhaps?

    Tom R, is Sinodonis a Liar? If so, he’s gutless. It’s in their DNA.

  68. What is the PM doing different next week, that she has not done before. She spent a few days in SA last week, if one takes time to recall. There was even the regular community cabinet.

    Mr. Howard refused to live in the accommodation in Canberra, moving all to Sydney, making Kirribilli house his main residents.

    I believe when the PM goes to Victoria, she stays in her own home.

    Once again, a beat up over nothing.

  69. jane, and speaking of “Peta’s test tubes”….. this is a lady that runs Tonys campaign…. yet she can’t even organise a fridge for her own personal use, 😕 WTF …. unrool that 🙄

  70. The contents of that fridge should be destroyed for the good of humanity. That woman should not be allowed to reproduce.

  71. Rather than trying to think of gutless things the LNP have done, can anyone come up with anything brave they might have done? Any. One. Thing? Me neither.

  72. LOVO, as Denise Allen said on her blog and which Migs has written about on his other blog the AIMN,

    you, Ms Credlin, should be rightly condemned for using your IVF procedures as a blatant political tool.

    I think that Denise put into words something which many felt, that there was something decidedly unsettling about Ms Credlin and Tony’s attempt to make himself more “female friendly” by publicising something which should have been kept private. He’s not a misogynist because he allows the use of his fridge???

  73. …….A Liberal backbencher has accused his party of ”vilifying” asylum seekers after the Coalition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, called for ”behaviour protocols” for those released into the community.
    Mr Morrison also said there should be mandatory notification of asylum seekers to local police and residents in the areas where they are housed.
    He said the charging of a Sri Lankan asylum seeker with the indecent assault of a young woman in a university dorm in Sydney ”demanded” an immediate suspension of the community release program and a review to determine new ”behavioural protocols . . . with clear negative sanctions for breaches”.

    Unacceptable … there should “never be special categories of laws fort different categories of people…” says Russell Broadbent. Photo: Chris Lane
    But the Victorian backbencher Russell Broadbent said there should ”never be special categories of laws for different categories of people . . . The rule of law should apply to all and we should not set some people apart.”…………..

    Read more:–lib-20130227-2f6d4.html#ixzz2M9cTJlQM

  74. Pyne and Abbott, like all bad tradesmen, blames the tools.

    Teacher quality debate is ‘bullying’
    Updated: 11:00, Thursday February 28, 2013
    Debate about teacher quality has been hijacked and often amounts to bullying of the profession, an education expert says.

    Teachers are being unfairly blamed for all problems in the nation’s education system, Professor Stephen Dinham will tell the Australian College of Educators in a speech on Thursday.

    The chair of teacher education at the University of Melbourne says the ‘misinformed, persistent, harmful rhetoric and indeed bullying’ in the current debate are going largely unchallenged.

    As well, there’s a fixation with international measures of student achievement that’s eroding teachers’ self-belief and confidence.

    ‘There are growing and worrying signs that the quality teaching movement is in danger of being hijacked,’ Professor Dinham will say….

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