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Here we go again. From the pages of comes this surprising bit of news:

Kevin Rudd would catapult Labor into an election-winning position if he was to be reinstalled as leader, according to a new Galaxy poll.

A comeback by the former prime minister would deliver a 14 per cent   boost to Labor’s primary vote in Queensland, putting it in line to seize  two-thirds of the state’s seats.

The poll of 800 Queenslanders, taken on the evenings of February 20  and 21, found that federal Labor’s support, with Prime Minister Julia  Gillard at the helm, was stuck on 33 per cent – close to the primary  vote Labor received at the last election.

They have even provided a photo of Kevin Rudd holding a baby. All potential Prime Ministers need to kiss, cuddle, nurse or hold a baby. The photo, on this occasion, adds some shine to what was really a pathetic attempt at a story.

Basically, 800 Queenslanders were asked if they prefer a Queenslander as our Prime Minister and they said “yes”. Of course they’d prefer a home-grown boy. What state wouldn’t. The results of course are then catapulted on to the national stage and the voices of those 800 souls are shouted like it was the national anthem.

Why do the media keep harping on about a Rudd challenge? It’s not as though they want a Labor victory.  My educated guess is that they want turmoil in the house of Labor.

The last Rudd challenge came not only after 18 months of media speculation about a possible move, but also at a time when Labor was losing support as indicated by the polls. It was highly suggestive that Labor

Consider this:

Kevin Rudd would still be prime minister if not for Tony Abbott’s rise to the Liberal Party leadership, according to John Howard.

Mr Howard, Australia’s second-longest-serving prime minister, said Mr Rudd was “spooked” by Mr Abbott on climate change, his poll ratings dropped, and his own party – spooked by that – installed Julia Gillard in his place.

“If Abbott had not been elected (Liberal) leader before the last election, Rudd would never have been thrown out by the Labor Party,” Mr Howard said.

Is Howard trying to give Abbott a psychological edge, knowing he has ‘beaten’ Rudd before? Or maybe he is trying to stir up electoral emotions as this piece would suggest:

Former prime minister John Howard says Kevin Rudd – the man who beat him in 2007 – could make a move for the Labor Party leadership before the federal election.

Mr Howard says Mr Rudd’s ousting as prime minister in 2010 by Julia Gillard was very unusual.

“The extraordinary thing about the politics in the last few years was Kevin Rudd’s removal,” he told the Nine Network today.

“It’s very unusual for somebody who wins an election and then they get rid of him before he’s got the chance of going to the next election.” (My bolds).

John Howard has been a very busy man in political chatter lately. What happened to his pledge to keep out of politics after his humiliating loss in 2007? He must have forgotten.

Here’s something else he’s forgotten (as have the media):

Kevin Rudd’s 18-month bid to regain the Labor leadership has been smashed after he lost a ballot against Julia Gillard by a record margin.

Everybody has short-term memories by the looks of it.

The last Rudd challenge came not only after 18 months of media speculation that he’d make a move, but also at a time when the polls weren’t looking good for Labor. It was suggestive of the media that Labor would receive a bump in the pools and electoral success with Rudd at the helm. But the party thought otherwise and stood overwhelmingly beside Gillard.

That, at the time (and still does) made me pause to consider the message behind this. Either:

  • they don’t believe what is read in the mainstream media
  • they were happy with Gillard’s direction, leadership and vision
  • they wanted to end media speculation once and for all
  • being in a Rudd Government was not a preferred option over a Gillard Opposition.

It must be remembered that Rudd is famous for being impossible to work with.

Your views on all of these suggestions?

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  1. When push comes to shove, would Rudd get the numbers? I doubt it. This speculation runs along the line of Abbott’s incessant demands for a new election..someone might want one (Abbott), but is it likely to happen?

  2. Migs, I think that the LNP will continue to push this line as well as anything else they and the media can dream up. For the LNP. I think Min calls it projection?
    The aim is to deflect away from them for as long as they can until something comes along to kick the can out from underneath them. Can’t come soon enough for me.

  3. If Mr. Rudd had stood behind his ministers such as Mr. Garrett and defend his programs such as the pink bats and Ber, he might still be there.

    If Mr. Rudd could have handled the media on onslaught, he may have stood a chance.

    If Mr. Rudd was able to negotiate his climate change bills and mining tax better, he might still be there.

    Most of all, if Mr. Rudd had kept the confidence of his cabinet and caucus he would definitely be there.

    For all the credit that Mr Howard gives Mr. Abbott, he has not been able to dislodge the present PM.

    The PM has fought and won an election. She negotiated a minority government and over two and half years, is still firmly entrenched, no matter what they have shot at her.

    The media and Opposition present frantic attempt of dismantling this government is a little disturbing. The desperation is on show for all to see.

    Please, can anyone explain to me, what would Rudd gain by taking over now.

    If the next elections are as disastrous as many predict, would not that be the time to make his run. Mr. Rudd is not stupid, he knows he could not win now., He would never at this time, have the caucus behind him

  4. I honestly don’t think Mr. Rudd will make a challenge, because he knows that the majority of Cabinet would not support him. Remember what they said about him at his last attempt. They will not work with him. And to remove a Cabinet such as the one we have now would be disastrious, but then again the man has a huge ego.

  5. There is one problem with Howard saying it was Abbott who got Rudd replaced as leader of the ALP, it’s a complete lie.

    It was shown at the time Howard made that premise Abbott had nothing to do with it.

    The other thing is the media had launched a relentless mostly petty attack campaign against Rudd from the moment he became PM. One of the reasons for it was that he was a media control freak and several articles at the time came out about his manipulation of the media.

    So would any reasonable person given the history between Rudd and the media think that the MSM want him back in power because they believe he is a better leader than Gillard. No they want him back to first of all destabilise the ALP to give their sawdust brained puppet Abbott a better chance and secondly to take out their full fury at Rudd.

  6. Oh and the other reason I forgot to add to my last post is the effect of Rudd as leader and the reaction of the indies.

    I think another reason they are pushing so hard to have Rudd take over is that they believe the indies will have difficulties in dealing with Rudd and will vote a no confidence in the government giving Abbott the early election he so desperately craves.

  7. The sooner so called Labor supporters realise that Labor needs Kevin Rudd and that we are facing near political extinction at a Federal level the better.

    This isn’t some bullshit spin by the LNP they are terrified of a Kevin Rudd Labor because he has the ability to cream them. And a good chance to even win.

    Kevin Rudd’s popularity will certainly carry to an Election. It’s for this far. Despite all the savage and disgraceful accusations levelled at him. He brushes that all off and the people (those our party claims to represent) flock to him.

    Push your chairs away from the keyboards and talk to people on the street. You should already be out in the real world campaigning for Labor on regular basis.

    The greatest enemy to Labor is its toxic structure that shuts people out. Labor does not even trust it’s members to run the party. It is a power grab and they knifed Kevin to reclaim it. Set up confected crises. They would rather march to oblivion than give the job to Kevin. Because Kevin is anti faction and he WILL bring party reform and WE can finally torch the anti democrat parasites that inhabit our party and we can have a party run by the people. Based on merit.

    Come with us if you want to live. But think long and hard before you oppose Rudd an the consequences of it. Think long and hard about the people, tactics and values that you are siding with.

  8. The media stuff’s all bullshit. What they’re agitating for might happen though I doubt it. That doesn’t mean the media stuff’s not bullshit. It’s intended to destabilise, create an air of “crisis”,”paralysis” etc. The anti Rudd avalanche is prepared & ready to go should they be successful in spooking Labor. And while they’re talking about all this they’re not having ask Abbott anything. They wouldn’t anyway but this is as convenient an excuse as they need.

  9. Migs, I think that destabilisation is the main aim, giving the opposition the opportunity to have their regular “Look over there” moments, claiming that the government is in chaos.

    Also I have serious doubts about the validity of many of the “unnamed sources”
    cited, and protected by the law, as they can be a very convenient “out” for those mendacious opinion spruikers, claiming to be journalists.

    And no matter how many times and how many ways Rudd disputes their claims, they just come back with another unnamed source 👿

    I believe this is the same reason that some…. commenters?…. push the same sorts of lines, stating that Rudd is the only hope, whilst claiming to be disaffected ALP voters.
    They use these lies to try to gain some credibility for their spurious claims 👿
    IMHO 😀

    Cheers 🙂 😀

  10. Crap BRad. Go out into the streets and talk to people, that’s as bad as polling 800 Queenslanders and asking if they want a Queenslander as a leader.

    You could walk around the streets for months and it would still no be indicative of the greater population, only of the small group you contacted.

    Nice touch using the Liberal slogan of toxic as well.

    You go on about Labor structure shutting people out, as does the Liberal structure by the way, just look what’s happening in Canberra to see that, but Rudd no one shut more out of the process and to the Party than Rudd. He was not a team player and a micro manager.

    So nothing you state relates to the reality and to bring Rudd back in will surely doom the next election and allow the media along with the Liberals to have a field day.

  11. BRad, do you really believe the people on the street are so stupid. Do you really think they are going to risk so much this PM has achieved, to put Abbott in charge.

    If there are so many Rudd supporters, all they have to do, along with Rudd wait a few months. There is no way Rudd can win. That poll only spoke for Queensland, and even if we accept it could be true, it no way talks for the rest of the country.

    As I have said earlier, I cannot see why Abbott and the MSM is pushing for an early election. when one is so close. One that would only be for the lower house, throwing the housesd out of sync. Just does not make sense.

    The only reason I can see. They cannot see Abbott winning by playing it fair.

    Why the rush?

  12. BRad, the very fact that the MSM are pushing for it and the trolls are all lining up behind Rudd puts a lie to your assertions., as if they were as you suggest “Terrified of a Kevin Rudd Labor” they would certainly not be promoting a challenge at every opportunity.

    But good try 😛

    Cheers 😀

  13. That’s a good point Truth Seeker. From the Liberal party to just about every right wing commentator and journalist are calling for Rudd to challenge and are stating that Labor would do better with Rudd.

    Why would they do that?

  14. I have a sneaking suspicion that many in the media have become entrapped in their own spin,their desire to direct and control politics, they have come to believe what they write is reality.

    They have invested so much in bringing down Labor and this PM in particular, they cannot face defeat.

    They are fighting hard to preserve their own pride, they cannot see how wrong and misplaced their efforts are.

    They cannot see the damage they are doing to our democracy, economy, stability and nation.

  15. Mobius, why would the PM do what everyone that opposes her wants. Where are all those Rudd supporters, have we seen them out in the streets.

  16. It suits the media pack to keep this stuff going. While they’re doing reruns on this they’re not having to question Abbott. They wouldn’t anyway, but this gives them an excuse not to. We learn from them that Abbott’s “looking more Prime Ministerial” now, not a P.M. that has questions put to him though.
    A bit off topic but I think I’m starting to see a quasi officially sanctioned (by the media) of saying that perhaps we should just stop the country until Mr Abbott can be installed. The ABC doing a lot of stories prefaced by “of course, the government may not survive to put this into legislation” sort of stuff.

  17. Yes, but also screamed they were robbed.

    The government is not legit.

    This in spite of Labor eventually gaining thirty thousand more votes.

    Then set out from day one to ignore the judgement of the voters, to bring down a duly elected, legitimate according to the Constitution,government.

    Why would the voters want to elected a ,man that treated their last votes with such contempt.

  18. Möbius and the indies, thank you for the reminder. It was Windsor I believe who said that if Rudd replaced Gillard then all deals are off.

  19. Min, what is the point of having an election now. Especially when it can only be for the lower house. If Abbott was to win, he will be left with an extremely hostile senate.

    Why would he want that. The election time table, with an election late August or September should suit him better.

    We are back in the 1960’s when an action of Menzies put us in the same position it took years to get the two houses back in sync,

    It led to instability, everytime we turned around, we seemed to be having another election.

  20. For Rudd it has been a lose/lose situation. He lost but Gillard must have had some sort of faith in him to make him Foreign Minister and a damn fine job he did too..definitely his field of expertise. However whenever Rudd spoke on his portfolio this brought nothing with it except media speculation that Rudd was “positioning himself”. He resigned which brought with it further speculation. In spite of repeated denials from Rudd almost from day #1, Rudd still hasn’t challenged..his responses have included “give me a break!” Perhaps the media should.

  21. Interesting last point. I wonder if, given Abbott may need a double dissolution to get rid of the carbon price, whether some in the ALP are actually willing to consider a ‘short’ stint in opposition, hoping that Abbott shows his true colours and ALP swept back to power … very long shot of course …… I doubt Abbott will try to dismantle the carbon price; old excuse, examination of the books etc, black hole, can’t afford it, this is Labors legacy etc etc ad infinitum ………

  22. Fed up, there is absolutely no way that the PM will bring the election forward..what would be the benefit? The only one who it would benefit would be Abbott.

  23. Min, I mean why is Abbott and the media still trying to force one.

    Abbott is still telling his mob that it is possible that an election could be held any day before Sept 14.

    There is no way the PM will. Cannot hold one for both houses much sooner.


  24. Roswell @ 9.19
    Just one, but it’s a big one.

    In answer to the question as to why Abbott wants an election now. He wants it now because he wants to be P.M. now.

  25. It is not only carbon tax he wants to get rid of.. He wants to get rid of everything, this and the last government has done.

    I believe he would; need control of both houses to do that.

    Mr. Abbott is going to be a busy man.

    Maybe he believes that having Rudd across the table would make this easier for him. After all there have been many cozy pictures lately of Rudd with members of the Opposition.

    Ms Bishop has been flowing in her opinion of him, saying she would offer him a job when they take over..

  26. Rudd cannot be a retread. It is impossible to turn around his 71-31
    whitewash. He is absolutely hated within his own ranks. He has also
    ‘gone thru’ more staff than zeros on a Zimbabwe bank note.
    The Australian Voter will be saying how long before he is recycled again.
    The Coalition and Media would have a field day with the Mud slinging info
    that came from Labor when he was last defeated.It was toxic.
    Only course weather the storm hang with Julia and Tim and pray.

  27. Voyager, I agree, but do not under estimate this PM. Most have up to now.

    The proof lies in the fact, that she is still standing, and still governing. The PM has not taken one backward step.

  28. There seems to be an ever louder chorus coming from a select few on the left online railing against the cognitive dissonance between their view of the world and what appears to be the prevailing view in the wider community. What I personally find sad, though, is the sight of obviously caring, intelligent, socially progressive people becoming increasingly detached from reality and even being used by operators who share precisely none of these qualities.

    It’s sad, as someone who grew up a diehard Labor supporter, to see shadowy right-wing forces taking over Brand Labor and imposing their hardline economic and social neo-liberal agenda in a way that the Liberals could only dream of, and have co-opted their erstwhile opponents into silence and even defence through illogical fear and terror of Tony Abbott. Odder still, they are drawn to believe the very opponents of the values and ideals they hold dear are their protectors, that they cannot survive without them. It could be straight out of Machiavelli’s “The Prince” — a book a past English teacher inflicted on me but i am today grateful for.

    I’ve seen defenders of the prime minister viciously attack those on welfare and single mothers, offer faulty and opinionated reviews of pensioners’ power bills, embrace cruelty to those seeking our protection and savage the Greens and others for their uncompromising support of human rights, and I could go on.They defend and advocate policies they do not understand, have not read, and in many cases are not even available to read, and any critic is automatically lumped in with “the other”, Abbott, the MSM, etc. In summary,the left supporters of Gillard — and I stress that Gillard is only a symbol, thus is not a personal critique — are increasingly shifting far right to maintain their delusion that Gillard speaks for them, and have trained themselves to shut out any competing narrative, much like those who willed themselves to die with their leader in the South American jungles in 1978.

    Now, Kevin Rudd may not be the saviour some think, but having met the man and having intermittently over the years discussed some heady topics with him (racism in schools, government support for social psychology, bicultural education), this is a person with the intellectual capacity to envision a future we could all be proud of as Australians. He embarked on courageous projects as leader, although was hamstrung somewhat by an opposition-controlled Senate for his entire time as PM, and as we now know, a lack of cooperation from some in his cabinet room. A coup of the breadth and detail that we saw in June 2010 does not happen without months of planning and it is instructive that Rudd correctly foresaw on the night of his demise that a “lurch to the right” on asylum seekers was a key goal of the coup plotters. They were certainly keen to appease the mining companies, a project they set themselves not even hours after attaining government.

    Rudd may have done some of what he is accused of. I find it most interesting that I’ve of the key bits of evidence against him – changes of staff in his office – is never levelled against Gillard who has seen more staff leave in the same timeframe. And as for the caucus vote – is it not strange that people would vote for their own preselections in right-dominated states where the very leaders of the right wing were all over TV telling them how to vote? So many logical leaps, not enough time.

    I shall conclude by saying two things. It is almost never justified to compromise what you believe in solely out of fear. And hypocrisy is very much a two edged sword – if you distrust the “MSM” so much, stop using them and the salacious, never substantiated rumours that they promote, to make your points.

  29. Nice touch using the Liberal slogan of toxic as well.

    Thanks, ME. I missed that one. That’s because I tuned out after reading about Gillard “knifing” Rudd, I figured “B-Rad” (a name stolen from a Big Brother housemate) might actually be Michelle Grattan!

  30. Branko agree with a lot you say. Rudd is quite smart but not loved within his own party. Actually whoever you ask within he is ‘hated’ You have clearly identified the major present problem which is Labor is a bad brand.
    Needs a total recall, that is impossible at the moment.
    But needs to commence now and be ramped up after Election.

  31. Rudd might be a nice man. No one has said he is not. Rudd also did much that was good. All acknowledge that. What has been said, he is a lousy leader. Not many seem to dispute that.

    I think if you really looked into what the PM has done, she has done much for those who are disadvantaged, including single parents.

    Since Howard left office, there were two separate classes in the same position. The PM has made the benefits they all receive the same. These women, have been better off since 2006.. They are now treated the same as those who have come with benefits since 2006. Does one believe they will be any better off under Abbott.

    It is also said by all those who have come into close contact with the PM, how impressive she is. What does that prove.

    PS, as 71 year old, who happened to have a baby out of wedlock, and later rely on the single parent benefit. I have little complain of the PM’s action. Mothers and children are better off where the mother is able to earn a decent income.

    I am more concerned that support is given to allow this to occur. The ability to hold a well paying job.

  32. ‘Fed up’, I work in a day job which brings me into constant contact with the disadvantaged in our society. I respect your view but costs of living have gone up by much more than inflation and people on the lowest rungs of society are also in the weakest position to keep those costs down, so comparing the reality of single mothers now to the past does not really work. Additionally, the jobs are just not out there. Anyone who thinks they are should join one of my clients for 48 hours and see the reality of what they deal with, including the blatant discrimination they endure. The job market is tougher than it’s ever been for those on the outside looking in – it favours transfer between jobs.

    Rather than punishing a class without reference to individual circumstances and invoking the politics of envy to justify it, would it not have been the Labor way to incentivise job creation in areas of the economy which can best support single mothers, and a bonus for those who hire them?

  33. Migs, another thought provoker and I tend to agree with all the points you’ve given us to consider.

    1) |They’d have to have not just rocks, but dino destroying asteroids in their heads to believe one single word spewed forth by the msm.

    2) From what we’ve heard from credible sources (ie patriciawa), her colleagues really love working with the PM. She is described as warm and personable, very approachable and lovely. She also loves kids and gets on well with them.

    3) Constant leadershit speculation must be destabilising, so having the spill was a logical move and if the msm wasn’t living in an alternate Liars reality, it probably would have served the purpose. We’ve also noted that leadershit frenzy pops up whenever Liealot looks a bit vulnerable-fr’instance when he’s had to be carted off to have his feet removed from his gob.

    4) The overwhelmingly decisive vote 12 months ago confirms what you suggest.

    Min @7.40pm, you’re right. I can’t see that he would ever get the numbers. As Major Bloodnok would say, “It’s all fish and vinegar!” and as you say it’s just the msm pushing Liealot’s election barrow.

    And what do you make of this sudden wall of noise about having an election NOW? What’s the point? They know the date of the election and you’d think boosted by the latest poll they’d be riding high with hubris.

    Do you think there’s a possibility that the Thomson thang and Ashbygate might be turning into a Grech Affair that even the msm won’t be able to contain?

    Sandra Searle, I couldn’t agree more and the bigger and heftier the steel caps, the better.

    Fed up @8.18pm, you’ve nailed it. I started to doubt Rudd when he left Peter Garrett to swing in the wind in the face of the gutless attacks from the Liars in Coward’s Castle.

    And his failure to come out swinging wrt the stimulus payment, BER and HIP, made it look as though he thought they were duds.

    Compare his complete inertia wrt to those 3 initiatives which kept the country growing at a time when the rest of the world was hurtling into recession and his performance during the Grech Affair..

    That’s when we saw him at his best; breathing fire and grinding Turnbull into the dust.

    Although I noticed that there seemed to be no love lost between him and Swan and I feel sure Swan would have received the same treatment as Garrett if the Liars had been able to pin anything on him.

    And like you I’m asking why the sudden rush to have an election NOW, when there’s only a tad over 6 months to go?

    ME, your suggestion that Liealot even has sawdust for a brain is too charitable. 🙂
    And I hadn’t thought about the Indies reaction to a Gillard fall from grace.

    Another angle the Liars would have been keen to exploit, although with all his faults, I think Rudd would have been a more attractive option than Liealot. I’m very pleased we haven’t had to find out just what would have happened.

    BRad, you obviously were on another planet last year when Caucus voted overwhelmingly for Gillard to remain as PM and leader of the party. And this was also at a time when the polls were very bad.

    Rudd wasn’t knifed; he did not have the confidence of the Caucus. He chose not to contest the leadership, which in retrospect would have been a better decision as it would have shown how few actually supported him.

    And that would have pulled the rug out from under the meme run by the msm, the Liars and barrackers that Gillard knifed Rudd in the back one dark night and everybody awoke to find his blood soaked body with Gillard standing over him brandishing the weapon and cackling maniacally.

    I do wonder if Rudd’s decision not to go to a vote was motivated by the thought that Gillard would be demonised as an assassin.

    TS, ME, Fed up and BSA Bob, couldn’t agree more with your take on the current msm and barrackers trash talk.

  34. I find it hard to believe Rudd was hated by those in the caucus. After all the PM did all she could to give he a fair go. He was given the ministry he wanred

    This in retrospect made the PM look bad, as there was never an explanation given for deposing him.

    He was treated this way, even when most knew he was leaking during the elections campaign, He was still the job of FM..

    It was until it was no longer possible to ignore his actions in planning a challenge to the PM, that his fellow MPs came out, saying what their feelings where and why they took the action they did. There was a spill, and Rudd was badly defeated.

    One gets the impression that Rudd is still undermining the government. Whether this is true, or it is the media stirring, it is hard to tell.

    Personally, I believe if Mr. Rudd wanted to, he could bring this circus to an end.

    I have emailed, asking him to do so. I pointed out, if he had any respect for Labor and the country, it is time to do this.

    I also said that my opinion is, if he does not, history might just blame him for Labor’s downfall. The best way he can protect his legacy, is by getting behind the PM.

    To be leader of Labor within government and PM is not a right. It is a privilge that is granted by your fellow members of caucus. The caucus giveth, the causcus taketh away.

  35. Branko, I spent most of my life on the bottom of that ladder.

    I spent many years in a situation of DV. Married a no-hoper, who was also a drunkard, who refused or was unable to work.

    By the way,he made my 11 year pregnant on the way through.

    Survived on the dole and being able to work, between having four children. The best time was when he was put on the Invalid Pension of the time. During that time we did have some stability. What kept me sane was being able to work when I could.

    Yes, I went from one disaster to another, which is not that unusual for women in that position..

    I lived on single parent benefits. Went back to Uni at 40.

    Achieved a degree in Social Science and diploma in Welfare.

    I worked in Welfare for the rest of my working life, until I was forced to retire due to traumatic stress.

    I worked in residential care, with the diabled, and with state wards. I went onto finish my working life as a District Officer. child protection was my speciality. To my surprise, I found out that I was very good in this field.

    How dare you assume I have no idea of how the world works.

    None of my four children have done it easy either. I have six great grand kids, as well as eleven grand kids.

    Yes, I know how hard it is. I also know the way out is not higher benefits but access to training and education. One needs the skills to gain a worthwhile. A well paying job. I believe this PM also believes that. Know something, she is correct

    One does not lead the life I have, and have access to wealth in retirment.

    The answer to these women problems, is education, training, well paying job and good childcare.

    That is what a caring government provides.

    I think that you will find there are more women in this psoition in the workforce than on pensions. Ask around your own office, you will be surprised.

    I am not crying poor. I am not a victim. I am a survivor. I am proud of what I have achieved.

    This would not have happened if I remained on the pension.

    Sorry did not noticed that some of my comment had disappeared before I sent it.

  36. I absolutely love all this speculation, hey Voyer do you actually know anyone in the ALP? If you did you would actually be privy to what is going down, if and when. My guess is your a muppet who spends a dollar on the paper, reads a few bullshiters in blogs and speak to nobody of substance in the know. Branco that all may be true to a point, don’t ever forget, Rudd got Labor elected and the PM is delivering his policies. The media is responsible for perpetual destruction of this government and the elevation of a complete fake to contender.

  37. Branko, what is being enforced was Howard’s legislation from 2006. All that has changed is that Howard’s grandfather clause has been lifted earlier.

    All women are now on the same benefits. Where has the concern been for those who found themselves on the benefits after 2006 and have returned to work.

    These women are more in danger of losing out, by the changes made by O’Farrell to TAFE and other cut backs

    Remember Mr. Howard’s mutual obligation. His version was wrong, as it seems only to go one way, but the principal is still good.

    Well it works both ways. Women also have to help themselves..

  38. My reading of the results so far for these women, many have gone onto the old age pension. Many have been given carers benefits. Some the disability pension. Many have found work.

    Now maybe the predicted outcomes have been a little over the top.

  39. Well said Fed Up, you are to be congratulated for having struggled and won the battle.
    I live next to a widow, trying to raise 4 kids and she actually agrees with what the Gov. is doing. She wants to retrain and will take every opportunity the is given to her to do so. Every single mum is given that opportunity.

  40. Sandra, the supports have to be in place. My thanks goes to Whitlam. There was an anomaly that one could get the supporting parents and TEAS. That made it possible. Sadly they fix the anomaly.

    I was lucky that I had a good upbringing, and always wanted to work. Makes a difference. You would never guess half the jobs I did in the early days. You name it. I did it.

    Welfare is not the answer. You might have guessed I hate to be patronized.

    At the time I could have taken the choice to remain on benefits, as I was transfered to the widows pension which I would have kept for life. To me it was just not an option. Living in near poverty is not my idea of life.

    I just wish that many would take the time to see what this government has achieved before passing comment.

    Of course it is not perfect. Of course it makes mistakes. The problem is we never hear about the good stuff, and the errors are magnified a thousand times.

    Still this post is about Rudd. I had respect for the man, but his actions are starting to make me expect something is terribly amiss. I cannot get past all those pictures, posing with the Opposition. I am getting the impression he has become addicted to the lime light.

  41. Ricky said “…..the elevation of a complete fake to contender”. . and thats the crux….. HOW can this complete fake/flake be a contender….. the mind boggles at his obvious failings… one wonders if somehow the LNP and the MSM are ‘taking the piss’ out of the Australian public by putting him in ‘contension’. 🙄 me thinks the LNP have over-stepped in putting Abbott in any position other than ‘caretaker LOTO’ …. but then again the LNP has thier, umm, ‘AGM’ in July…. which may also be Tones use-by-date. 😀 …. just hope’n 😉

  42. Boy that withheld poll must have been a shocker for the noalition that they even dragged the rodent out from whatever rock he has been hiding under to, prop Tones up.

    Abbort and his cohorts are MIA and all we get is a rudd restoration avalanche of crap. As Julia(wonder woman) Gillard slays all around her, her immortal words “don’t write crap” comes to mind.

    Rudd was never a polly just a micromanager and not a good one.

    His demise was self inflicted shifting the batts blame onto Garrett instead of the employers of the injured workers.

    Not slapping abbort down over the industrial manslaughter attack in parliament, which gave that moron air from which he has not looked back.

    Finally saying sorry on the insiders for the batts tragedy letting the guilty employers off the hook and for not confirming that he would see justice done. Three strikes and you are out.
    On top of these errors, he gives plum jobs to Nelson, Costello ffs and Tim Fischer, not an ounce of political savvy to be seen. No wonder caucus was pissed off with him I was also and penned a few blog comments at the time.

  43. Bilko, I still remember the day he pulled the plug on the pink batts. I never felt so angry in my life.

    I must admit I had a special interest in what was going on. My son in law was subcontracting in the industry at the time. Remember it was very hot at the time, and being in those roofs was no picnic.

    The money was good, and my daughter took a risk in buying a new vehicle for the work.

    I was also aware of all the good work that Garrett was doing, ensuring safety in the industry. Jay had been to many courses to making him eligible to do the work.

    Every day there were new warnings and advice by email.

    Rudd let the public think that Garrett was responsible and that no action had been taken to improve safety and efficiency.

    This an industry that for over 50 years, operated with no rules or safety procedures

    I was aware because at that time, I was staying with them, baby sitting my granddaughter while mum worked.

    In a way, we were glad when the work finished, as the heat was affecting Jay;s health. He lost much weight during that time.

    In the next week, his school time friend, who was working with him, hung himself at the local golf course. I am not saying, closing down the scheme was to blame. The man had just bought a new house and had two young kids.

    Investigations into the scheme revealed that it was a succesful operation, that insulated over a million home. The waste was not high. The death rate had been lowered. It was experience bosses, that ignore safety regulations
    , that were responsible for the deaths.

    Yes, one begins to wonder when the PM does not support his misnisters. I recall the BER scheme was also under attack. I believe that the strength of the present PM stops her also being sold out.


  44. Some how I sense that the PM is to blame for Rudd behaviour and the media’s push on it.

    Because the clamour is going on, she should resign and call an election.

    Another, is she needs to get on the job. Sorry but I thought that was going

    Maybe the media should do it; s job. Move on from obsessing itself with Rudd, and start reporting what is going on in the government.

  45. Branko you make some valid points, even so that a rabid right winger like Voyager agrees with you, but he does so for ulterior ideological reasons without thought at all and hasn’t a clue.

    There are some things wrong with your contentions on Rudd though that you overlook. One on what he unfairly did to Garrett has been mentioned. That is bad leadership and a bad decision that is still being used against the government to this day and is purely of Rudd’s making.

    Rudd may have done some of what he is accused of. I find it most interesting that I’ve of the key bits of evidence against him – changes of staff in his office – is never levelled against Gillard who has seen more staff leave in the same timeframe.

    Sorry that is wrong and I think it was Crikey that recently showed that Gillard’s has been the most stable government with the least movements.

    Of course something the right wingers deliberate overlook is that it’s Liberal governments that are the most unstable. Howard for instance was constantly losing and changing staff and minister port folios because of malfeasance cover ups, infighting and failures. Abbott himself went through several port folios as he failed on one after another.

    This Labor government has problems but it is better than the one led by Rudd and both are infinitely better than anything the Liberals can dish up, especially with the dysfunctional old lot they have there now.

  46. Just like to make a point. No government can be perfect in everyone’s eyes. One cannot please everyone. One cannot meet the needs or desires of all.

    Why is it then expected of this PM, that she has to be perfect at all times.

    No PM can be loved or even liked by all. This PM is gaining respect for her guts and ability to get things done.

    It is still true, politics is the art of the possible, in a democracy. No PM has ever got all they want. No, Mr. Howard did when he got control of both houses. Look at where that led him.

    Each member of the government, has their own agenda and wants.

    Popularity should not be the name of the game. It is true that at times, PMs have to do the unpopular for the good of all.

    When we look to those who set themselves up in judgement of this PM, remember they each have conflicting ideas of what is deemed important.

    I heard overnight that in Italy, they banned opinion polls for 15 days before an election. I would like to see them banned here for at least a month, better still once the writs are issued. They serve no useful purpose.

    We are now being inundated with stories of Mr. Rudd;s move back to power and the demised of the PM, all based on opinion polls and I suspect, the fertile imagination of many in the media.

    Each day, we have an issue that is promoted to the hilt, forecasting the immediate downfall of this PM. They last a short time, and the media then moves on to the next set of allegations. The last quickly dropped from the public gaze, not to be heard of again. Sometimes they are raised on a regular basis.

    The bottom line is, the PM is still standing.. Mr. Rudd is still going around the country, seeking publicity and keeping himself in the limelight, adding little to the political discussion. In fact, his behavior distracts from it.

    It is easy to cherry pick a change, such as removing the grandfather clause from Howard’s 2006 legislation, then say that is proof the PM has no empathy for single mothers, while ignoring all that she has done for women in general, which also applies to those single mother’s affected.

    It is also true, that governments have to change tracks, when things change. Mr. Rudd did this when faced with GFC.

    This government has had to do so, when it became apparent, that to continue the battle to bring in a surplus this year was no longer possible. To continue with more fiscal consideration would lead to a bigger deficit.

    In spite of the fact, there is still a trend towards the surplus, the deficit being smaller than the year before, the government is being condemned by the Opposition.

    The truth is that the government has recognized things have changed, and is acting in a prudent manner.

  47. Last year I attended a panel discussion at a writer’s festival of ABC journalists and program producers. An audience member asked why they continued with the leadership challenge story line as we are all sick to death of it. Their response was that they were leaked this information from very senior ministers within the ALP. They stated their own frustrations at then interviewing these same senior ministers who denied any knowledge of the leak. I’m not suggesting that the ABC is above reproach when it comes to biased reporting, ‘Ashbygate’, has been conspicuously absent from any ABC current affairs program (in stark contrast to the PM’s interrogation over unfounded accusations of misconduct in the AWU ‘scandal’). It was interesting to hear this though.

  48. Laura that is how politics works, psssst here’s what were doing…wink wink say no more… Minister is their any truth that?….. No I categorically deny and my support has never waned…. Social media and the fifth estate is both amplifying and placing rats in the ranks under the microscope. Twitter is a great source..

  49. Laura, I take on board what you say. I do not see this as the main problem. I believe it is the emphasis they put on the alleged leaks, ignoring everything else.

    When it comes to Labor, is the obsession they appear to have with the negative. It was as true for Rudd, as it is for this PM.

    There is a complete lack of reporting of anything that shows Labor in a positive light

    This is compounded by their apparent obsession ensuring nothing negative is mention about Mr., Abbott and the Coalition.

    Now I find it hard to believe there is nothing negative about Abbott to report, while at the same time, nothing positive about the PM.

    Are we believe, they are comparing a saint with a devil. One all good, the other all bad.


  50. Fed Up I will bring to your attention the media industry is melting as their unsustainable business models and the unwillingness to adapt due to erosion of power-base means competition is desperately tight.

    So desperation breeds a culture of sensationalism to the point of ridiculous assertions perpetuated by people who wish to be pop star journalists. The media as we know it is a rotting, rancid corpse hijacked by spin doctors at bargain basement prices.

    Never forget the fundamental objective of newspapers is to sell soap surrounded in the facade of information.

    Kevin Rudd’s popularity is a direct result of his consistent and considerable ability as a skilled and slick media performer. He is miles ahead of anyone else on the Australian political landscape. People buy the idea of an action character just like Jackman as Wolverine.

  51. Rudd replacing Gillard will not make a difference. The problem is far more fundamental than such a simplistic solution. What we see here is a battle between those who want reform and those who want the factional/union dominance of the party to continue. Labor needs to reform to better represent the people it claims to serve. While the likes of Shorten, Ludwig, Howes play their stupid power and factional games Labor will continue to flounder in the polls.
    The real ‘piss off’ is that these machinations are likely to lead to 3/4 terms of a NO Coalition government lead by Phoney Tony — for Australia that will be a complete and unmitigated disaster!

  52. Fed up
    Glad to here from someone who actually work or was closely involved in the batts scheme and saw the obvious benefits, the scare campaign was over the top led by murdoch’s minions.

    A lot of needless checks were done at taxpayers expense for which the contractors were responsible for but the reason for the quick action program was to keep small business on the move.
    The tax office should have been able to recover the cost of the rechecking from those where defects were found however I can not remember much info regarding that side of the program.
    Julia will NOT be made to panic into an earlier election.
    Migs/Min/Cuppa and all
    This whole play is to misdirect the general public away from what a drop kick abbort is, his nil policies, nil vision, nil ability to answer a simple question. I can not wait to hear the excuses to try to wriggle out of the debates. only one only one.

    Picture abbort with Peta on his lap like a ventriloquists dummy answering questions at least you get my drift. Picture Swanny & Sloppy, Combet & Hunt and any other min/shadow debates and ensure they are broadcast on all free to air channels.

    I for one will be preparing to shake Julia’s hand at the lodge after she wipes the floor with abbort and the rest of the noalition rabble.

    and not least our worst nightmare Bronny as speaker with her big black book.
    have a good day fellow whisperers

  53. The Problem is Rudd is a elected labor member of Parliament.
    He should support his PM regardless.
    He supports Himself and unashamidly promotes himself.
    He becomes quite frenetic when the PM is not present and
    He ramps up media appearances and photo ops all for self promotion.
    Any wonder he is hated and not trusted within Labor ranks.
    No true Leader does all of this.
    K Rudd needs an Exit strategy from politics – go and run T Reins business.

  54. deknarf,

    that is an astute observation and one as a party reformist agree with. The main reform of the party is to return to its roots which is based on the principals of the organisations that built Labor, the Unions. Howard’s ideology to demonize unions as the antichrist and the root of all problems in Australia has moved unionism to the right which has taken the party with it. Howard even abolished compulsory student unionism, which has for better of worst served Australian politics well.

    The people who are Rudds largest critiques are those who forget he called for reform which got Labor elected. Then in the ultimate act of treason, rather than compromise factional power they knifed a serving PM, something that I consider to be one of the darkest days in ALP and Australian political history.

    Having said that the Prime Minister is doing a sterling job under the most difficult conditions. Its hard to govern with a house full of dysfunctional children. The alternative however, is completely infantile.

  55. I for one, do not believe that Rudd will attempt (or even wish to) challenge for the ALP leadership in the current term of government.
    Firstly, he is intelligent enough to realise that any such challenge would not only be fruitless, but work against his party’s interests wrt the coming election. I reckon the last effort, in which he was roundly defeated, has helped him resist the blandishments of the OM and possibly dodgy polls.

    Secondly, that rather than ALP ministers or “senior government sources” providing impetus for such a move, the urgings are sourced within the coalition, and/or the fertile imaginations of “journalists” waging a propaganda war on the PM and the government, on behalf of the lnp., and the OM interests attempting to usurp our government.

    As I see it, Rudd as PM, and subsequently, until his failed challenge, was too easily spooked by the propaganda and lies being spread by the OM and disgraceful oppostion antics such as the Grech affair.
    Thus he abandoned Garrett, and apologised for defensible, and worthwhile expenditure of the BER. Neither of which actions would inspire me to regard him as a competent leader. Such a leader would be able to bring the passion and skills he demonstrated in spades wrt to his “utegate”, defence, wrt allegations made on his character, and be able apply them on behalf of others in his team.

    I’m willing to take his word wrt to not challenging the PM, who is by far the better leader of the two, imho.

  56. pterosaur1, I absolutely agree with you, and how easy it is for an LNP staffer to ring a journalist pretending to be an ALP source, as all journos sources are protected, and are almost impossible to trace, especially if they are an unnamed source 👿

    I also read on another post how a senior source gave a journo a story, and then denied saying it to the same journo. Wouldn’t that start alarm bells ringing, if the original contact was by phone?

    very con….venient! 😯

    Cheers 😀

  57. The Ruddstoration effort began two days before the damning poll came out over a week ago. It is almost as if the MSM knew in advance what the poll results would be. Then when the poll results came out, the jump in Abbott’s popularity was huge even though he had done absolutely nothing to deserve it, and yet no journalist thought of questioning that part of the poll. It’s almost as if they were told not to question Abbott’s popularity.

    Watched a bit of Meet The Press this morning. It was all basically Ruddstoration. Then they had a guy on from Newspoll to give his “objective” opinion and his take-away message was that the government was in turmoil. Pathetic. I was starting to think Paul Bongiorno was one of the few trustworthy journos out there, but his performance this morning leads me to declare he is just another piece of MSM crap.

  58. What I personally find sad, though, is the sight of obviously caring, intelligent, socially progressive people becoming increasingly detached from reality and even being used by operators who share precisely none of these qualities. – Branko

    Now that’s what I call concern trolling.

  59. Bilko, if there were problems as claimed, they were the responsibility of the states, not the Federal government. That day hundreds lost their jobs, businesses was sent to the wall. That was the scandal when it came to Pink Batts.

  60. Bilko, eons ago I used to work for Australian Gypsum (later taken over by Boral) who were one of the leading manufacturers of insulation batts and knew what a load of twaddle the Libs were sprouting about insulation. Insulation has been compulsory in Victoria for all new dwellings since around the late ’70’s.

    I wondered at the time why the manufacturers of Pink Batts (they’re a brand name, made by Fletchers, used to be made by ICI) did not object to their brand name being trashed by the Opposition. However, rumour would have it that it was their contractors who had been rorting the system.

  61. deknarf, where is the evidence that this, or the last Labor government, for that matter, is not a reforming government. There have been many serious reforms introduced and leglisated for.

    What reform do you believe are missing.

    We can begin with Workchoice. In this parliament, how many pieces of legislation that have been passed. There are the normal housekeeping bills, but many have been major reform legislation.

    deknarf, we hear what you say, all the time. Maybe we need a definition of what you mean.

    I seem to recall, the greatest productivity seen, was in the times of the Accord, where government, unions and industries pulled together.

    One of the reasons for the success during the GFC was the ability of workers and bosses being able to agree. This agreement saved many jobs until thing became better.

    I wonder how this occurred. I suggest, cooperation between union and employers.

    Worker cut hours and conditions, until the crisis improved.

  62. Pterosaur, with Rudd I could see panic set in. Rudd could deal with Nelson and Turnbull but Abbott works on an entirely different level. Rudd stopped supporting his ministers and stopped supporting his own fact I remember a number of us saying “Why doesn’t Rudd…..”. We were all waiting for Kev to return with some momentum, however this was not to be. I very much doubt that Rudd could deal with Abbott any better now than he could when he was PM. Rudd tends to deal with logic and Abbott is anything but logical.

  63. I believe the PM did the right thing this week at the AWU conference where she stood up and declared her pride in being connected to the union movement. Unions are not the workers enemy.

    Unions of today, no way identify with those of my youth. They have been pulled screaming and yelling into this modern world. Their first priority today, appears to be conserving jobs, not putting them at risk.

    That seems to be the first priority of this government and PM, that is the provision of work.

    As they said on that program on the poverty’s cause by unemployment in the USA. The only line between abject poverty and a reasonable standard of living, is a job.

    What a sad mob we have become, when we feel we have to be ashamed of our union roots. Who benefits from this state of affairs not the worker.

    If there is problems within unions,, the answer is to get in a work towards fixing the problems. The union are us. Throwing the unions out is not the answer.

    Ask yourself why the right hate unions,and will do everything in their power to weaken them. The right is terrified of the union movement.

  64. silk, all he is, is repeating the media misinformation. Needs to begin thinking for himself. Sorry if I have the wrong gender.

    We need to give those, who do not abuse, the benefit of the doubt.

    We do need to hear what they have to say.

  65. An inconvenient truth, that Abbott and his ilk ignores, History has shown, if one wants to grow the nation’s economic pie, one needs the unions on side. This is how it is done.

    Many older people believe that Labor and unions sold them out in the past.

    I can see why they believe that, but another inconveneint truth is that we live in a different age, in a global community.

    Most of the changes made by Keating, as treasurer and later PM has now been proven as the correct thing to occur.

    It made us strong enough to withstand one of the worst GFC since the great depression. Not many western nations found themselves in our situation.

    We have even managed to survive a high dollar. Yes, it has harmed us, but our economy is still going ahead.

    Are we willing to endanger our successes by handing the reins over to Abbott.

  66. I believe the biggest difference between Rudd and GIllard is their natures.

    Mr. Rudd found he froze up when the pressure came. Ms. Gillard is in her glory in such situations. The tougher the situation, the more she shines,

    I suspect that the pressure led to Mr. Rudd losing the ability to make a decision.

    Also, what puts the PM out in front, is her negotiation skills, The ability to accept that sometimes one does not gets all they want.

    That sometimes that bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. There is always another day to come back, when the climate is better for a success.

    The PM is correct, if we want NDIS and Gonski, among other reforms, one cannot afford to vote for Abbott.

    I seem to recall that when Howard took the GST to the elections, many were of the belief, he would not succeed. as the Democrats had to power to block it. Beasley. warned that a vote for Howard, was a vote for the GST.

    What we got was the GST, with a few amendments. Even Howard did not get all he wanted.

    The only thing we can be thankful for the Democrats, is that fresh food is exempted.

    Not too sure that will be the case, if Abbott gains power.

    Also, the NBNco is also in danger of disappearing, to be replaced with an inferior product. Then we will also be laden with an expensive and ineffectual Direct Action

    Is this what most want. do not swallow the lies, that this government has done nothing and is a reformist government.

    There are now a million taxpayers that do not have to fill in a tax return, Do you again want to g have to do that. The list of what one will lose is endless. I cannot see what most on the bottom and in the middle will get in return.

  67. It is not about whether one hates or loves Rudd, Abbott or Gillard. It is about what we will lose or gain.

    The choice between the two parties have never been so stark.

    If we continue to see it as a popularity contest, we will pay a big price.

    You do not elect a PM. You elect party. Leaders can come and go, at the will of the party caucus.

    They can and do.

    How long do you believe Abbott will last. One needs to look at those sitting behind him.

    Do you really believe you can put your trust in the likes of Morrison, Pyne, Mirabella,, Bernadi and Cormann for starters.

    Who will be their next leader.

  68. Yes, one of the few I would feed. Kept on a tight lease by Abbott. Is in the Senate.

    No place for the likes of Sinodinos.

    Abbott intends to keep his aging ministry from the days of Howard. 14 in all I believe.

    I suspect it will have the oldest average age of any ministry in parliament history.

    How does one value the senior Bishop, over the likes of your candidate

  69. I believe it is the other holding the leash. Obviously Arthur needs to be given a safe seat to get him in the Lower House. A DD will be the opportunity.

  70. So many “ifs”.

    Why not find one at the upcoming elections, where I believe according to the pundits, all are going to be safe Liberal seats.

    Do you have any idea how long down the track it will be, before any DD can occur.

    Do you really believe business would not step in, to demand political stability and no more elections.

    Especially so, as most will believe they can live with Labor’s so called carbon tax, and maybe the MRRT.

  71. Dick Emmery 🙄

    Fed Up and Silkworm, Kevin is most definitely fishing, trouble is he is fishing for Marlin with a very light tackle and unappealing bait.
    Ruddstoration ? I love it,that is piss funny 🙂

  72. PIP, It says what many are saying. This is not the first time this man has said this.

    I really believe that the rest of the caucus did try to protect him. It is Rudd that is trashing his own legacy.

    He would not be the first brainy, highly intelligent man to fail as a leader.

  73. Voyager @11.33am, good points. I think you could be right wrt an exit strategy for Rudd. I don’t think he’s a team player and he is a shameless self promoter, although I guess that’s the nature of the business he’s in.

    He is obviously still smarting over his removal from power, but that’s one of the risks you take when you rise to power and are seen not to exercise it wisely and well. History is littered with examples of leaders being removed from power.
    At least in this day and age your head remains on your shoulders. 😉

    Bilko, Rudd didn’t actually blame Garrett for the deaths, but his silence confirmed the lies that the msm and opposition were spruiking.

    Does anyone remember very early in his PMship, the dinner at the Lodge attended by Chris Mitchell? According to Mitchell, Rudd made some pretty disparaging remarks about Bush who apparently had rung Rudd during the dinner.

    Mitchell published, Rudd denied saying it and made Mitchell look a fool.

    I wonder if that was the start of the bad blood which has existed between the ALP, Rudd and Gillard since.

    pterosaur1, couldn’t agree more with your assessment. To mount another challenge now would be particularly stupid, much better to wait until after the election.

    If they lose, he could safely make his move and if elected, would have a whole election cycle to reform, rebuild and have another crack at PM. Hopefully, if this scenario were to play out, he would also reform and revise his leadership style, although there’s no guarantee he’d get the nod if someone more popular threw their hat into the ring.

    Min, you’re absolutely right that Rudd has no idea how to deal with Abbott. Abbott spooked him and he went into a flat spin instead of looking for Abbott’s weak spot. I also believe Abbott and the rest of the Libs were also convinced that Gillard would be a pushover.

    I must admit that I had my heart in my mouth during those first few months as she found her feet.

    Her guts, will and steely resolve since the 2010 election has been an eye opener for us all, I think. Not once has she faltered under the appalling onslaught from both the opposition and their enablers the msm.

    I can’t say how much I admire her; no wonder her enemies on the other side and in the Murdochracy hate her so much. They keep giving it their best shot and she keeps staring them down.

    Fed up, you have summed up the differences between Rudd and the PM. He is a fair weather man, at the slightest hint of bad weather, he folds.

    Gillard is the complete opposite; the worse things get the more she digs in her heels and refuses to cave in.

    I am very proud that our first female PM is a Labor PM who history will judge very kindly and with great admiration.

  74. Yes I remember that event when Abbott and Gina were photographed. That was Alan Jones’ birthday party I believe.

    Also when Gina first met Andrew which was the genesis of the Bolt Report. Might have had a Tad to arrange it.

    I put it to you…if this reducing wages to $2 a day is on the agenda, how are you going to thwart us? Wouldn’t be too worried unless you truly believe the pap.

  75. Hey Ricky…do you know that I was behind the Abbott attack on Dr Death in Parliament and also the Rudd challenge campaign that was arranged by the convoyers?

    Migs has the evidence on Dr Death…care to affirm, Migs?

    While I’m at it…also was integral in the formation of CANdo which is considered as the Australian Tea Party.

    Whatever it takes to fulfill my agenda. Walking is more fun than talking.

  76. 😆 ME. It’s for the same reason all of the Liberal shills are pushing Rudd for all they’re worth – they think he’ll be easier for Abbott than PM Julia Gillard 😉

  77. I think we are in for a few big surprises.

    Ah Voyager you have been saying that for as long as you have been posting here.

    And you have never been right yet. If you are this time then I guess 1 in 100 is not bad for a right winger.

  78. It’s for the same reason all of the Liberal shills are pushing Rudd for all they’re worth – they think he’ll be easier for Abbott than PM Julia Gillard

    My sentiments exactly. Howard has been talking about Rudd for a couple of months now, publicly at least.

    I’m sure he says a lot in private, too. 😉

  79. As contributors here well know, the leadership of the parliamentary Labor Party is determined by the ‘caucus’. When times or prospects are ‘good’ the ‘caucus’ can be (and usually is) controlled by the factional leaders. It was the ‘factional leaders’ who decided that Rudd must go, and for a whole range of reasons – some good, some bad. And they had their way.

    But now the times are not ‘good’. Factional ‘discipline’ will soon be replaced by individual desperation, as prospect for future careers evaporate. Another suite of bad polls will see the demise of Gillard and Swan, both of whom should hang their heads re the MRRT and, in particular, their refusal to recognise their incompetency and change the legislation.

    As for Rudd and his motivations, I suspect that ‘revenge’, broadly defined, is at the top of his list. He’s an egomanic. Albeit a ‘smart one’.

  80. Yet Col it turns out that Rudd’s MRRT would have been a failure and in depressed commodity prices eras seen not only the government not bringing in any revenue from it but handing tax payers money to the miners. It would have also seen a heavy concerted propaganda effort by the miners and other large vested interests against the government during the 2010 election that would most likely have seen them defeated.

    And if you are going to talk factions then don’t leave out the the Liberals and Nationals have their own as well with the large divide of dries and wets especially being toxic.

  81. All political parties and even organizations have factions. I would be surprise if factions carried the power they did in the past.

  82. I believe having Howard out at this stage. The coalition are not as confident as they make out.+

    Mr. Rudd, I believe is not a member of any faction. Did no prevent him from becoming PM.

  83. it turns out that Rudd’s MRRT would have been a failure and in depressed commodity prices eras seen not only the government not bringing in any revenue from it but handing tax payers money to the miners

    Got a link for that? Henry’s recommendation was that a much broader range of ‘mineral’ profits would be subject to a super profit tax.

    As for:

    would have also seen a heavy concerted propaganda effort by the miners and other large vested interests against the government during the 2010 election that would most likely have seen them defeated.

    Perhaps. Possibly? But when will the ALP stop ‘sucking up’ and do the right thing. Develop a backbone. Advance some principles and be prepared to advocate same. They had a great case re the ‘insulation’, the BER, the carbon price and the like, but under pressure they ran away.

    then don’t leave out the the Liberals and Nationals have their own as well with the large divide of dries and wets especially being toxic

    Can’t disagree with that, but it’s not under discussion.

  84. IMO… and I’m not real sure on this one …. but.. imo… what eva faction they are in, surely they don’t want Tony Abbott to wreck this country…. surely these factions have got to realise that this is not a time for ego’s, this is not a time to ‘make’ carreer moves…. this is not a time to shuffle numbers in some perpetual game of advancement of self interest…… ” Its Time” ..again.. for all factions or ‘woteva’ to again remember why they are on the side of politics they have chosen….. and if you do have a ‘factional issue’ take it up with Prime Minister Gillard on the 15th of September 2013. …. just say’n ….

  85. That Howard story is a week old. They are running it again because it didn’t get enough traction the first time, and the Ruddstoration is not really happening for them. In any case, it shows who is pushing the story. Certainly not Rudd or anyone inside Labor.

  86. Great posting guys. I agree with most of the analysis. The ‘Ruddstoration’ meme is just a piece of vaporous theatre largely perpetuated by the media & fanned by polls. Most people interested in the substance of governing are steering clear, for good reason. Question: do any of the Rudd-backers in the MSM have a single policy reason for fanning the Ruddstoration flames? Put another way, do they have any idea why Rudd would make things better, other than he’d be ‘more popular’ (completely circular reasoning)?

  87. Jane
    A nice summation, I agree Kevin should have pointed out the batt law changes and the safety changes, then supported Garrett.

    Too many times Abbort spruiked the manslaughter line, I advocated a response along the lines “then all the deaths in hospitals during abbott’s reign as Min of Health should be laid on his shoulders” followed up by other deaths in defence etc etc.

    It might have stirred the slopposition to curb Tones who if you remember had a single vote edge. He was given too much air time and we are wearing that situation today.
    Julia has Abbott’s measure and in true PJK fashion will do him slowly.
    As for Kevin it is all a media beat up in lieu of any real news and I cannot remember a time when the noalition have been so MIA.
    Peta seems to have stopped everything, tweets, door stops etc etc keep it up.

  88. “They had a great case re the ‘insulation’, the BER, the carbon price and the like, but under pressure they ran away.”

    Link on MRRT provided by another.

    As to that above.

    You shoot yourself in the foot re-Rudd. It was Rudd who ran away from the carbon price, insulation scheme and BER and apart from the BER it has been Gillard who has done what you asked, stood up for those policies and the other major reforms, NBN, Gonski, NDIS etc, things Rudd never did except in his tearful capitulation speech, a speech he should have made many times before when he was PM yet never did.

    Gillard has not run away from the Carbon Price despite a barrage of lies and misinformation from not only Abbott and his dysfunctional opposition but major industries and the media, and she has been proven right.

    She stood up for the BER and still sings its benefits, something Rudd hid from the moment the false criticisms, mostly launched by one hard done by contractor whose lies the media took up without question. Rudd could have easily countered that attack on the BER but not once did he ask media for the evidence of what the contractor was telling them.

    There was Rudd’s problem in a nutshell, the moment it got a little hard or he was criticised he caved in and wouldn’t face up. Only Abbott is worse in this case in that Abbott actively runs away.

    And I’m glad Voyager agrees there is rampant dysfunctional factionalism within the Liberals.

  89. Voyager @7.39am, not sure I agree wrt Gillard getting the push. She’s certainly done the hard yards and despite everything that’s been thrown at her is not only still standing, but but still looks good to have a crack.

    Totally agree wrt Rudd-definitely a fair weather type who just couldn’t cope when things started to get tough.

    It’s really hard to think of someone in the ALP other than Gillard filling the PM’s shoes. But I think that she’s become larger than life, if that’s the right expression.

    Both sides have become so wedded to her as PM, nobody has ever seriously thought about a replacement if she does fall.

    I personally think it’s unlikely because she’s so bloody tough.

    As to wanting the job, although it’s a poisoned chalice atm, I still reckon there would always be someone who’d poke their head over the parapet for their 15 minutes of fame. 🙂

    Bilko, I agree. Being a South Aussie, I was very surprised to find out that insulation installation seemed not to be regulated elsewhere.

    So if nothing else, responsible installers and householders are now protected and the cowboys have had to hand in their guns and get a ticket.

    I also think the exploitation of the deaths was a complete disgrace. No respect at all for the families or the people who lost their lives. Using them as political footballs was gutter politics at its worst.

    The more this leadershit goes on, the more I wonder if Rudd really has anything to do with it and if he’s being set up. He has bugger all to gain by indulging in this stuff, imo, particularly after the hiding he got last year.

    It’s the usual msm “look over there” bullshit to protect the invisible man.

    ME, you’ve nailed it comprehensively. Gillard doesn’t run away. She stands up, looks them in the eye and lets them have it.

    That makes the buggers uncomfortable with their own cowardice and that’s another reason she cops it big time, imo.

    She just WILL NOT lie down and die so she has to pay the price for her uppityness and for their pathetic misjudgement of her character and resolve.

    She keeps rising in my estimation for her sheer guts, will and determination. Certainly she’s made mistakes, asylum seekers, gay marriage and single mothers spring to mind, but she has also had to play the hand she’s been dealt. and I think she’s made a pretty good fist of it.

    And obviously the Indies think so, because they still seem happy to stick with the agreement.

  90. Min @ 2.05 on 24/2
    Yes, I think that about nails it. Rudd couldn’t handle Abbott. Or perhaps more pedantically, the Abbott that was on display. Rudd clobbered a cocky Abbott in their health debate, so Abbott simply withdrew from policy confrontations. And was allowed to.
    We may be witnessing the first policy free election campaign. With policies deliberately excluded by the bulk of the fourth estate. Labor’s unreported & the Coalition’s uncritiqued. Perhaps the whole issue can be dismissed by using the ABC technique of declaring them to be as bad as each other, so lets move on to more interesting things…..

  91. Jane @ 12.17 today

    “I also think the exploitation of the deaths was a complete disgrace.”

    Really uesful deaths, as the Fat Controller may’ve put it.

    I recall a story about this in the usual paper when it had all just broken. Using the Chaser Eulogy Principle we had quotes from bereaved relatives about those who’d been killed, & how Rudd was responsible for this & Garrett should be accountable for that…
    The story finished with a short paragraph saying the company in question was owned by two young men who were “declining to comment”. That was sufficient for the press corps, no need to ask further there…
    I’m still rather stunned by the whole Pink Batts affair. Exposing dodgy tradesfolk is the bread & butter of the 6.30 tabloid TV shows & tabloid rags like it too. But an entire army of shonks, if we’re to believe the reporting, was allowed to get away on condition they could be used to hammer the Government.

  92. Apparently Rudd has 40ish supporters (according to Gillard sources) and 45 (according to Rudd sources) out of 102. Continued polling as catastrophic at the last 6 weeks showing a 55-45% Labor loss, with up to a 40 seat election loss and the dynamics may see a few MPs finally move in a desperate bid to see if Rudd can stem the size of the loss.

  93. Peter, if that occurs, I will be walking away from Labor forever.

    I could only come to the conclusion, that all that are criticising Labor are correct.

    That all in the party are fools.

  94. The party is split (almost along factional lines), the polls are bad and the scars of the leadership tussle remain – it is the worst of all possible scenarios for the ALP in which an obvious solution is not apparent.

  95. Wow, finally someone here has stated the obvious. That 40 seat loss is not predicted by those evil polling companies that I do note you all were cheering when Labor was coming back…it is internal Labor polling!

    The latest Newspoll confirms the impending carnage. Election night will be painful for you guys.

  96. Rudd’s demise was partly the result of a media campaign against him but mainly due to him walking away from so many basic election promises. Remember Fuel watch and Grocerywatch? These were basic bread-and-butter initiatives that were abandoned too easily and helped the “Kevin-O-Lemon” and the “Rudd’s-a-dud” media onslaughts.

    There was not enough room on the political stage for both his ego and Turnbull’s.

    He had his chance and blew it and should have done the right thing and kept out of the way and let Gillard (who actually achieved things) have a clear run.

    The media got rid of him and now want to bring him back. Is this how they flex their muscle – by demonstrating who really runs the country?

  97. Damn they hang around like old smells these right wingnuts who leave and then keep coming back one way or another.

    The pong on this on has always been particularly bad.

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