Fairfax gets academia to out-Murdoch Murdoch

Readers of Independent Australia have been full of praise for their recent article by Alan Austin titled “Fairfax’s anti-Government bias is as clear as (David) Day“.  I have been doubly honoured that Alan has contacted me with the offer of also posting his re-badge of this article on Café Whispers and that he looks forward to engaging with our readers.

Alan (pictured) is an Australian freelance journalist currently living in Nîmes in the South of France, but who returns to Australia regularly. His interests are religious affairs, the economics of development and integrity in government and the media. He has been published in many print outlets and worked for eight years with ABC Radio and Television’s religious broadcasts unit. He has also worked as a journalist with the aid agency World Vision and the Uniting Church.

Here is his post; Fairfax gets academia to out-Murdoch Murdoch:

The Fairfax media group has ramped up its campaign against the Gillard Government. It appears now to have abandoned any pretence of reporting fairly on its successes and failures.

It has also copied the Murdoch ploy of enlisting academics to its tawdry anti-Labor campaign.

Monday’s National Times featured a bizarre opinion piece by honorary associate at La Trobe University David Day.

The article was headlined triumphantly ‘Final nail in PM’s coffin’ and sub-headed just to make sure we understand ‘Julia Gillard’s lack of leadership has spurred on her inevitable demise’.

So what is the basis for the academic’s claim that a ‘demise’ is now ‘inevitable’?

Well, there are the polls, of course. The endless feedback loop of bad reporting leading to poor polling leading to more negative reporting leading to poor polling … and so on.

But does Day offer evidence of actual bad government? Well, there’s this:

“  . . . her [Gillard’s] propensity for political stumbles have seen her repeatedly fall flat on her face. The September election date and the resignation of Nicola Roxon and Chris Evans were just the latest of them.”

Really? The careers of two ministers came to an end with plenty of advance warning to the PM, allowing her to determine the timing of their completion. Since when does this constitute evidence of a PM’s “propensity for political stumbles”?

John Howard asked for the resignations of retiring ministers David Kemp and Daryl Williams in 2004 in near identical circumstances. Was that evidence of the PM falling flat on his face? Or was it hailed as an opportunity for renewal, fresh perspectives and youthful energy?

Is Day aware the rate of ministerial sackings and resignations under Rudd/Gillard has been the lowest of any government in any Westminster nation since the 1820s?

Is there any evidence that the ministers left for anything other than admirable reasons? In Roxon’s case, including wishing to parent a 7-year old daughter.

When asked these questions by email, Day responded thus:

“I was referring to the timing of the resignations. I agree with all you say [re ministerial resignations] but the timing gave the appearance of chaos. It was a poor political calculation and nothing was done to hose down the hooha in the press.”

This is further nonsense. It was never poor political calculation when John Howard did precisely the same. And just how can a government ‘hose down’ media hooha? Arrest the lying journalists? Ban the mendacious mastheads?

What else could have been done by whom? Whose responsibility is it in a liberal democracy to report what governments are doing? Could the media release have been any clearer?

And why is calling the election date evidence of the PM’s “propensity for political stumbles”?

Every election year in living memory has had retailers, businesses, traders, investors, state governments, community organisations and others screaming for certainty and an end to the election date speculation. Now we have it. For whom is that disastrous, and why?

Day then criticises the Government for its failure to win support for its environmental initiatives.

“With the carbon price in place, the government should be earning kudos from the many Australians who care about the environment and are concerned about human-induced climate change.”

Again, whose job is it to report the substantial drop in emissions since last July? Positive reports in the mainstream media – brief, down page and rare – are simply drowned out by the constant prominent misreporting on the matter.

Day continues with a spurious attack on foreign policy unbecoming of a political history scholar:

“The Prime Minister has also disappointed many Australians with a foreign policy that is not discernibly different from that of John Howard. She kept the troops in Afghanistan and has thrown Australia open to American bases.”

Yes, some aspects of the previous foreign policy regime were continued. Specifically concerning the US alliance. But actually very few.

Labor’s foreign policy has been worlds away from the previous administration’s in signing strategic international treaties and accords. And in restoring relationships in the Asia pacific region. In these vital areas, just no comparison.

The serious damage done to relations with Australia’s neighbours during the Howard years have virtually all been reversed. Australian embassies are no longer targets for bombing; ambassadors are no longer expelled by friendly neighbours; Australians in nightclubs abroad are no longer being killed; false allegations are no longer levelled against neighbouring allies; official visits between friendly countries are no longer threatened; millions of dollars of aid money is no longer illegally paid to Australia’s enemies in trade bribes; and Australia’s defence chiefs and diplomats no longer condemn the government for its gross ineptitude endangering Australian lives.

Most disturbing is Day’s reference to Australia’s jobless. The article claims that “Julia Gillard has not shown sufficient commitment to protect Australian workers. She seems content to have unemployment at about 5 per cent, to have about 15 per cent of school-leavers without a job . . . ”

Really? Where and when has employment been any better? Here in France the jobless rate is above 10%. In the UK and the US it is above 7.7%. In the Euro area it is 11.7%, more than double Australia’s rate.

In fact, as academics should well know, taking participation rate and unemployment rate together Australia has had a higher proportion of people in work during the Rudd/Gillard years than in any period in Australia’s history. This despite the devastating global financial crisis.

So why imply the opposite? That may be a dopey question to put to Australian journalists. But not to academics.

Finally, to dispel any doubt that Fairfax is driving the Coalition’s election campaign, here’s the opinion poll at the bottom of the article:

Poll: Do you think a leadership change will help Labor’s chances of re-election?

(a) Yes, something has to change
(b) No, it’s the Labor brand that’s on the nose
(c) Not sure

Now, could there conceivably be any other answer to that question than those three?

First Murdoch. Then Fairfax. And now the universities? Such, it seems, is Australia’s doom.

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  1. Alan, excellent article and well said that the msm’s distortions often bear little resemblance to the facts. I seems that the MSM start with an unproven “theme” such as you have pointed out..uncertainty, stumbles, disappointment and then goes on not to prove this opinion but to attempt to reinforce this opinion.

  2. How can our democracy be so crushed. This is the sort of complicit media we used to hear about in countries run by dictators. All bow to murdoch and big business .. for they will get what they want.

  3. A wonderful poll! Here’s another suggestion for a completely fair one: Do you think the PM should be a) dismissed by the Governor General, b) replaced by Kevin Rudd, c) jailed or d) replaced by Tony Abbott Like the Fair(and “balanced”)fax poll it doesn’t leave any room for saying that she’s doing ok.
    I guess journalists are positioning themselves for a potential Gina takeover, and want the opportunity to be given their own TV show.

  4. I am totally with you Rob Luxford. I would gladly contribute to a fund to print all the misleading information and outright lies that are being served up as facts. Very worrying.

  5. A name and shame hit list with all the garbage dished up since poor little tantrum throwing bubby boy lost the chance to be leader of this country to a mere woman. A few facts never goes astray and maybe even a curly question or two thrown at the Opposition Leader would be a little helpful. He is so shit scared of things going pear shaped he won’t even front up to the usual current affairs type shows that every man and his dog appear on as he won’t have control of the questions he would like asked. Piss weak.

  6. An excellent and timely contribution, Alan, thanks a lot.

    I fear the outcome, should the OM and extreme right prevail in their propaganda assaults on democracy and the rule of law.

    If their plans have a fatal flaw, it is reflected in their collective abandonment of reality, most obviously, wrt AGW , the economy, etc; – I remain confident that reality always prevails, particularly as the consequences of ignoring it grow increasingly dire.

  7. Brilliant tearing apart of Days rubbish and misinformation. I look forward to reading more of Alan’s articles, most refreshing and breathes fresh air into the stagnant media atmosphere we have been subjected to.
    Frankly I was beginning to understand how the good folk living behind the iron curtain with a media feeding propaganda at them daily must have felt
    Thanks for the introduction to Alan’s work

  8. Alan, I have already expressed my appreciation for your work in a comment on IA, but I have to say welcome to CW, and it will be good to see more of your work here!

    We certainly need some balance, and some honesty in reporting in this country.

    Cheers 😀

  9. CW’s
    Complete Whingers , yes you have earned your new name fare and square ! !
    Congratulations .
    Whinge , Look for the Excuse or Blame someone else. It is endless here.
    Must be written in Labor Policy – Rule 1
    That is your failsafe formula. That is also what everybody is so sick of.
    When will you get it. The road to perdition is long, hard and very dusty.
    You need to change.

  10. So voyers contribution is not a critical analysis if media bias, defense of MSM…. Truth in reporting, which is a legitimate concern of any Australian interested in democracy… His contribution…..We are wingers. Congradulations you have demonstrated what a lowbrow political pygmy you are.

    Great article, factual and concise.

  11. Interesting comments. Thank you.

    Clearly a sense of pessimism evident. Here and elsewhere.

    But the next election is not a foregone conclusion. There are two Australias.

    One is reasonably informed about the world and knows the Rudd-Gillard period has had the lowest rate of ministerial sackings in the Westminster world since 1820, that some excellent social reforms have been implemented, that the Australian economy is now healthier than it has ever been, that it is now the strongest economy in the world by far, that taxes, interest rates and unemployment are lower now than during the Howard years, that the rate of deaths in the insulation industry during the stimulus implementation fell to a quarter of the rate of the Howard years, and that the only MP to be forced from Parliament as a result of criminal conduct in the current term is a Liberal.

    They know also that that the carbon tax is effectively reducing emissons and meets the spirit of the PM’s commitment “make no mistake – I am determined to put a price on carbon” if not with her preferred option.

    The other Australia believes the PM is a serial liar, that climate change is a hoax, Labor has destroyed Australia’s economy, the stimulus spending was a fiasco, that Peter Slipper is a corrupt Labor MP, and that ministerial resignations are rats deserting a sinking ship – because that is what they are told to believe daily by Fairfax, Murdoch, the ABC and Macquarie Radio.

    The election outcome will depend on which group is larger.

  12. I wonder when the Australian habit of cheering the underdog in going to kick in.

    What we have seen today, of a no nonsense PM, dealing with the states over health. I suspect senator Milne has been treated in the same way. The gloves seem to be off.

    The PM has nothing to lose, going down this path. They might not like her, but they will respect her.

  13. Voyager said,.. “You need to change.” …….. around these parts ‘Kimosabe’ we calls that ‘projection’…… V.S. your the one that needs to change…. you need to change into an Australian. 😯 … and leave the hatred and bile behind, why do you continue to put your ideology before your country…. sorry mate I for one don’t get ya….. and I’m certainly not the Lone Ranger there….. here’s some ‘maths’ for ya……. GFC=AAA – Abbott lies squared x 14/9/13 divided by Arctic Melt season + Methane Hydrate x foot in gob-itist Tony = Julia Gillard winning ……. true 😉

  14. Great, great article, Alan. Fantastic. I’m bemused as to why they’d invite an obvious radical like Day to contribute. What’s the agenda?

  15. “… I am determined to put a price on carbon” if not with her preferred option.

    The price on carbon was her preferred option, and she introduced it, with the help of the Independents and one Green. What she did not do was introduce a carbon tax. As Tony Abbott had argued the previous year (2009), the government should introduce a carbon tax in the form of a petrol tax. Gillard’s government, rightly or wrongly, rejected the petrol tax idea, as this was an impost on energy consumers rather than energy producers.

    Make no mistake, when Gillard said she would not introduce a carbon tax, she was rejecting Abbott’s idea of a petrol tax.

    Gillard never lied. She did not even break her promise. It is Abbott who is, and always has been, the liar.

  16. Mig. You have way too much unallocated time and you are definitely off with the Pixies.
    This government and all the players in it are Toxic. There is not enough space on the WWW to list all of its failings.
    WTF was Gillard thinking backslapping the Unionists in front of the MSM cameras. The vast majority of Australians who vote see the Unions as irrelevant and can’t see a role for them in a democracy. Talk about blasting away at her feet with an automatic weapon.

  17. Please Tweed how about you enlighten us about all these failures? Just list ten if there are so many the unimaginable vastness of the www can’t list all of them.

    Stand by for either nothing or lies.

    Right wingers. They can never argue on facts so do so on hyperbole and lies.

    On the other hand there is a already a very large list of Howard’s failures, and they are factual. Abbott was instrumental in many of those failures.

    If we add the growing list of Liberal State’s failings, especially Queensland who Abbott wants to ape, then we will have a very big list indeed.

  18. Alan, I must admit to being a little pessimistic in this regard. I wonder how Australians are supposed to make informed choices when they are under the illusion (courtesy of the MSM) that the BER was “a disaster”, pink batts “cause fires” and that Slipper is a Labor MP. It’s a matter of portions as was seen during the Climate Change debate. Someone provided the figures that the MSM were providing stories 80% against, therefore lo and behold the Australian public which previously had been strongly in favour of action, suddenly became anti.

  19. As to Alans article, I said it all here the other day


    It was a great analytical piece, something lacking in our media today. The more that is written about navel gazing, the less that is written about actual policies. The trouble is, this doesn’t build a structure around with which to continue a debate on policy. The only narrative they have now is the hollowed out leadershit, which, now that it has become obvious Rudd isn’t going to do anything, they have started dragging others in. It leaves a big gaping ho;e in the political narrative that used to be filled with policy debate, and they are finding less and less of there empty rhetoric to fill it with. They have essentially cavitated the political debate, until all that is left is an empty shell of echoing arguments, while around them flows the day to day life of Government, NDIS, NBN, Mining Tax. All they can attract are the negative ions of these policies, real or imagined, and leach them out in place of any real analysis.

    There were high hopes for grattan on her move to The Conversation. They appear to be dashed. It is worth reading though, not for the article, but for the comments following it


  20. From reading Wixxy’s latest article in the Independent, it appears that the police are doing their fair share of speculating too, after they have laid charges.

    His core theory appears to be, here are the charges, now, find some evidence.

    It really is starting to look a lot like the Slipper case, where all they want to do is have a long list of ‘alleges’ for the media to print out.


  21. Tweed you clearly stated PM’s plight , all backslapping buddy buddy with
    the Unions. Who did the HSU send along ? All real vote winners , Not!
    The Unions continue to show contempt and ignorance, yesterday in
    Brisbane several of their cranes adorned with their flags.
    Pity CFMEU flag flew above the Australian flag – how sick Union before Country.

  22. Yet Tom this government have had failures, the “Watch” websites already forgotten, not that they could be called anything but piddling in the scheme of things, but there have been a handful of significant ones.

    Nowhere near as many or as bad as the Howard government or Keating’s considerable failing during a global economic downturn, from which Rudd learnt in his response to the GFC.

    And in that you have another key difference between Labor and Liberals.

    Labor mostly evolves and progresses, taking into account the lessons of the past, whereas the Liberals remain bogged down in their old rusted on mentality to repeat the same failures over. Just look at the Liberal States for evidence of that, where on promising change and progression they immediately broke their promises, as they always do, and fell back into their long running failed policies of slash and burn.

    Another example of the Liberals being rusted onto old failed ways is their continuous attempts to return to draconian IR policies, both at Federal and State levels. WorkChoices wasn’t a new policy, it was something Howard had flagged when he was a junior Liberal minister and detailed when he was Treasurer under Fraser. That’s how rusted on the Liberals are to their past.

  23. ME. I heard Mr.Keating say during the early days of the GFC, his biggest regret was that he did not go in fast and hard enough, during a similar occurrence when he was PM.

    Yes, Labor does learn. Yes, Labor moves onto the future,

    The biggest danger in times like the GFC, is not spending to much, but not spending enough. Not spending leads to waste. Leads to a bigger deficit, that takes longer to claw back.

    The fact is the western world has not yet recovered points to the truth of this.

    We once again heard Mr. Hockey mouthing off that Mr. The swan is wrong when he says the economy is among the best in the western world.

    It appears that Mr, Hockey believes being the best is not good enough, it should be perfect. If it is not perfect, it is a lie that it is among the best.

    At least he was challenged for his statements.

    I learnt back in high school many moons ago, that once unemployment reaches a certain number it feeds on irself and takes on a life of it’s own. Business collapses should also be included in that statement.

    History has shown, that after all spurts in unemployment, the recovery period back to full employment is longer and more costly.

  24. Another example of the Liberals being rusted onto old failed ways is their continuous attempts to return to draconian IR policies, both at Federal and State levels. WorkChoices wasn’t a new policy, it was something Howard had flagged when he was a junior Liberal minister and detailed when he was Treasurer under Fraser. That’s how rusted on the Liberals are to their past.

    I pointed this out in a similar comment on another post this morning.

    No one should have been surprised what Mr Howard did when he became PM. It was all there in history for all to see.

    Many were fooled by the makeover he made to become PM. It took too long for many to wake up.

    What I say, do not be fooled by Mr. Abbott’s make over. The answer to how he will act, is found in what he has said and done over the last few years.

  25. Alan, thanks for a well-argued piece. Right-wingers – you’re going to have to do a lot better than bagging some photo-op (prob in the Murdoch press) and crying ‘toxic!’ if you want to get into the debate. Facts are the currency at CW.

  26. Martin, well said 😀

    Sadly the right whingers don’t recognise any “facts” other than the ones they make up themselves 😯

    Lies, spin and misrepresentations are their stock in trade 😦

    Cheers 😀

  27. “Who did the HSU send along ?”

    is the HSU still a part of the ACTU.

    I suspect not.

    I do not understand the comment.

  28. “From reading Wixxy’s latest article in the Independent, it appears that the police are doing their fair share of speculating too, after they have laid charges.”

    I have noticed that you mention this site, many times making negative comments.

    I have also noticed that you never voice your concerns on that site.

    Why not.

    Why go to other sites to do so?

    PS, I agree with everything wixxy has written.

  29. ME. I heard Mr.Keating say during the early days of the GFC, his biggest regret was that he did not go in fast and hard enough, during a similar occurrence when he was PM.

    That was Keating’s failing Fed up, one he openly admits to. Rudd learnt that lesson and when the GFC came along more or less took up Keating’s stimulus policies but rolled them out rapidly knowing there would be waste. The alternative was what happened in most other countries, a recession, hundreds of thousands unemployed and thousands of businesses shut down. We would still be suffering now. This is what the Liberals wanted as clearly spelled out in Hockey’s plan of the time, which was only four billion less than the government’s very successful stimulus.

    There’s another difference between Labor and the Liberals. Keating admitted to his failing and does so to this day. Howard not once admitted to a single one of his considerable failings, though time and again he said he would take responsibility for his actions. To this day Howard and the Liberals will still not admit to their hamartia of that period.

    By the way it was Howard that benefited from Keating’s slow to role out stimulus, a fact Howard attested to in his first speech to the National Press Club after becoming PM and after the first budget.

  30. Truth Seeker wrote:

    Sadly the right whingers don’t recognise any “facts” other than the ones they make up themselves 😯

    Lies, spin and misrepresentations are their stock in trade 😦

    Now I hope you right wingers are reading and understanding what was written there, because it’s the TRUTH. When someone tells you idiots the truth you should LISTEN. 😀

  31. Reading a Tweed post somewhere up there, & it contains the word “toxic”. I note this word gets a lot of currency of late, saw MattnDave use it yesterday, I think. It’s an easily understood, slightly emotive word & I reckon it’s been deliberately thrown in to align with Abbott’s regular use of it.
    With the TV on at work yesterday, my viewing of MattnDave was courtesy of several 9 News bulletins. Which took great care to get lengthy & confrontative questions in but cut Gillard’s answers short. Climaxed toward late afternoon in a bulletin mentioning the interview & Ruddstoration speculation. According to the announcer “Yes, it just won’t go away.” It’ll go away when your lot do you prat. Can’t come soon enough.

  32. “Sadly the right whingers don’t recognise any “facts” other than the ones they make up themselves

    Lies, spin and misrepresentations are their stock in trade

    Now I hope you right wingers are reading and understanding what was written there, because it’s the TRUTH. When someone tells you idiots the truth you should LISTEN”

    Well Cuppa how does GRAHAM RICHARDSON stack up when he says
    gillard should go for party’s sake? He’s from the Left so he MUST be telling the truth!

    “Since then the announcement of the world’s longest election campaign didn’t help her cause. Then last week out of a clear blue sky she announces a billion dollar program to make Australian companies “consider” using Australian made goods. Yes, that’s right, consider. No compulsion, just lots of money to make business think about it. Since then a huge question mark has arisen over the method of funding for this cool billion.
    The Greens have walked out on her as well. Christine Milne is showing all the signs of this becoming one of those infamously vicious divorces. Who knows what the Greens will choose to endorse when legislation is brought forward to the Senate. Already the aforementioned billion dollar program is under threat and a hostile Senate is the last thing a desperate PM trying to demonstrate stability really needs. It is hard to imagine the government was getting worse but that now appears to be a certainty.
    None of the options available to the PM for her immediate future is particularly appealing to either her or for the party. Despite the stoic defiance that she exudes, somewhere in the darkest recess of her mind reality must have a place. There must be times when she considers just what will happen to the Labor Party if she clings to the leadership and the polls are proved to be right.
    A loss of between of between 30 and 40 seats is on the cards, a slaughter of epic proportions. It would take Labor a decade to recover from that and given how much worse the situation is in NSW and Queensland, large chunks of the talent pool would go as well. The next generation of political Labor leaders, with the exception of Bill Shorten, would all be gone.
    You would be entitled to wonder just how much the Labor Party can take. If a federal election produced a result anything like the NSW and Queensland state massacres morale would be at rock bottom, as would membership. Given that a budget must be prepared by May which must deliver $15 billion of cuts just to allow for the NDIS and the Gonski reforms, the political pain would be immense. There is a real chance that there won’t be much left of the modern Labor Party at the end of her reign.

    She could of course run up a white flag, give Kevin a big hug and resign for the good of the party.”

    Hear Hear!

  33. And every Liberal State is going backwards Treeman on a string of failures, some worse than the previous Labor governments they replaced, none more so than Queensland that’s had the sharpest drop in record time.

    Why isn’t that mentioned?

    Even if Abbott gets in his will be the same fate as he fails miserably and here you will be making excuses for his failures, just as you now do for his glaring shortcomings in opposition.

  34. “And every Liberal State is going backwards Treeman on a string of failures, some worse than the previous Labor governments they replaced, none more so than Queensland that’s had the sharpest drop in record time.”

    What proof have you that Queensland is going backwards? The sharpest drop in what?

  35. “Even if Abbott gets in his will be the same fate as he fails miserably and here you will be making excuses for his failures, just as you now do for his glaring shortcomings in opposition.”

    C’mon mobius, thats worse projection than you accuse me of!

  36. Here’s a (name redacted) letter from an old (Queensland) mate of mine to Paul Howes…

    “Dear sir, Allow me to introduce my self. XXXX YYYY, long time member of the F.E.D.F.A. and since C.F.E.M.U. I thought i might congratulate you and your compadres, both party and federal for your part in loosing the next Federal election to,of all people, Abbot the Rabbit aka Dicktogs, and many other derisive nicknames, which i might add that you and the Chosen Few are earning some of!! I am totally disenchanted with the path that the Labour movement is perusing and said so to gillard in a recent Email. As i said to her, i say to you, i will never vote labour again. I shall resign from the C.F.M.E.U. and never join a union again. I see Maitland is allegedly tied up in the Hunter Shitfight, Surprise, Surprise !!
    You people in high places should understand that the majority of people on the ground are AUSTRALIANS who by our way usually don’t speak up until after the shit has hit the fan!! Unfortunately!! Even union members play the game(See my dismissal from Goonyella/Riverside in 1997 thanks to Tony Wolfenden and John Bucton). Secretary and President of the Lodge gillard is backing FIFO, and i have no doubt she will give the nod to 457 visas for Reinhart and the Indian mine, north of Clermont(QLD). B.M.A. are offering FIFO jobs online for Caville Ridge and Dornia only out of Brisbane or Cairns. WTF!! Plenty of miners in Central QLD hanging for jobs,including me!!
    Fuckit, i’ll just look out for myself and my mates, many of whom think just as i do.
    Anyhow, just thought i’d give you a piece of my mind, not that you and yours give a flying’ fuck, XXXX. P.S. I wonder if i went to the Phillipines, would they consider me for a 457?

    The only way Queensland is going backwards is in it’s support for gillard!

  37. PS, I agree with everything wixxy has written.

    er, I agree with a lot of Wixxy writes. The comment was sarcastic, s in, they have laid charges, and are now looking frantically about for evidence. I would have thought the evidence came first?

    I don’t comment there, as I comment here 😉

  38. Treetroll,

    He’s from the Left so he MUST be telling the truth!

    Lol, I didn’t read what he wrote, but thought I should set the record straight on your ‘fact’. Graham Richardson is from the RIGHT of the Labor Party.

  39. That’s not projection Treeman. Please show just a little intelligence here.

    As you are going so much on polls Treeman, and just one at that, then I gather you believe them implicitly. If that’s the case Newman has had the biggest and sharpest drop in satisfaction of any political leader ever. Queensland State Liberals also went backwards by a large margin and it’s only their big win on lies and deceits that allowed them that.

    The other Liberals States are also failing as they break promise after promise, bring in deficits where Labor left them surpluses, and the reasons for the deficits are reasonable as they are for Labor deficits. So unless you want to be a hypocrite you can’t can Labor for a deficit and not the Liberals.

    Also each Liberal government is failing in policy implementation with cost blow outs and overruns, something they promised wouldn’t happen under their stewardships. Just about every indicator is going backwards under them, crime, health, education, social service, employment (especially Queensland on that one) and it goes on. All things they promised would be better under a Liberal government.

    And each one has gone backwards in the polls after very short honeymoon periods, and none more so than Newman.

    Now Abbott has said he will model his government first on Barnett and then on Newman, who he praised for doing such a great job. That means Abbott is modelling a failure.

  40. but thought I should set the record straight on your ‘fact’.

    Careful Cuppa, you’ll make his head hurt again 😉

  41. Please show just a little intelligence here.


    As if. Last time he got asked a question, he disappeared for days. Actually, maybe I should ask him another one 😉

  42. Another treetroll “fact”:

    The only way Queensland is going backwards is in it’s support for gillard!

    Looks like that is another treetroll “fact” (things they make up as they go along)

    Ways Queensland is going backwards under LNP

    1) Credit Rating

    Fitch Ratings Agency downgrades Queensland’s credit rating to AA

    Fitch Ratings Agency has downgraded Queensland’s credit rating to AA – but with a stable outlook.

    In a blow to Treasurer Tim Nicholls just two days after handing down his first State Budget, the agency ruled Queensland’s overall credit profile is no longer consistent with a AA+ rating.

    Fitch has also downgraded the Queensland Treasury Corporation to AA with a stable outlook.


    2) Jobs

    Unemployment increases in Brisbane as jobs dry up

    Brisbane jobs are drying up as small business and the mining industry suffer big blows.

    Some parts of the city recorded a rise in unemployment of almost 70 per cent in the past year.


    3) The Economy

    Public service job cuts, mining slowdown start to bite as Queensland economy goes in to reverse

    Queensland’s economy is in reverse as the fiscal bite of the Newman Government’s public service job cuts hit home while government spending and the mining sector retract.

    The slump is at odds with the slow growth being shown in the national economy.


    4) Transparency

    Media to be charged to report from Parliament

    Media organisations covering Queensland politics could be charged a combined total of $33,000 a year to continue to use their dedicated space in the parliamentary precinct.

    Clerk of the Parliament Neil Laurie has relayed plans to change the current arrangement, whereby the Parliamentary Media Gallery was “provided with a variety of accommodation and services within the parliamentary precinct at no cost”.


  43. Alan says there are 2 Australias and the outcome of the election will rely on which Australia is the largest.
    Well, I guess the question is:
    (a) Do we want to loose all of the good things that the gov. has legislated?
    (b) Do we want TA as LOTO?
    (c) Do we want to be taken back to the past as TA wants us to.
    (d) Do we want to participate or stand around moaning that we might lose the election? Or, are we prepared to put our collective heads above the parapet and stand up for what many, many people want in this country.
    (e) Do we want democracy in this country?
    You bet we do.
    The PM is smart enough to make sure that 8 months will be enough time for busy people to become aware (look how they have reacted to the propaganda warefair waged by all forms of Media).
    A main concern will be, just who will be chosen as moderator for the Head to Head debates that must be held considering the total bias of most media in this

  44. More intriguing comments. Thank you.

    Just a few responses:

    @Treeman: No, Graham Richardson is not from the Left. Never was. NSW Right. His role now as one of the principal distorters of the truth for Rupert Murdoch seems a good fit.

    @Min and other despondents:

    Seven months to go. At this stage of the 1993 campaign, Paul Keating was finished. So was John Howard in 2001. And so, according to many, was Barack Obama in 2012.

    What were the changes of mood in the final months of those campaigns? Could that happen again?

    Game-changing issues which could yet gain traction include:

    1. Many Coalition leaders and their media spruikers are blatantly untruthful. Remember headlines across the US towards the end of last year? “Gosh, Ryan and Romney sure lie a lot”

    2. Did Tony Abbott really say last month, “the rest of the world was not going anywhere near carbon taxes or emission trading schemes”?

    Had Abbott been PM when telling such a monstrous whopper and dissing the gritty efforts of virtually all the world’s presidents and prime ministers, what would have been the reaction from Australia’s allies?

    Why was that comment not reported in Australia’s mainstream media?

    3. On foreign affairs, do we really want to return to a regime that caused Australian embassies to be bombed, Australian holiday makers to be targetted, Australian ambassadors to be expelled and Australia seen as Uncle Sam’s toadying lackey?

    4. What really brought about Australia’s extraordinary ascendancy in economic performance in 2008-09? Just coincidence that Australia alone in the world implemented stimulus measures that were well-targetted, swift and huge? Where would Australia be now had the Opposition’s strategy been applied?

    5. What’s with the media’s obsession with Kevin Rudd? The last leadership ballot was decisive – 71 to 31.

    Why not pursue a Coalition leadership change? Last ballot there was 42-41.

    6. Ministerial integrity. Is it true only two ministers have left the Rudd/Gillard ministry under a cloud? Is it true that in the first five Howard years nine ministers were sacked over ethical or competence matters? And by the end, 25 ministers had gone or should have gone for serious failures?

    7. The environment. What safeguards have been implemented? What would the Opposition do?

    8. Influence of Cardinal Pell. What do we really know about the relationship between Pell and Abbott – apart from the fact that Abbott blatantly lies about it?

    These may gain traction. They may not. The alternative media is a great way to share information, news, facts and figures. Plus passion and commitment.

    Just this article has appeared on three sites and I am told has received several hundred facebook shares. At least 10 posts are from readers who say they have now cancelled Fairfax subscriptions.

    It’s not over. Pass it on.

  45. Alan, it certainly isn’t over for me.

    At the same stage in 2001 I was gleefully wondering if the LNP would still exist after the election.

    Mind you, Howard was helped along by a twist of fate and some media allies. On the morning of the election the Adelaide Advertiser devoted 50% of its front page to three words: Boat People Poll.

    After his election victory Howard boasted that it was his economic credentials that won for him, adding that boat people had nothing to do with the vote.

    But Murdoch sure did.

  46. 2. Did Tony Abbott really say last month, “the rest of the world was not going anywhere near carbon taxes or emission trading schemes”?

    Most probably

    I do know on QandA just last Monday night, hunt claimed that emissions had gone up since the introduction of the Carbon Price, and that China were not going any where near an ETS

    GREG HUNT: …….What is actually going to reduce emissions and our debate in Australia and this is where I would absolutely disagree with Lawrence, is about the fact that our emissions go up, not down, under the carbon tax.


    WILLIAM FIEDLER:… Will the Coalition rule out ever moving to some form of emission scheme?

    GREG HUNT: Yes. I don’t see it’s every likely to happen. I don’t see this is what’s happening broadly. I think that when you look around the world, there are radically different approaches and when you look at the United States I know that the President just gave a State of the Union address. The real focus of that was the alternative systems that the United States would put in place. Canada has just had an election where they rejected a carbon tax. China is not going anywhere near this.

    Or the fact that the POTUS was quite explicit about his desire for a pricing mechanism (much like our PM was before our last election, even though the media studiously avoid that)


  47. Tom, as well as his comment about China not going anywhere near it, he also stated that he could guarantee it, to which Tanya Pllibersek laughed, repeating his statement in disbelief. 😆

    The truth just isn’t in them 😯

  48. Tom,

    The only “facts” right wingers (and their forum trolls) recognise are those they make up for themselves.

    It’s 100% dead-on correct. 😀

  49. Folks
    Food for thought what would bring all the media together when in the past they all battled each other?.
    Why a common enemy and Voila what do we have the “NBN”.

    Which would at a stroke reduce everyone’s telephone costs – no line rental, no long distance call charges.

    International TV streaming faster and cheaper internet costs, demise/diminished foxtel, video conference on a massive scale, reducing travel needs etc etc, almost a golden age. All those media staff layoffs would make the current situation look very mild by comparison. The Hip pocket nerve at its most vunerable.

  50. “He’s from the Left so he MUST be telling the truth!

    Lol, I didn’t read what he wrote, but thought I should set the record straight on your ‘fact’. Graham Richardson is from the RIGHT of the Labor Party.”

    Cuppa, that is a really dumb answer. Richo is indeed of the Left, certainly not a Conservative or a right whinger as you describe people who don’t tell the truth. Whether he’s of the right or left faction of the Labor party is irrelevant!

    You should read what Rich wrote, it might drill some sense into you!

  51. Comment on Drum.

    It was said that much of the legalization that PM has put on the books is seen as weak, but the fact that they are there, could see them become very powerful down the track.

  52. Well surprise surprise. A Qld newspaper asks Qlders if they’d prefer a PM who is a Qlder and they say “yes”.

    Good old Treeman. He speaks for all Australians.

  53. BTW miglo, it was Queenslanders who got Labor across the line in ’07 and a handful of hatchet men who put gillard in. Despite my view that Rudd would be a fool to even try and save labor’s arse, it would be poetic justice if he did roll gillard and have a go. I’ll be the first to commiserate with you if you loose your job!

  54. To be truthful, I’ve not read the post! Someone emailed me about your job! I mostly look at the last few comments on your threads and have my say! Mea culpa I missed it!

  55. Mig as you seem hell bent on entertaining this tory troll treeman, my patience has run out. I regret I will leave the blog and you with your new found friend. He/she/it is playing you for a fool

  56. I always a suspected there are many that visit, make comments, without reading what is written here. It appears tree has just prove that is true.

    That is something they share with their hero. We know he cannot bother reading anything either.

  57. I admit that my patience is running out with Treeman too. He treats us all as idiots with the exception of the other right-wing radicals/lunatics who infest us from time to time.

    David, I’d rather lose all of them in preference to you or any of the other sensible commenters. Most here would agree.

  58. Migs, you seem to be weeding them out. I suspect as a result we will see less of tree and co.

    They like to hog the site and need to be in the limelight. It this does not occur, they will move on. No point in staying, if one cannot derail the thread.

    It looks like the election of the new pope could end up being a three ring circus. One wonders why the pope really decided to resign.

    Allegations of sexual abuse is breaking out everywhere. Remember even cardinal Pell has clouds hanging over him.

    Maybe they will have to go to Africa or Asia to find a clean skin.

  59. Appreciate your support everyone, will hang in of course. The support of Julia and our Govt is what directs me. Am determined we will win.

  60. David, good on ya mate 😀 will continue to look forward to your comments.

    The only thing from tree troll that I look forward to is his departure 😀 oh…. and the look on his ugly face when the Abbott gets done over. 😎

    Cheers 😀 😆

  61. One wonders why the pope really decided to resign.

    He was having problems with his health, especially from neck pain – from looking the other way. (Letterman)

    He left so he could spend more time with his wife and kids. (Letterman)

  62. Can you remember how the printing press had an impact….. Can you remember how you’ve got that Dr’s appointment… Can you remember that witty poem or that informative comment or post that you have read here or on the fifth estate somewhere…. Can you remember being aggrieved at the forth estate (MSM) and what they have become….. Can you remember thinking WTF, people ‘need’ to know this (or that 😀 ) and what can little old me do about it…. . Can you remember all those old forth estate mags sitting there in the waiting rooms….. waiting.. Can you remember how the printing press had an impact…..
    oh, is that a printing press there next to your computer 😯
    Can you remember which most powerful form of advertising involves conversation.
    Can you remember how MSM co. stifle conversation.
    Hit print and help start the conversation…because not everyone gets their info from the fifth….. some people get their info from old migs,… sorry.. 😳 I meant old Mags in a waiting room somewhere.. 😉 ….’ grass-roots media’ coming to a printer near you…. 😀

  63. Labor locked in a crisis over identity…I reckon that’s the problem here. Why else so much denial?


    “WITH polls showing a potential election wipe-out, the Labor Party remains in denial about the causes of its malaise. It suffers not just a crisis of leadership but a crisis of identity as a political institution.

    On the same day that the Nielsen poll showed a collapsed Labor primary vote at 30 per cent, following the previous Newspoll at 32 per cent, Julia Gillard was locked in a mutual embrace at the Australian Workers Union conference on the Gold Coast.

    This symbolism has real meaning. Gillard is more dependent on trade union power than any Labor prime minister since the 1940s. In her keynote speech to AWU delegates, Gillard boasted that she led a party not called a progressive party, not called a moderate party, not even a socialist democratic party – she led a Labor Party whose identity was defined by its trade union ties.

    It is a conception of Labor not shared by Kevin Rudd.

    With the caucus in abject confusion, the AWU offers conspicuous backing for Gillard. Its national secretary, Paul Howes, declared his determination to keep Gillard in office.

    Its former national secretary, Bill Shorten, a pivotal figure in this struggle, declared that Gillard was the “tough leader” for the times.

    The union and factional support for Gillard equates to support for the old Labor Party.

    Yet that Labor Party is doomed. While the caucus fixates on the Gillard-Rudd popularity contest, the public sees Labor as a party of sectional interests remote from the concerns of ordinary people.

    It is impossible to solve this problem in an election year but it is impossible folly to ignore it.

    In the current struggle the Labor Party needs Rudd more than Rudd needs the leadership. Rudd knows election victory is close to a forlorn cause.

    He can save some seats, perhaps many seats, but any Rudd return must stand for some thing else: the quest to refurbish Labor, reform its structure and change its identity. Rudd must return, if he returns at all, as a leader offering a different government and a different Labor Party.

    Much of the ALP will ferociously resist this idea.

    But Labor cannot stay blind to its malaise, most obvious in the NSW debacle where union and factional power have proved that bad structure leads to bad policy.

    At the federal level, Labor is isolated from business, small traders, regional and aspirational voters.

    Sooner or later Labor must confront two epic reforms.

    First, it needs to reduce union guaranteed voting power within the party from 50 per cent to no more than 20 per cent to match union coverage in the workforce.

    It also needs to empower democracy in the election of the leader whereby the caucus has half the votes and an electoral college of the rank and file has the other half, a proposal advocated by Rudd backer Chris Bowen last year.”

    Good advice…too bad many here won’t even read it!

  64. There’s Treetroll pasting in stuff from the Opposition Oracle (“The Australian” ) again. OO commentary on Labor is as reliable as a skin cancer victim talking about the health benefits of unrestrained exposure to sunlight.

    Treetroll, why don’t you get back to us when you’ve got something from the media that isn’t based on pro-Liberal (or anti-Labor) Spin. That should give the Cafe many months without your rubbish that no one reads. 😀

  65. aaaaaah. Sandra. We just have to get rid of this fucking drop kick government. The stand up comedy act is no longer funny.

  66. What we need to get rid of is moronic, brain dead, dropkick RW trolls like Tree troll, TheWeed, el dildo, Hall etc :mrgreen:

    Then we can get back to discussing the real issues 😀

  67. Why Tweed you are as idiotically funny as ever no matter who is in government. Your blind clownish support for a dysfunctionally funny Liberal Party gives plenty of mirth. Though the constant drone of mindless right wing idiocy does become droll after a short bit.

  68. You know fellas and ladies, I wonder what it is about people such as Tweed who seem to delight in using the F word around women..perhaps it’s worth a wank or two (just metaphorically speaking of course).

  69. All deep comments TS, Min, Moby.
    Fair dinkum surely you must be getting the thrust of what is going down?
    The country is being held to ransom by a dysfunctional Bogan PM propped up by a self interested union hierarchy and looney tune green fringe dwellers.
    I have a handle on you guys. You make up the declining 30% of voters who like what’s happening in the country.
    I’m sorry. Like most of thinking Australia I have to comment at your level.
    …and I say AGAIN.
    aaaaaah. We just have to get rid of this fucking drop kick government. The stand up comedy act is no longer funny.

  70. There’s the Weed, Liberal Party troll, repeating the four-letter word after the lady has already said she doesn’t like it.

    Who’s the “dysfunctional Bogan”, Weed?

  71. Cuppa, Tweed can say what he likes to me..as an Admin I can delete offensive comments and seldom do, however what I dislike is using offensive language against female visitors who have no power to defend themselves.

  72. Sadly Alans message seems to be hijacked by LNP supporters. I do hope the MSM start to give Labor a fair go. But I doubt it very much. Sad but true.

  73. On the “shock” resignations, I am absolutely certain that Gillard had been advised of these. One of Howard’s tactics which worked exceptionally well for him was to get the nasties over and done with early, let the MSM have their rant and then head towards the election with all the positives.

  74. To add..one of the government’s challenges will be to get the MSM to focus on Abbott’s failings..he has made numerous faux pas on the subject of foreign affairs and so this might be something to focus on. For example, the question How? on I’ll turn back the boats.

  75. Tweed delusional and loosing it again I see. Why is it so hard for the right wingers to hold it together and why is it that they have to project all the time?

    Immaturity, insincerity and insecurity I guess.

  76. “The country is being held to ransom by a dysfunctional Bogan PM propped up by a self interested union hierarchy and looney tune green fringe dwellers.
    I have a handle on you guys. You make up the declining 30% of voters who like what’s happening in the country.
    I’m sorry. Like most of thinking Australia I have to comment at your level.
    …and I say AGAIN.
    aaaaaah. We just have to get rid of this fucking drop kick government. The stand up comedy act is no longer funny.”

    Love your work Tweed. These folk here don’t even make the declining 30% for mine. They make up the sock puppet donkeys who can’t see what’s happening in this country. Blinded by ideology gone wrong, in a canoe without a paddle washing down a flooded river into a dam that was supposed never to fill again.

  77. All that is necessary is an argument or an opinion as to why the LNP’s ideas are the superior. Rubbishing the leader does not a debate make.

  78. “Why is it so hard for the right wingers to hold it together and why is it that they have to project all the time?

    Immaturity, insincerity and insecurity I guess.”

    How flaming patronising! Why don’t you tell that to your mate Jaycee and Pterosaur, LOVO and the others who regularly hit the ad homs, smear and denigration buttons here.


  79. Hey Treeman I see in one of your comments that you spent some time in P.N.G. I have often wondered where you came from now I know. Having spent my time in Madang from 1949/73 I can now put two and two together, Mate you should stay off the beetle nut, its messing with your bird brain.

  80. Yeah Scaper, next few days look like a lot of rain. Big seas hammered Gold Coast beaches.

    Patricia, I only spent seven years in PNG, sounds like you’ve had a lot more exposure to beetle nut than I…

  81. Treetroll at 12.19: “Far to good to waste any more time here

    [So on that poorly spelled note, has the Treetroll gone as he said? Nope.]

    Treetroll: 12.29 Posts again
    Treetroll: 12.30 Posts again

    That’s six comments in 20 minutes, with increasing frequency. All the signs of agitation, the troll is off its tree. 😀

  82. I find it amazing, that some can put so much faith in the polls, that do more than project what people’s reactions are to events that are occurring at this time.

    I not even sure they do a good job of that.

  83. I am listening to the ABC 24 in the background. On more than one occasion, they have raised the environment ,

    Well, if Mr. Abbott gets in, we will not have to worry about the environment, as he intends to put in all under water, or grow trees, in deserts.

    To finish it off, we will have fracking within our cities. That will destroy the underground water.

    The environment will no longer be a problem, It will be destroyed for all time, as man made climate change will finish the process.

    As I say, Gillard builds, Abbott demolishes.

  84. Morning Treeman. Nice day here too. Many thanks for your kudos and much appreciated from an esteemed peer.
    Going to watch the Hawks play at Metricon on TV. Maybe a Crownie or three and a lump of pork on the Webber tonight with the Fam.

  85. Many thanks for your kudos and much appreciated from an esteemed peer.

    Don’t you mean a “steamed pear”?

  86. Tweeddle dee ‘n Treedle dum guardians of the ad hom….. these ugly twisted fetishists in raincoats come here with the one aim of derailing the thread and then accuse people of making personal attacks against them…. 😯 seriously ?? …what ugly perverted twisted trolls they are…. what twit-ish buffoons…… are they serious …. or as my Japanese mate would say ” Are they sillyarse” 😀 ……. as far as I’m concerned they can go and get mocked….. (Lovo shakes head)

  87. …and somewhere in your shaking head LOVO you had a point?
    I never cry foul when I get slagged by all an sundry from the cafe?
    …..I know Torch Boy gets precious pretty easily.
    Treeman do you get precious when the whisperers slag you?
    Go on whisperers fess up. You like to have someone to prattle your leftie giggle bytes to.
    Anyhooo. Newspoll Monday..

  88. Can you answer me this Tweed.

    When the polls were going bad for Abbott and trending upwards for the government you disappeared only to reappear when particularly one poll reversed that in just two weeks. Will you disappear again if the polls go the other way and why do you only go on about polls when they are favourable to the Liberals but are mute when they are not?

  89. Tweed, could it be that most thinking people do not put much value in polls.

    Most know they are not about what you believe them to be.

    I suspect most read them like they read their stars each day. Fun, but not reality.

    The polls are an effort to guage what a group of people feel at one point in time. An effort to see their reactions to events that have occurred. That is all they measure.

    That is all they can measure. In the next few months, there will be many events that form and change people’s thinking.

    The experts in the industry tell us this, every time.

    Polls is not really about politics. With the number and variety of polls now, there is a danger they can influence peoples beliefs when it comes to politics.

  90. I see the triumvirate of Newman arsewipes : Twee, Voy and Tree make their usual appearence with their usual contribution……did I write ; “vir”??…vir is latin for “man”..I mean boys!…Boys..before you “contribute”, could you please wash your tounges…I can smell the fecal leftover even through the internet!

  91. LOVO. Absolutely agree and congratulations LOVO.
    I think you have just blogged your first intelligent comment.

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