The Invisible Man

It wasn’t a good weekend for Tony Abbott. Or is image. He went missing . . . and from the media spotlight of all things. For a politician who can’t even show his face or open his mouth without a media contigent on standby it was most uncharactersitic. And for doing so, he rightfully copped some flack. His media shine turned dull, albeit temporarily.

The protestations over the new, invisible alpha male hit the press Saturday morning after it had been revealed he had dumped his regular Friday spot on Channel Nine’s Today Show, because:

After complaining that the Labor Party was “planting” negative stories about the Coalition in the Friday newspapers and then forcing Mr Abbott to cop the fallout on air, his office informed the program he would no longer appear weekly.


After a very long honeymoon period where the media have treated Abbott as though he was sacrosanct and have been reluctant to ask him some hard, critical questions, he runs and hides because he might cop some fallout because of what Labor might say. He is clearly an intellectual and emotional infant.

And gutless.

For over two years his backflips, brain farts and childish Parliamentary behaviour have been hailed as brilliant political manoeuvres.  But outside of Parliament he’s even too scared to show his face on a lame TV show.

But naturally, he’ll reappear again and carry on like a crazed baboon during Question Time in full view of the adoring Press Gallery. They aren’t as tough as the Today Show.

I wonder when he’ll put on his invisible man suit again.

59 comments on “The Invisible Man

  1. Another invisible man. Wonder where they have hiffen Ashby and Doane?

    The text messages of Thursday 29 March 2012 support the contention that Mal Brough received tainted property. The decision of Rares J supports that contention.

    It is open to conclude that during his interviews of Monday 30 July 2012 Mal Brough confessed to receiving tainted property.

    At no time during his interviews of Thursday 24 January 2013 and Thursday 7 February 2013 does Mal Brough resile from his confession of Monday 30 July 2012. There is no apparent material to suggest those interviews with Mal Brough would not be admissible against him at any criminal trial.

    By his behaviour Mal Brough appears to have brought himself within the umbrella of the Queensland Criminal Code and the Queensland Criminal Law.

    There is no defence within the Queensland Criminal Code or Queensland Criminal Law that a person should not be prosecuted because Mal Brough says so.

    Ross Bowler LLB……………

  2. Interesting fact – Tony Abbott chose to be invisible over the past weekend which was an Essential Poll weekend – and the Libs’ numbers jumped. If he wasn’t feeling insecure before, he certainly would be by now! Wonder who will throw the first stone.

  3. He’s gone into hiding because Labor is “planting” negative stories about him and……..what????

    He’s not on every rooftop shrieking about all those naughty Labor people telling folk he’s negative? I mean who knew? He’s never showed any sign of relentless negativity now has he?

    Why hasn’t he called a giant presser to announce how hurt he is that this PM has cruelly accused him of being negative.

    Why hasn’t he cried on Anal’s shoulder; he’d be all sympathy and thunder his outrage from his pulpit.

    And there’s Uncle Dolt, Uncles Hadley & Smith et al and don’t forget good old Aunty Michelle who would surely ride to the rescue.

    What a sook! Labor doesn’t have to lift a finger for the msm to write negative accounts of Liealot, he plants all the negative stuff himself, ffs.

    Stop whining Liealot. Stop talking down the economy. Come up with something better than slogans. Some decent properly costed policies would be a good start.

    Stop slagging off the PM and the government, it’s tired, stupid and shows a complete paucity of thought and ideas.

    And GROW UP!!! We want adults running this country, not a bunch of whiny toddlers.

  4. Migs, I hope the name sticks, as it would be great to hear the media say collectively when the invisible man calls a presser, “Tell him we can’t see him” 😀

    The man (and I use the term loosely) is a deeply flawed individual, surrounded by other deeply flawed individuals, who must be crapping themselves over seven months of trying to contain his mammoth brain farts, head wobbles and death stares 😥

    Should be a great spectator sport 😀 😆

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  5. Very interesting – always two sides to a story on invisible.
    PM off overseas in NZ
    K Rudd comes out big time.
    Even challenging AFP where the investigation into his leaked ‘ You Tube crack up’
    Tapes has gone and who within Labor leaked.
    Kevin always around when Julia is missing , coincidence of course.

  6. While I dread an Abbott victory, I think it’s very likely. And Abbott’s invisibility is certainly part of the strategy. Labor has to get on the front foot and do so very quickly. Today in Parliament, Swan was as week as pi… The miniing companies are playing us (and the government) for complete suckers and Swan/Gillard et alia are still playing ‘nice’.

    Time to take off the gloves and fix the mining rip off and put a ‘super tax’ on all minerals and then include the banks as well.

    Go down fighting!

  7. Catching Up
    Do you think Ms Dillard likes these antics by K Rudd?
    More importantly Australian Public are very suspicious, give them some credit.
    Ms Dillard will be a stay at home girl for a while – just watch. Kinda cute when you think about it – Julia and Tim
    at the Lodge in front of the fire.

  8. voyager, I could not care less, Suspect most others here feel the same. What really turns me off, is the names you call the PM, Not necessary. Tells me more about you, than the PM.

  9. Col, there are still ongoing talks with the states re the royalties they raised. The point I would like to stressed, is ongoing,

    Mr. Swan was asked today,if he was aware the spot prices have risen recently.

    He nearly bursted out laughing before answering. Yes, indeed he was, then added, you are not suggesting to me that the companies profits have risen because the future prices are on the rise.

    Yes, there could be better profits in a few months.

    I have a sneaky feeling, that by July, there will be a massive pick up in the MRRT collections. Abbott will once again have egg on his face, for over reaching.

  10. One can call anyone what they like, as long as you call it opinion, Is this what one expects from a QC.

  11. Catching up, forget the ongoing talks. Put simply, there’s too much ‘ongoing talks’. The States moved to become the ‘bastards’ at the very first opportunity and the Feds just sat back and watched.

    The States imposed and ‘great big new tax’ and did so without a swift and brutal intervention from the Feds. FGS, how many below the belt punches will Swan cop before he reacts?

    Too little and too late.

  12. Could be right Col, We will have to see. At least you are talking about something new, and something that makes sense.

  13. 😉 don’t mention it migs.

    The crowd were cheering and clapping as well.

    Lets see if it is the turning point for the MSM to all apply some pressure on him? I fear not.

  14. Migs, it appears we are wrong, According to Brandis, Abbott is very experience with the media. Claimed that he has been on Qand A many times.

    The IPA kid, tried to turn it back on the PM., demanding how many times has she been on the show,.

    Tony for once, did not defend Abbott, saying it would be nice to see him on the show,

  15. Brandis tried to get away with it by saying you could see him in Parliament. Tony’s reply “yes asking questions not answering them” hahahahahaha. loved it

  16. Tony did ask Mr. Brandis, do we go back through the old scripts to find out what Mr. Abbott has to say. Or words to that effect.

  17. The only time Mr. Abbott was on, was during the last campaign. I believe the PM has been on since,

    Abbott has been invited, but refused.

    I believe that the wonderful Mr Brandis locked him in tonight,

  18. yeah pretty boring tonight but they left the best for the end. wish that was raised earlier, it might have gone on for longer. shame.

    If he does end up on the show he better watch out for low flying shoes…

  19. Migs said….. and you did……… and here it is …. “Sorry, Cu. I’m a Ford man.”
    Which are made in Geelong ……. just abit of trivial-ness 😀
    P.S. El who 😕

  20. I believe that is Pelle’s desire. Cannot say I am suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

    Shame one or two others could not also become invisible.

    Sorry, I should be more charitable. Turn the other cheek and forgive.

  21. And I’m about to become invisible.

    I’ve been working on the longest post in the history of blogging and my eyes are about to fall out. Sometime tomorrow keep an eye out for “The little book of Liberal lies”.

    And LOVO, it’s a pity the Cats have Ford as their major sponsor. 😦

    How would you feel if I put a Port Adelaide sticker or two on the rear window? :mrgreen:

  22. Cu, else gordo isn’t banned, I’m just stopping her from posting her AGW denial rants across all topics. She is free to post on that thread, as she is on all topics if she can contain her urge to derail the topics.

    To date she hasn’t bothered. I take that as an indication she has nothing worthwhile to offer.

  23. Migs. that would be the little red book, the one he clasps everywhere he goes.

    Was it Chips, that also had a red book. Cannot recall what that one was about.

    Mr. Abbott cannot do anything original. Every thought comes from the past.

    Should not be very long. He tells two or three lies over and over, and over…

  24. Migs….. go for it ….. its only a Ford….. :mrgreen:
    Cu, I agree….. use by date has past……. by decade’s……. ditch the woteva 🙄 …. Co2 thief…. fat-earther…… failed one….. and my favourite…… TURD, …. no really 😀

  25. Miglo Abbott wont front q and a because he hasn’t the capacity to understand questions. Now if he could have his little lap dog Pyne or even Peta Credlin sit with him it may be a different story. The man is Politically illiterate.

  26. Nice one Migs. Tony Abbott regularly goes into hiding. Remember his mini-campaign? I’m pretty sure he was in hiding for that too because we heard little about it except the launch.

  27. At least someone in the msm is looking

    The difference between Gillard and Abbott is that the Prime Minister has faced down her accusers.

    She has stood and answered questions until the questions ran dry.

    She didn’t run and hide.

    She has offered Abbott – who used parliamentary privilege to accuse her of breaking the law – the opportunity to put up or shut up on the AWU claims.

    He did neither.

  28. Isn’t this more of the same from Abbott, this going incommunicado when he feels threatened? Didn’t we at Cafe Whispers run this pome early this year when he didn’t want to answer awkward questions about the the Slipper imbroglio at

    His going into hiding had reminded me of that jingle about ‘the damned elusive Pimpernel!’ I think Miglo thought ‘elusive’ was too kind, and replaced it with ‘abusive’ instead. I’ve decided to change it again! How’s this for starters on a new draft?

    That Damned Reclusive Liberal!

    We seek you here, we seek you there.
    We journos seek you everywhere.
    Crook? You can’t be! You’re never unwell!
    Come off it, Tony! Come out and tell!
    But no, you aren’t allowed out to speak
    Ex tempore where you’re so weak.
    So Peta’s got you under cover.
    We’re patient though, we’ll wait, we’ll hover.

    We’ll seek you here, we’ll seek you there!
    We journos’ll hunt you everywhere!
    The word is out. We’ll soon get a bell,
    We’ll track you down. We know your smell.
    Tony, call us! Give us a story!
    Come on! Tell it! Make sure it’s gory!
    Answer our questions. Don’t cut us short.
    Don’t get sulky and act spoil sport.

    We’ve sought you here, We’ve sought you there.
    Till now we’ve sought you everywhere!
    We’re nearly all Murdoch’s personnel,
    Our main job is to give Gillard hell.
    We know your plans could all head south
    If you should put your foot in mouth.
    So our questions now will be prepared.
    Come on Tony, you can’t still be scared!

  29. If one is interested. MPI. Hockey is strongly defending the mining industry.

    Just to remind some, that tax was hoping to bring in 2 billion annually. What is the size of annual budget revenues. Suspect, that 2 billion in a minute amount.

  30. Patricia, nice one 😀

    The fact is that he has pulled his appearance on the Today show and there can be no other reason than his minders are crapping themselves over stage managing him for seven months of campaigning 😉

    Even they don’t trust him 😯

    Cheers 🙂 😀 😆

  31. Tom R
    February 12, 2013 @ 12:11 pm
    Does he wear budgie smugglers, or budget smugglers?

    Love it 🙂

    Launch? What Launch?

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