That Damned Abusive Liberal!

Tony Abbott’s failure to front the media even once this weekend to answer questions about the Slipper/Ashby scandal which was beginning to embroil senior Liberal Party figures like Christopher Pyne and Mal Brough was rousing comment, particularly after the latter gave a major interview to the Weekend Australian. Four days from Friday to Monday without an interview or statement for mainstream media was a record for him. When he did front this morning on stage with the Prime Minister at a Red Cross function he was clearly out of sorts and distracted.  By the end of the day even Barnaby Joyce had something to say about Brough’s intervention and the credibility of James Ashby. Other Coalition senior figures like Julie Bishop had also put out statements.

Meanwhile in the fifth estate, the blogosphere, there had been many questions about this unusually long silence from the media mad monk and questions too about why journalists weren’t smelling blood.   But perhaps they were, I thought, giving the Canberra Press Gallery the benefit of the doubt.  They could well have been out looking for him, trying to phone him to ask searching questions.  Couldn’t they?  What a lovely idea!

A jingle then came to mind from sixty years ago and my teenage reading of Baroness Orczy novels about the Scarlet Pimpernel. “They seek him here, they seek him there. Those Frenchies seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? Is he in hell? That demned elusive Pimpernel!”    This old brain turned that into these lines below.   Am I hoping for too much?   Probably.  When he finally appeared on our TV screens tonight it was to assume the offensive against the Prime Minister about Craig Thomson and the Health Services Union report from Fair Work Australia which has now been released.

They seek him here. They seek him there. The media seek him everywhere.  He can’t be in heaven.  We hope he’s in hell!   That damned abusive Liberal!

We seek you here, we seek you there.
We journos seek you everywhere.
Crook!  You can’t be!  You’re never unwell!
Come off it, Tony!  Come out and tell!
You said there’d be a dissolution,
Now you could pass that resolution,
Right at the start of Budget week,
Before Slipper got a chance to speak.

We seek you here, we seek you there!
We journos hunt you everywhere!
The word is out. We’ll soon get a bell,
We’ll track you down. We know your smell.
Tony, call us! We need your story!
Come on! Tell it! Make sure it’s gory!
Answer our questions. Don’t cut us short.
Don’t get sulky and act spoil sport.

They seek you here, they seek you there
Those lefties seek you everywhere!
For years now you have given them hell,
Backed up by Rupert and Cardinal Pell,                                                                                                                                                                     Too busy now with their own position
To save you from the charge – Sedition!
Yes!  We all heard your call to revolution.
Gillard can rightly seek your execution!

Okay, play dumb.  Go home to bed.
Tomorrow’s front page?   OFF  WITH  HIS  HEAD!

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  1. Another great effort patricia. 🙂

    Beginning at the top, Fairfax journo, Jessica Wright sent ten twitter messages to Mal Brough and phoned him, twice I think according to Dad Tony Wright, and he hung up on her. I’m not sure whether that was before or after he ran off to The
    Australian where he could be assured of a soft landing!

  2. And of course Sir Percy, the Pimpernel, was renowned for saving the rich, and powerful French nobles and aristocrats from the wrath of the French people much the same as Abbott defends the mining barons from sharing their hideous wealth with the people of Australia. I only await those famous words to be repeated by Gina Rynehart, the Marie Antoinette of Australia’s plutocracy, “The people have no bread, then give them cake.!.”. In this instance probably Anzac biscuits.

  3. patriciawa

    “off with his Head”

    I just thought that Abbott’s absence for 3 days was because he had dropped his bundle and had gone into a miff looking for it. Then because he had been booked for the Red Cross function he arrived late and grumpy for all the world to see. A quick verbal from Matilda House had him wake up and realise his head was still attached as is his leadership, for the time being.

    Then just as he thought “I’m ok” back into the mega miff with the quip “I’m Red and he’s always Cross”

  4. Yeah Abbott has a history of dropping his bundle when he does not get his own way. This pattern of behaviour proves he is not the right stuff when it comes to leading this country. The guy can’t even do the meet and greet without stuffing it up

  5. Another good ‘un, patricia.

    Jarl, @6.05am, lol. Although knowing the colossal cheeknof the man, he’ll probably claim to have invented Anzac biscuits!

    Diplomacy, keeping his head in a crisis all by his baby self, verbal statements rarely, if ever, remotely resembling the truth, bundle dropping, manners, inability to think on his feet, avoidance of difficult situations, panic induced flight from unexpected, unscripted situations. All major character flaws in Liealot and all character traits essential to do the difficult, demanding job of PM.

    Another 8 reasons why Liealot should NEVER be allowed within cooee of the most important job in the country.

  6. Thanks, Jarl, I hadn’t thought of that angle! Sir Percy was, of course, depicted as the hero and the revolutionaries were the equivalent of today’s terrorists in Baroness Orczy’s eyes. I think of Palestinians with great sympathy and sometimes find myself conflicted about the ways that some of them resist. But then, up against the nuclear and military might of Israel with the backing of the US, what choices do some of them see themselves as having?

  7. What about the charges made by Mister Ashby, don’t they matter, and the consistent claims by Craig Emerson that all the meetings by all he’s waved his brush at have had “3” meetings for all they have done. Does it matter that they have met, true they may have had an opportunity, however is it not comparable with the in-confidence meetings the government has with the cross benches, should you not also decry such secrecy? Is only Labor allowed to have meetings with people who might offer them a political advantage?

  8. Where is Julia, or did I do something useful while she issued the reissue, plated the platitude, pushed Craig Thompson out the door, but clings to his vote. Did Tony have a weekend off from your Harping, good on you Tony, he’s got my vote, because he is the elected leader, however I may not have supported his election. Do you support Julia as a Leader or a symbol of change, A Labor Leaders Mark in History, like all the names on Buildings and suburbs.

  9. My face was very red when I had pneumonia and collapsed lungs, now my face is red from sunburn; I was doing a public service when it occurred. Given your logic sunburn is the same as pneumonia and collapsed lungs, and I should use penicillin to cure it. This is your logic is it not?

  10. Chris, we’ve been covering the Ashby issue at quite some depth here. The plot thickens in that regard with Ashby having had numerous meetings and contact with both Pyne and Mal Brough. Brough is of course chasing Slipper’s seat.

  11. To refresh: Ashby is claiming sexual harassment due to Slipper making a comment about Ashby leaving the shower door open while Ashby was in Slipper’s home and xxx on the bottom of emails. Harassment is going to be a difficult one for Ashby to prove, plus there is a suggestion that due to meetings that he has been pressured into making the complaint.

  12. Mr. Brandis is now spreading the myth that Mr. Howard did not accept the vote of Mr. Coulson by having a member of his party leave the house.

    Yes, that is true.

    What he forgot to say, that it did not take Mr. Howard long to reverse his decision.

    Mr. Howard, when he needed Mr. Coulson decided that it was OK to accept, as they say, his vote. Know why, the man had not been convicted.

    It is not OK for anyone to disfranchise the people of Mr. Thompson, of their right to representation.

    Nothing changed yesterday. They are still only allegations. Mr. Thompson, and the others named as well, to answer the charges before being convicted and sentenced.

    We still have no ides of what the proposed charges are to be.

    We have no idea of were the police investigations are going.

    Yes, Mr. Slipper ans even Mr. Ashby are also entitled to be treated in the same way.

    Yes, Chris, I believe we do have the right to question the actions of the Opposition and their leader.

    Yes, sexual harassment is serious, along with child abuse and domestic violence.

    So serious, that all involved deserve the protection of the law, that judicial procedures be allowed to proceed without the involvement of political pressure.

    The law and political arms should always be at arms length. There is no place for politics in the legal system, except to legislate the laws in the first place.

    Mr. Abbott and his ilk are not interested in justice, they are not interested in sexual harassment.

    They are only interested in bringing down a legitimate elected government.

    Yes, we do have the right to condemn the Opposition for their actions.

    I believe that sexual harassment in the work force, is a serious matter.

    So serious, that I condemn those who make false allegations, undermining efforts taken to combat it. Only time will tell how genuine Mr.Ashby is, and we have k\no right at this time, to question his motives.

    We do have the right to ask, is the Opposition involved. If so, how?

    There are too many unanswered questions

    It would be nice to be able to trust politicians. That is not possible today, as politic is played very dirty, with no holds barred. For some, the only thing that matters, is winning.

  13. Cu, the link to the ABC provides a clue as to what some of the charges might entail.

    The report’s investigator said he considered Mr Thomson provided false or misleading information. Fair Work plans to take civil action against Mr Thomson in the Federal Court.

    It will be, in my opinion, the false and misleading information where Thomson is going to find himself in big trouble.

  14. It appears we are not the only ones that have suspicions. For once, I can only agree with the senator.

    Senator Joyce said once Mr Brough did decide to get involved, he should also have spoken with Mr Slipper to hear his version of events.

    ”If you are going to play marriage guidance counsellor, you’ve got to hear both sides of the story,” he told the Herald.
    Senator Joyce is sceptical of Mr Ashby’s claim, saying on Sunday Mr Ashby ”seems only slightly less dodgy than Slipper”.

    Read more:

  15. …..and they did not discus Slipper. Mr. Palmer, the man who is willing to spend whatever it takes to bring down Swan.

    The shadow treasurer, Joe Hockey, had coffee with Mr Brough and the LNP benefactor Clive Palmer on the Sunshine Coast at Easter.
    Mr Hockey said Mr Brough talked about Mr Slipper but never mentioned Mr Ashby nor any of the claims he was making against Mr Slipper.

    Read more:

  16. ” I was doing a public service”

    Interesting turn of phrase. The mind boggles at what he is saying.

    Min, what will happen to Mr. Thompson, is still conjecture. We will not know until the charges are laid an heard.

    What concerns me most, and could bring the government down quickly, is the allegations that he used HSU money to fight in the 2007 elections. I do know he did have supp from many working in the union as well., as I involved myself a little in that election.

    I do not know how that support came about, as Getup was also very visible.

    We need to remember that the ACTU played a big role in that election because of WorkChoices.

    PLEASE NOTE, I am not suggesting anything wrong was done.

    My perception at the time, it was Central Coast Labor they were all supporting.

  17. Good stuff Patricia.

    Doin’ it tuff:

    Black Budget Blasts Battling Blue Bloods

    Don’t talk about alleged “middle class welfare” to Prudence Hetherington-Alswyth. This is a woman who already felt she had sacrificed enough. And now with Wayne Swan’s heartless  budget, her struggling family feels it has reached rock bottom. This is their story.

    True blue Australian battlers, the Hetherington-Alswyths did not land here off a boat.  (Well, not quite, Prudence’s great-great-great grandfather Horace did arrive in Adelaide on a clipper in the 1870s to buy a 50,000 hectare pastoral property in the South Australian hinterland).

    “Christmas Island? I’d like some of that,” says Prudence with a snort. “We haven’t had a decent Christmas at Whistler in at least three seasons. Lawrence is looking at skiing in Innsbruck this year. And have you got any idea of the price of the ski-lift there?”

    Lawrence, an investment banker, has seen his bonus halved in the four years since the financial crisis, lost his paid parking space due to the crackdown on fringe benefits  and now as a high income earner faces losing his tax concessions on super.

    “Success has become a sin in this country since these jackboot socialists and their tree-hugging, koala-cuddling mates dragged their fat behinds across the line in 2010,  “Lawrence says. “I mean look at the wine cellar. We’re buying cleanskins for goodness sake! Have these people got any idea about the dignity of the Aussie family?”
    Mr. Denmore knows a suffering family, dynasty when he sees one.…/…ynasty.html

    Playing a Sad Tune on Tiny Violin


  18. Nas’, thank you. Indeed..we shall be looking forward to hearing more from those battlers, the Hetherington-Alswyths and the Ditherington-Smyths in the not so distant future.

  19. Cu and Min, what will happen to Mr. Thompson, is still conjecture. We will not know until the charges are laid an heard.

    Precisely. FWA believe that there are suggestions of false and misleading conduct. This is note, NOT relating to criminal proceedings but relating to suing in tort under s51(xx) of the Constitution.

    The allegations will be assessed and charges laid if it is believed that FWA’s assessment is correct.

  20. I must say that I find this `political’ discussion rather pathetically focussed on character assassination and the individual personailty traits and indiscretions of politicians, rather than on the policies and belief systems in the body politic.
    When I first arrived in Australia I was astounded to find that there is no socialist political representation. The Greens and the ALP being slightly right of centre and quasi-liberal (and in the case of the latter under the control of fascist-like Union bosses) and the LIbs/Nats to be more extermist right wing.
    There is trem3endous need for a socialist party in Australia to correct this very considerable imbalance and with an agenda of wide-scale nationalisation of major industries and services as the most efficient way of securing a fair distribution of the nation’s national wealth and resources. Nationalising the mining industry would be an obvious first choice, but the railways and public transport, which must be the most inefficient and incompetent service industries in the western world, would be a close second. It was shown in the UK that nationalised industries are far more efficient and effective than privately owned industries and have considerable beneficial impact on improving the lifestyles and choices of everyone, but of course Margaret Thatcher ignored such evidence and proceeded to privatise them all. The UK is still paying the costs of such a selfish and ignorant act.

  21. Jarl I agree. there is indeed no evidence that proves that private industry does it better.

    It seems to be accepted as a motherhood statement in this country that it does.

    A prime example is the the debacle that is now occurring at North Shore Hospital. This in spite of a new state of art hospital coming on line.

    There are many things that governments to do better.

    They are better at providing welfare housing. Private industry is not willing or able to do so.

    The list is endless in this regard.

  22. Socialism in Europe and Asia, hs extensively been proved to be the path to slow decline, The British fortunes can be readilly mapped to the socialist accendency and matches the Decline of Influence of the UK on the World Stage as well as the economic decline of theat nation, as with all other nations of Europe. This is the decline you would wish upon Australia? It is unfortunate that the Liberals have been infiltrated by Right-wingers to the point that Labor, not the Greens, appear to have shifted to their political position. You position appears to be that of a person from the industial revolution, which you will find is the origin of the Liberals or should that more rightly be placed back in the New World.

  23. Min, I agree, as long as they are proven to be false and misleading.

    I believe it will be only police investigations that throw any light on the matter.

    I wonder if the Acting Speaker will be treated as she was in the past. On more that one occasion, Mr.Slipper came back into the house,to bring the house into order.

    I expect her to have a hard time.

  24. Interesting, no question time in the Senate. Memorial to the Senator that died during the break. Judith Adams.

  25. Nas, maybe he’s preparing himself as the next leader. Pyne, that is.

    In regards to Joyce, I hope he keeps his job as the Shadow Minister – for the next ten years. 🙂

  26. The Government and the People are rightly responsible for social matters and the Government is charged by the people to express our interest and look after our interest which means, how the Businesses operating in our National Boundaries deal with the People of our Nation.

  27. Reb, I wasn’t prepared for that. I need to sharpen up my bracing skills. The sad thing is, I haven’t even read the article yet!

  28. patricia @9.39am, I think a lot of people fail to appreciate the understandable paranoia of the Jews.

    I must admit I hadn’t given it a lot of thought until fairly recently after watching a few history programs and doing some reading.

    For the past 2 millenia the Jews have been used as a convenient scapegoat for any government which needed a “Look over there!” They were accused of murdering and drinking the blood of Christain babies and chldren in York and were slaughtered to a man, woman and child as a consequence.

    Universally, they were blamed for the death of Christ and persecuted accordingly and were also blamed for any ill for which there was no exploanation, like the black death and the palgue. The fact that Jews popped thier clogs with alarming regularity from this disease was disregarded by all and sundry, except the church surprisingly and to its credit.

    That swine and Scots basher, Edward 1 slung them out of England in 1290 and assumed their non-portable property. They were re-admitted to England in1656 by, of all people Oliver Cromwell.

    Anyway, long story short, after the Holocaust, I think the Jews have become rather pissed off and don’t trust anyone not to do the wrong thing and I think that suspicion is well founded.

    Dear oh dear, Chris, you are out of the loop. Poor old Liealot has been incommunicado for the last week, because the press wants answers to questions about how many Liars met with Ashby and when, and more importantly, whether a paper bag (the Liars favourite hand bag) containing $50k was given to Mr Ashby at any of these meetings.

    Are you following the story so far? Now we find that poor quivering little Mr Ashby was busy stabbing his boss in the back by assisting that paragon of sleaze Mal Brough slither into preselection for Slipper’s seat.

    As you would possibly know, the initial stab in the back came from the Rodent who wants Mal parachuted in so he can dispose of Liealot and descend to the pit of sleaze and vipers commonly known as LOTO.

    Liealot tried to put a lid on it, but to no avail. Apparently, he and Slipper have been bestest mates for 20 odd years and Slipper’s vote saw Liealot become LOTO, but when it came to the crunch…… well wtf. Liealot decided his skin was far more valuable than Slipper’s, causiing Mr Slipper to jump ship and takeup the speaker’s chair.

    Up to speed? Good. So after a week of saying he had no “specific” knowledge about who was up who and who was paying the rent and watching as more and more of his team shot themselves in the foot, Liealot, no doubt at the behest of Peta Credlin, just vanished, only to resurface safe in the arms of the Murdoch press.

    But the blood’s in the water and the msm is being very bloody minded and refusing to “Look over there!” when they’re told by Rupert.

    Of course this could be due to the cracking and subsidence of the Empire’s foundations. I mean, who wants to be in the palace when the walls start falling down?

    All in all, you’ve missed an interesting week.

    Nas’ @12.09pm, just another sad story from one of Howard’s battlers. Just too, too distressing isn’t it? I mean, poor Lawrence, the skiing at Innsbruk will be totally ruined by the cost of the ski lift.

    And he’ll probably be forced to keep driving last year’s Merc. And Prudence. My dear, it’s just too too terrible to contemplate. She…she….no… I can’t go on…’s just too much………!

    Another one of Julia Gillard’s victims forced to economise on ski lifts at Innsbruk. It’s just toooo awful. Perhaps we should have a whip round for the poor darlings. Prudence might just be able to have that face lift after all.

    Jarl and CU, governments are much better at these very large infrastructure projects, simply because the government’s shareholders, the public, benefit from their provision, and governments have access to resources unavailable to private enterprise, for reasons of cost.

    And private enterprise must turn a monetary profit for their shareholders. For governments, their profit is in the well being of the people.

    Jarl, there has been a mania for privatisation in this country, partly because it was seen as a quick fix for strained budgets to sell utilities off to the highest bidder. But as you say, this isn’t always in the best interests of efficiency or in the public interest.

  29. So! Sounds like an opportunity to good to put aside, which as I understand it, Mal has, suggesting that he take it to the courts etc.; he hasn’t stood up and said look what I’ve found, he’d have to be in the Labor party or the greens to do that! Generally you have been talking about how the situation came to note, not the subject of the charges. That’s obfuscation is it not?

  30. The “pressure” can’t be on him if he requests the meetings, that would be like saying Lava doesn’t rise in the volcano, the mountain slips down revealing the lava!

  31. After four years of delicately dancing around the HSU problems and Craig Thompsons involvement, Labor’s Fair Work Australia, has found that he’s as guilty as sin, you just want it drawn out to get to the next election before you can fully sink the country! Labor’s bought the independents, and your’ve used corrupt methods to gain government, I’ve got a copy of the infiltration plan around here somewhere. Corruption is the name of the Labor game. Labor and the cnservative deserve one another, shame the liberals are in the way!

  32. I note that Mr. Albanese gave the Opposition a lesson on Parliament procedure and the Constitution.

    According to Mr. Albanese, all Mr. Pyne’s requests are against parliamentary procedure and the Constitution. Mr. Albanese pointed out, that the speaker has done as they asked.

    This means that there will be no question time. Not one question on the budget.
    Wonder if Mr.Abbott will bother to give a reply to the budget, or do as he did last year, babble on about something else, anything but the budget,

    Mr.Albanese did a good job of turning the tables on the Opposition.

    He pointed out that if we have to act on rumour, there would be few sitting in the chamber. Got close to mentioning Mirabella.

    We will be throwing out the Constitution, standing orders and parliamentary procedures, if we si what the Opposition is demanding.

    The PM stayed in the house for this one.

  33. Jarl and I must say that I find this `political’ discussion rather pathetically focussed on character assassination and the individual personailty traits and indiscretions of politicians, rather than on the policies and belief systems in the body politic.

    I agree. The point of the whole diatribe is that Tony Abbott was (again) hoping to bring on an early election before his time ran out.

    When a right wing blog chooses to not discuss Craig Thomson, chooses not to discuss Slipper, chooses not to do the eye-rolling thing about Julia’s butt/fruit bowl/Strine accent/jackets/hairdresser bf and chooses to analyse Tony Abbott’s policies, then I’ll believed that they’re balanced rather than un-….

  34. Tied vote. Not carried. If he cannot carry this motion of standing orders, he has no chance of a no confidence vote.

    The acting speaker appears to have gained confidence in her own ability.

    I think she might have learnt something from Mr. Slipper.

    Surprised, question time is continuing. I bet the Opposition did not expect that.

    I wonder if they prepared any questions. Thinking up stunts is much more fun.

  35. I’m affraid I agree with you about the Rich Wingers, when they get around to deciding the bills or the food ALDI bought food, I might raise my head and look their direction, however I think my position will be much worse by that point, so maybe I won’t..

  36. Mr. Pyne is setting the lower house as judge and jury in a criminal matters.

    Mr. Thompson to be suspended for 14 days. Mr. Thompson will put his defence before the house. The house then will judge,

    Yes, there have been precedent, but not for criminal matters thay occurred in the community.

    The previous suspensions where for crimes that occurred in the house.

    So, now it is true, the presumption of innocence, along with our humans right’s, right to silence, no longer applies.

    That means out justice is now the law of the jungle.

    Mr Pyne has just trashed all that out judicial system is based on.

    Making a statement to the parliament is one thing. Forcing him to defend himself of criminal charges, which by the way, up to this time, do not exist is another.

    This is sickening.

  37. Socialism in Europe and Asia, hs extensively been proved to be the path to slow decline,

    You leave out the other more destructive and greater cause of suffering side to that, and that’s plutocracy in Europe and Asia, that has eventually led to revolutions and the overthrow of dynasties and monarchies. It’s a cycle that oft repeats.

    People are fairly tolerant lot and can take an awful lot of suffering and abuse, as history has shown with long oppression by plutocracies and autocracies. But there is a limit and they will rise up when that limit is reached. The GFC is a result of greed at the cost of everything else pervading throughout conservative societies, and then ordinary people being made to suffer austerity measures whilst the wealthy who caused their misery get handouts and bailouts, which they promptly use to bolster their personal wealth and well being instead of putting it back into society as was its aim.

    The occupation movements are a small sign of the people’s discontent at the current pervasion and perversion of greed in the world, and a warning of worse to come unless the greed is curbed and the world’s wealth more evenly spread through societies.

    Socialism doesn’t usually cause a decline. The socialist leaders do by leeching a country’s wealth for themselves and thus abandoning socialism and embracing corrupted capitalism that only and their inner circle are a part of.

    This is the decline you would wish upon Australia?

    The decline in Australia is not wished for by any form of socialist thinking or outlook, the decline is one of Australia being ruled by proxy plutocracy in the power of a small handful of very wealthy who are actively bringing down an elected government and to install a gormless puppet who not only dances to their tune but whistles whilst doing it.

    By the way this decline can already be seen in the rule by the State Liberal governments, as just about all measures under their responsibility decline whilst they bring in laws to trash the environment at the behest of the wealthy and big business, all to the detriment of the people they supposedly serve.

    Long serving State Labor governments don’t come about because the Liberal governments they ousted were good and beneficial to the State, they come about because of the exact things the current Liberal State governments are doing and always do when they get into power.

  38. Sorry you refer to Liealot, is that Craig Emerson, Craig Thompson, Bill Shorten, Wayne Swan or julia Jillard, you’ll have to be more specific, here in Queensland two people vied for that name, and neither is in parliament, you may knowo f them as Anna Bligh and Andrew Fraser, so you say one of them was a long term friend of Peter Slippery, I can see that!
    Min you should look under your own hat. Labor wanted to get rid of an unwieldy Monolithic Monoplo, TELSTRAy, and now they want a new one, NBN Co, not directly controlled, but close enough to stick their hands in NBN Co’s pocket and then say Oo you evil people for raising the price so much, Tax by Stealth.

  39. The Mouth on you people, maybe if she new of you she might call you names too! You make people support them!

  40. Why ask a question when you know you won’t get an answer. better to thwart you mugs!

  41. CBA’s show that almost everything Labor does is wasteful, giving raise to high taxes. NBN will cost more and provide little more, people killed in the rooves, sheds build for the price of a catheral, Taxes up the gazoo, and comments that it won’t effect the people, take your retalin, now!

  42. Chris, it would help your cause if you armed yourself with the facts, stated very clearly in the Orgill Report on the BER and also the report in to the HIS which differ greatly from your misguided assumptions.
    The NBN is major telecommunications infrastructure which is an infinitely better plan and will have a better outcome long term than Turnbull’s patchwork plan.

    I’d provide you with links but I don’t want to spoil your fun.

  43. Got a chuckle out of me:

    Worst budget in the history of the world balanced media discussion open thread
    May 8, 2012 – 11:47 am, by Jeremy Sear
    @ Crikey blogs
    And this is what we demand of Wayne Swan:

    He must cut government waste
    He must not cut any services any of us actually like
    He must produce a surplus
    He must not increase revenue by raising taxes
    He must keep interest rates low although this means the economy’s COLLAPSING
    He must not tax the rich (class warfare)
    He must keep inflation down.
    He must keep growth high.

    Good old Pure Poison blog…always spot on.

    BTW, I wonder if Hockey’s reply to the budget will be original…or the words of a backseat driver?:


  44. Pip

    patriciawa’s pomes are so to the point the looney’s come to visit.

    did you see Pyne in QT, he was is so impressed with his own importance he went beetroot red. He paled quickly when Albo delivered.

  45. Nas, I’ll be putting up a budget thread with a difference. It will be called . . . Wait for it . . . “The Opposition Says . . . “

  46. Miglo, could we have place where we can leave those important links that we seem to have keep reproducing all the time.

    Like the BER reports. The full PM speech on I carbon taxes etc.. Maybe even some of Mr. Abbott’s. in the name of fairness.

    It seems to be official, Mr. Wilkie is siding with the Opposition.

    Maybe the PM might not have treated him that well, but nothing in the ball park of the Coalition’s treatment of him in the past.

  47. Maybe the Queensland Premier might have a little commonsense.

    Premier Campbell Newman says Queensland will not take part in any High Court challenge against the federal carbon tax.

    Mr Newman had been keen to support other states in fighting the tax.

    But he told Radio 2GB he has legal advice the High Court would be unlikely to accept the states’ argument.

    “I’ve also talked to at least one other state leader about this and they’ve had similar advice, so we’re not going to waste the taxpayers’ money, but I wish I could,” he said

  48. Migs,

    Expect NO NO NO NO…atificial, tainted, anti-business, class warfare, NO NO NO NO…blaah, blaah, blaah.

  49. Sue @3.48pm, i haven’t seen a second of it. looks like I missed some fireworks. Glad to hear Anna Burke isn’t taking any shit from the Liars.

    Wilkie snuggling up to Liealot from what CU has said. He is a silly creature, imo. Nearly as sulky as Liealot. What does he think he’ll achieve by sucking up to Liealot? Must have forgotten his past treatment by the Liars.

    Was Albo on fire? I hope so. I’m glad he hinted re Slagabella. Seems as though Liealot might need reminding his slate isn’t too clean either.

    BTW, Chris Townley, interest rates AND taxes are ALWAYS lower under Labor. It’s official.

  50. Mr. Reith, I believe collecting another $800 for being a bore.

    Industrial disputes have doubled in the last 18 months. He is indeed a rude man.

    What from 10 to 20.

    Drum ABC 24.

  51. Also CU most of the increase in industrial disputes are because of State based issues, and guess which States led by which party?

  52. Reith looks like he just found some sour lemons tonight. He was also told that productivity fell under WorkChoices.

    As for disputes, take out Qantas and Corrigan’s, there are not many.

    All are in the States, because the new premiers are trashing all their rights.

  53. I will say I agree that the Labor state party here in QLD needs to provide as much info and help as possible regarding the health payroll debacle.

    A real stuffup that lost people’s trust…and put many a good healthworker thru unnecessary stress…a number spoke to me about their concerns when I was in and visiting the hospitals.

    I’m no Springborg fan but he needs bipartisan help to get on with an important job.

    It will help the perception of Labor here to do the right thing in this case.


  54. Sadly I agree. Sadly I believe it is not going to happen.

    For anyone who wants the Australian political system to be different to the way it is, this is the attitude that you have to take: Abbott must be destroyed. Abbott is the problem with out political system: not Gillard, not the independents or the Greens, and not even the dead-men-walking Slipper and Thomson.

  55. The look on Phoney’s face was a delight to see.

    deknarf, I love the look on his face when he’s pissed off. The joy is doubled as it means he’s been trumped again.

  56. You are deluded and part of your delusion is supplied by statistics. You really should get over your childish name calling. Try this one then, Statistics show that people over the age in 18 who call other people names wear too tight underwear and it restricts blood supply to wear their brains reside. Stand up your voice will be less muffled!

  57. No, why should I do that? I hadn’t even thought of that! Sorry I think we should be solving the problems of the world not name calling one another names.

  58. I do believe that unfortunately like a lot of politicians she is an opportunist, and she will knife anyone in the back to get her way, and she’s not doing any worse than her male counterparts. It’s the quickest with a knife. I feel it is my right not to like such.

  59. Speaking about the Liars and dirty tricks, anybody remember Jackie Kelly? Now there was a proud Liars Party moment.

  60. Well that mob proved that nothing is beyond the Coalition. That one did reach the courts, if I remember rightly.

    Chris, where are we name calling We are only repeating facts about Mr. Abbott and Co.

  61. Of course the PM plays politics. Of course the PM takes advantages of opportunities that arise.

    The PM would be stupid if she did not. After all the PM is a politician in the game of politics.

    Of course the PM took advantage of her negotiating skills to form a legitimate government.

    The PM also had the ability to run a stable government.

    The PM by hard work and perseverance got results.

    That is a fact.

    The PM is still PM, Mr. Abbott is not.

    The PM has succeeded. Mr. Abbott has not.

    Your problem and many others is that the PM is still there.

    That is her biggest crime.

  62. Jane @ 6.43pm, wrote this:-
    BTW, Chris Townley, interest rates AND taxes are ALWAYS lower under Labor. It’s official.

    Yes it’s official, but who would know when the msm are either ignorant of the fact or are under orders not to mention it.

    Who’s a low taxing government? This one!

    Based on media reports today, the Treasurer Wayne Swan’s Budget will confirm that the tax to GDP ratio will be around 22.1% in 2012-13. From a historical perspective, this level of the tax to GDP ratio is stunningly low, particularly with the economy in its 21st year of unbroken economic growth.

    If we take the first five Budgets of the Labor Party as a whole, the average tax to GDP will be a tick above 21% which interestingly, is a rate never approached in any of the 12 Budgets delivered under the Coalition Government from 1996-97 to 2007-08.

    In an embarrassing fact for the Coalition, the lowest tax to GDP ratio reached during their 12 Budgets was 22.2% and it averaged a chunky 23.4% of GDP for the duration of the Coalition’s time on the Treasury benches. The tax to GDP actually peaked at 24.2% of GDP in 2004-05 and 2005-06 when the Howard Government took the gold medal for the highest taxing government in Australia’s history.

    If a few tenths or an odd percentage point of GDP doesn’t sound much, you are wrong.

    In 2012-13 terms, every 0.1% of GDP is worth over $1.5 billion to the tax take. Clearly, 1.0% of GDP is more than $15 billion of extra tax, every year. The 2012-13 tax take, at 22.1% of GDP, is therefore leaving around $20 billion per annum in the pockets of taxpayers relative to what they were being taxed on average during the dozen years of the last Coalition Government.

  63. Good link Pip.

    Some sobering words by Paul Krugman in America…
    they help you to realise how lucky we are to have Labor governments that ensure we have a useful safety net we can bounce off…who fund training for youth…provide enuff free and affordable education…and provide money for parents and guardians to be able to get the necessary learning tools…fund school maintenance and the latest technology…and don’t throw tons and tons of teachers out the door so they can afford to bailout corporations…a Labor party that ensures the public doesn’t go broke due to healthcare needs…and tries to support manufacturing in the face of corporate games and sabotage…and funds essential infrastructure…is building a country-wide broadband network…and putting in place a national disability insurance scheme…and prioritising aged care…whilst preparing to rollout funding to help create new cleaner energy research, businesses, projects and jobs…so we don’t have our eggs in too few baskets…

    how often do too many in this country take that for granted?:

    Now, there have always been people claiming that there’s no such thing as involuntary unemployment, that anyone can find a job if he or she is really willing to work and isn’t too finicky about wages or working conditions.

    There’s Sharron Angle, the Republican candidate for the Senate, who declared in 2010 that the unemployed were “spoiled,” choosing to live off unemployment benefits instead of taking jobs. There are the people at the Chicago Board of Trade who, in October 2011, mocked anti-inequality demonstrators by showering them with copies of McDonald’s job application forms. And there are economists like the University of Chicago’s Casey Mulligan, who has written multiple articles for the New York Times website insisting that the sharp drop in employment after the 2008 financial crisis reflected not a lack of employment opportunities but diminished willingness to work.

    The classic answer to such people comes from a passage near the beginning of the novel The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (best known for the 1948 film adaptation starring Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston): “Anyone who is willing to work and is serious about it will certainly find a job. Only you must not go to the man who tells you this, for he has no job to offer and doesn’t know anyone who knows of a vacancy. This is exactly the reason why he gives you such generous advice, out of brotherly love, and to demonstrate how little he knows the world.”

    Quite. Also, about those McDonald’s applications: in April 2011, as it happens, McDonald’s did announce 50,000 new job openings. Roughly a million people applied.

    If you have any familiarity with the world, in short, you know that involuntary unemployment is very real. And it’s currently a very big deal.

    …There are now four job seekers for every job opening, which means that workers who lose one job find it very hard to get another. Six million Americans, almost five times as many as in 2007, have been out of work for six months or more; four million have been out of work for more than a year, up from just 700,000 before the crisis.

    This is something almost completely new in American experience–I say almost completely, because long-term unemployment was obviously rife during the Great Depression. But there’s been nothing like this since. Not since the 1930s have so many Americans found themselves seemingly trapped in a permanent state of joblessness.

    Long-term unemployment is deeply demoralizing for workers anywhere. In America, where the social safety net is weaker than in any other advanced country, it can easily become a nightmare. Losing your job often means losing your health insurance. Unemployment benefits, which typically make up only about a third of lost income anyway, run out–over the course of 2010-11 there was a slight fall in the official unemployment rate, but the number of Americans who were unemployed yet receiving no benefits doubled. And as unemployment drags on, household finances fall apart–family savings are depleted, bills can’t be paid, homes are lost.

    Nor is that all. The causes of long-term unemployment clearly lie with macroeconomic events and policy failures that are beyond any individual’s control, yet that does not save the victims from bearing a stigma. Does being unemployed for a long time really erode work skills, and make you a poor hire? Does the fact that you were one of the long-term unemployed indicate that you were a loser in the first place? Maybe not, but many employers think it does, and for the worker that may be all that matters. Lose a job in this economy, and it’s very hard to find another; stay unemployed long enough, and you will be considered unemployable.

    To all this add the damage to Americans’ inner lives. You know what I mean if you know anyone trapped in long-term unemployment; even if he or she isn’t in financial distress, the blow to dignity and self-respect can be devastating. And matters are, of course, worse if there is financial distress too. When Ben Bernanke spoke about “happiness research,” he emphasized the finding that happiness depends strongly on a sense of being in control of your own life. Think about what happens to that sense of being in control when you want to work, yet many months have gone by and you can’t find a job, when the life you built is falling apart because funds are running out. It’s no wonder that the evidence suggests that long-term unemployment breeds anxiety and psychological depression.

    Meanwhile, there’s the plight of those who don’t have a job yet, because they’re entering the working world for the first time. Truly, this is a terrible time to be young.

    Unemployment among young workers, like unemployment for just about every demographic group, roughly doubled in the immediate aftermath of the crisis, then drifted down a bit. But because young workers have a much higher unemployment rate than their elders even in good times, this meant a much larger rise in unemployment relative to the workforce.

    And the young workers one might have expected to be best placed to weather the crisis–recent college graduates, who presumably are much more likely than others to have the knowledge and skills a modern economy demands–were by no means insulated. Roughly one in four recent graduates is either unemployed or working only part-time. There has also been a notable drop in wages for those who do have full-time jobs, probably because many of them have had to take low-paying jobs that don’t make use of their education.

    One more thing: there has been a sharp increase in the number of Americans aged between twenty-four and thirty-four living with their parents. This doesn’t represent a sudden rush of filial devotion; it represents a radical reduction in opportunities to leave the nest.

    This situation is deeply frustrating for young people. They’re supposed to be getting on with their lives, but instead they find themselves in a holding pattern. Many understandably worry about their future. How long a shadow will their current problems cast? When can they expect to fully recover from the bad luck of graduating into a deeply troubled economy?

    Basically, never. Lisa Kahn, an economist at Yale’s School of Management, has compared the careers of college graduates who received their degrees in years of high unemployment with those who graduated in boom times; the graduates with unlucky timing did significantly worse, not just in the few years after graduation but for their whole working lives. And those past eras of high unemployment were relatively short compared with what we’re experiencing now, suggesting that the long-term damage to the lives of young Americans will be much greater this time around…

    …Educating the young is crucial for the twenty-first century–so say all the politicians and pundits. Yet the ongoing slump, by creating a fiscal crisis for state and local governments, has led to the laying off of some 300,000 schoolteachers.

    The same fiscal crisis has led state and local governments to postpone or cancel investments in transportation and water infrastructure, like the desperately needed second rail tunnel under the Hudson River, the high-speed rail projects canceled in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida, the light-rail projects canceled in a number of cities, and so on. Adjusted for inflation, public investment has fallen sharply since the slump began. Again, this means that if and when the economy finally does recover, we’ll run into bottlenecks and shortages far too soon…

    Much more here:

    AND this from one of the commentors:

    50 minutes ago ( 5:37 PM)

    And then there are those of us that are forced to work when we want to retire. For example I have played the game fairly and responsibly all my life. I started paying medical insurance premiums when I was 18. I made my first medical claim at the age of 55. Now at 60 and with a pre-exisiting condition even though I have enough money to retire I am unable to because I could not obtain medical insurance. My job is killing [me (inner city resource challenge population special education teacher who now has high blood pressure). I must work until I can obtain medical insurance. Same story for my 61 year old wife (RN inner city hospital surgical medical nurse). We would be bankrupt in less than a year if we retired and making demands for social services. Not complaining though because I know literally millions of other people are in the same boat. Yet we have enough money to search for weapons of mass destruction that do not exist.

    Let’s hope the majority of Aussies wake up soon.


  64. Chris, you call the PM an opportunist with the obvious inference that Liealot is not an opportunist.

    He certainly wasn’t slow in seizing the opportunity to stab Pauline Hanson in the back with his sleazy slush fund.

    He moved at lightning speed to seize the opportunity to stab Turnbull in the back.

    He didn’t let scruples, truth or regard for the law stop him from seizing the opportunity to try to use Craig Thomson to bring down the government.

    He certainly didn’t seize the opportunity to put his money where his mouth was by asking Fisher, Edwards and Slagabella to stand aside while there are allegations of misconduct against them, and in Fisher’s case charges and court action.

    And he most certainly hasn’t let the strict moral code he has laid down, for Labor only it seems, apply to his own defamation case to answer.

    And then there’s the distinct possibility that Liealot the Mendacious has fiddled his travel exoenses, using the allowance for his book promotion tour.

    Looks like Liealot is not only a major opportunist, but a hypocrite as well. Pots, kettles anyone?

    Pip, echoing Migs-fantastic link,

    As the link pointed out a few 10ths if a percentage point doesn’t make a lot of difference for ONE person, but taken iver the entire workforce, it’s extremely significant.

    And now we can point to the source of the Coalition’s marvellous surpluses-the result of the Rodentochracy’s unsurpassed economical superiority. Just tax the bejesus out of the idiots and tell them how clever we are.

    Costello and the Rodent weren’t lying when they said they were giving back money that was rightfully ours.They’d gouged it and stuck it in a low interest account, ready to big note when they handed it back.

    It incenses me that they gouged it merely so they could falsely claim to be great money managers. They did absolutely NOTHING with it, ZERO, ZIP, NADA!!!

    They didn’t even have the wit to earn anything on all that money! And they let public infrastructure in this country decay, just so they could big note to the gullible!

    Nas’ great comment and right on the money as usual.

  65. The Labor Party is a dagger carrying party, and you nife one another in the back as much as anyone else. You didn’t get the majority vote, you bought the cross benches, and then reneg on the payments, typical!

  66. Delusion and illusion, you and those producing the figures never quote figures that are comparable to oneanother, It’s historical that Labor are the highest taxing party, they fiddle statistics to make it appear otherwise. Labors figures quoted are directly compared with figures of yesteryear with no modification for devaluation by inflation. Interest rates under Keatings run at the top were 18% plus. The Labor government started blowing the savings like a theif with a stolen credit card. the GFC only gave you a justification to blow our present and Future.

  67. You always assume I support Tony Abbott, you make it almost a necessity with your name calling. you like retilin needy children with potty mouth. You say the Liberals Lie a lot, yet you don’t even critique the Labor Party, very metally lazy!

  68. What’s with Abbott and the Senator often giving him “I want you, I adore you” eyes and mouth over his shoulder during interviews of late?

    Looks creepy…like some Berlusconi act.

    I detest this “do anything, say anything” fella the more I see him.

    That female Senator should get some dignity. Embarrassing for his wife.


  69. Peter Anderson is on TV whining for selected businesses.

    Give it up!

    Write-offs worth 6,500.

    Tax loss carry-back measures.

    More money into hands of many consumers to spend on goods and services.

    A significant interest rate cut.

    Gettin’ greedy methinks considering the wobbles across the world.

    They should talk to the unemployed on Newstart Allowance.

    And those awaiting disability assistance.

    You can’t always get what you want.

    We lost the dependent spouse rebate for this year.

    We’ve adapted. Sometimes you’ve just got to suck it up…and change the way you do things.

    And not take the good stuff for granted.

    Too easy to be grumpy…and have unrealistic expectations.


  70. Nas’ are you referring to Senator Michaelia Cash; she’s always hard to watch and harder to listen to…

  71. Chris and with your name calling. you like retilin needy children with potty mouth Now who is it who is doing the name calling…

  72. Min, I mentioned Chris’s habit of name calling a day or two ago, and for reasons only known to himself he’s stepped up with more…

    Sticks and stones… silly ….

  73. Anyway,
    I’m taking a break from blogging for a few days…and from watching the news…and reading about it.

    I’m exhausted.

    And quite frankly I’m sick and tired of the negativity of the media in general…the spinning…the attempts to take every useful policy and turn it into toxic sludge…

    and I find the apathy of the general public pretty pathetic…demonstrating Murdoch and his Coalition minions under Abbott have achieved the great “dumbing down” they hoped for – when people prefer to be sucked in by manufactured “reality” TV instead of watching the budget ya know yer living in a country competing with America to be Dopeyville.

    Anyway, I’m positive the clones of Murdoch will earn their blood money and spin this budget into another positive for dictator-in-waiting Abbott and his less than inspiring team…so he can hand the entire set of keys to the country over to scoundrel Rupert…the grand opportunist.

    Shit happens.


  74. ‘And quite frankly I’m sick and tired of the negativity of the media in general…’

    ‘Currently, the RBA’s May cut is expected to be followed by more reductions, bringing Australian interest rates closer to the low rates held in the US and elsewhere.’

    Read more:

    That has to be positive news for young couples, but not good for the self funded retirees.

  75. Mr. Pyne moving a motion. He looks like he needs to pass one.

    Demanding Thompson make a statement to th the house. Now another, the PM pay back the money.

    What about the right to remain silent. According to Amnesty, that is a basic human right.

    I fear he might have the support of the independents on this one.

    Gee, the man, has one of the worse whiny voice I have ever heard.

    Speaker pulled him up for screaming. He wants to be careful, he might bust a blood vessel.

  76. Cheers all,
    will just be a few days…clear my head…recuperate…get some other duties and projects done.

    You know what it’s like.

    Til later,

  77. Have a good break Nas and by the weekend there could be some fine light reading coming from Leveson in the UK. Coulson Thursday, Brookes Friday.

  78. Enjoy your break, Nas’. Come back recharged.


    …….he might bust a blood vessel.

    We can only hope, CU.

    What money does the PM have to pay and to whom?

    A perfect rejoinder would be to say “After you pay back the $300m AWB bribe money. There’s an ATM down the corridor. We’ll wait while you check your balance.”

  79. Premier stops carbon tax ‘propaganda’

    Premier Colin Barnett today said he would not allow the Federal Government to distribute information on carbon tax assistance to WA householders with their Synergy bills because that would amount to “distributing propaganda”.

    Federal Climate Change Minister Greg Combet told ABC radio if householders had the information they would realise Mr Barnett and federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had been running a “massive scare campaign” against the tax.

    Mr Combet said the carbon tax, which comes into effect on July 1, would add about $3 a week to the average WA power bill. But Commonwealth assistance to offset it – including tax cuts and pension increases – would be an average $10 per household per week.

    Mr Barnett said he would make sure that Synergy bills carried a notation outlining how much of the overall charge was comprised of the carbon tax in the same way the GST was labelled.

    WA Opposition Leader Mark McGowan said he supported people being well informed.

    He said it was the Barnett Government which had put power prices up 57 per cent since coming to power and foreshadowed a further 5 per cent increase in next week’s budget.

    He said if Mr Barnett was going to put the impact of the carbon tax on bills he should also “be honest” and show his own increases as well.

  80. Liberal frontbencher said: “This is getting personal
    She can dish it out, but..

    THE political battle over personal integrity exploded in Parliament this afternoon after Liberal frontbencher Sophie Mirabella confronted Labor’s Anthony’s Albanese in a dramatic showdown.
    Mr Albanese, the Government’s chief tactician in the House of Representatives, had referred to court action estate of the family of Mrs Mirabella’s late former lover, Melbourne QC Colin Howard.

    At the back of the Chamber Mrs Mirabella cornered Mr Albanese and angrily jabbed her finger at him as she accused him of quoting from illegally obtained court documents.

    Mr Albanese replied that his only sources were newspaper accounts of the case.

    “This is getting personal,” was told Mrs Mirabella said.

    “No kidding,” replied Mr Albanese, who had just spent about half an hour listening to and fending off Opposition allegations related to Craig Thomson.

  81. Pip, pictures tell a hundred stories. I am sure that Mr. Albanese was concerned.

    At the back of the Chamber Mrs Mirabella cornered Mr Albanese and angrily jabbed her finger at him as she accused him of quoting from illegally obtained court documents.


    Mr Albanese replied that his only sources were newspaper accounts of the case.

    “This is getting personal,” was told Mrs Mirabella said.

    “No kidding,” replied Mr Albanese, who had just spent about half an hour listening to and fending off Opposition allegations related to Craig Thomson


    In reply, Mr Albanese revived 1978 newspaper reports that Tony Abbott, now Opposition Leader, had been accused of inappropriately touching a female university student. The court action was not successful.


    He also revived the fact that Mr Abbott in 2010 had failed to declare a $710,000 loan for two years, breaching the same rules as Mr Thomson.

    and finally

    Mr Albanese continued his battle with Opposition MPs at one stage yelling at Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop: “That’s the point you fool.” He was ordered to withdraw the remark.

    Ms Bishop had just told the House that allegations against Mr Thomson “will go before a court.”

    Read more:

    So there are court documents.

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