Someone isn’t making any sense

I haven’t blamed Tony Abbott for Holden’s decision to close down its Australian operations in 2016. From all accounts the decision was made offshore and nothing – absolutely nothing – could be done to change the minds of the decision-makers.

But like the Indonesian phone hacking scandal, again something that Tony Abbott was innocent of, his handling of it has been absolutely appalling. Disgraceful yet comedic might be more to the point.

On each of these issues, every time he has opened his mouth he has showered us with contradictions and given every indication that he has absolutely no idea what he was talking about. The signals have been worrying for those among us who worry about the man’s intellect and leadership abilities.

I have put together a few of his recent announcements which reveal his inadequacy to grasp, simply, the ability to make any sense. Let’s start with this one:

Mr Abbott declared he would not provide Holden with any more than the $275 million pledged by the former Labor government in March 2012.

Yet, now that Holden is going he claims that:

We were more than happy to offer continuing generous assistance to Holden.

There was a very substantial amount of money on the table. The amount of money that is on the table has been there for a long time. It is a very substantial amount of money.

Yet, with all that money for the industry and despite what’s happened to Holden:

Tony Abbott has declared Toyota won’t get additional money from taxpayers to ensure its survival.

The Internet is awash with instances of Tony Abbott’s contradictions and inconsistencies in his response to Holden’s closure. I’ve only referenced a handful but they are enough to demonstrate the point: he isn’t making any sense. Either he doesn’t know what he’s talking about or he’s forgotten how to lie properly.

49 comments on “Someone isn’t making any sense

  1. I am in two minds about this problem. On the one hand I can see how subsidies keep men in jobs but on the other hand I don’t believe in subsidising overseas conglomerates. Perhaps the solution would be for government to subsidise the wages of all “non executive” car workers. This would then leave little wiggle room for the big boys to blame all their woes on wages and conditions in Australia.

    Another thing which is worrying is the introduction of 3D Lazer Printers, as I can envisage a time when they will replace the need for jobs in the manufacturing industry.

    Tony’s solution is that these men/women “will leave one job and begin a new and better job”. In what cloud cuckoo industry is Tony suggesting that these jobs are aplenty?


  2. Michael, i think TA does not have a clue what he is talking about AND he has forgotten how to lie properly now that he has what he has for so long believed was his due: power over us! He gets onto the world stage and he is making a complete prat of himself and of us for having given him the key to the PM-ship. Oh how i wish we could turn the tide!

  3. …’Or has he forgotten how to lie properly?’ What an interesting paradox Michael. How does one ‘lie properly?’ No, of course he hasn’t forgotten – it’s like breathing to him. What he has forgotten is how to remember what lies he’s told in the past.
    As Patricia Bensted points out; one has to have a very good memory if one wants to constantly tell lies. As that dour Scott Sir Walter once remarked; Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive.

  4. Robster it always comes down to Labor is not in power.

    Time and again when you attempt to have a lucid debate on facts and meritoriousness they always fall back to Labor lost we won.

    I had this happen recently when a rabid right winger I was working on a project with sprouted a bunch of outright bullshit against the previous Labor government, straight from the Murdoch press.

    I got out out my tablet and pulled up a bunch of facts and figures that he at first denied were true, saying Ltd News was honest and trustworthy. When I proved that wrong on several instances he ended up saying, “Where is Rudd now, where is Gillard now, not PM. Where is Abbott now, PM, and that’s all anyone needs to worry about.”

    They honestly don’t care for anyone else or the country, only that in their blind ideology a Liberal government remains in power forever no matter how destructive, terrible or autocratic that outcome is.

    There are plenty of papers and psychological studies, including some good books already mentioned here, on this right wing phenomena where they need to blindly follow and have their lives tightly controlled, even if this is a worse outcome for them and their country.

  5. Oh Matt nothing like the six years of utter whinging and dummy spit from the rabid right for six years then?

    What a joke. No facts, no discussion, no telling us why Abbott is superior, just an inane one sentence gormless retort.

    Proves everything said about the right.

  6. Forty percent of the genes that have been identified as contributing to human intelligence are located on the X chromosome. This means that women (XX) pass their brains onto their sons, while men (XY) can only pass these genes onto their daughters. All I can say is, those poor daughters of Abbott, and poor fella my country…

  7. From all accounts the decision was made offshore and nothing – absolutely nothing – could be done to change the minds of the decision-makers.

    I DISAGREE! It really appears that if the money that Labor were offering was maintained, they would have stayed. The libs made a decision, for whatever reason, to force them out. They killed the companies prospects here. Whether or not Holden would have lasted longer is irrelevant now. Holden closed, and was directly because of actions from this Government.

    Without government assistance, head office in Detroit had decided that making cars in Australia no longer added up – to the tune of $3750 a car per year.
    What Holden needed was a further commitment of $150 million a year from the government through to 2020 – roughly $2000 a car built. With that, Mr Devereux could get the numbers to work. In return, Holden would continue making the VF Commodore and Cruze in Australia until 2017, and then commit to build GM’s next generation global car in Adelaide until 2020.

  8. You’ve pointed out I was wrong.

    One of the many services I provide 🙂

    Although, I got the feeling you had uncertainties already as wrote this post 😉

  9. Yeh, that’s true Tommy.

    I’ve been battered from pillar to post elsewhere for daring to suggest that Abbott played a hand in this. Or more’s the point, failed to play a hand.

  10. Does anybody else remember Neil of Sydney bursting a blood vessel in his neck when we scoffed at Abbott’s excuse for not going to Afghanistan with Gillard because of the excuse that the PM and LOTO shouldn’t be on the same plane?

    I wonder what he thinks about Shorten and Abbott being on the same flight to South Africa to attend Mandela’s funeral.

    Actually, I don’t really care what he thinks.

    Actually, I don’t think he thinks.

  11. oq, DONE ANY STALKING LATELY ? YOU LYING PIECE OF SHIT ! you never answered my last question, why do you hide your identity ? what work have you ever done in your life, where do you live ? you fucking coward ! fuck off dogs vomit !

  12. Settle Steven – I’m pretty sure this is who the dickhead is. He’s a low-life scumbag, born with a silver spoon in his mouth. His daddy wasted ship loads of money sending him to a very expensive private school, where he’s learned his obviously good manners 🙄

    His business was handed to him on a platter by said daddy – he really doesn’t have a clue & is not worth worrying about 😀

  13. Scott Morrison has been nominated from within the PM’s department, as the captains pick for Australian of the Year. Appears he has told SMH he is proud to accept the nomination.

    Do they really get it.

  14. ……….Scott Morrison was noticeably delighted at the news, claiming in a phone call with the Herald last night that “this award will fulfill all of my hopes and dreams. Finally, I am recognised for stopping the boats, protecting Australia’s freedom, turning away the brown people and improving Australia’s relationship with Indonesia.”

    While Morrison is the favourite for the award, other nominees for Australian of the Year include:

    Margie Abbott, the Prime Minister’s wife
    John Howard, former Prime Minister
    George Bush, former US President
    Bridget and Frances Abbott, The Prime Minister’s hot daughters
    Rupert Murdoch, media mo………….

  15. Win win for Abbott and the media/mining barons. Get rid of two labor strongholds.> Demolish holden in south australia and sell tasmania to indonesia : )

  16. Well, we know Turnbull, or at least his better half knows where their money is best invested. In the fibre to the home, in both France and Spain. Both countries doing it hard from the GFC.

  17. Here’s why It’s long past time that we close Guantánamo

    Here’s someone making sense and yet another right wing tenet undermined.

    Maj. Gen. Michael Lehnert, the first Guantánamo commander admits: “In retrospect, entire detention and interrogation strategy was wrong.”

    I remember so well at the time the right wingers going rabid at anyone who dared say Guantánamo and torture were wrong.

    Bit by bit the sordid history of the illegal invasion of Iraq and it’s aftermath is being revealed by history, much will be opened to the world way too late, but revealed it will be.

    Howard is the only leader in the initial CoW that has not had to face any scrutiny or enquiries on his and his government’s role in that. He may get away with it Scott free, but he certainly won’t historically, and the terrible leader he was will be revealed by that history.

  18. The rewriting of history has already started. This is an essential part of the new educational CONski. plan. Howard wouldn’t put up with “black armband” nonsense , nor will WE….Signed T Abbott.

  19. But to get back to Holdens, it looks like the libs will get away with killing this icon, in what looks like a deliberate play, and that would truly be a travesty. This needs to be pinned on them for what it was. The deliberate trashing of thousands blue collar jobs.

    I understand this is written by a partisan person, but the truth of it remains.

    The ”perfect storm” of the high Australian dollar, high costs and low volumes was used as the official reason for General Motors discontinuing domestic production of the Holden beyond 2017. But the real reason was the policy uncertainty displayed by the Abbott government.

    Indeed, policy certainty and policy continuity would have ensured that General Motors retained Holden in this country beyond 2017.

    Just think for a moment about the messages the company was receiving from the new Australian government. First, a cut of half a billion dollars in industry assistance. Then a Productivity Commission review that was well outside the timetable of December this year, set (and well understood) by General Motors. And finally, to rub salt into the wounds, a deliberate leak by selected federal cabinet ministers to the ABC questioning General Motors’ real commitment to Australia. Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey’s comments in Parliament on Tuesday only served to confirm these anonymous and authorised leaks.

    These matters were seriously analysed in Detroit and understandably taken into account in assessing the Australian government’s likely policy. And GM’s assessment was that if the Australian government wasn’t committed why should it bother, given those additional ”perfect storm” issues. What a tragedy!

    I wonder if that tool who got the petition going to keep the NBN, even though he voted for these tossers, feels the same about Holdens?

    So many people drank the murdoch cool aid, and now, so many are suffering for it. And we only have ourselves (collectively) to blame

  20. There was a definite campaign from within liberal ranks to hurt Holdens, which forced their hand, not the high dollar, not the Carbon Tax, and not the Unions. It was the Liberal party that killed Holdens, single-handedly.

    The top-of-the-line Holden Caprice was recommended by the Attorney-General’s Department in 2012 as the preferred option for a fleet of nine specialised blast-proof VIP vehicles to be used by the Prime Minister and other dignitaries, according to confidential government documents.

    The revelation appears to contradict reported Abbott government sources as saying Holden had not even submitted a bid in the tender because the car-maker simply ”was not interested”.

    Holden viewed that claim, which appeared in a News Corp newspaper on Wednesday, just hours before the US-owned car maker announced its withdrawal, as part of a deliberate negative backgrounding campaign by Coalition ministers to make Holden look uncommitted to Australia.

  21. Just had one of the best laughs I’ve had for a long time and it goes so well to the title of this topic.

    Abbott has just given himself a glowing report card for his first 100 days in office when even the right wing media are mostly canning them.

    But unlike past PMs and Premiers who produce a biased publication detailing their scores that can be ripped apart, this indolent government couldn’t even do that simple thing. We have to take Abbott’s word for it, a word he has stated in the past can’t be trusted.

    What a laugh. His supporters can’t use a self produced biased publication to state why Abbott is a good PM and this is a good government, because Abbott can’t produce one he’s that bad.

  22. I note that there is no mention of Killing Holden off as a priority. I thought that was something they would be proud of. But, some of the others are just as bad

    The Government will, as a priority, task the Productivity Commission with an inquiry into how the childcare system can be made more flexible, affordable and accessible.

    I guess we should have known that flexible, affordable and accessible. means lower wages for childcare workers. It’s in their dna

    The Government will extend the Australian Victims of Terrorism Overseas Payment to Australians and their families who have been victims of terrorism overseas since 10 September 2001

    They forgot to mention about taking away from victims of fires though.

    The Government will build economic diplomacy across our region in 2014

    classic. Upset Indonesia and China. Great work peeps.

  23. Give it to the rabid one he is consistent. Now he is telling Indonesia it is “high time” to resumed cooperation on stopping the boats. He is such a fast learner, not.

  24. Whenever, with no exceptions, a Liberal states workplace flexibility they mean a form of WorkChoices.

    The first thing they will recommend in any workplace enquiry will be to bring back AWAs though they mightn’t call them that. Workplace agreements are the first step to a WorkChoices regime and WorkChoices of any form is impossible without them. This is what big business has been screaming for since Fraser’s term as PM and probably before that.

    Once workplace agreements are embedded in the gradual whittling of pay and conditions begins, and as productivity continues to decline, as the productivity problem isn’t with workers but industry, and workers slow down because of the onerous agreements, industry will insist on individual contracts for every worker as a solution, basically turning them all into sub-contractors competing against each other and responsible for their own insurance, WHS, pay and conditions etc.

    That is big business nirvana. Anything approaching that business nirvana can’t be achieved without first implementing business controlled and government sanctioned workplace agreements.

  25. Now he is telling Indonesia it is “high time” to resumed cooperation on stopping the boats.

    He’s a diplomatic version of a Vuvuzela. What an idiot.

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