Who is the Minister for Woman’s Issues?

Help me out here, if you don’t mind. I seem to be missing something.

When Tony Abbott announced his new Cabinet we found that he himself has taken primary responsibility for women’s issues. Some in the media were aghast at his decision to take on the portfolio. For a good summary read Jemma Price’s “Tony Abbott, minister for women? No thanks” in the Sydney Morning Herald or Lenore Taylor’s article “Portfolio details spell out Tony Abbott’s role as women’s minister” in the Guardian. Lindy Edwards, meanwhile, also writing in the Sydney Morning Herald gave her thumbs up with “PM’s role as Minister for Women is not such a joke” while I thought it certainly was.

But while perusing the pages of the Government’s web site, as well as other ministerial on-line sites, there is no mention of Tony Abbott being the Minister for Women. It should have been mentioned here if he was, which provides us with the ministerial responsibilities within the Government, or here where there are details of all the ministerial responsibilities Abbott has ever held.

No women!

The only thing I could find on the Liberal site is that Michaelia Cash is the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Women. But there is no Minister for Women. I could have swore that Tony Abbott was the anointed Minister.

Has he quietly relinquished the responsibility? Am I missing something?

Can someone please help me out?

English: Tony Abbott in 2010.

English: Tony Abbott in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

31 comments on “Who is the Minister for Woman’s Issues?

  1. This bastard tells so many lies he can’t remember what he said, or maybe Margie OR Peta wont let him near women. I now know why there is only three women within his circle, he knows he can’t keep them all happy!!!!!!!

  2. It’s a bullshit title he has given to himself. A non-existant title for a soon to be non-existant bastard politician.

  3. IF its not there and it once was. it’s removal was done surreptitiously. It’s just as outrageous as having only one woman in the cabinet and she is self proclaimed to be there on merit. Could there be a more clear way of classifying the rest as beyond help and without merit.?

  4. Of course Australia doesn’t really NEED a Minister for Women’s Affairs. Women are quite capable of looking after themselves as well as doing the ironing and keeping an attractive negligee collection. Why should this nation, in a time of Budget Emergency, waste money on such a useless position. I’m quite sure all women who are keen and able budgeters themselves would agree. Anyway, women don’t like Tony Abbott so it is only right that he returns the favour.

  5. As Minister for Women he has overseen the slashing and burning of the wages of workers in two industries dominated by women – child care and aged care. All in one week. Glad to see he has women’s backs.

  6. Nah! he doesn’t need a minister for women. He “gets women” that’s enough really, we can all relax. Happy days! Now that his polling is slumping a bit, it won’t be long before the vestal virgins are wheeled out, together with a very reluctant Margie, just to refresh our memory.

  7. The only thought more hideous than Abbott as Minister for Women, is Michaelia Cash Assisting whoever is the Minister for Women!

  8. All the wives turned up fr White Ribbon day, except for the PM’s, In fact she has not been seen since he left her in Bali.

    Well where is he, when yesterday they took wage rises from highly educated and qualified bit lowly paid childcare workers. Where is he today, when he takes wages rises from lowly paid bit highly qualified worker is aged care.

    Where was he, when he did away with the School Kids bonus which takes away, nearly $3000 from a mother with three young kids.

    Then there is what he took from super, from the same low paid women.


  9. Personally I do not want to see any more Coalition women upfront. The ones already make one ashame to be a woman.

  10. Oh Lovo
    Read ‘The Stalking of Julia Gillard’
    She was not stalked but shafted by Rudd.
    Then on balance she shafted Rudd , call it payback at Australia’s expense,
    when egos were bigger than the people.
    Bitter sweet with both now out of Parliament , even that big house was not
    big enough for both.

  11. The federal minister for women ought to attend the COAG Select Council on Women’s Issues, maybe we’ll find out when they have their next meeting??

  12. Why do women need a minister? Women I know have everything they need. The latest white goods, cordless irons, ride on mowers, in fact every measure of appliance known to man to keep him happy and contented.

  13. Why am I reminded of that beautiful line in “The Man From Ironbark” by Banjo Paterson . . . . .

    “”Their eyes were dull, their heads were flat, they had no brains at all””

    They are in total disarray like a bunch of drunken sailors bumping into walls and each other.

    Their stories change each day. No wonder they’re not wanting to let anyone loose in front of media cameras.

    And Women !!! I’m not sure how their thinking is going in that department, but it’s sure to be kept a secret like the majority of Govt business so far.

    This cartoon is from when Julie Bishop was selected as the only women in cabinet.




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