There are jobs at Centrelink, apparently

Have a look at the Public Service job vacancies for Canberra. In all there are only 13, with most of them being an invitation to put your name on a temporary register. As you may be aware, the Government has frozen employment in the Public Service as it begins its massive reduction in staff numbers. Before the election the numbers of jobs advertised each week ran into the hundreds.

But if you look closely on the link provided there is one job being advertised. The Department of Human Services is advertising for those seeking irregular or intermittent employment, with the closing date 19/12/2013. The job was first posted 20/11/2013.

I followed it up. They are Centrelink jobs.

Why is Centrelink the only department after staff? Is the Government expecting an increase in the number of people requiring their services? Is the Government, more to the point, expecting a jump in the number of unemployed people?

It appears that way. It is also of their own making.


54 comments on “There are jobs at Centrelink, apparently

  1. Now now, Michael – these are rhetorical questions with a Capital ‘R’ (uppercase ‘C’ deliberate, for those who may miss the wit). [grin]

  2. How can anyone, even this crappy government expect ANYONE to willingly put their hands up to work at “irregular & intermittent” employment. Only wished it applied to the entire LNP government.

    The Centrelink staff we deal with are professional & very pleasant people whose jobs should not be put into jeopardy.

  3. Sure are Carol. Most of the CSIRO staff being sacked will create a brain drain as most likely they & graduating science students such as PhDs head off overseas never to return.

  4. Just had a look and found a total of 17 notices comprised of the following:

    Non-ongoing (Temporary) Employment Register = 12
    Actual perm/full-time = 3
    Irregular/Intermittent Employment = 2

    A lot of projected shuffling around of staff between agencies (a redeployment resistance by many at the moment). I’m wondering when they’ll turn the heaters on again, as it really is freezing cold in there.

  5. As everything goes backwards under this government the improvements of the previous government are still rolling through. Naplan shows significant improvements across the board for Year 5, and in indigenous school results in the NT.

    Yet another thing Abbott is going to dismantle and undo. After all who needs all this education to work in Centrelink and for his Green Army of low paid no conditions slave workers.

    Talking of conspiracies, watch as unemployment inexorably rises under Abbott he demands that those on the dole queues he caused work for his Green Army for the dole or they get nothing.

  6. I am so very tired of this government already and it’s only been three months. I’m tired of the negative, jobs for the boys, riches for the rich and screw the ordinary people, attitude that is going on. I am very tired of being told it is Labor’s fault and the Libs are just cleaning up the mess that Labor left.

    When will this ‘adult’ government grow up and accept responsiblity for all the lies, stuff-ups and backflips that have happened already under thier watch.

    I am just so very, very tired

  7. Gina, I’ve run into dozens of former work colleagues who are still in the public service. I bump into them in cafés and coffee shops. They have nothing to do. They don’t know what they’re meant to do, either. They have no direction nor leadership. Quite simply, they don’t know what’s going on and it’s been like that in their departments for three months.

    It’s ludicrous.

  8. That is disgraceful Michael. This government is the most inept we have ever had the misfortune to be inflicted with. Totally rudderless with a broken down engine while we are heading for the rocks with the captain off playing silly buggers. Wonder who will grab the helm?

  9. Very true but if there was a skipper on deck they would organise a jury-rigged rudder & emergency steering. Any good yachtie could do it.

  10. And as one university professor predicts 100,000 manufacturing jobs to go over the next few years, putting a huge dent in Abbott’s promised 1,000,000 jobs, there is this bad news because of the Abbott government.

    The Salvation Army will have to shed more than 300 sub-contracted staff after losing a $74 million contract for the provision of humanitarian services to asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru.

    Morrison can’t have a charity organisation looking after things now can he, they are independent and report openly and honestly. Better off to have a multi-national who will take kick-backs to keep secrets and abuse on order.

    Day after day, this government just gets worse when you think it can’t get any worse.

  11. If the skipper on deck is kapitain abbott you may be up a certain scatological watercourse without the required propulsion apparatus.

  12. Joy@2.05pm, for whatever it’s faults one of the things which the Gillard government did was to encourage females to study science. Australia lags sadly behind in this field, with far more boys than girls studying science to senior high school level. We are clearly going to have to have a rethink and now!!!! if we are not to become a country who not only doesn’t make anything anymore, but whose brightest languish on the dole queues.

    I can certainly confirm what Michael has described. People well known for their skills are sitting behind empty desks, they’ve finished their work, but the Credlin-Abbott government seems to think that there is nothing more to governing a country than attending functions and coming over all hairy chested against our international neighbors.

  13. but the Credlin-Abbott government seems to think that there is nothing more to governing a country than attending functions and coming over all hairy chested against our international neighbors.

    There’s more to it than that Min. Those jobs won’t destroy themselves.

  14. LOVO @ 5.08pm We sure will especially as landlubber Abbott said he used a map to canoe up the Lane Cove river. D’uh.

    ME @ 5.15pm I agree “Old Leadbottom” would be streets ahead of the current inept skipper of our ship of state

    Carol, it will be dreadful for our country with so many scientists losing their jobs. All that research being wasted. Children will not want to bother with science if there will be no where for them to work & do research. The wonders our scientists have developed & discovered will be no more. We shall gravitate to the bottom of the science heap. This appalling government is so disgracefully anti-science, I shake my head in bewilderment. Cannot even the LNP’s most devoted barrackers see what a danger this is?

  15. I hear on the old grappa line that the new ‘dept. of historical revision’ may be hiring soon. 😀
    I hear that its an easy job that requires employees to have specialist knowledge on the use of White-out correction fluid. 🙂
    …. all that is required is to white over the word ‘Labor’ and replace it with ‘LnP’.

  16. You watch her talking in that video, clear, lucid and forthright and then think of Abbott ever being able to stand up to an audience and do the same.

    The answer comes back, never.

  17. Michael, that come across loud and clear at the Senate Hearings last week. Most were unable to answer, simple, procedure questions,The appear simply not to know.

    By the way, I believe there are further senate hearings into LNB. previously known as NBNCo.

  18. I was in this very same situation not too long ago. There was no direction, no certainty of future work, everything was on hold because no decisions were made, communications received were about “possible” outcomes, “possible” expectations, all delivered with a message that expressed uncertainty, yet “we all had to increase our productivity, we all had to work harder, smarter, more efficiently.” All this with no; signed off agreements, sign off on committees to continue the hard work of recent time, etc.” Weeks leading into the election, care taker period, it all came to a halt, and after the election, the halt didn’t end, it continued. There is nothing to do because the Abbott govt has failed to give vision, directive and purpose while it works towards destabilizing the public service. The service which it needs to implement all it’s non-existent policies.

  19. The excuse usually given for such incompetence is usually lack of experience – a new government just finding their feet, but this is different, this is an “old government” with years and years of experience, not just in opposition but these are experienced ministers. So what’s the excuse for the complete and utter stuff-up they’re making of things? Ego? Perhaps the years of the Murdoch media doing all of the cover-ups on their behalf/making all of the excuses on their behalf made them believe that being in government was going to be the same.

  20. Carol they might be senior ministers in a previous government and six years in opposition to hone their portfolio experience, but most were failures in both previous terms.

    From Abbott to Bishop the elder (who was once touted as the possible first female PM) to Pyne, Hockey and most of the others, , they failed in their many portfolios in the Howard government and nearly every current minister never or rarely addressed their shadow portfolio in six years.

    Bishop the elder often failed, sometimes badly, she went from possible future PM to Howard demoting her twice. It’s no wonder she’s such a dismal failure as speaker that Abbott is considering replacing her early next year, and that came from a right wing newspaper.

    And it’s no surprise they are now such running such a terrible government when with their supposed superior experience it should be an efficient and well run government.

    Also Pete Credlin’s complete control over it and the PM must also be a factor.

  21. Having one of the biggest “Non-working ” times in the Parliament bemoaning their fate (biggest dummy spit in history quote Albanese) has affected their brains . The unreality is continued into government where they don’t appear to be realising that putting on a “Show” for the propaganda machine does not a government make. They are still electioneering and obsessed with obliterating all trace of the LABOR brand and neglecting governing. IF they don’t watch it they will create a recession. Totally hopeless bunch. The BIG growth industry will be incarceration. (Prisons) An inevitable effect of greater social injustice under this mobs crazy economic mantra. They are all stark raving loony dangerous incompetents telling each other they are doing it right..Tony Murdoch has to go, but who is there to do the job?

  22. And clarittee when crime goes up under the regressive and depressive policies of the Liberals, both Federal and State, they thump their chests and “get tough on crime” only to see it increase and prisons overflow.

    WA is a good example of this where Barnett campaigned heavily on fighting crime and getting tough, only to see him fail miserably once in government.

    Same is happening in Victoria and will be exacerbated nationally by the Abbott government’s actions.

  23. Newman has just increased the value of a single note that can be fed into pokie machines from a $20 note max to $50 and $100 notes.

    The clubs and gaming industries are certainly getting value for the millions they’ve donated to the Liberals, more than they have given to the local communities they tout in their propaganda.

    Of course it’s Australians who again suffer and families who are destroyed by this.

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  25. Just looked at the Saturday Courier Mail “Careers” section,a total of 12 tabloid pages with only 6 pages of job ads, 2 full page Courier Mail ads and 4 pages of editorial blurb. This is the major Queensland daily newspaper, it certainly doesn’t reflect the Queensland powerhouse that Campbell Newman or the paper itself would have us believe. Not many of those jobs offered sparkling careers either.

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  27. Miglo
    rumour has it that there a plenty of jobs for contract staff being advertised already, more in the new year. The info is already out there apparently, just needs someone to do the reearch and put it all together, also suggest someone keep an eye on this over next few months and correlate to depts that have shed permanent staff – sounds like 1997-99 all over again for Canberra…

  28. No, idiot, I didn’t receive AusStudy.

    And by the sounds of it you bemoan the fact that anybody would dare to obtain an education because they would have to, in most cases, survive at the tax payer’s expense. Yet you want to see public servants sacked and be forced to go on the dole – at the tax payer’s expense.

    You really are a fuckwit. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick of the site of you around here. I think you’ve overstayed your welcome.

  29. Here, here, Michael. No doubt the moronic regressive cretin will pop up with yet another pseudonym. Seems it can’t keep away from here.

  30. No Gilly, this government’s work is irregular and erratic, not irregular and intermittent. The latter would be a huge improvement for this lot.

  31. Sounds like the sort of things we’d expect from this woeful government, Ricky but counters seem to have long gone from Centrelink offices. Well, they have from ours. There is a “greeter” with a tablet & earpiece who finds out what you are there for, then shows you a seat to wait for an officer to call you, first name only. Very civilised & no queueing. 🙂

  32. “Yet you want to see public servants sacked and be forced to go on the dole – at the tax payer’s expense.”

    In effect, to become public sector employees, but with absolutely nothing useful to do except donate their bodies to the private sector training providers for embalming.

    And guess who pays them ?

    Yep, Michael, “fuckwit” is probably generous.

  33. Mobius, the 1 million jobs that Abbott promised to create will be easy. Read the fine print – the exact promise he made, not what people would like him to have made. He didn’t say one million jobs in addition to the current number of jobs – he just said one million new jobs. The likelihood of at least a million people changing jobs in the course of a term of parliament has to be pretty much a given.

  34. Omnia, I don’t know about you, but just about every full time student I have ever known, myself included, worked a part-time job whilst still being a full time student. Full time study is no bludge. It’s hard work by itself but nobody can afford to give it the time it really needs. The laughable levels of Austudy could not by any stretch of the imagination be considered “living off the taxpayer”.
    But perhaps you’d prefer there to be no support to students at all. Would you prefer we have no doctors, engineers, plumbers, electricians, lawyers and politicians? (Actually, scratch that last one: mummy and daddy can afford to send little Johnny Liberal to Oxford to prepare him for the rigours of parliament.)

  35. I wouldn’t work at Centrelink if it was the last job on offer. I couldn’t think of a place more stressful and soul-destroying.

  36. Well since this government came to power, we have seen us lagging behind the rest of the world when it comes to employment, growth and the share market growth.

    Maybe it is time for this government to talk about the economy, and forget their obsession with debt.

    Could it be, we should be look at growing the economy instead.

    There is more to the economy and debt much more.

    we are fast from having one of the best economies in the world, to lagging bad behind, Not bad for a government that has not bought down a budget, but sees jobs being lost every day.

    It seems only to be a matter of time, before the three AAA ratings go.

    To rub salt into the wound, the debt, if that important is now out of control. I suspect much of what we see now, is bad debt. Yes, debt that is not used for investment in our future. Debt that is caused by cutting, leading to decreased revenue.

    Money for NDIS, Gonski, CEF and NBNCO, were investments in the future, leading to growth. Much growth.

    This government’s action is even cutting us off from taking leading role in the Asian Century.

    Good governance demands that one first identified the problems.

    This government is so bounded by their own ideology, They lack ability to accept , or even seek advice.

    They are so obsessed with the word debt, they do not see what is happening around them. Are incapable of doing what is needed.

    What we had, was an economy that was traveling well. One of reasonable growth, inflation, Low unemployment. Decent share market. Low taxation and government spending. In fact a small government.

    It was performing better than most, with three AAA ratings.

  37. Abbott on ABC thanking the super market chains for what they do.

    All about deficits. Nothing about three AAA ratings and an economy that the rest of the world was envious of. No longer applies

  38. At the time of writing, the selectively leaked facts of this document make horrifying reading. The accumulated budget deficits over forward estimates have reportedly increased… wait for it… by about 500 per cent since Wayne Swan handed down the last budget in May, and by about 200 per cent since the pre-election fiscal update in August.

    Wow. This is worse.

    Hockey is unlikely to skimp on the gory details. He will want everyone to know that Labor’s profligate spending caused this crisis – if that ‘fact’ is repeated enough in the press, voters will be left with a horrifying picture that is difficult to forget.

    In reality, however, it is not a fact.

    While Labor did spend and borrow heavily through the GFC, and while, at the time of writing, it appears to have exceeded its own cap on the rate of spending growth – the slightly rubbery promise of “2 per cent on average over the cycle” – this is much, much less than half of the picture.

    There are two sets of forecasts against which today’s MYEFO results/projections can be measured – one by Treasury, and another by the Parliamentary Budget Office. While their methodologies have some differences, their estimates as to what is happening to the federal budget over time are nearly identical.

    Both find that it is a structural problem in the revenue side that has ravaged the budget, not on the spending side.

    Specifically, the PBO last year reported that between fiscal 2002-03 and fiscal 2011-12, there was a 6 percentage point fall in structural balance of the budget, which comprised a blowout in structural spending of 1 percentage point, and a much bigger fall in structural revenues of 5 per centage points.

    Yesterday, my colleague Alan Kohler rather blithely skated over a major point of contention between Labor and the Coalition by repeating that fact that the first Rudd government “inherited a structural surplus” (Income tax has to go, December 15).

    Kohler is right, but only just. The budget went into structural deficit in the 2007-08 fiscal year, but the sharp fall in structural revenues began with income tax cuts in the last year of the Howard government.

    ……This point of contention deserves much more attention than it has received to date, because it paints the real picture of what’s happening ­– unlike Hockey’s expected sketch of a mutilated economy impaled on a tree.

    In both the PBO and Treasury modelling last year, it is noted that a natural recovery process is underway.

    The PBO’s analysis found “the budget has been in structural deficit since 2006-07 or 2007-08 and that, while declining, the structural deficit will persist at least until 2016-17”.

    The Treasury modelling found “Over the medium term, the improvement in the structural balance reflects the government’s commitment to limit real spending growth and allow tax receipts to recover naturally … the key point to draw from the analysis is not the specific year in which the budget returns to structural surplus, but the steady improvement over time”.

    We are now in a very dangerous political game. If MYEFO is presented with all the horror predicted, this government will risk further sharp falls in consumer and business confidence in a one-eyed bid to convince voters that the Gillard-Rudd government was “the worst government ever”.

    Labor should be castigated for exceeding its own spending cap (if that is what MYEFO reports), but not for its plan for a steady return to surplus.

    If Treasurer Hockey has managed to paint the economy – and the nation’s fiscal position – in as dim a light as possible, the corrosive effect on confidence will be larger than necessary. And, in fact, that is the opposite of what Hockey needs to repair the revenue side of the budget.

    The “steady improvement” over time will be a thing of the past. In that case, only savage spending cuts will do the job or, as Kohler suggests, large tax hikes which themselves would further damage private consumption and confidence.

    There may be no way out of the ‘great reckoning’ Australia now faces – but talking the economy and the budget position down guarantees that fact.

    The ‘This is worse’ view of Australia’s economic and fiscal future will become a self-fulfilling prophecy..

    Hockey now on.Same old slogans. Would like to know what those thrifty projects that Hunt has approved.

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