I want to hear the good things about Tony Abbott

On John Lord’s excellent appraisal of Tony Abbott at The AIMN, in It Goes to the Character of the Man, someone asked (which I have slightly edited:

. . . could you please inform us about the positive things that Abbott has done since being elected?

This is a question I have asked often and have yet to get a proper answer. The usual non answer has been how bad Labor was. I want to know what policies have worked for the Coalition. Asylum seeker policy is claimed as successful (by them) . . . but I want an honest appraisal . . .

I have been asking similar questions on this blog for well over a year. I’ve never received an answer, except that “Julia Gillard or Kevin Rudd are bad therefore Tony Abbott must be good”. The “good” Tony Abbott is Prime Minister now. Here is the chance for his admirers to give us an honest appraisal of his performance to date as PM.

Come on, let’s see if you can conjure up with something valid and honest. Of course, it’ll be a first and it’ll be new ground for you, based on your arguments to date.

Here’s your chance. I’m waiting.

Tony Abbott - Caricature

Tony Abbott – Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)