Abbott’s agenda


Tony Abbott campaigned extensively on “restoring trust” and “no surprises”.

We will be a no surprises, no excuses government, because you are sick of nasty surprises and lame excuses from people that you have trusted with your future”, he said.

It is fair and reasonable that any government might find the need to refine or to reassess with changing circumstances.  The Abbott government has no such excuse.  Arriving to power with the expectation that a steady hand would be running the country, the promise was an almost immediate return to Howard’s “Golden Age”.

”There will be 2 million more jobs, in manufacturing as well as in agriculture, services, education and a still-buoyant resources sector”.

Tony Abbott did however suffer an awkward moment after a video posted on YouTube about how he’s “delivered on his promise” was taken down for being ‘deceptive content‘.  YouTube then suspended Tony Abbott’s entire account.  Is it any wonder that Abbott detests the alternative media, it’s where his bullsh*t is called to account.

I note that the Abbott government is just about over any pretext of running this country in any way, shape or form in a method resembling their pre-election promises, that is with the notable exception of job losses from the public sector . . . we are seeing plenty of those, and more to come in the near future.

I remember that prior to the election a somewhat wry comment which has become a self-fulfilling prophesy, that why would Abbott need public servants when he has no policies to implement?  And true enough, with all the programs which he has already cut to the bare bone, and no new programs emanating from this Do-Nothing government, you do not need anywhere as many staff to implement The Nothing as would have been needed if you had intended to be actually doing *something*.

Written early December 10, 2013:

In the 84 days since Abbott and his cabinet were sworn in, they have struggled to find a positive vision for the nation, let alone explain it.

. . . And nothing has changed in the ensuing 100 days, except for the worse.  Some clues however might be determined from the “tweeking” performed by the Abbott government, much of it reported on as nothing more than an aside from a clearly bored and jaded mainstream media.

Tony Abbott has signalled that personal benefits could be scaled back in the May budget by declaring that, “everyone” had to live within their means . . .

By “everyone”, I am assuming that excluded will be Tony’s “women of calibre” who are clearly worth every penny of their estimated $75,000 handouts.  After all it’s “all about” encouraging women of “calibre” to have children, thus said Tony Abbott, and goodness knows, women of calibre need loads of encouragement to have babies . . . and more money will clearly do the trick.

Abbott himself of course will be leading by example (sarcasm alert) on Australia’s road to future austerity:

Luxury renovations for Prime Minister Tony Abbott at Kirribilli House.  TONY Abbott has spent more than $120,000 overhauling Kirribilli House since winning the election – including $13,000 on a family room rug.

Well perhaps not leading by example, but at least with a smidgeon of empathy? . . . well perhaps not again, as who could forget Abbott’s year long funk after losing a portion of his salary.

Said Tony Abbott,

“What’s it called? Mortgage stress? The advent of the Rudd Government has caused serious mortgage stress for a section of the Australian community, i.e. former Howard government ministers!” he (Tony Abbott) said at the time.

“You don’t just lose power … you certainly lose income as well, and if you are reliant on your parliamentary salary for your daily living, obviously it makes a big difference.”

Clearly the mortgage in question was causing Tony Abbott so much stress, that promptly forgot about it . . .

LABOR has questioned whether Tony Abbott could manage the Australian economy after he failed to declare a $710,000 mortgage on his family home.

So which of us is likely to be the “everyone” who Abbott says must live within their means?  Who says it better than Mungo MacCallum, with below from his blog, The View From Billinudgel: So which bits is Abbott going to cut?

Well, obviously not parental leave – in fact Tony Abbott’s pet scheme is set to add a few extra billions to the bill. And the government has already promised to scrap the means test on the health insurance rebate, which gives it another hefty boost.

But perhaps we could start with some of the hand outs of the Howard years, the family tax benefits that go mainly to those who don’t really need them, the archetypal middle class welfare? No, perhaps we couldn’t, because that would make an awful of Coalition supporters very unhappy indeed.

So we’ll turn to the pensioners. The obvious targets are the aged pensioners, who cost as much as the rest of them put together. But they are a strong voice, and what’s more they overwhelmingly vote for the Coalition.

So we’ll move on to the powerless, the disabled and the unemployed. Surely they could do more to pull their weight. We can’t actually reduce their pensions, particularly not  for the unemployed (who now include single mothers); they are already scraping along on the poverty line.

But we can make it harder for them to get anything at all.

And the disabled – well, some of them are only a bit disabled.

Does all this have some sort of wry irony?  While Abbott spends, spends and spends and the latest is the cost of the orange lifeboats which now have apparently topped the $7.5 million dollar mark, not to mention Tony’s boys own adventure of $3 billion for drones.  Then there is the $4.3 million worth of research contracts commissions to scrutinise Twitter, Facebook and blogs . . . and all the while pensioners are threatened with having to belt-tighten.

An odd distortion of priorities is something which is coming to epitomise the Abbott government.

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  1. Cannot the GG see that he isn’t keeping to what ha said pre election ????? if not she must be the only person in the country. can she not drag him over the coals for not keeping his word, I know his word is crap, cannot believe anything he says, If he won’t keep his word he should resign.

  2. cost of the orange lifeboats which now have apparently topped the $7.5 million dollar mark

    Money well spent. No boats for 3 months now.

    The corrupt and immoral ALP/Greens govt locked up record numbers asylum seekers. This meant spending $1B/year more than under Howard housing and feeding these people.

    Hopefully we can now start taking refugees from UNHCR camps like we did under Howard instead of spending billions of dollars extra locking these people up.

    Only 6 boat people in detention before the Pacific Solution was abolished.

    Much fairer also to take our refugees from UNHCR camps.

  3. F*&%# off NoS, hop on your dreary drone of a merry-go-round and ‘look over there’ ➡ Howard, like you, was a traitor to his own people all for the sake of his own career…. only a dickhead like you is not resigned to that truth.
    Dahhlu F’ Sormok mo fo 😡 😛

  4. “We will generate one million new jobs over the
    next five years and two million new jobs over the
    next decade…”
    Page 33 of the LNP ection program

    That’s 200,000 new jobs a year.

    Last mont the ABS said 80,000 new jobs created.

    Tony Abbott, savious of the working class.

    Gillard/Rudd put over 200,000 on Newstart over 6 years.

  5. Why are you gormless Liberal supporters such liars and only tell part of a story, leaving out the full data and/or context?

    Employment increased 47,300 to 11,530,800. Full-time employment increased 80,500 to 8,049,900 and part-time employment decreased 33,300 to 3,480,900.
    Unemployment increased 9,800 (1.3%) to 742,200. The number of unemployed persons looking for full-time work decreased 24,100 to 525,000 and the number of unemployed persons only looking for part-time work increased 33,900 to 217,200.
    The unemployment rate increased 0.1 pts to 6.0%, based on unrounded estimates.
    Participation rate increased 0.2 pts to 64.8%.
    Aggregate monthly hours worked decreased 14.0 million hours (0.9%) to 1,608.9 million hours.

    It’s the only way you can justify your mindless ideological following of a terrible political party, that and forever bringing up diversions of Labor instead of addressing the failures, broken promises and ineptitude of the party you so blindly love unreservedly.

  6. “F*&%# off NoS, hop on your dreary drone of a merry-go-round and ‘look over there’”

    Nothing to say about what i said?? Only abuse??

    I commented on the stupidity of commenting on the alleged waste of $7.5M on orange boats when Labor has wasted at least six billion dollars because they abolished the Pacific Solution.

    To say you people are insane is an understatement.

    Hopefully we can start helping refugees again by taking them from UNHCR camps like we did under Howard.

    The Australian Labor Party is a corrupt and immoral political party elected by corrupt and immoral people

  7. Oh looky… the other lie repeater has turned up…… 🙄
    Your stoopid tony will only bring on a recession….. and when he does, you and NoS will blame Labor…… as per
    I can’t wait til Labor gets back in so that what ever is left of the economy after these soldbottoms have trashed it (as they always do 🙄 ) can be fixed.
    LNP= granny sellers……. no, really…..LNP, the used car salesmen of politics ….true dat 😛

  8. what ever is left of the economy after these soldbottoms have trashed it (as they always do

    As they always do?? So in 2007 the economy was trashed?? And you wonder why i have no respect for you people.

    Ridiculous. Worried about $7.5M spent on orange boats while Labor wastes six billions dollars housing record numbers of asylum seekers.

    And once again. No boats for 3 months.

  9. Don’t know. Do you really care or do you just want to play politics with peoples lives?

    And give it a miss mate. Unemployment was at 11% when Keating won an election. Did you vote for the Coalition in 1993??

    All i know is that unemployment was at 4.3% and trending down when Howard lost in 2007 and it was at 5.8% and trending up when Rudd lost in 2013.

    Unemployment went from 4.3% to 5.8% under Labor.

  10. NoS you do remember “Howard the King of the Loose Purse Strings,” know, the winner of the “Mr Fiscal Profligacy” contest, Mr Buy-a-vote and *uck the tax system for years to come…..Mr Demonise-Refugees to score cheap political points (a.k.a. blaming victims of his war(s) for being victims of his war(s) ),.. Mr Didn’t-Set-us-up-for-the-future… no, instead of building infrastructure to take us into the 21st Century, Howard wasted the boom on cronies like you NoS….. and I bet you were easily bought 😉
    …… and here we go again…. you, sucked in, as per, as the Lib’s tank the economy AGAIN…… run the whole show into the ground, again… then run away, cower and say ” It wasn’t ME” …… ewe and your ilk ain’t foolin’ no one, no how 😛

  11. GFC ended 😕 surely you jest 😮 … ended pfft…. you obviously have not been keeping up with the realities of the world around ewe, baa…. Howard’s fiscal profligacy rooted the tax base, do keep up 😛 …. otherwise people will think your just some kind of an village idiot…. one sadly never to be reformed 😦
    ….and as for budget deficits, ha…. I’ll let Mo or Mangrove Jack explain that to you.. again, though I do think they get weary having to explain it over and over 🙄
    (one must ask- “Are you thick or something” ) 😆 😆 😆
    …… just so you won’t think nasty thoughts about me I’ll give you a hint- Deficits PFFT, it’s inflation that one should be looking at…not debt and deficits ..or surpluses for that matter…. no wonder your side get it wrong every single time…… no wonder the Lib’s should never be in government, the stoopids think ya run govt. like ya do a business…… I mean how Neanderthal is that 😮

  12. “Howard wasted the boom on cronies like you NoS

    You may not know this but the mining boom did not start until 2004. So Howard only got the benefit for the last three years. And Costello saved $50B during this time.

    It was Swan who wasted the boom which exploded after Howard lost office and he spent the lot on tax cuts and middle class welfare.

    Swan did not save a cent. Put nothing into the Future Fund. Did not pay off any debt but spent the lot.

    But that is Labor for you. Deficits and debt do not matter. We are sovereign in our currency so we can spend spend spend. Put everything on the Mastercard because debt does not matter according to Labor.

  13. The disgraceful writer makes a point of commenting on Abbott’s youtube channel being taken down. What she deliberately failed to mention is that the channel was reinstated when it was determined that there was an orchestrated and fraudulent campaign of lies and slander by the left which briefly overwhelmed youtube.
    This is just part of a pattern of behaviour of criminals of the fringe left who will eagerly breach any laws or accepted standards to suppress free speech. They did it a while back, reporting Facebook accounts of LNP political figures. I understand the AFP were involved as soon as politicians were targetted.
    When you have criminals on your side, Carol, best not to brag of their exploits!

  14. No Neal you are wrong and lets look at the Corrupt Liberal Government Arthur Sinodinos what was that NSW Liberal ICAC probe sees Hartcher quit NSW cabinet the list Abbott’s slush fun to name but few and Neal tell me how many Solders died in Howard’s Iraq war lie many so get the fact straight and look in your own backyard and we see Naughty Abbott’s past as well under Labor we had one of the best government in the world fact we were no5 on the Forbes list and we did not lie it was not a Carbon tax fact so lets look at Abbott’s wreckage so far for one term Tony the worst government in HISTORY UPDATE ON : TRACKING ABBOTT’S WRECKAGE

    Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013. From that moment, he and his government have broken promises and hurt Australians.

    This post will be regularly updated to keep track of the Abbott Government’s broken promises and everything his Government does to hurt Australians.

    Each separate item will have a link to a source. Broken promises appear in bold and in a separate list at the end.

  15. Neal have look the envy of world under Gillard now we are the laughing stock of the world under Abbott Now under the Gillard Government We had the lowest unemployment rate in decades, and our economy was the envy of the world. The Gillard government oversaw the smallest increase in cost of living of any Australian government for at least 25 years despite the introduction of the carbon price, a new study has found.

    Moreover, Australian households have seen real incomes – disposable income minus cost of living increases – rise 15 per cent since just after Labor took office, giving the average household a $5324 a year boost, or $102 a week. facts Neal

  16. NoS, Swan did manage to get Australia through the GEC beautifully, didn’t he. Won a prestigious global award for doing so, he, and Keating are the only 2 Australian Treasurers to have done so, I believe. Australia was the envy of many countries around the world. You should be very grateful he was at the helm at the time. Could you imagine the disaster if Hockey had been in!! Credit where credit’s due.

  17. Under the Abbott government the debt is rising got rid of debt ceiling under Abbott Christopher Pyne before the election we are in crisis debt wise what a liar he was under Labor we had a GFC and got though It really well one of the best counties in the world fact thanks Kathy spot on the election was a fraud committed by Murdoch & co and some believed the spin well not now he is one term Tony the big HYPOCRITE & LIAR

  18. Palmersaurus are you an LNP TROLL I and Labor tell the truth not like some people we know who tell lies after lie broken promises after broken promises 6 years of good Government fact The World’s 10 Best Governments Julia Gillard Labor no.5 you have been all conned by the worst government in history the Lieberal Tony is such a Hypocrite and a Liar

  19. Lovo Tell me how much debt now has lieberals increase it to and it’s liberal debt and they got rid of debt ceiling as well I thought there was a budget emergency mmm and it will keep rising Labor in a GFC environment had low debt low unemployment no budget emergency either LOL Australia is going down the plug hole under Abbott and soon as we get rid of the corrupt lying Abbott Government the better bring on the DD

  20. Yeah TomR and what is it due to?? Your opinions are unprovable.

    See Conservatives don’t believe that crap that debt is not a problem.

    So when Howard got in he started to get the budget back into surplus and to pay off debt. So we hit the GFC with ZERO Federal govt debt and unemployment at 4%.

    How many overseas countries hit the GFC with numbers like that??

    “we have all heard quite enough of your repetitive crap!

    Well here i go again. You people are insane. Showing false concern about orange boats costing $7.4M when we are now spending $1,000M/year more housing record numbers of asylum seekers.

    Stewart Mcwillams

    I have answered all your crappy comments many times. I would answer again but i would get accused of being repetitive.

  21. Yeah TomR and what is it due to?

    I have said it many times nil. Are low debt position to begin with, the regulatory position of our banks, and the timely injection of funds as the GFC hit. It is not like this information is new to you.

    My third and final chart shows comparative levels of government debt for the same economies, before and after the crisis (Table 1). Not surprisingly we see that debt ratios have substantially increased. The reasons for that are not hard to understand: a combination of automatic fiscal stabilisers as revenues declined when the major economies went into recession; discretionary stimulus measures to counteract the crisis impact; and in some cases, the costs of emergency public support to troubled financial institutions. Once again, I include the Australian data for comparison, and note that the effects here have been relatively mild and come from a favourable starting point.

  22. Palmersaurus and,

    Stew baby – it’s only overpaid unionists losing jobs – real workers are gaining them – 80,000 full time last month.

    Oh really? Gosh…

    AUSTRALIA’S unemployment rate rose to 6.0 per cent in January, official figures show, the highest level since July 2003.

    Full-time employment fell 7,100 to 7.953 million in January and part-time employment was up 3,400 to 3.507 million.

    And of course the situation remained stagnant for February.

    Where is all this nation-building stuff Tony Abbott promised us? Where are all the shovel-ready infrastructure projects? Seven months into Abbott’s prime ministership all that he has done is to turn around a few leaky Indonesian fishing boats, while spending $7.3 million in the process (thank you Mr. Abbott for the lovely new lifeboats says Indonesia)..and that’s not factoring in the cost of the operations, while setting back co-operation with Indonesia at least a decade. Wow, such an achievement in Abbott’s *war* on persecuted refugees. Hey good on ya Australia you with all your wealth can manage to bully a few ragged men, women and children.

  23. What! Neil get accused of being repetitive!

    We all get like that with nil Michael 😉

    I have said it many times nil.

  24. So “the Australian Labor Party is a corrupt and immoral political party elected by corrupt and immoral people”

    If that’s true, then what does that say about the supporters of the inept, self-serving ,hypocritical hate-mongers of the neo-fascist Liberal Party?

  25. JohnB and,

    The disgraceful writer makes a point of commenting on Abbott’s youtube channel being taken down. What she deliberately failed to mention is that the channel was reinstated when it was determined that there was an orchestrated and fraudulent campaign of lies and slander by the left which briefly overwhelmed youtube.

    No, actually this disgraceful writer thought it rather funny, plus a good deal of Karma thrown in for good measure. 😀 Given that Abbott’s response to his own (pathetic) effort at communicating with anyone under the age of 80 was his minder Credlin setting up an extensive plus very expensive surveillance of the social media..and gosh, any of us would have done that for half the price the Abbott government is paying 😉 ..well big fail isn’t it. If you can’t compete on the same stage, then just rip down the entire theatre…

  26. The Librorts trolls are always such a predictable bunch. Nothing but the usual lies & Far Right propaganda from these idiots. What’s the point of having “money in the bank”, if you’ve failed to invest in vital infrastructure, health, education trades training & the like. Howard just pissed away *billions* of dollars (mostly earned from the sale of assets) on a combination of bribes & party-political advertising. It is high time the Far Right stopped clinging to the myth of “Howard the savriou of the economy. He was no such thing.

  27. Hey, Palmersaurus, in the 6 months since your beloved Abbort became PM, unemployment rates have hit the 6% mark-the first time its done that since 2003. Ironically, this is about the time that Abbort was the Workplace Relations minister.

  28. Nice try, Neil. Since January 1st, there have been at least a dozen boats that have departed from Indonesia. Just because Morriscum refuses to tell us the details about them, & has them turned back, doesn’t mean they’ve stopped coming. So it looks like that money is being wasted. Just what I’ve come to expect from these liars who proclaimed a “budget emergency” pre-election, but have since added $60 billion to our gross debt.

  29. OK, slight correction. There has been 10 boats that departed from Indonesia since the start of 2014. So if this whole thing is really about “saving lives” & not “scoring racist redneck votes”, then I think its safe to call OSB a complete failure-& an increasingly costly one to boot. It costs around $2 billion to maintain those camps on Manus & Nauru, not to mention the cost of the lifeboats we’re gifting to Indonesia every couple of days.

  30. What she deliberately failed to mention is that the channel was reinstated when it was determined that there was an orchestrated and fraudulent campaign of lies and slander by the left which briefly overwhelmed youtube.

    Actually, it was re-instated after they worked out the account belonged to a politician. Make of that what you will 😉

  31. What a load of self serving crapsters the people of Australia have deemed the Gillard ,Rudd government was hopeless thankfully the majority of people can see this for some they will never get it.

  32. palmersaurus @ March 20, 2014 @ 9:56 pm “Lovo – how come the budget deficits increased each and every year after the GFC ended under the ALP ????”

    In one sentence, Torysaurarse has shown his complete ignorance in how sovereign currency work, thus showing they are a complete ignoramus in being able to comment on financial matters that are bigger than his own household budget. A real target for what his beloved Dickhead is about to unleash upon him.
    I really hope you have performed a miracle with your income stream, because if not, your in deep shit.
    When the many start having to fall back on their Communities to survive, after the Government of the Dickheads focuses all wealth distribution to the Vampire Squids that are wrapped around the face of humanity, when you are one of those who turn up requiring shelter for the night and some hot soup, will you be brave enough to espouse what you are saying now before you gain your shelter and food? I would suggest, till you are absolutely sure, toning it down a smidgin, and keeping your options open and being less so supportive of the Granny Robbers.
    You are not unknown, hiding behind your computer screen. Everything on the Net is traceable as it is pure logic. Some of us are just polite and play along and have principles on people’s privacy, no matter how obnoxious they are.

  33. Null of Sydney @ March 21, 2014 @ 9:57 am
    If anyone at all knows about crap, a Dickhead that espouses little else but crap. the Concierge of crap, the nothing of factual intellect, the King of Crap would would be that that tries to be the one to project everyone else below themselves, would be the one that is the guilty of being crap, if it was at all possible to have something that was Null (Nothing) be capable of anything at all.
    Did someone notice a fetid smell emanate from Sydney just now?

  34. One of Stewart McWillams dozen or so posts in the last 24 hours, accuses Neil of Sydney, of being a troll.

    MARCH 20, 2014 @ 11:28 PM
    “Neal you need facts LNP troll ”

    Judging by Stewart’s grammar, I am not sure he’d know the meaning of the word hypocrisy.

  35. (Sarcasm) Ouch, Neil, what a “superb” comeback (/Sarcasm). Just what I’d expect from a Librorts Party troll. When they can’t deny the facts, they simply call it “crap”. So I take it you, Palmersaurus & JohnB will be taking part in your daily “Librorts Party Troll Circle Jerk” soon? You morons are so hilarious, but I do wonder if Menzies House is really getting value for money from your ludicrous efforts.

  36. I hereby rename Nil of Sydney “Mr Mushroom”-as he seems to enjoy being kept in the dark & being fed bullshit by his Librorts Party employers.

  37. “It costs around $2 billion to maintain those camps on Manus & Nauru, not to mention the cost of the lifeboats we’re gifting to Indonesia every couple of days.

    Yes and before the Pacific Solution was abolished by Rudd the whole detention center network only cost $140M/year. Furthermore there were only 6 boat people in detention. The majority were visa overstayers etc. before Labor stuffed everything.

    Howard just pissed away *billions* of dollars (mostly earned from the sale of assets)

    Not true. Costello produced $100B in budget surpluses and $80B from asset sales. So Costello saved $100B+$80B= $180B in 11 years.

    This enabled all govt debt to be paid off ($96B), creation of a $70B Future Fund and other Funds (eg Higher Education Endowment Fund).

    I above comment i have repeated many times but needs to be repeated for the dummies.

  38. Glen Stevens Need fact we had one of the best performing governments in the world we were in fact the envy of the world Thanks to Labor Party when the Party was in The big three credit rating agencies – Moody’s Investors Service, Standard and Poor’s Financial Services and Fitch Ratings – rate a country’s creditworthiness.

    All three agencies have given Australia under Labor a AAA rating with a stable outlook.

    Only seven other countries – Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland – enjoy this rating.

    Three others are rated AAA but their outlook is not assessed as stable. The Happiness that we have enjoyed under Labor will not Continue We had A GFC and we Kept that all important Triple AAA Rating we were the envy of the world now we are the Laughing stock of the world why the rest of the world think we are crazy to vote out a party that saved the Country from a GFC MMM that was then.

    Well Coalition Labor did excelent work the hard yards Credit where Credit is due
    now we have a country going down the plug hole under a coalition government that don’t care except if you are Cadbury chocolates Abbott plays Favourites LOL

  39. THE MYTH OF THE LIBERAL SURPLUS. That it was achieved by good Economic Management. here’s what Howard and Costello sold. IT WAS NOT DUE TO GOOD ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT.

    In 1991 Commonwealth Bank Paul Keating Floats the first 30%
    Commonwealth Bank: Howard And Floats 51% at $10.40 a share.
    Commonwealth Funds Management: trade sale that raised $63 million.
    Airports: sale of separate long-term leasehold interests in Brisbane,
    Melbourne and Perth airports generating gross proceeds of of $3.31 Billion.
    Australian National Rail: trade sale that raised $95 million. Brisbane Airport trade sale that raised $1.4 billion.
    Melbourne Airport: trade sale that raised $1.3 billion. Perth Airport; trade sale that raised $643 million.
    Telstra: initial public float that raised $14.3 billion.
    Adelaide Airport: sold to Parafield and Adelaide Airport LTD for $467 million.
    Darwin & Alice springs Airport: sold to Alice Springs & Darwin International Airport PTY LTD for $108 Million.
    Canberra airport: sold to Consortium led by the Snow Brother for $65 million.
    Hobart airport: sold to Hobart international Airport PTY LTD for $35 million.
    Australian Industry Development Corporation: trade sale that Raised $200 million.
    Broadcast Australia: Howard sells the SBS and ABC transmission towers for $650 Million.
    National Rail corporation and Freightcorp: Howard Government received $1.05 billion from Toll holdings and Patrick corp for it’s rail assets.
    Sold 167 tonnes of gold, returning just $2.4billion for the gold that was sold via a single broker engaged with out tender.




  40. Liberal TROLLS keeps dusting off John Howard to try and win votes. Remember the Children overboard affair where John Howard lied about asylum seekers throwing their children off boats to ensure they made it into Australia. Hopefully our memories are not that short. I say stop the personal attacks on Labor and speak some truth for a change.

  41. Regular posters here – please be aware the JohnB posting above – is not this JohnB.
    I wish to disassociate my long term posting identity from his posted views.

  42. Phony Tony Abbott being a HYPOCRITE Tony Abbott:”If you want to put a price on carbon why not just do it with a simple tax

  43. Yeah we had a budget emergency under Labor did we ? well no we did not fact we had low debt Compared to the rest of the world the voters were conned not now it will be one term Tony the worst government in history’
    The total amount of gross borrowing [by the Abbott government] has topped $50 BILLION – $50.65 BILLION to be precise – since the election in September 2013. There will be a bit of a seasonal lull in borrowing in the next few months as the financial year draws to a close, but it looks like the Abbott government will be on track for gross borrowing of around $80 BILLION in its first year in office.

  44. if you are wondering why retail and wholesale employment is going down there is one reason. Wages growth is at its a lowest point in thirty years. so people are not getting pay increases they need to pay the bills so there is little if any left over to spend in shops. no sales in shops no wholesale movements. The wealthy are getting richer but they will not spend their money. they have too much already so what is the point of getting more if you cannot spend what you already have. makes no sense to me.??? Kenneth Morehouse

  45. Stewart

    Did you read your own links??

    I like this one

    CSL: floated for $2.30 a share or $300 million. Now worth more than $20 billion as the original investors enjoy making 50-fold returns in 15 years.

    That was in 1994 so that was under Keating. Furthermore Keating used asset sales to fund spending on items in the budget. Costello used asset sales to pay off debt.

    Costello got $80B from asset sales, that is true. But he also ran $100B of budget surpluses so he saved $180B in 11 years.

    And it took 6 years of surplus budgets to get our AAA rating back which we lost under Hawke/Keating in the late 1980’s

    Stewart you are a fraud

    Neil of Sydney

  46. here’s what Howard and Costello sold.”

    “In 1991 Commonwealth Bank Paul Keating Floats the first 30%
    Commonwealth Bank:

    Howard was not in power in 1991. Keating sold Qantas as well.

    But the big one Keating sold was CSL. Sold for $300 million now worth $20 billion.

    And to repeat myself the surplus budgets Costello produced saved more money than asset sales by Costello.

    Neil of Sydney

  47. @ Null the Repetitive @ March 21, 2014 @ 1:10 pm
    Null, how can being just repetitive on nothing, except negativity about nothing ever produce a positive?
    You have to be the worse case I have ever seen to try to promote any cause at all. Do your Supporters a favor and shut up. You don’t do their cause any favors. You actually sabotage their efforts.

  48. not good Government when you have to sell assets and we did not need to sell if Howard was not so wasteful Fact $10,000 for a silly old Couch

  49. “[i]and given tax cuts[/i]”

    What do you think about these tax cuts???

    The Government has delivered $47 billion of tax cuts in our first four years since coming to office. In addition, we have provided further tax cuts as assistance for the cost of living impact of the carbon price from 2012‑13. Even after accounting for the small increase in the Medicare levy in 2014‑15 we will be delivering total tax cuts of around $20 billion a year over the next four years compared to the 2007‑08 tax scales.”

    That was from Wayne Swans last budget in May 2013. He boasts about his tax cuts and has a Table comparing Swan tax cuts to Costello tax cuts.


    Get stuffed

  50. Marcus @ March 21, 2014 @ 11:15 am
    Mushroom is not a good name as Mushrooms can sustain life, and everything that “a Dickhead, such as Null (Nothing) does, is just in supporting “The Dickhead” who is in a Political Party for Dickheads, who show a serious weakness in gullibility to Con Jobs and Marketing Campaigns, which is about extinguishing life in it’s mindless drive to devour for PROFIT (insert group think creamy orgasm here as THE word has been mentioned).

  51. Oh Null, feeling unloved? Here put this white bleached paper bag over your head, I know you’ll refuse the brown one, assume your natural position, and I’ll let the Dickheads (your friends, if they actually are) do you. They seem to like your sort, but not without the paper bag.
    But then, you return enough, for us to know you like it, so here is another white paper bag ready for your next visit. Of course the refusal of the brown ones isn’t racism, it is your preferences for pollution over biodiversity survival.

  52. Well Howard has a point (relatively). Interest rates are not at record lows because the economies around the world are going great.

    “not good Government when you have to sell assets

    OK Stewart what would you have done?? Here is a timeline of Australia’s credit rating

    We lost our AAA in September 1986 and then downgraded again in August 1989 by Moody’s. Remember when Keating said we were becoming a banana republic??
    So we were downgraded twice under Hawke/Keating.

    If you were Howard what would you have done in 1996 to get our AAA back??

    I know of no other way than selling assets and running surplus budgets. And that is what Howard did.

    And we got our AAA back in 2003. Since 2003 Australia has been able to borrow money at the lowest interest rates because of our AAA rating which was restored by Howard/Costello

    Neil of Sydney

  53. Gee and crikey 😮 there sure have been some interesting FACTS presented here for NoS and his cadre to ignore….. (*waves* to Stewart Mac 😉 ) ..and as usual the blind blinkered trolls have been p*wned and don’t know it 😛 …… which leads to the question– “are they stoopid on purpose… or is that just their natural state ??”
    … and having said that I present this John Stuart Mill quote :-
    “I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative. I believe that to be so obvious and undeniable a fact that I hardly think any hon. Gentleman will question it.”
    Have a nice day, Stoopid Trolls 😀 …Nyuck, nyuck, nyaa 😛

  54. regarding the other JohnB.
    I have been using the JohnB handle, in various forums, for well over a decade.
    It’s not an unusual name.

    You can distinguish my wisdom and objective commentary from the other JohnB by my failure to slavishly defend the ineptitude and corruption of the ALP.

  55. Null of Repetitive @ March 21, 2014 @ 3:52 pm
    He can’t help himself, but to point out where others made mistakes, his heroes make the same. ROFL

  56. Hey everyone, the FAKE JohnB FAIL has returned! So lacking gravitas, they have to steal other’s Tag to have any weight in anything.
    Choose a more deserving Moniker John of the Pointless, as that real one has gravity you will never live up to.

  57. Bob Hawke (or was it Keating?) coined the phrase The Clever Country recognising that in the future Australia would never be able compete..unless we wanted to return to the era of Dickensian England and the workhouses. We therefore had to do it *clever* via investment in science and innovation. So what has Abbott done? Cancelled the blessed lot..sigh…

  58. “So what has Abbott done? Cancelled the blessed lot”

    Actually i don’t think he has done anything yet.

    And Australian Conservative do not like deficit budgets so i suspect Hockeys first budget will upset people. I do not believe what Mangrove Jack preaches.

    It must be nice to live in leftie la la land to believe you can run $40 billion dollar deficits forever.

  59. Do you need to stick an appendage into a light socket Null, to actually be able to think, and make sense of anything? Somehow, I don’t think anything is actually going to work for you, except if we adopt the same principals that you continually fall for. *groan* Do we really have to stoop to Goebbels’ methodology?
    Sovereign Currency’s spend their wealth into existence you Nellie. Countries like the USA and the UK can’t, because they sold off their Sovereignty long ago to Private Banks. They sold off their Commonwealths into indentured servitude.
    You Dickhead, have been watching too much TV/

  60. Yep just what i thought.

    lefties think we can be running Swan deficits of $40B forever.

    Conservatives do not believe what Mangrove Jack preaches.

    (PS Stewart McWilliams- our low debt is due to Costello asset sales and surplus budgets)

  61. You are applying the USA and UK paradigm to us you Dickhead. We are in a far better shape than them as we are not sold out, yet.
    You really are doing well to show your ignorance. I don’t know why I bother, except I don’t like you deliberately misleading others as you continually set out to do.

  62. “We are in a far better shape than them

    We are in better shape than them because in 1996 when our Federal debt ballooned to 19% of GDP under Hawke/keating the incoming govt (Howard/Costello) made a commitment to get our govt debt reduced. And reduce it they did.

    lefties wanted them to spend on this, that and whatever. They got abused for running surplus budgets and now you deadbeats brag about our low debt.


  63. Yes you are shameless, and I may add gormless also. You show consistently, you have no understanding, except to repeat the same disproved statements that continually are spun out to deceive you. Gullibility is your only strong point.

  64. Neil the Repetitive 😆 😆 and,

    “So what has Abbott done? Cancelled the blessed lot”

    Actually i don’t think he has done anything yet.

    And the truth shall set ye free! So don’t hold your breath for all those jobs and the nation building non-events.

  65. Michael, it is not per-masticated and regurgitated from Murdoch. He won’t believe it as it hasn’t been Ok’ed for his consumption.
    He’ll just run off and get the per-ordained response for him to bounce back to us, as he wouldn’t dare dissect the story, analyse it and discuss it with us.

  66. Neil,

    Australia had a whole of government to GDP debt ratio of 26.3% and were running deficit budgets when we attained the third of our AAA ratings. Does this give you pause to reconsider your inane idea that ratings depend entirely on running surplus budgets?

    Is there more to it? If so, what? You’ll do yourself a massive favour by doing the research to understand this…

    And btw, MMT does not say, “Deficits and debt do not matter“. A deficit is just the result of flows in the economy, not something to AIM for – it’s just a measure of what happens.

    Likewise, debt issued in it’s own currency by a currency issuing government is a voluntary means of corporate welfare – deficits don’t NEED to be matched by issuing debt.

    Do some more reading Neil – your ignorance after all this time is appalling!

  67. “This should interest you.”

    Yes and the big difference is you lot encourage them to come by boat. Howard never did.

    That is why you have some responsibility for the asylum seeker drownings.

  68. Oh another Face-palm moment for us all, from Sydney’s /dev/null, which has reported it has succeeded in throwing it all away. But there is a fault, as it gives spurious crap meaningless messages. Can we recompile this Kernel. It’s stuffed.

  69. Why did the Howard government spend $317million completing the Christmas Island detention facility, IF, as is asserted everywhere by rabid right whingers, “the boats had stopped”?

    Could it possibly be that they knew that numbers would start increasing again as world conditions changed AND case against the Pacific solution was decided in the High Court?

    Even Phillip Ruddock said, “In terms of being able to manage Australia’s borders this will be a diabolical decision. It will increase rapidly the numbers of people seeking to access Australia

    Your assertion is another of those “unprovable” cases Neil. I say numbers were set to increase again, and the actions of the Howard government and the words of the former immigration minister support that position.

  70. you lot encourage them to come by boat

    What is the libs line about “foghorn diplomacy”

    libs in opposition, the loudest advertisements the people smugglers ever had

  71. It’s not that deep TiB – not a kernel, just a light-weight, badly written app 😀

    Perhaps the only change needed is to redirect all output from the NoS app to /dev/null:

    NoS > /dev/null 2>&1
    😆 😆

  72. Not only that Bacchus, Abbott has proved that Howard’s policy was a failure by not adopting it, instead taking up part of the horrible Labor policy and putting on top more terrible punishment for hapless refugees, at great cost of course. Abbott is spending billions more than Labor and exponentially more than Howard. Why, if Howard’s policy was a success?

  73. By the way it was Howard who said it was evil and wrong of a person to blame the government for asylum seeker deaths at sea.

    Finally some sense from him as he calls the right wingers the evil bastards they are.

  74. “By the way it was Howard who said it was evil and wrong of a person to blame the government for asylum seeker deaths at sea.

    That is easy to answer after it was the ALP who said Howard was evil after SIEVX.

    John Howard never encouraged any asylum seeker to come by sea.

    But you lot did.

  75. WTF 😯 …..”HOWARD never ENCOURAGED any ASYLUM SEEKER TO COME by sea….” 🙄
    BS NoS, think back to the so called weapons of mass destruction bullshit. mm,Neil,..remember ……remember the war(s)?? NoS 😡 ….. what about the innocent displaced victims of these wars?? NoS, mm.. 😡
    …round ‘n round…. re-writing history as you go….and in the end all ya got is ‘the lefty’s did it’….. yup, NoS ….. of course we did 😉 …. but hey I guess you knew that already, by crikey. *cark* *puhtt* *TING* … wasn’t Howard…NO, no,no… they were probably Labor WMD’s in the first place *cark* *puhtt* *TING* …and then they hid them just to make Howard look like a war-mongering fool/tool…which would be so hard to do………………………… and yet 😕

  76. I repeat myself

    John Howard never encouraged any asylum seeker to come by sea.

    But you lot did.

  77. Some light reading for..well, not only you NoS but others may be interested in some facts about Howard’s racist guvmunt…… I especially like the last sentence for its ‘giving’ qualities. Please read NoS… you need to finally face the truth…… I know it will be hard NoS… but, mate “It’s Time” 🙂
    “Xenophobic racism and class during the Howard years ”

    Click to access mi1kuhn.pdf

  78. G’day All,

    Dear oh dear, Null of Syd, (or should that be Rep?), doesn’t matter really both of you are still delusions of stupidity.
    This one, in reference to the current government, I love the most :-
    “Actually i don’t think he has done anything yet.”

    I couldn’t agree more they have done absolutely done fuck all, apart from dismantle previous well thought out policies. This current government is an absolute disgrace with no policies what so ever.

  79. Oi Marcus – those cretins Rudd and San reckoned that they woild achieve 6.25% with their budget by June 2014. Check out page 13 of PEFO they took to the election.

  80. G’day All,

    Oh dear poor old Palmersorearse (™ LOVO), and they would’ve achieved it, if not for the change of government to this current lot of dead beat morons, it’s this current government that has buggered everything up, haven’t you noticed? There were over 100,000 Australians telling you that last week end, what are you deaf as well as stupid?

  81. Neil and,

    Yes and the big difference is you lot encourage them to come by boat. Howard never did.

    Nor did Howard ever gain the cooperation of the Indonesians to tackle the Mr. Bigs of the operation..that was one of Rudd’s. You seem to think that *stopping the boats* means sending people away to other countries, minus any responsibility for Australia towards our regional neighbours. Is that all that matters? It’s the same as saying that people are being bashed on the streets, but that doesn’t matter because you have a GREAT BIG PADLOCK on your own front door.

  82. Carol – WHY WOULD John Howard have needed the co-operation of Indonesia to stop the boats. As we know, Tony Abbott hasn’t got their co-operation either and he’s stopped the boats too. It seems their co-operation means we get up to 4500 illegals a month under Labor. Vale illegal scumbags – no social security for you.

  83. Migs, they’ve been in for 6 months and already more than $61 billion in debt. That means they are borrowing $10 billion per month, or more than $330 million per day!

  84. “You seem to think that *stopping the boats* means sending people away to other countries

    Well around and around and around we go. How many refugees do you think we should take?? Should we take all 40 million or have a quota system??

    And your analogy is wrong. They may have been fleeing for their lives but they have safety in Indonesia. Maybe an unpleasant lifestyle but they are safe.

    Did you see the reason that guy who was murdered on Manus Island for coming here?? He was a trained architect and could not get a job in Iran. He may suffer some discrimination in Iran but his life was safe. He risked a dangerous journey because he wanted to be an architect in Australia. Hardly a reason to give him asylum.

  85. It has been estimated that Abbott has already spent 10% more than in the same period under the previous government, including already spending more for himself at tax payers expense than just about any other PM.

    Strange isn’t it that the things the right wingers would be up in arms over with anyone else other than a Liberal pollie they’re absolutely mute when it comes to Abbott, and that includes his gross stupidity.

    Remember that this significant increase in spending, including lifting the debt ceiling in anticipation of way more spending to bribe the electorate come election time, comes when the government really hasn’t done anything constructive at all, just torn down lots of things, which in some cases is costing them more.

    Of course the widely expensive asylum seeker policy, a magnitude more than the gross overspending by the previous Labor government is adding to their profligacy, as is large sums being spent on a myriad of enquiries, most of which are stacked to find a predetermined outcome for purely political purposes, but also there is their bad economic management for so far a worse outcome.

    No doubt about it, the worst government ever by a long way.

  86. More information please.

    Do you think we should have a quota system or take all 40 million refugees???

    And if that guy who was murdered on Manus Island is anything to go on most of these boat people are economic refugees.

  87. Neil, you are an idiot.

    More information please.

    OK – Neil, you’re a complete and utter idiot. 😛 :mrgreen: 😆

  88. At $330+ million per day, the Lie-berals are borrowing more than $10 for every man, woman and child, every day of the week.

  89. I just noticed that Neil has called himself Neil the Repetitive.

    He does know it’s a self insult doesn’t he?

    It means he’s so closed minded and has so little knowledge on anything, he can only go around in a loop repeating the very little he knows. In Neil’s case most of the very little he knows is Liberal propaganda and factual errors, so he’s stuck in a loop destined to constantly repeat crap and lies.

    Given all that and knowing he gets pleasure out of being insulted, I never thought I would see the day he gets pleasure out of insulting himself and proudly displaying that insult in the form of an alias. That’s akin to masturbating and disappointing yourself for being a lousy lover.

  90. cuppa I doubt he knows he’s disparaged himself. Probably thinks he’s clever and tells himself that over and over and over…

    One day he’ll disappear into his own irrelevancy, oh wait, he already has.

  91. “Neil, you are an idiot.”

    “More information please.”

    OK – Neil, you’re a complete and utter idiot. 😛 :mrgreen: 😆

    I don’t think I’ve encountered anyone as idiotic.

  92. Without reading a single post of his he has achieved one thing, something he achieves far too often. He’s sidetracked the topic thread.

    He might be idiotic in every other way, yet his idiocy has an all too frequent habit of derailing meaningful and lucid discussions.

  93. Oh my Allah, @Cuppa. Where did you get your figures from ???

    It’s not to hard to prove what a lying fraud you are as these figures – government borrowings – are available on the website of the Australian Office of Financial Management.

    So lets look at how much total federal government borrowings were at 30.09.13:
    $277,377,850,000 (

    The last available figure for this year is 28.02.14:

    $299,028,056,000 (

    Using my trusty imported free-trade child labour green Muslim Bangladeshi abacus, I reckon government borrowings have increased by only $21,260,206,000.

    That’s a friggen big difference with your $61,000,000,000.
    Come on liar – prove me wrong, you abject failure and evil spawn of the Nazi left. Remember you fascist – Nazis were environmentalists and socialists.

  94. Neil, I heard from reliable sources in Moresby and Manus that this illegal economic alien was killed by his own kind – fellow Muslims. He was from the wrong sect and had been putting shit on Sunnis.

    My sources are not #theirABC or The Guardian, so they are reliable.

    You are correct that he was a recent graduate from the University of Tehran, living in the southern suburbs of that city without any problems. We are continuously told by Julian Burnside QC and David Marr that these Kurds are in fear of their lives in Iran. How the fuck did this illegal graduate then ?????

    Further proof that almost all illegals are frauds.

    Allahu akbar –

  95. I dont get it Moby. He’s spent 10% more – and you’re complaining. I thought you wanted big spending to stimulate the economy. Isn’t that what Gizzard and Krudd did ???

  96. Oi cuppa – I agree, lets stop the debt.

    We can start with sacking free-loading useless ublic servants, close #theirABC and the tit network SBS, take the knife to Conski, reduce funding to South Australia through defence contracts (send ’em to WA or Qld) etc etc

  97. My what a rant of utter inane gibber.

    Irks you no end that Abbott is such a dunderhead that the only way you can defend him is to keep referring back to Labor.

    And missing the barn again. Surely you got what the 10% in increased spending by Abbott means, you can’t be that slow.

  98. With that said, Mo 😉 … back to the topic….. Abbott’s Agenda ……. same as Howards……. LIE……. LIE BIG……… REPEAT LIE…….. till Goebbels rolls over in his grave and you have *ucked everyone over big time based on a lie………. it’s not about the people (what thems suckers) it’s about power and the ‘few’ (you know whom you are 😉 ) Palmy and NoS think they are ‘players’…. more betterers, if you will. They have a ‘paid for’ agenda….. they are pro’s…… soldbottom’s, if you will. 😛
    What gets (irks) me is how they are blind to the fact that they are traitors to their own…..and that they continually fail to see that fact. 🙄 …gawd they must be stoopid 😆 😮 😆 :/
    But, hey.. I digress 😯 .. Abbott’s Agenda….. same as Howards :- “Between 1996 and 2007, the Howard Government used racism to
    sustain its popularity. From the late 1990s, the primary victims of
    racist campaigns against immigrants were refugees who arrived
    by boat, ”

  99. I notice you lefties get all emotional about asylum seekers. How many refugees should we take?? Should we have a quota system or take all 40 million refugees??

    Fact is many of these boat people are economic immigrants like Reza Berati who could not get a job as an architect in Iran so came by boat to try and get a job as an architect in Australia.

    It is amazing but there are millions of people who would risk their life to live in Australia. Not because they are being persecuted but because it is a nicer place to live.

  100. Well it is a serious matter.

    Under Howard we took refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under Labor we took anybody with $10,000.

    Makes sense. A corrupt and immoral political party (ALP) outsourced our humanitarian program to corrupt and immoral people smugglers.

  101. Like you actually give a pfft…… we are over you NoS…… your a liar and a cheat…. you are a shonk.. and everyone knows it…. ‘look over there NoS…. ➡ pfft

    Click to access mi1kuhn.pdf

    Only RWingers hate Australians…..true dat :/

  102. Well it is a serious matter.

    Under Howard we took refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under Labor we took anybody with $10,000.

    Makes sense. A corrupt and immoral political party (ALP) outsourced our humanitarian program to corrupt and immoral people smugglers.

    PS. corrupt people always stick together. The ALP and people smugglers working together makes sense.

    Let us hope Scott Morrison gets us back to taking refugees from UNHCR camps like we did under John Howard.

  103. Neil of Sydney HATES his fellow Australians….. Neil of Sydney HATES to see his own country advance… in a fair way……. Neil of Sydney is a paid for SLUT…… Neil of Sydney doesn’t give a toss about anyone but himself, he is an self-serving, self absorbed tosser, Neil of Sydney will be the first against the wall- cum the revolution, though I must say; why would you call an revolution CUM… anyhoo ….. Neil, your an ad hominem-wit and a racist…and don’t bother denying it LNP= RACIST SCUM
    oh,oh and one more thingy…… GET STUFFED NoS….. no, really…… ya f*wit 😛

  104. PS. corrupt people always stick together. The ALP and people smugglers working together makes sense.

    Let us hope Scott Morrison gets us back to taking refugees from UNHCR camps like we did under John Howard.

    PPS You people have destroyed the lives of thousands of people from UNHCR camps which we would have taken if Rudd was not elected in 2007.

    Corrupt and immoral parties (ie the ALP) lead to corrupt and immoral results.

  105. G’day All,

    Dear oh dear, finally Null of Syd (Rep) you make a truthful statement,

    Neil the Repetitive
    MARCH 23, 2014 @ 12:23 AM
    Well it is a serious matter.

    Under Howard we took refugees abused and tortured them to create an army of bogan redneck racists ready to vote for the reptilian policies of the LNP

    Under Labor we took anybody with a valid claim to refugee status.

    Makes sense. A corrupt and immoral political party (LNP) outsourced our humanitarian program to corrupt and immoral people.

  106. ShaunJ

    My comments stand.

    That is what ALP supporters have done.

    You people have destroyed the lives of thousands of people. And you do not care.

    Let us hope Scott Morrison gets us back to taking refugees from UNHCR camps.

    My conscience is clear. You lot do not have a conscience.

  107. Oh i forgot to mention.


  108. G’day All,

    Oh dear oh my, and how many lives did the War Criminal Howard destroy in Iraq and Afghanistan Null of Syd (Rep), your comments stand on the bucket of verbal shit you spewed forth with no credible source of information or intelligence for that matter. You, like the trio of turpitude speak nothing but disinformation and lies, it is in your blood and in your speaking notes delivered daily from your masters. My conscience is free, free as the wind, you on the other hand have the conscience of Julie “Asbestosis” Bishop, Pete “phone card” Reith, or Tony “Cadbury” Abbot. And of course what makes you even vaguely believe that I wanted the ALP/LNP refugee solution since I voted for neither dickhead.

    PS that’s dickhead with a lower case d as it is Abbortt that is the Prime Dickhead with a capital D.

  109. “since I voted for neither dickhead.”

    Thank you for this great honor you have given me.

    I stand by my comments.

    Anybody who voted for Rudd (either by first preference or whatever) is responsible for destroying the lives of thousands of people we would have taken from UNHCR camps.

  110. G’day All,

    Ahh Null of Syd (Rep), how vapid and utterly stupid you really are. No great honour, unless you feel having your empty facile baseless repetitive arguments opened up for all to see is some sort of honour. The fact that you drone on with simplistic dross over and over does not make it correct.

  111. It’s a bit like the 7th Day Adventists, or is it the Morons Mormons, being abused for coming to your door – to them, it’s a blessing on them that they’ve been abused!

    Same wacked “logic” NoS is using 🙄

  112. I doubt very much that nos and the usual suspects are actually people, but rather the products of Persona Management Software being “driven” by crazed fascists such as the menzies house mob.
    As such, attempting to engage with them allows progressive refinement of the AI features of the software.
    “DON’T FEED THE TROLLS” has the practical effect of retarding that development,

    That aside, I’m convinced that abbott indeed has an agenda, one in which his publication “Battlelines” should perhaps be regarded as his attempt at “Mein Kampf”
    The regressive forces. with abbott as their puppet, are well aware of the looming catastrophies approaching as AGW effects become more pronounced and unrestrained capitalism furthers class divisions. Choosing to hasten this process, and to enhance their power, they imagine that their wealth and power will protect them. not only from the ravages of hyperenergetic weather, but from a terrified and battered (though much reduced) population.
    Secure in their imaginary redoubts, the proper “order of things” will be restored in a ravaged civilisation.
    Some religious nutters subscribe to a similar viewpoint wrt to the “end of days” which they fear approaches, and thus (?) attempt to hasten.
    Education for the masses, and a humane, fair and equal opportunity society threaten these perverse goals.
    The agenda is one of fascism and religious zealotry.
    The tools racism, divisiveness, hatred and lies.

  113. 2cuppa – yes, with just 47% of the vote. Sir Joh Bjelke Petersen would have been proud. Typical ALP !!!!! Corrupt Nazis with senior leaders in jail for paedophilia, corruption etc. A party to be proud of.

  114. Wise words from a very wise man 😉

  115. You do know palmersaurus that the polls had the Liberals for a win until the corrupt thug Abbott showed up in SA to support his man, and then the Liberals tanked, eventually losing because yet again the Liberals can’t negotiate a root in a brothel with unlimited tax payers money to spend. Even Thomson could do that with union money.

    What a sorry state of mind that you can only sling mud at Labor instead of backing the party you so mindlessly and slavishly follow.

  116. Oi LOVO – you’re as ignorant as @cuppa was yesterday on conomic matters. Don’t you think that that $8 billion that Tony Abbott was forced to support the RBA exceeds $882 million. Swannie kept on ordering the RBA to pay dividends so that they became undercapitalised. Bit like the country’s own balance sheet.

    Maybe you and him were advisors to Wayne Swan.

  117. Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens has effectively confirmed that Joe Hockey is blowing several hundred million dollars in an attempt to make his performance as Treasurer look good. Never underestimate the vanity of politicians.

    Forget a few thousand here and there on the cost of weddings and Cairns “meetings”, Hockey’s petty budget politics will cost tax payers about $300 million over the next 12 months and another couple of hundred million the next year.

    In a speech at a Sydney investment conference this morning, Stevens backed up comments by the RBA deputy governor last week that the bank was happy to rebuild its capital reserves over time. The RBA certainly didn’t ask for Hockey’s $8.8 billion capital injection and didn’t think it was necessary.

    That’s the extra $8.8 billion the government is having to borrow and pay interest on while blowing out “Labor’s” 2013-14 budget deficit by the same amount.

  118. It was an odd decision to give the RBA such a large amount of money given the annual report expressed no concerns about the existing level of reserves nor have the financial markets viewed those reserves as anything other than a curious accounting issue. It was odd too because the $8.8 billion is being borrowed by the government and the interest paid on that debt will amount to an annual cost of around $350 million, based on the current 10 year government bond yield.

    That cost aside, page 77 of the RBA Annual Report included a table that summarised the dividends paid by the Bank to the government since 1997-98.

    That table shows that under the Howard Coalition government, the RBA paid a total of $20.2 billion in dividends. This was $1.83 billion a year. In today’s dollar terms, the total amount paid by the RBA was in excess of $30 billion or almost $3 billion per annum.

    Under Labor, the RBA paid a total of $7.9 billion in dividends or around $1.3 billion a year, on average. In today’s dollar terms, this total approximately $9 billion or an average of around $1.5 billion per annum. In the last three Labor budgets, the average dividend was a tiny $410 million a year.

    In other words, Treasurer Peter Costello ‘raided’ the RBA, using Hockey’s language, to the tune of $3 billion a year in today’s dollar terms for every year in 11 years, while Treasurer Swan (and then briefly Chis Bowen) ‘raided’ $1.5 billion per year for six years.

  119. G’day All,

    Oh dear, oh me oh my, poor old Palmersorearse (™ LOVO), now that Bacchus has unreservedly put you down over the Eleventy Joe RBA fraud, give us your “taste” on the “Arfa Sinodinis” scandal of him being caught performing fellatio on Edie Obeid, much like your scandal with Toilet Block Jones, must be a little embarrassing no? How after only 6 months nearly every member of the Lickspittle Noisome Party have been captured in a rorting fraudulent scheme to defraud the Australian public, you must bow your head in shame to support such a party on incompetent inefficient imbeciles, much like yourself.

  120. The party of small government my arse. And yet another thing if Labor had done the right wingers here would be screaming waste and incompetence, but because it’s Abbott their beloved hero, crickets.

    We have a thing called Infrastructure Australia, and on the whole it does a good job. In it’s current state it was formed in 2008 by Rudd, and that’s probably Abbott’s problem with it, Labor again doing something successful that needs to be underhandedly undermined and overridden, in this case directly by Abbott’s department.

    Briggs, the Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, in an interview on ABC radio this morning detailed, in between blaming Labor every second sentence, how a new sub-committee of highly paid jobs for the boys would be setup in the PM’s department to oversee Australian infrastructure. This committee will be directly responsible to CredlinAbbott, just like Women’s affairs he does nothing for and Indigenous that he does nothing for.

    So rather than cutting red tape (what a blatant stunt that is) Abbott is going about creating more of it as he creates all these committees and sub-departments stacked with his cronies on very high wages at tax payers expense.

    No wonder he’s blowing out the budget and creating a huge pile of inefficiencies and waste. The laugh was that on being questioned as to why another layer needed to be added to what he had just stated was an important entity, Briggs said this would things more efficient by having Abbott directly involved.

    Ask the South Australian Liberals how well things went by having Abbott directly involved. From a sure win to also rans in one hit.

  121. Some stats on boat arrivals.
    Jan 2013 483 Jan 2014
    Feb 2013 947 Feb 2014
    Mar 2013 2501 Mar 2014

    Total 3,931 BLOT

    and you here would have us believe that Abbott’s policies don’t work. Morrison is THE MAN!

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  122. Why are they buying more orange life-rafts and expanding the detention centers?

    Is there something up north happening that is not being reported?

  123. Is this what you are referring to ME, tabot to be chairthingy of infrastruct-thingy

    The committee will have the final say on all infrastructure decisions, including the assessment of projects and funding.

    “We will decide what roads will be delivered, and the manner in which they will be delivered.”

    Some call it “small Government” (except with more layers??) Others might call it something else

  124. What makes this latest intervention by the Government most interesting is that its one million jobs target over five years would, in fact, be a mediocre outcome.

    Yes, well, a lot of “us” have already said that. But, why didn’t the media say that when tabot was using the rubbery figures to get himself elected? But, funnily enough, even with a target that is lower than that which Labor achieved WITH a GFC to contend with, they still need to polish their data.

  125. Tom when all the right wingers have to brag about is a government that has thrown several billion more than previously at a small problem that could be fixed for a fraction of the cost by all sides of politics, then you know the government is a failure.

    Also deliberately leaving out the three months prior to the election to deviously misrepresent the success of this government is another typical right wing attribute.

    But bragging about and praising someone who is heartless, cruel and abuses other human beings, including woman and children, whilst professing to be a Christian says more about their moral bankruptcy than anything else I can think of.

  126. G’day All,

    Ahh, The Dun, seems you are the same uni-neuronal caste as poor old Palmersorearse (™ LOVO), same question for you then since you deliver the same baseless tripe, who are the people the Loathsome Noisome Party are filling the “Orange Roughy” lifeboats with, and from whence do they come? Careful with your answer here as if it is beyond the 22km exclusion zone around Australia then you are accusing the RAN of piracy, if it is within the 22km zone then q.e.d. the boats are still arriving. But I do agree Morriscum is “The Man”, definitely “The Man” UNCHR will be looking at very closely, along with much of the Abbottoir government, with a charge of “crimes against humanity” for most of them.

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