Red tape?????????????

What is this government really about, when they talk about red tape? Is not revision of legislation a part of good governance of all governments?

We have those in the financial  and charity sectors pleading that Labor’s reforms remain in place; that is the Charities Commission, and new laws involving financial advisers. Most seem to be saying these are good legislation and necessary.

This government says they have to go, as it involves red tape.

We have seen all advisory bodies, and the processes to collect information go. Yes, things such as asking industry to inform the government of how they employ women.

They say that they have nine thousand pieces of red tape ready to repeal. How does one assess how much is really necessary regulations, to ensure that people and small business are protected?

Does one get the feeling that this government believes that businesses, especially big business should have no restraints by government on them at all?  That they should have complete freedom to do what they like?

Red tape rarely equals regulations. All or most are brought in to meet a need in society.

Yes, over time, all should be reviewed, as times change. Getting rid of all of it, is another thing.

Federal Attorney-General George Brandis wants to champion a ‘classical liberal’ approach to human rights, but what does this actually mean?

Tim Wilson, Australia’s Human Rights Commissioner, has announced that he will take a “classical liberal” approach to human rights. There is a fair degree of confusion about what this means.

Classical liberalism is not a coherent body of political philosophy. However, in relation to human rights, there are three key ideas that most classical liberals subscribe to.

The first is the idea that all people are born with rights, which they hold simply because they are human. This is the idea that underpins Article 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:

All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

Not everyone shares this belief. Many people believe that rights are simply entitlements granted by the state and held only by citizens. But for classical liberals, rights are much more than this. They are universal (held by everyone) and inalienable (they continue to exist regardless of whether or not governments recognise this. Read more here.

Classical liberalism is a political philosophy and ideology belonging to liberalism in which primary emphasis is placed on securing the freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the government. The philosophy emerged as a response to the Industrial Revolution and urbanization in the 19th century in Europe and the United States.It advocates civil liberties with a limited government under the rule of law, private property, and belief in laissez-faire economic liberalism. Classical liberalism is built on ideas that had already arisen by the end of the 18th century, including ideas of Adam Smith, John Locke, Jean-Baptiste Say, Thomas Malthus, and David Ricardo. It drew on a psychological understanding of individual liberty, the contradictory theories of natural law and utilitarianism, and a belief in progress.

In the early 20th century, liberals split on several issue, and particularly in America a distinction grew up between classical liberals and social liberals. Classical liberals supported the rights of captains of industry, who they saw as the natural leaders of society and the wellsprings of progress, while social liberals supported the rights of labor to organize into unions, and also supported the rights of women and minorities. Classical liberals favored small government which allowed businessmen the freedom to pursue profit without government interference. Social liberals favored big government to support the rights of the poor and disenfranchised.

In the mid-20th century, the classical liberals often formed an alliance with social conservatives; in the United States, they did this under the banner of the Republican Party. In Europe, the same two sides formed but with different labels: what are called social liberals in America are called simply socialists in Europe, and their party is usually called the Labour Party [sic]. Neither liberals nor conservatives adopted the ideology of pure Classical Liberalism, the belief that government exists to protect both social and economic civil liberty.

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  1. Red Tape is costing us dearly.
    Eg – you need 3 licences to sell coffee on your own premises.
    In the Building Industry there is a secondary Industry that feeds off Red Tape.
    Impossible to cost out.
    It is a really sick joke , what is the longest form you have filled out recently?

  2. Let regulator police us says charities
    Updated: 04:30, Wednesday March 19, 2014
    Let regulator police us says charities

    Some of Australia’s biggest charities and community sector groups have banded together to warn the federal government it will commit a ‘huge mistake’ by closing the national charity regulator.

    The federal government will introduce the first of two bills disbanding the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) on its red-tape ‘repeal day’ on Wednesday.

    It will replace the commission with a smaller, charity-focused centre for excellence, which will act as an advocacy, training and development body. It will not be a regulator.

    On the same day, more than 40 supporter groups – including the heads of the RSPCA, Youth Off The Streets, Lifeline and the Ted Noffs Foundation – will write an open letter to Prime Minister Tony Abbott asking the government to reconsider those plans.

    ‘The ACNC has done what few new regulators achieve – gained widespread support across the sector it is regulating,’ the letter reads.

    Scrapping the ACNC will be a ‘huge mistake’ and potentially handing its powers backs to the Australian Tax Office will create more red tape and reduce services to the public and charities.

    Community Council for Australia chief executive David Crosbie said returning to the ‘bad old days’ of having the ATO determine what is and isn’t a charity would create a clear conflict of interest.

    ‘It is simply putting the fox in charge of the hen house,’ he said in a statement on Wednesday.

    ‘It is a failed model from the past. It will not work.’

    Mr Crosbie accused the government of being dismissive of charities in assuming it knew what was better for the sector without consultation.

    But Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews said the ACNC was increasing red-tape and making life harder for the sector.

    ‘No evidence has been provided to justify establishing such a big regulatory structure with such extensive enforce

    Voyager, yes sometimes red tape is a nuisance. This is not what this posit is about.

    When one listens to Abbott, and looks at the words used by Brandis, this government appears to be in the process of relieving business of all regulation. All

  3. Is it kind of Ironic that they are crying about “red tape” while running a witch hunt into “pink batts” which, as all of the previous investigations found, suffered due to a lack of “red tape”

    Oh, and people breaking the law.

  4. Perhaps if they are serious about cutting red tape, get Barry OFeral to cut the compulsory bullshit on elec bills about kt costing average households etc etc

  5. I do believe we are now, at last, finding out, what Abbott is really about.

    I refuse to believe he is as stupid as he makes out, over the last few years.

    One thing for sure, he is rat cunning.

    I am of the belief, all will be revealed in the up coming budget.

    Abbott has rolled another of his minister. Re appointment to SBS. Turnbull’s man was knocked back by Abbott.

  6. silkworm, whatever one calls it, I believe it is not what most would support. In fact, I( am under the belief that such extremism was discredited a long time ago. Yes, back in the dark ages.

    What gets me, the tow he emphasized today, the Charity and financial advisers legislation, are both that those involved, want left in place.

    It is like this PM thumbs his nose at all advice, and who ask, that he rethinks his actions.

    Will be interesting to see what the 9000 regulations are.

  7. the Charity and financial advisers legislation

    I just read that Sinodinos is/was in charge of repealing those changes. Don’t know if that is true or not, but again, if true, the Irony is momentous.

  8. Funny about that..the Abbott government has once again forgotten a few “minor details”..

    The administrative impost of complying with the government’s replacement Direct Action climate policy does not appear to have been calculated.

    And good old Tones clearly still residing in his alternative universe…

    Abbott said it was “a given” that professionals should put the interests of their clients first… 😯

    Umm, is that *should* or would?

  9. Here is the perfect example of red tape. At 40, I slipped on my lino laundry floor (washing machine hadn’t done spin cycle – water every where). I broke my wrist – 80 degree angle. Off to the local district hospital at 6.00pm. On-call GP had gone home – 30 klms away. Nurses decided wasn’t worth calling him in to set it. So next morning at 8.00am it is set, after no sleep and 4 panadol forte.

    Xray shows at 40 I have osteoporosis. My GP says I’ll have to go on Fozamax for life, the ony drug available for men. I think women have the choice of four.

    Every three months, I have to visit my GP for a script. And every time he has to ring Canberra for an authorisation number so the pharmacist can dispense the script. This wally in Canberra has never seen my bone density scans, yet can deny me my right to the drug.

    Why the friggen hell does my GP have to go through this bullshit, or better stated, this red tape, which achieves nothing. In 18 years, the authorisation number has always been provided.

    No doubt some ESL fat cat in Canberra on $100k per annum is happy I broke my wrist many many years ago.

  10. Voyager and,

    Red Tape is costing us dearly.
    Eg – you need 3 licences to sell coffee on your own premises.

    And which one of those would you deem as unnecessary? Perhaps the Food Health and Safety Standards?

    To serve food in your café or coffee shop, you may need a Food Business Licence from the local council where your food business is based. You can use the local government directory to find contact details for a local council.

    Licence costs and application processing times will vary so check details with your local council when you apply. Licensed food businesses may have more than 1 registered premises.

    Serving alcohol to customers

    To serve alcohol to your customers, you may need a Liquor Licence (Commercial other) from the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. Licence costs vary depending on your business type so check with the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation when you request an application form.

    Picking up meat (e.g. from a butcher) to sell to customers

    To pick up meat to sell to customers, you may need to fill in an Application for Accreditation from Safe Food Queensland ie State government….

    Food safety

    You are legally required to meet the food health and safety standards set in the Food Act 2006, Food Regulation 2006 and Food Production (Safety) Act 2000. Ensure you make and store food safely for your customers.

    Learn more about food industry regulations.
    Outdoor dining

    If you want to provide tables and chairs on the footpath so your customers can consume food and drinks outside, you may need an outdoor dining licence from your local council

  11. Palmersaurus, there is a reason for a centralised drug dispensing agency operating federally and this is so that people avoid addiction to some very powerful medications. That is, some people who become addicted to drugs such as painkillers used to *doctor shop*, going from one doctor to another to get numerous prescriptions. With a central registry the register can check how many times the prescription has been dispensed to any particular patient. This has saved many lives plus it has assisted identify the sale of illicit drugs including stimulants and methodone.

  12. I note that Sinodinos is standing down. Suspect there is much more tho this one, after the performance they put on in the senate this morning. What Labor was asking, did not amount to much.

    Abbott is up again. What he is proposing is much more than filling in forms., It is now nearly 10,000 regulations. 60. 000 pages of legislation off the books. Sorry, that is repealing legislation, not red tape.

    Waiting for fact finders to assess what he is now saying., Does not sound true.

  13. Dear Son,, Its been a little while since Last I wrote as I do not like disturbing you at work.BUT I wish to point out a few things to you Firstly when we had you at home we always told you to Honest and Trutthful in what ever you do,Secondly Always keep your word, as your word is your Bond and People respect you for it, Be polite to one and all respect their view point even when differing to your, Always be respectful to ladies, (That goes without saying, sorry you already knew that , just being a Dad ) . I hope all is well at home with Marj and the Girls, Is that strange lady still with you in the Office ? Always a bit bossy I thought , Finally son Following my principles of being Honest and Truthful Your Mum and Myself Did the March in March Here in Sydney,Its our way to show you how we feel about you . You Lying Arsehole
    Mum and dad

  14. palmersaurus, one of the biggest, that would save health budget, is the need to obtain doctors certificate, to claim sick pay at work. One can be truly sick, without the need to visit the doctor.

  15. Carol, what happens whenever a housewife decides to have a big clean out.

    My experience is, that along with the rubbish, one dumps many things that one wanted to keep.

    Going through the list will be interest5ing indeed.

  16. Fed up, from what I’ve seen of this current government, they are completely clueless about any Big Picture. Fine, cancel this and delete that, but the consequences are…??? And that should be the very first question they ask…

  17. Mr Fed up i wish to add my support to your Assessment of our glorious Bleeder oops Leader, As I have said this many times on this site, As the Red Indians would say “Him speak with fork tongue } He has an agenda and a plan to carry it out,. And Nothing is going to distract Him, we can and do complain long and Loud about what us Political followers Know to be true, But the General population are mostly ignorant of what he is doing and will not realise to its too late , Most Normal Politicians would worry about there personal Poll numbers he could not care Less as our Media do not examine his Moves, Honest John ( Ho Ho Ho ) was bad enough but this Fella Leaves Him in His Dust, More march’s please

  18. Turnbull Audited accounts no longer needed. How could this save money. Surely it is just a matter of putting one in the mail. Are we to believe that businesses do not have to create one, to run a business.

    Especially in this, the digital age.

  19. Has one noticed, all this government has done in six months, is demolish all that governments before him have put in place.

  20. Carol – Fosamax is a builder to stop the holes in the bones that is osteoporosis. It is not a painkiller. Therefore, your comment has no basis to support these wankers in Canberra with respect to me. You do not need an authorisation number from some ESL speaker in Canberra for morphine, codine, methadone, naltrexone etc – in fact, I doubt very much that any addictive drug requires authorisation from Canberra.

  21. Carol – if the RedTape is not crushed you will soon need 3 licenses to serve a guest
    Coffee in your own home. 10 or 20 yrs ago none of these applied and strangely
    the number of fatalities has not changed.
    Australia is a joke !

  22. I thought from some posts by @greg_toland that he was zenophobic, racist and homophobe. Absolute proof from this comment:

    ” As the Red Indians”

    No respect for the First Nations people of North America.

    I bet I know what he calls Australia’s Aborigines !!!!!!!!

    What a friggen bigot, redneck and bogan !!!!!!

  23. “We have had a breakdown in decorum today.” Madam Speaker. This is the worse example of the speaker behavior yet. Some accuse her of being a disgrace.

    Getting worse. Pyne just said they would be getting named etc.

    It cannot go on. What the seeker puts the deputy shadow leader through is disgraceful. I note, she is not game to take Albanese on,

  24. By the way, the chair in the upper house, this morning did act with great fairness and decorum. The only decorum lost in the lower house, was that of madame speaker. The madame needs to look in the mirror , look at her own manner.

    A madame of the local brothel acts with more grace and good manners.

  25. Oh the Mammonites are now defending their removal of Red Tape, those pesky hindrances to their exuberant climax that has them cream themselves as they scream for MORE and it comes!
    Quick, offer them Gold-Leaf in their Tea and Coffee, if they want it. A small cost now might actually save us all a bigger one if they are gone.

  26. Mr.Turnbulls contribution.

    …..Malcolm Turnbull is turning the paradigm of government on its head. This is about repeal day.

    Turnbull’s example in his own portfolio is that Australian Communications Media Authority had no choice but investigate every complaint, even those that are made seven years after the airing. This will be no more……….

  27. palmersaurus. have you asked your doctor why he needs to ring to get an authorisation ?. I have no doubt there is a more valid explanation than your rant. My doctor has to get an authorisation for one of my pills as well and it is because the drug is expensive and the subsidy is very high from the PBS. You know that socialist department that provides a subsidy to those on very expensive medicines so they can afford to live, which was introduced by the ALP. My business is also a victim of red tape, but not all red tape is bad.

  28. About time.

    PM to visit PNG tomorrow

    I will visit Papua New Guinea from 20 to 23 March at the invitation of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

    Papua New Guinea is Australia’s nearest neighbour. We share historical links, democratic values and an interest in promoting a secure and prosperous region.

    Australia’s relationship with Papua New Guinea is strong and wide-ranging. We cooperate closely on business, trade, aid, security and defence issues. Importantly, Papua New Guinea is a vital partner in our determination to tackle people smuggling and stop the boats.

    As part of my visit, I will be accompan……..


  29. Maybe Abbott and his mob are so rattled today, because the penny has dropped,

    Yes, one cannot go after Labor with all those RC and other inquiries, without trapping a few of their own. Cannot be done.

    Especially when the number is now up to fifty I believe.

  30. shaneinqld @ March 19, 2014 @ 3:42 pm
    That Palmer…..something has sworn he is not a Hypocrite and is now not utilising anything that is funded by Tax Payers so he can be true to his ideals in the Mammonite way.
    Correct Palmer…whatever you are? Or you still choosing hypocrisy, again, as you always do, like yesterday, the day before, etc.?

  31. Has one noticed, all this government has done in six months, is demolish all that governments before him have put in place.”

    Well i hope so. I would love Abbott to pull down all the detention centers Labor built.

  32. Hey Null, be careful what you wish for, you might actually get it and wish you never had. Most people like you, normally don’t achieve enlightenment until it is too late.
    If you don’t agree, well you’ll love the fact it is normal that those sorts of people never do.
    Do I keep on going with this, or will you just accept it reluctantly and shut up as we know exactly what you hope for, foolishly. We know because we read verified, scientifically backed, peer reviewed history, which is a mite different to the sort you are used to on the Fox Network. Are you outfoxed? I would say “Absolutely”!

  33. Get this for the ultimate hypocrisy from a government whose core ideal is hypocrisy and who are full of hypocrites and have hypocrites as followers, perfectly exemplified here.

    Abbott is running a stacked and forgone enquiry into the HIP scheme with the very narrow scope of only looking at the Labor government’s role. Why? Because according to Abbott they didn’t have red tape in place and because of that Rudd killed four workers.

    I am so looking forward to all the right wingers here calling Abbott a murderer or attempted murderer the moment someone gets killed, seriously injured or ill because of his removing of regulations that were protecting them. That also goes for anyone in his Green Army that gets killed or injured.

    I’m also looking forward to the right winger crying foul when ordinary Australians are ripped off or lose their livelihoods because the regulations he removed allowed shonky business people and con artists to steal from them.

    I’m also looking forward to the right wingers crying foul when the first stories of corruption appear because the safeguards were removed under the guise of reducing red tape.

    I know they won’t put up a squeak on any of those things as they are hypocrites to the core and the very things they would heavily lambaste Labor over they cheer in the Liberals. So if they don’t protest or criticise Abbott and his government for malfeasances caused by his policy and programs it means everything they say has absolutely no credibility, they have no credibility and are nothing more than the mindless Liberal stooges we always accuse them of being. Someone to poke a stick at to see them react and then laugh at their idiocy and inane comments in response.

  34. Möbius, you forget the LNP mantra. Do as we say, not as we do. LNP means hypocrisy. LNP means Lies. LNP means enslavement. LNP means wealth equals debt on your generational offspring. LNP means toxic waste.
    LNP make it so easy for Australians to describe that which is most despicable in human traits. So it is “They are so LNP”, instead of they are so toxic. “They LNP the place”, they destroy the place. “They LNP to us”, they lie to us.
    They have now short-changed us of so many adjectives. How typical.

  35. Apt TechinBris but you left out a core that stands right alongside hypocrisy. LNP means projection.

  36. Oh FFS Fed up: Anna Burke threw out 8 opposition members during one Question Time. Fascist Albo always refused to allow the LNP to table documents.

    Time for pay back. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword. Karma at last.

  37. I worked in welfare and disabilities for years. Hated the paper work, but I cannot see how one can avoid it.

    Abbott is talking abut removing it from such places as childcare and nursing homa. Sorry cannot be done.

    The paperwork protects both the client and worker.

    How does one know what the previous shift did, if it is not recorded..

    Would gate to see any worker have to defend themselves ion court, of things were not in writing.

    In the digital age, most of the reports required, take little more,m than a print out from a computer. Not even that, can be sent in digital form.

    The days are long gone, when a little man sat on a high stool, with a big ledger, and quill in hand, recording the firms daily outlays and income.

    I would imagined\, the reports of what women a firm has, and how they are employed would be created the same way. From records that all businesses have to have. Yes, built into whatever program one has. 15 years ago, occurred in DOCs. Yes, we did keep track of the number we dealt with during the months, the money spent on them and much more data.

    We have heard much bullshit to day, I believe.

  38. Palmer…What are you? Oh, LNP. LNPSaurus, the reason for Red Tape’s existence is because of people just like you.
    It is because of what Society has found as an affront to life and limb and blood spilled in the past, due to wanton neglect of any care by people, just like you.
    It is “tape” that is red, from the blood of the innocent that your type have spilled in the past, but denied your responsibility.
    No wonder you want it gone, it is a guilt trip when you come up against it.

  39. Come to think of it, I did know one. Was quite a lady as I recall,

    Was behind the office I used to work in, Yes, and also the grandmother of a child client I had. Yes, she was good value.

    You are right, comparing madame speaker to a brothel madame is just not fair.

    As for the list thrown out, it was mainly after question time, and far from warrant.

    Now we had the senators, all day saying the Opposition leader was useless, as his questions were out of order.

    The trouble is that any question, that requires a answer from the government, does not get past the speaker.

    In fifty years, I have never seen a speaker or government like this one.

  40. I am looking forward too the first child they lose in a child centre. Then maybe it will be someone grandparent, they forget about or double dosed in a nursing home.

  41. None of it was about tabling documents, That is rarely allow.

    it was about Tanya attempting to point out where the minister, mostly Dutton misleads the house each QT.

    How does one point out where they were misrepresented, if one cannot use figures, to correct the ones the minister used. According to the idiot sitting on that bench, is argument., Facts are n ow argument.

    Pyne jumps up, then tells the speaker what to do., She always follows his directions.
    That incident today, was because the speaker became confused and lost it.

    Each time this happens, she either screams at them sit down, or throws them out.

    Her rulings never make sense.

    One cannot sit there and allow themselves to be bullied and abused. That is what is occurring. With Abbott and Pyne, there is no way she is going to be pulled into line.

  42. Who said this.

    “dodgy actions that will lead to dodgy legalization, that will lead to dodgy outcomes/

    Even Peter Collins said that outcomes will be disastrous. Drum.

  43. Jeez there’s hardly a week goes by that you don’t hear about stuff ups from this idiot government.

    Their red tape slash and burn, throwing out the baby with the bath water as ex-Liberals are saying along with right wing media spokes people, is already revealing massive holes that will leave Australians much worse off. One is that their throwing out of financial oversight regulations will see the super savings at very real and high risk that will make Storm, Banksia, Vic etc. look like small bikkies.

    Another one flagged by Abbott is the collection of information on gender discrimination in the workplaces, thus yet again the Minister for Women is going to screw them.

    Can the right wingers tell us why Abbott hates women so much? Is it that he has four women in his immediate family and they are so much smarter and more adroit than he is as he bumbles, brain farts and stammers around the house, the “dad moments” as one daughter put it?

    There is also the flagging of the regulations overseeing nursing homes and child care centres. So if the right wingers aren’t upset over that it means they or those they know don’t have kids in child care of aged relatives in nursing homes. Or if they do, and they still condone the removing of regulations to oversee the safety and health of people in care wherever that may be, it means they are heartless mind dead human beings only concerned about their own greed and ideology over the good of fellow humans.

  44. The Abbott government’s red tape repeal will not include plans to water down gender reporting requirements.

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott plans to lighten the nation’s ‘biggest bonfire of regulations’ on Wednesday with a promised red tape cull.

    The government wants to get rid of 10,000 regulations, putting it about three-quarters of the way to meeting a $1 billion target.

    Bills will be introduced to parliament on Wednesday with the expectation of passing the lower house next week.

    But Josh Frydenberg, parliamentary secretary to the prime minister with responsibility for deregulation, said proposed changes to gender reporting would not be included in the repeal.

    The overhaul has received a lukewarm response from business – something Mr Frydenberg acknowledged.

    ‘We’re going to continue to consult – there has been a lot of disquiet in the business sector about the implications of the gender reporting,’ he told ABC radio.

    The previous Labor government introduced gender reporting requirements for companies with more than 100 employees.

    But the coalition wants to increase that threshold to 1000 employees, and give companies the option to have their data kept confidential.

    The changes would mean only 700 of the largest businesses would be subject to gender reporting requirements, compared to 13,000 under the current system.

    Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen said Labor also scrapped regulations when it was in government – just without all the ‘fuss’.

    ‘We quietly went about repealing legislation and regulations which were no longer relevant,’ he told Sky News on Wednesday.

    He says Labor will consider the government’s deregulation measures on their merits.

    ‘The government hasn’t done us the courtesy of an advance copy – there are a lot of regulations there so we’d have to work through them.’

    Opposition finance spokesman Tony Burke said the repeal day was a ‘protection racket’ for changes to laws governing financial advice.

    Labor has accused the government of wanting to water down consumer protections that prevent commissions being paid to financial advisers.

    ‘What we’ve got here is about 9000 layers of cover for the superannuation changes,’ Mr Burke told ABC radio.

    ‘To dress up as red tape something that’s about consumer protection for people’s retirement savings, I think is extraordina

    Many of these called red tape, is changes made to legislation, dressed up as red tape.

    Abbott is attempting to change legislation, without introducing new legislation.

  45. Abbott believes it is a given, that industry does the right thing for clients,.

    No need for laws to ensure they do.

    He believes that the common law is all that is needed.

    Different world to the one I live in.

  46. Palmer sore arse have you had Brain scan yet? Or are worried that they wont find a Brain As the Indiginous American Indians would say “You speak with fork Tongue” Still waiting for something praiseworthy about Chameleon man Just one deision of an worth

  47. There you are Calling someone a “Dickhead” and the fire at quakers hill was lit by a Hospital worker with suspected affiliations to the LNP probably here on a 457

  48. @ Möbius Ecko: Strange you should comment on the red tape caused by that bunch of hairy legged feminists at the Wokplace Gender Equality Agency dated 19 March 2014 10:43. Here’s the whole email:

    “Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your email.

    We publicly report our diversity outcomes in areas including disability, cultural and linguistic backgrounds, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and gender diversity, in our annual report. (All government Agencies and departments are required to include this information in their annual reports). You can access our annual reports here:

    You will see in our last annual report we have 3 men and 35 women – a legacy of being the ‘Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency’ which struggled to attract male applicants to fill job vacancies. We hope that the change in our name and function (to include a focus on men) we will be able to attract more male applicants, but this will take some time and a concerted effort on our part. If you want more information about diversity at WGEA, you can visit this page of our website:

    I hope this is of some assistance.

    Kind regards


    Clare Buttner
    Communications Manager”

    AS you will note, Moby Dick, the WGEA is a fascist feminist organisation that denies men a job. here is a glass ceiling, at least from the communications manager upwards. Watch the Andrew Bolt blogs for further interpretation – hahaha. My blog nic on News Corp publications is “The Village Idiot (Reformed)”

  49. I know who you re palmersaurus. And no matter what the nic the idiocy, rudeness and gormless servitude to a very flawed and wanton ideology is forefront.

    And as usual you shoot off at the hip without engaging what little brain you have and miss the point by the width of the barn.

  50. Misses and still full of themselves, as always. Rather than being an expert shot you get shot down more often than not. The Interwebs are littered with your flaming death spirals.

  51. I’ve given up trying to fathom the why’s and where for’s of this government and have just come to the unhappy conclusion that they have a plan in mind which the will force through without argument or discussion nor in any consideration to the will of the Australian people, even those who would support them. It is more of a Politburo than a democratic approach to legislation and it worries we more each and every day.

  52. G’day All,

    Ohh dear, poor Palmersorearse (™ LOVO), you have really taxed that poor neuron now, “got my “crossed eyes” in school cadets practicing fellatio on the local LNP candidate”, no wonder you have a constant desire to attempt to undermine those of a greater significance than your own small minded world of ignorance, you really have to understand how brick stupid you really are, then your life will be much more easily understood. Many of the “Viet Cong” immigrated here and made much more contribution to our culture/society in three or four minutes than you have done in a life time.

  53. Carol, in light of tabots statement you mentioned earlier

    Asked how the regulatory impact statement on the proposed changes had taken the interests of investors into account, Abbott said it was “a given” that professionals should put the interests of their clients first, and the Labor laws were “a classic case of regulatory overkill”.

    Now his assistant treasurer has stepped down amid allegations of, well, not putting the interests of his clients first. Do as we say, not as we do ❓

    Ironic, isn’t it 🙂

  54. The Coalition Government is hellbent on destroying legislation that safeguards ALL AUSTRALIANS … They plan to scrap everything that protects us so they can back us all in a corner and then try to impose us to accept their ideology, which will be mainly against our will and freedom … They want to control us Australians to be part of their GLOBALIST plan that will eventually enslave us to lower wages and non-existent social reforms that LABOR has introduced over the past 30 years … ‘Terrorist’ Tony and his henchman must be halted in attempting to introduce all their ELITIST programs IMMEDIATELY, otherwise our way of life that has been part of culture since Federation will evaporate forever … This may appear alarmist but an average Aussie Joe like me must voice our concerns …

  55. palmersaurus @ March 19, 2014 @ 9:25 pm “Oi Moby, I’m an expert shot – got my “crossed rifles” in school cadets practising to kill the Viet Cong.”

    You mean you were this way before you went to Nam? Not many would own up to that if they were in their right mind. Did you suffer shell shock Torysaurus? If so, you have my sincere sympathy. If not, have my derision as a booby prize. Enjoy!

  56. One of the acts to be repealed is the flag amendment act of 1953. Says what size the union Jack is to be on the flag. Does that now mean there are no regulations in how the flag is to be configured?

    One would think, reviewing acts would be the normal daily action of every government.

    Why are the trying to make a virtue out of what is simply, good housekeeping?

    Vote on carbon bills defeated. Very few senators turned up for the vote. 33 = 29, I believe.

  57. One would think, reviewing acts would be the normal daily action of every government.

    Gillards Government reviewed thousands. This new day of action is fixing punctuation and spelling mistakes, because most of the red tape that is not needed has already been removed.

    It is a smoke screen for the financial changes, but it isn’t working.

  58. I do not believe it. Abbott talking n forced adoptions. What was that one he was involved in. Seemed he thought adoption was the best thing for that mother.

    If I recalled correctly, those mothers present, booed the Opposition Leader of that time,

  59. Looks like thew MSM has held onto the announcement re the lost plane, until Abbott announced it in parliament. Why?
    News break announcement immediately after he sat down.

  60. MARI R if that is the case ,why have question time,that is why i refuse to watch the programme anymore,
    when is someone in the opposition going to have the guts to call a walkout,in protest
    of the speaker,she is a absolute disgrace,and has made parlament a joke,

  61. @ palmersaurus @ March 20, 2014 @ 2:21 pm

    Oh, the Billy McMahon that Menzies quipped “The Fools have taken over.” about.
    BTW he didn’t bring the troops home, he just slowed, just a smidgin, the flow of our youth of Australia to the US’s slaughter fields in defense of your hero of heroes, Capitalism.
    As most of us know, the cure is as worse as the other disease, in death and destruction, in your much adored, over simplified world, of left and right. Or didn’t you notice that Capitalism’s gloves came off in being so supportive to the public, once Communism had fallen. Not that you care, unless you happen to fall and then we’ll all here the moans of “How could this happen”. I hope you haven’t got Super with a Bank. Your hero is about to allow them to rob you.
    BTW, thanks for the info on you. It’s nice getting a neat little look into your mind.

  62. More friggen lies from the biggest ignoramus on here being you @TechinBris:

    “By late 1970 Australia had also begun to wind down its military effort in Vietnam. The 8th Battalion departed in November (and was not replaced), but, to make up for the decrease in troop numbers, the Team’s strength was increased and its efforts became concentrated in Phuoc Tuy province. The withdrawal of troops and all air units continued throughout 1971 – the last battalion left Nui Dat on 7 November, while a handful of advisers belonging to the Team remained in Vietnam the following year [1972].” (

    Are you seriously saying the Australian War Memorial is lying you incompetent fool. That cretinwas only elected on December 5, 1972 when 98% of the troops were home. Lickspittle of leftard crap !!!!!!

  63. G’day All,

    Oh, dear, oh my, poor old Palmersorearse (™ LOVO), has got his knickers and neuron in a knot, losing it big time in one of his many and varied half truths. What this lying little toe rag doesn’t go on to say is that in the face of ongoing, increasing Australian peoples protesting against the stupidity of the then Liebral Coalition governments involvement in the “Vietnam” war that the “official” stop to the vile aggression wasn’t until “In December 1972 they became the last Australian troops to come home, with their unit having seen continuous service in South Vietnam for ten and a half years. Australia’s participation in the war was formally declared at an end when the Governor-General issued a proclamation on 11 January 1973. The only combat troops remaining in Vietnam were a platoon guarding the Australian embassy in Saigon (this was withdrawn in June 1973).” And to note, formally, that is by an act of government. And there is the typical bullshit “truth” of the LNP, people protest loud and hard to have something stopped and forty years later some tool of the Liebral party with less than two neurons to spare tries to claim it was the sick pricks that stopped it. You Palmersorearse (™ LOVO) are a lying sick, perverted piece of turd.

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