Worst government in history

Photo: Drink Tank

Photo: Drink Tank

As noted by contributor Möbius Echo,

They are racking up the worsts, this government.

Worst PM ever;
Worst FM;
Worst Immigration Minister;
Worst Eleventy Minister;

. . . and all their other ministers, everyone the worst performers in their portfolios;
the worst Speaker ever by a long shot, was also the worst Minister in all the portfolios she was bounced around, like her Health Ministership where she supported tobacco advertising;

. . . and the worst government ever in the shortest time ever.

By the way what is it with the Liberals and their support for the tobacco industry. They go on with faux concern about asylum seekers drowning but have no problems supporting an industry that kills tens of thousands of Australians each year. Bloody murderers.

And now to add to the “worst” list . . .

An organisation that has been advising Australian governments on alcohol and drug policy for almost half a century shut its doors on Friday.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, which has operated since 1966, was placed in voluntary administration in November after Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash decided it would receive no further funding.

Would this be on a par with closing down the Healthy food star ratings website?  And yes it seems that it was Nash herself who was in the thick of it.

The senior government bureaucrat in charge of the new healthy food star ratings has been stripped of responsibility for the program.

The change comes after the healthy food star rating website was published and then quickly taken down at the insistence of federal Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash and her chief of staff.

No accidents there, and although Alastair Furnival became the fall guy, it was Nash herself; with Furnival clearly having her full support.

A powerful food industry lobby group says it contacted Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash to raise concerns about a Government food star rating website the same day it was pulled down.

Mike Daube, spokesman on alcohol, Public Health Association of Australia: ”It just beggars belief that a minister responsible for alcohol seems to be taking policy decisions without talking with any of the key groups,”.

Does it beggar belief?  Or rather is this decision somewhat aligned to Nash’s decision to take down the healthy food star rating website?

Mr Furnival resigned two weeks ago following revelations about his role in taking down a healthy food rating website and his co-ownership of a company that had lobbied for the junk food industry. The company had also performed work for the liquor industry as recently as 2012.

Therefore not content with trashing and the intended trashing of the working conditions and wages of all of us:  Today (19th February), data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show annual wage growth is at the lowest level since records started in 1997 – even lower than during the depths of the Global Financial Crisis. . . wage growth is so weak, it has fallen below inflation meaning we now have real wage deflation – and clearly the health and wellbeing of Australians is of insignificant concern to this government compared with $s from those with vested interests – plus trashing Australia’s reputation on climate change, and that is aside from our reputation on the treatment of asylum seekers, there are the other issues which will only serve to reduce the quality of life plus the living standards of all Australians.

The Australian government is insulting the sovereignty of other countries with plans to dismantle its climate change policies. . .

Lord Deben, head of the UK Committee on Climate Change told RTCC that Australia’s attitude to reducing its carbon emissions was “very sad” and “something I feel very personally about.”

“It lets down the whole British tradition that a country should have become so selfish about this issue that it’s prepared to spoil the efforts of others and to foil what very much less rich countries are doing,” he said.

Worst government in history?  This is not only the direction in which we are heading, but we’ve arrived.

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  1. yes we have a new government that is trashing australia, it’s reputation and it’s peole…we are the laughing stock of the world….how can they just ignore what is happening with asylum seekers…BIGGOTED RACIST PIGS….THEY HAVE TO GO….56000 JOBS IN 6 MONTHS …DISGRACEFUL

  2. Voyager. Its a pity you can not look past the internal turmoil of the previous government and see the positives they achieved. Don’t allow yourself to be blinkered by the biased mainstream press that is relentless in its negativity.

  3. As Voyager breathes his last, wracked by the lung cancer his support for tobacco companies caused, untreated because of the health system he helped trash, incurable because the researcher who could have found the cure was born a Tamil in Sri Lanka and incarcerated on Manus Island, he will curse the Rudd/Gillard Government for ruining his life.

  4. Send this to News Ltd and see if they print it. What a bad joke this hateful mob are. I am in my 80s. and I hope to live long enough to see this rabble kicked out.

    Kind Regards


  5. Sorry

    The Rudd/Gillard govt was the worst.

    The ALP/Greens from 2007-2013 locked up more asylum seeking women and children than any govt in Australian history.

  6. Neil you are right , but what about the 1,000 Illegal Boat People that have
    Drowned in their attempt to reach Australia.
    Rudd and a few of his last minute Policy Flips – the do anything to retain power
    Policy on the run stuff. That’s how Manus Is came to be!
    Yes : Rudd / Gillard / re cycled Rudd era worst Government by a country mile.
    Never repeat the stagnation of this period.

    No Illegal boats for 70+ days – well done Scott Morrison and Navy.
    Keep up the good work.
    Keep Australia Beautiful!

  7. Neil the Knob harping on about the Past Government, They were a Progressive Government Normally the only people who make mistakes are the ones trying new ideas, What a “Great” Job Julia Gillard managed in a Hung Parliament , Still being Progressive NOW this Mob you are Championing since being Elected on their Package of Lies and Dishonesty Led by the Master of deceit Can You enlighten us Just what good policys have they Put forward, You can fit it on the Back of a Stamp, They do not Know themselves what their grand Plan is, The general Population is seeing through Their Offerings and as for Abbott his Lies pulled you up and His Lies will drag you down, The Polls are heading south for your Lot, Secrecy about everything, sneaking changes through Unoticed, No Minister allowed to comment without Peta’s say so, we can save so much money in that matter because we don’t need any Lib Politicians because they have No voice, Yes they deserve the title of ” THE WORST GOVERNMENT EVER

  8. As usual, the trolls, still absorbed in their fantasies refuse to acknowledge objective reality with their chittering.
    Dysfunction piled upon dysfunction and lies is their only modality, as they reflect the idiocy of their masters.
    Clearly the least capable and most ideologically blind govt. I have experienced since “pig-iron” bob ruled the roost.
    Although the liar and war monger howard gives them a run for the “accolade”.
    Tony’s mob, composed of howard’s rejects and other assorted fools, liars and incompetents gets the winning edge for the levels of contempt with which they treat our democratic conventions, nation and people.

  9. “What a “Great” Job Julia Gillard managed in a Hung Parliament ,

    Mate you ventured off into laa laa land.

    I was talking about policies that Rudd adopted in 2008 (which you voted for) that resulted in more asylum seeking women and children being put into detention than any govt in Australian history.

  10. ” but what about the 1,000 Illegal Boat People that have
    Drowned in their attempt to reach Australia”

    hey you know, accidents happen, tragedies happen.

  11. But what if tragedies occur as the result of government incompetance… and Libs were previously chaffing at the bit to accuse Labor of “murder” due to OH&S issues that resulted from one of its initiatives. Previously Abbott in opposition promised that the buck stopped with him…

  12. Yes but you lot handed Abbot record numbers of men, women and children in detention.

    The people on Manus Island were put there by the ALP and the people who voted for them.

    There was almost nobody on Manus Island in 2007.

    Our detention centers were empty in 2007 until you lot voted for Rudd in 2007.

  13. And we didn’t vote for Abbott, Slipping in his Poll numbers The LNP will dump him soon enough. Then again whats the Point of Changing the Boss clown for his Underlings

  14. Neil, my opinion is that if people drown on there way to Australia then that is not the fault of the government. I don’t care if it’s Howard, Rudd, Gillard, Abbott or whoever. The deaths are a tragedy, of course, but travelling to Australia on a rickety old boat is a risk, and they take it.

    Let us assume that Abbott decided to hold a conference in Sydney for part members. Let us also assume that some people driving to Sydney from Wollongong – to attend the conference – are tragically killed in a car accident. Would you blame Abbott because he organised the rally? Of course not.

    Do you see my point?

  15. “Do you see my point?”


    The people on Manus Island were put there by the ALP and you from 2007-2013.

    Lots of people died in detention (mainly suicides) from 2007-2013 but nobody cared until someone died when the Coalition was in power.

    The guy would have died if the ALP had won the election in 2013. You lot created this mess and i think you should clean it up.

  16. Australian defence force oath of Allegiance 2014
    I ….. swear that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Rupert Murdoch, Gina Rinehart and the Liberal National Party according to law as a member of the Australian Defence Force for the period of ….. years ….. days, or until my service is sooner lawfully terminated, that I will resist their enemies and that in all matters appertaining to my service I will faithfully discharge my duty according to law. So help me, God. >>Many a true word said in jest. .

    The military commander in charge of the Government’s asylum seeker boats mission has been accused of a “political cover-up” in a senate inquiry . OSB Commander Lieutenant General Angus Campbell was asked to explain why he had placed strict controls on information about “operational” or “on-water” incidents.

  17. Michael in your reference to Neil, as I don’t read Neil, I hope he is as damning on this government for all those thousands of Australians who directly die because of the wanton and destructive policies and removal of working programs by this government.

    Or is going to harp on about the deaths of asylum seekers, but only those under Labor or the four who died under the HID, but ignore the many more Australians who are suffering and dying because of this government?

    Let’s not forget this party’s history in allowing people to die in putting vested interests ahead of ordinary people’s well being, like Bishop the younger deliberately delaying proceeding for asbestosis victims so they would die and so help an industry’s bottom line.

    Or Minchin’s support for the tobacco industry that delayed anti-smoking campaigns and increased taxes that cost the lives of tens of thousands.

    It goes on, and here we have yet another Liberal government that is putting the interests of itself and vested interests above all else, and this even above the very country itself as it leads it towards environmental and social destruction.

    I heard an interview on the closing of the 50 year plus Alcohol and Other Drug Council (ADCA) using a direct lie by Nash to justify it. The roll on detrimental effects of this are going to be widespread as this is the only National body for Alcohol and Other Drug expertise and is relied on by States and NGOs alike.

    So will Nash and this terrible government be held accountable for the deaths and suffering this woeful short minded decision will cause, and will the right wingers who are so quick to condemn Labor, condemn this government? No, of course, on both counts, as always and forever the hypocrites.

  18. No legislation No jobs No business confidence No education No health

    But at least they “stopped the boats”


  19. Michael in your reference to Neil, as I don’t read Neil, I hope he is as damning on this government for all those thousands of Australians who directly die because of the wanton and destructive policies and removal of working programs by this government.

    Or is going to harp on about the deaths of asylum seekers, but only those under Labor or the four who died under the HID, but ignore the many more Australians who are suffering and dying because of this government?

    Yep, he just harped on about the same old stuff. He’s becoming like a season of “Days of our Lives”.

  20. What happen on Manus at the Detention Centre. I can tell you dumb sludges
    the truth. Spoke personally to contact at the Highest Level of PNG Gov.
    ‘ for a long time the Illegal Boat People have been abusing, swearing and
    racially vilifying the PNG Nationals who are providing goods and services.
    They have taken every opportunity to continue this abuse continually.
    So bad that the locals have on occasions stormed the perimeter fence to
    get in , to get at the root of the problem. The most recent event was inflamed
    by the added insult of burning the PNG Flag and abusing the locals. Heavens
    knows how they got the flags. A riot inside continued , the result was guards
    In forcing order.One Iranian died as a consequence. It would seem inmates
    have learnt from their very unreasonable behaviour.’
    To defend the Boat People would be an incredibly stupid course and support
    of Illegal actions. Just a reminder $30m damage by Boat People on Naru, there
    is no defence for Arson. Criminals in every way.
    Keep Australia Beautiful.

  21. G’day All,

    The way that the Oxygen Thief (V-B-S) and his echo Waste of Space (Null of Syd) carry on, everything else doesn’t matter “but they stopped the boats”, reminds me of another government some eighty years ago where everything else doesn’t matter “but they got the trains to run on time”. Hopefully their “glorious leader” one term tony will end up like the previous “glorious leader”, swinging in the breeze.

  22. vBS, you are a racist, bigoted, overblown ignoramus of a fuckwit. Thank ‘the fucks’ that your kind are on the way out in this country. In the next twenty to thirty years with the fall in birth rates for Anglo’s, ‘Whites’ will be in the minority……. and before you get on your ‘white power’ hobby horse, I am an blonde bronzed Aussie born Anglo/Saxon with an Saxon surname. (cue blonde jokes 🙄 )
    We need ONSHORE PROCCESSING if we want to truly Keep Australia Beautiful…. not the rubbish you espouse vBS.
    Boat people are neither illegal OR a problem……. people like YOU VBS are the problem…… you go on and on about the deaths at sea and we all know you really don’t give a flying fuck…… like all Lib. droids you are a mindless knob sprouting BS in your ‘race’ to the bottom.

  23. What makes the whole ‘worst’ thing even more apparent, is that we have the fresh memory of, possibly, the best and most progressive PM Australia has had, But more striking she was an intelligent and honest adult,

  24. “The Alcohol and Other Drugs Council of Australia, which has operated since 1966, was placed in voluntary administration in November after Assistant Health Minister Fiona Nash decided it would receive no further funding.”

    Of course it should have been defunded. It was a total waste of space. These fuckers couldn’t organise a chook raffle. Deaths from alohol and drugs have vastly increased since these wankers got their snouts into the taxpayer funded trough. One less bureaucracy churning out the same report where you only have to change the date.

    Millions saved for use on breast cancer survivors instead of fat cats paid to conference in Canberra at blind pensioners’ expense.

  25. In troll la-la land it’s apparently OK to kill people for abusing their tormentors.

    How many deaths did howard’s contribution to the war on non-existent WMD’s cause?

    Funny how the faux “concern” of the racists is reflected (not) in their condemnation of the 600k (and rising) death toll from that episode of lies and corruption. Many in the current lnp “government” were directly involved in the deliberate deceptions leading to the ongoing death toll and refugee flow. They have not changed for the better, and are doomed (although they won’t admit it). by their war on reality -REALITY ALWAYS WINS !!!!

    Although they don’t seem able to face that fact, preferring their comfortable lies, on their mission to destroy civilisation.

  26. Carol, what is worse, any good minister that pops their head up are being pushed aside by Abbott and his mob.

    I am thinking of Mr. MacFarlane. I got the impression he was working in good faith with the automobile industry, and possiblily SPC. He was overruled without them even bothering to tell him the game had changed. One only has to go back to Handsard and QT time for those two days. One only had to look up what Hockey was saying. At this time, MacFarlane was still saying there could be a psoitive4 outcome.

    The same goes on for Qantas, only it it Hockey being left out of the loop.

    One wonders how much Abbott bothers with cabinet, or communicating with his ministers.

  27. One could be nasty enough to say, this government is also trashing the Liberal Party. I suspect that Truss will rise to protect the Country, sorry National Party.

    Maybe Abbott should transfer his loyalty to the newly arising DLP, take his sports with him, and form DLP government. At least, then for the first time, he would be honest with the voters.

    I really feel for those out there, that are true Liberal, or even Conservative voters. They do not have a government that reflects their views in any way.

    If I am wrong, maybe some in the Liberal camp can point out to me, how Abbott reflects their beliefs or wishes.

  28. vBS, WT sludge ewe on about, baa…. 😛
    You are as smart as your foul ,bad mouthed abusive vocab. (Thanx, cobba 😉 )
    Talk live that gives you credibility. ( It is indeed an unfortunate.. yet strangely timely typo in your admonishment of moi, vBS 😆 )
    Zero credibility. A lady you are not” ( …. nor a gentleman,vBS…. but unlike you I don’t wear my cock in the middle of my forehead…… I said pet, I said m-a-t-e. 😛 )

  29. For the first time, since the days of Menzies, we have a PM, we are not proud to see on the world stage. Even one of the worse, Mr. McMahon did not embarrass us in that role.

    As for the FM, I cannot recall one so naive and embarrassing. They seem to be treating her as a joke.

  30. Australian Story repeat worth a look ABC 24., Ignore the introduction by Abbott. Craig McGreggor and army scandals.

  31. He’s becoming like a season of “Days of our Lives”.

    Becoming! He’s always been like that, from his first days of posting at Blogocracy where he hammered the same thing over and then continued to hammer that one point for years later.

    I remember one girl I was living with when I was in the Navy. I saw her watching an episode of Days of Our Lives and I came back after a six months S.E. Asia deployment and saw her watching another episode, and stuff all had changed.

    That’s Neil of DOOL.

  32. Labor is responsible for Indonesia, changing it’s visa laws and the deal with PNG. If Labor had won the last government, would they be acting as this government is doing. Would they have respected the agreements made with the locals. Would things be as they are now. I suspect not. I say this, because PNG, Manus Island and Nauru where only the first step in the process. I* suspect a Labor government would have turned to the region, in creating a regional outcome. Not as THIS GOVERNMENT HAS DONE, DEALING THE REGION OUT OF ANY SOLUTION.

    >………While Labor set up the deal during its final weeks in government, the Cocalition has been responsible for its implementation. It has cloaked its border protection policies in secrecy, and the violence on Manus Island has shown information released by the government cannot always be relied on.

    Immigration Minister Scott Morrison initially claimed Barati’s fatal injury occurred outside the centre, where he said his safety could not be guaranteed. He has since admitted this statement was wrong and “the majority of the riotous behaviour that occurred, and the response to that behaviour to restore order to the centre, took place within the perimeter of the centre”.

    Morrison issued this clarification late Saturday night, when it would attract minimal media coverage. He insists the government will not be “intimidated” into changing its policy.

    “On this occasion the centre has not been destroyed, the centre will be able to resume operations as it has this morning,” he said the morning after Barati’s death. “Breakfast has been served.”

    As the government flags cuts to other spending, the cost of offshore processing continues to rise. It has just signed a $1.2 billion deal with Transfield Services to run detention centres on Manus Island – which was being run by G4S – for 20 months. The company will continue to run facilities on Nauru. The contract represents just a portion of the cost of the scheme, which also included an extra $400 million in aid.

    Rudd is not necessarily the beginning of this story. We could go back to the eve of the 2001 election, when the Howard government refused to allow the Norwegian freighter, the Tampa, to land asylum seekers it had rescued. Howard hastily devised the “Pacific Solution”, but 9 out of ten of the asylum seekers sent to Manus Island and Nauru under that scheme were eventually settled in Australia.

    Or we could start in June 2010, when Rudd implied one of the reasons he had been rolled as prime minister was that he refused to “lurch to the Right” on the issue of asylum seekers, laying claim to the moral high ground over Julia Gillard.

    But the straightest course back is seven months ago, to last July, when Barati was still alive and hopeful of reaching Australia. Rudd, after two failed attempts, had finally on June 26 engineered his return to power.

    During his protracted comeback, Rudd had much time to consider his first days back in office. He hit the ground running.

    Stopping the boats was one of the issues – along with the carbon tax and party reform – that he need to deal with before calling an election.

    Almost 17,000 asylum seekers had arrived in Australia by boat in the first six months of 2013, the same number as had arrived in the previous 12 months. There is no precise record of how many have died at sea but estimates put it at more than 1000 in the past six years.

    These deaths weighed heavily on the conscience of politicians as they struggled in 2012 to find a policy that would stop people undertaking the journey.

    Julia Gillard’s two attempts to stop the boats had failed. Her overtures to East Timor in 2010 were rebuffed and her so-called Malaysia Solution, to send 800 asylum seekers to the back of the queue in Malaysia and accept 4000 refugees from there, was defeated by the High Court in 2011 and then rejected by the Coalition and the Greens.

    In 2012 the government reopened the camps on Manus Island and Nauru. But still the boats came. Rudd watched Gillard’s failures and realised he had to square away a deal with PNG prime minister Peter O’Neill before making it public.

    Former staff suspect Rudd had begun working on the plan while on the backbench, possibly canvassing it informally with O’Neill in preparation for his comeback. Some in the leadership group recognised it as a “game-changer” on an issue that had dogged the government. Other Labor MPs were shocked by its severity….


  33. I suspect that Reza would have made a good life for himself, if he went to PNG. He appears to be a builder, not a Demolisher. Even I the situation he found himself, his first acts were to help others.

  34. After reading comments made over the last week or so, I wonder if this government wants to see any refugees estabihed in PNG. Is it their aim to see them languishing on the Island or all sent back from whence they come.

    Is this the message they are being given?

    Could it be, that they see PNG as Labor achievement and are setting out to see it destroyed.

    Many of the public seeing the Labor turnabout, as the real reason the boats are slowing down. Many do not see the need for towing back beats. Many see this as too high a price to pay.

    Could this be Morrison’s worse nightmare.

  35. Lovo you are Australia’s biggest Bogan.
    Your vile vocab, abuse , personal attack , villification and infantile logos make you
    a total embarrassment even to CW’s

    You are a dangerous fanatic incapable of changing your mind or the subject.
    Credibility not zero but now in negative territory.

  36. More stuff ups from the worst govt ever. Labor in Opposition is still creating a mess.


    HEAVY haulage operators along the eastern seaboard are grinding to a halt as the dysfunctional national truck permit system fails to deliver, forcing three states to take urgent measures to ensure the notoriously cash-poor industry is able to function.

    The sclerotic Labor-era reforms have forced NSW, Victoria and Queensland to step in to help the owners of transport responsible for driving the nation’s mining, construction and logistics industries.

  37. 100 days and 40 stuff ups. That is now up to around 127.

    No government has ever got that close to so many failings, lies, deceits, back flips and cover ups in such a short time. Makes everything else pale to insignificance except for one thing that will probably never be eclipsed by a government in this country, and if it is, it will definitely be another Liberal government that does it.

    The deliberate lies and distortions to send us to an illegal war. So the honour of the single worst act by a government goes to Howard.

  38. The worst former bastard acts by current ministers in this government proving they aren’t fit to government belongs to Bishop the younger and Abbott, both to do with dying mesothelioma victims of a company who knew of the dangers of their product but kept manufacturing it in unsafe conditions anyway.

    Abbott had no time for Bernie Banton, a dying victim of the horrible disease, even going as far as to say Banton was engaging in a stunt.

    Then if that wasn’t bad enough, and will haunt Abbott for the rest of his life, Bishop the younger as a lawyer for the offending company deliberately delayed proceedings knowing the asbestos victims time was running out, and if they died before they could present their case the company would not have to pay out anything.

    Both these heartless corrupt people are now in government, one the worst PM this country has ever seen and the other the worst Foreign Minister, and you only need go back to their past to see why they are so terrible.

  39. I must admit nobody hates like “the left”

    After all these years i still cannot understand the hatred, lies and dishonesty produced by you people.

    It is almost like you have no morals, ethics or honesty. In fact i think that is exactly true.

  40. Spoke personally to contact at the Highest Level of PNG Gov.

    Spin me some more lies voyager 😆 Maybe spoke to another low-life over-opinionated RWNJ who heard from a friend of a friend what they made up about what really happened. 🙄

  41. I must admit i like some of the comments in the link i gave about Gillard stuffing up the trucking industry

    Katherine 4 days ago

    Yet another sign that nobody in Labor has ever held a job outside of the party or a union office. Absolutely no idea on the realities of what happens on the ground.

    Charles J 4 days ago

    Just more proof of the total ineptitude and incompetence of Labor. It has me stumped as to why people even consider voting for them.

    Charles (DCC) 4 days ago

    As Usual, another abuse of the word “reform” by Labor. Reforms are supposed to mean things will improve.

    This word will forever remind me of the dark and (for a small business owner also fearful) days of the Rudd/Gillard disaster.

    Let us pray that we will never see the like again – yet these monsters are now leading in the polls. Is there no intelligence in Australia?

    Amen to those comments.

  42. Yes, who gains by the eternal requested for tax cuts for the rich? Not the nation I supsect.

    …….Travelling by train through pre-dawn Melbourne a few years ago, I met a couple of Polynesian women going to work. One asked me which stop to use to get to a certain factory – her cousin, beside her, was starting a new job there at 6am.

    When I asked the cousin where she was from, the first woman told me that cuz didn’t speak English. She was starting, it seemed to me, on one of the really low rungs of the workforce ladder. And nothing wrong with that. We all start somewhere.

    However, if I’d had more presence of mind, I’d have remembered to ask her a favour: would she mind paying for some of my healthcare benefits, so I could have a bit more money to buy a fast car?

    It’s a reasonable request. After all, our current tax system is set up to ensure that smart chaps like me can opt to push a bit more of the tax burden onto lower paid workers like her. Hurrah!

    Okay, so I’m being facetious. But when the facts of the current tax system are examined, it’s clear that exactly that effect is achieved by many higher income Australians.

    And in the present phase of political life, examining these inconsistencies should be a high priority for both the Coalition and Labor.

    Why is that? Well, because as the BCA argued both before the election and in its recent budget submission, while cutting expenditure should be a priority for the federal government, it also needs to undertake “comprehensive tax reform in the longer term that improves the tax mix and reduces the volatility of Australia’s tax base” (BCA unveils budget wishlist, February 24).

    Before the election it called for a company tax rate to move to 25 cents in the dollar as soon as possible, while noting that more revenue would have to be found to cover that tax cut.


    It is six months since this government came in. We know less about them, than we did back then

  43. If Rudd had won the last Election what would have happened?
    The Boat People would have been reversed with Australians leaving .
    Thank God for the change of Government, my prayers worked.
    The present Government have found so many skeletons that’s an understatement.
    eg Peter Dutton Health Minister recently told me he could identify about $300m
    in savings just from Labors poor tendering /admin procedures in Health.
    This typifies the sordid incompetence of the dark days of Rudd/Gillard/re-tread Rudd
    Governments. Shorten is indecisive , did not know if he should go to Darwin or not.
    The diggers would have preferred him to stay in the deep south. Conroy is
    handbrake for Labor.

  44. I like Lovo’s commentary too. The cheeky ‘voice’ is very clear and amusing. That Voyager person is a bit of a nasty piece of work though. Hypocritical too – given as he started throwing insults around first … and I quote “I can tell you dumb sludges the truth” whereupon he relates hearsay from a mate. Pffft. He also has an over inflated opinion of himself – suggesting he could KNOW what would have happened to Reza had the ALP won the election.
    May I politely suggest Voyager is probably overweight, works for a boss they hate, suffered an acrimonious divorce and is alienated from their workmates and children…but it’s all ok because they belong to a club of likeminded racists called the LNP. Of course when they comes back to claim they are happily married, have a six figure salary in a career they love and visits the gym every second day – we will believe them…hahahaha!

  45. My god VOYAGER really is a gormless automaton, he believes what Dutton has said.

    And again boat people, the only thing the right wingers think the Abbott government has been successful at when it’s really a massive failure on so many fronts, not the least all the secrecy so the right wingers haven’t clue what they are praising the government for.

    If they have identified all these savings then why did Eleventy Hockey remove the debt ceiling and why has this government spent 10% more than the previous government in the same period?

    We have a long list of Abbott failures, 127 so far, so come on VOYAGER give us a list of the previous government’s six years, it wouldn’t come to a fraction of that 127 in less than six months. And none of the bullshit or the MSM proven lies, the facts.

    Plus you all keep forgetting who is in government, you even crow about it VOYAGER, but yet you keep going on about Labor and refuse to address what this government is doing and its considerable growing list of failings.

  46. He also has an over inflated opinion of himself…

    It’s a standard trait of most right wingers, that along with projection and blatant hypocrisy.

    They also have a problem with knowing who is actually in government.

  47. MARCH 1, 2014 @ 4:08 PM
    What makes the whole ‘worst’ thing even more apparent, is that we have the fresh memory of, possibly, the best and most progressive PM Australia has had, But more striking she was an intelligent and honest adult,


    she was a layabout just like you. Except when she laid about, she had a union thug between her legs.

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  48. vBS and “You are a dangerous fanatic incapable of changing your mind or the subject.
    Credibility not zero but now in negative territory. ” …….holy sheep shit Batman… is this guy for real 😕 …. bwwaahaaha, me thinks you have been stepping off planet a little there, thsport 😆
    …… but hey, I forgive you. 😉
    .. after all, the way you are, it’s probably not your fault, after all you are a RWNJ and so in your mind it’s always somebody else’s fault. Me, personally, I blame Howard….no, really 😀
    ….me 😮 .. a dangerous fanatic 😮 .. bwaahaahaa 😆 😆 😆

  49. Want to rack up a list of the things Abbott made grand statements on before the election and then broke or back flipped on immediately after?

    Here’s one of many,

  50. This is where Abbott wants to lead Australia. He made no bones about it as Health Minister in the Howard government and has already hinted he is going to go this way in this government.

    Health spending vs. life expectancy in the OECD. One country stands out on it’s own, but never fear Abbott will ensure it has company on the graph.

  51. Keep at it guys and girls – the Abbott List.
    Top of successes is stoping death by drowning.
    Yep – Stop the Boats – well they are winning this.
    No arrivals in 70+ days saves CW’S providing tents in your back yard.
    Would any of you do that to accommodate Illegal Boateople?

  52. Yet another rape is OK statement from the right. These are the people Mathias Cormann has a close association with, one of the worst Senators this country has ever had.

  53. Haha, boats, the one an only thing in a list.

    In the mean time Abbott is killing Australians with his policies, or more accurately the removal of successful programs that save lives, and he plans to kill many more.

    Then of course there’s the fact Abbott was the one who encourage the people smugglers and asylum seekers to undertake the journey when he was in opposition.

    And who many people are going to suffer and commit suicide in the recession Abbott is leading us into? Suicides, especially in rural areas always increase under hardship and Abbott has made it worse by removing the support services for them.

    This is one of the things Abbott is doing:

  54. “CW’S providing tents in your back yard.

    Interesting comment. I think there are about one million greens voters. Perhaps we could give each green a refugee to look after. That would mean we need to take one million refugees.

  55. Here I am thinking THE THREE STOOGES were Dead , Lo and Behold here they are again, say hello to the “Voyager” Neil and the “DON , you cannot mount an argument to Praise your Illustrious clown of a Leader , Come on you three cut the slagging and tell us some thing worthy of Praise about the PM

  56. There is no argument. The stats speak for themselves. No boats. Coulda sworn the PM said he’d achieve no boats. No boats and no info to feed you bottom dwellers either.

    There you go GT..feast on that…can’t wait. This’ll be good…

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  57. I wonder if Abbott had slept with anyone., Then it is hard to imagine who would want to sleep with him., I can only think of someone, who was ambitious, and thought he could help her up the ladder.

    What has Julia’s sex life have to do with anyone. It is nice to know, me in this regard, she was healthy. Time to let this rubbish drop.

  58. Vbs, Neil, Don and any other right whingers:

    “No boats” is fine although for “operational reasons ” or “on water matters” we may or may not be being told the truth, so it all may or may not be good there.
    But the article was about the overall incompetence of the Abbott government, so unless you can show us something to make us believe otherwise you’d be better off commenting on Bolter or Pickering’s blogs.

  59. ……………and the cost speaks louder. Can this country afford the financial and the lost of its reputation, of the present policies on asylum seekers.

    I suggest we cannot. The PRICE IS JUST TOO HIGH.

    If anything, the means are more important than the end result.

    There is no way, the present cruelty can be warranted.

  60. “I suggest we cannot. The PRICE IS JUST TOO HIGH.

    Too funny.

    After building detention center after detention center from 2007-2013 costing us billions of dollars compared to what Howard spent you are all of a sudden worried about money/reputation.

    The Australian Labor Party is a corrupt and immoral political party elected by corrupt and immoral people.

  61. Why is Morrison creating a special police force in the NT? Another great cost by this government.

  62. Disastrous in fact”

    Yes and you caused this disaster because of your vote in 2007.

    We had 6 boat people in detention in 2007 and that would have been because ASIO did not give them a clearance.

    It was the ALP/Greens who locked up all these people and caused all this cost.

  63. G’day All,

    Well I believe we can all pack up and go, we have officially on record :-

    Neil of Sydney
    MARCH 1, 2014 @ 6:11 PM
    More stuff ups from the worst govt ever.

    And we know who is the current government, LNP, yep officially according to the RWNJ trolls the WORST GOVT EVER, case closed.

    Thanks Null of Syd.

  64. Abbott government – worst government in history.
    That was the premise and no matter what anyone says it’s the truth.
    If all you deniers can come up with is “boaty” stuff then that proves the point.
    We’ve had to put up with six months of incompetence so really is nothing else to argue about.
    The problem for you naysayers is that you have made a disastrous choice for yourselves and your country but can’t admit it without losing face (or looking like complete knobheads).
    We don’t expect you to change your politics but at least be honest with yourself and admit you have elected an embarrassment.

  65. G’day All,

    The thing that makes me laugh hardest is the BS surrounding (according to the RWNJ’s) the resounding success of “Stop the Boats”. If that was even vaguely true then why buy $millions worth of orange roughy life boats? The only reason the orange roughies are needed is if the boats keep turning up, and since they are being used then q.e.d. the boats are still turning up, hence, the boats aren’t stopping. So what they are actually achieving is A) convincing the intellectually challenged that the boats are stopping but more importantly B) putting at risk the RAN for charges of piracy, since if they board and transfer people to the orange roughies beyond the 22km limit of Australian responsibilities then the RAN is liable to charges of high seas piracy, this is dangerous territory for a sovereign country to intrude upon, perhaps our three stooges of stupidity can extol the virtues of the current “government” policies on this.

  66. I have a question to ask. Why does a general, on leave from the armed forces, working as a public Servant, wear his uniform?

  67. I wonder how Indonesia will treat this government and this country, after their upcoming elections.

    I suspect, not with the good humour that they have up to now.

    It has been only six months, but have they not created many chooks that still have to come home to roost,

    Things cannot and will not get better for Abbott.

    We are entering the budget process, where all we hear from the greatest treasure of all time, how dire things will be. Well Hockey believes he is.

  68. Neil that is an amazing number – only 6 Illegal Boat People in 2007.
    Labor certainly created a growth Industry there. Currently what is the number
    In our off shore processing Resorts , do you have a number?
    Labor converted Big businesses into Small businesses, Small businesses just
    no longer exist. And so much for a fair and balanced Plebicite to elect a new
    Leader of Opposition. Albo won 60% of the vote and still did not win. Another
    Union rigged election. And these CW sludges try to belittle the current Government .
    Bit like a Crook Joke at the stand up comedy club , CW’s just can’t laugh.
    Must be a Labor thing.

  69. ………………………..The Immigration Department employs a 66-strong team of spin doctors, dwarfing the 39 media and communications staff employed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott and the ministers on his frontbench.
    Last August, immigration employed 72 media staff, but the 66 officers who now work in the department’s media unit are supported by a further 33 personnel who work on media operations and events in the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.
    In 2011, the Immigration Department reportedly employed just 13 spin doctors.
    Since taking…

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/scott-morrison-has-66-spin-doctors-20140301-33sqv.html#ixzz2uidS94yV

  70. Must be one of the most productive ever, Does one know, that most governments find that time is taken up 2ith house keeping bills. This governmermernt is obviously lax whern it comes to daily chores.

    ………..So much noise for so little purpose. The house of representatives sat for four long days this week but managed to pass just two pieces of legislation. And arguably one of those was as much a stunt as a law.

    On Tuesday it passed the Tax Bonus for Working Australians Repeal Bill, which makes sure no more of the 2008 global financial crisis $900 stimulus cheques are mailed out.

    Of course it is ridiculous that anyone should still be getting $900 all these years later, but as it turns out hardly anyone is.

    Last year some people getting amended assessments from the 2007-8 financial year still received the hand-outs, but the explanatory memorandum for the bill before parliament says the Australian Tax Office has “already ceased issuing cheques in most cases” and the new law is forecast to save just $250,000 over the next four years.

    Which does raise…


  71. G’day All,

    No, no, no Oxygen Thief (V-B-S) it was Null of Syd (Waste of Space) that belittled (if that was possible after their own incompetence) their efforts, after all he called them :-
    Neil of Sydney
    MARCH 1, 2014 @ 6:11 PM
    More stuff ups from the worst govt ever.

    And tell me do, why is the current worst government ever, buying millions of dollars worth of orange roughy lifeboats if the “boats have stopped”, who the hell are they putting in them? And while you’re at it, if the boats have stopped and the illustrious leader is filling said orange roughies to deposit on Indonesian shores then how will the RAN defend themselves from high-seas piracy by attacking boats and forcing the people from them into the orange roughies, yes the three stooges of stupidity are just RWNJ’s looking steal good hard working Australians oxygen quota.

  72. Repeated complaints have emerged from government ranks about the time it takes to get the prime minister’s office to sign off even uncontroversial legislation. Photograph: Lukas Coch/AAP

    ………..So much noise for so little purpose. The house of representatives sat for four long days this week but managed to pass just two pieces of legislation. And arguably one of those was as much a stunt as a law.

    On Tuesday it passed the Tax Bonus for Working Australians Repeal Bill, which makes sure no more of the 2008 global financial crisis $900 stimulus cheques are mailed out.

    Of course it is ridiculous that anyone should still be getting $900 all these years later, but as it turns out hardly anyone is.

    Last year some people getting amended assessments from the 2007-8 financial year still received the hand-outs, but the explanatory memorandum for the bill before parliament says the Australian Tax Office has “already ceased issuing cheques in most cases” and the new law is forecast to save just $250,000 over the next four years.

    Which does raise a strong suspicion that the law was designed at least in part to give the government an opportunity to make claims about Labor’s waste and reckless financial management, as well as to save the money.

    The other actual law our lawmakers passed this week was the Primary Industries (Excise) Levies Amendment (Dairy Produce) Bill 2014, which increases a levy to pay for animal health obligations of the dairy industry from 0.058 to 0.145 cents per kilogram of milk fat. Seriously. That took them days……..


  73. Could not be true.

    …………….But there are also repeated complaints emerging from within the government ranks about the time it takes to get the prime minister’s office to sign off even uncontroversial legislation, routine stuff such as the dairy levy increase – complaints that tie in with claims that there are several hundred pieces of ministerial correspondence also held up in the PMO, a logjam that would rival former prime minister Kevin Rudd’s office in its most dysfunctional days.

    Meanwhile, people saying sensible things quietly, people who would once have been listened to, attract very little attention at all.

    Even as the carbon tax was being raised by the


    After listening to senate committee hearings, one gets the same impression. Many seem to have no idea what the government is about. I honestly believe they have not been told.

    When Abbott said he did not talk to the deputy health minister, I believe him. I do not think he bothers with commui9cting with anybody.

    They say that gem, he builds gets a good workout daily.

    Maybe not only the worse, but laziest government ever.

  74. ………….Fairfax Media asked the Immigration Department to comment on staffing levels, but was referred to Mr Morrison’s media team who did not respond to questions.
    Details of staffing levels were quietly tabled by the department last week in response to questions posed by Labor senator Joe Ludwig during budget estimates hearings in November. The staffing figures were correct as at November 19.
    The documents show Mr Morrison’s office spent $29,788 on media monitoring between September 7 and November 19.
    The department spent a further $11,476 on media monitoring in that period, including $9056 for transcripts of Mr Morrison’s weekly Operation Sovereign Borders briefings (which he has since abandoned).
    Senator Ludwig said: ”Scott Morrison’s army of spin doctors must have gone AWO

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/scott-morrison-has-66-spin-doctors-20140301-33sqv.html#ixzz2uisvCCpV

  75. Shorter right wingers.

    Labor, Labor, Labor.

    They cannot address this government and have to continuously divert and obfuscate to Labor, that is how bad this Abbott government is, the worst ever, and they prove it every time they engage in diversions and obfuscations to Labor.

    This government is even worse than I though going on the reaction of the right wingers here.

  76. Fed up @ 12:57 am

    This is the thing the right wingers refuse to acknowledge in their bragging of Abbott having stopped the boats, when he hasn’t, the spin and the enormous cost of his policy.

    The right wingers have gone about Labor debt and what dire straights the economy is in because of Labor, straight out of the Abbott spin department.

    Yet here is Abbott throwing away billions of their tax payers money on a minor problem for purely political purposes, and they don’t have a problem with it.

    Trouble is these same right wingers were lambasting the previous Labor government on the money they were spending, none more so than Morrison, yet the Abbott government is making the previous spending look like peanuts.

    Some come on right wingers, show us you’re not hypocrites for once and rightly criticise the massive waste of billions the Abbott government is spending on this small problem whilst he’s planning to cut health, education, pensions, wages, conditions and vital social services.

    After all you criticised the previous government spending, which was much less, so it would only be fair if you did the same now.

    Whilst I’m at it I’ve been looking but I cannot find one right wing criticism of Bishop’s the younger Cambodia solution. The right wingers were up in arms over Gillard’s Malaysia solution on humanitarian grounds, yet Cambodia is far worse than Malaysia, so I believe that the right wingers being the forthright and honest people they purport to be would be all over this government like a rash on this matter, just as they were for the previous government.



    And that raises one more point. If this government has solved the solution according to the right wingers why do they need Cambodia?

    Also I though Howard’s solution had worked so why isn’t Abbott using it? The current solution is nothing like Howard’s at all, so is Abbott admitting that Howard was a failure? Of course he is.

  77. ME, at least Morrison has got himself to PNG. Why he tried to do it in secret, is beyond me.

    Now job seekers have to accept jobs regardless of the length of time they have to travel. At the moment there is a ninety minute limit.

    Reigning DSP benefits. Less money for those on Disabled pensions.

    Back on furphy disability numbers are growing. Not true.

    66 spin doctors employed by the Immigration department. Could only b3e searching what is occurring on fifth estate.

    They say we do not account.

  78. Still waiting for the three stooges to enlighten everyone With some Moments of Praise of the GRATE ( Meant ) LEADER, This Man has been in politics for over 20 years and all he has learned is how to CON the people , He has never ever had A Decent Poll figure because everybody Including Sensible Liberals Know that if his lips are moving its a LIE and what he says today could be changed tomorrow You would not want to be in the Trenches with Him, as he would change sides as usual, You can have him because the rest of us certainly Don’t

  79. The reason the high court refused the Malaysian Solutiuon still stands. Australia has to guarantee the safety of asylum seekers no matter where they go., Last weeks attack on these people within the Manus Island camp proves they cannot/.

    Abbott refused to allow Gillard to take that condition out of the act. It still stands.

    It is now unlikely that Morrison will be able to send more to Manus Island. That is, unless Labor supports any bill put forward.

    No wonder Morison panicked and headed to PNG.

    It is only a matter of time, before the matter is back in the courts.

    Wonder where the government will go from here.

    it is funny that we have not heard this from the media during the last couple of weeks.

  80. The new paper, “Saturday”must be OK, as Henderson, as his new role on the Bolt Report, is bragging it.

    Media watchdog. New segment run by Henderson.

    Also, it seems, criticizing Pell for his actions taken in relation to sexual abuse of children by the media is an attack on the Catholic Church. No it is an justified attack on Pell.

  81. Talking about ”bad” behaviour , A warning for the Australian Murdoch/Abbott Government. STOP blaming the sick, the disabled, the poor, the aged, the unemployed, the workers etc etc etc for you’re bad management. STOP Marginalising by demonising large section’s of the population or eventually one day one of them will pick up a brick. Deja vu London Riots >.Between 6 and 11 August 2011, thousands of people rioted in several London boroughs and in cities and towns across England. The resulting chaos generated looting, arson, and mass deployment of police. The events were also called “BlackBerry riots” because people used mobile devices and social media to organise.. https://www.google.com.au/search?q=london+riots&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ei=1qUSU-_kKYHZigfI44HgCw&sqi=2&ved=0CD8QsAQ&biw=1366&bih=594>

  82. The anti-environment minister in this disastrous masquerade of a govt. has just announced that the purported “green army” workers will be paid less than the minimum wage.
    In defence of the indefensible, it is claimed that

    The Federal Government has said training received will count towards qualifications in land management, park management, landscaping or horticulture.

    they will be doing jobs such as stabilising sand dunes, building boardwalks and rehabilitating mangroves.

    Not too much “qualifications” material there. Land and Park management at least.. require tertiary education.

  83. @pterosaur – Lets hope part of the park and land management includes training in the use of rifles for pest management. They could also be deployed to Lakemba, Guildford and Merrylands to control the ferals there – ROFLMFAO !!!!!!

  84. I don’t think they would be their targets palmersaurus, that would be those who are exploiting them and the likes of you who support that exploitation.

    Or are you going to volunteer for Abbott’s Green Army and work for nothing as it’s apparently good for the country and your future? Might give you a better attitude and some nous, things you are obviously sorely lacking at the moment.

  85. “The anti-environment minister”

    The Coalition usually does more for the environment than Labor does.


    The Howard Government delivered the world’s first Oceans Policy and major marine parks in the Great Australian Bight, Australia’s south-east marine region around Tasmania, around our sub-Antarctic islands, and greatly increased protection of the Great Barrier Reef. A number of Australia’s major fisheries were rationalized and restructured, underpinned with a multimillion-dollar package to provide the necessary graceful exits. One of the biggest legislative reform agendas in Australia’s history was delivered with the creation of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. Fish became recognized as wildlife not just a commercial commodity and hundreds of millions of dollars were invested through the National Heritage Trust in Australia’s first national program for coast and marine protection and rehabilitation.

  86. Just about every month this government loves to demonstrate a new way on how bad it is.

    Morrison and Bishop the younger to go to PNG for monthly meetings on the asylum seeker situation.

    Friggin’ heck, can you get a bigger indication of a massive failure than the Immigration Minister and the Foreign Minister going to Papua New Guinea every month. With all that is going on the world and the immigration issues here in Australia, two senior ministers have to go to PNG every month, for what?

    I thought they had everything under control. They stopped the boats and had the asylum seekers suffering in concentration camp like conditions just like they want, so what’s the problem that requires two of Abbott’s supposedly top ministers to go there each month for what by any measure should be a minor problem and easily solved by a change of policy or better facilities and treatment of the refugees, including keeping their promise of quick resettlement.

    Also this comes back to the lying to the refugees Morrison has ordered, as outed by a DFAT whistle blower. Is he really that stupid that he thinks he can blatantly lie to desperate and oppressed people without consequence? The consequence is him having to suffer Bishop each month on a trip to PNG to do who knows what.

    Six months in and this government is stumbling into one disaster after another that are solely of their own making. Never in the history of this land, and many other lands as well, has a more incompetent mob been put in charge through lies and deceits, and then screwed up so badly.

  87. OK right wingers you have to be at arms with Abbott over this.

    He’s having an enquiry in the HID scheme, even thought there’s been eight, and it’s solely aimed at the previous government control and diligence of the scheme.

    The Abbott government is not going to put in place due diligence for their Green Army, indeed they are waving a whole bunch of regulations for them, like WH&S.

    So if any person is injured or killed in that scheme I’m sure the right wingers will be demanding the minister responsible be sacked and Abbott immediately call no confidence in his government and stand down.

    If they don’t then they will be displaying the worst hypocrisy of them all, total disregard of human life for ideological expediency. It means anything they say has no meaning or credibility whatsoever, and though they say they are concerned about human life, that is a faux concern purely on the belief they can beat others with it.

    And what’s it with this government and couching everything in military terms and procedures. Is that a lame attempt to abrogate their responsibilities as they use it as an excuse to forgo all sorts of care for their fellow Australians and worse other human beings?

  88. I read a bit of Carl Sagan, he had some great stuff to say and was so poignant in stating it.

    The right wingers in a nutshell, and sadly they embrace it. They want to remain dumb and ignorant for having to engage in any small level of cognitive depth on their Liberal party would have them realise what a reasonless lot they are supporting. It’s also the reason they have no problems with the MSM distorting and lying on their behalf and dumbing them down, saves them having to think and come up with stories. This way they can regurgitate the lies and spin of the MSM and their deficient government, which saves them from having to think at all.

  89. I think we have missed something. Something important.

    I think we could be looking at this government model for IR. Yes, and removing of green and red tape.

    Maybe this is what they mean by giving the business more flexible, not tied down by tape of any color.

    We, once again, see the call for the employer to have the right to benefit without unions present. Now, I am sure that the employer does not have his solicitor too far away.

    We see this government moving back to Howard’s day, demanding anyone that relies on the government to insist on individual employment contracts.

    Yes, there is more to these working conditions, they will demand for the so called Green Army.

  90. What is this Green Army intending to fight? Maybe Mr. Abbott can tell us. Will the volunteers/dole bludgers be outfitted into uniform. Will they be living in camps, Will they be subjected to military law and regulations. Will they be led by another army officer, in uniform?

  91. Admin, I have a question ..

    Why is that abusive retarded troll ‘VOYAGER – Brisbane – Sydney’ still allowed to continue spewing his/her foul, bile filled, spew on this blog?

    How about using the banhammer?

  92. NoS

    The Coalition usually does more for the environment than Labor does.

    like damming the Franklin?
    Attempting to remove WHA listings from Tas forests?
    Dumping dredge waste on the GBR?
    Or maybe the abrogation of all responsibility for environmental regulation to the states?
    attempting to criminalise dissent?
    Refusal to acknowledge the reality of AGW, and its effects?
    Dismantling the CEFC?
    Removal of avenues for public input into EIS and associated matters?
    Or perhaps the abandonment of Science as a worthwhile basis to forming policy?

    As usual. the troll knows not of which it speaks (with forked tongue). While Labor’s environmental record is far from perfect, it at least acknowledges the reality of some of the challenges facing our environment (and hence its inhabitants i.e. us) and occasionally attempts to a address same, the lnp parade their ignorance as a virtue. WORST GOVERNMENT EVER!!!!

  93. Your worried about “Dumping dredge waste on the GBR?”

    Didn’t see you complain about that national socialist organisation SEA SHEPHERD dumping oil all over the GBR. Typical Greens hypocrites. It’s like the Sierra Club in the US supporting the Bald and Golden eagles being chopped up every day by wind turbines.

  94. Oh palmersaurus, so much ignorance from just one person, even for a wingnut.

    You know there are more sources of information than just the rabid right wing media and Liberal party slogans or spin?

  95. Voyager and Neil.

    Of all the challenges facing our country and our citizens. Unemployment, Health, Income Inequality, Wealth Concentration, Cost of Living etc etc. The one thing you continually harp on about is the success of turning back the boats.

    Granted they have slowed or even stopped. Now How has this effected you personally. How has this effected the Aussie citizen. HOW has this effected jobs. How has this effected any of our personal lives. It hasn’t !!!! You are always trying to score cheap political points over an issue that has Absolutely Noting to do with our daily lives and the challenges we all face.

    Honestly if the only success this current government can come up with is stopping the boats then they will be a one term government because it has done Nothing for the voters and their lives at all.

  96. The senate has voted on the carbon emission demolition bills. They voted in the negative. This is the first time I believe.

    What will Abbott have to blame or talk about when and if these bills are passed. Especially so, it will quickly show up, they will both improve the economy. In fact, the opposite could be true.

    What is true, Later in the year, the world will hold Abbott and Australia to account, when it comes to carbon emissions. Most will be marching the other way.

    Abbott and Co seem upset that they are not given the credit they believe is due for stopping boats. No more seem interested in the means he has taken to do so.

    The same will occur if the so called carbon tax goes. Yes, he might find more will be more upset with that the bills in the CEF suite they goes with it, are gone, Yes, many do want action taken on carbon emissions. Yes, they will not be happy to see legislation, that works towards this aim gone.

    The so called carbon tax, that upsets Abbott so much, is only a small part of what he is dismantling.

    He is dismantling bodies, that have already been effective in assisting industry to lower their reliance on cabin leading technology. In fact the new technology many have taken advantage of, has lowered their expenses for ever more.

    Cabinet meeting tonight, to discus Qantas. Maybe Abbott can explain how removing the CT leads to a level playing field for Qantas. All airlines have to pay the tax.

    I believe they also have to play it in many other countries, including NZ as well.

  97. It is said, when this government was first elected, business and other confidence soared. Now it seems to be in downfall, why?

    All was known about the eco9nomy before the elections. Nothing new was found, or could be found after.

    All that has changed, is action this government taken, Yes, the increase borrowing and increase in debts for one.

    This has occurred without a budget, government secrecy and very little new legislation.,

    How can a government do much, and get such negative results?

  98. This government sure is doing absolutely nothing to dispel the fact it’s the worst this country has ever had by a long shot.

    Once commentator’s observation of the latest Liberal Question Time stunt.

    “The government arrives with no intention of answering any questions and the speaker arrives determined to stop any questions being asked.”

    This government has so much to hide that after it is gone the historians are going to have a field day for decades to come revealing just how terrible Abbott and his government really were.

  99. The worse Eleventy Minister in Australia’s history proves it yet again and just how dumb this government is.

    Hockey now speaking on how the debt guarantee was a dumb idea.

    It was his idea.

  100. Yes, once again, the PM r4egrets the lost of jobs.

    Cannot help but believe that the PM is very happy to see jobs go, He sees this as a warning to workers and unions, move aside, listen carefully, unless unions go, your jobs are in danger. I warn you, I will win,.

    ………………Mr Abbott said the decision was made after two hours of deliberation in federal Cabinet.

    “We’ve come to a decision and I’m very confident that this is a decision which is best for our nation and ultimately best for Qantas,” he said.

    Mr Abbott said Qantas could still in a “meaningful sense” be considered an Australian business if it was foreign owned, in the same way as its foreign-owned rival Virgin Australia.

    “I reject … this idea that Qantas is Australian and Virgin isn’t because let’s face it, Virgin is employing Australians and it’s serving Australians.

    “It’s hard really to say that Virgin is substantially less Australian than Qantas itself and what we want to ensure is that both of these fine airlines are operating under the same rules.”

    Mr Abbott acknowledged the potential for further local job losses as warned by federal Labor.

    “If some jobs have to go offshore in order to ensure that Qantas has a strong and viable long-term future, it may be regrettable, but nevertheless it is the best way to guarantee Australian jobs for the long term,” he said. Mr Abbott said a debt guarantee was discussed but rejected by cabinet.

    “I am confident that our country can sustain a great airline into the future as we have in the past,” he said.

    Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce. Photo: AAP
    Labor responds

    In a hastily-called press conference, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen and transport spokesman Anthony Albanese confirmed they would not support the government’s proposals, Mr Albanese arguing it was contrary to previous statements from Mr Truss.

    Mr Bowen said the government had “walked away” from previous suggestions of a debt guarantee for the airline.

    “He (Mr Hockey) clearly was indicating that was the road the government would go down and now the government walks away from it,” he said.

    “This is about more than Qantas as important as Qantas is tonight.

    “This is about Australian businesses having the trust and faith in the government of Australia.”………………..


    Playing politics with such a serious matter is beyond the pale. Mr. Abbott knows he cannot deliver his decisions. Even Qantas has come out, and told him so.

  101. This is what the PM has no problem gi8ving away. If Qantas is able to take jobs and maintenance offshore, what use is it to the Australian people. Unless it provides jobs, why don;t we jyst cut them loose altogether/

    ………….What’s at stake?
    Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act:
    – Limits foreign ownership of Qantas to 49 per cent
    – Requires that Qantas’ head office remains in Australia
    – Requires Australia to be ‘‘principal operational centre’’ for maintenance, catering, training, administration
    – Requires that chairman and two-thirds of directors must be Australian citizens
    – Prevents foreign airlines buying more than 35 per cent of Qantas
    – Prevents any one foreign person owning more than 25 per cent of Qantas ……….

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/qantas-government-will-not-offer-debt-guarantee-but-will-aim-to-repeal-part-three-of-qantas-sale-act-20140303-340k4.html#ixzz2uvrXuNG7

  102. Once again, Gittins has much to say.

    ….If you were a conspiracy theorist it would be easy to see Tony Abbott’s actions against unions as revealing his true dastardly intentions despite all his soothing statements before the election.
    But I see it just as standard Coalition behaviour, motivated more by a search for political advantage than by a desire to free the economy from the scourge of unionism. Indeed, when the union movement finally expires – which can’t be too many years off – I’d expect the Coalition to shed a private tear at the loss of such a useful whipping-boy.
    When you contemplate the royal commission into union corruption, remember that, since the days of Malcolm Fraser, all Coalition governments set up such commissions. We know they sometimes backfire against the government or employers, and rarely lead to the conviction of many unionists. Royal commissions are about raising a hue and cry, not getting wrongdoers into jail.
    As politicians on both sides well know, unions have long been on the nose with the public. This is partly because it’s always easy for proprietors of the established order to portray unions as troublemakers and partly because of the public’s race memory of the way the unions were always staging disruptive strikes in the decades up to the mid-1980s (yes, that long ago).
    The Coalition wouldn’t still be so keen to press the public’s anti-union button, however, if the unions weren’t still so closely associated with its political opponent, the Labor Party – a linkage that, if anything, strengthened as Julia Gillard sought to shore up her leadership against the ever-present threat from Kevin Rudd…

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-truth-behind-tony-abbotts-antiunion-push-20140223-33agu.html#ixzz2uvszeybw

  103. More.

    ………………………..A second ulterior motive is the Coalition’s resentment of the way the unions channel big donations to Labor, but never to it. By contrast, business will donate to Labor rather that the Liberals whenever it thinks Labor’s likely to win.
    And, of late, we’ve seen signs of a third level of political prejudice against the unions. How is it the ”end of entitlement” seems to apply far more to manufacturers than to farmers or formerly government-owned airlines?
    Could it be because highly protected manufacturing tends to be highly unionised, with the unions playing a leading role in fighting for continued government assistance, particularly when Labor is in power?
    It’s worth remembering that manufacturing is the traditional base of the union movement. Manufacturing’s declining share of total employment is part of the explanation for the movement’s declin…..

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-truth-behind-tony-abbotts-antiunion-push-20140223-33agu.html#ixzz2uvtUWxn4

  104. and

    …………….What the people with the hidden agendas will never tell you is that more than 80 per cent of enterprises don’t have a union presence. Only about 40 per cent of employees are covered by collective agreements, some of which have been drafted by employers without union involvement.

    If the government really did stamp out union corruption, or prompt Labor to cut its ties with the unions (thus depriving many union leaders of an attractive career path), or shame union leaders into giving up their lucrative fees as trustees of industry super funds, it would get the union leadership back to its knitting, giving their movement a better chance of surviving.


    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/business/the-truth-behind-tony-abbotts-antiunion-push-20140223-33agu.html#ixzz2uvu3Nca7

  105. Thought yesterday, after QT in the house was funny. No real debate. Could not work out why they were having a debate in reply. Same before QT.

    This is ridiculous,

    …………………..Labor is complaining the government appears to have run out of legislation to debate, as the House of Representatives spent another afternoon hearing Oscars-style speeches by MPs thanking their families and campaign teams for hard work during last year’s election rather than debating legislation.

    “I’ve never known a government that has so little legislation to debate,” said the manager of opposition business, Tony Burke.

    Last week parliament passed just two relatively minor pieces of legislation and on Monday afternoon government business was taken up by members responding to the governor general’s speech opening the new parliament last November.

    Normally only new members make their maiden speeches in reply to the governor general’s speech in the main House of Representatives chamber.

    “After new members give their maiden speeches, the rest of those speeches usually go to the second chamber, the federation chamber, rather than the main House of Representatives chamber because that’s where legislation has to be debated,” Burke said…..


    ………….and this is not the worse government ever. If not, it must be the laziest.

  106. ………….

    Malcolm Fraser
    Professorial Fellow at University of Melbourne

    Malcolm Fraser is a former prime minister of Australia from 1975 to 1983.

    By releasing the previous government’s cabinet proceedings for examination, Tony Abbott has exposed his cabinet to the risk that their successors will do the same to them. AAP/Alan Porritt
    A long-standing principle in Australian politics, one derived from Westminster and British experience over hundreds of years, is that incoming governments do not use the confidential discussions of cabinet proceedings to seek to embarrass the losers of the last election.

    There are good reasons for this restraint. In cabinet, any government needs ministers who will speak fearlessly, who will be totally open in what they say, on whatever subject is under discussion. It can be a sensitive matter on foreign affairs; there might be significant criticism of a close ally. Criticism between ministers can sometimes be acute.

    It is important that freedom and openness remain part of cabinet discussions. It is important that all points of view are exposed. Ministers should not have to look over their shoulders and wonder, how will this look when the next government publishes what I am now saying?

    What is the royal commission’s purpose?

    I have seen the letters that passed between shadow attorney-general Mark Dreyfus and attorney-general George Brandis. The implications are clear. The papers relating to the so-called “Pink Batts Affair” have already been passed to the Royal Commission into the Home Insulation Program.

    If the royal commissioner wishes to publish some parts of those papers, or all of them, the government will at that point decide whether it wishes to claim immunity or not. Apparently, prime minister Tony Abbott directed that the papers be made available for the royal commissioner earlier this year, without the knowledge of the attorney-general.

    A number of questions arise. What is the purpose of this royal commission? I know it was promised before the election, but the question still remains, for what purpose?

    Royal commissions are generally designed to lead to significant government action and sometimes to prosecution of people found guilty of an offence. What can come out of this royal commission? Is there any suggestion any member of the previous government will be prosecuted?

    There have been coronial inquiries in New South Wales and Queensland into the four unfortunate cases that led to deaths. The cause of death is known. Three of the four employers have been prosecuted and convicted.

    The royal commission will learn nothing new of those circumstances. It was a badly run industry – if you like, an incompetently run industry – without adequate supervision, training or control.

    Most people would regard the government management of the program as incompetent, as one of the reasons that led to the defeat of the Labor Party. I suspect it is likely, even probable, that the royal commission will confirm that view. Does the government believe this will have a significant impact on the next election?

    Such a view is not particularly relevant. The major players, former prime ministers Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard, are no longer in parliament. There will be other issues far more important in people’s minds than this old and buried Home Insulation Program.

    Does the government believe the royal commission can lead to prosecution of ministers? That is most unlikely. It would seem, therefore, that the process is political and designed to be so.

    This is likely to have continuing adverse consequences. When the current government loses, as one day it will, an incoming Labor government will be under significant pressure for a payback. It is too early to tell what issue they might pick, but there will be one.

    Are we to begin a cycle of royal commission after royal commission trying to expose the ills, the mismanagement of actions, of the previous government? Ministers would be much more careful of what they say in cabinet. Both consequences would have adverse impacts on Australian democracy.

    The issues are not complex; they are clear. Cabinet confidentiality ought to be maintained. It is central to our system of government. The papers ultimately become public, but after a significant time has elapsed.

    The need to protect the body politic

    This latest government action could have other even more adverse consequences.

    In 1975, a private prosecution was launched against former prime minister Gough Whitlam, attorney-general Lionel Murphy, Rex Connor and Jim Cairns. There were suggestions that the government should take over that prosecution.

    One of the commitments I had given the governor-general at the time, if I was asked to form a government, was that there would be no pursuit of possible illegal actions of the then government through the courts. I had no hesitation in making such a commitment. Again, for good reasons.

    On a number of occasions in British history a prosecution has not been launched because it would do damage to a body politic as a whole. While clearly the chief law officer is the final determinant of whether or not a prosecution should be launched, the chief law officer in our system is also a member of cabinet and would be wise to listen to the advice of senior colleagues……..


    Brandies have been ordered to stop spying on the Timorese and their lawyers. To sell papers they seize from their lawyers.

    I believe the reaction has been to size one of the lawyers passport.

    Does this mob really believe that all law and conventions do not apply to them.

    I wonder what Abbott’s ministers feel, when he rolls them. Seems that he does not bother to tell them, before he does. We have Brandis, Hocj=key and MacFarlane so far as we know.

  107. Ah Fed up – Malcolm Fraser, who together with Robert Mugabe has murdered more people in Rhodesia, than Juliar Gillard drowned in the Sunda Strait or Java Sea. All three are eminent persons !!!!!! All have blood on their hands !!!!!!!

  108. That would have to be the wankiest ‘look over there’ that you have done, Palmy…….. why is that??……………… oh, that’s right!!! 😛

  109. Another indicator that Abbott is the worst leader ever and the government the worst this country has ever had, the woeful base quality of their followers.

    Just look at the ones here for proof of that.

  110. Pingback: The boats have ‘apparently’ stopped, but are any of us actually better off? « The Australian Independent Media Network

  111. Why have the media only bothered with polls when they are negative to leave. Yes, I believe, polls do not tell you much, except maybe this is what the person is thinking at the moment of being polled.

    This still does not explain the treatment that the MSM gives them.

    Same goes for any serious reports in relation to climate change.

    …………..ANOTHER opinion poll has the federal opposition comfortably ahead.
    Last week’s Newspoll, which came at the beginning of a House of Representatives sitting fortnight, had two-party-preferred support at 54 to 46 per cent, and this week Reachtel says 53 to 47.
    One or two more like that and we’ll have to unrogue that earlier poll.
    The government gave every indication it took that Newspoll very seriously—perhaps it confirmed internal research—because they reached for that old facilitator of massive poll leads, the “carbon tax”.
    Yes, that comfy old pair of slippers.
    Last week, and so far this, most if not all Question Time Dorothy Dixers have been about this “job-destroying tax” and Labor’s refusal to recognise the government’s mandate to repeal it. “Electricity Bill”, the guy who refused to provide utility cost relief, departed long ago. The “carbon tax” is now all about deadening business activity and employment……………


  112. Censor motionbeen moved by Wong against Nash. Abetz not taking motion.Abetz not taking motion

  113. Abbott asked when code of ethics will be signed. Abbott deeply regrets. Does not know, it seems. 100 days have passed.

    Tanya took the wind out of his sails with the question.

    Turnbull now up again misleading the house.

  114. It seems that Turnbull has taken the role of the government clown. Pity he is poor at the job.

  115. Every question time the health minister gets up and tells us a sorry of how bad the previous Labor health minister was.
    All l questions are about GP Locals.
    Every GT, the health minister gets up and tells us a bad Tanya was.
    Never once does he tell us, firstly how he intends to fix Tanya’s disasters.
    He does not say how he will fix things.
    He also does not tell us what he intends to do.
    Surely, one would expect this after 6 months in government.
    Each day, he always reminds us that Tanya was not super minister.

    This, from a minister that did not ask one health question in six years.

    Did he not see, during that time what was wrong?

    Surely, one would expect this after 6 months in government.

    By the way, Tanya is no longer shadow health minister.

  116. Maybe it is time for this government to stop its dance on Labor;s grave, turning their attention to the needs of the country.

    After all, that is what they were elected to do.

    The electerate has made up it’s mind in regarf to Labor. They gave their verdict.

    ………………..The Abbott government is nothing if not ambitious. Day by day, as commentators scratch their heads over the government’s economic plans, a deeper political strategy is emerging that would make Robert Menzies blush.

    The small coterie of MPs and advisers comprising the Abbott leadership team seem to be laying the groundwork for an epic run in office. That strategy begins with an extended period of fixating on the Labor Party rather than the economy.

    This is discernable in cabinet’s response to the predicament of Qantas. As Stephen Bartholomeusz explained yesterday (Abbott leave Qantas with a wing and a prayer, March 4), by denying the struggling airline the short-term fix of a line of cheap credit, and by focusing instead on the long-term fix of allowing greater foreign ownership, the government is effectively doing nothing at all.

    Put another way, its solution for Qantas is not a solution, and it can’t pass the Senate anyway due to opposition from Labor, the Greens, Nick Xenophon, John Madigan and the Palmer United Party (after July 1).

    So why put the story out there so forcefully a few weeks ago, with Treasurer Joe Hockey giving journalists his checklist of factors that made Qantas special, and raising hopes of a bailout, only then to say “no, Qantas is just like SPCA, Toyota, Ford, Holden…”.

    Well, because though some media commentat……………………


  117. Well apart from Hockey being comprehensively caught out in a direct lie, nothing surprising there with this government, nor the fact the right wingers don’t seem to have a problem with this government’s string of major lies whilst lambasting everybody else for lying, but here are some figure for them to ignore.

    GDP per hour worked also lifted again, providing yet more evidence of the sustained period of labour productivity growth delivered under the Fair Work Act — up 0.6% in the quarter and 1.7% throughout the year, and slightly higher in the private sector. And unit labour costs fell 0.7% as well.

    So under Howard’s WorkChoices, bought in under the premise of increasing waning productivity, productivity went down and then stagnated.

    Under Fair Work, the IR legislation Abbott wants to get rid of using failing productivity as a false excuse, productivity has improved as have other Labour indicators.

    Wonder if the right wingers can tell us where the source of real productivity decline originates?

  118. “door prize” I’m hoping that has something to do with a Penfolds vintage – perhaps a Grange 😉

  119. You’ve won a door.

    😆 Cool, the white ants have eaten my door at the back of the garage. A Grange would have been better, but you’ve always been the practical type Michael 😀

  120. Hockey’s nonsensical explanation for the removal of the foreign ownership restrictions on Qantas was bad enough but Truss’s was a lulu.

  121. This no boats crap really is nauseating. With this secret service attitude of Morrison how do we really know there has been no boats who have attempted the trip in that time even if they didnt get here…. Do you think Scotty would have told us any way ?

    Fancy being proud of denying people a chance to flee tyranny and death in their homelands and seek asylum in the so called lucky country….

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