Tony Abbott is a modest man…and forever on the spin cycle


In September last year Paul Kelly, Editor at large at The Australian gushed effusively, and in hindsight disastrously over-optimistically, concerning the Big Picture of Tony Abbott, Prime Minister.

Quoting Abbott himself (no doubt sourced from ‘the usual’, a Liberal Party Press Release), Kelly effused:

TONY Abbott has signalled a new style of Coalition government based on collaborative ties with business, a clearer set of priorities, less frenetic, more predictable and geared to stability, not fashion.

Kelly also unambiguously  predicted:

Announcing his ministry, Abbott said the people wanted a government that was “upfront, speaks plainly and does the essentials well”.

Decoded, this means cutting the spin, delivering his promises and getting the economy ticking in the teeth of rising unemployment.

Kelly then followed with a character evaluation of The Great Man himself.  According to Paul Kelly, Abbott:

  • Is a modest man but he must deliver more than modest government.  This one has at least been successful, there has been no modesty about this government whatsoever.
  • He hates embroidery, loathes long ministerial titles.. Gosh, it’s no wonder the msm ridiculed Julia for knitting when Abbott hates embroidery!  Yes indeed, Abbott’s loathing for long titles (doubt no due to a limited attention span), has cost the government (aka us) millions in now defunct stationery.
  • He won’t be talking to the media unless he has something to say..  Hence the Cone of Silence which quickly enveloped this government, Abbott clearly has nothing to say.
  • (Is a) conservative warrior and the anarchic modern media with its thirst for drama and obsession with gesture. So it’s *us* the citizen journalists with the thirst for drama and the obsession with gesture? … ahh, the nobility of it all, the warrior versus anarchy..that’s *us* again.
  • He believes the public is tired of Labor’s egoism, boasting and endless self-obsessions.
  • Abbott said the people wanted a government that was “upfront, speaks plainly and does the essentials well”.
  • Abbott should have promoted another woman into his cabinet where Julie Bishop is the only female in 19 ministers. A very slight rap on the knuckles, but hell, what do you expect, Abbott is a man’s man and this just reveals “a stubborness to do things his way”.
  • The heart of this government is its economic team. Abbott is convinced Labor stumbled because of its obstructionist attitude towards big, small and resources-based business.
  • This is an economic team that is close to Abbott. Its values are pro-market, deregulatory reform and cutting Labor’s red and green tape.

One of the main gripes from the alternative media to mainstream is the often complete lack of scrutiny of statements which emanate straight from the Liberal Party, now government.  Especially when in opposition, all one-liners, the trite phrases were treated as god’s own gospel.  Perhaps this is one of the mainstream media’s problems, that anyone with a computer and who knows how to “Google” can check claims emanating from the prime ministerial office.  Just because Peta Credlin says it, doesn’t make it so.  And just because one or several journalists from the mainstream media repeat the quote verbatim, does not make it so.

No wonder the frustration from the Australian public, no wonder paywalls are a capital F for fail.

Just for the fun of it, let’s just check a couple of Kelly’s statements, and let’s start with #7. Labor stumbled because of its obstructionist attitude towards big, small and resources-based business.

Then why as per the Reserve Bank and Remarks to the Bloomberg Australia Economic Summit 2013 Sydney – 10 April 2013:

Business investment in Australia is higher now as a share of GDP than at any other time over the past 60 years

Why the anomaly, the difference between the factual evidence and the illusion?  Why lie?  Surely senior journalists cannot be ignorant of factual evidence?  If Labor was so obstructionist then why the outstanding results?

The Murdoch media looms large where very little uncensored information penetrates out onto the Australian public, and certainly very little positive which might be contra to the current line which the spin maesters have deemed the *moment* to promote.

On all of the above, one can go no further for the ever insightful Ross Gittins who commences his article of today with:

The world of politicians gets deeper and deeper into spin, and so far no production of the Abbott government rates higher on the spin cycle than last week’s Repeal Day.

This statement from Gittins deserves capitals, and bold:

But the most objectionable feature of the whole red tape Repeal Day charade is the way it has been used as cover for rent-seeking by the Coalition’s industry backers.

It’s an open secret the protections for investors provided by the Future of Financial Advice legislation are being watered down at the behest of the big banks, which want to be freer to incentivise unqualified sales people to sell inappropriate investment products to mug punters.

With the comparison being the Charities Commission abolished, “….despite the objections of most charities, presumably because the Catholic Church doesn’t like it”.

Watch this space for further developments on what the Church likes and doesn’t like, what the Big Banks like and do not like.

Then there is #6.  Abbott said, the people wanted a government that was “upfront, speaks plainly and does the essentials well“.  Spin, spin and spin.

250 comments on “Tony Abbott is a modest man…and forever on the spin cycle

  1. Tony Abbott cannot get out of opposition mode, he is still giving three word slogans, nothing in detail about what this government is about, spin, spin and more spin.

  2. “Rabbutt-the-Hun’s” pathetic “spin” attempt to divert attention by trying to sound like the “concerned-leader-at-the-centre” over the missing Malaysian Airliner is just another piece of flummery which only heightens the obviousness that all the Liarbrils are doing is destroying with no coherent overall policy.

  3. Lawrencewinder, and no coherent overall policy is the message I’m also getting. They lurch from one thing to another with no cohesion whatsoever , from cancelling benefits to war orphans to chopping the wages of cleaning staff, to cancelling education such as trade training centres. The only message being to send us back along the Road to Surfdom.

  4. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with Abbott and co for the next 8 maybe 12 years, thanks for nothing Murdoch and co.. .No Comment; Mr Abbott and the LNP have been placed in protection by the Australian media and mining barons.. Sept 7 wasn’t an election, it was a coup d’état by the Australian media and mining barons. With the extreme right wing media and mining barons now holding the nations highest office who’s gonna umpire the umpire. >>>>. >Although the Fairfax papers maintained a less absurd coverage of the election campaign than the riotous and ridiculous Murdoch gutter press through most of the campaign, the Corbett attack came out of the blue and was clearly designed to do as much political damage as possible to the ALP Fed government. >>Murdoch’s news corp and Rinehart/,au. .

  5. It’s just a hypothetical based on the question “If a Federal Election were held today…“, but the answer comes back as “it would result in an ALP victory – two-party preferred support is ALP 54.5% (up 1% ) cf. L-NP 45.5% (down 1%)…

    Morgan multi-mode poll.

  6. One Murdoch or Rinehart/Fairfax smear and fear, A Leak from A Source allegation headline pre election will tip the scales whatever why they want. Sorry to burst the bubble Bacchus.

  7. What a whinge , rest easy imagine if Rudd had won the Election.
    Things would be immeasurably worse.
    Amazing how Gillard and Rudd can ring bark the Country and then set sail
    into the Sunset, resign or resign and please may they just keep going.

  8. If we had this sort of media in Australia Gillard would still be prime minister. Washington Post, Carol Morello, June 15, 2013.. God help Australia if these people ever win office. Australian Prime Minster Julia Gillard fried chicken. Small breasts, thighs and big red box/Vagina on an opposing political party’s fund raising dinner menu… Telegraph co UK. June 12, 2013. Kathy Brand. The ugly Australians. A snapshot of the sort of people these Liberals are. > Prime Minister of Australia Julia Gillard’s vagina on the menu. PS;Female Genitals; Australian slang words IE; mossy cleft.,.,fanny,..hairy box,,,love tunnel,.. Pussy, etc. .>

  9. Oh VOYAGER how can a right winger complain about whinging? Nothing beats the 6 year massive dummy spit of the Liberals and their mindless supporters like you after Rudd won and then a whinging explosion when Gillard won that still goes on to this day. And you don’t have to look back far to see it in action as they’re at it again in SA.

    Losing in a system they set up they’re now bitching, whinging and moaning that it’s unfair and the system should be changed and Labor is illegitimate. Now where did we did we hear that whinge for over the last 6 years, non-stop? Even Pyne stepped in and said the State Labor government in SA is illegitimate and should be thrown out and the system changed.

    VOYAGER, hypocrisy and projection on display yet again.

  10. No bubble Slumdog – any poll 2½ years out from an election is pretty much meaningless. Watching poll trends over time and how politicians react is the only interest.

  11. Agree Bacchus, but still there is one thing telling in the polls since Abbott got in with the aid of media lies and deceit, the worst honeymoon of any new PM.

    Also a telling SA state poll in the Libs a certainty before Abbott and losing when Abbott lent a hand.

  12. ME – the factoid you omit – is the biggest ever political whiteanting seen
    in Australia. That is of course the Rudd job on Gillard. The most concentrated
    attack on a Prime Minister , well it worked Rudd got the PM spot but lost the
    Election. Any wonder? And Australia got Ringbarked because no one cared
    about the Country , all just about them. Quite selfish really?

    ps forgot the Gillard job on Rudd but that’s another story! Same theme and
    same result.

  13. As an update on my post..

    Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has called a halt to the controversial watering-down of Labor’s financial advice laws, less than a week after besieged colleague Arthur Sinodinos stepped down from the portfolio.

    The move means the Abbott government’s amended legislation will not be introduced to parliament this week.

    A pity that the government failed to look at the legal aspects prior to mooting the changes, and a good week after every economist was warning of chaos. And a double pity that the government has no one on their team who was able to work it out.

    Legal advice prepared presented to the then assistant treasurer Arthur Sinodinos by Industry Super predicted chaos if the government proceed with its plan to amend the law by regulation.

    Prepared by the tax litigation specialist Arnold Bloch Leibler it said the regulations would be “invalid and susceptible to challenge in the courts”.

    “A court declaration of invalidity would operate retrospectively,” it said.

    “This means, for example, financial advisers who relied on the regulations could be found to have acted unlawfully.”

  14. We need to keep in mind, that Abbott is very good at getting his agenda in place. He is probably happy at the debate and criticism going on. Allows him to get on with what he has set out to do.

    One thing for sure, we will be the last to know what that it.

  15. Had an interesting experience tonight at the Senior Citz club. Conversation was about council politics, That in itself was negative.
    Next was a woman saying she has no interest in politics, but not so for her husband. She said that while home, she had to watch QT whether she was interested or not.

    I need not repeat what came next. Condemnation of Bishop. Asking how in the hell does one get rid of Madam speaker. Simply speaking, those present were disgusted.

    Finish off with one saying they did not mind Craig Thomson., That was surprising.

    Also mentioned what they thought of the Liberals on the coast., Fully aware that all are under police investigation.

    Yes, the public might not be as silly as some believe.

    I will not even bother reporting what they thought of Abbott.

    Could explain another Morgan poll this day, with Labor going further ahead.

    I took very little part in this conversation, I left the hall feeling very good.

  16. I believe there have been thirty seven polls since the September election, Only three slightly in Abbott’s favour. No honeymoon whatever.

    I believe this is the first time this has happened.

  17. Australians have a right to be bigots. Do we also have a right to libel a person. Do we have a right to slander. Do we have a right to murder and steal as well.,

  18. When I think of the Fitzgerald Inquiry here in Qld and then see the number of this governments officials and ministers with close ties to the developers who are pushing for so much of the new legislative changes in the environment and business practices it makes me sick. I am not denying that what happened in Qld was in any way innocent but if justified the witch hunt that followed I would think that what is going on at a Federal level should be address also. I grew up in a conservative political house during the Bjelke Petersen era and what followed and I see nothing that different in what is happening to Australian politics at a federal level now. The duplicity of the people involves staggers me as it does a number of people who up until recently have be staunch conservatives.

  19. Sticks and stones can break my boines, so the say.

    I also know, that words can destroy my spirit.

    It appears we are not free to use stick and stones.

    It appears, or so some say, they can use words to break my spirit.

    I wonder what is the most deadly?

    What I do not understand is why one should be free to destroy another. Why one would want to do so?

  20. You have a very short memory VOYAGER, or more accurately a very blinkered ideological one.

    Some of the greatest white anting that has gone on has been by the Liberals, and Howard has been front and centre twice on that front.

    All sides have done it throughout history, even the Greens and Democrats, so come down off your high horse believing the Liberals are some pure as the driven snow party. They are as covered in mud and slush as everyone else.

    The difference is that most left wingers can see that but nearly all right wingers deliberately keep themselves ignorant and turn a blind eye to the malfeasance and gross failings of the party they so blindly and unquestioningly follow.

    And I wouldn’t put any money on Abbott being safe either with all the mumblings against him going on within the Liberals and the often contradictory statements by his ministers to what Credlinhe says.

  21. Rather ask some of the Liberal politicians on the Central Coast, starting with the new member for Dobell. One would think the only criminals in this country is on the left.

    look again, it is those from the right that are now in the news.
    It is the far right that is demanding free speech, they right to say whatever they like, in spite of the harm it does.,

    Have not heard any unionist demand that right.

    No one denies that there have been some from the left whose behaviour leaves much to be admired. Then, on can also say. they have been duly dealt with by the law.

    What is the problem?

  22. One thing I learnt, when very young, working in factories was the fact, when it come to someone in the union to represent you, you voted for one capable of taking on the boss., They definitely, that is the employer, did not play by Queensberry rules.

    Do not remember many, that were willing to act like thugs. That is the boss I mean.

    When it comes to the building trade, both play the game hard. I have never seen any developer that was a shrinking violet. It is a tough game, that requires tough unions.

    It is the l;ikes of our visitors that need to open their eyes to the real world. I eorker in it, The fights were hard. Would have rather not needed to ggo out on streike, as we did. Point is, their was no choice.

    Like Hawkes and Labor’s view, that it is better for employer and employee to work together. Better for productivity.

  23. Thuggery and stand over tactics are a thing of the past but not CFMEU in
    Brisbane . Two high profile cases in BNE , first at Mater Hospital where contractors
    and subcontractors were illegally blocked. Bovis suing for $6.5m.
    Second at Westfield Indooroopilly where Union was blocking non-Union workers
    From access. Not on boys. Very nasty.
    Sure lots more in Royal Commission .

  24. “What is the problem?”

    The problem is Fu that the right wingers are desperately looking for distractions and obfuscations away from this terrible government and especially Abbott, and thus their constant hark backs to Labor, unions and the left in all of their responses whilst deliberately ignoring the gross failings and terrible governance by the current Liberals.

    It’s all a very obvious obfuscation and absolute evidence of just how bad Abbott it and how terrible this government is.

  25. Oh and the employers are all innocent VOYAGER, they don’t rip off workers or customers and fleece as much out of companies as they can?

  26. That wouldn’t be Abbott’s Royal Commission VOYAGER?

    What a stacked kangaroo court joke that will be.

    Remember Howard tried the same thing and a lot more wrong doing was found by the companies than by unions so the whole thing was swept under the carpet.

    Abbott has made the terms of reference so narrow that companies can’t be outed for their wrongdoings. What a farce and not worth the 100’s of millions of tax payers money it will cost.

    Plus it has nothing whatsoever to do with justice for workers and union thuggery and everything to do with ensconcing the Liberals in power forever. They can’t win on their own merit so always have to resort to these low and underhanded tactics to gain and remain in power. What a bunch of crooks.

    The Liberals exist solely to gain and hold power for the Liberals. Serving the people and the country have nothing to do with it.

  27. ME – you just don’t get it. You no matter what threaten, beat up or prevent
    workers entry to a Building Site. That is exactly what happened. Bosses were
    Not involved.
    It is 2014 not 1964!
    ( if you want a good read there is a book out about wharfies and their hindrance
    of the War Effort. We call that treason. No Bosses involved in that one. They
    were so low to steal rations meant for our fighting solders . You don’t get
    lower than that!)

  28. ME, I have seen it written, that many business men with similar cards that Craig Thomson was issued, hoped they do not end up in court, facing the same charges.

    By the way, he was convicted of less than 25,000 over five years.

    Not the million or so made out by many over the last few years.

    I still do not know, what the alleged behaviour of past Labor people has to do with the behaviour of this present government.

    It is not like they are telling us anything new.

    As Mr.Burke said yesterday in QT, when Pyne was making his usual rant about the past sins of Labor and the unions, repetition is becoming a little tedious.

  29. In full agreement with this one. Rudd should not have pulled the plug. That action left many business men in trouble.

    …………..An industry expert has told the royal commission into the Rudd government’s home insulation scheme the program should not have been terminated.

    Technical consultant James Fricker advised the federal Environment Department on home insulation for the national roll-out of the scheme five years ago.

    An inquiry in Brisbane is examining whether the Labor government and its staff failed to heed safety ….

  30. I do not know about others, but I believe that workers do have the right to strike. it is the only power they have to better and protect themselves in a capitalist5ic society.

    Just as important as the right to free speech that the likes of Brandis raves about.

    Yes, the right to free speech comes with responsibilities, as does the right to strike.

    It is a fact that most IR disputes over the last few years,m has not been workers strikes, but employers lockouts..

    We hear much about strikes, very ;little about lockouts. Why?

    It appears that FWA is reopening inquiries into disputes in the building industry. Disputes that have been long settled.

    it is unclear whether it is political or not, but the spokesman said, it could be about the employer more so, than the workers.

    The concern seems to be, these were disputes, where court action was dropped.

  31. PM Abbott once again manages to upset the Chinese, with his obsession to control the media.

    ….”This wouldn’t even happen in China”: George Yang. Photo: Andrew Meares
    Chinese journalists covering the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 from Canberra are furious at what they see as Australian government control of the media.
    On Sunday, two Chinese crews decided to chase Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss into a car park at the Australian Maritime Safety Authority after being denied access to an AMSA briefing attended by Australian media.
    The crews held an impromptu interview with Mr Truss but have complained at being ”locked out” of any chance to put questions to AMSA boss John Young. On Monday, AMSA posted a security guard at the front of its headquarters.
    George Yang, the chief correspondent for Hong Kong’s Phoenix Satellite Television, said he had been asked to prove his credentials while he prepared to do a cross from public land. ”This w…..

    Read more:

  32. Craig Thomson sentence to twelve months with three to be served. obviously not the crime of the century/. I believe the money is to be paid back.

    Justice it appears, has been done.

  33. I was going to point out the beating up workers bit as well.

    Can you please source your claims VOYAGER.

    If true it’s wrong whether it’s 1964 or 2014.

    But you keep harping to one side and always ignore of obfuscate on the malfeasance and wrongdoing of the other.

    Do you believe Abbott’s Royal Commission should also look at the wrongdoing of employers and their unions (called associations) as well as workers and their unions?

    Or are you afraid that like Howard it will find more problems on the employer’s side of the IR scale than on the employees?

    So I guess it’s you who doesn’t get it because you only one to beat up one side and only ever beat up one side, no matter who good that side whilst ignoring the other side no matter how bad that side.

  34. The two ironic things about the SA outcome Tom are Pyne is whining about a system the Liberals put in place and the Liberals were set to win in their own right until Abbott showed up to support the State Liberal leader and his election campaign and they immediately tanked.

  35. The trouble in SA, no matter how they draw the boundaries. they will always favour Labor.

    , This is because of the geography and distribution of population.

    There have been many attempts of coming up with better boundaries, some at the time ridiculous.

    Someone even suggested, that the premier be elected by poll. That would be fun, as it would be likely one would see a Coalition premier, leading a house made up of Labor.

    NO, the answer could be, a different type of electorate for the sate. Maybe more like Tasmania, or even the senate.

    I believe both sides have attempted to have a fairer distribution with not luck.

    As for Pyne, I suspect he only sees Coalition governments as legitimate. He did not accepththe last two Labor governments were legit.

  36. Hey Voyager, have you decided whether you will put or shut up when it comes to the Sludge you were so negligent about (only 2KM sq)? Are you volunteering your house and neighbours for that 2KMsq of dredging to be dumped on you? I am sure you won’t mind, for such a good cause, as for the profit making by someone overseas.

  37. Back to the past, with Knights and Dames., Somet5hing I thought the Australian awards was a means of moving away from.

    They are to be approved by the Queen and the PM.

    The Queen is apparently the head of the order of Australia.
    Entrenching the monarchy could not possibly be the aim.

  38. No thank you..I am most definitely NOT going to be Dame Carol. 👿

    Good God..knights and dames, how silly is everyone going to look. I like this one..

    “I heartily welcome the new awards system of knights and dames. Great to see the country striding confidently forward into the Middle Ages. Feudalism here we come! Serf’s up!”


  39. One would think, that the present GG after many years in the job, plus the years before she served as governor of Queensland, has been well compensated to her so called sacrifice.
    Mr. Abbott. most take this role on,. at the end f of their careers. Does not matter that it is hard for them to go onto other careers.

    Abbott is setting out to entrench the monarchy Such awards are not necessary.

  40. After madam speaker, dame I would not want to be. if the Queen wants too hand out such awards, let her do is under her own honour list. Leave the Australian awards alone.

    I have lost some respect for Quentin accepting the award.

    It is a wonder, he is not unwinding the Australian. He has managed today, to tie them the Queen.

    Once again, back to the past.

    Those poll numbers must indeed be worrying him. How many times has Abbott been pout today.

    Maybe it took him an hour this morning, to talk the GG into accepting his new jumped up award. Well one can hope.

  41. Well one has to be able to preform for the public, Wonder if buying milk for PS is till a crime?

    ………………Tony Abbott is keen to keep the Christmas party tradition going. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen
    Tony Abbott might be taking to the public service with his sharpest set of pruning shears but has vowed to pay for grog and soft drinks for senior bureaucrats in his department every Christmas.
    The Prime Minister has boasted of the $20,238 Christmas party he hosted for Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet staff and has even lashed his predecessors as Grinches by saying he was surprised a festive season bash for hard-working public servants at the department was not held regularly under the former government.
    “As a consequence, the Prime Minister has established a new tradition of a special Christmas function that includes not only senior public servants in (the department) but also their spouses and children,” read a response from the Prime Minister.
    The response ……………….

    Read more:–but-holds-onto-christmas-parties-20140324-35cne.html#ixzz2wx0JW7ik

  42. How about Lady Carol then?

    As vaudeville team Weber and Fields said at the turn of the 20th century, “That was no lady; that was my your wife” 😆

  43. ………………..Because I had a moment of extreme unprofessionalism due to quite uncontrollable laughing during the Knights ‘n Dames press conference, I didn’t deliver the most clean report of the event.

    Apologies. The prime minister was asked by reporters why he’d ruled out bringing back knights last December, and then subsequently brought back the knights. The prime minister had an explanation for that.

    Q: Prime Minister, you ruled this out in December. What has changed?

    PRIME MINISTER: Well, I made a quite specific comment in December. I said that we weren’t intending to do what New Zealand has done and what New Zealand has done is simply enable existing companions in the Order of New Zealand to convert to Knighthoods. There is no such capacity under Letters Patent as amended. Knights or Dames will have to be specifically created.

    Q: Prime Minister, that is a distinction that very few people would understand.

    PRIME MINISTER: Well, I also make the point that this is a decision that I’ve made in the last few weeks, contemplating the retirement of Dame Quentin Bryce and the accession to the Governor- Generalship of General Peter Cosgrove..

  44. The Abbott government had billed the budget as necessarily harsh but, more recently, has switched to portraying it as mildly stimulatory with the immediate aim being to foster employment growth.

    This being Abbott-speak for I am looking for an excuse to take $s from who I consider “undeservering” ie anyone without the finances to make mega multi donations to either myself or the Liberal party. Who I consider “deserving” are of course sacrosant.

    Therefore I’m going to come down hard on the Easy to Bash groups, layabout feral/bogan chardy sipping/beer swilling leftie dole bludging unemployed and the old f*rt, lazy shandy sipping leftie frauds frittering the tax payers hard-earned away at bingo and “encourage” them to give up their indolent ways by reducing benefits including the DSP to the equivalent of one coffee and a sandwich (minus mayo) per day. This will then “foster employment growth”.

    Easy isn’t it, just make life as miserable as possible and you can pretend that you’re taking action.

  45. This government is a joke and blame Labor for what is clearly their responsibility continues unabated.

    Hockey has announced a $17 billion blowout in the 2017-18 and has blamed it on Labor by saying they buried a tsunami of spending that is causing that blowout. Of course Hockey didn’t provide any evidence for that claim, but Chris Bowen certainly shot him down.

    “Labor Treasury spokesman Chris Bowen last night released analysis prepared by the Parliamentary Budget Office showing the budget could return to surplus in five years were it not for spending and policy decisions by the Coalition.”

    This government is wasting large amounts of spending, already considerably up on the previous government, and is blaming the previous government for their profligacy and waste. This is so typical of the Liberals and their supporters who can never take responsibility for what they do but always have to blame shift and spin excuses for their failures.

    This guff about knighthoods and dames is nothing more than a distraction, something Turnbull stated last night. It has come out because the last two recent opinion polls have Abbott and his government going backwards in what is the worst start for a new government and going further downhill.

    The government is in economic and management turmoil and is bumbling around attempting to throw out diversions and obfuscations as distractions to their arrant ineptitude.

    I made the statement of worst government in Australian history on early signs of their maladroitness but time and again since then they have not only proved that statement correct they keep exceeding it to plunge lower.

  46. and has blamed it on Labor

    And our intrepid reporters have investigated into this, and found that, the libs claim it was Labor, and Labor claim it was the libs!

    Thanks a heap emesem. Where would we be without youse alls. (I’m guessing smarter)

    Meanwhile, Sir Possitory has introduced Sir Charge to fix Dame Age (allegedly) caused by the rampaging Serfs gillard and rudd

  47. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

    I had a Knightmare that we were about to legalise bigotry in this country again 😦

  48. How much do you want to make a bet Howard gets a knighthood from Abbott but done through Sir GG Gosgrove of course?

    Howard has already received awards that were the opposite of what he actually did. Like a Freedom medal for going to an illegal war killing tens of thousands or more, and the Order of Merit from the Queen that supposedly recognises distinguished service in the armed forces, science, art, literature, or for the promotion of culture, none of which Howard promoted or served in any way, and some of which Howard demoted rather than promoted.

    Liberal can’t get awards on merit, they even cheat on this and Abbott’s taking us backwards with knighthoods and damehoods is a good example of this. They don’t and never have served the people, they only ever serve themselves and their masters who keep them in power by giving them huge sums of money and graft.

  49. Shorten at NPC ABC if anyone is interesting in listening to what he has to say, not only what others perceive he is saying.

  50. There seems to be a change at the NPC in how journalists are asking their questions.

    Respect seems to have found a place once again,.

    Good questions are being asked. long and appropriate answers are being given.

    Not saynhg one has to agree with same answers.

  51. Respect seems to have found a place once again,.

    Well, it’s not like they are forced to talk at a woman any more is it 😯

  52. What is it with this government and the constant stream of back flips and backdowns that are coming out.

    Abbott said this would be a steady as she goes government that would carefully consider things before undertaking them, but up until now we are getting a string of quick poorly thought out brain farts followed by even quicker back flips or backdowns on the merest voicing of concerns over the idiocy of their policy announcements.

    We had the complete back flip with double somersault and half twist on their red tape slash and burn that was going to save a billion a year, now the most recent one is that Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act won’t be repealed as promised but it will be amended.

    This government with a nincompoop at the paddle controls is incompetently floundering around, banging aimlessly into one bumper after another whilst not scoring and constantly loosing the ball. Trouble is they are slowly destroying the machine as they stumble from one failure to the next, bashing and tilting the table and dismantling the fixings that are holding it all together.

  53. On the amended versus repealed..

    The key change announced by Brandis will be the removal of the words “offend, insult, humiliate”, leaving “intimidation”.


    However, the concept was used differently in the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, which outlaws simply the incitement of hatred towards, serious contempt for, or severe ridicule of, a person or group of persons on the ground of race, without any threat component.

    Which basically means that the federal legislation would be left with a threat component but nothing else whereas the NSW legislation would have everything else but minus any threat component. Thereby Brandis successfully creating a legal dog’s breakfast.

  54. And then there’s the “jobs” for the Serfs

  55. $68 billion debt in six months.

    Now if I said that Labor had racked that up, or even 68c of debt, the right wingers would be flooding the blog with derision and saying how bad they are at economic management.

    But that isn’t Labor’s debt, it’s purely Hockey’s, and not one cent is because of anything Labor put in place or hung over from the previous government.

    So I go around the traps expecting the right wingers to be up in arms against this government shouting debt, bad managers, selling our kids future and shutting down Whyalla, but all I see is praise for Abbott taking us back to the dark ages.

    OK I lied. I didn’t expect the right wingers to be castigating this government, they behaved as hypocritically as I knew they would and as they always have.

  56. Future trouble brewing for Abbott, big time.

    The US is going to up the ante for global action on climate change and Australia is in their sights.

    If Abbott is in trouble now over his uncontrolled spending and racking up debt wait until trade penalties and tariffs begin to be levied on Australian imports and exports.

  57. Showing their brilliant economic credentials again today – selling an asset that returns dividends to the government’s coffers each and every year for a once off salve for Joe Hockey’s woeful budget efforts 🙄

  58. But that isn’t Labor’s debt, it’s purely Hockey’s, and not one cent is because of anything Labor put in place or hung over from the previous government.

    Let’s just hope the real story gets as much airtime as the Liberals bullshit does, at the least

  59. And anybody who believes anything Wayne Swan says enjoys being lied to. And anybody who believes any of Wayne Swans numbers enjoys being lied to.

    The four years of surpluses I announce tonight are a powerful endorsement of the strength of our economy, resilience of our people, and success of our policies.

    In an uncertain and fast‑changing world, we walk tall — as a nation confidently living within its means.

    This Budget delivers a surplus this coming year, on time, as promised, and surpluses each year after that, strengthening over time.”

    Wayne Swan

  60. Only problem serfnil, is that tweet from Swanny above is not him speaking, it is Hockeys Treasury 😉

  61. Is this what you are talking about??

    The shadow treasurer, Chris Bowen, said commissioned analysis by the independent Parliamentary Budget Office showed gross debt in 2023-24 would be about $270bn lower than the $667bn predicted by the government.

    The Parliamentary Budget Office added a word of caution, however, saying its estimates of the values of government securities were “considered to be low reliability”.

    Labor had asked the office to perform a “sensitivity analysis” of key budget indicators set out in the Abbott government’s mid-year economic and fiscal outlook (Myefo), released in December.

    The office was asked to assume real growth in spending over the four-year budget period would replicate annual spending growth as outlined in the pre-election economic and fiscal outlook (Pefo). This would be followed by annual real growth in spending of 2%, and no increase to tax receipts above 23.6% of gross domestic product.

    Yeah right. So if Swan was in power the debt and deficit would be lower.

  62. sell the landlords furniture = Budget surplus

    Man how many time do i have to say this.

    Asset sales were not put into the budget as revenue.

    Costello ran $100B of surplus budgets AND $80B of asset sales.

    So Costello saved $100B + $80B = $80B

    ell the landlords furniture (does not equal) Budget surplus

  63. Interesting. Big business deserting IPA. Quiggan made a similar comment, but went further. Gina is main contributer. So much so, that she has control of the agenda.

    Yes, change is coming.

    ……..Some of the world’s largest companies have dropped financial support and membership of free-market think tank the Institute of Public Affairs amid concern at its vociferous campaign against action on climate change.
    Petroleum giants ExxonMobil and Shell and large miners are among the multinationals that have confirmed leaving the Liberal-linked IPA, led by party member John Roskam, who this year was compared to Jesus Christ with his disciples by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.
    Despite the loss of this support The Sunday Age can reveal the IPA is now Australia’s wealthiest private think tank after a surge in donations and fund-raising from individuals that helped it double its revenue in just four years.

    And it is expected to be an important……………..

    Read more:

    …………………..I’ll be on Radio National Bush Telegraph this Friday, talking about the proposals for massive tax expenditures on a “Northern Economic Zone” being pushed by Gina Rinehart, her lobby group Australians for Northern Development (ANDEV) and the Institute of Public Affairs, now heavily reliant on funding from wealthy individuals of whom Rinehart, directly and via ANDEV is the most prominent.

    Back in 2000, the IPA was describing the Alice Springs to Darwin rail link, a heavily subsidised Public Private Partnership, as “the modern equivalent of the stupendously wasteful Ord River irrigation scheme“. This was one of the rare occasions on which I agreed with the IPA.

    And it has historically been critical of deductions, rebates and other tax expenditures, correctly describing them as a disguised form of public spending
    . Again I agree. It’s very rare to find a tax subsidy that achieves a public policy goal more cost-effectively than direct spending.

    Having been exposed to Ms Rinehart’s persuasive mode of argument, the IPA has changed its tune, and plays a melody sweeter to her ears. It’s now fully on board with dams, tax subsidies to promote Northern development, and even special visa conditions on migrants, a policy that ought to be repugnant to libertarians of all kinds.

    I’ll be interested to see how the IPA reconciles its former free-market line with its current position as advocate for yet more subsidies for someone who is arguably the world’s greatest welfare queen………………………

    Then we have Pell. Yes, in charge of money, at the Vatican is the only role he is suitable for. Will be back tomorrow afternoon. Worth watching.

    By the way, Abbott picks those new knights and dames. Should not, and is not,a part of present Australian awards,

    Laterline is worth watching. Shorten getting a fair go.

  64. Yes, Labor has found the best weapon, Simple ridicule.

    I feel that some have come to the conclusion , now is the time for Abbott to go.”

    Will they allow him to go on his extended tour in north Asia,

    The missus turned up last night at GG turnout. Was kept in the background

  65. Sick of hearing about deficits. One would think that is all economies and budgets are about.

    Then one must keep in mind if the right moves away from that, they have to give Labor credit for leaving such a strong economy. Still among the best in the world.

  66. Can’t believe you lot post stuff from Wayne Swan.

    That man has to be the most deceitful man ever to be Treasurer of Australia.

    And i am sure it was Swan that started all that Structural Deficit crap to try and make out that the Costello surplus budgets were really structural deficits.

    Anybody who believes anything Wayne Swan says is totally deluded.


  67. Actually i am losing confidence in the Australian people.

    Wayne Swan was a deceiving lying fraud.

    And yet you people think he was great.

  68. I can understand your loss of confidence Neil. Look at the rabble they elected in September 😉 And Joe Hockey is such a huge step down from Wayne “Finance Minister of the Year” Swan… 😆

  69. Without reading a single word of Neil’s I could bet my house that he has derailed the discussion thread on Hockey’s incompetence and racking up of debt by harking back to Labor and not addressing this government’s failures in any way.

    I don’t know why you continue to engage him, even if it’s for the little amusement of seeing an ideologically closed tiny brain repeat the same things over and again, and be so predicable you can almost word for word write his posts for him.

  70. Talking of failures.

    Government, Hunt in particular, on the back foot as it seems their climate change policy is being revealed for the farce it is, doomed to fail before it even starts.

    The centre piece of their policy is the funding of it yet, and of no surprise to us with this incompetent government, they have not released any details. This despite constantly stating in opposition their policy was fully costed. Apparently, and again no surprise to us, they lied.

    Hunt has stated we now need to wait until the May budget for information and again of no surprise to us blames the current highlighting of his policy as a Labor and Greens beatup. Apparently that was something he and the LIberals never did when they were in opposition.

    It’s astonishing to see that their first recourse in answering anything that is a negative to them, and let’s face it there’s a lot, is to lie and the second is to blame Labor. This is what they did when they were in opposition, and more than one political commentator has stated this government is behaving more like an opposition than a government.

  71. ” Wayne “Finance Minister of the Year” Swan

    Must be great to live in leftie la la land. To be considered a great Treasurer all you have to d is produce deficits of $-27B, $-54B, $-47B, -$43B, -$19B.

    That is approx $200B of debt in 5 years.

    If Swan had tried harder he could have produced $400B of debt and most probably be called the best Treasurer ever.

  72. That man has to be the most deceitful man ever to be Treasurer of Australia.

    This is in addition to the lies hockey is currently pedaling about MYEFO. It is also relevant in the face of the imminent Medibank Private flog off

    His treasury and finance spokesmen, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb, released the costings late on a Wednesday, and three days later Australia voted, without a chance to forensically examine them.

    But not to worry, Hockey and Robb had hired a team of Perth accountants to go over the numbers.

    ”This is an audited statement,” Hockey said. It wasn’t, and it had errors.

    One related to Medibank Private. It hadn’t counted the loss of dividend payments to the budget.

    Read more:

    Can’t see hockey ever being voted Worlds Greatest Treasurer lol

  73. “This is in addition to the lies hockey is currently pedaling about MYEFO

    What lies are these?? Are you talking about this?

    The Parliamentary Budget Office added a word of caution, however, saying its estimates of the values of government securities were “considered to be low reliability”.

    Labor had asked the office to perform a “sensitivity analysis” of key budget indicators set out in the Abbott government’s mid-year economic and fiscal outlook (Myefo), released in December.

    The office was asked to assume real growth in spending over the four-year budget period would replicate annual spending growth as outlined in the pre-election economic and fiscal outlook (Pefo). This would be followed by annual real growth in spending of 2%, and no increase to tax receipts above 23.6% of gross domestic product.

    Anybody who believes Wayne Swan, Labor or anything the Labor Party says is a liar like the Party of lies that is the Australian Labor Party

    NONE of Swans forecasts proved correct. How many times did Swan promise a surplus budget?? Most probably hundreds of times. None of his numbers was even close to what happened.

  74. What lies are these?? Are you talking about this?

    In part, yes

    The key reason why Treasurer Joe Hockey has presided over a massive blowout in expected deficits over the next four years has nothing to do with Labor, and very little to do with his own spending — which admittedly has gone up nearly $11 billion this year in just 100 days.

    No, the key reason is that forecasts for nominal GDP growth have been revised down, and revised down a lot.

    Apples and Oranges. And, will the same rules apply in the future? That will be interesting to watch. And, will it be “audited” 😉

  75. In the shadow of the previous federal election, more lies from Sir Cumference (Sloppy Joe Hockey):

    [re costings on sale of Medibank Private]

    … [Abbott’s] treasury and finance spokesmen, Joe Hockey and Andrew Robb, released the costings late on a Wednesday, and three days later Australia voted, without a chance to forensically examine them.

    But not to worry, Hockey and Robb had hired a team of Perth accountants to go over the numbers.

    “You know what, if the fifth-biggest accounting firm in Australia signs off on our numbers it is a brave person to start saying there are accounting tricks,” Hockey said. “I tell you it is audited. This is an audited statement.”

    It wasn’t. Documents tendered in a Institute of Chartered Accountants disciplinary hearing revealed the Coalition had hired them to do work primarily “not of an audit nature”.

  76. More lies from Sir Pository of Wisdom (Abbott).

    22 December 2013:

    PM Tony Abbott rules out reinstating Knights and Dames in Oz

    He restored an oath of allegiance to the Queen when he was sworn in as Prime Minister, but Tony Abbott has ruled out bringing back Knights and Dames in Australia.

    A straight-out lie from the Lie-berals.

    News Corpse has since removed the page (I wonder why!). Note the ‘error’ message:

    But not to worry, nothing ever completely disappears from the internet. The story is archived here:

  77. Talking of Lie-beral Spin, the Murdoch-Abbott ‘government’ now has more than 1,900 spin doctors, costing taxpayers as much as $190 million per year.

    With Spin, propaganda, lies, secrecy and waste of taxpayers’ money, this is the worst government of all time.

    Army of 1900 spin doctors costs taxpayers millions

    Canberra Times, 26 March 2014

    The federal government’s ”army” of spin doctors and communications staff has grown to more than 1900, based on data supplied by departments and agencies.

  78. suspension of standing order underway,, by Shorten. Seems to be about Pyne and education. This is unsual.

  79. suspension of standing order underway,, by Shorten. Seems to be about Pyne and education. This is unusual.

  80. Sir Joe Hockey still trying to rewrite budget history blaming Labor for the spending policies he has implemented over the past 6 months.”

    Well somebody is telling falsehoods perhaps?? Koukoulas said the above quote but Bernard Keane said this

    The key reason why Treasurer Joe Hockey has presided over a massive blowout in expected deficits over the next four years has nothing to do with Labor, and very little to do with his own spending — which admittedly has gone up nearly $11 billion this year in just 100 days.

    No, the key reason is that forecasts for nominal GDP growth have been revised down, and revised down a lot.

    Koukoulas said budget problems are due to Hockeys policies over the past months and Keane says budget problems are due to a revision of GDP growth.

  81. Pity, madam speaker is back,

    Shortens MSO got some hearing ABC 24 Was a good speech. Now being repeated ABC 24. Also Pynes comedy is being given a hearing. Will someone tell Pyne, if he read Gonski, he would find they also put great emphasis on teacher quality. Pyne still does not believe that home life has anything to do with not being able to learn.

    Yes, and no matter how good the teacher, they can not succeed unless they have the necessary supports in place.

    CEFC is now on, Very short debate being allowed.

  82. Koukoulas said the above quote but Bernard Keane said this

    They are both correct also nil.

    Keane is speaking of forecasts, and Koukoulas is referring to the blow out in this budget alone.

    Trying to keep up with hockeys lies is a full-time job it seems 😉

  83. Green army bill now being debated. CEFC passed after very short debate.

    This sitting has been on, I believe three weeks. Time spent replying to the GG address during that time.

    Last day used to debate and past substantial bills with nearly no debate allowed.

  84. and Koukoulas is referring to the blow out in this budget alone.

    But Keane did not say that. keane said this

    and very little to do with his own spending — which admittedly has gone up nearly $11 billion this year in just 100 days.

    I do remember one year Swan forecast a $20B deficit and it ended up $40B so a $11B increase is not a blow out. And most of that increase is due to the $8.8B loan to the Reserve Bank.

    Koukoulas and Keane are saying contradictory things. Keane did mention recent history and not just forecasts.

    And you can blame Labor for that $8.8B loan.

  85. Now on in the house. Burke moving no confidence in the house, Pyne lit the fuse by demanding a member be named for calling out madam speaker.

    This motion was last called in the early half of the last century.

  86. “and Koukoulas is referring to the blow out in this budget alone.”

    But Keane did not say that.

    ❓ Exactly 😯

  87. I meant Keane was referring to this budget also when he said

    The key reason why Treasurer Joe Hockey has presided over a massive blowout in expected deficits over the next four years has nothing to do with Labor, and very little to do with his own spending — which admittedly has gone up nearly $11 billion this year in just 100 days.”

    But Koukoulas said it was due to Hockeys spending.

    Anyway the important thing is that Labor left the budget in a mess which Labor supporters feel no shame about.

    And those awards that Swan got is most probably due to our low govt debt. The Europeans cannot believe that our Federal govt debt is at 10% of GDP.

    What they do not release is that it was less than ZERO in 2007.

  88. But Koukoulas said it was due to Hockeys spending.

    The Kouk wasn’t talking about budget predictions, he was talking about the blowout in THIS budget, not on their impact in coming years.

  89. Finish off by Abbott making a crack to Shorten about his mother in law. Families are generally legt out, when it comes to the house. I would say this is more so, when it was the previous GG.

  90. Premier O’Farrell today out saying that there is never any tome for racism and bigotry. Very strong statement.

  91. I’m rather liking this new age of Titles. Mine arrived in the mail yesterday. Very nice Medals, ribbons, certificates etc. Bit surprised about so sudden rise up the ladder.

    Toodle pip,
    HRM Mark VI

  92. 2:17pm: At 3.13pm, Tony Abbott draws an end to question time, but not before noting of Bill Shorten:

    If only he had the class of his mother-in-law.

    (Yes, Albo protests and yes, the PM ends up withdrawing this.)

  93. Did not catch what was said. Abbott withdrew when asked. A guess is that it might have been along they lines, that you are a disgrace to your MIL.

  94. Do not believe I like Dame. Rather be one of the serfs. Seems like Bacchus heard better than me.,

    Wonder what class that Abbott believes he has?

  95. I find amusing that whining Pyne does not believe he is a sook.

    Still believes that Labor lost not only the 2013 election but in 2010 as well.

  96. Why are the two youngest in the government, siting behind the PM .Surely not a romance in the air.

    The young bloke from far north Queenwskand used to be on one of the back ro2wws.

  97. Still got it on my PC Comrade Fu 😉 I have QT set to record ABC24 every day it’s on…

    Abbott: And madam speaker, and madam speaker, and madam speaker, I tell ya, if only, if only, if only he had the class of his mother-in-law, that’s all I can say. On that note madam speaker, I ask that further questions be left on the notice paper.

    At this stage, Albo was to his feet and at the despatch box…

    BBish: The Prime Minister will resume his seat. I call the, I call the..

    Pyne at the despatch box – Bbish was going to call him & ignore Albo.

    Albo: Madam speaker, what I’m not here?

    BBish: Umm, the ah member for Grayndler has been on his feet raising points of order that were not legitimate points of order. Does he have one now that is?

    Albo: How do you know madam speaker before… ?

    BBish:Because i heard them already, and i refer you to page 189 of the practice.

    Albo: I’m aware of the practice madam speaker, and one of the things that happens in, just not in practice but in…

    BBish:You will not argue with the chair. Take your seat. Resume your seat.

    Albo: inaudible – something about a point of order.

    BBish:Then give your point of order

    Albo: The point of order is one of the things we do in this place is not attack families, is not attack families of members. That is one of the fundamental things, lines that we never cross…

    BBish:The member for Grayndler will resume his seat. Resume your seat. The Prime Minister has the call

    Abbott: Madam speaker, ah, ah, I, I, obviously offence has been taken, I unconditionally withdraw.

  98. I would love to see each member of this government, BB included to be hooked up to a lie detector. what a miserable lot they are..

  99. It is apparent that whiney Pyne does not heed the adages that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Then, maybe he has never heard of the pot calling the kettle black.

    Now using this language to describe Pyne is a little childish, but believe me, my use of such is nowhere as extreme of what Pyne uses. Cannot open his mouth, without the abuse and name calling of his opponent spilling out.

    This man has one great skill. That of projecting his own behaviour onto others.

    I suppose one should feel some pity for the man, but I find that impossible.

    From now on, until the end of the year, it is downhill all the way for Abbott.

    There is the G20. There is movement across the globe, back to dealing with carbon emissions. There is an election in Indonesia. Yes, there are many barriers coming for “the man”.. that he will find it hard to avoid.

    One must not forget the budget. Then his agenda will be out in the open for all to see.

    Plenty for Labor to get it’s teeth into.

  100. So i suppose being a member of the LNP, means you have to sell your soul to the devil, and become a lying piece of shit ! As is being a right wing nut job Troll !

  101. Yes, their treatment of the Labor woman speaker was indeed disgraceful. What was the one, that led to Abbott being thrown out. Cannot remember why.

  102. Another thing, I believe to be true. I do not believe that speaker Burke got any pleasure in throwing Pyne out. He just kept going, until she had no choice.

    One cannot say the same for madam Bishop.

  103. It would ‘seem’ that whateva Abbott and Co. say…. the opposite is closer to the fact…. this is the government of projection writ large….. the government with the determination to prove the, umm, ‘saying’ Liar’s No Policy….. this is the government with this guy in charge ➡

  104. When right wing media like Shanahan, but many others as well, say this government has started badly and has gotten worse then you know how bad it really is.

    Only the Australian is attempting to spin how badly this government is doing as a positive in that the government is being deliberately terrible to distract attention away from Hockey to give him clear air.

    One thing of note in this morning news bits on politics was Virginia Trioli on ABC News Breakfast effusively selling up Hockey in affirming The Australian’s bullshit spin.

  105. It’s alright to make the claim, but really, can they back it up with at least an example?
    SPEAKER Bronwyn Bishop has survived a full-throated Labor attack on her impartiality amid government claims the Liberal veteran is treated worse by the opposition because of her gender than Julia Gillard ever was.

    but, of course, it is all Labors fault. The oz continues to polish the liberal turd

    By firing off most of its parliamentary ammunition on an “inside the beltway” Canberra-centric assault on her tenure as Speaker, Labor lost valuable strategic ground in its attack on Tony Abbott’s surprise decision to bypass his cabinet colleagues and revive knighthoods after almost 30 years.
    After Labor’s gamble to permanently sin-bin the Speaker failed along government lines — 83 votes to 51 — a raucous opposition returned to ridiculing the Prime Minister over his plan to “play knights and dames”.

    And, after not being able to say how Labor have been impartial due to her sex, except from calling her “madam” (which is her title, and no, it was not said with any tone or to sound like “ma-dame” as I have heard some commentators try to imply), pyne then goes on to ignore his own past

    “I’ll tell you what: I never complained … I didn’t stand up like a great big sook.”

    Just to recall 😉

  106. 3:05pm: What did Mark Dreyfus do after he was sent out?

    He went back to his office to watch the motion of no confidence on the TVs there.

    He tells The Pulse that all he said was “Madam Speaker!” in response to Bronwyn Bishop denying Tony Burke a point of order.

    “That’s all.”

    Dreyfus noted that B Bishop has been refusing the points of order from Burke (the senior Labor procedural person) “with great frequency”.

    The shadow attorney-general adds that there is no precedent in 113 years of federal parliament for naming someone for calling out “Madam Speaker” or “Mr Speaker”.

    He notes that it is a “very, very serious step” to name an MP.

    Read more:

  107. Unbelievable.

    So the government is on the nose even from right wing commentators, and rightly so, by any measure it’s a terrible government.

    So what does Abbott do. Go back to the only thing he knows, opposition mode rolling out spin.

    In a media stunt Abbott celebrates 100 days of no boats reaching Australia with a big billboard canning Labor of course.

    The least important thing of them all that 1.4 billion more is being wasted than the previous government, and piggy backing on the back of the decline started by the previous government’s horrible and unwarranted policy, this is all Abbott can come up with, a media stunt.

    If want evidence of just how bad this worst of all governments is, it’s this media stunt done in opposition mode as a diversion just when they are under broad attack for their incompetence.


    Morrison’s open and honest method of dealing with these Que jumpers has electricity bill in a quandary.

    yajustgottlaugh 😉

  109. Knew that would bring you out from under your slime hole.

    What a terrible brag. If that’s the only thing you deem this government to be successful in then it’s absolute proof of the worst government in Australia’s history.

  110. And by the way it’s not no arrivals, even Abbott was very careful not to say that in his propaganda bit to a staged media conference.

    And indeed why does a supposedly successful government , who are being canned even by the right wing, shit even Shanahan, need to pull a stunt like this?

    Because they are in such deep shit and have failed so miserably as a government that spending billions on sending back or locking up in miserable camps is the only thing they can say is a success. Wow what a hollow boast and a demonstration of a morally corrupt and miserable goverment.

  111. or locking up in miserable camps is the only thing they can say is a success

    I don’t think Abbott is locking anybody up. Since the boats have stopped the detention centers will be slowly emptied.

    It was the ALP/Greens and the people who voted for them who created all these detention centers full of mainly economic immigrants.

    Let us hope we can start taking needy refugees from UNHCR camps like we did under John Howard.

  112. Funny how our visitors appear together. They must share trans[ort.

    I posted this elsewhere,

    The visitors show no concern, that this government has actually halved the numbers that Labor intended to take.

    So much for caring for asylum seekers.

    Maybe someone can tell us what happens when Nauru and PNG falls over., On present trends, that is likely to happen.,\
    “PM Abbott does not seem to understand, that many people are also interested in the how, and the cost.

    Yes the “means” still matter to many,

    Many fo agree with the shadow minister that they slowed down dramatically with the PNG scheme, which they initiated. Abbott does not seem to have taken this process much further, in spite of having over six months to do so.

    Many still have the feeling that the Malaysian Solution, and the proposition put forward by the Houston Expert Committee could have bought this result much earlier.

    One wonders if the extreme actions of this government are really needed. Maybe time should have been taken, to see where the PNG scheme took us.

    Many cannot understand how this government can support what they have put in place, when oin Opposition, one after another stood up with tears in their eyes, for asylum seekers, being sent back to Malaysia. It would take some explaining how that option was unacceptable, but what is happening to day is OK.

    Many believe that a bipartisan approach, working with others in the region could have got us to this stage, more than a couple of years ago.”


  113. For all the effort Abbott took to stage that stunt today, the media present did not appear that interested in boats. Once again sunk like a lead balloon.

    The Labor shadow minister, Mr, Marles has much to say, that made sense. At least he struck to the facts, not the lies of Abbott.

    Yes, they are not turning back boats as Abbott is careful of saying. They are towing boats back, Sometimes after transferring them to the orange lifeboats.

  114. FU? “Maybe someone can tell us what happens when Nauru and PNG falls over., On present trends, that is likely to happen.,\”

    Neil of Sydney
    “Since the boats have stopped the detention centers will be slowly emptied.”

    Oh FU

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  115. It’s the only thing they have to brag with Fu, and it shows what a really miserable excuses for human beings they are.

    It also proves emphatically what a terrible and failing government this is if this is all they have. Billions spent on a handful of desperate people whilst the country goes to shit. When the right wing media is criticising this government no wonder they look for any distraction. Of course the gormless right wing follows slaver over the propaganda stunt like the good little unthinking toadies they are.

  116. “Billions spent on a handful of desperate people

    The guy who was murdered on Manus Island, Reza Berati, risked his life because he could not get a job as an architect in Iran. I don’t know his full story, he may have suffered discrimination in Iran but his life was not in danger. He was an economic immigrant and i suspect most boat people are economic immigrants not refugees.

    And i really do not get your point about the billions of dollars being spent housing all these economic immigrants. It was because of ALP/Greens/Mobius/FU/Michael/Min/Bacchus/TomR et al that these billions are being spent.

    Before the Pacific Solution was abolished the detention centers cost approx $140M/year and there were only 6 boat people in detention. Most people in detention were visa overstayers until you lot voted for Rudd.

    Let us hope Morrison can start taking the really desperate people from UNHCR camps like we did under John Howard.

  117. Goodnite ME. This little toady is off to bed. So are the few remaining arrivals not yet processed. Imagine, all the money that shall be saved by Mr Abbott and Mr Morrison’s wonderful achievement. Perhaps they can throw some towards all those lefty dole bludging academics. Let’s hope not!

    yajustgottalaugh ;)’

  118. They are so blind, they cannot see the writing on the wall. We have had Morrison’s ,. then Abbott’s rushed trip tpo PNG. Now MOrrison is on his way again,.

    Both countries have interfered in their legal systems, to stop justice for the inmates.

    We have deaths., We have legal inquiries being meddled with., We have UNHCR locked out.

    After six months, assessments still have not began. Yet, they are saying, they are not refugees.

    I am sure I am not the only one that sees the mess that they are getting themselves into.

  119. We have deaths., We have legal inquiries being meddled with., We have UNHCR locked out

    We had NO problems in 2007 until you voted for Rudd.

    There were SIX boat people in detention before ALP/Greens/FU/Mobius/Michael/Min/Bacchus/TomR voted for Rudd.

    And the lives you people have destroyed??

    How many people from UNHCR camps have been denied a place in Australia because you lot voted for Rudd??

  120. NoS, please ignore this….. (These events and inquiries into them thoroughly discredited Australia’s immigration
    detention policy and administration. The Government initiated reforms and released a large proportion of the imprisoned refugees) re:-
    “The Coalition Government knew that questions of race, especially when tied to supposed physical threats to Australians, provided good electoral ground for it, compared with industrial relations reform, privatisations and cuts in social welfare. But from 2004 the Howard Government’s ability to mobilise support using its accustomed racist focus on refugees and implicit attacks on Arabs and Muslims declined dramatically.
    A prolonged campaign by activist groups against the harsh treatment of refugees and their imprisonment was turning public opinion around, to the extent that even a few Liberal parliamentarians started raising public criticisms. Then the scandals of the detention as an illegal immigrant of Australian permanent resident Cornelia Rau and the deportation of Australian citizen Vivienne Alvarez Solon to the Philippines erupted.
    These events and inquiries into them thoroughly discredited Australia’s immigration
    detention policy and administration.The Government initiated reforms and released a large proportion of the imprisoned refugees.
    It was now much harder to generate fear of desperate and destitute people arriving in boats.
    This became particularly apparent in 2006….”

    Click to access mi1kuhn.pdf

  121. someone forgets that back in those days, there were many protest marches condemning what Howard was doing. Labor was only reacting to public demand.

    We will never know how many died, that Howard found not to be asylum seekers, and i many cases not Afghans, and sent back. The eare allegations that many came to a sticky end. We will never know, as our government did not keep contact with them, once they were put on a plane. These assessments were made on faulty language identification. Young boys were assessed to be older, using wrist measurements, which were found not to be accurate.

    We know Howard and his mob got it wrong on occasions, How do we know this., We know he incarcerated Australian citizens. He deported at least one, leaving her small child behind, with no carer. NO idea of where his mother went.

    One has to judge what is going on today. What happened in the past, has no bearing on what needs to be done now.

    No one knows whether the boats would resume coming, regardless of who was in power. Yes, that could have, and was likely to happen if Howard got back. Things changed on th4e world scene.

    In fact Howard expected this to occur. If not, why did he go out of office, spending so much to extend Christmas Island.

    There are many documented reasons why the asylum seekers resumed coming. One shouldn’t try to change the facts of history, to fit in with the story one wants to spread.

  122. Since the boats have stopped the detention centers will be slowly emptied.

    The boats have not stopped, they have slowed true, although that is most probably due to rudds disgusting policy than anything. All the libs have done is make that disgusting policy even more reprehensible. But even then, the boats have not stopped, they continue to come, we just do not hear about it..

    No mention either this week, of a boat reportedly heading to Christmas Island two days ago, nor what befell the 50 people on board.

    The worst is the emesems total obligation of their duties. After bellowing for years under Labor about it, it is all hush hush along with the Government, until something as abhorrent as a person being KILEED under OUR watch happens. And the media can accept some responsibility for that to, for playing along with this trauma.

    Should things go the Coalition’s way, Saturday will mark the 100th day without a boat arriving on Christmas Island. But there has been a terrible human cost to this achievement – and one day the full extent of that cost will be revealed.

    I’m not sure the FULL extent will ever be known.

  123. Tom, what befell the 50 people on board? They were placed into an orange capsule as promised and towed back. Next question?

    yajustgottalaugh 😉

  124. What money are they saving Don? You really are an ideologically blinkered gormless follower aren’t you.

    Read up on how it will cost more, not less under this and the previous government’s terrible policy, even if the numbers go down.

    If what you say is true then why has Morrison added $1.4 billion more to an already blown out budget for Sovereign Borders.

    This is the same as claiming Howard was a success yet he kept spending more on asylum seekers when if it was true he would have been spending much less.

    And I don’t suppose you bothered to read everything Abbott and Morrison said, including the caveats, that would be too much too ask of a blind and mindless follower of the liars and deceivers.

  125. Tom too true. Abbott’s words, which his beloved and gormless followers chose to ignore, was he has stopped them coming to Australia. Not one has made Australian soil, not that they have stopped coming, and indeed Abbott has flagged they will increase in the near future.

    They stopped making Australian soil under Rudd’s reprehensible policy as well, but that’s beside the point to the deceiving and lying Abbott and co.

  126. They were placed into an orange capsule as promised and towed back.

    Do you have the link to that story don?

  127. And at a time this government is being ridiculed, not just domestically but internationally, all the right wingers around the traps and Abbott can come up with is an atrocious policy brag on “stop the boats”, which they haven’t.

    Governments and pollies will take being criticised and even abuse, but once they become the butt of jokes and are ridiculed by the general population and political commentators, as this government is, even by the right, then they are shit.

  128. And Sir Tom, putting asylum seekers into capsules is not stopping the boats. That only proves they keep coming, and at huge unaffordable expense to the Australian taxpayer according to Hockey. So much so he’s telling all the States to sell off every single asset as he sells off the remaining Commonwealth assets, all of which means Australian’s cost of living is going to sky rocket.

    Remember Abbott’s equal number one pledge alongside the carbon price repeal, stopping the boats, both of which he’s failed at so far, was his harping on about the cost of living and how he will reduce it.

    So far ever single thing he’s done, including his massively expensive asylum seeker policy, has increased the cost of living.

  129. Our enemy is not in Iraq or Afghanistan, nor is it on boats. It is here, in our House of Representatives and in a deliberately and wantonly mal-informed electorate.

  130. It appears that PNG wants two Australian workers back for the death of that asylum seekers. Morrison is refusing to say, if he will allow therm to be extradited

    It is a shame that Morrison did not take more time, to bed the PHB scheme down, and work with others in the region, to create a ongoing regional solution.

    We do not talk to Indonesia, Nauru and PNG seem to be having massive legal problems., There is a chance that both will fall..

    I would not be counting any chickens yet.

  131. Hockey will be out of the country for a week or so. Abbott must be taking him on his northern Asian trek. Thws in the time leading up to a budget. One that they claim will be the most difficult yet. Also their first. They will now be down two people.

    One must wonder at the priories of this government.

  132. “A man never stands as tall as when he kneels to help a child.”
    315 children kept in indefinite detention on Christmas Island and 132 on Nauru.
    How tall is Australia standing right now ???

  133. “An open letter to Scott Morrison

    ​Immigration Minister Scott Morrison , who declared in his maiden speech to Parliament that his values and principles are derived from his Christian faith and from Scripture.

    by Linda Cusworth, Christian freelance writer and member of the Combined Refugee Action Group in Geelong

    ​Dear Mr Morrison,

    I have read on several occasions that you identify William Wilberforce as one of your heroes. Wilberforce is also one of my heroes. Not least among the reasons for this is his persistence in letter-writing to government officials, to call for the humane treatment of people who were oppressed. He wrote letters for 20 years before slavery was abolished in England. I have been writing to you regarding your cruel and inhumane asylum seeker policies and operations for almost five months now. I hope you are prepared for the next 19½ years of letters you will receive from me, should you remain in office that long……….. ”

  134. Insiders worth a visit with their discussion on the Brandis bill and free speech.

    Much reasoning that says the bill should be dumped, as it is not needed.

  135. “315 children kept in indefinite detention on Christmas Island and 132 on Nauru.”

    And they were put there by the ALP/Greens who campaigned against locking up children when in Opposition but in govt locked up more asylum seekers (men. women and children) than any govt in Australian history.

    Hypocrites are ALP/Greens.

  136. Neil, it matters not who puts them there. The fact that they are there, is wrong.

    It is wrong to imprison people because they are fleeing danger.

    It is wrong for Australians to expect others in the region to take all responsibility for these people.

    Country’s that suffer from great poverty.

  137. “Neil, it matters not who puts them there


    Lets us wipe out the previous six years and blame Abbott.

  138. “Neil, it matters not who puts them there.”

    What a corrupt and immoral piece of filth you people are.

    It does matter who put them there. It was Adrian/Fu/Michael/min/bacchus/TomR etc who put them there.

    Like the scum you people are you are trying to wash your hands of what you have done.

  139. So says Neil the Font……. ( ewe been hang’n with Summo/Don and Co. for too long NoS ewe sound like one of them nasty horrible haters–; ewe know, like a RW LNP troll 😯 )

  140. I am just telling the truth.

    Thousands of people from UNHCR camps have had their lives destroyed because you voted for Rudd in 2007.

    Furthermore you do not care.

  141. yajustgottalaugh

    Well may you laugh while abusing posters here, but, after calling us liars, I note you didn’t provide a link to the story supporting your claim that the last (known) boat arrival is currently being towed back to Indonesia.

    It would be good to supply that, else it may become too easy to tar you with the liar brush, yet with good reason.

  142. What is NOT TOOOOOOO FuNNNNNY, isa your blinkered belief, that if this government does it, it is OK. If Labor does it, it is to be condemned.

    What is important, is not laying blame, but what is going on today.

    Yes, Neil, what this government is doing.

    Very few people have supported Labor’s action in this matter.

    In fact many say a curse on both camps.

    What good does it do, to keep blaming Labor. How does that fix or change anything.

    It is under this government that a man was murdered. Yes, murdered.

    It is this government that is responsible for that murder. Yes murder.

  143. This is what the Americans have to deal with;_ylt=AwrSyCSXcTdTATYARXDQtDMD

    Authorities in Mexico have found more than 370 children dumped by people smugglers while trying to make their way into the United States ………………………………..Some 140,000 undocumented immigrants, the vast majority from Central America, attempt to make the perilous journey through Mexico into the United States every year.

    Many travel with children and trust “coyotes” to guide them across the border into the United States.

    Obviously desperate people but not refugees. They are economic immigrants who are seeking a better life for their family.

    By the way i have yet to see a leftie tell me how many economic immigrants we should be taking. One milllion, two million, twenty million?? How many lefties??

  144. Not sure if any of the rubbish collected from the sea have anything to do with the missing plane.
    At least the ocean is getting a clean up.

  145. “It is under this government that a man was murdered. Yes, murdered.

    It is this government that is responsible for that murder. Yes murder.”

    Bit of a low act playing politics with a murdered man.

    By the way the guy who was murdered risked his life and found a people smuggler because he could not get a job as an architect in Iran.

    Under John Howard we took our refugees from UNHCR camps.

    Under Rudd/Gillard we took anybody with $10,000.

  146. ……like a circle, baby……. round, round…round.. round……. I said luv…I said………… say WHAT………… and yet ?????
    P.S. I SAID ONSHORE….. ‘nough said 😛

  147. Lovo, We can’t give PMTA too hard a time about repeating to GGPG what FGGQB herself said to GGPG about his job being to visit places not important enough for a Prime Minister to make a call. True, it is a light and self-deprecating touch from her, but hardly from him. Still, we can’t get him on this one, I am afraid.

    Anyway I’ve decided to be kinder to the Prime Minister, these days. Everyone makes mistakes at times. After all, as he himself said…….

    “No one, however smart, however well-educated, however experienced, is the suppository of all wisdom.”

  148. I hope all who read this take note< The don, aka summo, aka oq. has written a few things about me, that i had assumed he was stalking my face book account. It is much worse than that, he has information about me that i can only assume he obtained from CENTRELINK. he has been going through my personal files, and commenting about them here on cafe whispers. Please all you good people who are just trying to do the right thing. This person is not only very nasty, he is so much more worse than that. everyone beware !

  149. I have informed the police and centrelink, an investigation has now begun into who the don is, and how and why he is gathering information about me, and using and twisting it into lie’s and writing it here on cafe whispers.

  150. Time for a ban methinks. He’s crossed the line previously and been let go, but this is beyond that.

  151. What is it with some right wingers, their underhanded nastiness and innate vindictiveness that to win or get one over on another is more important than life and the well being of people?

    Make no mistake, many don’t care how bad, corrupt, destructive and mean a Liberal party is as long as they win and retain government at any cost and my any means. Matters not who they hurt in doing that and those who oppose Liberal born to rule are to be attacked and denigrated.

  152. Thankyou Michael, but i was wondering about the other names he uses, he seems to have quite a few. and could he also comment again using a new name ? I am guessing he could. so we all just need to be awake to that…

  153. But of course it won’t stop him from trying to appear here again, These type of people have multiple blogging personas and multiple ISP addresses. Block one persona, and they create another. Block their ISP address from posting, and they run off to internet cafes and post from there.

    They have nothing better to do in their sad lives.

  154. Migs, I complained to wordpress about the new smileys, and they said the old ones cannot be reinstated even though I told them that I and all my commenters think they’re rubbish 😦

    They have been labelled “Kindergarten smileys!”

    Maybe if enough people complain they may change them, at least develop some new ones.

    Cheers 😉

  155. So by Abbott’s standard Campbell Newman is a murderer.

    The 7:30 Report on Patios and Decks.

  156. Yet another success by the previous Labor government that the current government is riding on the coat tails of and taking kudos for.

    Judgement on Japanese whaling, a court case started by Labor and the NZ governments but Abbott, in one of many electioneering stunts lately, is all over the media indirectly saying what a great PM he is.

  157. Every time I come to the Cafe and see the heading, Tony Abbott is a modest man, I feel like shouting:


  158. Polls must be bad for Abbott as he’s currently engaging in stunt after stunt, mostly to do with showing up at military things probably to convey the impression he’s a great military leader and is protecting this country from a handful of asylum seekers.

    He’s also attempting to give the impression that he’s running the show in the search for Malaysian flight MH370. Abbott is a rudderless leader desperately trying to pin his coattails onto some great deed or event. It appears that he’s praying for a conflict or disaster to happen to boost his fortunes, as it did for Howard’s fortune in the terrorists attacks that turned his loosing an election into giving him another two terms.

    And the surest sign of them all that Abbott is in trouble is that Maggie has been trotted out for a couple of appearances as well. Abbott ratings must plummeting with women again.

    And there you have out PM in a nutshell. It’s not about a vision for the country, leading it well, doing the best for it and nutting down to produce good policies, it’s all about Abbott and keeping him in power at any cost.

    I’m running out of words to describe just how bad this government is but more than anything just how terrible a leader, and indeed a human being, Abbott is.

  159. I’m running out of words to describe just how bad this government is but more than anything just how terrible a leader, and indeed a human being, Abbott is.

    We might be running out of words, Mo, but we certainly aren’t running out of opportunities to use them.

  160. Latest in what a terrible government this is, and something if Labor did the MSM would be kicking their arses to kingdom come.

    AFP are refusing to assist PNG in investigating the death and riots on Manus Island. This is particularly galling in that the AFP are front and centre in assisting our neighbors whenever disasters or terrorism are concerned, but won’t assist when an Australian contractor has failed their duty of care in a foreign country running an Australian government controlled facility.

    Now there’s the story that G4S refuses to cooperate with the PNG authorities, refusing to answer questions or front up. Can you imagine the media blow up if a PNG entity refused to front up and answer questions to Australian authorities.

    For mine this is deliberate obfuscation on instructions from the Australian government, who want the death of Reza Berati buried along with him.

  161. And the surest sign of them all that Abbott is in trouble is that Maggie has been trotted out for a couple of appearances as well. Abbott ratings must plummeting with women again.

    Spot on Mö!

    Sorry about the source 😦 but I’ll post the entire article to save anyone providing further clicks to the Government Gazette…

    WOMEN are turning off the Prime Minister in their droves, as evidenced by Tony Abbott’s poor net satisfaction rating among female voters, and this may be why the Coalition has struggled in the polls since assuming office.

    The latest quarterly Newspoll results show that the Coalition has had a rougher than usual start for a new government, with two-party-preferred and primary support down dramatically across the five mainland states.

    In most states the size of the collapse in the Coalition’s 2PP vote has been staggering: NSW down 6.6 per cent; Victoria down 6.8 per cent; Queensland down 6 per cent; South Australia down 6.4 per cent.

    Only West Australian polling has better news for the Coalition, ahead of Saturday’s re-run half Senate election: a mere 4.3 per cent drop since the election.

    These poor results are an average across three months of polling by Newspoll, confirming that the Abbott government has had the worst start (in voters’ eyes) of any government since polling began. And that is despite the opposition failing to respond to the loud message voters sent last September by significantly changing policy and personnel.

    Victoria is especially problematic for the Coalition, with the primary vote averaging just 36 per cent (down 6.7 per cent), below even Labor’s primary support (which always benefits from a large flow of Green preferences). This will not go unnoticed by the state Coalition government, which must face the voters before the year is out.

    But it is the collapse in Abbott’s personal support among women which should be of most concern to the government. In the first three months of the Abbott government as many women were satisfied (41 per cent) with the PM’s performance as were dissatisfied (41 per cent), giving the PM a net satisfaction rating of zero. For the past three months the average net satisfaction among women is minus 18.

    If one thing can be blamed for the lack of a honeymoon for the Abbott government, it must be the speed with which women have turned off the PM. And the Coalition hasn’t even delivered its first budget yet.

    If you MUST go to the source:

  162. Well i thought i would pay a visit and i see the Coalition hate fest is going strong as usual.

    Do you people do anything but hate, hate , hate anybody you disagree with???

  163. Do you ever stop whinging for a moment and actually try to learn something Neil? How’s your study of macroeconomics going? Understand MMT yet?

  164. Do you ever stop whinging for a moment and actually try to learn something Neil? How’s your study of macroeconomics going? Understand MMT yet?

    I’m sorry, Bacchus, but that made me choke on my coffee. 😆

    Memo to self: don’t read a Bacchus response to one of Neil’s stupid comments with mouth full.

  165. Still no match for your crack a while back relating to a first potential sexual experience between Neil and another human 😆

  166. I remember that, Bacchus.

    I said that Neil needed to get his rocks off and he came running in all confused and telling us he didn’t have any rocks.

    That was hilarious.

  167. I think Neil’s already stoned 🙂 …….. and repetitively so.. ( He’s from Sydney, like, ya know, like.. 😉 mm! 😛 ) ……. but more stoned…… in rocks in his head, 😆
    know what I mean NoS 😉
    oh..oh ……and can I throw a gibber at him Mig’s….. huh…huh….can I. 😀 …. though that wouldn’t do much good :/ , even if my aim were true…..NoS is to dense!!!! THUD-Duh-Duh-duh-du-d.

  168. And this government keeps on wrecking unabated as I heard bad news piece after bad news piece driving into work this morning.

    Illawarra Coking, the worlds oldest continuous producer of coking coal is closing its last remaining plant putting hundreds out of work. Directly because of policies this government are pursuing.

    Boeing is to close a manufacturing plant, putting hundreds out of work directly because of policies this government are pursuing.

    Treasury and others are saying the GST has to rise because of expensive policies like health, though the government in breaking a promise is going to slash health, and PPL. But what got me in the Treasury boss’s statement was that a main reason for indirect taxes having to go up was to enable corporate tax cuts and subsidies.

    Treasury boss Martin Parkinson suggests GST should be applied more broadly

    So if I have this right, for Abbott to appease his wealthy masters and make them richer, with most of their money going overseas, the rest of Australia has to not only cop it in heavy handed and incompetent budget cuts slashing social spending, but through paying more taxes.

    And Parkinson also mentioned the elephant in the room of falling productivity, only that he deliberately or otherwise didn’t mention that labour productivity is at all time highs, thanks to Labor, but it’s management and corporate productivity that is failing. No guess which one is not being addressed and which one is falsely being blamed.

    And to put the icing on the cake inflation has unexpectedly risen to the top of the range and is predicted to go higher, which means interest rates will go up by the end of the year. Watch Hockey sell that as a good thing. But to give him his due he would sell interest rates as a good thing no matter which way they went or didn’t go under his government, they are only a bad thing, no matter which way they go, if Labor is in government.

  169. It keeps coming.

    Australia’s fuel security is now at risk as we are the only OECD country not keeping the required emergency stocks and decimating our local refining capacity coming to a point of having to solely rely on overseas suppliers and foreign owned ships to bring it in.

    Our largest peak motoring group have raised real concerns about what this government is doing in not addressing this and has asked the government to take action.

    Warren Truss’s response was that Australia has a robust trade and supply line in fuel. So he thinks there’s not a problem.

    Yet it’s coming to a point that our military has to rely solely on overseas fuel to keep it running. Within 12 months the fuel used by helicopters will no longer be produced in Australia.

  170. Thanks for putting up such an interesting and interactive blog! Having read David Marr’s book about Abbott, I can’t understand how he ever got to be prime minister.
    I can’t wait for the next election, but in the meantime we have the budget coming up. This will be a real doozey.

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