Palmer pursued. . .


Why did they bring this up this week?” Mr Palmer said. “Why is the government, ministers and the departments handing stuff to Rupert Murdoch?”

Quite right Mr Palmer, why is the Abbott government handing “stuff” to Rupert Murdoch?

“The Clean Energy Regulator is currently investigating whether Queensland Nickel Pty Ltd has made any payments towards the debt in the last 24 hours,” a spokeswoman for the Clean Energy Regulator said.

“We have no record of payment having been received at this stage”.

Already well and truly on the public record is Clive Palmer’s objection to the carbon tax with Palmer stating in November last year that, “the Abbott government should sue him if they want to get the $6.17m in carbon tax owed by his company Queensland Nickel“.

However to Clive Palmer’s credit,

Palmer United Party federal leader and Member for Fairfax Clive Palmer will abstain on voting on the Abbott government’s carbon tax repeal legislation package despite the party’s opposition to the carbon tax…

“I’m applying company director standards and stepping out of this debate as there’s currently a potential conflict of interest,” Mr Palmer said.

This being a most refreshing attitude coming from the right of politics where conscience and money are never normally an issue.

The fact Clean Energy Regulators is/was “currently investigating” came as a huge shock. . .  just to know that the CER is still with us.

New prime minister Tony Abbott wasted little time after the swearing-in of his conservative Liberal National Party coalition, delivering immediately on his promise to repeal or dismantle all institutions and policy measures involving climate change and clean energy.

Therefore even more of a shock is Tony Abbott’s statement of yesterday that Clive Palmer should forthwith pay his taxes, taxes which are a direct result of the price on carbon.  Surely there should be some sympathy given Abbott’s endless rants against the carbon tax, including that Whyalla would be wiped off the map.  So incensed was Tony Abbott that he called on Labor and the Greens to “repent”.  However, not to get between a politician, some pre-election rhetoric and a dollar, Abbott has now insisted that Clive cough up.  **Apparently Mr Palmer has paid, but that wasn’t going to stop The Australian running the story anyway.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has insisted that Mr Palmer should respect the law and that his company should pay its outstanding taxes.

But I thought that Tony Abbott was so vehemently against the price on carbon that he will call a double dissolution election should he fail to get a repeal through the Senate.

“. . .if an incoming Coalition government can’t get its carbon tax repeal legislation through the Senate, well, we will not hesitate to go to a double dissolution.”

I would say, bring it on Tony.  If your grandstanding about Palmer not having paid a bill which he has in fact paid is the best that you can currently dredge up, I would suggest that you go back to your knights and dames.

Abbott’s agenda


Tony Abbott campaigned extensively on “restoring trust” and “no surprises”.

We will be a no surprises, no excuses government, because you are sick of nasty surprises and lame excuses from people that you have trusted with your future”, he said.

It is fair and reasonable that any government might find the need to refine or to reassess with changing circumstances.  The Abbott government has no such excuse.  Arriving to power with the expectation that a steady hand would be running the country, the promise was an almost immediate return to Howard’s “Golden Age”.

”There will be 2 million more jobs, in manufacturing as well as in agriculture, services, education and a still-buoyant resources sector”.

Tony Abbott did however suffer an awkward moment after a video posted on YouTube about how he’s “delivered on his promise” was taken down for being ‘deceptive content‘.  YouTube then suspended Tony Abbott’s entire account.  Is it any wonder that Abbott detests the alternative media, it’s where his bullsh*t is called to account.

I note that the Abbott government is just about over any pretext of running this country in any way, shape or form in a method resembling their pre-election promises, that is with the notable exception of job losses from the public sector . . . we are seeing plenty of those, and more to come in the near future.

I remember that prior to the election a somewhat wry comment which has become a self-fulfilling prophesy, that why would Abbott need public servants when he has no policies to implement?  And true enough, with all the programs which he has already cut to the bare bone, and no new programs emanating from this Do-Nothing government, you do not need anywhere as many staff to implement The Nothing as would have been needed if you had intended to be actually doing *something*.

Written early December 10, 2013:

In the 84 days since Abbott and his cabinet were sworn in, they have struggled to find a positive vision for the nation, let alone explain it.

. . . And nothing has changed in the ensuing 100 days, except for the worse.  Some clues however might be determined from the “tweeking” performed by the Abbott government, much of it reported on as nothing more than an aside from a clearly bored and jaded mainstream media.

Tony Abbott has signalled that personal benefits could be scaled back in the May budget by declaring that, “everyone” had to live within their means . . .

By “everyone”, I am assuming that excluded will be Tony’s “women of calibre” who are clearly worth every penny of their estimated $75,000 handouts.  After all it’s “all about” encouraging women of “calibre” to have children, thus said Tony Abbott, and goodness knows, women of calibre need loads of encouragement to have babies . . . and more money will clearly do the trick.

Abbott himself of course will be leading by example (sarcasm alert) on Australia’s road to future austerity:

Luxury renovations for Prime Minister Tony Abbott at Kirribilli House.  TONY Abbott has spent more than $120,000 overhauling Kirribilli House since winning the election – including $13,000 on a family room rug.

Well perhaps not leading by example, but at least with a smidgeon of empathy? . . . well perhaps not again, as who could forget Abbott’s year long funk after losing a portion of his salary.

Said Tony Abbott,

“What’s it called? Mortgage stress? The advent of the Rudd Government has caused serious mortgage stress for a section of the Australian community, i.e. former Howard government ministers!” he (Tony Abbott) said at the time.

“You don’t just lose power … you certainly lose income as well, and if you are reliant on your parliamentary salary for your daily living, obviously it makes a big difference.”

Clearly the mortgage in question was causing Tony Abbott so much stress, that promptly forgot about it . . .

LABOR has questioned whether Tony Abbott could manage the Australian economy after he failed to declare a $710,000 mortgage on his family home.

So which of us is likely to be the “everyone” who Abbott says must live within their means?  Who says it better than Mungo MacCallum, with below from his blog, The View From Billinudgel: So which bits is Abbott going to cut?

Well, obviously not parental leave – in fact Tony Abbott’s pet scheme is set to add a few extra billions to the bill. And the government has already promised to scrap the means test on the health insurance rebate, which gives it another hefty boost.

But perhaps we could start with some of the hand outs of the Howard years, the family tax benefits that go mainly to those who don’t really need them, the archetypal middle class welfare? No, perhaps we couldn’t, because that would make an awful of Coalition supporters very unhappy indeed.

So we’ll turn to the pensioners. The obvious targets are the aged pensioners, who cost as much as the rest of them put together. But they are a strong voice, and what’s more they overwhelmingly vote for the Coalition.

So we’ll move on to the powerless, the disabled and the unemployed. Surely they could do more to pull their weight. We can’t actually reduce their pensions, particularly not  for the unemployed (who now include single mothers); they are already scraping along on the poverty line.

But we can make it harder for them to get anything at all.

And the disabled – well, some of them are only a bit disabled.

Does all this have some sort of wry irony?  While Abbott spends, spends and spends and the latest is the cost of the orange lifeboats which now have apparently topped the $7.5 million dollar mark, not to mention Tony’s boys own adventure of $3 billion for drones.  Then there is the $4.3 million worth of research contracts commissions to scrutinise Twitter, Facebook and blogs . . . and all the while pensioners are threatened with having to belt-tighten.

An odd distortion of priorities is something which is coming to epitomise the Abbott government.

Relevance Deprivation Syndrome

Due to one reason or another I haven’t been able to post another of truth Seeker’s great poems, but with the political lull over the last 24 hours I at last grab the opportunity. I hope you enjoy his latest: Relevance Deprivation Syndrome (the scourge of the mega rich and power hungry).

For the mega rich or power hungry

Or those that aspire to be

There’s a syndrome called relevance deprivation

that’s a painful and sad malady

It consumes their thinking and perverts their souls

And drives them all to distraction

As they spruik their opinions and ideologies

But unfortunately fail to gain any traction.


There’s the likes of the old Graham Richardson

Who deserted the ALP fold

To join the murky ranks of the media

And to them his soul was sold

He’s called a Labor insider

On an ex-power broker ticket

But the truth is his opinions are irrelevant

As most people tell him to stick it.


The LNP in its entirety

Pushing its lies, spin and slogans

Join the ranks of irrelevancy

Being populated by wealthy bogans

They jostle around for the headlines

Claiming victory with each little gem

While the government gets on with the job to be done

Proving government works better . . . without them.


Chrissy Pyne the Lib’s mincing poodle

Acts as  though he’s Abbott’s  pet

He’s always been bloody irrelevant

He just hasn’t realised it yet

And then there is Sophie Mirabella

A person that just isn’t nice

A particularly irrelevant member

With a heart pumping nought but dry ice.


And the opposition’s main aim is

Wasting time each sitting day

As the suspension of standing orders

Is the only game that they play

And they don’t seem to know what portfolios

They are actually to represent

As they never ask questions related

Proving they are totally . . . irrelevant.


Then there’s the right wing shock jocks

Jones and Hadley and Bolt

One is an idiot, one is a moron

And one is a rambling dolt

They each have a liberal audience

But for relevance none of them get passes

For they all deny truth fact and reason

Instead speaking straight from their arses.


The MSM and the ABC

All pushing their own agendas

Prove to the public their irrelevancy

As they’re seen to be right wing truth benders

With Liberals and moguls asleep at the helm

And steering them straight for the rocks

And the people who desire the truth from their news

Think that most of their journalists are cocks.


With their headlines of smear and innuendo

Tainting banners all over the land

As the editors and the producers

Make a blatantly right-wing stand

While their business model is failing

As that dreaded NBN looms large

And the world passes by in its speedboat

While they watch from their . . . sinking barge.


Clive Palmer is a classic example

Calling pressers with nothing to say

Declaring he’ll stand for a Liberal seat

Then changing his mind the next day

Then to announce a new project

He’s building another Titanic

Rich he may be but irrelevancy

Is the name of the game for this manic.


And a T Rex his latest acquisition

To complement an old car collection

He’s got planned for his resort on the sunny coast

With Jurassic Park his planning direction

And his money he’s happy to squander

In his efforts to get himself heard

But the sad thing for sure he’s the real dinosaur

Looking more like a T Rex’s . . . turd.


Obscenely rich, the unseemly bitch

Our Gina’s the top of the heap

Buying shares in the press, just created a mess

As the mountain ahead proved too steep

For the biggest of all, with the furthest to fall

She’s now stuck with the shares she can’t sell

Proving wealth’s not enough to disguise all the slough

Or to cover the intrinsic bad smell.


And according to Gina socialising and drinking

Are for those from the wealthiest patch

Living life and having fun, by the poor shouldn’t be done

And an itch only the wealthy can scratch

But to be rich don’t be jealous, work harder

While cutting the minimum wage

Which might work if we could eat from her larder

And live to Methuselah’s age.


With the platinum spoon hanging out of her mouth

And  irrelevancy her biggest call

And her children unhappy with her attitude crappy

And her eyes fixed on the wrong ball

She craves to be relevant ignoring the elephant

In the room that’s just dumped a big turd

For the elephant you see and her irrelevancy

Are the same . . . her desire just to be heard.


So take note all you pollies and moguls

You shock jocks and journos alike

As the public don’t like to be lied to

And they’ll tell you to get on your bike

Credibility and respect are both earned

As with class, you cannot take classes

So be honest and decent and the people might listen

But you need to stop . . . talking through your arses.


Michael Taylor

Not your average Aussie

In saying that ‘loudmouth mining magnates shouldn’t dominate public debate more than a nurse or a childcare worker’, Julia Gillard is telling Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer that they are just average Australians.  And in doing so she has shown that she herself is not an average Australian.  She is better.

In her two years as Prime Minister, despite her red hair, long nose, big bum, Welsh accent, toxic government, battles with faceless men, unmarried status, daily media attacks, daily leadership speculation, bad polls, hatred inspired by the shock jocks, hatred inspired by Tony Abbott, witnessing the denigration of Parliament by the Opposition, countless cries that she should be kicked to death or tossed overboard, and despite placards littering the countryside that she’s a bitch, despite the money coming in from big business funding campaigns aimed at destroying her and the countless lies that condemn her – she has stood firm in the face of this onslaught.  And in standing firm, to me, she is standing tall.

As far as having guts goes, she is better than the average Australian.

She stands by what she believes in and in two years her position hasn’t changed.  She believes that something is happening to the climate and she wants to do something about it.  She hasn’t ignored the overwhelming evidence from the climate scientists that something bad is happening and nor has she mocked the messengers.  She’s listened.  She’s learned.  And she wants to do something about it.  She will not change her stand to please big business or anybody else for that matter.  Her heart is with the country, not the few that wish to destroy it or those politicians who prefer to brown-nose the likes of Gina or Clive.

As far as sticking to her beliefs and wanting to make this a better country, she is better than the average Australian.

That, briefly, is my opinion.

In Tony Abbott we have a politician who does not have any of the qualities I’ve mentioned that stand Julia Gillard out from the crowd.  To me, he is worse than the average Australian.  There is not one belief he will stand by (except that he can stop the boats) but I won’t go into that.  I’m sure you lot will. 😉